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      @ChinaGeeks @crawlor @SirSteven @erikcrouch working ok for me if I set VPN to China, but that's not always accurate

      @chriswotton @niannelynn Does it work reliably for you through VPN? Still never tried, heard mixed reports.

      @GayCarBoys @MichaelTiyce have VPN will travel Mikie. even #Fraudband won't keep us down @gjfitzgerald

      @schatzipage @alexis_b82 *checks how far work VPN signal carries*

      @MansfieldMegan1 Impelling sediment towards hiring hal/s strategist as proxy for high-pressure website ongoing: IREVqs

      @aydeetie @algebraprodigy at least ur tweeting from china/have vpn

      @Ellijyo @Killvaaa I'm not conversant, but when China doesn't use VPN, isn't twitter made? It's inconvenient, isn't it

      @Vickibaybeee Trying to figure out how VPN works so I can go on snapchat in China....

      @M7maadsr RT @SageSuhail: why ask for nudes if u have a Vpn

      @GtoPmd RT @icpchad: What's that word for when a government invades it's own country and rules the people by proxy of the UN? Oh, yeah ... New Worl…

      @SophieZoe1 The best part artiste van sans serif rub up services as proxy for thine sedan: VxB

      @MNewy100 @Gramatik I'm in China for a few months and I noticed today I didn't need my VPN to go on Netflix anymore!

      @ywxwy What's the simple, recommended VPN solution for somebody traveling internationally (not China) that works on OS X & iOS?

      @AndyCarolan @GrahamTownsend VERY! So, is that a VPN server or something? x

      @pxrsuit @R0YALTIES AH I GOT IT, you can use vpn master. It can help you!

      @SMCLightning @ClassyRainbows haha, my school is way more chill about it, why don't you use a proxy or VPN otherwise

      @Trannosaur Just random advice for my friends travelling to China using VPN + Android

      @JenniMParker @astrill I use Chrome and Google for my work in China. Interruptions in VPN service cost me money! :(

      @erikhollensbe Greetings from China! Thank you work VPN for letting me post to twitter. :)

      @ryan_moore @VirginPulse it looks like it was a proxy issue caused by my work VPN. fixed. thanks for the response.

      @Kemble_Alex @Logan_RTW what VPN did you use in China? I'm leaving on Monday to live in Shanghai for 4 months. Any thoughts or suggestions?

      @RooRooLogic @ylenkun it's an extension on chrome for unblocking vpn! it's not usable in china tho

      @Sketchoflove ALL READY FOR CHINA. OH YEAH VPN.

      @Noir_Proxy @MichaelPHuber @NeedforSpeed A jolly game for a jolly dude!


      @PatriciaMiln Aspire leap year wily device transit as proxy for thine work: urLyQiP

      @FatAsianTechie I need 2 nenew @astrill VPN! Can't live in #China w/o VPN. Astrill's been my go to for years! I recommend it. Use it with Netflix and Hulu

      @P45KR4NT5 "tbh we'd rather you just torrent our shows for free rather than let you view our entire library of titles for cash money via VPN" - Netflix

      @Jameshortoncf @anonops project Netflix in light of there restriction to try to block VPN for country restriction. Netflix you never restrict the Internet

      @Pappassss @NikeFiend927 Was wondering if you could DM me your proxy/ server setup? Thanks!

      @cryptostorm_is RT @Shaenei: If you value your privacy from government snooping, try @Cryptofree for a free VPN, if you like it then support @cryptostorm_i…

      @iamaaronheld Talking about process is often a proxy for a lack of leadership. #agile

      @JagexHelpSamo @Stullrs @JagexSupport Hey Brandon, submit the appeal from the pc you use to play on the acc & don't use a VPN/proxy :)

      @sherwiin for a moment i really rage until you can't watch youtube in china without a vpn. lol

      @arthusandnico @netflix we use a VPN because we travel a lot for work to China and have no choice !

      @CueTracker_Ron @insidesnooker @MoniqueLimbos VPN is the magic word :) I think @janverhaas has one for when he's in China, maybe he can show you.

      @oilinki @smartbrain @rehabbedo VPN, Tor etc. will naturally be forbidden. HTTPS will be allowed only with special browsers, which shares enc keys.

      @codenamestrike @derpmia Battle of Vella Gulf for the DDs. Sendai by proxy based on the events IIRC (speculated she'd be flagship if she was still around)

      @hoyathewrapper i will disappear for 10 days or nah depending if i can change vpn in china

      @bergtrist @astrill Hey! Is there any known problem with Vpn for Pc in mainland China? I've tried Web, Open and stealth.

      @TheLoyalProxy @Hoodster_Proxy Nothing! XD

      @ErikGroset @damien_legave with or without a VPN the internet in China is relatively unpleasant. Same could be said for public wifi in most the world.

      @damien_legave @ErikGroset I was in China for a month in nov 2015 - with my own Vpn. It was extremely unpleasant to check gmail & fb, let alone YouTube.

      @imzargar @nixcraft is there any option of scheduling web site download on a proxy/cache server to serve the same later? @ubuntugeek

      @ErqCAq35PxtwL07 I use it first time. You know it's too difficult for me who comes frome China. I will can't use it without VPN

      @cmonreff Off to China for next 10 days. At the mercy of my VPN for whether I get to be in the Twitterverse or not. Representing #DCFC while there

      @EllingtonCheste Feeling open forum internet strasbourg as proxy for the site respecting thine suppositive caller: ivbD

      @Enerjaee I got a VPN so I could get on social media in China lmao #YAASSSS

      @tc_work Any recommendations for VPN especially for mainland China?

      @DXCluster160M 24/01/2016 01:33UTC #W3PV/VPN has been spotted on 1826 by #W2GR #DX160M

      @HASSELRAD @dave1611 can't watch Netflix at all even with AusIP address (but still using a VPN which I always do) stupid 4 them to block my own country

      @_Wintermute @JessFishlock @BDragoATI @cat_fay will probably need a vpn or at least software to make iview think you are in Australia bcos of geoblock

      @Netflixhelps @Krystiee04 We are no longer allowing access to Netflix for people that are using VPN's / Proxies, They're against our Terms &... 1/2

      @XiaomuArisu @tokkanram @SlowpokeLain well the first timeline had no Noel, so maybe Ama Noel created a proxy to help Ragna

      @ilikepandas I think every @spg hotel in China should have a HK VPN for wifi. Then we wouldn't have to wait to have to post nice things bout the hotel.

      @sehseh For those who doesn't know, twitter, fb is banned in China. They have to use 'scale wall' aka vpn to access.

      @iamthor_us RT @brianpklein: Yet another reason to discount China stock market as proxy for economy. Official GDP #'s drop, market goes up. #ChinaGDP

      @Treaczh @datnofact @Lauren_Southern Thanks for info! Time for a VPN. Had a friend in China that needed that, didnt think I'd need one in Sweden :(

      @woaisunshine @tach47 You don't have GFW,and you use VPN?

      @CkhMarcus When you go through VPN for everything in China and suddenly you don't need VPN, any wifi feels like cheetah!

      @edrabinski @BruceS8852 I remember it well! It was just in the heels of the Michigan game, so I felt a little like we'd beat Michigan by proxy.

      @btminster The past 3 weeks or so, @ancestry has stopped working for me with a VPN. Are you guys blocking VPNs? Here in China, that's a problem for me.

      @smudger_smyth @SurfEasyInc guys used up my free data was impressedso signed up. Now VPN doesn't work!

      @Schwinnchester @attnkatdaley @ska_todd @efacc @theTunnelBear yeah was that my issue? I need a VPN for China that works. Anyone?

      @siyuanchu @SumaaaaiL welcome back to the 2nd greatest country (for now) weeks later, remember to grab viable vpn. And remember China dota not ez

      @hfd201032 @astrill hi why I can't use astrill VPN in #CHINA by IOS .. It now 2 days for this problem

      @gingerhyuk Are You Ready is available for download on QQMusic now but I still need to find a VPN program for China in order to download it

      @KmillFPS @hywel1999 @ShawnAbner Yea I have no clue try a proxy i guess haha depends on if its an IP ban or just account

      @AficionadoYash 'Enemies banking on proxy attacks'

      @Jupiter220215 My instructure asked me to collect data for his paper. But we don't have access to google in China . We must take advantage of VPN.

      @Justink89 @Unblock_Us hey guys. netflix has blocked your proxy server. any idea when it will be good to go again?

      @nampoohyun @gyurago sooo i went to china n everything's pretty much blocked there, my friend suggested that i use vpn to cheat by changing the location

      @CDPStudies #Pakistan should push #Afghanistan toward effective democratic Govt to support #peace process & awareness against regional proxy wars #China

      @Elisabeththe3rd By now all I've done for this trip is downloading about 30 VPN apps. DAMN YOU CHINA FIREWALL

      @lsmith @preinheimer we have some clients with customers in China and Japan. pondering to just get a VPN account for both countries or @WonderProxy

      @BabcockSamuel The the best ever simplification as proxy for yours success disturb: OuYysd

      @anderws @Helene_FR i don't think that you will find many options for China. Most of VPN providers use standard VPN protocols (which can be blocked)

      @Forever_tayling VPN still working for me in China...

      @hburley #PSV2016 Kris Constable. 5) TOR - The Onion Router 6) ssh SOCKS proxy VPN 7) GNU Privacy Guard GnuPGP

      @nathanberry5 @Unblock_Us Got told by netflix to stop using a proxy :(

      @snowden___ Systems that pre-emptively automate the indiscriminate seizure of private records. Unlike a VPN, @TorProject is free.


      @KlTAKORE still looking for a vpn before i go to china :(

      @zjmpalace @selenaruIes @zaradms yeah and I have to use vpn bc i live in china for twitter but I never noticed a difference... Maybe it's just mine tho

      @RoyMegan1 Looking as proxy for two-bit crate bicycle perception ingressive usa: dytXU

      @Brett1Hall @vpn_router @ShopifyPicks @GrantWilt @jamesmayer1 wonder if they need testers ??

      @Really_Travel Going to be living in China for a while, needing a VPN, anyone have suggestions as to which I should purchase? via /r/travel …

      @KiiRu089 @HamburgerParty You can actually play the game by downloading VPN thingy.

      @montyj1 @Unblock_Us 5 days since last contact from your support team re proxy block on Netflix. I set up a trial for Unlocator which is working.

      @A1AN_J_R Benteke up for sale? China to come calling after watching youtube clips of him over a VPN.

      @jacrowell87 Time to get a VPN so I can slide in even while I'm in China

      @Maliheh_ RT @lhxbscfu92vvOpR: @Maliheh_ @cnnbrk I came out of the wall, now China the Great Wall firewall function too strong for most of the VPN so…

      @rockfire93 @discordapp No I'm at home without any proxy or vpn

      @mebukurokun @cay_chi if you use chrome you can get the zenmate app, it's a free vpn

      @JesusFane1 Website logo knavery as proxy for bringing communication: XBqLzPex

      @ThomasH29137281 Four mantle rattle on heater as proxy for preparing distinctive victuals retired list in high: eZHOA

      @sabersass I should set my VPN for Russia then post on 4Chan

      @taosasscheeks i need a link for luhan's excited becuz im pretty sure u cant listen to it on qq unless u have a vpn, u bought it, or ur in china

      @ZooMas_ @ValerieScape Use a VPN, BAKA. Also hey THEY KNOW WHAT YOU BROWSE NOW. IN DETAIL.

      @JagexHelpSamo @DivineLogBro @JagexSupport There is no contact email. An insta-deny is caused by a severe lack of correct info or the use of VPN/proxy

      @Tyminski @earthlink #china #vpn #earthlinkblocked first time ever(decade) my earthlink blocked - need VPN for emails. Anyone else? @peterschloss

      @dwinle @LordGamblore @lisa_alba Its a sad free for all in a poxy, proxy war of who can piss-up the wall the highest.

      @VicHeuser I've been away for a while... Now I'm back.
      If you ever travel to China remember to download a vpn...

      @MrHam_1971 Thank you, thank you VPN Green. For delivering The Twitter to my phone in China.

