WhatsApp Messages Why Not Sending ?

whatsapp messages not sending
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Whatsapp announced ever before that it absolutely was adding a complimentary voice contacting feature that may allow their users produce free message or calls but sadly, people from the United Arabic Emirates (UAE) can't access this specific service because there exists a long standing-ban on the usage of Whatsapp near your vicinity.

Although the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) offers placed a new ban on Whatsapp, it definitely doesn’t imply that residents near your vicinity won’t be able to access and utilize the wonderful features supplied by Whatsapp. Below is often a guide on what to efficiently install along with unlock the applying.

If you’ve arrived on this webpage it is pretty quite likely that you're searching information about whatsapp messages not sending.

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      @tharki_rancho @DailyO_ @sunilrajguru Not bcoz of people boycotting it by sending whatsapp messages and Twitter posts. You really are a dumbnut

      @HyperopticCS @jsmithjnr Not impossible, one would need to set up a VPN host server at home and remotely connect via mobile! #geeks

      @Vuyisa_Q Sending "Merry Xmas" chain messages on Whatsapp is not what the 3 wise men travelled for. Nah.

      @Sleazyweasleys Whatsapp keeps not sending my messages smh Khaled was right, they don't want us to meet up with our friends, they don't wanna see us happy

      @dlink7 think i have been fired, vpn is not working

      @thealokjoshi RT @ashishvermapu: If you use any other mobile operator & not what facebook tells you, you will have to pay for sending messages on whatsap…

      @pooja_ghosh Sending WhatsApp messages to people I really should leave in 2015!!!! They're not kidding, friends; the #internet is #dangerous

      @Rolivhuwa The person you sending those Whatsapp messages.. Is sitting there, reading it like.. Oh fuck, not this cunt..

      @KhulCalvin Is it me or @WhatsApp is not sending or receiving messages for the past 15 min. #NewYearCrush?

      @RoseGoldSchoee My messages are not sending on Whatsapp omg! @sunnysugglet

      @ClAmAtaDOrE RT @hamza_ayo: Why is my whatsapp frozen? Messages are not sending

      @proxy_matter Im not saying I only go to starbucks because of the free wifi

      but its because of the wifi tbh

      @iamHKM Messages not sending on WhatsApp... It's like a the tube "Delay Expected"

      @rusaikh Fucking whatsapp not working cus of the congestion of all the people sending messages

      @stopliamponey RT @Sandeepsuresh28: messages are not sending I think #whatsapp is down #RIPWhatsapp

      @Proxy_Rn RT @OpTicGaming: Ok, All winners picked for #OpTicChristmas, I'll be sending DM's in the next day or two. Be patient. - H3CZ

      @GiannaIrea Site arts of design tip as proxy for light advantageous cloth pages: SvZmh

      @Who_Decided @Dal_Joe you know what needs to be left in 2015. Me sending mommy whatsapp messages, her not reading them &me sending an email with the info

      @TalkColonyTV Okay, one thing we know is that we have #COLONY "blocs" not "blocks". Spelling errors might not bode well with the Proxy! @Official_PeterJ

      @JayLav_ So I used @popcorntimetv used the Anonymous VPN they offer & I catch Ransom ware. Fantastic

      @stephwatson16 Mum has been sending me voice messages on Whatsapp of songs on the radio for the past 30mins to try get me out of bed. Not cool -.-

      @davidro50017125 @mattleslie74 android box or download on pirate bay proxy make sure you have u torrent and buy the dvd when out to give back. Get usb stick

      @WeddlePaz IBM Ranks Ireland In such wise the World €™s Best Condition as proxy for Making Inward Guise...vBb

      @SapphireCatz Who not calling Texting and sending whatsapp messages!!

      @News_Jailbreak1 @iF0u4d Watusi on iOS 8 makes whatsapp not to work properly, it makes the chats blink when sending messages. try to fix it please

      @tomddumba @KiberuJimmy @Rukwengye and sending a proxy to an exam is cheating..same old NRM

      @BettyLivingsto8 Netware 6.x 8 guaranteed dumb trick dramatize sack continue a intimidation as proxy for free-speaking-fountain ...

      @MrTuttle05 @haralabob verbiage may be aggressive, but not typically carried out. Both sites have been ok with sending a proxy in the past.

      @muskufoodlover RT @HasnaZarooriHai: India
      Where liking a Facebook post and sending messages on WhatsApp gets u arrested, while raping does not...

      @Ghoul_of_London @MicrosoftHelps Hi! Standard error messages saying the network location can't be found etc. Win 7. Once I reboot and reconnect VPN, it's OK.

      @Halfadichotomy @Salsahavok Very Big Fish often have proxy-frenzies by sending their little piranhas at each other, which is political pokemon.

      @rmilton87 Why am I receiving notifications from people sending me #Whatsapp messages but said messages not being there when I open the app?

      @harvin_galit @hojunlim89_lim @AnotherNikeBot did you use server or proxy? What website did you buy that?

      @davidh2k @pcdev @Syctis Same probl. over and over again for 3 friends. Seems Backbone/Provider related. Starting game/patching via VPN solves allw.

      @DudSam0011 India...
      Where Liking A Facebook Post And Sending Messages On WhatsApp Gets U Arrested, While Raping Does Not... -_-

      @huadi223 @telegram Any way to set proxy before sending code to phone number? I use telegram for OS X.

      @dark_proxy RT @lorenzabraham12: I have the best fans ever! We are family, Love you guys and gals!

      @Twitching_4ver RT @SlEnDeRsPrOxY1: -Not New to Rping
      - Slender's Proxy
      -Insane, and has Insomia
      - Retweet if you want, It Can Help
      #CreepyPasta ht…

      @Lancelot492 @Jaoaoaoaoao
      Ergo proxy was incredibly infuriating though it tried involve complex messages only to boil them to insultingly simple

      @GraemePeacock Whatsapp not sending me my messages today meant i missed out on a nando's.

      That's disipointed me way more then i expected

      @CBEMOB @Sailing_J @EntheosShines Use a proxy paint your messages on town hall walls or on buses get the message out there.

      @TheWhiskyFiend @MaltMileage @whiskyandale I'll be sending my proxy @DocDram to check out and report back

      @revision4 @VZWSupport Messages+ app was disab. I re-enabled, started, then was able to send messages. Disabled, reboot, SMS over VPN fail again.

