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      @cjbush @zeotherm @Admiral_Cola Yeah the VPN has always been Juniper. It's probably woefully out of date though.

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      @banillajoko @just_a_fg well, i'm not moving there, persay. and i'm looking for a vpn that would will work there. an ip blocker.

      @moniquejaques Mega psyched I don't have to use a VPN for @netflix in #turkey!!

      @Reggiemandalay @OzProtectionist @DanWosHere @Prufrockery Because Nazism has lost all of its power you've migrated to their proxy, Islam

      @DhruvBhutani @mihirpatkar I guess its because the Chromecast can't access the US stream as its being cast by a VPN cloaked device?

      @MakeDopeBabies YOOO I can access Netflix without vpn now yessssss!!

      @von_Levi @diklein @jongilman Let me add that I use it for free international calling when overseas w/ no problems (use a VPN so it thinks i'm in USA)

      @CollabSensei @adignan Sounds like someone is building a linux proxy at their house this weekend.

      @MarkAnthony_GB @FGunay1 @agitpapa i think US will go down the proxy route rather than dirty its hands with direct NATO (Turkey) involvement

      @gibbletron321 #Netflix to block #VpN access. Call Amazon or Apple and see how much luck they've had #Pointless #NotWorried #TheyStillGetPaid

      @MrPytlik @DrBoomClash @chisinclasher I know what vpn is I use that for my gift cards but I ain't got time for 2 server shit lol

      @don_jide They use MLK as a proxy to chat shit nitpick his speeches and at the same time ignore the underlying rights he was fighting for

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      @KidKoola1d I'd hack on smite but low on data for my VPN time to restart the data :) #FuckHiRez

      @tamajae_tubbs this vpn<<<

      @ninja_katrina I have a VPN installed for netflix already lol so I am gonna use that to access the youtube feed

      @Uria @VirtuePadi God proxy is so ugly

      @TerroristTurkey @sicodaddy used as a proxy force vs kurds or Assad etc. So he is right on the subject. PKK want to change facism in Turkey, ISIS works w it.

      @rahulvarshney RT @PhilGreaves01: US/NATO & Turkey are united in this policy of coercing/coopting Syrian Kurds, inc PYD if willing, & using them as proxy …

      @InsaneLimits #Kick AugustAlsina-kOR, @" !# 1 TB=|NO Explosive/FlashBang/Smoke/FRAG|AutoNuke| 8LAG Vpn", for AugustAlsina-kOR Kicked for using M67[Aut...

      @vinski_ @chronic and due to the fact that they are fast to block new vpn services when they gain popularity

      @IFilter_Proxy RT @DenverHealthMed: Denver Police remain in the area to secure the Emergency Department.

      @gekidoeier Vanguard, Fidelity face proxy access row

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      @tonofpudding @evilpez4 Where do you even get a Canadian feed? Certainly no free streams, and I don't do cable. Went with my VPN, and got the CBS stream.

      @zStormP @King_Proxy @Kenstaaa @NigBar hahahahaha, yes !!!! I wish I had the skype emotions for the shit lol

      @Ianood @kathrynbell94 if you watch in a browser use hola vpn & you can watch US netflix which still has it on

      @Dirkdeking @JulianRoepcke Turkey's terror proxy's are getting their arse kicked! Go Kurds, take them down!

      @BBKSAZ RT @leykmin: I hate using VPN to logo on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube etc

      @AQuags @Don_DeMoss @SethMacFarlane The All 4 app/site and judicious use of a VPN should see you right.

      @DianeCourtney4 Why against concoct new switch as proxy for our website using representation strengthening: OaoqdMf

      @TravisMarcou Dr. Raw on Turkey:Journalists can't actually say what they think, but can use vpn networks to reinforce their particular views #eng318uwl

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      @vishalgreat "@buyvpnservice: Follow us for the latest privacy and security news! #vpn

      @Reagan_Reazzy RT @akiiki99hak_lfc: Im in Turkey ciber wise bah in Uganda physically. Thank you VPN for the trip.

      @ASimpsonEY @arcticicehockey using Copp as a proxy for fourth line production, they're +4 in 5v5 goal differential this year

      @andytuk @ukscone my setup isn't strictly a VPN. I SSH to my server, then tunnel Squid proxy over SSH.

      @DayJacobson Baksheesh on buildup vpn server ahead debian linux vps: vpjdan

      @gundeliklakirdi So long @netflix . It was a great ride while it lasted. If you're blocking VPN, I'm not paying for the limited content available in Turkey.

      @acroale @theTunnelBear is the best VPN service .

      @john_bhoy67 @gary_oh15 id say u could get it on a torrent site or use a VPn based in ireland and then watch it on rte player

      @NHLTVSupport @haydustinie Are you using a VPN or proxy service? If so, please try disabling it and then refresh your browser.

      @badjin_rank @cryptostorm_is interestingly, most of the really secure VPN providers do not yet have an app for Android and/or iOS

      @EricLillian Permissible website designs as proxy for yours plunderbund: PTGAZDPwr

      @TheImpromptu Our provider has isolated the DDoS attack and has removed the proxy servers. The website should not make any scary SSL warnings any longer.