      @AuthorSJB @LostDaleks If he has my IP address he has certainly hacked my VPN, as I take meticulous precautions to protect my digital footprint. My

      @FemaleAgentSR yo i be recieving messages on my viber and wassap , i am in china and for some reason the VPN i be using be messing it up SO im slow lol

      @JadaAlex1 Vnx solutions technical expert exam as proxy for technology architects is an aficionado viva: GabQrLGWf

      @Oni0n_RBLX >has to use Spotify with a VPN & proxy server because service not available in india

      really spotify

      @godavar @BabaGlocal you'd need a vpn for n fb to work in China.. your mobile operator's roaming services probably aren't controlled by govt

      @XiaoMen_Huang For everyone outside China come to #ShanghaiMajor, make sure you have a VPN app on your phone before you get here :)

      @Firenter @TobiWanDOTA @DOTA2 Yeah I was in China for two weeks as well recently, it's brutal without a VPN...

      @TonariNoMaka @DotACapitalist @TobiWanDOTA hey make sure you have vpn apps for the china wall

      @Nickchensoul It's extremely difficult to get back on Twitter in China(blames on the VPN app for sure),but,anyhoo,here I am,screw the stupid wall!!

      @Schenck @BmoreDoc Yes, "and then some". 'All the tea in china' of course was hyperbole. Land area's important, it's a proxy for 'wealth/resources'

      @Cataleya219 RT @carrotskk: Lord Jesus pllleeeeeeeeeeeeease don't let tomorrow be a VPN day

      @Niuron @vpnunlimited ATV 4 support, I’m really missing your app on that device. I’m even thinking on switching VPN provider for the lack of.

      @mqadini @TheEconomist maybe not. North Korea is well placed to be the proxy for both China and Russia.

      @rajnairbjp RT @sukaul: History teacher guides authored by Teesta Stelvad in Sonia Gandhi regime, looks like Pakistan was ruling India by proxy for 10 …

      @robhuddles @bdw429s there again is the problem. It's only a hobby site, so I can't justify the cost of a VPN or shared CF hosting.

      @rakupika @fudoyukimitsu ok first dl the app "open vpn" then go to vpngate and click on whichever jp server then just dl the config file and run it

      @MengweiGui I can't sign in my first Twitter ID for already 1 year...I just used VPN in China (VPN can make you sign in different countries ) SO SAD!!!

      @diyedeer @refeia It doesn't matter.In China,even if the login twitter need some tools to help(like VPN).Although some trouble, but not a big problem

      @rel_sta not easy to make vpn on work in china, took one and a half of my hour tried thousands finally got one id for 19days free, angry face jpg.

      @jennyah46 Just realised we will be in India for almost all of the T/20 WC. Won't have to rely on Sky Go VPN

      @Jedijameszx shout out for logging in Twitter again in China with VPN

      @PassTimothy Muscular footwear leaving out here are royally known as proxy for their constancy: nEfdvcy

      @jalvapic For some reason @vimeo is the only thing that will not run in China, even with VPN. Youtube, torrent streaming... but no vimeo at all :(

      @LangstonJerry @VanossGaming I am a 12 year old kid from main land China who got an illegal VPN just to see you. You make my life worth living for, Hoodini

      @beirdu @BoJackHorseman 噢噢噢,I see you Twitte,can you give me some money for Vpn,I come from china,pay money to see your twitter

      @JSLapidus First you cut off my ability to use a proxy/VPN that allowed me to remain a loyal customer for 2 years in China @netflix #iDemandAnswers

      @ellis78801 RT @astrill: Due to political meetings in Beijing, VPN access from China may be limited. We ask for your patience. Thanks for understanding.

      @CharlyPichon RT @NZCAMO: @astrill I did not sign up for a two year contract for this...already without VPN for one week in China!.has affected my busine…

      @JamesSierra4 Doubtless inherit multitude vice-president as proxy for thine ip cctv: ghfPvu

      @nepotist . @BaldingsWorld what are you using for VPN, my china-side employees aren't having success with astrill, vyprvpn, or domestics

      @dinhvh @creativewang @dejaluapp You might be experiencing the great firewall of China. Do you have a SOCKS proxy or vpn?

      @DinoD7 @Mrbestapps They have switched it back to China only, You can access with Tunnel bear or VPN master for now.

      @bzsyhuanghaowen Why China should ban vpn, deeply saddened for the people of the motherland

      @CoppinPremeCO RT @InstantCarts: Shoutout to @proxy_connect for the last minute delivery. Fast and cheap proxies! Hit him up!

      @WR34662064 @Desteries Friendly question, what do you use in China for a VPN to access twitter?

      @SureshPatre @astrill worst VPN service in china. multiple times down in last 3 mnts. Regretting to signup for annual pack @shanghaiist @ThatsShanghai

      @TwiistPandahs @M3RKMUS1C the way to play cod online in the us is to use a vpn that lets you have your locale as china. i hoped i fixed it for you.

      @Cici_B_90 @LandfillKennedy Aw, you gem! Thank you darling! Sorry for the delayed response; had no VPN for a bit there. Silly China!

      @GIMMEEMU @iEmulators New Gamepad doesn't load anything for me as if I don't have Internet. It does the same if I use LTE. I'm using a China VPN.

      @JavierDrummer4l @discordapp uhhh I'm just on my home network don't know about the proxy or vpn stuff.

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz site the foremost docket as proxy for bill like decorously in that information: JYMJwnsFq

      @xiejoan24_xie #ONS2016 includes the S3 #Demo showcase of ONOS based Agile VPN for Carrier/SP Networks by China Unicom, #Huawei and ON.Lab.

      @Brkngs_Vape_god @MERKMUSI1C what about a vpn for cod online? Pick one in china and you should be good to go

      @shenmaxiu @Shckwish Ah, I see. Soon I shall be in China again. Slowish ADSL + need for VPN means no YouTube for me while there. :/

      @anderws Btw, i don't know why journalists are using a personal VPN for China... They should use enterprise ones with dedicated IPs.

      @BullManUGA Remember WTSC friends, you can use the ZenMate Chrome extension to VPN around the geoblock on the stream. It's free for 7 days. #Sebring12

      @Jubeishock @astrill for those who lives in china don't waste your money on this vpn, more than one month broken

      @issacfreedom For China,VPN may be a nice way to explore the outside,I think.Hello,Twitter,Hello,YouTube,Hello,the world!

      @AmineMi44105509 @TunnelGuruVPN
      The best vpn application
      in pc and android

      @ektrit @ErlikBey concur, proxy wars, just like Cold War.

      But, I don't think China will push too far. They can't afford it

      @theSteveCarton @fryan I'm not sure it's the only reason they siloed it off, but I think its the endgame. It often works for me in China without VPN already

      @ameliachappelow I'm sad Netflix isn't in China with or without the VPN right now, but so sad for the people who can't finish Greys or Ally McBeal...

      @Eliah_R @BreitbartNews wait nevermind it might just be the VPN server I'm using that's banned

      @sobodash @cosine83 The problem is I can't get Twitch to connect over VPN for more than 10 seconds, and I can't tweet without VPN because China.

      @douwen @vpnunlimited The VPN in China is down again for about a week.

      @iamieat @colmandomingo for those who can't watch. Use a VPN on your smartphone like Freedome for ex.

      @sbitrading @FoodRangerTV What Vpn service you r using in China for upload videos on youtube, pz advise.

      @Hal_logo In mainland of China ,It's prohibited to visit twitter's server .But now, through the proxy server ,I get here finally . I'm Hal ,Hello!

      @WorldNewsRecord Dissolution o Soviet Union subverted world security balance: peace, lead humanity to 9/11 false flag, US Nato ME wars, isi proxy terror war

      @Purple_palmtree One of the most exciting things about my upcoming holiday? No VPN for social media or even for regular surfing the net! #novpn #China #japan

      @Jomadescalzo Finally!!! Was about to access internet in Mainland China using VPN! The struggle is real. Wasted 150 yuan for the mobile data I purchased!

      @betweenstations Today, wonder how long until I get my proxy IP banned from Google.

      @jine_goo RT @iKONICstagram: [iKONICstagram] ikonslaymyass: It's so hard for VPN to work here in China so I really can't update as often so I'm … htt…

      @enereslee99 Apparently @google is working in mainland China without VPN. This is too good to be true. But it works for me :)

      @5sos_voting_rn When your VPN is slow af and you can't get on youtube cuz china blocks everything ughh
      #5SOSFam #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards
      WIN FOR 5SOS

      @dimac4 @BrianLockwood i am needing some of your expertise. I need a Google alternative for use in China without VPN? To Upload presentations

      @Avada_Catnip I'm back.
      Why must i pay for VPN in China(。ò ∀ ó。)

      @CoolJiejiepi For the first time on Google,For the first time on VPN,Find a lot of don't know in China.Some secret.Some bloody history.

      @blersing Completely underrated app for VPN hounds in China: Master VPN, which even allows you to choose your location. Faultless (so far...) #GFW

      @SuckMyGayness RT @ShaunKing: For instance, conservatives absolutely HATE Obamacare. It's a proxy for their hate of Obama. Obamacare is a website with pri…

      @Bofu2U RT @australiawow: gah @StringStory - jailbreak iOS devices & rooted Androids running VPN's for. the. win. China delights & shits me to tear…

      @Sergmis Deployed RDS in RM model IaaS. How publish RDWeb url so users access outside of vpn?Traffic Manager, Web App Proxy, LBalancer? @AzureSupport

      @heyjellybear @FuzzyProxy dang :( china str8 up just blocks the world, so im p much always waiting for my awful vpn to load :(

      @DeanTopdot @rquan33 Next yeaer apparently it will work; for now, get a VPN and TuneIn Premium and set to any country besides US Canada China.

      @FigTreeDahisar Nimbus clouds have been thundering since before dawn.... no showers yet.
      Think it was a proxy....

      @AverySofia Turn on contemporary babble detectors as proxy for hoax bring out security referring to yours workers: OhrFX

      @XoAiraoX Since I don't have vpn for a couple of days in china I'll just catch up on the tv shows

      @HeeyDesiree I'm completely cut off from the world out here. Like I have to use a proxy to bounce my IPN and use social media & my email. China, please.

      @DoloresCharle10 How turn off classification c ip addresses feast as proxy for number one?: coYOayt

      @amyfanofficial RT @BaritonePats: In China I'm using three VPN's: one to download other VPN's, one to use on wifi, and one to use for mobile.

      @DonnaNorma1 Reasons wherefore combined had best mug as proxy for will my mail car: EFD

      @AtchesonRuby Shot glasgow solutions as proxy for best vat concerning guts up-to-datish corporation offices: uSJXQ

      @josiie_2050 Free Vpn is clutch

      @jepoyzters thankfully my subscription to #astrill is expring soon. thanks for nothing... very bad customer service. #china #vpn

      @bethwhiddon Legit watched the new @SUP3RFRUIT video 1000 times. Being in china will not prevent me from watching my baes

      @HyperTrypsy @expressvpn Hey Guys, I am headed to china in a week and have some question for you regarding your VPN services. Can I DM?

      @chrisedwards_au @TFPtweets @jujichews I have to use a VPN to access FB in China, just like I do for Twitter, YouTube, Google - & the Kalamunda Night Markets

      @aam868 RT @TTremblingEarth: Excited to have arrived in #China for a week of meetings with colleagues at the Earthquake Administration & others. Al…

      @LindsaySjackson In China!! Thank the tech gods for betternet vpn!! Don't know what I'd do without my social media! Haha!!

      @noonacircle And I'm back from China! Had such a great time there for 3 weeks!

      @mystarmyangel @Twiteettay any free vpn recommendation to use for mac as some videos i wan view but restricted to China only

      @DanielsEthan1 It follows that alterum secure form an ready up as proxy for polio: ZiOtCkg

      @ShunYin_ye @_tomcc Hi,Tommaso .I come from China.We want play mcpe0.15,but we have to use the VPN,it's not easy for chinese play.What should we do?

      @abomovich @ADP1113 @RealTDG Your work wifi probably has a firewall of some sort that blocks access to Whatsapp, etc. You need a VPN to bypass.

      @rootsecdev ProTip: For secure voice and text. Use signal. On WiFi only. For enhanced security use VPN on wifi only with Signal #60Minutes #infosec

      @LeadEdTech @seani awesome! We are using docs/sheets & more for our China adoption trip! Need VPN over there though! #cantstopthegoog

      @Unpaid_ @FuxNet @OnionIRC Sure some vpn's do log, however this is irrelevant if you can USE YOUR DAMN BRAIN to read the TOS, and PRIVACY POLICY.

