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      @RaikoHikari YES! I bypassed my sky broadband shield so now I can go on blocked sites such as twitter now!! without a vpn

      @ImperatorUnius @twitta_fiend the solution to ISP blocked sites like torrent sites etc is just use a VPN. no wahala.

      @american_in_teh When people visiting Iran constantly complain about social media sites being filtered:

      "Umm. It's not hard to download a VPN."

      @irishpianoman @RomaPete Ok I see so they work for you! I get an error here lately.. I'll have to use VPN to pretend I'm in the US! :)

      @Maxy69420 @parasIut is that a VPN u fuckin hacker

      @lootcrate @Japarican89 Make sure you don't have a VPN running in the background.

      @cablefreedom Canadians looking to access American online services need access to a virtual private network (VPN) service & a way to pay (e.g. PayPal)

      @PossiblyFix Best selling apps back home:
      Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and VPN proxies.

      @OnIydxddy @poutyprinsus try tunnel bear vpn

      @block215 @RNs_Funhouse @puckluckbitch upload using a VPN and they won't attack foreign sites like they do YouTube and such

      @kpopanimefan @lynn_saraalicea @stoesselsbieber @sofiacarsonfact I had to use a VPN to watch it. They also

      @FearsMelt @Shades7er @RaWzYsKyS There's this thing called a VPN on my phone Lmao

      @czuaaa @cry0431 Astril VPN

      @MVProtuhtype Seriously can't believe one of my routers is FRIED.... Looks like I'm back to VPN's.....

      @SharonMichaelso Supreme vpn keep afloat in consideration of thy friends wants: QjrgCO

      @TwoTonTedSez @EddyGecko @ValderramasHair @OruasCricket @MrLix I guess Aus punters have to VPN to betting sites in-play?

      @Engineus @masteroogwaay I use a VPN to torrent stuff I can't rent or buy. Most of the stuff I watch are on legit sites so I rarely need torrents.

      @rushvora @2shar :O I often use a VPN to access UK Netflix cause some stuff isn't there on US Netflix.

      @fudogasm @aleenashafinaz just use VPN and you can surf the porn sites. Easy meh #1amConvoBeLike

      @leedohm Enjoying the more secure feeling of using a personal VPN for my phone and laptop though

      @Chal_Fut RT @UxmanJameel: All porn sites once again have been blocked in Pakistan. -.-

      Phr se VPN kerna parhna.

      @ApocaIymon i wanted tap my katamari so i used a vpn lmao

      @scheisslaine @waflatte connect to a jp server with a vpn www
      but you gotta sacrifice your chat history... because you need to clear all line data orz

      @konvikktt Ever setup a remote access vpn in ccp @kiranchavala ?

      @maiyeng @Dunstachim I'm not sure where you can dl uk tv shows. Maybe you can use VPN to watch shows on region locked sites?

      @rockpapercss @ClaraWPhosting I use BlueHost VPN for my sites right now, but thanks for letting me know.

      @VladislavPaizis @ZeroD14th I've become used to sites like Crunchyroll & Funimation, but still have to use a VPN, because not all shows are available here.

      @cmtripathi @moonsixpence Yes that is option, I am using VPN currently. What is unfortunate that sites getting randomly blocked without explanation.

      @vpnsecure India server has been upgraded! better speeds and stability #VPN

      @Aleighty80 @DareToCarrick @KodiCommunity you need a vpn or dns to stop certain sites being blocked. Sorry I'm not in the UK so I didn't realise.

      @billwignall @ashsfitkitchen correct. There are no decent shows at all unless you VPN out. I was just about to cancel until i checked UK and US sites!

      @Shrabonti @gradwolf @vinayaravind VPN, illegal streaming sites etc are ok, they work, but you always have that icky feeling of doing s'thing wrong

      @dictionarylisa @nooo_suzy Hi, I'm a reporter with @globaltimesnews in China, may I interview you on using VPN to visit Chinese video sites like youku?

      @88Kimli @ggDoA That chrome extention is most likely using your PC as a access point. So you shuld have bothered to pay 30$ a year for a proper VPN

      @ysabellerocks @NintendoTweet skint atm and need to pay upfront for proxy sites T_T only ordered dx from gsc my other copy is coming from ami2 lol

      @Best_VPN_rev [1/2].@Dat_Green_Guy: We have a great affiliate program at Golden Frog, and we currently work with several VPN review/comparison sites....

      @GEOMATHEMATIK when none of the sites you've been using work in america, and too lazy to install a vpn.

      @S_Nickers1 So I got a VPN set up. No more blocked sites for me.

      @CosmicSpinZ RT @KvnPlays: If you want to use a VPN on your phone so you can go on blocked sites, download Betternet

      @softgrungesam23 Internet tip: protect yourself with at least 10 proxy layers of irony so nothing can hurt you

      @xxx_flaxo_xxx @BlueCreeperBoy Try using a VPN or Proxy

      @office2hoffice If ur looking for #freelance work look at rural job sites & offer ur #remotework skills - do a demo thru #VPN access #tech #entrepreneur #hr

      @lightwoodies @owpattinson no site da freeform com vpn e voiala

      @_sequoia @CloudFlare ok now I'm getting blocked on multiple sites, sometimes whole page sometimes just assets. What's ur beef with my VPN??

      @astrill @whitepatrick Please contact support and provide more details about VPN protocol you are using and which web sites are slow.

      @GoodmanHannah1 Good taste condense laterality proxy delivery room on speaking terms costa rica: TUc

      @_truthdontlie Never forget in grade school when they blocked Myspace so everybody built proxy sites

      @DestinyVault my whole school thinks they are hackers because they found a google chroma VPN extension to get past blocked sites... this hurts me

      @nvme4mydick @FezzanLibyaMG Another proxy war where people of Fezzan have most to lose. Benghazi is a real life example

      @kodi_mad @MaxdMerc use a VPN bud might be you IP address is blocked from sites

      @Wolfram1045 @ABC Last time I used a VPN was in high school to get around the blocks they had on sites like YouTube

      @summers_allan @FreedomeVPN does the VPN block all phishing sights? I only ask because some phishing sites look very realistic.

      @Level5Operative @netflix The UK video selection is terrible. If you block VPN access I will never spend any more money on Netflix. I can promise you that...

      @kirschen @_pigeons_ pout… oh well VPN FTW! @Gethin76

      @alexrhystaylor new VPN restrictions on TV streaming sites getting in the way of my global imagined community #net #NetflixEverywhere

      @NaeShe @kendoherty1997 If you want to watch on your phone go to the App Store or google play and type in 'free vpn'. Follow the simple instructions

      @ciscosquad Nothing annoys me more than an ISP blocking traffic to certain sites. Thank God for vpn & proxies.

      @Cambridgeport90 @girlgerms But our primary concern right now is RRAS and getting site-to-site VPN working properly between not two sites, but three.

      @alvarofgc @sonicosaurio en un server stgo ip fija. Por vpn entre firewall fortinet no funca

      @ozorotter @poteitoku only for jp blocked videos on YouTube. With things like Nico video I'm sure specific proxy sites exist

      @Fones57 @njmsoccer I have to use a vpn with certain sites through sky blocking them.

      @ThatManMatt @GarryAgain ta. Just them being confused cos my IP was signed into UK and DE sites and they can’t cope with that. Have to use VPN

      @AshtonLeman Peru trips: 4 acmatic journeys as proxy for the burning with excitement trekker: VIxvzPS

      @viperdudeuk Loving my VPN access from @buyvpnservice and all the countries they support.

      @Perfect_Gene Incognito on sites helps avoid cookies and if you have a vpn client, you can make your views look unique using both together.

      @neu5ron @da_667 the terracota vpn was a prime example of the argument you are making. Hell energetic bear made huge use of "legit" sites.

      @CRobertruhiu @Tinolle1955
      hi dude mind teeling of a method of bypassing firewall rules.except with a vpn.
      problem -blocked sites

      @NoGraceAce @bmcMUT i've had 7 'server timeouts' this week, i'm done with this shit, and i have a vpn on so i know for a fact its ea and im not being

      @smellyfart69 @xHateful @u0001f602 so should I call it in and find out my self? bc if it was a proxy or a vpn it wouldn't say that

      @FalzYo I still have US Netflix. YAS. Not gonna tell you what VPN thing I use coz my next tweet might be.... BLOCKED from US Netflix.

      @KupoOnToast Question for you gamers out there.. Would you go through the effort of using VPN just to play a game?

      @CSmurfhunter Anonymous supporters in social media networking site VPN'S don't hide your email address so I Can see you soon enough IFuckBook Anonymous...

      @enzen @dmjewelle Yeah, that was the site I was trying to access. VPN or bust evidently

      @_shemmie_ @enjoy_murph PirateBrowser works, as does my VPN, cheers dude. But I'm more "Awesome list of sites, recommended by court order!"

      @DavePee @iainlee Are you using a paid VPN or one of the free ones? The paid ones are more likely to stay ahead of the curve.

      @HGSupport @lissie45 ^dh Thank you for your ticket ID! Unfortunately, we are unable to replicate the errors. Can you try viewing your sites via proxy.

      @Ncell @MinaPDL
      Basic Configuration setting:-
      IP Address /Proxy IP =
      Port = 9201 (for WAP1)
      Port = 8080 (for HTTP or WAP2)

      @Seven_Stones RT @kevtownsend: Some sites remain unavailable via BT, TunnelBear VPN is a good solution -- gets there via US

      @hkazazi @lottieintehran actually for my chance I use Twitter without VPN :)) now I have to use it for that site

      @dermodymt Located in the United Kingdom? Problems Viewing Streaming Sites Like 1Channel? Use a VPN:

      @lukaswinn WFH Tip: If you notice download / upload speed is slower than normal when using non work sites...make sure you're disconnected from VPN!

      @Christi08926228 Free of pos software-perquisite as proxy for unlatch pos software, guides being as how unbuckle pos software: mKWQS

      @L0Ve_Blossoms the moment when u dont need to go on vpn for china blocked sites! #liferocks

      @PeytonDorothy Momentousness in re website tungusic explanation as proxy for an online conglomerate corporation: nYUbXS

      @jmmanchanda @ibnlive Act likewise against anonymous/proxy accounts showering hatred & house!

      @golazoargentino @Scott_Mac91 I think I heard some people were still able to watch youtube in the UK. Sadly if not it is streaming sites or a VPN change

      @Edourdoo Is it just me or NYT's website is unblocked in China?
      Tried both English and Chinese sites without VPN.

      @summers_allan I’m using a new VPN called Onavo. Its really good, and its free!

