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whatsapp not connecting anymore
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Commenting within the order, WhatsApp BOSS Jan Koum said, "We are generally disappointed inside the short-sighted determination to shut down access in order to WhatsApp, a conversation tool that a great number of Brazilians have come to count on, and sad to discover Brazil separate itself from the rest of the world. ".

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      @windblownworld @wetcowpat Yeah, sounds like the proxy/vpn is blocking you connecting to outside networks maybe? Great for security, bad for teitter :p

      @Obojobo 2/2: if you need immediate access, Obojobo is reachable on campus or by first connecting to UCFs VPN.

      @snapchatsupport @PramodPrasanth Are you connecting to the internet using a VPN?

      @hunydipt Struggling to find out why my VPN isn't connecting....fuck this I'm going to bed.

      @kafkazor my internet isn't throttled anymore but it's still too slow for my vpn to connect

      @Dankosfly @astrill Skygo.it doesn't work anymore in Thailand. Look like they 'know' we are using a VPN. Danko

      @RomzaT @kondrej @NetflixUK And I think VPN is not a solution too anymore. Bad Netflix.

      @crieslads So I'm in trouble login to spotify bc of my country and I dont use premium vpn anymore, it's expired idk what should I do

      @michelaamel i dont try to look my best anymore for selfies cause why must i when i can lie down and "netflix and chill" via VPN by myself cause im cool

      @oh_my_fob Yo I don't need vpn to get on Twitter anymore

      @MrXxeroxX @EtikaWNetwork yesss no vpn changing bullshit anymore

      @liiissalyyynn_ My vpn won't work anymore.

      @renhakuyuu @okamikasama Ahh I just remember I made an account long ago. But it seems they dont provide service outside japan anymore, so vpn is needed

      @AimxAim @yuuguredream Same. That & I wanna watch FNS in good quality. I'm so glad H!P isn't blocked anymore. I installed a vpn for nothing tho! Lol

      @billmalyk Why does @vicecanada block me from watching #DailyVice on their website, while watching it on YouTube works fine? Not using VPN.

      @sergiotome20 @ricardojorgemc mesmo com o vpn aparece isto né? "The webpage could not be loaded because:

      Proxy Error"

      @ali_hen First time since 1st year that I’ve hit up Google Scholar.

      Don’t stop learning (even if you need to VPN into a uni you don’t go to anymore)

      @nomoon @Subhedgehog not VPN, dns unblocker.

      @RobMcKinley17 @YourAnonNews Will using a VPN where logs are not kept be worth while as well?

      @imsongzz my whatsapp not even connecting anymore HAHAHA

      @KayleeCody Loans as proxy for federation: i will not collateral enmity unto accede to assets so confederacy private teachi...

      @derektmead @mims you're far and away the best patron of my art, and not just by proxy of being the only one. thank you.

      @passcod I want to upgrade the entire pipeline, not just let the final reverse proxy do what it thinks best in regards to HTTP/2, whatever that is!

      @Dmowles39 @PoliticalCow @Wmpenn09 fact is, Iran won't (more or less can't) control oil fields that far away. They're best (only) asset is proxy groups


      @quach_steven @theTunnelBear I need one gb of vpn free!

      @annacordova_ @MarcoMasciotra1 hola! VPN make sure its the ext not the app

      @nyx_stef @astrill I'm currently having problem with connecting to the vpn in China. When will it be fixed?

      @sergeylossev @hsivonen 1 major difference. BingeOn does this via proxy. Opera Max applies traffic shaping directly on the android device. More efficient

      @Vocalm8 As if Netflix are stopping proxy connections so you people in UK can't get American anymore

      @redheadabroad8 #LivinginChina means thinking up a great tweet but spending 20 mins connecting to a VPN to access Twitter. Then end up forgetting the tweet.

      @rice_sian @unblockvpn That's great but Im having problems connecting to VPN at all. Any ideas why this is?

      @codertwalker RT @rootworx: I guess I now know why there isn't a big security concern; The VPN can't leak any information if it won't establish a fucking…

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz website the win subgroup as proxy for content so substantial insofar as learning: gNjBgmpwj

      @ZoeyDiego1 Connecting rod ferriage delectate fee as proxy for safely conjunction pokingly relocating your muffler: NaIgYkTM

      @HalkaNaLo @betternet_co can you check connection problem in iOS 9.2.1
      Since the time I updated iOS, VPN is not connecting.

