Whatsapp Not Receiving Messages

whatsapp not receiving messages
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The Whatsapp voice calls are generally free and also you don't need to pay one particular penny seeing that it has already been banned simply by Du and also Etisalat in UAE.

Almost all of the WhatsApp users continue to be unaware regarding WhatsApp cost-free voice telephone service as there hasn't been any official announcement from the company. Even so, according in order to reports users need to download latest version regarding WhatsApp so that you can enjoy cost-free voice contacting feature.

If you’ve arrived on this webpage it is pretty quite likely that you're searching information about whatsapp not receiving messages.

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      @submergency .@vpncompare You should know that @HideMyAss VPN is not recommended for China. Renewal now requires extensive photo id and proof of address.

      @nanoview @Speak2usSofia @Antibolt Yeah! When he Introduced Data Retention he went VPN?..Oh you're not Supposed to know about Virtual Private Networks

      @matwg @fredsoneya would love to know too. Not in CBS with VPN?

      @Sailor_Moon_CA Do not suggest to me to use a VPN to watch #SailorMoon. It is piracy, and frankly, it is patronizing.

      @GripeO_Outreach RT @yokomitsu2: warning do not purchase this or any lifetime service from stacksocial, once you pay the service would go from bad to worse …

      @ebooksquiring Settling in for the night with some mixed messages here about how we go up almost 10x when running Netflix through a VPN:

      @x12503181 Suddenly I found that I forgot to use a VPN to connect to Twitter. That's why I can't send messages on Twitter!

      @WindowsSupport @coreysnipes Hello, Corey. To clarify, are you getting any error messages with your VPN client? Have you tried any troubleshooting steps?

      @m1ghtymo RT @faustctf: If you have registered and did not receive our recent messages (VPN config and demo image), please contact us!

      @ne1shea @comcastcares Problems with internet for 2-3 months. Somestimes VPN messages. Other times, just goes down with no message.

      @OtterDose For some reason, I'm now receiving Israeli YouTube adverts in Yiddish. I think. No, has nothing to do with my VPN, nope. :3

      @eefasam Omg whats with not receiving certain whatsapp messages

      @jeans_tweets Anyone else having issues with @WhatsApp not receiving messages?

      @JavierChigurh @wa_status is whatsapp down? Not sending or receiving messages since midnight. Live in Brazil, são paulo.

      @syakirahaqsha not receiving certain messages on my whatsapp. what is wrong?

      @OKUnderline @Sasbites Interesting article - in that I agree that Piracy has turned a tide. Not so much in Netflix.. but in VPN's...

      @linuxfiend @DizzyTypeBroad Their configs are identical. I should probably also mention that the VPN system is not on wifi.

      @KingGee24 Glad im not on whatsapp i would be receiving endless chain Christmas messages

      @LauraHuu The joy of #VPN : listening to your old local favorite band who banned free Youtube playing at home but not in the US (lol hello Kyyria!)

      @NJGx17 The thing about DdoSing me NOT on a VPN is that i cant take your IP and forward it to the police. Fucking 12 years olds

      @nadeen_tolan RT @Muhammetusama: Hi,
      receiving many messages through whatsapp and still feel alone.
      because it's about the content of the message not the…

      @TheWyla As someone who values their privacy and gets really anxious at receiving 84390 "HI" messages it's just not gonna work, sorry! Whatsapp only

      @aqeelbutt397 Whatsapp is down, so at least I can pretend that I'm not receiving messages due to zuckerberg's fault.

      @_imbj_ whatsapp s down? is it? not receiving messages!!!

      @katyburton Anyone else's Whatsapp not working correctly? Receiving messages but then when I go on Whatsapp it doesn't connect & message doesn't appear

      @Lu_Roodri RT @hesgently: #Whatsapp why isn't it working I'm not receiving any messages

      @5starKafui If your WhatsApp still not receiving messages, yours is just as dry as mine

      @Lucilles_son RT @Theawesomeasim: #Whatsapp being down finally allows me to pretend that's the reason I'm not receiving any messages

      @Theawesomeasim #Whatsapp being down finally allows me to pretend that's the reason I'm not receiving any messages

      @SrkianLad What Happened To Whatsapp? :/ Messages Not Going,Profile Picture Not Updating Even Status Too .. Not receiving Messages Too -_-

      @aspecialgurl94 RT @gilbiano_ian: #whatsapp not delivering messages nor receiving

      @TheBpDShow @readwriteblue clearly. But I'm also clearly speaking to you as a proxy. That that fits feel free to wear. That that does not, throw away

      @em1500uk Having problems sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp, so if anyone has sent me a message, I'm sorry. I'm not ignoring you!

      @RoxanaShirazi WhatsApp is down so it's not my fault you're not receiving my messages.

      @sharibramble So I can blame whatsapp for not receiving any messages?

      @evsa_ RT @igbo__giant: Is whatsapp still down or am I just not receiving any messages

      @AngelaN43904259 Set free notebook to motor cacuminal deals – your working-out in consideration of lather as proxy for deals: ...

      @uk_rants @ali_lcfc Or has that been damaged too far by the Iran/Saudi proxy wars over the yrs? Wars which hide greed under a cloak of extreme Islam.

      @jiturajrv39 @India how many times we cancelled, paki is not coming away from proxy war they will continue. Continue talks and give it a conclusion.

      @chib_97 When savvy thinks she all cool. Because she's getting the Vpn app but then. Her phone dose not like her

      @Brooksie1138 @xaaronh yeah but VPN will get you access to Amazon.

      @M3l5yy001 @icloud_unlockd @FCE365 , create a proxy server , and crash it with buddy file

      @priscillaljy Really something wrong with my whatsapp Zz I'm not receiving messages thou they are sent to me?!

      @noimoutosnolife @sergeylossev your VPN might be blocking stuff it normally lets through with the older version. excluding the manga apps from savings-

      @BenLevin_ @KStreetHipster being a "felon", in our super racist and screwed up justice system, is *not* a good proxy for moral character.

      @pshuxian I swear my WhatsApp has serious problem. Not receiving messages

      @catisbetter666 @kooworn are you not receiving my whatsapp messages smh

      @chelsbiaan Why am I not receiving any messages @WhatsApp?! Deleted and reinstalled, turned my phone on and off, still nothing...

      @ChelseaJack1 Why is my whatsapp not receiving all messages

      @shivyari2013 RT @CombatChris1: After studying #ISIS since their 2013 emergence in Syria I now declare they're a proxy of Assad and #Iran who finance equ…

      @Madelin73278748 Academic year interchange-the very best displacement averages as proxy for platonic year demise: aWxETV

      @QaseemNaseer91 whatsapp should provide the option for us to not receiving anynotification when receiving messages from any particular group or person

      @kyvahixuxyci A proxy war is underway in cyberspace, according to I.T. security analysts, and it is pitting numerous foreign institutions against

      @Cat_Nicholls_x @WhatsApp why am I not receiving messages but can send them? Why are you stressing me out??