      @LydiaSwee I need vpn for #snapchat too?? China you suck the joy outta everything...

      @InsaneLimits #Kick China-jiangang, @"2#[TIF]|NO Explosive/FRAG/FlashNeds/Smoke|AutoNuke| JiXun VPN", for Kicking China-jiangang for ignoring warnings...

      @DevK93 What VPN do you use @PDChina? Can you suggest one for my trip to China?

      @gate_vpn We ditched Google ReCaptcha for the great people back in China mainland!

      @gate_vpn Tunnel Splitting support is deployed for users in China! You are able to view videos in China using your native connections!

      @MarcusHengYL @Charmmmaine Express VPN. it's $15 for a month. it's the fastest vpn you can get in china. what're you doing here for 6 weeks and when?

      @bwinter @redhatwritings What vpn would you recommend for Skyping in China? Friend is heading to Shanghai...

      @FreeMindTH #ThaiCoup Just like for their main inspiration, China, a VPN becomes imperative in the land of the fake smiles and real dictators.

      @xFall3n_Ang31x @Magikarp_Bish @KYR_SP33DY Search for a proxy server to go through ;)

      @Seneschall @flightradar24 We're also in China, where Google Maps is blocked. For all we knew, the VPN connection could've been skewing rendering times.

      @stianwestlake @Gilesyb @Samfr China joining the WTO 11/12/01 (as a proxy for China's economic rise)?

      @Amy_PMM Found out iPhones are #1 in China bc Google is banned so no apps for your Android unless you vpn out first or find an apk outside the store

      @TimKobe Tip for foreign iPhone users in China. Switch to China Unicom and get a solid VPN. ATT to China Mobile looks intended to drive users away.

      @Eric218 Sometimes, all you want in life, in China, is for your VPN to work.

      @Allstocknews $WLK Westlake Chemical Files Definitive Proxy Statement in Connection with 2016 Axiall Corporation Annual Mee
      From our Stock News Alerts App

      @trexgaming678 @S0n1c_Dev I h8 school wifi too. Need a VPN? Use Speedify. Needs admin to install, tho. I got that too.

      @verrichi91 free vpn for china #igers #instadaily #happy

      @Barnz_N_Noblez I'm sure you guys won't answer this but since no one will get me a proxy what's the best ATC service for these supreme air max?

      @mors_f omitting drm country restrictions with openvpn / blocking netflix location etc using a virtual private server with tunneling over vpn

      @76do__ @lazysn0rlax lol i can't access nogikoi gree version because no vpn on phone

      @Gene1Christian Going to China tomorrow for a few weeks. Hope my VPN will work so I can have access to Twitter #goonerment #goonsquad #Liberty

      @rothgar I have now successfully locked myself out from my home computer, work vpn, and work website.
      I guess I'll just go home

      @tnkgrl @JohnLegere T-Mo’s a complete lifesaver for me on my many travels! I love that you don’t need VPN in China…

      @laclau_mat @infinit Do you have customers using Infinit in China? Is it working well without VPN? It would be great! Thanks by advance for your answer.

      @DannyGlasner @BrianLockwood @Phillip_Cowell reco's for a platform to host short online courses (live and/or archived) that work in China /out a VPN? thx

      @whatxulookingat Every time I use my VPN I feel like a badass for beating the Great Firewall of China #lookingatyouMao

      @stinaknits @ErPhrase It's all about China. They want into China legally. There was no pressure for this to happen w/o a VPN crackdown.

      @jeffeelme In case my VPN doesnt work im just letting you all know im gonna be in china for a month and im leaving tomorrow!!! I love you all!!!

      @kristeltariman Lol too late to discover this vpn app in china

      @lightcoin RT @n8fr8: @lightcoin Orbot VPN automagically redirects all/any app traffic to the socks port w/o root. Apps can directly support Orbot but…

      @Mische27 I hate that you have to use VPN for everything in China #china

      @pietrogoodjohn . @froknowsphoto @S_Eckert Facebook, Twitter and all Google is blocked but accessible with a VPN, a follower studying in China for a year!!

      @joshvoydik RT @christinelu: VPN active.
      Travel notice set with bank.
      International data plan on.
      Passport + 10 year visa.

      @jalvapic Thanks @beme for working in China with no VPN. <3

      @mlp_AuBreeze ((However, player's AFK'ing for dinner. Feel free to proxy, @MLP_CrystalDanc & @mlp_FlowrShine))

      @zoellasmota im going to china for 2 weeks on sunday pray for me that my wifi + vpn works

      @christinelu VPN active.
      Travel notice set with bank.
      International data plan on.
      Passport + 10 year visa.

      @osuwireless Trying to set up a cloud storage/VPN server for when I go to China and the hardest part has been getting my parents to give me a computer

      @WatsonGarrison2 La philomath app as proxy for iphone toward hands mark the interface yours studies: mPj

      @zoellasmota i'm going to be in china for 2 weeks on a school trip and i'm not sure if my wifi/vpn will work there, so if i'm inactive that's why

      @kristinagill RT @marlenaspieler: any advice for VPN in China? last year it was of no use whatsoever, but maybe this year the situation is better?... htt…

      @mcmikep RT @ChinaSages: #GoogleMaps, #BingMaps, #AppleMaps ... seems foreign map services can no longer be used for China even with VPN ... China d…

      @Marduk021374 @POTUS Of course they can hack sony pictures and use a north Korean vpn and blame north Korea or china for hacking hollywood and US

      @PatrickAhKuoi Found free vpn for ios..it's like finding gold! #theStruggle #china

      @POC_Enterprises @china @shanghaiist Do not Assume that Oprea VPN means Stealth. Generally Run through Servers make Monitoring, Easier for Interested Party.

      @sowedibrahim1 i cnt whatsapp facebook twit . . is VPN still a solution. oba it was aslo put under HOUSE ARREST?

      @wilburlikesmith Hey @opera found new love for you guys recently and not becoz of this VPN :) Say, what does China have to say about this? Opera even aloud?

      @RachelM64384164 That unto feature as proxy for modernized straight a smartphone app planner: WVvCRLRBD

      @HumblyArrogant1 I gotta find a legit VPN for this China trip. I refuse to be there again without connection to the outside world

      @RachelM64384164 Procedure in the scoop if thy starve a site as proxy for thy current place: PJAUSRy

      @ilusions4 Making another QQ account is fucking hell. I remember having to use a VPN for it as it's only for China...

      @cecilwmack @courosa For a non-VPN device in China, Bing is superior

      @jameschtsai Some companies are doing mobile only (no desktop) VPN services for China customers these days, a sign of times for sure.

      @mutemonkey So uh, hypothetically if a person wanted to access social media while in China... how does that work exactly? Are there vpn apps for phones?

      @helgistones I just got a new VPN for China, which makes me feel like an 80s computer hacker

      @nitanshr Wow! 1 million people tuning in from China for #GoogleIO - imagine so many people using VPN. :P

      @maya_youssef_ no VPN for a week.. god its not bad to leave China once in a while


      @Ka4on @owens_vg u know google is not available in china it is quite annoying for us to get a vpn and download it in the official google play

      @SydneyLeake Foreigners guide to China: when using your VPN, make time for it in the schedule of your day... #loading.........

      @ennoshitaa @_cattchi I CRY (sorry for late I just got VPN so that I can use twit in China)

      @ZouXiangkun @RockstarSupport I live in china,i have very bad lag,i have to use vpn soft to make link better.Is that make me banned for no reason?

      @fl_owerboy i just realised I can watch all of Eddie Huang once I buy my vpn for china and my day instantly got better

      @ennoshitaa @e1jun sry for late I just got vpn (in China rn)!!!! TY THOUGH I SEE IT

      @RickyG3188 @opera with the Chinese bid likely to pass what does that mean for your stance on VPN? Would it be unavailable for China's citizens?

      @dvtavfc @The_Warlock yeah no with an appropriate VPN it's simple to get round, how I've used iplayer here for example, but China devote so much

      @ourman @LinhPNguyen the web in China is totally foreign to anyone else. Almost nothing works at all. Even a VPN only work for 10 minutes at a time.

      @LorenaABarba Great advice from @polarwander for communicating from China—if the VPN does not work, you can communicate with your group via Github issues!

      @Outsideness @amcuckmag Damn, that link doesn't work for me. (Suspect it's some kind of China / VPN problem.)

      @conman1161 @souless_demon you could always get a proxy/Vpn tool on your phone to bypass that ;p just don't get caught with it

      @sephyuo @JasmineSie97 VPN Express works in China for me last year ☺️

      @mccloudyyy RT @Matt4Music: VPN login successful. I am at full strength and in China!! Now time for a Shanghai dinner and bed

      @tadanoitsuki seriously debating whether or not to spend money on a vpn app for firewall-climbing purposes before i leave for china on thursday

      @gstlt RT @randileeharper: yo, folks. i'm looking for an end-user VPN solution for someone in the US going to china. not ec2/low config needed. op…

      @SpicyAgarwals RT @agarwal: I'm headed to China. I downloaded a couple free, ad supported, vpn apps for my phone. Will they work? Anything else I should d…

      @FuckICare @netflix You wack for not letting me use my VPN while I'm studying abroad in China.

      @piacsm @motokochan @randileeharper
      For assistance in setting up the VPN in China, please contact helpdesk@privateinternetaccess.com

      @zednonsan So is it possible to find a decent free VPN for China... Still searching

      @ChrysuPUDDI @Lystrialle Yeah I know but I have to buy a VPN for China anyways so I'm waiting until just before I leave LOL

      @Tsurujoriku Turn on the airplane mode in a minute, off to China!! Finger crossed for VPN to work there lol byeeeeeee Canada ~~ for now

      @LovelyDayInJune @jump_this_ship kkt works fine here without vpn! (I've been in China for 4 months now)

      @NoahTurner8 5 advantages in respect to goodwill plaiting game as proxy for mediocre alias approach enterprises: QvO

      @melodyndiaz When you make "being a journalist," your excuse for having a VPN in China.

      @7mdvn Just so you guys know there is a VPN called hide my ass

      @McBobert I have been in China for less than 3 hours and I've bought a VPN

      @riley_globetrtr @tweetybums @YouTube Interesting. Will have to watch later. I'm in China and need a VPN for anything tied to google. Watching vid=impossible

      @AWW_REALLY @iamopele school ooo..adey china oo...medico ..so less time for twitter..way afor use VPN too

      @ChinaSrk @SRKAustria
      In China, there need for VPN to connect to a foreign network. If there is no foreign outlets, I have no way to log on twitter.

      @skipdancing Bye China! You've actually been good, but I won't miss the VPN and the non-potable tap water. Back to the motherland for now

      @LinWay4 In China, twitter needs to use VPN, so it can not be timely login twitter reply message, but very grateful for your attention.

      @_MINQIIII @JolieYinKX my teacher say China. Yup my friends told me about VPN as well! But got students say that you need to keep DL. last for 10 days

      @Akitogg @MrAPSSPA @monsterhunter not just china* its easily accessible for us though too, not even a vpn needed

      @stoppedclock321 @alamakota29 @idk_Yas YOU JUST PASTE THE LINK INTO A PROXY SITE


      @elinajoanna No more censored websites and VPN, no more language barriers, no more mosquitos, no more squat toilets, no more pollution

      @MaRmOuRa3713 RT @eeecat: For JIB7 pics, I'll upload them to google drive if I can - google is totally blocked in China so cross my fingers that my VPN w…

      @andrewhorowitz @Covel heading to Myanmar - do I need a VPN app for iPhone and computer? China used and was a big help...

      @relaxedswimmer Mainland of China is so awesome that you have to use VPN to reach Apple Store for apps.

      @1bouncr @AzureSupport Question on Setting up VPN Tunnel. Already have Public IP to Hosted DC, Do I need another for the tunnel?

      @mattmurdork netflix work tirelessly to stop vpn/dns/literally any proxy server that allows viewers to watch things that arent in their country/region

      @BrickmanDiane1 Selecting the very best appetency as proxy for yours childs jurisdiction: byzVqZR

      @CEOemail @MancinSofia Please email ceoemail@connectotel.com and we can help resolve this for you. Please make sure not using proxy or VPN - thanks

      @DuckClark @poisonousbirds ordered using VPN in China as soon as I got off the airplane. Hoping for some embellishments!!

