Whatsapp Not Working

whatsapp not working
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      @LydiaSwee Omg vpn not working #dying #sendhelp

      @KaitlynSchlicht @jesseriddle My VPN isn't working right now. I need to stop being lazy and try to fix it.

      @scrubs_ebooks I want to reboot a server get told to do laundry tonight, but then late work, time to sign off of VPN and ACTUALLY quit working for once.

      @lovatosninjas Um idk if my vpn is working

      @carollingdanver we are at the hotel and i have wifi + my vpn is working im thanking god, jesus and santa

      @Francisca5178 RT @mike29401: Stayed in the back yard (usually like to sprint in the woods) so as to near VPN if my team working on a client needs me. Sti…

      @retspiz31 RT @Gills4lifeMark: Anyone got a working apk of pia VPN for shield?

      @tinyredman Ahh vpn not working. Can't load wanpanman

      @raspberrih @Genkidesu19 nah, twitter doesn't :(((( i couldnt and even get the vpn working for genki's birthday!!!!!!!!! ughhhh

      @Sweettaboox Not working properly in Whatsapp or Twitter @KimKardashian

      @jAhViNcY_rEmEdY RT @Playbacks_IDK: Facebook, instagram and whatsapp not working. I blame Mark Zuckerberg

      @dqdhiya @HarithRahim_ Wat wat? is your whatsapp not working? :(

      @JulienAmat I hate Kim Kardashian. She just made me buy the kimojis but they're not working in whatsapp or Twitter. Just iMessage

      @Yasmin8HM RT @Mari8HM: @Sarah8HM @Grace8HM @Baraa8HM @Yasmin8HM @NaomiDeMaegd guys my whatsapp is not working I'm figuring it out alright

      @JLB_drummerboi @MzSpongey the net at work not working with my whatsapp so I cant send or receive messages.

      @SpozeMusic MY WHATSAPP IS NOT WORKING .. NOT being the key word

      @alzahraa_s Guys my whatsapp's not working

      @Ali10292359 @wa_status
      Whatsapp is not working

      @Karabo46175507 My WhatsApp is not working :-(

      @DavidGShore @anthonyherrin why would you not use WhatsApp? Yeah I'm working from home today, pop by if you like.

      @GabelOteje @sugarmummy112 your number is not working on whatsapp

      @Ernysia_ @rihanna_ella dm me whatsapp not working

      @INDYROOPRAI @charlie_cree is trying to become a pengting on my whatsapp but it's not working out for her..


      @FizzCM My whatsapp is not working

      @Sweettaboox @KimKardashian it's not working on whatsapp love

      @DontUCryTonight Im so sorry if I didn't reply to your messages on whatsapp, twitter, fb, whatever. My cellphone is really NOT working at all

      @aasim145 @OthmanAl3miry 2nd whatsapp not working, how i install again

      @ANolukhanyo whatsapp not working

      @baeqin okay my whatsapp is not working that's mean i need to stop from texting friends and go eat my lunch

      @aliibain why is @KimKardashian emoji's not working as actual emojis on whatsapp and other messaging apps besides iMessage?

      @Kiaranicole_x Is anyone else whatsapp not working ?

      @Chowstarstrukk Is it me or is whatsapp not working

      @i_amFisayo @glocare I subscribed yesterday for Glo BIS.. I can only ping but can't browse.. also my whatsapp is not working

      @nzemaboy RT @sena_miles: @VodafoneXGH my whatsapp,facebuk and Twitter is no more working afta ive exhausted my X bundle(1.2GB)are those ones not sup…

      @i_amFisayo @GloCare It's not working.. My whatsapp is also not working too.. I can only send and receive pings..

      @MynameizFati Why df is my whatsapp not working?!?!

      @syzwnyzd My whatsapp is not working atm so pls just contact me through a phone call, message, wechat or telegram ☺

      @LukheleQueen WhatsApp still not working ? @_didi_xo

      @Sangwanii Been wondering why, I haven't received any Whatsapp message since 19.. Kanshi my App is not working.

      @FereCox @KimKardashian not working in whatsapp bitch! :(

      @Tsarina_muna @5thHorseman_ @ShifuPhemmy is your whatsapp working? Mine is saying not compatible

      @IsraelLassy My whatsapp still not working and it kills me yiiii @wa_status

      @ChifambaKay "@Chrisposure: Are @econetzimbabwe services working? Data irimo but whatsapp and co not functioning." Vapa keDecember boss!!

      @Khazana_Green RT @OddeOMontle: @Khazana_Green not even I use a diff no. For whatspp and calls but my whatsapp isnt working right now.

      @smaugosaurus ATTENTION: My whatsapp is not working (for now) so dont text me there, unless you want to be ignored by me ayy


      @nuraliaothman When all of your bestfriends is not working. Nak whatsapp pon kena tanya dah bgn ke belum.

      @moniquesummers_ @shakira_URIV & I tried to all you its not going through, think it's my phone. Whatsapp me, that's the only thing working

      @nblhizdn @dsphns my is not working on whatsapp.even imsg that kimoji is quite big

      @jitub97 @megh_raj Sir, my mobile handset with whatsapp facility is not working fine right now, have given for repairing can we use gchat, plz?

      @gomolemo_etc Ma whatsapp not working, facebook only

      @kanyerered @viviannoel15 your WhatsApp number is not working

      @QlaAdenan Wow my whatsapp were not working, I never realized I actually had people whatsapping me :"))

      @JanineJjennings The one app not working with this internet is WhatsApp and it's killing me

      @ZemekaClarke Whatsapp not working

      @ladymbali92 My WhatsApp is currently not working till further notice

      @_BethParsons Phones not working fb or whatsapp me

      @BYEyessi RT @BYELinetCruz: @BYEyessi happy birthday sis!! I sent you a whatsapp but i think its not working! Have a wonderful Christmas eve and a gr…

      @daraazX my whatsapp is not working but u can DM me or inbox me

      @SpaceTheDude My Whatsapp still not working, the liberation continues...I love it here

      @MONGISI Any one who wish to give me a friendly call. +27 71 181 2431(whatsapp is not working for now)

      @harishvermabtd @LadiesBandung2 Your Whatsapp No not working 081220924488

      @rareafrican @urbvnessence hows OP??? oh and i can only text through whatsapp or twittter dms

      @lena_seale @DiziTaughtMe my whatsapp is not working at the moment

      @justindruid @MTN180 please kindly take the money on my line 08146048638 for #60 naira monthly whatsapp..the code *662# is not working currently.

      @__Th3v1rtu0us Why's this wifi not working with my whatsapp?

      @black_bile @luchablog @therealfredo i checked my vpn and not working if i switch to mexico.

      @niCOLESworld_ Whatsapp calling do not be working yo.

      @saghyrrr my whatsapp is not working, so if you're texting me on whatsapp and I'm not replying please text me here. thank you

      @tinymiIkovich i've been trying to open whatsapp for like 10 minutes to see what fey sent me but it's not working im so frustrated i hate!!!

      @WeLoveAnahi @KimojiApp Why #kimoji is not a emojis, it's just a pictures and no working in whatsapp, twitter, facebook, instagram... When?

      @yaksman_ "@NasirBalarabe: Man, I want Updates! @yaksman_"my whatsapp is not working properly but will try and get in touch

      @hemsol_kumar "@wa_status: WhatsApp status functionality is currently not available. We are working on resolving it soon-ish..."

      @bhamdavo Phone still not working and WhatsApp is broke too so happy Christmas everyone I know love u all xx

      @mynameistrash WHATSAPP IS NOT WORKING

      @Himanshu_Sri88 Whatsapp is not working plz call

      @sleekygurl Any working VPN or psiphon? Please help a sister out

      @iLadyUnited @TheIcemann7 Error: Whatsapp not working

      @Yo_slyde @MTNNG please find a solution to my network issue. Only BBM, whatsapp and twitter working. Browsers not working but work fine with Wifi

      @rgendo19 @aimsterduhh its. Dr. G. my heywire ap is not working. Can you please download Whatsapp so we can keep in touch?

      @vedz24 urgh whatsapp's not working

      @KyalleKW RT @NjagyEyan: Seems my whatsapp is not working. Hakuna text inarudishwa only blueticks happening.

      @MoiraJane85 @willroe2 whatsapp not working then?! I'll text you.x

      @KissMyOpinions Nah but my whatsapp has really not been working since Christmas

      @hoppiesnr @Lady_Cheekxxx you WhatsApp not working?

      @NZUBEOBIEKWE1 pls i subscribed for airtel WTFB and its not working, i can not connect to facebook, whatsapp, twitter @airtel_care

      @Gbemiga_Ayeni @KingIdowu_ Hey, your whatsapp not working I think. Check the drafts on the site, I've put up Tuface.

      @christinR5 @janachuck @maiaslynch whatsapp's not working

      @_lubnamalik @PerkOfBeingSoha @karachistanii sorry my whatsapp is not working. Idk why

      @_developit @nilshoenson just not on VPN :P

      @MirzaGhayb_ RT @someaningless: why do I have semi-conservative mamus who try to slyly tell me that my 'be sexy, not sexist' whatsapp status is not work…

      @saltedpeanuts14 @Frgt10_Anthem why I feel sad or why my WhatsApp is not working??

      @Zaraa_196 RT @aleem_official: Message me your local number Mr Khan, whatsapp not working @harrykingkhan

      @Jevvinxhy_ We axtually need to meet up & talk cause whatsapp is not working for me

      @HurulZulkifli @tashotasha Chot, my whatsapp is not working for now. Text thru iMessage if you could. Otherwise, just dm me here.

      @Sbramhal @windowsphone Whatsapp not working in Lumia 1020 app store - PLEASE FIX

      @ZiaUllslam Let's play a game. DM me your whatsapp number (in working condition of course) and I will try not to text you.

      @dandiwakh @Ghani_Bawri whatsapp is not working it seems @Bharatk62416283

      @wild_adenium Also suffering from snapchat withdrawal. My heavy duty VPN isn't working

      @FPL_Sportsbar @gase_edwards I'm not I'm working lol getting updates via whatsapp from my cousin who is at the game

      @__fairyy RT @Amyrah2: Babe my whatsapp is not working @__fairyy

      @iAmPhyton @etisalat_9ja Still no confirmation SMS, WhatsApp is working, Facebook not working. Please check and fix. ²/²

      @bandsxjdb @justinsvapor my whatsapp is not working

      @amirahaskandar Whatsapp not working. If you're important, you'll know how to contact me xx

      @colleensqueeff_ MARA MY WHATSAPP IS NOT WORKING I CANT OPEN IT @psychocollleen

      @alibmj @Ameer_AlLawati @OoredooOman now it's working .. Awwal ma3a wi-fi oo vpn kan ysht3'el

      @ElKevsz @Cassj_Ash oi u snake why's your whatsapp not working

      @GabbiFFOE Apparently my Whatsapp not working AGAIN

      @th3yknow @millyayema is your whatsapp not working?

      @kordeiexitada @pxrnirwin baby if you're texting me at whatsapp i'm not answering bc my whatsapp it's not working rn

      @Roudyannan @a1harbi_ksa no what I mean is , can I use the haywire number for whatsapp ? But actually the hey wire is not working ...

      @4mymisfit my!! whatsapp!! is!! not!! working!!!!!

      @Fruit_junkie So my dad sends me a Whatsapp message to tell me his Whatsapp is not working...urrm. What!?

      @Billie355 RT @Timashomali: My Instagram and whatsapp are not working.. Is it down????

      @LXimbi Your whatsapp not working @Masibulele__ ?

      @ArtGateDesign RT @Safaaljayoussi: #Whatsapp is not working in #Amman #Jordan

      @sabrinalaloul Is it just me or is whatsapp not working i refuse to believe that this many people are ignoring me wtf

      @Safaricom_Care @DoctorKanina Try un-installing and re-installing afresh. If it's not working contact whatsapp on support@whatsapp.com .^TT

      @ASAD5055 @Ufone I subscribed to Social Life Offer y'day. I m using FB & WhatsApp comfortably BUT Twitter is not working. Pls Fix this issue.

      @Librahocane WhatsApp is not working, but still hey there I'm using WhatsApp kinda lame things

      @MSJaihar @whatsapp Please help - family sharing not working for whatsapp and @ios_support putting the blame on the vendor.

      @SimplyYusufChow @Sakib_Ahmed98 yo is your whatsapp not working?

      @diya_ford VPN is my worst enemy. Controlling little button will not allow me to fully be ME!! #VPNProblem #ControlIssues

      @TemifFalae RT @rj_underscore: If we have beef, dms are wide open, my sc is working. Whatsapp is not malfunctioning. I can't be carrying beef into 2016…

      @caleahy11 @al9xandra is your whatsapp not working?? X

      @mccloud75 If you are trying to get hold of me text or whatsapp me or on facebook specker not working on phone thanks

      @MervynK @krizziecrazyme hahaa. Whatsapp not working? How long you'll be gone? :(

      @IamDAndreFraser RT @_jovanrb: Wouldn't even realize that whatsapp not working, anuh like seh my hotling did a bling anyways

      @delbertino48 game being played in the Ukraine, by proxy mercenary forces working for the Rockefellers and the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate

      @Raneemmoostafa RT @WhyAisha: Why is whatsapp not working I have so many people to not text.

      @MarvellousMiggz @LeonKnight_ @LagavulinWhisky whatsapp not working still?

      @NaayBeltran We know whatsapp it's not working stfu

      @NatashaCarlsen RT @CarlosParejo: Whatsapp's not working

      @hearthxmmo When whatsapp not working so you vacant text your bae

      @ilhanjamal321 RT @KoalaBadger: When your whatsapp is so dead that you don't even clock it's not working

      @iamBaliram RT @SirJadeja: RT If Your Whatsapp Is Not Working. Mine Is Not.

      @KillerCxpid @rubymxya my whatsapp isn't working mate. Harley will get dropped to just not long after 9am

      @OTMDee RT @shanaa_187: The next flipping status or tweet etc of people saying WhatsApp doesn't want to enter 2016, OK we understand WhatsApp is no…

      @JayCinn RT @Estakiki: @JayCinn Awwh! Love you too babes! Dont forget to tell me how your movement will be. My whatsapp's not working!

      @will11kelly RT @MickeyMcArdle: WhatsApp not working! The chances of getting the ride tonight have went from 5% to 0% #HappyNewYearFolks

      @Alana_McKechnie Naw

      @calxforniaxo Hassan email me to tell me his whatsapp not working

      @SaajGani786 RT @summaya_b: How can I tell if my whatsapp working or not, nobody texts me anyways.

      @MadelynLuke Discrete types in relation with promotional eco raft as proxy for changeable kinds upon individuals: XKy

      @Polojukarthik4 Whatsapp not working my nokia220

      @isaurabhAB What's wrong WhatsApp not working on @VodafoneIN rest all apps and everything working just fine ?

      @airmarshials RT @msfortune_x: still not going to work :) "@Floyd_Stunner: Add me on it first "@msfortune_x: my WhatsApp isnt working

      @MatthewTymon @ethanscowcroft I know you would. Is your whatsapp not working? Is it away games u haven't won in 5 or 6?

      @GraceAlabi Why is my whatsapp still not working

      @GeoSrkian RT @DollDaddys: #Whatsapp Is Not Working, What a Beginning! First Gift Of This Year ;)
      #HappyNewYear #OneLineFor2016

      @BFsaudi RT @iAmeelia: whatsapp is not working

      @yt_joshtorlot RT @1245Josh: Why is my whatsapp not working wtf

      @getfxxked @Crypticgirl_ my whatsapp not working anymore

      @jayjay_griffith RT @DrewGH_: My whatsapp must still not be working cos I'm getting aired rn

      @_thedarkerberry Whatsapp not working again

      @taharao @HafizaAmna2 :) whatsapp is not working.. :(


      @CallMeFawad @iBilalSherwanii come on to twitter whatsapp currently not working

      @MONX1405 is my whatsapp not working or people just purposely don't want to reply my texts bc it's been two days

      @TeamClarita @xcastdevioletta i'll Text you tomorrow okay? Whatsapp is still not working ahhh

      @tiffyw10 RT @_alittl3Chan: When you dont talk to anyone, so Whatsapp not working isnt affecting you

      @weerachh_ Why are my Whatsapp notifications not working eugh

      @DizzKekana Lately whatsapp and I are not friends . When I am awake , people are sleeping , when they awake , I am working .

      @callmekayypee RT @khadijasaeed07: Sorry whatsapp is not working

      @unic0rnz_ issit just me that my whatsapp is not working again

      @Reekesha This Whatsapp thing not working for anymore. I would like not to av ppl knowing when i read their messages. Steups.

      @bensmith_95 My whatsapp's not working btw but what do you call an elephant that doesn't mean anything?
      @danielmillson @Ian_Everett95

      @cardinalwelcome RT @AshleeABurnett: Whatsapp not working or nobody on me?

      @zookdezook @ATCPerfect @BetterNikeBot @njsneaks are you ussing a private proxy service? or just got your own list of public proxies?

      @MStuart777 have been working on a #film in #malaysia since thanksgiving. I have been remise in not giving love to @WhatsApp. #Homesick but it helps.

      @devon_ronan @jessie_lmb @PapadopoulosZoe @unofficial_amy_ then you need to check your proxy IP love because it's not working

      @Fizahhhh_ Oh my god my WhatsApp is not working eh

      @Engr_Tabi Whatsapp is down again?
      Or mine not working?

      @nour_zaitoun i deactivated my accounts on whatsapp and facebook
      lol it is not just for working .. i really want to be alone .. far away of everyone ..

      @CNJFZXM cyka! whatsapp web not working :<

      @the_artm RT @hashir_pervaiz: Thankyou so much guys for letting us know Whatsapp is not working.

      "Hamain to pta hi nai tha"

      @SaraBeverley @LottieAdele whys your whatsapp not working!? I want to play cupid


      @alzahraa_s My whatsapp is not working again y'all ☺️

      @ThandoAfrika RT @Kxng_Luba: My Whatsapp may or may not be working.

      @ynlion My WhatsApp not working @kirbypereira

      @Keke_LoveU1705 @josie_lebon3 Tweet her! I don't have cash either and My WhatsApp 's not working. She called me you should've done this earlier.

      @MCCANNARl @MCCANNSDILDO @bieburswifi hi babes. I won't be on whatsapp or anything like that bc my iphone is not working :/ so idk when i get a new one

      @SharnDM Can I run that Deadlands game I was supposed to do last year as a proxy for @Shannon_Steele? @Gamerstable

      @MikeOxLong_02 @The_RavingKing is your whatsapp working? If not, dm.

      @AsherTariq174 My Sim Is Not Working
      Contact Me On Whatsapp Only

      From 1:00 Am To 1:00 Pm

      @Freypal_S @EE both me & my GF are having issues with WhatsApp not working over cellular connection. Only seems to be affecting EE users. Fine on wifi

      @Zee_Mbana @Ayzee_Mfaka my whatsapp is not working hey. Dm me lover

      @1Obefiend We have a WhatsApp group. I only use it to tell colleagues I am working from home or not. #Lazy

      @Tashny07 I'll call you tomorrow "@mphoma69: @Tashny07 I need you. Your whatsapp is not working"

      @H0llyyK1ng Getting pretty fkn sick of my WhatsApp not working now

      @AlyaAdlyna @amirahanisalleh and thank you for the tudung too sorry susahkan! Idk why Whatsapp not working for now, parcel baru sampai je thanks again

      @saturnhs 10. I lied earlier about my whatsapp not working since nye so I didn't have to reply to some texts heh

      @kxrk98 RT @hwilko18dcfc: Whatsapp not working....always picks the right time to stop!

      @FaithPearl2 How headed for make at strong youre technical as proxy for your husky physical chemistry honors: Wkxq

      @DivsiGupta @AshwiniDodani I pinged you. WhatsApp not working?

      @abenzin33 RT @MrHalimi: Hezbollah is an Iran 'proxy'. It was born from Revolutionary Guards and takes orders from it.

      Syrian rebels not like that wi…

      @erislimx i think my whatsapp not working kekekekekekeke @__WhatTheFreak

      @GhesWhaaat @talk2GLOBE it says "contact network admin to make sure proxy server is working"

      @onika4president @angelrivrodnm @oalexneo @Stephy_G27 not ignoring you guys, my whatsapp is not working xx

      @showtym8 @anothershika whatsapp not working

      @Taymin86 @Gabrieltteoo lol when! Btw your whatsapp and phone not working is it?

