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whatsapp not opening
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      @mejlisVG @Jorjust06 @vainglorygame Likely port #6667 is blocked. Try opening, or use a free VPN?

      @Aleksandryt @MrASingh Hi! vpn blocks the opening page. No authorization. Why?

      @Technologyzone2 If some wallpaper is not opening use any VPN software or Uc mini browser .

      @sheldoncoelho @dailymuse The article needs an edit. Opening paragraph-Whatsapp was sold to Facebook, not Google for $19 billion. :)

      @amy_mariee Just sent b a msg about hanging out when he gets back I'm not opening whatsapp ever. Until he replies and I'm scurred of his REPLY

      @WilshereEra I tend to wait until my whatsapp notifications hit triple figures before opening, not the best idea.

      @Astrid_Luyt @Vodacom111 i have been having connection issues. Delay in whatsapp msgs. Browser not opening or refreshing on my Huawei Ascend G7 :(

      @ddoublejjong @_kungjiahui only cat 7 not opening yet mah!! Eh whatsapp

      @kukushymes RT @sessi_K: Opening Whatsapp dp's is not a joke anymore. As if it's surgery you're performing.

      @HailSotong @RyanKeithCecil Not opening whatsapp for certain reasons. Why against me typing here?

      @NtshiuwaK Not opening my whatsapp coz I'm indecisive and people are asking questions

      @monbebekyun i am not opening my whatsapp until tomorrow at least I DONT WANNA GO OUT WITH MY FRIEND BUT SHES ASKING

      @Just_Conway I'm not looking forward to getting my iPhone and opening up whatsapp

      @violentlykissed Can't stand people who goes on whatsapp and not opening my message like just fuck you

      @lourencoa @annjeeeee is that like WhatsApp? I'd guess not. But opening app will fetch new messages even on cellular since it's not background data.

      @RefilweIvy @wa_status yes,my whatsapp is not opening at 0826821092 pls help

      @ekbalhamid I used to be bad at replying. I'm starting to develop a new trait; not even opening whatsapp

      @aryo_chelsea Set myself a challenge of not opening Whatsapp all day

      @iTameLions RT @__ELVIRAA_: Wow. I'm not opening my whatsapp today..
      So many broadcast messages...

      @af_ia_blue Not opening whatsapp till 9. Everybody is texting.

      @Philani_smamane I'm not going to be downloading/Opening these Christmas videos on WhatsApp shemm!! Nisiqedela idata fam!

      @itspineapplee @SaraKabaam can't babe :( I'm not kale on opening whatsapp

      @Lines08 @Dark60906329 its not my only VPN ;) trust me

      @AshokaTheBear I am not sure why I am not using my university's vpn all the time

      @IamTJ_ RT @THISisLULE: I'm not responding to any nonsense whatsapp messages until January 30th. Not even blue ticking. Just "delete chat" without …

      @Rhema_Me Not opening my whatsapp so I can ignore my boss's message. You don't pay me and want to wish me Merry Christmas. What is merry abt it?

      @typicalmegan is there anything more annoying than seeing someone go on and offline on whatsapp but still not opening your message, I think not

      @Bam_Bados When you avoid opening your whatsapp cause you're not ready to reply but the notification is bugging your OCD.

      @kaymatthews @dhiirejalna Only two seasons on CAN Netflix, but I'm not averse to the use of a VPN. Cough.

      @xo_khotsi you guys want to view a whatsapp profile picture ...? slide across & view contact info.

      this thing of opening a chat is not your friend.

      @applelimboy @TadashiN_ not down in Canada. I use witj VPN. Lmao

      @Sarkies_Proxy RT @_SadieGee: Remember the time before @WhatsApp groups when we'd have to write an individual "Merry Christmas" text to all of our friends…

      @DiNeshChiNkU @WhatsApp opps !
      WhatsApp msg Not delivered !!
      Fix the prblm #2016 opening is so bad

      @NMonju I have a problem with my whatsapp its not opening

      @HagarGhoneim Not even opening whatsapp tonight

      @SamarKamal I am opening whatsapp app every single moment to check if I received the anticipated msg or not ! But unfortunately there is nothing new.

      @zrfshn I'm not even gna bother opening whatsapp

      @Qua11dan "@asimahkonadu: Am I the only one with my whatsapp not working??"dip in in sobolo after opening app for 30 mins
      . Lemme know when u done

      @KaranSaha Don't tell me that whatsapp took the new year's resolution of not opening their server

      @subhank42439051 My whatsapp was not opening... i updated the account but there is a problem its shows me unable to connect but my data is on and data was

      @__blackunicorn Errrrhmagahd these 'happy new year' messages

      @_tayJaynee_ I ain't scared of opening a whatsapp message and not replying

      @deogratiaskang2 Im so not opening my whatsapp today

      @Mwana_Wakwitu Ulibe ma bundles lol "@deogratiaskang2: Im so not opening my whatsapp today"


      @JeffOgden3 How in passage to box office as proxy for an arrow supplier opening chicago: qdr

      @LibertyCatton @giorgblack (not opening whatsapp) xxxx

      @kelmarmos When you know the persons on whatsapp but theyre just not opening your message


      @outlineshowell RT @tangylester: why do I have 300 whatsapp notifications river karina what have u done I'm not opening that

      @chari_sudarshan Whatsapp not opening

      @nasriahmahpuz not opening whatsapp to ignore boss msg. she asked me to work on sun.

      @__Sihle Wow Xander is online on WhatsApp but not opening my text

      @Sweetzce My Whatsapp not opening

      @FF2396 You are not always cheking your whatsapp to see if there are massages but the quran has a lot of massages you are not opening it

      @iAmGaucho_ Hahaha! Send me the number, let me help you out."@Sweetzce: My Whatsapp not opening���������� and I have an appointment there

      @epicbrowser @ibnKS313 @Jibon_naeem Thanks, you should be able to access twitter and any website through our proxy :-)!

      @alyasyazwani82 RT @_masquerade00: you are always checking your Whatsapp to see if there are messages. But the Quran has a lot of messages, you are not ope…

      @MrBlu_Allday I it just me or are pics & vids being shared on whatsapp automatically being downloaded to yah camera roll before opening? Not cool!!

      @qasimasif9 @LordOmarl it isn't opening. Got no proxy just google it


      @theCubeMiser @DeerOccultism I can say for a fact that locally, proxy tournaments were getting events to fire for Legacy that otherwise would not have.

      @EsperShardmage @MTGPackFoils Yeah but partial-proxy tournaments encourage players to buy-in for sanctioned events. Not buying Stoneblade w/o playing it

      @luxssekgwake Not opening you whatsapp because your avoiding someone

      @panamaorange @pookleblinky Or subscribe to VPN like trust zone or cyberghost,and torrent every movie / tv show with anonymous impunity. (For 8$ a month)

      @ShivaniGR Not opening messages from hot guys on Whatsapp is stressful.

      @lyedmalik_ I wonder how many whatsapp notifications i have gotten after 5 days of not opening it..

      @d4nie11eeeeeee I have a bad habit of not opening whatsapp and reading the messages. Because I'm lazy asf

      @danielsound @strongvpn Hi there, I need a VPN with a static ip address, does any of your plans offer that?

      @daisychaincas @levihanaf have you sent me spoilers like i'm not opening my whatsapp because i'm scared u have

      @nefertitiohene When you're not looking to open certain messages so whatsapp takes the liberty of opening them for you

      @MrJask @mtn180. It will just write loading.... And there's no page that's opening. Not even the BBM or whatsapp

      @themarzipan @llucifered I'm not the one opening whatsapp and ignoring me

      @austin27944083 my whatsapp is not opening. am so tired

      @reggiechrome RT @Panthers_Tweets: Panthers: LB Luke Kuechly not interested in picking a nickname; "I don't need a nickname. My name is Luke" via ESPN h…

      @NicholsonOldrid Guidelines so drudge ethical self as proxy for tagmeme opening motoring: TYjlmgBU

      @alyciajdebnam @alyciasgalaxy yeah, you need to install this vpn extension called hola! and then set your country to the us and thats it

      @philverhey @Gizmodo VPN's will change IP's, Netflix will tell content "see we blocked" & keep collecting monthly foreign accounts. No issues in Canada

      @ruudyroon @Kahaanify i don't want people to know my last seen right now, not opening whatsapp

      @gayoonpng im not opening whatsapp ffuck

      @sharwright1 Why's my phone being gay and not opening whatsapp

      @candicecaprice_ RT @joshuamunro_1: online on whatsapp and not opening my message

      @joshuamunro_1 online on whatsapp and not opening my message

      @MelissaCole @Sarkies_Proxy sorry dude, it's a pain to shed them but it's worthwhile that you're not fuelling the spam culture

      @cmasv7 VPN Unlimited is a reliable app to secure your Internet connection.

      @FricTuN @ReadaBULL @Eplonn @SHaMRecKs no ily proxy

      @janhopis actually just saying this it's clear it's not specifically about free speech, it's just part of a proxy war against SJWs and progressives

      @solokilam who has it downloaded can you please send it to me on whatsapp websites are not opening for me

      @CameronBrayden Baseball pork barrel pins as proxy for creating an terrific scanning pattern: mhpTJS

      @CoreySNews @WPRI12_Neil Were those not amazing?! "This guy has neck tattoos, he probably doesn't have VPN." HAHA

      @moormar @nathrehman its getting a whatsapp message but not opening it so it doesnt blue tick but your online status says last online 2 mins ago..

      @RosieReezus @NiallJP_Martin IM NOT OPENING WHATSAPP

      @CindyChandter Perk hurtle discretionary expressage alias animating opening as proxy for offhand relocation: oGRJiaM

      @AneelzahRose1 Its a good feeling; not opening whatsapp since yest

      @arbgoodfellow_ RT @charlottegorley: Is there anything more infuriating than someone ignoring & not opening your text but you can see they've been on whats…

      @MetalX1R @BladeAndSoulOps Hey, got my account locked while leveling, is it because I was using a VPN while playing?

      @tayyaba80 U r always checking ur whatsapp to see if there r messages, But,,,
      The Quran has a lOt of messages, u r nOt opening it.

      @herdaa_ @batrisyiaaaaaa HAHAHHAHA im not opening whatsapp srsly

      @htgv987654321 Whatsapp is not opening as I open it says put your name and profile picture then is not opening

      @LaylaPaige2 If her are looking as proxy for article drama services that could ministrant inner self opening ready pen: DuZx

      @arthur_sammie I'm not opening my whatsapp until Sunday

      @SSB_BAC @LC_Oravan yeah you can actually proxy farm the wave at the pheonix for free with loki now

      @francobianco @Sarkies_Proxy Not me homie... although I do need the occasional human - free day

      @khaleedafarid @DmiaFdlyn not opening my whatsapp for a week. Anything dm me. CEH CAM BGG

      @DebotAdeebah Nope not opening whatsapp nope

      @freakingApple NOT OPENING WHATSAPP

      @Gh0stAg3ntX @LazyConsultant #VPN is not a crime, much like skateboarding you old ass mother fuckers.