      @stevenlewis1704 @carlwilkins1235 please consider us for your VPN service packages from $7 a month Lite aok for China

      @violahelen_ I’m looking forward to not having to use a VPN for everyyything

      @JeffTheChiz @DinkMagic it's only for crime. People in China who want the real internet just use a VPN.

      @martyn_amos @katrinanavickas VPN worked well for me in China...

      @anttiakonniemi @ktoro @FreedomeVPN heard that it’s illegal to use VPN in China AND people are getting arrested for it. True?

      @randi_ebooks but i was looking for an end-user VPN solution for someone in the US going to china.

      @VagabondJourney @TravelCathay Man, except for the firewall and having to use a VPN, China is a bandwidth luxury compared to this crap haha!

      @evankirstel RT @TelecomJohnnie: Telecom expert networking @TelecomExchange in LA - can't wait #telecom #cloud #IoT #voip #UnifiedCommunications #vpn ht…

      @_martin_n RT @SwiftOnSecurity: I AM NOT AGAINST TOR OR VPN.
      They are valuable services mischaracterized by privileged westerners as hip cure-alls for…

      @tessierjonathan RT @meghara: Instagram is blocked in mainland China #PT MT @PaulCarsten @ladygaga @DalaiLama state-sponsored mass VPN charity for the abusi…

      @bjhalani @kishkindha if u go to china often then u can purchase a VPN for RMB1600

      @licong1831 @SundayHamster yes,i live in China.yes,I use the vpn to do Twitter

      @aila_1woaa Landed in China soooo my internet is super slow through VPN :') sorry for the inactivity!

      @gate_vpn We added a new Hong Kong server, directly link to China for all VPN and SS users!

      @biclexual @belinda_yeung @bilexuality bc Liv's in China and needs a VPN for stuff like skype and not for wechat

      @UnitedKirk Ask for help:How can I use an Apple TV in China mainland?How to set VPN?

      @paulastyles__ @LoganPaul for China you can download a vpn on the appstroe so you dont have to pay. Try 'hexatech' or 'betternet'

      @Gnarlbones @ZhugeEX Do you need a VPN for Steam in China? Not sure if that was what you meant or not.

      @SmicerVladimir @jme5975 If China has this big firewall up, do you get in any trouble for using a VPN to get round it?

      @koreaserz My life has broken to pieces since Tumblr got banned in China coz my vpn is too slow for Tumblr

      @YamiOGKush For all those who bought a league pass account from me you can bypass a blackout and watching ur home team by using a VPN

      @E_GOD54 @langshmang Im not sure which one you are using but people I was in china with Used express vpn! It worked out well for us.

      @JustTendai I last used a VPN when I lived in China. Now we need a VPN for social media access in Zimbabwe. It's nuts. #ThisFlag #ShutDownZimbabwe2016

      @donutnumnum RT @feli1992YT: I feel stupid looking for a VPN to get into China's firewall while billions of people in China are using VPN to get out of…

      @speedrorschach @golden_frog I will be disconnecting my @VyprVPN service. Billed for a VPN service that had issues in China. Staff flat out refused refund

      @abel_orizaba Me:I dont need a VPN for china bc at least they got Tumblr
      China: *blocks tumblr*
      Me: becomes expert on VPNs


      @teacherjames201 Been Blocked in China from Twitter for a bit got a vpn now back .
      Sorry to say My account was hack , by someone , sorry for the trouble it

      @iTarunMain @sushantsareen Every expat in China looks for VPN subscription before boarding plane. @tufailelif

      @gate_vpn We added another Korean (SK) and Singapore node. They both have direct links to China! SK is VPN only and Singapore is for both VPN and SS.

      @66illusions @blobyblo @jojolian22 you will need VPN for snapchat in China.

      @huangjinguo_ i just got my vpn for china and i'm testing it and now i can say: fuck you gema. you have no power anymore!!

      @eddy_cow china and bad wi-fi and VPN = 240p always...

      and I STILL have to wait for videos to load

      @BenZhiQiang Everyone give it up for vpn so I can now access internet from China

      @frank_yih @VoiceofVietnam @HuynnVn Answer is VPN,It is necessary for international business.Twitter said there are over 10 millions users in china.

      @jet_vpn Thanks @thegreatdocks for the follow! We hope to bring you good news on the #vpn's between #Italy and #china!

      @Que_sera_seraaa Lmfaooo YouTube is blocked in China, so had to use a VPN to watch this shit. I've had to let it buffer for like an hour now.

      @arthur_carroll @wxqnic Sorry bro the NBA will never have that level of influence in China. It's for VPN companies I guess...

      @wangrenRC @Grippys_nephew @MyNintendoNews We use Vpn to across the Great Fire Wall. Google map is not a problem for us Pokemon fans in China.

      @JesssQu my VPN subscription isn't working (to access social media & whatnot in China) and I leave for the airport in like 2 hours abort abort abort

      @JoseQuincy1 Refund an in yours clutches as proxy for swotter app iphone: NOxRHJ

      @SSUProvost @roopikarisam Same goes for China. You gotta use your VPN.

      @natureofmyths aaa im sorry for being so inactive but twitter is blocked in China so im using my dads phone who has a vpn

      @wrathes hi everyone!! i'm going to be in china for the next month, so i'm going to poof off of most social media because i don't have a vpn. ]:

      @StooMonster @GaiaWeylyn Agreed, the anti VPN / Smart DNS is problem for many friends … who were really paying for US site not local one @verge

      @OkechukwuLM @TheBlackHermit you gotta rephrase that. Makes it sound like their site is banned here while they banned nigerian IP addresses. Try a VPN

      @Kapertin @juareguiskelly If your VPN won't work in China, install FlyVPN from App store, new user can get 14 days membership for free. Welcome to CN

      @Kartones Had to disable a proxy, an ad-blocker & modified hosts file to be able to enter DoubleClick Studio. My privacy&ads paranoia sometimes hurts

      @AlecMuffett @graphiclunarkid Bets that there will me a bunch of arguments about what constitutes a VPN?

      / @futureidentity

      @rappolee @torybruno yes! and ULA site I have VPN now. I hope to see a chinese space station launch next year

      @nikhilchawla @Krur_Singh thank you bro! Typing this from China while cracking VPN's from Sweden for VOIP calls to India ;)

      @adamgutterman Wow, I can't access the @nytimes even via VPN while in China. Well done, great firewall.

      @MaxBlac31561698 @rainie_mike93 the app can only be used in mainland, China. So Maybe you can change the ip address for using. Using Vpn?

      @BenjaminMColes Is @twitter now unblocked in @China? I'm using it with no VPN for the first time here in Beijing...

      @gps_marketing VPN for China advice required please. Would prefer one with multiple logins (up to 6) rather than purchasing 6 separately thanks

      @karla_http RT @ChanyeolsAbs: I thought I would be done with using a VPN in high school but as it turns out I'm going to have to get another one for wh…

      @LarryWest42 @NotBillWalton @Spacekatgal With any luck, that will free Baio up to be a proxy for Trump.

      @falgunshah2 @raggedtag it is but they use VPN for more information you can connect to our resident expert on China namefieldmt

      @jamesbrobinson @LordSplodge I still only use it in a virtual machine for when I need to connect to work Intranet pages via Cisco VPN.

      @fs_fra @Netflixhelps why raise price in Germany by 25%? And cont. restrict access via DNS/VPN? That's my value prop, now gone. Will prob cxl sub

      @XenCEO Public Wi-Fi in China is a challenge to find, and where it exists is erratic and slow. Also, use VPN where you can for security.

      @KryptedLive @ringworm9_ 150 ping cap. from eu to cali is probably above 150 or close enough for a spike to ruin someones day and china uses a vpn.

      @trucharts Recommending lightening up on biotech stocks here look extended but sill like $XBI wait for pullback - writing from China via VPN.

      @naveenkamath Thank You @opera for the VPN Browser and Thank you @CBCOlympics for live #RioOlympics2016. All can watch #Rio2016 live !!!!

      @kwilson2 I love the graphic design and branding from @theTunnelBear, my favorite VPN. Can I have a free gig now?

      @woogapdx Cripes, the @NBCOlympics contract extends into the 2030's. Hmm, now where did I put that VPN app I bought for the China trip...

      @_Masky_proxy It was a normal day for Tim although he was in the middle of the woods trying to hide something from his best friend. It was a burnt piece-

      @DemmyA @afalli yes. They have an iPhone app and Android. IPhones also have native VPN functionality. Happy to configure it for you over a drink :)

      @FlewYaway @CGDaan Solved, have to use a VPN to China. Then it worked for me. Thx for your help ;-)

      @gate_vpn Our VPN solution has more servers and in-china boost servers. You may ask for trial by DM us.

      @SGT_B_Dub RT @1D10T1: IP: [block] Hostname: dumbass / China / VPN

      @got7fries @etoilelights @JimiiinPARK omfg i went back to china and suffered for 3 days until i got vpn

      @thechai Should I bother getting a VPN for China or nah

      @ZakaWaqar Which VPN (paid or free ) works the best in China , and best mobile service for DATA usage for a month ?

      @ssrenan I wanted to buy a kindle book for my flight, but guess what, can't connect! Even with VPN. Off to 4 boring hours on a plane. Thanks China.

      @WaiGuoRenSwag For the first time ever I have a functioning VPN on my phone. Hello from China.

      @issilly @hannahciagado access mo wifi sa CS lib with the UP proxy. Ma-aacess mo JSTOR! ☺️

      @YungHomieG @lizlizmarsh Also Pleco app since you'll be in China and a decent VPN for American Media.

      @EriInEnglish Should I pay for VPN in China?

      @InnerDaemons Anyone have a workaround for the #Netflix #proxy block? Annoyed by own inability. Tried VM with a spoofed MAC & multiple VPN servs.

      @LZ030819 It's been a few days since my last log in. I haven't use VPN for a few days. During #G20, maybe China will unblock websites.

      @hutunomeow @osu_HDHR steam DFO(not available for Japan Korea China but i use VPN and i can play)

      @tatsuskatana I'm searching for mainland China vpn and they're using gal in fast furious as an example I'm laughing

      @jessmanim Best and most affordable VPN service/app?

      @US_DragosLoL Whoo, finally got a VPN working on my phone for China. It's kinda ridiculous how much they block here. #Travels #Tech

      @alreadydeleted @telegram we can't use telegram without VPN in china for nearly a month. Any news to update?

      @gyunikum @FluffSik It only loads if I change my IP to China with a vpn (hola) extension, then it plays fine for me... I dunno what happened.

      @scedmonds @MarshaCollier Excited for you! You'll love it. Get a VPN so you can send pics & updates! I used SurfEasy in China - worked well!

      @GSedef @ragipsoylu only these? i live in china and i need VPN even for google maps.

      @albertobsd Somebody in mexico can write an android proxy for use the network of TW/FB/WA to save some data in the Telcel network

      @fishjourner Dear China-based friends: is Astrill working well for you this year? Reliable and stable? Are there other VPN services you think superior?

      @Sa5m33140 Hey guys! I'm looking for a VPN before heading off to china! Any ideas?

      @lamEcatine @KimIndar yes& no. use vpn instead for social accts. hehe. have u visited the glass bridge atty?i want to travel to china again cos of that

      @AmliyYu I successfully logged on to the website outside of China. LOL,thanks for VPN

      @AzzamAzhar @farafarahh @nurulbazlaa china block snapchat twitter fb imsg google etc. but now aku pakai vpn so boleh je. Wechat for life

      @Phillip_Cowell @cevillawolf I know right! For some reason it ignores the school VPN and insists on China.

      @Shepless @richdowson what was the name of the VPN service you use again mate?

      @ChanyeolsAbs I just remembered that I have to pay $60 for a VPN because of China's great firewall

      @felxlicia Feeling like a caveman in China cause it's so hard to get data and I even had to pay for VPN usage

      @Outtian @MrJamesMay I'm from China and I paid $20 for the VPN just to say "Oh Cock"

      @BradfordBenn @AVNationTV @InfoComm now got it through VPN and look it is @brockmcginnis. Greetings from Kumning China packing for the airport...

      @MisheyMaseh @MissAmirah_ yup. Its an app.When i went to china ,u cant open instagram,google,twitter & so much more.So with this app,u will use other vpn

      @CallMeSpits @JayMeW I'm looking for paid VPN access now, I do have to travel to China and sorts where so much is blocked off.

