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      @_v_x_r_ @MartinPohlen I see your getting into the VPN vibe

      @ClearestEchoes @paperlvng It's what I'm here for. Community's on Canadian Netflix, if you know how to use a VPN.

      @stefisabellelin @EmilyHung_ yup! + bro VPN isn't doing it's thing for me

      @CyrusOnSecurity @doxedjoke @onetrueblackhat do you use private internet access VPN? maybe try another ip

      @JSummer81 @VeraBabyLIVE not sure if sarcasm because of troll tweet from the company or if an actual question.

      @FionnJameson VPN ON MY PHONE. Also, stuck in China for another year, AAAAHHHHH.

      @Z4YN_ anyone know about a fucking vpn for pc? im tired

      @discordapp @kexzek sounds like something on your network is blocking discord. Are you on a VPN or school network?

      @JulesDee7 @JimmyNaylor_615 i know. Once I go through Aussie netflix im gonna get a VPN and get the US one. Apparently it's heaps better

      @TAIOCOL @KokobetCom They are Using VPN connection from these regions USA, United Kingdom and Canada. There should switch to Germany or turn off VPN

      @Saikris69425774 I experienced the new speed by tunnel vpn try it for best and fastest speed net

      @iRichLau . Anybody use VPN for privacy? Thinking about changing my internet setup to route through a VPN.

      @JekyToastMirror Theres a hacker on the loose, he may hack your IP address, or even proxy dude!

      @eluv2116 @rockyknowsbest if you download a vpn you can watch the game.

      @donutwarrior23 @njsneaks @BetterNikeBot bruh multiple orders for adidas with 1 ip is fine right? or do i need proxy for multiple pairs

      @brokentv @efbman @richardosman It's being run through a VPN for tax purposes.

      @HancockCarter1 Dogging as proxy for la drive-in favor norwich?: BUaWfcDjh

      @Dysiode @SaraJChipps I avoid those VPN extensions like the plague, but I've had amazing experiences with Private Internet Access

      @DanielHazel3 Deliverance teetotum seo breaking as proxy for themselves: XMLbZFK

      @KayRyssa it's so depressing that I had to turn my VPN on....

      @jonathan_leigh @MobileSyrup lol been using this in canada for years. Get a VPN, forget bell and leave region locks behind

      @sHiMoT0 Any free VPN for iDevice? Why is US Netflix way better than Canada?!?!?!

      @Shahrcasm @adrashyababa proxy vpn use karne se nai hota kya ?
      arrey mobile data se torrent file dwnld karlo waha pe, fir pc me transfer karke dwnld

      @cree_sto need to figure out how if theres a way to access us netflix without paying for a vpn...there must be right?

      @Dresden_Nova @callykarishokka It's a free VPN

      @BradberryTodd Whyfor she must count options as proxy for thine stock split stocks and bonds: iEHh

      @yeetard need britain vpn for netflix anyone know free one

      @MikeBeattieHFX If @netflix and @Netflix_CA block proxy access, they are no more competitive than any other streaming service in Canada.
      #Netflix #movies

      @HatokTalk @FlamingClaw nobody bothers in canada, so I just pirate stuff because I never bothered to look up netflix proxy stuff

      @WilliamPaters11 How to Choose Building Boss Melbourne: Need as proxy for Every Home The eye ZaBX

      @MediatedReality @chrisgliddon @matthewpearse using a VPN? I've seen @TwitterMoments appear once or twice while not on my VPN while in Canada.

      @khanpk92 @KlasraRauf @umairfarooq_83 what u know about style of proxy here in USA , U.K. Or Canada

      @MarieOtis1 Convivial networking ideas as proxy for your site: QtUWOsavy

      @plum_massengale okay proxy is the run n gun ho. i ate so much shut with her when i just started since she was in rotation. 90 health is killer for noobs

      @yndyrfmly @jonah_kessel @BeijingPalmer If I was a customer of either VPN I'd be upset that they made things so easy. (Not that mine is likely better)

      @Tv_reality93 @HausofDylan95 @jlarkin246 ive got a website for the episodes will use the bb canada website for the 24/7 live feeds with vpn :)

      @THEMAZElSACODE @ca_london you sir, wrote one of the best books I've EVER read. (And I read lots of books!) Thank you for writing Proxy!

      @DocZeus LOL. Joel McHale is playing an Alex Jones proxy?!

      @mmport80 @JoMicheII it's a game of cat and mouse - lotsa vpn servers are blocked or slowed. from govt pov inconvenience is big enough win. ugh

      @AllahSuffices RT @Ybaxo: @AllahSuffices lets u connect to private networks around the world lets u bypass restrictions etc but u need to download Vpn app…

      @ZoeyCarol1 R4i3ds fated review----r4i barium 3ds flashcard as proxy for nintendo 3ds: YxMNQSd

      @jaredhaight @hexlax that's really weird man, malware that installs nginx. What's the point of setting up that proxy vs connecting straight to the c2?

      @Darkb0t When u thirst so far I've using muh proxy to get onto le twittre, you can't git muh ip b& :|

      @hardcoremommy @danisnotonfire not available for viewing in Canada... VPN time!!

      @jeremydigital @Tekneek how aggressive do these services look for VPN services? I'm close to Canada so I usually use one to skirt the blackout rules.

      @NeciaBelle_ @WhyYouSoUgly so am I. Lol I use a proxy server

      @AngelaN43904259 1 tendency acquitted via departing enterpreneurs as proxy for assured of success specialization: LCSHLIiR

      @Lars9596 #DarkNet: Google 1 #TOR 2 #HiddenWiki. Get Hidden-IP(no free stuff), VPN-safe.
      @ThomasGBauer @howzzatttt @SvenRichtmann @Dana_Regev @dwnews

      @iS5Com Our #SecureGateway is designed to deliver Robust Security - Solid VPN, Authentication, & Deep-Packet-Inspection (DPI) Industrial Firewall.

      @AllTheTwits At work and VPN connection running..

      @ZoeyMia2 Gurumani not just right as proxy for renewed micro yard problem: sks: vgLyMGXZ

      @theakseffect @kartik1886 if a vpn doesn't work, ask someone abroad to register for you. Try Google Play Music bro. It's the best there is.

      @kevaldesai Could it be that Hillary just needed better tech support? Couldn't a browser tunneling via VPN into secure fed server have worked? #email

      @BethAnnePratt @DonnaHotchick You must be. Either that, or you are accessing through a VPN or DNS server, and you don't know it.

      @valerie_vasko did LC really have to block VPN

      @iceMagic My bank's website won't load when using VPN.
      Because #JavaScript.

      @gnyabera Goofs even in National Content filtering in #UgandaDecides emerge. +256 guys using free VPN software to get to social media. I love my job!

      @DPasta99 @adidasalerts Could a vpn changer work if I don't live in canada?

      @JamesSierra4 Like clockwork gross receipts varnish advocate as proxy for yours ip cctv: pDVWiC

      @Da1wivdaeyes RT @iluyimbazi: Thank u @KagutaMuseveni @UCC_Official for letting me go to France, canada, Uk, USA in 3 days on #VPN Now #FreeBesigye #Free…

      @CarterGilbert1 Estimable perquisites into chew over as proxy for establishment managers: QrVDNw

      @hamsterwatch @iamdivergent902 yes it's a VPN, and it has worked for Canada feeds every season so far plus their archived shows.. (cont)

      @slushy_hater Only risk taken in this method is that you're stupid enough to not do it anonymously. Or trusting those lame VPN & proxy apparent masks.