      @hanna_f1 I've been opening a website for 5 minutes (work in progress) and before that I spent 8 minutes sending a not so good selfie on Whatsapp.

      @Cassa61 Is paypal not processing payments to vpn places censorship, or just regular corporate interests helping each other out?

      @wjafarrow @PayPal blocking providers of VPN services, is not #NewMoney , it's more like #DoucheBaggery

      @pranay_prusti @FloristsInIndia worst is that your WhatsApp no is not working and phone is switched off. Website not opening..Are you guys still in India..

      @IanSmall4 @Sarkies_Proxy Speak to the planners. It is certainly being enforced in Eltham to try to stop a Burgher King opening

      @ravhlingjdb @macadanarry instead of text me, dm me pls ok I'm not opening my whatsapp

      @Judzii_Beb Not opening @redridingart WhatsApp message, she a satan

      @ChaserKate @Hoodster_Proxy "I have to Follow you, not Hurt you." She spoke as if reading off a script. "you know too much, he's watching you"

      @Karuramon @imsoohyung @korigaming im not even using a vpn. :D

      @Bluethefurry @strikerwolf1 im looking at your bio right now, Mr anonymous hacker that's not using a proxy.

      @CyrisXD @kev_nz Not if you use a proxy switcher. Constant different IP's just look like different users.

      @c0d3HitLER @mehedih_ i need ability to block some domain, currently using vpn, but if I can have this feature, it will be great :) @windowsdev

      @MacchaMame @flo_1130 @vereentjoeng mangafox was blocked by Indo gov but I still can read comic here

      @julianna_chan Nope nope nope not opening my whatsapp.

      @rukie__ not opening someone's whatsapp yet preeing their snapchat is a different kind of fuckry

      @rxmsha @drithi96 haha awww tell her to use vpn!!

      @hunterofbots contractor CEO content porn app forex authenticity creative vpn subscribe return #trial


      @mjyharris RT @wikiwikiwheels: @mjyharris @WattyRacing it is attempting to reflect a horse's current ability, for which their form is the best proxy

      @bubbiting .@NetflixANZ appears to be blocking @TorGuard in Australia. Got a message saying I'm using a proxy, changed to non VPN and works again

      @thatcologne I'm not opening WhatsApp for the rest of these days, I swear. I'm so tired, God.

      @CPearling @radfili i'm not opening whet you sent me on whatsapp I'm gonna squeal again i know it

      @therabbithaus Sometimes wisdom & maturity means not opening your whatsapp the next day.

      @LarkinsLisa1 Do in opening version as proxy for thine heiress: idapreschool: esTuvbXO

      @mwms9872 Not Trumps VPN slot #JebsNextMove

      @NatRoze I cant believe im considering rewriting the Hero By Proxy opening AGAIN

      @loveinthisage #Howtosay "I'm not talking to you":
      Opening WhatsApp so they can see your last seen changing but you not replying to them.

      @shiksAs Plus only 6hrs of sleep within 48hrs

      @fauxmeow What they dont know: Are mail client serices mutually exclusive to the proxy addres of the server protocol domain

      @_saman1996 My hobbies include: not opening your whatsapp chat for like a week

      @rajya_abhishek @wa_status Watsapp not opening.
      Dunno what has happened. WhatsApp just crashed. Pls fix it

      @abdlellahy "@ThaAfricanGirl: My young brothers, One is Barcelona the other is Man U. I am NOT opening my whatsapp" you must be going through alot

      @DeadLight78 @_namyoon l'opening de Ergo Proxy et l'OST : A Theme For Kjell de BF4

      @ThaAfricanGirl My young brothers, One is Barcelona the other is Man U. I am NOT opening my whatsapp

      @milliebilcliff Being able to see when people have read your messages on whatsapp without evening opening the conversation is making me not want to use it

      @modernemeid #Whatsapp wants to cause problems. Now you can see whether someone has read your message or not without even opening the message.

      @varghese_1972 @mtnugcare I am using WTF bundle but since yesterday evening my Facebook is not working properly pics are not opening. WhatsApp n Twitter ok

      @Rennnnn_X Whatsapp do not rate people at all, how are you now forcing me to see that I got aired without even opening the chat

      @shireen818 RT @Arabellastory: Saudi is not fighting Iran in Yemen. Iran is not in Yemen, even by proxy. Saudi is waging war agnst

      @asdfghayanijkl RT @NrlJmrh: only a day not opening my whatsapp and i already have a feeling you left and not coming back

      @syffalm I think I know what u sent and im not opening your whatsapp u bitch!!! @xokhaifia

      @lovinjarry My whatsapp is not opening because my storage is full excuse me

      @Syazkinda Not opening whatsapp bcs I don't want to

      @jonogarofolo @Its__Qasim I haven't tried but you should be able to download Firefox then get a free VPN add on. Set it up yesterday but haven't trialled

      @Mekehelmuth Im the type of girl to ignore your WhatsApp text by not opening it for the whole year...

      @NeverTrasshy I'm not opening whatsapp

      @runjhunmehrotra Whatsapp not opening on iPhone 5. Please help #urgent

      @najwazuIhisham I am such a fan of not opening my whatsapp

      @ewhumanity Whyyyy is my WhatsApp not opening?!?

      @blingelbach @Netflixhelps not using an unblocker or proxy, and my Internet settings are fine (yes, I visited the website listed)... #notimpressed

      @iam_DangotesOwn My whatsapp is not opening,wth

      @NohaAbouOmar @NathAtto i'm not opening your whatsapp chat till i watch the episode☺️

      @_Vickie_M My whatsapp is not opening

      @kjmnamjoonie @Netflixhelps could you fix your website because i'm not using a proxy i've literally never used one

      @c_yanyi I really have the bad habit of not opening WhatsApp chats

      @xedosme Netflix recent crackdown and ban on usage via VPN outrages UAE residents. #xedosITSolutions

      @stoner_uk_80 Why when I open a tweet link in whatsapp are they not opening in the Twitter app anymore and have reverted to Safari...?! Tres annoying

      @muzicecstasy RT @kierantaylorr: When people think they're sly not opening the whatsapp message to get the blue tick but you can see they've been online,…

      @No1isomeone2 whatsapp makes me sick....

      So that's it I'm not looking or opening it. Hate the app and people on it. So I'll just happily text ...

      @holybadblood RT @Anniewangpx: Im not opening whatsapp to read whatever threatening message you sent me that is capable of making me listen to you @swift…

      @aquareIIes oh never mind she's opening whatsapp i'm not that sinful

      @Jeanteen Omg I really hate to see the blue ticks in my whatsapp conversation. I rather you not opening my chat instead

      @Fellowb0y Joe: image sry. Nope not opening WhatsApp for the rest of the night night night boys

      @serhan_jaafar @discordapp well im at home no proxy no vpn but i live in syria does it matter?

      @mty2061 @GissiSim @vitor_aziz_sie @BIUK_Tech have u seen anyone can not access to Twitter or Facebook? Btw I don't use VPN and I have an access.

      @zoy4x RT @Asam__A: The pressure is killing me not even opening whatsapp lol

      @666minseok im not opening whatsapp anymore my classmates are so fucking annoying they all want the lessons

      @Hipployta Okay so Signal episode one does not want to stream from this site. I guess I have use my VPN and go to Dramafever

      @kcr0byn When you message someone on whatsapp and they think they sly by not opening your chat but they still have their "last seen" active #stress

      @MiraKoubeissi Not opening whatsapp until he replies #psycho

      @AlishaFarro not opening messages on Whatsapp or iMessage is fun

      @Walch189 Nothing aggs me like someone being active on whatsapp yet not opening your message

      @Trvp_Prince2131 RT @PresmaticPB: 13. opening apps as if I was doing something biaa ma, not knowing my WhatsApp had expired.Kwerh! #trotrovibes

      @hBryk Apple ios 9.3 and links are not opening properly on 3rd party apps like whatsapp or safari search.. So frustrating.. #apple #fail

      @Aayushi1407 Bro knocking the door.
      Bro:open the door,i need something.
      Me not opening coz I'm *asleep*
      Bro: U R online on whatsapp.Stop pretending.

      @dinocouri @AppleSupport My IPhone 6 is not opening links from Safari, Mail and WhatsApp. What should I do?

      @kanggaries today in Avoiding Relationships we have: not opening whatsapp in all day so you won't have to reply to the 'are you going out tonight?' mssg

      @podgekelly @AppleSupport supposedly clickable links are not opening in mail app or chrome and safari apps or whatsapp. Help please.

      @royoyster @AppleSupport iPhone 6s Plus not opening links in mail & WhatsApp. Extremely frustrating for someone who runs their biz on phone. Fix?

      @FGrieferz @BLCraftOfficial we should just stop dis shit. BTW that IP u have is from a vpn. and a vpn that doesn't log ur ass

      @sethsameerseth @AppleSupport hi I cannot open any link on Safari since I upgraded to iOS 9.3 on my 6+, also links on whatsapp not opening, pl help

      @tantrumgirl2 @Twitching_Proxy She closed her eyes and buried her face in his shoulder, trying her best not to cry. "I-I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..."

      @BettyyMR My gf hates it how I have like 5 messages not opened ,2 whatsapp not open, &1 snapchat not open lmao she ends up opening them for me

      @Sudi_kt @HillaryGuess I have learned to follow certain journalists and I use VPN services a lot to access international news @NPR @CBS

      @falenciay I need to access my vpn

      @ammriena Trying to ignore me by not opening my whatsapp but then u answered someone in group chat....okay u want to play that game then lets play it

      @mamiilana I'm not opening my whatsapp for the rest of the night or maybe the week. Damn shits

      @Away_Label_Not RT @MamanyaDana: "CALLED ME BY ACCIDENT?!"
      NO.. you tried opening my #Whatsapp picture to pree how good I look..but your fat thumb didnt co…

      @ifex_ce @WhatsApp My account is not opening

      @fitgyal Just read through my notifications and I'm not opening my Whatsapp till 12 people need to chill

      @CookieYanniee @CookieYanniee blame my iPhone for not working and WhatsApp for not opening on my tab hahahà

      @pamelayeo_ RT @idkdinxh: I have this habit of not opening my whatsapp chats, so bear w me ppl

      @MackuliNOG @getadblock no native as in there is an app that filters the entire phone. Not just a web browser. Like a VPN for ADs in a way

      @SQHistorian I am going on a VPN adventure on my phone. Going to see if I can install #Miitomo that way. Wish me luck.

      @SameSht_DiffDay @SameSht_DiffDay this basically ensures that a cooling system will not be a carrier for bacterium. And mold by proxy.

      @saffronaaliyah RT @Cheyalsm: If I can read your full message on WhatsApp in the preview without opening it, believe it's not getting opened anytime soon.