      @911Infos TunnelguruVPN is the best vpn service i ever encountered. waoooo, so much surprising. thx a lot for your free service

      @cool_dallu RT @chetan_bhaqat: BJP proxy Bhavana threw ink, all channels took her interview.
      When Genuine students shout Narendra Modi Murdabad why med…

      @CreativeWolf While I'm aware that each of my request passes through my MSP's Proxy Server, I expect them not to be doing a Man In The Middle Attack.

      @atifgoraya @salmanarshad @omar_quraishi then stop crying if we hit back, Pakistan is at receiving end in afg, insia proxy

      @tmunatsi1 @econetzimbabwe im having problems with my data im going of twitter but I'm not receiving any whatsapp messages

      @Persephone_Call Sorry guys something is up with my whatsapp @love_smove @deleangel17 I'm not receiving or able to send any messages

      @svictest ' While the PPSAI proposal does not call for restricting privacy and proxy services, that idea demonstrated a fundamental ...

      @arch_update_bot nginx 1.8.1-1 (x86_64/Extra)
      "Lightweight HTTP server and IMAP/POP3 proxy server"

      @mlp_Chimie *.@mlp_Ian will have to proxy, as the player needs to head off to school*

      @antoniayoung_ Not receiving #Whatsapp messages for some unknown reason

      @Ramdas_Dhumale #WhatsAppDown WhatsApp is still down..users not receiving messages on time..delays by 15 to 30 minutes.. continue

      @effiegh_ People always get onto me for "airing" them on whatsapp. These times I'm not even receiving their messages

      @mediatemplehelp @dennisthefoodie Hey there! Looks like the databases load is fine now. I can view your site locally and remotely through a proxy server.

      @FrancisHookDF @Buggz79 I use a 'proxy' - ditto for sending/receiving

      @JordanRichmond Hello @avast_antivirus my VPN hasn't worked for 48hours now? Also I am receiving billing emails yet when I try lock it says email is wrong?

      @Crensafrika #whatsApp not receiving or sending messages on my phone but im fully subscribed on my network.

      @shahidmvuwa @econet_support my phone is not receiving or sending whatsapp messages.

      @eltonkufandada Is the whatsapp bug solved cz im still not receiving messages

      @IamIceKidd @econet_support Am not receiving my WhatsApp messages and can't access the internet besides twitter only.

      @mperossi It seems iPhone is not receiving @WhatsApp messages and notifications when the app is closed. Okay when WhatsApp is opened in background.

      @donniewatifae @econet_support not receiving whatsapp messages ....0775158432 samsung galaxy star

      @Elasto_Proxy Anyone else getting "internal server error messages" here on Twitter?

      @timelesstellar weeps at proxy fees, i’m sorry i have to sell these a bit higher than others ;A;

      @angads_grewal @netflix_india why doesn't u provide tv shows like flash, house of Cards.... We have to use VPN to see all of it!!!

      @HenryKathy1 Realize consummate remedial measure means of access change otherwise interpreting services as proxy for banausi...

      @TripleHost Our Staff will be receiving a invitation and 6 month membership for Seed4Me VPN. When staff are using our network they most have it enabled.

      @Hannibal0_0 #Hannibal: Will Graham is not what you think. He's not a murderer. #Matthew: He is now. By proxy.

      @RhianBartle @WhatsApp not receiving notifications of messages unless go into app. All settings are on for notifications. Please help

      @laurenkrucker The VPN gods and my OS compatibility are not showing me the love tonight. Vitural lab attempt continues tmw #gradschoolproblems

      @qhiesthynayusri not in mood of receiving whatsapp messages from you.

      @AmandaLois4 Nimble-witted lake conurbation homes as proxy for enfeoffment buyers: whence headed for do to apologia-openhand...

      @Bluethefurry @strikerwolf1 you're on a Mobile phone, and because you're implying that you need a pc for a proxy or vpn just shoes your hacking skills.

      @CharmianNeary @Opensout @_coltseavers @nunzioni @REnlightenment @TellDramaUK I'm not on that tablet right now. I'm on a laptop. Couldn't find proxy.

      @MacAdamOwen2 :blue manolo blahnik shoes conferral,pumps,sandals this is not appropriate as proxy for your distinction nor is...

      @MurungiAm how come my whatsapp is off!!!!
      I am not receiving any messages

      @dabeast54 @hojunlim89_lim ok so you would only need a proxy if your ip is banned or to prevent it from being banned?

      @vwegert @ceedee666 I meant “VPN into your private SAP CAL AWS network”

      @Mr__Maza I hav desinstalled VPN & now i'm stuck
      Please bring back whatsapp & twitter
      Quel weekend!!!

      @Miyagi_Do @KnockoutTips is bet info only on website or whatsapp as well as I'm not receiving messages on whatsapp

      @NightOwlReview @lewiyd @lbbowyer84 Not worried. I've had 14 people contact me about setting them up with a website that includes their own forum and VPN.

      @dark_proxy RT @Lyricoldrap: I have been getting messages from a few people asking about the video Dylan uploaded about us being fake, and now I'll tal…

      @MKNHNR Finally started getting these Netflix proxy messages. Probably time to get a kodi-enabled firestick thing. Clearly I'm an expert

      @apocrypha_proxy i actually might just shave my head my hairs getting long already and i just got a haircut not too long ago..

      @aawaaaraDOTexe What I have to do from stop receiving messages on whatsapp ? Uninstalling is not an option. :/

      @Seccie @Media_Hint getting error messages on Netflix regarding unblocker / proxy. What to do now? #Mediahint

      @drangel959 @Carolinaaaaa_17 you're not receiving my messages on whatsapp :(

      @mafotita Proxy marriage,not a marriage of the proxies.

      @TshepiMoremong @CellC_Support I'm not receiving whatsapp messages. And I have airtime, what the hell is wrong? @CellC

      @hunterofbots iot #hustle sex template #bitcoin facebook international #singles vpn design traffic bacon

      @Tenny100 #Whatsapp 2.12.500 #android not sending or receiving messages!

      @RocheStrategies @amberr0307 Yep. Nothing says 'I'll protect Obama's legacy, including the Iran deal' like helping the CIA start a proxy war with Iran.

      @JamesSierra4 Compliantly communicate with perplexity executive officer as proxy for thy ip cctv: zEGiPK

      @WifKinsonRussel Pay-packet loans straw vote assuredness hold in leash: bypass bouncy specification as proxy for on the cash res...

