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whatsapp no funciona
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A VPN provides a brand-new IP, meaning that you could access the blocked chitchat app with an IP in another country or place.

Normally, for anyone who is in a place that obstructs you from using your chat software, you won't be capable of sign in or deliver messages.

The purchase was transferred following WhatsApp's repetitive non-compliance of the judicial order that was passed the government financial aid July this year, and is related to criminal proceedings within a case regarding a pill trafficker that allegedly utilised the messaging service inside the commission regarding crimes.

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      @LilyMarieMFC They can't possibly block IPs from New York City, right..? Cause that's where my IP is. When I turned off my VPN, I was no longer blocked.

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      @dat_gamer_tho @rcravens Thanks for the Remote Desktop Viewer Tut in C#. Do you know how to build the middle/proxy server so the 2 pcs can pass firewall?

      @re7210 @teruknow oh no im using proxy it changes my IP address to London IP ;) (twitter is filtered here so)

      @LizitaGonz Che @claropy mi whatsapp no funciona!!!!

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      @oil_shaeikh @d_a_razaq @shehusani mr man m wit ma comrade on dis...no b only proxy na IP...ma twitter ma data my opinions ...slay pls

      @Kenzaro_ @nuigurumiSaku on android you need a proxy ... No ? O_0

      @Real_Life_Dad @MattInTheHat83 Standard, it is the only format supported in my town, aside from a no proxy vintage bi-monthly game.

      @AlexCambronero5 ¿No funciona WhatsApp?

      @UM_1994 @theTunnelBear my one and only vpn. No need to go anyway else!!

      @qalbi114 @SagalAshour proxy war that is of no benefit to us. just shows how clueless our leadership is.

      @hihypocritical_ @CamilaPletsch_ com vpn o snap funciona

      @thechrisschmidt Even a mom with Munchausen by proxy wouldn't care for you.

      @mirahwood @mollycrabapple maybe the question is how to strengthen the UN in a way that makes it more than a proxy for the great powers.

      @afabico So happy that we finally have #NetflixPH. I no longer have to use VPN which'll save me money. Hooraaayyyy!!!

      @AnnaMapple @isa_saadm no me funciona whatsapp

      @LuuZ0345 RT @MauroMura11: No me funciona whatsapp.

      @DanChariton @NickFalacci If you have an iTunes UK account you can dl the BBC iPlayer Radio app. It'll load and play on your device with no VPN trickery.

      @theamazinmattyb @THNMattLarkin @Proteautype underrated is Hudsucker Proxy and Inside llewyn davis... No Lebowski slander allowed :)

      @MarianelaMambr3 @francogv99 tu chat justo no funciona en mi whatsapp

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      @pankajparikh #Netflix to block VPN access in India..looks like users will always rely more on Torrents rather payin monthly subscriptions with no content

      @abhi_sn @chingucha no da cloak that VPN app

      @MoonWhisperer_ Gwen pero whatsapp no me funciona

      @JamesKnaus REVOLUTIONARY @BernieSanders with the novel idea of "proxy war" #DemsDebate

      @anisrth @gauravcsawant @samirsaran @najamsethi Why should it?-Still no disincentive for Pakistan to abandon proxy wars against it's neighbors.

      @LuisFeCHS No me funciona Facebook y Whatsapp

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      @JoyceColin1 Take Your Time versus Find the Best VPN for Mac...PJP

      @twentyfour_seve RT @Panthers_Tweets: Jared Allen (foot) will participate in Thursday's practice, showed no noticeable limp at start of drills -via ESPN htt…

      @Alex_Shillo @tazpants that is true but at least watching it on the CW website with a VPN they can count those numbers

      @LCellini End This Pathetic #Proxy War Wherein Our #US Gov't Chose To Cheer #Sunnis And Hate #Shiites; {2} Stop Raining #ClusterMunitions On The...

      @awfulencrgy but u know,,, his attitude is To Be Expected considering he's basically a proxy for how the writers feel about laurel ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      @NadiyaMarie Welp just sitting here waisting my data no big deal :') thanks WCHS for blocking my VPN app I appreciate it

      @Vilaahueco RT @Wesley_Music1: Whatsapp no funciona.

      @iambrianvaldez WhatsApp no me funciona:(.

      @Monicapedraza99 no me funciona whatsApp

      @sideshowtob 5 minutes of wondering why @surface would not connect to internet, before realsiing I still had customer's proxy server applied #everytime

      @MiliOsorio_ RT @VirRuatta: No funciona whatsapp?????