      @resultsdrivenpr RT BushPorter1: Facebook public relations perquisite as proxy for your flourishing effort: JBmUmC

      @SirPatriarch @christt haha I use a vpn and a proxy server you fucking creep. so sad, is this all you have? Wow, write a song about me ya little bitch

      @YesItsMMMMMs @LosPollosTV change your ip and get a vpn

      @khenderick_ .@climagic this, and an (external) ssh server running on port 80 allow you to bypass lots of corporate proxy servers with internet filtering

      @mfraz74 @Ebuyer @TPLINK @TPLINKGaming expect it is my server which runs Plex as well as being a proxy for any apt-get updates on my computers.

      @supercujo It's really sad that 'VPN' has become synonymous with stealing geoblocked Netflix rather than secure communications

      @MarySteven1 Dsi downloader to dsi upload competitor nintendo dsi chess swop websites proxy: rGvQS

      @NotThe_Religion @arynstpierre download the google chrome extension "Hola" and use the Canada proxy!

      @Gamefreak00018 I find it pathetic that Canada can watch our Big Brother, but we can't watch theirs without paying for VPN. #BBCAN4

      @astrisong using a VPN service for BB purposes and forgot I had it set so that I looked like I was in Canada, and I learned something

      @hamsterwatch @sightignite they're down now for Have-not comp, showing rotating "top secret!" screens (and you need a vpn if outside Canada)

      @ybllav @TheBBPresidenthi prez.. plz send a link to watch the BBCA show n feeds n a vpn for Canada..hola dosent work

      @brianteng_2012 The only way for us canadians to watch the @BigBrotherCA live feeds is you need a vpn program and ad blocker and put canada as the location

      @brianteng_2012 The only way for us canadians to watch the big brother canada 4 feeds in canada is have a vpn program

      @simondavidclode @RobDWaller don't runaway to here. Can now only view any int. website using VPN on 3G or 4G. Odd they won't honour contract/clauses.

      @VixenRogue Question for my #BBCAN4 folks, how come when I changed my VPN to Canada it lets me watch eps but not feeds? @BigBrotherazzi @ChrisTaylor8859

      @Necx999 @FrozennDusk @PowersavesPro Just for SnG I tried using a VPN. I tried running it from UK VPN and CALI and also Canada. Next is Wireshark!

      @Therealshaaaaaa Is a VPN necessary for Canada Nike

      @adrianivashkof @mayriella ugh its in the news that netflix Blockes VPN and proxy

      @ImBlane7 @5sause_agario Haha :D
      Cant you use vpn to watch my amazing vids though? :P

      @y0AP_ Whats a VPN that works for android?

      @Dvboy76 @Unblock_Us Had to cancel my subscription. Netflix are really cracking down on proxy servers! Couldn't get any to work! Disappointed!

      @in_the_bg @MariLadybug_ Its region blocked (only for canada) so you'll need a vpn chrome app Like HOLA to watch it outside of cananda

      @Bonedwarf @NemesisUK penalties in it, and Canada has signed on. Just wish I didn't have to drop another $8 a fucking month for a VPN.

      @RehmatUO @ReesEdward @defencepk @FrudBezhan yeah Canada and Australia usually stick their noses out of these proxy games.

      @racheljongejan RT @byldell: It takes a racist sociopath to make Americans wanna move to Canada but all it takes is Netflix banning VPN scramblers for me t…

      @jessicuhperks RT @_juliabyrnex: It would be chill af if Netflix would unblock proxy servers.

      @usagiojou @DetectiveHyde @fidgaty @TabuthaRasa (the irony is that the best solution would probably actually be proxy war)

      @AngelGabriella9 Fledgling ideas as proxy for whitsunday consideration displays: BrJNzFUIm

      @Adrian_GQ @Unblock_Us is it time to cancel because there is no solution to Netflix anti proxy ?

      @BenjaminNoah1 Present loans as proxy for fold astraddle benefits-carry into execution yours free choice to declaration of rig...

      @5teveKer5haw @TalkTalkCare the router picks the worse wifi channel instead of the best. I can't use vpn into work over wifi and tv services buffer a lot.

      @1989Terence It cost me a lot of time to find a proxy software to access Twitter.

      @ZAntagonist @Unblock_Us Netflix in South Africa shows US catalog, yet only plays those in Local Catalog that overlaps. VPN warning on other devices...

      @raulsperoni @Unblock_Us so ... "Proxy Detected" by Netflix

      @jordila_ #VPN @riseupnet , @koumbit thanks for ( your support via Canada ) !

      @robbanrobbin @MinecraftLeaks You should make everyone join with the same proxy, that means one ip for the accounts :3

      @Weerthepeople @83boabobski Just utilise your VPN. It alters your server as if you're in another country.

      @ThomasH29137281 Why singapore has got the attachment as proxy for day coach hiring services: FNuDyQ

      @iamieat @heartdebnam use Freedome. VPN app for iPhone.

      @GabrielleHarry2 Proxy i be necessary investigate prehistorically hiring the services in connection with tricycle work site: syfDfXq

      @AydenDouglas2 As for make choice of the indubitable tub social security as proxy for him?: GzsLpIOUl

      @kaviraj142 @SamirGahlaut BTW I do not hide myself with a proxy dp

      @KathyBlomfield Established way sociable unspoken ads as proxy for promoting thy online griffin offline projection next to colo...

      @idar2dream I'm not putting any blame on Canada for the voting results since other countries can get around @Global_TV vpn restrictions #BBCAN4

      @ShayOfficial @snarkNbb Yeah they do, but you have to be in Canada. Not sure if VPN will work for that.

      @rj07thomas @glynmoody I found one on OverDrive (?) but same thing- only US & Canada. Time for a US based VPN.

      @maximumdean @Netflix_CA thanks for taking away our VPN ability in Canada #backtotorrenting #nomoreofmymoneyforyou #cya

      @ProXY_GEEE Got offered a promotion 1 day before I put in my 2 weeks notice ayyy tfw life is playin game with you lmao

      @TrevorHeisler @Netflix gives Canadians the shaft as Netflix and Showcase team up on Travelers. Will stream everywhere but Canada. Supports case for VPN.

      @mikecheck12321 @LosPollosTV changing IP would be easiest but you could also invest in a VPN

      @macboer Just checked. Opera’s VPN is only for CANADA, GERMANY and USA

      @getpatrick @opera No free VPN for #Canada?

      @1and1help_uk @SaintTheJase Apologies, to confirm it worked in Chrome from a different vpn, but not just going to the site under normal settings? ^JO

      @StudiosBlitz @nachify @Support not slow, probably it's slow for you because your not from the u.s and your changing you vpn

      @MexicoMougal RT @GeekCorner_uk: Anyone interested in a competition for 6 months free VPN?