      @asl19arabic VOIP services have been blocked in #Morocco on #3G and #4G networks. @Skype , @Viber , @WhatsApp, and @facebook calling are not working.

      @M4KK4UKEKEK_ whatsapp not working? @drugsonfire

      @henrychristmech #WhatsApp not working in my #lumia from this afternoon! Is anybody facing similar issue? #windows #windowsphone #640xl #phone

      @JaiatheZakaria @teller I have tried with two friends WhatsApp, it's not working.

      @TheSinghDurgesh @TajinderBagga Ji @TheNaMoPatrika whatsapp number is working or not...

      @loody_2012 @unlimapps in last update app admin Twitter and whatsapp still not working

      @Tattedup_rezzy My iPhone is not working.

      @moceridesign @ZAYSZN @AnotherNikeBot nice; if you get a proxy IP banned does it auto switch to a new one or do you have to buy another proxy?

      @Kxng_Luba Not sure if my Whatsapp still working or not...

      @demolarry_76424 @AirtelNigeria good morning sir, please I do a day sub of 100, and I was giving 20mb. But its not working for my whatsapp. Why? 08084149527

      @todoslosaben @wa_status hello, whatsapp web is not working can you fix it please?

      @GenvisecInfomap #Morocco VOIP services are now banned by government. #Skype,@Viber,@WhatsApp,and @facebook calling are not working. Expect protests.

      @Mandayyyyy_98 @hhhhareys yo is your WHATSAPP still not working

      @francescakong Omg rlly test fire........go update whatsapp now not working

      @scottremedi REMEDI assists wireless network provider procure & implement #IBM #B2BIntegrator, Sterling File Gateway, Secure Proxy with REMEDI Framework.

      @sandz030 Whatsapp code verification not working

      @joshuaknightxz @manjusreellysha y WhatsApp not working

      @OTH_sawyer HIT ME UP ON WHATSAPP I don't have Wi-Fi and honestly wpp is the only thing working for now. Not even my timeline will load

      @KalilahShameka Why's my whatsapp not working

      @TaeRi_fied Why tf is whatsapp not working again zzzz

      @udhaayy @sanzoo10 @v_guhan @DivyaRajaram my whatsapp not working. I know its tough for you guys during periods like this.

      @d0wlingftcarr @xSarahByrnex @planetjedward Sarah by the way my whatsapp ain't working right now I dunno why :( so am not ignoring ye on there! Xxx

      @claracalavia RT @nurliyanax_: My whatsapp not working T.T

      @Atiqxxh RT @nurulzulkflee: Why my whatsapp not working

      @AKUA_ADDOBEA @Kwame_OVO What's with that face. Your whatsapp not working??

      @uglygame @deadlydarcy no matter, though: I'm going to buy a one month VPN access and shift my address to a country without an exclusive broadcaster.

      @becs84 @SarahM1980 OMC I'm actually just checking, and replying to your whatsapp. Lotto site not working. We could be going to bed not knowing!

      @matiastrophe And I'm definitely not in the mood for my whatsapp to stop working.

      @Sarkies_Proxy @woolwichonline Back working at McDonalds tonight?

      @TheJanomaly Gaiz is @WhatsApp not working?

      @BillClarkCWA @ChildAdvocacy50 Not sure what happened. WhatsApp seemed to be working and stopped. I think you sent a message about "The first 2 days"

      @Joana717 @elisabethpaigex my whatsapp is still not working but just know im thinking about you!!! did you see the unboxing??

      @MonroeJoe Am I really unpopular or is whatsapp not working?

      @leecharisma1 Or maybe my whatsapp is not working

      @Mis_Neyney Early for us not my Mom. She must sleep now "@its_mrdee: Its still early"@Mis_Neyney: Mom is working tomorrow yet she is busy on whatsapp.""

      @Earghh Whatsapp not working atm Im sorry I couldn't reply your worthy precious-like-the-worlds-gonna-end-soon text for now

      @hlubikazi961 I think my whatsApp is not working. I'm so happy!

      @EthanJamie Communicative radiocommunication as proxy for marketing: validate thine online dealing: sXZ

      @andreap18x My phone number is not working so if u want to contact me do it through whatsapp, snapchat or here!! ❤️❤️❤️

      @hala_h_arar @yazankhader Whatsapp is not working

      @Ar_ch_ie My whatsApp not working.Again.Satan has agents everywhere

      @collajen @HannahMendozax whatsapp mo ba not working?


      @RomanKush My WhatsApp is being really shit & not working, so if you're tryina get a hold of me... I'm sorry.

      @OriginalBigPhil Whatsapp on the blink and Instagram not working, ITS THE END OFTHE WORLD I TELL THEE!!! #AbandonAllHope

      @rossconn96 Whatsapp not working is an absolute nightmate when im not at home..

      @AHayer16 Is my Whatsapp the only one not working?

      @kitsunewt is my whatsapp not working or do I just got no friends

      @RogueForLove Is whatsapp not working for everyone ???

      @chirag_atrey @GabeAul On mobile build 10586.63, whatsapp is just not working on my 930. Was working fine on 36.

      @PostBadSantana Is my whatsapp the only one that's not working tho

      @Waseem_bux1 After using the blend on my pc. The lack of whatsapp is just not working. @BlackBerry needs to fix this. Not too pleased.

      @bb_raina @omar_quraishi @suhasinih . Good policy. Next Pak shd take policy decision not to send terrorists across to fight proxy war.

      @sawagu_finn My laptop mouse is working now but my whatsapp is still not telling me I have new messages.

      @dabrenj @MTN180 please help me unsubscribe my whatsapp monthly sub, I have been trying and its not working

      @Rudysq2 @KaloUnlocker your whatsapp is not working,contact me please

      @adde9708 RT @fightforitrider: so 2016 started with a 5-star hotel on #fire and #Whatsapp not working globally xD What else?

      @orianageerman Ok so int working but just not for whatsapp? Ok

      @snniigg @MunmunNath hey is your whatsapp not working ?

      @itxIZ So the problem is with my wifi that my WhatsApp and twitter are not working....

      @ananyaanshuman @dasjayatid @archpai @CrazyyyBird @ShathiSs @monikap221985 WhatsApp not working! sp no WhatsApp for few days

      @dinny154 @wa_status my WhatsApp is not working, I have unistalled several times to no luck

      @BuduMalli @nHiRanZ tried and it was working but with new iOS and new whatsapp not allowing to copy whatsapp library files to crack

      @tropicalilac @psyqhotic my whatsapp is not working ugh

      @PratimaTripat19 @leylahamed @wa_status my whatsapp is not working yet

      @hpka Phone not working. If you need me, reach me on Facebook, Google Hangouts, Skype, Steam, Twitter or email. (Not SMS, Phone Calls or WhatsApp)

      @dillipkmohapat2 @wa_status My whatsapp is not working .how to work. Please suggest.

      @ravinavya_2010 @WhatsApp web whatsapp not working from last 2 days

      @PhozieQue @_OhSoLoveLee not sure yet i'll let you know, your whatsapp working?

      @victoriatrube I've re-installed and deleted my whatsapp about a million times. Turned my phone on and off aswell and it's STILL not working properly

      @the_artm RT @MonaAcid: #whatsapp is not working in some areas of #Lahore

      @sunitss_ Stupid WhatsApp not working

      @isaurabhAB @ePandu yeah same was happening with me was having issues with WhatsApp not working on Vodafone live APN

      @dhavz09 @sakshi98x @nikitap_98oh it's cuz my whatsapp is not working

      @SimarilSPN @gredelina1 @SandraSPN Phone not working. Can't get into whatsapp.

      @2Shanees @faithgillezeau Is your whatsapp not working?

      @raulCsays @Airtel_Presence some problem in my 3G.not able to access browser or payment. Only whatsapp and fb working. Do something

      @ReignMatyo Guys whatsapp waka is currently not working. As for now ndifumaneka kwi Inbox or BBM: 58A959F1 for Emergency cases. Thank you ☺☺☺

      @weshnoo @ram_k27 Whatsapp not working. DMzzz @_poorvaja @Krishprash

      @baldfairies It's nice to not have whatsApp and a working sim. Most people don't talk to me anyway and I get to avoid family groups. Perfect.

      @patilsaish My WhatsApp is not working on WiFi , its working totally fine on my cellular data but not on WiFi. Please do the needful @WhatsApp

      @PrincessCK__ Why is my Whatsapp not working?

      @babygirlaba my whatsapp isn't working , you can dm,iMessage ,snap me , telegram etc .just not whatsapp

      @pat_motaung @Echo_Ridge_News: This whatsApp nr is not working

      @monoids i guess i'd need to figure out how to get a proxy working too

      @helloitssoph Abhorrently drunk. My playlist was a hit. Whatsapp not working & my feet hurt. Goodnight dudes

      @thtkiddmings_xD @DannyJmovements land whatsapp cause my mic not working

      @MusaMayaki @airtel_care @Airtelnigeria this WTF bundle is not working on Twitter App, it only works for WhatsApp & Facebook, please check it out.

      @sujeets63350638 my whatsapp is not working properly and pls restored it.and also update my whatsapp.

      @OfficiallyMJB @IgnitedFlare_ that's not really going to help, a VPN stops people from seeing your IP, if they already know it and keep on, call your ISP

      @SheikhRimsha My Messenger and Whatsapp is not working !!!!!

      @Selby_Sivuyile @lutokote exacle. Your whatsapp is not working

      @AyeshaTape someone help is it only my whatsapp that's not working?

      @tmoptimist In the departure lounge in Abu Dhabi waiting for Perth flight. WhatsApp not working.

      @28priyashah @amitkulkarni07 Help me. Your whatsapp is not working??

      @rishlxo i need to talk to my woman and whatsapp is def not working @val11s

      @VampetteBall Wtf. Why whatsapp not working?!?

      @izzeeali @Affiq_Parthi fiq coba ktk whatsapp kmk jap I think my whatsapp not working lol

      @KwakuAsiedu10 @FiTtYtAbBy why do u let me miss you like that?? Whatsapp me +233266506252 your bbm is not working

      @AdakoleAgbenu @airtel_care my BBM/Facebook/Twitter apps are not working,only whatsapp is working. I subscribed for N1,500 Yesterday

      @EmRoseRS WhatsApp not working properly, I'm thinking, "goddammit, Jose." Who tf is Jose and what did he ever do to me???

      @glitterylights my twitter and whatsapp notifications are not working

      @majestic__xo My WhatsApp not working obviously

      @AdakoleAgbenu Dear @airtel_care I subscribed for Airtel Unlimited BIS. BBM/Facebook/Twitter apps not working,only whatsapp. NOT GOOD

      @Lauraefc17 @dinosaurblue proxy yes, but literally half way through an ep it just disappeared but still accessing US Netflix

      @sicksoulmates RT @borntolou: my whatsapp is not working so belen if you reading this i'll reply tomorrow bye love you

      @chinnaaay whatsapp's not working dm if u need me xx

      @OMGItsHelen86 @_kimberleymxx my what's app not working because my Ashley & Nicole, my bother been whatsapp me but they not come over

      @Chelledogs @meatloaf1333 have you got WhatsApp? If so is yours working mines not

      @Sarahcrawford96 @simonengai @oliviarowntree text me whatsapp not working

      @hightyeid @WhatsApp why is my WA not working

      @Hendoesque WhatsApp and Facebook not working for some weird reason on this hotel WiFi. O_o

      @Hanady_Z Whatsapp not working wowow no one msg on that ty

      @nickshe89 Lest seen not working on #Whatsapp @wa_status @WhatsApp x

      @javine_kasele @wa_status my whatsapp IS NOT WORKING

      @brooklynn_woot Whatsapp not working, came know how good is the sunrise, newspapers, breakfast....

      @sumeghac @RahulxC can you please contact me? Why i your whatsapp not working??

      @_Asgardian Twitter still down on their apps and website after two hours for many people, but working if you go through a proxy. Hmm.

      @govindk RT @ngkabra: "Whatsapp is free" is not news. For most of the world, it always was. Whatsapp working with "local merchants" for monetization…

      @Nufira_Stalwart @timoliver35 @Lindy_TM @Writerology @KillerKalen In WhatsApp, Lindy said that her twitter is not working at all, now :(

      @SetlurS @sreetejareddyM abbey that tweet was a testing tweet my phone is not working gave it in service center. so it was test tweet :-) no whatsapp

      @Siphokazi_Oluh RT @kali_RSA: Anybody else's @WhatsApp not working???

      @chankgyuns twitter is still not working properly whatsapp is fucking up the world is coming to an end

      @alIisonjanney @marioncotilards @danniiminogues i'm waiting for you to show up in my whatsapp contacts but it's not working What Is Happening

      @Precious_mikasa Okay my WhatsApp started working again
      not that I care

      Uta no Prince-sama (2) episode 8 start!!!!

      @island_boy19 Whatsapp down, data not working, Internet pretty much down.. What a time to be alive !

      @Mila_Landani My whatsApp is not working and now my DMs??Haikhona!!

      @ShylaLincoln Phone is not working so if you want to chat I'm on whatsapp!!!

      @lucyrebeccax extremely concerned why is my whatsapp still not working

      @NofilRazi RT @mufteesahab: Therkis rn

      Twitter's not working properly, can we talk on whatsapp ?

      @adeelnet @tahadergan @TDMods without jailbreak 9.2 not working whatsapp 2 please help

      @JulietteMBarnes @chloewells94 your whatsapp not working again?

      @02Refilwe Is it only my Whatsapp that's not working ??

      @Alexismeganopar Oh Yh I'm not airing my whatsapp ain't working

      @VosTweetZich RT @DavesUpdates1: Unfortunately, my whatsapp down. twitters not working. & My Fb crashed. But good news is Im alive so u can still talk to…

      @Sir_Ntusi Hi bhuti @Afro_M my WhatsApp is not working

      @grxceyx_ Stupid phone not working. Now i can't whatsapp

      @ChloeOBrien95 @cjhughes111 baby why is your whatsapp not working

      @AlJoneiyd RT @mathataamt: #Whatsapp thought I was only one with what's up nit working.....I can single Michael Jackson song "you are not alone"

      @siphewilliams @SkinnySenz_77 is your whatsapp still not working or are u rude

      @suge2305 @Dashmee__ Halo. My phone was not working. You ny senju me, I still called you guys in whatsapp. And nobody wants to come online. -.-

      @ScummySam Sometimes I think that my WhatsApp is not working but then I come back to reality nd think who's really gna message me tho

      @danidesouza_ My WhatsApp isn't working. THIS IS NOT A LIFE.

      @sam_john97 hey guys my phones not working so i currently have no whatsapp. if you need to contact me just call or message :)

      @IamMoreshould @Airtel_care Please why is connection very slow?.And my whatsapp & Facebook is not working fine.This is frustrating 08028593537.

      @NeerajSGandhi Whatsapp Not Working..So plz Call or Text ..

      #NG — feeling happy

      @ItzGK @woohyunisa dm is not working, whatsapp aku 0173841104

      @syfqhsyahyra RT @meeraelischa: @syfqhsyahyra Hehe, whatsapp me the plans alright? I'm free for now, not working yet.

      @MrShecks just woke up on a very bad day my whatsapp bundle i recharged yesterday is not working my bad!!!

      @meeraelischa @syfqhsyahyra Hehe, whatsapp me the plans alright? I'm free for now, not working yet.

      @alistair_rob @econet_support hi whats up with the network, my whatsapp is not working, switched my phone and and off and even took out the battery

      @adreenNordin My working hours end at 545. Any whatsapp, email that comes after that shall not be entertained. Thank you

      @YoIts_Jay @MichelleHux I'm just getting into them myself. I sub at high schools and the kids put me on to it to bypass the school's proxy servers.

      @loujnicholls My whatsapp appears to not be working? Messages def delivered....

      @blueheartedlrh @tayleighbae my phone is well an truly not working, my dms won't work neither will me snapchat load, you can either whatsapp me or imessage-

      @Just_Ipsy @wa_status it's not restored... My whatsapp is not working... Fix it asap please.

      @isanoush @tina_milfort hunm guess its only ur whatsapp thats "not working "

      @_itsnaima Nah is whatsapp down or is it only not working for me

      @abdullaaqeelBH My whatsapp , browser , instagram , messages , camera roll , snapchat all crashed and not working !!!

      Did restart and nothing happened !

      @M7arthy95 I never use whatsapp but when I need it, it's not working.

      @Jeyanthy_28 RT @Feleciaswz: Motherfu whatsapp working but not the others

      @fawkeskill @_SSena_ ahhhh ok, I agree with you! my cell phone chip stopped working, so I can not enter the whatsapp :/

      @ree_rebaone Am the only ones Whatsapp on the Mtn network not working?

      @SayyidTheBeast If anyone is trying to contact me, do send me a message through text. My WhatsApp is not working at the moment. Fuck technology.

      @NJODea My mobile is not working at the minute. Please message me via here, kik or WhatsApp for the time being. Thanks!

      @Cheriseyyyy If you have time to update the whatsapp you're not working hard enough girly

      @FaisalPapus @MTNGhana wen ever I activate de mashed up bundle ma whatsapp have been stopping. And it not working now . Mtn kraa y

      @KathyBlomfield Ungullible plate working: gratuity as proxy for refrigerator car owners: UJqbI

      @MonsieurCassule @MariaZamprogno whatsapp not working for me rn

      @LaNkhosi_ Your WhatsApp not working?"@Gee_Khalifa: @LaNkhosi_ wassup!"

      @ThatsHlubi Guys my whatsapp is not working properly. Also the tilililili phone I was using got stolen.

      @handstohimself @selenaszayn Use VPN

      @MichelleBriann5 Swap ds rencontre as proxy for r4 website is number one integral for downloading ds game as things go r4 conjun...

      @Manass3hx @Wika_ThatGurl Hahaha I am not on Whatsapp.. No working phone..

      @desireeeems @StarRhapsody hey Amelia is your whatsapp working? Sorry gotta bother you again about the money, my records are just not showing it.

      @FaisalPapus @MTNGhana plz checkout my whatsapp for me it not working .

      @JaiManneh Ahh I hate Monday's && my whatsapp is not working

      @mehulgohil @JJillTMEC Whatsapp not working. Better email.

      @AzlinAlfaisyah Is whatsapp really not working or issit just my phone?

      @lynsey_94 @daniellebridge_ is your whatsapp not working???

      @vickyrrrr My cell Phone is not working..
      So No WhatsApp ...No call...

      @emmatorrens WHATSAPP STOP NOT WORKING. You're making my life VERY DIFFICULT.

      @FaisalPapus @MTNGhana plz my whatsapp is not working . Ooooo eeii mtn

      @ItzurboiTB Oops! ok DM me the digit @Oriadeetohsexy: Currently not working need to upgrade it "@ItzurboiTB: @Oriadeetohsexy whatsapp??""

      @kingsorad How can I tweet with emojis or smileys on Blackberry?

      I can't even see anything, copying and pasting to whatsapp not even working.

      @OfficiallDee Currently not working need to upgrade it "@ItzurboiTB: @Oriadeetohsexy whatsapp??"

      @Kyle__Mc RT @Crwh_I: whatsapp not working... sc me that pussy #mood

      @khalakims I know why Whatsapp is not working cuz my ex... send me a whatsapp....#fuckher....

      @Rozayng RT @WhyBLEACH: Them ones where you wouldn't know if WhatsApp's working or not cause you don't get messages

      @sbrnarazali My whatsapp is not working right now, why meh?

      @imhxfxz RT @MarshmallowxD: Whatsapp not working again ?

      @floressan If anyone is trying to contact me via whatsapp. Sorry. Is not working!

      @NattiNatz @AbenaKusi_ oi...whatsapp? Not working?

      @ImEllieD Last night I left whatsapp web on and I think is still working on my laptop. Not suuuure.

      @vikassri28 @wa_status
      WhatsApp not working....
      I want to restore my old msg last 2 years..

      @Pau_lywood @lizzaylizard Oh, my whatsapp is not working. It keeps trying to connect but always fail, I don't know why. Sorry about that.

