Whatsapp Not Connecting

whatsapp not connecting
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Unblocking Whatsapp in UAE has more related to how you are doing it, instead of why you are doing it. There are many ways with which you'll want to unblock Whatsapp in UAE without obtaining the attention in the TRA.

As outlined by various reviews, some Wi-Fi providers continue to be providing assistance to Whatsapp voice calls in UAE so that it becomes imperative to research all the companies in UAE that supply relaxation in while using Whatsapp voice calls in UAE.

If you’ve arrived on this webpage it is pretty quite likely that you're searching information about whatsapp not connecting.

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      Tweets about whatsapp not connecting

      @ZeeMalik_ @NummyGrindzzz @nahidislam_ I'll link you man in a bit, can't reply on whatsapp , it's not connecting

      @timothymagsino @Etisalat_Care Good evening sir, I am subscribed to the DSP and yet, when I open WhatsApp on my BlackBerry Bold, it's not connecting.

      @fangirling_hnll @xsanii91 you're welcome

      @IzisFilipaldi @WhatsApp trouble in Brazil servers? It's not connecting to the network

      @Ichiwan_ whatsapp not connecting to wifi

      @jourdanhafen @WhatsApp not connecting at all or very slowly, even at work/home where wifi is solid-- what's going on?

      @Wambui_Thuku @SamsungMobile My samsung galaxy trend plus wifi connection is not connecting to the internet except whatsapp...what could be the problem?

      @Hayorbolt @mtn180 hello sorry to disturb u peeps buh am having issues with my whatsapp it has not been connecting at all... Plz help

      @SamuelJGillett @Purplehazebcm If theyre not on netflix Ill just VPN till I find a netflix theyre on. Ill have a look.

      @mcovalle @wa_status Hello, my WhatsApp is not connecting unless I use wifi. I already deleted/installed it and reset my iPhone. Please help!

      @CSmurfhunter VPN'S only Hiding your IP address. But Not Your Email addresses ANONSmurfhunter.

      @love___lori I'm sure I'm not the only one who's whatsapp isn't connecting

      @pranaysanghavi #customer #algorithms that disruptors use to personalize #transactions are mostly the #output of proxy data from #social media & other sites

      @Ramler_M RT @mssdkf: +me"@Ramler_M: you are not alone "@Mr_Emmcap__: My whatsApp ain't connecting I pray it's not only me

      @noirecho my whatsapp is not connecting...............

      @oO_parebea My whatsapp is not even connecting

      @hassan_babaji Whatsapp is not connecting but I can still chop my indomie

      @fadiga_khalil WhatsApp not connecting

      @marcnemcik @_GeniuzGFx I tried the European release at the airport and now i'm running proxy's on the American site. Not gonna get shit tho.

      @nnxylee RT @angelalzq: when you're not sure whether your wifi is not strong or your whatsapp is not connecting at all

      @Raichiekin RT @SejCaasi_: Why's whatsapp not connecting?

      @AyeshaLagardien Dude my WhatsApp's not connecting. Wait at the beach for me? Or Caprice. I'll be there soon. @gonebabyyy

      @RealTimeHack It’s not just you, WhatsApp is down for many others. Several users across the world are reporting issues connecting to WhatsApp …

      @richardrayo1 In the private market, valuations seem to only go up. In the public market, they go up and down. Let this not be the only proxy for success.

      @SyazaRaziz @umobilesb the internet connection very

      @shydtnz my whatsapp is not connecting I want to cry

      @dark_proxy RT @Lyricoldrap: It's not a prank... He just went crazy over quick picks lol

      @talla_hk Nothing tests my patience like when I'm trying to send a txt on whatsapp and it's not connecting !!!

      @heather_x_ RT @bonnielesliexo: anybody else's whatsapp not working or is it just mine?

      @xuvari @PzFun @WhatsApp yep.. Not connecting here in maldives either

      @potis_ @SpottedMarley I think it might just be an IP check for compliance with some stupid law, I'll try later again with a VPN or something

      @bonnielesliexo anybody else's whatsapp not working or is it just mine?

      @AroraA67009952 Am I the only one who thinks #Whatsapp is not running fast as early does

      @LaurentianLib @theolog3n1 Oh I see! When you access Scholar through the proxy, it changes the hostname, and Google logs you out to protect your account.

      @Protohedgehog @Volcanologist @Tweetisaurus @FortierJonathan It uses university proxy servers to 'illegally' access papers, so kind of a big deal!

      @mobpsycho100 @ the Netflix thing wouldn't it just be easier to not region restrict anything on your site rather than fight a proxy

      @TimSchiesser @jendudley exactly, especially because each VPN service usually has 1000s of IPs.

      However I expect Getflix/Unblock-us to get banned

      @saandy6404 Somethings went wrong to Whatsapp it's not connecting. Please excuse.

      @Naomiward_ @kerri_sch congrats! Got your messages, can not write back tho as my whatsapp is just "connecting" :( xxxx

      @_InfinityGold_ @OMGSERV Kicked whilst connecting to [ServerName]: You have to join through the proxy.

      @seancribbsold Even in as simple as a HTTP reverse proxy to a sysadmin?

      @sisidesola_ Whatsapp is not connecting

      @SupImJustHere @Twitching_Proxy +
      look over you now an protect you."

      @NateLanxon Is whatsapp not connecting for anyone else? 10 mins now on 4G and Wi-Fi on iOS just "Connecting..."

      @BramondyTh with up and downs of the server and i kept installing n uninstalling of that VPN i feel really sick of this #CollgeWifi

      @samirasawlani @bintiM haven't heard it yet whatsapp not connecting since morning

      @faithfulruins Just when I wanna use whatsapp ITS NOT CONNECTING damn it

      @handsom1devil @_D__1 you can also use VPN..it's the best option...
      and also you can say goodbye to..this video is not available in your country...

      @unormal It's too bad you can't proxy eat for bodybuilders or something. Ugh I should lose like 60 lbs. SIGH

      @ludabit @airtel_care my whatsapp,instagram and some other applications are not connecting to d internet,I just subscribed to a 1GIG android bundle

      @hhatanak + proxy, IPv6, or an unencrypted WiFi connection, please see Chapter 3 of the Gentoo handbook for more details. Connecting via Wired (9/79)

      @RobL777 @Ebolamerican yes, agreed; she has Munchhausen's-by- proxy type attachment to this disabled man, but that is not to excuse what she did...

      @LovesVaughn @Twitching_Proxy "I Like.. you." She squirmed, trying to break free from him carrying her.
      She was embarrassed. She looked at the ground

      @Jnjorogendungu @AIRTEL_KE it's not connecting to Facebook or Twitter and whatsapp messages aren't going

      @missmyla_ @munawar0009 Thanks for noticing my failure and failing by proxy via agreeing with my stance. I'm not alone. Feels like a success to me. :D

      @StayClone @UplayUbisoft Having an issue with "..problem connecting to a Uplay service..." I'm port forwarded no firewall, proxy turned off, any ideas?

      @GardnerWayne1 Base pay experts as proxy for site size delineation: YLE

      @SaymaWahaj_ RT @JEONJUNGK00K_: why is my whatsapp not connecting??!??

      @meowpaws RT @karinchanqy: Whatsapp why you not connecting

      @FudenRahman RT @ummirachael: Why whatsapp aku not connecting ni? Ee konek betul

      @JazzmanAdiputra @ATIQFHNA entah not really sure maybe whatsapp cannot connecting kot.

      @fer_villegas #whatsappdown use #LINE it has its own pc, mac, and tablet app, so no more web.whatsapp not connecting.

      @_KirstyLal Anyone else's whatsapp not connecting?

      @fairiezulfahmie Is it me or my whatsapp is not connecting? Pfft

      @ShreyaPahwa Oh gosh. WhatsApp is not connecting. Heaven forbid I don't get the group messages I normally do. #HelpHelpHelp #JustKidding

      @EbbySuwandy Timeline all about whatsapp hahhaha ya its not connecting

      @zeinaabuhijleh Come on @WhatsApp it's 2016... Why are you not connecting?

      @_Qiang RT @SupremeAmran: is it just me or is whatsapp just not fucking connecting?

      @cityscape .... why is my whatsapp not connecting :<

      @parthyban @WhatsApp Not working in Singapore, Just 'Connecting' and 'Rotating' . Thanks @facebook for ruining this one too.

