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We take smartphones, iPads, lap tops, netbooks and Bluetooth-enabled products on each of our holidays.

Nevertheless, sometimes many of us leave common sense at residence because within the strange land we have been more susceptible to online fraudulence and id theft when compared with usually.

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      @afallon02 Fun fact for Students : On iOS you can create a VPN profile that blocks access to apps and websites, if, like me you have poor self control.

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      Long story short
      Proxy to US/Russia pissing contest

      @harsh_in Isn't this a proxy ad for other tobacco products of Baba! #MakingofBabaElaichi

      @pnfinn @NetflixANZ might be,but unless you vastly improve Australian content I will need to either cancel or do the VPN workaround for US content

      @gshny @_Murali and also local guys speed is to their server.. Ping your vpn server in US and it ll be bad :-( but they are way cheaper

      @AnkitKhandelwal Finally its here.Thank God for no more VPN usage to access @netflix. #NetflixIndia

      @pkedrosky @niccai Turns out it was a VPN exit thing. Fixed it.

      @b_foran @AaronWoland I have a Pre and Compliant VPN posture policy handing out diff IP pools and it's not working, is it possible? Anyconnect limit?

      @GavinNevaeh Delve artificer bensalem the old man services as proxy for prevail results: ATh

      @barnie884 @whufc_official @BBCLondonSport - going via VPN and no theyre not... commenary is Palace vs Southampton

      @isaac32767 @_ralw I'0prob end up using Adblock Plus, tho I wish the Android version weren't implemented as a proxy (fucking google) @jessysaurusrex

      @AbedinZain @ZaidZamanHamid CPEC will be built by China and how they want it to be built. They are aware of proxy situation in Baluchistan and KPK.

      @StevensonMacDon Prevail perquisite as proxy for application fit for society networking: xKvfAtAsX

      @Hexastor RT @solakov: Someone explain to me how #netflix plans on blocking the millions of #VPN exit nodes around the world without infringing on #p…

      @gwak52 @Jon_Garratt1 @smileygirl19681 @gavthebrexit @Dhekelia355 close down via tasks and surf via a vpn☺

      @OliverGozzett @Unblock_Us Netflix announces crackdown on VPN use. What do we do??????

      @Dahxic @Half_Ref the biggest reason I went dd-wrt was to use a proxy and stream Timbers through my Roku. Can only go to 35-40% of home games.

      @AshtonPeacock Plus ou moins shoddy tools as proxy for changeful site sprouting: XBn

      @sevanjaniyan RT @HadiRezaee83: @mikko @sevanjaniyan :)) negative! Still needs vpn/proxy

      @rwalters225 @payneandco It has been a busy day. Patching firewalls for PCI vulnerabilities appears to break iOS VPN access. Onwards and upwards :)

      @Rnzoor @Proxy_Reaver lol neck yourself I'm not in ice I'm in celsuis idiot and at least I do better GFX

      @Noahfle @robwhisman use a proxy server to get around the ban

      @policescotland 'You're Asking For It' tackles sale alcohol to young people through adult proxy purchase,stop antisocial behaviour & disorder #PolScotExcel

      @alimahmoodjafri RT @Razarumi: For years few pundits said don't take action against Pak Taliban. Today they say TTP is Indian proxy.
      Were you protecting a p…

      @nathaniastv @Miss_Magitek I really appreciate this so I can quit game by proxy

      @vpnunlimited @bramvera Unfortunately Hulu and some other service are enforcing the policy to block VPN users.
      Our team does its best to bypass this li...

      @InsaneLimits #Kick FALCONKILLERKING, @" !# 1 TB=|NO Explosive/FlashBang/Smoke/FRAG|AutoNuke| 8LAG Vpn", for FALCONKILLERKING Kicked for using SRAW[Au...

      @rebekahyeah RT @_ToddB: If you delete Vpn off your phone your a bitch

      @rinkashimikito ok, so free wifi. sometimes is not what you think it is. wifi included might not be what you expect. go #vpn #italy #madonna #pinzolo

      @Hec718 @ShirtlessCondum they're not really free for Americans that watch tho. We need to buy a VPN.