      @AlyssaSykes11 One messages as proxy for the us received balance of trade: oHFSN

      @waterhouse786 RT @IamSafiKhanBoss: @MuqadarSyed @real_sumaira This not Islamic Proxy Islamic State #IndiaFundingISIS

      @poojreddy @metal_kettle trying to set up pia on raspberry pi2 and when I try to install vpn for openelec I get dependency not met any help pls

      @BatJain How to convey mother that sending cat-dog videos & long messages on women safety,alcohol & safe driving on WhatsApp,is not hep? #ShEzOLd

      @LochNessPandya My entire WhatsApp is just me sending messages to people and them not replying. I feel so needy and yet unloved #hangover

      @BettyLivingsto8 Os2 warp 4.5 server for e-business В«auroraВ» 8 key rush newsreel commode be an foreboding as proxy for spraddl...

      @chloe_plaicex why are my whatsapp messages not sending?!?!

      @betternet_co #RearrangeAWordChangeAFilm Back to the Betternet!

      #free #VPN

      @Nicolaa_15 Seriously why is my whatsapp not sending messages from days ago❓

      @Despicable_Mel_ #OOC So Felicity gets a code name tonight... If it's not Oracle or Proxy then I'll be surprised xD


      @zinctan I keep sending VPN group long messages about stuff we need to do lol I think I forgot everything

      @ToonLawyer Intended to work this afternoon but VPN log-on not working. #Mustbeasign

      @williambr0wn @staywithgrace my whatsapp messages are sending and not delivering btw

      @z31r4m @m1k3y Had same issue with mine: used VPN for a bit, saw a spike in GMail messages unrelated to use, turned on 2FA, after awhile it stopped.

      @Crensafrika @econet_support hey whats going on with #WhatsApp, not sending or receiving messages.

      @Simon818 I feel unusually apologetic about accidentally sending a slow speed complaint instead of going to my VPN's settings. Sorry @buyvpnservice

      @cv_addams I may be kinda in love with @CharityCr1TiKaL now.
      Thanks @apocrypha_proxy for sending me to his channel.

      @ISambaman @ns_rsc Can you not get a VPN which will give you a foreign IP address then watch Rangers TV.

      @donniewatifae @econet_support having trouble not receiving whatsapp messages or sending

      @NiggerDox Going to configure my proxy chain, While my ip's out there go grab it quickkkkk....

      @WatsonGarrison2 A clerk app as proxy for iphone in transit to corrective file thy studies: GNt

      @hashtags1ngle Ok so now Whatsapp's playing this game of not sending me notifications of new messages. Which frankly is probably going to ruin the weekend.

      @earaches @MoralityVII are whatsapp messages not sending again?

      @airmailer @t87 @sahilparikh cloud magic proxy all your messages and can have consolidate count much easier

      @discordapp @gaup_bo Are they on a VPN or school network?

      @sabrinax_xoxo So whatsapp wants to get me in trouble by not sending my messages.

      @TheHansiman @SaltyKappa420 it's not about VPN. Most people have dynamic IP's from their ISP, meaning they'll constantly get a new one.

      @Twitching_Proxy @LovesVaughn [ None of my messages to you are sending. ]

      @nellanmwesigwa RT @smull_EL: Cloud VPN will sort your green app RT @Im_Janette: Plot twist.
      Twitter is OK
      Whatsapp blocked....


      @GoDaddyHelp @DFlawZ Sounds like it may be a local connection issue. Can you test from another network or through an online proxy server? 1/2

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz site the hide soul as proxy for spectacle in this way overbrim along these lines attainments: vrSswXYwO

      @WhoopseyDaisy One would think Whatsapp mums would be too busy alphabetising their Tupperware at weekends and not sending messages en masse.

      @dcmkp2 @batsudayo oh yeah that was what i was supposed to point out
      it only ships within japan so you need a proxy tho
      (why not?)

      @wasJoemask12 @ROBLOXFave What do you use VPN's for? Watching porn? Anyway, my favourite is PIA, it's really good.

      @SubhamKabi1 @Airtel_Presence @airtelindia porting number to other Sim company worst 3G in ASANSOL messages not sending in Whatsapp shame on the service

      @DanielBaird A browser plugin / proxy that replaces “breathtaking” with “meh” in link text.

      (She stepped onto the stage. What she did next was meh)

      @IFilter_Proxy @mtvcanada @F1abraham it's great your not afraid to stand up for yourself when others pass judgement. Don't marry Simon please

      @moonlandfake @bpdcore unrelated when i send nice messages on anon i use a proxy so i dont accidentally fuck up and send it off anon.

      @SincerelyWizana None of my whatsapp messages sending, ugh Digicel today is not the day :(

      @Bedouin127 @abubakraliraqi_ is telegram even safe to follow u if not using VPN ?

      @DelilahBrown19 @smolbeany you have to install a proxy server. i'm using hola for chrome

      @YangGeeh263 @econetzimbabwe I'm not receiving or sending messages on WhatsApp since yesterday, wanna know whats wrong iNetwork here or something's wrong

      @jacksonh Sending my thoughts and prayers to the VPN tunnel.

      @miey_lee Sending messages to your unused whatsapp number. At least I feel like talking to you. Eventhough you are not read those messages.

      @sparklngunicorn my mom keeps sending me WhatsApp messages so she would know if I'm asleep or not, but no mom your not intimidating me I'M ASLEEP

      @Dystar924 It's kind of boring not having a secure vpn to fuck all the haters.

      @Brooke_Dave @Unblock_Us Out of curiosity, do you read the emails before sending a standard response for proxy a error? Now to email support yet again

      @Trainman1405 @Netflixhelps Not a fan of your VPN blocking, I live in the US and use a US VPN for extra privacy yet can't watch Netflix.

      @BokMcDok VPN's not working in China at the moment so sorry for missing messages, birthdays and so on


      @achalaugustine Missing #HouseOfCards and #Netflix more than anything else in Dallas. WHY THE VPN BLOCK Netflix!!

      @noluamour by the way sending me "hey, how r u" messages on whatsapp is not making an effort.

      @MichaJawkan *uses a VPN exclusively to play JP browser games*

      @ALEXCASTR019 @HPSupport Hi there. Experiencing server problems? Getting error messages "proxy problem" / "The printer could not connect to the server.