      @angelram16 RT @clarissailiana: FREE VPN WORKS I REPEAT FREE VPN WORKS

      @SeoBitz Hide my ass premium proxy list daily for 2 months for $5: Hi i'm Andrew I will give you my hide my ass elite proxy…

      @msmorul abaas - adblock as a service, tor proxy that receives then silently filters ads before you see them. block ads, get tracked by the fbi

      @DerekRiemer RT @SinaBahram: No! I don't want you to text me the VPN creds. No, it is not more secure than a freaking SSL link! Yes, I know what I'm tal…

      @mightyIfer @BBCocoBear Coco, you need the BBviewer. No VPN required and you can use it for BBUS too! And watch the Canada show on it

      @GinaMMontgomery Proxy app? Can you name it please @DASD_Schools. Putting the fear in new 6th grade center iPad student users. Not sure what ur describing

      @pwnsdx @sparky_005 @kennwhite and it’s also hard to configure the server properly (even if you use Streisand VPN)

      @Stargrace @Arkenor It's not view-able for me here in Canada without a VPN, I think that prevents it more than anything else.

      @Twitching_Proxy @StringsOfLife_ Toby had been listening on the other side of the door. After a few minutes of silence, he swallowed hard, trying to hide -

      @mostic_ @Grummz Hi Mark, we are Chinese wowers, we can't access to the petition website without VPN, we're so sorry for that.

      @Avalix workaround for the bug, use a vpn and push the data from canada.
      Noones sure if its the location or the reduce bitrate, but it worked.. 2/2

      @Allstocknews $SFLY Shutterfly, Inc. Files Definitive Proxy for 2016 Annual Meeting Scheduled for June 21, 2016
      From our Stock News Alerts App

      @omairly @RogersHelps Why is my IP located in Ottawa when I live in Mississauga? No vpn's enabled on my end....

      @gfallsbear41 RT @Shane_Peterson: Perception is reality. Reality is: world sees #PMZoolander and now Canada (by proxy) as a joke and a sham. #cdnpoli ht…

      @PaulDav31887710 Suggestions for a VPN from Canada ? Thank You in advance

      @bengillam ip sec vpn to your office you take out. Send you a form which isnt complete and without any form of instruction. Cant talk to them

      @christianmlong RT @iamjkeating: Giving SSO creds to self-signed TLS websites, to download unsigned software packages to VPN. For "High Security" reasons...

      @BB_4every1 @stinaknits I'm in Canada but I get my cousin in Cleveland Ohio to buy it for me so all I have to do is but the VPN

      @GravitySmacked @Emilio_GW nah, this is on my TV with the Now TV PS4 app but yeah, I use Proxy SH for my VPN.


      @ecbanks I need to think thru cluster, etcd placement, outside access, proxy, scheduling, and so on. Haven't been this mentally engaged in a while.

      @_nabeelakhtar @RainaHarpriya Use a proxy server .

      @JohnLDixon @SarahKSilverman use @HotspotShield to create a VPN to a UK server, then install TV Guide for iPad set the settings to UK and watch it there

      @HenryKathy1 Tier looks conversions as proxy for la outflow resolved site: UaHKrKtnd

      @review_board @NovaromaProject people like to use anonymous vpn's, etc... and they rather use seedboxes either remote or local.

      @stevenlivz Hugely successful day in Site/Site VPN, infrastructure planning and Azure AD sync configuration. All in a closed office in the East End :-)

      @unreliABEL @omona ugh i guess it's only for canada. i thought i could fool it with a vpn

      @seanfbrown @Adam_Jacobi @JonLawson32 True, but the VPN works well for me.

      @tifannyrousso what is the best free vpn which connects to the US so i can finally watch the interviews

      @AlexandraBessie Seo india: arrive in exceeding closeness as proxy for yours site: OPi

      @CatherineShane3 @hamsterwatch Help. I live in Canada and can't access CBS All Access. Got VPN and American address for Visa. Any ideas or workarounds?

      @BrandonLStarr RT @jasonetheridge: @wowPiper @BrandonLStarr My Google Trends proxy for a game's success was spot on. WildStar flat lined long ago.

      @SheLoveTheG RT @SEAtliens: I remember the days when I had to use a proxy site to browse NT at school.

      @DanSanc66 #Canada got your VPN's up for your #mining projects from Antofagasta Chile-Prudhoe|Sagavanirktok|#Nunavut &can prove it; but you reject me?

      @kreatture Anyone currently using (or have experience) with a US VPN? Looking for best recommended one to use here in Canada. Thanks

      @PileOfSalt @ViThePony @AxelFoaly Can you use a different VPN? For say the UK or Canada?

      @BB_Kayla14 @liquid8d hey, question.. I'm from Canada so I use a VPN for the feeds, and bbviewer won't take my login. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

      @coconuts_bbfan @liquid8d do we need a vpn for bbviewer from canada ? im using windows and its a black screen

      @jenn heh Opera can’t decide where they want the VPN to sit. It’s back hidden on ‘private window’ again

      @kokeytakokez @mediamogulbitch I want to but I don't know where to find them since I'm in canada, and I don't want to pay for a vpn

      @turskeli Well, fricklesticks. Looks like @LetsRabbit ip ranges got added to Netflix's ever growing proxy list.

      @SecureConnectHQ Is your VPN designed to protect your business? Ours is. Follow us and we will give you one year for free. #VPN #infosec #cybersecurity

      @DonTheorist Hey Secure Connect VPN thanks for the follow!

      @AndroidSophia @AlonsoAg lol, I have no idea! I haven't even actually played the game it's based off of (need a VPN to start, apparently...)

      @osenvosem @feathersjs can't reach main page of the site without tor or VPN while docs subdomain is available. Chrome gives "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET"

      @JamesSierra4 Conveniently cleanup obfuscate vicarious as proxy for thy ip cctv: QPoOpw

      @MySynpai @Michael29135 @thegrandtour @AmazonVideo ill wait to see what their solution is for Canada bwfore going with VPN or download.

      @xxannylynn @DrunkEnough @hamsterwatch maybe irrelevant because I'm in Canada, but I use Zenmate for my vpn- bern working great for me for years

      @nayelijs RT @HelpedHope: Best proxy for #trust is local... "Organic" isn't enough, we want to get to know farmer" @kimbal @thekitchen #wearenexus

      @BaileyB45891361 Guidelines as proxy for design the ou infrastructure in lieu of server side surveillance: gLmdN

      @GillAustin4 Wearing natty urban sheathing as proxy for teleplay: BWG

      @thrace @sodiumlitskies live on CBC for me...but I'm in Canada at the moment. If you have a VPN there's a CBC livestream.

      @evman1234 @PopSci "except for US and canada" totally going to VPN this shit

      @Dermottr What is best VPN in NZ with best dashboard to unblock overseas access

      @imanzulhkm Comeon vpn i needa do my RJ!!!!!!!!!!

      @zoli_kovacs @DayGloSunset I'm from Canada andwith no VPN can't watch BB19 in fall solastseason watching show for me what a disappointment of a season to

      @cornexo @csbaker pay $5 for a VPN connection to the U.K. or Canada and watch it.

      @johnnygoodreau I'm so glad I have my Canada VPN for the cbc stream so I don't have to hear matt lauer say "right after this" again

      @karsh @revjospa I've got a VPN going and I'm watching online on the BBC 1 website.

      @pcguy8088 @mgsiegler @mollywood if you only had a VPN for Canada CBC or UK BBC u could get some sleep now

      @schomj @jkbeitz use a VPN (I'm using tunnelbear for $8), then you can change your country to UK or Canada (for CBC)

      @twittelvddl1 @phillipanderson I have heard that a UK VPN might get that for you. Or Canada something something....

      @juscamarena I can't deal with the time delay for the Olympics..... Thank you VPN and Canada!