      @zainjetha @kolabnow when is the IMAP proxy to hide groupware folders going live on @kolabnow @ggreve @kanarip @kolabsupport

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      @StartPageSearch @OisinPatenall Many do. You may be using a pool IP address associated with past abuse issues. Try to release & renew the VPN IP address.

      @AbigailAaron1 As far as mechanism graphics access manchester becomes noticeable as proxy for yours onus: szGsJVMjn

      @whydoIcare8 @mrbraindead12 @Daddy_Warpig Perhaps by proxy is sufficient? They are well down the slippery slopw. #riptwitter

      @Cor3ntin I'm running a vpn gateway, a dns/dhcp server, a time serie db, a dashbord website and a reverse proxy on a single raspberry pi. #help

      @RiverZhang620 @Yokozawa_love I don't know anybody in twitter, lucky you are my first follower. I use VPN to access twitter, it's must be strange to you.

      @antony_bragg @Barnacules @SurfEasyInc Just so you know :) So you can get it work but you can't block everything if you want to use SE VPN

      @timdrrake @rexhansons OKAY CALM DOWN you can always use a different proxy server to watch netflix from another country

      @picklepete @dancow I've already been cut off from the UK, a modal popped up saying I couldn't access US content via a VPN anymore...

      @gilbertdaniels RT @cobbo3: 2day 1,000s of Ugandans learnt what VPN means & set a record for downloads tx to #UGDecides social media ban. God works in myst…

      @CliveMwesigwa RT @onadit: I enjoy seeing this bear dig a tunnel from #Uganda all the way to Denmark so that I can access Social Media thru #VPN. #UgandaD…

      @cptrohanh @suubi_samson TunnelBear, VPN express.

      @bastiando @netflix I'm cancelling my netflix subscription because of the VPN block. Compromising privacy for streaming #Netflix? No thanks. #vpn

      @sug_knight @rtmccombs yeah u get them from @GJMcClintock as my proxy

      @morisatwine @LostInKampala unpaid or free VPN services are associated with risks as privacy loss, bandwidth leaching & hidden data costs

      @2sparkley @Mr_J_Alexander we have to do everything via the website for SeeSaw as it doesnt work through our proxy- everyone else in DoE it works :(

      @BenjaminWoodPHX One of the best reasons to use a VPN is to get around pesky location restrictions on streaming movies and other content, but before you she…

      @arjun2888 @NewsX haha just because he highlighted the development that @OfficeOfRG tried to hide with proxy riots

      @BoxOfficeBuz @OverPlaySupport VPN not connecting via software and Netflix no worky with DNS settings :( wahhh

      @nellucnhoj D'oh. Netflix has finally detected the proxy service I was using to access U.S. content.

      No more Frasier for me :(

      @hamsterwatch @Yesy_18 yes in my timeline.. have to go back a ways for last night's but it's there (also they're on BBCan site with VPN)

      @EthanJada Worth touching site selung gloss as proxy for an online game: PcybKt

      @Taco_Lad So @NetflixANZ won't play nice with syd vpn. Netflix account loses.
      I'm sure there are more convenient ways to access the content I want.

      @mali_kazim RT @unblockvpn: New VPN server EU12 located in Coventry, United Kingdom is now available for all Unblockers. Enjoy!

      @xoCHEWYox @Unblock_Us any eta on a solution for the Netflix proxy message? Support don't seem to have a fix, keep getting same copy/paste answers.

      @Sonikku_a @ericjgruber Installed now. Plus I browse through a VPN as a matter of course. I like to think I’m pretty reasonably secure.

      @WhiteleeJohn RT @NicolaJSwinney: So. After morning of unpacking plugging in cables shouting swearing & imminent divorce, can't access VPN as Mac hasn't …

      @Jagdish_P1 RT @Kabirsinghn: It is a proxy war, there is all the proof available on ground, for me to dispassionately conclude this is not a conspirac…

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      @BradyOberley Somehow they found a way to block VPN

      @CarenSLaw Do you have a will, power of attorney and health care proxy in place? Protect yourself and then go and have fun! #EstatePlanning

      @Netflixhelps @MR_SKRIBS Reaching out directly to ISP to help turn off that VPN or proxy would be the best way to resolve any errors regarding proxy. *SC

      @discordapp @humancollector1 are you on a proxy, vpn, or school network?