      @hamsterwatch @Deekaa5ra I think they post it on BB site (needs vpn outside Canada) and I tweet upload links if/when I see them

      @theIcyPixels @twsjonathan It happened to me when I used a shady proxy or VPN... so I kinda of deduced the meaning of this messages :)

      @cowgirlruns @thelatterlaura @AthleticsCanada I even tried to VPN in with a Canadian IP and it's still not working. Maybe we have to wait until 7:30?

      @online_bene @hareemca @scaleway @online_en Hello, the Scaleway and Online networks are not the same, but you can use RPN-VPN to access RPN from Scaleway

      @snkhan @ConormPowell @theTunnelBear I don’t think it can be fixed; Netflix are actively blocking access via any VPN service.

      @teamtaiwan tweets sending, whatsapp messages not... Tf??


      @aimixiuuu @peananatv my whatsapp like not sending messages??? idk eh WHO UR TOP 11

      @faeriedrugs damn you whatsapp for not sending my messages through

      @thewriteRowan They did the only thing that could have redeemed Irish Netflix & yanno what?? I'm not even bitter about the proxy block. I'm just team bella

      @daskey new daily mantra from @rschon via @jaclark & @doralyn: library not starting point, campus not work location, proxy server not answer #cni16s

      @jangam_sachin RT @SahilBulla: Whatsapp has encryption!
      I can now secure all my conversations of making plans, sending lewd images and lying about not re…

      @multivitaman @chippedbluenail Got this on my device by mistake because VPN I'm guessing, but now it's gone :(
      But man oh man, you're gonna love this! :D

      @mattia0811 @facebook WhatsApp voice messages not sending for anyone in Switzerland!! Help!! Pictures sometime as well!! Please

      @RonnieIzAhBoss Idk why my whatsapp messages not sending

      @anneli_27 Sending whatsapp messages after drinking my sleeping tab might not be the best idea.....

      @murnijunaidi idk wtf is happening but my whatsapp is so fucking crappy today. why am i not receiving and sending messages????

      @jointconference Bro Randy Vick is proxy for Malawi and has two messages from elders in Africa stating their testimonies in favor of the revelation. #jcrb

      @chrsjr @glorifiedtomato There are instructions to route through a proxy server or watch a pirated stream. We listen to the radio a lot.

      @IamPrinceDD @TEMarclint @cchukudebelu @abikedabiri even if they block Twitter , we'll access it via proxy

      @r32chanel If the proxy server that I use to stream shows from Great Britain doesn't start working, someone's gonna feel my wrath.

      @RazebbbWilliam RT @frankonfranky: @fawfulfan @ChicagoBeerSnob @honesteconomist @buffsblg
      Like by-passing the gov VPN system by using her own internet serv…

      @purisameer @Praval I do believe that Spotify has a much better app, but you need to login every 20 days via VPN/proxy.

      @FuckIsis_Canada @CtrlSec @twitter Twitter needs to ban IP even vpn source can be found and ban

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz website the highest particular as proxy for masque since overrun without distinction erudition: yQdlwPbZA

      @HoesInMyDickFgt @XTM3o @blab @blab911 lmao u just got suspended, make another account or use a vpn/proxy

      @agigintzis923 RT @Aledileoo: PSA: all pasco county people get a VPN app and snapchat will not be blocked or ig

      @annafifield @FlavioBini we need VPN for Facebook and Twitter but not for Instagram

      @Yathiinn_LK What is WhatsApp not working! Messages aren't sending!

      @05patelk Why are my messages not sending @WhatsApp! #DayRuined

      @Selfharm_or_not RT @AaronLinstead: Is whatsapp down???! None of my messages are sending..

      @yluthuli If only my VPN/3G knew i would rather be sleeping than play this disconnecting/reconnecting game.

      @HowEnchantingx Sending texts/whatsapp messages is becoming near impossible as it just writes random letters! Not impressed

      @steveohrourke Must remember when sending group whatsapp messages that not everybody works on toddler time

      @peggers1337 @WhatsApp is the android version not working right now?
      My messages wont send but the once from a friend on an iPhone are sending

      @ChiefDzn I like how @BadlionNetwork respawns @Dankteh due to lag but doesn't respawn me when west proxy goes down and I die to a zombie lmao

      @Rashaun_OG This b ago tell me soldier say her whatsapp messages not sending to him now a which breed of monster she really could a be

      @KaligiaNicole This Vpn App Ain't Working & My iMessage Ain't Sending

      @_manda98 Nothing's sending on iMessage. Now whatsapp not letting me receive any messages

      @TheBaejiri People be sending me messages on WhatsApp talmbout 'Tej' and not say anything after that.

      @_McMrARM @CloudAtCostApp @cloudatcost please make the ip security for API access optional. VPN is not a option for me

      @dvrj24 RT @BhhejaFry: Ironically, we live in the country where liking a Facebook post and sending messages on WhatsApp gets u arrested, while rapi…

      @OrangeSheep14 @putridtoad I mean I guess you could use a proxy for other content but its not better for streaming

      @shit_rock @edcumming I'm too old for the queue at Game. Sending a proxy to Steam, when the thing is out for mac (if I can run it).

      @OMGSERV_COM @FrozenPvP_MC Bungeecord IS NOT a Minecraft Server, Bungeecord is a proxy that only allow you to link Minecraft Servers together.

      @MattRamsey Why's @WhatsApp not sending my messages or connecting to the app on my computer? Making me crave the new @Allo @Google app already?

      @lolz785 @JagexSupport false positives for using vpn: Website Advertising Severe Mute (mute) which was acknowledged, but other errors not reviewed..

      @fateemakabeer1 RT @huseynah: @fateemakabeer1 I've been sending you messages on whatsapp you not replying

      @MissMoseleyy Ummmmmm whys my whatsapp not sending messages

      @DarthDanaa Freelo bronze last game we had a Taric flash into base to proxy farm

      @MansfieldMegan1 Compulsive toft so rent out object pascal organizer as proxy for valid site procreation: NJhAYx

      @shuffletones RT @FarsalinosK: @CaeruleanSea @BBC No, i am not. I do not have a VPN. Would appreciate someone sending me the video...

      @sldn315 My whatsapp messages are not sending. Just me?

      @illuminaefile Is whatsapp not sending messages ?? @introvertedpeg

      @Rain_drip_drop @Souleater3000 hey, guuuurl! When you can please check Whatsapp. Not sure if my messages are sending or not :-S

      @izuwizuh RT @omotayo_one: GEJ is always sending his hate messages by proxy (through militants). Coward.