      @r_wolfcastle @gomijacogeo I fired up the VPN & got access. It was more a commentary on how those censor bots always exclude things they shouldn’t.

      @MacduffFreeman At length why vpn thunder mug specific problems: xgEve

      @BOC_Avs @KhelFrancis It's on TV. But you need a VPN for feeds

      @alan_poirier @Isaacs_Newton @AkiMuthali @adammonte9000 Trouble is Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran all want to rule and so we have plethora of proxy wars.

      @ZennoNoJoou [ For political reasons, twitter will be shut down on Turkey again.

      /Prepares VPN ]

      @Sergei_Nikolaef @Kornelij @RT_com Thousands of people maybe more in Turkey use VPN services for many years.

      @iiKingHadouken @DispIode @Rawhsty he made the ticket so I would unblock and pay, he used a VPN so he won't be getting iP banned it will JUST BE U GETTING

      @MariHietala @FreedomeVPN Hey, Netflix complains about VPN/Proxy use from all locations except one from US and one from CAN. Has for days. PC&Android.

      @The_Exix @virginmedia hi, my internet is being throttled for no reason, my brother is connected through a VPN and his connection is fine

      @HoggarthJocelyn Design genteelness leads as proxy for concernment in association with facebook ads: gWdpOAYdk

      @s4draynz @Unblock_Us hey - in New Zealand just started getting a proxy error in Netflix , can u fix ?

      @sandwichu @lightinblues hm i usually go for torrents. u can watch the latest 6 eps on the cbs website with a vpn on your browser so that it counts tho

      @livinginturkey @AlizaMarcus @insanhaklarimiz just tried to access the link from Turkey without VPN, not working for me. FYI

      @esi_ee @KatrinkaSasha if you're in Turkey for a while, highly recommend that you find a reliable VPN. Even if you have to pay a few bucks, worth it

      @its_miino @ImActuallyMe ma tgdr t3rf .. there is an app called hide-ninja which is a powerful vpn app , but it's slow ..
      download it

      @cybersnort @Cyb3rb0r6 That error is from the remote squid (proxy) server. It's not an error on your side, but at CBS.

      @Iknowthyworks Of course, you get what you pay for.. A shitty quality VPN won't protect you.. Go with the most costly encrypted VPN like Express VPN

      @thethetruthI123 @TheThetruth1123 LOLOLOLOLOL. Awww you been sending emails without a VPN? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. IP GRAB!

      @sharpman87 Netflix users-was using a vpn and now getting proxy errors, is there a foolproof/reliable/better way to access overseas catalogues? Cheers

      @whiskycycle @AlexJReid Designed as Chromebook but runs Android 6. Some grief with apps thinking it's a giant phone, but I did a whole day of VPN to work

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      @Sarkies_Proxy @FrancoMancaPizz amazing if you could. Well best to get in before Crossrail !

      @joshpwills @PointlessSte then u can watch all past eps on the bbcan website if u change ur vpn to canada

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      @earthly6 @RiddhiRambhia @yahoomail
      Yes, use a VPN connection to make it look like you are in the USA, work for me here in Turkey,
      Good luck Riddhi

      @SharonMichaelso For the best vpn warm assent as things go yours file wants: XmSyFN

      @_Zynite @FakeInferno ive been ip banned once for a week, just used a vpn

      @TokenBlackman7 #tytlive @hasanthehun Protip for "Brotip": Next time you visit Turkey, use a VPN. You're welcome!

      @KassiusKlay11 @WillOKC98 Something to do with their VPN-block, no?

      @ashiskharel @DrGPradhan Sir, let us know if there's anyway we can help. Server, VPN anything to keep leeches away. Pretty sure you are well guarded!

      @wheeliesmom RT @nine11inreverse: "advocated goals such as the destabilization of Syria through proxy warfare and the removal of Saddam Hussein..."


      @marion_s22 @DLanceBlack the app vpn master + the app eurovision works for me on my phone in 4G

      @JagexHelpSamo @BabySmackerCSGO @JagexSupport Hi David, make sure to turn off VPN/proxy if you're using one & provide more info :)

      @TheKellyWeber @1Aksp @Nero I pay for a VPN because of this. Gets around IP blocks 99% of the time

      @BobbyJo80983378 Repute website solutions as proxy for intercourse websites: uRfAYAZ

      @hufiwigu We Are Continually Evolving, Helping To Leverage Vpn-enabled Business Metrics For Today's Market-focused Dot-com Virtual Corporations.

      @MWagealla Since the snapchat is without VPN !
      It will become like the Facebook

      @ArougeAli Me: what does VPN stand for

      Ali asleep: virtual private network

      THIS GUY

      @JonathanDenise Ruling circles fun authority view as proxy for yours lookout website: qJkBjXxF

      @mariojoseh555 RT @AzadiRojava: @JerryCarpente18 No he's right my acct is blocked in Turkey for people there. By courtorder of the govt of creeps. Only pe…

      @TableauBot RT @Sock1tToomey: @tfoldi @tableau need to import wdc for refresh scheduling and need simplest cors solution possible - maybe run proxy off…

      @joaodiogopinto RT @MahirZeynalov: Turkey's new PM will be Erdogan's proxy, just like in monarchies such as Jordan and Morocco @SonerCagaptay tells NYT htt…

      @RecarUHC @ifijiii @SpencerHockeyy You are so right. You doss and x-ray ;) ill come on ur ts l8tr with a vpn and u can grab that ip xd

      @deadbarts im using a proxy to hack neopets on a shell account do not look for me for i am already dead

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      @ArmaWeapon @tallemy maybe they also want to prevent the use of proxy or probably to take me down fast since it worse to have a worldwide blocked videos

      @gaskellpuppy @fl0resMKA they were trapped!By the way I have a vpn and have lived in turkey for last 5 years!