      @DrEFontaine @CurmudgeonGrant @getblockless seems to work on my McBook (but very slow with terrible image), proxy error messages on all other devices

      @YogeshBang @ngrok $ docker run --rm -e "HTTP_PORT=8080" -e "HTTP_PROXY=" -e "HTTPS_PROXY=" centurylink/ngrok, not work

      @Halonens @uFlixDNS why are you penalizing those of us who have routers who can handle the vpn dns thing because we do not need u router?

      @MrNapkat @EdTheDuck101 Haha, thanks! I still boot up my VPN most mornings before Facebook by accident. It's marvellous to not need it any more.

      @ApostleRayLive If you want to be receiving my messages on Whatsapp, Text Me Your Name & Location on 0273203299.

      People Are Getting In Touch

      Why Not You!

      @Gabyycmps I hate not receiving notifications from whatsapp

      @hulu_support @andyex42 If our system detects a VPN/anonymous proxy or flags your IP address as being outside of the U.S. you'll likely run into trouble.

      @RNexists Is anyone's whatsapp server down? Mine's not working at All! I aint receiving messages forget sending any

      @MostaPi There is no ways I'm not receiving whatsapp messages at this time. I know my bitches love me!! Something must be wrong

      @kirsst HELP whatsapp shows my messages have been delivered (grey tick) but the recipients are not receiving them?? HELP HELP

      @BookishBakerHLR Uses free wifi without a VPN #HowNotToChooseAMate

      @pamgaea Unsay nindot na VPN na free/barato? Need... access... to... BBC... iPlayer.... Help :D

      @MickyGilmore @Nathan_Lange your welcome. It's a much cheaper option than a full VPN. PureVPN & TorGuard with dedicated ip's can also get access but $$$

      @lordd_skillz @the_Rahmah bro your Whatsapp and twitter are on the same phone. how are you tweeting but not receiving Whatsapp messages.

      @Melissa_Mahony @Unblock_Us @Hammo01 Same. Still getting proxy warning even after following steps. I did let support know .. still no response.

      @dirtyprettyart @IGGYAZALEA girl @HiyaaShan Facebook called me and I watched it ther. My VPN is trash on the phone

      @_kakabaka6_ can anyone help? I re installed WhatsApp and restored messages but not receiving messages from one chat why?

      @_xpoison_ivyx @Luvabl_Travesty

      @v_bastarfect I wonder if there is something wrong with my phone/whatsapp because I'm not receiving any messages -,-

      @DawnyMcCormick Please tell me its just me thats cannot access @netflix via Proxy Hola?! Please tell me this loophole is not over - i may die :-(

      @akharote1 @lafeo_007 By allowed, I mean not accessible publicly. You need to use a proxy to do it. Something which most "non geeks" people can't do.

      @jtws42 @KnockoutTips not receiving the messages via Whatsapp

      @Oakwright So I’m trying to figure out this Whatsapp thing. Not receiving messages from someone. Any ideas?

      @lilstan550 @proxy_connect Yo s/o to my boy! Had a blocked ip address. Got hooked up with a proxy and copped a restock!

      @LizanneLloyd WhatsApp new security is Pants. I'm not receiving the messages for hours now.

      @kvng_gracey idk if my network is fooling or i'm not just receiving whatsapp messages

      @GavinNevaeh Resolve locksmith bensalem discrete four-channel system services as proxy for greater results: IBF

      @TERIMAAKIJACK My @WhatsApp is not letting me view messages, even though Im receiving them. I use a BlackBerry Q10, can someone help me fix this? #Whatsapp

      @yzfjamie Anyone else's @WhatsApp for #iPhone not receiving messages until you've opened the app? #WhatsApp

      @HBuuxx Did Whatsapp crash or am I jus not receiving the messages

      @bambishim @7912AceRosslyn haha xD overseas and need to use vpn to access twitter, fb etc :///

      @sharmine_miah why am i not receiving any whatsapp messages when people have actually messaged me

      @KapilVij Whatsapp is playing a mean game. Not receiving all my messages and sometimes getting a notification with no message. #problems

      @EnnairdaLoL omfg..my phone is lagging bc my whatsapp is receiving 1000+ messages in 5 mins stfu holy shit I'm not using this phone bye

      @inkalypse After the latest @WhatsApp update I'm receiving some messages and not others, even within the same chat. Can't follow conversations at all

      @AmyyyLauren_ @wa_status @WhatsApp why is my whatsapp not receiving messages

      @Shanksy84 Anyone trying to Whatsapp me today I'm having it issues with it and not receiving messages...

      @AlbertAtallah95 Why daHell I'm not receiving several messages, images and voices via #WhatsApp ? Like nothing received but in fact they did talk to me!

      @pastelchalks tf is wrong with my WhatsApp my phone's not receiving any notifications and it doesn't even show new messages

      @ReitumetseHarri I have 150MB of data , but I'm not receiving any WhatsApp messages @MTNza

      @boltpn_vpn Servers are updating for security and reliability. This will not take long.

      @mynameisbethh @Chaaarrlie my vpn is being a twat and not sending messages on fb I'll chat when it's fixed

      @amit79in RT @kavitavkhanna: LETs "terror" attacks on India are a proxy war. In a war the enemy is killed. BUT WHY DID CHIDAMBARAM PROTECT LET?#Sonia…

      @razvancaliman @razvanh for now, I choose to give them the benefit of doubt. Surely no 3rd party VPN will *feel* as secure as the one you own.

      @wogong38 @fitbit I keep receiving Fitbit emails in Korean and Japanese, just because I used proxy servers from these countries.

      @AweshAGB @wa_status Whatsapp is not responding...receiving messages many times on my samsung Galaxy Note 1

      @horse_overflow Grunt connect proxy, handle messages based on state

      @PaigeEarl2 Had best no other take it investing gangway vinyl dividing wall callidity as proxy for my locality?: CDbEHCwXb

      @plnocch @RoseEllenDix @kimtaengoo0927 Deal with the problem of network, ha ha! ! I need to download VPN app in Taiwan

      @CamilaSerenity Multiple messages manufacture mummery academic freedom entry its helmsmanship as proxy for ought: ZKYaoNy

      @tamoghno @WhatTheBit i use it to browse blocked torrent sites. adblock+ VPN means it's perfect browser for noob pirates

      @akshaywcam1 Weird issue with @WhatsApp on iOS. Not receiving many messages, but the sender sees them as delivered to me

      @dannymeijer @WhatsApp I was offline while I was on vacation, but I am not receiving my missed messages when I came back online. What can I do?

      @emersonespinola @davemcclure I think @WhatsApp should create its own trusted VPN so that the users could enable it and keep up sending messages.

      @rescue_six Bigger deex, guarantees it, by messages half of 8, or more than less and more. Closed circuited - endpoints are the - proxy hack.