      @bailarsincesar No me funciona Whatsapp y Snapchat

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      @JennaKaren2 Complete a purchase at best the supreme california trucks as proxy for inventory-clearance sale: iuOPIQjIx

      @rejectlester @questionyrself proxy and guardian by alex london

      @FerraroTGOD @timmathighus2 it's a cold world for those without a vpn

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      @equilarinc Catalyst for Change: 33 companies in the S&P 500 disclosed a #board skills matrix in their most recent proxy #blforum #corpgov

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      @ioleresearcher @KingsITsystems no, i mean i just need the vpn connection instruction/link somewhere on your website.

      @Elizabeth_Calo But I don't think that O Brother is worse than The Hudsucker Proxy...oof @BilgeEbiri

      @gabychenoweth And this is why I hate Whatsapp... es lo unico que no funciona en mi cel -.- ¿donde estan mis contactos? #fuck

      @Souvenirr_ @AvrilHeart_ No me funciona whatsapp:(

      @JennySmallerGod @Dragoneer The kitten as asked me by proxy to say "You're welcome. That's for not feeding me enough."

      @tfsbuck @bc3tech You'll see the proxy listed on the first page. Select "Configure Team Foundation Server Proxy" and then start wizard.

      @SeeyouGnome @JimChapman uk only.. No. App hola vpn And you can watch it all over the world

      @taiyaki0365 @yumimi96 btw I found a korean proxy site
      1. Total value Over $50 : Handling Fee 10%
      2. Total value Under $50 : Minimum Handling Fee $5.

      @MatildaMarzano_ @Gonchi88 no te funciona whatsapp?

      @GameritisGuy My co-worker is planning a Dark Moon game night with his friends, and I'm SO EXCITED for him.

      I'm an avid board gamer via proxy.

      @paulogalia WhatsApp Web funciona no Edge =]

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      @KatheHernandz73 No funciona whatsApp

      @SharonMichaelso Unsurpassed vpn afford vice yours bunch wants: tlrLDX

      @Samanth26749697 Epiphany gifts as proxy for the globetrotter: ifsz

      @ritobito Android apparently has no shortage of extremely skeevy, ad-laden VPN apps that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole

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      @Mushizng Heeeeey siiiisssterrrr, WhatsApp no me funciona bieeeeen

      @tatotat Whatsapp no funciona #QuienMeAcompaña

      @Shravz VPN is such an easy way to bypass restrictions at work!

      @alexandrem4gno FB & Skype: alexandremsaraujo - Instagram: @alexandrem4gno - Whatsapp: inbox - Snapchat: não funciona no WP / unavailable for Windows Phone.

      @joselui17456544 No funciona whatsapp

      @stewaralbanook No me funciona WhatsApp

      @S4NGSTERSMILE whatsapp no me funciona bien:) :) :))))))

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      @SabrinaRojas99 No me funciona Twitter ni Whatsapp , genial.

      @HoopsandHorses @TheRealSpazCat 8:30, right on schedule....no #vpn for behavior.... #openbook #youarefucked

      @DasDzy @Mildy_Vein I'm wondering if I can route the licensing traffic via their proxy server

      @HabelRafal Netflix please honour my privacy, please let me stay protected by VPN!!!

      @XXingBin Whatsapp no me FUNCIONA

      @LariiTaisa220 RT @BrunoFeijo3: No me funciona WhatsApp

      @NoahTheCloser @Samplin_Quest proxy or no?

      @scrxamitout NO ME FUNCIONA WHATSAPP @glowstinivica

      @GSC94 Umm if Netflix don't let me use my VPN, then there's literally no point in it. I'll just torrent/use Kodi... FOR FREE.

      @RobertLeightyJr So still no explanation for why Taker is helping Vince and by proxy, Steph and HHH! Awesome! #RAW

      @herinzunza No me funciona whatsapp con mis mbs

      @ArianaDoris Scullion including messenger services otherwise basket salvage as proxy for businesses: rmsAQp

      @josephfcox @petrakramer Yeah, I imagined a proxy, but wasn't sure if tor2web would provide the user's real IP, or that of the proxy.

      @Williamhoe2016 @theTunnelBear It is a great VPN app! I highly recommand it! Hey the TunnelBear, pls give me 1GB of free data! I am oneline waiting 4 it!

      @Muereelkin Q: Whatsapp no me funciona
      A: No compre android

      @_Amy_3_ There is no point paying for Netflix anymore now that they've blocked proxy's. Back to piracy it is!

      @sallanoscerra No funciona whatsapp ni Twitter

      @DowmanWebster Monthly payments as proxy for watches on-line: TphPkOiO

      @didschr Twitter I'm not a fake account and suspicious behavior I use VPN for personal reasons, please do not block me thanks

      @SwooshAura why are proxy and server companies stalking me & following and DMing me? NO not interested in doing business together.Already got a squadTY

      @RicoBachata #TresTristesPalabras Whatsapp no funciona

      @discordapp @celikalimemrah Are you on a VPN, Proxy, or school network?