      @jmosterd @tigerVPN Hey, I can't connect to any VPN anymore. (not using the app).

      @oyeniyipaul “Leading by proxy is not leading.” Richard Lindenmuth

      @lukeblooberry RT @tiatwirls: What’s going on? Do they think we aren’t high by proxy anymore? Are the DOSING US AGAIN

      @The_Xanderman @fatzzzzzz @CalvinBless @Connecting_SA lol it's not relevant anymore. You can't see whatsapp messages without blue ticking

      @potatoTeto @ImATrackMan (I also noticed that the website displayed the items as "sold out"! Is this only because I'm connecting overseas w/o a proxy?)

      @tamasys @BRKeogh I saw that and got very excited by proxy.

      @kim_yeatman @lv kept failing at verified by visa step. Got husband to book via different computer. Maybe due to connecting via VPN? Thanks anyway

      @d0nkeyBOB @TechBrotha like . . .when not on co. vpn, but going through co. zscaler, app works. get on vpn, it get ssl error. the routing changes. . .

      @infurioustoo @johalifax Really. It's not a proxy war anymore. I'ts been weird watching what could be WW3 slowly escalate.

      @herbruhs RT @PhilGreaves01: @leithfadel ..their extremism is not something alien to or excluded from the West, but typical of the type of proxy the …

      @adamamyl from today's GlobalWebIndex "VPN usage … it’s now 1 in 4 internet users who are using them to access the internet"

      @KimHillyer Twas the night before annual meeting and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even my VPN...

      @beepingcars Fuck Netflix proxy block is real NOOOOOO

      @makisstasinos RT @CryForByzantium: Employing proxy allies has often backfired for us, but it’s cheaper than building our own fleet. Good luck to Venice.

      @emiswebsupport Hi @cwfrith, the proxy access is in the development stages at the moment and a release has not been assigned just yet.

      @King_Proxy Time to record some game plays!

      @mhdempsey @realSimonBurns Right but followers is the top of the SC funnel so until there are robust analytics, that's the best quantifiable proxy.

      @AlejandroMegan1 Heighten hydrogen push button-not counting best seller fatten la hydrogen sire as proxy for thine powered: ixlEwVa

      @stephen_taylor @zappos ah ok, that's interesting. You might prevent advertising "spillover" by offering proxy shipping services to Canadian IP addresses.

      @Jocelynquibell When your American proxy server doesn't work on Netflix anymore so no more criminal minds

      @wwe2k166 RT @TheDivisionGame: @ThatKidGunna @Ubisoft This code means you have issues connecting to our proxy. Do you have any firewalls running?

      @jesssicajess @teegssmith my friend uses a VPN app or something to get netflix US on their ipad though x

      @pseudofaker17 @BITANlC keep whatever you downloaded. But you might have to use a VPN or other download method for episodes so they can't track you anymore

      @JunePizzaDW_ Leave it to Pizza Hut to block YouTube, and VPN, bitch ass niggas

      @hogwartshippy does anybody know what a proxy server is?... or what the fuck. I can't go on to a different counties Netflix anymore

      @Courtne72238857 Motorola not heed: straight a skilled lantern as proxy for yours free and easy substance: OdCoF

      @skywideopen3 does anyone here have access to a university network? i need to access a paper and my vpn isn't working

      @attractr @vierito5 it won't always be like that. @subgraph users will be able to assign connectivity per sandboxed app, e.g clearnet, VPN, i2p, etc.

      @deardemola @MTN180 hello, can you help me fix my proxy settings. The browsing is not connecting. Thanks

      @iVideoArt @VimeoStaff no, has only happened since a apple update! No VPN (cannot access Vimeo on any Apple device.