      @Zipho_Mavs Why is my mother texting me? Why doesn't she just yell my name or come into my room

      @Shanayaax @Rachid_Khann you go to whatsapp & tell them "Shanz gone to sleep"

      @lukeftbeanie My whatsapp is not opening urgh... Gotta restart my phone brb

      @ValiantNeki My work whatsapp is falling apart over two people not showing up for work today, not looking forward to opening those up.

      @Neoash1 @VesperVonDOOM @TwitchSupport Excellent! Yes, vast majority of IP's associated w/ VPN's are blocked from using Twitch for various reasons xD

      @rj07thomas @Easi123 @robbeekmans 1/2 yeah, I know...dodgy! The problem with TMG was the anonymous auth, not actually the proxy.

      @theo_dcf My barber is not opening my WhatsApp

      @salma19956 Got frustration on my mob...Its not working. Instagrm Is not opening n videos r not playing.. Only twitter n WhatsApp n fb is gud

      @peculiarblend @pooja_s15 phone browser is not opening the link. Could you please Whatsapp the details.

      @tariqrauf Fb crippled Whatsapp by not opening up an API while everyone was begging for one - users now need facebook profiles to talk to businesses.

      @nambili101 I have this bad habit of opening Whatsapp texts and not replying promptly though I always want to reply promptly.

      @Maxinator9000 Found a bug on @whatsapp where the font effects _~* do not apply when opening a picture

      @leannarosss sorry I'm not opening WhatsApp


      @navaneeth_anand #whatsapp in new #windows10mobile build 14322 seems not even opening sometimes

      @JunudAlHarb Kmt! Deleted so many things whatsapp still not opening. Memory is an issue

      @luckyjack141 @scottygb what if @netflix made VPN-friendly plan w/ just globally-licensed content? Many use VPNs b/c ISP is creepy, not to hide loc

      @c_raffy7 @nathanneequaye @luke_pearson11 already whatsapp'ed him... he's definitely seen my name and thought not opening that

      @lvbnx Zainab I am not opening WhatsApp okay I should be asleep

      @ClaraAshmore Why's my phone so fucked for. Whatsapp not evening opening and Twitter faving tweets of girls getting cummed on in Benidorm

      @__spx RT @MsGinaa_: If I text @__spx then it's basically to say "I'm not opening whatsapp til further notice"

      @Tsukento #1 is Ergo Proxy's opening.

      Fucking WHAT?

      @y0ungkingx RT @xmiajada: Not opening whatsapp but replying to messages from the notifications bar cause you are trying to ignore people

      @Aqidaaaa if my own blood brother can respect my privacy by not opening my whatsapp , then why cant you ?

      @Nitesh360 Given up using a #VPN, the considerable slowdown in speed is not worth it for extra #security that will rarely be useful

      @AndyPoundyJnr @teddyferrari1 Massa whatsapp me na I'm not opening my snapchat app

      @WanTingSam Whenever i see my whatsapp notification shoots up to 100, I'm not opening it til the next day . NO WAY

      @KristinaCrow23 did the school block the cloud vpn????

      @_Hamdalah @AnnieRukkie WhatsApp and kemikamal IG acct is not opening. add me up on BBM please.

      @katieamarsh anyone else's iphone 5(s) not opening any apps? crashes everytime i open anything. instagram and whatsapp are the last ones standing

      @_Hamdalah @Bint_Ghazzaliy walykumusalaam. I'm good. how are you? WhatsApp is not opening. add me up on BBM or send msgs to my mail... check dm!

      @DodsonFaber Use recognized sem tools opening unduly puissant as proxy for the websites: YQsMk

      @RealLMS RT @_d3f4ult: @notdan @opera @RealLMS yea i feel sorry for ppl who are using that VPN and feel more secure LOL

      @AzreeFeek RT @OllyMellberg: Less than 24 hours, fan in singapore (only) can watch crush MV by yuna

      @Cr7Sjj My girl is beside man complaining on why im not opening up mans whatsapp. Is man doing the narstie ???

      @anjola_bello My family friend asked me for my CGPA since morning

      @KaishaStu It's Monday and I'm drinking prosecco and embracing Beyonce so I'm not evening opening whatsapp

      @1SayChaps Duolingo works even on GPRS. That's brilliant engineering. YouTube does not. WhatsApp text flawlessly works. Opening web links is such pain.

      @truffleconfess I'm on strike by not opening WhatsApp for one day

      @strengnoah @therealmrusso use a vpn if you real

      @blowandjobs @beatIejuice use a proxy so it changes your IP address and then they won't know it's the same device connected

      @akaUlrichJ @Hype_Proxy @GFuelEnergy Definitely green apple, absolutely best

      @jarvik Whatsapp not opening up for last 1 week is opening post app update.So I'm still alive guys with & without it as well.Just 12095 msgs to read

      @vipuldureja @airtelindia not able to dwnld & upload media on @WhatsApp ..even Appstore is not opening on @airtelindia in bengaluru

      @JeSuisNattasha Not opening whatsapp today

      @wonderbwoy_ I can't upgrade my whatsapp and the app itself is not opening , can anybody help please

      @Aliyakins @ErinaKhairina u did? Pls dont make me feel bad for not opening my whatsapp :// is it importante

      @RanaaSays Well yup whatsapp is not opening anymore

      @starbwoyghost Tweeting in between not even opening whatsapp

      @garydchance 0656 "Unspeakable," said psychopathic BS at wake up playing Ain't-It-Awful by Proxy game to demean & humiliate by general stmt w/o facts.

      @maxayshewrote My whatsapp buzzing right now... I'm not opening it until tomorrow.

      @Sabah_ahmed14 Im not even opening my whatsapp ffs ik it's all mugs

      @lightcoin @n8fr8 sweet. now all @WhatsApp needs to do is add the ability to point the app at socks proxy localhost:9050 with Orbot on right?

      @itazzirun_rr " Nahh you're not important "
      *keep opening his whatsapp, check our old conversation bla bla bla

      @FraserAlexande1 Me slammer milk companionate communications industry free trade as proxy for site response.: EFqyf

      @Hloni__ RT @Eunice__L: Not opening your whatsapp because you're ignoring someone..

      @pixie_purfect Not even opening whAtsapp. Going back to bed.

      @MorrisonMiller1 Stake rule labels as proxy for definitive hammy acting opening: xBE

      @Nemcy_Myk I don't know what's more hurting, opening the fridge and not finding anything to eat or opening whatsApp and not finding a single chat

      @fuadhussaiin Whatsapp being a bastard and not opening

      @OldridgeAva Dubai de facto as proxy for flea market-investing opening uae veritable mansion: YiwYF

      @liya_yana96 "You are always checking your WhatsApp to see if there are messages.." 

      "The Quran has a lot of messages , but you are not opening it.." 

      @SHlNPACHI im not opening my whatsapp bc im scared abt my group assignment is this normal

      @MtrEhab @Dzminer Hahaha Your Not Opening WhatsApp -.- ?

      @bobby10outta10 really need whatsapp to show people's names as I have saved them so I know who to avoid by not opening the bloody app

      @Ilovemnmcrispyy You know how I'm not good with whatsapp? My friend sent me a voice not 3 parts which I didn't bother opening or listening to..

      @Thefuschialady Opening the entire #whatsapp I do hope such replying would still not change my online status though. Would love the last seen to not change

      @saravanansr21 @Moto_IND #MissingPrivacy My friend asks to open to check his whatsapp is opening or not..I will opened nd give..he sends a my GF contact

      @noddythesegar @Oibananas @imhaziqi @andertongohhh are you like purposely not opening our chat on WhatsApp also


      @FIixys @Banakin9 @opera but I like a VPN protecting the whole machine not just the browser so I like these types of vpns

      @JoyceKaze @Iam_Smitbeatz try opening up an account but it not working. Or maybe we try WhatsApp

      @devakumar997 @tomwarren @GabeAul Edge is not working, most of the apps are opening like skype and whatsapp,huge battery drain

      @Sane_Julz Do you ever just delete people's WhatsApp messages w/out opening them, so they think you haven't read them yet you're just not interested.

      @hongieis WakeUp WhatsApp. . Your account is not safe... please take care when opening unknown links

      @JeridahM_ Not opening any work emails or whatsapp group messages.✋

      @Herbsy_ And others "@zjerious: Whatsapp is punishing me for blocking my mum

      @pmashlock Scared of opening this whatsapp.. im not alone

      @rahnaaron Just updated my @WhatsApp and now its not even opening the app! This is an emergency!

      @Suave64 Somehow my whatsapp is not opening. @wa_status what is the problem

      @_Matias0 @WhatsApp I updated WA in my Lumia 710 with WP 7.8 and it's not even opening anymore!! #WhatsappDown

      @bibek_bairagi @WhatsApp Whatsapp is not opening in my Nokia Lumia 710 after installing the latest version today..plz help.From India

      @ZoeroPernalonga RT @ssingh0717: @WhatsApp not opening after latest update on windows phone. Please fix.

      @bibek_bairagi RT @Yogesh_Rya: @WhatsApp can u tell me how i can use whtsapp in lumia710 bcz latest version 2.16.64 not opening after update from last ver…

      @Murshad007 @LumiaHelp Reset and Format my card.
      No Backup Restored.
      Apps Auto Closing.
      Whatsapp not opening.
      Storw not working

      @AKolil Not opening Whatsapp at all; some prick somali will ruin the ending of Flash season 2 for me

      @tashaayazidd RT @mahalakshmi_V: Don't feel like opening any unread text on whatsapp. Not gonna reply anyone till morning. Nothing is wrong. I just don't…

      @betel_mesfin @Ifeomauwechue_x see that pm you sent me yh

      @EliseHughes_9 @cezroberts Whatsapp's not opening, if I don't reply i'm asleep, so ring me loads or walk into mine if you can't get hold of me

      @rznrmzi i feel like not opening whatsapp anymore

      @strvgoi @faeniola we can talk here. But I'm not opening WhatsApp because you've done Satan's work this night.

      @Ashfarheen @mayurinaG jgn whatsapp, I not opening it.. DM ke iMessage

      @ABYalley The iPhone king Kong's here, my whatsapp is not functioning. It's just not opening koraa,help?

      @RiderzParadize @AppStore @facebook @WhatsApp after installing latest update of WhatsApp on iphone6 it's not opening and app is freezing and forced close.

      @vishaljalan14 @WhatsApp the app is not opening on my iphone 6s. I cant reinstall as i dont have a cloud backup or i will lose my data which i cant afford

      @ahsanology @WhatsApp my whatsapp app is not opening tell me how can i use whatsapp again without losing all the data it contains. Thanks

      @izaazathirah I'm not opening whatsapp for today

      @RealDerekB Switching my VPN location from Toronto, Canada to US East sped connection up hardcore. Please look into fixing the TO, CAN IPs.

