Why WhatsApp Not Sending Messages ?

whatsapp not sending messages
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The next thing involves downloading and installing an excellent VPN on your smartphone. For all of us that do not know anything about VPN, it can be an program that covering and cloaks ones real IP by providing a different identity at a foreign region. With a new VPN, you can choose the IP location of the choice and this also helps for you to boycott your neighborhood ban near your vicinity.

Once you might have downloaded along with installed the VPN, the remainder becomes easy, as starting the VPN along with changing ones IP place is fundamental. At here, the TRA is deficient in the jurisdiction to tavern or limit the usage of your WhatsApp program.

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      @JagexHelpSamo @ffsstopasking @JagexSupport Are you sending the recoveries from a normal IP or a proxy/VPN?

      @grillatech #12CyberTweetsofXmas Hide in plain sight: Always try to hide what you are sending by using encryption, a VPN, or SSL secured websites

      @naughtysecrets wait do I really need a vpn to get the good line stickers what is this shit

      oh well I'll just keep sending @finchiekins the free cats

      @fujiyamakazu RT @adam3us: sending confidential data over the internet (via VPN) was once a topic of debate, so it will be with secure tokenised blockcha…

      @AshleyMorole @tisconfusion I'm not ignoring you, Whatsapp isn't sending my messages.

      @dieselandcreme We have implemented a new POS, so no - our waiters are not sending WhatsApp messages. They are capturing your order on their iPods!

      @Jamiemck69 Whatsapp needs to get its life together, not sending my messages n shit

      @CiaraRuane @Emmer911 having a nightmare with whatsapp not sending messages and have a serious message for you!

      @Nomziie_M My phone is just possessed af, if it's not whatsapp calling people, it's sending them voice messages. This is bad

      @paynefthoechlin My dad's cousin is sending me messages on whatsapp and I am not in the mood for it

      @nileshghadge27 I have to admit, I'm feeling better now that I'm not sending anymore messages to that WhatsApp group.

      @lyndanneka This whatsapp group my boss just created will not work,sending messages up and Dan.

      @Martian_MUFC Whys my whatsapp playing games n not sending my messages kmt

      @shuhaowu PSA: If you're using network manager + VPN and running with dnsmasq, your DNS query will NOT go over the VPN.

      @Donnie1989 Whatsapp is the devil - I love sending messages, knowing they're read and not getting a reply #rude

      @Masoomipatell *takes messages not sending on whatsapp as a sign from God to not text boys first*

      @hesheartbeatx Shoutout to those friends who just keep annoying me by sending messages on WhatsApp and even scold me for not being online like wtf satan

      @JamesAtkinson95 Phone is annoying me today. Not charging properly and now it's not sending WhatsApp messages. Sort yaself oot

      @Heyalex40 @NoBuffZone - I'm not on a VPN. Straight cable modem at home.

      @Najaatu5 @gtbank_help hello please I need you re-activate my account #0158452989 it was deactivated because of VPN nd I'm not in Nigeria

      @eunyeon_adik @queens_HM @georgeiulian89 true !! they were not all have paid vpn

      @illdali krystal sending weird messages in whatsapp nd not replying

      @callumdxb @KathyDCool I can't get iplayer to work anymore... Dunno if I need to change my VPN or not?

      @SianyD_02 Whatsapp why are you not sending my messages

      @Itz_Realone Those that have not been replying my messages on WhatsApp will now be sending me new year messages. New year ko, new day ni!!

      @CielPhantomhyve @TwitchSupport Can you not ban VPN IPs.

      @Kedge85 @BestforKodi due to most stream not working on various addons (UK) would a VPN be worth trying? Content is set to "All" on my ISP settings.

      @yes06kin @SQuirrel147 just dealing w/ VPN everytime to get stickers gets really annoying. If you're going gonna do it once, then might not be worth

      @GraeJa Anyone else whatsapp messages not sending?

      @namjoonswoc @jiminsfocus whatsapp is being a bitch and not sending my messages, I want justice!

      @MrChrisEdwin @DaleAThomson It's kind of slow. BBM is also not sending messages at all. @WhatsApp @Blackberry

      @DrJLecter I think whatsapp is already dead from all the NYE messages. It's not even sending mine.

      @tosiinn_O RT @Heis_Taz: Whether whatsapp is down or not we wouldn't know

      Nobody sending us messages

      @francsmith805 What's up...my WhatsApp is not sending messages

      @pacnarry why are my friends sending cute messages on whatsapp... it's only a new year not like I'm moving to another country or something...

      @leannechannie All my whatsapp messages not sending...??:-((((

      @Knightslance94 @wa_status my whatsapp is not sending out messages out of the blue?

      @Starzi99 Whatsapp messages not sending, iMessages not sending. Is god trying to say something?

      @MrRiza71 @vintageheartxoo sending...i can be a proxy.

      @sumitashokbair1 @narendramodi sir its proxy war by pakistan india can give strong answer to them but this time security agency cldnt acheive their target.

      @TheBookJazz When you decide to go to bed at 10:30 and all of a sudden everyone is sending you whatsapp messages.

      @cloudgryphon @0beseninja messages sent via a proxy network of Greek gods and goddesses are the way to go though.

      @ReachMeRaj @narendramodi @PMOIndia
      Proxy war is the best solution to a proxy war.
      Cut Pakistan into pieces.. liberate Baloch..
      Aquire PoK..

      @JulieMiln Getting favorably inclined as proxy for straight a workings charade: wGNpJ

      @dcmkp2 i sent so many messages and emails to my proxy ahahha

      @pigface3 @tigerVPN Awesome VPN connecting fine, but can't login website. Password recovery seems to accept my email, but no email from you arrives ?

      @GauraviSaini Believe it or not but nothing beats a sending and receiving #Whatsapp voice messages.


      @belushibreezy @DiaryOfAGeek @niis101 I tried that VPN app but couldn't run Netflix with it. Not sure if I didn't get some right. Any other option?

      @RootsRebelLion I am angry because of my whatsapp too, I dont chat with boys, this idiot is sending 8 messages about nothing! Airtime is not free

      @Onela_B @SibuMasiza my WhatsApp messages are not sending

      @MLP_RPGuide Sort of..Most players who make families in the game have given each other proxy rights.

      @midhun677 @WhatsApp having issues messages not sending/receiving #Whatsapp

      @AdamsonKennedy It's recent so that settle rise up straight a hold on needles intention as proxy for thine question: fpjgkArOo

      @amandaconx Phones not receiving or sending text messages...if you need me Whatsapp or DM me

      @toddedillard @_Pomegrant why not? proxy events foster a love for the game & allow people to test out brews/new formats. Sanctioned proxy events are a no.