      @cryptocoinage RT @topnewsbitcoin: "The end user in Turkey is now unable to use PayPal to pay for VPN svc, but they will still be able to use #Bitcoin" ht…

      @ParamountViking @CassidyMeyh there is a chrome extension called "free web proxy" and it allows you to bypass the school's restrictions.

      @SandraCroftoon Require an affordable site map flying column au reste the whatfor bind as proxy for: sDOjd

      @JamesSierra4 In march time settle fume stopgap as proxy for thine ip cctv: QyMfTv

      @_zeiram_ Time to blow some cache & magically teleport to Israel or Turkey. Or for you technical folks, “fire up the VPN.”

      @stribika There should be a s/position: fixed;/display: none;/ proxy app.

      @couponec @hideipvpn deals - 15% Extra Discount on All Packages #vpn #freevpn #cheapvpn #coupon #deals #proxy

      @mikefairhurstcl Just cast two proxy votes, one for someone in France one someone in Spain. Both desperate to Leave the EU. Think carefully then #VoteLeave

      @PlumsteadSE18 @Sarkies_Proxy Pros: Layout looks promising with leafy squares and decent access. Central square appears to be a good focal point.

      @mertmoral facebook and twitter do not work now in turkey if you don't know how to use vpn. sadly, most think it is for preventing further attacks...

      @v23id RT @diehimbeertonis: Does anybody know a good tutorial / how to for vpn installing in turkey for not so tech-savy people?

      @Hancerli_ @ExtensifyApp hey im waiting more code i need to use jb vpn tweak for reach internet in Turkey goverment closing our social media :(

      @JF0LKINS In the same way that people say "don't roll your own crypto" setting up and using a VPN server correctly is incredibly hard.

      @sadinkarakose @juliabayne Thank you very much. We are fine. Sorry for late twitter is not working in Turkey. I used VPN.

      @ProjectAcom RT @SebnemAksuBatur: And @twitter again blocked in Turkey by the government

      @piputislife #TheRunner You said it is just for America. But no I am joining this show from Turkey. I am using VPN

      @steveendow Want to simulate the joy of unreliable 56k modem Internet access? Work in China for a few weeks over VPN. Don't plan on productivity.

      @KayleeLaura2 Understanding encounter free from. rite instruction: eclipsing coordinates clearing the decks as proxy for thine leader: YaGuztD

      @dobbss1234 RT @Eshetuhk: GoE's decision to shut down facebook is a blessing in disgise. Why? Because it now forces many Ethiopians to learn how to use…

      @WalterJocelyn1 Wholly method vpn heap up protect problems: HZOYipL

      @joshualund Internet censorship in #Turkey in early 2014 inspired me to start working on Streisand. If anyone there needs a VPN endpoint, let me know.

      @verdenino @verdenino sorry for the mistake... #Twitter it is still not reachable in #Turkey... my VPN service crashed at 06:19:30 CEST

      @Nikokremer RT @putintintin1: BTW i'm using proxy to browse Facebook and Twitter #Turkey #Istanbul

      @barneybburn RT @ProKurdi: Please stay safe !!! I suggest all of you in Turkey use VPN (if your aren't already) for your social media accounts

      @katarina_J_J RT @TurkishIranian: Get ready for @wikileaks releasing 100k secret documents on Turkey's power structure. @wikileaks urges folks in Turkey…

      @PunkSunflower @YourAnonNews WTH Why doesn't Twitter just build a gibbet for Turkey? Hope those guys were using VPN/throwaway emails etc

      @huzrisyanda @vvoellin @wikileaks You get used to Vpn for Turkey jajaj

      @nhuberfeely Very impressed with @theTunnelBear's VPN, and impressed that they provided unlimited data to users in #Turkey during the government block.

      @SilverSkyeWitch @CellC_Support hi. I went to the store to have my proxy settings changed so I could use the whatsapp bundle. But now my FB won't load pics.

      @zeynep @weems @thegrugq In Turkey, internet bans means many people use VPN. The use it for tweets; but get security. It's an interesting trade-off.

      @fwzmhmd @Add1cted2Apps EnglNd,uk. And it wint install for me, i can only acess ur website with vpn

      @ThomasGregoryII @morganpyne @Scott_Helme @troyhunt haha, it did partially work for the ABS, most of my VPN countries were blocked.India & NZ weren't though.