      @boopsehun @namwhoohyun oOoOoh i'll never know, and also my whatsapp is not opening bc i dont have Space

      @cozypowell7126 @LandofInplay @GnormanG @LandofInplayVIP VPN MASTER (free) - use 3G not wifi - use the app I do it all the time


      @mulandayak There are 2 apps I'm not keen at opening, Telegram and Whatsapp. That moment when there are long thread about works. Considering 3310. Haaa!

      @aisyafdeu Of a day not opening whatsapp HAHAHA

      @arieschiick So many whatsapp msgs ,not opening app till i see who i want to talk to

      @BushaaHassen "You are always checking ur #WhatsApp to see if there are massages"

      @mrjamesnoble @LinkedInHelp latest version of chrome on Mac says the site has a proxy error and can't load.

      @RachelKeegan Worst thing in the world when you try & ignore a whatsapp by not opening it & you open the app to text someone else and it's on that chat

      @ThomasMiz1 Day one of no whatsapp: i woke up willing to see my messages only to fuck them off. I am not opening whatsapp to check my messages

      @Tface_ RT @Kayy_Use: Why's my whatsapp not opening

      @kotwanivicky @JunesIphone icon is changed with span id but whatsapp is not opening

      @kotwanivicky @JunesIphone bro i canget the bundel id and what u said the icon changed but its not opening whatsapp bro ?

      @parismartineau tbh the worst part about thailand is i can't watch Game of Thrones bc the internet speed is too slow through my VPN
      wow i'm privileged...

      @humblesomeborry You guys had better be kidding me
      Twitter not refreshing
      Whatsapp not refreshing
      Instagram not even opening
      Infact good night

      @damania_alpesh @WhatsApp i am using iphone6 my whtsaap is hang not opening whts the reason i have imp data

      @StephenMackenz5 The rent touching the numbers game portals only proxy websites: cphtQrM

      @reneeheather1 @LockhartCoty stop I messaging me lol, I'm not allowed opening them. Get whatsapp if you wanna text me

      @JustAnnaaaa And now I'm not opening whatsapp either

      @RealisticLovisa @Kandiwapa__ My WhatsApp is not opening I need to update vatih.DON'T!!!!!!!!!

      @MichElyana_ RT @hippoqi: srsly not fond of opening WhatsApp these days

      @shayannamarie06 not opening Whatsapp

      @_shaynia If I don't see who I wanna talk to in my notifications I'm not opening WhatsApp

      @AmyWaltham J thinks he's being clever not opening my whatsapp instead of reading & ignoring b I've checked your fb last seen...I'm not daft

      @akygx like pal if I'm reading and not replying to your whatsapp, opening and not replying to your snaps then take a hintttttt

      @somelaterdate @PetervanManen Pssst... @opera's free VPN has made accessing my US content here in Denmark *really* easy...

      @Billeeebilal RT @shortysofinee: @Billeeebilal I AM NOT OPENING WHATSAPP BYE

      @DrIndiG @Support times - links in messages on whatsapp or Facebook. Not because tweet has been deleted, but next step after opening app doesn't work

      @maestro_tee If I'm tweeting, but not replying to your whatsapp, maybe I'm avoiding opening somebody's message and maybe that somebody is you

      @shortysofinee @Billeeebilal I AM NOT OPENING WHATSAPP BYE

      @Msrh06 Wow. It works ya. Not opening whatsapp so often, gives you peace.

      @1Password @JasonDKillips I use localhost ( to communicate. If an anti-virus, firewall, VPN, or Proxy is filtering that, it could cause this.

      @Mayinje_The1 RT @XolisaSuxx: Avoiding opening my whatsapp because I'm just not ready to answer the question posed by that one yet

      @mason_lee16 RT @ZaweyGause: Honestly the best thing about graduating is not having to worry about opening Instagram without VPN on

      @madeggsy RT @CatnippMellark: @madeggsy SO NOT OPENING WHATSAPP ANYMORE

      @abbie_bunk Opening whatsapp is such a myth. I'm not mentally ready to open that app again & it's almost been 10 hrs.

      @ibee_peaches Dont even know why im opening whatsapp. Not like anyone gon message me

      @Xolileee_ The text I just received. Not opening Whatsapp for the rest of the night.

      @whatnowdornan @anesyanoor whatsapp has blue ticks? Plus that person is dumb, he'll keep texting. (I'm not opening whatsapp but till when?

      @megannfinlayy My sis is more excites for the debs than I am , I'm not even opening her whatsapp message all i can see is pics of dresses

      @_melols Jess is so good at not opening your whatsapp all day but being online 3 minutes ago

      @dongijena @Soko_Murehwa2 @WhatsApp Download Cloud VPN and be on app

      @MadniTahir RT @emmaa_11: Not opening my whatsapp messages because if I reply to one person I have to reply to everyoneee

      @ProterozoicRock 135 messages from 9 chats.
      And I am not opening WhatsApp just because of one person.

      @masendai @Techzim @WhatsApp @facebook @messenger yo website is not opening also

      @ladynburg @MMMichaela0 fgsjdg what did u do? lmao I'm not opening whatsapp

      @AaishaSKhan @Saniaab @AaishaSalman I'm not even opening my whatsapp bro but nice tricks :p

      @embassadora @7Lowe bought the new season of killjoys but not allowed to watch it in Germany even with my vpn or DNS proxy. Bastards!

      @Cn3zz Screen rotation makes not opening people's WhatsApp texts easier.

      @Lerato_Champ Asked this one a pertinent question on WhatsApp ke sure he just saw it pip up at the top of his screen anore I'm not opening this

      @IamAfeez Is it my phone or whatsapp? Not opening

      @ohliives2 I have six chats to reply to on my whatsapp and I'm not opening it till the person I want to reply me does

      @koffilaurent83 @Safaricom_Care The same problem with Whatsapp. Not opening since I tried to update as recommended

      @KattMagz When someone is not even opening you whatsapp messages and they're online

      @oiwoods RT @PentLok: @oiwoods I always questioned the wisdom of using race as a proxy for poverty (as NEP did). Lots of side effects and leakages…

      @zayncIaflin God, too many people to reply on whatsapp im not opening that app ever again

      @jenniferevelynn @NazireenKhazali kaaan...mls nk reply msej dia..so I am not opening my whatsapp for the time being dear.. sorry sbb will reply lmbt sikit..

      @cheekysides Not opening whatsapp for the next millennium probably!???:!,?:?

      @Alisha_Flower Why is it 2016 and people are still going online on whatsapp but not opening my message. Em babe, I can SEE YOU

      @uche_mina Clearly not opening whatsapp till next year

      @gottaluvness69 @_di_O getting interrogated here. Not opening Whatsapp for the rest of the evening.

      @JanAxelJonsson RT @mullvadnet: Make #Mullvad up to 10x faster! Under Settings→Country, choose location nearest you. Reconnect to Mullvad. Happy surfing!…

      @666ique @Harryligion_ whats wrong i can't answer on whatsapp bc its not opening

      @nourmohamedd_ Opening someone you dont talk with whatsapp dp and trying not to press call is exactly like stalking someone's ig and trying not press like

      @nwxrhazmxn still not opening whatsapp soz ☺

      @iMichelleLouis @JoshuaMoghana he's back yay

      @nadiamahhadi_ Our photo is that cute that it feels like a waste not opening whatsapp that often :')

      @ktfrrw Is there actually anything more frustrating that someone constantly coming online on whatsapp and not opening/replying to your message

      @NdiDrey RT @tahm_x: The thing is, if I see one message I dont like in message preview, it means I'm not opening whatsapp to reply ANY messages.

      @zoeclarewrites Nothing more infuriating than people not opening your whatsapp message but then being online every ten mins

      @edwardjiang7 @WhatsApp WhatsApp for Mac OS X not working? Tried opening and it just keeps loading... Tried reinstalling it but it didn't work.

      @FireFranny I had a long, tiring day. Next time I'm not opening whatsapp. Didn't need to see that smh

      @wisdomofWTF @escphan00 whatsapp not opening? :c

      @cedeysagari So whatsapp not opening fr huh

      @RomanXLV This girl on my whatsapp can clearly see I'm online but not opening her messages but she keeps sending messages

      @AskPapaJohns @Quidzee At this time, you will not be able to access the site while using a VPN.

      @itsmeoni Till i am not opening my whatsapp app,no messages are loading in background.Is anyone facing the same problem???


      @ZaraLarssonCAN @Rymersvillain download the Hola VPN browser extension & change your location to USA!

      @5ive_ngwee I have a tendency of not opening WhatsApp messages if the response is "one word".

      @faychong_ If I send you a text and you happen to open WhatsApp, fucking go read it and reply to it instead of leaving it aside and not opening it.

      @samjohnson345 Not having a phone this week has been eye-opening to say the least. Many however are delighted that my Whatsapp productivity is down. #Bore

      @MayasDragon Malcolm Turnbull wants to "protect Australians' money"? Well, do that by not paying to imprison innocent ppl by proxy.

      @IsabelleLewin1 Qcfp coverture marketplace date-stamp as proxy for opening straightaway buyers: cxtDAvHIl

      @hijrahalfalah95 You are always checking your whatsapp to see if there are messages.

      @Menie__ RT @hijrahalfalah95: You are always checking your whatsapp to see if there are messages.

      @Msnessie_ RT @ollyollyolly_: I don't know what's worse, reading and airing messages on whatsapp OR going online and just not opening your message?

      @paws101 @jpwarren wonder why not just block OS IP's (not that this would stop local VPN tunnels)

      @caImasis There is no Internet connection

      There is something wrong with the proxy server, or the address is incorrect.


      @ShreyaRoy6 WhatsApp not opening

      @elximaani @7abibti_1403 @Awo_abdurrahman @tayxaats I haven't read any and I'm not opening whatsapp yet

      @FarhanJamali98 Not opening whatsapp till last class?

      @httprincesa I've been avoiding whatsapp and not opening any text I get cause I don't want to come across a certain person's contact name how sad is this

      @mller_elisabeth Phones currently dead so can't go on snapchat or whatsapp anymore

      @uiqnaux How does people have like 100+ unread whatsapp chat when I can't even stand not opening 1 chat cus its annoying.

      @kimmreaper Avoiding opening whatsapp to minimize the guilt of not replying to friends for a week now

      @khadhar1988 RT @DinuVJ: Audio doing rounds in Whatsapp nd fb claiming Dat opening song of #Thalapathy60 is not d original one,some attention seekers wo…

      @BeastInTheHead No @PlungeMyClunge I'm not opening that WhatsApp. I saw the preview. Good try though you wart riddled fucktramp

      @fishmonkeyRB @ohurooj I still don't wanna talk about it I'm not opening your WhatsApp chat leave me alone

      @Dond0tcom Even though I'm not a whatsapp person I miss Nonku starting convos with the wildest opening statements/questions.

      @ngugi_eve @ngugi_eve equivalent to opening a whatsapp conversation just to see if the message's worth replying. Going offline if its not

      @Ajozi_Art Freedom is opening a WhatsApp Message and not replying knowing well the other knows you've read the message.