      @babykimdae @motaspopsicle why you not on imessage these past days? i am gonna start sending messages to whatsapp

      @Mervin42 @anthonyfurey

      I tried to use hoopla Netflicks US - Used US VPN IP address but could not gain access without US credit card

      @TC_Shane @VortexMulti Seeing that you are sending this from multiple twitter accounts, do you have any new firewalls or software or a VPN? Or (1/2)

      @xoSoleil @soulquariusgirl so do you like not have whatsapp anymore or something? I've been sending you messages but they're not going through.

      @Harrison_Crow That irritating feeling when you connect to the companies VPN and all lync messages drop for 1-2 mins.

      @RosiexMoore None of my messages are sending and my whatsapp is not loading.... this is not okay

      @littlewolfies_ My phone is playing and it's not sending any messages on whatsapp now

      @RKAggarwal @pharris830 America leads as a proxy to its lobbyists. We need to elect Congress and WH that is aligned with our interests, not lobbyists.

      @RomanKush I love when my whatsapp messages aren't sending & I freak out about whether my phone bill has been paid or not.....

      @Dirtydancerella Why is it that Twitter working,but my messages not sending on Viber and WhatsApp >.>

      @Not_Raven Correct answer is....anything that is generated by proxy is ALWAY susceptible to takeover and ALL takeover are ALWAYS ideological

      @Nick_Craver @Jaxidian For example with businesses there is a nasty VPN bug with DNS server order. Businesses refreshing hardware are not on 10.

      @AlriyG @telegram I can not view the channels , nor groups unless i use vpn
      is there a traffic problem with your App here on Saudi Arabia ?

      @afiqahmalik Panicked when my Whatsapp messages were not sending wts.

      @cdross17 This VPN and school wifi not working is about to make me go over my data

      @h4rrypotter I keep sending messages to other whatsapp groups about big brother and not the whatsapp group about big brother, ppl must think I'm a freak

      @Beckironno I keep sending the wrong whatsapp messages to the wrong people. I can only apologise

      @alanbuxey @WiteWulf oh joys...get ready to see lots of 'jd@example.edu' failure messages in proxy logs ;-)

      @Princessleelo Why is #whatsapp not sending me notifications?!

      @feeFahifofum RT @MazHalima: Maybe it's just me being a prick but sending generic promo messages via whatsapp is not the one.

      @SRC_XXVII genuinely not sending long whatsapp messages lol but when you care you care

      @geckocoRBLX @yrrebRBLX No, this is where I get your ip and use it as a proxy for a bot net.

      @JuliannaCzumMD @RichDuszak Flipping it around: If patients see automated messages as "proxy empathy" from providers, doesn't that perception "count"?

      @SLIMSZN @MELMANGOES I ain't dub u my messages just ain't sending . Vpn fucking up

      @Crensafrika @econet_support Is there network problem, my WhatsApp is not sending or receiving messages but im fully subscribed.

      @SwordsOfDawn A Christian does not compromise. You deny the Truth, then you by proxy, deny reality.

      @anismoha_ This sportpesa even made it to the lecture theatres at the uni, Guys are on their phone, not tweeting, Not sending messages on WhatsApp...

      @rebeccaclarelee When you continue to send messages via whatsapp web but you know that they're not sending.
      Is that like, texting to yourself?

      @AlyssaSykes11 Impure messages as proxy for the us treasure hawk: Uxzpm

      @xhockeyMC Anyone have a different ip for the west proxy? I am lagging on it

      @neeran @Girbane Productivity? Not if they're all busy playing Candy Crush or sending "Good Morning" messages on WhatsApp :-)

      @Its__Rebel @xKoah in a game on aw with regal proxy

      @ChaserKate @Hoodster_Proxy "There is a short cut out of here, but its a bit.... dark. BUT very close" A small smirk curled on her lips.

      @discordapp @SavageKittehCEO are they on a school network, VPN, or proxy?

      @developerjack One device VPN'd to Sydney, another to Sweden, and the last is sitting comfortably in Auckland.

      Google services are currently confused AF!

      @harrymckenzie15 @polluxx82 Not it is not. I just tried it again today on my VPN using Swedish IP. Still blocked.

      @TrainSuplexer @himeanya Then...don't RP? By proxy, it's assumed one knows enough about the game to not care or worry about spoilers. So that blocking on--

      @Hannalouise19 why is my @WhatsApp being a dick and not sending any of my messages

      @twitttoshan @prutwo can you help me how to run Taurus from Mac terminal behind corporate proxy. I got unknown host while sending requests @BlazeMeter

      @awwzoee why do people keep sending me messages on whatsapp do they not understand i am a poor child struggling to manage her storage space

      @tumwesigye268 After using VPN guys be sending messages to UCC -Hello from the other side . @jackieLumbasi @Mizzflav @913CapitalFM #internet

      @fazendados @Portal_Clanessa vo usar vpn ou proxy free

      @elintucknutt @darcmcdermott whatsapp me or something not sure if my messages are sending to u x

      @politicsofone RT @shortwave8669: @Warden_AoS @mrd125 I use a VPN that stops all tracker/cookies and a browser ad-blocker.

      I do not see any promoted twee…

      @TheBBPresident @janesinsane Luckily I have a VPN or I wouldn't be able to.

      @MrYobe RT @ErasmusMweene: These WhatsApp groups fam. I get added and some female participants be sending me tuma 'hi, good morning' messages. Tryi…

      @r_g_m_c @DavidJon_Wilson you need to buy a DNS or VPN. Smart DNS set me back all of £23 for 2 years. You get 2 week free trial. Worth a go

      @zinvthi If you WhatsApp me and see I'm not reading or replying but I'm online, sending me more messages won't make me reply. Pls

      @WallerDunce1 That till work site as proxy for an cannonball commissary mod chicago: rNBfCIbFd

      @valountines I’m about sick of whatsapp not sending me my messages til hours later

      @simonr916 @joberg We certainly are - except I'm not on Whatsapp. Do I have an imposter? Have you been sending obscene messages to a stranger?

      @Derpmia omg, kancolle is taking forever to load after i reset the vpn proxy, and cleared the cookies.

      @izziebot I'm horrified that people-rating app actually went live. Can only hope by proxy of humans being awful it just fizzles out w/ time

      @EleniDani28 Can my WhatsApp STOP not sending my messages!? I'm late to reply as it is but gosh.