      @ianpmccarthy @VirginMediaIE it says Web page not available & doesn't load. With a vpn it's fine.Other sites are fine Any ideas? Thanks for ur help Brian

      @al11588 Pirate bay streaming torrents now is definitely a trap. Friends don't let friends use public torrent sites. Especially, without a VPN.

      @ZetaNigeria Our MPLS/VPN services is specifically designed to deliver an efficient,scalable&reliable way of connecting your multiple sites.Contact us

      @incoherent_rage @Snowden @ArcMadder VPN and Tor aren't bulletproof either. TLAs have been honeypotting Tor sites for quite some time too.

      @nicnocquee Possible iOS bug: SafariViewController cannot load URL if using proxy server. Or is it @tweetbot bug?

      @IanWPeter @victoriajudge @Telstra @urbanexploreMEL sites OK if you use TOR browser or maybe other VPN, this is a DNS lookup issue at this end

      @LukeLawrie @Sliwinski Not enough apparently.Will just push more people to use VPN's or CD key sites for purchasing digital games here.

      @cdrhoo @tammy @cconti @nbarron Plan to be blocked when accessing US sites. You'll need a special VPN from your co but even that's not guaranteed.

      @pxfun I can not use google products or FBor tw if I don't use VPN. For the social network sites, I can quit but not Google. #VPNconncetionisslow

      @hotdad @WlSDOMS @TheAtlantic probably get it cheaper and get a different countries proxy to get access to different shows

      @vtchakarova What you observe now in the proxy war in #Syria is an escalation of the clashes due to reaching a point of no return in all positions.

      @ATrainKickz RT @tony19_72: Any good proxy sites @ATrainKickz ?

      @PiyoLaurant Frick, if tumblr is blocked I'll have to look up other sites to host my art blog/portfolio... can't link to it and say "you'll need vpn"

      @Lysander45 VPN works. Won't say much more. Sites normally blocked take that extra bit of time to load. Video playing is slow as molasses.

      @trevor_jesus @Shawhelp can you guys dm me? Getting very slow speeds, dropped vpn connections, etc. Most speed testing sites showing <6Mbps s/b >20-30

      @fajroboy RT @vivindwnt: VPN aint always the answer bcs some questions lay stress on gov's idea of blocking stuff on internet, not "how to open these…

      @brynear Lockdown on social sites....everyone please download a free Vpn @andsjeff #UGDecides ...man I follow ur twts looking out for u

      @babirukamu @m23_re Using a VPN proxy server called Tunnel Bear. But I'm sure they are working to block that. #UgandaDecides @kacungira @solo_ambuku

      @gavincampbelltv RT @GIHarrington: Social media sites seem to be blocked in Kampala, only available via VPN #UgandaDecides

      @ivankanonya RT @elhealthent: @FDCOfficial1 Go to google play store and download "cloud Vpn" or "tunnel bear" this will unblock the Facebook,whatsapp…

      @sbtyakizito RT @_jjav: There are always hacks to everything. "Cloud vpn" can help you unlock all the blocked sites during this #UgandaDecides

      @brownsugarbabir RT @MWilshere: @brownsugarbabir are you tweeting via a VPN? I heard that the Ugandan government has blacklisted social media Facebook, Twit…

      @aldo1729 #UgandaDecides You can load scratch airtime one ur lines - mtn uganda, download cloud VPN to access all social media sites.

      @ughecky @Lightthenightxx @illusniall a vpn? No lol. It just reroutes your WiFi to unblock sites

      @apocrypha_proxy might be deer, which would make most sense

      @MutumbaSamuel1 download cloud vpn to access all the blocked sites.

      @BrevzMeow @awocun Use a proxy from your Browser or Try a VPN

      @EKitamirike @UCC_Official has written to telecom firms asking them to disable #VPN related sites for a complete shut down of social media

      @VigilantUgandan LOL moment of #UgandaDecides was UCC Officials switching off social media only to find people tweeting to them VPN sites.

      @Heather_D_ @emasar3 download Hola VPN extention if you haven't. Great for geo blocked sites. #GoCanada

      @FOXINGtheband @TheMikeWebster should be working--make sure you don't have a VPN running--ticket sites hate that.

      @SilppyG @VVF47_MUFC I get there through torrentz only. But I'm too tech challenged to use vpn's to open blocked sites.

      @gee0dee Applied for a few jobs, ended up submitting personal details to a few proxy recruitment sites. WHYDOESTHISKEEPHAPPENING?

      @geminiimatt @bradheath @USATODAY exactly! Could have been any wifi. People need to 1) only use HTTPS version of sites 2) use a vpn

      @_FvresMutes As if the internet doesnt have the vpn mask. So much for blocking virtual sites.

      @TraderStf @purevpn no more 'listed' in serious, non-affiliated, vpn-review sites! ReadMyLips TF, BHW, GC...

      @cambiguously loving a glitchy VPN that keeps me up on social media w blocked sites in china while still disconnecting & keeping me in check/off the grid

      @hunterofbots h1-b bespoke engagement palestine debt Seinfeld instagram leads vpn good equity #degree

      @vduglued For some reason, I can’t get to any #Magento official sites today from my BT Internet connection. Works over VPN. Other sites fine.

      @aboynamedposh @asinAlexander I'm still getting on US Netflix fine using dns from the usual sites rather than paying for a proxy, gie it a shot.

      @f3ndot @thedoh That still circumvents their new fancy proxy/VPN detection?

      @mjmpgh @BigARashad there are worse.
      Use a VPN if you're blocked from accessing sites.

      @dcworthington I use a VPN for privacy and security. Sites like @actblue won't work right with it. I'm not going to stop using VPN, but will stop w/ sites

      @ChhotaHulk @ashishtics they're blocking by category. during exams they blocked social sites & VPN too. :/

      @ZaifUHC Anyone wanna need cheap VPN. Bypass Badlion and Kohi and others servers. Many locations. Lifetime price. DM Me

      @OldridgeAva Dubai property as proxy for on the block-investing invasive uae undoubted folk: mCPzh

      @DownzzzSkid @TheSoapSally I suggest that you use a VPN when going onto suspicious sites.

      @xavierverhoeven @Telstra my cable service is shocking lately. Terrible speed on Apple Music; now lots of sites won’t resolve unless I use a VPN. Any ideas?

      @HenryKathy1 Nombril point tectonics conversions as proxy for an hale on the agenda site: fxlOjqhKH

      @davis9v RT @StacDemon: Way to go @ICGaels, the #MAACHoops best!!! My favorite proxy team. Yeah, we all get to see A.J. English!!!

      @RobKaiju Downside to using a good and popular VPN, blocked from so many sites...

      @CrackingKing @SVNSXT disable proxy or VPN, clear cache. Try again. If not, check the ban page or your profile.

      @nanapy87 @carolies541 hi, can i know which VPN sites/extension you're using to watch the dramas from Line TV?

      @Elit3gamer180 @Elit3gamer180 I just downloaded a VPN app to unblock sites on school WiFi! Now I can get on Twitter, FB and more on school wifi!

      @jordemort @RCNconnects I can get IPv6 addresses from a tunnel but then sites think I'm using a VPN; wouldn't be a problem if I had IPv6 from you.

      @hudspeth_julian @PeakSneaksREAL did you use proxy or server

      @MitchSully Netflix not allowing VPN/proxy connections now. Can't wait for the 'OMG Australians download so much stuff!' articles to start again.

      @vndrei My school has free wifi but they block most sites, however turning on my VPN fixes that

      @AnonCorpWatch Change MAC
      Change User Agent
      Hack WiFi
      Use VPN
      Use TOR or Proxy Switcher

      #Anonymous #AnonCorpWatch

      @ConfessionsOfT For sure @internode is blocking / limiting some sites, connect to a VPN like PIA and they load much quicker #basslink #NetNeutrality

      @w4luigi RT @John_Kehoe: whichever virgin at Netflix US headquarters worked out how detect which people are using proxy sites, i hope you remain a v…

      @Vitrollaa @strongvpn @OTI any news on the Vpn/dns Netflix block?

      @AycliffeBC @daz1705 that's why they've had to install a VPN then! Ridiculous that it's not on the @BadmintonEnglnd or @YonexAllEngland sites

      @Solarus0 RT @zeynep: VPN. Very practiced population. Also, still not sure if sites blocked or throttled. RT @oritperlov @zeynep so how pple are stil…

      @arawnsley Netflix and now dot ir news sites are blocking VPN traffic. Hard not to take this personally.

      @KentLawson RT @tucutech: @KentLawson , you're right again - hackers are relentless. It's an endless game of patch- hack- patch-hack. A VPN makes sens…

      @joshea @jdrumgoole yup, our proxy is generally very well informed about malware infected sites...

      @00772A_01 @fairiesinblood why do you even have a DNS Unlocker ? I mean you should use a VPN to bypass blocked sites.

      @bansama @oprainfall ...customers. At moment, all we can do is ask friends outside of Japan to buy for us. Or to use VPN and third party sites =/

      @geminiimatt @_alastair lol never seen those before. What kind of sites have YOU been visiting. j/k i get em when my vpn is off & geolocation not spoofed

      @degner Is @TEDataEgypt throttling @imgur and @Vimeo pages? The sites won’t load directly, but are fast through my VPN.

      @Hoodster_Proxy @ChaserKate He screamed and looked around trying to get free.
      //*leans against kate her writer.* He's fucked isn't he?

      @laureninspace @ANNZac I'm just glad it worked out! My USA VPN means I can watch all my usual streaming sites.

      @Ozan_Kuscu @PreetBharara for further evidence pls check banned Turkish web sites with a lot of zerrab audios, you can use vpn :) #helpjustice

      @FuxNet @securetecvpn @hacker_center my fav part is the website for the VPN & how the content is copy pasted from other sites including testimonials

      @Madame_Says .@airvpn connects automatically, doesn't cause some sites to return errors and is fast. #vpn #bestvpn #vpnformac

      @Roni_oRin @thepedishow i mean i have set up a proxy server so if i played in EU the server will detect i located in europe region. which is prety hard

      @Antikaseer111 @xi9sxi1s salam.. brother will u plz tell me the name of a secure vpn in my dm? Jazakallah

      @shitty_vagra @CalumMcSwiggan Sigh. I have to use VPN because all LGBT sites are blocked here. Guess I have to find new ways.

      @pictuz Can a VPN on your phone hide cellular data searches?




      @_fdamilola “Jesus got me on VPN because we private"

      @GallantAndZeros None of the proxy sites I've check have the Mio for preorder and I'm losing my mind

      @EamonCaddigan @sckottie Seriously I've started using Sci Hub to avoid the hassle of opening up a VPN and then dealing with those sites.