      @OMDZZX RT @SHVROSEHUSSVIN: Is your whatsapp not working?

      Dm me your number and ill fix it for you

      @prem1208 My whatsapp is not working ...ping me on FB plzz... !!!

      @JoeMartin73 @HappyWaterKL Hi - phone line not working, no response to whatsapp message or to email. are you still operating? I wish to order a dispenser

      @whatsapp_dena @MashalKhxn internet not working properly

      @_qibrahim @focosoAISHU haha i dekat mall lah. My aunt has wifi back at her house just not really working well w/ whatsapp tu je.

      @alex_walker17 Shock that whatsapp is being special and not working

      @Ashleymupfawa "@giftrice: @Ashleymupfawa iwe hausi kubatiki why" but dude your whatsapp is not working

      @TameemSarajzada @NinjaMonkey__ awe you missed me awwwww. Dhdkhekshj was your whatsapp not working an indirect to me

      @EmmanZwaneSA This phone mara... I download Whatsapp now, minutes later it's not working.. Ngiyayilahla keh

      @lil_nikkijade @GeordieDeeDee your whatsapp not working? My message hasn't delivered xx


      @fakeaari @fakeaari no wait i meant whatsapp is working for me not the fact that my friends don't have iMessage. alright.

      @girlfriendofsia WhatsApp are u kidding me?not working again

      @shorizzy RT @tamiejayxo: is it only my whatsapp that's not working :((

      @Dimpho006 Why's my WhatsApp not working ganthe??

      @ReenMogz WHY IS MY WHATSAPP NOT WORKING I'm going to cry

      @all_aboutjapan #Quotes Seeing the truth behind lies may not bring happiness. (Ergo Proxy)

      @Intisar97 RT @AmiraAzry: Is whatsapp not working or is it just that I have no friends

      @Josiahwongg @aloysiuscgh @benjned lol. Woah woah, let's not do that. Anyway, your whatsapp ain't working?

      @HyperXZion FAK, my telegram and WhatsApp not working

      @Nads_Pichler @Lauren2926 dude is my whatsapp not working or yours? I'm lonely

      @jurua_richard I download whatsApp but its not working

      @BeingSam24 @SalmansSoldier @Jerseyno27 your whatsapp is not working kya?

      @dilbagsinghbath @WhatsApp whatsapp web not working on mobile phone browsers plz updates whatsapp web for Mobile phone browser

      @SyalinKoh Idk why my whatsapp is not working like is it my phone malfunctioning or the app..

      @OiObss @_nicolethea Whatsapp's not working hun, DM me

      @spendela So looks like @netflix wants to ban ppl using VPN to access their site. What a shame. #security at risk.

      @AshleeABurnett 10:51 and my Whatsapp not working ..

      @foodietweeter WhatsApp not working... @LifstyleProBlog @ankita0112 @ajaykontham @zainabattari @vishvaisakhi @PoojaMahimkar @iwrotethose @pythoroshan

      @meghadecoded WhatsApp not working. If you need to get in touch with me, call, text or Facebook message me. Cheers!

      @igetonyx247 Lost all contacts and FB not working. Text me now with name so we can stay in touch via Whatsapp

      @TWHR Had an anxiety dream about GIFs not working in WhatsApp

      @ShaalV Guys anything dm me , my whatsapp not working since just now .

      @LaReinePerdue @airtelindia can you please explain why my data 3G/4G keeps working but my voice calls never reach me!? People can whatsapp me but not call

      @BeverleyDoglass If you are trying to contact me via whatsapp I'm sorry I can't reply, it's not working

      @Slimsoms Am I the only one whose whatsapp is not working??

      @dannyman808 @imeldamurray83 Hi there! Viber or Whatsapp not working on iPod for me How's the head now?

      @_qibrahim @jaynelichew better. Babe im in sg the wifi is not working well w/ whatsapp sorry i couldnt text u much. I'll be bck in jb on tues

      @LoveO005 @atnfas_hoak please fix the theme.. Its not working.... And try to put an option to hide privacy for some selected people on whatsapp

      @ayafarusx My whatsapp has not been working for past 3months&people just think am ignoring them

      @KeithShicks @AIRTEL_KE my unlimited bundle it's not working whatsapp can't load? Checking my Internet bundle no replies?

      @HrithikAmeesha For today, everything just DM me on Twitter @LuvAmeesha OK? WhatsApp not working.

      @YaraShazly Whatsapp is not working people! Facebook only

      @ImMariiyam Whatsapp not working causes stress

      @Bcuzican_ My iMessage is not working .. Whatsapp me while I'm here

      @adriel_williams @KimiWinterton it's not working, so I am using a makeshift one at the moment. I'm not on whatsapp right now either

      @HrithikAmeesha WhatsApp & Instagram not working right now. Twitter I just use from OPERA MINI. Ha ha ha

      @22Miral Whatsapp call not working woot woot

      @FariehaAziz @Jamil_Jafri prob because of the local subscription vs if you are using account subscribed to in US.They're also blocking VPN access I heard

      @thirlwalcott omg every1 whatsapping me but MY WHATSAPP NOT WORKING

      @farahrosni Well, now that he's working, I'll not feel as guilty if I don't reply his WhatsApp during office hours.

      @jaren2hood @chester_morante lmk when ur ready. my whatsapp is not working

      @ChrisKeysBeats note to the robots: we know about your "always down to meet new people, message me on whatsapp" scheme. stop trying, it's not working.

      @TVhomson @wendyhughes9 oh right. Mine won't text at all. There was a mast prob earlier but saying fixed now. Mine not working. Good job got whatsapp!

      @ane_strydom @MartinMagner check your insta inbox my whatsapp is not working. I've got lols

      @KTavaziva @econet_support my whatsapp seems not to be working and the bundles are stil active .whats up?:-P

      @ladynolls @econetzimbabwe hi my whatsapp is not working when all thd social networks are working and i just bought the one month data bundle pls help

      @inalox99 @econetzimbabwe hie my whatsapp hasnt been working yesterday and they have not expired what is the problem

      @sonofskies @econetzimbabwe Hi guy's my whatsapp bundles not working. Help

      @blackavendator @econet_support hello my whatsapp has not been working since morning and I don't know why

      @Official_Izzo RT @shingie4: @econetzimbabwe ko takutadzireiko my whatsapp is not working since morning

      @imphillkingx @econet_support my whatsapp is not working… 0778289790

      @taffie_vera Leicester just made me so happy ....forgot that my whatsapp is not working @econet_support whats up with that

      @DMupfava @econet_support guys hw far whatsapp not working since yester morning

      @itsloreen_ RT @Wallechipwaya: @econet_support Been rebooting my phone still not working #Whatsapp?

      @BhekiCboe @econet_support my Whatsapp is not working whats the problem

      @Farie_wangu Nhai @econetzimbabwe @econet_support why is my whatsapp bundle not working?

      @econet_support Hi @justicechapanda, the whatsapp bundle is not working properly. ^CZ

      @LilMyke_ @econetzimbabwe I'm having a problem with my whatsApp, I bought a bundle yesterday but it's still not working. Please help! 0775498690.

      @Naumarvelous #EconetCustomerCare my whatsapp is not working why?

      @Call_Me_Wellie @econet_support ko ini WhatsApp yangu still not working wani

      @surajkala Top 3 complains for @Miindia Devices r . 1) Charging pin slot not working 2) Ram Hungry 3) Can't move whatsApp media to sdcard (normally)

      @Bellz1998 @econetzimbabwe i have no network whatsoever anymore.and my whatsapp is really not working. #disappointed

      @TshuksDj @econet_support my whatsapp bundles are not working...what might be the problem?They are expiring this friday....here is my # +263784764449

      Multiple whatsapp notifications not working, there is any way to make it works?

      @LiyanaMdYatim My whatsapp notification sound is not working for some reason ...... This is annoyingggg

      @Mekanisakala haha @econetzimbabwe whatsapp bundles not working and people going crazy. Its just whatsapp people, I am sure you have a life to live.

      @KennethCJames @econet_support My WhatsApp is still not working , even after rebooting

      @mola_io @HenkPoley It seems they monetize through VPN provider affiliation. Looks legit on that front, although it does not provide proper terms.

      @phoey1 @karlpoe @royquilor heh fair enough. I tried my VPN in US and cant access it either. Il try in an hour!

      @Tenderomega @econetzimbabwe. My whatsapp not working for a long time guys can't take it anymore please do something my number 0784114994

      @TapiwaTerry @econet_support why is my whatsapp not working..4days now n my bundle is expirin soon

      @yanodushi @econet_support my whatsapp is not working anymore (again). I am thoroughly disappointed. And on top of that you don't even reply.

      @princie8 @econet_support my WhatsApp was working, but suddenly its not connecting? and @econetzimbabwe u just went quiet on me!!!

      @tashycuteboy @econet_support my whatsapp not working ..you take 7 days to solve your problems here ...please attend to us 0779507793

      @LibertyNkonde @econetzimbabwe my whatsapp bundle not working for over 72hrs now

      @Daniel_Fein @Netflixhelps Tried that, and phone support, reset every device, still blocked. Not using a proxy/vpn at all.

      @htchipunza @econet_support Thanks, whatsapp is back but is is not working smoothly and as fast especially given I am on the extra bundle. 0773919228.

      @tafaeric @econet_support whatsapp and twitter not working

      @t_blos @econet_support my whatsapp is still not working do something hawu,been rebooting my phone since morning..aggghhh

      @FxckWhatUHeard_ I tell this boy my whatsapp not working anf he replies with a whole voice note, when he expecting that to load ?

      @plainstan @econetzimbabwe my WhatsApp is still not working and I pray the compensation promise was not false

      @sihwathembe @econetzimbabwe hie there my whatsapp is not working (0773433557) please help

      @LisaNyamadzawo @NetOneCellular I bought whatsapp bundles but the balance ain't reflecting on the balance check. And whatsapp is not working.

      @jack_raynor iMessage not working, Whatsapp not working.. Does anything even work anymore? ... (Apart from Twitter)

      @ms_pinaymk_ Phone not working please. Facebook messenge me, WhatsApp, or here

      @SAsdn_ RT @OMDahir: Is whatsapp not working or nah like wtf?

      @ikewood_ti @live919fm please 0277606070 whatsapp number is not working oo

      @PrincessMirth I think my whatsapp is not working

      @cemambo RT @bhuleantonio: @cemambo @NetOneCellular Good news to those on Contract. Sadly us on Prepaid @WhatsApp is not working and @Twitter

      @kmcadie @NatashawWatson no booze for me the nite, but no lie in- fuckin working! I'll not whatsapp ya later so you can get an early nite!

      @David_Vista My whatsapp is not working am I the only one

      @NollyQ_ .....I regret allowing this convo to go to WhatsApp. Its not working now.

      @Quarmezaggy1 @nkcoomson ohkkk ur whatsapp not working

      @Pe_Kayy @jyfrimpong the video? Can you believe my WhatsApp is also not working. Lmao.

      @SecretFiri @HebrewLantern So, I tried contacting you through Whatsapp and Skype and it's not working.

      @mcjohnoyinda @airtel_care u re @ it again, after subscription my social packages r not working,did BBUM, no twitter,fb,whatsapp and all 08081111234

      @megannapril PSA my phone/whatsapp is not working so dm me for my other phone number or just contact me through wechat

      @PhilemonKCSheng you know someone's downloading something when your whatsapp is not working

      @afeezahahahaha I thought why whatsapp so quiet but acutally my notification not working


      @Sarkies_Proxy @m_christenson @guardian he's a twat when he says this, it's disrespectful not funny

      @SlEnDeRsPrOxY1 @_Masked_Proxy_ @silverworkCP *shrugs, not really wanting to answer*

      @mohanssssssmoh1 @wa_status my whatsapp is not working plz check what happen

      @innocitto @mtnug yeah, twitter is working perfectly
      But am not even getting WhatsApp messages yet I loaded the both bundles at the same time ..

      @suryajit_nayak @Thyrocare Trying 2 book test thru App.Not working. Contacted on WhatsApp also..but very late and unsatisfactory response. Disappointed.

      @jyotikumar97 If people are trying to get me on whatsapp.. it's not working rn! So msg me here if anyone wants to talk.

      @KifKatKush @econetzimbabwe, My whatsapp has not been working since last week . I bought bundles twice ! I'm not buying airtime again, what's going on ?

      @__aichaey What the FUCK? WiFi is not working properly. Can't post tweets can't surf net. Can't chat on WhatsApp but getting work mails right on time.

      @EdjebaSolomon @MTN180 My whatsapp and my twitter are not working again. In fact my internet is no longer working except on wireless. My Number 08036496086

      @studie3 @econet_support my whatsapp is not working but l have bundles, can you help me please !

      @kerrylynn21 My Dad has finally discovered WhatsApp... he keeps sending me selfies titled 'Working'... evidently he is not working but hey ho.

      @htfb @Sarkies_Proxy Thanks! Not sure it's either of our jobs to diagnose TfL's webpage for them, but somebody may thank us. @EmiratesAirLDN

      @Namibian_Dream Probably Nokia lumia whatsapp that's not working

      @PietrezHaukongo RT @JustineShikomba: Is it just my WhatsApp that's not working?

      @Zyadgoher @wrevealer i didnt mean its scam, i meant its not working as it should & i didnt know that its related to whatsapp update,hope u fix it soon

      @studie3 @econet_support help me please , my whatsapp is not working again !

      @_taurai @econetzimbabwe my free data is not working for whatsapp

      @nitinantil7 Not feeling well Whatsapp is not working

      @Cav_Gunner Wifi not working on whatsapp my ass

      @thomadhuku @econet_support my goodwill bundle is not working, cant access whatsapp or even internet. please gadzirisai tione

      @Dexxe Is there something like Whatsapp calls not working if the other user is not on Android? Cos imehappen twice sasa.

      @eltonkufandada @econet_support jus so u know its not abt the menu working, its about the actual whatsapp data bundle

      @TheBono24 @fentse_p nana WhatsApp still not working?

      @Bly_Leo RT @faizalhamssin: < Not working tomorrow, so I'm gonna disturb you on whatsapp. Don't hate on me.

      @rumbiexx @bitch_divaaa I don't have service and whatsapp is not working because I'm in school. But ok be a basic bitch. Byeeeee

      @Naik1915 @WhatsApp all of sudden while working how all contacts can disappear.. This is not done... Plz help..

      @BinyominS Twitter has a super power

      WiFi only working with Twitter

      Not Gmail not FB not whatsapp

      @zainabb_t To anyone who's trying to whatsapp me, my whatsapp's not working so just message me elsewhere x

      @spykid_007 @econet_support good evening. My mom's whatsapp is not working is there anyway you can help her? Fast response will be greatly appreciated

      @dennis_darren @AIRTEL_KE reset my Internet connection. Whatsapp and other apps not working 0734463161

      @fentse_p Baby I'm chatting in the dm's. Lets meet there lol "@TheBono24: @fentse_p nana WhatsApp still not working?"

      @AndyM263 @econet_support how come i wasnt credited when my whatsapp bundles where not working?

      @SammyMckellar @shaunibarr my whatsapp isn't working again & my Fb message app is broke too so i'm not ignoring you :(

      @Xxocolatl Wow @ my bloody phone. Signed me out of everything and my whatsapp is officially not working

      @Ezzisonfire @Zackwannn can I come over again tmrw? (note that this question is for your mom and not for ypu and that my whatsapp is not working)

      @nthips90 @_mushkins why? By the way I miss you and my whatsapp is being weird. Its not working

      @hkityen Me: 3G, 4G is not working at all. I can’t even Whatsapp.
      Staff: is your phone line working?
      Me: duh! Then how I called you?!

      @patilsanjay1008 #Whatsapp is not working.

      @ADuffie26 #RealTalk: Will working on my @squarespace website while listening to #KeyAndPeele commentate make my website that much cooler by proxy?

      @shuhailache @WhatsApp why whatsapp calling is not working in our county??(Saudi Arabia )
      They said its banned from your side
      Is that true??

      @rab7599 @Tagpacker Are you back up? I could not access here in North America. I got a 502 proxy server warning.

      @taestrashcan @KookieXoXo7 MY WHATSAPP IS NOT WORKING TWITTER DM PLS

      @TyroneKimenyi @AnneKiguta- Hey! Is your Whatsapp not working? Tried sending you something. Please check your DM on Instagram, need to get something to you

      @StrikeEagleII @WSJ Unfortunately, rig count is NOT a proxy for production If it was, then why has not US precipitously fallen with rig count Less is more

      @newslineokara RT @FhM369: Zong free net setting Name Zong
      apn.zonginternet proxy port
      (Not chk by me:Owner)

      @Wakablazer @AfricomZim your whatsapp number is not working of which i meed customer service... Whats wrong???

      @chai_ebooks think whatsapp isn't working shall i do have a soft copy or not first ah last day lor asshole y u change

      @_maya_3dsmax_ web version whatsapp is not working if not used for few months.after renewal also,if not used,same problem.waste of time.

      @theamitaroy Phone has broken partly! WhatsApp not working! Inbox me msgs.

      @TheIsio_ - is wifi not working in the studio? I whatsapp'd you @OluHorsh

      @Nostalg_desire My WhatsApp not working

      @khurshid308 @WhatsApp not working in my Nokia xl phone

      @khurshid308 Whatsapp not worKing in my phone Nokia xl, when I am downloading it from one mobile store, it also not works, "whatsapp stop "

      @IkebukuroAnger3 @Hoodster_Proxy Shizuo did not look too happy as he was just sat on the bench, seeming to gaze at something until he heard a familiar voice»

      @iKilledAbel BTW my whatsapp not working. Enjoying it actually. But you can DM me.

      @Ada_zii @Karishika__ your whatsapp is not working

      @hunterofbots sales #cloud organic porn app periscope review snapchat vpn php #money #trial

      @Lucianaawoods @_yojenitsirhc And i blame you for my whatsapp not working

      @whattheduckbro My whatsapp is 100% fucked and I haven't been able to use it for months and then it suddenly starts working with no data on it thnx bro not

      @RyTheLumberjack Hooray for my whatsapp not working

      @YesAbdallaah @DaEntrepreneuer boy your whatsapp not working?

      @dawoodghirl my whatsapp isn't working so if I don't reply it's not bc I hate you it's bc my phone hates me

      @GlassMyth @floweraldehyde my whatsapp is fucked. Gonna take 2 or 3 days to fix. Play Store not working.

      @Ksingh03 Sorry guys whatsapp not working

      @melinderrr @VodafoneQatar My data was simply not working from 9am-1pm when I was in West Bay today. Uber, Twitter, Whatsapp, emails, nothing.

      @zain_352 @DinoD7 do you know any free vpn for pc

      @SophiaTamla @laurenedesmond it's not working babes! My texts and whatsapp are playing up

      @Neil_Walker86 @edkear new phone number mate? Whatsapp not working. Get at me!

      @PrudenceZW @ThusoThusie but y is whatsapp and other social networks not working ?

      @robertscheck @WhatsApp Do you really care about your users? My e-mail to your support about non-working WhatsApp is still not answered…for 14+ days now.

      @smilingmichaelc WHY IS MY WHATSAPP NOT WORKING ???

      @_NurAdilah_ RT @xsitihafsahx: @_NurAdilah_ @mxhdfxris now we're not working tgt alrdy u nvr whatsapp me randomly and say nonsensical things alrdy:(((((…

      @csuciani I will not open my WhatsApp till my working day which is Wednesday. You may find me through Skype.

      @demacj @AIRTEL_KE really?? Mine is not working, only fb twiiter and whatsapp :(

      @bin6151 Whatsapp is not working for some reason nai

      @idahii @huiyihh whatsapp contact babe

      @BeingMushu Since morning my WhatsApp is not working because version has become obsolete and because of less memory iam not able to update that..

      @BradMods @HotspotShield Dont download this vpn they are a bunch of cunts that think people dont know how to bypass their uninstall block..what pussys

      @THESEEYESSPY @ATTCares Yes, please send me how to contact you, I do not have a working number so it will have to be over Whatsapp or Skype.