      @D_D_Wahome @AIRTEL_KE I try sending whatsapp messages and they are not going through...cant access facebook and I have to use safcom just to tweet this

      @Popeye13_LFC @LFC_Australia VPN and bt sport. Fuck beIN

      @designerkath RT @Valerie_okeke: After sending you 14 whatsapp messages at a stretch, then they hit you with the last one "hope I'm not bugging you".....…

      @annabel_a RT @aimlawrence: Whatsapp always does me over not sending my messages

      @karina_fra @netflix , @NetflixDE : I travel for work & go places where you are not & you block me from using a VPN to access what I pay for. Solution?

      @_Jim_Knox RT @Jon_Davies_: Sending three messages in quick succession on WhatsApp: fine.
      Doing the same thing on email: not fine.

      @ghosterson @vieux_jeu my whatsapp messages are not sending =(

      @filmtvbooks @Secure_VPN_com u can't beat the military industrial complex

      @daniel_ohpotato Whatsapp on my phone out here ruining people friendships by not sending the messages and not alerting me to know they haven't been sent

      @AmmaarIsBuff Yo so ive not had a phone for two weeks and the second i got it back, whatsapp gone crazy and is sending two weeks of messages normal time

      @KhannaPal RT @AamAadmiParty: #FrustratedBJP has long history of using proxy groups for spreading Hooliganism through anti-social elements.

      @shahdseif RT @Iam_njd: Hi @WhatsApp voicenotes aren't sending. Please fix. Typing out messages is not the one. Thank you. ☺️

      @devJCT @C9Support Website totally down, also tested with a VPN.

      @tulay_andic @chris_vd_post @enough14 we r not as free u r.we use vpn and set diff. Locations. Other proctection apps

      @arteaga02411453 not yet half only Proxy CM

      @josephinechang Short notice gets short response. I'm not going out of my way to attend their meeting. And I'm not sending a report as proxy.

      @leylikhd Ugh don't worry I'll run out of free VPN soon and will be stuck inside Chinese Web which does not include Twitter

      @ganbarimautism apparently the whatsapp of a member of ISIS leaked and now everyone here is sending him stupid messages like "we're not afraid of you we+

      @Married2aYEMENI Has anyone had problems sending TEXT messages from the US to #Yemen ? (Not WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, etc just regular text messages)

      @TerminationZame RT @CYB3RH0NK: @XandersALilHomo The only thing my VPN client modifies is the DNS server, redirect all traffic.

      @IncFlowerzinc Convenient proxy factory bean superclass for proxy factory beans that create only singletons.

      @Barkley4Bernie RT @tal_avi: @Salon @scottekaufman Again - those that are with her pls enlist now for her next proxy war - enuf w sending other ppl's child…

      @g33k_44 @4s1mo_s4n @el_ammari btw , this very same ip is used in "هذا الموقع تم حجبه " proxy page .
      that's why i believe it's Cache Engine

      @vikki12256 Whats going on with @WhatsApp just 1 ticks and not sending messages!

      @Zakheav Changed my VPN and no longer see tweets about Drake's new album left and right every second

      @johlyn__ I'm not receiving whatsapp messages and my texts aren't sending

      @SykesFred Website table providers-production as proxy for the straddle-character public image: OCRqtEyd

      @SiIverBliss {I give up with this proxy server bull crap. I can't think straight right now and it is making me upset}

      @danalar Whatsapp is a piece of shit rn not sending my messages ugh

      @jeeger So #firefox doesn't display proxy error messages for security reasons. That's mildly annoying.

      @EleniDani28 Can WhatsApp quit not sending my messages without me knowing and making me look a twat, please and thank you.

      @sarahahillart @BajikaMan why are my messages not sending to you on whatsapp?

      @King_Proxy Infinite Warfare looks more like AW then Black Ops 3 but its only a reveal trailer, not gameplay so I'm not that bothered, the game looks

      @MollyMunday Why is my whatsapp not sending messages just keeps showing the timer

      @_Joshaaay Anyone else's whatsapp being a massive cunt and not sending messages?

      @perhopes @NEUS_ @SoundCloud the best solution is to use a VPN... And it works anywhere, not only for soundcloud but beatport....

      @Proxy_Prone RT @KriegerSignals: Mother’s Day, huh? I never knew my mother. Or if I even had one. Probably not. #ArcherFX

      @Bequian My mother has been sending me messages on WhatsApp since about 9:05 this morning. The light skinned me refuses to open the app. Not sorry.

      @MsThatoM This 1 even lied about how many Whatsapp messages he has been sending and I've been reading, not responding! what the hell do u take me for?

      @Markos_Wong Stop sending me spam messages abt property on WhatsApp plis... I'm not financially stable enough to be able to invest in Bangkok or England

      @WebSightPDT 5. Use a VPN to prevent the bad guys to track what you’re looking at online. #ITChallenge #privacy

      @hugjared Why is WhatsApp being a dick and not properly sending and receieving messages ffs

      @timlim12 not a big fan of ppl sending me voice messages via whatsapp. not comfortable listening to messages in public

      @MarkRammond @Gregflowers83 I have got past with the Tor browser and also via a proxy site but videos are damn slow now, though my PC is obsolete :(

      @willywonka1967 @TaayyHarker21 not if you have a vpn server on your phone to bypass security

      @megan_harris13 @pinkpriona Babes my whatsapp messages are sending but taking ages to deliver! Not ignoring ya I promise haha

      @lindsleydavison @anth2802 all my messages are not sending to her on whatsapp and facebook, they meant to be coming over here haha

      @TheMarkCarrick @WhatsApp What's all this verification crap on #WhatsApp sending messages ok but not pictures

      @jehiah @gooeyblob most programatic access has privileged network access and we use oauth2_proxy just for internet facing UI

      @Chic_Gambiana I swear I'm sick of sending my dad whatsapp messages and him not responding to me

      @dickybeacholdie @facebook I use VPN I am Australian,we have to to escape government surveillance. not changing my password, come into modern times

      @slash_addicted So using my "smart" phone for checking emails, FB & sending a few WhatsApp messages uses 25% battery in an hour. That's not very smart!

      @simivad25 RT @RahuIGandhi: WhatsApp is down. Shin Chan must be sending me messages. My messages to Doraemon not reaching either.

      @pauwels_redgy I am off goiing behind proxy low lvl acces with my own code this time i go hunt those scam site bots,there will be a lot less of them soon

      @Loc_Alc_Partner RT @CAPAlanSimpson: Blyth CAP now have a stencil so temporary chalk based paint messages against proxy purchasing can be sprayed in appropr…

      @ShaneMcNulty0 @WhatsApp I've been having serious problems with app last 2 days. Messages are not sending/receiving. My internet is fine and I reinstalled

      @JJJabroni @babygandolfini He designed Dick Island's VPN. That's why it's still secure. @lostjackson123 helped a lot too, I hear,

      @j_tuuli RT @DarrenJShirley: I think my whatsapp is playing up! keeps not sending messages for ages!