      @FFamous_Nat VPN Easy opens all blocked sites and applications, protects your privacy and secures your data on public wifi networks.
      Unbeatable quality f

      @FuxNet RT @securetechost: @PacketSmuggler @FuxNet @JetBlackCloud I asked him why people should trust him to run their VPN or host their "op" sites.

      @timwingfield OH: "I don't hit porn sites while I'm on the vpn, jeesh, I am a professional"

      @zbstudioone anyone tell me why are web sites now blocking users that use vpn?

      @SnarkyPlatypus @paulkidd Yup. A few other news sites blocked too. Used VPN to get around it

      @CMincham RT @arielerinkaplan: Guys, this is what's coming up. I'm using a VPN (allows be to access UK sites) and have signed up to Channel 5 HELP ht…

      @HackITandC @pn_roberts cant see a vpn helping too much, the other sites only recommend it because they make £££

      @Cognitive_Diss Funny how "who the fuck called me" sites block you if you're using vpn.

      @petermburu @AlexLalex1 LOL I will try one of those IP/VPN sites tonight! He doesn't seem all that conservative, he could be a dem

      @Mr_Helfire So, the new #apple update stops you from using Proxy VPN while watching the US NETFLIX.

      @KeatCharles Copywriting as proxy for online sites: fabrication a importantly thriving site: BKSPhtvcs

      @DHUNTtweets That's right VPN protocols are blocked, OpenVPN 443 (suspect software blocking reaching servers like sites), but SSTP works, only 1 App ..

      @JackoffJosh711 @AnnStokes55 @realSalBass @attytray @NahBabyNah I use VPN & Encryption Then Put Myself Out of US & Use Leaked Sites in Deep Web By Anonymous

      @prasys @9VSQA use a desktop , download ccproxy , set your android to use proxy and see which traffic is sucking it up

      @thehelpdesk_ Gary D @YoGazza is now half way through configuring WiFi vlan on DrayTek @DrayTekUK routers, 29 SSL-VPN micro sites around Essex

      @thugmcnastyyy @RylieCompton look up "VPN" in your App Store an download one of the apps, they let you access blocked sites using the school wifi

      @iGulsherKhaan @Gehrayi bruh this country needs some more good VPN sites

      @DoloresCharle10 How urinal faith c ip addresses take care of as proxy for oneself?: bRumgLB

      @kirbyairride2 @Pawtiko it is i have a vpn on my ipad that lets me go to unblocked sites

      @FleetingShadow @tgijsola Pretty awesome app. And it runs on pretty much everything, and has a central control mechanism. Secure - uses a VPN to block, so

      @KeatCharles Copywriting as proxy for online sites: raising la hugely assured of success site: octJvjNkW

      @f0xhole Why do sites region lock their content. They know we're just going to use a VPN.

      I guess Hulu has a way to block that cos they hate money

      @CarolNorma1 Guidelines headed for as headed for would fain do a demure resources appointee as proxy for mail-order selling a lodging wreath bu:…

      @ureTheShoney13 RT @frnsys: most frustrating part of Chinese internet might be its inconsistency - sites sometimes work on 2G, sometimes only with VPN, som…

      @CharlieCarl2 5 puzzle against implore an buck private hawker relative to long-lost vehicles as proxy for garage sale: XcWMSH

      @undergroundzUSP @SkyDX orly? neat! Yea, was all I could find without having to comb 300 sites with half dead links or using a VPN xD

      @YLevitan @theTunnelBear Google sites are not working while I'm connected to your VPN. Help!

      @NokieVillanueva the websites still up and running, probably blocked on PH IP, but if you're using VPN, you can still access it! FYI @COMELEC @jabjimenez :D

      @SoniaSu_ Sites blocked within the ~8 months I've been in #China: Vimeo, SCMP, the Economist, Medium, i.e., Internet = unusable w/o VPN

      @EnnaTheGreat These Dtata limits with these VPN sites, girl. as a last resort I might just use hola, i dont want shit interrupting the stream

      @_pascalandy @scaleway humm sorry, looks like my VPN randomly block some sites ... Sorry for this!

      @swiftgronaf @cIarasoswaId don't torrent it, just watch it on file hosting sites with a vpn

      @MontyVaderr I decided to use my VPN to see if i could get on an NA server and it worked omg

      @UltraSteveG @RealityGlitch A bit like a proxy server, but better!

      @TomTomaso With VPN also problems...seems to be the streaming sites...

      @RichForrest2 @AustralisTerry could be that I'm using a VPN...
      I can't see some sites because the assigned IP isn't always in Oz

      @garkelly @GoPro Does your new GoPro App for Desktop not work behind a proxy? I cannot log in.

      @ShitTomSay @swxxii haha I forgot about that, mind you it didn't stop me when I was there in Feb with the help of a VPN

      @LeslieAllford Graciousness seo services london- determine the desired results as proxy for yours website: falHAO

      @Youssefyamani @ImanBermaki for pc and mac you can also make your own vpn, server easily

      @Espurra WTF? Is cloudflare blocking my VPN or something? I can't access some sites while on vpn, I just get a cloudflare error

      @noigbre @micarrmath download VPN. It U blocks all the sites

      @ExpatPNW @yeoldeguildford you can get a VPN on PC or mobile device that will allow you to bypass the country restriction. I'm about to try some out.

      @WatsonGarrison2 Hiring limousine services could come untoward in what way profusion speaking of sites are open to as proxy for...

      @summerandcallie @sonny_jim_ A VPN masks country of residence, which lets you browse geo-blocked sites. Or maybe sign up for an EPL pack in another country.

      @mr_eportfolio @British_Airways @mr_eportfolio Sorted: You have started to place Geographical restrictions on the sites use! Remote VPN. Sorted.

      @tooturntsteph none of the servers on my vpn app are working

      @fallreflection Anyone able to access CN and HK sites via @ViewQwest Freedom VPN? QQ and TVB appears to be inaccessible for me.

      @theonelinesage Tit-for-tat war is self-harm by proxy #business #startup #success #motivation

      @Nasirsahb @mksid123 kabhi suna ha log ban sites ko kesey khol letey hain?? Vpn k through hota woh

      @Afric01 Good night to all Ugandans who have managed to access social media sites via VPN.

      @bullm00se RT @flexlibris: public wifi is well known to be incredibly hostile! VPN access is one way to keep your patrons safer when using your networ…

      @sikkdays Weird. @dreamhostcare sites load on my phone, but using a VPN on public WiFi they won’t load. I can’t send email either.

      @NanthaF RT @ZACK_IRON1: Freedom of speech, press, is on the verge in Uganda. Social sites closed down...Ugandans have sought refuge in the VPN

      @Est_19xx_97 @Shotzy_Boiii mines decent. Just used a VPN and I could use all blocked sites, social media etc..

      @igelzeit @igelzeit NOOOOO iplayer figured out i was using a vpn oh well time to watch on the eurovision website

      @imwestm @mwood94 I do have VPN access for when I'm at work, sooooo good for sites not to be blocked and shit!

      @bmroute I just deployed @meraki MX firewalls at 4 sites with full mesh VPN. 2 don’t even have a local internet cxns. Whaaaaaaa? Yup.

      @Iucyhle whY does netflix have to block every vpn it's so annoyinh

      @ingodwetryst I don't like sites that require me to disable my VPN to post an ad. Looking at you ECCIE.

      @saiful_izann @ezzthedon How to bypass via VPN dude? Mucho gracias in advance

      @darby_weaver I literally have my own Home Office, HQ, Co-Lo, NOC/SOC, Remote Sites, and Remote VPN with various transport options.

      @PayAsYouGoSEO @virginmedia blocking sites from customers is just not cool...i'll stick to my VPN and ignore your stupid rules...

      @MacduffFreeman Distinctly approach vpn washroom specific problems: wWczk

      @BlockAdblock @dmarti @alexanderhanff @AdblockPlus Not to mention that loads of free mobile adblockers use VPN's which are potentially a far worse threat.

      @repalec @jortySA Oh yeah, don't they have some sort of lame vpn block in place now?

      I'd have to imagine it'll be worldwide for the $ they're paying

      @StealthCoinz @vpnht Great ! i simply read an article on Yify sites about a law suit and wanted to try you VPN service

      @mxg87 @MetroUK so people will start to use a vpn, and more sites will pop up anyway to replace the ones that get blocked.

      @kaiydid @JxckoJI yeah they've blocked a load of sites, download a vpn extension and it should work

      @OsamaElWardani RT @hateVodafoneEG: UK's ISP blocking Putlocker & number of free video streaming sites! @FCOJohnCasson Britz using VPN? #Disappointing


      @pitakakariki @tslumley @keith_ng @EricCrampton it's not one or the other though. Bad faith by the industry as a proxy for private information.

      @gannimo Gotta love lag: China (hotel wifi) -- VPN (US) -- tunnel to server (Europe) -- Internet. You merely embraced the lag, I was born in it!

      @_syfy_ @AponkyeDiego but you know you can also create a VPN which will allow acces to blocked social media sites? third-party software allow it.

      @FoxBuchele @TheEscapistMag Is there a good reason I can't access any escapist sites through my VPN?

      @DSTRBNC @virginmedia I heard, libs! VPN maybe? Or you know any other similar sites you recommend?

      @darby_weaver @its_gc One more thing I'm expanding my VoIP to my other sites over what is called Lifeline VPN.

      @skoulding @prinnc3 Hi, saw your guide on VPN on Pi, I don't know much about VPN. If I follow the guide will it allow access to restricted sites? cont.

      @misschatter @opera since Opera Dev updated this morning, I can’t reach my internal sites while on work VPN (not browser VPN). Thanks!

      @virtadpt RT @Penenberg: If Peter Thiel wanted to get really nasty he’d buy Gawker thru a proxy & convert it into a site to investigate private lives…

      @Markillion @MezmoreyezTV throttling what sites? Have you tried a VPN?

      @hfzsalleh @qilhannah hahaha from what i know VPN ni region connection. So ada la VPN changer kalau malaysia ada block any sites.

      @The4rchAngel Downsides to using foreign VPN’s: the Google monster auto translating sites into languages you don’t know. #konnichiwa

      @Sarkies_Proxy @EmilyApricott @GreenwichHour @CornerstoneRA do they? If not @TheWoolwichPub did an awesome roast

      @omgitscras @omgitscras 'Recommended Browser Extensions (uBlock,Ghostery, HTTPSeverywhere)+VPN of Choice (for 'untrusted' networks)&2FA..

      @gnomeoffender @dangillmor @StarwoodBuzz is it your VPN or adblocker? Some sites want to collect cookies and offer you access only on those grounds.

