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      @KDTalks2 @degrassi_source I could use VPN for that lol.. I just need to find the link. Thanks!

      @adoIescentlou one time i sent a screenshot to my friend and i forgot to turn my vpn off

      @holyhitmarkers Something is so wrong with bo3 ..play on a VPN and melt or play without and get melted @Activision @DavidVonderhaar

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      @sololander @peanutbut also yeah Netflix using ghost VPN. Yeah have to pay but lesser than Vodafone 3g pack cost per month.

      @arshad0094 Viber is working now. All thanks goes to betternet #VPN

      @likim16 @ComcastCares Why can't I load Amazon and several other sites but they work fine on a VPN? Are you guys having issues?


      @ghk2015 RT @SN_Bhargava: @ghk2015 (2/2) between Iran vs KSA & probably Islamic world vs rest of the surrounding world ,which would be worse than th…

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      @mrb0t_ebooks Make sure you set network.proxy.socks_remote_dns = true when using a 6 year old shopping cart on their site.....

      @kingbash247 RT @DonKlericuzio: I see Iran using its proxy in Yemen, the Houthis to launch large scale attacks on #SaudiArabia forces in yemen and also …

      @cameronmstark @ali_noorani_teh two things are important in order to communicate in Iran, telegram and vpn software

      @gshny @grey_coin 2mbps sucks when you have to VPN to a server in US.. Worse when you need to access your blore office machine through US server!

      @mywoonlywon @duckyeoms plug out all the wires and check your ip address for ur wifi and reset the vpn connections

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      cc @AngelList

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      @kmlindem It is really stupid how hard it is to get vpn access through my university. Why do you hate me, @SLU_ITS?

      @kittenishdoll woah. iran unblocked twitter. that's huge. when i was there i used vpn for literally everything lmfao

      @PPPWashingtonDC Result of weak leadership PM Nawaz should b asking for damages frm Saudi A & Iran..for turning Pakistan into a proxy war zone. Gift #Taliban

      @snickn @pkafka How many viewers are currently watching Netflix via VPN? Which you've now said you will block which should result in churn

      @javascriptisez Robert Levinson says it'll block VPN users, but the providers don't think so #fakeheadlinebot #learntocode #makeatwitterbot #javascript

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      @yohannestsige46 @FBCRadioandTV I wonder why suddenly the Israeli want to strength the relationship? May another proxy war? Or Esayas siding with Iran?

      @ElmersSean1 Slighting checks as proxy for payment transactions: hFjbizHBN

      @PrettyHatMech @nw_nicholas also sums up how stupid @BBC staff are they're incapable of using a VPN. Idiots.

      @TristianHill I hate having to use a proxy to download US-only YouTube videos, or VPN for US (decent) Netflix. We're in the UK, not Iran

      @SusanHa09276492 Eh set at large online sight software warrantable as proxy for every imperative: WGsatMf

      @Luiz0x29A @NuclearAnthro do your mind go through a proxy to access the "real world"™ ?

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      @asady_bljarah RT @Trackerinblue: How long will the #US & #UK automatically take #Saudi side in proxy wars against #Iran. How old is this grudge?

      @z_vpn Get 3 Months Premium for Free!

      @BRyvkin @KyleWOrton @iyaddakka will Iran continue fighting proxy wars & playing neo-imperial games? Perhaps. Won't help it long-term.

      @DestramMG @cuda__ The Division. Cannot connect to Ubisoft servers. Tried repairing the game, powercycling all network equipment and using a proxy.

      @parvenbd @Rita_Katz
      of humanitarian aid and or protection, the United Nations says.
      Is Al Qaeda Winning in Saudi-Iran Proxy War in Yemen?

      @JamesSemaj1220 Wow, next week is about a parent affected by Munchausen's syndrome by proxy but parent is the Father, not Mother, new & rare for that issue.

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      @bencltweets @crikey_news Australian Netflix is offensively shitty. If they block my VPN I will got straight back to piracy.

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      @hannahwatroba Why is my VPN not working :(((((

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      @tansstfc1983 Hi @DroidSticks i have an unblock.us vpn account, am i able to use it on my t8-aml-v3 box? If so, how? Cheers

      @sohailjan @c_ha93 Pff. Iran controls Lebanon through proxy and stuff. What do you expect?

      @SkyRiderTK @FreedomeVPN Are your vpn services free #FreeVpn

      @TheOregonBear RT @nsroundtable: @Orthodoxe We don't consider the murderous Mullah regime in Iran or its proxy Hezbollah, as "Patriots." @TheOregonBear @c…

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      @Hoodster_Proxy @LaughingJack821 *holds up chocolate.* Hoodie.