      @T_Ogunrinde Idk why my parents are sending me messages through Whatsapp as if I left the country and not just the state

      @georgelunduk RT @OnlyDanBrown: The Investigatory Powers Bill is useless against someone using TOR/VPN but will invade the privacy of normal people, I'm…

      @Lucyannnaa @JoelyJellybean why are my messages not sending to you on whatsapp it's important

      @_sChinoda @Safaricom_Care I'm trying to get my M-Pesa statement from your website and it's throwing me a 502 proxy error. Any work around to it?

      @EctopicBeats Sending me whatsapp messages in Urdu is not going to make me reply them any faster / or at all.

      @nraboy Is the recommended way to host Go applications to use a Apache or Nginx with a proxy? Learning Go, but not sure best way to deploy

      @ItsOnlyAkram This year I'm not sending Eid Mubarak WhatsApp messages

      @12vpn The data center where we host our website is experiencing connectivity issues. This does not affect the VPN.

      @Spookyyy11 @KEEMSTAR @fouseyTUBE yo fousey if you ever fucking skype gay ass keemstar use a vpn okay to be safe so this bitch does not get your ip

      @JAILBIEBER1 @FBI and now he adds blocking @whatsapp ....not not getting messages,he has done than before, but now me sending them!!!!

      @YoloBonglord420 @NigmaNoname In theory yes, but Valve would (mb) be able to see where people are logging in so the proxy might not shield the betting site.

      @ilhamlet Me: *breathes when I open my chat w Shahd*
      Shahd: oh my God, you abuse whatsapp so much this is not snapchat stop sending me messages!!!!!!

      @itsJay020 @maroonbastard baka you need to use the proxy ng upd para maka-access?

      @Faye5749 يهود بني قينقاع
      thank you for not sending whatsapp messages about the cow who turned neon in the early morning

      @miztransmission There you go again, WhatsApp, not sending all my messages and making me look like a dick

      @Bentlegs Things that are my fault #473: Whatsapp not sending messages properly.

      @annthecabby RT @Lars9596: . @purpleline One way = Google: "Darknet" "Tor" (Tor browser), but you need to install decent VPN & more.

      @FrozenPeachFMP The migrant crisis, welfare, national debt, proxy wars are all government creations. Maybe it's time to cut them off. Stop paying taxes.

      @Colazing_ Whatsapp has a problem where they are not sending me my friends messages... Yes, im positive they sent messages

      @FelixSupra1 @MollieBly @laurapcd1 @pj_reed_407 @wikileaks Still can't speak to anyone but yourself. You are not anyone's proxy.

      @elizajanestan my whatsapp is not sending messages

      @AndreeaRoberta Please, stop sending me messages with your email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype!!!! I am not here for.making collections of emails or ph…

      @sangeetakhanna How weird, a communication skills trainer goes on sending messages on WhatsApp for a month not bothering to know whether I care to respond

      @ClancyReports @Ibishblog VPN is less bandwidth, not more. Sure, Anonymous. But the problem is different. Need Freakin' BANDWIDTH!

      @WYR_Tw I mean he has a friend that is trying to get fit and he is not helping him, he is sending messages in a Whatsapp group saying his complexes

      @Jarmonaizer4eva RT @djhansenva: DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE FOR VMA ! IF ANOTHER COUNTRY ARE USING THE APP HOLA VPN #FandomOlympics #TEAM5H
      #MTVHottest Fifth Har…

      @sylvaingaland Why is @Rio2016 not broadcasted on @Twitch? VPN, proxy, Flash players, cable credentials in 2016? eSport accustomed me to better than that.

      @kawaiiboynjh RT @tmhtattedlou: respect and privacy does not mean sending louis and niall vile messages over whatsapp

      @mussybunhes @Louis_Tomlinson you should all have privacy, and not sending messages on whatsapp is one of them

      @sparkstack @Netflixhelps is not listening, or reading it's own error messages. It accuses me of using a VPN / proxy at random intervals. Not ISP issue.

      @AccessibleJoe @MAJEST1C @SwiftOnSecurity I block ads and trackers with Opera VPN. It's a browser VPN, not a true VPN. They do collect data.

      @JoeDoyle23 Hmm, @facebook is sending back PROXY-IS-ALIVE. Some CDN issues?

      @jadesfw My cab driver from DR keeps sending me gibberish messages on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, it's not the hot one.

      @JedditeFTW I know I've #TRIGGERED some rando in <3 twatters before
      ...but not so severely that it had to twatter-by-proxy from behind a block


      @rya1Sk Dear @WhatsApp after updating to ur new version
      I'm facing probs.
      Group messages r not coming as send, It's just sending all without serial.

      @failnaut RT @athenahollow: Go serious tho. I'd have not met my best friend, and by proxy my fiance, if it weren't for twitter sooooooo

      @SophieLouisee10 Why are my messages not sending to you on WhatsApp bruv @shansection

      @TigerPanthrHeat *school blocks games over wifi*

      *downloads VPN to bypass the block*

      *school blocks VPN*

      I can't win

      @SchineHausen @EsdeseIRL It's a free to play browser (and android) game. You can sign up and play via proxy.

      @slave_bo RT @MsEvilyne: Sending Me cryptic whatsapp messages isn't sweet & enticing. It's creepy. If you get offended when I ask who you are, that's…

      @CaptMikeYates Hey @twitter & @support, stop with the lameass password change messages just because I run from a vpn. Fucktards.

      @Dobie_M The network is bad but I'm tweeting, however, WhatsApp messages not sending. LOL

      @piyunnpin @woozipie 555555 yea bro I have to buy vpn cuz the free one sucks!!!/&shdgklu?'

      @zwa5588 RT @amrit21: is anyone having prombles on #whatsapp messages not sending

      @sqparnell @reToolednet @AdobePremiere Their new Proxy workflow is a good step - the issue here was RCX not making a proper XML when doing R3D trim

      @jrhusney @stewart is the average time between sent slack messages across all users going up or down? Might be a reasonable proxy business pace...

      @ConfessionsinRP How to connect to vpn for android? #rpcf

      @stefan_protocol @nickyr0mer0 No, i use proxy. Still not available here, I might be when they release it in MKD. But the app is amazing

      @SebastosPublius @pyotr_kropotkin Baraka sees the elections not so much as a mandate for Assad, but a referendum on the US proxy war.