      @NathanAvie Virgin Media have gone through so many streaming sites and blocked them, defo need to invest in a proper VPN or something

      @LadyLucyxx @PattonKieran @GJ69 Have you tried using hola? If not, open up proxy site and copy and paste the link and that should work

      @elab49 @thestopbutton a few streaming sites online, and even Viki sometimes works with a VPN.

      @antistasiology RT @SaiGonSeamus: Don’t visit these pro-appelbaum sites without using a VPN, they harvest IPs to hack & dox their critics.

      @erylomjucseyrtt Gaming VPN PREMIUM ACCOUNT


      60LOAD 1MONTH
      80LOAD 2MONTHS




      @EastCoastFolk @thebuxtonblog This is what we go through to watch NBCSN, VPN sites and borrowed canle subscription information from Yankees.

      @tomslominski Things I Enjoy: Being banned/straight up disconnected from sites because I'm on a VPN.

      @declanm12 @VPN_Anonymous so does your software safeguard against identification on all file sharing/streaming sites ?

      @OGGloGang It was his idea to bring filtering for "Pornography" and instead ruined everything. U lucky theres VPN to bypass ur shield crap

      @blackVPN @ThatPrivacyGuy The few people who applied over the years were all rejected. The only affiliates we paid were "VPN review" sites

      @DesterWallaboo @PochettinoStyle @youngblackcon so focusing on monitoring from those accessing those sites. I realize VPN can be an issue.

      @takamakianns @sailoryoons add kpopstarz dot com to list of sites where vpn should work and /hacker voice/ you're in and ready to scam

      @MadamCro @craigmabbitt if you have/don't mind installing a VPN, I would suggest torrenting them. Streaming sites are hit or miss.

      @thaicam Damnit. Thailand finally broke thru the VPN line, it seems, for a lot of entertainment sites like Netflix. Oh well.

      @surreycreeker @Catvanzyl @EvelDick @johnnymacxo @BBArchive - can confirm this method works this year just like last year. Opera browser has free VPN too.

      @kishor6kumar @alok_bhatt can use a VPN to bypass blocked sites.

      @Kyle_Rooster Just went to the silly re-vote petition website. Anyone can use a VPN, click a box, and use a throwaway email address to participate. Enjoy!

      @L0ND0N_APP RT @findmereading: 5. Syd x that one asshole in the beginning of Proxy by @ca_london! I know it's a tiny part of the book but I was just li…

      @ArmeZeeuw @ArmeZeeuw What if they use VPN, TOR browser or a proxy server @EU_Commission? Why not just charge VAT in the country where the owner of /4

      @TheNadji Anyone know how to bypass blocked sites without using a VPN?

      @Inspiritgul @seongayu @Inspiritgul some people already put it on some sites... or you can change your vpn? Or wait until tomorrow for the 1st ep!

      @nehadk @DDsD Y'know what I'd love.. a VPN that has a whitelist you can add sites to so that it doesn't re-direct (e.g ABC iView).

      @cakeliketatum Lol our school's IT tried to block Facebook, Twitter, Youtube in our computer labs but they forgot to block proxy sites

      @habboqueenswag @Telstra is your broadband services having trouble connecting to websites because sites can't be reached using your internet but vpn works?

      @Aryugaetu @udsubodhana @TechyTee All UK VPN is down? topukvpn-whole site down, #bestukvpn and #newipvpn-sites are up, but #VPN down. #TorBrowser?

      @whiteflight44 @ElectreIsMore @TheeCurrentYear @Support I'm in Germany and noticed missing sites that pull up. I used my vpn and they come up as always.

      @vr_sam @DeeKej @andytouch install Hola Free VPN and set Google Play Store to run as Aus/NZ? Dunno if will work if account country-based or not

      @synthhCSGO @Evidented @Dangers_Daddy @ProSyndicate You can't bypass website blocks if it's activated at the ISP. You can also block proxy sites.

      @DeinrichDoener @undercoverdudes I had to use a VPN with a connection to Singapur to show the Website and manage to login... and not being able to play it.

      @Stupidosaur @ahauntedvagina The tunnel is between you and the proxy/VPN's server. That server sends requests to the sites you want to see.

      @HannahDaisyxx @aimesxx I just got love island on my phone!!! Download cyberghost and it is a proxy that can show your IP address to be in the UK

      @jd_2322 @Nick88S download it using VPN if you have an android phone

      @ivan_shmakov @theimmortal29 I know VPN, but I don't worry about security, i worry about spending money on HDD, because I work at VoIP-PSTN operator.

      @0livierrr @hidemyass the worst software ever ! connection 56k modem! Software crash always ! Web sites don't detect the vpn. Don't use it !

      @abenezer_a RT @Soli_GM: People please do not share Proxy sites and VPN option in public. it is easy for TPLF to block it. #Freetheinternet #Ethiopia

      @Shitward_ALT_ @NeoslabDev Tor for unlisted sites and vpn for sec

      @LotusCalor mwahaha I have a VPN app that stops school wifi from blocking sites, I feel like a hacker

      @WardRichard1 Ways so that pride and joy the prevail over hosting as proxy for yours website: RXpGYGClL

      @alwaysbeperry I use a VPN and I can enter the Netflix sites but as soon as I want to watch smth it says that I should delete my VPN in order to watch

      @abasmayorr @lyndajumilla they're using vpn to access blocked sites.

      @fishjourner @iheartbeijing @geiligiving you must be doing it wrong. you can have the local sites go via direct connection even with vpn on

      @rogeryu27 @FatAsianTechie @Pokemon We made big effort to download the game, register a google account with vpn just to see streets without a pokemon

      @peterbihr Lots of sites default-blocking users coming in from VPN IP address ranges now it seems. Is this a trend? Can it be avoided?

      @KGLlewellyn I encrypt my sites and VPN with 3rd Party offshore TLS certificates, I will never put in their backdoors.

      @abytw @asglenn1981 @TechCrunch VPN was the only way I could access western news sites when in China.

      @WoodGilson Incise the bulkhead as proxy for held in reserve opportunities toward exohosting: MIneJE

      @ray_stanton @MelitaMalta @BBCNews here in Malta & someone is blocking all news sites out of country: had to vpn to get access - too coincidental today

      @jeckman “Security is not an elective” @daljo628 thanks for the reminder to go on VPN

      @AndyLandy RT @ECSSystems: ECS staff file store, staff VPN service and web sites are at risk on Wed 20th from 5pm to 10pm as we are installing a new U…

      @dearjmn i used one of those fake vpn? things so i could watch my korean shows on the website i usually watch them on since its blocked in korea

      @crossdefault @_oldmangloom @grodaeu book through a VPN to get better deals. Sites price different for different IP geolocations.

      @prawn_meat when i want a little vacation to the usa i simply set my vpn there and enjoy browsing all the sites that an american would

      @redcatbern @BBCRoryCJ Most sites reachable but our VPN is knackered . I assume it is related .

      @jonsantos77 thats what ur buddy cant hackit associations get for invading my privacy why u jittery associations so intent on vpn just to find out that

      @44_MPH @RNsliq BTW in the US they have blocked access to such sites you need A VPN to torrent hapa Kenya we enjoy uncensored internet

      @ell_1010 @kittykhajiit vpn or proxy only, thats german copyright laws for you

      @HasnainEMO RT @Gotoxytop: why these torrent sites are asking me to use VPN? :/

      @RedbirdMenace So we need a static IP to submit our game to Sony but holy shit do VPN sites all look shady so guess I'm learning how to set up a VPN on AWS

      @Trei_Gamer @labythan I bet, unless they block VPN traffic.

      @AndersonAudrey2 Take the cake world wide web reciprocal trade presence as proxy for website shipping: SKUs

      @StevieWhitson @Callum_Massie @FootySuperTips Hola VPN on chrome works perfectly on all sites :)

      @VivekVerma71 @Upar_Wala use VPN for torrent sites.otherwise they won't work

      @MichaelsonAiden Crossing-out catastrophe alias twist bristling - gratuity upon communicate omnipresent animal fiber sites as proxy for yours needs: XAh

      @danpolinsky @shinguardian To be fair, I was never able to connect through C1’s VPN on flights, but non-C1 sites worked much better.

      @csdial thing stopping kids from gambling is VPN that can be installed from chrome. If you are going to cut down on sites - at least prevent a site

      @NatnaelFit Browsers in Addis are down one after the other. Is there such a thing called proxy browser?

      @AMenezToSociety Nope lol. I actually use the opera mini app which works as a proxy site, but there /are/ proxy sites that work here. @Starklordx

      @superbang If you block my vpn, I feel like I'm being encouraged to pirate things. I already purchased the stuff too, I just hate physical media.

      @wickedguyy vpn is for accessing blocked sites?

      @TheLegalWeagal Anyone know a decent free VPN?

      @john_shearer_au @SandraEckersley experts point to ddos attack sites which show no such attack. Just % of 10m hhlds trying at same time, some with VPN.

      @cantechit @Mierdin @NetBeez Monitoring a VPN network, monitoring my remote sites. If i'm a small guy with some basic distributed needs.

      @Anonymousdude49 @TeamSkeet Doe's your website block VPN's?

      @Deatives @Jettzyy @screamo lol, what if he's on Tor, or behind a VPN/Proxy Server?

      @Ceybriar @thecrestofadave Netflix is the worst since they figured out how to block proxy's ;-)

      @AcaciaJules @WEAVERBRAND91 @Matts_Tweeting @LazlaLaz google Hola VPN, it's free, and you can use it only on sites you want to.

      @buro9 @JofArnold for really bad stuff (news sites! and Guardian app) I use a streisand VPN with DNSmasq and blocked domains to prevent tracking

      @freevpn_ninja RT @LukePlaysTerrar: Betternet is the unlimited FREE VPN app that can be used to access out of region or blocked sites! #BetternetSeason

      @CBC @OutaouaisOttawa You're unable to view content from our sites with a VPN. Try turning it off -- we can only broadcast to a #CAN audience.

      @dairycowfootdoc @LynnSosnoskie try opera browser developers versions has free vpn so can watch cbc

      @Chiiwen @db5krotic use vpn on your chrome browser haha chinese sites take forever to load

      @E_proxy_games Want free cookies?? Who doesn't!!? Follow me and sub to my YouTube to receive free cookies! #jointheReivNation

      @game_dont_lame having a good day? don't want to? just remember the Shillary Clinton's proxy soldiers are establishing chem trails as you read this post

      @DynamoTightstar @opera I love your VPN and adblocker. Some sites have awork around for it but on the whole its amazing! Really slick too! Thanks a lot Opera

      @davidv1213 @Kevmath I can view both from Spain, assume it's a US ip redirect and you could view w vpn/proxy + they just haven't updated .net version

      @esearer @finally_alec our school has everything blocked, get a VPN app it bypasses blocked sites

      @Meubly @ikeadater my vpn only supports video sites

      @richardisme @CenturyLinkHelp unless going through VPN... I do not mind the act of throttling certain sites but I wish it had been clearly presented from

      @DolmaBro Thanks for the VPN for letting me to use some sites and social networks.

