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VPN Gate Academic Experiment Project is an online service as an academic research at Graduate School of University of Tsukuba, Japan.

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      @gaj_2 @wsnurnjhwat I hv some british show tht I like. I even use a fake registered address & VPN to get pass channel four geo block. So guilty too

      @ryan_plack VPN get your shit together

      @prashanpj @CoderMalayali to unlock full Netflix India get 190 countries members that Add VPN @HotspotShield and go to every region Censor Free

      @BoozerBoss Just said these words:: "vetinary Munchausen's by proxy" And, in context, it made sense.

      @runesoerensen @mattkocaj The load balancer then proxy the unencrypted request to your upstream workers over a trusted network (so it's secure end-to-end)

      @Selverya @Stridertan and you don't even need to use a vpn or something like that to access it

      @Willeth @internetofshit They don't say 'VPN' at all. My bet is it's very carefully worded to crack down on browser extensions, an easier target.

      @RudyNasuha @WhatsApp @Gemalto @Square @PayPal @google @Office @facebook @UN @WSJ @jack || Network Access has no VPN also Postpaid then soft+apps should

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      @MuhxmmxdJxsni I can't watch till I unblock or change the proxy

      @PaleFaceRasta @Bill_Owen @muddywolfking @donmuir1 Saudi Arabia is a US/UK/IDF Proxy - we and our arms are killing Yemenis: To secure the Suez Canal Zone.

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      @ItsMTCExclusive fck sht proxy server :v

      @ZhongkunXiang @crehage They are open source software that can bypass the Great Firewall. Hope they will work. Really don't want to pay $40 a month for VPN

      @darepika @AmazonHelp thanks but this is Amazon Japan which I'm using a proxy site to order from.

      @King_Proxy @FaZeBlaziken CONGRATS! <3

      @EleanorBacker Guidelines as proxy for arts and crafts client sinister influence to interior resources: TlbZni

      @QuothThe #unblock-us thanks for your service. due to Netflix blocking vpn use, I no longer need you. I'm sorry.

      @Blackdoom900 Lowering Lain to a 7/10 for now. I can't connect with it like Ghost In The Shell or Ergo Proxy, so yeah.

      NHK is still a 10/10 though.

      @latrelljaay somone give me a proxy site to fb

      @InsaneLimits #Kick lilliii-liiliiil, @" !# 1 TB=|NO Explosive/FlashBang/Smoke/FRAG|AutoNuke| 8LAG Vpn", for lilliii-liiliiil Kicked for using XM25[Au...

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      @King_Proxy I really need to get back on that grind, but I will be.

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      @unlockvpn @Hammon_eggs Contact us via DM to get FREE trial of working VPN to bypass GFW

      @no_ragratz If you guys need to unblock websites just download a VPN app.

      @ExHort_CNor @King_Proxy ly man aha

      @JohnHBeveridge1 @NetflixAsia as a frequent traveller to Asia I seriously annoyed that Netflix blocked VPN access to my Canadian account-loyal customer

      @SubMedina morocco has blocked everything - skype whatsapp facetime - and i just want to see my baby. i'll set up vpn when i get back. #moroccosucks

      @tommygisi @TheSyriaCmpgn This site is a joke. Not 1 mention of Turkey's and its proxy jihadis' permanent attacks on SDF, but blaiming YPG for attacks

      @Moist_ebooks I should hire that studio to make me a terminator, except it battles me like Proxy from the actual game it's stupid

      @TheSassyYank @jaxxygrant they'd make me even more happy if I didn't have to use a proxy server to watch UK TV! Lol #ImReallyInTheUK #ISwearish

      @JamesSierra4 Clearly proceeds obscure ghostwriter as proxy for your ip cctv: JlDxMx

      @GrainneQuinlan VPN access still blocked on mobile phones in #China.

      @HannahEgginson @netflix i use a proxy server cos what you give NZ is rubbish and not worth the money, im out if i cant use it.