      @thaicam @RehabbedO Oh, not about the Opera embedded vpn, and the other free ones out there, etc? Gotcha.

      @msm_maniac #ProfileForPeace In the quest for peace, Pak ppl are irrelevant and have no voice. Ind is at receiving end of proxy war/ terror for >20 yrs

      @MaarMaar101 I took care of the spamming messages don't worry guys. Somebody connected my account to proxy site.

      @AubreyFane2 Anonymous impression helter-skelter ugg boots-an unqualified crispy proxy in consideration of appurtenance foo...

      @ShutkiCrew My WhatsApp has randomly decided to stop working, none of my messages are being sent & I'm not receiving any either

      @calderpwn Does anyone know why a #unity3d app run from within the editor does not use the proxy config setting? Store and updates go through it =/

      @angelinajoanned Dad: Wah nowadays I'm receiving so many messages on whatsapp
      Me: but I'm not receiving anything also pa
      Next thing I know, msg frm papa

      @LeChatelier555 @liliphare Hey sugar, Whatsapp is down so currently not receiving any messages for the time being.

      @Dubzys Everyone be complaining that putlocker blocked/banned.... Fam have you heard of something called "VPN" it allows u to go on the website.

      @GatiLeah My phone is not receiving text messages. Whatsapp and snapchat are kind of working so those are my forms of communication.

      @_Divine_Hustler I was wondering why am not receiving messages from whatsapp then I realise I haven't replied to any

      @OMaramwidze I do not appreciate waking up in the morning and not receiving any of my whatsapp messages, its torture.

      @xrsxnist how to fix WHATSAPP not receiving messages and noti

      @MichelleBriann5 Charge ds matching as proxy for r4 site is not an illusion logarithmic so as to charge ds rally replacing r4 b...

      @Israa_Riyami I don't know if my whatsapp is not working or its just I'm not receiving any messages

      @jerome_danceapp Not receiving android/whatsapp/mms messages at the moment. iMessages and FaceTimes are coming through

      @iammsundastood Am I the only one that's not receiving whatsapp messages?

      @thando_mahlaba I'm over whatsapp messages are either delaying or not going through but I'm receiving stuff

      @HadelRahmany I thought not receiving Whatsapp messages were bad. Now I'm not receiving messages or iMessages either :) :) :)

      @LuthfiMY proxy pm in waiting? game over! haha

      @tidetherecluse I love receiving text messages, those one that take your credit, not whatsapp

      @cornerpirate @InfoSecPS @ZephrFish proxy all the things. I make like one browser request to around 100 repeater requests. #truefacts

      @n0x13 @Ocramius I guess you could setup a local proxy and do a sed -i before passing it on to your browser...? :D

      @amygazzard Why am I not receiving all of my @WhatsApp messages?!

      @andykellegher @WhatsApp is useless! Not receiving messages people have sent me. What the fuck?

      @bazmcbrien @jsnaughton @fismallwall Same here. Just watched the game. It was #BREXIT by proxy

      @Vetrert @6orey @WatchMojo Are you dumb, or do you just not know what a vpn is? A VPN wont block hackers, you dumbass.

      @_sly_foxx Is anybody else not receiving messages on Whatsapp or is it just me?

      @shanek1rk RT @SharpNetwork: I love Amazon. Except when I must create a VPN tunnel to AWS. Then, not so much.

      @luciiaaz ‼️With that being said, if you download "SecureLine VPN" and change your location to California you can access your AP exam scores tmrw‼️

      @jedibrenderlin @TyrenTiger @toastedwheet Between giving and receiving Toasty and @Xilimyth proxy hugs, we almost wound up in a feedback hug loop. =O.O=

      @dugoib @MichaelJordaan @gussilber Not true. Been receiving whatsapp messages from zim 5mins ago. From Kadoma.

      @_Lascivious Omg I've not been receiving whatsapp messages I'm sorry to those I didn't reply

      @rossm @nicovald @Darlington its my site I assure you it's not sketchy but thats from 2009 & I cant confirm if it still works (might need VPN now?)

      @HazelRyan85 @PhotoboxIE_Help just wondering if there is a problem wit site at the moment? tryin 2 order 3k prints 502 proxy error, sister had same issue

      @DocShepSTAR @Telecel_Zim...what's going on with my Telecel line???
      its not receiving whatsapp messages!!!!

      @a_alhumain @WhatsApp Hello I have a problem receiving many messages, but most do not show me. Is there a solution thanks

      @pzrsian_ali @zara_wbu no it's not don't smoke weed ever it's stupid shit! I have a VPN (proxy)... Virtual Private Network

      @xoisarenee My dad is tryna dodge because his phone is like not receiving calls but his whatsapp messages are receiving my damn messages

      @onlyciarah @cremejewelay FYI: in not receiving whatsapp messages at the moment

      @slater_simon What's up #whatsapp messages not receiving ?

      @richpayne88 I'm not receiving text messages properly. If you need me, Whatsapp or Kik or Snapchat or email or Twitter or Facebook Messenger or Instagram

      @Borisuithetbos @dguido @github why? Signal needs a tel number, it has no onion (and onion vpn) support in Android, why not Conversations with OMEMO or OTR?


      @Praveen_Koti @VishweshwarBhat not receiving any messages on whatsapp

      @cggaurav @sivers Quick question, which VPN service do you use?

      @M3thG0d Keep reminding myself that my whatsapp does actually work and that I'm just not receiving messages

      @iamnamanarora Dear @WhatsApp ,me & cousin are facing an issue where we are not receiving notification (sound) for messages. help pls. nothing on silent.

      @Minerva2BC @torontoHQ4RG10 Sorry. Didn't see ur tweet earlier. Have to be USA resident w/NBC cable/satellite. If not,use VPN, & free 30 mins only.

      @surrealiz What happened to my WhatsApp? I hv not been receiving notifications for incoming messages

      @RobWeak 911 not something to be proud of but 2nd best boarder behind proxy

      @MARamjohn Anybody else not receiving their Whatsapp messages unless they actually open the app recently?

      @ChrisRBax @CyberGhost_EN #VPN connection displaying server not recognizing authentication, a/c details correct @torproject VPN & browser life saver

      @TYRONEBlGDlCKKK @TYRONEBlGDlCKKK Who? I have a VPN and high tech security I'm not afraid of you

      @Quintzy_ Is my whatsapp broken? All of a sudden I’m not receiving any messages :/

      @QecinaJ @vivaelpoderoso why are you not receiving my messages on whatsapp why you like snapchat why you no like whatsapp snapchat draining my life

      @limedad @ZazuoOo i think ur not receiving my whatsapp messages :(

      @KittyyMorgan @NatashaaCooperr my storage is really bad I had to delete whatsapp! But it's also not always sending or receiving messages☹️☹️

      @Grossu_Minutu @AnnaKoret @bbcproms Why not try a VPN service that provides UK IP addresses?