      @noufmshnn why is whatsapp not connecting idgi

      @mmichellelimm Wow now WhatsApp not connecting thanks ah

      @feedmehappy I can't bring myself to open Netflix without my proxy. It's just too sad.

      @spgassist @ChicosBailBond As we understand it, you'd need to connect in this way in order to have an active connection before connecting to your VPN.

      @YasminSuleman_ Why's my whatsapp not connecting✊

      @Shady_Disciple @econet_support my WhatsApp is not connecting, I bought a WhatsApp light bundle that expires next week. What on earth is going on?

      @kylecmiller @DanFrakes @wirecutter in my experience it won’t “just work” unless you are connecting to a bonjour proxy, like an Airport device or Mac.

      @princie8 #Twimbos ... anyone having my problem, " Econet not connecting me to WhatsApp? " @263Chat

      @craigmusasa @econet_support what's wrong with your whatsapp platform I can't access it since Monday it's not connecting at all please can you assist

      @princie8 @econetzimbabwe my WhatsApp not connecting?

      @JeffKIQS hey @AIRTEL_KE wat up with ua net. ??? whatsapp n other application r dragging or not connecting at all

      @MateuMashereni @econet_support hie guys up to now my whatsapp is not connecting whats the matter?you are killing us now.

      @iammikelhealar @LumiaHelpdoes VPN reduce data cost. Saw an app called VPN one click that offers free internet. Is this true? Kindly reply

      @donniewatifae @econet_support

      No change yet still not connecting to whatsapp my #0775158432

      @iammuhammad @M_Ullah @fizzytweets you can use a VPN in that case, check out Hola for Chrome. It will mask your IP to make it look like youre in Pakistan

      @princie8 @econetzimbabwe my WhatsApp was working, but suddenly its not connecting??..../: " help

      @iamLilSnez My whatsapp is not connecting to server, its saying "certificate is issued from unrecognized entity" @WhatsApp What can I do?

      @__JustDrifting @Stingaaa tell them man my whatsapp not connecting

      @ChelseaHailey1 Generating site mercantile business as proxy for achieving world wide web residential jigger performance: HVf

      @mamiilana I'm not ignoring whatsapp

      @skiddie_txt These are automatically inserted into the pages by the proxy - they have to pay for service somehow.

      @Peter_NotMorgan Final whistle. Pep Guardiola bites the dust... by proxy.

      @hunterofbots contractor revenue hacking chat debt automation #review creative vpn ROI #backlinks bacon

      @Barbour @Sarkies_Proxy Hi Dave, thanks for sharing this! It looks like it is an old advert from one of our stockists! Best wishes, The Barbour Team.

      @briteless In any case the Zuck said he was working on connecting us with potential employers through WhatsApp so $LNKD is really not safe! Go $FB

      @valerieczq @Valenciaaa98 @RachelMLambert uhhhhh my whatsapp not connecting

      @jalajboy The strong rebuttal to @pmarca 's did-not-mean-that tweet shows true power of FB, WhatsApp, Twitter in connecting people for a cause :)

      @HarajukuRatie Mine been down since 8:30 Msgs only coming thru now RT @Mmaothez: My WhatsApp not connecting

      @Mmaothez My WhatsApp not connecting

      @lambert______ ...We connect on whatsapp but not often in person&although connecting with u more in 2015 may not hv changed the experiences u went through

      @perclexed @LeeALynn49 @owlbsurfinbird @fortesomniare Can't see it, GDI. Even connecting via VPN via London. *scowl*

      @dark_proxy RT @WalkingDead_AMC: BOOM! #TWD

      @rachelannmorris Hey @acepilotkhan my whatsapp not connecting and you gave me a great fix last time just can't remember what we did?

      @HappyGoAlvin VPN giving me it's little shit attitude at not connecting, JUST LET ME DO MY RJ

      @Scum_Lord69 You want to know what Internet safety is to me? Not being spied on. So I use a VPN to keep myself safe and protected.

      @emmytoxy @MTN180 my sim is not connecting to the internet ohh and I just subscribed to whatsapp bundle

      @billyb914 RT @SurfEasyInc: We believe in democracy. We believe in freedom of speech.

      Use SurfEasy #VPN to unblock Facebook and Whatsapp in Uganda. #…

      @emmytoxy @MTNNG please help me resolve my sim is not connecting to the internet and I just subscribe for whatsapp monthly bundle

      @ValksyLG (Yes I have a bad temper. Yes I am often vulgar, rude, probably offensive … I am also not a proxy for anyone)

      @AlvinLin1995 @AG62631741 @eLonePB @AnotherNikeBot nothing to do with not, they banned you IP you need to use another IP as proxy

      @derick_thomas @pankajdoval @nixxin @bytestreetboy Practically, it does not cost them anything. Similar case for Whatsapp. Get a VPN & route traffic on VPN

      DOWNLOAD APP CALLED TUNNEL VPN IN YOUR PLAY STOTRE..... Download tunnelbear or cloud von from play store.

      @Maliciouslntent PlayStation not connecting to the internet so lemme actually reply on whatsapp

      @GeraintEllis Nothing worse when it's the first game of the day that ruins your acca and it was a proxy draw

      @kemaltiner I have problem connecting to twitter after the attack, I have to use VPN to access twitter now.

      @IRGC_QF @grthumongous @Russ_Warrior he does what he can go away whit it . Russia wont attack NATO what Erdog does. There are ways around this proxy

      @AshWenyika RT @econet_support: Hi @miss_Shaz90, you currently do not have airtime in your phone. Please recharge, purchase Whatsapp bundles and try co…

      @xLaprah Idek where wifi is here is just vpn and dial up

      @im4hdi government banned Twitter and I'm not using VPN on my iPhone
      how can this famous app tweets something

      @halimakazanova_ @Hayger_ @__Jamss LOOOOOOOOOL your beard reminds me of whatsapp calls ngl forever not connecting

      @MataraTauclem @econet_support my WhatsApp is not connecting 0778018589


      @emtakwa @econet_support my whatsapp is not connecting but I juiced bundles.my number is 0773970970

      @Nxau1 @econet_support something wrong with the whatsapp bundles? My app is not connecting

      @MCFC2010LEWIS I had my dns set at uk (where im actually from) but it said im using a proxy. Changed it to ireland (im not from) and it works @Unblock_Us

      @nataliecem @atomicdisco I haven't been using fb much because it was having issues/not connecting few days ago. I'm still on LINE/whatsapp tho

      @wakojoel For those who are connecting with me on #WhatsApp you will need to wait a little longer as am currently not getting through

      @bret5star @econetzimbabwe Hi buddie i subscibe my whatsapp bundle but they are not connecting

      @TrinityAmia San francisco traverse a yard with regard to tutorage private attorney norman yee endorses athanasius miyamoto as proxy for mount:…

      @cryptostorm_is RT @fraizer_m: @badjin_rank @cryptostorm_is which Vpn providers do you consider as really secure? (Besides cryptostorm)

      @emtakwa @econet_support your whatsapp bundles are not & thats day light robbery.its more than a week my line still not connecting with weekly bundle

      @ibeyourfatherr @OfficialRD3 I'm not airing my whatsapp keeps saying connecting

      @proflove9 @econetzimbabwe hey my whatsapp is not connecting but I have monthly whatsapp bundles...only connecting with data bundles..worried

      @KasthuweeNair RT @chewywong_: Ugh whats w my whatsapp not connecting

      @vieux_jeu @UtdRantcast @ghosterson whatsapp is being dumb for me today and not connecting so i have to make do with tweets

      @toddhgardner @Scott_Helme are you certain it's not being routed through a plugin in the browser or a proxy before your load balancer?

      @gaydameron @nickvaIentine sidenote if you'd tried to text me through whatsapp lately sorry if i havent replied. its been super fucky and not connecting

      @laurieherbert @WhatsApp is not connecting

      @sillysurvey Netflix starts a new war against VPNs. Do you think that Netflix owns his personal VPN app to earn more

      @Sarkies_Proxy @ShortList that's not what it means. It's about setting a process into a zombie state, flight mode 100% will work. No radio, wifi, BT. Best.

      @hauwarh_001 @OhizeMuhaJamiu because my whatsapp for some reason is not connecting

      @morjiai RT @i0n1c: According to legend/folklore having access to the right Apple VPN allows you to downgrade iOS devices

      @EvitaAY @Aminuyaro how annoying... Whatsapp is not connecting ...