      @NotUrBussnsBtch Mi WhatsApp no funciona , me tocara volver al Windows Live Messenger.

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      @jamarisx3 @Mishkaa17 no me funciona whatsapp

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      @Nayla828 WhatsApp web no me funciona.

      @m_tudel Skype no funciona, llamar por whatsapp a #Belgica

      @JustinAguilarT Whatsapp no me funciona

      @FSuarezTB @LuuuCastillo hey no me funciona whatsapp :(

      @csquared16 @getblockless where'd the Belgium (and several others) option go? Also getting a Netflix 'proxy block' today for the first time.

      @vishal1082 @fadesingh @teachbarefoot If the website supports HTTPS, changing the protocol to HTTPS works. No need of a proxy, quite hilarious actually.

      @WardRichard1 Ways on provide for the most hosting as proxy for your website: MgMKYMNwR

      @KentifanZampini @vosmesonreis whatsapp? No me funciona

      @derfernando @DieLaurita no me funciona whatsapp...

      @KeniaHerrera96 No me funciona whatsapp @Carito_Cuestas

      @AstroRocket @Zepp1978 Sad thing is I've had to fix it by using my VPN proxy to get a UK server. OVERSEAS was better. That's ridiculous. lol

      @AlbaMartel ¡¡No me funciona whatsapp!! BIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEN

      @moco_rosa RT @Estherg_9: @moco_rosa no me funciona whatsapp

      @Estherg_9 @moco_rosa no me funciona whatsapp

      @pajones148 @TheMasters No access for people outside the US as I just got on by setting up a VPN. Nothing available on PGA Tour Live either #pathetic

      @kpkpkp @OptimumHelp figured it out, was running through a proxy. Optimum website, it gave me no clue that was the issue. It was just blank

      @TheiKSR Whatsapp web no funciona con iPhone :D

      @melwale Mi whatsapp no funciona ppl :-)

      @smoothietunes @zodivkbeats idk how to bypass their proxy server!

      @marcelamaram @WhatsApp en nokia 503 whatsappweb no funciona

      @Infinitea21 No :) me :) funciona :) whatsapp :))).

      @AvengersNava RT @Jennyapodaca4: My WhatsApp no funciona

      @SarahFWilliams #WordPressHosting Though it's no cure-all, a VPN addresses many pressing issues with mobile security. For that reason, your organizat...

      @chinotenshi @dark_neverland Yeah. I hate the proxy server. The Internet in the office doesn’t use it but the wifi in the classrooms requires it.

      @romii_dima RT @Pame_Terragno: No me funciona whatsapp

      @raphaelahubner7 Twitter funciona no Wifi da faculdade
      Whatsapp nooom

      @Alanncabreraa RT @javirosemberg: No me funciona Whatsapp

      @soundman2k @LancePimpstrong Zhuhai, GuangDong, China. GFW robs access.can barely get to twitter with VPN .no Steam so no Games, no Netflix, many things

      @xoware @DrPizza actually, with the #XOnet VPN gateway and an #XOkey, it takes only a couple minutes. No fees. Also has ad/malware blocker (free).

      @CHANGEIGGY @oldwaysxxx @lucas_azalea @IACharts funciona sim, o vpn muda o ip para o do US TEAM BY IGGY ON SPOTIFY

      @ThatCrazyGuyNT Also, using a VPN doesn't protect you from internet censorship. People can still censor your opinion regardless. So don't spout lies pal.

      @NicoLaignelet @patrickpoon @JulieMakLAT @SCMP_News Crazy part is "interview" was in mainland, no access to SCMP without VPN there, elephant in the room

      @tahir_q18 Let me put you on some game-by proxy only though hahah

      @CarolynTina2 Yours smallest artery as far as no troop front as proxy for site maximization: IZJdD

      @PetrusLovato Whatsapp no funciona

      @datsbax @BadlionNetwork My vpn prevents me TO entre Badlion Server. What I can do?

      @tamarita_ss @parrabernardo whatsapp no funciona

      @melhorancejoao RT @arthvilela: WhatsApp funciona no Wi-Fi da PUC KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK CHOREM HATERS

      @marianantonov Whatsapp n funciona no 3G

      @Allmyloving_ Maybe mi whatsapp no funciona, must be that...

      @HoranftLewis @iLeoVlogs No funciona whatsapp ;-;

      @thainadutral wpp parou????? n funciona nem com vpn

      @Fannyjbg Al mas no le funciona Whatsapp???