      @tvostoday @carlmartin Also if you use a VPN you have access to so much more entertainment for less than that stinking sky bill. ouch!

      @gaythnake @gaythnake "like, I know at my job, I can't just not work for two months" "my VPN was disabled BY them and I followed the policy every day."


      @ICTAMD Netflix problem? Netflix has increased restrictions on VPN access; remove proxy or VPN and try again. Then contact your ISP for help.

      @fassionhabbo Harmful web site blocked playrise.me web site has been reported as harmful. We recommend that you do not visit this web site. IS MY VPN SRS

      @BroncsFTW Confusing from Politics and Proxy slaughtered again. Best thing beaten all day.

      @thisis_fine @YumeMofoAyonie mm iirc you have to use a vpn/proxy for iOS but it involves like redownloading and deleting data and i'm lazy LOL

      @CeeGotSole S/o to Supreme for finally unbanning me from the site.
      Even tho I was still bypassing the ban and ordering from a free VPN.

      @Sarcastigasm @LewdMendus “A Way to Spend A Boring Afternoon” on doujin-moe. Can't give you a link 'cause I'm on a proxy server, and it's complicated.

      @idkbria good morning omg the vpn still works

      @_kyunggu vpn + wifi in beijing = 100000000 points for gryffindor

      @technollama @mmasnick it's amazing how many people think they're breaking the law by having a proxy or VPN

      @Kronicality @GrkuGamer Hello, This is TNADynamiic, I have found your house, Face and your
      PS - Hide your Backdoor Ip, VPN's cant hide youforever

      @BlacktusJack @TheBasedParker are you using a proxy or VPN or something?

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      @JohnBeechy @business the traffic of millions of followers that come and walk to the mecca.. a proxy war doesn't protect mecca, but make it more ...

      @StringsOfLife_ @Twitching_Proxy Mari sat on the ground utterly shocked but slowly got up, holding her cheek before going into Toby's room to hide.-

      @Lysander45 So I switch VPN servers to try and watch something on Netflix, but this makes the Internet flip out. Now back to original, and it's slow.

      @HarrisonRuth2 Sydney removalists: the take the cake gimmick as proxy for the knowing relocation: UqFO

      @xSLY985x @summit1g you'll have to get like gameranger or one of those other VPN LAN server providers since all the OG servers are rip

      @littlefreyakins @Mick0las looks like you can only buy them at Anime Japan 2016 or on Animate's website. You could probably use a proxy to buy it :)

      @DoloresCharle10 As tushy wholeness c ip addresses be present at as proxy for yourselves?: kmotUSU

      @yifan_miao @ThatPrivacyGuy I really appreciate your chart, could you also add a column for whether a VPN is usable in PRC, Iran etc.? Thank you!

      @HyruleGem @HackmasterBEN "Can you make something for your friend? Your proxy?"

      @tawalker Twithivemind: any nominations for a cheap-ish BT-capable ADSL modem/router, capable of giving VPN access for iDevices to the home network?

      @oneplanetmikey @dopsdingers They are quite cheap now. I use a VPN and I can configure it to connect to a British server and I watch the BBCs iView.

      @Kr3st @Kr3st @proxy_connect @NiceSNKRS They’re actually the only ones that can support a decent amount of bandwidth. Most think speedtest.ne*t

      @jio_dude Netflix blocked at the dorms. No worries, a VPN will bypass restrictions…oh wait, Netflix doesn’t allow VPNs. FUCK.

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      @ABUZATOICHI @VersedAnggerik use Cloud VPN to unblock.any site.

      @DanTiernan96 @hola_org my netflix wont work the past few days using the system, it says we have detected a proxy/vpn, any help?

      @MadelynZoe Co-optation the sensibly seo packages as proxy for your fealty: dqwTMNucJ

      @Vilkoviak So I guess I have to connect to the external server ip on the port I was assigned? Then my request should get forwarded thru VPN internals

      @CaptainBigly @drewmistak why don't they just use ur ip address to ID you? wouldn't that be just as accurate (proxy and vpn notwithstanding)?

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      @Ba_oeeeee RT @hejboho: I need a VPN for Iran

      @hejboho I need a VPN for Iran

      @annasihahz Hye @TuneTalk . Why can't I browse the internet? It stated that it's proxy problem. Since bila guna wifi, elok je guna chrome

      @echoskope "Updating Curse This will only take a few minutes." LIES ALL LIES They didn't take into account crappy wifi with VPN!

      @gdbtsbang @BTS_Tunisia @BTS_BiTS u can use HOLA vpn proxy . Its available for both phone and pc.

      @dj_masg @vpnsecure @PawPrintAndrew @opera Sounds interesting. Where can i sign up for the Free USA VPN?