      @Missy__Pooh @Joe_Schmucc of course not..because who would want to watch it live right? Thank goodness for VPN and Canada Broadcasting

      @BryanBr03391741 Lebanon website homogenesis, an uncertainty principle as proxy for lebanese companies into do something about worldwide.: uJpKqQz

      @James_wood2512 Setting VPN to Rio for the next week, free pornhub premium if ur in Rio

      @sejhammer @silktgirl >.< I wanted to watch but I VPN thru Canada to access the internet and it said "not allowed for yr region"

      @Maolfunction Welp, my new VPN isn't allowing my Plex server through to connect to my remote devices.

      Guess what I'll be doing when I get home.

      @tribouette @uchuumin you ever try one of those android apps for the PC or something? Probably could get it there without having to get a VPN for phone

      @ProjectMngr_YYZ @FormulaOneWorld thx for posting, nearly impossible to get any news or coverage here in Canada . With VPN I'm able to watch .

      @astonclinton_rt RT @yangjustinc: Best use of my Cambridge VPN: Watching #UniversityChallenge from Canada. GET EXCITED, PEOPLE!

      @todu77 @opera I tested the Opera VPN app with the @Ookla app on Android. It shows the same external IP for both Canada and USA. What's wrong?

      @Dasyati RT @aurahack: bitch i live for the olympics, not anyone's fault but yours that your coverage is so bad people either didn't watch or VPN'd…

      @azharshafiqch @KlasraRauf @hmkyz The whole world is playing proxy game. Issue is we betted on unreliable horse every time.

      @cwood @ckneumann Yeah, I even pId foR VPN to Canada to get CBC coverage but then ran into US/CA App Store issues. /sigh

      @moonklutz @cad_yellow f.lux, vlc? netflix as an app if it's win10. hide.me VPN (there's a free level), calibre, steam, adobe digital editions, skitch

      @gennymatador RBC to pay $2.5 million for proxy violations over Rural/Metro sale: (Reuters) - A Royal Bank of Canada unit has agreed to… #businessNews

      @anchantra @Catvanzyl Hey Cat, Just to let you know... ZenMate (vpn) works for the feeds in Canada. :)

      @AmericasGringo @baileyraelle @jeno0309 VPN changes your location so you can access Canada feeds. The problem lies that US version you have to pay for them.

      @_nanamisfit RT @NSDENIS_: Y tf school gotta block snap for?

      @BrandoHD @AjalaPilgrim it works for me when I'm using a VPN, so I know for sure USA, might also work in Canada and the UK, but that's just a guess

      @Kanto_Red21 @Barnacules The original guy was like Ha! I have your info. I'm like... I'm using a VPN. Put myself in Canada for this.

      @KUGrrl @hamsterwatch for anyone in Canada with the new update you can watch live feeds with just dns on AppleTV. No VPN required

      @StuntBirdArmy The only evidence of Russian involvement in the DNC hack is still the VPN server location right?

      @CrusherJ Trying out Windscribe for a VPN. I like it, considering purchasing a sub. But it being based in Canada is a concern.

      @R_M27 The #endofTV just got accelerated. For those in Canada, VPN bypasses Rogers so use one. Can't wait til can cut the cord for all sports. #TNF

      @Novak74205 @SquareEnix why are FFXIV downloads failing less than 500 MB in for Canada? I used a VPN to the US and it works fine. I'm not the only one.

      @hamsterwatch @ImSteveAnderson UK? I don't know of a workaround for UK, just Canada :\ I use a VPN to watch BBC, geoblocking has to stop

      @ogettings @satefan a VPN is something I've being meaning to set up for ages. I might look at some server sw this weekend. :)

      @davidjakeson @cbkreativ @jverheul Geolocked, though. VPN to Canada for best results.

      @IBrixxx @jasondhaas for shoes or ? I've debating the bot/proxy/server game for a bit. Actually been chilling on shoes lately except I got 750s yday.

      @queennataliexo Ugh I have to buy a VPN for this season too, RIP my wallet @CBSBigBrother why do you hate Canada assholes

      @sciencebase @virginmedia It's at your side that TTL seems to have been too long where VPN was showing the live site and my local system the old...

      @i3al3yang3l @hamsterwatch What is everyone using for VPN block in Canada??? nothing is working on live feeds only videos

      @lalalahahaheh @LunaCee73 Luna! what vpn do you use to watch feeds in Canada? Hola was not working for me :(

      @MacroSculpt RT @marcelle_fsg: Nice side benefit of having a #VPN is game apps have fewer, shorter ads depending on your #IP address location. US is the…

      @Pokemondude185 @zxFlint @zoima_ browser with a free vpn thats unlimited

      @askcp Just saw @opera and mighty impressed with built-in VPN of its own. This is why for years Opera was my favorite browser. I hate chromium ☹

      @Bobstrulavitch @Samir_Madani Thanks for that Opera tip. Even in Canada I can't get some things from US. Canada has some crazy content rules. US VPN solves

      @alexandracg07 RT @clairecharness: Hey guys time to go to work for @Hinchtown and @SharnaBurgess Canada or the US get your votes in #dwts Canadians use a…

      @DefuseKits @HeatedSneaks I have a couple questions.Should I have my Adidas account signed in?when should I enable my VPN and proxy?

      @iapascasio Get @windscribecom for your free VPN

      @MikeTaylor @Synapsida So perhaps in fact we were always used public-vs-private as a proxy for good-vs-bad access to material 3/

      @SynthiaDanyell First I was on hold with Netflix for 30 minutes, and they tell me that I have a proxy/vpn problem where my laptop is saying I'm in Mexico.

      @MinSugaSweetie @itzbieberwifey no it isn't. I downloaded a proxy app that unblocked it. Hope it keeps working! & i kept thinking the internet was slow oml

      @tamarazuk RT @tommcfarlin: github down.
      vpn to canada.
      github up.

      @_hojoka @FrostyP_Makorin its actually really easy to register!! you just need a VPN and you can do it directly on the app~

      @dodolook8 @slitheriogame I am the Chinese mainland users, your game network speed is very bad!!! You know we're all paid for it use vpn ?! Even so,

      @MohMarshad94 @Freddy765 download the apk, you only have to log in once using vpn every 2 weeks and it's for free

      @AStageReborn For those having login issues, apparently some have had luck using a VPN service to redirect their connection through I.e., Canada. #FFXIV

      @AlienDeg @HoloMarkeD what's the vpn trick? It doesnt work for me, they built blocker last year (it was big topic in Canada)

      @Fam5Lit @ayyblow @hcgamesnetwork go look at your ip it might be different if it is and you have opened a vpn app in the last 2 hours restart ur comp

      @LunaBlomkvist Seriously annoying having to use VPN to access social media in Turkey. بس لا لوعتوا چبدنا

      @VeteranEU OK wtf @JiizukeLoL is actually going to win this game with @Wunder_LoL proxy inting on Singed OK LOL

      @OhhLaLaLisa #HappyBirthdayProxySnyder #HappyBirthdayJay to the best Proxy in the World @ProxySnyder Always have my Loyalty! #Colony #Collaborate

      @pjohanneson I wonder if the uptick in searches for "immigrating to Canada" was matched by a surge in searches for "VPN Tor strong crypto".

      @Proxy_AU *gets out of a shitty situation in cod*
      *dies in a shitty situation*
      "This game is broken why am I playing

      @SharnaSquad Guys please help! The vpn trick for voting from Canada hasn't worked for me, are there any other ways I can vote ?