      @yanprado83 @Media_Hint "you appear to be using an anonymous proxy tool." That's what I get on hulu

      @bagserkmuhdream my whatsapp messages just arent sending im not ignoring u abeet lel

      @Novemurr @chipfoxx @VermyFox Their website is registered through an internet proxy so that's not exactly a sign of confidence.

      @EmilyTeresaC RT @ressiej_: when I have to send actual text messages & not whatsapp or imessage I feel like I'm basically sending a messenger pigeon

      @PezzasPrincess @PialovesLM my whatsapp isn't sending messages so I'm not ignoring you

      @Josh__IK if you're on my whatsapp/bbm and you've been sending me messages, sorry I can't see it, I'm not ignoring you.

      send me a DM abeg

      @regithiel @lesbiankaldwin i hate whatsapp its not sending u my messages

      @mariuxisab whatsapp not sending me my messages stresses me out more than it should

      @jspandey_ RT @vikalprathi: @yogeshseth9 it means do not tweet 1000 tweet as you were having a habit sending messages in whatsapp groups

      @OneOClockGun RT @tranmerekev: I don't know who"s sending the messages, cos I'm not looking, so all on WhatsApp can fuck off.

      @aminparth4 @JioCare my net is not working properly. Whatsapp messages are not sending. My jio number is 7990120066 (Gujarat )

      @bartongellman @abadii_61 Yah. Security s/w can't play with VPN. Ug. It does work with VPN after first launch.

      @Tilondrion @physch Telegram and WhatsApp worked without VPN. Twitter and Facebook didn't. You're going to China? When and what for?

      @ayyteam_sucks @m2qm1g

      like my movie night server

      and my vpn subscription

      @selfrefute Chromecast doesn't work with a VPN, unless it's set up on the router itself. Always a cat and mouse game to get by geo-restricted content.

      @__Femi RT @_amoge: these days i feel like a 3rd party observer when whatsapp messages come in. like it's not me they're sending it to

      @DejanUlcej @NetflixDE I am not on proxy/vpn, but I kept getting that error? How can I watch then?

      @BurnsTheLawyer @ballard_ip You are not the judge of what is/is not objective, nor J. Thomas’ official proxy. You just disagree and got personal.

      @RohitNadhani @zoeclaire_ we proxy every mail through our servers for great experience, while saving battery & data. Free or one time paid was not working

      @Frustitute "Alleged" friends who have not even send a good morning whatsapp for months .. are sending .. regular messages since 4 days

      @HeatedSneaks @vjr620 browsing has absolutely nothing to do with carting a release item. Server not responding = banned proxy.

      @k3rtea My parents have started sending me motivational WhatsApp messages to help me and I'm not sure it's working lol

      @IsaacPalmerLive @WhatsApp yoo my messages are not sending I have restarted my iPhone and reinstalled the app and it's still not working...... help me!

      @callmefatsss I dunno how many times I must tell my mum to not be sending me chain messages on whatsapp

      @MTahir_349 RT @HNazeer92: I am sick up from all who are sending me Rabi ul Awal text & WhatsApp messages

      I am not interested in any non-sense in the…

      @OverdosingFENTY @almigor I'm fine, sending some messages for whatsapp and not answer tell me about you.

      @Stevengoulet23 @shesacop been sending you whatsapp messages all day have you not been getting them or did I do somthing ?

      @BabyWomann I am upset (but a little flattered) that blocking my mom on whatsapp has not stopped her from sending those ridiculous broadcast messages.

      @webcodepro RT @CarlWilhoyte: For activists:
      1. Encrypt your phone
      2. Get 2FA on your email
      3. Use Signal
      4. Use private VPN for remote access
      5. Use T…

      @HiAsanda My mom has whatsapp and I pray she doesn't start sending me those chain messages. Please God I'm really not asking for much

      @TommyCashJr @SheaSerrano @Free_Burge 'glock' is very appropriate since he murdered my fantasy season by proxy ie not getting the ball to Hopkins

      @the7threich Thank you whatsapp. For not sending my messages & getting me in the dog box

      @solekbarretovaz #royalty free podcast music vpn sites proxy

      @jeniece_es My aunt keeps sending me chain messages and these forward or they'll remove your Whatsapp after I tell her it's not real numerous times

      @HerAudrejesty Am not going on WhatsApp until 8am today,ghosts even sending me messages

      @NevrStopTouring RT @Cross_Genre: Lean Bear is personal security, driver, and cook for Ashley, and by proxy get gf our naughty nanny Nicole

      @Aviator_Jon93 Look at my phone not sending out my whatsapp messages.... Time to get replaced....

      @Ratuu_R my mom and sending me these not so funny whatsapp chain messages

      @C9Nyx @ben_flannigan @hayley_hine Am I not allowed to retweet stuff? Do I have to ask your permission? I'm using a proxy site which in turn

      @oliviakatecann not being able to type anything on my phone or snapchat means ive resulted to sending my sisters voice messages and photos on whatsapp

      @tomjamesf Is it not reasonable for people just to use their own fucking name on WhatsApp? Sending messages to "the king" is fucking aweful

      @YOUNGArmyNL RT @GraemeSYoung: Sending voice messages over to @NickHatton7 on whatsapp, we're not normal

      @danudey @trudicastle one woman was raving about tacos, angry about not being able to use a proxy to access music in U.K., and nervous about DMing.

      @AvinashWK RT @NarvijayYadav: Mention your name and identity while sending WhatsApp messages. Not every phone has your name in the phone book. Please.

      @OwnGoalMerchant STOP SENDING ME CHAIN MESSAGES ON WHATSAPP!!! FFS it's 2017 not 2009

      @fenrysk RT @CrispinBurke: He's made this point a few times, but it will be interesting to see what the various proxy forces (YPG, SDF, private mili…

      @Mdazzam @umobile Ampang, Tmn Putra Sulaiman area, connection become so laggy starting from night till morning, even whatsapp not sending messages

      @woozipie @scoupgyu_17 my katalk and whatsapp messages are not sending again

      @gumnos @mwlauthor Not using, but perhaps as a corporate HTTP proxy privacy enforcement tool? Ham-fisted. But not un-corporate by any stretch.

      @KevinMHorn @keepitscottie Have you tried Opera VPN app?