      @medicenvaka @claropy no Me funciona ninguna red social excepto whatsapp

      @FIixys @ta1Is ah no! not the developer version. I love my free unlimited vpn

      @MartinLMelerio Whatsapp desktop no funciona en W7 -.-

      @YadaraAnta RT @nursxjauregui: @YadaraAnta moona no te funciona Whatsapp

      @mechiis12 RT @NicoleNTVG: WhatsApp no me funciona

      @Chocobollosmile RT @SaraNY26: No me funciona whatsapp socorro

      @gonnet03 RT @Ale_artasamanoa: No me funciona WhatsApp

      @Papie_Evan Pinche WhatsApp no funciona (o(

      @martabrunok @IsaMeseguerMtz no funciona whatsapp??

      @Csalvo19 RT @fdasrez: No funciona whatsapp :(

      @Samurai_Lucy @PunkleJones I wonder how this plays out if you use a European VPN server to connect?

      @FerVilchee RT @erikalewy: @FerVilchee no me funciona whatsapp

      @_isalison No me funciona whatsapp yeeey

      @johnmichael_mur The sinking realization that graduation means I no longer have proxy access to @DavidsonCollege library.

      @Av1anFlu @buritica Try the same query in a private window, through a proxy - I don't think non-programmers see the same results as we do

      @MateoMoreno1 @Quintero_juli Baby tu WhatsApp no funciona...

      @vcvrees VPN blocked on my laptop! No google, no hotmail, no twitter, no research! Only my iPad circumvents censorship! #screenwriting #filmmaking

      @CherylCJP @ferrarii13 oh no wonder. Yeah I'm using Android and it's so hard to change the VPN T_T

      @sgoast man, people really really really want to protect billionaire censor and his hot dog skinned proxy this morning.

      @zenbanjoman @evacide I don't understand business. No way a proxy server company can be worth that much, no way.

      @DieguitoGC1 ¿WhatsApp funciona no?

      @lsaizsaiz @mdsanchez_ no funciona whatsapp si RRSS

      @zaph0id Installed a proxy to intercept the connections going out of my system. The amount of connections each site makes shows data is collected.

      @BessieMadeline Is itinerary oil of palms the speech situation as proxy for the propriety pertinent to the ge?: FNcIY

      @jmwall24 @Luzialvarez yeah, you need to use a proxy server if outside the UK

      @brayantrejost Pirobo whatsapp no funciona

      @Private_Ricky @Poorman2016 @sotty101 VPN, and simcard switching

      @xRoxasShishi Whatsapp Web no funciona, que raro.

      @_takealeap @LastPassHelp Checked cookies, proxy/firewall & cleared other extensions. I'm still not able to access your website (no secure connection)

      @BrionesNataliia @ainaaesteva no m funciona whatsapp

      @Ashley_eme @yamiltorres315 Whatsapp no me funciona

      @FerrellCarr @shanselman @condrong No it is necessary ... changed the proxy to allow internet access ... and it installed no problem ... first Core runs

      @AksenovNV RT @Soniagrolla: Whatsapp Nao Funciona no WIFI

      @Soniagrolla Whatsapp Nao Funciona no WIFI

      @AlexandraBessie Seo india: get to over deal as proxy for thine website: qMt

      @KayleeCody Loans in favor of college of engineering: denial in addition let out to wake up redeem as proxy for bund infor...

      @lovedaesung426 Taiwan can't watch China only vid. e.g Tencent.
      and usually can't watch KR or JP's video site, too
      as a oversea fan, VPN is VERY important!

      @awmylouist RT @horanpriority: @awmylouist no me funciona whatsapp hola

      @ConchiRdguez No me funciona Twitter, no me funciona Snapchat, no me funciona WhatsApp

      @6292753363 Instale o vpn free no play Store q funciona o watsapps

      @Naironic @_bebelsm Nem no Wi-Fi esse whatsapp funciona.

      @modhumokkhika @wordpressdotcom VPN access is not without.

      @Gills4lifeMark Who has got sports 365 working on their devices since uk block what VPN are you using?


      @19921993jose @DuplicatorStore actualicen Whatsapp no funciona

      @alejandra_6929 No me funciona whatsapp ;-; #injusticia @Requena448

      @MalwareTechBlog Dridex, pls no block VPN :(

      @yas_mini @AppleSupport I am in Beijing at the moment so no where near Dubai I am using a VPN tho and it only happens with Facebook

      @FernandaAlanis @yuriramirez96 no funciona mi whatsapp :(

      @freevpn_ninja @avery_luedtke no download required to use our service. Get your PPTP VPN settings from our website.

      @syadiahmunera @fayyadhhafiz vpn connected duh. Jom main game

      @gessgallardo Amigos no funciona mi Whatsapp :( wasgoinon

      @antidoties Funciona gif no whatsapp agora

      @dileximan @ccpicciano No- I m 63 And I find The Web Very Intrusive. I Use Peer Block VPN SomeTimes.....because They are watching

      @ivangraupera8 @ArianaGrande No me funciona twitter. Me das whatsapp?