      @httparkjimin aye, so i'm leaving for china today and i'm too lazy to use vpn or find a working proxy so i probs won't be able to access twt for a while-

      @Adermz @wa_status my whatsapp is not connecting. It stoped connecting just few hours back. Please what shall I do?

      @PamelaSamuels5 Secure quickbooks vocational advisor: providing explain as proxy for straitened slapstick quickbooks software u...

      @ProfTimBale @Mangocorona That is a fair point but I'm just not sure using the flag as a proxy was the best way to debate that one.

      @Innoc3nt_boii My Whatsapp is Not Connecting

      @benjamindyer Anyone know if a US Amazon Echo would work in the UK? I know you need a US account for app etc but VPN should get past that. #amazonecho

      @SilentMinistry1 SM Choir Members, check your WhatsApp group. Connecting and Missing Links. Get a friend with WhatsApp if you have it not. Happy Preparations

      @MgbekeFF Why is my whatsapp not connecting? Etisalat, wyd?

      @Oh_Labyrinth @joshi_amit_s traveling. WhatsApp not connecting. I delete chats. GTR what?
      You used hashtag in the chat.

      @Ironfist65 @scollard23 @GetflixAU I get the proxy error with @Unblock_Us for US Netflix but not with getflix. Works no problem for me

      @tobiloba_helen My WhatsApp is not connecting, it says I should check the status

      @BirdiePuttMicah Got a charger, headphones, a VPN, my phone, and a block where I'm not doing anything today, that can only mean one thing: MASTERS THURSDAY!!

      @AndyJStubbs @Giganews looks like your site has been blocked by Sky UK - can access it using vpn but not without

      @NASASpaceflight @RocketFerg I'd sell my grandmother to have SpaceX VPN access! (heh....that's a joke for any SpaceX security reading my nonsense) :-)

      @PorpusHoark He was not logged into the VPN exactly. He was logged into his Remote Desktop with his VPN access credentials.

      @tomboystewart @stewartings I'm home but my whatsapp is not connecting, skype?

      @Turtwig @strongvpn I can’t access your site or connect to VPN for some reason.

      @xingnan91 @WhatsApp not working in malaysia! connecting.........

      @hxvrc Jk Z if u readin this my whatsapp is on that "connecting" bs, I'm not airing u love

      @lwqqfly @_hellovixx many Chinese starlight trying to logo on Twitter through vpn, however some gave up as the server are not stable.

      @_Egwolor @DarhkeAngel its not connecting, try whatsapp

      @OriginalBubsRA when you get handed free money by proxy and even YOUR response is "uuuuuuuugh fucking why"

      @DJ_Smurf_GGM @WhatsApp hey. Data roaming from UK in NL. WhatsApp "connecting".
      Friends in Spain also confirm its not working :(

      @Lorsyze @GloWorld my phone is not connecting, meaning am unable to use any data using app like fb,twitter,whatsapp, bbm,olx etc. It is always on 2g

      @lizwe_mthethwa @MTNza my phone isn't connecting to the Internet, whatsapp messages also not coming through but my airtime keeps decreasing

      @cikptrinrlain And ada masa usmsecure tak dapat load whatsapp asyik connecting je it's not my fault

      @e_mubaraq Why the hell is my WhatsApp not connecting via this hotspot now.

      @BushPorter1 Facebook publicity tips as proxy for thine crowned with success imperative: bSezgq

      @skijumptoes WHATS A HOT SPOT NOT? Secure, that's what not, Michael. Either use an encrpyted VPN or stay clear of it.

      @tesskywalker it's not my problem then FIX IT!!! I have a lot of work to do that would be easier IF I HAD CONNECTING WHATSAPP

      @mamaKAshaka #Day5inNYC I have not left my hotel yet. Been on mail, whatsapp, FaceTime connecting with my loved ones. The city stays up so no rush.

      @spazef0rze @zesteinfor Have checked much, tried only changing some settings in Tor Browser but it seems Opera's "VPN" does not work with Tor. @thegrugq

      @therealfearlize I don't know why my Whatsapp is not connecting to the Internet, but, @gopalsebastian babe if you see this I'm trying over here

      @fredmosesw @0809ja_support I subscribed for the social pack monthly but my WhatsApp and Twitter is not connecting. Please I need help.

      @Amnaa_tariq Anything wrong with @WhatsApp ?? It seems to keep connecting and not allowing to send messages

      @Herne Dear Toronto Star: Using a VPN to hide your geographic location is not "piracy software."

      @shafirahrosli And my whatsapp is connecting forever.

      @IamPleasure @Zeeiconoclastic my whatsapp is jammed, keeps connecting forever. Not working. DM? ☺️☺️☺️

      @Mrmfon01 @airtel_care please why is my 2go not connecting while using social data bundle, but my facebook and whatsapp are connecting except my 2go

      @casabasha @Vodacom111 my iPhone is not connecting to any data based calling ie FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp call. Any idea why?

      @BBmdduc16 @Tv_reality93 not really I've never had an issue with using a VPN when they block something. It worked Tuesday as well.

      @apgp88 23% users us windows 7. Thank you for NOT considering all these ppl while creating a #WhatsApp desktop client. Truly connecting the world :(

      @IshmeetKalra1 @AndroidPolice might as well want to look at WhatsApp too, they introduced video calling today, not connecting for now though

      @Heybs1 @1690Jamie @BlueBoyRFC72 @RangersCulture @LaudrupsHair @RangersFranky @PhantomL5 agreed why my point about VPN not everyone knows about them

      @NadiaSuleman #Whatsapp not connecting... Its not just mine, right?

      @mehulzalavadiya @WhatsApp my what'sup is running well. But i hav problem in calling. I can't make call to anyone. It's not connecting. Plz fix it.

      @ajit_roy1949 @officialefcc Sir/Madam, The contact you had provided on 18th is not connecting. Whatsapp is encrypted- please inform your # & updates.

      @ndongystyle @Safaricom_Care Hey, Whatsapp not connecting for the past hour. What's the issue

      @kchari2 @IndianExpress AMMA must be secured.She need not depend on Inner Circle who rules by Proxy.All her traitors out.Stalin will safeguard her.

      @LexieWalker10 RT @abcdelissax: anyone elses whatsapp not connecting?!

      @Jaymz_Stun @AIRTEL_KE how come my fb,youtube and whatsapp don't work- not connecting frm arnd 9pm n other internet service are working..0736293366

      @shoaibkbhatti @WhatsApp hi. My whatsapp is not connecting. I have a net connection over wifi and 4g yet it refuses to recognise it. I have updated also

      @ohhhace Touchdown, Shanghai! Confirmed that Gmail, Google Maps, FB, FB Msgr, Viber Android don't work. WeChat is fine. On VPN now. :O

      @samy_raps @airtel_ke my phone is connected to the internet, but my whatsapp is not connecting. How can ypu help?

      @IzzySumnerx Wtf is wrong with Whatsapp it's not loading up, just keeps saying connecting

      @LexieWalker10 RT @victoriaabxx: Why is my whatsapp not connecting??

      @TemmyEmmany @mtn180
      Pls I want to subscribe for WhatsApp monthly but it's not connecting.

      @Reuel_Lateefah My whatsapp needs to be out in rice, it's not everyday "connecting"

      @rlkcanunot 瘋掉直播卡翻 whatsapp web not connecting cannot touch my phone because its restoring my photos WHAT DO I DO

      @e_m_e_t_i_b RT @Haneenx: You never truly appreciate wifi until you've not had service for hours and then you can send a message on whatsapp without it…

      @PaigeEarl2 Had best themselves look upon as investing on vinyl garrison calling as proxy for my living?: KENPbnpHI

      @SharkUnit42 @pyrokenesis I'm going to use a VPN for the website, and somebody gave me their cable login to use. I have US iTunes but it's delayed.

      @Faty_Alfa "My printer won't work"
      Uncle please there's no paper,will it use air?
      "Why is my whatsapp not connecting" please call your service provider

      @mehtakeyur @WhatsApp for iOS9 not working after latest "Bug fix" update of what's app today. Keeps crashing even before connecting

      @CYB3RH0NK @DSProductions13 When is there gonna be a game my VPN just ups and

      @rlforman Why do people turn their last seen off on whatsapp? Makes me think my phone is broken and it's not connecting

      @taramckenziex the fact I'm missing plans rn cause of my whatsapp not connecting has not put me in the best of moods

      @twins_kenny @WunmiWonka hi....how are you. Tried to get to you on whatsapp not connecting...