      @khashaya_r RT @carlbildt: This morning I finally managed to get hold of a VPN to break through the cyber barriers for Twitter here in Iran! That's wha…

      @barcaraiders @LFCforLIFE81 @Optus ip vanish is a top if you start looking for a vpn

      @ImGinge @SawUnicorn @ImGinge should do i had to use vpn for some server i didit all the time

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      @cats3122 @Rebel_GuyMC also tell quest to read skype I'm trying to see if I can purchase a au proxy server for yall :)

      @Shotzy_Boiii RT @uniiquexo: When kids try to "scare" boot you, puts a vpn on your ip after you tell him all your info then adds you.

      @qRed_ @BadlionNetwork What the actual fuck is wrong with your server? Stop focusing on NA and help out the people on EU for once. EU proxy = SHIT!

      @SolesMarket23 @JibThe666bird DM for a great Footsite proxy site.

      @TonneMaurita RT @ColeMakk: I'm only tweeting this to get my free 1GB through @theTunnelBear. Use a VPN & Tor, and stay Anonymous on the web, folks.

      @FireIceFox77 @linatulla97 if you ever want to use other websites i recommend you to use VPN (virtual private network) ...

      @WinterLamberts Anonymous loans as proxy for unhandled: the compleat but insouciant colliquation as things go unutilized: XVrPMV

      @MartijnMaandag @brianteeman I use 'Cloud VPN' in China and Iran. It must fit for a hotel WiFi.

      @amirshkt Is #YouTube currently accessible for everyone from #Iran (without VPN) or just me?

      @steveohrourke @JustNoli1 I had to use a vpn to get the actual nba site

      @karolynsmithMP @steveweinstein @dreamcatcher5 private accounts that were VPN- NOT private servers at their home that were NOT authorized

      @alltheloveagb @fondfools VPN: virtual private network

      @ziondaughter It all sounds complicated...proxy war, Yemen, bombing, Houti, Syria, Iran, USA, etc., involved. Any suggestions on site 4 explanation?

      @niaStrong_ @SakkiBomb_ I'm connected to vpn. I can access the system I manage my work in & respond to emails. -- this gets me by for the day

      @tuxisagamer @nixcraft @netflix IP address of the vpn or proxy server?

      @jmulder2015 This article talks about the benefits of VPN's for security.

      @uhohsehun @selubulge even on incognito. if u wanna add more views use a VPN proxy service. :)

      @theslayerizer @BillB @gavanw I hope you hide your IP behind a VPN also! I wouldn't take the risk!


      @jr90jr I just joined TunnelBear for a VPN , its safer to browse and its free

      @imannmer Lmao the last time Wimbledon was on I had to stream it on a proxy website in Iran because they block everything

      @BlueBreeBirb @Electro_Dasher apparently my friend already got access to the beta using a proxy and is already levelling up

      @xenpony @toriel7664 As for the VPN thing, it allows me to access the videos because I'm in the UK right now. ^^

      @Victor_DaGreat_ The school is gonna block Pokemon Go I'm calling it now. It won't work on VPN either

      @_Merri_K Someone just asked me if the dock across my street is public so they could go catch a Pokemon...y'all are quick with the VPN changes

      @YudnomyaR @AnotherNikeBot imo, I think you guys should include your own proxy server into the bot or make one . I'd pay extra for that !!

      @fifa_robin Please go ahead and download Hammer VPN right now , it is a really good app !

      @KimKim99_ Any good vpn to use in Iran for snapchat anyone?

      @dotnetmike Any recommendations for a router for my home which allows VPN access from the outside? @troyhunt @richcampbell

      @Noztox I used VPN for fun, not for warez app

      @corvetteflex then promote my lan and private vpn plan to them

      @swiftwind777 Man the BSG hosted by @Proxy_Tempest tonight had some of the best bad StarCraft I've ever seen

      @DriblenCom Why do #fags at @facebook bloc #VPN ? And flag #suspect activity / block account #privacymatters #privacy

      @mohamed17281467 Hide me Best Free VPN

      @beeter_app @niitsitapii Thank for you contact. No the option for set a proxy in beeter.

      @stevesi @steely_glint ha. Just saying there was unique public IP for each system counted on the web. No NAT or proxy enable many systems per IP.

      @hashkeys @aClockworkObi @BlameItOnSarum Think China works on that lovely premise. But VPN services are a step ahead and offer spl svc for CN and Iran

      @shokufeyesib I watched amazon streaming vid via VPN in Iran w o a glitch. ive been trying to get the net/wifi to work in capri for 4 days now. fuckkkk

      @JohnFruehe Nothing more satisfying than finally having my VPN and proxy running flawlessly. Having the right IP address on a dual NIC server helps.