      @MiguelHunter2 Sim nail file tadpole plodding as proxy for android mobiles so that couple improved purchaser experiences: ITrXjG

      @VJShordee444 @netflix @Netflix_CA I've used ur services 4 yrs. Stopping #VPN is dumb. I don't like what u offer me. Let me #XBorders so I have options

      @patoghmanoto @Hooman_HBT @yesayebod افزونه گوگل کروم Gom VPN - Bypass and unblock
      ... Unlimited Free VPN - Betternet

      @King_Proxy @King_Proxy Retweets appreciated on this one guys! <3

      @RSN_SudoBash @Demonheadge this IP is associated with 13 free-to-use proxy servers, and within 15 miles is a area used for many vpns free+'premium'.

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      @rennyguida RT @TAC_NISO: . @hamparid EXProxy is ~15 years old and provides a URL-rewriting IP Proxy server that simplifies configuration for user #stm…

      @SaintJoli I remember all the proxy websites to get past the school security . Used to be on Facebook thinkin I was so cool .

      @DoloresCharle10 That demote endogamous group c ip addresses guess as proxy for she?: QFtCGhc

      @JamesSierra4 No sweat snatch bemist executive officer as proxy for your ip cctv: UXysvj

      @lanijct RT @_majlinda__: Vpn got me fucked up

      @KennedyDonna1 Ibm websphere lombardi back number v7.2, plan (dev) hearing as proxy for confirmation ad eundem online the com...

      @JohnOmbiah @ntvuganda vpn & opera mini for facebook

      @ESLMattjA @Ash_Kae_7 @DirtyBomb Not sure if you're trying to trigger me. I used to be best proxy player, world!

      @Jade_Erica89 RT @betternet_co: @Jade_Erica89 @facebook Try Betternet Free #VPN to access Facebook in Vietnam. Please #retweet

      @adhamfj @etisalat skype, fb call , whatsapp call snapchat call, nothing is working & when we use VPN u say its forbidden lool

      @akeleven RT @VinePsychic: Do not believe criminals aren't able to work around @google @adwords policy. If they hide behind a proxy site they can app…

      @FaeFemme Gawker is bad but also billionaires waging proxy legal battles over grudges is terrifying

      @Ender_Kenji @MarfGamer ._. Proxy server for MCPE ?

      @innthecutt @Lefty0971 can you recommend a reliable vpn website thingy

      @ElaineNiddery @EnzoEdmonton Whn proxy wars and selling public institutions 2 private sector with a dash of austerity is the way to go. Its worked so well.

      @AlexHorovitz RT @PegHosky: Pam Dyson @sec_news #CIO - #VPN in the middle of #cloud and #privatecloud traffic for #security. #encryption @FedInsider @Red…

      @ZorillaCharles @TunnelGuruVPN best vpn service geat 5 star thumbs up

      @marcsimpsoncov thought i found workin dns codes for u.s netflix but when i went to play a movie it didna let me cos my proxy server

      @mikewat98 @SportsTrader_AU can racing traders software be used with VPN software - for after I leave the uk once the rigged EU vote is announced

      @Smaniac_Tweet @betternet_co gives the best VPN service in China,after using tons of different VPN app.keep up the good work!

      @keffiesuplex @SinksAdventure like it eventually just turns into a proxy for "do my game dev idea but im lazy". and most ppl's game devs ideas are dumb

      @AlexHayden7 Best reasons chinese puzzle grounds for belief release as proxy for mac is essential in preference to a recipr...

      @benbristowuk Playing around with @docker. Now my site and email server are all dockerized with an Nginx reverse proxy. Woo! #tired

      @bearess RT @thumped: You need to be in that America or have a US VPN connected to see the setting to turn it on ("EU privacy concerns"). Stays enab…

      @BorNNy_En @jwaweruh your handle name is that a vpn proxy or a port?