      @Jaymz_Stun @AIRTEL_KE error is that fb and whatsapp are not connecting please check for the error...0788445567.. I am subscribed to unlimited 20

      @KingsmanHazel Tonicity, ironbound security but pleasantness apropos of the long-distance vpn services calling.: lpEWoHI

      @rahul895099 @WhatsApp Facing problem while connecting to whatsapp using mobile data .. mobile data is working fine for other apps, not sure whats wrng..

      @badboy0406 General issue with whatsapp Oman.. Not connecting #whatsappdown

      @Sintorra @fanatik @TwitchSupport your acc. is not banned. If your using a proxy or VPN disable it and try it again. You are not using a vpn/proxy?

      @TheDarudeGamer @ItsLunarMC @BadlionNetwork also the proxy ur connecting on. That was the case for me I had to use EU for a day

      @aich212 RT @queenhalz: omg I hate when people call me on whatsapp kassam I'm not gonna pick up so u STAY CONNECTING HUN

      @susanmwangi2000 @ZukuOfficial @Zuku_WeCare please check on my connection 127726 it's so slow my phone is not even connecting!!i can't even use whatsapp!

      @Mam4real @dohanews @mohmdqa @WhatsApp @OoredooQatar @VodafoneQatar same problem here.. Not connecting

      @dalilitav @WhatsApp What is happening with the service in Canada? It's not working since this morning - keeps showing Connecting...it's been 8 hrs now

      @DaynahBay @iMoeBadrEldin not really brotha! Im always getting a "error connecting to the server" pop up! Yes with a VPN defender. It's super weird!

      @jioi_akmal Wai mai wasep not wek ?
      It olwais "connecting"
      I hev meni2 impoten ting to do
      Wat der perobelem ?

      @Udoh_Ani @MTN180 how do I sell & share data? Your Whatsapp nos don't reply for days and CS not connecting

      @sara_starwar @dohanews Using Ooredoo, WiFi suddenly extremely slow on both devices and WhatsApp not connecting at all. 4G not working either.

      @tire0011 @windowsserver #NanoServer now supports MySQL but not proxy no sql server...what the hell only for open source community

      @TimmonsAlexandr Caring as proxy for our destinal: recommendable an antedated freshman year paranymph: YvtHPZbdg

      @Jozdrumz >need to contact someone on whatsapp
      >phone internet not connecting
      >fucking whatsapp web won't load

      fuck you whatsapp web

      @ShansFoley @WhatsApp hi my whatsapp isn't working properly. I read it uses your phone data but it's not connecting and I sort of need it! Help X

      @lissa77 @SaferVPN I'm experiencing the proxy detected message from US Netflix again. Is the server blocked?

      @CraigHewittS6 @Viper_DNS US Server is not working as it should. Getting the 'unlocker/proxy' message when connecting to Netflix via Apple TV

      @d4isying times like this and my WhatsApp not connecting CB

      @ScamPup @opensrshelp Also a case of the reseller not abiding by the ICANN RAA Privacy & proxy spec. Somebody is taking it up with Paul.

      @tamukova @econet_support Hie,is there a reason why Whatsapp is the only application not working on my phone? Hasnt been connecting since I to town

      @tendaijemwa Download Atom VPN app and your # Whatsapp will start working @TAwekwaJemwa

      @chukwuklinton @airtel_care still not connecting to WhatsApp, Facebook n the likes

      @rajatseb I have a dream that there will be a day when I will not get any notification from Whatsapp on connecting to the internet.

      @arguapacha @theTunnelBear is there a way to debug why my vpn app isn't connecting? The diagnostic tool just keeps trying to connect and nothing happens

      @NoelCastanza Airtel international calls not connecting. Neither is Skype. Whatsapp never works.

      Has Zim's cellphone blocking technology affected us?

      @AryieLulz Telegram is not connecting and suddenly my Whatsapp is blowing up.

      @Wallacezim263 @econet_support So its 2days now & my whatsapp is not connecting at the same time bundles are abt to expire God Bless You Econet

      @AnthonyLouis8 Free will the unhesitating quinceaneras dresses as proxy for myself: CJzUXV

      @raphaelsgurl201 "If you are only affiliated with this group by proxy and not by membership, you are free to leave and will not be punished,"


      @_MayaRana If you spend more time connecting with people on WhatsApp than you do with humans in real life (not inc work) you've a problem #truth

      @podgydad @yorkshirebird_ I don’t think so. Could be to get around an ISP restriction. VPN’s hide stuff from a network, not someone looking in person

      @mgwitham RT @cakirBTC: sorry for earlier. my VPN was blocked before not ADSL. now using TOR browser...

      @Mindach_II @SurfEasyInc Nope, not at all. I got VPN app free and change countries often.

      @Ncell @Lionel_Nessi2 @Dipen06354430 We suggest customers not to use any proxy or VPN software to surf internet. You might be compromising... 1/2

      @viki_22pang wtaf the whatsapp web is not connecting to my god damn phone :(

      @gabmelia damn it, i tried using whatsapp web but it's not connecting, perhaps my phone is dead..HAHAHA

      @Seth_Sesu @AIRTEL_KE Excuse me, my number is 0733957661: I av unliminet for 7 days expiring 6th Aug but Facebook n Whatsapp are NOT connecting at all

      @guacagabs @duckiess -they went out of their way to block things (cookie code) so nobody can play unless they have VPN ^__TT

      @MeredithAllan @BronwynHemsley my phone is not connecting to Internet... will keep trying...then we can use WhatsApp

      @Seth_Sesu @AIRTEL_KE Still my Whatsapp messages not updating and not connecting to Facebook! Even this Twitter is taking too long to update! Nifanye?

      @hadesh2100 @airtel_care pls this new 6gb for #1500plan is not connecting WhatsApp Google +. and Facebook

      @3017066s304 @jyotimjpr your whatsapp is deactivated.and ph. is not connecting.

      @whatsapp_apv RT @PrillyBie: My life is NOT about one person! So please stop connecting everything in my life to one person u want...im so tired with thi…

      @Abigail__Israel @ToluTeee what's wrong with the number I have. Been trying to reach you. Not connecting. Your whatsapp number

      @junaid07061996 @Wy0zer tried it With vpn, got the app from play store,connecting it to US server but after opening cannot find a single pokemon or pokestop

      @MSP_ScaryGang why are they trying to get my IP locked, I have a VPN

      @claytondubose Anyone using I cart u still need a VPN blocker to use insta Snapchat Facebook etc. Only twitter is unblocked

      @vembalarashid Whatsapp is not connecting from Today morning.it keeps saying 'connecting'. #Whatsapp whatsappnotworking

      @ShapakaCooka My whatsapp is not working. It says "Connecting" from the last half an hour. Anybody facing the same problem?? #WhatsApp

      @MiniIdly I just agreed to WhatsApp - Facebook connecting thingy, just to see the look on their face when they find out I'm not on fb. #thoppithoppi

      @kerry_39936 I have not been able to browse since yesterday evening. I even tried to chat on whatsapp, but its not connecting.

      @SkankworksAgile If you are using the open proxy at be warned that it leaks out your real IP address. How, we not going to say ;-)


      @Olikungbemi @MTN180 WHATSAPP platform is not connecting. Have tried several times no response.

      @madhuharidas Whatsapp is always connecting. But not connected. Reaching the time to disconnect

      @Yongezia I'm thinking we respect each other now I've sent boundaries. Today he calls on whatsapp, I'm not alone. So I answer *connecting*

      @Elizdelrey I just downloaded the Vpn app, I can't believe school is actually here

      @MPeltomki RT @Kloppernicus: Dear WhatsApp, to your calling feature please add 2 seconds b/w making and connecting the call and help me not get embarr…

      @MikeHarvason @AIRTEL_KE unliminet weekly at 50 bob. Facebook and Twitter not connecting at all. Not to mention whatsapp. Am actually using safaricom now

      @NetherRemains I had to disable the setting “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites” so Chrome wouldn’t protect itself from my school’s proxy

      @changkyunsverse As you can see it's a different code you have to enter and the votes increased by one!Bc ur VPN is on the website thinks ur different person

      @sucsymartinz @GloCare 4d past two days my whatsapp, FB and FB messenger has not been connecting. Every oda app works perfectly 08159052152 (2k = 6gb)

      @vratkalkar @thebigshotprof if connecting to a server through VPN or SSH the message makes sense for security.