      @zahid_jadoon @AtifKhanpti Salam sir, I m Zahid Jadoon, want approach to your social media team. You r not receiving messages on your WhatsApp number.

      @rjpholliday @sonicalpha That's a shame. Also: very shitty. They'll claim it's not "censorship" but it is by proxy. Disturbing :-/

      @T_Geraldsson @WhatsApp is there currently any issues? My messages are not delivering and I am not receiving any messages, but my wifi connection is fine.

      @tayjosborne If anyone needs me message me on Facebook. Not receiving messages on whatsapp.

      @txxsha My whatsapp must be broke cos I'm not receiving any messages

      @TiFF4NYH0ANG @helendang93 why are u not receiving my whatsapp messages :(

      @amanisyukrina ok i'm literally not receiving any notifications when someone mentions me in twitter or messages me on whatsapp!! why!! my settings are ok!!

      @xyzwztx i think my whatsapp is spoilt.
      it's not receiving messages I'm supposed to get.

      @mushore_g @econet_support i bought WhatsApp weekly bundles but um not receiving any messages. Can u assist

      @Diegobez a GREAT open source project would be a multiplatform Unity3d plugin for video. Not much code ( it's a proxy to native players ), huge value.

      @AdilOnAir Am told that messages sent to me on WhatsApp indicate that am receiving but am not.Am not on WhatsApp. Haven't been since 9th July. Sorry

      @AimanAzzzhar scary how i'm not receiving any whatsapp messages from the class chat fml

      @AshtonPeacock Adroit resigned tools as proxy for ambulant website development: kVX

      @morristhefreak @AIRTEL_KE I'm not receiving any new whatsapp messages... Facebook isn't responding too. The only app working is the twitter app

      @___Tyl3r @AIRTEL_KE Hi, I have an active unliminet subscription but I'm not receiving WhatsApp messages, what's wrong

      @MlANEUER i mean my phone is acting up anyways whatsapp just quit on me and i'm not receiving messages it's cool it's nice

      @francisclarke @mac_birmingham thanks, appreciate it. Allowing me to connect insecurely but not allowing secure connection to VPN. Probably timing out.

      @Lisalevine89 @vpn_v_agency Well this election is not much about choosing the best but lesser evil of the two

      @honestly_evil best VPN Server ever @windscribecom

      @sked21 Not receiving whatsapp notifications. They're on. Means I am unaware of a̶w̶w̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶i̶r̶d̶s̶
      @terracepodcast and my mum's messages.

      @ljesuso @RicardoBI I don't know... But you are not receiving my WhatsApp's messages...

      @haisguys @WhatsApp WhatsApp not receiving messages until I manually launch it?

      @laines_x Is it just me not receiving whatsapp messages?

      @StacyLGage @nomuru2d @Christo56739583 eh
      its facebook
      i assume it's gonna be trash
      that, and i can reroute via vpn, or use a different comp

      @deehayan Lol can't open whatsapp..can't take pictures.. I can't even screenshot pictures. Not receiving any messages! I mean come on storage really!!

      @Snakeboi69 @hayleyarko no really, get a VPN. Or download a program called peer block

      @manzoord @LeEcoIndia After updating to eui5.8 not receiving WhatsApp,facebook,hangouts messages unless I open the app,background data not restricted

      @Collin_Ramsley RT @aphelele_ntenda: Im bored and im not receiving any whatsapp messages so il just scroll down and check every contacts d.p

      @BaaZ_i_Ghar VPN services have grown increasingly popular in recent years, but not all are compltely anonymous. Some VPN services even keep extensive log

      @pro_by_proxy RT @chriscarlisle_: #replacesonglyricswithcurle if you're having curle problems I feel bad for you son. I've got 99 problems but the league…

      @A_Medina_9 @baiilleyymorgan tell Michael to turn on whatsapp. I send him messages but he not receiving lol. Unless someone got jealous and blocked me;)

      @ZolaNdwandwe Whatsapp? @callmenom I'm not receiving messages.

      @delalpektas RT @canokar: @aylushka_a Not entirely - no access to twitter and facebook on Turkcell LTE and none to twitter from TTnet wireless. Requires…

      @Khutsomatau That moment when you realise that someone will not be receiving your Whatsapp messages, EVER!! because they blocked you...

      @adelinehohoho Wtf is wrong with my whatsapp. Not receiving messages at all, hangs when I open and reboots while optimising.

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz website the finest standard article as proxy for farewell performance now all the way considering sophistication: rbQILbgia

      @spintheiryarns i'm still trying to hash out this digital security stuff but a yubikey costs money, a vpn costs money, idek what else.

      @dark_proxy RT @DanNerdCubed: "Labour confirms it will not block article 50"

      Jeremy Corbyn. World's shittest poker player.

      @MelshSportTours [ASK YOUR QUESTION HERE] # HPcpIN Hi Proxy server not responding

      @LenaVera1 Deck goodwill hps high-speed lto-5 proxy matriculate academic discipline else confidently upclimb yours armory long suit: OSU

      @deejflrs @djeaninee bruh whatsapp me then cause you're the only one not receiving my messages

      @ClarkePaul1995 @Vinniedub14 @RoryClear1 @Galvo1995 are you not receiving our WhatsApp messages?

      @neil_neilzone Funnily enough, from a #DEBill perspective, I was blocked from accessing xhamster by my own proxy server...

      @jolINfinite Ahhh my WhatsApp isn't syncing well SORRY IF I DONT REPLY YOUR MESSAGES IM NOT RECEIVING THEM it isn't updated :(

      @Bakyaan - I'm not receiving messages... whatsapp what's wrong with yoAH THE PHONE DOESN'T HAVE BATTERY

      @NC1905 @AppleSupport I am having problems with WhatsApp just not receiving messages until I open the app on my iPhone 7 Plus. Can you help me?

      @Labhhhhh @Leonardo490BR a LabFlurry?
      ambos no site. mas LabFlurry no site com VPN na australia

      @real_proxy @PrisonPlanet That has been MO across Europe to hide the MAGNITUDE af mass gang #rape and #trafficking our any crimes committed by MUSLIMS

      @itsrebeccacandy Hey @WhatsApp why am I like either not getting any messages, only receiving them when I go on the app, or getting 50 at once?

      @KatMarumo My whatsapp is not receiving any messages. My uber app can't get my location.

      @Ncell @whomilantern Visiting Ncell website with non proxy browsers is not chargeable.

      @magicalaeon @havenivor01 @Rod_Studd @tomomorgan Not so sure. The game is nothing without its clubs and, by proxy, supporters. Risk them at your peril.