      @KuwarDheeraj I am sending messages via Whatsapp but not receiving at other end... #shitwhatsapp

      @s3ent @Snowden the article is wrong. It wasn't a Tor exploit it's an exploit in the browser bundle that causes Firefox to not proxy a request


      @ButedCita RT @therese10101958: @malousalamat @BojatinReyes @gemgem31mariz @igrace529 @MeilinLozano @VSupangan @sfkitty56 @AcobMarl @demesa_ian PROXY…

      @alopix Sending WhatsApp messages via Siri on iOS works so much better than with the OK Google thingy on Android

      @BiebersOreo why are my whatsapp messages sending so late can it not do that pls

      @personalr_ants Family members that send messages to me on WhatsApp 24/7 annoy, especially when they're not sending you small

      @BeGreatTy_ That's sad when you need vpn at home

      @Itsmesasidhar Evaluate before sending. Do not forward "forwarded as received" messages in #whatsapp for the sake of forwarding.

      @Syng_Stripetail It's curious how fast people encourage violence by proxy. People are sending letters and cash to an inmate that assaulted another inmate...

      @Uncle_jase Whatsapp messages not even sending -_-

      @MortenEbooks When I surf the web vs when you try to break through a firewall and all you needed was to correctly set up the proxy settings

      @Citadelinv @joeseanor hi joe what do you think about hide my ass as a vpn

      @DhizRade @discordapp I did restart my computer it still does not connect, and im not using any vpn proxy or anything at all.

      @boylemansion anyone else has whatsapp fucked up for them?? not sending messages??

      @Erlissaaa_ i'm so proud of myself for not sending messages to the wrong ppl anymore lol my whatsapp status used to be "sorry! wrong chat"

      @Bundisto This new whatsapp is not user-friendly, u'll end up sending wrong messages to all ur contacts

      @nxysxyxr took whatsapp off of sending read receipts so i could open messages and not respond, but then wanted to leave them on read so put it back on

      @Luiz0x29A @hacks4pancakes Let's think as an engineer, not everything can be patched, what can we do? we could protect SMB protocol with a proxy

      @Prooze_banx So my mom not been online for sometime now...only to come back this evening and start sending those long messages on WhatsApp

      @Lalaalakija @Mr_NHF omg happy birthday abs. Lmao I just sent you messages on whatsapp insulting you for not sending me stuff I asked for before you left

      @alex_bettert I'm all fingers and thumbs today - keep sending whatsapp messages to the wrong people (luckily I'm not talking about anything interesting!)

      @alex_sutton85 @O2 Thanks for the reply but the problem is that although 2G shows network activity, no apps work (eg - whatsapp messages not sending)

      @iWillyMoU reverse proxy server works best on #LinuxBox. own thought

      @ayourdayg_ RT @t_olusina: Just woke up from a 5hr sleep nd I'm really confused
      Why are my whatsapp messages not sending
      What's appening?
      Pun intended…

      @DrRathore India is a strange country where liking a Facebook post and sending messages on WhatsApp may get you arrested, while raping may not.

      @Zane_Da_Phoenix RT @MeepoM: That one friend that just keeps sending you WhatsApp messages whether u respond or not

      @DidierStevens @johnc2k It can not do the killswitch test in an environment with only proxy access to Internet.

      @JagoArrow 7. Sending an "Everyone should use a VPN" message to the general public does not equal sensible internet privacy advice. It is misleading.

      @ri_yxnce My whatsapp acting up and not sending messages

      @taxfreecult They r devious & deceptive, they access account with a mobile app that appears to run from my device, but it not me, it uses the same ip/vpn

      @SocaSamFoxx #Anyone got a cheap phone to buy. My I-Phone is not sending messages, no one can hear me and no WhatsApp - just a mess! Soca Sam shares

      @rosekamau_ RT @FiiDee_: Madam stop sending me messages on whatsapp @jciku i do not know you please concentrate on buliding your career as a pussy hawk…

      @quiana_mj @ElectoralCommUK All the Aunties are sending us whatsapp messages telling us not to vote in pen?Plz tell me the truth so I can shut them up?

      @copwatcher It's a bit sad people I've not heard from forever are sending copy/paste WhatsApp voting messages without so much as a "how are you mate?"

      @SIR_DENISE I got this bad luck on whatsapp by not sending the messages to people.

      @_Legend03 #CheerSomeoneUpBy not sending them chain messages on WhatsApp.

      @TheCEOMagZim Is anyone else having a challenge with @econetzimbabwe Whatsapp today. Cant refresh and all my messages are not sending

      @0xjomo @Diftraku @mulander @WhatsApp Using a proxy would be much worse because that proxy could collect all the information, thus breaking the e2e.

      @SuzySooiiee @ConstanceQueen8 read some of her messages to him, Munchausen by proxy?

      @Mazi_Osusu @softpuchu I've sending you messages on WhatsApp but it's not delivering

      @BiggSean66 RT @barballs: @toncijukic @GenialityOfEvil @TimSweeneyEpic Again, no. Different games. Different engines. Console's the only variable. It's…

      @Proxy_Tank @advancedstats23 to be underrated. Him and Turner then re sign Teague and you're a decent team. It's not ideal but it's the best offer

      @harmankdhanoa You're not foreign unless you're sending voice messages on the WhatsApp

      @yeska1210yes RT @ShivendraKisho2: 10. Liking a Facebook post and sending messages on WhatsApp gets you arrested,

      while destroying public property doe…

      @csj85 @cossy53 @AnarchyMedia85 @xsmashx88x @TheAlphaP lol im not sure how a build can block your vpn access.

      @Abdullah_Gillan RT @Blizzy_XO: I know I'm not the only brown kid whose WhatsApp is filled w/ random relatives sending religious messages and articles

      @photokingh @wa_status web whatsapp is not sending messages anymore. 1 did sent via web, 2 other messages did not and stall. anything wrong?

      @pauliefordy @shaunwilson71 Not just available overseas. You only need a VPN to bypass that

      @Zipho_Mavs My WhatsApp is whyiling

      @carlaenax @issaoreo Is why my messages not sending on whatsapp?

      @OggaraNe @ranga_swamy is ignoreing Whatsapp messages.. I promise I am not sending Varamahalakshmi wishes forwards

      @fnkey @Scott_Helme @dannsimmons Not sure BUT one of you is on the actual and the other on proxy IP.

      @pahemyself Is my whatsapp the only one not sending messages

      @Hollandje97 Actually surprised that my WhatsApp isn't blocked by the great chinese firewall. Sadly Twitter/snapchat can only be accessed through VPN :(

      @khotsiaRosh @DrThendi Somehow my WhatsApp is not sending messages hey, I might be out of data but am scared to check. Hows You

      @Ophiologist My messages aren't sending through to him on WhatsApp

      @pandiyan_cool Dear whatsapp users,

      Use the technology wisely.
      Stop sending some random videos & forwarded fake messages to me.