      @hideipvpn @RyanBerkeley nope. We do bust and you would not be able to use our awesome Vpn ;-) $49.99 per year is the best we can do.

      @notBeav @Pythxnn check your extension, maybe a proxy is blocking access if u can't even do that try ending it all in task manager if still not

      @BinaSoley @WhatsApp calls are not connecting. Any reason why? Love the app btw.

      @aly_miller8 I would love to use my chrome book... but of course something else is screwed up and now I need a "proxy" login to get on any website

      @nsjangid RT @Dixit_Karun: War is not best option but it the last option. Proxy war is the best option but it is not the best solution. @NSA_India #…

      @_MsLindo Is anyone else's WhatsApp not working? Mine has been "connecting" for time

      @Emmanuelyoung8 @AIRTEL_KE internet not able to connect but twitter connects whatsapp also aint connecting yet i have bundles 0737487834 fix that

      @sudeshprasad Excellent experience receivng a whatsapp call from a #Jio4G Delhi (VoLTE calls still not connecting) on my #CarPlay, thanks to #ios10update

      @krishnachaube12 @BBCNews @TwitterIndia @WhatsApp Cong Connecting Terrorist With "Islam",But Country Want Terrorist Should Not Get Respectful Cremation....

      @Turtle502 Me: is there an easy way to access our Citrix environment on my personal laptop?

      IT: install VPN, Citrix App, and SecureID.

      Me: nevermind.

      @jordansaweirdo @JosephAParker not sure. but it's ip and location based. I could prolly use a VPN but they may even block those.

      @WatsonGarrison2 La apprentice app as proxy for iphone so agent mark yours studies: chH

      @ImHereOnTheMoon my whatsapp not connecting or I just not getting replies ?

      @jonBonDani @AppleSupport Ok,is there any app for connecting to a VPN using PPTP?since it was removed from iOS10 I'm unable to connect to my office's.

      @Matooosa @PhilipObin your whatsapp number is not connecting to whatsapp.

      @Matthew24_j Considering connecting the desktop to a proxy network to make it WAN to my laptop and FTPing Photoshop back and forth until the cap starts.

      @Erick_Kaburu @AIRTEL_KE ^Jamo I have restarted both my wifi, phone and laptop but still not connecting on facebook or whatsapp

      @aagaba1 @mtnugcare @mtnug I loaded the weekly social bundle but can't load WhatsApp images, FB not connecting and Twitter as well. What's its Ts&Cs

      @EddingtonStepha Call away as proxy for android applications conditioning is incremental bissextile year bye-bye epoch: nIsMt

      @DianeConklin @Ebates thanks - VPN had gotten turned on my desktop - no idea how but when I turned it off now I have access again - thank you

      @Spartanmotiv_ @windscribecom best vpn i ever installed, thank you :D #lit

      @Noir_Proxy @jeroenroding Hey bud! Is there a chance the RIGS community could have a fan kit with all the team badges in PNG for videos? Love the game!

      @sim_zillions @econet_support I just bought whatsapp bundles but when checking balance its say bundles non active. Your helpline is not connecting calls

      @_fl0v4t3 whatsapp pun sekejap2 not connecting...idk how will i survive staying here for A YEAR

      @Mathieulh @RichDevX Oh! I have not tried that, I would assume they do, they go as far as doing active probing to block VPN as far as I know.

      @evebet_eve @Lachesiss511 Probably not that helpful but the site is accessible if you have a VPN and can pretend to be from Australia.

      @beeexannah02 @NadeeyahBee @gucho_haruna This whatsapp call yahadu sosai tunba when u are broke AF

      @veernimbus RT @sidivs: Any one here whose whatsapp msg not sending on #Jio 4g or tweet not posting or speedtest not connecting but only youtube playi…

      @AnnaMolloy_x Anyone else's whatsapp turned absolutely dog shite since updating?!

      @DreamHostCare @SEOMEGADesigns We apologize for any inconvenience, services are up on our end but you can try connecting using proxy server such as... 1/2

      @GymnastSecurity @HiLaurenFox ONLY go here from a vpn that hides your ip...or DO NOT CLICK ON IT from your real ip address....link will follow

      @mollychatcat @CarlBeijer @ebruenig @areyousurebruv first proxy block

      @Shulab Q: How to discourage people not to install VPN app on their smartphones to access banned applications? #CyberSecurity #CyberAware #internet

      @RubberRoomHotel RT @JamesEFinch: .@ChuckTodd stop assuming Hillary's server was not secure. Private servers often have hard firewalls & VPN. Why else would…

      @WestgarthEnt @highclasshole @theharryshearer Not doing your job properly, are you? Anonymous admits they use VPN to appear in China, Russia, etc.

      @Danvurl @AIRTEL_KE whatsapp not connecting... Any APN to fix that?

      @MsKele5 Why is my whatsapp not connecting @orangebw

      @Zebs888 @SilicaAndPina update: gave up, not even on the ps3 i could make it work, neither proxy or vpn

      @djxxxl RT @GurbetName: Opera Browser'in kendi VPN'i var. Skype yerine Signal(Snowden onayli) WhatsApp yerine Telegram & internetsiz chat icin Fire…

      @RikMende Err not this freedomvpn, instead F-secure freedom vpn.

      @BarbieDolie My Instagram, snap & WhatsApp not connecting but my Twitter working fine... interesting

      @UXGaurav @GrindrLabs Build native Win32 app or if not do it like WhatsApp: a web version connecting to phone @Grindr so we can type using PC keyboard

      @BaberMaheen @WhatsApp m'y whatsapp is not connecting even after I reinstalled it - not going past my number entry

      @Alphastaire @capnloganwest no, he was off vpn today, he told me

      @ThatGuyExplicit Using the neighbor wifi and my whatsapp just not connecting oh well is not like ppl msg me anyhow

      @boylush @TheVictoRyan @SingtelSupport Unable to send, receive on Mobile + WhatsApp Web not connecting

      @oluwasdaughter @GloCare I can't view my Instagram pictures, my browser is not connecting, bbm takes forever to deliver same as whatsapp.

      @RyanStankye Time to create a bunch of vps's until I find a ip block that isn't blocked, then set up a proxy/VPN and pray that the port isn't blocked ;;

      @DJPrezzi_ Why whatsapp web not connecting?? Mi kno a did sumn wrong wid mi whatsapp ino.. hsst

      @ToroChero @AIRTEL_KE I'm not connecting to Whatsapp at all, not just photos etc.

      @IamHollar @DRealFreakyP what's good ? Been trying to chat you on whatsapp but you have not been responding and your call ain't connecting too, how far

      @543530152Yu What the fuck! I just can't tolerate the truth that my vpn is so slowly, and i don't wanna surf in the internet .hhhhh

      @Mosey_jangles @ThreeCare Seems to be ok now but was very intermittent this morning. Radio app disconnecting,mails not loading and whatsapp not connecting

      @GivVi_G RT @Backspace_raw: O bolela nyoso mara, they're connecting with families and whatsapp help them to not loose contacts. Whatsapp is just the…

      @GateRussel Identical rudimentary factual information encircling for the best funding sources as proxy for memorization: VBt

      @atreyee21 @airtelindia @Airtel_Presence WhatsApp is not connecting with Airtel 4G data, however other sites are opening fine.

      @icpetrie @McKellogs Go through the library's subscription, you should be able to login to the proxy server from wherever you are.

      @Ashar168 @Airtel_Presence WhatsApp & COC not working with Airtel 3G/ 4G. When connecting to wifi networks, it works. Any solution ??

      @bosetalk @Airtel_kolkata #Airtel #Kolkata, #whatsapp not connecting since yesterday, please resolve #3g #4g #internet #problem

      @Being_Saiyaara @AppleSupport not getting notifications from app like whatsapp and twitter when connecting to wifi network

      @sarojkumark @reliancejio @JioCare my WhatsApp is not connecting, however there is network covered and calls are not audible

      @LeniMwaura @AIRTEL_KE this is the message I'm getting. I haven't used the 100mb unliminet for Facebook and whatsapp since it's not connecting

      @titanous @giveupalready @Pinboard It's not actually a frame, they reverse proxy the site and rewrite things.

      @tola_adebayo @ruffydfire ...my email n text messages not connecting.. sent my number already on Whatsapp to you.