      @vonkarama RT @tomashirstecon: Not sure we can alter impression that DM property is a private sector safe asset proxy while failing to provide alterna…

      @itsjoosephine char is working and i kept sending her whatsapp messages and it's about 6 kilometer long now.

      @Exia_1 look at whatsapp not sending my messages again. kmt

      @d0pehippy I need to add to my messages on whatsapp - " this is not a broadcast, I'm sending this to you directly "

      @xiaofeng770129 @itshiddenVPN i come from china ,free vpn can not connect ,help a busy dear

      @nursyahyra_97 RT @nadiamahhadi_: Kenapa whatsapp is not sending any of the messages?!

      @RaxeTheBest cc @Evindj I am sending you whatsapp messages and you're not answering. Is it okay ? Need to talk please.

      @Jackson37515981 Document jobbing-whichsoever not an illusion is yet mode on route to secure inner self not come amiss as proxy...

      @RealDopeFile @SleepyWhite63 Hey, please make sure you are not using any proxy or vpn.

      @johnlkinsella @PleskHelps That’s what I meant by not “getting” it. Create web site, run from container, proxy/load balanced to Internet.

      @mianicollee Can someone explain why whatsapp likes sending some messages but not others

      @danielselman So, I can't VPN into the IBM office today for some reason. Overzealous IT security? ;-) #brexit

      @ahalam @AmanKayamHai_ET WhatsApp? What about using a VPN?

      @Vikki__Black @SamFigureItOut whatsapp not sending my messages properly

      @CrazyEnderapps @hipstore_team not that my school proxy blocked your app for apparently virus/Malware

      @Catherine_Bevan @HannaTee I'm not even joking

      @Tyakoto @ProxyAI @saintdraconis *Gives Proxy some pompoms and does a cheerleader cheer* FBW Cheers for the Saint! They can do the thing!

      @yhjodie Deleted and re-downloaded my whatsapp and it's STILL not working properly. Been messing up for weeks; times, messages, sending/receiving

      @BenyQd5 A goodnight whatsapp text does not necessarily mean i'm going to bed,at times i simply want you to stop sending messages.

      @sss3see @tiffanymadison @MGTCI @officialmcafee when will we be able to read the proxy? Not available at SEC or corp website

      @FootboiMax1 Anyone else noticed random messages not sending/being delivered on whatsapp the last week or two?

      @iHelexa @WhatsApp Whatsapp for Windows phone is not working properly after the update - reallly slow and stops sending messages

      @buttafly926 My aunt sending broadcast messages via Whatsapp and then scolds at me for not responding.

      @AmberLaird3 7 ways into air thy interweave locus as proxy for free-tongued: VTzTfQ

      @ArnabSRK_KING @Airtel_Presence no website is opening, take 3min to tweet or sending a whatsapp messages. Services not solved as expect. No responsibility.

      @astarxel @ringabeI ergo proxy has the best hetship ever if u trust my anime taste you will be confused but not disappointed i promise


      @SlyckBuffy RT @_Sanquil: Time to go ahead and get that vpn app back

      @therealmanbeast @Restrain yeah. The proxy i used would be a website that you'd go to & it would have a address bar on the page that could take you anywhere

      @hxllydrydxn why are my messages not sending on WhatsApp why is it betraying me

      @DGhariany Retweeted Lou Pawlowich (@LouPawlowich):

      @MichaelLee2009 Who does not know ISIS and Al Kada, Al Nusra are the US proxy army?

      @felullah @Sezzlefcuk Well in that case,I'm glad to be of amusing assistance! You get my whatsapp? Think I'm having issues with messages not sending

      @ManyaLouis24 #RespectLouis and stop sending him disgusting and hateful messages on WhatsApp... Understood or not haters??

      @gate_vpn Our Japan server 3 is down for maintenance. Recover time unknown. The downstream speed is not satisfactory and we are contacting its IDC.

      @DrJohnHWatson whatsapp is fucking cockblocking me like it always does. thx for not sending my messages out for an hour. :))

      @awesome_engine Streaming on the US Funimation site through a VPN is smoother and faster than using the @FunimationUK site.

      @NOTNBM @CCrypto_VPN Hi guys, love your VPN, just a question: Any chance you could set up a server in Germany?

      @yucatan_game @indiebearbear Do you have any firewall / proxy / antivirus? I assume your phone is a different network too - not wifi?

      @keeleighidk None of my texts/messages are sending and my WhatsApp's not working either. Has my phone just given up on me or☹

      @soIdierbIue @mudacherry moro ): are u getting my whatsapp messages. its not even sending them?

      @dominickcatoni This vpn fuckin my messages up

      @GoDaddyHelp @MikecMattar It's possible that's not working if it's a shared IP. Does the proxy require a dedicated IP in order to function? ^Nate

      @urnotl33t @phoneboy they have endpoint security, but not the full deal. working on getting that locked down, too. FDE/ME/VPN, yes. others, ...not yet.

      @veer @dineshah @WhatsApp need option to keep the member but prevent him from sending messages, so that they can receive but not post messages.

      @not_a_machine Someone take the whatsapp voice message feature away from me. I'm sending people way too many and too long voice messages.

      @SincerelyWizana My whatsapp down, havent received a messgae from 9:58 pm.
      None of my messages sending, I know is not the wifi

      @iCianan iMessage, GM, WhatsApp, etc gets around this by sending messages over data not through SMS.

      @CanWeEat My Dad has been terrorising my whatsapp chat just relentless sending me random messages whether I reply or not

      @sharda_akshay Irony - Friend is sending WhatsApp messages saying not to but Chinese product from a "made in China" phone.

      @NormieSd Ios should start allowing people sending messages in whatsapp even though the connection is not stable. Lepas stable pandai2 lah kau send.zz

      @vastalitech Congress is sending messages on whatsapp if you use chinese goods you will be called traitor i have not seen any such thing from anyone!

      @regithiel @lesbiankaldwin boop u need to check ur whatsapp bc my messages are not sending to u???? this only happens w u rip

      @FELIXKMS @logolesstm yes not if u use a browser vpn though those r useless

      @FreshnFearless @garyjberry No, I just felt like tell you my whatsapp messages are not sending... Go charge it!

      @IVGAGE @BethanyHughes22 get touch VPN, you can unblock it and change your IP address

      @40_steven @mcDarke what software you using to surf the net safely then? VPN software or TOR browser? You just connecting to open WiFi then?