      @Arnaldtor @levudev Couldn't watch it in Canada either, this is what VPN's where made for

      @stef9733 @Eva34122983
      I test your vpn but it dont work for canada have your an other for windows and canada? Thanks

      @hookercookerman It's ok I am sure all the terrorists don't know vpn and tor, encryption I am sure all the invasion of privacy and money we will be with it

      @Wisword @Beer_Baron1 @noThunder16 @PGLocal4 @ClimateOfGavin @mzjacobson @BBGVisualData I don't follow news. I VPN to Canada for Netflix, US Amazon

      @LakeTwoQBs @Th3What Can't you pay for NFL directly in Canada? I thought Americans VPN'd to Canada to do that.

      @le_ramumohan @RaySanket @Sathiyasabari @getpeid install opera vpn from playstore. change region to canada. check for update. vroom!


      @Finite_Elephant .@hulu thanks for the follow, are you available in Canada w/o a VPN?

      @DjStoresssss @torres126CP @CP_Girl19 Nah. You don't need a VPN for AU/NZ anyway. Just get a US or Canada one - they're more reliable and widespread.

      @HardieReg @northboymanc hi got vpn set up for Canada when I open up hola click KODI flashes up vpn Canada flag then watch livestreams

      @EvelynBrian2 The go on welfare as proxy for a denomination c ip subnet: CugMG

      @UmitYtuKom GOOOOODD MORNIIIINGSSSS from @Canada, OHH Nooo nooo nooo. It's just a vpn for blocking @TwitterTurkey

      @jmcfrnndz @KicksDealsCA i need a proxy for frenzy app badly

      @rafiki_rafi @JetBlue If by "standard service" you mean the free FlyFi plan, then no, I have not been able to connect to my VPN using the free FlyFi plan

      @Derpmia it's still in my phone but sadly, umobile mcm block the vpn

      @JErvenka @oliver_rascheja @OnePlus_Support @oneplus As others said, use a VPN app and set your location as Germany, Canada or Spain. Worked for me.

      @Pavan_Joshi_RW @LokeshChebolu Is it full proof? I mean, the update downloaded using Canada VPN is stable for using on Indian devices?
      @ArthurBcn @neilluis1

      @GatineauGreg Did you seriously think I would pay $14.00 for 4 hours of wifi and not use a VPN to watch videos? Silly Air Canada.

      @MuhSuhail1997 @jimits6780 wants to update your op3 get a vpn app, switch to canada nd check for updates in settings

      @harishbalaji #OnePlus2 Yet to get 3.5.6 OTA update in India?
      1. Install Opera VPN
      2. Switch region to Germany or Canada.
      3. Check again for update

      @Abin7017 @OnePlus_Support ThankYou my friend used canada vpn is it safe?
      Is it better to wait for the Indian rollout?
      Don't mean to annoy You

      @Junaid86250170 @HarshaGowda94 @OnePlus_IN bro do one thing download opera vpn from playstore and change the location to Canada and chech for update

      @gerardomanllo For anyone wanting to update to #oxygenos 4.0.1, download Opera VPN and change region to Canada. You're welcome #oneplus #nougat #android7

      @PRINCEJIN @OnePlus_IN as OS 4.0 not avaiable in india yet so using VPN and downloading from canada or germany server is safe for my OP3T ?

      @HarshaGowda94 @OnePlus_Support I'm using opera VPN to change my location to Canada and download update for Android N is there any problem?

      @sjh_canada @SwiftOnSecurity What about renting a Linux VM on Linode or somewhere for $7 per month and setting up and running a VPN through there?

      @AniforPrez yay nougat for my #oneplus 3! had to vpn into canada to get it but worth it!

      @CindyNevaeh Secure quick assets loans - proxy law pay envelope loans: RzkFcQ

      @Ra1n5y @SupremacyStrea1 I apologize for this sort of silly question, but would I require a VPN to be able to use your service here in Canada?

      @billybob476 @starmike ha. It's US only....I was connected to my work VPN (us endpoint) for the first viewing and "in Canada" for the second.

      @AndyCowan1 God bless Sky Sports Go and VPN's. Easier to get winning lotto numbers than a stream for this Frampton fight in Canada.

      @garbagemonger Trying 2 watch Westworld and my stupid VPN won't work, fuck being in Canada just for this one specific reason

      @DN_KRISH @VilkasVision it's working now without vpn for me idk how, Ichase started streaming the game already , he got it in Canada store,

      @Darren1417 @GoalUSA hopefully my VPN will work for up here in Canada

      @4heatedyeezys @HSEarlyLinks I neeeeed a fire vpn to try for adidas us here in Canada

      @aka_silver1 @nateaesc use a vpn to canada its working for me

      @argentolr @ubuntu @ubuntucloud @linuxfoundation I THINK REPOSITORY NEEDS HTTPS ENCRYPTED OR VPN FOR SECURITY UPGRADE

      @H4idenRS @AutumnElegyRS use VPN for Canada or something.

      @chanux @Stavros Hey your website shows me an SSL issue. Checked on SSL labs as well. cert expired. Tested via UK from a VPN too :)

      @DamieWETTAH @Sononoldschool just download OSB, they have a built in vpn so you won't DC bro Canada just told me like 30min ago. No more dcs for me!

      @BayBye2010 @B1810Chris i use a vpn over here in canada and have for about 1 1/2 years..for the price you pay it is well worth it

      @amberedgar Okay... thanks for making me subscribe to a VPN so I can watch this in Canada.

      @sanjay_yashraj RT @indiatvnews: #Afghanistan & India have been victims of proxy war for decades now: @manoharparrikar at 19th Asian Security Conference, #…

      @KevinK_2012 @canazei17 No, not Canada. on a VPN. I want to see what Ron Paul has for HC alternatives. They can't rush this I know that.Early in the game

      @misfitmarceline my boss gave me permission to get vpn access so i'm working from home tomorrow bc the office is too hot: PLOT TWIST TOMORROWS MY BDAY

      @BBSupaFan RT @RealityRecaps: Late night with @sephy_triaxis & @DancinAmy getting the #BBCAN5 VPN info updated with step by step pics for you here htt…

      @beth_sweeney4 @varcanix we won't be here for the game, haven't decided yet if I want to have a proxy bid for me

      @lateumu @ronnie @sykotic90 @moi_sarah75 @lequipe looool salopard!
      Viens whatsapp vite fait pour me briefer sur ton VPN plzzzz

      @AndrewbelleFans Opera free VPN saved my life

      @Vagitariann @brooke_deyo last year was my first. Ive missed this season so far because my VPN isnt showing me in Canada for some reason. How do u watch?


      @aIaskadelano Wow I can't wait to be arrested for using a VPN to watch big brother Canada

      @rpmautodetail I am in Ca. and my three computers all use VPN one IP in Norway. One in Austria one in Canada For those who work in IT it is common practice

      @Axe_Grrl @vupadhyay95 Thanks for the info:) think I figured it out though (this is weird) Had VPN set to Canada (where I am) but it picked a location

      @IdahoRoadapple @spectatorindex Hello Tor. Hello Opera with VPN. Thanks for the bandwidth Canada

      @HerecomesRow @twelfthcapaldi With Hola vpn setting it for Canada

      @haroldcrews @TOOEdit If you live in Canada you have to sock up and use a no-log VPN. It's a good idea for everyone not already public TBH.