      @xAigueMarinex @Makkimaru Also check your WhatsApp it's not working somehow? ;3:

      @LeprechaunShitt my whatsapp is being a bitch and it's not working properly and i'm done w life

      @og_11 Hi, I'm outside the country and my Whatsapp/other IM apps not working over wifi, but all other apps/internet are fine? Help pls @TelkomZA

      @rzadsh @Lotussflower_ why is ur whatsapp not working

      @marashaaaaa I've been trying to upload WhatsApp but this shit is not working asjkdls

      @flamingaynadian nothing is working tonight, like idk. i spent 20 mins just trying to open whatsapp & im not getting any notis & ??? idk man idk

      @louisforluck i think it's just the screen that's not working since it connects to whatsapp on my laptop how annoying

      @_thedarkerberry my Whatsapp not working sucks so much ☹

      @jadedagher @WhatsApp why ap not available on Samsung tablet 10.1? ?? It was working now can't update it or even use the previous version...

      @jermaineU_10 @nasdasilva11 @deimsN i can only reply on whatsapp my twitters not working properly

      @hunbun98 deleted all the apps on my phone so i could get whatsapp back and it's not fucking working

      @ofmeowandbake @ladystormhold I Whatsapp her at night leh. Not like I expect her to reply me when she working.

      @omekkannaya @babesmobee Mo, whatsapp is not working. Tried to update and it doesn't work anymore.

      @bonisithol @sexyceeee please tell family that my whatsapp is not working

      @suresh0405 @WhatsApp why voice chat is not working for tablets? will the bug will be fixed past few yrs im asking no one responding

      @eeinalem Whatsapp, why do you insist on not working?!

      @3dgriffiths @LinardAugust call me, whatsapp not working x


      @theohsehuns my old vpn stopped working & betternet is so slow and annoying, everything takes forever to load

      @iAmaanMalik RT @iAlishaMalik: WhatsApp not working

      @DJSkully_ Whatsapp not working

      Snapchat me DJSkully1

      @reigncoker The only behavioral flaw I have (ya, I've identified the rest which were actually few) & which I'm working on is not replying WhatsApp msgs.

      @Collettew_ Pls tell me it's not just me who's whatsapp isn't working

      @sophiejwilks @MeganDootson13 whatsapp isn't working!! Not ignoring you

      @Heyman_guy 2 days back, friend's dad called me to his home because "whatsapp was not working". Today a friend called me to book 251 rupees smartphone

      @DodsonVirginia Hypo flier virtuous-resources: how come this could go on the working-out your looking as proxy for!: GkcvXPjeF

      @A_A_Izaara RT @JeffSauke: Social media networks like whatsapp, facebook and twitter not working since morning in Kampala, Uganda...

      @Murezi_jr Anyone with a remedy for the WhatsApp shutdown? The VPN seems not to be working.

      @JaspervanLoenen .@dosch My brother in Kampala just confirmed @twitter, @facebook and @WhatsApp are not working. #UgandaElections

      @TinasheDembo @econet_support hie why is it that my WhatsApp is not working since this morning

      @ManishKoparkar @TechnicalGuruji aapka whatsapp bhi crash howa hey kya ! :D its not working bro ( MANISHK ) here

      @MUGABISAMUEL The government of Uganda should address the issue of to why social media platforms of Whatsapp and Facebook are not working at all networks.

      @theMagunga @fungaijustbeing We did! Only that your WhatsApp is not working.

      @singatini_ @KEN_drick43

      @KEN_drick43 RT @singatini_: @KEN_drick43

      @gingerPOP_ I'm just tired of this glo network.
      Now Twitter is working and WhatsApp is not

      @mhennekes @WhatsApp The push notifications on the Microsoft Lumia 640 is not working very good. I must open the app, to see new chats! #PleaseUpdate

      @_iRYAN 6 hours and my whatsapp is still not working thanks

      @clareyfairy My whatsapp's not working AGAIN

      @LuwiBGeek @dr_munyah no it's not iiiii comms via whatsapp wasn't working. Couldn't ignore msgs for later when she could see I was online

      @Atanasi_ RT @ezrashedracks: @atanasi_ kidogo kidogo uskie whatsapp facebook are twitter not working in kericho #rutodecides

      @nancy_trebz @CkOfficial whatsapp not working what do you want from wasabi!

      @JamieMMilne @Unblock_Us not able to access Netflix using google chrome on vista&Windows 7 pc's. Proxy detected. PS4 is working fine though. Any advice?

      @subjack4all @AirtelNigeria this 07018250646. I wonder why my BlackBerry subscription for only whatsapp. Twitter, BBM, FCBK not working. Pls, run check

      @KingKongCourts So now it's not working out, she's tryna go through you to slide back in my Whatsapp

      @larissa81 @MeganKakora my phone has completely stopped working - it needs to go in for repairs. So alas, not whatsapp to see.

      @mayor_fa She only called me on my cell phone because whatsapp calls stopped working for her.
      Not worth the cash

      @tawazsimon @econet_support i have whatsapp bundles but it is not working and i cannot view pictures on twitter

      @yanodushi @econet_support my Facebook bundles are not working but my whatsapp and Twitter are working perfectly. Please help me.

      @ChloeMW_AFC 13:35pm and I'm yet to receive any text on whatsapp... I think it's not working. lol

      @yanodushi @econet_support I'm still facing the same problem. My facebook is still not working but whatsapp and Twitter are working perfectly. Help

      @OHTAHS My WhatsApp's not working now

      @ntajulius92 My whatsapp is not working until now. Plz inform me if is still blocked. #ugandadecides2016

      @prongsLive @econetzimbabwe so WhatsApp bundles bought via ecocash yesterday not working...

      @coriniall who has viber or whatsapp? my messages aren't working right now i can't reply to texts but not like anyone is texting me

      @nxtxleyxh How is my data still working for WhatsApp, insta and on here?
      Not complaining still but I am madded

      @ZoeAngela_ my whatsapp not working but please send econs worksheet on DM thank u @hovenchan

      @MARJBARS Don't whatsapp me and then complain I'm airing ffs it's not working I can't even see messages stop this

      @Mooks_z @Sedi_M_Baipone I think your WhatsApp is not working.

      @CellC_Support @JanMmalemone, have you tried to reboot your device? Is WhatsApp the only application that is not working?^NS

      @JanMmalemone Ningazonya @CellC I bought whatsapp bundle on the 8th,now my whatsapp is not working!

      @m7mdsk8 Whatsapp not working. Call if needed

      @_chloelouisee_ Now why is whatsapp being a dickhead and not working

      @JiishaaN hey @Ayyyeeessshhhaa whatsapp not working?

      @annaeastafrica Or is it Blackberry I have to thank? @Airtel_Ug says social media ban not lifted. (On BB whatsapp was working throughout w/o VPN)

      @honest_to_jove So @facebook AND @whatsapp are not working. And I'm in the middle-of-nowhere, Africa. No way to communicate with anyone. Not cool!!

      @MARJBARS Everyone keeps messaging me on whatsapp can I just please remind that it's not working it's disabled

      @meneldur @WhatsApp service not working in Argentina

      @twinsizesella I tweeted this at like 3am and now its 8am so apparently the wifi stopped working and not just whatsapp

      @RabiBumaye @Beaker_G gase o fetse? I'm at shoprite man,they ain't got bread all over this side..and why's yo whatsapp not working?

      @TheRealRevK @crosscountryuk Well, I have managed go configure a working IPSec tunnel at much lower MTU. You transparent quid proxy is also annoying.

      @AkankshaDureja @Mirchi983FM Your Whatsapp number not working? Switched off :( #FANContest

      @DwayneTino @econet_support I rebooted my cell,whatsapp still not working,0778248290

      @ShawnWoodroffe @WhatsApp why is it not working for me I getting problem with my whats app

      @SfisoDoc @MTNza please be like Rihanna and get to work Nyana, my WhatsApp and FB are not working

      @larunnon1 @Gwen_BPI @psychopsychic @VanessaRHogle Whatsapp not working

      @rjonesx @ajmihalic of course, hrs per week is just a proxy here because obviously the billionaires aren't working 1000x hrs per week over the mills

      @fvbeebs @ChudleighJosiah is your whatsapp/phone not working?

      @Cohannnnn Please everyone trying to reach me on whatsapp, it's still not working until tomorrow. So sorry for the inconvenience.

      @varunverma665 WhatsApp not working

      @IsmailArshadd Whatsapp is not working again. Shitty phone.

      @Fuchsiaristic Think it was just my internet connection, thanks. Whatsapp is working good morning text or not.

      @nmmukerianmalik My BSNL(a government of India undertaking) mobile network is very slow from last three days and WhatsApp is not working, due to poor service

      @anuragi89 @me_mkt I have come back, my phone is not working. When is the class? Please let me know the timing. U can ping me in FB.No whatsapp no call

      @tmahubaba Lenovo N500 1 GB Ram 320gb HDD Webcam (TouchPad not Working Have to use extrnal Mouse) Call/Txt/ Whatsapp : 75004872.

      @luciewilson1280 @KrayForKhloeK my whatsapp ain't working on college wifi. Not ignoring u X

      @GabbiFFOE This is great, now my Whatsapp not working

      @ahmandroid WhatsApp is not working ? Never feel bad about it. It's down almost worldwide

      @killianoe @econetzimbabwe plz assist my whatsapp is not working its been 2days now.I bought internet bundles and they expired bcz of the bad network

      @trackboom @WhatsApp something wrong... i just re-installed WA and i found its not working over WifI only Data... what is going on ?

      @temi_oba @airtel_care dis BB plan *440*16# is not working on my bold5; I can only use whatsapp n opera, I can't access other social network n email

      @Sarak_AK47 @Emperor_Laykes is not working fine yet o, but the Whatsapp&bbm that is working.

      @JagexSupport @Kushfield Hey, Please do not use VPN/Proxy to play the game! :o) LE

      @Dangiamit2 RT @RRajeshbhatt: @Chutkla
      India Is A Country Where People Are More Worried About Whatsapp Not Working Than The Government Not Working

      @OheneNanaBoakye @Queen_salia madam..your whatsapp is not working..text me asap

      @AH_Coley my phones not giving me notifications for anything? Twitter, Facebook, whatsapp, snapchat none of its working ??? im so confused

      @kahlykewn @wellie_r I think I'm working

      @deryl92 @econet_support my whatsapp bundle is not working since yestday.bt i bought it on monday.

      @iyknyabs @econet_support my whatsapp has not been working since 4 days ago but i have an active bundle. whats the problem

      @obiri_yaw @Kay_Figo ooh what's wrong. Your whatsapp not working though

      @deryl92 @econet_support my whatsapp bundle is not working since yestday.tried to buy a new one bt its nt working too.

      @kbhatti_s @wa_status my what's app is not working but my sister's WhatsApp is working

      @bishop27_ @UgotBronx does this VPN make it so you can watch playback of the episodes on the global website? Idk if I can handle streams again.

      @raffodeana68 My WhatsApp is not working therefore whoever is wondering why I'm ignoring them, I'm not doing this on purpose

      @Andre_Saris @LumiaHelp Notifications of messages, WhatsApp, phone, and private mail (pop/smtp) is working. Mail via Exchange not (yet). 1/2

      @_erikamitchell so why is my whatsapp not working

      @JoeOlivia1 Constituent engild issue as proxy for website is irresistible impulse besides basal: zVhdRHvLN

      @mariochiha @mich_h my whatsapp is not working

      @DevourIan @econet_support my whatsapp bundles are not working again 0778080855

      @Finnsprojects @Aluxian sweet :D also the whatsapp seems not working. just showing the browser pick page.

      @Svara @juhimohan Phone conked off, whatsapp not working yet. May have missed any messages if u sent any last 4-5 days.

      @JOC__91 Anyone know if WhatsApp is working 100%? Sent messages in the last 10 days on multiple occasions but not sure they were received

      @Kuda_OdolA_MjrU @econet_support help I just bought whatsapp bundles but they are not working. 0773649734

      @shippaisojino :( my vpn isn't working any more

      @CaseyMasters93 My iPhone 6 does not wanna cooperate with me tonight nothing working Facebook texts snapchat whatsapp basically the phone itself #shitnight

      @tawazsimon @econet_support my whatsapp stil not working whn on bundles bt if i hv rtym t works fine

      @Call_Me_Wellie @econet_support @econetzimbabwe my WhatsApp bundle is not working, even though it's still 3 days valid. May I please have a solution?

      @chaaaariis like wth my phone stops working and lots of things happened then im not in my whatsapp groups anymore??????

      @itsSamerah @harti_24 text me on imessage not whatsapp .. its not working

      @tary_EVE @econet_support is whatsapp down coz i swear its not working!...

      @JMwinjilo @econetzimbabwe My Whatsapp bundles are still not working.I have been frantically trying to get online since you said you working on my #

      @jiyyah_shaah Y the hell my #Whatsapp is not working

      @S__256 @arianefurer @WhatsDogApp I use iPhone & Galaxy and I download Whatsapp for all my devices, Whatsdog still not working in my galaxy & iphone

      @cubsncards @amazon help my kindle fire won't connect to the internet proxy server error

      @megadisc1982 @WhatsApp inaccurate date error running ios4.3. tried uninstall and reinstalling but still not working ..pls advise

      @smokesignalbeer RT @teenGabca: #thegroupkru My whatsapp is not working :DD Iam not able to text..because is freezing ..you guys are crazy

      @ItsRosseanTurla Not an issue if Whatsapp discontinue working on BlackBerry10 Smartphone because I'm very loyal to BBM.

      @uzookoli RT @martinkem: Hi @WhatsApp would the apps for BlackBerry stop working or will you just not be updating it moving forward?

      @amanporwal75 @WhatsApp what have you did it with the new version of WhatsApp ? it is not working in my Microsoft Lumia 535 Please update it correctly

      @HlubiSA @TumiMokhothu What? Your WhatsApp not working?

      @thanxmatsungo @econetzimbabwe my whatsapp bundles are not working so to say

      @Jayisatwitty @iwa_xD I thought you where mad at me aswell. but now i'm not sure because my whatsapp contacts are not working

      @MinFlirtMarc Why is my whatsapp not working this is annoying

      @Yols111 @PapiZwane whatsapp not working???

      @barnutsland My whatsapp.....is not working......

      @Meezalpa my whatsapp is not working can someone help

      @TrevWells @wa_status can't get whatsapp to work in Gambia. Uninstalled then reinstall. Rebooted phone. Still not working.

      @mia_hamdan Yep. Whatsapp is not working on my phone atm

      @ImmaBeastWitIt I saw that someone asid that the new Whatsapp wasn't working right on iPhone? I'm not experiencing any issues here.

      @ElfasNcube1 @econet_support Yesterday I subcribed for $1 weekly whatsapp bundle but now it's not working & the bundle is not shown in the balance?

      @william_jmz_m @WhatsApp what the hell with the app for @BlackBerry not working anymore in the future? will you pay for my new phone as you dumbly suggest?

      @Ntaka_HT He kokwan @RipfumeloRio do me a favour min vutisela Akani if he still want the ministry to go on or be part of it my whatsapp is not working

      @KevyBhoy79 #Whatsapp not going to be working on #Blackberry at end of the year. Why's that @BlackBerry ???

      @zmrh_ My whatsapp is not working and he text me up

      @dineonono @Tebs_ndlovu your whatsapp also not working?

      @TheBelovedSean @econet_support why is my whatsapp bundle not working, I subscribed on Friday and it just stopped working yesterday

      @Quiet_Giant Whatsapp not working if you're trying to holla

      @TheBelovedSean @econet_support yes I recently updated my whatsapp application. is that the problem why my bundle are not working? what am I supposed to do

      @Tswayz @econet_support my whatsapp is not working ever since l updated it. My bundles are still active. Help

      @gee_forr @gbelrose @bflyblue And Netflix+Unotelly does not work via the Apple TV app :( Looks like proxy detection is client-side.

      @Bety21761025 @Unblock_Us the service it's not working anymore, what should I do?
      Can't watch Netflix, message says I have to remove unblockers or VPN

      @brryton @econetzimbabwe hello, i purchased whatsapp bundles yesterday via ecocash but my whats app not working. What could have happened??

      @isithealien btw my whatsapp is not working rn if anyone texted me but probably not so it's cool

      @surve88 My Whatsapp not working properly now it's Whatsdown.

      @ohsnapitzsab anybody else's whatsapp notifs not working?

      @sympmarc Working on getting VPN access to work again is not the kind of hours I want to be billing to my client.

      @suzanamarieXD @ThobePatrol is your whatsapp not working babes ? I miss you :(

      @wittnsass My network fucked out all of last night only started working now, not whatsapp and facebook worked

      @Banterdeshii RT @Pooon_Jabi: Is my WhatsApp not working or Am I really getting aired by everyone today

      @SamuelTeddy i'm glad that juniors are working their asses off for this coming annual dinner. but being a part of their whatsapp group is not.

      @faggxt my version of whatsapp just expired and i can't update my apps bc my apple id is not working so guess who doesn't have whatsapp now -.-

      @trengriffin @JoshZumbrun Nope. The paper completely misses that free services are a substitute for sales and marketing. Advertising spending not a proxy

      @Didaman01 @MTNzaService my whatsapp is not working,yet every social network is working. i'm connecting via Wifi. Is there anything you can do to help?

      @GotsToLoveHer @Shaz_Ratshibai I can't go into Whatsapp.
      No, I'm not working hey. But we'll chat properly tomorrow. Nyt beps

      @KayTheRapper My whatsapp is not working right, if I'm not responding Inbox me instead.

      @EliseActually @ShaunaB44 @WhatsApp Not working...GIF won't move...it only works in Twitter and FB messenger.

      @heleybeast My whatsapp is not working, so if any of you need me, please imessage, text me or call. Thank you

      @imQiJia Rebooted my phone, uninstall and installed whatsapp but it's still bloody not working! Urgh #whatsappnotworking #shouldneverupdateit

      @fatimahaleem1 Whatsapp is not working
      What is whatsapp check status?!???
      Plz tell and do something

      @niksmyshka wifi on my phone is not working when i'm in my room so if i ignore you on whatsapp know that i'm not doing it on purpose

      @Jorge_makondo1 Dear 10 02 students, what happens? Why are you not working in the WhatsApp exercise?

      @zelofudge is my phone being serious =_=
      just cuz i had it plugged into my pc...nothing is working...not my emails not whatsapp not twitter NOTHING

      @tundedon @0809ja_support @pheranme9 the problem is not from whatsapp but the Social pak plan itself. Even my own WhatsApp isn't working.

      @amitgotecha whatsapp not working....msg or call in case of urgency..

      @Tyla_F Nope, whatsapp not working, going to dancing now until 7 or so then gym. Will phone you later and tell you how it went @cfegan83

      @Eliot_Moleba Whatsapp was not working all day, so if you've tried to get in touch without any success, try again. I think it may be working now.

      @AlyElKott @amiraelsayed_ your whatsapp isn't working so I thought why the hell not

      @Ndebele_Girl Thought my whatsapp is not working kanti Data dololo

      @_cjc7 @Qieology @xoxo_syira u can try using vpn to change ur country to access the v-live.

      @on_off_course @daveoli @Thai_Talk @naphat Yeah - it's really problematic that most analyses seem to use no college degree as a proxy for working class

      @AashishGadve My WhatsApp is not working don't know what is happening with the new phone

      @LittleMatured My whatsapp is not working like my heart maybe.

      @JTonkie My whatsapp is not working because of status

      @DavesUpdates1 @HillelKAPS nope. Wish I could. But my fone not working for whatsapp now. U can always dm me here if ya want to get thru to me tho

      @ariepsanif RT @Konryuu: "I tried to call or send you a message on whatsapp, no reply"
      "yeah, my cellphone is not working well"
      "I had to report you"

      @del_dear @AskMTNGhana I know that. It works only on twitter, facebook and WhatsApp. But it's not working on mine.

      @MaiQuinton RT @Slimsem1: Asi ana @econet_support kutadza kupa vanhu images on #FreeTwitter or extension when their bundle is not working but kuda kuba…

      @mkcs_ Why are my text messages & whatsapp not going through but my twitter is working ??????????

      @Eleejah3 Yo Hit Me up @icloud_Global WhatsApp Not Working

      @speedweasel @expectproblems I just spun up a squid proxy in AWS California for the purposes of totally not working around our data retention laws.

