Whatsapp Blocked In Brazil

whatsapp blocked in brazil
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      @ekvichar_ @reviewero @doubtinggaurav onavo & betternet, for strange reason, vonage, Skype & whatsapp calling doesn't work in UAE, hence VPN

      @Dublinsfairmaid RT @YourAnonNews: There are WhatsApp alternatives like Telegram. You can also use a VPN if the service is blocked. Be aware that WhatsApp i…

      @doublehop_me @CipherBuff You do realize that most VPN providers only offer email support? btw @moxie was the lead engineer behind WhatsApp's crypto

      @WASELProVPN1 No need to worry! Use b.VPN to unblock #WhatsApp in #Brazil...
      #ConnectBrazil #ConnectTheWorld

      @robbiehrogers freshman yr our internet wasn't blocked but some sophomores were watching porn in the computer lab so now I've had to use a vpn for 3 years

      @darkscorpio93 @dustwv702 ..... he blocked florida..... welp, VPN time

      @BaldingsWorld China peeps: friend & longtime @SCMP_News reader says it was blocked in SZ without VPN until a few days ago. Now no problem. True? Thoughts?

      @twitta_fiend @ImperatorUnius I use VPN for all torrent downloads. It's the only way to go nowadays. Virgin media have blocked everything l

      @mejlisVG @Toxotic_ @vainglorygame Yeah -it sucks that you get blocked by your ISP. VPN does help a number of players, although some lag to be expect

      @uliwitness @mjdrayton @alloy Hearing of too many VPN providers being blocked by Netflix to even consider trying that.

      @Xof My ScreenOS device never had the backdoor or VPN decryption vuln because I didn't apply patches in a timely manner.

      I'm conflicted.

      @henrycobb @meneer @_dead_beef_ We don't trust SSL in the wild. It's tucked inside a differently encrypted VPN with firm user controls and audits.

      @ponutufycafa RT @muwaxalihit: WhatsApp back online in Brazil after judge temporarily blocked popular messaging service

      @DenisePouchet RT @Politics_Reddit: Can laws keep up with tech world? "A new technology can go from zero to a hundred million users in a year or less. … h…

      @HafiezROoy whatsapp is blocked in brazil for the next two days. why?? anyone?

      @MacduffFreeman In extenso whence vpn chokey do good problems: FNZEC

      @pheelingphan RT @AngeLVsDeviL__: rt for 15 free follows
      free bc doing poll
      So how you feeling, whatsapp blocked in Brazil?

      @kaixinjongin @sekailuchu TRUE, it's -5 degrees now omg ~ I'm using a VPN to go on Twitter & it's so slow why is everything blocked here :c

      @SharonMichaelso Tip-top vpn reassure in consideration of your corporation wants: AjhqoO

      @LilyMarieMFC @Arwen_Datnoid People are saying they've blocked the VPN which makes sense cause I wasn't blocked once I disconnected from it

      @jaikumar088 Meanwhile @Markzu in Tension :P
      Facebook’s #FreeBasics services shut down in Egypt
      Brazil blocked WhatsApp in there country

      @The_Pho RT @timothymaurice: Whatsapp blocked in Brazil and President Rouseff contemplating removing finance minister. Post World Cup issues.

      @jturner_ibrs ok @NetflixANZ it's been fun, but I'm now looking into VPN options

      @D_V_ @jeggusays Google for an app called Tunnel bear, it is a VPN app. Create an account, it will give you 500Mb for a month.

      @myindianhope Country attacked.

      1) Prime Minister doing Yoga.

      2) Home Minister doing election campaign.

      3) Defence Minister in Goa playing proxy CM.

      @singingdogranch @mariosity Want to watch UK GBBO? Use VPN app Tunnelbear & go to BBC website. Bazinga!

      @chelseassii Don't have to proxy netflix anymore. Celebrating by watching "the Propaganda Game."

      @OohLalaFootball @jperkovic93 The VPN I use lets you choose which region to use. Some shows are not in the US lib so it's nice to have the option to switch.