      @ashyoconnor @danisnotonfire you know you could us a US VPN to download the game

      @zeqirielvis @GradeAUnderA @YouTube You forgot about VPNs and VPN proxys which are very important if you want to be anonymous

      @Tiger445511 @civi63 @aneedopengh @wolftedfd1 هذا قوي F-secure freedome vpn

      @bennetts11 @JeremyCliffe @ThangamMP Corbyn is at best a coward more likely he is a bully by proxy

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      @MccurrySoper How to Do Brand Stacking as proxy for Online Reputation First prize?...GdnTG

      @thiagomonteir01 Whatsapp funcionando de boas aqui com Orbot Proxy

      @pont_pontd Available 4 those connected with a finnish IP address...
      i.e. people who are either in Finland or use a Finnish proxy ;)

      @Kalissa_xo RT @_aaalondrisss_: Vpn is necessary for back to school

      @prkchvnyeol No longer being able to watch movies online without being told to download a VPN browser... it's a sad day

      @DNesselroad9 RT @Adri_Schaad: Advice for Morgan High School download VPN

      @gallifreyan @cidsa My team had a $20k SPARC laptop 17 years ago, so engineers could go on site and rebuild code to fix bugs w/o internet access/vpn.

      @smidgey Hey @Spotify not everyone on a VPN is trying to bypass a geoblock. Thanks a lot.

      @_u2pop_ @AFTVnews @Elias hi can you post on the page some VPN apps paid or free that support for amazon fire tv & stick, thanks

      @Phil_1756 @TheCrewGame why wont it let me into the game some proxy error crap

      @sonderborg93 I voted for an #IPVanishServer in Guatemala. Where do you want @IPVanish #VPN to take you? #GuatemalaCity

      @MiersSavannah1 High mightiness apropos of online pc restore cover charge as proxy for palaver deliberateness: BtEVDlJkN

      @CoffeeGeek @frenetiklol If you're using a VPN, or posting from India, there's a good chance the IP is auto-blocked. Sorry!

      @TheFakeCancakes RT @MasterSwrdRemix: @discordapp My server is having issues with a banned person with a vpn. I have an idea for a new security option to he…

      @mikemanfredi1 windscribe. + free vpn

      @ZdenekMalinsky RT @vpnunlimited: To Russian users: if you don't have access to @Pornhub, contact us at support@keepsolid.com to get a promo code for a 50%…

      @morganpyne RT @pwnallthethings: So I don't know when Google decided to do this, but it's actually awesome. Automatic transparent VPN over Free WiFi. h…

      @Schnabelewobski @jessysaurusrex No wins, but one "funny" fail: No internet access for my users because the proxy blocked access to the proxy.

      @Libertarian2hu I tried restarting both my browser and my VPN. Twitter still isn't working properly for me.

      @PaulMarlow11 Typing as proxy for rising generation: how best skills bathroom measure: YfOx

      @MichelleBriann5 Download ds tourney as proxy for r4 website is the goods numerary until download ds concours in favor of r4 ye...

      @Sueyeeee someone pls tell me a vpn app i can use for china pls

      @vgsndaby4 I just have to turn it off for Netflix and the MSU wifi because they block use of a VPN :(

      @extracis so has anyone figured out how to bypass netflix's vpn block yet

      @Hive_Mods @zoieburgher he will need to ask his ISP to assign a new iP . Once that's done he can buy a vpn like Kepard for $7 a month to stop it all.

      @twbtwb RT @SarahJamieLewis: For the 2nd time this week, @DeepDotWeb, you've published a Tor + VPN article that is wrong about the security propert…

      @bosnianglilly @YouSeemFine @VNGiapaganda but...Comey also works for Hillary by covering for her. Does that mean Hillary by proxy works for Putin?

      @Truth2Pwer Turkey is working to cut VPN Service (virtual private network encryption method for secure access between computers via Internet) in Turkey

      @yrndree No explore wifi, nomore vpn to bypass the lock.

      @Kdwolf77 @turk1911 Like a proxy?

      @AVGFree @TimJen23 is a interface for AVG Internet Security and AVG PC Tune up for unlimited Devices. You can also find HMA VPN and (4/5)

      @TriciaOfficia_ @WickEr10GT If it's not much to ask. How can I create an account or at least login if there's this Proxy/VPN thing that's preventing me?

      @EarlRaymond4 Call forth as proxy for android applications practice is increasing week answerable to quinquennium: GsbBjN

      @irefutabilul69 @TouchVPN "This site can’t provide a secure connection" i get this error on all sites on chrome, after activating your vpn extension?!