      @SPC_Bitcoin @evelyn_a_smith @pwnallthethings get rid of that damn annoying pain in the ass @cloudflare "are you a robot?" No, I use a #VPN for security

      @allopatry I will tweet the World Congress of Herpetology in China when I can. Depends on twitter access via VPN. Follow me for relevant tweets. #WCH8

      @MsVeruca RT @nicilind: @MsVeruca It's their country. To hear Australians speak, you'd think we hadn't been invaders in their country fighting a prox…

      @DevTools_git #git #developtools #github

      frp is a fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet. …

      @Neoash1 @iFantomeN @TwitchSupport Possibly, if you have that capability w/ that VPN service. Otherwise, no way to get a VPN IP unblocked. -Neo

      @manicode @EdwardPrevost @apolloclark @ErrataRob These toolkits show NSA likely had unrestricted VPN access to a variety of network gear for a decade.

      @atErikM RT @atErikM: t2/4 #InfoSec #ITsecurity | ..VPN-Server. Run Single Test App In Phone & In Servr Check All/Each Net Pkts With #WireShark, Chk…

      @jordanborth I can’t remember the last time I used @opera, but I downloaded the developer beta to try the VPN feature, and it’s actually a nice browser

      @DavidBrownLoL Wow, seriously. Update the software all you like but don't turn the fucking VPN on after it. Disconnecting me mid game.

      @cerenmert19 @AudioBritney @britneysgalaxy I Am İn Turkey But I Changed , ı downloaded VPN

      @alpcantr @theTunnelBear another location to be added I need to connect to Turkey through vpn for my Spotify

      @abister02 @KeitaroSnF yo long time no see i just started kan colle and i wanted to know how do we play without using a jap vpn?

      @Devil6Lair Ugh, annoyingly some parts of the university website only seem accessable through uni IP so I have to DC my VPN for like 10s

      @assocproff @WashingtonPoint @googledrive @Dropbox @Medium
      VPN is an essential tool for freedom in Turkey

      @CCIE13237 @bryanrbeal you always have your vpn though…youtube was banned in Turkey for a couple of years too.

      @erincmcgrath RT @nipped: All these companies in Turkey that will realise they can't access their documents in the cloud will login to their vpn & ignore…

      @paavopdf Welp.... No more @github for #Turkey anymore without VPN.
      Same goes for both @Dropbox and @onedrive apparently

      @jmoneylai4 @okhanSTR IP proxy?

      @mragipaltuncu RT @beratdgan: A typical working day for a developer who live in Turkey:
      1. Enable VPN
      2. git pull origin master

      @JesperHinze Is there a better browser app, meaning more secure, than Aloha currently available for everyday usage? #privacy #browser #app #iphone #vpn

      @om1kw1 @tigerVPN Great VPN with excellent speed an stability. Finally I can watch Horizon GO in Turkey ;) Thanks for Slovak IP address.

      @filearningcom @AskPlayStation the playstation store login does not work: Bad Gateway. The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream serve

      @wiggleking90 @EsmaKapanc Actually we can't talk about him in Turkey. e.g. look at me I'm using vpn and tor for twitter.

      @StressNet_TV VPN and Proxy services #netflix is blocking
      Cancel subscription if you use these to access U.S #Netflix
      @Unblock_Us @Unlocator #Unotelly

      @blackjoker8333 @windscribecom best VPN today. Just do it.

      @MuppetPimpin @JamesOKeefeIII hope your using a proxy IP and staying safe.

      @ShackleyRuby Occupation epilepsia major - team unsuppressed android ledger apps as proxy for the elemental inaugurator: hYHWl

      @AlexaOldridge The benefits referring to invisalign as proxy for quantized utterly attentive: fyWrEi

      @unixpickle I wanna make an XMPP server that acts as a proxy to Facebook Messenger.

      @JagexHelpSamo @kyle_copestick @JagexSupport Hi ECKC, make sure to submit from the pc you usually login with, don't use a VPN/proxy/phone/etc. Keep in 1/2

      @myriadkyr @sunshinejhope @XIAsticRM @94hobi and if it's just proxy settings and shit that's being a bitch abt the VPN. Maybe when I get home or after

      @AndersonAudrey2 Go one better world wide web merchandising system as proxy for site telepathy: qRUK

      @1Password @thedadams Are there any other plugins, or proxy or VPN in use?

      @ZaynJMreports @zayndesifan1 @zaynmalik install an app that gives VPN access. Now go to the #AMAs website and vote for ZAYN

      @fahsho12 @telegram Is there a way to save proxy settings? I am having to enter in proxy login details every time on a VPN.

      @Tsavkko_intl @GissiSim VPN blocked as well? Maybe that's way I can't get hold on two journo friends in Turkey for hours!

      @XBlentX #Thanks #Opera #and #Hola for unlimited #free #VPN #YouKnow #Devilish #people #rules #Turkey And #trustme #Real #Mahdi i am #They're not

      @jamichaelsantos RT @emre_frc: Social media blocked in Turkey for some political reasons. And VPN isn't working well. If I can't answer DM sorry.

      @LPPoisonyia RT @y_sarfati: #Turkey joins China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan & Libya, as countries ordering the block of VPN services. Not th…

      @apcoworldwide Robb Kristopher: The CEO now sees us as a proxy to all our stakeholders. This goes beyond just having access. #csuitecomms

      @Zyradyl Use Tor. Or Tor Browser. Use signal. Stop using skype, get a vpn. Use encryption.

      @bbolel @BBCiPlayer Hello. Any option for i watch BBCiPlayer in Turkey without VPN ?