      @Caparks11Parks @geeyaveliii @BLEEDMUSIC lol she blocked me by proxy

      @MallowyGoodness RT @ProxyAndFriends: This makes them the current oldest character, creation-wise, in the game

      They were created two whole years before Pro…

      @ChaserKate @Hoodster_proxy its not going to hurt you~ *strokes your back* I'll protect you

      @whatsername_21_ @ gema: fuck you! I can barely listen to any song on YouTube and I'm too dumb to create a proxy server or whatever to watch blocked videos

      @JagexHelpSamo @chrissas200 A VPN is a network that encrypts your IP address, and can make it appear like you are logging in from a very different location

      @_priiiii Lmao just download a vpn app & it unblocks the blocked social media

      @RbcShow730 RT @CrerarLibrary: "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhuman." #MLK Article quote from 1966 htt…

      @ncardozo RT @sarahbmyers: 4. But yes, ToS flags are often used as a proxy for censorship - which is why transparency is so needed. Marginalized grou…

      @zamedic And back to my @chef recipes. having alot of fun creating a protractor cookbook with works with a proxy server. #devops

      @cjreeves2011 I just setup nodejs reverse proxy through nginx in like 2 minutes on my server. I live in the future wow!

      @KiksieDB @GrabakaHitman not watching WLF cause my VPN can manage enough bandwidth to mostly run Kunlun stream ok.

      @ChristineIsabe2 Prospects as proxy for the laced and get-up task open door brazil: NOkDOgMw

      @wconnors Remember that it was a lone judge who blocked WhatsApp in Brazil last month.

      @PicocoonTJ WOW, that's cool, Hootsuite can find my exact location on my desktop PC, even I'm using VPN...

      @qubetips Ian - Today Praxair filed to adopt proxy access for shareholders! In 2014, Qube pressed the board for this. Excellent news!!

      @loosebool RT @sitahyderabadi: @loosebool what about the present? So many proxy wars and shadow boxing

      @clonedvampire i couldn't get the cw's site to work, even with changing the proxy shit, so i have to watch it in shitty af quality :)))

      @RileyReynolds14 3 conditions in consideration of catch defective as proxy for time lag free will a summit inner landscape: HyB

      @NameddotIO RT @YuryChemerkin: @Wix All wix domains are currenly blocking in Russia not accessible at all or via fake certitficate withhout vpn

      @Kappadapada @KSIOlajidebt download 'betternet', it creates a vpn which allows you to view anything even if blocked whilst using.

      @nlitenmebabe Proxy war no more. Saudi Arabia and Iran are set to have troops fighting in the same country > Syria

      @GoDaddyHelp @bdamian Are site is up & running. If you're unable to access it, can you try testing from another network or via an online proxy server? ^M

      @MacduffFreeman Categorically as vpn let out counteractive problems: BbegJ

      @awkweirdanswer @Jbcruise1 @delon03 definitely not CBS since that's a US network. The network in CAN is GlobalTV. Just google and get a VPN.

      @michaelalbford @ryanjchr I know, I know... It's my own fault for using a crappy free VPN (Not illegal though! I'm just not Netflix's favourite customer)

      @Allen_Clifton Kasich wants to fight a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine? Yeah, that's going to turn out really well for us. #GOPDebate

      @9MarconeSC @pewdiepie Here in Brazil not has YouTube RED but I used VPN just to see the series can not stop watching

      @UsheretteO @cobbo3 we have to use Proxy. Internet is super slow.... Worst of all no voting materials in most areas

      @MsAdebiyi Bit late for that, no? That's if social media was blocked before he tweeted how to access it via VPN.

      @MDN_Parsons Likeness does indeed warp sense of things to point of "stealing yr soul" - beware proxy distortion game sorcerers

      @taatatendo #UgandaDecides I am sailing on different servers Thanks @VpnBrowser No Idiot can now stop my inalienable right to speak my mind #VPN

      @billy_colinz VPN..Am now in the US, was in the UK in
      the evening will be in France in 15min.
      Waiting for UCC to call me back to Uganda

      @SElJUROH does anyone know a good vpn connection thingy that will let me connect to love live bc it's blocked at school

      @ChronicFarting Big Black Fart: chronic farting that exists but nobody can access (like fw/proxy logs)

      @CookCharlie1 For which have to yourselves joust as proxy for cisco hardening?: zmndob

      @BraydenErnest Assignment price support in lock-step with jaro memorization as proxy for mba students: fQiFutQVN

      @GregorAdams not sure how long I will keep my @NetflixDE account now that VPN is blocked. Literally no content for me ;( really sad here.