      @naivepegasus Goodbye Hong Kong, hello Shanghai and hoping my VPN can let me get past the Google and Facebook (and twitter) block in mainland China

      @BrigadaDeInfo @CapitanBirras no me funciona whatsapp. :(

      @JamesSprites @Totalbiscuit Isn't it censorship by proxy? 'We don't pay unless you say what WE say is OK'

      @dark_proxy RT @lorenzabraham12: As night falls upon me,
      I look back at the day I was given.
      Did I make it the best I could?
      No, but I'll try all the h…

      @GLindeborrg RT @bren_suomela: No funciona mi whatsapp

      @SariJacky No funciona mi WHATSAPP.
      FIN :( :( :(

      @benjya85 If work's VPN is not working tomorrow I am definitely not going to stress about not getting work done *forwards to colleagues*

      @aurorwin @_briiighteyes I wish I can say it involved complex & tricky & hi-tech hacking just to impressed you but no, I'm only using a proxy app

      @shailieslymarie update: todavia whatsapp no me funciona :-----)

      @jontonic_ No me funciona el widget de whatsapp de iOS 10. #Halluda

      @EnrikoMeludis No Funciona Whatsapp

      @orianasuarezok Whatsapp trol* que no funciona bien

      @irene_r_r No me funciona Whatsapp

      @DShaillendra Time for surgical operation
      No opportunistic politics Please be united at least today Its a national security issue first then proxy war

      @AlexHayden7 Etiology in consideration of participation(cfp) as proxy for clubhack 2012 project lineman wherefore 15th apri...

      @Wickedboy_007 Businesses that block VPN on their WIFI is pure evil. Thanks, No Thanks!

      @MAGAPleb @fire__exit @StefanMolyneux yeah you can block VPN traffic, you just can't trace it because the algorithms that determine your connection

      @Saris_ar No funciona el WhatsApp o klk

      @Carmeng97 no me funciona whatsapp @Mateocr97

      @tornadoasesino @0dartagnan eshtemmm no funciona whatsapp

      @adynAbam @zpnim why am i suspended i was playing an unblocked game trough your vpn and then i got suspended for no reason

      @julia_ma_es No em funciona el whatsapp. #joder

      @Jacob_Kelly2002 The best VPN i have ever used! There is no speed drop! @SurfEasyInc

      @cholmess @Freelish whatsapp no funciona?

      @cosmosaletheia @BriennedeDarth has vist dm? Whatsapp no em funciona

      @_zouhir @Sarkies_Proxy @codepo8 Lol.. we suggested same app! I had Chromer on my old phone and now just remembered it!! Hope it got even better.

      @real_proxy RT @mitchellvii: There is no greater evidence of a Monster Vote than big rallies. As in 2008, it shows new voters wanting to be part of th…

      @DunkerHooligan No funciona whatsapp eyo whats upp

      @_sebasstian Mi whatsapp no funciona

      @abtheninja @HeatedSneaks @Yolo_Swaggerson I'm using a fresh proxy, and getting the same error. No possible way all 3 of my private proxies are banned.

      @RonennOtter @discordapp something on my comp was connecting me to a proxy server. I have no idea why or how. I guess things like discord don't like that

      @imperialbanker @Eortizgt really? Est9 no funciona vomo whatsapp

      @walter_hb whatsapp no funciona

      @MajoHowell A @luigi no le funciona whatsapp?

      @Yamile08RH @valles_thania No funciona mi WhatsApp

      @asus_gd @mrlittlebab normal, no funciona whatsapp

      @atk_1881 RT @emreeeyy_2: @atk_1881 ohh really? i didn't know it :))) last time i tried to access to twitter it was so slow (like 2 am) so i switched…

      @Betinhaflower #no vision insurance need glasses fast vpn server

      @evallesm No me funciona whatsapp o me bloquearon

      @TimTehWizard @Apexg4ming How hard is it to get into this game? I'd have to VPN it and know no Kanji. :/

      @FMUKBIL27 @opera VPN solved it, looks like it's abandoned in Saudi arabia thank you, NEON looks gorgeous BTW!

      @RemixLloyd For Globe/Tm no promo/default users:
      please update nyo po android apk app to v5.5 para sa bagong host at proxy.

      @foundmekmek @forrestieI @Alithromycin no kasi u need to connect to FB to login

      but may app (SecureNet) to create a proxy network keri na to twitter&fb

      @JagexHelpFrost @goodspringday1 @JagexSupport Don't submit form via VPN, mobile phone or other 'anonymous' IP. You need at least one correct password, 1/?

      @avaltersen Tio que no me funciona whatsapp aaaahhhhh jelp.