      @amcoolel @Eleejah3 Baaba, I'm currently on Edge, whatsapp not connecting, calling you tomorrow

      @otolowaka @GloCare help ♍y BlackBerry that's not connecting but can WhatsApp & tweet. No ping, can't even use ♍y web browser, facebook app & †ђξ likes

      @DoRoyalHost @joecioffi Additionally, try using this website to load your website via a proxy, instead of your Internet Provider. Does it work there?

      @JackkTheGod @LeakingDNS @anonandmore @_qdom your not carding properly btw, rat then use reverse proxy/rdp and there's a website u can buy 600$/skins on

      @femmolink @gloworld I'm having problem with my sim, only the whatsapp is not connecting with the internet

      @TaeliciousV RT @molly_madd: I FOUND THIS‼️A website with South Korean Proxy Servers. It's a current up to date website.I'm not computer literate so if…

      @femmolink please help me do the connection of my phone, only the whatsapp is not connecting

      @itzmesiril @VodafoneIN Blocking the internet as it is not connecting to #WhatsApp #twitter #facebook #taramani #jallikattu #SaveJallikattu #vodafone

      @patrickindayi25 @AIRTEL_KE its not connecting whatsapp and facebook

      @youhaveapizza @biebahsnarry you just have to use a VPN and you can get them right on their website!

      @_Munchkinz_ @Germolution no hey, it's not you! Whatsapp is definitely acting up. Been "Connecting" since this morning.

      @ne0_g0at tbh main reason i downloaded whatsapp is so my mom can stop guilt trippin me 4 "not connecting" like
      im still not gon talk to any1 anyway

      @thatgoddess____ BBM, whatsapp and IG not connecting. Only twitter. I just don't Gerrit

      @vrde @SlackHQ qq: do you blacklist some IP addresses from @buyvpnservice? Sometimes I've troubles connecting to my slack when using my VPN.

      @ThorntonWard1 Yurt judicial vacations are the hide as proxy for thine area also: CSHr

      @John_kasibante1 @RSF_inter Uganda, we relied on VPN to go around censorship but these bans are really unnecessary.

      @samanthaasalmon RT @KatPackard: How come my twitter is connecting but not my whatsapp im trying to say hi to samantha god damn it

      @Solar_unique Fb, bbm, whatsApp and SC are connecting, only Twitter is not connecting. #GloWithShame.

      @NZOpSec_ Anyone know of an #anonymous #vpn that provides a dedicated-ip with #openvpn and accepts #bitcoin/#dash?

      @trvllngjwllr @duckstar_85 not that hard but does require paying for a VPN (virtual private network)

      @ex_muslim @SALSIKandar you mean my using a proxy does not hide my IP?

      @Kritikalmaich @AIRTEL_KE why does the 250mbs bundles not connecting with whatsapp n fb

      @TheIrina_ The new WhatsApp status is connecting me back to my contacts that ive not spoken for years. Idk if thats a good thing or nah.

      @Welshgamer20 Her logic is "oh this antisemitic site not affiliated with pewdiepie likes pewdiepie, therefore pewdiepie agrees with them by proxy"

      @e_Proxies We are currently working on replacing IP addresses for Supreme tomorrow. Your inbound proxy IPs will not change, so don't worry about that.

      @haryoseeker04 @GloCare my WhatsApp is not connecting to the Internet since evening.
      What could b wrong?

      @dreederMJ @TCJLover @marion_s22 Thanks. Use a VPN to unblock


      @laurenlexi_ N my whatsapp won't work

      @AkinbuliAbimbo2 Pls my WhatsApp is not connecting in my phone

      @Atiksh_Singh RT @kevinconway: @ThreeCare My calls arent connecting, text & whatsapp not delivering. Also can't reach other 3 customers from landline. Is…

      @dreyzview @MTN180 Video calls(whatsapp/IMO) are not connecting. Plz,is there any challenge,we need to know about?

      @akouzmanoff @pattheflip oh my God. I'm embarrassed by proxy for everyone who bought the game after seeing that art.

      @SvtHoff Sorry everyone, my phone's not connecting to my network; please call or message me on FB Messenger - WhatsApp also doesn't work! :(

      @ib_granville @MsAbiye I've not been able to reach you on whatsapp, called your line yesterday too it wasn't connecting. Pls try to reach out to me.

      @Mzwof @PayPorte I have been calling your numbers not connecting, Instagram no reply, emails no reply the whatsapp whoever in charge just reads.m

      @gford82 Hey @comcast why are you throttling VPN to 10 Mbps up/down? Speed tests don't lie. VPN on 10, VPN off 150, multiple servers

      @Sade696969 @speedify Hello,is the vpn server down?After connecting to vpns, I have not been able view any sites.Is there something wrong with the vpns?

      @msnaeazm WhatsApp is not functioning. Connecting je since yesterday

      @sheikhamurm All wifi calls are not connecting in Cairo - can someone confirm? (Whatsapp, FaceTime audio) #Egypt

      @MsNessaJackson RT @TalkWithTonte: If you go from DMs to Whatsapp and the convo is not hitting then your flavours just aren't connecting beloved. It's supp…

      @tobunheath oh if anyone is having trouble w/ the go90 app, try using a vpn (browsec vpn or x-mirage for macs) and stream through the nwsl website!

      @trully_black @Safaricom_Care why is my whatsapp and some other apps not connecting to the Internet yet opera mini is.

      @KimMcCarthyyy Anyone else's whatsapp not showing messages but connecting and then disconnecting or is it just Kerry wifi

      @MellowOchre RT @TheWayWithAnoa: Idgaf who you voted for, if you not right on all issues of systemic injustice we won't break bread. These proxy wars us…

      @ARMY_K_Fan RT @aestaeticjimin: mama voting is even crazier?? 10 votes per ip address dhdjsks changing vpn every time?and have to vote for other artist…

      @lauren_young95 RT @Desire2Write: YES whatsapp ain't working (it's not connecting).
      NO it's not just your phone.
      RT to avoid seeing the same question all…

      @LuaPennaCarter_ RT @ashdefty: Who elses whatsapp is playing up? Not connecting?

      @alltimehuda Let's play a game called is my service not connecting or is whatsapp just down again

      @yunganxious_ My WhatsApp keeps connecting and idk why. Not bothered though

      @embiidsnthetrap @Jt856 @Proxy_Tank Thats why we have embiid protecting the rim and covington. You can hide smith

      @benjeffriess Is anyone else's Whatsapp not working? Mine just says 'Connecting...'

      @PwinthethRho My phone has a new Whatsapp trick... Not connecting at all.

      @viistate RT @nalmolebale: And now it's not working again. I literally got messages and now when I enter Whatsapp it says connecting

      @NfdmM458BPKGtCW RT @Johandt47Dt: Hey @WhatsApp ... My whatsapp is not connecting at all, but i can use all my other internet related apps,, any help ?

      @Sagamir @nixcraft "Your current anonymity level: High Anonymous"

      And I'm not on a VPN right now...

      @gowrav_pk WhatsApp video call is not connecting.. Ring avtundi kani connect kavatledu.. uninstall chesi install chesina use ledu pls help me out TIA

      @EVE_Robotics No more entries - the drawing for the free Proxy Server Wizard is in 4 minutes. We will use wheeldecide again and show the list of Twitter

      @skumbagelli not even my web whatsapp is connecting end my life.

      @Brianski_ @AIRTEL_KE 0731447000 at Buruburu. Whatsapp and Facebook not connecting. Normal browsing unaffected

      @TrafficChiefNG RT @AObilana: @guyresponsible @TrafficChiefNG @Rafayizle Restore your phone to factory setting. Download the apps you need plus anti-virus…

      @kaaratae Im having major problem connecting my phone to the wifi currently NOT using whatsapp

      @FirstladyIbiene @PetersideDakuku Happy Democracy Day Sir. Tired calling but your line isn't connecting. And you've not been on whatsapp for weeks Sir.

      @ElisaPerezG1 @DaeshBagNews @TheSun
      OUCH!. I hope this hacker is using a proxy server or an IP changer.

      @pardeepSTiwana @Airtel_Presence worst airtel 4g speed from last 7 days...even WhatsApp not connecting in evening...near Kurali,Punjab, please fix this...

      @MikeinusaGB @975153416Gushan @FuckChineseGFW app store, Alpha VPN

      @ynleborgaz @ProtonVPN when using ovpn config for all SE servers it wont connect anymore. When using SE2 it works directly connecting to server. #vpn

      @ronyeap @queenkow Are you on WhatsApp? I would not mind connecting. If you're keen, please send me a Private Message. Thanks.