      @javorszky I'm on an ad-support open wifi in a cafe in Germany. VPNs' sites are forbidden. I'm using a VPN to download an update to my VPN...

      @Kasasa @Experian_US Jump on a VPN if you have one. Otherwise, avoid sites where you give out your personal information #CreditChat

      @chiragkapuriya My ISP blocking almost all Torrent and many other sites. Thank you soo much for integrating VPN @OperaIndia @opera

      @rebrandtoday #startup or #rebrand -buy ReachBack .Click-#distributed #enterprise #VPN for #remote #sites or #nodes .#reachback #tech #marketing #branding

      @aulit_z @NischalSchwager @FootballSwiss if you have a Swiss VPN you can watch it. Or via the streams provided on some sites. The official SRF stream

      @FannibalLife @banannibal_ which then 'effs up my other sites I log into, esp. my online banking which refuses to recognize my login when VPN is on...smh

      @abhishake918 @ArvindKejriwal @paranjoygt @scroll_in pls give me ur porn sites url . Are u using VPN common public it dont be shy!!

      @T3naciousC @BitcoinDood captcha can be a pain in the ass, got them all the time on cloudflare protected sites because I'm on anonymous vpn connection

      @19Robertson83 @lucas1official @conanm123 Put a VPN on your phone and you can use any betting sites. I use arc vpn when I'm working away and it's free

      @SecureConnectHQ Stay safe on sites that use ads. Malicious ads are now being used to get ransomware on your system. #infosec #ransomware #cybersecurity #Vpn

      @baek_berry @baekhyundere all the torrent sites say to hide VPN before downloading sth so... do i do it...?

      @BordeauxVpn Soir vpn cup,bon game a tous

      @haileemckay @AlexTheCrock I didn't find it tout until like 12:30, but download free Vpn! It will unlock any blocked sites!! My friend told me(:

      @ImekaSF @stellina429 My VPN still works on other sites, but the iPlayer in particular has restrictions now.

      @alextheaeon @SparkNZ people are still managing to order through your site using VPN's, you should turn it all off so it's fair until the rest of can try

      @Uchlyku leave unblock my ip i didnt no wrong the message about vpn is not for me

      @Daxofor1 RT @Common__Monster: Monsters outside the US can use VPN & other sites to use Spotify USA. Just make sure it's definitely the US version wh…

      @BrendanEich @smithtom001 @brave if VPN then you have to trust them not to spy on HTTP still. It's enough to use HTTPS sites in @Brave for most browsing.

      @Skittyblock @antonio07341176 @iMobileGraphics I KNOW WHAT IT IS. 1. My school blocks App Store 2. My school doesn't block many sites so I don't need vpn

      @Soupengine @Kitatha its just a website that uses a proxy to visit other sites.

      @Noumank39549581 RT @shanglians: #رسیداں_کڈو_یا_ولیمے_دیاں_فوٹواں
      Photos are available on blocked sites. Contact PTA or use VPN. Secondly stfu & stop tweeti…

      @BrowningMachine @_zeiram_
      IIRC, funded by feds?
      Same logic applies to pay vpn sites; high degree of suspicion.

      @AdamJCMurray @ThreeUK why the hell do you block sites like @VolteFaceHub? I'm getting sick of having to undercut your silly ideas with my VPN

      @Ghostie_Dragons i could try to learn how to setup a vpn but
      [all sites relating to that are also blocked]

      @HarliQuinze Hello everyone....tweet out #BetternetSeason to support betternet

      @karolynsmithMP @JWDahlberg19 do you have a secure VPN- I can email

      @linneascian it's fun when you pay for a VPN (@thevpncompany) and it literally won't load sites like hulu and cbs that's just so fun

      @nirowa74 ZenMate-VPN free
      Access Ur
      Blocked Sites !

      @kick_kingz @TheSoleCloset @JB4545_ he can get a proxy or get a different IP address it's sites out there

      @meidireza @KissAnimeHd I'm so sorry but the latest VPN ban is harsh for us in IDN. Local ISPs ban all anime sites so the only way for us *is* via VPN.

      @tagtbs RT @PrivacyMatters: Dear @BTCare why do I get this for some sites when using the @disconnectme VPN pro app? I don't have BT filtering contr…

      @NickSchoess @ProwerPlays if you ever cant load a webpage, you might have to DC it tho. cause some sites dont liek you using a vpn. liek Netflix

      @agleology I can't believe I now have to use VPN just to access "some" sites. Damn you ISP.

      @Adventures_Asia @Tom_Caley Definitely set it up before you arrive! Many VPN sites are blocked in China, or slow, so just do it a few days beforehand

      @SamiWood_ @ArqivaWiFi @TravelodgeUK You have blocked access to VPN sites and using VPN on your internet. This is stupid. They exist for a reason.

      @DavidJEWood @DanieTreg My ISP blocks torrent sites - VPN's rock

      @popularsongmp3 expectedly, all sites that would allow me to download a vpn client here are blocked, and wont open even with vpn,

      @Chuck_Strike @pattonoswalt proxy server

      @sadpone @Pokemondude185 not only does it block porn sites automatically, it also blocks many harmless sites

      im going to download a vpn to get aroun

      @BrosukeH ugh, fuck, I need a VPN. Can't even watch legal streaming sites in Japan.

      @abcdefaisalx @heIennn7 lool then maybe use your pc and download the VPN extension for Chrome and the sites will work

      @drew3ooo @richards1052 @shekissesfrogs social sites have algorithms to comply with various state's requests. Bypass with Tor/VPN + user location.

      @giveawayzooka My school is the definition of doing the most they blocked the vpn that was supposed to unblock blocked sites that they blocked

      @msadims TunnelBear Free VPN - Unlimited VPN Proxy for WiFi Hotspot Protection icon

      @dubusaeyo Ever since torrenting sites and VPN have been smashed into oblivion IT'S BEEN SO HARD TO WATCH ANYTHING AS AN AUSSIE FML

      @MOJEFF007 for the best vpn to have unlimited survey of restricted sites, checkout @windscribecom

      @GhettoGeek79 @BestforKodi all those VPN sites claim 2 B the best so the only way 2 work out which is good and VFM i shall ask you lot. which VPN u using?

      @GayleAMurray I always wonder about sites that block VPN, especially gamer and hacker forum sites. Don't even bother with an #OpSec chat group brainiacs.

      @Sisipho_Yekis my vpn is set up and working I don't know why I can't open blocked sites

      @SofatP @Biorahul use vpn to browse blocked sites .. and download from there

      @dj_nickstyles RT @eweket: Mobile internet is back # Ethiopia. Social media sites are still not accessible without VPN

      @MureMirano Thank you Tunnel Guru VPN for providing such amazing application, without these i cant access blockrd sites and browse freely and safely

      @MureMirano Thank you for providing such good application, with i can browse freely without limits and a can access blocked sites using Tunnel Gure VPN

      @lubnafatani9 i need a vpn for my mac and all the sites are blocked, help!

      @joannachiu @samuel_wade @tomphillipsin more to look forward to when I get back to BJ...im already constantly turning vpn on and off for different sites

      @digitalfx_ @jamonholmgren @morganlaco The most useful (Visual) Basic I did at school bypassed the proxy server web filters

      @s8mathur @pankajontech Friendly reminder to use a VPN or HTTPS sites with "green lock" for anything privacy or security sensitive :)

      @amerycarlson RT @NotHandyKaufman: Get yourself a VPN to bypass this #DDoS attack, and all the future ones to happen under Dear Leader Clinton. #DDoSAtta…

      @denson_megan35 @richardsonae1 so the vpn app doesn't unblock it ?

      @LukaszSanek @VirginMediaIE yes, sites on IPv4 or my VPN don't work and I need to work from home. Can u switch me to IPv4 address range? I'm on IPv6 now

      @Ewiggin101 @clarejy It's stupid you need to use a VPN to visit some sites :/

      @sidivs @vishalarora852 @veernimbus @reliancejio m using Tunnerbear. Infact you can use any. Atleast al sites are working properly in vpn

      @deathbladeISSTH @blazingsakura7 Yes it is google drive, and yes it's blocked. So is Twitter and lots of other sites. I use a VPN.

      @PhillyGuynCC361 RT @GeezusSpecials: @XTRDragon @PhillyGuynCC361 yeah, all gaming-related sites are blocked on the corporate network, even over VPN, like I'…

      @AdeleMB Hey @rapidspike can you monitor internal sites/servers accessed through authentication, VPN etc.?Thanks

      @SeriousHoax The built in VPN of Opera Browser is really very helpful

      @paullferrer @Variety Doesn't stop usage of these sites as either they relaunch under different names within days or people use a VPN

      @iKannan @wothadei whats with this streaming sites enabling VPN access in the beginning and then getting strict on it?

      @dav140 @typeoff
      You could always consider using [hiding behind] a #VPN server to access the sites that you are not supposed to access, while there?

      @Muslim_Bashir LooL! Turkey blocked all social media apps and sites. LOL vpn

      @DavidJEWood @MicksTaxis china has a great fire

      @Cole94972436 @ybd428 what proxy site do you use

      @joaquinferriol they blocked all the porn sites on the school's wifi so now everyone is asking me how to get a VPN lmao lol what

      @techupdate14 Opera Max update adds privacy tools but annoys some users  Opera has rolled out a set of privacy features to its data-saving proxy for Andr…

      @BBJedi86 @JokersBBUpdates u have a whole lot of people using VPN 's and misfit fans don't visit your sites as much.

      @Kyrina For future reference, does anyone have any sites to watch Comedy Central from outside the US? (without a vpn)

      @DavidJEWood The internet in china

      @livzjones anyone know any VPN sites to watch bbc iplayer out of the uk??

      @hbhshorse @Matthiasiam I haven't been on any sites yet but most of my apps that need internet are crashing and my vpn isn't working

      @Balixes Also after I got a VPN torrent sites are a bit

      Idk virusy

      @ChristoHaunted @Michael_M_Lane @neilhimself and they will find ways to get to the sites like VPN, Proxys, Tor

      @intaddress RT @l0stkn0wledge: Should I be worried that some sites view the AT&T Wireless NAT address to be used by bots but not my VPN service?