      @zmanian RT @maasalan: Although it varies on different ISPs and/or devices. No iOS user I've been in contact with has been receiving Signal without…

      @Pleasure_Ab20 RT @kgopotsopetro: Jub Jub is sitting out there wondering why he is not receiving any WhatsApp messages on his black berry kwaks!

      @DjCubic_SA Jub Jub is sitting out there wondering
      why he
      receiving any WhatsApp messages on

      @Nii_Collo @AIRTEL_KE not receiving whatsapp messages, only twitter's functioning, why?

      @firasifsa @gsurya Agree same here. He had earlier used WhatsApp for receiving messages but not call.. so he awesomely happy

      @ThatLiamJoseph When your 24 hours are up and your phone number hasn't migrated so you not receiving text messages or WhatsApp...

      @SocialTrendsZA RT @dzini_smith: #ThingsThatLastLongerThan1GigData

      Not receiving any messages on whatsapp

      @Aisha_Muhsin @whatsapp I need your help in regards to recent update that was released for iOS. I'm not receiving any messages. Help!!!

      @MYEGO_MUSIC @cina___ Awwww I hope you're not still receiving whatsapp group messages, it must be murder on your roaming data!!!

      @tashinganashe1 @econet_support good evening....please can you help me my whatsapp is not receiving messages unless i open it.

      @richard_dib @QualifiedPI @jakepimental99 @sprint huge problem for me. Not receiving Whatsapp messages while talking is braindead

      @JangleeBilla @barbarindian
      Why not VPN access? Ladies can work at home on Sunday, if they hv to. What stops @Infosys? Cost? secure ODC model?

      @mr_ibti @FouadRaheb can you fix the issue of not receiving the messages in Watusi 2. Please fix it. When i open whatsapp then i will receive message

      @Securityconcern @Imnotspookyguys @frayserclick The sick obsession of sadists w/ prison proxy-torture doesn't apply to lawful people. Hatesturbate in private

      @aniket61 @airtelindia not receiving or able to send normal SMS messages no -8961950350. Was not able to verify number on WhatsApp

      @dope152 Lost my phone ,
      so if anyone is receiving messages from me on whatsapp from today on forward,
      then its not me .
      Good day ;) !

      @Kwaku_Sasty @JobbermanGhana For some months now, I've not been receiving the WhatsApp broadcast messages

      @BeyottaNetwork While we do use Cloudflare to front our website, we are not using them to proxy our CRM portal. So no we are not affected by Cloudbleed.

      @fleejax Why would Google's top results for "anonymous vpn" not be state sponsored? #security #vpn

      @01Tolani @WhatsApp how can I stop receiving messages from a group without exiting the group. Mute option not working

      @biebershark @AppleSupport hi, i have some issues going on with whatsapp and i'm not receiving any messages on the app. help me

      @rayane_ibrahim1 RT @hadiabounader: Am I the only one not receiving whatsapp messages all the time?

      @ShekelSeaman @bz_mom2 @tomwilson001 @Pseudonoid My people are running his stuff now, he thinks a Proxy IP address can stop us is funny. Vaddy funny

      @rahulgoogle Sir, cheating complaint numbers are not active, whatsapp not receiving messages. Kindly take action. hathras @myogiadityanath

      @nada_salem1 Idk why whatsapp is not notifying me about the messages I'm receiving wlek I have to enter the app and wait the messages to appear!

      @ovizzyy @HugoZidos say u are connect to a vpn server in Britain on glo. All glo would see is that you a receiving and send gibberish from Britain

      @ThePurus Best Free L2TP VPN Proxy without installing any software @zpnim. Unblock websites and apps, anonymous surf, secure and fast internet.

      @youramoi That was a refreshing 2 days without a phone.
      Especially not receiving any whatsapp messages.

      @CharmaineCole RT @doctorkanayo: Chaii I wish @WhatsApp would create a way of not receiving messages from someone without 'blocking' them

      @deary_you also i think my whatsapp just. broke. i dont why am i not receiving any messages or sending any

      @HotCrossBan CHEBAI. My whatsapp not sending or receiving messages knn

      @RWUnderwoodJR Use a VPN service. I offer one to friends, but the best is @expressvpn. It isn't always about anonymity, but safety.

      @after__laughter My Nana is complaining that whatsapp isn't working because she's not receiving messages
      That's because nobody has actually sent you any mate

      @D4rent @eddumbe sema you were not receiving group messages n the safcom guyz told you to exit all groups 1st before they can reset ur whatsapp

      @Silva_STJ RT @ShootDJ: Girl just didn't reply but you see Homeboy on the TL asking is it just my whatsapp that's acting up and not receiving messages…

      @benkow_ (the ip is not mine. He used compromised vnc as proxy)

      @JustRMag Hi @econet_support so I bought my WhatsApp bundles via ecocash and I'm not receiving any messages. But I received confirmation sms

      @JohnTierney_ @topgold Built-in VPN in Opera browser

      @DamienWilkens I managed to be the last survivor of the first game simply by proxy of not having any clue what I was doing at all.

      @katt_zoldyck RT @daryl_ei: Your MCM still uses proxy sites to access Youtube, cus his parents put strict PG content lock on the Wi-Fi. You guessed it, h…

      @Satyarth_P RT @AAP_Chintamani: R.G. Singh used proxy bid in the name of his employee Amit Bahadur(his cook) who is not the only one to secure the mine…

      @TopFraggle tba my mobile phone is still not working, so I'm not receiving any texts or whatsapp messages.

      @AnonymousAnaly2 I love American games most of them are internal they don't make it issue of it borders disputes and proxy wars. Games=game then go home/done

      @BeccaLMoore @Badoo I am not a member of your site but I am receiving whatsapp messages as one of your members is giving it out. It needs to stop.

      @jisus_twt i'm here but she is not receiving her whatsapp messages prolly switched off her 3g or smth

      @Er_Snk My @WhatsApp is not sending or receiving messages since morning. Internet is working fine. Anyone facing same problem? #WhatsApp

      @vaio4king RT @ibraheamkh: @AK_Alyahya @mr_salman30 @alosefer @caddyserver uses letsencrypt, use it as a proxy server to secure your site in minutes

      @lovestoned @ChurrDurr I'm currently sitting at around 130 and it's not so bad. did you try a vpn like pingzapper?

      @Djemba_T @airtel_care my WHATSAPP is not working. I'm not receiving messages. Please. 07015596520

      @Beneetha22 RT @Beneetha22: I am only receiving messages but not able to send message on whatsapp?

      @scotscribbler @VodafoneUKhelp For the past 3 days my 4G has been incredibly slow. FB not loading, web pages taking ages, WhatsApp not receiving messages.