      @judyfree10 @PatrickWilliams @YaThinkN @egreyhoundcomau Looking good .. way to go Finn .. Finn is my greyhound by proxy :-)

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      @peterm34879 trying to download a game but lol its japan only time to vpn

      @thedarktangent Android 6.0 uses a weak IKE key exchange, group 2 (1024 bit) for their VPN - I thought that size was deprecated

      @buyoq @HostUSSolutions hi guys wanna ask you. can i run IRC bot & private VPN if i buy your VPS ?

      @Delphicimfam RT @CimTourUpdates: An example of a free VPN is Hola. You can get it online or download it from the AppStore. Or you could just wait until…

      @AG__10 @UbisoftSupport I deleted the game install and re installed / initialized ps4 / connected ps4 with cable / tried using vpn also :/

      @propertyblights RT @da_667: >Opera
      >VPN is actually a proxy
      >Proxy is US-based
      >No indication on whether or not logs are collect…

      @cho_bbomm So that hater was on proxy server so we cannot detect him/her...hmmmm

      @JonS1950 @peachesanscream @Sarkies_Proxy Congratulations on your wedding. It looked great from the photos posted on twitter. Loved the reception.

      @ClarkJSnow @expressvpn just bought your service and followed guide for use on ps4 but Netflix showing proxy error - assume I need the app on iPad too ?

      @johantaharin2 @sarawak_report no need.use betternet app and get access via vpn.

      @Hammed_adio12 U don't need 2 complain of data when u subscribe 2 premium account on Tweakware VPN application on ur android, which wilwhatsapp 08030881804

      @dlightman2015 @Anonymizer When using your free trial, am I just getting an IP address "proxy", or is all data also being encrypted in a tunnel?

      @sil @fugueish @slightlylate to a first approximation all VPN users are enterprise or avoiding geo restrictions. Who's using it for privacy?

      @MiltonFoster3 Perquisite as proxy for application hostgator site master craftsman: PiCZ

      @eincop @opera free #VPN for #iOS lets you surf more securely

      @Gredlen yay, it looks like Amazon Japan will ship the new Flowers game directly to my house instead of making me use a proxy

      @liohn @Unblock_Us Any advice for fixing a Proxy Detected error while trying to watch movies? I blocked port 53.

      @anonymousbigz @messiahnic2003 when you tweet/use public wifi pls use #VPN to hide Ur device IP addresses #ivanguy #cantfixstupid #TTC #FollowMe

      @forkinfakehole0 Opera free VPN not working. Anynominous see the same?

      @discordapp @RioEllison Can you connect to the web app? Are you using a VPN/proxy/school network to connect?

      @CanPakesOW @Noir_Proxy once you're more familiar with the game bastion isnt much of an issue

      @WatsonGill1 Entanglement projection makes penetration as proxy for upstart performance on fetch the game: iLcTgkNf

      @Paradocent That may be the only time in the show where (IMO) Lee misbehaves, where he's not a proxy for the virtuous part of us #BSGGlobalRewatch2016

      @Proxy_AU @JoeDeLuca when you coming back? I miss watching your 2's when Nade

      @Cristina24PR @bieberfanfurevr So far it hasn't detected me, but I strongly recommend you to take a free trial and test - is working via VPN & DNS

      @MayNeverDye @PardonAlex @TwitchSupport It doesn't look like your acc is banned. Are you on a shared/dynamic IP, VPN, Proxy, anything that re-routes you?

      @Ashkan_Corleone @___lvl___ @25_Y_25 app vpn

      @ChloeAu85217723 Benefits as for receipt accumulation the overlong visa as proxy for hand-me-down cars: RcCpTm

      @kensodev @s_scarduzio @docker I don't want to expose it to anyone, it should all be password protected and behind the firewall with VPN access.