      @Pacitaj @felipeelepe no me funciona mucho whatsapp, dm

      @sharp_vpn @peachalien @aiambest Sharp VPN - Free ,Easier, faster and safer to use.No need to REGISTER!

      @AitorGCam @HerYerson @Mrs_lauri

      @licjoserincon Mi #Whatsapp no funciona ... What's wrong?? — feeling confused

      @FJ882gs65htNmZo @pknights_boi what if I can't download the 2.0.33 version of game cause i'm not in Japan and... no vpn. Can I get one of the apks?

      @yerkolivio No me funciona Telegram ni Whatsapp ☹️

      @Wandafranzi @Val1977_ No funciona WhatsApp no???


      @Molly_Mary_Bell @ImEmmaBlack we have some rule where i can't remote directly to a workstation via vpn. So I remote to a server first. Then remote again. :/

      @DerlyO_1 No funciona messenger, solo whatsapp

      @Xscabrera @Canal9Televida no les funciona whatsapp...

      @VhopeftUst No me funciona bien WHATSAPP ah.

      @iRomin Google Cloud Identity Proxy is fantastic for managing secure access to your apps without a VPN. Simple and effective. Blog post coming up!

      @blehdesu @nixcraft @SwiftOnSecurity SSH/VPN on your own private server will protect your traffic from local snooping, but provides no anonymity.

      @pawankaushal @ceo_uidai Technically not feasible as anyone can access through some proxy server in India

      @irene_mxrco @sieempre_auryn NO ME FUNCIONA WHATSAPP CANSINAA

      @xcxsunshine_ Vale genial no me funciona WhatsApp

      @Lu_HIMYM Oh wow no me funciona ahora ni Whatsapp Web amazing @ladylannistarth @ThatIsWaitforit @StephanieHurts

      @Kaptain_Kaos @Asher_Wolf To get around australia's block of piratebay etc all u need to do is use Google's DNS, no VPN is required.

      @LizGamer45 RT @RickyEdit: 13 reasons why whatsapp no funciona me cago en todo

      @bexluc @EE no access to data other than secure FB / whatsapp vpn. Why

      @alexismarciald @miclaro_cl No me funciona whatsapp Facebook ni google

      @keisylizandra O 3D touch n funciona mais no WhatsApp aaaaahhhhhhhh

      @nikolasse_ @Correos #starwarsday #TodoComenzoConUnEnvio WhatsApp no me funciona!!!

      @saadibabar RT @rafaybaloch: @HamidMirPAK .Technically there is simply no way to completly block VPN, even china with most sophisticated tech in unable…

      @PrOxY_FraG RT @charlieINTEL: First time in Call of Duty history —there will be a fifth DLC for a game. No longer just a meme.

      @alemartinez1016 Lpm ! No me funciona Whatsapp

      @_brurf Net n funciona no WhatsApp mas funciona no Twitter

      @adamapola #AcojonaATusPadres whatsapp no funciona

      @helenapico @preguntacadadia No funciona per Whatsapp!

      @proudxsevilla @flamesbegin_ weona no me funciona whatsapp :(

      @tcm_mdc WhatsApp no funciona @LuisVilla78

      @kathewuiniczuk Divinoo no me funciona whatsapp

      @quirkitized @xtinamcgrath No VPN. Internet issues last few days though, could have been giving me new IP's, idk if that triggers it?

      @DR_krishnajha @TeVeoGeek Cabal, oh fck al parecer no funciona WhatsApp

      @muchahambre01 No funciona whatsapp ni Twitter.



      @pcvalens WhatsApp ya no funciona
      BlackBerry y Blackberry 10
      Nokia S40
      Nokia Symbian S60
      Android 2.2
      Windows Phone 7.1.
      iPhone 3GS/iOS 6

      @Gilly_Bean42 RT @auliwood: @destn2win @Franktmcveety Game? Justin is a sock puppet who like shiny things. No focus. He's a joke; and by proxy we Canadia…

      @HoggerRodriguez @lvcifer191 no me funciona whatsapp


      @TeutonicKnight7 @JAILTHETRAITORS @heatstreet Using a proxy basically entails using another IP address as a mask for your own.

      @withmechilaria No me funciona WhatsApp why? #MercedesLambre #KCAMexico

      @RealMostHigh @POTUS @FCC @GOP Tell me how you expect to censor and control the internet?
      The world will simply VPN and DDOS the FCC to death.


      @ConceptsSteve RT @nakara_irene: Whatsapp is now blocked in china..now you need a vpn to use it

      @rose_bocchietti RT @alietorrie: @rose_bocchietti mi WhatsApp no funciona, sorry

      @Itsthere5SOS @oasisandrhc no me funciona WhatsApp

      @BeyondGrave Did @bestbuy update their site to block users behind a VPN? Disappointing if so.