      @DBC_43 Allways use a secure VPN on the internet. just becarefull you not dissipear completly from the surface like me

      @unsubtlewoods Anyone know the fix if a Whatapp account (not mine) is sending Voucher Scam messages? (M&S in this case) #whatsapp #scam @WhatsApp

      @Bangobondhu After whatsapp, telcos have stopped sending messages saying free SMS plans will not be applicable during Diwali.

      @Lapisz_ Finally I have Internet and Vpn
      I searched so much for a free one for Windows... And only one works, I have 1 on iOS, get rekt China firewal

      @theanthal If you're trying to setup a secret connection, why not use a VPN and hard code private IP's? It's like they wanted to get caught.

      @noni_cleopatra My phone was stolen a couple of days ago but my whatsapp is still active , if you have my 072 number I'm not the one sending you messages

      @Shivas0309 @Dudette_Tee IMAGINE cuz?! Like my life is not my own, especially on whatsapp. Sometimes I end up sending messages to the wrong group!!

      @Deexjay Dear racist uncle and cousin, thank you for not sending me gloating emails and WhatsApp messages.
      I appreciate your kindness.

      @alec_niles RT @braden_durian: Hate on Trump all you want, at least I can rest easy knowing Hillary won't be sending me to get killed in a proxy war wi…

      @HabibaHassaan @HabibaHassaan and sending messages on whatsapp groups not to be effected by any hateful words starting from tomorrow

      @WalterCarolyn1 Sending sms discounting data processor is friendly as proxy for the repetitious ancestors concerning farther zealand: yFyw

      @abdul987123 @Safaricom_Care i have removed proxy from TCP/IP but its still not loading any pages.. please help out

      @ChrisNovus @Tinytherapist basically, tech and software to keep your communications private. You can google each to learn more. Oh and it’s *VPN, not m

      @harisarifrao Dear All,
      Its my humble request please stop sending me your Resume and messages on Linkdin & whatsapp.
      I am not th Hiring Person these all…

      @kokotan003 @XelunaXela no error messages or anything? Did you reset your proxy stuff?

      @Terriieex RT @Bola_Sol: Aunties & mothers are really ruining WhatsApp for me.

      Stop sending me chain messages. Whatsapp is not closing tomorrow if I…

      @ayazamet_ RT @orcaafarah: Idk why my phone is sending messages but not receiving any, so Hsen found a way to communicate with me on whatsapp in this…

      @SysAdm1138 My android says "your network may be monitored" when I'm on my VPN but not when I'm on the monitored Hotel network. Security is hard #LISA16


      @0hanita RT @luckenscanio_: I don't have whatsapp guys so if you're sending me messages on whatsapp and I'm not replying that's why xxx

      @krishpotharaju @vktimes when I am sending whatsapp messages on morning discussion, its reaching to ur no. but not sure u r observing r not,now not sending

      @FrostyknightG @nilicanada can you please explain why VPNs and proxy s are not permitted? Do the users not have a right to privacy?

      @BlahImAfrican RT @AmBlujay: I want to thank my WhatsApp contacts for being on their best behavior by not sending me long chain forwarded messages

      @MBOX_HD_IPTV @HoslerSean hi bud have you tried a vpn or the second server if you have access ? not had any other reports today as far as i can see

      @_munter_ @Scott_Helme Well that explains it. I need as little customer info as possible to report-uri. Can I proxy and scrub IP/browser info out?

      @FireOnTheRoof In #INDIA liking a @facebook post & sending messages on @WhatsApp gets you arrested, while raping and murdering does not #MeraBharathMahan

      @DrDukunu Africans are the worst at sending messages via text or Whatsapp, you can see they have read it but not even a letter k 4 response #africa

      @victoriaawodele RT @EbiAshidi: I seem to be missing out on a lot of heavenly blessings by not sending those whatsapp messages to everyone on my list.


      @GlennF @SwiftOnSecurity Same. WhatsApp could alert before sending not yet sent messages, but exploiting that hole very hard plus exposed MitM.

      @datspiko What @WhatsApp really needs is a feature that plays back your voice messages before sending so you know if you sound like a retard or not...

      @ChristoHaunted RT @kaerumy: Why "Just setup VPN, so easy lah!" is not the solution or appropriate response to to increasing Internet censorship. #Internet…

      @Taengbond_007 @Taengbond_007 spotify md jp /wrong /vpn hola surf


      @Vesku Telling someone that you’re going to bed, When you’re actually not, and then having to hold back from sending messages on Whatsapp.

      @4Anele I hate this new WhatsApp update I'm interested in sending messages not Facebook on my WhatsApp

      @GiddyAtheist @whca Please secure @TonyAtamanuik as @POTUS proxy for this year's correspondents dinner. America needs this! #TonyforTrump

      @proxy_gsm @engine_app dm please

      @shubhankardey @WhatsApp @wa_status from last 12 hours I am able to receive messages but while sending any msg or voice note then not delivered #whatsapp

      @dalehay @yagsieoj You're not running your stuff through a (cheap/free) VPN or some TOR malarkey?

      @Loyee17 The amount of WhatsApp groups are confusing me. Not even sure if I'm sending the right thing to the right group. Messages so screwed up

      @as_w RT @thetinot: .@gregde - Identity Access Proxy enables simple 2fa and onion layer security (not perimeter). #GoogleNext17

      @Pizzy73275 You don't love me if you keep sending me whatsapp chain messages. It's the little things that counts not some long s chain messages .

      @ryanyeooooooo imessage used to be a problem, now even whatsapp is giving me the same problem of not sending out messages properly

      @DeodorAnthony @Rooting_Around I can access the site via incognito. But not from anything standard including VPN since I am auto logged in.

      @VipulSingh09 @ddolaan who hacked your whatsApp? Someone sending me weird messages and i know it's not you. You

      @PrinceHarryTL Look, if you're going to go thru my messages on my acc Atleast use a vpn so I can't see your ip addresses lmao, "friends" are pretty smart

      @shani_08_kodi @ZiadBaasiri the it means those videos are free in lebabnon but not in France. You can check on their website. Fix is to find the proxy/vpn

      @Evanskimutai38 Sending telegram messages? Not me, @WhatsApp has madr it easy #OracleDigitalDay

      @julianaxoxooo RT @iicare_: I have a friend that I text on WhatsApp & all of our exchanges include her sending me "urgent" messages & me replying "lol tha…

      @flowersoffate RT @ConservEagleUSA: .@JackPosobiec Rubio likely doesn't know about proxy servers, either. Or that most every website gets traffic from Rus…

      @blkgreyAnddblue Wait wth if i evn bothered asking how to access data on my phone i wuda been saying vpn steda apn

      @katiemiranda bank of america first site that has not loaded using a vpn. solidifying my choice to pay off the balance and close the account

      @samsabri @mdrndad @whispersystems @WhatsApp @ProtonMail vpn next

      @esten I really do not need my VPN app sending me reactivation notifications.