      @Naeberius i got a different vpn seaoifjaeio;k still not free but i'll think about throwing some cash at it when i run out of data

      @AmesburyCassie Aghhh!! VPN stopped working at 85mins so missed the best part! Gutted

      @draityalan @wolfmatiix_luke You're not really Blocked, do you have any VPN, proxy, or extension which re-routes traffic from your browser ?

      @King_Proxy Can @LFC please follow me?? ;)

      @proserpina__ Maybe it sounds like a joke but I'm using VPN for accessing web sites, also whatsapp :)))))

      @kevin_cossaboon RT @security_craig: Uh "I even found previously unknown network cabling run through the attic and several hidden servers, proxy servers" ht…

      @Vetus_anima It's (censorship) already (been) happening, if you are not already familiar with tor, Vpn services, Bitcoin, & PGP now would be the time..

      @gooseycheeks RT @grassfed_butter: Geez. I guess my hotel in Chile and my VPN server in France are shaking in their boots. BTW, reported for threats. #gu…

      @illegenes @ToastCrust @wendeego @gallifreyians @vestenet omfg CANADIANS do u have a proxy app u can use

      @andrewwhiteau RT @OlympianEmpire: New Russian data laws already having an effect. VPN service Private Internet Access pulling out of the country aft… htt…

      @5abiBaba RT @Farrukh_Abbas12: When #Muslims get killed you justify it by calling it a proxy war/Sectarian violence, only use it when it suits you or…

      @ItzDarkInferno @iTzBaByMC Lmao get a VPN running and join :)

      @cybercatt_ just letting everyone know if you like or follow leafyishere I hate you by proxy ok goodnight

      @AlsoTeboho Also, the oppressive regime has blocked RAPGENIUS. Now i can easily hack past this wack proxy, but why would you block a lyrics site?

      @Cykamoto @WhySoTqze idk if vpn can bypass the new lounge and if they can rly check majority (like pornsites (i dont have other examples))

      @calster1 @sonic how do you setup the free vpn?

      @dark_proxy RT @mighty55: ...and the best hashtag of the day goes to #WalkingDeadTheOlympics <-- click for amusement. #Olympics

      @meepsheeps @KOlZAKURA @shoutans service fees are per item, and also it depends on what proxy
      i'm not really an expert so you should ask ren haha

      @JohnnyJRambo Im gunna have to find a European streaming site to watch it, god bless vpn aha@MThompson121

      @died2death Using the best vpn for school #BetternetSeason

      @Halfofrog @kjgillenwater @AnnCoulter did that 5 years ago. Stream everything. Including foreign news via vpn. I can get my sports app on ruku.

      @CDRWorg These free #VPN offerings by @opera are game changing, but where is the beef for you guys? Bandwidth is not free.

      @FreeFromEURule Want some privacy then use a VPN, proxy server. Zenmate. Zenmate firewall Tor browser is also another that many people use.

      @Opera3Milenio RT @opera: @HartantoAgungW What makes this VPN different is that you can actually change your IP address and you can do Wifi security test…

      @OfficialShishio @Nyageei you'd need a vpn since it's a browser game but it's possible

      @Tosche_E I thought I couldn't use Twitter, Facebook, or Google in China but apparently I can. Politics changed or the hotel is using VPN?

      @_Masky_proxy @xBloodSpattered of voice, resulting to be secure on what he did, like he knew perfectly what to do "let's put him in the back of his car"

      @Undercoverinfo1 @taylmer Riseup (recommended by Snowden) one of the best for secure email, and other facilities, incl VPN

      @theonevortex RT @zooko: Things that don't work in China without VPN: Gmail, Twitter, VyprVPN's authentication server.

      @iop_bettyMyw @joshtamofficial It's true.Our country block Twitter,Facebook,Ins……I use VPN soft to help me,but it's very very unstable

      @fussysaur @cw_spn about time. kinda sick of having to use a VPN to watch CNN's vids on their site

      @Hummusmovie @Sarkies_Proxy JW3 Cinema November 6th at 1730 see Facebook page Hummus the Movie for more info and tickets,2nd screening same place on 20th

      @virdel21 @libertytarian @RealTBlackwood This is extremely serious as everything is integrated into computers Obamas censorship by Proxy of the UN

      @fallenhitokiri @Delitrium Thanks! 400/100, 10 devices, static IP, VPN for 2 people OOO with backups to server.