      @lauramsim @laurenjack7 I can't whatsapp you as its not working on my phone but safe journey

      @TambalaCarron @econetzimbabwe my whatsapp has not been working for 3days unless i am on wifi, i hv airtime in my phone. What cld be the problem?

      @troyr2000 Whatsapp not working and train cancelled

      @Yasjakkari @MARJBARS I'm down

      @Royelma @econet_support i can nolonger access internet connection on my number 0776 242 370 ?fix the problem please,whatsapp bundles not working

      @ShammiChung Whatsapp not working when I need it most. Dafuq

      @Mazen_braik @idevmobile hi regarding whatsapp blacklist tweak, it's not working with the last version of whatsapp. R U going to update the tweak soon?☺️

      @DAMIKNOWSBEST my whatsapp hasn't been working for the past few days
      i'm not airing you
      it's just circumstances

      @NewkieYT Trying to actually talk to some internet friends but whatsapp not working

      @AnastasiaPoole2 @habibaKH hi why is ur whatsapp not working did u block me

      @soniamotaung Nice avi and for lack of a better word will say "slaying""@Spar_Letta: My whatsapp is not working

      @SharonMichaelso Very best vpn hang in considering thine battle group wants: Zlfbys

      @b03z00z @iPAWiND

      Last version for duplicating for Whatsapp in ipawind is 2.12.15 , this one not working properly , when you will put the new one ?

      @m_albania .@Clemencerobin not working. Only whatsapp calls

      @warriors_mom RT @SpiegelPeter: Note to anyone trying to reach me: SMS & WhatsApp not really working via mobile nets in #Brussels #EU quarter. Use email.…


      @jonatan_suarez @SocialDuplicatr @GeekCorner_uk not working on non-jailbreak... could not installed at this time. on Whatsapp thanks

      @d0t5 WhatsApp is the cause of so many arguments it's not even funny. #LastSeen

      @SahilC0 @FranzSupport not working for me for some reason :( no accounts - hangouts, slack, WhatsApp, fb

      @geniusboywonder @Unlocator Netflix not working through your service. Netflix recognizes a proxy in use. No support/FAQ On your site. Now what?

      @khanmoeed Has PTA blocked whatsapp or wth, its not working on my broadband out of nowhere

      @thenamealy @PTCLOfficial hi. Whatsapp is not working on ptcl in my area. Pls check.

      @OlaOlanrewaju01 @0809ja_support good evening, i suscribe for social me bt my whatsapp is not working.... 08095732710

      @Priyank_devil If you don't receive any whatsapp msg for 2hrs, it feels either your network is not working or all ppl r dead.

      @yrkingaden whatsapp why u not working omfg

      @bukit13 I really despise the inefficiency of discussing work matters over WhatsApp/Skype/phone call.

      This is not the working style I look for.

      @SammyPerltaa Why whatsapp is not working on ptcl bb? ptclbb

      @britincs somebody whatsapp call maya and tell her to check my fuckin snapchat cause my whatsapp not working and she na reply

      @TheExIntrovert @KhalidOshoke_KO Sorry my whatsapp is not working, it has expired

      @Sarkies_Proxy @TimSweeneyEpic @mattround @oculus @Tojiro so is @google on @Android ?

      @arturosjrtx RT @AKM007IN: I am using iOS 9.3 on iPhone 6+. Links for browser are not working in all applications which include gmail, my corporate mail…

      @AndreaGertrude Forethought as proxy for stratagemical straight a customized website pertaining to thy not oppose: kvIXfwER

      @rhussein_ RT @abrahamabr2: Apps like #Twitter, #Facebook ,#Viber & #WhatsApp are all not working in #AddisAbaba for the 2nd night. what the heck happ…

      @1314loveyou @guardianproject still don't know how to config the outbound proxy and reachable address , also root access with tor every may not work >_<

      @Ikuzo28 @niconicoen It's only an issue for foreign IP's isnt it? Seems I can enter nico nico fine while using a JP proxy (Like with Hola extension)

      @BitsoupSystem @playme51 Not much to go on. If you have a UK ISP, use a proxy to access the site where you can learn much more and a new domain

      @mollyllx why is my whatsapp not working I'm getting so stressed out

      @lrishbutt @debnamspayne is your WhatsApp not working?

      @Nishtha_xo Hate how my whatsapp's not working so bloody frustrating

      @786Asshu RT @Aawara86: Mark bought WhatsApp and its not working now
      अच्छा हूआ मैने नही लिया

      @pawanrd11 Dear Sir,
      Whatsdog for whatsapp is not working by last two days, app is working but notification not getting.

      @iykaaaaay @MTN180 yelo I jus subd for the whatsapp bundle and it is not working

      @krishnaTNM @ReutersTech @Reuters WhatsApp has been working on this for 1.5 years, probably not related to the iPhone case.

      @brunettebeth24 Sorry guys whatsapp not working, storage is full, will sort it tomorrow. Hope my baby girl is feeling better @TheTacoBae_

      @BhayanakPuppy It's good my whatsapp is not working. I no longer need a reason to not talk to people I don't want to talk to.

      @necdkeep @bmthxvalanche is ur whatsapp not working

      @MissHimanshiC @sureshnmenon @HoeZaay whatsapp/sms/facebook inbox/ DM'S NOT WORKING OR WHAT??

      @princedebo01 @MTN180 yellow pls i did i whatsapp sub on the third of this month nd it is not working

      @GamingJjs @bwsid3300 Not a virus :) If you go on chrome click the 3 lines go to more tools then click extentions and find the ZenMate free vpn

      @OhAlAmin Man phone is fucking up, WhatsApp not working and u don't use FB so I couldn't message u @Bravoida

      @hariz_salleh Whatsapp is not working well for me tonight

      @gabbirelly @1chunnu @shauntersmith whatsapp not working ? Boolio

      @Fadi610 @iPAWiND the inly reason i start using this app is to duplicate whatsapp and its not working, how can i duplicate it ??

      @OMGitsSEDDIE @xxxlaurent what country do you live in??? it's not on netflix in the US & i need to know what country to use on a proxy site

      @enidkatten Not convinced my whatsapp is working today.

      @IamSyafiqahZack 3 weeks before AS exam, my whatsapp starts working again aaaaaay not sure if this is a good sign but aaaaaaay

      @transponsters @scottzed79 @mertcloud @Su_p_py @DouglasPynn @Unblock_Us Working on my PS3 last night. Got proxy error, but hit ok & content still played.

      @1O2__ @ev17a bb y your whatsapp not working ah hahahaha

      @LKay_ZA @beatmochini wats your email my whatsapp is not working

      @dhaakirah_ely Is everyone's whatsapp not working or just mine???? Omg

      @Daaammselllllll @etisalat_9ja whats happening to Etisalat? My WhatsApp is not working again

      @Becpoole22 @radupara2002 @valeriapalumbo @WhatsApp same here for me in UK not working, I've updated it and deleted it still nothing!

      @moonmelt @Nayli_Syafiqahh what gym??? Haha eh your whatsapp not working?

      @JeremiahArchary @x_caramella hey why is your whatsapp not working?

      @yingsze28 RT @bethmckerrell12: Why's my whatsapp not working

      @26_serendipity @OTRAInKuwait yesss it's been a long time. My WhatsApp is not working urgh lol

      @vikrantchugh85 @mymagicpin Team does your new whatsapp number 7042691108 working? I am not able to send selife and bill on this number. I have emailed.

      @innomashonisa My Whatsapp is not working, I don't know why

      @is_larry_bitch @voguelarrie why is your whatsapp not working?? I sent you a message like two days ago :((

      @camdowless selling unlimited access to a working vpn
      1 small payment of $2

      @aemmillia I am in trouble. My Whatsapp is not working well. Now, what sorcery is this?

      @AnushaDhoni7 Messages flooding from whatsapp and notifications from twitter no wonder why my phone's not working

      @JR4_07 Thought I was the only one. RT @EvanderYBFS_7: My whatsapp the only one not working ?

      @SchleeperCell Remember to always postgresqlmodel the android, agile router. #cache #web #proxy #model RT @IBMcloudant [Tutorial] Get set up and build...

      @olkshhxi @o_oamal my whatsapp not working bc my memory's full ☹

      @CatchingKolkata RT @aneesh76xp: @Sujan_Speak Ur Whatsapp is not working? Or u are ignoring the public? #sangesuman #gkss #bengalpolls #cpim #bengal

      @ItsMrsDubya @redchiffon @Sn0wDud3 hey morning. My whatsapp isn't working. So if you're trying to reach me you know why I'm not replying.

      @Tantrums_Of_Cam @silverapess Answer your whatsapp.
      Usb not working anymore, specifically on my phone
      It's been hours.

      @nabilarosman95 RT @maskbiru: Whatsapp not working

      @najihahshrf Is whatsapp not working right now or what

      @My_Dream2016 @iPAWiND ​
      All Whatsapp do not working!!!
      What's doing now?!

      @sjahlengwa Guys please whatsapp me my messenger not working


      @husam_abdullah @iPAWiND whatsapp + plus not working ... please I need it

      @mHnD_KZK @AppleSupport
      went to the shop I bought my iphone6 plus from and they said it has a problem
      4g not working+ whatsapp notifications.

      @_rockstargamers @miracleofsound New version of Opera apparently has free VPN built in. If you can get it working!

      @youngsean81 @E_White10 Is your whatsapp not working mate?

      @Anilgrao3 RT @RJPRADEEPA:

      @chooxrosy @MIAONINGGGG whatsapp not working can tele me but all's well if it's about stmgt

      @i_kassim @iPAWiND Hi i have a problem with whatsapp its not working when installe it by ipawind only on App Store !
      My code 49348 .

      @VWolpendz @NANAINDIGO as for HBO, it is free depending on your network provider so even scamming them via vpn is not working this time. :(

      @ArrunDevaraj @Airtel_Presence airtel 3g not working in dwarka.. Only WhatsApp working that too msgs.... Ask them to correct. @airtelindia

      @mohurieb @coolkam30 @iPAWiND I wish you guys fix the WhatsApp normal version in You Application is not working same message appears to us

      @Jessnnecee @etisalat_9ja, why is you social media smartpak not working with my whatsapp? And my past three renewals ended before the week was over.

      @priyumyums Phone network not working whatsapp only.

      @mawaligeo @iPAWiND the whatsApp which I download it from i pawind is not working!!!

      @AlbertReMax My Cellphone not working. I'm available on FB & WhatsApp. Sorry for inconvenience.

      @BiocodedApp Current status in #Brazil : #WhatsApp not working... #Telegram SMS service down... Use #Biocoded we have SMS and e-mail confirmation ;-)

      @KarasunoLester If I don't reply to dms it's bc my notifications aren't working, I'm not ignoring anyone. Send me a dm if you want my whatsapp number or sth

      @J2LUNo @CNN they will eventually own US but not without a proxy war against our terrorist frenemies.

      @SoleGodly RT @TheProxyPlug: The Proxy Plug will begin selling proxies very soon, as we our working on upgrading the proxies as wells as a website pag…

      @tampik9 @manish197111 All right. Why your whatsapp contact not working?

      @zoelittlemiss My @WhatsApp is not working on 4G!!

      @myrapilot RT @AzmilMalek: Mom and Dad as arguing because the whatsapp bold and italic thing not working in Android.

      Whatsapp, destroying families si…

      @realgeo2 Please Mr Trump not Mr John Kasich as VPN you can do better but he is not best for US . I stress you will have the very best around for US.

      @HarryIsAgile @KingLouisSlays at home

      @MuchLoxer @sara_abdelrahim is your whatsapp not working? :/

      @gendzantoz @AIRTEL_KE why is the unliminet not working in Facebook and WhatsApp?

      @coolkam30 RT @SafarAramex: @iPAWiND whatsapp is not working with me it says it needs update, but the app has no updates. What's the solution for this?

      @tasha__koh @DeilanRaj99 but Tasa texted you ok whatsapp and your whatsapp must not be working

      @SheRa_Simpson I'm mean't to be working but have instead discovered joy that is tribute band names in the UK. My Faves:

      Proxy Music
      Not the Hoople

      @po1155 @iF0u4d whatsapp need update 2.12.13 not working now

      @ashabanx @JRSenior_MA if it's on whatsapp: my phone is dead and my charger not working :(

      @GabbiFFOE Yh my whatsapp not working, imma go with tht

      @chinedu70204650 @LattieMillie why is your whatsapp is not working

      @qlbalain @iPAWiND Hello .. All links are not working whatsapp

      @Nishant_Media Whatsapp not working. Need to change the cell now! — feeling irritated

      @ajpallaresdev .@Whatsapp Please, fix the Cmd+W not working in OS X. It does Nothing

      @SHANDBEAST no snapchat no whatsapp no call. I want to study for finals fellas.

      Jk my phone is not working.

      @LexiGagan Why is my whatsapp not working

      @AveryJLHerbert @chanellebereaux your Whatsapp still not working?

      @kim3er Putting the VPN functionality on Private Windows, makes infinitely more sense. Well done, @opera! #zerotohero

      @ikuamike @AIRTEL_KE my whatsapp is not working no messages are going through

      @LaloLloyd @Perionz I use viber instead of whatsapp, but i'm not currently working on anything...was hoping to get 16 on one of your joints.

      @deepeshdkurup Got whatsapp video call option but still not in working stage ...#WhatsAppvideocall

      @itzmeghen @jancolite101 @facebook i hope they will fix it soon.fb lang gamit ko para makapag chat sa friends and relatives ko dyan.try Vpn master app

      @atulkkothari @WhatsApp Why #WhatsappWeb not working when mobile is offline? Then what is the benefit of #WhatsappWeb

      @aishahbolkiah @NadiaYasliza whatsapp is not working

      @ApertureHeart @eiffeltyler use a proxy to hide your IP address babe!!!

      @atulgupta2060 @harshadsharma23 he is not working better , tell me how ? in whatsapp post photoshop n fake data? lol

      @Andrew_Cram @GabeAul is it a known issue on build 14432 for audible notifications not working for SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook etc?

      @Nikhilkhani48 @LumiaHelp like whatsapp facebook and nokia store are not working

      @elsowen12 @garethhussey @WhatsApp it's not working been tryna speak to my mum

      @Naomiriya @iF0u4d i have updated my whatsapp by mistakenly now my duplicate whatsapp not working..
      Please tell me what to do

      @rishiyadav @WhatsApp Mac OsX app is still not working. Not sure if it's something to do with my mac

      @nicestuffhere @opera @Slaytanico Opera vpn not working. Same site on regular opera works fine.

      @roy1souvik A quick notification to all that my #Whatsapp is not working after update of ver 2.16.64 so plz don't message me on whatsapp! Thanks

      @HananEisele For people who have my Kik it is still not working so if you want to contact me I have WhatsApp. Sorry if I haven't responded!! #kikisbroken

      @QueridaNu RT @IguEhi: Hi, @WhatsApp, I just updated my what's app on my Nokia Lumia 900 and it's not working. Please, what do I do?

      @Anvilrage1 Jho @tommo_way ... I ran through 3 different sim cards, two of which had strong networks but still #whatsapp not working

      @Swearwords_ @islandante serious maybe my Whatsapp not working

      @dmkalmati @Ufone I have activated monthly social package, Facebook and WhatsApp are active but twitter is not working

      @avamomoh Y'all be removing ur last seen on Whatsapp cz u owe a bruva money. Just say "don't have it, working on it" why avoid? I no ure not dead.

      @shibu222 @AmyMogashoa your whatsapp still not working?

      @FishXIkan RT @gsforever22: Whatsapp not working is bothering me more than it should

      @appsolutefit @citygirlnomore many of the cafes offer VPN internet access if you ask them. This bypasses the censorship

      @IntanSawal So please get me through telegram as my whatsapp's still not working tho.

      @nafsiyaati @Ufone social package is not working, I had to take loan to use Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp.

      @SusanSt91951458 Voltaic installations brisbane other inflammatory overhaul brisbane have it taped the very best coup as proxy ...

      @Ohmrastronaut @WhuzYrDaddy dk why your whatsapp not working but flower girl all is settled

      @shititsees "I am connected to vpn. VPN is down for me now. It was working sometime back but now I am not to access the qa servers." #shititsees

      @strawberryymoon so whatsapp is not working rn so I'm not getting any messages and obvi I can't send them

      @FansDeAMateo RT @ManLikeAsh_: *Searches "whatsapp not working" on twitter to make sure im not the only that cant use it*

      @CrownedLeader RT @annneeeex3: Is it only me? My whatsapp is not working zz >> messages are hit and miss right now

      @TheOther_eS @SkheDlembe dm me. WhatsApp not working

      @colinvanhoek @SouthwestAir Hi, any updates on this issue? It has been 2 weeks now and I still can't visit your site from the Netherlands. Would vpn work?

      @TuminiHally @skarabrand hello kindly follow back I need to dm you. Tried your whatsapp. That's not working

      @BeaglePerth firefox v44.x win32 @WhatsApp webpage is not loading now but chrome still working getting "Offline cache update error," in log - Just me?

      @Trybs not even my whatsapp is working....

      @fizul24 RT @mamatsepah: whatsapp not working on iphone 6 plus
      whats happening??

      @umair_107 @wa_status whatsapp updated but not working in iPhone 5. Please provide the solution

      @chirathk WhatsApp is not working on iOS. It's going to be a productive day.

      @OsamaRahhal9 @moussa_a_b lebanese number is not working, will fix it soon. Kenet 3am de2ele whatsapp ?

      @ayshacalum this is just not a convenient time for my whatsapp to not be working ugh

      @dhaniahamid @ainaanazari ainaa dm boleh? My whatsapp's not working

      @Erickfede @WhatsApp Last up date is not working with Apple 4, just after i charge it

      @iamkwao_lezzes My Facebook , IG & Whatsapp is not working on my data bundle. Please @airtelghana explain. Jesus! All my credit is gone

      @_Ashlee_Ann_ Would make sense that my whatsapp not working rn

      @miandiario Welp my whatsapp is not working right now and that's great.

      @Sansajran I think I have to replace my phone. Facebook, LinkedIn and now Whatsapp also are not properly working.

      @johnmknox @PrisonPlanet This is why I remove FB from my phone a long time ago. The app not working with VPN over 4G also suspicious. MZ is CIA.

      @godwin_ogabo @airtel_care.yo airtel why is the whatsapp 30mb not working am dailing *948# and it saying USSD string not recognised? what is gng on?

      @GaneshDevarshet @donasarkar WhatsApp is not opening in build 14356 and many more apps.wifi is also not working properly

      @DanielOlivePol @hullccinfo I've got one of your residents who will be away n the 23rd. Can she scan and email a postal application? A proxy app?

      @peters1957 @WhatsApp can you please explain what is meant by 'not longer supporting BB10'? E.g. Not working anymore, no new versions

      @Adetoluwa1 @BlackBerryHelp don't no how to update my bb operating system my whatsapp is not working

      @Monikay26442709 My whatsapp not working...although I reinstall it but its not working

      @MtakaMavundla My whatsapp must continue acting up actually. I'm fine with it not working for a while.

      @core @hotspotshield Sorry, but I need a system-wide VPN. I would endure ads without issues, if you would not block content entirely. #ux

      @dyscosm @azkhawaja1 @Usamaakhwaja was not working for me either but then i used an Indian IP via vpn

      @adrianasafiaa soz whatsapp not working, so no replies

      @ocelotlmixtli RT @botconference: "Just work hard. UX is no longer the old way of working. It's not about native. Conversational commerce is a Whatsapp ki…

      @heavydirtywork to everyone who thinks I'm ignoring them on whatsapp: I'm NOT. the wifi on my phone hasn't been working properly for days and idk what to do

      @bapthusiast @byshahdx i'm great ty

      @LemanLayla Eleven triumph over android tablets as proxy for beneath$duplicated centumvir: ahX

      @_kaajaal @AishwaryaVannan whatsapp not working darliing

      @arun_3971 WhatsApp is behaving like my Ex !
      Often not working ! I need to refresh !
      Or Try again !

      @frenchiehenry @marrsbar70 pits me in the best mood ever!!!!! Is your whatsapp not working?

      @AmiGauden @GooglePlay it's literally not working for me. Because of this, I can't update any apps which has resulted in my Whatsapp cutting off

      @Fayyy_7 my phones actually fucked!! not ignoring you if you whatsapp me, it's not working!!