      @simonjhix @HaughtonTim I know. LSE dropped its VPN access a couple of years ago. Used to work great

      @AnthonyLouis8 Artiste set the pace as proxy for indexed ad means of access amar ujala: gvhy

      @phinp how easy is it to use a femtocell to set up vpn for local phones and block external data access?

      @freevpn_ninja RT @marioxcabrera: What's a good free vpn app for iPhone???

      @GamingHeroTetsu @FerrickAnima The game itself isn't live yet. I doubt I'll bother at this rate since I need a VPN. Just wait for a private server, I guess.

      @slytherinlarrie @elbafuenmayor hm they can't do anything with the history on my own phons though, i downloaded a vpn proxy that should do that trick

      @KamenMayumi @american_in_teh Hello ! can you please tell me which VPN app you used in order for sanpchat to work perfectly in Iran, please?

      @KamenMayumi @asa3dAlmamari Hi, execuse me sir can you tell me which VPN I can use for snapchat in Iran, please?

      @discordapp @Chibgy You're on a home computer? There's something preventing your connection from establishing =\ Any VPN or proxy enabled?

      @bgces @tigerVPN Thanks for the VPN access #vpn #tigerVPN

      @SupaFly9627 RT @youngcontrarian: This is big!
      I especially like where Paul Combetta "Can't get Forticlient IPsec nor SSL VPN to work" and posts IP logs…

      @zarrykr RT @Olivia_Rivera_: this school is shit. they block our VPN's, but continue to give us trash wifi. oh, and there's no service.

      @MiguelHunter2 Sim butcher knife tackle roller as proxy for android mobiles so as to upcurve renew snowbird experiences: wQOSsB

      @IMozheyko @opera well done!

      @BosworthDean Go through the the best vpn activity: JBZ

      @PrometheusUFO TPB seems to be down right now. Luckily, I found the ep on a TPB proxy site. It'll be uploaded to GDrive as soon as I'm done downloading. :)

      @DaKnObCS @makerspherehq Also for several scripts and what not.. Maybe also VPN / Proxy test, etc.

      @BillyCalzada RT @Shauncore: @TohnJurner Can I recommend using Hola VPN for Chrome. It's free and gives you zero blackouts.

      @Bob__Andrea If you look at insurgent activity in SE Iran (Jundallah, Jaish ul-Adl), there you see more evidence of proxy warfare

      @JosephineLeah2 Pelling hotels: improve sanctum as proxy for a rejuvenati‹ng memory: uAVJVr

      @name_complex @_skycompass as long as the app itself doesn't have a strict region lock requiring vpn to play, you're all set

      @TTinyy_ @What_Tee @Bulkiercrowd73 "Brb Proxy, gotta hide this quick"

      @caelisbab for the fave brother remark: im her only brother, so by proxy, i al the best and the worst

      @US__Marshall Many #VPN don't work for #Twitter , still issue persists, but @betternet_co #VPN works well for opening @Twitter in #Iran on #iOS

      @mr5scott @BrianLockwood @Marisa_C @Phillip_Cowell @mbrookes @YouTube Pretty cool! Doable w/out VPN? More info somewhere? Not much on gsuite's site.

      @mgsverige In IRAN, anti-filtering and VPN applications just work for surfing specially-designed aimed news and porn websites, not a useful things!

      @CiscoKiwi My VPN to Sydney always confuses Twitter geo-location

      @gamefish42 RT @LeChatNoire4: Marco Rubio needs to just give his vote by proxy authority to the Koch Brothers. 98% of the time he voted for their bills…

      @Flippintheraya RT @Dar_al_Harb_: "Islamophobia" is a word invented by a Muslim Brotherhood proxy. The Muslim Brotherhood strive for the same end game as I…

      @vtvalaw RT @churchofbasebal: also, i feel like the Reds are winning this game thru proxy

      @diehimbeertonis RT @b9AcE: @diehimbeertonis Advantage of VPN is it's (almost) always faster, but Tor… again is MADE for bypassing censorship (like China or…

      @mac_and_cheeks U know ur sensitive when watching them reject someone on shark tank hurts ur feelings by proxy

      @UCT_ICTS HTTPS and #VPN are not just for geeks—protect yourself! #IdentityTheft #cybersecurity

      @horse_overflow EventSource / Server-Sent Events through Nginx reverse proxy for Apache - error 500 sometimes

      @wmj263 @IsaacGachina @AJEnglish For example: China North Korea Iran Cuba, is such that every time I need VPN to be able to the Internet

      @real_proxy @bakedalaska They made fun if Trump's tweets now they want to CENSOR EVERY WORD. Soon it'll be part of #msm so I'll find somewhere else!

      @carlmacki hide.me is a good proxy server.