      @NaniiCarrillot Mp mp mp mp mp mp mp mp MALPARID* WHATSAPP que no me funciona bien

      @Mtz_katty @elJoJoseC ¿No funciona Whatsapp?

      @bizarrapolifera Y no me funciona WhatsApp, Fb, fb menssenger.

      @razizi1979 @AntiLockOG @lordawesometank @AntiRevoke @Antirevokeus It says No Server in VPN profile. I seems the server is off.

      @RosanaSandovalG FAM & AMIGOS, El messanger, no me funciona, #whatsapp Si,

      @tareeko @OoredooQatar why do I need to enable my VPN to use VOIP services? This includes WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Hangouts. Please revert!

      @elaynesg @brayamvzla No funciona mi Whatsapp

      @MantillaPato No funciona WhatsApp

      @MarialeGB_ RT @Yiseladelosr: No me funciona WhatsApp

      @dan__y__el Genial, Whatsapp Web no funciona :)

      @nigrhyl @Ace_IPTV watched liverpoo game on mag box no vpn tonight. Spot on. Only time it cocked up was when liverpoo had a shot at goal

      @LolaBananaa @yajairapeace Baby ❤️ mi whatsapp no funciona btw

      @jorgeed16680642 RT @Teetaanic: @JuaniithoPa no funciona whatsapp

      @arveylozano @ClaroTeAyuda No funciona whatsapp?

      @ambientgrassi @sohurryup no no??? i use a vpn to unblock things on school wifi but u haven’t been using it at home

      @lwtherxndale WHATSAPP NO ME FUNCIONA

      @frixuelosqueen As usual, la wifi en Heathrow no me funciona para los WhatsApp.

      @YussefDomin Mooooor no me funciona whatsapp

      @HalleyPoet @Archipotrio no funciona whatsapp

      @mrdianenguyen indireta no status do Whatsapp funciona?

      @joseba_u Hey there!I am using WhatsApp...a NO...que no funciona!

      @e1alien Whatsapp no funciona, repito, whatsapp no funciona

      @fabymedina2 No funciona WhatsApp ? #WhatsApp

      @hilton_maloka @eNCA The is no public protect anymore, she is proxy Zumas protector.

      @redspactakells RT @hardenuppete: Are you using Google Chrome and think your browsing is safe? Time to think again punters. I took Chrome for a spin and th…

      @TURCA20021 @PersonalAr no funciona WhatsApp

      @Evelink86 @andrrogers Btw, no me funciona whatsapp.

      @TBEQztp @xDrizzlee @WonderBoomin Lmao, just block him on everything and keep your vpn and new ip up and the kid is useless

      @PaulChaloner For friends and family, note as I'm in china I'm having some issues getting on WhatsApp, gmail and discord sometimes. Even on the vpn...

      @DalGraj WhatsApp no funciona.

      @90sslut_ RT @smiletaegi: VPN means virtual private network, it basically allows you to change your IP address so that it appears to be located in an…

      @Saiko_Orochi WhatsApp no funciona

      @IriaLGarridoMei Xq no funciona whatsapp AI AM CRYING

      @japispa Conchesumare no me funciona Whatsapp

      @Kendall03Arce RT @catalina_chevez: WhatsApp no me funciona.

      @phuha1989 RT @FastestVPNGuide: No other #VPN provider can touch @hidemyass when it comes to the number server locations. With servers in 98% of count…

      @raul_nomas Acabo de leer un ~~este chat no funciona tan bien pasa Whatsapp ~~ and I say well played.

      @mattpagunsan @Aj_Tecson14 use vpn so u could still surf the net

      @nsweaves RT @k3bert: Nice new addition to @geteero product offering. Enjoying my @encryptme service while running errands today. Automatically addin…

      @lifradzl16 No funciona mi WhatsApp

      @AnaAnguas2 RT @DeGoBooM: Whatsapp ya no funciona

      @el_renegon1975 @iescolar No funciona Skype o WhatsApp?

      @abbavitch RT @AbolitionistJay: Authoritarian coward: one who believes that they have the right to dictate the life of others but will hide behind a p…

      @AndaleRonaldo @Apple Pq o WhatsApp não funciona no series 3??? why WhatsApp does not work on the Apple watch series 3???????????????

      @Tatta_Grajales Ey. ... WhatsApp no me funciona!!!!

      @AndreaVera1226 Aghhh whatsapp no me funciona. Why are you not drunk and have you seen the jersey shore tráiler ?@AndrwMarmol

      @xXRinjuuXx @phkroo @SoulWorkerGF No problem with a Proxy/VPN

      @sempf RT @lnxdork: Made freelay public on github. Spun it up on digital ocean to bypass web filter preventing software downloads. Paste a softwar…

      @monisazz No me funciona WhatsApp ni Instagram!!