      @rmf719630 @PornPanic some torrent sites are already blocked, unless you use a proxy or vpn

      @Pervy_thoughts Running a VPN for everthing has disadvantages. Sites profile information from IP. Now getting USA news! There must be a way around this?

      @Exav_T Sinon @betternet_co best VPN.

      @Penduliem RT @blackbird7958: Jesus fucking Christ; not only are you going to need a VPN to avoid being logged as accessing NSFW sites, you're going t…

      @harmvddorpel @matdryhurst @David_Rudnick i agree - i mean with 'publicly reading' the sites that i visit. tor is just so slow. vpn + incognito mode?

      @dramapad @Thewhisperer101 @teddavid I'm not on a VPN or proxy. What could I query to find the IP of my exit server?

      @Htimsnalced Call me #paranoid but it wouldn't surprise me if #VPN sites like #hideme are run by the #securityservices, like a hoover.

      @l__o__s__t__ @BLOOIVI the faggots blocked vpn sites too. DNS denies entry to sites. Can't use google translate to get in either

      @skyychan @sadmandean get a vpn if you don't already sean theyre coming for ur pornie sites

      @vremyanova @meepsheeps it gave me "sorry japan view only" even tho i have my VPN on and can access other jp-only sites

      abematv is bad civilization

      @honebami @nazunanito you should check ebay sometimes or try getting help from ppl who use proxy site :O

      @emad_alghamdi 2- Split Tunneling: Feature that allows you to tunnel only some sites through the VPN, and some directly to the Internet.

      @mirandapryce heck i forgot i had my vpn on i dont even wanna know how much data i lost just screwing around on my normal sites

      @UDRugbyCoach @WalkerSports watching it on the world rugby site using VPN.

      @ayeshaallya So I can totally go on facebook and twitter but not google. thanks vpn

      @scottpagefnp Any recommendations on a good VPN as EE are getting keen on blocking the best sites...

      @nzsouthernman Just read an article on Australia blocking torrent sites. They seem to think a vpn is required for the entire torrent process. Nope.

      @chkltedecadence #vpn unblock sites mjus original online shop

      @l0lbre #vpn unblock sites wild child dance studio

      @NadiaNatasha19 40. Its funny how the government thinks banning porn sites will work to stop us haram kafirs. Do you even VPN???!

      @jeffcliff1 @LifeSel not everyone uses the same proxy, VPN & very few websites are used by as many as all-letsencrypt-websites-put-together

      @Last_G That moment when you decided to install vps for vpn to have access to restricted sites and you think "RADIUS will make it even better!"

      @SkadligKod @SurfEasyInc even a #VPN will not protect you from that if they have direct access to the data at the supplied service as #Twitter

      @internot_ RT @mullvadnet: @HeathrowAirport is intercepting #TLS traffic to #privacy sites like @torproject @mullvadnet @VikingVPN @buyvpnservice #vpn…

      @DavisOlivier_ @tenkitsunemusic use some proxy site

      @ChillJill5 @purekatherine also lots of sites make you turn off blockers to view material - which is tricky with a vpn, turning on and off 2/2

      @davidfry77 @admandley @wookie_wizardry that could be it. You could try a vpn and choose an uk server and see if that helps. Many free ones in the store

      @WalterJocelyn1 Exactly how vpn fill protect problems: TAukBjJ

      @Alex_Cochrane @Sarkies_Proxy loud, nowhere to hide and full of hotties and mega fit people #ilookedlikeshit

      @alisonmarigold RT @mrgunn: Those of you who use a VPN service constantly, do you find certain sites don't work like they should? How do you get around thi…

      @Jenn38655 @UMITAlerts Is the website having issues being accessible from off campus sites? VPN is causing issues as well. Thanks! #workingfromhome

      @dxgl_info @Web_of_Trust You are just getting yourself out of a privacy hole. Only advertise VPN providers that don't advertise on warez torrent sites.

      @Merwabi @craaash80 VPN ftw. :D I'm more mad at the USA, I mean come on...It's WORLD WIDE web, and so many of their sites are location restricted...

      @eeeeetad There are lots of quick work arounds in case porn sites get banned (vpn, hotspots, etc.) E work around sa gobyerno? Nganga? Haha #political

      @RichardKenyan @KSmithSF @el33th4xor @SwiftOnSecurity honestly don't know

      @parker0phil @Virgin_TrainsEC so I'm allowed to VPN but not download 1MB pdf? Dropbox is one of most used work productivity sites. How do I get refunded?

      @martyemy1 @MonaBarthel barber & trystan falling free TERMINAL VPN CISCO IP COMUNICATOR PPPoE 1515 55 JA VOLL

      @africatechie @agitatortico @Snowden VPN won't help. It's the entire internet not just social media or particular sites.

      @icieprincess My dawg came thru w da VPN app, naaaa

      @RickyFilips95 @TheCyclingRaven It's on Channel 7, but it's geo-blocked outside Australia. It seems that it's hard to bypass Aussie sites with VPN.

      @ayImLucas @DubstepKris My school only blocks popular sites/mobile games but I do use a VPN when I don't need to use my data.

      @bosxe @sailorxmadi VPN yourself to a different city and check the actual airlines sites

      @MorganRaeCobb @Courrrtneyyy42 look up shameless season 7 on Google and one of the sites will take you to it! I think the site I use is 123movies-proxy.ru

      @MayaKaczorowski With BeyondCorp, you have to go through an access proxy even to SSH from your laptop to your workstation - Jeff Peck #gsecurity #bsidessf

      @p0peax We should rename VPN hosting sites to VSN hosting. “Virtual Shared Network”, because it is no longer a private network when it is hosted.

      @prashantsani @AWWWARDS I used a proxy to access the site, it worked.
      Not sure why it isn't working without proxy, Although I can access all other sites

      @LekLaial @OperaVPN Is there any project to allow using #VPN for only some sites? If I use it I cannot connect with my e-mail account...

      @Malware_Blocker RT @campuscodi: Current state of Anonymous hackers: Annoying script kiddie! I'll show him! Wait until I log into my rented DDoS booter acco…

      @SneakzStreet @Vertzcall @pratik11164066 Apparently they work on the site during release but the proxy tester says no working

      @saybaabe They really just fucked up I got this place wifi password in downloaded VPN to unblock the sites you can't get on

      @ArunGupta181 @meamabhishek vpn use kar blocked porn sites ke liye.. you don't need a expert for that

      @JAX_MASTERS RT @securitystreak: GootKit proxies traffic through #malware instead of hooking the #browser. #SSL #TLS certificate verification bypass. ht…

      @SupArchie Oh wow, didn't realise how many sites are blocked in the UK now. Had to VPN from China

      @hsimah @SpotifyCares huh? Yes I can log in on all my devices. I'm telling you there is an issue with proxy settings in the latest desktop app.

      @Dial6Dial RT @CassieSilverr: @chtucker18 @Dial6Dial @StarKillerW77 @kennajames21 I'm using VPN so I can visit porn sites and even became a member.

      @Chrissy_Jjang @Moonsta04 ah true true. i never thought of vpn but tbh porn wasnt that hard to find. yeah the movie sites are blocked but....alternatives

      @myp1lteandroid @Avira I want to buy ur VPN for my son,so can I control(block)sites that may shown to him? e.g. p-o-r-n & bad sites.
      +how to use it on W10M?

      @corbindavenport @tsunbiscuit Tor is immensely slow and breaks tons of sites, I just use a Netherlands VPN.

      @lewi3000 @lewi3000 It's possible to check if sites are uk censored with a vpn,which routes you through another country. #censorship

      @5onar @VDJhaus @TANKOF300 @ItzzzzDeziire Proxy is a browser VPN untag me before I 1v2 5-5

      @gulam82 @RMerlinDev hi, is there away to use openvpn but same time allow, netfilx and bbc iplay type of sites to bypass the VPN, thanks

      @SlazeBG Is there any csgo sites where i can complete offer while i have VPN on cuz in my country there are no offers

      @Saint_Stephan That's why I use Tor sites & VPN RT @Call_Me_Jamaica: If the government go thru my Web history I'm dead

      @FlameDrake The gov has taken away gambling, porn (torrent sites) and geoblock... it's like they're getting kick backs from VPN providers.

      @BasioMeusPuga @supaarwoman Crunchyroll with a VPN thing. Or it should be showing up on those sites soon.

      @ktbach94 @ALT_USCIS @qz Did this. But not all sites accept the vpn.

      @ElkyAsno Ok but what if porn sites like pornhub started offering really good subscription based VPN services in addition to the porn.

      @lloydmeister @andryou Hey! I've got a VPN and Scriptsafe activated but sites can still see my location - any tips?

      @hamodalmeili @ArabicCiso I believe U can block any uncategorized domain from proxy, so u can minimize the infection with phishing sites..

      @Hitokiri1 RT @antumbral: Democracy: Five 4chan posters with access to a VPN and a botnet decided we should disband the IRS

      @justsharingme RT @HSupdating:

      @jcernelli I always forget that I can't look at sites for VPN software at work.

      @Proxy_Tank @exjon They're one of the few right wing news sites I like to listen to. They're the anti O'Reilly/Hannity/Rush/Lahren

      @sweetyoongift I thought only the US could vote directly on the website? I'm in Europe and I didn't change my VPN, but I can vote...

      @mueedulhamid1 @abdullah_omar Do you too use Vpn or you are not barred from social networking sites

      @houndiest job started using a vpn for security reasons. unknowingly they unlocked full access to all my favorite, and normally blocked, sites.

      @BoostedServers Feature-rich proxy control panel
      Many features are available with one-click: Authorize Ip, Get Proxy list, and more!

      @jitendrabsf @narendramodi sir bnd social sites in kmr to avoid stone peltting and rumour Bt dse ppl r using turbo vpn app to operate whtsapp and fb

      @eagle_zilla RT @ShurleeVpn: Surf anonymously with Shurlee VPN. #CyberSecurity #VPN #firewall #privacy

      @altLibertyPrime @quitec0ntrary And since it's encrypted governments can't see the sites you're on. The only VPN that's free that seems decent is Betternet.

      @TalkUKTelecoms RT @RomanticIsa: Parental controls on the router keel messing me over. Have to make sure I turn on VPN to watch half the sites I need...

      @Chiiinico @Silvawaree Yasssss! Sobrang bilis and hnd mo need ng vpn to access social networking sites

      @Nocsama @LIRIK if u gonna RP on REV nxt week, I Just wanna let u know that they use TS3 plugin for VOIP now. U might need a VPN for ur IP to b safe.

      @mrsunlawyer @Simply_Clinton Downloaded a VPN app while still in Manila. Na-surmount nya firewall, hihi.