      @_Sophietaylor_ Finally found a messaging app that works for lots of operating systems AND is allowed in China without private vpn, praise da lord

      @ruhanaa22 RT @the_HoliDaze: @ruhanaa22 Couple days in HK first (for a typhoon and holiday weekend, apparently) then on into China....tapi bagus karen…

      @BecFinley @molly_hirst95 you forget I'm in China mate... I need a vpn for everything... They have 'the great firewall'!

      @bennewworld It's very happy to login Twitter in China mainland.So I have to say that VPN is real good for me.Thanks God!

      @tb_itmc @maalejw Use VPN for twitter in China

      @beta_angel @phantasm2 Right. And there's where you have to argue about also paying for a VPN & trying to get around proxy blockers.

      @youdehou3507 @SumaaaaiL So, can't accompany you for too long, but, you are in China, have VPN?If not, how can I contact you?

      @marc_raf FYI my VPN is for ad block not for secrecy. It just Block Ads

      @videogameguy4 InsaneLimits: #Kick china_Hegemonic, @"2#[TIF]|NO Explosive/FRAG/FlashNeds/Smoke|AutoNuke| JiXun VPN", for Kicking china_Hegemonic for ign…

      @OldmanAbramson1 As in order to work practicable malayan restricted ads that second crop spare property as proxy for me: tBHVQi

      @tamir1213 @spchamp @demon_saw As I understand it, it's non p2p network that allows "Dark net" style & very secure VPN's without showing public IP.

      @Tatenda96 Which VPN would you recommend for someone in China?

      @mahousoulja leaving for China tomorrow night and I haven't packed yet BUT i prepared a VPN for the Great Firewall of China and that's all i really need

      @rukia9chiki @Sassy_Scribbler But I didn't bother getting a VPN for just two weeks...although I did suffer from social media withdrawal. #china

      @cuItparty @TheDuckGod i cant see the group messages on line cos for some reason when i have my china number sim card in my phone it wont work with vpn

      @JamesSierra4 Most likely possess numbers synecdoche as proxy for yours ip cctv: QxHFoL

      @PandaPowapp RT @orYans_belt: New to #China and looking for a good #VPN? I would highly recommend @PandaPowapp.

      @66illusions @CLTOUR2016 are there still VIP tickets for NYC? China was difficult cos I had to use VPN with all the Google bypasses

      @YaayiBayam @halalpixie ndaham twas the go to for most pple when they blocked whatsapp. Now we're back to the vpn life.

      @Lisabeth357BGB @winscribecom the best vpn.

      @1Ddreamer_teen So ok I reached China.
      And set up my vpn
      Thanks for that

      @nanjing310393 Excellent for first time successfully logging on Twitter via VPN in china!

      @Steph_Yin sad to report that i have lost hours of my life waiting for vpn connections to go through while in china

      @Pottsy1996 Citizens of North Korea and China use VPN for Internet freedom, I'm just using it to play destiny; puts problems into perspective :(

      @maerketing1 RT @norters1: When you land in China and have to cycle your VPN for any social media

      @bucketoftongues I must be one of the very few people with a vpn set to China (it's for work). Inefficiency and time consuming workarounds up 5000%

      @LarryMarie1 Forex game-a federalization anent indicators else discount rate patterns as proxy for yours illation relative ...

      @RudeGameDev @ProfessorF now VPN into Russia and try it.....

      VPN as Japan or China, then try...

      Been seeing this for weeks

      @Antheia8 Flying off to China for a business trip today until Wednesday. Hoping my vpn will always work in china! Sometimes its just painful

      @AnnieErickson15 Anonymous loans in furtherance of spare: grade a but of good comfort trump as proxy for moocher: OeSpNA

      @zixii_mvp @MarcusButler Im from china for real, using vpn

      @RichDevX @Mathieulh my friend hosted a vpn for someone in china, and the Chinese government kept contacting him to shut it down xD

      @StylshEngneer Thanks china for introducing the VPN to me

      @ddahlke Sketchy China based company buys Opera. First new feature: free built in VPN. Nice job China. You created a global opt in spy program.

      @AlwaysShiqi RT @ConfessionsinRP: Guys,the new vpn will say cannot access or whatever server but for those who still wanna continue Internet,you can but…

      @apharder Had a week of decent internet, so I guess now is the time for China-style internet/VPN fascist clusterfuck. Good luck,

      @Drack0nis @wolfgang_lupos @StDxKrypto @SetToDestroyX lol. I have a VPN for work, nothing else am I allowed to install without security being up my ass

      @andir0815 OH: "Proxy-Private-ARP" /o\

      @irb_mturner @AmericanAir sorry for the delay @twitter not available in China and I haven’t installed VPN,to reply,GA said check EP,nobody knows,#notcool

      @SuruchiRoy1 @matesakf @NaturePlants Getting a VPN for twitter China is hard!

      @madmanweb @PhadkeTai Don't forget to sign up for a VPN account so you can tweet from China.

      @winter0eve U can access #socialmedia webs by the best VPN for #China in complete security&anonymity,by dodging security,#TheGreatFirewallofChina.#Asia

      @wangtrbl okay so incase my vpn doesn't work I'm gonna be in china for two weeks bye chingus i love jackson and got7 and exo

      @FMilkShaikh @ImranibnMansur bro I ask if you can put up writing for your audio because YouTube is blocked in China and using a VPN makes it super slow

      @martyn_dickson @SteveBlackm0re Cracked it! VPN! I'm still here in China, still teaching for another week in XTBG, then back to lijiang. Next Fairy lake BG

      @FlohOfWoe FYI: I’ll go to China for a month, depending on whether VPN proxy works I’ll be back on Twitter this Friday, or go dark until December ;)

      @cembaloo @astrill There is some serious throttling going on for US China Optimized 4 Stealth VPN. Very happy if you could provide new settings.

      @__k__p__a__ For example, I am now celebrating 1) activating my uber China account and 2) successfully reinstalling VPN on my phone.

      @muh_usman71 @DavidLinderCEO: @Adventures_Asia @muh_usman71 why on for China? A VPN is a VPN right? Whatever country you are in.

      @jme5975 Needing to use my VPN for SoundCloud is ridiculous, get a grip China ffs!

      @richpaige For not the first time, I have logged in to the @UoYITServices VPN and various geolocation services think I’m in China…

      @LeeMunton I've also got Geary to work behind the proxy server too.. woohoo

      @PohGekOng @AgentTonic VPN... Do you happen to have a SIM Card for use in China?

      @ALASKANJACKSON RT @ChinaGeeks: China folks: what's the best VPN these days? What's working for you?

      @sweatyinbkk RT @BaldingsWorld: I look forward to the day when I can escape the 56k dial up internet of China....even for domestic non-VPN internet

      @epc @arianna witopia worked great for us, but be advised a lot of vpn services are blocked in China.

      @Schlumpf23_v3 VPN (checked that there's no logging) paid for with BTC. False name etc., run Tor over said VPN. That's my setup. #privacy #securechoiceca

      @gill_harveer Didn't get to know how to make Proxies. Selling Proxies for a friend anyways Fast and Dedicated, 50 cents for a proxy

      @booda_zax @Telstra im going to china next yr for a week, where can i get info on intl roaming & vpn's so i can access fb, google etc in china?

      @Denington @Todoleo Going to China next month, what's the best VPN for bypassing the firewall?

      @Unpaid_ if the US back doors tor and VPN's for themselfs, they've done it for China and Russia too #StupidMove @realDonaldTrump

      @91Jayhawk I've gotten around the geographic restrictions through my VPN to be able to watch the #kubball game on my TV. My tweets will be net lagged.

      @HoNooD @SparkMailApp Spark for iOS cannot pull messages in China mainland, so I purchased VPN.

      @burgomg @DamianEdwards @googlenexus browser forced to go through VPN, category based restrictions. App blocking. I use proxy for any blacklisting

      @ukyoi @andrestaltz Strange. Google's services are blocked in China while my Chrome works well without any proxy or VPN.

      @PeanutsPretzels @farangfood Yes, that's right. But it's a real problem for visitors to China - so a VPN is a must!

      @_punchmonster @bvrgy spend it on tender for you that you can trade for benefit to both. the classic double proxy bypass.

      @_forment45 So i cant LOG into Snapchat because vpn was "suspicious activity" BUT CHINA BLOCKS SNAPCHAT AND I NEED VPN FOR IT

      @DJGummikuh @humble VPN is out of the question since I don't have one and can't install one from inside china (it's for the mobile app) so I'm stranded?

      @The_Ajan Next project for this weekend would be to figure out how to set up a #VPN Server on my DD-WRT Router that has a PPPOE connection #technology

      @esteban15020382 @snapchatsupport I cannot connect to snapchat official app for in iphone 5s in china using a vpn, its says connection error

      @fishjourner China vpn controls seem to be tightening for some.

      @minhoflawless i am late for the onew's birthday party bc im in china's rural area so it's really hard to connect vpn :(((


      @kladious @ISplitTheSeed man I'm in China, I need vpn even for YouTube and google

      @InCythera 'As an IT consultant, I can tell you 2 things. VPN's will allow anyone to access any site regardless of what sites the ISP's block and

      @81bTXDXlTfMP6M3 @BoxBoxLoLI really want to see you in China

      @chibi_enzeru In China right now and the vpn doesnt work so i'll prolly disappear for at a week or so QAQ

      @Bowobangsat #download proxy server for windows future scope of online mobile shopping

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz site the reduced moreover as proxy for relish equally fully considering edification: MqZuCRWwP

      @Junyi_Li_ Is VPN no longer needed for Instagram in mainland China? LIT!!! @instagram #instagram #VPN

      @tamer_2030 #lincoln used cars dealerships ipsec site to site vpn

      @Slahtured @FaZe_Kitty just run a good vpn overseas that logs the server ip or anything incoming and email the host the attack size , time , & up


      @ChaseMills7 #surf safe vpn pepcid ac dosage for dogs

      @CHlHARURU CONSIDER THIS: Instagram is blocked in China, so how is Guanghong using his account? Does he have a VPN? What else does he use the VPN for?

      @anna_margaritka #antique wall telephones for sale vpn china server

      @site5supersam @PdxPipeline Our apologies for any troubles. We did try to replicate this and did load the site both directly and via proxy. Regarding (1/2)

      @g7Pkg1wHdjxcmFU #mil-std 704 vpn for china website

      @jykojin @hidemyass when can you get vpn work stable for China again?

      @thewrldundrgrnd The best part of living in #China is emailing yerself the same photo for 5 hours so you can post it on IG because it's like 1992 here. #vpn

      @ukproxyserver RT @MyLibertyShield: Yet another reason for UK internet users to get a VPN immediately!!

      Protect your privacy, don't let your ISP log.


      @gate_vpn New feature for mainland China users: CN bouncer is available for request! Please contact for more details.

      @lydsheldrick Wow I'm so happy to be back in shanghai where I have to use a VPN for every single fucking thing bc China just pretends Google doesn't exist

      @jiong0 So I was in China (Shanghai and Urumqi) for 3 weeks and couldn't be bothered to get a VPN. But now back in France and on Facebook & Tweeter.

      @DannyDuong VPN sorted for China

      @brightpeach522 I had to use a vpn and change my browsing country to either korea or china in order to see that link for star in the universe

      @TheBrainiyak @DDamages_ i'm assuming your using a proxy as there is no real way to change your leased IP

      @dancininacircle Oh, China banned unauthorised VPN services, making it illegal to use them at all. Well done for taking a step back, you ridiculous country!

      @GeeksTel @wikor717 There are lots of VPN available for Android in Play store, most of them have British server, However ai think yoi don't need now..

      @aladingxx Really interest for the first time use twitter. Hope the vpn still could use in china. beside, the feeling of twitter is more clear.

      @SelenePhoenix RT @ClintPHenderson: AP: China cracking down on VPN's (virtual private networks) no more access to blocked overseas websites without govern…

      @lnalpert RT @MsAnnAguirre: When I was in China, I used a VPN to get to social media/Google. Don't know what a VPN is? Learn. Prepare for an info acc…

      @EarlRaymond4 Put in for as proxy for android applications chorus is rising generation in accordance with instant: EojUGI

      @pulkitsharmay2k RT @AskAnshul: 2 China will never start a direct confrontation against us as they've much to lose. But China will use proxy in NE and boost…

      @kIausvioIet @wallvywest no omg i used a vpn app and set it for the UK and watched it on the bbc iplayer site

      @Samsapoping @_DonVelasquez A proxy site called, "From Japan"? Is it a safe site to order? I don't want to get scammed or get a virus.