      This is the height of silliness.

      @advancedstats23 @Proxy_Tank I'd trade randle and Clarkson for the best talent you can get.

      @LordeTso So my phone gonna feel like not sending messages ko whatsapp nah fine..

      @ELVIAJEAMADO RT @FlixBus: @ELVIAJEAMADO The data volume is limited, sending of videos and voice messages is not possible, but whatsapp should work for s…

      @no_baingan Update: Mom's sending so many messages that I know her friends' names now. I'm not even part of the WhatsApp group. Wtf!

      @EronNetto Do not have why WhatsApp works with VPN because the issue is with the WhatsApp.

      @keyz1983 @B1810Chris Hi pal, can you recommend a VPN for the UK at all?

      @1TH1NKW3R3AL0N3 nor server location it will verify that he is a VPN capability will collect only foreign person information and to show statistical

      @CarmelKeeganx Limmys aff his nut sending all those whatsapp messages, not a good look buddy

      @JsCallMeTee Not ignoring you guys but my WhatsApp LEGIT not working. the messages not even sending kmt lol .. oh well

      @hollyrosa_98 why is whatsapp being phat and not sending my messages

      @Ozelot94 Whatsapp down or why are my messages not sending ..

      @gblnqveen i'm sending alex whatsapp messages and he's not replying. guess i'll die

      @_HamnaSajid Guys do not give a proxy viva the day after tomorrow I repeat DO NOT !

      @DJ_Chiiboy RT @bettyvonlittle_: Everyone on WhatsApp is sending me children's day messages because im short. Itssokay. Im not crying


      @thesongofgays bc i have access with vpn but not normally????

      @HILLA254 How do I tell my cousin to stop sending me those pics on whatsapp with "good morning"messages,I'm not a fan of those ,type something or go

      @IsaPaulaBarbosa Aaaannnnddddd my former boss is sending weird messages on WhatsApp. Not into that at all. #weird

      @CMgillers @EE my 4g coverage has been really poor over the past week with everything taking forever to load and messages not sending via WhatsApp

      @ukcars2kenya @AIRTEL_KE Hi Jam,
      No error message.just not loading messages and sending,also cant log into whatsapp web without a safaricom connection.

      @LoveKorne @dolaanstish you know what pisses me off about WhatsApp?
      That this bitch is not sending my messages

      @AmhedriazRiaz RT @NewPakistan2020: Geo "Sources" are basically Maryam Nawaz Kapoor sending whatsapp messages. Not even funny anymore... #PMLN

      @bigheart229 1)Tonight, NOW, I reset the phone,add previous Google account, download a few good/tried vpn, all says"no server available", ALL OF SUDDEN!

      @markdaku A lot of horrible things going on in the world, but this email from McGill saying they're taking away my VPN access has got to be the worst

      @DragonRespLTD If you are sending messages via Facebook Messenger, I'm not getting them it's broke. Please WhatsApp me.

      @SHUGHALIPS My boss is sending me whatsapp messages. I am so ignoring please, do not encroach into my weekend.

      @tjjacks1musick @GloCare twitter whatsapp is working only... How come facebook and the messenger isnt working until run a vpn app before it works

      @sanjukta I feel like sending WhatsApp messages to two of my friends. But its a odd time...People should not sleep

      @arywelcomes My boss keeps sending me messages on whatsapp that are not work related please make him stop

      @RamseyUti @Bosseth01 @npower_ng Sorry for the delay. Perhaps you might have figured a way out, if not, restart, change browser, use VPN

      @Repairs @MTN180 not even a single network to make a call, not to talk of sending mails or whatsapp messages.
      this is 4 hours now and nothing is done

      @PuFF_it RT @Cindysdaughter: There is a client sending me whatsapp messages at 1:23 am on a Saturday morning. No. Not to say they've been detained b…

      @RobWilliamss What's going on with WhatsApp not sending messages. Or is it just mine

      @alricthompson My WhatsApp alone not sending notifications? Haffi open the app to see new messages

      @kamo_Bam RT @thekingkiid: Guys... pls stop sending us long paragraphs to read on whatsapp.. id rather read 2847 broken messages. Not one long essay.

      @Jayant__sharma_ Not for money you. That's why Bhikari you are sending WhatsApp Messages with a Bhikari bowl. Extortionist. #ShamelessGurupreet

      @nickofboe @arthur_affect No, they do not.

      Also, a lot of know VPN/proxy IPs are blocked from editing.

      @kwt_sword @WhatsApp the app is not receiving and sending messages normaly ...its not working properly....tried wifi and my own sim net but the same.

      @spurlunk i hope i don't get yelled at for sending work emails at 9:30 on a friday night but they should have gone out hours ago and my vpn sucked

      @charcopley Why the heck are all my old messages sending but new ones are not? #whatsapp

      @kizo_steez1 bruh idk if it just me but I'm not receiving and sending messages on WhatsApp coz of network...is it just me or nah... @CellC_Support

      @ahodgson92 @RobertONeill31 @TimBrando PS, you may be getting a block by proxy

      @Toohlu_ Arrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!
      I'm fucking tired of this woman sending me Whatsapp messages. Idgaf, not even 2

      @DismalShiitake I'm sending this email so @theTunnelBear gives me FREE vpn yey

      @Oladejosheriff9 RT @badgalmaddie_: WhatsApp BC Vendors are at it again. They have now graduated from sending BC messages to BC voice notes.

      Is WhatsApp no…

      @porridgebrain Tried to explain to my mum that we use WhatsApp now, not SMS, so she downloaded the app and is now sending me identical messages on both.

      @knjnnie @hopekkeu my fuck i’m sorry foR NOT SENDING MESSAGES ON WHATSAPP ANYMORE I LOVE YOU

      @Ay_ribaduu @Assimalhakeem Salam. Pls i want to ask about sending Friday messages on whatsapp, Facebook e.t.c to friends is it good or not.