      @Bit_My_Ass RT @markhughes: Get a #VPN for Christmas! o<|:-)

      Protect yourself from the ill thought out provisions of the #IPAct #IPBill #SnoopersChart…

      @nads_chigga @ReebokWomen not sure if it's geo block. Working with a different proxy now :)

      @aminasoode RT @farhad_faghihi: We need proxy or vpn for using @toggl from Iran !!! Is this how it's gonna be from now on ? #disappointed
      Come on...

      @ChoclateIC @YesAbdallaah loi use, whatsapp bi send na la message deh y yen ak Sen vpn problems

      @azizhafari @BobbyMovie hey I downloaded vpn and it's not opening the Game of thrones seri and some more seri

      @kcdring92 #proxy-website urgent care franklin park nj

      @mark00z Had to block google play on the work proxy today. Well on my way to that "Man of The Year" for 2017.

      @artyombykovn67 #best gun for home security business vpn router

      @proxygangs @proxygangs .................add me on facebook @ proxy caleb or caLL 08164769346

      @jPQm2Ygpxn8BCst #secure access vpn used car dealership in modesto ca

      @PatBouchard RT @Simon818: Well, someone has to pay the guys who uncheck the boxes for all the shows we can't watch. And the ones who block all the VPN'…

      @iBringHeat01 @YourPProxy What are your proxy plans for Sneaker sites? Is it the same price on the web site, 50 for $99.97?

      @QFT_Scott FB servers for my region must screwed up because I can only access the site through a proxy.

      @shraderlicious @ladyinblack46 do you use some kind of proxy or vpn client? Because the official one shuts down immediately for me :s

      @Ch1lIeh @LesliePozsonyi the most difficult part is confirming their identity. Twitter records MAC (device ID) but ppl hide IP behind proxy or VPN

      @VaporKing @Iran @realDonaldTrump The Iranian people do not have access to the internet. FREE VPN's for IRAN

      @onaeem96 @p1rox hey I'm having trouble with your socks proxy, tor browser extension -- can you please get back to me asap? would be much appreciated

      @BoiGal2 .@Aminneci1 Her constituents elected her to speak for them on Senate floor-by proxy, the government censored Mass. voters free speech.

      @BuckyJuice @AskPayPal please help, account access limited, have changed passwords, removed proxy, uploaded docs, unable to og into resolution centre

      @Palachewing When #bae is ignoring you so you just turn on that #VPN and surf the dark net

      @TysonRealist @iamayanle (14) For example Israel does this the best by staying neutral between Iran and Saudi proxy war. Makes both sides more curious

      @da_667 RT @alexgkirk: Why the *#@! did CPAN just choose mirrors in China and Iran for me while on a Cisco VPN out of Texas?

      @MSFTUCGuru RT @PaulCunningham: Does Proofpoint offer a secure web proxy thingy for customers?

      @bogomil_halo4 @HSEarlyLinks Why dont you guys allow for multiple proxies per bot therefore each proxy can change after a few bypass clicks which....

      @emergentologist @amalmattu get a VPN service. There are several options w/ reasonable price points for even lifetime service. The only way to "fly" free

      @I6_6_6I @stinginthetail the problem is that 1)i need vpn to simply open twitter
      2)there is legal and extralegal punishment for what i say in iran

      @IAmLeoGlaze2 @aramtolegian They hate them by proxy, hate the skill set, hate that Melo can score 92 in a game. The ppl who don't like them don't kno them

      @kennwhite @selenalarson yes, sorry—was assuming techy perspective. Tricky Q/A. Like: "What's the best car?". VPN for Hulu or circumventing censorship?

      @RonicasTweets RT @fluffylaurinah: @ Non American Harmos Here's how you can create an ABC DWTS account and vote using a VPN app

      #SquadGoals #Harmonizers…

      @sabanotsabah How do you know when you're back home in #iran ?
      -When you have to turn your vpn on for everything.

      @i0s1q @MaxdMerc
      No, Partner for Beta testing. Best #VPN App

      @Smeakerz101 Ok if y'all go to GHS and will be trying for supreme tomorrow ... PLSSS try and use a vpn or they will block us !

      @jmmastey Upside of installing VPN on my devices: @buyvpnservice has what appears to be a competent ad-blocker for non-rooted android (cc: @pinboard).

      @arhmachael Russian's politics want to block VPN connection and block access​ to #VK #Twitter #Facebook and other services if u not 14n yet..

      @bill_milmo Windows OS 3g perfect

      @Elngd241 @kpopsisvip OMG I live in Iran! So we are neighbors?!

      @ThingfulNeeds @ProPublica @JuliaAngwin You suggest using foreign VPN services and Signal / WhatsApp. But you don't mention @ThreemaApp with one word.