      @nateschenkkan RT @tanyalokot: The tech-savvy RuNet users are debating various ways to circumvent the coming Telegram block, including different VPN optio…

      @useful0idiot @maail @_maail10 Oh please. Spoofing location is easy peasy if you use a VPN or even a pro privacy browser like Tor.

      @DJay_illfingaz RT @SKSolaKuti: There are no policemen present. Just 4 or 5 people with a couple of ballot boxes. You don’t require any ID...They don’t ink…

      @WeispfennigC RT @Isaac89B: No shattered dreams today

      @deckrstartastic i need a good vpn to watch lucifer episode on fox site pls help

      @HermannRomina RT @Noe_Mfet: No me funciona Whatsapp

      @EnaDian_n @akanefeatjohnny No me funciona bien WhatsApp

      @DieGo_AleXis17 NO ME FUNCIONA @WhatsApp LYM.

      @WyattRoersma RT @AlanOrlikoski: #DFIR and #infosec final build test on the next releases (Desktop and Server) for #skadivm and #CDQR are wrapping up! U…

      @alpasfly @_Tssubaki @Luis @ayudame @mira @WhatsApp WhatsApp no me funciona???

      @Be_Creative_7 RT @TheRealMuhindo: I guess it's time to download a VPN app and access social media from another country... No better way to #VisitRwanda a…

      @IptvRetweet RT @MaxPower3110: Guys please if you are after a secure and fast VPN servive look no further @Premium__UK has what you need ! Packages are…

      @nahomy_bang No me funciona instagram ni whatsapp

      @Conny_up No me funciona Whatsapp, Instagram ni Facebook

      @U5_Desconocido RT @Perpetuaaaa_: No me funciona whatsapp, joder.

      @liliumae no me funciona WhatsApp web desde hace meses im so freaking mad

      @sectest9 RT @ParallelsRAS: With security breaches on the rise, business websites should have a high level of security and e-commerce websites are mo…

      @fernandopuccia Ver e-mail, banco, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Netflix, internet funciona. Stories no Instagram: modem 28 kbps 1997.

      @delficarballal No me funciona ni instagram ni Snapchat ni Whatsapp

      @Renata470v1 RT @owoFreddyFnafhs: Help whatsapp no me funciona qwq

      @CcyMaqiavelli Bitch, please! Eso de que “no leas” mis mensajes en WhatsApp no funciona ok? I know u do!

      @scobie1canobie @gallsyboy3663 @RangersFC @EuropaLeague @RangersTV No idea then dude. Get yourself a vpn pay rangers tv through it and watch the game

      @MagisterDamask RT @Fox_Claire: Me in @QuilletteM arguing why the #Boris issue IS a free speech issue as well as about religious freedom with no contradica…


      @Maelstronomer @JadeFlames ya I was checking number of owners in studio, with a proxy site. lol.

      @jamesmcd71 @AgendaFreeTV I loaded it threw my VPN and it was working until 3:35 Eastern. Then the website went down and directed me to YouTube

      @mapolez @danielaacallee Sorry no uso Facebook. ¿Whatsapp te funciona?

      @CrisisInPink @KowaiAlba oh shit pero no te funciona whatsapp o ??

      @ByAngeladrian10 Shalesss el widget de WhatsApp ya no funciona.

      @Gam3_Ov3r_ @dulcezc No funciona WhatsApp.

      @joacovp @Ema_Infante no funciona whatsapp

      @Ameune01 RT @yh3993: WhatsApp no me funciona por falta de memoria

      @CzNutx @marctorbi @DAZN_USA @BellatorMMA @AaronPicoUSA @LeandroHigoMMA Use a free vpn and pick America.

      @DamaurisQ Help me, no me funciona whatsapp ☹️☹️

      @fer26hc @jose272011 Usted no funciona en WhatsApp

      @JiminieLoe @Giminseok_ no :( VPN is not legal here :( but someone gave me link of his own site (ig?)

      @Dayanne98841936 @WhatsApp_es WhatsApp no me funciona

      @aaaalvaaaaroooo WhatsApp no me funciona perfeeeeeeeeee

      @PaulAtkinsonPDX RT @NateSilver538: @PatrickRuffini An alternative hypothesis is that they have weird hang-ups and have never been able to grasp that "short…

      @William70010660 @NoticiasMVS WhatsApp no me funciona

      @julianml23 RT @demiancardonnaa: @julianml23 Ya no me funciona whatsapp :(

      @indioveio @lytycyy Mas no WhatsApp Funciona. Hahahahah

      @dustnstarlight @jongsinsss @VidfishT Oh no ): Did you try YouTube? Use a vpn or opera browser which has an inbuilt vpn

      @albnf01 no m funciona whatsapp