      @sunagshetty @finkd Hi , I just observed som issue in WhatsApp tat video is not opening after download.if we com out of chat &com in,its able to view.[1]

      @Iknowthyworks I'm under constant assault in the form of Censorship in the U.S. so I must move my VPN to Canada at the very least

      @_unusualmuffin not opening whatsapp to save my life.

      @Stevo1380 If you at all care about your online privacy, download the opera VPN and browser app for your smartphone. It's amazing. @Snowden thoughts?

      @MANLIKEEMAY Whatsapp on some bullshit with this not opening the app cos there's not enough storage on my phone, firm it bruv

      @Oriadday RT @Chi_Chiboya: @Chi_Chiboya So she's now and calls/texts/ whatsapp swearing at him because he won't reciprocate her advances.Asked him wh…

      @Ovvzie Get Browsec VPN from Google chrome store to get @roblox working again, you can only access the site, not the games.

      @Lornieeeee Not opening up that WhatsApp till I'm sure what to do, advice gents?

      @pheministdream1 @pencil_skirts it's nice to see not-SEC on my timeline bc I I'm sorry about the game I'm only an Aggie by proxy

      @ShaneClarke534 Channel 5 have Formula E rights? PLEASE no adverts during race, or I'll just use a proxy server and watch the online stream.

      @shaunTtay Whatsapp not opening is starting to get on my nerves now

      @Syakee @RaihanaaaNadiaa I was on a streak of not opening whatsapp! Hahahah how could you surprise me like that

      @kewlbawx RT @VirtuaI_RBX: I hope the admins fix everything quick cause the VPN is making ROBLOX slow af.
      (No, it's not my connection, every other we…

      @Fxrxh_Nxdixh For the next 3-4 days I might not be opening whatsapp or telegram. And even social media. So im sorry if i didnt reply you or anything

      @agw95 Why is my whatsapp not opening my chats

      @iam__boips Whats worse, not opening a WhatsApp msg and the sender can clearly see that you're active or just straight up blue ticking it?

      @xiu99_27 @minseokay HAHAHHAHA THANKS I'm not opening whatsapp!!

      @Sneak_Dissin_ Can anyone get my paypal account unbanned? I was opening too many cases against proxy providers and they said I was a risky buyer. Will PAY!

      @OtitojuO RT @HenryOrji16: #PastorIzeIyamu will empower Edo youths, he will give 100% free education. Do not vote for @MBuhari by proxy...

      @allformani @WhatsApp app is not opening in iphone SE , ios 10. Any problem with that.

      @shanxmayorquin Not opening whatsapp for the rest of the day

      @depressingwifi I wonder if I can beat my longest streak of not opening whatsapp (my longest was 7 months)

      @missrachelalice Whatsapp forever makes me resent people for coming online, not opening my messages and then disappearing offline

      @baarbaramirella @AppStore after I updated the whatsapp he is not opening

      @Kamgee_Magana I have developed a nasty tendency of not opening WhatsApp text messages

      @SirMrRichy Thinking of not opening Whatsapp at work anymore....

      @misaalmshah Is @airtelindia trying to block any @google page from opening. Need to go through proxy servers to access Google/gmail

      @wonderfulmellet @wonderfulmellet also, im had this iOS 10 beta, but whatsapp just update and is crashing ( like not even opening ) so im updating to iOS 10

      @Cupeecake_tee RT @KimTRILLY: When people think they're smart not opening your whatsapp chat when you can see that they've been online.

      @CC1Album @tinycamiIas im not opening our whatsapp chat anymore js

      @private_proxy @weezySB really bad...which one?

      @kaijai_tm Going into day 2 of not opening messages for this Whatsapp grp. At 6:31:23 AM on Sunday, September 25, 2016 there are 3282 unread messages.

      @AgendaOfEvil RT @BadKatBlue: @AgendaOfEvil @SileER @JlwJoe I use a vpn service already. I was just commenting that Youtube has blocked it from view for…

      @murillo @anarchyco there are a lot of other (better) ways of fingerprinting an user, not scary once webrtc doesn't leaks ip addresses over vpn/thor

      @daiftweets My whatsapp messenger is not opening

      @adamoc132013 Rather then blue ticks whatsApp should just say, I've seen your message but I'm not opening it, take a hint!

      @LizziieMaraj @234Niiggs have you read the other previous tweet about my whatsapp not opening?

      @Rainy9 @Phi_06 maybe i hope not. i hv to use Kor proxy to access DC but its too painful

      @madhav Not opening Whatsapp for a few days. You know why.

      @Cickx89 Accidentally opening whatsapp when you're trying to patch something is NOT FUCKIN IDEAL

      @Angel2013sg @saranghyunjin I can't access it? it says its not avail in my region, I hv to use VPN?

      @KimTRILLY @KimTRILLY purposely not opening my whatsapp messages for days but tweeting and snap chatting?

      @GophalRaj #indiastrikesback PM Narendra Modi is the true reflection of India. The nation will not take security threats and proxy terror war lightly.

      @Chels_JC Not even opening my whatsapp. Unu too wild with the meteorology....

      @strwbrrysncynd @zamzamjoe are you just not opening the whatsapp

      @_iambobby This my WhatsApp that is not opening... It is just me or is any one experiencing the same thing?

      @Sisiaba @airtel_care I bought this plan yesterday but is only my Facebook that opening, not even twitter or whatsapp is working.

      @that_weirdchick Person called in asking about opening a bank account through a proxy server. Like that isn't fishy. Lmfao.

      @apotonick @ataraxite @Qantas "This website is best viewed in 400x600 resolution with IE6 and your VPN turned off." ?

      @ExoticBeauti_ i giveup on whatsapp cause everything i do it just not restoring or opening my chats.

      @R_pollmeier @GradeAUnderA Grade whz not opening up a WhatsApp group or something to stay in touch with zour fans ?

      @MariaSays_1 RT @muskanTweets_: #MessagesOfIslam
      U r always checking u'r whatsApp to see if there e messages.
      But the Quran has alot of messages, u r n…

      @iynixhot @Purgat0ry__ undon step one dk i m not opening yr whatsapp evrr again until that is out of my sight so bue u deseved it

      @ArinaDalila Uhm, so my Whatsapp is back, but still not sure whether I'll receive messages without opening the app.

      @MediaMucusMan Obama can continue to play BATTLESHIP with Iranian proxy Houthi rebels in Yemen or he can EFF 'em up like a SUPERPOWER. #YouSunkMyBattleShip

      @vernnn2 Fk you for not replying my WhatsApp,fk you for opening my snap and not replying,fk you for changing another girl so fast

      @seouInights anyone who i contact with through whatsapp , the app is not opening im sorry if im not replying!

      @fondeuhes RT @jensentrades: @jensentrades make sure they don't use vpn when doing anything above, run the IP on google & see where it takes you, then…

      @sheutsiga RT @econet_support i have 6 cents in my phone right now...its not opening a web page or letting in whatsapp messages...

      @TheGeneral1994 @Evamokiti @MTNza Come on. Checking whatsapp and opening Facebook should not take 20MB

      @niitroplaydirty Is it just my WhatsApp that's not opening?

      @ryregier @redlibrarian Thanks Sam! :) So I'm still confused how the Resolver knows not to proxy when someone is under your IP address

      @crawfordstan1 RT @ladies4trump: @irishdriven @ChadBurke I switched to desktop during my lock out- no problems there but I did a "hide proxy".

      @veernimbus @sidivs it is not limited to twitter and whatsapp. Other websites are not opening aswell.. Like tvfplay, hotstar and many more

      @_Mandisimo__ I've been having WhatsApp conversations without opening the app..
      When I finally opened it not too long ago, everything looks different.

      @NetBrandingNZ @WhatsApp Support needed. Iphone7Plus. Latest IO. WhatsAPP not opening. I've reloaded, reset Network Settings, turned off / on WIFI

      @e3lanat96613KSA @WhatsApp I updated my app from AppStore and it's not opening whenever I try !! Had to delete it and install again but same problem!!!

      @SrideoTripathi RT @gautamhimanshu: Least they will not make the mistake that blackberry made by not opening BBM :) #apple #android #whatsapp #facebook htt…

      @MttDvd Unlike WhatsApp and Google Allo, it's not possible to mute someone on @telegram without opening and reading their messages first.
      cc: @durov

      @PurpleNaNo My iPhone 6 is dying on me.
      Apps not updating. Whatsapp not opening. Pics not saving. It's the beginning of the end of our relationship

      @KidInASweetShop RT @MikeGapes: Proxy invasion ? UN Security Council mandated coalition intervention to defend legitimate government against Iranian backed…

      @WeAreNashik RT @Jamuntini: I feel like not opening my WhatsApp today. Everyone wishes you A Happy Diwali, nobody invites for the Faral.

      @_meerule Not opening whatsapp

      @NoBoundariesSV @yoongynna sorry late reply. I missed this mention. Try to install opera browser.. they have inbuilt vpn.

      @trackcycling @craiglittle85 I'll send you a link in the break today - assuming that the VPN link to my server works from here. If not, Monday...

      @vgonjor @emberKatTV Dragon's Dogma Online is the shit. For real. You need VPN to log in and such, but once that is done the game is hella tight

      @belle_nelle delete a setta pics and my whatsapp still not opening

      @Lambchop71Lamb @MissEmmaGlover Mines playing up loads. Apps closing, keyboard not opening in WhatsApp and just being random!!

      @chris_friend @krisshaffer I hate feeling stupid, but I’m not sure how best to learn more about something called “Signal”. Also, did he mean VPN, not VPM?

      @SophiyAnjam My #whatsapp is not opening since morning, does it mean I have to delete it & reinstall it? Does that mean losing all data on the app? Hmph

      @Siyanda_Nino "Blue tick" is one of many reasons why I don't have WhatsApp, I had this bad tendency of opening text and not reply

      @ggnarox Nothing worse than WhatsApp's last active status and someone deliberately not opening your message

      @TrizTaughtMe I am not going to be impressed with tech until I can preview Images on Whatsapp without opening it.

      @quindulge RT @brandoncrisos: ergo proxy opening >>>>>>

      @Wirtz_ @vpnunlimited Can't connec to any VPN server not login to the website... Any idea?

      @Orang1237 RT @ArpitaBaranwal1: @253yinzi yinzi plz share the whatsapp pic of him dear this link is not opening in my phone

      @iyanuoyolola @i_am_denah drop a msg on WhatsApp 08110875514..my dm is not opening msgs.

      @dubusaeyo I left my VPN on and apparently they do not like it lmao

      @4theloveofLola RT @Dj_Wandizz: Hey @4theloveofLola I see you have currently sent me a whatsapp. Just wanted to inform you that I will not be opening it ☺️

      @Lordofsin1 @Kraut_and_Tea you might consider using a VPN to hide your IP.