      @NordVPN @mabhishek40 Hi, additional connection method might be required in order to access VPN from China. Please DM for more information.

      @MiguelAmy1 Baksheesh as proxy for achat a furnishment make secure frugalness software: bQGp

      @RickyCh55096922 China decided forbidden the VPN,it means that can't use like twitter these social apps. I am sad for can't chat with my foreign friends.

      @palebluedot89 @elenchos @cliftonmcarlson @ACLU I'm in China and my VPN is acting up. Thanks for the chat and for fighting back against Milo.

      @RadiantJxcko @TCleanX nah doesnt work for me anymore, comes up with a message saying im using a proxy or vpn everytime i try to load something

      @dr0ptacularr RT @SUP3RSoN1K: Is it against ToS for me to VPN myself through China to become a god on NA servers?

      @carayan_27 @LaurenJauregui @dinahjane97 @NormaniKordei @AllyBrooke Get a VPN app for the Asia tour or you can't use any social media in china

      @RizzioGamesHD @MirillisTeam an every Time I goto The website I get an error of 3 things it's not my wifi nor my Security or the proxy I don't use proxy1/2

      @jleger4130 Getting ready for my next trip to China !

      @digital__nomads I'm going to be spending time in China soon, for a couple of months. Anyone got any VPN recommendations?

      @Jazz4yow Please pray for me,that my vpn can access twitter and youtube during my stay in China. Huhuhu, i dont want to miss anything from my girls

      @JamesPBland @Cyclocosm I do the same pay for Eurosport and pay for vpn server to Europe.

      @kimuratakuyas @oppafeeels instead of appearing to be from mainland china, a vpn can change that to for example japan, giving access to the blocked sites.

      @aambros @XHNews is it also working for people in #China without vpn? #JustAsking #Censorchip

      @idocpro @mrisner that's too bad. He may need a proxy there are some for the Android I think

      @zhangyulong @ChrissyMetz It not easy for us to watch it without VPN China. How many scores you would like to give to the show?Thanks

      @Chrismjacobs @vpnexpress_inc is not a good VPN for China!! Do not believe the BS hype!!

      @jeonghnas in 4 weeks if i stop tweeting for like half a month its because im back in communist china and vpn doesnt work

      @TheBallFather The biggest drawback (for foreigners) in China is VPN!

      @shotbytae Legit worried about whether the vpn works in China if not no updates about the boys @BTS_twt for two damn weeks

      @TanerWong @CareyMinnesota @H1Z1KotK I hope Daybreak would look for a company that helps them run a Server in China. Players in China need VPN

      @DavidJEWood @RodneyMWatson agreed! I pay for VPN it even worked when I was in china

      @jeffsu2014 @TIME
      I come from China,now using VPN for connecting the world,so exciting!

      @JollytheHillary #traveltip If you are coming to China make VPN arrangements prior to arrival if you want to use twitter, google, instagram, facebook ......

      @STMsolutions @nicklasyip Very difficult, most are blocked. I was thinking of getting a proxy website VPN or something like that, but haven't done it yet

      @LFRTommy @T1m_NBA I volunteer to be your Klapper proxy and vow to withhold any tweet he may block me for in order to provide you his tweets

      @1354075207 i just can't believe i logged on twitter by PC,Because ,you know that's not easy for people lived in China without VPN. So,how could i?

      @KiingWiizard @poopieQueen still can't play the game earlier today i was able to play without a vpn now i cant connect again without a VPN im from Turkey

      @innonate @albertwenger will there be a market for personal and private edge proxy services?

      @Maelle_hwckr RT @jennybaby110: In China all social media we use is blocked, but lauren still manage to change the vpn to RT and more likely voting for m…

      @Seneschall penalty for using a VPN in Chongqing China is you're fined heavily. If for business. If you use it to watch #MST3K apparently you're okay.

      @citrusboba I need a VPN for my trip to china XD

      @overcvstkids will i get arrested for illegally using a vpn in china

      @chexxor_fun Got @NordVPN today. Better homesite than previous VPN, hundreds of servers (!), Android app shows server load, *and* docs for use in China.

      @Sehunaaaaayeah @oohvira Yes~ just mainland china..they hv to pay and use vpn

      @hhtlxy @jeffreykaplan This is part 2.I use a VPN converter to go to twitter for you,in China u`re not allowed to visit twitter,so I used that to U

      @Clearlove16 @Crytek @yakouwy when i heard this news, i feel sad , as a chinese player, i hope i can play in china again, i have to play with vpn

      @GodsOfa Thank You Lord for a strong VPN to watch the game. The struggle is so real in China

      @julyank7pd1 RT @PurgeGamers: I'm headed to China for DAC. First time in China. Hopefully my VPN works when I get there

      @James_EdCthe2rd RT @naseemk2: Afghanistan's rulers benefitting while people suffering. Now Iran proxying Russia and India proxy for USA. Must stop this gam…

      @bvnnyjungkook just bought a vpn for china let's hope it works

      @tommylagestam Getting ready for a 12 day vacation in China by downloading 5 different VPN apps and 2 AQI apps.

      @allisonsm7 Hey @Google, my #PixelXL is basically a brick in China. How about a built-in VPN+proxy for business travelers? You do have an office here.

      @zul_297 RT @willripleyCNN: North Korea's firewall is getting more advanced. Now, like China, I can't use Twitter, FB, Insta without VPN. (Internet…

      @HelenGBannigan Use a VPN; encripted chat/email; be aware your phone is a listening device for the Chinese government ~ tips on reporting in China #fcchk

      @KeepsTonyInLine RT @IronIsBlue: // Tomorrow I leave for 2 weeks to China. Twitter is blocked there, I'm gonna try using VPN but idk if it'll work. So I mig…

      @uritech VPN access to the University has been restored. Thanks for you patience.

      @_LozMonster Just found a new, working VPN location for Netflix!!! The connection is shit but IDGAF. If China has taught me anything it's patience.

      @mattzeunert A fun thing about using a VPN in China is that Google wants me to sign up for Youtube Red and the US Air Force is trying to recruit me.

      @lifeonachicken @CatherineShu @jonrussell No since we put everything in cloud/Singapore, but I have to VPN for torrents since the link to China is cut :-D

      @itsylphie here at work and I just received the best email for the whole month. My BST Japanese box set has been purchased by my proxy OMG


      @rogerinshanghai @giminorge @ANZ_AU because i located in china.vpn can help me to look for really internet.

      @gayandasleep @bugbitefetish OOH ITS A PROXY BUYING SITE FOR JP AUCTION SITES ill link you properly when i get to desktop

      @HuShuo RT @KeithBradsher: Gmail seldom works on cell phones in rural China without a vpn. But for #onebeltoneroad 2 hours' drive north of Beijing,…

      @judgematty @chrislhayes He's most likely using encrypted email on a secure VPN and a proxy...im sure he isn't using his Gmail.

      @MiguelCarpent18 RT @nickjduke: Omg someone had just given me their VPN password for the night. Hello world I miss you within the great china firewall.

      @Lee_Cobaj Gah. Just realised I haven't downloaded a VPN for my new laptop. Anyone recommend a good free one for China?

      @AthinaZofia RT @MrA3Beardy: @AthinaZofia is struggling to get a vpn working here in china. So I'm posting for her. We arrived safe and sound just jet l…

      @boynextdoorr RT @SusanMYue: @sias2018_ #dangal I am a Chinese, and there is no twitter in china. Because of this excellent India movie, I came here for…

      @CursingPotato @AWGoraya same goes for any android mobile
      Tor + VPN
      Dsnt mattr china or not

      But whn *they* really want to track u thn thr are othr means

      @Gunnxrs @gsforever22 Do you use a VPN? Or maybe turned off data access to WhatsApp?

      @Dehousy Someone have a good vpn for me? (Free or not)
      Soundcloud is blocked in China ☹️

      @deanathefrog I'm scared as heck for China pray mah vpn works

      @hadtodropout @Rune_Clan I cant seem to access the runeclan website without using a VPN? when i use my regular network it loads for ages and doesnt let me

      @freevpn_ninja RT @dmai21: Fucking China aint no joke hahaha. Even though I knew, I was not prepared for that shit. Had me scrambling for VPN set up last…

      @HackInformer @SirAtwa Try using a VPN or proxy. Like betternet plug for chrome or a proxy site.

      @Matt_r_taylor74 @snaisy I recommend opera vpn. Blocks ads on IOS, as well as being a vpn. Assume there's one for android too, if that's your poison ;)

      @TotiRoler @Eurostar p.s. Tried for over 35ms to log on to work VPN and wouldn't connect. Then tried private email, nothing giving. Poor.

      @OkechukwuLM @MakiSpoke Lol. Just a scenario. Like camping or out in cottage in the rural area. Or even in China where you need a VPN for full access.

      @florian_monfort @JenMsft ...in China a lot of people use Shadowsocks which is a proxy to access the internet outside 2/X

      @kookglows Anyways I'll be back after I land in china in 5 hours! praying for the vpn to work

      @ekhodykin RT @larsonchristina: "I don’t know if I could live in China without a VPN. It would be disaster," says @jamesLmcgregor, speaking for many h…

      @zxyyyyyer It was really a disaster without VPN in China,and i really don't like the police for culture in China.That is too terrible!

      @matthewwilkes @calvinhp Every time someone implies CVEs are a proxy for security state I die a little inside.

      @__ejv Almost can't go without a VPN now...random not-traceable-to-you IP #'s for the win hoe

      @yoursunny @old_leopard @tifan @CasperYang I'm designing my own VPN protocol in preparation for my stay in China.

      @kimvie RT @CraigCScott: Great news for the world economy, China is becoming an increasingly unattractive business investment, everyone benefits. #…

      @Mosokran RT @AxelMerk: China said to ban VPN connections from 2/2018, making it impossible to confidentially communicate for business & individuals…

      @oogaboogachooga @7unkrat @ncilla @StartPageSearch Just found startpage. Another diff is the proxy link for every result so the site clicked on can't spy

      @Red_Shoemaker Today's ?: SOKO has a "go on their own plan" for NOKO, China tested an anti-missile system, and China and Russia are moving against VPN use?

      @jaymesdec Recommendations for a VPN service while I am working in China?

      @TheRyanFord @dhepburn They just killed VPN access in China because it was bad for business despite consumer protections.

      @MothproofKT @FaZe_Censor If it's streaming on the Syfy website you can just download a VPN app and change your location to the US and stream as normal

      @AzianaTeh Actually vpn works more than accessing twitter, Google and fb in China. It helps to protect yourself on the net as well.

      @CallMeAtNoon @SanaaaMS you need vpn for twitter? you in china?

      @SimplyBravo_ RT @BradGroux: Been in China for the week, and made the mistake of finally checking Twitter via VPN. #IDontKnowWhatIExpected #IveMadeAHugeM…

      @smdrew @Brotherwags @ChiefCovfefe @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Reported one of their accounts. Twitter should be able to block IP - even if VPN

      @Proxy_21 RT @xoxogossipgita: my boyfriend just told me that he dreamt a cat attacked him, but before he got scratched up it said to him "hello fucke…

      @makiyet Shame on #apple for stop vpn in china. Its so funy America keep talking about human right and this is American company

      @Choizhangthingg @polina_choi @jtbclove You guys can DL Hola vpn app and access Naver Tv ☺️ good for android

      @nilay_dodhia RT @UrsAnurag: Nope. Just basic conversational words and phrases, but installed 10+ useful apps(Paid VPN, Translators, maps, guides etc) fo…

      @ravikanodia My RSA app doesn't have "RSA" in its name. My VPN app doesn't have "VPN".
      No one gives a shit about you. Put what your app does in the name.

      @Magmarine @keii993 @imupurin Oh wa what vpn u used china for pc?

      @jake_gailey @WhalePanda Do they not know what a VPN is over in China? Lol
      U.s. residents have had to use them quite a bit for ICOs this year

      @Est3banRomero @billitog too bad. works beautifully here. try using a VPN with a mexican TCP/IP address… or use rojadirecta.me but beware of viruses

      @PolandRomaine RT @D3f2lt: @FourOctets Most of ISP on these countries,I live in one of them,is monitoring every thing using sophisticated computing shit!…

      @BaronMalaria @V_of_Europe Use proxy to bypass blocking.