      @jackzimmerman #Innovation IMPACT After 18/months, Swisscom’s VPN WiFi security app has not achieved mainstream adoption; trickle of downloads shows WiFi…

      @moatherboard RT @Magicoutinho: removed all the members from a Whatsapp group chat now I'll send a message there just to check whether my wi-fi is workin…

      @pelawsnowflake this using my own pictures as memes is working well on whatsapp but Twitter is different ball game , I'm not ready

      @BeingSam24 @_MySalmanKhan btw your WhatsApp is not working

      @MyopicMorose @AnupamGupt your WhatsApp is not working. You can get your swimwear if you want.

      @tiagreenxox @Elliemarie94 Edubz why ya whatsapp not working man

      @chelseatom_ Phone isn't working so not able to get on snapchat or whatsapp

      @kumar0032 @freedanv08 its not working this site is premium site I have not afford this site can give me your WhatsApp wechat any other video call id

      @wallflowerishh @pandicornish sorry if i'm not replying on whatsapp. my phone isn't working. i reached home safe a while ago

      @teesipes @Mo_Edwards123 we have that whatsapp thing that you're supposed to be able to use to text and call and it's not working

      @PreetiPhull @virginmedia hello. I'm still experiencing problems with my mobile data. When I'm out it's working for whatsapp but not for other apps. Why?

      @ZoeLDN My whatsapp isn't working, im not airing

      @ArthurNyamadza1 @econet_support hi,another problem is my phone is not working with whatsapp bundles what could it be

      @puspend31465448 Dear all Friends kindly update my current WhatsApp no-9888312288.,and previous WhatsApp no is not working.

      @general_nfs 1 hour after I opened Fiddler, some IP from China connected to my 8888 port and started to use my Fiddler as a proxy to browse the Internet.

      @StephCeline93 Why is my phone not working properly?? And why did WhatsApp just delete absolutely everything??

      @DjShivaManuja @Moto_IND When I am trying to share my location to friends My phone replies... "Whatsapp is not Working " ..

      @RanaUsama Cellular connection not working. You can contact me on twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook.

      @that_8_girl It felt like people at work were judging me for using my phone too much and not working.

      So now I use whatsapp web.

      @christivnmombo Don't understand how iMessage is working but not whatsapp

      @flippbreezy I guess now is the time of day our network ops people block the VPN on my phone for the rest of the day.

      @DjSparta_ Maybe it's just my whatsapp that's not working

      @jujuiced RT @botconference: "That's old thinking. This generation is no longer the old way of working. It's not about viral. Ambient intelligence is…

      @hannahlnew @CrumbCrombie yes, whatsapp me later when you're not working. We can meet up

      @SM_Lit Kinda irritated that the notifications are not working well besides Whatsapp. Sigh oppo pls do smth :( dont make me regret getting it leh

      @Nkonzo45992458 @QueenEzzi lmao yewena.. Am not working. Please behave this is not whatsapp

      @CammyboDaddy @KristalTeenSexy your whatsapp number is not working

      @SwitchCSI @Tilion_IDK Whatsapp not working?

      @Brooke_lawton My #WhatsApp is not working

      @meganowensx me, stalking people from real life: different browser, using a proxy, not signed in to social media, only using the very tips of my fingers

      @faaateng @fazlynzuhdi palin, contact i thru twitter eh. whatsapp not working

      @TheQuarterMiler RT @curlymess_1: So, whatsapp not working or nobody tall messaging me ?

      @chooxrosy @MIAONINGGGG can see what i say in the whatsapp group? whether we meeting at 10 tmrw nb my house wifi not working

      @bomsgirI my wifi is working but its not working on whatsapp what is this bullshit

      @SugumaranGi @WhatsApp Broadcast not working properly y

      @KellyChan86 @Jademarisa yeah not my fault people couldn't be bothered to vote. They had time - could do it by proxy or by postal .. and proletariat won

      @ramanisandeep #idea starting 4G service where my idea 2G service is pathetic and don't work WhatsApp since morning. Internet not working properly. #Shame

      @IsheAfrica @IAMPALESA vxzbklihcsdgv girl byeeee. Is your WhatsApp not working in that side of the globe?

      @aswin_hw WhatsApp not working on blackberry anymore. Never liked it anyway. If I can be free completely from it, I'd be happy camper

      @lditsebe1 @kego_finger yeah ofcos been long tym not being engaging wif u... Is ur whatsapp still working?

      @sinamik @yadavtejashwi the whatsapp number is not working, as the message receiving confirmation is not there.

      @milkandpancake I was about to rant about my whatsapp not responding. But suddenly it started working again. Okay...

      @Eunice__L Whatsapp's not been working all day @CellC_Support

      @kackbarajat @regionalatworst it's on the American one!! but Netflix stopped people using vpn to access it, did u try a master post on tumblr?

      @MielSter_Sssh People should really stop this WhatsApp call thing. It's not working out

      @sncura @TheeNororo is your whatsapp not working?

      @WeirNixie RT @channelZim: WhatsApp not working.Guess what? It's not the only channel for spreading word. Citizens will continue #ShutDownZimbabwe2016…

      @GPCmrt @WhatsApp why the hell my Whatsapp is not working kindly verify as your URL is also down

      @tashinganashe1 @econet_support whatsapp network is not working properly in Torwood, Redcliff

      @sisoou_ WhatsApp not working anymore

      @RoganBrown2 @Bearsiee they tried but whatsapp and iMessage not working #shitwifi

      @irfaandavids1 To all current cell c users using the whatsapp bundle in cpt at the moment- this free fb is not working again.

      @tara_romae @xxmichys u whatsapp not working?

      @fmsupan @Sam_LongNo1 Poor you, you only use VPN to use twitter and other website which your fucking government blocks.

      @IamNaren10 RT @Immortalizeboy: Hate those people who have privacy on their whatsapp's last seen. Always confuses me whether my internet is working or…

      @Hyrrak_ @AIRTEL_KE still not working. Whatsapp ain't working. Hii network yenu apana.

      @epiouison RT @vpnunlimited: Not only ur online activities subjected to tracking. Ur day-to-day routines are also being surveyed too. Use #VPN Unlimit…

      @MyselfKomail @PootatoAndProud is your whatsapp not working?

      @toriftjauren If you are a dog owner yourself, bring them along and give them some exercise. If not, the app provides you with a proxy dog named Cassie.

      @dalia_mortada For those trying to reach me by phone, it's not working -- you hear me but I don't hear you. Try me on email, Skype or Whatsapp (or Twitter)

      @wessel_marlon WiFi not working (=WhatsApp only)

      @basiiie_nd why is your whatsapp not working ? @keagilem16

      @m3nk111a @LOWTI3RGOD @Twitch So, are u gonna retreat defeated? Watch that shit on a VPN, make a Best Of reaction video, upload it and kee up working!

      @Amlia__ @JackAndJack AND MY WHATSAPP IS NOT WORKING

      @x____phoenix is it just me or whatsapp is not working?

      @C_moodySA @MTNzaService I just loaded 50mb of data and it's not working, no whatsapp no nothing just this free twitter!! What's going on kanti!!??

      @OkanlawonVan @MTN180 pls av exhausted my WhatsApp mb....i tried to deactivate in order to sub for another...but its not working. Kindly reply

      @briar_tarras RT @mr_kelsey_: #WhatsApp not working over WiFi but fine over my mobile data. Is this a known problem or just me

      @shaleekahall My whatsApp not working. So if u texting me and i dont ans u knw y

      @soniamotaung "please dm me your digits,the number you have is not working @WaraRSA: @soniamotaung tryna call you.. Please check Whatsapp."

      @dolowo The way people read my message on whatsapp this days and not reply makes me think my whatsapp app is not working well

      @Itz_OmaaaR So whatsapp will not be working on blackberry Owk

      @FernandaRdzR My whatsapp is still not working

      @issaac_zala @Faymizmedia your whatsapp is not working or number changed ?

      @ElleAlgar With the new whatsapp update, is it just me or is anyone else's notifications not working?

      @Fluffkin Allegedly some hackers may keep a store of badly configured VPN's to use when privacy is most important. Not a client no trace.

      @chetwisniewski @GossiTheDog NGFW that is acting as a mail proxy should block malicious email over TLS just fine. If not proxying mail, why filter at all?

      @Memphis_GH @homeallon your whatsapp is not working?or you are in the Amazon?

      @__Tumelo So Ulink is not working Twitter and Whatsapp are working with Student Access. UJ what's happening???

      @StylesMabuza @supastardejay dawg did u play, my whatsapp is not working anymore?

      @JazyQuinn none of these proxies are fckn working. who knows a proxy that is free and that actually fucking streams videos

      @wajih93 facebook not working. text on whatsapp

      @CassBaba @HMemuna "my WhatsApp is not working, every other thing is working", things whose solution you can't read off your terminal.

      @Mumsy_ @Portiia_S we should. Your whatsapp still not working?

      @flynnbw I mean, not that I know what Gen Allen's ideology is... using him as a proxy for "serious nat'l security thinkers"

      @Fortress0404 @durov are you sure China allows whatsapp? cause I know someone who said it's not working in China... just like Facebook is blocked

      @BENBANGYOU @PutriiyLisa haha ok! Your whatsapp not working? Haha

      @SzLegend @_MCSpam i am connected to your normal login site and not using any vpn or proxy

      @kunalvkamdar123 RT @FouadRaheb: WhatsApp changed the way they sync contacts remotely, that’s why ‘Contacts Privacy’ feature is not working. I’ll be working…

      @AlmondLu Woi pls try to whatsapp me @damnmasekai my wa is not really working lol

      @AKAW_97 @Habibkkk loool init, your whatsapp not working? We goin gym at 2 u coming

      @kritikgarg @JioCare I m in Jaipur, using Jio, net is working properly bt, WhatsApp is not working.

      @jmaibaum Does anyone know a maintained, working, easy2use #Proxy/#VPN #extension for #Firefox? Trying to read 1907 (!) journals which are US-only...

      @DoxX999 @unlimapps whatsapp++ notifications not working for me, any reason why?

      @mellyhenricks RT @Cheesy_Animator: @SuchAMisfit oiy why your whatsapp is not working?

      @Hakkelo RT @OPride: Viber, Whatsapp, FB messenger and SMS not working in #Ethiopia. Imagine the media coverage if this happened outside of Africa,…

      @ThatFejiro @oredolakay miss you too baby. Your BBM and whatsapp not working. Did you lose your phone?

      @MichaelWeadock @JohnCushing_ Whatsapp not working. Where do you want to meet? Getting taxi now.

      @pstockton @drbarnard not tried the Apple TV app bit a UK VPN and the BBC site would work

      @Williewillpolo @_vantiii nahhhh I'm not working today.. Whatsapp

      @vchtrasogan8 Is it my whatsapp, or is everyone's whatsapp not working

      @ezenwa_george Day 4 of my whatsapp not working Jesus

      @Semira_AM @_bisre In Jimma and 2G/3G mobile access still not working. am using the hotel wifi with VPN.

      @edwardkitonga2 @WhatsApp my whatsapp is not working what is wrong? plz

      @Chukwudozie_ If you're trying to reach me on whatsapp. It's not working

      @bitboxer Looks like my phone is not working anymore. So no Whatsapp, Threema or other phone based messengers. If you want to reach me: twitter DM :)

      @devzzzx @punksomething am trying tondisable voip on duplicated whatsapp, its not working !! Only working on orginal whatsapp !

      @jaynaik011 @WhatsApp is not working in @oppo f1s.

      @amanzekachi RT @lildupsy: Why is my WhatsApp not working?

      @NaughtyThotty @NaughtyThotty ok it's working now. Had to download a vpn app

      @introwhatamitou kate why is your whatsapp not working why aren't you getting my messages

      @wendyshabangu Friends and family my tablet screen is not working, please do not whatsapp me because i cant see anything. until further notice

      @jyoti_Sharma58 RT @lostboy54: @koulashwini2 please urgently call me on whatsapp . Phoen not working.

      @wendy_sotobe @CellC my whatsapp bundle is not working, I did switch my phone on&off but still not working! I purchased it on the 5th of Aug,never worked

      @elenilote @Elleblr oh? Ummm - I *have* whatsapp on my phone but not sure it's working? Sent you a msg, check you got it?

      @omerhagatbra @WhatsApp
      My what up is not working.

      @CopperheadOS @GossiTheDog @daveaitel Since they're not providing access to a private network like the traditional niche for a VPN. Different use cases.

      @distractabee @voellig @weird_jerk are you not allowed to access it at all? I used to use an vpn. I have a prime login if you want

      @jailbreak_2 #whatsapp is not working from Today Morning .!!

      @akshitadhaka @WhatsApp said it too early!! It's not working again :/

      @AjayThacker @LumiaHelp @WhatsApp WhatsApp is not working im background. Messages only arrive when I open WhatsApp app.

      @Insueng My phone stopped working so incase you msg me on whatsapp (which no one prob did) I'm not ignoring you

      @misbahchowdhury @mkhalid05 bro my whatsapp is not working and my credit is over wallah i texted you to come to the satwa 3000 thing I'm so sorry

      @Sauce_ki_botal RT @indiantweeter: Meneka gandhi's WhatsApp is not working fine because female journalists have to complain about trolls on her Twitter TL

      @bandhul3 RT @bandhul3: @JioCare whatsapp is blocked on jio network it is not working

      @henryofny #BetternetSeason Using+loving the Betternet VPN for security on spotty hotel Wifi, and it's totally working. Not slowing my phone at all.

      @Spainicloud @prouniforms72 my dm not working is locked bro com in whatsapp pls

      @IamAntares @psychamy whatsapp it... Link not working :)

      @puteribandge @NadzreenHaziq whatsapp not working. Whyyyyy?

      @nipped @prodromal you are kidding me, vpn isn't working on the latest android?

      @MimiSuna Why is your WhatsApp not working? @LesegoMangaba

      @HillaryWasswa RT @cretia_a: @Airtel_Ug WhatsApp is not working AT ALL!!!! Yet I hav data.

      @frostyon420 @AztecaFutsal it will work but wont be full featured. hence why i said USE A VPN. if using kodi you can use a working proxy in the settings

      @Mubbiebobo @airtel_care kindly look into my bis plan, most social media like whatsapp is not working. reply for mi to inbox you my number

      @james_chinhamo @econet_support eehm i bought a daily whatsapp bundle yesterday but its not working

      @rumuty13 Is whatsapp not working in zim right now??

      @frankkravmaga hi all My mobile is not working so instead of Whatsapp please send any messages on SMS only or here in Facebook or call :) Thanks

      @deeeemaaa_ RT @OmarTamo19: Phone not working, no whatsapp but who cares? Good morning to my lovely twitter family, hope you sexy people will have a lo…

      @kagep98 @MaaxMajor ill get it. Whatsapp not working :-(

      @meezacute92 I work harder than everyone else. I answer calls / WhatsApp even after working hours even though I'm not a PO.

      @How_WatMH Nigga wannet to give away stocko yesterday thanks to my broke life my whatsapp was not working ... nkabe ke jele masepa

      @kerstingellert Whatsapp sucks! It^s not working since yesterday morning. No help, no support, just nothing.
      #Whatsapp #sucks #notworking #nosupport #nohelp

      @TomWinkler06 @WhatsApp why the hell is whatsapp not working on my phone? Lost all conversations now!

      @MaricelaGenova @WhatsApp I've tried to contact you in several times vía email. My whatsapp is not working properly and I couldn't solve it. Please help me!

      @J4V44N @AskTigogh my Tigo Tribe is not working. I didn't get the 100MB and Whatsapp or Facebook

      @hardcvre whatsapp's notification not working :)

      @Shaimaa_J And my phone is still not working its been a week now without whatsApp or recieving phone calls I feel disconnect from the world lool

      @pickyzim So windows 10 is having some proxy error and can't go to certain websites

      @cabaeyoregui @treguisjeprox alright alright haha btw if I don't reply on whatsapp anytime soon it's bc my phone is bricked, it's not working rn smh

      @cinnamonswg RT @LokwaniMayur: @AppleSupport Siri is not working with Whatsapp.. Siri is not placing calls with Whatsapp? Why? Please Solve this issue .…

      @ShajeeaKhan A.o.a dear friends. My whtsapp is not working due to some problem.

      @stanleyyyj Fml my whatsapp got 'deleted' now it ain't working and i may not get back my chats

      @abhilash_171 When seen from phone, you see only your number. Also, from web #WhatsApp, the feature is not working. (2/2)

      @ToleFezo my WhatsApp is not working stress sodwa esi kum......

      @amberholaes ProTip: if you want to bypass your schools wifi restrictions, or watch things "not available in your country" use a VPN.

      @Francnatik Last seen whatsapp not working for me. CANE NAK TAHU DIA ONLINE KE TAK NI

      @majaha_kuda Why is my WhatsApp not working

      @luckyankit **Me working from home.**
      Wife: Dinner ke lie kya banau?
      Me: Consider I am not here.
      **Whatsapp msg alert**
      Wife: Dinner ke lie kya banau?

      @jae_ynn @TOMkadelik smh your whatsapp is not working right? Okayyy

      @saintseulgi @dalshabot rip the girlie said no let's move on btw can we talk in dm my whatsapp is not working

      @kingsaul3 WhatsApp +viber+FB messenger +imo
      +talkray+++++=not working! — feeling sad


      @Cristian_Dav @ExtensifyApp Any idea when the whatsapp exos will be updated? they not working, thanks!

      @KayiseShabangu Is WhatsApp working or not? Phela I didn't get 1 message izolo or keyawa, No one checked on me izolo No one! :-(

      @Fatiinnnkan My whatsapp is not working (----: why today (-----:

      @queennightfury My whatsapp is not working!

      @onlyonestef Yo @AIRTEL_KE my whatsapp is not working and it is not a bundle neither my phone problem. Kindly help!

      @TheSarcasmist7 I use conversations of people who have blocked me on whatsapp to check whether my internet is working or not

      @xa329 RT @Chris_Gammell: That thing where you get pointed at a server you're not used to based upon your location so you spend an hour and a half…

      @Theshells1111 @anradila17 @CNNPolitics Obama Proxy war Egypt,Yemen,Syria,Libya,Ukraine and Iraq etc- You would need a bus to get to my game on this issue

      @ZappyDirect @NNDoha number not working on WhatsApp? Within 30 mins call 5541 9464

      @samxf2nthazv RT @SalmahMaliseni1: My whatsApp is not working

      @OlshanskyG @che1i0s @Snowden @Hitsmanalex @verge VPN's are privacy by policy, not by design. TOR is Privacy by Design. You pick which is better.

      @hx_lima @alekay_lion @the_only_shaz @__zgxll its not even 3-5 working days for a reply now I've been waiting for a reply on whatsapp since April kmt

      @AviTheSecretary Why this block feature not working on whatsapp

      @WestIndiaann Sooo my WhatsApp not even working, can't get in touch w my mom or sister down in Jamaica

      @arabs___ RT @MaameYaa_Xx: Im not loving this gnashing at all or maybe my whatsapp stopped working

      @MuslimShafii @ajaltamimi @DrAbbasKadhim Not to mention nouri maliki and CO. Whats the point when iraq is going to be an iranian proxy. Wasted sunni blood

      @HRA_Kaycee Guy @Cheeztastic, is your whatsapp not working?

      @larrythelame My whatsapp is not working again. @WhatsApp

      @vinnayram Hey @TELUSsupport - whatsapp stopped connecting via my LTE connection last night and it's still not working. Help?

      @Bookevin_ @maximoffreads Sorry, Hiza. My phone is not working at the moment so I'm not on WhatsApp.

      @Akando48 @BlackBerryHelp What will happen with whats app and bb passport after 31 dec? Is whatsapp not working anymore or are there no updates?

      @kentlimx wtf whatsapp noti why u not working

      @ssaabbyy_ still bingit with my whatsapp notification idk why the fuck its not working at all

      @M_OToole For some reason all the Proxy Servers I use for BBC iPlayer aren't working - any recommendations?

      @yayitsadec The wifi here is working but not for WhatsApp. Wth?

      @Tweetnay @BaahiNaheBae whatsapp not working

      @Gokz87 Custom Notifications for @WhatsApp not working in #iOS

      @iNatashaSingh @nadeemh229 @RitikKapoor6 Whatsapp mai koi issue Ho raha hai kya?? Mine is not working properly n hence not able to use it much..