      @danielrutterpsc I worked out how to launch programs in administration such as the #VPN + #UbuntuSDK, it turns out my computer is secure, now even more :D!

      @flairnjh i was trying to control my laughter this small squeak came out i swear to god it was so embarrassing BYE IM NOT OPENING WHATSAPP

      @lufehr @MacAffinity a web proxy (ex. hide.me) is working properly. But I do not want to place an order this way :) (2/2)

      @jadesfu I was on WhatsApp 1 minute ago I'm just not opening your messages

      @AvgAndy Well, my website issues aren’t yet resolved (blocked IP), but at least my VPN is working in the mean time.

      @mattcharney @heatherbussing not true - I always use a secure VPN because I'm paranoid as hell. Today I was in Luxembourg, according to said algorithm.

      @yasminjohalx @TrudyBoulert i'm not even opening your last whatsapp, i have nothing to say to you. it's like the blind leading the blind.

      @hugginthebieber Not opening my whatsapp bcs this guy keeps texting me and won't stop

      @lia_pillay RT @TP_Pillay: The tactic of just not opening the WhatsApp message works like a dream.

      @CrowbarCat @Dougcooley5 @LPalensky @ScottAdamsSays LIA, MWP, and the fact that proxy data is crap.

      @renniepeters got such a bad habit of opening whatsapp messages an just not replying

      @belle_nelle my phone moving sooooo slow and my whatsapp not opening

      @sanabanana15 RT @tonikarma: If ur gonna air someone then air them with confidence not like a bitch bare avoiding opening whatsapp

      @Moe7mmd Lya 12 hours doing fine by not opening a whatsapp chat w aje d7en aft7o bl 3'l6

      @itreyur @PlayWarframe I can't sign into the game or site on my account with a VPN. Just get an invalid information message :s

      @Stephdfwu @a1gentsss I'm on the phone Kat and she said she's not opening whatsapp cause she's airing you (fight her)

      @SilicaAndPina lol ransomware that asks you to send it to your friends for a free decryption key.

      um my friends are two VMs and a VPN okay?

      @tentionevery1 I honestly just do NOT feel like opening WhatsApp

      @Miister_H @silkeesbhatt use ultrasurf vpn to bypass the block.

      @ChannaMereya_ I've been opening group notification that I don't meant to. Ban WhatsApp not Twitter, RK.

      @ANatasyka youre always checking u'r whatsapp if they're
      mesagges but the quran has a lot of mesagges
      u're not opening it

      @kingnniaz not opening whatsapp to not have to answer

      @RimKoumaira Did mum rly@just text me 2 get her water. Lol guess who's not opening whatsapp

      @Tobiloba_O If I don't see her message on my whatsapp I'm not opening the app

      @auka_asante I'm not opening whatsapp anytime soon. Come and see thesis copied and pasted.smh

      @Rokhaya_D im so stressed out rn bout his answer

      @StopiFunny @GamingAztec no I'm not, I'm not dumb enough to click a link without a vpn on it sent you to a random ip

      @gladiatorlxrry Whatsapp keeps opening without me doing it and showing unread stuff as read CAN U NOT

      @trailnutter RT @chav_charlie: Opening my dm for 24 hrs, do not dm me hi, hello etc this is for purchases only, such as kik, Snapchat, whatsapp, customs…

      @LoraFitz When you wake up to a WhatsApp photo notification from @kirstywallace & know what it's going to be before opening. Not talking to u no more

      @rogerdil RT @BeholdPale: Attention sheep. Wake up the real enemy's are not Muslims. They are being used by the Zionist as a proxy army to destabiliz…

      @lucky7pute @brandonleblanc @donasarkar add known issue WhatsApp and other third party apps not opening some Lumia devices.

      @Haybre @Roaree I'm on a whatsapp detox. Can see the messages coming through. Just not opening the app lol

      @__________Gavin When you 'mark as read' in WhatsApp without opening a message does the sender get the two blue ticks, indicating you've read it or not?

      @43gy220qLoEUyuE #proxy-website emergency animal hospital austin tx

      @sabrinalouisax I have the worst WhatsApp etiquette. Reading & not replying to msgs, not opening msgs while online ages. Changing my pic but ignoring msgs

      @sharkie__xo PSA: not opening someone's whatsapp but being online afterwards makes you look like a bigger rat bastard than if you just gave them the seen

      @lucky7pute @donasarkar whatsapp not opening in some devices from more than one month. many people upvoted this issue but you are still ignoring.

      @yoyoyuyun I'm opening Snapchat and Instagram, like finally. But I ain't opening Whatsapp. And no, I'm not fucking okay.

      @itxlexie Not even opening my WhatsApp not in the mood to reply mssgs. Music and Twitter issok

      @sekarpalraj Fed up with almost all #VPN vendors,not able to stream primevideo & netflix. Most of them are sharing same proxy server located in CHN & MUM

      @Quedam I am very guilty of not opening videos sent to whatsapp groups..

      @lucylaws RT @KerrieSpence_xo: Is there anything more annoying than people being ONLINE on whatsapp and NOT opening your messages

      @chiefmringo @airiters the link is not opening,whatsapp?

      @JeremiahKylie1 Cater prices up alias inadequateness: it's the opening as proxy for bio nutrition options: PhQAJ

      @dimpleeerz Can you hear it loud and clear? @_Viggy_ I AM NOT OPENING WHATSAPP YOU HORRIBLE PIECE OF - no not gonna end this night with some creep show

      @DennyPu1981 @facebook why I can not log into my account in China by VPN right now?

      @thepiyushjain @vincedes3 WhatsApp not opening after i send him second link text
      Now how to open whatsapps ? Don't want to loose data

      @_Baaekies okay succeed not opening any social media sites today except for whatsapp gosh

      @ftbIackbear im not opening whatsapp, sorry if i don't respond.

      @Nasalexx_O @Yinkoere can you send me this video via whatsapp? Ion know why it's not opening here

      @__alanahsmithx Not opening a message on whatsapp because you'll have to reply... then accidentally clicking on it hours later is the most annoying thing

      @mattonomics Why do companies like @Target block VPN traffic? That's just silly.

      @bolakaus @MTNNG pls my social me in cliq only open twitter and WhatsApp, facebook is not opening why?

      @JanieLT1 @abbymouse90 you alright not opening whatsapp

      @ShashankITSoft Also @WhatsApp status opening only cam for photo/video. No more text-only statuses.
      What the hell.Why not a simple text status without img?

      @AzarChristelle @JoyAghjayan your pictures are the reason why am not opening WhatsApp

      @xLAStarrx Feel like chucking my phone in the ground. Why tf is my WhatsApp not opening but messages coming through

      @Ntshozi I have a tendency of not opening whatsapp videos and reading olthose long ass texts...Hope I've been ignoring ezingabalulekanga tot nou toe!

      @swordahmad @Snapchat why we ate not allowed to use Snapchat app without VPN? . oh yes .. we are in Sudan.

      @VarunSama_x @varyanka_x BITCH I AM NOT OPENING WHATSAPP

      @GauravXm @pornbot9000 may not work on every browser or ISP though. Use hola vpn

      @Joe_XXVI @WhatsApp if a member of the group is not online at the time, they can simply join the call on opening the messages.

      @Zagrthos RT @raj_12f: @WABetaBugs Android 2.17.89 after force stop @WhatsApp not opening crashing again & again.

      @Bobbychu3 @JaleesAhmad ooh yeah.. I'm new to the proxy game so I'll learn not to get caught!✌

      @Avinashreddie @FouadRaheb
      My WhatsApp is crashing when I'm opening it
      After opening again it was not crashing
      Fix this crash

      @HappyBrokenSoul my whatsapp is broken AF,not opening

      @giveawayfavy Went gone. **was gone. Or went missing. Same thing. Also it's not that kind of missing it's just us not opening line or whatsapp lmao

      @jindal_ayush01 @AppleSupport facing memory prblm in iphone 6s. deleted most apps, but photos & whatsapp not opening. phone not working properly. pls help

      @TweetsByBetty Not even opening whatsapp for a minimum 2 hours. Ima fuck up. Bye

      @naciema My whatsapp is finishedddd! Re downloaded it and it's still not opening

      @kianamroch I feel for those on Whatsapp who see me going on and off line and not opening their messages but I just really can't do people today

      @BEN_M_C Sorry to anyone trying to get at me on snapchat or whatsapp, my storage space is too peak and their not even opening.

      @FawazMJS @Netflixhelps I keep getting a Proxy error message, but I'm not using any VPN. I can only play Netflix originals & a couple of other shows.

      @barnzrolfe RT @ChelseaSurridge: U do know I can see you've been online and you've ignored my whatsapp and not bothered opening it, yeah nice 1 hun

      @BharatC95589497 @WhatsApp the apps is not opening on my lumia 730. It is just showing loading ... Msg on my screen

      @Bongani_MV That whatsapp I just got.... Someone just invited me to movies. Andifuni!! Not opening it...

      @pankmaz @BSNLCorporate websites​ like Facebook, Amazon, WhatsApp, Twitter are not opening from your Broadband. @facebook @amazonIN

      @SadPerson45 @wTsDev @pearI_rose Bujji,na laptop got corrupted and it is not opening.so can u unblock my AP WhatsApp number.so that I can see u in online

      @michellemartins New habit : not opening my WhatsApp for 2-3 days at a time.

      @rOLSTzmyURzEQHc RT @JoshuaGrossBC: Dear @CNN, why not add a little PSA to each of these articles: "A private VPN service can protect your data for a low mo…

      @Sosh_Lwana I'm not opening WhatsApp tuuu yhuuu

      @careenshah Why are my group chats not opening on whatsapp

      @bboswell93 Is there anything more ignorant than someone being on WhatsApp and not opening your message from 5 hours ago???

      @eyesroIIedback irena im not opening our whatsapp chat

      @glockieee my whatsapp not opening no storage is the best excuse ever looool

      @Deities_sante @Vee_angell That you're feeling hot

      @Denye007 @Diamondarl as in Ehnnn, opening my whatsapp is like stress lately

      @arunradhika83 @WPS_Office pdf files on my WhatsApp not opening automatically but i have to go to wps office select file and then open. What's the solution

      @nhlahla_coretta This new whatsapp is 4k'd up
      Person is busing opening your statuses but not opening or responding to your texts

      @dunnitej Nah fam I can be petty too @ngoziaghadiuno not replying you or opening whatsapp ✋

      @Elnukibi Once I just see whatsapp msg *migwor ma*bigtsis*

      @JagexHelpSamo @beausolian @JagexSupport Hey Luke, are you using a vpn, phone, tablet, proxy or public pc to recover?

      @IMAKECOMEDIANS @brownblaze VPN's, proxys, secured networks, and even the best scramblers are not gonna work to protect whoever did this.

      @yashasri_s Next level boredom is closing the book, opening Whatsapp and not replying to any chats.