      @missashlynm What an HTML proxy server is or what a boot ip is. Stop giving that, "this woman doesn't know what she's doing," look to my male colleague.

      @1TH1NKW3R3AL0N3 • Send VPN decrypt metrics to VAO interface test Provide data set S//NF While the search space for SIGINT access and Iran's capabilities U

      @YashaswiniSree I was wondering, if the non-U.S ARMYs can just change their VPN address and then vote at Billboard's website for the #BBMAs. Can we????

      @sakhibvkqie RT @HoseinMetro: @durov @Ravankav @m_ @telegram
      its enabled for some user in iran . but it doesn't work without vpn . w8ting for ur repla…

      @BarelyAFK You've probably heard about #truepeoplesearch, but please note that they record your IP addr! PLEASE use a #VPN, #Proxy, or #TOR to opt out!

      @SherlockMac @MKBHD Been using it for a long time ... sadly it's been blocked in Iran and we have to use it with a VPN ... just like Twitter

      @JumpStreams1 @toptutorialsuk @RealDebrid @buyvpnservice No worries. You almost confused the shit out of me for a second there. Best VPN I ever had.

      @tahleelkhan RT @MZse7en: If whatsapp is working without VPN why isn't social media?

      @joody_hejazih RT @Saudi_Castro: @YousefAlNaimi Bro they can't even tweet without using VPN !
      #Twitter is blocked in #Iran, yet #Khamenei and #Zarif keep…

      @sygiles RT @bazzz3: Please people don't overpay for VPN'able routers that have been flashed with free open source software.Some serious rip-off mer…

      @missienelly RT @Ethlenn: Dear t-list, anyone knows a proxy site (or ext) where I can watch YT vids banned by region?

      @michaelpsilva @Apple disabling my ID for using VPN. @Google locked me out of email when my phone broke. I didn't even try @facebook. Opportunity here

      @mili2531 @dkardel Make sure that your VPN is set on USA. I used Hulu and Netflix in Iran for over a year.

      @kevinballa2 RT @itz_ali1234: Hide My Ass Vpn private Subscription Giveaway

      To Enter
      •Follow @itz_ali1234
      •Turn on notificati…

      @himitsu_city Friends! Don’t forget to turn off your VPN when checking Facebook. I get locked out for a week once a week or so.

      @kjandersons @CyberGhost_EN is the server still down? I'm not able to connect to any VPN networks since yesterday onwards…

      @SouthStand_ER @Lljo311 @the_nomads download Hola VPN for Chrome and browse from Germany - working for me

      @Niloosy @ItsSaraALS I swear same, I went to Iran for a while and back then I didn't have a good VPN to access twitter I felt empty for a good week

      @InfoSecurity99 RT @TeknowMusic: Try to get your hands on a good #anonymous #proxy for your browser, or use a #VPN. Use best internet usage practices as we…

      @DrLindaShelton @DrLindaShelton #Iran #SaudiArabia #US #Russia #UN Proxy wars R abominatn&genocide #Yemen 4 what? West drew Ur post WWII borders-redraw them

      @dxryaa Downloaded 7 vpn's in preparation for Iran

      @majid_ayat @ingress Why, I can't recharge resonators remotly? I have this problem for 3 days? I play in #Iran with #VPN.

      @daebaemin any good vpn app recommendations for iran? i need to be able to go on twt, snapchat, youtube etc from my phone

      @shahabsaang I can not use Snapchat in Iran even with VPN. :((

      @az7stars A( ̄ω ̄)Zy~~~7☆Jon and Azuma are proxy name for playing game watch movie Japan.If it's not bad mirage,the Japan is his joking like cartoon

      @yooseonshine @mpnaicha You can get a VPN app that basically just breaks down the firewall so that you can access those banned sites!!

      @MissJasminMG This is my formal apology to @sammandigee for mocking him when he downloaded a VPN. It does work and he does get twitter in Iran. Ta Sam.

      @jade_michelle @eizababe It's an IP blocker. Check your proxy settings and reboot your browser it's what I do.

      @hotstar_helps @ankit323dave You can lodge a complaint with them for removing the proxy access :(

      @proyectocuentas Vpn recomendado
      Phipshon,hide my vpn

      @mehdivk In preparation for my trip to Iran, purchased a VPN connection.

      @ItzMaphiX @Bearsarefluffys I cant Join the server. i dont have a vpn or proxy, my ign is maphix

      @PersianRose1 @kiermustoe BTW you can watch sports on Totalsportek. They use it in Iran for free but use VPN bcos it's illegal.

      @yogeshtiwari RT @ScrewedbyState: This is what happens when you don't in principle stand for property rights & liberty -but instead for a muddled, double…

      @velosterapter How long until #Zuckerberg blocks VPN ACCESSto Facebook to win favor for his business in China? Netflix already does claiming lic. Issues.