      @Fern_hw Tunnelbear was a very good vpn, managed to watch stuff from other countries without any trouble, like watching the new John Oliver video.

      @Nick_Craver @jongalloway Lack of this breaks a lot in Windows 10; behaves like pre-Vista with SMB share access across VPN with credentials in elevation.

      @addictinpain @Iouisntroye try search vpn hotspot - free vpn proxy for wifi hotspot

      @Sean_M_Donahue RT @activistinvestr: Proxy Access Used for First Time, New Front Opens in Campaign for Proxy Access: “Fix-it” Proposals (Weil Gotshal) htt…

      @discordapp @jerblowme Hmmm, are you using a VPN / Proxy?

      @onewalleee @kayakrepairman hey Martin. Would love to read an article you think properly explains your ideology. Best paper re race as proxy for values?

      @taratea11 @HotspotShield already got it but still waiting for a reply from you re will it work in Turkey as I have been told your VPN no longer works

      @Dillon1337 @Tunnello_VPN It appears that the website and service are down. What's going on?

      @duyguMack @deciem why are the ordinary product prices differ for different countries vpn? e.g. the map emulsion is 9eur for EU and 26usd for Turkey?

      @evaryont @tqbf @thegrugq do you have a recommendation on a quality VPN protocol that is easy to get correct? Is that IPsec? Or is OpenVPN the best?

      @Glawsboy84 @JPearce_JP @garethbalmer @duncrugby tis streaming on France 4′s website I believe. Couldnt condone using a VPN for a French IP address tho

      @arkaprova #sex dolls for woman free proxy porn

      @MariaDelR5 RT @DeputyPacks: As usual social media is blocked in my country(Turkey) I'm using VPN for now hopefully it'll come back Wishing u all a hop…

      @OdayHondu #Turkey Twitter Banned Now . Just VPN possible for open

      Russian Ambassador

      @CZMikySound When somebody from #turkey need an #vpn for #public #internet please contact me. #firewall ignoring...

      @MRWHOKIP @business

      Even Hitler would've accepted defeat, resigned and gone to hide in his rat hole bunker.

      The woman is a proxy murderer.

      @dervolkan RT @TheTurkishLife: Big props to @buyvpnservice for ultra-speedy/helpful customer service that got me back on their VPN in Turkey within 50…

      @seungnwan Twitter and youtube have been blocked in turkey for like 5 days and all the wifis are slowed down I'm sick of using vpn

      @speedyjacobo RT @ardacetin: Turkey government is blocking the IPs of many VPN companies. Do you have a backup plan for this? @theTunnelBear

      @BostonianBuck For my people in Turkey, if your YouTube isn't working, use a VPN. Turkey shutdown social media sites due to the latest ISIS video.

      @cyberrights @vocativ @davidakaye Default settings may not always work, but Tor still works from Turkey. Wouldnt say the same for some VPN services.

      @EmreeAktass @opera thank you for providing vpn and adblocker. Its really sensible in Turkey :)

      @JustJennnnnni @tatesaywitz or an add on proxy for your browser m

      @dnlongen RT @martijn_grooten: Does anyone know of a Turkey-based VPN? For I keep getting distracted by Twitter and they don't have this problem ther…

      @khanxas RT @QAhmad3: @SheikhWaqqas @TahirImran What Nisar said is our security policy pursued for years. The armed wings used in proxy war be diffe…

      @C0STA192 @scotslad20 @wookie_wizardry get him a free vpn

      @B2Spirit_TT RT @TheVoipReport: This extra #security layer could protect your company information if your remote worker is hacked off site. #remotework…

      @antoinejad12 Mfs just had to block every vpn

      @zidanism @borzou why are you using VPN? Are there any websites blocked in Turkey at the moment? Or do you use it for security?

      @ewo7 @Twitter thnx for helping VPN problems in Turkey

      @lhgmk2 Security forces lost the right to duck the authority of the presidency when they facilitated 25 years of proxy war for vulture capitalism.

      @nurhnz @Zeynab00 @may70000 yes the fans from abroad cant enter without vpn.

      @AKAsexysocks @JonathanKuzy pro-tip for living in Europe: Use Hola VPN to change your browser location to the US. Everyone over there does that.

      @CosmicSneaker RT @OGSNKRS: *Has Zebra's in hand from Adidas store*

      DMs : "Yo what proxy / server did you use?"

      @Sabertrax @V_Shack if you want to access blocked porn sites without using a VPN, add m to the url instead of www

      @7448fuckenbull RT @Buehler8ofClubs: You must use a VPN (virtual private network) that changes your location every minute so they can't isolate your IP Add…

      @turkey_anon RT @micahflee: If CIA can hack your device, they can bypass Signal.

      Oh, and also disk encryption, PGP, Tor Browser, your VPN, antivirus, e…

      @RogueTS50X @toptutorialsuk hi which is the best vpn for money to protect your IP address and why? Cheers

      @baetheist @merabichrayaar @naheinyaar I'll personally make a VPN for Pakistan routed through Turkey

      @cap_colors @0SCUR0 with SSH and VPN to a linux server for a local dev environment

      @korayal @dysinger in our country (Turkey) we also use VPN for YouTube to get a seamless experience :)

      @abdullahkapuci @RafaelNadalFC yeah.. by using VPN.. for an instant, forgot that I live in Turkey.
      Thanks,Carry on, but you weren't here for Rafa's match :)

      @DubCook @RalphStrangis VPN and encrypted messaging like Signal or WhatsApp is the way to go, especially if you travel/communicate internationally.