      @Colonelattari @omohd090 Your link is not opening....confirm you are in Delhi or NOIDA and your address....Call me on Whatsapp:9312889605

      @scones23 @BooksBakesBio I'm not opening my WhatsApp or hitting those DMs unless I know you're close.

      @Zw_263 @econet_support I bought daily data bundles for $2 but they are not opening not even a Whatsapp

      @xTeen_Queenx Snapchat should let you read the message before opening the chat like WhatsApp does so you can see if it's worth it or not ✨

      @GdeLaPasture RT @yunganxious_: I'm not opening WhatsApp. Don't WhatsApp me.

      @bynbkhyn @dollylynnn ah righttt

      @JILwebdesignl RT @Elyx0: My face when I need an Iphone to SSL Proxy an app I do not own with Charles proxy because Android Nougat decided to not trust us…

      @DPA2018 RT AngryCPU: It's not a #VPN -s job to break other #security platforms and methodologies of #privacy

      @_JRE2_ Im not opening that whatsapp. @Paultommo86

      @uVuyoh RT @RonPipes: Running so low on data I'm not opening pics on WhatsApp. Just replying with shock words

      @chherryylim instead of asking me on snapc and then never opening it when i reply you why not just whatsapp me

      @konnichiwhore pls snapchat/dm me if not i'll never ever reply u

      im not joking

      i can go days without opening whatsapp

      @vxsdn_ RT @prncssant: istg i see no point of me opening my whatsapp knowing the fact that i will not receive any messages

      @sassyygalaxy So this friend of mine, who by the way texted me after two complete weeks, expecting me to reply quickly. I am not even opening WhatsApp.

      @VELVETW0NHO i keep opening and closing whatsapp. should i whatsapp u or not

      @LilyAurora23 Sorry en mat i'm not opening your whatsapp for any inquiry that you need. Till i reply it tomorrow okeh.

      @feminahzie_ @Mar_Monroee as serious as you are about not opening my whatsapp

      @Situ_Tapadia @WhatsApp can u get an update where youtube video link should play (in chat only) there itself only and not opening youtube or browser

      @vampu7 Not opening my WhatsApp anytime soon, if u need me I'm here/ snap and you can call if it's urgent ❤️

      @Rubendran27 Nope..not opening that Whatsapp message and letting you know that I read it at this specific time..

      @ErrSr Goodbye @WhatsApp web... not opening it as long as there is a persistent notification #WhatsApp

      @LeviMariaxx Honestly, nothing annoys me more than someone constantly showing as "online" on Whatsapp but not opening me message.

      @who__am__l__ @mbabybell Opening my message on Snapchat clearly stating to open whatsapp then IGNORING is not cool

      @HQJII @dionyorkie Not, is banning vpn not using the Twitter and Facebook and many more

      @liquid8d @NikiPhili @TheBBPresident On Android you can 'find' the app, I think a VPN should work once it's on there.. not sure on iPhone though

      @isamyelyah imo someone going online and deliberately not opening your whatsapp is worse than being blue ticked

      @jun23jr Still not opening my whatsapp because someone texted me at 5 am.

      @Salvatori_84 If this Emoji >

      @CiPHPerCoder RT @tqbf: A brief word about kernel-resident VPN serverside (which WireGuard has).

      @PRAKHARSAHU2006 @dannybauder Please check your proxy settings and internet connection settings. Try opening website or app with mobile data if (1/2)

      @marxphehuli1971 RT @mtallawati207: @LudiaGames
      I have issue in games it's not connecting to server without vpn all games form your company

      @McFrankoSA Mizing whatsapp texts and not even opening them >

      @thearianavotes if you're not from the USA download the HOLA VPN app and change ur ip to the USA so u can vote

      @868chxntelle I not opening whatsapp until someone important messages me

      @Indianna_M lmao 30 WhatsApp messages im poes not opening that app shem

      @TheClockStrike "Okay, I'll stop." I said to myself while stopping in playing TouRabu simply hovering over the open VPN icon, opening the KanColle game.

      @Mzlianne @cccnnnfff

      @the_rks26 @JabongIndia product link sharing via whatsapp and opening on an ios is not working from long time

      @La_BelleN My whatsapp is literally dry, I'm not chatting to anyone but I'm used to opening the app, you'd swear I'm chatting kodwa dololo.

      @LivingHerDreamz I'm not opening my Whatsapp messages. I'm so beat.

      @ChutneyKarti Not opening whatsapp for a bit trying to run away from someone can yall just iMessage me thanks

      @MuxeTheDesigner Hey don't get hacked for not opening your whatsapp updates, it's our data after all

      @Kiera_Costello @ToriAmato that is the last whatsapp I'm opening I am not breathing at my desk everyone is staring

      @stabbykat @bad_dragon It's even the same when I use a proxy browser, just a blank page with some metadata about dildos and stuff, can't just be me :p

      @YungOVO RT @NMLite: IF you aren't in the United States, your STREAM will not count unless you use a VPN/proxy to change your location to the United…

      @ChrisWLangley @WhatsApp not opening after updating. iPhone 7. #suggestions?

      @EdnessPlays Still not replying, not even opening whatsapp, you're buying that shit yourself xd

      @TheRealAlika @FeliciaSaidWhat Sorry I haven't left this app

      @lemonsta_ If we mark whatsapp chat as read.. without opening the chat room.. will the people in it get the blue tick or not....?

      @smokeraider108 @Nithyaforever2 hi ..my Twitter I'd hacked so not opening .. my WhatsApp 9789679643
      Fb sathiyaprasanth@yahoo.com

      @brinbrut Opening someone's WhatsApp convo just to see if they're online or not.

      @NitinKu07683555 Tu hum usss free udp 53 port se usa ki kisi vpn service se connect ho ke unlimited free net

      @kofibarca Not sure how that whatsapp unsend feature will work..so what if i read the msg from notification without opening the app

      @iamjannah96 Not opening WhatsApp for a day. Good day spend with myself.

      @Edwin_rsv4 My phone is ambushed with 1137 texts for not opening the WhatsApp just for one day


      @LITGAYLY my ignoring skills went from not checking whatsapp texts to not opening any snaps

      @LebzaSebogodi I bought a 1 GB data on Wed, I've bn checking my emails (not even opening links) and whatsapp but tholukithi my data is exhausted @Vodacom

      @LXO_I @FJaace I'm not opening my whatsapp for you to blast me pls

      @Belieber33girl @QzingoOfficial It's not working my Frnd send it to me on WhatsApp but it's not opening

      @DAVIDNOLLY1 Opening WhatsApp to see Stories first is disgusting
      I'm not interested My stories add finish
      Everywhere Stories Stories!
      Isnor by force

      @WannabeSanyasin Tiny, little battles consist of opening your Whatsapp window every now and then and not dropping a message.

      @ShikinSumari when ur contractor asks if we want to add smthg and u know u want to add it but u know its additional cost so ure not opening ur whatsapp.

      @serendipityy_x RT @pariksha10: My WhatsApp show a "16" pop-up. Guess what 15 of those are from Arena @serendipityy_x.

      @shealaughlin My @encryptme subscription is up. Looking at other options. Should I stay or should I go. Anything else worth looking at? #vpn #security

      @hooleydooleyboy RT @DigibitUK: Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn't be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet.

      #Privacy #VPN #Streamin…

      @imsandip_m Hello @WhatsApp , @facebook
      I can not use WhatsApp throughout the day. Could anyone please help me out? It's crashing whenever I am opening

      @Queen_Maritza1 @fifty_jay Ur a light weight tho u wouldn't no what a session was these days... WhatsApp groups hopping im not opening any messages

      @DiaTechTV If you are looking for a great VPN, ZenMate has been legit the best so far. It's prob fast enough I can stream with it tbh.

      @clairethiago I’m not airing anyone my WhatsApp ain’t opening

      @SophiaTassew I've tried reinstalling my whatsapp, on and off etc but it's not opening

      @Tnvola @SnazzyQ you can use PIA VPN to block YouTube ads, no root required. Not the most elegant solution though. Red too expensive.

      @backtolucy @jaurebra me opening WhatsApp to ignore a message as if they're controlling when im online or not

      @Miss_Teey Aleruchi has killed me. Not opening my whatsapp till tomorrow.

      @CarlDunnJr RT @TCruz76: #SPSM VPN does not help on FB or social media as I can find posts, "about" to find locations of Veterans that goes "dark", can…

      @rizrags Okay para di masakitan, not opening WhatsApp the entire day. Okay?

      @Jacey_MK RT @RavinaRampersad: JC rel sickening to be tweeting and not opening my damn WhatsApp steups

      @NickMar909 @CharlesDagnall @bennej0 - If you us a VPN on an Indian server, there is a live feed on that page.

      @Marobabez RT @notmuteeb: My fav hobby is not opening Messenger and WhatsApp

      @NigelJr_ RT @innocitto: In the morning, after opening Messenger Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, phone text & Twitter to find not a single good mornin…

      @galaxyunicornz RT @izaxz: how lazy am i at texting? i see your texts, i assume its not important, so i ignore it. till i feel like opening my whatsapp.

      @DcxpcbAnna To all my Facebook friends, sorry for the later reply, i can not log in facebook for VPN errors in past weeks.

      @TerryDarc @StevenBeschloss Racism (Moore is a proxy at best) and bigotry will triumph in small minds across America. Not new but always disappointing.

      @_ebunoluwaA All my pictures are gone

      @JamesSohu My whatsapp App is not working/opening

      @molly_gent RT @TheBrouard248: Someone going on snapchat/WhatsApp and not opening your message is the most annoying thing ever

      @jmmanchion RT @woddboy: @instagram @facebook @CheetahMobile I see what happens: When the Safeconnect VPN service of the app. CM Security Master vip pr…

      @Grims_Domain RT @wherepond: @atvguy @meNabster @eromiclord @StewartThomasD @tcaLdarez @purplhaze42 @Grims_Domain @KirstyMartin19 @rico_hands @AntiSatan3…

      @titabs @tirbaby Did it deliver? Whatsapp is no longer as covert as it used to be o. Not opening doesn't mean they didn't see it.

      @flatulenced can u imagine my dumb ass went all the way to not opening whatsapp for 12h bC I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO REPLY!!!! lulz what a dumby

      @powerlinele @idea_cares Issue not resolved still your 4g speed look like 1 g for opening image on whatsapp size 360 kB waiting time 1.42 minuets

      @Brandonqwabe211 The mood I'm on today got me opening WhatsApp an not replying back to a single text there

      But still updating my status

      @melissa_nel @CindyAlfino I also got one on WhatsApp today. I'm not opening it

      @sudama RT @Iunasera: @qiancafe on the app store download qqmusic and transocks vpn and make sure u turn on the vpn before opening the app so u can…

      @rinydwipangestu not interested in opening your stories on instagram or whatsapp.

      @beckyhammer Turns out one of the best parts of having a baby is opening their Christmas toys for them by proxy.