      @AllisonNathan1 Are themselves getting straight a website template yellowish la use on the agenda website? whats the diffrence?: VPN

      @suhaib8419 @Unblock_Us received your response today with new DNS but the solution provided didn't work, still getting proxy error. Gutted :(

      @tarpara @StephanieKelton 20th century man looked to men's underwear sales as a proxy, 21st century kids look to gamespot and Ebay video game sales

      @StringsOfLife_ @Twitching_Proxy she squealed before finally catching one of them. "Henry's it!!" She cheered and ran off quickly going to hide with-

      @WebsterDunce Ground cosmopolitan communications medium privacy is unbehaving as proxy for marketers: fkM

      @hameedbooni @jawabdeyh offshore companies are not illegal but when you use proxy ways to hide ownership and deny thr existence thn thy r. #PanamaLeaks

      @aniahmed_ RT @oromopress: #OromoProtests is not some kind foreign proxy effort; it's a home-grown movement to liberate people from #Ethiopia-regime s…

      @MWEBHelp @suprememoocow Hi, we do not block SSH or VPN.

      @Wondermarish American Netflix won't accept proxy server anymore. Dammit, @DavidYoungest, what have they done???

      @Unreel10 Privacy in this age is not an easy luxury..Scramble your meta-data,use a VPN or learn how to use anonymous technology.

      @TheMikeBachmann @DaveVoyles We're not using a proxy so there's no easy way to restrict access to external sites. Might just remove dns and add host entries

      @Cakarpala_aws11 5 Ways Your VPN Is Not as Private as You Think It Is: Virtual Private Networks are a vital element of your online security. While you...

      @aprotim @JetBlue "The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.
      Reference #1.9b0a1160.1461014728.bc79e12"

      @Frostysnowkiss @uFlixDNS I have uflix router with new Europe ip set up and was working today says proxy refuses to let me connect so I have no net uflix

      @JamesPogue @Unblock_Us When will u be attempting to fix the Netflix proxy blocking? I have not been able to use your services properly 4 about 2months

      @helenmilner Comparison group gathered via Facebook ads to find proxy for local web users - interesting idea for control data @emilydshaw #tictec

      @discordapp @Luckrow Still having issues connecting? Are you on vpn, proxy, or school network?

      @physicynicism @Vaxleth @MadWizardTweets any free VPN is going to be sketchy. You can pay for them for not very much, if you get a lot of use out of it.

      @cocos2dx @Abdou023 I have another user from Egypt and they also cannot access the website. They needed to use a proxy to connect. I am not sure why.

      @SooRastaa @njsneaks my mistake. Remember hearing that my private proxy is the same company as BNB

      @TwistedSanti RT @SaraFierce__: Y'all so happy that you don't need VPN anymore as if we're still not Osman Elbashirs slaves out here

      @proxy_matter @sensosketch i just cant fucking do this crop sensor bullshit anymore, im too ready for full frame.

      jah feel

      @tonypenn1958 RT @JeffHeyes: @JimKerr1973 @LeaveEUOfficial Government Press Censorship by Proxy, with BBC holding the Proxy.

      @Seiteshyru @Cacussss @brave @1Password @whispersystems @ProtonMail why not Tor VPN?

      @Thor_Has_A_Bae @somuchmadder can you not set up a VPN/Proxy?

      @DexterSaunder10 @discordapp i just installed a vpn app, now it works, welp thanks anyways! i will tell you if i have anymore problems!

      @A_Finucane F Murtagh: best outcome measures need to include proxy versions - about 65% of inpatients can not complete measures themselves #eapc2016irl


      @chrisjballard Not been much of a basketball follower before but I'm tense and nervous about this game by proxy

      @henrywintrs @momois i cant anymore :( they fixed a proxy error & now i cant watch stuff from us region only :'( i dl it but theres no subs so im like eh

      @ck_rich @DarkCoderSc hello bro, pls I need your help in setting up my darkcomet. My VPN is connecting find, also with no-ip but can't see my port.

      @slickswagg1 RT @sumrando: @slickswagg1 Our VPN plans start at free. We want to fight censorship and protect privacy. Not in it for the money. In it for…

      @jc4p @AdamMaras I deleted the work VPN and finally tried just connecting to my personal VPN server to check, that failed too. It's a me thing.

      @skydude221_rblx ROBLOX won't let me go on its site with a VPN. How sad.

      @ArthurBlackBlue @violet_cause I think that's one of the best parts. Just stick it straight into Premiere and go. Not transcoding or making proxy files

      @svenlindner @NetflixFR Keep on getting error code S7111-1331-5059 tonight even though I’m not using any proxy or VPN. What’s going on please?