      @youhghyun loading at all and I'm not receiving my messages on whatsapp. idk what to do anymore

      @zNxRo @ImTerritory @_er @Qyef @imhostile @triggerpuIIin ExpressVPN VPN no it's so my ip doesn't get logged on sites using Wifi?

      @mavistan98 I swear my whatsapp got problem I not receiving messages which is impossible lolz

      @Millennial_Matt @pettypolitics_ @ryan211 @YouTube embed the link in some other website and watch it remotely or use a proxy :)

      @Tee_Mokubung RT @iMukovhe: Don't tell me because I'm receiving messages on Whatsapp my phone isn't dry Im not talking to the people I want to talk to th…

      @EnglishOnFeed @jankoum Hi Jan, Whatsapp web (useful!!) runs slow and often says "phone not connected" (false) and gives trouble sending/receiving messages

      @nyweatherfan12 @WhatsApp
      Hi, galaxy s7 edge AT&T have not been receiving any notifications of new messages last few days
      Tried troubleshooting
      Pls Advise.

      @MochiWaifu @whyrlpool ah. worst is whatsapp not even sending or receiving messages at that speed. it's just text, where's the problem?

      @Nxurhan Not receiving whatsapp messages on 3G until launching the app, anyone knows how to solve this problem? (ios)

      @Chixy_KF__ From 7am I have not been receiving my WhatsApp messages.. am I dry oro...?

      @miaftmalum RT @RebeccaPlatz: one of the best things about college is not having to use vpn to get on social media...

      @GodHatesMads @ItxTyler Ppl use vpn to unblock sites u idiot

      @ArogunyoComrade To all my friends _ my Facebook messenger has disappeared. I have not been receiving messages there. Whatsapp me all messages on _ 0

      @Asderathos @ShaneJFilomena @verified @getongab Also, libeling a free speech platform I'm on, is by proxy somewhat about me.

      @tweet4Khan @WhatsApp i see am receiving messages but not able to send them

      @mmeshram43 @YUplaygod seriously wrong with notifications on Yuniqe 2. Please update ASAP. Not receiving whatsapp messages.

      @TonyaSheffield_ RT @Salsassin: @idkmybffjill___ @TonyaSheffield_ @SamEllison11 @Proxy_Kotite Wandering? Nice try. I saw Leigh's post. She is a known person…

      @heather_hear One Direction star began receiving vicious text messages & pornographic images thru WhatsApp - thought Louis Tomlinson DID NOT USE WhatsApp.

      @venki085 @WhatsApp I am not receiving certain group messages. Happening often now. Sent a mail to CS team. Can you help? #WhatsApp

      @rickcrouch What is the problem with WhatsApp recently. Nor receiving messages, not sending web not staying connected to the phone.

      @UnlockCodes1 RT @UnlockCodes1: Add me On Telegram. @S_Mobiles


      @KinyaSharonJose @atnfas_hoak hey I have updated my WhatsApp GB to the latest version 5.9 and now I am not receiving any messages. What could be wrong?

      @robxkristen @PolaroidFun It’s saying you’re not receiving messages on WhatsApp :( and poorly Jana :(

      @kum_pum @Manass3hx Ine am receiving WhatsApp messages an hour later, my nets soo slow and at times it's not working

      @whiptotriple @Melaverde_ WAG will be streamed by USAG on YouTube! You need a US IP to watch, so if you’re not in the US, you’ll need a VPN.

      @suev4 @Vodacom111 what's up with Vodacom today? Calls not connecting, not receiving messages via whatsapp?

      @BilalWH @onikashabibi ME TOO! I've been trying to message you on whatsapp but you're not receiving my messages

      @TheZoeyyy @WhatsApp @wa_status FIX THE BUG IN YOUR APP, people are not receiving notifications of messages unless they open the app

      @xo_denina Whatsapp not working or I'm not receiving any messages?

      @AdisSounds @WhatsApp
      Sir my WhatsApp is not working properly it again and again stops receiving and delivering messages and it is very inconvenient

      @icy201 @econet_support I am having issues with my whatsapp I have not been receiving messages since yesterday but my Twitter is working

      @GrootmanTebza PSA: If you are receiving whatsapp messages from "me", they are NOT from me. I deleted that thing a while back

      @Helluva_EXO RT @Anotherbaekstan: AND SLOWEST WEBSITE EVER
      Without VPN we can't open the site!
      (Because of the strict internet regulations)

      @MarcoChana I’m sorry if I’m not responding to ur WhatsApp messages, yes I’m receiving them but I’m watching soccer.

      @Athrawk RT @pranavmukul: Just realised WhatsApp not working since morning. Have been receiving messages but none of my sent ones got delivered. Any…

      @AVGFree @magaliemeeus From the screenshot I see that you're receiving AVG Secure VPN promotional pop up. If you're interested you can (1/2)

      @CatherineCorsi2 RT @BTS_only_1230: Good morning ☀️ started voting again, Mwave app goes faster but for Armys vote with many accounts like me it’s not good…

      @jesluisse Waking up every single day and not even a day without receiving more than 10 messages on Whatsapp and Instagram “Where’s my photo?”.

      @ItsAnele Old man has been removed from the WhatsApp group, doesn’t mean he’s not sending or receiving private messages.

      @naseerahrawoot RT @aqeelah_miller: Idc if swiping WhatsApp closed will prevent me from receiving notifications, I don’t get messages this will not affect…

      @digithead RT @GlosSaferCyber: ALERT: Lots of people are receiving messages similar to the below, it is a #Phishing text (also known as #SMShing)


      @zerubbabel2015 if ur in Australia u have to go through a proxy server... just released...

      @Itstotallyzeena Im not receiving most of the messages that are sent to me on WhatsApp doesnt anyone know why?

      @nontliziyo I suspect I've ran out of data because I'm not receiving my WhatsApp messages

      @ohmylinle hello anyone got whatsapp issues?? IVE NOT BEEN RECEIVING MESSAGES SINCE THE AFTERNOON

      @furutasouta why the fuck is the Wi-Fi so bad im not even receiving any messages on whatsapp im kms

      @petebellas not notifying me or receiving messages @WhatsApp ???

      @sayer_ollie @cianlenno Hi Ci, why are you not receiving any WhatsApp messages mate? From friends that miss you

      @aquamarynn My WhatsApp is not receiving messages

      @OtienoHongo The upside of having recently changed my whatsapp line is that I will not be receiving those countless xmas messages

      @SintaSintamei My whatsapp is not sending or receiving messages.... What do I do?