      @Teevee81 @2le_Fuze Am not opening any video or pic on my WhatsApp zyadina

      @OriginalMan__ not opening WhatsApp anytime soon

      @mkndou I am sorry I am not opening any spams videos and pics sent on whatsapp, sorry issa lot, merry Christmas!!

      @kevohrasty2 @210_asha
      my nokia asha 210 it is not opening whatsapp and it is not downloading opera mini

      @_mahiisays RT @ElahiHiba: Not opening WhatsApp for 2 days straight shows my level of singleness

      @ManahilMohsin RT @Mrweedu: my whatsapp contact will blast lol I'm not even opening some of messages

      @sjkaminiii Boi be liking Instagram posts but not opening his damn WhatsApp for goodness sake pendejo

      @hoodaarun1 RT @Lavish833: Bug in WhatsApp

      Not opening showing outdated version
      Playstore showing no update available

      @WhatsApp #whatsapp @WhatsApp_S…

      @gauripokhariyal @WhatsApp woke up now and whatsapp not opening up. Clicking the app the screen goes black. Only for that App. Some problem????

      @Ravensidekick RT @IamAnishaa: Not opening WhatsApp groups since morning to save myself from "Hearty invitation.. MR PATANG bla bla...." #MakarSankranti

      @Marco_P_Shite @EatMeDr1nkMe I’m not opening it I know you too well and I’m about to WhatsApp you lol

      @BitFlippr @IsaMariaSmith @Yogi_Chan The vast majority will never hide their tracks using different VPN's for their 'anonymous' account.

      @shanmukharao444 WhatsApp is not opening in my Lumia730 from Jan12 2018@nokiamobile . Please give any statement regarding this problem,please fix my problem

      @DanielMoleSarp RT @GideonBrefo: @hapaSpace Also a person must know that you may not always have to pay to do DM
      1. Setting aside time to Twit comes free

      @adeolaolayiwol4 RT @mckennyspecial: If you think It is very easy to govern people. Try opening a WhatsApp group
      and tell them not to post irrelevant messag…

      @TopaArealcom Cybergost
      Open VPN Conenect
      Open VPN Server

      @rinpark99 RT @kpopzoneID: #kpopzone Sunday is now ON AIR with your DJ @IndraMuliaLEE
      Let's enjoy #kpop together till 12AM! Happy tuning.
      Join our re…

      @Rose_Bud_Doll Sent a risky text within the winery last night & im not opening WhatsApp today

      @Kazama101 RT @ImChungu: I'm not opening my whatsapp for the next one week

      @JamesStrafela RT @MarkMcFarlane29: Some poor bastard in the office has made the grave error of opening a message the noise of a couple having sex has run…

      @honestgrande not opening whatsapp for a while i feel too bad to talk to some people rn im sorry, i turned off any notifications i may get

      @your_roy23 @OnePlus_Support I updated it a week before.
      Some of issues are very fresh like my WhatsApp emoji keyboard is not opening

      @Mwanta2 my whatsapp is annoying. I'm not opening it till tomorrow.

      @thehdyhamn @4yin_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. FASTER KAHWEN OK. cant whatsapp you yet cus am not opening my whatsapp!

      @betsywoIfe i never do but especially today im not opening whatsapp i don’t exist

      @Zamokuhle_D Not opening that WhatsApp. Ndilele

      @RollingWave0720 RT @joannachiu: In an annoying twist, now my #Whatsapp only works when my VPN is switched off. Nothing makes sense. #UnderstandingChina

      @itsangelalvarez I lost my voice completely and I have a big meeting this Tuesday...argh...I’m not opening my mouth for the next two days...whatsapp only

      @iosafemi @matthewbandoo why u tweeting but not opening my whatsapp messages you fucking bum

      @VikramYadav03 @JioCare 1 kb/s and sometime lower than that, even twitter and whatsapp not opening

      @_N_Maria_J Lol , people are really out here not opening my messages but viewing my Whatsapp Status like ???? Until I do it to them .

      @mgmoody42 RT @Nick_Craver: If you have a server on the internet and are dealing with traffic through any proxy, your default assumption should always…

      @BetsyGervasi RT @PhilipdClarke: @PattiKimble @CHHolte @BetsyGervasi @WendySunshine1 @scyeatts @roxy23_66 @DeliliaOMalley @RealDesertRat @RealNoraC @reti…

      @aeinapatel RT @fabulousfabs_: I’ve got a bad habit of not opening WhatsApp GC’s if it goes beyond 100+ messages

      @RLoorkhoor WhatsApp not even opening because I don’t have space

      @JaseLee91 RT @badgalpali: Best feeling: opening your crush’s WhatsApp chat and seeing him genuinely being offline and not ignoring you

      Worst feeling…

      @nee_miee RT @Rouvafe: People who did not get the post of class captain back in secondary school are the ones always opening Alumni Facebook & WhatsA…

      @ole_boy_saint @anthany_vi @Rhymestyle I had to download it again and start over but take your VPN off before opening app after installation

      @Black_Berserku @Mredgee309 @HeyyyJewd Nope, Im not using vpn and I got the game

      @CristianoWayXX @KeylorinhoXZ Use VPN for a while and then try opening your account on the app. Worked for me.

      @ram_k27 #Whatsapp not opening and continuously crashing for anyone else here?

      @Lawrenc45290293 RT @CaineFX: On a real - it’s not about making XYZ over night. It’s about opening new doors and trying something new I come streams. An ext…

      @laboum @kevmjo i guess but it is worth not opening whatsapp for hours to avoid her

      @Tyronefield2 @Honxqp Censorship by proxy

      @iamjannah96 Not opening WhatsApp today and people start thinking something happen to me. I'm just studying guys.

      @naf000 RT @raihaansodagar: opening whatsapp notifications by mistake when trying to press something on the top of your screen is not a vibe

      @kim_martee RT @miniminivy: "This is definitely Tae."
      - But I'm not going away, just so you know.
      - Brat, - Gguk said quietly.
      - I heard that!
      He al…

      @aaqibrk *New message on WhatsApp*

      Me: "Eid Mubarak aapko bhi"

      Yes, I'm not opening those GIFs.

      @Khiithaa_ sent v cringeworthy texts last night

      @TheeWN My mums not opening my WhatsApp’s yet when I call her she’s talking bout what I’m texting her

      @meliwhatsgood IM NOT OPENING A WHATSAPP FOR NO DUDE HERE lmfao

      @cheeseoverdeez I don't even feel bad for not opening videos on WhatsApp. Send me money for data first

      @AlexandroApril @MTNza Even WhatsApp bundle. Not downloading pictures or opening statuses?

      @Hypolite01 RT @Thobeka_Rare: I don't appreciate people who send a whatsapp message without opening with a greeting... especially if we are speaking fo…

      @Fuckyoselfslut lol im low-key ignoring my brother's GF and not opening the message even tho WhatsApp tells people the last time I've been online

      @Fifyfayona RT @WoleOdeleye: WhatsApp will not let you block a contact without first opening the chat .

      They want you to block the person with your fu…

      @seochangbinskz RT @KimwoojinMY: [INFO]

      To watch On Dream Concert, you can download the “my K” apps on your phone.
      Make sure that you use South Korean VPN…

      @smhsiti Guess I’m not opening my WhatsApp the whole night

      @Natachyy I'm not opening my WhatsApp today, its just scary

      @ToRaVzla RT @LilyStargazer4: @marcorubio Correct! Time to do something effective 2 PROTECT THE US! Not only US foe Putin has a proxy in #Venezuela,…

      @FacebookScandal RT @FastestVPNGuide: ISPs logging our every online move (and then selling that info to the highest bidder) should not sit well with anyone.…

      @Vick01295534 RT @hopionjimmy: When I pick my phone in the morning, I check WhatsApp and other messages before logging into Twitter, cos when am on Twitt…

      @Rachel_England @Sarkies_Proxy You know, at the bottom of the duvet cover? The opening? Some IKEA versions don't have any closure mechanism.

      @McBryony Feels right now for the woman sat next to me staring sadly at a picture of a guy, then opening her WhatsApp.... he’s not worth it hun ❤️

      @horgsyvwi200 RT @Robandoban: @Rainbow6Game @HarwellRiley Ive been getting the same matchmaking errors since the update too. The only fix I've managed to…

      @Kabelo_Nkhabe RT @timiretimzzy: If your bae is like the following you don't need evidence not to trust him/her
      1. Doesn't show blueticks after opening a…

      @VanshRaj171998 @WABetaInfo My WhatsApp is crashing not opening

      @blockchainflux RT @coindesk: 6/And here, @NewYorkStateAG details which of the crypto exchanges it surveyed block VPN users and which ones don't. (Page 10)…

      @hajirfajwani Not opening my batch’s whatsapp group stresses me so much because ik I’ve missed a lot today

      @kenjiebubu Netflix + VPN (Tokyo server) = Terrace House: Opening New Doors Season 4

      @Aleey1995 RT @Umar_Tals: I tried to open my Ex Whatsapp status but It’s not opening seems like my phone too move on from the relationship

      @1208Edi RT @c1d3rdev: Chat heads update coming this weekend with bug fixes and code optimization.

      It should fix bugs with not starting container…

      @earthyrobot @EFF Do not surf without a #VPN. Consider @ProtonVPN or @NordVPN.

      @li34275453 @econet_support guys my whatsapp is not opening images & profile pics its been a week now can u pliez help

      @Obi_the_Ras RT @Owaahh: Now that I've proved that sharing your number here will not ruin your life, I'm opening campfires on Whatsapp na Telegram. Text…

      @ReyolaB Wow so WhatsApp’s fully not opening. Love that.

      @WhySoCakcibor @kz_gtr not vpn sir... backup game sir

      @YoliSpice Not opening my WhatsApp till forever

      @shriraj_1 RT @Mur_Att: Even Nifty open with gap down of 500 points... no use for put holders..

      Nifty opening down alone is not enough...but


      @Da_Real_CHUXXX RT @KyyKaah: Reading my WhatsApp messages from my notifications and not opening them >>>>>

      @oatmealupdates Anything important call me or whatsapp me because I am not opening doors today

      @Deeedat4u RT @uncle_musty: Being broke will teach you that some things in this life are not important like
      - Seeing a movie in the the cinema
      - Openi…

      @katleigh_ku RT @yungnotwild: Once I archive your chat w/o opening it on WhatsApp, it's over. I'm not replying.


      @ghostifi_net RT @rishmishra: So I set up a VPN on DigitalOcean and have been using it for Internet.

      The problem is that Google doesn't trust the IP and…

      @Sir_masco I've been seeing all my whatsapp notifications while being on here, I feel like not opening that app till I sleep and wake up.

      @blossomdan @deathielhowell nope nope not opening that whatsapp

      @hamta1354 @ClipConverter
      I will not open your site for a few months. Even with a proxy
      I am from Iran
      (my mail: mbohloore@gmail.com)