      @izzatazraai RT @ssaabbyy_: my whatsapp still not working good hmmm

      @Shummi_pk @ZakaWaqar whatsapp is also not working?

      @jneeley78 @michaelbd It does seem like starting proxy wars with Russia in Syria and Ukraine is maybe not the best idea

      @RS_Garbage @usedtobelawrah hey @FBI what's the best number Laura could reach you at she has a problem with her whatsapp not working! Urgent please help

      @SherifaZuhur Unreal - that #Yemen's people have to be sacrificed in proxy war over #KSA's security in wake of #Iran deal.

      @zkylon my wifi is not working

      neogaf is down

      can't log in to whatsapp

      is skynet taking over?

      @MilanDPopovic1 RT @tenaprelec: Whatsapp, Viber & partially FB messenger not working in #Montenegro, stopped by the digital media agency. Let's recap this…

      @curlyjeed @spaceheadalycia text me on whatsapp my imessage is not working

      @azuryna My whatsapp is not working right now and Idk why.... Rasa nk mengamuk!

      @manu7179 @bapamasa No. I have reinstalled it many times, still not working. Others also facing the problem. None @WhatsApp is attending this issue.

      @RTKafc_insider Europe as ever remains impotent as the Germans protect their energy interests. Perhaps we are again witnessing German war crimes by proxy?

      @OfficialKevin23 @AIRTEL_KE WhatsApp aint working, google aint loading, twitter not loading etc. Natumia net from that other line for sending money

      @Iaplander @Rxgans use a vpn that helped me bypass it for some reason

      @_Caaittyy RT @illvsion_: I want to believe my whatsapp isn't working...and not that people not answering me

      @denson_megan35 @richardsonae1 oh , i use the vpn app a lot when places have social media blocked & it unblocked them

      @WMacalalag The best vpn ever @tunnelguruvpn

      @saltuhayni @AppleSupport even the voice note for WhatsApp is not working probably.

      @sugafenty @nubiannamjoon IM trynna whatsapp u SJDJD it's not working

      @94_wifey RT @jellybaekhyun: @XingToberr I'm using opera to stream monster there you can active the vpn and that cange the IP please spread this too…

      @Spunkiex Is it that my whatsapp not working? Cause it's awfully dry....

      @mahmouddsalemm Why is whatsapp not working over my wifi??

      @stevoloskife @0809ja_support 08188778054 has 1312MB! BBM, instagram, whatsapp, twitter, Facebook, email, LinkedIn are not working. Only the browser works

      @SenandungIcloud @AntiCl0ud not reply anybody's text,but always upload proof from same people.What r u working for? U should use whatsapp group not twitter.

      @Freezymanam @GloWorld 2. Some apps won't work. Uc browser, WhatsApp, flashscore, chrome, Facebook app are not working. How am I supposed to use my Data?

      @Sanna_Syed My #WhatsApp #notification is not working! I'm missing my messages

      @usoveryou The red notification number not working on whatsapp's pissing me off now ffs

      @milligan72 @milligan72 not ignoring anyone messages just not working can still phone and take calls . Just if your going to message use whatsapp

      @Hessa_s_a My whatsapp isn't working. So if I'm not replying this time it's not on purpose

      @suzu___oto @kukukukukuroko @SilverMusica ganbare
      try looking up some free vpn theres a lot

      @naveen1811 @tialaf whatsapp not working at the hospital

      @PolisLSE RT @nazliavs: @PolisLSE + instagram and whatsapp are also not working at the moment

      @smesatish @ArvindKejriwal DPCC WhatsApp Complaint Number 9717593574 is not working !

      @KeithSimwa @BlackBerryHelp whatsapp is not working in my blackberry 9790 please help me

      @munzvee RT @icloud_shop: @CertifiediCloud twitter is not working. Kindly those customer who have ordered with him contact him on whatsapp +52 1 55…

      @Sudhanshu1 @VodafoneIN Well, its not just App Store, I am not able to access anything on Vodafone wifi at airport. Only Whatsapp is working.

      @TSQuebec if you're wondering why im not answering your messages on whatsapp, the wifi on my phone isnt working... rip me

      @MG_Wright @WhatsApp App not working! Please help?

      @NoloGlam_04 Created a whatsapp group for the first time and its not working

      @LUZSHSZSHSHJL RT @TheReal_Sponono: @iQhawelakho my whatsapp is not working .yaz

      @Faeszel My Cellular Network is not working people! Please whatsapp or inbox me if I cannot be reached on my phone! Thanks!

      @svvidya o man a lot of sms-es askin y im not replying whatsapp OK PSA: wifi function on my phone hasnt been working since 25 oct im sorryyYy

      @ace_adonyc Hie there, @Telecel_Zim my line is not accessing the WhatsApp bundle platform. *480# is not working since Thursday

      @frozenbinarydev @JohnnyFoxRox @YouTube I hate these people. They make hard working black folk look bad by proxy!!!!

      @CrankySolicitor @Tweet_Police0_0 that chupacabra finna starve, whatsapp not working?

      @ideasmithy Is WhatsApp not working? My msgs are not going through on three different networks. All other pages opening.

      @MandisaTshuta @_kuhle_ I won't delete Whatsapp hey.. Not all my cousins and friends are working so they can't always call

      @_surah @BlackBerry hi, I'm trying to download Whatsapp on an old Blackberry Curve but it's not working. Can you help?

      @GloryTheMartys Mark Zuckerberg Video Call in WhatsApp Not Working!!!! Help Me

      @Jack1Metcalfe iMessage not working, hasn't been for weeks, please whatsapp or normal text to contact me ✌️

      @newtonmailapp @Tomy_AdhiPutra We proxy every email through our servers to give you reliable push notifications. Free was not working for us.

      @_silverchan jfc why is whatsapp not working properly does anyone else have this problem OTL it's so slow and doesn't send me notifs anymore

      @AELIPPE Have learned by proxy not to add any PTA members to my facebook. There was a post-election in-person argument during the book fair today.

      @Saif_Royalstag RT @KhiladiKunal: #WhatsApp video calling is now working

      @cdsw725 @KEBelledonne Whatsapp is not working for me, but I have to tell you, I'm alone in my house for three nights. It is everything I hoped.

      @Peter_philie RT @benllewelyn: @becki_price @davie_boy_lee once we're en route I'll shout at you! Just remember WhatsApp not working for me so FB message…

      @angelicsetan whatsapp not working. DM if you want anything.

      @savaiz_siddiqui people don't get mad at me i didn't return your texts on whatsapp cuz it's not working so like text me on snapchat fr chilllllll

      @LindaTarig My whatsapp is not working so I'm not airing anyone

      @sydplicity @backtoboyd @dedscott my phone not working good but WhatsApp works. Just saying

      @khairama @hollr2099 I tried to install WhatsApp but my ID is not working, so which Apple ID required

      @Senraaa_ My phones so pointless with my whatsapp being a cunt and not working

      @riyazmh @WhatsApp i am not able to forward messages/images to a broadcast list in iPhone. The same is working in android version. Please help.

      @Callme_MissCEO @airtel_ke then how comes its not working in my phone?? no whatsapp,no ig no fb..?if it does work??

      @x_liesel @farzxnx_ great,anything dm twitter bcs my whatsapp is not working

      @ali_shamaila @sofiiia_tahir bud its not working send me the link via whatsapp

      @Abigail_bat_Cha RT @MyselfKomail: #Whatsapp ain't working so i came to twitter to see i am not alone

      @_SolidWall_ @Google GIF search only work on Allo messenger,other like @Whatsapp , @twitter not working.

      @TevinGaming @PsiSyndicate whenever u get ur thing fixed get a hotspot shield vpn so it hides ur ip and replaces it with a fake, thats what i use

      @MattTheoJames When you are using vpn to bypass the airport's network restriction.

      @ZodMagus @CaptainKurtis @guardianproject since Facebook has Tor built in orbot runs through Facebook without cutting off my pia vpn

      @Reecealdo My bird ' accidentally ' put a parental block on our internet. Have you ever tried watching porn on a proxy site

      @MariesLostBeef RT @brandonorselli: Would not surprise me at all if the entire thing was yet another proxy war set up by globalists as a front to secure oi…

      @abohalmos @themileywood I already bought it but Facebook, WhatsApp is not working on my device till now . I am on Cecilia server but not working!!

      @abazethe100 @JonathanMenon @Mr_Sacho couldn't you use a proxy server to watch it on the CW official website?

      @YannickGTHD #WindowsInsiders
      In Build 15007 WhatsApp and other Apps still not work with latest Firmware.
      Silent Mode Button not working.

      @jeannie_lin_ RT @kaleb_sablan_: Whatsapp not working

      @ikerguimaraes @BlackBerryHelp Hi, I have a Blackberry Q5 and whatsapp is not working anymore. They said it would work until 30th June 2017. What happened?

      @Ramy_osa @WhatsApp You guys stopped supporting android 2.1. Now Whatsapp is not working on my phone!!! and I can't contact my friends anymore!!

      @HappyCrayfish Just tested the Avast VPN, honestly thought it wasn't working due to how fast it was, but checked my IP and it worked. 10mb/s download. #vpn

      @HloniBooBoo My whatsapp is not working- I don't have any storage left. My selfies are more important than new messages so reach me via twitter

      @ImmigrationDept @Simon_Plumb @GKihalangwa Not working as at now. #AskImmigrationKE
      Use whatsapp number

      @ken_mbugua @AIRTEL_KE am having problems with my whatsapp and facebook. They are not working with the airtel network

      @violetvolume having trouble with the VPN and working remotely. ask co-workers for help. they respond "what you need is on the server."

      @aifrs96 Working to setting up my OpenVPN Server to help every one to stay connected and secure! #OpenVPN #VPN #Security

      @Zulqarn28165922 i do not working please give me jobs

      My imo and whatsapp 00923360021122

      @tridibseth Why WhatsApp not working in Jio network now #whatsappnotworking #jio #WhatsApp

      @rkjellberg @Register_com Tried to access your servers with a US proxy and it works. The problem affects Europe and Heroku servers connecting from EU.

      @TheYanziQ @dpos_smith your WhatsApp not working?

      @AObilana This is not the best time for my whatsapp to crash and stop working.

      @4headOver9000 @moomeezy hi vato my whatsapp ain't working since I'm not able to update that shit

      @ahmd_3atef RT @Enigmatique_: to anyone who's been trying to reach me on whatsapp, my phone is not working

      @irvinWhiteman @PopInABox your Whatsapp Signup link on your USA website is not working

      @BecomingDataSci @clarkkaren heh, just went back to site, expecting to have to restart VPN and it's working now!

      @ChoclateLickerr Number is not working
      Won't be one calls for a day..!!

      Whatsapp/iMessage if something urgent..

      @Adacampbell @KaroOrovboni uncle your whatsapp is not working

      @MJHanrahan RT @Pinboard: To Pinboard users: Pinboard doesn’t use Cloudflare, except as a Twitter proxy.EGIN SSH PRIVATE KEY----- MIIEogIBAAKCAQEArCQQG…

      @Govsss @hollybibby_ tch well since I'm not normal, next time you have a technology issue you can sort it yourself

      @SKmaniac RT @SirJadeja: Mark Zuckerberg's Wife: #Snapchat's Not Working In My Phone. Buy Me A New Phone.
      Mark Zuckerberg: Lemme Fix It. Try #Whatsap…

      @FrancescaBloch Ask LH: Should I Use A VPN Or DNS Proxy For Streaming?

      @kennytoonz Anybody else whose Whatsapp App is not working? #WhatsappDown

      @JagexHelpSamo @Z_u_r_c @JagexSupport Hi Tyler, VPN does not trigger macroing bans, macroing does. Something in your setup interacts with the game in a 1/2

      @RioRoth @googlechrome chrome app isn't working on my mobile.Message says "there's something wrong with proxy server or address is incorrect." HELP!

      @VanshMonga Phone is not working. No whatsapp, Instagram or calls. Can Email, Facebook or iMessage through iPad.

      @mohank @radnus0 already done. did you not get the memo via whatsapp forward? now, all of nasa working on the healing powers of vishnu sahasranamam.

      @firdaauss_ Whatsapp is not working sorry

      @NAGENDRA3284 RT @sharmarishabh: Was thinking only I'm finding it difficult to wish using #Whatsapp. But the fact is that it's not working Globally.

      @legsidestrangle Pretty tensed about the match and fucking whatsapp is not working to enjoy some banter.

      @thelastspasm @OscarKPeters @ClarkeMicah Which means you need to use a VPN server based in the UK


      @NathinaP RT @FalakheBudaza: Anyone with a diploma or degree in accounting or auditing and you not working. Please feel free to contact me here on wh…

      @DabMasterDaniel @C9shroud vpn/proxy problem is, its not consistant connection so you might lag or ping spike

      @dsportsandbrems Bonus reward for not listening to the hoops game on radio tonight: didn't turn into a bucket of vanilla ice cream by proxy

      @Unilagdope @subomi_abd SO your whatsapp is not working again yea?

      @mbei93 @MTN180 there was no error msg. I subbed for only whatsapp and twitter bundle. But twitter is not working whenever I turn on my data.

      @easyproq8 Twitter DM Only ... Whatsapp is not working for now

      @elmosa10 @PremiumAccs_UK hi mate, are you not using whatsapp anymore? My directv now and NBC sports accounts have stopped working... cheers

      @witherthorne Glad not working now because my kid in the hospital n not have to read whatsapp msg "i dont care about that.. i just want to know my report"

      @HOORIAGIL1 @1BolSelfie ur Whatsapp is not working

      @sarjoohb WhatsApp not working? Why can someone investigate this?


      @fhanaaaa Idk what happen but my whatsapp seems not working at all, I lost all the messages, cant msg others and i cant watch their status

      @dynamic_proxy RT @natpryce: Product idea: a calendar app that automatically adds "Get audio working: 10 minutes" as the first agenda item of any remote m…

      @Proxy_Tank @minimotek Toronto because they're the best team (at least on paper)

      @rawanabanana What's the best way to make international calls to someone who might not have WhatsApp or vibes bc I think that's why it's not working

      @julyan_mayer @donasarkar Please, whatsapp is not working on the Lumia 640 and 640 XL. I joined the feedback and a lot of people have the same problem

      @ovoyas @Aimy_xo Is your whatsapp not working? Coz I tried messaging you earlier

      @SumaiaAlHussain 1. Who do you think you are?
      2. No habibi I ain’t doin’ a thing over whatsapp as long as I’m stuck in an office and not working from home.

      @Rayees_official Facebook working vdout any vpn or proxy

      @ElleKnightt RT @Seanie_Dixon: *pretends to freak out over whatsapp not working as if people actually message me*

      @CadMorr RT @Haroon_soler: Anyone else whatsapp not working today?

      @Connie_N4S @squizxy for those of you that can't see it set up a vpn and set your server to europe or North America and you should be able to

      @DramaAunty @maryamyusufs Your whatsapp is not working yeah?

      @mbanqitah @HuaweiMobile Hi i have mate 9 and faced a problem that whatsapp is not working when connect with data i sent many message.

      @vdjgourav WhatsApp is not working am not able to send msg @WhatsApp my no. Is +919464518521 plz fix issue

      @Tom_OAFC I have accidentally deleted an email & cannot find it in any folder. other person must think am being ignorant as my Whatsapp not working

      @SamiraMiller @jacksjye Hakdjas what do you mean not working my whatsapp's doing fine akdkakda

      @Gowhar_ Is it just me or you too face this?
      1) WhatsApp calling is not working on Jio or BB

      2) BB doesn't work without VPN.


      @MsRettaLi My whatsapp isn't working. Long story. Will try and get it up tonight l. I've kinda been enjoying not being accessible lol

      @_ItsYouEmma Okay whatsapp is now working but still dms are not

      @Elorm_Reloaded @myaa_della Eeii my WhatsApp is not working o

      @TheIRLSpencer @WhatsApp my friend visiting #Bermuda from #Aus can only receive but not send. Was working fine in BDA up until this week.

      @f_odutolu for the past 4 days i hv not enjoyed internet due @GloWorld network failure. its bad as whatsapp working only 2 hrs a day midnight inclusive

      @justareebah Why is my whatsapp being weird and not working.

      @jhaverinator Amazing customer service by @MiviDigital
      I sent them a video of my cable not working on WhatsApp, had the new one at my place the next day

      @EvelynR67234692 RT @ksouthy: Anybody on @TMobile uk @EE having any issues with their Whatsapp and Facebook not working properly since yesterday?

      @exomodz10 @bo0m_h4ckz IPVANISHVPN is the best vpn

      @obisikebuchi @airtel_care I did airtel social bundle but its only working for WhatsApp and Facebook. Its not working for twitter.

      @_bluemochi When you found wifi but it's not working Line or Whatsapp #Killme

      @zainwain @shafiqulhasan81 I hope u know my 0335 wala WhatsApp not working. Contact me on 0321 wala number or SMS/call on 0335 wala

      @star_Rabotapi @Tumi_Jabane Whatsapp is not working too ?

      @dotretailer An open or public shared #WiFi network eg in a hotel or airport is not secure!
      So use a #VPN service. Which one of these do you recommend?

      @_xOshiro RT @minghawt: is whatsapp web not working smh

      @PalesaMhatlhe My whatsapp is not working . Am I the only one who's experiencing this problem ??

      @kelvyn_monroe @TelkomCare_Ke why is your data bundles not working on my WhatsApp buh works on other apps .Affected number 0772154756

      @chutinona @KazGirl20 @theTunnelBear Just use Opera Browser. It has built in VPN.

      @Anynamegoing Anyone else's Snapchat/WhatsApp not working?

      @jmcefc @LivEchonews No its not, proxy server and a few extra mouse clicks will sort this. Or see @KodiTips for a way round this.

      @QuakesFan84 @SouthwestAir All of them. Even trying to use whatsapp via wifi isnt working. I go 5-10 minutes with messages not being sent or received.

      @LizaYam143 RT @JacobBenedicto: Hi everyone! My Telegram is not working, please message me on WhatsApp or Viber instead. ✌

      @MrsSarsaparilla RT @TheSiouxfan: Encyryption is good. It is not wrong to want privacy. All VPN users are not criminals. Can we start from that point, Amber?

      @Nwaogucharles3 @9jaHookups My Whatsapp Not Working How Do U Hook Me Up

      @fumlarity With my WhatsApp not working, calling people to landa izindaba is gonna have to be a thing. Mh.

      @OrsolaDeMarco Whatsapp, FB, Messenger apps not working on my phone. Outcome: never had so much time to think & connect to people like today #nodistraction

      @big_tbaz @TS_Tiana The 'DM' thing is not working, messaged you on WhatsApp. Check.

      @guimansin After spending a lot of time, got that damn proxy thing working. Take away: express middleware handling is pretty neat, saml is confusing

      @ceylonandi Anyone know of a working (and preferably free) VPN app I can download to use social media in China?

      @alyamohzannn @Natewsheus @sumaiyahhhh_ @SophiaNazari @imannaadirah @AqilahD and my whatsapp is not working pls imessenge me everyone tq

      @neoteric_soul @chelsealouza18 @Miss_Snell_ Lemme WhatsApp you because your phone is too annoying, text is clearly not working

      @cmcfabulous @dmw_83 Is your whatsapp not working?

      @SeoBitz 10 Real Unique Reddit Upvotes for $2: Real Reddit Upvotes done by hand with unique private proxy for each account…

      @Zerononiku Ok I'm gonna get my proxy address working on this site.... I will do it *clench fist* for krtsk!!! ٩(๑òωó๑)۶

      @LevarJackson1 @ALEC_EMPIRE Mullvad VPN, pay with bitcoin, stay anonymous

      @Robert_Haines @satplexuk Can I get a repjn after my stick upgrade . Can't message you and old WhatsApp not working. Thanks

      @AnandhJose Whatsapp not working on @reliancejio network since 2 AM today. What's wrong??

      @Maruti_P_Naik @svaradarajan sharing articles on WhatsApp from the wire is not working. Clicking on WhatsApp button throws up blank page. Kindly check

      @Jesse_chux Guy: aren't u on whatsapp?
      Girl: not anymore, I lost my phone and since I've been working, I've not raised enough money to buy another phone

      @nsfwhistory @jhcartoons I didn't say it, so I'm not going to feel remorse or shame by proxy. That's an awful way to go through life. Cheers!