      @ChristineIsabe2 Prospects as proxy for the web other sheet pains adit brazil: fakeUHSM

      @BDStanley @NewsweekPL The strong can win majorities without having to hide behind a proxy prime minister. @Anna_Dryjanska

      @Paul197 RT @SHAUNHARRIS85: @Unblock_Us Netflix US is being blocked in Australia with proxy being detected. Is this going to be fixed soon?

      @akosipauie proxy for blocked web site coz #bdo we find ways

      @harrietoliviaxo Can't believe they've blocked proxy off Netflix so now I can't watch greys

      @SharonMichaelso Best vpn boost all for thine body wants: zTGobS

      @LauraMcEldowney RT @BeardManRick: So Netflix has blocked the use of VPN's/Proxy's, that's them losing 90% of their users.

      @Benito35ddDavis RT @thomcraver: @SpeakerRyan I'm pretty sure the Constitution says it's lawmakers' jobs. The people proxy by voting for officials we think …

      @Procrastinaholi @garyvee Whatsapp is huge here in Brazil. A phone company even blocked it last year for a few hours, sort of a cab vs. uber thing here

      @SharonMichaelso Very best vpn shore up in preference to your acting company wants: TbcoUE

      @FisherLeman Approach along toward galling widening as proxy for the ganger antagonist to the man of mark game remedial of g...

      @CrewDog281 @UPSHelp Och...you block my VPN. Why u do that? :)
      Thanks for the help.

      @Stevenw57433997 @rockcrusher01 @Lefty0971 does it need a vpn in the uk signed up for a free account but nothing is working love vidtime thou

      @joffemannen @TheAlexKnapp @StartsWithABang Got the highest possible proxy access at the office so only gambling and "worse" is blocked, bit surprised

      @BobaFaux @Unblock_Us so Netflix no longer works with you? Seems like I have been blocked cos of proxy for over a week now

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz site the first minutiae as proxy for hearty enjoyment indifferently nyanza in this way knowledge: sjWOdWkaV

      @aomemeishere Anyone in America want to proxy for me? :')

      @ashley Lovely to be in a cafe that provides fast wifi (via MyRepublic) & does not block VPN.

      @ChristineIsabe2 Prospects as proxy for the texture alias wear manual labor now brazil: CqeXbnHZ

      @kaatecrossey Netflix has blocked my proxy which means no more US tv shows :(

      @chinotenshi @dark_neverland It is. This school keeps telling us “use IT in the classroom!” then denies us a lot of access with the proxy server.

      @deel614group1 I have seen some so going back to work on it now. UG server is not helping either. I keep getting breaks in signals. Proxy server error saaa

      @NetherRemains @SusanosWrath Nope, VPNs are blocked due to it being a proxy server. If it isn’t blocked, they can track who’s using VPNs when you connect—

      @ChristineIsabe2 Prospects as proxy for the handwoven differently wear diversified corporation ultramodern brazil: LWofdVdf

      @omozay @Ludothekid lmao I got a VPN basically hacked the Canada server

      @cryptoravebr RT @AnonPraxis: During WhatsApp blockage in Brazil, be sure to download a VPN or Tor onion network app, #Orbot.

      @Ghauld Whatsapp has been blocked in Brazil

      @liladeca #Whatsapp is blocked in Brazil because the company don't give a shit about the country's security. It would take 2 minutes to cooperate.

      @emma_mangum13 The app dash Vpn let's you use school wifi but social media isn't blocked yw

      @rafinhamacedo22 whatsapp blocked in Brazil dinovo the third time? namoral this Brazilian justice and

      @0xSTUDY I've seen it too many times where operational wins over secure. "Open all the ports", "disable that proxy" or "just get it working"

      @ngangamuchiri @DukeOIT working in Ghana and having SERIOUS issues connecting to email. Server keeps blocking me out. Can someone help???? No VPN

      @BlackSherlock2 Latter-day only finest hookup proxy records in our time: fWvnXuJM

      @GamingYordles @stevenkelso I use private Internet access they are my personal goto VPN service

      @Animeweedlord @TheIceyGlaceon -- so you link fb, clear your LINE data, sign in via facebook, vpn over, u in insane sticker heaven. i have 118 packs...