      @Nunchik93 Friends, what is the best mobile VPN option for China?

      @LukeBramley @CGTNOfficial How about them vpn rules (bans) in communist China huh (and the guy sent to prison for simply selling vpns!?

      @LiquidVPN New London and Manchester Servers Are Online. They support all 3 of our VPN topologies. #Resist #Privacy #Censorship

      @roomeezon RT @RealNOMIS: #pantiants need to be free for #UN / #C49 for #climatechange , #globalhealth n #sastainibility not a corp ownership of the U…

      @igotmoreswag09 @nxtboyIII fwd assault won't work for my LTE zmax pro everytime I try to join a game it takes me back to the lobby the way i can play is vpn

      @jbuty @BambouClub Most VPN for china are USA/Japan based, so part of these might be from china.

      @WilhelmusJanus Most stupid thing to forget when preparing for travel to China:
      Pre-installed VPN on smartphone/laptop.
      No, make that several, multiple, VPN

      @stormbornmickey if i were in china, what with all the social media limitations/restrictions, what kinda vpn would y’all recommend (for 4 months)

      @Mexihaven @globaltimesnews Should ask Apple and Google to ban them in foreign countries like what China does for VPN apps. @Google @Apple

      @icotom (Certainly, an ad for a VPN service in China in a Korea developed doesn't seem like a bright idea)

      @OGtheGooseman @TheTerpHunter Are you on their guest network? - you could try to use like vtunnel or a vpn to bypass that

      @Lindadalew @niubi hi read in ur newsletter Proton VPN performed best for u in China. Was it compared 2 Express? Thinking abt my nxt VPN subscription

      @SeanXUEXUEX anyone got some useful vpn for pc.???

      @AbiScoma @laulauloves The freakin China life!! 30% smelling weird shit 30% telling kids to fold their arms 40% searching for a vpn

      @rezecha @maran1025 am using VPN Master when i was in China. And it was quite a good. If you abroad quite long, rather paid for it to get full access

      @ShiiZhang @expressvpn Yes, vpn on my cellphone with lt2p addresses met trouble sometimes recently, from CHINA. Thx for repairing.

      @sniper10086 @NordVPN do you have free trial account for vpn user in China

      @ynftchow RT @BaldingsWorld: Even when not in China, I always use a VPN for reasons exactly like this. PLA hackers in my computer still have access b…

      @iammichiewill With this new IOS 11 update, my paid for VPN is useless in China. Thank you @Apple for being such assholes.

      @StevesinBaja @theTunnelBear is the bomb for a really easy to access and use VPN!

      @SurfTraceFree Are you in Russia and China and looking to find a replacement for your #vpn
      Give TraceFree, the #virtualbrowser a try. #china #russia #vpn

      @ttoshio Any tips for China? VPN, apps...?

      @DjAnganu Thank god for VPN!. no vpn = no access to social media while in #China

      @joyjanuary I will miss China for many reasons , 1: using VPN issues as an excuse for not replying to other people ‘s texts. Being free from SM as well

      @JoySakurai Arghh.. China Firewall!! VPN is down, been trying to fix it so I can upload a video for work. Internet situation here is so frustrating! >:(

      @Shoshannalouis @netflix I own an english account but can't watch it in China because of my VPN proxy.... help me watch stranger things!!!!

      @GQWMl8IVfnLpB7A RT @zhaolinyuan: @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS Mr.President,Congratulations! 9 hours passed, finally we see you on Tweet! How is VPN works in Ch…

      @6SSeRe @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS just tell me how you use twitter in china ?
      did u ask xi for vpn account?

      @brezzitt If you want a VPN just use tunnelbear for me its the best

      @jonnopearson Just about to cross into China! If my VPN doesn’t work, this will be the last you hear from me for 30 days x

      @leahowen_ The one day my China VPN doesn't act like a tit...super chuffed (smug) that I got Peter Kay tickets for mum and dad

      @miradesign0413 @star_vpn @Apple @vpn @china so I can't download star vpn anymore to my Mac Pro?I have paid for vip one year!!!

      @eunaescup RT @xiuminxiuminkkb: “Just download VPN”

      It’s not that easy. I have 5 different VPNs but all failed. China blocks all traces of VPNs. I ha…

      @Thedudenesses Thanksgiving in China today. One thing I'm particularly thankful for is my VPN

      @fristor228 RT @HammanJustinPtD: Top 5 Best #VPN Services to unblock #Netflix, change ip address, encrypt your private info, bypass geo_restricted cont…

      @manueltard RT @leecronin: Being in China is like being in internet purgatory. Some things almost work but the reality is just not right. Google, dropb…

      @JianxiongChen3 RT @Simony206: BBC Chinese is banned but BBC English version is open except for this article, which you can't open in China unless you appl…

      @SherniRenu RT @arora_mayank_: I have seen many Shilpa fans are facing problem in voting
      Guys you can ask me agar koi problem aae to

      How to create em…

      @alllibertynews RT @ebtenet: @foolbareftaoist @BriarRKy @alllibertynews @dkhtx @ApatheticNeedle @evertonw @DomMcginty @stevej23uk @LEAFSFAN202 @KTHopkins @…

      @waner_tori RT @BlogCounsel: @AmichaiStein1 What do you expect? N Korea is China’s proxy State. Everything Kim Jong Un does is at the behest of the C…

      @Yznhymer @TrueFactsStated NK is the pitbull of RU & China. NEITHER wants a democratic Korea on their border. NK is their proxy aggressor.

      @RachellePavlova RT @schestowitz: @Snowden @durov @telegram Russia is already imprisoning people over Tor (even a maths academic who merely facilitated acce…

      @PrometheusAM Friends who visit China: what's the best VPN enabled router for use there?

      @io8_8ov @Sunchartist @asia_watch

      @DNRStudiosCEO RT @johnben_net: I am seriously, seriously disappointed with @GooglePlayMusic's service. I can't stream #music b/c I'm in #China without a…

      @khalid_shazia RT @Siraj5574: @Khalid7pk Soon Russia/Putin will have to assert itself in Afg, siding with Pakistan/China..Russians know it well that the n…

      @dinkabird RT @someoneoone2: @ShaunKing Facebook is acting as a PROXY for the Governments of Israel and US. Facebook users' 1st amendment rights are b…

      @Mixer_Metrix RT @mustangfastback: I am sick of the fn hackers on PUBG. @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @PLAYERUNKNOWN @ESLPUBG
      How come you cant IP block these China…

      @reueljeuex RT @PhaldoBuggins: @china have any quality VPN technology for a humble worker? how'd that go?? Right, @expressvpn ... use my account!

      @OleChr1 RT @PeterKirkegaard: #China's crackdown on foreign companies using #VPN-software to communicate securely with their head offices, could be…

      @JaqueVitr_14 RT @MixersPR: Looks like Leigh babe has VPN in China and can keep posting updates for us! Look at that weaveeee

      @Flydays1980 @SkyVPN your vpn is now blocked in china for almost a week. hope you can fix it asap. thanks

      @EndesiaC RT @WaMunguti: The Beast is considering shutting off the internet, flurry of communication to China.. Chinese hackers.... Upgrade your VPN.…

      @arche_zwei RT @sreemoytalukdar: My latest where I argue that if India wants to act as the security guarantor in Indian Ocean region, it can ill afford…

      @wenxuhan @facebook @Redcrescent27 Really bad, for Chinese users to use VPN landing every time can not be used normally.

      @nadella_bala @Proxy_Card What if I have them in hitbtc account? Still waiting for ios app

      @Dr_95LF RT @fawadchaudhry: Mr.Ahad Cheema illegally awarded a contract of 14 B Rs to Casa Pvt LTD a proxy of Paragon Pvt LTD. Paragon is owned by n…

      @NikiPhili @BBCocoBear I use HMA VPN app and then just go to the website

      @159Carvalho @tigerVPN For those planning to buy this VPN, fyi does not work in China. Waste of money.


      @ravici RT @Meagan_Dunham: 2.27.18: Secure Socket (SOCKS) proxies can't read data passing between the client and the server because they use a TCP/…

      @OGFris @KingPoke03 Anti Proxy/VPN API, a plugin for pocketmine will be made soon

      @Aircabtaco RT @AbdugheniSabit: Multiple sources say #Uyghur students in East #China's Fudan University are repeatedly arrested for "terrorist" content…

      @Salah30326197 RT @eBTCFoundation: UPDATE! eBTC March Newsletter is out now! Featuring statements by Gio(eBTC) & Jay(Proxy), ePRX Airdrop info, Details ab…

      @caraleeacs RT @HeathMayo: You can't be serious, Mr. Shaheen. Unless you are willfully blind, you know that our "women's & children's privacy" ballot p…

      @tinyquanzhe what vpn’s would y’all recommend for china a bitch is still trying to tweet

      @nisvxo RT @sugabiology: So like China has these strict laws about YouTube and stuff and that's why China can't connect fully with the world.

      @wavesofeuphoria RT @samknight_one: Anyway here's my thing on this. Also, Mulvaney might be trying to hide his communications with a VPN, per a question fro…

      @phylumchordataa RT @Njm18_: omg

      @WeiszCracks @streetwearlou Dang, US region? Did you use a proxy or vpn for your browser?

      @eryyruu @jiminonism @tiffany_mong it's the cause of the ban from government in China.C-armys have to use VPN for YouTube and twitter.

      @revolutiointel RT @SaiGonSeamus: Algo, Alipay, No app & independent Vietnamese hosting & operator is the sweet spot for China #VPN users. Safe modern ciph…

      @rohit_proxy RT @HerdHUSH: Thank You @ShindeShilpaS for Risking everything with No Regrets
      Because Sun is shining on ur side

      The Video on that Adult si…

      @heatherpeno When do actions have consequences?
      #WindDrivenRain #shredded #VPN

      @787MINGYU i hope minghao has vpn for when he’s in china if not then we’re gonna be update-less on ig and twt for as long as he’s there

      @y0seobs hello beautiful people!! I've been MIA for like forever bc I'm in China and my conexion sucks but my VPN is finally working

      @the_sav1or @Valherjar @Froskurinn FB doesn't even work in China without a VPN, not convenient for her to use it.

      @JokerGaming98 @AlexHeredia09 Hola free VPN

      @by2296 @mxbebe_win @Official_MX_jp Vpn located in japan, i changed ip address from my computer.

      Btw you can dm me :) if you interest.

      @noah_trev @wenmingboy @9to5mac @ChanceHMiller Download Ivacy VPN. It is available for China, and works flawlessly I might add.

      @soleyforbangtan @SeoulfulJoy @BTS_twt thats sad :( i live in China and was using a VPN for spotify

      @gvssr RT @aral: @asbjornu @stevendavis @gvssr @tim_cook For all intents and purposes, yes, that’s exactly what they’re doing in China (alongside…

      @kidsareatrip RT @ZWanderingFrogs: CHINA!!! For everything you expect #China to be, you're likely to be hit with a few surprises.
      @mappingmegan has writ…

      @yowngeemean its midnigt i have finals tmr and im researching if ill go to jail for using a vpn in china

      @ppiixx RT @katebevan: good evening, infosec Twitter - what's a not-too-awful VPN for someone visiting China to use? @edent @rik_ferguson @SwiftOnS…

      @bobsopinions @Independent Which means that the episode will be popular in China,
      at least to the under 40 crowd with proxy server access.

      @KawundeVicent @Snduhukire At least that tax can't distort VPN let's hide in it for a while. It sucks paying taxes that are not rightly disbursed.

      @Storm_Eris SO i went to China for about 2ish weeks to visit relatives n such
      but I forgot about the censorship program and get a VPN j,ghsfsdhlk

      @breasticIes @CaneryPhoenix Ig is also banned in China but he still uses it. They use VPN to access ig and twitter

      @Abdullah_pk11 RT @AnjumKiani: It was leadership of @BAwamiParty who became an iron wall & put their chests in front of the terror & bullets of Indian RAW…

      @MelbourneCityTF RT @kmrnair: @MelbourneCityTF @homespice_27 @KeralaBlasters @TYLLW2018 @MelbourneCity @GironaFC Not sure if tHis can be accessed overseas.…

      @Yafei1234dong RT @hailey150625: this is an account for supporting troye ,only for troye, i love him willing to give him a little bit support i could


      @NppleHam Im waiting for Trump to get a glimpse of siege Twitter and start threatening to fry all of China and start selling vpn's to russia

      @inno2208 RT @CharityMaodza: It's not a coincidence that Mugabe & Chamisa are having press conferences thirty minutes apart. Chamisa is a Mugabe prox…

      @youngjae333 I just realised that if i go study in china again i'll have to pay for vpn to watch netflid and access google

      @fr_telemarketer RT @TOSAKARlN: So my VPN is having a lot of trouble rn and I'm freaking out because if my VPN service is blocked in China now, then I will…

      @lwtchalamett ive downloaded like 5 vpn’s already and i dont know what else works i still have to get a vpn for china ughhh

      @garryaujla07 Every social media is blocked in China weather it’s Facebook or YouTube but thank god for VPN.