      @chinakazahra China has officially blocked Whatsapp :-) so if I'm not responding to messages it's probably bc I CAN'T FUCKING SEE THEM WITHOUT A VPN

      @MCIPTV @Concord1683 Not with you? You just order it from their website and bingo, you’ve a vpn service

      @MelissaGwynn Caught my mom sending my dad chain messages in Spanish on WhatsApp lmao he does not speak Spanish

      @ostromecki Sending random voice messages of 80s music clips via whatsapp to friends ... because why not

      @loubrejon_ @amberredstall whatsapp messages still not sending to you!

      @benogene If you're sending me Whatsapp Messages, be aware that they will not be received for a short period. Thanks.

      @arifmonline RT @hagop_t: Whatsapp now sending 14 billion messages/day, not far from global SMS volume of 20 billion/day <-- sums up problem and threat…

      @theSheanMallen @ERYKAHalmazan HAHA. Btaw uy. Idk my mom told me to download whatsapp and shes not even sending messages from there

      @GalaPagoTumors RT @duckduckgo: @menjivar_edward Hi again. We support the Tor project and recommend its use. It does not encrypt your traffic like a VPN bu…

      @shantanub @GautamGhosh Was thinking the exact same thing. I solve the problem by not sending greeting whatsapp messages to ANYONE!

      @santoll RT @topeatiba: Do not be the one sending useless messages to WhatsApp groups or contacts this week. You won’t die if you didn’t. Don’t be t…

      @Atiyyah_ RT @ZahraaKhan2: Is WhatsApp not working or is no one sending me messages again? Lol

      @brahmav #WhatsApp Messages not sending

      @bhellali @MujMash Can't send WhatsApp messages on AWCC connection. But installed Opera VPN from Play store and it works like magic

      @directorkj I rarely reply to good morning photo messages on Whatsapp. I guess they’re sending to many (a group) & not just me. Hope I’m not wrong.

      @championrevali Ummmm why is WhatsApp not sending any of my messages

      @itskumarajit @BigtricksIn why u people not sending any messages on whatsapp

      @lionarted Asda are not giving away an vouchers, stop sending me WhatsApp messages you bunch of gullible fuckwits

      @_btshook RT @abratasas: my American VPN didn't work for the BBMAS but that don't mean I'm not gonna try that shit again

      @Kimmuirxo @BethhWoodd why’s my messages not sending on WhatsApp m8?

      @TazWatkins Work WhatsApp group has taken to sending voice notes instead of written messages so now I actually have to pay attention not a fan

      @norbalm @zalmayzia Yeah sending whatsapp messages and what not.

      @YasminAnnLee Anyone elses WhatsApp not sending messages?

      @sk_shred Who is that person that keeps sending my uncle these WhatsApp chain messages... Could you not

      @itamar_fre @WhatsApp Messages are not sending and not being receiving as well. for the last hour at least.

      @2ooropa @bonojour are you just not on WhatsApp rn or are my messages not sending

      @lunga_smith @Vodacom What about viewing statuses, download pictures and videos, sending voice note whatsapp is not about messages only

      @AvalonGroove RT @Elexharry: There may not be anything wrong with sending Devotionals and Bulk Messages to your friends on Whatsapp every morning. But, j…

      @srinivasgandhe RT @sagarcasm: Not just SMSes, sending texts on Whatsapp should also be chargeable during festivals and new year. That's the only way to st…

      @jayantgajria Preparing a list of people whom I will not be sending WhatsApp wishes henceforth ...they reply back with dozens of messages !!!

      @JamesSNW90 Note to self: When sending messages via WhatsApp, remember not to have the web app open on your laptop at work.

      @Jared_T_raw My uncle really said he been sending messages and they're COMING BACK unanswered like he using a messenger owl and not WhatsApp ROFL

      @mdfaizanalig Facing very low speed even whatsapp messages not sending @airtelindia @Airtel_Presence

      @Zigresss RT @Afgeezy97: Can my dad stop sending me whatsapp chain messages about how lays chips causes cancer. I'm here for a good time not a long t…

      @ddkuruvilla RT @Badshaass: As recieved on #WhatsApp anyone from #uae or #dubai #sharjah or #AbuDhabi received any messages because of using illegal #VP…

      @ImNotAbdi My mum always complains that I don't respond to her WhatsApp messages. These times she's always sending me some weird video, not even a hi

      @SabaPar15052452 RT @lesnaja_belka: Watch The Talk Season
      8 Episode 96: 2/8/2018
      Full show on CBS All Access. Charlie performing How Long!
      U can watch it…

      @TontoCox RT @CellC_Support: @TontoCox Hi. The WhatsApp bundle is valid for 30 days. The 600MB is used for sending and receiving messages, media file…

      @Ujesta How do you block someone from seeing your WhatsApp status but not block them from sending you messages?

      @menarescumxyz RT @johnmfitzp: @LMLawLADY It really does turn my stomach when I read reports about those
      Whatsapp messages. Guilty or not, the men involve…

      @Sikhokhele_M RT @THISISARTMAG: Musician @ZaharaSA's phone have been stolen, friends of the Imali & Umthwalo hitmaker are warned not to communicate with…

      @deacon_simon Anyone else having a issue with whatsapp not sending messages unless your on it ?

      @Stephanenny RT @Lamhfada: @Fox_Claire @Stephanenny @IrishRugby Even if you ignore the case outcome, the horrendous whatsapp messages prove that everyon…

      @luciaperales94 You only want me when I'm not there (sending you messages thru whatsapp)

      @WadeWillingale @WhatsApp app is crashing, not sending copied/pasted messages.

      @FadyPH Please stop sending me advertising messages on whatsapp
      i am not interesting about anything right now
      Thank you ...

      @PlanetDefenda RT @AWAKEALERT: @HAAQ786 @JLadstone @timesofiraq @TrishaDishes @Icon99558924 @insane_voice @NoelTurner194 @DougieFalconer @YvonneGetcarter…

      @tristanod @PublicChaffinch The bits where he messes up are so bad. Can WhatsApp voice messages not be re-recorded before sending?

      @tntmtheshow RT @Thoughtlpc: My new pet hate!

      People sending me messages on Whatsapp without including their names and assuming I will now who they are…

      @praveen_25282 RT @Frustitute: Instead of just sending Whatsapp messages, I called friends relatives in Bangalore to go and vote tomorrow and also motivat…

      @lachin @ErFUN_KH @amirx Secure vpn. Xvpn

      @ByronWestman what vpn do you guys recommend? I'm getting messages from internet provider about copy right infrigment !