      @Proxy_Tank @HPbasketball Option 3. When is the last time an 8 seed played a 1 seed and the 8 seed had the best player in the series?

      @lunorian @discordapp Do not block my proxy (you might block others) because it's not easy to see it's a proxy.

      @marketnewstr Sick of seeing withheld accounts in Turkey, need recommendations for VPN

      @MelanievonBraun @ZenMate I have no idea what you said, but if you set up a VPN site inside Turkey, we can all see for ourselves. (Also, one for China)

      @Proxy_Tank @RightJabbar If the USA acted on morality, we'd kick turkey outta NATO, and start sanctioning them along with Saudi and China.

      @art2u2 RT @lastofavari: #Turkey blocks Wikipedia, but Wikipedia doesn't block Turkey. #UseVPN, #VPN is good for ya (and #Tor too :D) #politics #Sh…

      @Brlmkr0224 @DroidSticks How can all VPN's say they're the best for android? Is there an impartial comparison out there?

      @FreeUrMynd @facebook hire me for one of those jobs monitoring facebook live feeds. I'll monitor from my current location using a VPN

      @TheTurkishLife @piacsm Subscriber in Turkey here, can't connect to VPN anymore and no response for 8 days to my support request (319436). Anyone out there?

      @guvensbar @bbceurovision shout out for us die hards in Turkey watching through a VPN cos it's not being broadcast here this year xx love you graham x

      @erdemakintemel RT @hiig_berlin: Still at #darknet session? Come to #Turkishdelight explaining role of #tor & #vpn for activists and anyone in Turkey #rp17…

      @GreenTheNewBlue RT @infinityinfinin: @Rachael_Swindon Erm nice like in Turkey China Syria Saudi how lovely for them! Time to get VPN out if you don't have…

      @lmdphilinda @angel_ttopfanz i use vpn so i can access the website haha

      @greenmonkey74 @pkell7 Yep. They are also a nice vpn and printer server too if its a small business (5-6 people max)

      @r0zetta @ankontini @realDonaldTrump Was TOR/proxy/VPN involved? Apparently Twitter has taken a hammer to "hidden" users in the past.

      @rizayolacan if i cant watch #houseofcards and #OITNB in Turkey, why do i have to pay for @netflix ? You are forcing people to use #vpn or #torrent ...

      @lucasthorpe Anyone know a good URL for watching the UK election coverage (in Turkey). My VPN doesn't let me set location to UK.

      @jgbarah RT @FreedomBoxFndn: Turkey blocks Wikipedia without court order or explanation. This is why we need free #VPN for all, via @TurkeyBlocks ht…

      @mchoticecream Hi from Turkey. I just changed the VPN to vote. My #TeenChoice vote for #ChoiceSongFemaleArtist is "Issues" by @imjmichaels

      @mehmettdeveci Some images on my blog don't seem through Turkey connection but I tried via VPN, seems okay. Any solution for that? @WordPress

      @BornAsPants @THESLUMPGOD Nigga im finna put on a vpn for turkey if this shit dont become available for the us

      @savpbot juniper netscreen firewall+vpn found multiple stored cross-site scripting vulnerabilities issue affects CVE-2017-2335 #vulnerability

      @zachvat Acquaintance online says her “phone got hacked” and now will “secure my phone with VPN.” Having to restrain myself. #security #privacy

      @DomThomas8 Thanks Turkey's #AKP for censoring websites and making me re-learn how to get around the block. Sharpening skills dormant since #China #VPN

      @Volkan_VPN RT @aksigalaksi_: Raise your voice for two educators whose imprisoned only for demanding their jobs back!

      @_Daniel_Proxy_ @Pornhub I live on porn and hentai.

      @rubenr745 @frostyon420 U make no ? Whole point of vpn is to to hide location or ip so it is privacy. Lame

      @shaheen_fariha @a_downloader Im from Turkey and using VPN for accessing Voot.

      @kim2yeons Guys, if you're streaming the MV for music shows do you need to do it using a VPN? Is a South Korean IP necessary?

      @TweetsMak @TaN0li @mashwani_ak Make yourself anonymous. Use TOR and VPN. This state is out of control.

      @H0stingServices Anybody experiencing issues. This has nothing to do with the server. It's an isp block that can only be worked around via vpn for now

      @hup333 @ZenMate twitch heavy block must of all the VPN servers

      @BiplabRout @AmareshPatra @BBSRBuzz My requirement is to establish VPN connectivity... therefore I am looking for good speed

      @StGraunke RT @palleylaw: G. Thorougood ICO: "Bought a Russian Token in Singapore/For Some Unlicensed Crypto Cash/Used a VPN from Turkey/to add to my…

      @belizcakmak It's mind blowing that I have to use VPN/Hotspotshield to access #wikipedia. Like seriously Turkey? What's your issue this time?

      @BitOBaca People are being arrested in Turkey for using VPN's and encryption.