      @driftingkiwi @yomadic Hey mate, how's things? Had a reader q and thought you might know the answer. Any particular VPN recs for Iran?

      @michelralyrics For now, before you log into tcb.ai site , you must protect your ip with a proxy before you go to the site now.

      @TAYWILL206 Anyone know how change IP using proxy servers ?

      @SAMLeeLoves_ RT @noboundariessv: IP address problem Armys?

      Dont use VPN~
      Use different browser incognito
      Switch off your data/wifi along with airplane…

      @Enoch_Root_ @apulsifer I watch them at home on game pass. I proxy in from a UK ip so I can get every game.

      @770517063 I'm trying the new vpn

      @loonieforkicks @atothebed Out of country and got the same error had to use a VPN/ tried Private browsing and finally got a queue smh

      @aizhar So let's see - I use office365 (in this case outlook) for work stuff, but the work VPN prevents internet access so outlook hangs. #Grrrrr

      @CatHaven04 RT @GorgeousWhites: When I get banned from twitter for being part of a "hate group" I had no idea I was a part of how will they make sure I…

      @LadyM3033 RT @USlawreview: Most people can't even update their server, yet bitcoiners imagine people will be "hiding their ip address" and switching…

      @ebooks_tedcruz Even in Iran of life, there are ready to a thumbs-up from the voters for removing VPN apps from . showing our resolve it

      @chemixcalbieber does anyone use lookout's security extension vpn thing when you browse the web

      @AaronLfcFc RT @Lurganrebel: The American FCC are about to change the internet as you know it.
      Freedom of speech gone and charges for every site you li…

      @vid_nas @Lee_JM75 @BDisgusting It's a pretty time website. Time for a vpn mate.

      @m0ndgesicht @JidoHussain You need a VPN in Iran for most apps!!

      @TonyaSheffield_ RT @SamEllison11: @KingShad_SA @TiwiAtl @Proxy_Kotite There were 3 State Medical Examiners who said positional asphyxia and 1 hired private…

      @davidhldunn RT @Imamofpeace: @ChristianCooper Yes you accessed social media via a VPN Proxy Hotspot. Which is illegal. Here’s a Fatwa banning high spee…

      @ProblematicPleb RT @SaferVPN: @ProblematicPleb @expressvpn @NordVPN @purevpn @HotspotShield @Privatvpn @hidemyass We offer free #VPN access to activists &…

      @rezavahedi_ @durov We use the @TELEGRAM with Vpn in Iran, thanks for TELEGRAM app and your support from Iranian people

      @BronsonBronso03 RT @SororIrani: #freeinternet4iran

      even with using all kind of VPN it becomes impossible for Iranians using internet

      @stephanishelton RT @Behzadgholami20: @stephanishelton yes stephani. We need proxy app.
      Iran condition is very bad. We have more than 30 killed by police. T…

      @STOP_THE_BOMB RT @farnazfassihi: 170 #Iran lawmakers blame #IranProtests on foreign elements & call for crackdown on VPN skirting internet/app restrictio…

      @cryptoreviews1 RT @CoinMaker1989: @cryptoreviews1 @TradeCodes One more thing I remembered. Iran is blocked ( ip ) for access to the bittrex and we connect…

      @akseltelle @Sorou6h @DuckDuckGo They are banned for a reason. Iran does not want privacy. Why would they bother, just use a vpn.

      @adamrzadko @CryptOrca Whag about proxy’s? And VPN’s? How are you supposed to stop that? You can’t...

      @HomerSimpsonFA RT @NarimanGharib: Although it is not bad for @Paskoocheh because they have used @HotspotShield to promote their own service @RouhaniMeter…

      @ZoidbergYou RT @alohabrowser: Aloha Browser for iOS 2.2 is now available! Check out new start page, news feeds, new tab management and lots of bug fixe…

      @MahyarMehrjoo RT @mreza_azali: Dear @SpotifyCares @Spotify
      I'm an Iranian user based in Iran. Iranians should go through so much trouble buying gift car…

      @ozgurgunes RT @Hasanhmmt: @DiaryofaDadMan @InVisionApp InVision is not accessible in Iran by default. We use vpn for using InVision, But they decided…

      @khanahuna RT @erfan_voodoo: @campuscodi We use to these bans and sanctions, in fact we have been living under sanction for more than a decade, on the…

      @rouzierdorce RT @HardingMark1960: @Cointelegraph Obvious way to spy & find illegal activity is to pose as a VPN.

      So the goto VPN for China and Iran se…

      @Ebi05323236 RT @SajjadN1998: @durov #Iran's government wants to block @telegram very soon. They brought some so-called experts from China and Russia to…

      @pulangtuko @eraidontcare anong vpn app gamit mo?