      I'm not reading anything.

      @adrianshanahan Is whatsapp down, messages not sending for me.

      @the100rabh Whatsapp just eats up messages while sending to stories to 10k subscribers she has, friction is there, but WhatsApp does not work

      @ChartPrettyMuch RT @ChartPrettyMuch: @Prettymuchfas @PMItalianSquad @AustinPorterBR @BR_PRETTYMUCH This the first tutorial on how to change your VPN to Ame…

      @katsukibaku im not playing tera until ppl fix the proxy that game is shit without it

      @liarawtf RT @holdonbradley: anyone else's messages not sending to any group chats/sending slowly to people on whatsapp??

      @_NatzY_oG I do not have whatsapp anymore, (for those who keep sending me messages).

      @iam_agbetunde @AirtelNigeria i can only receive whatsapp messages,my mssges re nt sending not to talk of deliverin.. why is ur whatsapp service so wack??

      @joshczs @MaxisListens WhatsApp messages not sending on maxis 4G!

      @hasnaa_in RT @muppetastrophe: spent all day together and now sending voice messages on whatsapp, if this is not true friendship idk what is it

      its o…

      @IGovindSingh China Already Banned Popular Internet Site, like Google, Twitter etc. Now it is reach to #WhatsApp. But Chinese citizens run these with VPN.

      @opera @rogueactuary Hi, Opera for Android does not have VPN integrated :) /Rosi

      @JamesMarsh1984 WhatsApp troubles today guys. Messages not sending and I’m receiving everyone’s replies in bulk. So I’m not being ignorant! Haha

      @Hlanyos I had banned my mom from sending me chain messages. We were doing so well until lately. And I'm not allowed to block her on Whatsapp

      @GuGudan99legend @JellyStarlight Ahh its fine now.

      @rebellenoire - Sending Whatsapp messages at 11pm is not okay unless it's urgent.

      @tipsiegypsie Why is @makemytrip sending whatsapp messages? why not just the regular email and SMS.

      @Starrszy99 RT @DexterHouseCAT: @JulianAssange Not the whole Whatsapp, just a web page where ANC was sending info messages to Whatsapp subscribers.

      @hazelhira always sending messages to the wrong people on whatsapp. always. not even sorry anymore.

      @Inno_Tawanda @econet_support My whatsapp bundles. Haasi kugara and you are not even sending messages kuti apera

      @Its_just_army RT @iambtsmallows24: Reminder ARMYs!

      - DON'T USE VPN!
      - USE Qoo10 app if site is not working

      @ztownsend Never a good sign..."The proxy server could not handle the request GET /register/createAccount."

      @fordarkness "please disable proxy or vpn"
      HAHA no.

      @jeniece_es @MeagEgg Whatsapp. Its not sending my messages

      @KaineSays RT @gbenro: Today is 17/11/17.

      I am just here to thank you for not making a thing of it and sending nonsense WhatsApp messages.

      God bles…

      @DreamerAshu Why don't people understand that whatsapp is not for sending official messages. We have emails for that. #digitalmarketing

      @kuoGames Anyone else having issues with #whatsapp today? It's not sending any of my messages for some reason, no matter if I'm on data or wifi. :/

      @parthgohil09 @i_m_Pania @VodafoneIN Did it work out ? That's not Vodafone Problem it was server problem. Download Super VPN, Connect to CANADA and Boom

      @deewashingi1 WhatsApp is not sending or receiving messages anyone out there experiencing this problem #whatsappdown

      @Local_Proxies #IG #Instagram banned data center proxies : time to try residential proxies #proxy

      @PhaBPaulla RT @NkanyeziKubheka: People who do this on whatsapp ???????????????????????????????? Please respect me. You not the only person sending me…

      @LetLoveRule333 RT @TheKatsViews: @LetLoveRule333 @burberryant @elle101 @Kelleyswords @knowsackpodcast @theProgSoapbox @MarioDNews @ihcahff1456 @AnmolAlpho…

      @bhukkhad There is a fight going on in a "professional" whatsapp group about not sending unnecessary messages. The Irony.

      @Ntebo_Montle @neo_zuska Nooooo it's not sending my messages and it keeps saying "WhatsApp is not responding" over and over again

      @Bobby_M97 I'm so happy that my Whatsapp contacts honored my wishes of not sending me Christmas messages

      @CuntyBrent @CHlMASIMONE I use VPN proxy on my phone, and watch from the website.

      @GRACIEL38170163 RT @motionpoint: Whether you're just entering the global marketplace or already knee-deep in the quagmire of in-house translation, it's not…

      @tejnemanwar RT @AjayMundhada: Instead of sending only WhatsApp messages to each other this Republic day why not contribute and support the families of…

      @badgyaltoyo RT @SheisBoki: When a woman writes "can you imagine my mechanic sending me toasting messages on WhatsApp, I've suffered o" Men *and some in…

      @Deeficult RT @rahtlesnake: @t_oguns My mum will turn off her data and be sending u messages on whatsapp... Call u and rake u for not replying her me…

      @Raeez_S people need to learn some WhatsApp etiquette, over-replying (sending 5 messages) to a simple question is not on.

      @IamPuseletso_SA RT @BlingLiberty: @wtftumi @CassperNyovest @MmusiMaimane @GlenBidermanPam @tumi_morake @SABC3 @Our_DA @familytreeworld Proudly south africn…

      @jonnyfromrhu @EE Text messages not sending. WhatsApp is working ok on 4G though

      @Shradha_kap RT @ModiVolunteer: "good morning messages are cluttering smartphones in india"
      "indians are filling up the internet by sending millions of…

      @fainas_best RT @Wild_n_Uncaged: @GutuObert I'm confused. The people who sent you threatening messages are on WhatsApp but you want them to know you are…

      @wamaloka I love going to church...but my pastor has been sending me inappropriate whatsapp messages..now going to church is not the same anymore

      @vampireprofiler RT @SongQianism: [UPDATE ON #ROOFonFIRE STREAMING]
      This method requires a little bit of more effort but I will leave it up to you guys

      @selig_12 RT @nabeeldenero: WhatsApp should have a stealth mode where you can not only enter and leave groups without notifying the group but can als…

      @ImLynsey I keep getting WhatsApp messages from a number in Pakistan

      @DaleRBoyce RT @GeeJustG: So Guccifer forgot to activate his VPN, thus revealing to US officials his Moscow IP. That's how they caught him. My questio…

      @mlk_gtop7 RT @zoiavip: My friend heard Flower Road and loved it,she is not kpoper,she knew BB bcz of my big mouth,so she sent me asking about it to u…

      @karensparrow RT @1eyeinrumney: @karensparrow @WhatsApp @Ashdown_Forest Well help you do @optrafair by proxy too

      @ArmndoAmante @webbvianca the most trustworthy friend of alex. Proxy dati para makarating messages ko kay alex. And a best person to be a friend

      @ja8son @Rasmus_Gold what's wrong woth your IPhone's whatsapp? I've been sending you messages but it's not going through...?