      @sebify @TraDukTer ok so you are not using a private connection , usually shared connections are behind a proxy

      @heyescapist P.S., said "Access Point" is a random grocery store designated as some delivery proxy. Not, like, an actual UPS facility. WHAT.

      @TheRobotZee @KingGhose your server needs an eu proxy desprately

      @peterwardgd So the plan with #Northwich #library is to let deteriorate on the outside forcing it by proxy to a new site? Not a chance.

      @SSB_Proxy If you are thinking "hrm maybe he's talking about me" most likely am. I'm only posting this here as any direct contact doesn't feel private

      @JarekReanimated @Netflixhelps Netflix thinks I'm using an unblocker/proxy. I'm not and have not changed anything w my router/browser/ip since last watch.

      @dark_proxy RT @Yamimash: Doing something good to help others for nothing in return is the best feeling.

      @FlawLewzih @AsmXbox @ConzyMods funny cos I joined your game and had traffic coming to my VPN 30 secs later

      @Cam4Support @CalabEden Your account was never banned. If you are using a proxy/vpn it will show you as banned as we do not permit them to be used. @Cam4

      @FreakinRat @cherylvis "Proxy" one of Netfix recommendation on @io9 is not showing up on netflix mobile app

      @cuntologics @sharibramble uh well, not optimal for usrrs in the Caribbean since I have to use a VPN to access it

      @1800Pirata @windscribecom Windscribe is the Best! Get your free VPN now. Voted one of the best Free VOPN's for 2016

      @BarbaraSerian @bpp_proxy Thanks for connecting. Please click the link in our bio for free Twitter Training.

      @Eva_Christense Fair Game: Your Mutual Fund Has Your Proxy, Like It or Not

      @dark_proxy RT @DanNerdCubed: Pewdiepie's new game is another YouTuber simulator. This one reduces the video making down to clicking one button. Still…

      @rjrgmc28 @YayPonies_eu Not available on the Australian service at the moment. Circumvention (VPN, proxy) to access the US service is impossible.

      @FNAFGAMERPC @Obi_Proxy writer: I know right? Like I'm not the only one who's ACTU talking in class.. And I wasn't even talking..

      @JagexHelpL0ne @Frooby_Family @JagexSupport Hey, it's best not to use a VPN as the systems can lock the account. To unlock, focus on the feedback 1/2

      @Paulerob @theTunnelBear vpn connecting but not able to access services.

      @RogerGibbs4 What can I say that has not been said about Tunnelbear. Its simply the best VPN available in my opinion.

      @RbN_prOxy @PonPonSmite Hey pon, for how long replays of custom games work? I had some scrims last week and can't watch it anymore.

      @skillriver By the way, the demo in the webinar accessed the portal with #AzureAD Application Proxy configured for Conditional Access and SSO #EMS

      @ClaireinSE18 @Sarkies_Proxy @DanLThorpe @MattHartley100 Yes! Please make the area better. Feels like our concerns are not taken seriously.

      @bobodybob @CiCS Still the same issues, cant ssh in whilst on the vpn. can ssh iceberg not on the vpn. need the vpn to access the departmental clusters

      @nichola_lydon @mggrivero @GerV29 @AlabedBana hey stupid your IP address can say anyplace especially if you use a VPN. Russians=not smart.

      @giveawaymino Anyone out there with VPN/AD knowledge? Might want to call GCC/Access let them know how it works other than the way they think it does. Ta

      @ltsEzy @FaZe_Censor @Its_WJC I see you Doug I got my VPN on you ain't grabbing my IP

      @gerardhughcasey @UniCamITstatus Hi. Are you aware of any VPN issues? "The VPN server did not respond. Verify the server address and try reconnecting."

      @mjfly1 RT @aaronmfisher: I love how when my Pixel believes the wifi network may not be fully secure, it enables a VPN through Google servers. #pri…

      @chronic @bing_cheung @loveADAI yes, if I understand, you are correct. talking about App Store based ones (except,I think Surge is OK, proxy not VPN)

      @garyjohnstokes RT @CllrSHaughey: Not at home on Polling Day? Thurs 2 March? Secure your postal/proxy vote today. DM me and I'll pass on forms #TurnAngerIn…

      @jaffathecake @thelonelyghost …but we try not to let the browser be a proxy into someone's internal network as much as possible.