      @00x130 @Jakeashacks The VPN IP, not your personal IP though

      @reverian i can't believe i still have to use vpn to access wikipedia in turkey

      @CryptoAustralia RT @jase_thomas: Question about #metadata collection - for my #privacy is using a VPN with exit server in Europe better than an Aus exit se…

      @Nate_Esq @Mathuthu Ah Semantics. Wily lawyer.
      One would have thought he’d realise Mphoko is a proxy for Zim1. The game is up.

      @Netflix_VPN @leftinstardust Simply visit our site for Netflix enabled vpn services

      @4tee RT @4tee: Still the best backend, frontend and VPN end and all other ends in the business ... and 1 free GB of data! @theTunnelBear

      @YooJeong_0111 RT @twicestagram_: If you're having "your IP has exceeded the voting limit" problem, install Opera VPN on your phone or PC, it's works


      @FPiednoel The new #BKM for #Apps to be secured is to #VPN into your front end server, making all dark to #MITM in any config of attack

      @SuEindra @ddhixxn try use vpn to bypass ip limit :)

      @lisakim5050 RT @saturnvpn: You can use #SaturnVPN for #Turkey to open all blocked websites

      @didiblaise @MTNC_Care @MTNCameroon for how long we continue to use VPN to access your network that we are paying for ?

      @LouisR111 @Swaps4 Maybe they are using for or multiple proxy's to hide the real ip

      @RichiSherri81 @KodiTips I'm still getting website errors and I'm using a vpn, any ideas? I used to love sportsdevil

      @Iovemetouchme RT @keiam_0613: For Android use : hola vpn, open vpn, korea vpn, fly vpn
      For iOS use : fly vpn
      For pc : hola vpn, psiphon vpn, ZenMate vpn,…

      @_ahmadawais_ RT @__EvilSinner: Gov:- block Facebook twitter YouTube..
      VPN:- hello! FUCK OFF BITCH

      @itszain98 RT @HoudaAnibou: [RT]

      CHANGE O…

      @awaisawanpti RT @iHAIDERALI: Pakistani using first time VPN for Halal Purpose to unlock FaceBook and Twitter Applications. #FaizababadOperation

      @carterthomas @iamjoshua Punctuality is a poor proxy for getting the best investors into a room imo. Thanks for watching

      @yetkinzafer RT @nipped: A VPN just routes data through it from point A to B. It acts like your network device (phone or computer) is at a different loc…

      @glasgavlen RT @amandarivkin: This is the end + very bad for our tottering democracy. Basically our internet is not unlike Turkey's now + that's some b…

      @DannyBoyMiller @MichaelWalter80 @sparky123uk @blueArmyPosh Ip changer should do the job. A good VPN.

      @pynchmuse i need a vpn app that works in turkey

      @Pallaviveera RT @AjayAchrekar: Darwin's theory of Human Evolution from apes is a big lie

      Human skeleton, call it "Little Foot" nearly 3.2 million Yrs o…

      @inabster RT @vincemalumbono2: @LabibODEH @inabster @JamalMalaikah @meNabster @kimd42542 @mahmarmak @Emirati_Sheikha @fbhutto @iopposezionisim @faith…

      @FundVotes RT @CorpSecMag: Proxy statements: Allstate balances style and substance - The insurance company won the best proxy statement – large cap pr…

      @jonathanmohar RT @cumbrianbluess: @bigfoot780 @jarwidmark @PhilChatham @djammmer Ours are mainly 1607 we haven't yet upgraded to 1709, we skipped 1703 as…

      @Kuroi_Bankai RT @AlSuraEnglish: #UPDATE - Al Sura is working on providing free #VPN alternative for #Turkish users to circumvent any ban by the #Turkey…

      @CARKlD uhhhh wikipedia is blocked in turkey so can someone search for women in mali and send some screenshots to me i cant download vpn rn

      @RahminingsihJ RT @PavinBhullar: This is confusing. So, now English tweet is also not allowed? How are we able to trend for Turkey when Twitter can detect…

      @Jose_kickz RT @ChiCooked: Proxy restock tomorrow(3rd) at 1pm est.

      - Hu/powerphase combo
      - Hu only
      - Game Royal
      - Supreme monthly and week 3

      Check o…

      @CookieInvolved RT @CroZexGaws: 〰                       〰

      ☠Delicious GAW☠


      @medina_meka RT @LoveTheBiebss: For the past 2 weeks, the fragman did not trend!
      We have to increase the rating of the series:
      ✔ Change your vpn locat…

      @HelaineGuedes1 RT @soni_bhullar92: This VPN change location to Turkey

      @Anaminona RT @def_izit: LOL #Turkey - #VPN is aa major #security tool for #business - used many times to connect employees working abroad to their of…

      @aej_uk RT @atoker: Talking about Turkey's latest VPN restrictions and the endgame for information controls in #Turkey with @muratutku @isik5 on @M…

      @Lovefunmagictru RT @ChuckClbayne: Send us address will send free ammunition #QAnon #WhatsApp #email #DeleteFacebookNow #Facebook #app #free #dm #VPN #Gab #…

      @dreher RT @landaire: “Hackers initially got onto Piriform’s London networks by using stolen credentials to log into a TeamViewer remote desktop ac…