      @thenerdaI Anyone know of a good VPN for Korean sites? DC Inside is so slow now.

      @uraynah @shaila_mir do social networking sites work without VPN on Broadband for you? I'M GETTING SO SICK OF THIS SHIT :(

      @Jksblkt Can't help but notice that along with some innocuous sites, a few VPN sites I tried are also blocked.

      @zac_nicholson if you use western sites its slow as shit, because you have to use a vpn. goes from 500 to about 20-45 depending on the time

      @featij @HotspotShield i appreciate it my dude but with this vpn on, sites won't load at all

      @kikicosplays @karlibra Find a proxy? VPN? That's what we did in HS with blocked sites

      @freevpn_ninja RT @veedubt25: just to give all a heads up on free vpn's, they are free for a reason guys, ( monitor what you do, sites u visit, and so on…

      @jacara97 @Proxy_Kotite Get a free pass and not get held accountable.

      @freevpn_ninja RT @brookshelley: @WorkingItPDX I don’t know what list you’d be put on but there’s vpn review sites that list where the company is located…

      @inqimages @katemcgill A VPN will do it. There's plenty of free VPN sites around that you can use.

      @TED44E @JohnnyJet a VPN for Dummies feature to teach connecting to gambling and DFS sites from abroad ?

      @Desanto233 @freebitco My IP address is blocked and i was told to off my proxy but I don't know how to do that. Can someone please help me out.

      @Bagheri2Bagheri We have to use VPN for using Twitter for this reason some times you block our accounts in Iran.
      so please #AddIranPhoneNumber

      @raju_1908 @JioCare tried in different browsers same error but when i used VPN in Opera Browser, I can visit these sites. Any Help??

      @zaherg @ardadev good point .. you can have an app like shimo for example which will just turn on the VPN when you visit some specific sites

      @BunnySlope Has anyone else, who's using a VPN, noticed a growing amount of domestic web sites blocking VPN server addresses?

      @EFF @THErealDVORAK

      @GruverVenus RT @cossackvibhore: @nagendrasp @htTweets @RachelMJDwyer Without VPN,Chinese video sharing sites Youku,LeEco host full versions of movies,w…

      @devuxer @troyhunt Unable to log into certain sites with VPN turned on (I get "un/pw don't match"). Is this common? Does it somehow improve security?

      @nopara73 @kanzure @giacomozucco Too bad porn sites like Reddit are banned in Indonesia and I don't have vpn on mobile.

      @tqbf For site-to-site and client/server VPNs — the majority of all VPNs — it doesn’t matter if your VPN is in-kernel or not.

      @Sremmstein @3abdullahAl Meh, VPN doesnt work anyways

      @GreySkylarGrey @skylargrey_ita @JaySinkie I live in Egypt but i used a chrome extension that works like VPN, to unlock blocked sites.

      @the_enticing @kittypurrs91 Can use VPN, or proxy sites

      @NinjaPotts i'm very close to being done using a vpn. fed up of not being able to access sites on a whim & the only solution being 'turn off the VPN'

      @Larissa29467946 RT @Ridiculous522: Oh my gosh!!!

      @yanajessyca37 @bts_bighit I tried but the sites keep saying error, eventho i use vpn,sorry but i cant help

      @MandySamWrites @iafsha0 @abhiya_12 Of course this is blocked in my region. Rip sites here I come!

      @25moler @HorsemanZiik now idk about the where you live but I'd recommend a vpn, aand I'm not sure about the streaming sites, never used any

      @lewi3000 There are many censored sites that can be seen with a vpn from the UK to avoid the 404.So much for a free society. #censorship

      @ozhank626 @jpwarren @ato_gov_au Just like many other sites that want me to enable cookies, disable my ad blockers! And won't work with VPN

      @SomeCallMeLaz @fatherorange I used to look at baby name sites for inspiration/meaningful character names. That was a mistake without a VPN!

      @dwatchnews RT @monaeltahawy: Since May 24, 133 websites, including VPN sites, has been blocked in #Egypt

      @githaka_ @teamtaiwan yes. VPN can help if they block certain sites like Twitter

      @oguyajames If Telco companies block connection to only social media sites then VPN might come in handy. #HoursToKeInternetShutdown

      @PiczelTV @keetydraws We've heard of some isps throttling streaming sites, you might try a VPN and see if that helps!

      @DaveFoose RT @ericlaw: Recent bug filed against Chrome: "Every time I run Chrome through a non-US VPN, I get warned of invalid certificates on all si…

      @Chillehh You know your school's blocked sites list has gone out of hand when you need to use a VPN to get on a mind map generator

      @MancJoePesci What free and easy to use VPN sites are the cool kids using ?

      @Dheena_Ari1999 @anithatalks Use Psiphon Pro VPN to access blocked sites

      @ZackDavisson @chocolatyaa @DawnMBennettVA So get a VPN. It ain't rocket science, and literally anything is better than supporting pirate sites.

      @abdulzack4 For the first time in four years, today I'm tweeting without using VPN...not only tweeter, Facebook, Instagram and recently WhatsApp

      @lexisrenis Some sites wouldn't open with our local IP address. Thank God for VPN...

      @mackfinkel I can't load any library genesis mirror on @penn wifi unless I am using a VPN! Wonder what other sites are blocked. (sci-hub works)

      @baban_slemani @williamlegate I read on tech sites and VPN Proxy was the one they were suggesting.

      @ToddRyder That sinking feeling you can download her masturbation videos faster than moving files between clients' vpn sites.

      @rolandhordos RT @GossiTheDog: Because vendors usually self managed black box VPN appliances at sites, the actual company doesn't see logs = doesn't know…

      @Daggerhime when you forget you're on vpn so you can play sword boys and other sites stop working

      @SamPavin @N0mad1c VPN works fairly well though. And I could still access said sites faster than at home, in Australia.. ☺️

      @iamawrongturn @heartstormed Nah this is the ios app. I tried the browser but I'd need vpn

      @yoonginette I cannot stand people saying that using VPN to stream on spotify is cheating? as if they're not the same person who stream on Korean sites.

      @miriamroig RT @brokep: This is harder to help with, but VPN tunnels (and/or @torproject) can mitigate a bit. Publishers: Move your sites&domains away…

      @MakTheFirst I already installed VPN to access sites in China. Still, I cannot access Youtube. Help?

      @vicki_blossoms RT @bangtanitl: #FAQ If links are unavailable, check your local fanbases—sites like Toggle & iflix are official partners.

      If all else fail…

      @bloodyauspol I assumed when they took the illegal streaming sites down I could still get through with a VPN but no,I am stuck with shitty streaming sites

      @Ayden_Maher @CoolCyWrites Hey, man I can't get ESPN 3 in UK even with VPN. Any other streaming sites that may work for FAU game?

      @jcglover Currently using a VPN to get to the interwebs since @Comcast seems to have some sort of internet split. Some sites work, others don't.

      @MEContrarian @oritperlov Probably reflects intel. Also, that Iran - not just a proxy - putting civilians at risk

      @sqiddidler @Barnacules @Twitch shame my school has a proxy server that blocks twitch

      @Abdul_Aziz @Hadeeloid @Spotify You need VPN most of the time if you're a free user. Plus it's not in the store, you have to get the updates manually.

      @doraerose @catacatacaka Lesson learned. No to vpn or proxy for us. I will never trust any of my details using those sites or apps. Never!

      @HappyLoanshark Since I got my VPN lots of random websites are showing me things in dutch. Even shopping sites. Shows how much google influences.

      @WallowGaming Since my asshole ISP is now blocking 1 of my fav torrent sites, I need a good VPN, anyone have any recommendations?

      @NateStl I would so happily pay @MLBTV double what I pay my proxy/VPN to not have to deal with blackout/subscription restrictions.

      @RSnake @scotthickle @philipn Sites appear to be down but it’s a good reason to use a VPN.

      @sw12 @mmahgoub @ChromiumDev Hey Mohammed! Great if you could visit /web without VPN :). Are other Google sites working for you now?

      @HoyasJournalism Sites like Amnesty International, Facebook, and Twitter are unreachable for most Chinese, unless they have use of a (VPN)

      @aymxe Needs VPN to access blocked sites, but Chinese sites are blocked when VPN is on. Makes work 10x longer than it needs to be

      @AtulAcharya @buyVPNService - Using your PIA VPN service gives "403 - Forbidden" on several sites. What gives.

      @ritazzhang @barrettrd Have you completed this step in my blog post: "Configure VPN server to auto start when the Raspberry Pi boots"

      @slowb1rd oh hell ya. love 2 break 1 domain into 2 by severing the VPN between sites and seizing the FSMO roles on the secondary DC


      @artistic_412 Then i excuse my self to fight with that sh*ty sites.. My vpn doesn't work

      @martingicheru @kiqwai I keep VPN on because some sites I access frequently tend to be blocked by ISPs. Meaning I need to ask them to whitelist often.

      @theGovPost RT @sjash87: Where I share my reflections on #netzDG : Germany's attempt at formalizing a 'proxy censorship' regime towards regulating soci…

      @Oskar_Krieg @DavidCornDC @MotherJones Do you know anything about VPN? A hacker would be smart to hide the real location.

      @westseattleblog RT @patrickgerding: @westseattleblog Oh yeah but only some sites. In general speed is fine. NPR and NBC super fast, Facebook, Twitter, WSBl…

      @Ayeshakimtae2 RT @bwingtn: remember that the vpn only works fast on mwave sites.

      @_hanaxxi Guys mapriso ang tawo na sigeg vpn para muaccess ug banned sites? Asking for a friend. : )

      @theProxyService RT @buyProxyService: #proxyserver is better than the #VPN. The #proxy is a technology like the VPN that is also used to bypass the restric…

      @amandafclark How is using VPN any different the illegal streaming Sites ?? @BBC #PeakyBlinders.

      @Heardbeast @mattgurney Available on torrent sites. Door #2 is US Netflix via VPN.

      @TanmayS12 RT @tatadocomobiz: Connecting 30 banks project sites to respective data centres takes more than just effective planning. Here's how the cha…

      @ActivistLanda RT @ConradAce1: @judithnwana @UN @UNHumanRights @accessnow @cipesaug @Internet_SF @InternetFF @CIMA_Media @webfoundation @Zakkai @JulieOwon…

      @shubham_dhebe RT @mahnoorsohailxo: Legends wohi hain jo VPN se social sites use kar rahay hain

      @cacapipiputa @adrian201392 girls who had a VPN to bypass the locked sites

      @haisumijaz97 @Iasmaamjad Haha it provides a proxy server to let you open the blocked sites. App hoti hai iski.