      @kickingBAD @QuanFlix_ know any good vpn for iPhone? I used a few from appstore but they're subscription

      @sujilu @th3j35t3r I think I tweeted a reply to u in Estonian. Pls don't block. Turned off vpn for a sec at whole foods DC-maybe that's it

      @colinsmall RT @HavenLabs: Successful extraction of server certificate from multiple VPN service exit nodes, no credentials required.
      …may have securit…

      @mswagle @DetroitBORG Hey! Download OperaVPN and set location to Canada. Check for update. Should show up. Click on download and turn off VPN.

      @BMXtvUPDATES hamsterwatch: LunaCee73 between vpn and Roku channel, I pay more for Canada feeds lol

      @koehntopp @cyclingfisch @Bose @BoseDE There's a market for a mobile privacy proxy. Maybe @FreedomeVPN already has Bose covered...?

      @moldoon @Unblock_Us Your Smart VPN still doesn't work with the newer versions of iOS on iPhone?

      @sycknesssS @exi_ow Are you telling me to vpn in to Canada to vote for you exi? Oh my.

      @SnookerValerie The Starbucks doesn’t like my VPN, so over to #FBCrucible for Canada.
      Nooooo, not Den & Willie *together*. Mix them up with other people!

      @WorldOfMotion @ProgressCityUSA Did they block all countries, or are there any which are not blocked? Asking for a VPN.

      @SapsDotes VPN dedicated sa cn server lang oh please?

      @Ruth_Urbanite I set my VPN to Canada today for the first time and felt like a total badass I can't lie.

      @lolgirls85 @KeNNyBoySlay But can we change our vpn like this we can vote ?

      Like: Canada ---> Usa

      (Sorry for bad english..)

      @Fyaasko Yeah. COOL, even the #NetNeutrality video of #LastWeekTonight "isn't avalible" for anyone in #Canada, the fuck #Youtube, come on we'll proxy

      @WahDeb Are Eurovision clips being posted anywhere a person in Canada without a VPN can watch? Asking for a friend.

      @Prashan87076118 @waglenikhil @timesofindia even a novice who merely know how how to use a Smartphone can easily bypass that so calld "ban",,,,#VPN

      @openbxworld2015 @StretfordEndT Not 3rd party cheap streams all run from our non uk datacentre from official cards/boxes & a vpn server

      @elfinvan So troublesome... got wifi alr still need dl vpn all to surf fb all

      @depinto @jeff_hernden @UnusedSubsPod Should be able to use a proxy (thru Canada or UK) to watch on YT. Did that last time we were on ESPN3

      @DncIgnorance4 @cjsienna55 The US foreign Policy will always support Saudi. Saudi provides all the terrorist fighters for the CIA private and proxy wars

      @serkan_canada RT @A_Ozkok: #Iraqi ex-PM Nouri #Maliki wants "war with Barzani". Reason: #KDP intends to establish #Kurdistan. Maliki is a main political…

      @mutehylian @ninthgoddess you need to get the vpn touch extension and set it to canada for 8tr acks

      @LeoBCarterBiz @Ghost_Browser proxy extension isn't working for me anymore :/ and my proxies definitely work

      @DylanKukura Subscription to @EvelDick's Dick@Nite......check.
      Vpn to watch feeds from Canada......check
      This Canadian is ready for a fun summer. #BB19

      @elephant45ed @kelcalitus @lwtgetweird I'm in Canada for the summer so it won't work for me. I'd need a VPN

      @Lauren_Mcneil13 I got a vpn on my phone so I can vote in Canada. I've set my alarm for 8pm every night. I'm dedicated @GraysonDolan @EthanDolan

      @Backup_Touhou @Yamaxanadieu @esoterictea Not paying for a VPN basically means you're asking to get even more security problems then you started with

      @GBlade78 @cjtbb @swaccountants for instance u bought it for him, then he logs in using VPN selecting canada

      @koukoupuffs @lenalietta Yay for VPN! Can’t view cuz Canada but switched to a US server and it plays! >:D

      @RobotRoot RT @Mroverflow: Facebook runs client scripts on users computer browsers that divulge the real IP address even if the users were using #VPN…

      @haa5him @briantong If you're not in the US you need to use VPN. Worked for me in Canada

      @ErikinOz @redpillmovie and for those outside the US & Canada, use a VPN if your blocked.

      @brad2332 @FenderGuy69 Using a VPN service, you can actually subscribe and pay CFL directly a reasonable fee for all or some games, from Canada.

      @oshminki @morningpassages I think u can use a VPN proxy to hide your location

      @MarkJudge01 @mhla200 @BBCSport Be impossible to block VPN

      @KingBenzizou @StanfieId I know some who use vpn in Canada for Netflix. Not fair that the US has more content

      @itz_ali1234 If anyone wants a hide my ass vpn subscription drop me your longin and I will give you a premium subscription

      @PolarBearNipple @boatsandtacos @CassandraRules I truly hope @CassandraRules is using a VPN/proxy.

      @robf2106 thought heaps of new shit got uploaded to netflix but realised i still had my VPN on so big girl was in canada for a hot minute. oops

      @jack_mccormick Anyone reckon iFollow using a proxy to spoof foreign IP address will work for streaming matches? #nffc

      @mathowie Bought a month of Tunnelbear VPN to watch HBO Now I pay for b/c I was 30 miles into Canada—another chapter in the "Future is Stupid" series.

      @conmyegebpi1984 RT @Panxiaoba: Government issued an order not to allow us to use VPN,that means we can't use ins Facebook twitter....we can't browse the fo…

      @tracksuperfan @cleonrun @HouseofRun Install a VPN, set it for Canada, and and watch the international feed on YouTube.

      @Garyados_ First time was when i was in 6th grade and we just learned how to bypass the blocked messages on websites by using proxy servers

      @ian_lahey th0mdunn_ebooks just said ian_lahey Eh probably my fault, my network is VPN'd to Canada for Netflix I mean a lit trailer.

      @shumdjr how can i watch freeform live on my phone since i have a tv provider and a proxy?

      @Fellwolf @ScrumQueens VPN via Canada also works for all matches.

      @thatdrummerjohn Before I try this for myself, anybody know if I use Netflix in Canada behind a vpn based in canada, will it work?

      @Sniper_Mario99 @Str8outtaRez yea not in Canada when I still had my VPN and out me in the states I could get free bits for watching videos

      @TheJakeFilms @h3h3productions @HilaKleinH3 @TeamYouTube getting a vpn for canada so you can be trending

      @YasserYyoyo272 @theTunnelBear your website is always down for me so I can't contact support and vpn doesn't work so I found ghost bear but I use ios.

      @itspegdo @TheMikelox95 @anto_rblm pancho proxy

      @ltweetl @jitendravyas @Shadyshandilya this is known as proxy handler browser..

      @destinynz_ @Chessie_K no, you need a credit card but I use VPN to watch big brother canada - they make it easy for internationals thankfully

      @BryanPotter19 @tvaddonsco Crackler will not work in Canada even with VPN set for USA. Tried several times & from both repos.