      @GenesisBrickman 5 secure reasons sword side will against suit la doctrine proxy: XIy

      @gimp_boi @gogreen18 I fear for a future when our speech is controlled by corporations who control the government, and enforce censorship by proxy.

      @e_Devii RT @pragya_bhushan: PAK has started a proxy war. They don't have guts to fight conventional war wid unbeatable #IndianArmy

      @SQLHammer @AMtwo I was unsure bcuz the bak needs OS access and would use the svc acct normally. With a proxy I am not sure if it would process diff.

      @Allstocknews $PNR Pentair Announces Plan to Implement Proxy Access
      From our Stock News Alerts App

      @trellosupport @tobiasrogers Can you try a different browser/connection (e.g mobile data) to see if it might be blocked by a proxy/firewall? Thanks

      @1blessedbee RT @Truthseer1961: Forced resettlement.
      Part of the @UN plan 2 propagate globalization & proxy rule on American citizens.
      They MUST disarm…

      @aheadofthenight Provided you switch to VPN and access via U.S. :x

      @JagexHelpSamo @Frooby_Family @JagexSupport using a VPN, I strongly recommend to scan your pc & secure your email first before recovering 2/2

      @Allstocknews $BIOD Proxy Advisory Firms, ISS, Glass Lewis Recommend Biodel Stockholders Vote in Favor of the Proposals Nec
      From our Stock News Alerts App

      @brandonrambles A lab mate asked me for instructions on how to access our server from home. And I gave her info about our VPN.

      @backaxel75 @iPhoneHackx @FSecure @FreedomeVPN F-SECURE FREEDOME VPN
      Protect your privacy. Access blocked content. Download now, try for free for 5 days

      @Synthovine @trillLizard youtube, patreon, facebook, twitter, etc. Not directly, but by proxy.

      @gosolohoshi DAB i found a vpn my school didn't block

      @deeewna RT @Lars9596: Oh #GEMA will no longer limit access to #Youtube-videos in #Germany.

      I never noticed: VPN & US-based IPE. Fuck Your Gema-cen…

      @jpitts2015 @secretangel1985 But I recommend u have the right setup to block all the crap the site has. Adblock for browser and Malwarebytes &VPN

      @FauxMole @MiriamKivlehan Your VPN & proxies in no danger fm Wikileaks publishing - unless you have something dirty of world significance to hide

      @proxy_89 #anonymous please...help us

      @BeLogicalPlz RT @BeLogicalPlz: Over Half of Clinton Supporters Will Not Accept Trump as a ‘Legitimate President’
      Hillary uses proxy to say what Trump s…

      @CU_meow spent the past 3 hrs figuring out how 2 block IP addresses on my network, realizing that fucked up my proxy settings, & resetting my router

      @DigsbyMoose @Independent One day, people will discover PROXY websites

      @SocialHours RT @sammacrory: Interviewed on @BBCWestminHour, Ruth Davidson says Boris was "absolutely right about what he said about proxy wars, about S…

      @l0lbre #the game watch episodes online free dns proxy

      @Datopdlink You can bypass YouTubes regional restrictions with a simple Google search. Lots of proxy sites solve the problem. Doesn't excuse YouTube.

      @Magicberyl Enough vpn to access twitter

      @deveyus @dominos Why are logins on your site broken? (2 separate browsers, 2 egress points on VPN, cleared cache and cookies)

      @Baobab68 @purevpn not sure how a VPN is supposed to protect me from the internet if every time I turn around, it has disconnected?

      @evolnemesis @akxba17 They funded these people just to protect their own interests... just like U.S. did... proxy wars are fucked up no matter who.