      @TexasMarker @morganlinton I remember watching a Texans game via bad flight wifi and a bootleg proxy based in Europe. It was like stop motion football

      @GamersPlane @LindskogLizette The thing I've always wondered about: is there any use in a public VPN? If anyone can access it, is it any more secure?

      @DeExilio @DJN85 oh but I'm in the foreign!! And, it's complex, I'm not allowed to use ISP proxy services on my devices for security reasons...

      @WardRichard1 Ways toward ring in the primrose hosting as proxy for yours site: dVmlzoXUH

      @poormanscommish @JonesOnTheNBA @Dame_Lillard You guys on VPN, right? Twitter still blocked in China?

      @Kanecf98 @Anthony_Hod type in put locker proxy

      @Badger_Mountain @charlesmurray on the demo info form- why not ask 4 current income/occup/college record? Is zip the best proxy? Live in a gentrifying area

      @Jaysin13 @MrMikeCalta @AngryGalvin @SeniorSpanish you are going to stream copywrited video you should definitely use a virtual private network (VPN)!

      @Liznaomi2 @TabaniMoyo If your WhatsApp is down, Download Secure VPN (free) from your Google Store and you will be able to connect WhatsApp

      @apdamle We are sad. Were saddled with your proxy rule of 10 years enriching self and Vadra . Also creater of kKashmir problem is UR own F in law

      @Yasiradnan @fatassmonster install onavo protect and turn on VPN and then login to your spotify. that's what I do after every 14 days in iOS@Nirjhor

      @Gcina_gumede RT @NomfundoEngler: Brazilian court blocks WhatsApp for the third time in less than a year for failing to surrender user data to police htt…

      @AdamsonKennedy It's old hat so be with child in the clouds a point at rural free delivery armored tactics as proxy for yours wholesale: DEOhSlxHj

      @Kleeblatt1977 WhatsApp blocked in Brazil again

      @mexela @private_proxy sneakers proxies we have, india proxies we do not .

      @themobilestores #TMSNews - WhatsApp blocked then un-banned in Brazil as Supreme Court intervenes.

      @cassiusiva @vainglory those tricks didn’t help at the time. Happy to report the game now works fine, with or without VPN.

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz site the quintessential seconds as proxy for surprise party in what way becomingly in what way knowledge: krCZetEhb

      @JasontheJumbo RT @joannachiu: Chinese #PokémonGo players take serious risks. Using a VPN to access the game in Xinjiang can result in mobile services cut…

      @spacemanbin @LondonHistorian use tunnel near vpn app and it will think you are in uk £2.99

      @rowantrollope @davidu no problem! Of course FYI you don't need a VPN for a dx80 - connects via our own secure gateway Expressway...

      @KoenLex @_philBrown @ABSCensus Not just foreign. Using a Melbourne VPN server via Avast (privacy you know?) Also blocked. #CensusFail #Sadness

      @yeezyseason9 Can someone tell me a vpn app for iPhone on which proxy settings can be configured?

      @lance89629 RT @2bTomas38442: WhatsApp blocked in Brazil, again

      @_Masky_proxy @GayLiuWoods

      "Uhm nothing"




      @Mcflurious Judge once again blocked WhatsApp in the entire country of Brazil, pisses me off each time with baiting Linux users and BMW drivers.

      @Joyceliting Wherever this app located,don't believe,I'm in China with vpn oversea

      @NFarahAmalina RT @Matt_Ros: @NFarahAmalina @natecochrane a proxy war of the united states and russia it got very dark in last 48 hours i am unsure of tur…

      @HartmannCharles @YourPalRags Blocked in the US and UK trying other locations via VPN.

      @shamasis @notabletogetaun we are working on separate proxy list in app and will add documentation when that sees some light.

      @bob_5555 @TourOfAlberta @nae_rolls @GKnutsonCTV @BrianThornburn @DannyKidRadio Appears to be blocked in USA. I've picked it up via European VPN.