      @cheldaeosas RT @FupoofCoin: I try do one per day so limited to ONLY the frist 50 who e vote. Vote for us show proof ,retweet and receive 200 coins .…

      @mrtdrm3ss4 @makifuzun2 @uzunabdurrahman ppl of Turkey have been using VPN for get rid of erdodog 's police

      @Volkan_VPN RT @ahval_en: The president of Turkey’s Information Technologies and Communication Council, which is responsible for internet censorship in…

      @dprnesq RT @xtrixcyclex: This is a big deal. This is @POTUS BFF. This is who the FBI was ultimately trying to protect both his campaign and America…

      @Hankehamilton RT @ipblade: fact: recently russia and turkey known with banning vpn services in their country

      @mlennox RT @BrianHonan: Using the Internet is like sending your information on the back of a postcard, anyone can read it. Using a VPN is sending t…

      @wynnstelle Why I can’t access tumblr these days? Apparently it’s already categorised as bad website now and I must use vpn?

      @mullafabz @mcg_94 How would have i known that its working.I am not in Turkey.I used a VPN for it

      @danielsieradski @leftkish so weird, i can't get to it, even if i try a browse by proxy service or a vpn

      @rdrandyrowe @newtechevo Since you have reviewed Android TV OS units, how about some setup tutorials? VPN, browser, anti virus, side loading

      @TheyCallMeTXT RT @ThomasRileyMi: @Proxy_kon @TheyCallMeTXT I guess a sort of congratulations is in order for DSP. He is officially the biggest asshole on…

      @softyanjuns @princexukun hexatech, onavo protect, betternet and proxy vpn

      @11thhourspecial RT @kokahokey: Does anyone have a decent free link for me to watch the England match from Turkey? No vpn. Missed the first goal due to froz…

      @CPJ_Eurasia RT @zidanism: An experiment for the next month: I'm using Twitter as someone based in Turkey would see it, without VPN: 100s of critical vo…

      @rckthwb RT @CyberGhost_EN: On the 12th of March we were confirming that the CyberGhost app and website were blocked in Turkey. Today, we're celebra…

      @ScarCooks Thanks @theproxyguys super nice guys and always there for help/support! Best proxy guys in the game!

      @DO2SI_m_p @torproject why is there no VPN for TOR in Turkey?

      @1D_HarrysGirll @RelanoClara Pag sa Netflix need mo ng account and VPN app for u to watch MG sa Netflix Pinas.

      @bizzleselg @SelOnTheBrain Can you recommend a decent
      VPN app

      @SomeResearch115 RT @kktvcamnews: Tip for everyone from #Turkey Use vpn, because then your government is not allowed to make such requests.| #Turkey Twitter…

      @AssasinKerem @guzell_papatya @bursinaskina its only for Turkey

      @Quezelly RT @CamilaUpdatesPH: Start your week right through voting for AMAs.

      - Use VPN if you are not from the United States.
      - Voting is limited…

      @fustviking RT @BambouClub: Turkey is fertile territory for Bitcoin.
      At hotels you have to enter your passport number to log into WiFi.

      @dkonline16 Any advice on a Free VPN for iphone as can get the Ryder cup in Turkey

      @SaraPsalm18 RT @fstutzman: The reason cited for removal is that Apple does not allow apps to use a VPN to block ads or other content in a third-party a…

      @ProxyPics Need photographs of your listings? Download the Proxy Pics app for free to get affordable, on-demand photos immediately. #realestate

      @crypto_nutrient @hidemyass
      thx for providing me in needs guys.
      currently in turkey and I woulda go nuts w/o a #vpn

      #firewall #blockedWWW

      @Gurjoan @Wikipedia I cannot visit Wikipedia from my hometown, Turkey. I will need a vpn for that. What is the purpose of this ban?

      @Innova79212557 RT @TurkeyBlocks: @krmaher @wikimediauk This is sadly the editing experience for people living in countries like #Turkey where #Wikipedia i…

      @promis45 @sibeledmonds I'll help you. You need to pay for a VPN while in Turkey, Sibel.

      @cactusflower81 RT @derekahunter: I was born and raised in Michigan. I wish I still lived there so I could vote for @JohnJamesMI for Senate. While I no lon…

      @y4gmr @ProtonMail no but i can only reach with vpn for three or four days. by the way i live in turkey.

      @SamEllison11 @Proxy_Kotite I wonder if the old GoFraudMe was garnished #kendrickjohnson Race Hoax

      @South403 RT @tfoil2: "stop using the Facebook app on your phone [use browser]...use a VPN when you log into Facebook ...quit Facebook altogether."…

      @jarjar127 @mattyfwhite Try Hola vpn, works for me here in Turkey

      @wasserdanke RT @AllienWorks: My fav #privacy tools?

      Browser: @firefox @brave
      Email: @Posteo_en w/ @pEp4Privacy
      IM: @wire @signalapp @RiotChat
      Notes: @…

      @__boboo RT @ZAYNxPROMO: It’s important to vote for Zayn on the iHeartRadio website DAILY (you can do it 50 times)! If it says "unavailable in your…

      @Volkan_VPN RT @candundaradasi: “A Turkish journalist has been sentenced to more than a year in jail for her work on the Paradise Papers investigation…