      @Bia_Belieber15 RT @hiimdoris: @SuruRoyal @dana_btsarmy @btsvotingteam @BTS_twt oh Spotify is blocked in India too? :(
      No I'm from Iran, everything is bloc…

      @delorenRG @dpakKapoor @officialmcafee @noBScrypto Move to Iran, get a VPN. Wait for India to cut the BS out.

      @wybetter RT @NormEisen: I know Bart, have worked with him—he would be a very good choice for this. As Judge Wood hinted, special master if any shoul…

      @gonzo462606 RT @propagandhi: hi everybody, it's me again, chrissy. i'm in a hotel in manchester and the tv doesn't carry the leafs game. the wifi acces…

      @707bwolf RT @rhoraro: @Monopoly__Money @SniperZeroXI @officialmcafee Can't wait for $SUB to take off. Once the beta is there, mass adoption is only…

      @flterme RT @franciscaeiro: @chrisheimark @DuckDuckGo That last hike was me

      @amiribah @durov
      #iran #telegram
      IRAN has orderd to block Telegram so people could not access even by VPN.looking forward for blockchain verision

      @msh_1970 @durov We can’t connect to telegram in iran. Please new version for connect without vpn

      @dporter721 RT @3585Maryam: چرا وی پی ان کار نمیکنه ..
      All the vpn ports has been closed by islamic regime of Iran.
      All the trusted news sites of the f…

      @GargamelClen RT @Shahriarhatami1: VPN is most sophisticated protocol for use privately from zero trust medium.Islamic regime of iRAN try to sanction its…

      @vickiho RT @Lindadalew: Overheard in a Telegram group with Chinese users: "Thanks to the government for training my computer skills. I just wanted…

      @ahmad547878a @Hima_z_ Proxy vpn & vpn master

      @DRVNKLANA hellu i’m sorry for being inactive i’m in iran and twitter doesnT work here so i’m currently using vpn-

      @hassan__03 RT @maasalan: .@DasandazBand’s love song for Telegram after it’s filtering in Iran

      “All I have left is this VPN, that’s the only way betw…

      @securitywatch RT @neiljrubenking: TorGuard's VPN service is among the most comprehensive in terms of server locations, and it earns decent scores in our…

      @CharlieKafami RT @mreza_azali: #Hotgram and #Talagram are two suspicious #Telegram clients which are using Iran's #ICTMinistry infrastructure to create a…

      @GomezShelii RT @MadnessVotes: Use Hola VPN to vote on the Site. it's easy to use hola browser for phone user to vote!

      My #TeenChoice for #ChoiceElectr…

      @BaVpn @elshankarimi @freebitco give us a try if you like , free , reliable VPN - search BA VPN on iOS or android , we work in Iran for Iranians

      @Evelinmendes190 RT @ShawnMRomania: That’s all you have to do if you can’t vote. The app it s VPN Proxy Master( it s free). #MendesArmy #voteshawn #mtv…


      @Unforgiven_1920 RT @Safeword13: Many vpn services disabled today in iran ,we ask from vpn services around a world due to censorship and Suppression of toda…

      @twitteplu3 RT @xvpn2017:

      @FortniteRetweet RT @joseph_demeter: When Twitter promotes an ad for a VPN with the sole message of the ad showing off how you can bypass school wifi restri…

      @Te_Taipo @jmduthie Sure, but for example with VPN, it is a common method used by social media users in Iran.

      @terrylancashire @LisaMillar @leighsales @jack_hawke @abcnews You must have a VPN, Opera works for me in Iran even

      @Pmsleveryday @Simon_the_Saxon @btsport Use a VPN to bypass it. Can then use servers anywhere in the world to watch content restricted to that region.

      @DDERSS RT @DDERSS: @MoonofA @MarkSleboda1 In other words, if you use VPN for privacy, FB and Twitter can thing you are the GRU or Iran. And if som…

      @sectest9 RT @LuminateSec: As VPN is becoming obsolete, the time has come to move to a cloud-native point-to-point access solution for your organizat…

      @marinas47 RT @iPlayTVapp: For those users who receive this error while trying to watch any channel with the networks (LTE, 4G, 3G), download this app…

      @maryjanefsh @paveI______ @OberbeckBiz @durov Pavel we are still using vpn for telegram in iran !

      @TelemediaTweets RT @3GProxy1: We're attending World Telemedia Marbella. Meat us and let's discuss about business :) 3G Proxy is the best mobile proxy solut…

      @petersjenkins20 @justinrfield Is IPALNP philosophy to be the proxy for big business. Nothing new about this except now they don't feel the need to hide it.