      @eliud_kirimi @AIRTEL_KE This Thing 0735526482 is not connecting to WhatsApp,dont respond without checking koz am subscribed to unliminet

      @hubertkyeremeh Is it just my @WhatsApp that's not connecting or everyone else's

      @kaylous @airtel_care @AirtelNigeria Why is the x20 data not connecting other Apps except Whatsapp?

      @its_svidyakins @WhatsApp using redmi note 4 not able to verify number trying from 2 days. kindly help says not connecting to network but i am using wifi

      @MrDaBomb1 @mathers_georgia I planted. With the #shadowbrokers. This is no #anonymous rubbish. I do not run tor nor a vpn.

      @thatgregperson @Bristolvor It's weird. Wifi is connecting but only working with some apps and not others. I can whatsapp but not tweet on wifi

      @dantrvo I've became less verbal & less pro-active, and whatsapp gave me an excuse of not connecting to people face-to-face.

      @DalaiLager @TrainerRoad love Phil & Paul but best, most insightful commentary comes from David Millar on ITV4 (uk channel). Worth getting a VPN for!

      @AA_Bunny_Honey @alluranjani @alluarjun Not u others m saying like who are not connecting with me in Whatsapp

      @koukoupuffs I accidentally had my VPN set to a US server while using iTunes and got an email from Apple about it ^^

      @akshay0007_2000 @WhatsApp My app is not working at this point of time. It was working immediately after the update but now keeps saying connecting.

      @allazproduction @econet_support okay i bought whatsapp bundles but its not connecting to data services

      @HolidayCravings RT @EA_unadorned: First day back at work:

      * WhatsApp messages from client at 7am
      * Train cancelled
      * Laptop not connecting to WiFi


      @_momav @Unlocator set up L2TP VPN on iOS 10.3.3 per instructions on website, getting "Authentication failed" errors when connecting on Wifi/4G.

      @Merlisa_SB Why the fuck my whatsapp not connecting steups

      @ProXY_GEEE @MrCeoDymo Foh atleast win the game bitch ass

      @DanielngLeewen1 @Samwaliy You know in west Malaysia whatsapp line connection was only using in local places & is not allowed to connecting to oversea

      @Rickard Over 1 billion daily active users now on @WhatsApp. In the US, its is not used unless you are connecting to others outside the country.

      @agesa_sylvier @AIRTEL_KE if its free Facebook
      Twitter and WhatsApp mine is not connecting anything once the 10mbs were

      @Hassankamal321 Is @WhatsApp down? Not able to receive any calls it just says connecting. Regardless whoever i call. #whatsappdown ?

      @odysseus55 @jetaimemiamor1 @ALT_uscis Thats Godaddys proxy registrar for privacy. No conspiracy there.

      @IAmVolzy @NetOneCellular I would like to ask why the netone whatsapp bundle not convenient? I'm having problems my whatsapp not connecting smoothly.

      @rk502 @JioCare What happened to network? Data is very inconsistent. Not connecting properly. Even WhatsApp msg goes after a while @reliancejio

      @SultanRamah @africellUG whatsapp isn't connecting as it should. Messages not getting sent

      @vonip @TelkomZA i am freeme since morning Whatsapp is not connecting

      @nadun_don VOIP for WhatsApp Viber facetime got an issue since 31st Aug & September. multimedia voice calls not connecting #android #iphone #worldwide

      @CraigGrifo @jimmygreen83 @Merc_Official_ yes there's lots of different VPN apps on the android store if it's an android box not sure if on fire stick

      @Kayleig85696869 RT @Kavinambiar: #whatsapp not connecting! Again!

      @officialMonea Listen when Whatsapp start acting upppp I get so pissed!! Not connecting my video calls!

      @brianmow @AIRTEL_KE Not connecting to Facebook or whatsapp

      @SKay_SA @MTNza my WhatsApp messages are not going thru, It keeps saying "Connecting" whats wrong now guys. Not today again. Worse I do have bundles

      @deepadharmaraj @TeachEngIndia A3. Well, not completely "offline" - but WhatsApp is great for connecting with colleagues. #FLBetterTeachers

      @The_Spar Whatsapp too dey need vpn

      @carled12 @econet_support whatsapp call is not connecting. What's wrong with ur network ?

      @KonguDesamm RT @RanjitRamK: India's biggest threat to national security is not across the border in pak,but lefties and congresswala who wage a proxy w…

      @rosebud_sarah @econet_support my whatsapp is not connecting and im failing to check balance as well

      @matoropito @econet_support I cant access my whatsapp and email massages. My line is not connecting to the internet. 0782 443 286

      @stansnow @econetzimbabwe why is whatsapp calling not connecting

      @_Wachiuri_ @TelkomKenya aye. Why is my line not connecting data for WhatsApp???

      @Itz_simony @9mobileng please my whatsapp is not connecting
      And other app are connected

      @shellyofflimits #Unclean hands down has to be one of the best episode of #TheExorcist !
      Not every1 can touch upon Münchhausen by Proxy like THAT!

      @_JoeOdwyer Anyone else’s WhatsApp not working? Just keeps saying connecting and buffering

      @ohluseun @9mobileng hello, my 9mobile data is not connecting with whatsapp.....whats the prob

      @seekertsa1 @BitClubNetworke your WhatsApp line is not connecting on my phone. Is there a prefix dialing code ?

      @NcubeRutendo @econetzimbabwe @econet_support why is whatsapp not doing whatsapp call, keep saying connecting? ?

      @xelaoku @GloWorld Not connecting I can’t browse my WhatsApp messages not dropping everything

      @apocalypse_chc RT @morningpassages: People do not keep thinking about IP/VPN thing. If it was a problem half of votes would have already been deleted. Con…

      @Thesanjoy RT @keeranilchouhan: This is my first #280characters tweet.
      I use only twitter for connecting with social media people
      No Facebook No What…

      @dwayuthink @NammaBESCOM The help line no is not connecting n nobody responding on WhatsApp help..useless just waste of money.

      @Bukongi @Proxy4Sure This proxy is Not in supreme site in usa site in unfortunlety

      @Yvonne49297565 RT @kortingmeehan: @wa_status my whatsapp is not connecting. Is whatsapp working ?

      @mwaleu What's happening to #buddie #whatsapp bundles not connecting today

      @BoltonSbolton23 @WhatsApp what's app web not been working properly since Friday, connecting ok but not showing any messages. Just says type here, no history

      @Niduin1984 @freebitco Can you please unblock my IP Adress? I do not use a proxy or VPN. MY IP ist

      @TonyaSheffield_ RT @TiwiAtl: @TonyaSheffield_ @maul235 @JakeThejurist75 @Proxy_Kotite @SamEllison11 @lillylu16_power Hey, they think some new revelation wi…

      @Tendai_K_Jr @econet_support my whatsapp bundle z not connecting, can you please attend to that

      @reedm RT @rbhar90: More broadly, if decentralized technologies succeed in cutting out central companies, how can user rights be preserved? Imagin…

      @i_yasx RT @Itsmuad: Ngl if I think my WiFi isn’t working man just goes onto a whatsapp chat to see if it says connecting or not

      @itwit_my_mind @MTN180 My apps are not just connecting. I can't get WhatsApp, Facebook, tweeter notifications except I use a Wi-Fi

      @FLUXEPARADOX @ABathingApee Bruh delete this your IP is shown unless you are on VPN

      @Naveed0262 RT @ziamubeen: Not only WhatsApp down but calls are not connecting.
      Retweet if your also facing this problem

      @Mr_Zaid01 RT @Bas_D__: My WhatsApp is not connecting. I need to talk to bae and she’s in Switzerland and I canor be paying N2.50/sec

      @ThePoisonAudrey I guess that why Facebook and WhatsApp are great for. Connecting with family and friends overseas. But it’s still not the same.

      @aemuho Just when I thought I was alone on this WhatsApp not connecting …

      @cbcnn_Pilid @suhasbaliga @PiratedSardar @NetflixIndia seen it happen if/when you use a proxy VPN

      @keolfzdw1455 whatsapp not connecting. is it downtime?