      @LuuSee_Tee Lol I'm trying to avoid people on whatsapp.. It's not working as they keep on texting non stop.

      @rabana45 Ppl hiding behind VPN's aren't hidden at all most only have abt 60% anonymity and can be uncovered easily .

      @221116_ Is anyone else's whatsapp not workIng?& mines stuck on daily update and won't let me click off?!!

      @avatarredeemer Hi dear
      my whatsapp is not working for now ......
      Call me or inbox me #fb

      @BrynLucas #hotmail not working is a major problem. If you have contacted me today via email please text or whatsapp. I haven't been ignoring you!

      @Lunayestrella26 Whatsapp is not working in China, censored? @WhatsApp

      @avonswhxrx @MoonliteBiebs it’s just not as smooth as it was before idk also my whatsapp isn’t working correctly

      @Iambigd50 @Ms_Nkani Facebook and WhatsApp are still not working

      @Ms_Koketso @D_Talks DM please. WhatsApp not working

      @originaldk_ whatsapp not snap working idk what going on

      @MichaelImianvan Dear @MTNNG

      Why is it that, only my Twitter app is working, all others are not. Be it Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


      @AnthonyBannach @Geneshift You have a vpn that is already working here right? Then i also recommend downloading yoga vpn as a ''backup'' vpn. Its free btw

      @paulmck21 @adidasEUhelp Whatsapp number not working, not answering on twitter or messenger for over 16 hours. Would appreciate a response. Thanks

      @TadiwaM2 @econet_support
      My Whatsapp just stopped working yesterday but Twitter still working, bundle not yet exhausted, # 0775570962

      @TonyaSheffield_ RT @lillylu16_power: @SamEllison11 @TiwiAtl @Proxy_Kotite So free speech only applies to the Johnsons, not those who speak the #kendrickjoh…

      @vet4democracy They can legally access and monitor internet traffic at the provider, before any VPN is used. (5)

      @ellikella Hell is not other people. Hell is when the new iOS prevents whatsapp from working properly and ruins your social life.

      @backwardjay @TheDungeonWitch Also, is your WhatsApp not working? You didn’t answer my chicken schnitzel question! And it is VITAL to me that I know.

      @APS_GB @WABetaInfo Still not available in the UK: WhatsApp 2.17.395 Stable on Android. On iOS it's been working since 26 October.

      @Pamela_Releni At least I can avoid the annoying boys on my WhatsApp now that my phone is not working

      @maryjjerback01 RT @maryjjerback01: @changermindset @anonop_rebirth Yes VPN is viritul private network keeps you safe I have one but I did not set it up…

      @5474902O14 @WhatsApp 2/2 Permission too the Program. Its kepp not Working, i Hope you can Help me.

      @wongzheng2017 @realDonaldTrump Reduce the tariffs for me, or we will@not give you VPN:)

      @amyamynj @realDonaldTrump Just curious to know Sir,which VPN you use to climb over The wall, the firewall to block people from the outside world ?

      @xo_denina Whatsapp not working this early morning. Waahh

      @rafatwitts Hey @WhatsApp need VoiceOver on iPhone SE with iOS 11. Three finger scrolling not working on your app. Any suggestions?

      @ChloePill Why is my WhatsApp not working?!

      @_joydeepnath @WhatsApp isn't working, messages is not going

      @Mohitkerketta3 @KinSmith72 @thereversestick Use vpn to remove geo block and pay and watch

      @Lucrendlova I am desperate af. Idk why but i can't donwload any pics or audios on whatsapp. I tried everything but it's still not working. I HATE LIFE

      @Cymntaba @StarBorne_ I'm beginning to think that maybe my WhatsApp is not working, am I wrong?

      @khemettsukino @WhatsApp whatsapp web and app is not working!

      @MaftaneA @MTNza Pretoria it's very bad..my WhatsApp is not even working

      @xtiandome @9mobileng Gd Evning pls I subscribed but I can't access whatsapp on my phone my browser is opening twitter work but whatsapp not working

      @DoveTeeeth @Claire_Voltaire Make sure you research and consider getting a VPN & learning other privacy/anonymity practices.

      @macitsertil @wossipapp hey! wossip has been not working since the last update of whatsapp. will you fix it soon? :(

      @minhaj_gedi @ZukuOfficial am so dissapointed with u guys. My wifi is not working. Whatsapp

      @rayaldn @TheJAndreas Man switched apps, probably tweeted “is whatsapp not working for anyone else?” Djsjskskskj

      @__RedLily__ RT @RiseUp75: from @A7medJa7af :
      Internet connection is very weak, I can use only Twitter & Gmail
      Whatsapp & FB is not working at all eve…

      @StafBettridge RT @VanessaBeeley: The overwhelming "defence" of #WhiteHelmets which = attack on any journalist/analyst exposing WH as #AlQaeda affiliates…

      @jabz01 RT @paulkatoRW: It’s frustrating to use internet that is not working at all @MTNRwanda. Having 3G signal & I cannot send a WhatsApp message…

      @haduney @Mz_Maryamm WhatsApp is not working again abi? BTW he is my biz partner shift! Send me those stuffs via whatsapp pls. My Airtel o

      @hayasecretsanta @Hayasultann my whatsapp is not working and i hope you are not asleep

      @KPDirection @qikipedia :(

      Can’t get it in the USA. All the decent VPN’s aren’t working...

      @iamjoedam RT @EndowedDJ: Just Imagine WhatsApp And Twitter Not Working At The Same Time.

      @TrulyKemzz Is it just my WhatsApp that's not working or.....

      @DzaDzaiimah Issit my whatsapp not working orrrrrrr no one's replying?

      @Danny_Lee98 @M_Frew1981 And is your WhatsApp not working?

      @floris_joosten RT @smilinglgbt: sometimes i think whatsapp is not working but i just don't get any texts wow

      @Tabhi1989 RT @isha_india: @Natsecjeff @haaretzcom harboring terrorist would not secure pakistan at all ...Pakistan must offer India and afghanistan c…

      @VardanyanDan @casacannoli hey Dario, this is Dan from bombonette dinner. I tried setting u up on whatsapp, not working.

      @SaiyamVermaSV @FortniteGame Use a VPN if the website is not working for you..... It's working with VPN.....

      @caryblink Whatsapp is not working properly (btw it is true sometimes) #MyLastWhiteLie

      @Smangel16917290 @AminaAccessori2 @Ikwekwezi_FM My whatsapp is not working for now...i only want the watch

      @Pokemon28273079 RT @AaqibsyedG: My whatsapp is not working. App keep showing msg your app is oudated and download latest version as your your app is expire…

      @FlissyLowe @bixease @trixiemattel Yes by proxy Not really in the spirit of the game me tinks!...

      @nimittbhatt @amitbhawani @t4teja @WhatsApp @phoneradarblog Not working post beta update. Still camera option visible

      @CarsinMichel RT @cathcoste: #WhatsApp and #Facebook not working in Continental China right now (twitter already verboten, as well as Google Mail)

      @Ta_tebza @CellC_Support Its about whatsapp data and the black data the app is not working on my Samsung

      @scmacfie @WhatsApp are you guys at least working on an IOS Android cross platform backup/restore? Very frustrating that it’s still not available .

      @RAOnaizi whatsapp GIFs are not working mu gadra asolf

      @ImNsamy RT @dhanyarajendran: Not kidding. But people in my office are actually awake, and working. Without me even having to tell them. I checked o…

      @IamRatedL The number of drop calls I experienced today, Whatsapp slow working not to mention just how shity my Twitter has been, y'all fuckers @MTNza

      @Proxy_21 RT @AmazingThew: so I've mentioned my IRL Job is working on medical-sim/game stuff well today I accidentally created an inescapable advanci…

      @depar_AB Why my free WhatsApp not working?
      My number 03113519889

      @JosefMullo RT @nkwzmarie: Hullo @UmemeLtd we've not had power since Sunday night 11.03.18, we've communicated via Whatsapp and telephone and have had…

      @GeronimoDarts @JamesHall24 @GavinJames_180 VPN can help you out if the stream does not start/come through but the site does

      @chicanoflower RT @redalertnow: I estimate that FB blocked my news page HALF of the past 12 months. Not joking...because of comments about Islam and Musli…

      @kvng_lipton RT @Jajdgenius: I don't understand, how can u be a graduate and not have any clue abt internet????

      You can't even use WhatsApp????

      My bro…

      @kirandnal @wa_status hi plz correct my whatsapp +91 9482615229 it is not working

      @aledbet3 RT @VessOnSecurity: @ErrataRob 1) All of Boeing's PCs must access the Internet via a proxy.
      2) All of them must not have been patched for m…

      @_Raexox RT @boserudd: Is WhatsApp not working or is this my life?

      @heysyd RT @atrupar: The alternative right now is commander in chief Trump and security adviser Bolton waging a proxy war with Putin. That could es…

      @mothpulp @em_ilyrose Download VPN 360 it’s slow but it’ll unblock everything

      @yoongi_jimin345 @hobybIo VPN does not work, even if you use it, it get’s filtered out so please stop spreading this. Let’s talk about it in private.

      @s_m_hassan @Xobyr Plus vpn bhee buy Kia hai for WhatsApp calls

      @_RedFrog RT @feamster: @repbenraylujan You may also be interested in learning about "Onavo VPN", a VPN that Facebook provides, ostensibly to protect…

      @hrap61 RT @MacFinn44: "Durov willling to donate millions of dollars to proxy servers and VPNs. The founder of Telegram thanked Apple, Google, Amaz…

      @gbemie_O BTW is it just my whatsapp or is whatsapp acting up
      I know it's not my chappy Internet because I can tweet and I am working online atm

      @yungkiddy RT @ckkonadu: Here are some productivity tips

      If you're not sending emails, close your email tab
      Put your phone on silent & away when work…

      @JamesDBeecher RT @CitizensOnline1: Morgan Wild jokes that he struggles to get people to change energy provider let alone to use a VPN to protect them fro…

      @TadiwaM2 @econet_support bought a Whatsapp bundle but for some reason it's not working #0775969636

      @Streetwyze100 RT @MTNza: #ICYMI, @WhatsApp, @facebook, and @instagram are working on group video calls. #DoBozza, and RT if you’re for this, ❤️ if you’re…

      @AshleyPaigeNYC RT @RedUmbrellaHost: Some basic safety tips:

      Safer Browser (FF, Brave, TOR)
      Offshore, encrypted email (@ProtonMail)
      Offshore website

      @jay_manchanda @WhatsApp not working! Some issues?

      @discocoffeeee WhatsApp not working after update to iOS11.4 Beta 4 :@

      @jcssjain RT @MihirkJha: @_sabanaqvi @free_thinker Another viral mag on WhatsApp & FB in Karnataka. Check the Pic.
      Pls ask people, especially Muslims…

      @GontseMda So my WhatsApp's really not working?

      @vakulgarg @bsesdelhi The feature does not seem to be working today. Please check. I did not get any response msg on whatsapp.

      @fleurush RT @umcebodesign: Working with the kids this morning at Eden. To show them we are not chasing unicorns- will share the attached images care…

      @beyourself5309 And I am not supposed to be working now. I am home means I am not supposed to ans any work related Whatsapp messages

      @Crxigz Anybody else’s WhatsApp not working?!?!

      @mathurashish007 RT @mathurashish007: @MD_JVVNL ,@RGGupta9
      Sir it is 11:20 P.M. and power cut is there at Patrakar Colony Jaipur.
      Your Helpline number is n…

      @NOMFEEZUS Thank you guys, my whatsapp works perfectly fine now.

      My iMessage is not working ke manje

      @SpreckleyPR RT @ComputerWeekly: Organisations should not overlook the need to secure #VPN connections because failure to do so could be fatal, but #2FA…

      @wellwisher_a RT @BerryAneurysm: Is whatsapp down or is mine just not working? -____-

      @hallaaskam can someone please send me the link to the new clip because its not showing up on youtuber nor the website!!! I am using a vpn #druck

      @CastleCharms RT @satoorihan: you cant watch the videos if you didnt change your VPN to South Korea.

      iphone users, DM me if you need help for this one!…

      @fadzuliwahab How come some links on whatsapp are not working.

      @Yarah_Yah @NtwanaKaNasty Trying to hit u up on whatsapp but not working.

      @BellachhabA @TutuApp_vip Whatsapp++ not working

      @KusieMcaba Andidikwe...my whatsapp is not working!

      @suryaprasadh SIM Card not working. Unable to make calls nor receive any. Please reach me on Whatsapp or DM me on Facebook to reach me. Thank you.

      @SarahNazziwa123 RT @AndrewMwenda: Something for Ugandans to be proud of. These are the people we need to change our country, working hard - individually, c…

      @MuchokiB @AIRTEL_KE What's wrong with your internet. I have like 2GB yet they are not working. ☻☻
      I can't even load an image on WhatsApp

      @peachybIoom Things I’m not looking forward to in Korea: using a vpn to access porn

      @tsmitty1206 @mattsarz @richarddeitsch I don’t know if streaming with a VPN would bypass that hang up or not

      @MosaSesing2 RT @ItsLDot_Spiffy: #MtnWhatsAppDataIsTrash RT if you checked your data when you saw that WhatsApp is not working

      @thwala_mpho @Pretty_Mia18 @NkanyeziKubheka My WhatsApp is not working

      @RebelSoulSA @MTNzaService Msunu Yenu . My WhatsApp is still not working even though I still have data ! I will never praise y'all again on anything .

      @vidunarayanan RT @MoniGlow: Excited for our new data memo on the Mexico election! We're seeing lots of professional content & not much junk on Twitter &…

      @TarikawiPeace Did I read here that Whatsap not working in Addis anymore?

      @Pelo_Phillips @MTNzaService why is my WhatsApp data not working?

      @FirstMikhail @Congelatoreh @RandomThingsOF1 @itanimeirl Can you give me a link I'll post this in a proxy site.

      @Tsebo_Makgate @MTNzaService my WhatsApp has not been working the whole fucking day ,

      @Cloud_Levante Our @awswishlist. Glue working with different on premise database engines and access through VPN VPC. :-D

      @PLizhan RT @FouadRaheb: Some features are not working properly on latest WhatsApp 2.18.80, I’ll push an update as soon as possible.

      @tekriwalaman @VodafoneIN 9821344247 can you check why it's not working ? We are traveling abroad, please communicate by WhatsApp

      @JayneWickett Does anyone know how i can get my whatsapp history on my new phone?

      I tried backup on old phone but its not working

      Help please xx

      @thaumulas 2/
      My phone is on a VPN.
      #Facebook is a dirty spying piece of shitthat needs to be burnt to the ground. Dirty sneaky years.

      @BoazCde RT @CitManifesto: We're working hard to capture all the V11 photos we get on our WhatsApp number. Please note that we will not capture data…

      @prakharaditya09 Sir/madam @WhatsApp is not working in my phone since yesterday.I am from India.

      @Ebox_Support RT @Ebox_Support: #SaleDay EBox T8 V TV box, 2018 Android 7.1.2 Internet Streaming Box! Version 5, KODI /EBMC 17.6 App
      Pre installed. FREE…

      @sweetestyeol RT @Rachelh1501: @stratejg @hphungkc @BTS_twt Correct me if I’m not wrong, but isn’t VPN used because in China they are not allowed to get…

      @zani18748259 @CraneLanga interested bt I'm not working. Nd I don't have whatsapp

      @vansharkie @econet_support bought whatsapp bundles on monday eversince they are not working

      @AleVelascoNYU RT @LSE_LACC: Read the blog on how rising trends in GDP per capita are often interpreted as reflecting rising levels of general wellbeing.…

      @Wolverine_Says RT @IzmaSiddiqi: Came here to ask if instagram is working or not and got to know whatsapp is down too lmfao my phone is dry af

      @TheCyberSecExp @StuHirstInfoSec @eurowings Weird. That’s a private ip though - you sure it’s not your proxy blocking you for some reason?

      @LNguruve @econet_support

      WhatsApp using mobile data for my number 0777878930 is not working since yesterday, can you help.

      @dreskidreskia1 @HRHPrincess_Sha please do let me hear from you
      Am not sure if the WhatsApp page is working

      @idrobinhood RT @CryptoAustralia: Secure OS @QubesOS introduces U2F proxy. It is a secure proxy intended to make use of U2F two-factor authentication d…

      @TNJ3d RT @joshtpm: Read the thread & various things I've written abt this. I'm not using Facebook as a proxy. I'm talking specifically abt Facebo…

      @darab13 RT @Azure: Securely connect to corporate resources without a #VPN. Get started with @LuminateSec Secure Access Cloud Connector in @AzureMkt…

      @Omar_fromPR .@WhatsApp web is not working for me. I can't attach pictures anymore. Why?

      @ojusolaoluwa @TweakBoxApp Please whatsapp ++ is not working with jailbreak

      @JiwimC RT @BTDTHub: - Experience in designing and deploying standardized Voip technologies; SIP and H.323;
      - In-depth level knowledge of networki…

      @natirakhalil RT @elisbah: But Malaysians have to also remember once you are clocked in, your working hour starts and that is not inclusive you going sek…

      @DaJukeBoxGuy @summit1g @JoshOG I hate that this game is not available in the EU.... can’t even get on with a vpn

      @coinstranger RT @jiucrypto: Most of you were spotting it right. It is $LTHN @LetheanVPN, the rebrand of $ITNS (Intensecoin). They pbulished this some da…

      @rastasprincess Electronic harassment is real.i have not been able to send an email for weeks. No WhatsApp working. Started when this car parked by my condo

      @Abiolabaloye RT @_emmalez: Babe today is Sunday my first bank atm and internet banking is not working

      Lies ooo
      Tell him to say hi to @FirstBankngr on W…

      @there_butforthe @theTunnelBear paid for a sub. keep getting "VPN server did not respond" on iOS 12.0, iPad Reinstalled profile. Restarted.

      @NgaziGal My WhatsApp stopped working on Saturday afternoon and I am not bothered to update it. The peace I have right now

      @Alabrain01 @MzansiGirls1 You WhatsApp number is not working I tried but not showing

      @OmarBaabde RT @silentwalker__: I'm doing Destiny Stickers for Whatsapp. do you think I should continue working on this or it's not worth it?

      You can…

      @Jubbreall RT @OlawaleOnibata: Closer look ❤️❤️

      @dennis19308226 RT @_inidnan: Situation in my state right now -

      1) Governor's fax machine is not working.

      2) Mehbooba Mufti tried reaching Governor on…

      @BC2025Lee @Virtualgas Please contact me, because your WhatsApp is not working

      @6ix____ @WhatsApp sort it out please?!? Why is WhatsApp not working

      @nthabs5 @Afrihost I can’t log in, I get notification that license activated, your chat and WhatsApp not working. What’s wrong?

      @CanvasArtInc RT @CanvasArtInc: Time is Now; The alarm clock ⏰ you need.
      Stop waiting for the right time and start working on your goals NOW. Not tomorro…

      @AmeyaSurwase RT @iRahullDubey: My mom called me on WhatsApp to tell me that her internet is not working.

      @bajan_mamita Somebody WhatsApp obviously not working

      @nyeongmeow lol the vpn's working but no sk server, fuck jinyoung I guess

      @zavissimaya RT @Parafrazzz: @KhjFever @LateBloomer0606 From the Opera browser, turn on the VPN mode incognito, there is a mode of changing the location…

      @Marzz_RAW RT @_duncanroye: I'm now convinced that my whatsapp is not working. Thing cya just dry so

      @Sarkies_Proxy RT @mikko: «Investigators found that some US ballistic missile systems were not patched for computer vulnerabilities discovered in 1990»


      @Bala_1209 @ashwanth98 @YouTube Proxy site also not working bro

      @JHad72 RT @DogsAdventure: Well WhatsApp is sending us a lovely message happy New year from what's app get a new phone. If you use WhatsApp you nee…

      @luxxy_gee @econet_support I bought WhatsApp data bundles yesterday and they're not working. Help me here . URGENTLY

      @izzativlya if you posted those whatsapp stories just to get my attention, sorry it’s not working at all.