      @knkfeya I love @NUESTNEWS so much I'm using a god damn proxy server on my Phone to watch their blocked japanese videos. THE THINGS I DO FOR YALL

      @OniAzure @2KSupport Restarted Router, Modem, and PC. No one in the house can access the forums, except through a proxy. How can I fix this?

      @dark_proxy RT @MikeMartin1982: My kids do not want their private gamertags released but you can all still play with them and I on the DaddyOFive82 gam…

      @Trebornotrub Interestingly I'm back on BBC iplayer using the same vpn server Berkshire 2 Greg Martin Louise Coe

      @actually_payton I'm not even that skilled in cyber security but I know the basics behind using VPN servers, rooting phones, don't forget change your WiFi pw

      @infestationmine @ChateauEmissary I've also heard it's like an attention proxy. ie. something to hide behind, because of their fucked up sense of self.

      @CrypticVPN We have removed Russia from our VPN network due to the new snooping legislation Russia has passed in order to protect our customers privacy.

      @RoseAymer @KicksDealsCA best vpn to use for chrome?

      @bayerncentral @tonirags @fussballsusie Blocked by a proxy server?

      @Lucretiel Yet Another Great Idea in rust: Mutexes are containers, and only give access to the underlying resource when locked, via a proxy type.

      @ShirishKatariya @VikasPatidar @narendramodi proxy access..

      @GraveDancer40 Oh and if you're in Canada, you can vote by VPN!! Just turn it on and go to the site and you're good! #TeamStopAndGo

      @Satorical Hey #RCTID: I'm in another country and don't have Facebook. Anyone have a direct link to a stream of the Saprissa game? I have a VPN fwiw.

      @OmarRiaz8 @shazzer42000 we can't even access the site. I don't know why. It's blocked. I tried using proxy sites but that doesn't work too

      @bigbrothernet @FAMOSP15 What? You get 1 vote in our poll. 20 in CBS's. CBS's wouldn't require a new IP or VPN. You need a new paying account each time.

      @janusfox Blind XSS > VPN. "No one is getting in to our network so tools security isn't important".

      @NurAfifah @nxdhomar you just google extra torrent proxy, nnt ada link to proxy sites sbb original site kena block, anything just update me

      @bulletsandsteel @cerealciller21 use a VPN. Opera browser offers a built in one for free.

      @BalhRAYAfan @yekyahaiyaar oh I have one trick tell her 2 open proxy website in Google there she can use Twitter FB all blocked websites

      @DoctorWhatSA In locales all over the country we need secure, VPN-equipped, safe spaces for political resistance and organization.

      @oBee_iX @CeeZuuR @OGMedzy @TBEKingSmoke That router has a built in VPN. What the fuck

      @ponikichii i want to read more gay/lesbian lit. i want more real books w/ real lgbt characters doing cool shit. every since proxy and tasu im obsessed

      @Dom77mu @wire Thanks for the improved notification update. The app was blocked in a middle eastern airport. Got around it via a VPN, keep it up! ty

      @DataJunkie1 @MouktarAlbert @Cernovich Global banks want to supply EU with oil. Proxy war in Syria et al is to block Russia/more money for globalists

      @CYPHERTAEHYUNG_ RT @MYoongi_0309:

      @Londonravenet RT @AuSmithUK: Come on guys last 10 minute push to get those votes in @Egg_Club_London @Londonravenet vote Proxy Events as best promoter #L…

      @Iphonebuzz1 RT @Caiyheu: @AJ170_iOS_King Aj170 I just read this tweet. I've know about something else. Click link & download (CHINA ID)

      @Hoesinmyroom Snapchat has to be the worst social app

      @shakazulu2016 This app and by proxy country are full of melodramatic pussies .this is one of the greatest time periods to ever be alive in human history

      @lordtarojiro @FatedTre I don't think as far as region-blocked, but sometimes using VPN would work temporarily. I use softether since it's free

      @jadenagnew @tferenchak13 just asked if hexatech vpn was a game

      @Synystur_Gates So apparently someone peeled my IP from a BF1 game...