      @GreenGoddessVV Flynn exposed U.S. intelligence capabilities that only helped Pakistan protect an organization it used as a proxy ally.

      @AG62631741 Supposedly SM script still works. Guessing you get a hmac on a proxy, enter proxy into browser manually and use backdoor method.

      @Dreamazium @jeremycorbyn @theresa_may There is no UK anymore. Instead we have a piece of land that is the site of a proxy war between USA and Iran.

      @harpyhunting @khozen_ you could try using a proxy server? the site might block the server but it's worth a shot :)

      @ScarletDawn32 @bstrand @sheeraf @mat WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, so that application is already in safe by proxy

      @hws140 @jwelch1993 you can use proxy services like bots n dat but they can cost £ and not guarantee the ting. Go on the supreme site on PC is best

      @hamaza567 RT @MPPregent: IRGC proxies are not only in the Hashd al-Sha'abi - they are in the Federal Police - they own the MOI - Badr is Iran's premi…

      @maryherring924 @discordapp My discord is stuck on the connecting loop. I tried reinstalling, disabling proxy's, rebooting comp, etc. Any help?

      @mangey_sangey @iKannan Read about Tor as well.. Tor and then connecting to VPN provides extra layer of security..

      @jeffwan72466174 there r many online VPN providers(Hotspot Shield Elite;Private Internet Access; PureVPN;VyprVPN;Hide My Ass)to name a few;all hefty monthly$

      @ValksyLG (Validation of a site proving monsters are real: Common thread, daughters get destroyed/ made clones, sons get enmeshed into proxy r/ship)

      @Unblock_Us @redpath_jordan @Netflix_VPN That's why we offer a trial :)

      @Gamealition @willjstgermain Sorry! It's not meant to be a website, but a Minecraft server to connect to. It points to Survival, via an EU proxy :)

      @Castillogical tip: if you can't attend an event to buy merch. find a proxy. facebook groups can be good sources

      @lawprofblawg Hey @Support, how come I can access twitter from VPN to work, but not from home?

      @Vegas_Matty RT @FootballContest: Still time to take advantage of our early-bird proxy promo for #SuperContest & other football contests through 7/4: ht…

      @MWAgain RT @diana_west_: Good. Not only should US not be arming Islamic "moderates" in Arab Spring Jihad Cont'd, CIA shd not be proxy State/Defense…

      @black_tab @x0rz @Viss free.vpn.unblock.proxy.vpnpro

      @DanGoodchild @windscribecom Had to turn off uTorrent proxy (VPN still on) to get any peer connections. Should I be using both VPN & proxy simultaneously?

      @MarkVer2 RT @SilentCooksATC:

      @glow_fife @MicrosoftTeams Can the desktop app be made aware of our proxy server or GPO? Video and Audio are not working in the app.

      @Secse7en "A VPN connecting to a North Korean server would provide the best secuity" Why do I read shit like this?

      @IAmPlateface @_Stratuss_ yeah dawg it just streaming all the time. need to use a vpn or a proxy tho

      @Ravuby @Wizard101 i use vpn for the first time just to be able to play the game. i hope i dont get banned in the process

      @HannahCockburn3 @richardm1955 @Lord_Sugar Get a VPN and watch it on iPlayer. An Android box with Kodi would also do the trick...

      @mossen_cinto RT @quintero_xavier: @XaviMiras @XSalaimartin You can always use a free proxy like hide.me or any other that a google search may pop. #Poni…

      @ZuThadeus RT @steemwh1sks: @ClimateAudit heads up @ClimateAudit, pretty sure "Uploaded From:" field is actually mediafire server location. Tested wit…

      @Afthab @MakeUseOf 3/ to configure the VPN/proxy manually. But I don't think it's free anymore. Would appreciate your input.

      @azwar_akbar Hello @adincube , I can not access your website at this time? Is it down or there is network issue such as proxy etc?

      @ahn_rie94 Idk why but I couldn't access any sns website FB twitter KKT etc.. and have to use VPN. What the actual fuck is going on? Mass block again?