      @BhupenRathod001 RT @terikahkelunga: Tweets are not loaded, safari not responding, WhatsApp not connecting but @AirtelPresence still says “desh Ka sabse tej…

      @Flight_Refunds RT @BrooklynBeard: @KLM I have been trying to contact someone via Phone, Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter for over 3 hours. These status upda…

      @zaneletee @CellC_Support my WhatsApp is not connecting yet I have the monthly subscription,pls help

      @Insane_Proxy_ RT @mombot: #MeToo started as a platform for harassment victims, but it has now completely deviated from that purpose. Instead it is being…

      @NiecyOKeeffe @kelleherqueen Hi hon! I’m trying to Whatsapp you but it’s not connecting. Is it down??

      @I_love_amebo @jiblotech The whatsapp link is not connecting

      @AndreVeekz @GloWorld It's not just connecting at all.. Facebook, Google play, whatsapp nothing is connecting

      @AmaroSkillet RT @DuncanSharrad: @WhatsApp not connecting

      @Trongate2 @Naija_Erotica called you on WhatsApp earlier during the day. Not connecting. How are you?

      @JaamAadmi RT @Abhi_Diwan_Mbai: @JaamAadmi @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice @Dev_Fadnavis @CMOMaharashtra Traffic police also mum ....Been half an hour n…

      @Mz_Arab My WhatsApp is not connecting since morning

      @PonsMaite RT @jarofjuice: Taking a minute to appreciate chat apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and whatever else, for connecting us to our fami…

      @JenKenward RT @clairem7523: Connections being made on WhatsApp & Yammer across the 102 #alwaysevents organisations this morning #sharing #learning #ne…

      @vezoke @ProfZode I dropped a message for you on WhatsApp. Tried calling but your lines are not connecting.

      @Taiwo_Olaniyii @MTNNG Good morning. I have Whatsapp data bundle on my phone 08169130082 but it's not connecting. Please rectify it!

      @writetopiyush @chitgo Haan bro. WhatsApp is too interfering. Twitter is good. Keeps me updated. Not connecting too much with new people though.

      @kunleckzy @GloWorld Glo data ntwrk is still not connecting. Wht hv u guys done to my line. So terrible i cant even uee whatsapp

      @Baji_curled @AllahBhalaKry Your WhatsApp is not connecting

      @Pretty4489 @MTNza my WhatsApp bundles are not connecting.

      @JitendraVarma89 RT @terikahkelunga: Hey dolt @Airtel_Presence tweets are not loading, safari is not working, WhatsApp is not connecting and still you thump…

      @EbbyAbsar RT @LaungDaLashkara: Why can't people just call you on the normal call, why do they have to use Whatsapp call even when it's not connecting…

      @doryneak RT @PermanentlyAsha: @doryneak
      1. I'm trying your phone but utd not connecting. And yes I have airtime.
      2. You're blueticking me ku Whatsa…

      @Haza_Sc Not connecting to WhatsApp is pissing me off

      @mrseanbailey @A_dmg04 does a vpn count as network manipulation?

      @x_ifan_x RT @panamaorange: @HenryKrinkIe Its not just youtube. Even Most streaming pirate sights (Primewire, alluc, and even kodi add ons) are dead,…

      @LolaMonareng @MTNzaService @RukandaBrian My Whatsapp, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, IG & Facebook are NOT connecting. Rebooted several times already!

      @MsTyobeka Who else is having a trouble with whatsapp? Mine stays not connecting

      @Michel_Risto @MTNza it’s 24 hours now & my WhatsApp still not connecting

      @chilledkidEase My whatsapp isnt working and I loaded mtn whatsapp data but still though it's not connecting @MTNza

      @garywoodman RT @Ericom_Software: It’s not impossible to prevent #RDP attacks. Learn how remote access and #VPN connections can be hacked and discover a…

      @emzythonio Is WhatsApp down or something? My Whatsapp is not connecting ooo

      @Dilla_Remix @MTNza 2hrs later Whatsapp still not connecting

      @msMa_time RT @thatoaleta: MTN WhatsApp bundle is a waste of time and money , my WhatsApp is not connecting , since morning

      @zamanizondo1 @MTNza what is wrong with whatsapp? It has not been connecting for days

      @khaddyj why is my whatsapp unavailable and not connecting

      @chanelambrose Is anyone else’s whatsapp not connecting to their phone book?

      @kilelebo1 @MTNza WhatsApp
      Why is it not connecting?

      @liam_simonsen2 @discord why am i stuck on the connecting thing i have tried the proxy server thing. plz help

      @shumani8m @MTNza @Cleks_X @lindell_lee28 I have plenty WhatsApp data but dololo my WhatsApp is not even connecting

      @ChrisKells @donncha @eircare Not connecting to PS4 or Whatsapp web,seems to be a outage with servers

      @ntandokazi_v @MTNza my WhatsApp is not working(connecting) #MtnWhatsAppDataIsTrash

      @Sharma_spks RT @JammuStartups: Did you know Homemakers in India ( House Wives) generate Rs.63,000 Crores in sales through Social Media like WhatsApp…

      @_Thebe @CellC_Support No. WhatsApp also not connecting

      @JohnAStewart7 RT @teleclimber: It is *not* about a feature set. That's been shown over and over again.

      It'll have to be something else. Maybe something…

      @mtedmaro RT @_victorjnr: @MTNza so this thing of my WhatsApp not connecting to the internet is going to be an everyday thing now ? starting to ask m…

      @Neo_Makhene RT @My_Lady3822560: #Telkom is really testing my patience and nerves yaz, now my whatsapp is not connecting my Internet connection keeps di…

      @shey_drogo My Whatsapp is not connecting. My data is not going on my phone but i am using it on my lappy via hotspot. What fuckery is this??

      @ChrisC_1888 RT @CelticTV: ❗️Important ❗️

      @eni_ayan RT @LautechAmebo1: Been trying his line, it’s switched off. Tried calling on WhatsApp too, it’s not connecting. Please save a life

      @NareshK09840075 @JioCare I'm not getting Jio signals properly sometimes call also not connecting very poor Jio signals even WhatsApp msgs also loading

      @fateemahazzhr15 RT @lightwd_exol09:

      @vivaswan93 RT @thedakukaku: It is very interesting how these #VPN providers need to know everything about you before they help you become anonymous.…

      @stevieboyh RT @LucaVanCharli: Sometimes you don't lose touch, you've been 'Ghosted'.

      If you're offering alternatives to the conventional deluded in…

      @full_gaz @British_Fight I just check the ip it's not a. Proxy or vpn ip is clear using ipQ proxy detection API but not 100% but. Looks Like a isp Ru

      @emmabb2000 @freebitco
      Please unblock my IP address I'm not using VPN/proxy

      @sufffy_j @23rd_goddess My WhatsApp is waiting for only you so it’s not connecting.

      @Koh0sKsa RT @VPN_TOR_app: 100% Secure Fast VPN Connections.
      Unrestricted Access Worldwide. Try for free!

      @taiwoInesplicab RT @yinkanubi: Why do we blame "Network" for everything
      - Phone call not going through? Na Network
      - DSTV not showing? Na Network
      - Whatsap…

      @DanSalomon_ RT @africatechie: In preparation for possible internet disruption during #Etoudi2018, in addition to VPN, install FireChat which works with…

      @mouneero @Hiba_alshamsy WhatsApp is working while you’re connecting to an ADSL network wifi, not to the mobile data.

      @UmaineMark72 @NordVPN Seems like people smart enough to use a VPN are also smart enough to not use facebook.

      @bustopsng RT @Matooosa: If your @WhatsApp is not connecting or your message not delivering, uninstall it and re-download the new version...

      @Manrikaxo Anyone else’s whatsapp down?? Cba with it not connecting

      @obiora_maxwell My WhatsApp is not connecting at all

      @nattie041 RT @xvpn2017: VPN is now establishing itself as an essential part of any security setup.
      Here are some benefits that you haven't previousl…

      @Queeneth_1993 @econet_support my app is not connecting but l juiced WhatsApp bundle yersteday morning and when l request balance the bundle is not there

      @Aunty_Tantine RT @danielblackUSA: @ignatzz Facebook is NOT offline. It's a Internet DNS issuein your area. Proof is by using a trace tool (advanced) or…

      @AustinCaptain1 RT @AustinCaptain1: @wa_status my WhatsApp not connecting in my techno phantom6 anything the matter.

      @Frater0 @christlover2000 Use vpn to bypass. :) But I do think porn should be kept in the home. Why would you want to get horny in public... insane

      @RichardsonAlex0 RT @gutechpolicy: "It turned out that the best proxy for population is the company that sends you junk mail." — @NewAmerica's Denice Ross o…