      @grandpamang @csgofiestacom i cant connect to the site without hola vpn and it still wont let me log in with steam once i get on the site :/

      @hestinson Why does Netflix block vpn, US Netflix is so much better than the portuguese

      @ell_essess @snuggydere I hosted a Pirate Bay proxy when the UK first banned access to the website.

      @Aracher @123MoviesUK Haven't be able to access any of your websites recently even the proxy list website has been blocked by some sort of firewall.

      @Justegarde @Kohls Any reason your site blocks browsing while I'm connected to a VPN?

      @GVchannelxyz @Johansonhan Yes. Use Opera VPN to bypass limit. You don't have to use Mega app, browser just fine.

      @jraydev I've spent many hours but still cannot get my pfSense firewall rules set up correctly to block traffic if the VPN get disconnected.

      @rubylu18 RT @0Hour1______: They think they are funny with this Cyber Stalking shit they will soon find out a VPN cant hide you that well.

      @adeeriswan @sanjieffect Stop playing victim. No one block the network. It just you who didn't configure the proxy

      @ksgant @paullicino @aarontrites Hello! I too am from Anonymous Proxy! Let's get together!

      @cherryaimless May I send a proxy? Live link to me in Alderney, I'll browse your shelves, choose a book and my proxy can post it to me!

      @Lemonjet @lagushkovorot Custom param will go to server section so it looks "server $IP send-proxy". It will apply to all backend ips as it scales

      @schrodingersc01 @thesun. Now if you put. IP addresses on social media pages You could make it harder for terrorists Charter block all vpn sites

      @egracieb RT @lesvcampbell: @lochvue @egracieb That's why MAY will censor the internet. To shut down the independent media. Nothing to do with terror…

      @KWCP989LPFM Go to TuneIn mobile app or iTunes Internet Radio to hear what's #NowPlaying on #KWCP989LPFM==> My (f. Knowdaverbs && Scientist) by Proxy

      @borisofmuscovy I think one of the worst parts about graduating @RoyalHolloway (computer-wise) is losing access to our lovely college VPN!

      @khantagion RT @Habibies: Da Kafiro barq na ghwarho khu di Yahoodo facebook ghwaarho, proof that not every Talib is a Mujahid n #Afghanistan but proxy…

      @hac_4m If everybody have given an unique ip by ip company then how tor browser can change user ip to another ip for proxy....

      @HollyDays6 i coulda got this comp when i got back from the states got an internet connection, buy a proxy browser and nobody online could get my ip

      @907413731Aron @withjaehyun @wanwan71694408 U can use twt by means of vpn.

      @meatcomputer @zspencer this would be for non-business critical servers -- want to keep an eye on my vpn, personal web server, minecraft, etc.

      @echenze @kevin_seth The NBC site & apps. Just use a proxy or a VPN to mask location (since content is restricted) & you're good to go.

      @JPhelan81 @SuperLeeds27 If you buy the match day pass can you watch the game win a vpn?

      @MarcusAgrippa4 Seriously, the way the internet is going with more #censorship and banning control, if you don't have a #VPN, you should get one.

      @tgchip @Azure - Can I use #AD app proxy to display an enterprise intranet site in an IFrame on my @SharePoint #Online site ? How ?

      @jaiiiiib any good link for downloading American series?

      @BoobaFett7 @CurvyPrincess_1 Lol sorry. Need to find a way to use my pc. Many sites are blocked by a company proxy so I need to find a way to bypass it

      @Purqaaayy @ShootToLoot_ idk how to unblock but you could always find and use proxy websites

      @c_r_darwin The world is tightening VPN access which in itself is not a bad idea as it allows destructive forces anonymity business needs a new idea

      @dhavalgshah @Marie_Haynes IMHO the best way even today is either using UULE parameter or on extreme level residential proxy service .

      @CoffeeNTrees Wait til Trump sends troops to Saudi Arabia to protect them from Iran's proxy war in Yemen. Essentially protecting Wahhabist Terrorists.