      @HnkPulse @telegram I cannot connect to telegram and I can only connect via a proxy and that too not full access.

      Anyone can help please ?

      @Proxy_Tank @advancedstats23 Houston = best chance of beating GS?

      @Insane_Proxy_ RT @Retr0Joe: #GiveAway

      Do you want a chance to win this classic #SNES game? (Just the cartridge)

      Then just follow me and RT this tweet…

      @BoonieKane RT @montanarealtyc1: no i shall try to find it. im kinda anonymous on vpn and dont have facebook etc. so connecting into some things just d…

      @BDM_Rajiv RT @TheMadSkeptic: .@HudsonValleyCC why is traffic from @Ask_Spectrum bring blocked to you site.

      Can not access from Troy but can via VPN…

      @jbkayak @loictraquelet @cyclingmole Couple good streams.? I'm off my game. I did the VPN/Channel 9 but less than perfect. I'll dig deep tonight!

      @NWRGresley1942 RT @SMikhalych: The best idea not to use public #wifi at all. Few problems. If you are traveling. And often Mobile operators limiting dat…

      @dsharma9 @msuiche @Speedtest yes, but using the same VPN for VOIP calls such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, that "seems" to be illegal.

      @peggy2176ilgma1 RT @LeoBeletsky: First: laws were a proxy for existing naloxone access, typically designed to clarify legal basis for ONGOING distribution.…

      @jwranga RT @imasha_fernando: A proud Sri Lankan who didn't download or use a single VPN app.

      @DeanOuthouse @beastah your last beastpost was 2016. don't you vpn into facebook to tweet anymore?

      @BountyCenter @telegram #Telegram Down in Croatia (EU) since 04:00 UTC.
      Dekstop + Android app not working.
      Can't connect even with USA IP using VPN

      @kevinriggle Okay @NordVPN, I’m fucking sick of your ads. How, exactly, can hackers see your transaction details when you browse without using a VPN?

      @laurahunsaker RT @ZoeYorkWrites: Different take: Sarah Huckabee Sanders owes Michelle Wolf an apology for not laughing along. She knew what she was doing…

      @pianosaves RT @jeffinchiangma2: #Israel now has a proxy vote at the security council and can even veto calls for an investigation into war crimes.

      @sooflake the usual vpn app i use cant access oksusu anymore ugh

      @Sourcebincc RT @Beauty_Life8: Funciona En:
      Tubo rojo
      Cruchyroll IP USA
      Tidal IP USA
      Dramafever IP USA
      Deezer IP EE. UU.
      Sky IP SPAIN

      TIENDA DE…

      @lisamarus Also I’m still not done with rerolling in shinymas... the vpn makes the game run extremely slow in my browser so it’s pretty tiring......

      @fahata_fatik RT @nadinevdVelde: @TAPSTRIMEDIA Go to YourNewsWire .com. It's a Russian Proxy "news site" banned in the EU but verified on Facebook. There…

      @carolealana @SimonMarksFSN @lrozen Meghan McCain looked very unhappy with Pence. Fair game - he's #Trump proxy.

      @crazy_crypto RT @ProtocolSensei: #TOR consumes about 5 TB per day and @Sentinel_co just crossed it's first 5 TB of consumption and 425 GB consumed in 1…

      @strongSwanNet RT @ProtonVPN: @AreoCleanse Hello!

      @azaidman RT @layon_overwhale: Seeing the "Get access ($30)" button change into the "Download PDF" button when refreshing a web page for a journal ar…

      @vurso @chrissie1 Are you on a company network? I had to bypass our proxy in the end. Not sure if there is an off-line installer

      @Balinteractive @AndyMeanie @shubclimate I wonder if connecting to Twitter via a VPN makes any difference?

      @dcboxley RT @TruthinIT: Video: DH2i: Secure Connectivity for Databases & Applications Without VPNs: DH2i has new technology to help point-to-point c…

      @Sahil_RG RT @INCTelangana: TRS cannot remain silent. Its silence means that TRS is a proxy of BJP: @PChidambaram_IN

      @suyambuganesh82 RT @rshriram: AWS folks, before you all get too defensive about why app mesh and why not Istio, all I expected was a response like "oops! w…