      @LolanMVP @Cxde_ not if you have the right vpn and no they can't bypass my quality vpn

      @notHidro this kid is trying to hit me offline with a free booter and is trying to fry my vpn lmfao

      @PseudoSarcastic My #PrymeResolution this #NewYear is not to use the incognito mode/proxy mode on my browser from 2017

      @PRoxY_Viiperz RT @RocketLeague: One BILLION games played! Thank you to our amazing players for continuing to make #RocketLeague one of the best communiti…

      @dharma322 Upgraded Router:
      Private Internet Access Asus RT-N66U Tomato FlashRouter. VPN for your whole family and house.

      @przepuszcze @zxFlint yeah it was on the vpn

      not my main ip

      im using another vpn to bypass captchas

      @MestreSandrofor @proxy_gsm hi bro please DM or whatsapp...

      @BLSmith2112 @PCPartPicker Your website says: "PCPartPicker is temporarily unavailable" for me, I live in USA and it only works through proxy websites...

      @lukejameslarson Back that Proxy Bypass up @midnight #internethiphop

      @watappo < PPTP

      I have a server.
      I have a client.
      VPN Tunnel!!

      @TannerFawkes Woo, out of boredom I set up a home VPN for my phone to connect to just to block ads while I am out.

      @Pistalgripump @ElCalavero @rodgers1125 I understand. My only point is that the censorship proxy has simply changed from government censorship 2 corporate

      @For_Cripes_Sake @dsealdoc Crap.
      Registration: Private
      Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC

      @PaulSSzpara If you want to piss off Twitter and facebook use your VPN! They don't get to use your info for advertising to you and they don't like it.

      @UR_doinItWrong #how to make yourown website vpn test account

      @Proxy_Tank @cjzero @HPbasketball This bulls team reminds me so much of that sixers team that was one game away from the conference finals

      @unorigmoniker A VPN is a necessity if you want to protect your privacy online. Privacy-conscious customers shouldn't be penalized by @Netflix for this.

      @NosferatoZoddo @rocktwist @theTunnelBear Used "hide. Me" though funny thing if I use vpn for a long time my isp would get more curious.

      @mister_asmodeus @twitchartiiz @TwitchSupport I'm late. But yeah, she uses a proxy to browse the web.

      @AtheneAllen @weconsecrate buying a VPN in the sense of 'pay for a server and set up your own vpn.' tweet limits.


      @Hannamiller777 RT @ZetaNigeria: #MPLS: the path for the Future.
      Contact us> 01-2701444
      lower #latency #security #costsavings #disasterrecovery #QoS #inter…

      @its_me_trimmy @hulu_support I don't understand blocking Hulu access when I allow Hulu's traffic through my VPN. Even when bypassing VPN you block traffic.

      @_Skittlebrau Please don't block my VPN, Netflix.

      I just don't want my ISP knowing I watched a season of Archer in one sitting...

      @EidGhonim1 @bashtkha Free VPN HexaTech - Unlimited VPN Proxy for iPhone by Betternet Technologies Inc. ده ممتاز

      @Research_Tim And for the others: why don't you use VPN to protect your information?

      @Violascapes @theTunnelBear, thanks for the great VPN! can I have 1 more G please? Grrrthank you!

      @KassandraSeven RT @KassandraSeven: Or get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) there are realllllly good free ones, I can usually tell lately.

      @KremlinTrolls RT @KremlinTrolls: Trump is trying to discredit Mueller using Hannity as proxy, which lays the foundations for firing him.

      Russia probe ha…

      @aymanmuraj Finally gave in and downloaded vpn for Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter! Ah

      @zznosar @FreedomeVPN Hey guys, is there any plan to add adblocking in your VPN? Ads track and invade privacy as well...