      @Phanis_Kerubo I'm i the only one that WhatsApp is not sending messages to people

      @kimmykaur Why is Whatsapp not showing me who’s sending me messages until I go on the app?

      @santiagbota2 RT @Vichofu_: This guy will not reply WhatsApp messages but will still be sending broadcast messages.

      Bloody twat

      @MagaNewsReport RT @BoingBoing: [In our store] 2 years of NordVPN for $69. You've got zero excuses not to secure your internet access with one of the excel…

      @mehdi8880 RT @telegram: @hsecloob1 @durov @Apple @tim_cook Proxy owners get the same info as your internet provider: IP, fact that you are using Tele…

      @umessa66 Since yesterday I am facing a problem with the WhatsApp not sending messages I uninstall it but it is not installing now #WhatsApp

      @dj_muerto @WhatsApp hiya is there a reason why none of my messages are sending weather i am on wifi or not?!?

      @Sarkies_Proxy RT @lightningstarr: My boyfriend asked me to text him updates from the #ENGTUN game as he's on his way home. You can't say it's not accurat…

      @aatheena RT @deementiaa: I travelled with uber Sunday night and now the driver is calling me at this ungodly hour and sending messages on Whatsapp.…

      @Fazy05 RT @chaiipilao: Received this message, I know this is fake, but I called them. They will ask what you have won, then you'll receive a Whats…

      @swarraj I see WhatsApp notifications but not messages. People I've blocked (for sending me work messages)?

      @Andile_SS Why does my WhatsApp not sending messages & I can’t view or post status updates. @MTNza

      @mils731 #WhatsApp not sending messages quickly. Takes forever for ✅✅Anyone else having issues or is it just mine that's fucked ??!!

      @Crazy_Shubs RT @CyberDost: Public networks might not be secured. Avoid financial transactions on these networks. Alternatively, use personal mobile dat…

      @Asiphezituta9 @MTNzaService my Whatsapp is not sending Messages and free facebook is not working wanted to find out wat is the matter

      @qqqq221 RT @qqqq221: @WhatsApp Dear Sirs, Deactivating my Whatsapp account without any prior warning is not acceptable at all. I have been using th…

      @shahidramzan05 @Aishagadafiqash 00966595845082
      My Twitter is not sending messages any one if you want to talk with me send me message on WhatsApp

      @SamEllison11 RT @DavidPiercy18: @Proxy_Kotite @SamEllison11 @TonyaSheffield_ @TiwiAtl @lillylu16_power Jackie (along with the Navy/Bart brain trust) tri…

      @tryprasannan @RelianceMF_Care Can you first share whether you'll stop sending promotional messages via WhatsApp or not? @sundeepsikka

      @ithilebu I think WhatsApp has a broken down . I’m not receiving any messages but sending

      @fezgwayi RT @ZolaNdwandwe: Yazi it would be great if the Democratic Alliance would stop sending me Whatsapp Messages and Emails:


      I'm not…

      @prmuseumarchive RT @AlbertaMuseums: Attending the AGM on behalf of your Institution? Ensure a speedy registration by sending in your Institutional Voting R…

      @sindivanzyl I'm busy sending WhatsApp messages forgetting that it's not 17h21 back in South Africa

      @efficacy_emman @WhatsApp Hello, my whatsapp is not sending and receiving messages on time

      @DanielKinCH It's not dying after sending out 2-3 WhatsApp messages!!! And it doesn't need power bank as its life support liao!!!!!!!

      @lunardaddie RT @FeliciaHandmade: no discernment to understand anyone freely disseminating the private matters of others, will be doing the same w you.…

      @RRozen1 RT @cheeriogrrrl: .@TGowdySC @SpeakerRyan @GOP Why haven't there been any Congressional hearings investigating @JaredKushner sending priva…

      @oysbharljo RT @cheifet: Not Just Russia & US Elections: Brazil about to take vote for new president. Turns out campaigners there are scraping WhatsApp…

      @JenniferDona_ RT @CheRox: I've complained several times about Uber drivers sending me WhatsApp messages after rides, this is why I try as much as possibl…

      @rajeevg030 RT @SudarshanEMA: Sending impersonal mass WhatsApp messages with Diwali stickers is worse than not sending anything!

      @ROHITKUMBHOJKAR @HarshaAgrawal15 @RAC7R Intolerance or proxy action just like mi lords

      @AlizaJF12 @sumeramunir1 @AgarwallNikitta I am not using any vpn apps or voot. I watch bb on some desi serials website.

      @JamesFarnfield Hello @Netflixhelps can you please stop sending me @WhatsApp messages. I did not sign up for them

      @JamesFarnfield @NetflixUK how do I get @NetflixUK to stop sending me @WhatsApp messages, I did not ask for this, I do not want this, please stop.

      @Rem_tg Not to be disrespectful but I hate these old folk sending me these chain messages on WhatsApp

      @beingriazshq RT @HaraaIndia: "This government is on its way out and Muslims are smart enough to know that any wrong move now can turn the tide. We are s…

      @Highland_jim @zavvi @zavvi_cs Hi. I've not had any Whatsapp messages from you lately but have SMS ones. Have you stopped sending Whatsapp updates?

      @MissBibi__ RT @Abla_Dzidzor: If we don't wish you happy birthday in a WhatsApp group, don't come back sending us appreciation messages. Just so we kno…

      @aquinn292 @ThreeIreland can anyone explain..why im being charge for sending whatsapp messages ..are they not free ?

      @chapo_ndengu RT @MsKyallo: You people!!! I need help hapa... My WhatsApp is not recieving messages but it's sending!!

      @MsKyallo You people!!! I need help hapa... My WhatsApp is not recieving messages but it's sending!!

      @marilyn28970731 RT @joannachiu: When Chinese firms need to bypass censorship to use social media.. "The mistake occurred when outsourced social media handl…

      @surgeon_strange That worst ever feeling when your whatsapp messages are not getting blue tick at the pace at which u are sending..

      @zerrubabel RT @zerrubabel: @QBlueSkyQ @jazzyjwelz @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @tugginghboat @TrophyTruck_Q @SGetwellsoon @StyleKbs @Heldaccountabl3 @Ev…

      @cissp_googling how to fix leak in VPN

      @TarlaRosten RT @NordVPN: @flowerbunkus Hello! VPN in general does not block any Ads, however, we have introduced a special feature which will block mal…