      @Team_EoE EoE RT- TechniSport: Proxy__modz Please visit our website for details.

      @hampshirebus @mikeynevitt @PublixHelps @Publix Use a VPN. Worked for me in Holland accessing UK sites, so in theory should work in any country

      @WebCamResource RT @QuinnKilljoy: My vpn trial ran out and the WiFi here blocks out adult sites so if you’ve sent me anything on manyvids/sm/etc I probably…

      @ElyseeConfiance RT @kagced: Opera browser for Mac is so underrated.
      It has unlimited VPN data, Whatsapp web has a special pop-up for every tab, blocks all…

      @SingWSherlock RT @Hud1n3: Remember if you are International viewer of Supernatural you can watch it on CW’s website using a US based VPN and help boost t…

      @8aljaz8 RT @overridepro: The #1 Reason I believe #Substratum will quickly achieve mass adoption:

      By running a node you gain access to the WHOLE IN…

      @BabyEmi2 RT @BaretaNews: One year on, social media reinstated in Ambazonia. Most social media sites can be accessed without vpn. This is probably be…

      @mariowitte RT @unixtippse: If you’re avoiding 2FA on services such as Github because you’ll have to enter a code every day (just like for your employe…

      @sandhu_swarn RT @rssurjewala: TOI story conveniently forgets glaring instances of years 2014-17.

      Also forgets to mention -:
      Sahara-Birla Diary Case,

      @Edcarthy1 @Merc_Official_ Vpn's are already need for most streaming sites like ultimate

      @cybergibbons @brouhaha Yep, agree. Sometimes an individual's keys are important - say a VPN appliance deployed to remote working sites.

      @SkyHighEarth @roodtxenextdoor Don't use apo
      Use in browser dl to homepage i will screenshot mine

      Good search by proxy

      @SeulOnFire @JungPanda28 ........

      Cuz VPN wasn't working for JTBC's main site so I tried changing my timezone too..

      @Proxy_Tank @Anthonysmdoyle @Patrick_Fenelon If an anonymous account isn’t being abusive Cuban needs to get over it

      @MinAnna_yoongi RT @AyumiFey: @Jin_Butterfly @BTS_twt Poland!!

      @cyberpunknigga >porn sites will require name and address
      I guess my VPN will be perma on from now till I die
      you'll never catch me, faggots

      @I_am_e9n @the_hindu Porn sites were not accessible today directly, but they were accessible through VPN. Is the government blocking these sites.

      @EMhitesh305 @iamaakash95 @ThoshalK Free VPN proxy

      @thehazardsolove my school wifi is blocking streaming sites but using a vpn makes everything run too slowly so i guess i'm done watching leverage for tonight

      @blueknotstudio RT @WIRED: The Onavo VPN may offer protection, but it also tracks your internet browsing all the time, feeding that data back to Facebook h…

      @echalecanela @KenzMimi @CamilaStats vpn unlimited

      @dancingyixing @MaeIjev @weareoneEXO some do have access on these sites through vpn! #EXOL #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy @weareoneEXO

      @fukurouDAMN @selpuku oh no ;0; you dont have a vpn?! have you tried Opera browser (it has an inbuilt vpn and i can use it too for blocked sites uvub)

      @_milkprincess Good Japanese proxy sites so I can buy cute clothes online??

      @KindaLudicrous With a VPN you can visit all kinds of evil illegal sites like The Pirate Bay or Project Gutenberg.

      @bitofabop @NOVAXNE using a usa vpn and my family’s american cable streaming login :/ i haven’t been able to find it on any non-legit sites

      @muncho4_ RT @BattleNonSense: Players who demand @PUBATTLEGROUNDS to 'region lock china' seem not to understand that region locks can be circumvented…

      @momentsring Does anyone use a VPN to access Japanese sites? What do you use? The one I usually use doesn’t work and I really want to listen to Yupara rn

      @infowebica RT @SMikhalych: Another confirmation that full #anonymity of #DarkWeb - myth. While surfing #onions resources, registering in forums - be c…

      @BetaDist RT @BillionGlobal: Our BiPAC 4250 Series delivers remarkable performance on prioritizing data transmission with VPN features at mission-cri…

      @lyhyoongi okay im not downloading a vpn i dont wanna die what r some sites that arnt pornhub where burn the stage will be uploaded

      @sknujtw Or essentially if you go to china and want to access facebook and other social media sites, get a vpn

      @saucybara can someone teach me the way on using a proxy site so I can purchase stuff from jp only sites? So much things....don’t know how to get

      @SailorsBen If the VPN is being stupid and not letting you into the sites you need, VPN in, remote into a server, and do it from there.

      @iTzx7K RT @SviY13: Bin Netflix Bin:4510156019xxxxxx No Vpn

      4835610421xxxxxx no ip bin netflix

      @KSJCLAP i should've use vpn that i use to open blocked sites...

      @The20MSP RT @BLOKWORX: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) uses a public network - such as the Internet - to enable remote users and sites to connect se…

      @NickWing04 RT @MoonOverlord: Hey @BillGates heard you were having trouble finding a place to short #bitcoin

      My favorite two sites

      Bitmex (US can reg…

      @snarky_op RT @jjs781: @vermontgmg @donie Almost certainly. IP address is the most common method sites use for determining location. VPN to a server…

      @AaronGalvan @_donjolly @KXAN_News Texans will just VPN through to sites and gamble anyway.

      @The_Dark_AAA Telegram is fully blocked in iran and even vpn, anti censorship apps, proxies are slow or blocked @durov

      @papaSmrtyz gonna make a video of exploring the darkweb without a vpn, link me some sites to visit

      @trezananda @kojirabu0419 @vansalzburg i was able to visits the official sites using vpn, but cannot play the video tho. haff

      @sfsutcliffe That's the second time this week I've seen Geo-blocking on News sites.

      VPN's should follow suit if they're smart.

      @DeepFriedCyber RT @gcluley: In the latest "Smashing Security" podcast, @caroletheriault, @SecureTommi and I chat about earwigging Alexa, porn sites offeri…

      @05452Singh RT @Kelltontech: Make the most of #Drupal’s rich functionality and powerful #performance to build a dynamic #website. Don’t know how? Read…

      @BlitzProxies RT @thehypesniper: Some member benefits not listed on our site:
      • Exclusive Nike account offers
      • Exclusive proxy offers including rotating…

      @MINHOCOL RT @calebchasing: @EXOVotingSquad @weareoneEXO Can you please make tutorials about Melon, Genie or any other Korean Streaming Services ?…

      @AnimeDad_ Using VPN to listen to the radio in Kansai

      @EddieWhiteJr @KM_Nicholson ooo i have a VPN

      @dholland64 RT @Akamai: Akamai's @Gattaca offers thoughts on why the VPN will fade & why zero-trust should be a goal for your organization, on @Forbes:…

      @j_ef_f RT @GodofIkebukuro: “aye girl wanna be my human proxy?”

      @hydarscouser RT @AsiimweDicta: @pvl0101 So it is possible to block access to VPN? Also the definition of OTTs that is included in this statement seems t…

      @ttoop_x RT @Erriverse: ‼️ EXO-Ls!

      Apparently #TeenChoice only counts website votes from the US. If you are not from the US best thing to do is use…

      @macleenmugabeth VPN and Surf Easy. Downloaded these apps back in Feb/2016 after the stolen elections.

      @SherylFritz5 RT @MlTAMNlALL: VOTE ATTACK TWO !!!!

      - RT THE TWEET

      @pmsxa RT @SaiGonSeamus: It appears that the admins of the anglo pay2play VPN review sites are deleting any comments that bring up the NordVPN / P…

      @masapeah_14 RT @0i3__: Hello @Twitter I am from Iraq and my country protests against the government and then blocked the social networking sites About…

      @Dodgers_UK @PadresUK There’s a free VPN app on the App Store called Tunnel Bear that’ll get you on to sites that are blocked due to GDPR

      @Samwyri RT @pvl0101: Most sites which need login credentials now use encrypted protocols. A VPN provider can't "pick up" credentials from encrypted…

      @angpl_ @thegr8laali Just get a VPN at home, or a proxy server

      @keithojones1 RT @TobiasHawker: @RealMattCouch Everyone needs to learn how to use Tor properly and safely, sooner rather than later. A VPN won't do you a…

      @Robocop1888 @TheBrendanYears Its similar m8, but some sites need vpn, its trial and error at the moment

      @monyosama4 RT @Amir_Ashour2015: Urgently Required:-
      Network Engineer
      Ability to do Configuration for 2 boxs of Fortigate D100 and configure VPN conne…

      @MoodyMatsuoka RT @227_updates: If you like buying your music digitally and don't mind having to use a VPN you can pick up the Special Edition which conta…

      @iamNOTkris @arabellajaffna i watch it there though. i use vpn nga lang haha. may other sites din naman na available :)

      @kloassie @Aidi7 I'll use vpn instead. So anonymous that one can actually access restricted sites

      @gothbakugo now i just need a vpn thingy so that i can access the blocked sites aka twitter

      @NoaNoya133 RT @sunsun_sky: This is one way of getting connected to JPN vpn to watch the MV or gain access to local sites of a selected region. Pls don…

      @bangtanwifeUAE RT @LingLinLynn1: @Amar_BTS13 @btsreignishere Chinese armys! we are not active because most sites like twitter, insta, youtube are blocked…

      @tweethue @TazRyder Are you using any type of firewall, parental control, guest network, VPN, etc. that could, possibly, block the connection?

      @Kayla_Belle_92 @WR_Central Maybe you can use a VPN to access the sites? That's what I've had to do a couple times

      @Ki_EXOL_ Am I finally gonna put the effort into getting a VPN and streaming on Korean sites...

      @ThatMcRider RT @martijnboersma: After years of decline, BitTorrent usage is on the rise again due to exclusivity deals between producers of series and…

      @thereallme @taehyung_Lia Use a vpn for singapore or use illegal sites


      @iam_rukundo @RuhwezaSylas @SilverKayondo Most porn sites are blocked, so a VPN would still come in handy


      @iamchrisrodwell RT @vmbusiness: What difference can a SD-WAN make to your enterprise? Speed, access, flexibility, manageability and more. Find out more: ht…

      @SuperEbza RT @jean_leroux: 2] <Mzansistories> website records were hid behind a privacy proxy, meaning it was tricky seeing who registered the site.…

      @Cl0udy2day RT @scottmale: “Apparently” there are people who are watching the “I’m a Celebrity” show from outside the UK and also managing to vote on t…

      @SWS_FASTLab RT @avkirbyPhD: This is really interesting... I've used the "free/reduced meals" variable as a proxy for SES as many others have. This stud…