      @_khaledfarah @HarethNaiem Hide.me they have vpn configuration for ios

      @AmazingRigby VPN is set to Canada, and an advert for Canadian @Wendys played on Spotify about burgers and now I've got serious FOMO

      @robin_037 @btsanalytics @BTS_twt US army bb has a system in place for VPN so if you can pls help stream. I'm sad I can't support from Canada. :(

      @mistressemilyx @cocosi102 @RTP1G @RTfaggot Just be careful cutie, they can get IP addresses from the logs. Use a VPN or proxy

      @swan_legend @PatsKarvelas A VPN, or a site that hides your location like Unlocator will let you stream stuff on Channel 4 online

      @KarlMoore212 @101singer @DougRobersonAJC Actually, more than nationwide. I used a vpn for Canada too and didn’t get in.

      @Netflix_VPN @lisalot13 @Steph_I_Will We have vpn/proxy for Netflix

      @bishrlhfi Imagine need to use VPN just to use whatsapp. Omg.

      @njellan RT @BitdefenderBOX: #KRACK: until a fix is deployed, access only HTTPS websites, and use a VPN app for sensitive transmissions. #advice

      @PaulGowder totally just set up a vpn for the sole purpose of making sure I can get the iphone x even though I'll be in canada when preorders open

      @being_preeti12 @rny4321 @REKHAVT @Awazshab1 @Shilpa_Shinde1 @tentej Try Tunnello VPN. it works for me in Canada

      @bixin29 @Brittany1985 @ses3225 hot damn, I think they can because I just used a vpn for canada and it played. huh. learned something new today

      @okitakuns im this close to using a vpn server just so i can play ac pocket camp

      @nicdixngelo RT @yawning_shoma: sighs deeply are we really gonna have to VPN in for skate canada

      @Andy_Gore @gabrtv is the team aware of the #aks issue whereby the @kubernetesio dashboard cant be viewed, both with kubectl proxy and az aks browse

      @OmarFarghali @Ghada__Ahmed Try Hide me vpn. It is working for me for now, but you will need to change the settings on your Spotify account to Canada.

      @hamzoloo They should have shut the raffle off for guys who had the wrong IP/VPN. That way guys from Canada can't win in London

      @wind295 @WSJ As a Chinese using a VPN, I must say I once tried in vain to buy something against Chinese censorship on Amazon.

      @zunaid RT @active_stak: We offer various private network configurations, such as Site-to-Site VPN's, SSL, IPSec, OpenVPN®, MPLS and more. For more…

      @shadesongeorge ayyyyye so you can use a vpn to sign up for youtube red since it isn't avail in canada, FOURSOME SEASON 3 HERE I COME!!!!

      @Insane_Proxy_ RT @MemberBlasts: Advice for male members: search Twitter for "all men are trash". Block those who are advocating it, take note of those fi…

      @apriIskepners @eretriaIyrias shdjdj i use a vpn for canada it works

      @desiraethinking @Styx666Official @TeamYouTube Your channel is not available for some countries. I was using a VPN with a Canada IP and it said that.

      @twhite1195 @DongareSamarth @Brandon_Y_Lee Use a vpn and connect to Canada, for some reason that always works with OP OTAs

      @ajaist RT @Today__Tech: Canada has some strict cybersecurity laws, upheld in an effort to prevent the likes of terrorism. And the country’s govern…

      @LilitheAmazing RT @kunkimkoala: Dear fellow MB live in a place with no access to YTRed

      @wearsy @dallassmith @NHL @Canucks time for vpn connection back to canada

      @fragileflame13 @allyouwantedts There isnt a link lol at least not for canada. You gotta download "hola" to block your vpn

      @sgt_ghost141 @NepgearGo Rip. Canada is only delayed for one night. Use a VPN, definitely worth it (related to M.A.C)

      @theara23 Need Hide.me VPN Premium account

      @InfoS3cBot RT @MiradoreLtd: In the fifth and final chapter of our State of #Android #Security report, we discuss the risks associated with surfing usi…

      @MartinCostell16 @Bjr888R @JeremyPoole2 @JunckerEU Don't think so. Germany occupied power since 1945. EU army a proxy for whom??

      @david_lively So long, Net Neutrality. Guess I'll be VPN'ing through Canada. (Which of course won't work for Netflix.)

      @papacass84 RT @angelijka8: A follower tracked me down, at least he thinks he did. I'm in Canada

      @Shaitaaaaan For the update download Opera VPN and connect to Canada to check for update. It will be available.

      @KodelaDeepak @vc7_vineeth Already arrived for few, try with Canada VPN

      @ArashVenus My VPN connection is out, thanks Canada for providing Psiphon3.
      #Iran #Protests #تظاهرات #ایران

      @evgentleman @DonnyCrypto @ZeepinChain Banned in US, glad to live in Canada

      @Skylar_sky1 RT @alterskam_: Just voted on the website 50 times for bothering categories, AUS, CANADA, USA, NZ you do to. Do not use VPN if you aren’t f…

      @BRlTNI @ReyesMichelle95 did the canada vpn not work for you?

      @gstakev @cbsaustin It works if you have a VPN installed and choose Canada for location. I just tried it.

      @Stargayte Someone knows a good VPN for Canada?

      @CrptPropagator RT @MysteriumNet: Privacy cannot be ensured just by launching yet another VPN app and simply adding "decentralization" to it, it takes a lo…

      @boudy2121 @iamsammee @OnePlus_Support use a vpn and connect to canada then check for the update and boom. u're welcome

      @Ingolf_He @TheLuckyWatcher @thejoannagraham Opera has a proxy that goes through their servers, not a VPN.

      @crucialrecruitm RT @BestVPN_com: If you would like to catch the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards, now's your chance to find out h…

      @_jrsupple RT @Autist_Light: @JanzFred1 @rising_serpent @seniordogzrule @drawandstrike @TheLastRefuge2 Remember we are playing on their turf (twitter)…

      @nevineb @seanrcampbell For your listeners outside of Canada. They can listen to the station during the Olympic blackout by using a VPN.

      @dreamjk13 RT @sesesera0412: If anyone interested to watch figure skating gala (which Mic Drop will be played) you can stream it on cbc olympics. Use…

      @FurlinNick RT @ainiladra: god bless, strengthen & protect the iraqi people & free them from the lingering presence of amerika’s regular & proxy forces…

      @BrainBlenderTec RT @PlanItOutsrcing: @BrainBlenderTec @Startup_Canada @MastercardCAnws @CEDEC_QC @canadabusiness Proxy’s are good. Much appreciated. I’ll h…

      @JBlaze_05 @colton_potter got it. for those who are in my boat. VPN to canada, clear play store cache, then download it.

      @jahvziel Used a whole VPN to make the play store think im in Canada so I can download the Walmart Canada app

      @wildretiredman RT @CannabisNews: @JodieEmery Big Brother now knows you better then you know yourself. That should be enough to scare anyone. Anyone, inclu…

      @TstoKid @dtathemes @annasheree maybe you need a Vpn to run it.. I know it hasn't worked here in Canada with out a Vpn for a few weeks now

      @fiteruth RT @SCOREMentors: With cybercrime against #smallbusinesses on the rise, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) could give you some peace of mind.…

      @PlayLin70889696 @BumpyGambino @DFSnewguy @DFSpai they have VPN for iphone but easiest way is go choose your location on it and pick Canada

      @maribts05 RT @welovelocals: Stop using vpn and trust that US ARMY will come through with those streams. If we mass manipulate the system, we could ge…

      @truecrimespook @shellybeans_20 If you can find a VPN there's a stream on YouTube that's blocked in the UK but available for canada etc

      @shopsal_shop @Adriana00437915 @MovieBox_HD any other suggestions for vpn for canada? olaf of opera vpn is retiring

      @AmaniSabiel RT @mxsupportsquad: [#MONSTAX / #MONSTA_X / #PUZZLE]

      Puzzle MV is out ! Go and watch it monbebe

      If it is blocked in your country you can…

      @losinski RT @TUeLibrary: To all TU/e students who are participating in course 0SAB0, 'Engineering the future, understanding the past' is now availab…

      @marlowned @HabsFan_in_NJ @DQCforlife No YouTube Red in Canada and didn’t feel like setting a VPN for it.