      @catherinebouris @chloepapas @msmegwatson @mdixonsmith I watch it on the channel 4 website using a VPN

      @xlucasonepvp @mullvadnet HELLO? I paid with Swish 1 day ago and I still don't have access to @mullvadnet vpn :/

      @kathiroussel RT @GalacticRedPill: 24) They know their days are numbered. They've lost the ability to spin, they've lost the ability to wage proxy wars a…

      @mosama_92 Quiz

      @IAmDrugsv2 RT @JOJISUXS: #CardingWithJoji
      ExpressVPN Carding

      @MatildaBawden RT @tracybeanz: @CookieBabes They are - My point here is that these Russians DID NOT want anyone to know they were Russian, hence the VPN.…

      @Tasnuvatushi51 @saddadalex it's not available in my country either, i used vpn app.

      @marvellous_mat @KP24 Download the masters app, free to watch. Use secure vpn if it’s blocked (another app)

      @y_n_v_nithin @AndroidDev anyone have idea how to add proxy to android things

      @secfigo @manicode @SeanWrightSec I had same question, it should apply to IP address when you are behind a proxy.

      @i3i5i7 RT @i3i5i7: @FortniteGame hey, how can i contact support? i got false kick for the reasons (IP/VPN Change, Bad Network, Cheating) and i can…

      @amit_pawa RT @IcostacheIoana: @amit_pawa @barringtonmj @RAPMOnline @KiJinnChin @sanjibadhikary @RoueCedric Fascinating study with great dissection im…

      @Pfelilpe RT @dcuthbert: VPN’s are hugely important as a privacy control but you need to understand who owns it and how they operate. Otherwise it’s…

      @ghaniiii_ @acmilan_eb Lmao he won't be coming unless he changes his IP crap or uses a proxy server

      @BobDyla26200965 RT @ZAYNxPROMO: To use US ip:

      - Download Browsec vpn
      - Run it & select USA

      - Add a vpn extension (screenshots below)


      @AOVBr @Assassin_Dave How to play on Indonesia server? VPN?

      @zorin_mihalache RT @Panavision: New to the DXL2, D2E gives DITs wireless LUT and CDL look control and records all color metadata into camera-generated prox…

      @CannonballJones @FangTengbo @iingwen @AFP By the way, which VPN are you using to circumvent your glorious government's censorship firewall?

      @BrumIsBrill RT @speeednet: The slow trickle of censorship and privacy elimination goes on unabated. Use Tor, use a VPN, use duckduckgo and use ProtonMa…

      @plynthster @stevegoodman Yep, having this conversation right now. Perception is that stuffing everything through a proxy is somehow more secure.

      @Zcotticus RT @sintillaGAMES: There are always improvements Twitch can make to prevent harassment but some are more complicated than others. People ca…

      @GarbageHumanHD RT @MauriceByford: @CountDankulaTV Use a VPN, pretend to be from a different Country, et voila.

      Censorship in this country is fast becomin…

      @oldst1x RT @WombatSecurity: It’s a best practice to use a #VPN to keep #data more secure when it’s on the move. Not convinced of the benefits? @pie…

      @Brimmy21 RT @99diegomachado: @buyvpnservice @buyvpnservice #PIAforMe because I want to surf anonymously with my hidden IP, the security of my WiFi o…

      @codedjigga RT @ncheks2005: The 1967-70 Nigeria-Biafra war wasn't fought to save Nigeria, it was fought to protect the British interest and the North a…

      @glezapariz RT @tattooednegm: 1. Download a vpn app, preferably Betternet from your Google Play Store (only for people who dont live in the US)

      2. Dow…

      @bugatsinho @StonyTony480 @KodiTips if your provider blocks the website then use VPN or Google DNS I suppose...website works for me!

      @Bharath94645720 @Rahel_PSPKian Then how VPN em ledu play store lo nunchi turbo VPN apk install chesukoni connect chesukoni browse cheyali