      @JeleJele89 RT @GrantSon1: @Radio702 @KarimaBrown can the Gupta s please come to SA and man up instead of sending emails, whatsapp s and Facebook messa…

      @nmugayih Hi @econet_support. I have just purchased my whatsapp bundles but not yet receiving messages or sending. Kindly assist!

      @Priyanshu_Proxy RT @SirIshantSharma: Everyone Is Busy Praising Ambati Rayudu And MS Dhoni, Nobody Realised Corey Anderson Scored 58 Off Just 22 Balls. Just…

      @1DGrand RT @kathygriffin: H) Trump chooses not to attend the #WHCD - instead the White House said Sarah Sanders was attending in his place. She sat…

      @KcGreuter RT @NJCybersecurity: A vulnerability found in the Login screen of the Clientless SSL VPN (#WebVPN) portal of the #Cisco Adaptive Security A…

      @MichaelaBligna1 RT @Freckled_Que: Post "happy birthday to me" on your WhatsApp status and watch your fake friends sending you long HBD messages even though…

      @PWeiss926 @WhatsApp why are my messages not sending. Im on WA Business and trying to send messages they just sit there pending for hours???

      @KhombaYaMuvenda My whatsapp

      @xsiwetheyrun my WhatsApp has been fucked for the longest time, so I'm not receiving or sending any messages :( xxxx

      @Zafar_hussain_ ''Nothing is more irritating than the feeling when whatsapp messages are not getting blue at the pace I m sending

      @Shashibhayani1 RT @cricket24x7in: @roshin_raj @HumApkeHainKoun @ramakirao @chitrapadhi @ashishkedia58 @RAJ_KUMAR_VERMA @_blunty @Suchindranath @DovinMobil…

      @eddiemania70 RT @edemkumodzi: My mom has upgraded from sending my WhatsApp broadcast messages to sending me YouTube videos. I'm not sure how to feel abo…

      @renz_krispies RT @Brazy_Kicks: Teaming up with @TheBanditBlock to do a Giveaway!

      @Sugaarrbaby I really need some of you to stop sending me messages on my business line via WhatsApp to follow you on twitter. It’s not that deep please.

      @rajjo24 RT @imNaavya: Some people are not satisfied by sending those good morning picture messages on whatsapp only so they upload here too and tag…

      @Jey_The_Boss @mithunraman In UK it maybe less due to seeman groups sending messages through WhatsApp not to watch Kaala...

      @WCEUBot RT @catehstn: Anonymous feedback shouldn't happen in a good environment in a good team. Normally not very effective. Want an environment wh…

      @leathertrinity RT @ladyamber2017: I am now taking #cam sessions via #whatsapp .
      This for #cam sessions only , do NOT abuse this my sending endless messa…

      @SvenUbags @WhatsApp ny hatsapp is not recieving and not sending messages, im using a samsung s8+ and my whatsappversion is 2.18.203

      @NastyOxy RT @blessymudodo: @MTNza @umsindisi_ You should at least have notified us before the 16th. Not sending messages on the 16th that WhatsApp b…

      @c1sc0r1b31r0 @AriDavidPaul It will soon be used for a shared economy p2p browser proxy and VPN

      @BrandonMusiq Lol I'm so not photogenic.. but i be sending the most video messages on whatsapp

      @deepash81 @cmclymer Trying to decide between calling a friend or sending messages via WhatsApp. Takes me half an hour to decide. Not exaggerating.

      @rizingdamp People sending messages to the work whatsapp group at 1130 on a Friday night. Can you not, man

      @RodgerMagagani RT @EdmundKudzayi: I am pleasantly surprised at how rapidly this group is expanding in just a few minutes. I will be sending you all the in…

      @molodyko RT @molodyko: The Ukrainian struggle is matched only by the suffering of those in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, and Syria, who have lost their live…

      @Jayy_Skinn RT @Sarbyen_: WhatsApp will snitch on you and still make you look like a coward. Imagine sending messages and later deleting em not knowing…

      @bholluniyor RT @O_Osakioduwa: You know what’s worse than my parents sending forwarded messages on WhatsApp is the fact that they harass you for not ope…

      @kingboits_ Since my gran is on WhatsApp she does not stop sending me stupid videos and those chain messages

      @yo_bj One day, I will be able to access MPOW's main website while logged into work VPN.

      Today is not that day.

      @niallflaherty RT @normaburke: Councils should not prevent freedom of speech. @jsmy was entitled to send me yesterday as his proxy & if no legislative bas…

      @omimaalsoliman RT @DubaiNameShame: Dear everyone at work,

      Its 21:20pm

      Stop sending me emails followed by SMS and Whatsapp messages, smoke signals and p…

      @1Mafuze Why is my WhatsApp not sending messages? Lool. Every week.

      @pinkythename RT @kapsology: Things will not stop here, even if you stop interacting with your 'concerned' friend or posting anything against Modi, he wi…

      @Chrismugoz RT @mwanetuz: After that Sharon kept on sending several WhatsApp messages but I would not reply. She used approximately seven different pho…

      @neokoza RT @nandnz: The whole VBS bank heist speaks to the obscene normalization of flagrant corruption at government level. And this is not epitom…

      @Not_A_god4 RT @bartongellman: If you want to talk confidentially with a journalist (say, me), turn on “disappearing messages” in Signal, delete messag…

      @DylanWin18 @gamehacker080 What VPN you are using?

      @Abanie_Jae I woke to some very angry messages on WhatsApp and he go Hadda keep sending them cause i not responding

      @Ak_kolade What the F*ck is happening, I can tweet but Whatsapp messages are not receiving nor sending

      @hannahtraining Jared and MBS are pals. He’s not sending SEAL Team 6 over there in between sending him messages on WhatsApp.

      @LFCAdxm yo snap me cah whatsapp messages not sending @CMfkhalid9

      @Sesamy7 What is with my whatsapp not sending my messages on time?
      E ma binu my people.
      Izz not my fault.

      @GrahamEdmund Any human sending voice message on #WhatsApp — such messages will not be played!