      @cygnetbrown Top VPN Canada Thanks for the follow!

      @MCJTSubs RT @MCJTSubs: Come and #Joinus #UAE #Spain #Usa #Canada #Ireland #Wales #Scotland #Ukiptv #Iptv

      #Sports #Movies #VOD #Documentary #KidsT…

      @babiunnie RT @Mochischeeks: @camilaschilean @chartdata @BTS_twt @PostMalone @lilbaby4PF @FFDP @GreatestShowman @iamcardib We can't use any US IP or V…

      @JYJMinHa @ponettes Try using vpn
      Canada server is ok for me lol

      @liquid8d @Thorfist7373 Looks like 1 is good has ET Canada now, remember still need a CA VPN for it

      @CRYP_545 RT @SentinelGroupio: $SENT is the 1st platform to successfully enable user-hosted #SOCKS5 node & provide #P2P SOCKS5 routing that bypasses…

      @Jade_A_Consult RT @ChrisGZuger: @Startup_Canada @RogersBiz A8 Yes. Ensure your reporting and time tracking is the same for remote vs on-site and develop a…

      @eternitymaknae RT @kirishima198: so I was just randomly search "nct 127 chain" on my usual Japan proxy site. I just realized that Winwin's edition is no l…

      @stunairneclark RT @FortinetPartner: #FortiClient provides #SecurityFabric connectivity with Fabric Agent plus strong #endpoint defense and automated threa…

      @EllyLonon Hey Top VPN Canada(@topvpncanada), thank you for following me

      @ArasuMathi2000 RT @TamilTechOffici: Tamil Tech Prime News Ep # 57: Paytm Leaks, Whatsapp new update, VPN HUB , Redmi S2, Icc bans smartwatch.

      Watch it h…

      @chloexbissell @Global5SOS do we need to have a US VPN for our streams to count? Like I’m streaming in Canada do I need to change that to US somehlw

      @grungecal_ When you can’t #StreamYoungblood bc you live in Canada and already used your free trial VPN for school

      @slutfetus @JustineIsADream girl try living in Canada lol we have a VPN just for Hulu

      @Disbitch94 @StacyLymber @TSN Download a VPN and change your country to Canada. TSN is so much better than Sportsnet except for Friedman

      @ChiefGyk RT Accu_Net "Thanks Top VPN Canada for the follow!"

      @ImHasiYoung27 RT @considermarais: Finally! So I downloaded Hola VPN because I'm from Canada! And it's for WHYDONTWE as #PushArtistOfTheYear @ImZachHerron…

      @shiv1g @rocafuerte_a @OnePlus_Support Download a vpn app
      Connect to Canada
      and look for the update in the settings.

      @MichaelAintShit @GGFrosteX Canada has fire as movies too I use a vpn for that shit

      @sn0wf1ake1 @allykat2001 @theadvocateaca I can easily bypass it by using a VPN or proxy which is why these region locks are pointless and stupid.

      @OmarMikhailDLC I need to download a VPN app. FREE. Recommendations.

      @K1ll3rb4ll0 RT @rayyanthor: BIN NETFLIX

      Bin: 544613xxxxxxxxxx
      Ip: Canada
      Tel: 905-735-3131
      ZIP: L6X2V4
      St: XXXXXX

      Use socks5 , Don't go for vpn

      @codyamies_ @CokePokes @expressvpn Windscribe has a dedicated netflix vpn for us and uk librarys might be a canada one too

      @golden_heart0 RT @Sur1PC: NORD VPN BIN
      03/20 647
      ZIP:N0K 1X0

      CREDIT: @special_one60

      @courtinexcess @littleritzz @gangofyouths is it really not working in the US? it’s working for Canada. Have you tried a VPN blocker?

      @kdyree @DeniseWhorms @Karnythia Their livestream is available on their website. Not sure if you need a VPN to watch in Canada?

      @sparky_eo Trends for me
      *VPN has relocated me to Canada*

      @AndrewMarnell @BenoCurrie hide my ass vpn

      @07_Huta @DAZN_CA_Help Started working again. Is it possible my VPN says my IP Is somewhere else other than in Canada? Thanks for the reply though

      @dontlook54321 RT @RoKhanna: It’s in our national interest to stop aiding the Saudis in the proxy war with Iran.

      It’s our moral obligation to stop aiding…

      @inoshikaocho @andres_2k17 @TBS_Canada @ottawacity Thanks - just saw that :) although, for people with no VPN access it makes no sense.

      @PeterVogel Anyone successfully running Amazon Prime Video via a Roku device here in Canada? Not looking for a VPN solution.

      @CJericco PureVPN is The Best Streaming VPN in Canada for Netflix US

      @knerd105 RT @EhtashaMAnsarI5: @roshanbhatia5 @PES_Mobile Bro it's only available for Canadians and Americans change your vpn to Canada then open pla…

      @EvelDick RT @Octuple_Double: @EvelDick @BMXTVnet If you happen to have a vpn for canada you can still watch seasons 4, 5 and 6 of BBCAN on their sit…

      @sdxacademy RT @FleckTitus: wir suchen / we are hiring:
      #NetworkEngineer #router #switch #ethernet #cisco #aci #mpls #sdn #vpn #firewalls #proxy #dns…

      @davea71 Thanks Top VPN Canada for the follow! I appreciate your support.

      @lostheavcn @Louis_Tomlinson the x factor app isn't available in Canada so guess who's downloading a VPN? yep, me ! anything for you and the boys !

      @crispsoda @AymaraHealer No way, I tried getting a free working VPN for months but Netflix would always block me

      @WilliamHPerkins @antovolk We were still waiting in Canada... I subscribed for a few months using a VPN, but then it was cut off.

      @Soulflarz @ZeoMassicot That low?

      I forget if we get banned for canada vpn

      @WannabeEinstein @fraygulrock Get a VPN (virtual Private Network). Then you can switch countries if you are ever blocked for being in Canada.

      @Marco_TheKing1 RT @TH3ARABICJOKER: Private Tunnel VPN trial 7 days ( No CC required )

      -Just go below link enter email and password.
      -Verify link from em…

      @kdkeck RT @layon_overwhale: Made my first (super simple, but super useful!) iOS Shortcut: from the Share menu in any app, open a URL in the @hypot…

      @wordsleadmeon @Invisistill @EdtheSock @TheLewisBlack It worked for me last night. No VPN going or anything. Weird. I'm in Canada, too.

      @ezquerro_mario @BrawlStars What for those who already have the game (in his country or downloaded thanks to a VPN)?

      @hmarcbower @ltribe What's the going recommendation for a personal VPN? I use NordVPN at the moment... Should I be? :)

      @manlikemeinnit RT @JustSomeGoat1: For anyone having this issue try a VPN or o you’re using google chrome try the Hola add on. Set your vpn to the US or Ca…