      VPN's (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚

      @OpiniontdBlkGuy threatening to "hold them accountable" see also: censor. This was a tantrum by proxy. Damn. I know that fanta complected fascist fuck

      @aenea2662 @MaxAbrahms @just_security
      Since #US proxy invasion of #Syria was unveiled, nobody in the world trust #US about what/who is #terrorist

      @ExpelCelena @RyougaSaotome it’s hard to find VPN that is still not blocked by netflix. private internet access is blocked fyi

      @royalfluzh ADC & Supreme proxy. DM....

      @gole_yaas @PhilGreaves01 that is concerning. altho it is a Russian site. it wasn't blocked last year...I will check again with a VPN

      @guriyama_gurizo #what causes lung cancer in nonsmokers android vpn app

      @wowglitcch @Peckett_ smh but NL Netflix is really the best for movies but VPN was blocked smh

      @KyleStearnes @robertherjavec what is the best VPN out there in your opinion?

      @HickeyDevon @gapeachy7 @anotherdeadlez I think I've been blocked by proxy! This is so exciting! I have no idea what's going on right now! #OldAgeRush

      @BoolSheetMan Hey @OperaVPN , is there a reason YouTube mobile app ads are not blocked while running the vpn on phone?

      @viktr_ebooks most boring week of a VPN are somehow

      @Jamacanbacn @MrGymnast86 Yeah that means the IP is blocked. You do or don't have a VPN? Just is common on VPN's since people can use the same IP.

      @shotgunsusie RT @BeholdPale: Ask yourself why Isis never attack Israel. It's because Isis is created and funded by Israel as the private destabilization…

      @yitzys #how to hide proxy ip address santa barbara junior college football

      @cursosdeidiomas WhatsApp baned in Brazil again .
      For how long it will be blocked ?

      @ahashem889 RT @mahmoudelshawaf: @ahashem889 Turbo vpn
      Free vpn proxy by snap vpn
      Vpn pro free unblock proxy

      @Saint_Stephan @LSN_Frantz Don't go on the site w/o a VPN I read it was a scam. They track your IP

      @Mixyphonik @MphoFreshSoul @Lawbowlar Mtn Blocked Access To Some Users. Add Proxy Manually

      @meninainferna my mom's so petty I stg my dad blocked her in WhatsApp she's sitting here writing him a letter for me to deliver to him in Brazil

      @OfficialFantomN @selfrepped "Error, Your IP has been blocked by our firewall, please disconnect from any VPN."

      @Abel_Toy @MasterDalK I linked my Facebook, unlinked my phone number, deleted app data, opened Japanese VPN and opened LINE, still nothing

      @elamincarter @iam_abeta Even USA is not suppose to be 3rd is bcus most of us in 9ja uses Proxy and ip as our locations

      @democrationsPvP RT @NepoPvP: @democrationsPvP Currently we are starting it of with eu but if the eu server does well then we will add a us proxy which will…

      @FilipeCifali @PCzanik Do you use any proxy or vpn? That's quite odd (so many connections from São Paulo/ Brazil)

      @JuanDiegoV16 @TheSlayFer Plus, the licensing for certain animes & soundtracks by countries is fucked. Example: No "Paranoid Android" in Ergo Proxy :(

      @kinggoldchained hey @thetunnelbear please please please send me 1 GB of free data. i have been using this VPN since 3 months in my both my android and pc

      @daily_keys Kaspersky Internet Security 1 device - 184 days
      VPN/proxy Brazil
      key by Tinano

      @_MystryGirl I am actually going to drop my vpn block to WhatsApp so i can switch to us vpn and stream #TooMuchToAsk
      That's how much i like him.

      @akanbikenny @AskAvira
      Hello! My Avira Android VPN monthly sub was billed automatically but it still remains in free version.
      Don't upgrade to UNLIMITED

      @bubbav316 @Liamfitz02 @davemeltzerWON If its locked, u could use a location proxy to trick the website into thinking ur in Japan

      @tvThirdEyeB BBCNEWS 9:13pm CHINA BLOCKS WHATSAPP. Messaging service largely blocked in new crackdown
      AMAZON MINING REJECTED. Brazil's government...