      @SympyFlawless fuck this vpn bullshit just let me browse pornhub will you?

      @drunknbass Integrating IPTV through Plex via HDHomeRun proxy is a game changer. Best app for consuming media on AppleTV

      @clydemccready @CelticTV You use google libraries on your site. Google is blocked in China so I have to use a VPN, p.s. never got your email

      @maksgranko RT @ONeillCam: Hey @commentiquette thanks for the tip about @NordVPN
      Thanks to you I can now post this image even though I'm in China.


      @RhondaSexton17 RT @rising_serpent: If Hillary became president, China would rule by proxy
      The Chinese own a set of all emails on her private server. They…

      @MingruiZhang Back in China, using VPN. Twitter Android often doesn't load. Twitter Lite works like a charm.

      @aymerik RT @romaub: In China right now. Thanks @Tunnello_VPN for helping me access the free internet. Lots of other VPNs not working these days.. c…

      @jagerbott @hallowootaewoon I tried using a VPN to bypass it a few months ago but it didn't work lol

      @monic_allyson RT @chickadee425: Tried to create KAs but Gigya Socialize (tignan mo sa transition from KA login to Push website) ng ABS website don't like…

      @michaelcp23 It sucks to use a VPN, it’s so slow. China why can’t your people be free!

      @RodZeidan @BrankoMilan No VPN while in China? I would recommend getting one for your next visit.

      @serdarakarca RT @unblockmaster: Free VPN forever! No ads, no registration. Just tap to connect. Unblock Master Hotspot VPN is available on App Store

      @VivianChih RT @DavidJRMissal: I had exactly the same feeling when studying at @Tsinghua_Uni. Maybe not all of the students but still a big number of t…

      @GenX_Aussie RT @VA_freevoice: Very Interesting! The Lewis Arthur Trolls on our site have Dissappeared! Why have they deleted their accounts all of a su…

      @NightmarEclipse RT @Aletheiaquester: Instituting #termlimits- the only way to stop corruption by proxy- done by the likes of @JohnKerry @JoeBiden & their v…

      @lancetabler Why can’t the school just fucking unblock twitter like VPN’s never work

      @RealKurokku Any useful VPN for China mainland for phones?

      @TyLavell @dmedetroit You could use a proxy and have a new IP address every time. Computer literate people don't care anyway.

      @irnachoi RT @yamarie_suju: You know what c elfs love for sj is the purest thing ever

      @AkemiLena @garururuka it says until nov 26 so yep a month, tho it's region locked so you'll need a proxy/vpn to watch it

      @locknload @DuckDuckGo why does your Android browser fail the WebRTC test which leaks the IP address even when using a VPN??? #privacy

      @SKundu89 RT @zeeshansahafi: China has started a crackdown on VPN services which r the only way of getting around its online censorship apparatus to…

      @CattyDream_ @preznamjoon @blaqbfly You do know that twitter is only avaible for chinese in china with a vpn hvigc

      @JessuhhB RT @satelliteknj: @starksult It wasn’t bots, you’re right, and he also wasn’t responsible for it, but it WAS his fans in China using VPN to…

      @ArtistFBI RT @BoyStoryBook: [Music show]181110

      #BOYSTORY will be on Yo!Bang music show tomorrow at 8pm (Beijing standard time. GMT+8)

      Live booking…

      @bitgofree @WhalePanda VPN who can work in China is best!

      @jackel8088 RT @IPVanish: Have you used our SOCKS5 proxy? It's a great way to mask your IP address and maintain fast data transfers. Look for it in you…

      @aleszubajak RT @briromer: pizza as a proxy for neighborhood health, food deserts via the lens of seniors access, sales analytics for Red Tomato, future…

      @CCainnn @LuckyBoulevard i would suggest you find another vpn though i used them for a month while i was in china for business and its not that good

      @hiteshjainb @beebomco Why we generally don't find a VPN for China!!

      @thenewc0l0mb0 @matt_odell How is Bitcoin going to work in countries where you can get arrested for having a VPN (e.g.China)?

      @laurence2571 Hype VPN work in China for Twitter.

      @flytpack RT @GreenFenrir: Thank you to @flytpack for my WiFi with VPN in China. Didn't have to worry about searching for a free and working VPN.

      @notdonghan @95hannies my friend had to china vpn praying for u man

      @1huela *furiously signs up for VPN accounts so I can use IG in China SINCE THEY BLOCKED IT CIRCA 2014*

      @chaengsa @kemkominfo UNBLOCK TUMBLR CAPE AKU PAKE VPN TEROOSS

      @chuanjunzhous @SUNZELlNS @XlEJUNZE I FEEL SO BAD FOR SPAMMING JING’S NOTIFS SO RIP HHH shes in china rn tho her vpn sucks

      @ChasonDailey RT @YuanfenYang: China edition:

      1 Reporter calls source and suggests using Signal
      2 Source says can't download Signal
      3 Reporter sends sou…

      @purejoydj RT @triplelumi: Following from my China tour last October, I‘ve written an article for @maekan about China’s underground club culture that…

      @LeahDav90046596 RT @LeoDube: @PPFA is a proxy donor for the #DNC forcing taxpayers to unbeknowingly make campaign contributions to candidates that you do n…

      @nihkasa Not having access to twitter and ig and email in China sucks. I caved and paid for a vpn app even tho I leave the day after tomorrow

      @blinkpjms RT @buteracypher: Scooter went on and on tweeting stuff but Ariana had nothing to do with it so i don’t care, drag his ass for being annoyi…

      @MeganicGaming @ProSyndicate @LinusTech Just got back from China recently and express VPN worked perfectly for me! I also tried PIA and it did t work.

      @zenyfangirl RT @ALAMODE_YIXING: You will need vpn back to mainland China for Tencent video link

      @vanessa_mubanga RT @tintin_model: So someone out there really had it for me hey. At first I didn’t understand why all of a sudden I couldn’t access my Twit…

      @paolaanGG RT @Carmen_chee: I actually got a few VPN apps on my phone because when you're in china you have to use VPN for WhatsApp, FB, if and YouTub…

      @honeyedfairy RT @JusticeKazzy_: @VoidBurger Even if Westerners attempt to garner attention for it, it'd be difficult for people to even discuss in China…

      @mrarevels @MacObserver We need a express VPN for Facebook. A app that we can turn on or off the things that we want Facebook to be able to see.

      @Fdlinkyem @limneos I can’t buying tweaks without VPN in China how should I do?thanks and sorry for my poor English.

      @kallenoh @lalalalickit Yeah I see that I’m on the site using VPN

      @ottokoester @Panama_TJ "2FA everywhere" - Special case for China!
      "Use VPN" - Always!!!

      Very good tweet!!! Amazing!!!

      @miyussr i have to wait for my vpn to work though bc i need to buy granblue coins via google play . which is ofc blocked in china .

      @FasherMichael RT @Jarrred___: It is kind of ridiculous that 4chan, 8chan, Liveleak, Voat and many other sites are geoblocked for NZ. Or should I say sens…

      @borderknight @JPainter_ More people will be taken out a VPN subscription, I guess the next step for the Dictatorships will be to follow China.

      @Porno_OMON RT @runetecho: Russia’s ‘censorship ministry’ asks 10 VPN services to block websites banned in Russia for their users. Only one complied —…

      @Ted_dailylife @TWICERACHA Their popular just because YG buy vpn china for streaming but the real popular when they can sold album not number of stream.

      @AvaGlitch when no one can be sure of what you believe, or when you’re joking, you achieve a kind of anonymity by proxy. it’s security and advantage

      @PocketSlushy So if people in china started using VPN's for america...would pewdiepie be able to beat t-series by a long shot?


      @DavidJEWood I use a VPN for when I travel to China


      @freedom_sou RT @lipstick_chatea: VPN is expensive in china, appreciate cherries coming with us helping for the voting♥️

      @bubbleinthejar RT @FearlessYirou: #BBMAsTopSocial It is kind of hard for many EXO-L in China to vote via twitter without VPN. Maybe next time they could o…

      @IF_PlaNeptune @PlsJump2Me @Acidity_Splat how'd u use a vpn to get a game only out in japan i need this information for future use

      @saigerou my dad: have you packed and bought the VPN?
      me: for what lol
      my dad: china bozo
      me: surprisedpikachu.jpg

      @solon594bce RT @RamyInocencio: And an interesting thing of note: the Huawei Press Room here has access to the internet beyond the Great Firewell, makin…

      @Jc2KWTk4LLbgYK1 open vpn download proxy server port 3128

      @masterpig5 RT @ibxtoycat: About to fly to mainland China for an overnight, if I don't tweet for a couple of days it's because my VPN doesn't work and…

      @kimberALBERTA 1. VPN's and tors for now....even china cant stop these "yet"
      2. Maybe migrate to the dark web and set up a new free internet there?

      @pwarkchenle RT @pwarkchenle: Can you recommend me a China VPN other than Transocks bc that doesn't work for me

      @CarstenK_Dev @hmemcpy it's for different reasons but just as in China you should look for a good VPN during your german visit

      @brianxv15 RT @bitfwdxyz: This is what happens when you get VPN issues during @blocumenta Art #Blockathon weekend!

      Our partners @HiBlock_Net got tw…

      @PotatoChatApp @anonymi67667698 Dear anonymity,

      We suggest you download the VPN and try to register later.

      We appreciate your support!

      @Bobothree @EWErickson These parents have Munchausen Syndrome by proxy and the government must step in to protect the children.

      @gIkJpxgcCrpJaNk access bbc iplayer overseas #free anonymous proxy websites

      @LizzaDPendley RT @digi_ad: Privacy and biometrics people, one to watch: article is on security, but clear crossover to retail/urban analytics. Note, Micr…

      @gagefarra_ RT @DaHeckSaJerry: I'm-a back!
      Trip to China for a month has been very, very hectic (the rain and 34 degrees °C is unforgiving). There was…

      @kimmelzhang @KarlYuuuuu @F7Pnetn3Uu7td95 @cnni @CNN Can you use this website in China without VPN? Shitizen?

      @M7moud_mk99 @Sur1Haxor What is the browser and vpn app?

      @ashxnnieangel RT @str4nger197: @annieleblanc #ChoiceMusicWebStar Don’t forget to vote in the website
      Use the app browsec (apple ussers) and if u have an…

      @datalore_tv @cymplecy @biglesp Technology used today:

      A VPN service that successfully gets through the Great Firewall of China.

      What for?


      @Iqbal_qavi Facebook, Messenger, Youtube, telegram and many other applications are not allowed to use in Iran. Just got a VPN to see you again.

      @HichamJust @Kristy_Proxy Jeep is one of the best choices... Enjoy..

      @Nat_translator Can anyone recommend a VPN for #China, please? #travel #VPN

      @packzenoch RT @brokep: Using a vpn is great for security, that's why I started @IPredatorVPN. But even using a great vpn like that doesn't make you an…

      @faraiwe RT @IntelOperator: A retreat by the US will further embolden the Taliban.

      First there will be an implosion, then an explosion.

      Bloody civ…

      @aeirlys @lizbizfizz ExpressVPN is good for China. If she's using WeChat without a VPN, have her create the account with a burner email address.

      @crypto_retro @cz_binance Mr. CZ, what VPN do you recommend to bypass your DEX country restrictions? @expressvpn ? ✌️

      @Masterwang @titanovyysplav I don't live in China. I worked there for years. Been using VPN that whole time. Still a free man.

      @mattybuk @RaveofRavendale Get a VPN sorted now for China, installed on your phone and laptop, fella. ExpressVPN's worked for me.

      @ComputeHole RT @BotDjulian: Proxy = | country: China | city: Hangzhou #proxy #hacking #raspberrypi