      @YuChengQ Just let you know that a certain website that rhymed with youtube but started with the alphabet before 'Y' can be surf without using VPN now

      @MLossia I wanna browse the deep web but I can't get a vpn like cmon I'd like to buy a dad for 12k that's named after a type of sofa

      @yoyo_jess @joel_llamas_ @Alexbashestv we know, we've been using a vpn app for a couple of months. Thank you though ;)

      @iChinadian RT @nvanderklippe: Party Congress has made it feel like there are 2 Internets. Can’t access many Chinese sites with VPN; can’t access outsi…

      @johnauldwebster @rosswkr @bbctms I suspect they have really closed down access. Couldn't get it using VPN last night

      @sca2511 RT @Crypto400: $ITNS might be the listing you were looking for @kucoincom ;) its gonna be an Intense new year and we are happy to share it…

      @vltyn foutez whatsapp en vpn

      @austinrichards9 @andrew10forrest Use a VPN or a proxy

      @MostafaMe4 RT @TheBaghdadPostE: U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster called on Saturday for more forceful action to halt #Iran's development o…

      @wfvaughan @redlinehereford Is there a remote access VPN available for cargo bike? Asking for a friend.

      @finstore_inc RT @dir__business: Service for block bypass VPN Opera announced the closure of | App Store, Application, Messenger, Security, AppleInsider…

      @cegopvx RT @wimia: Internet privacy has quickly become a hot-button issue. If you really want to browse privately, you're going to need an anonymou…

      @MKjrstad RT @localethereum:

      @Manesha76 RT @imamarsagar: 1. Google it : Extratorrents unblock
      2. Select any proxy server and search .
      3. For eg : #VeereDiWedding ( excluding ha…

      @skinsballr RT @RenaeIRL: Quick summary of Nintendo E3 thoughts:

      - Super Mario Party looks GREAT and I cannot wait! Minigames look good and it feels l…

      @jenkspl64 RT @meghara: China's Hainan province is setting up "special zones" where foreign tourists can use Twitter and Facebook without a VPN-- a ri…

      @MyatThuZawThei1 RT @rvelites: The previously given VPNs have limits per month. Ofcourse, limited streaming of #CookieJar is a no, no! For @RVsmtown, we alw…

      @oatjb0 RT @comboliste: New Netflix Drirect


      @iT08864jo RT @keepsafe: Excellent tips for how to improve your Android privacy! Keepsafe's family of apps can help too. Use Photo Vault, App Lock, VP…

      @fourbeerspod RT @michaelJAwohl: @fourbeerspod @page_gould Thank you for a great (and impactful) episode. Is there research on closeness by proxy? I sudd…

      @davoudi_farzad @Ahoura_Frzn فقط free vpn

      @Goody @AKACHlEF @milfwhisp3rer @YT__ShadesH1 @ShadesH1_ VPN is mad, same website and everything???

      @M4ST3RC0MM4ND3R @BobbyMovie I have this installed on Cydia (off) when attempting to install a profile for VPN your app pops up and doesn’t allow install

      @Sebastianpetr12 RT @bestvpnguru: Want to find out which of #NordVPN server is the fastest. Read along and find out the best fast speed server for maximum #…

      @RawanSakka RT @Iam_AlwaysRight: Please keep in mind the risk of using a public Wi-Fi connection with little to no security or encryption services, any…

      @politicotab RT @stshank: Google just released some open-source software that could help independent companies and organizations set up their own VPNs (…

      @SOnlinebiz RT @SOnlinebiz: Amazon is the next #privacy nightmare and company to dislike. They just disabled the use of #VPN for NON-AMAZON services on…

      @TapsShah @pawlakpl @theTunnelBear Use hide my ass, ivacy or express VPN.
      I would recommend Ivacy. There is a good deal for. IVACY in xda depot.

      @sectest9 RT @PeterKendrickk: Public Wi-Fi hotspots are littered with hackers, cybercriminals and evil individuals who are constantly working on ways…

      @BBC6Music @brighton2london You shouldn't need a VPN to stream from our website. Is it not working for you?

      @DigibitUK @TheBestVPN_UK Check us out! #DigibitVPN Grab 20% off with promocode "STREAMVPN" too! #VPN #Privacy #Safe #Secure

      @TRANSllDA RT @martialtailhero: @OjiroOjiro Gotta pre order~ but if you want my advice try to look for a different proxy site cause the prices are mar…

      @TesuraOsu RT @GreenRush_: Does anyone know an actual free VPN i can download the appstore that actually works on school WIFI. So I can watch Netflix,…