      @DeadlySheWrote @KingSergie go on hide.me and use the free proxy duh

      @jrazavian When looking for a personal #VPN (good luck), use this as data point for trustworthiness: what their site loads in terms of tracking scripts

      @TheKelvinScale @TimmyTimTime ISP's may be able to block vpn Access altogether.

      @LivreLuciano RT @SUCURA08: @icloudhaters Good afternoon a friend of Brazil referred me to you, I have an iPhone 6s blocked in icloud, so lost I would li…

      @addungie @ningganatanatda @MiracleOMG4 Which free vpn did you use? And can you give me the tutorial?

      @andre_coxa @JBHiFi Hey guys, is there any reason why I can only access your website from Brazil if I do it via VPN?


      @desc @ProtonMail with the rise in security, will we see messaging app and browser in the PM roadmap? I know about VPN and storage to come.

      @WordsofAzam RT @WordsofAzam: Do you know?

      If you want to hide your location, or any website is blocked by your country or by your ISP you can use "VPN…

      @BecakJo RT @BoonTechUSA: Proxy will act as a hub for Boon users to communicate with potential clients and creators, store their money securely, and…

      @DarleneMonsour Not anymore. Let me grab my secret weapon that assures you a private profile. Well that and private vpn

      @Ergo_Proxy_ RT @GiggukAZ: Today I try to break down the science behind Best Girl and the theory behind the most mysterious creatures known to man: Waif…

      @illegalFawn RT @emilio_simoni: @illegalFawn @Alitalia @malwrhunterteam @douglasmun @SwiftOnSecurity @JAMESWT_MHT @ET_Labs @poliziadistato It is the mos…

      @Sophietaliya1 Finally i found my way how to watch photo people 2 since they'v blocked at my coutry..i just install Proxy browser n then (cont-)

      @alexandriawill RT @ThisIsJMichael: @MBRothschild3 @clarencehilljr @jericho_john @Abdu11ah That’s some revisionist history: Terry never an all-star, chandl…

      @colincdocherty @Pagina924 @LANACION oh boy. same old. my whatsapp was blocked in brazil for 4 hours a few years ago. what disasters they create.

      @zoobab @sebgoa find a geek with a server in France :-) Or configure tor with forcing the exitnode in FR, the cheapest vpn.

      @khlxamr @NephritisVG Yup, i know. I tried to use VPN to watch it in Netflix US, but the proxy blocked it

      @Manzoor65096707 RT @azim_humayun: @Manzoor65096707 @flairy_97 @MMjavaida @PropitiousOn3 @RDAhmad1 @ShahidaQureshi5 if in pakistan install it with the proxy…

      @ChaosBelow @RealUnFocus @KEEMSTAR Sounds like your parents blocked it. Get a VPN so you can bypass all restrictions.

      @D4N_J0NE5 @bbthakur Download a VPN app (costs $40-100 per year) and BBC iPlayer App. You need to do some research on what VPN isn’t blocked by BBC.

      @zorin_mihalache RT @Talk_Cyb3r: “Default deny” is best practice when it comes to implementing firewall/proxy rules. #cyb3rTipOfTheDay

      @seejaywhyy @trishakoh_ whatsapp need VPN

      @Mimo_alfardan @VPN_TOR_app @razanalsarrow bmot

      @JaredOpio RT @lol_mms: @JaredOpio With new technology and new protocols it is difficult to block VPN completely. If udp protocol is blocked, bypass i…

      @AliJaghori6 RT @hazaranet: AFGHANISTAN: Completely BW (exactly for over 100yrs)

      NATO & STATE allied with Taliban Terrorist Proxy giving it complete fr…

      @LeicsCybercrime RT @leicscyberaware: Wise words in relation to #VPN's. We recommend their use.
      But you need to research what you are giving access to in or…

      @JennyVSimile RT @SiobhanFTB: A crotch-check by proxy, if you will. Dusting their hands of this invasion of privacy by merely outsourcing it to doctors t…

      @lhmi10dss RT @luisdarui: @getongab Andrew, this is not Brazilian government, but ideological attorney from Minas Gerais state. Government itself is s…

      @kamoonhuntress RT @paulisteu2618: It seems like international fans can't really vote TVXQ for the popularity award.

      The app can be used if you use a vpn,…