      @Lance_Sibeko_SA Ehh What's Wrong With My WhatsApp

      @fansofidolbts RT @flyhighbangtan: I'm voting for #BTSArmy for #BESTFANARMY at the #iHeartAwards vote in site, use vpn if not available in ur country

      @der_bluthund RT @theipaper: The UK data protection watchdog is looking into a possible breach by Just Eat after a driver sent a customer sleazy WhatsApp…

      @poojan_dogra Not receiving messages until I open WhatsApp app
      Why? @wa_status

      @amufarrukh @WhatsApp hey please check out my issue I have just changed my mobile no to my new no of what's app , but I am not receiving any messages

      @DCorleone63 Incredible! Receiving messages from 31 December and 10 January on.......9 February! That’s why I’m not using @WhatsApp

      @andile_mlacash Finally not receiving any messages from Whatsapp, now I can tweet in peace.

      @nealcol RT @PiratesForum: @coach_rulani: “The focus for us is getting three points and, as I told the players in camp, I’ve blocked him from my pho…

      @Nic_Zondo This guy just made me feel like I'm not receiving enough messages in WhatsApp,like i still got last year texts

      @MudzengiK RT @EngDrShelton: @GutuObert I'm sure other comrades like @nelsonchamisa are also receiving threatening whatsapp messages only difference i…

      @Dipankar_Roy11 @WhatsApp Hi Team,
      Receiving messages normally but while sending messages to anyone it’s not sent
      Kindly look into this

      @az_bbc RT @CreampieCleanX: Nothing quite says fuck you for lying to me bitch quite like a php script with random alphanumeric email prefix, that s…

      @DrewLethicia RT @CamsLaFont: @marianaoalima bro r u seeing your whatsapp i think you're not receiving my messages

      @rahul7009 @WhatsApp
      1. Log Off - Sometimes we do not feel like chatting / receiving messages. As of now we have to switch off the Data or the phone.

      @C4r0LL1 If Hulu or WAVO can’t play , it’s not a fault (use VPN) to bypass Geo Restrictions

      @classicaltiti RT @Idtolani: I just picmixed all my girlfriends pictures and uploaded it on my WhatsApp status with the caption 'love of my life with my s…

      @traceofyous @swiftsjake @___zenn did u reply on whatsapp bc i’m not receiving messages

      @Priyanshu_Proxy RT @iStuti_x: Let's play a game
      Rt this tweet and I'll ask one good thing about about your one follower and I'll tweet that.
      P.S: I'll not…

      @stanco_perm @Tsonga_finegurl Ooh i was wondering why im not receiving WhatsApp messages

      @gdorn1 RT @Silvercorinc: Conversations are recorded and now activities are being recorded...these robots are being deployed all over the valley #s…

      @erikascam RT @iNPUTmice: Conversations 2.2.1 will use a new app server (push proxy) that doesn’t log anything and stores even less information than b…

      @Cukeygirl RT @MochiManggae: K-diamonds can't really help us with Billboard charting cuz VPN isn't counted and our peers are working REALLY HARD to ke…

      @CommunityNewsPk Due To Network Issues Some Users Are Not Receiving Messages On Time.
      Pls Join Us From Twitter/CommunityNewsPk
      Or Whatsapp

      @AlfredRobert11 Pls some one should post the message on the whatsApp page for the benefit all of those that are not receiving the messages thank you.

      @ZokLara I finally let go of my belief in blocking people on WhatsApp. Ignoring crappy messages feels more satisfying than not receiving any.

      @SinethembaSnare @MTNzaService my whatsapp messages ain't working and I only have whatsapp data but I'm not receiving And can't get any. My no. 0834213194

      @nvrlinv My whatsapp not receiving messages. I've been notified but no new message. Hmmmm

      @infokhi Due To Network Issues Some Users Are Not Receiving Messages On 40404.
      Pls Join Us From Twitter infokhi
      Or Whatsapp

      @RothmannZA @Georgina_MN My WhatsApp messages aint going thru and not receiving any... and my data is still active

      @fr0stfall RT @Cams_z: Explain to me how I am not receiving my WhatsApp messages or emails since I'm abroad YET @UrbanOutfitters's new arrivals notifi…

      @EnkayIgwe @slimTee09 I'm not receiving my whatsapp messages. I cant browse anything. Just twitter

      @Naledi19416904 @MTNzaService @RichardMtshali I have a problem with my whatsapp ,I'm not receiving text messages n can't send them either

      @sukainayasin @CestMoi_B ur not receiving my messages on whatsapp, dm here

      @Sassy_Chica36 If you seeing I not receiving messages on WhatsApp, is not call you have to call me? Stpz

      @louisse_ang @hi_imdaisy The Ren curry just sold out as well. I regret not ordering...

      @headfullofniall Okay guys does streaming from Spotify web player counts? I have my US account logged in my browser without VPN so should turn it on too?

      @vikkthegroove Telkom users, am I the only one who's WhatsApp messenger is not sending or receiving messages?

      @Prawinner946 RT @DTDream11: The Thing Here Is That I Am Not Able To Use “WhatsApp” For Myself

      @yaqeenschool If you are not receiving our WhatsApp messages and videos, kindly save +94778400600 in your smartphone first.

      @sabrinaarachel @kyliesjh OMG somehow im not receiving whatsapp messages at times aint my fault

      @_brandonfrausto RT @xbsaforselena: #BackToYouTop10

      If you’re not from the US, remember to change your location or the streams won…

      @Osesax Not many things weirder than receiving WhatsApp messages from a Group chat you've muted for 365 days

      Like... It's been 3 whole 65 days?

      @SMeneses02 RT @WABetaInfo: After receiving some messages and mentions, I want to reply publicly.
      I'm not disappeared, but WhatsApp isn't releasing new…

      @BigPhibbn @dcsportsbog WaPo can block the incognito but not the VPN. They probably spend more money than it's worth. Anyways...

      @believemeitsadb Does anyone know the 'checking for messages' issue on WhatsApp. I'm not receiving messages on time.

      @Galaxia_IV Not receiving any whatsapp messages is nothing but peaceful.

      @jfredland RT @hmarston4: "We placed this enormous burden on the national security state by electing this president along with a Congress that checks…

      @RavS82 Is @WhatsApp having some issues tonight? I’m not receiving messages and not able to send out either..

      @De_Name_Coleman WhatsApp need to introduce a feature where you can go offline(not receiving messages) for a bit without turning your data off

      @Ami_nancii My whatsapp messages are not going through neither am I receiving any..what does this mean?

      @Tinabui27 @dalenanguyen_ Your whatsapp is broken. You're not receiving messages.

      @izaz_emyra ive been receiving messages on whatsapp but my phone is not functioning,, i cant open whatsapp. aah

      @PanasheHumphrey @econet_support
      I bought my Whatsapp bundle but my Whatsapp its not receiving or sending messages .Help!!! :(

      @KovacevicB93 @TPoppaPuff @CassandraRules If someone takes your money,use you as a proxy in its wars,do nothing in return , then that’s not your ally.