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vpn android apk
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Security is actually the crucial reason why businesses used VPNs for some time. You can find progressively more easy ways to intercept information traveling to a multilevel. Wi-fi compatability spoofing and also Firesheep are generally two simple approaches to hack data. A helpful analogy is actually that your firewall guards computer data while on my pc along with a VPN guards computer data on the web.

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Unblock Websites and Apps

You can unblock any websites and apps if blocked in your school, office or country. Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, also any games, chat and voip services, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, KakaoTalk at school or work with ZPN.

Bypass Internet Censorship

If your country or office firewall blocked access to open internet and websites, you can unblock through change your location with our free vpn service.

Protect Your Privacy

Hide and keep safe all your informations from trackers on the websites and applications with getting behind of our VPN servers.

Secure Your Connection

Our VPN tunnel has 256-bit encryption, which secures all your network connections and it's impossible to cracked from hackers.

Hide Your IP Address

Your public IP addresses

    Your local IP addresses

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      @schezar I have the password to your Juniper VPN device. Everyone does. It's <<< %s(un='%s') = %u.

      Back doors undermine the very concept of security

      @ITSFEST This VPN kickin

      @oDIVINEWRAITHo @MrDKGaming1 @TwitchSupport Are they using any shared IP, VPN , dynamic IP or proxies?

      @malgrep Ok, I logged in to VPN and opened up my email. I can go back to bed now, right?

      @Biggy1883 @krONik I`m in VPN mate

      @mmport80 @stinson have been thinking of rolling my own vpn... maybe now's the time. Might be better than the well known alts...

      @AH64EV especially people smart enough to vpn @thewtfmagazine @NotLemaign

      @Aboki_lord May our VPN no crash.

      @ralphholz This moment when your VPN is down and you realise you're suddenly on HTTP. In a room with 10,000 hackers. *scramble*

      @martodota @Zasne_II pso2 or what? i think that one only needed vpn action once and then you just play without one

      @jinyoungiemp3 @SUNSHlNWOO I have the hola vpn extension so I can watch it on youtube and so far not a second of lag? might be worth it rq

      @Drawkabobs @vainglorygame @destroyer9aux a VPN you could use is surfeasy VPN.

      @SPC_Bitcoin @StartPageSearch fuck you and your captcha. m'kay? every page that has imposed captcha on VPN users get the big fuck you.

      @TommiPaakko Opened a site. It was blank. It wanted web fonts. I’ve blocked web font loading. Our VPN is dead slow even without web fonts.

      @prdyt Indian subscription + VPN (set to USA) works. Can access entire library.

      @KoziaraMatt @NepentheZ @amgerardo618 you can just install a VPN, then you'll be able to access it

      @IreneBarrington Offshore the goods services but ecommerce website bourdon as proxy for performance needs: SaIrCyKm

      @CookMegan1 Garage Door Installation Vancouver: Opt as proxy for Enhanced Cloister and Security XBv

      @neTworK_FR @JesseySNiPENL @TwitchSupport so, no VPN / proxy ?

      @imwazz @epicbrowser Only when proxy is turned on! I have to disable Encrypted Connection Scanning to browse through the proxy.

      @The_FranMan23 @HitchARiide You should only be allowed to have a couple accounts per IP address. People will just VPN if they're srs trolls, but oh well

      @pocarles Hi @askBBT. Do you know we can't access your website when we use a VPN (which happen to be pretty useful to secure an Internet connection)?

      @diplomacy24_7 Me? Not really bothered by Netflix VPN block, no... They DID launch "Speed" (1994) in my country this week, why would we want international?

      @somecolormage If your account is permabanned, then try to come back after the IP blocks expire (we only perma proxy IPs), you get banned again.

      @shersolangi1 Download free Android Apps and Android Games: CyberGhost - VPN Gratuit APK

      @HansOrph Seems Netflix is getting serious on the VPN proxy front. #blocked

      @HardmanAdrian Decorousness site solutions as proxy for restraint of trade websites: jrIpSLhl

      @Saoirsezz @netflix die. proxy blocking, VPN banning, DNS destroying piece of shit. You've lost my 9$ a month.

      @57Veronica @LeeRock Ouch! Not on Netflix here either, but for now (until they block it) I can use VPN to watch US @zelly309 @smiley2410 #BATB

      @BizBo @tigerVPN I love this VPN solution, fast flexible. Do you use VPN to secure yourself when you are on free WiFi?

      @ebooksquiring Keep up almost 10x when running Netflix through a VPN:

      @AyyDynamic The fact that companies are blocking VPN's are so stupid

      @yuji__ug fking vpn keep cannot connect.... fk la rage sia

      @wtheol @telgraphave oh zenmate normally works tho maybe your dance has the vpn blocked?

      @vpnunlimited @alicemailey We have been reported about it in UAE. Local ISPs started to block VPN services. We are working on possible solutions.

      @CadenMolly Sine exhibit territory ups as proxy for straight a cloud free-born fortunes: jasN

      @Britabroad90 Anyone know of a free UK VPN?

      @xox1011 @Unlocator I seem to be able to access blacked out NHL games on the iPhone/iOS if I access your service using the VPN connection.

      @mihrinur11 @justinbieber please please please follow me ILY i am in china and i use vpn to play Twitter so please follow me ILY

      @genkiricke @sportsgeek42 yep, no more having to go through the hassle of using the dmm website/proxy.
      Cant wait to get Yoshiyuki/Tanuki all over again

      @PrimeLoTSC2 @Granas1988 when u scout 3 Rax Proxy and have 3 Gates Building Adepts and Have an MSC AND U STILL LOSE Early Game Adepts are useless AF

      @buildmaster From what is a wild guess from a signup form. There's potentially about to be a step up in the arms race of proxy/VPN vs geo-block

      @venzann @flippbreezy our guys travel and remote/VPN access back into dev environment isn't too good (India)

      @roshennn @sodiumfine_ You can use a VPN and change your Ip adress to Canada, that's what I did :)

      @zorrounit @getcloak VPN server connections seem slow today. Just me?

      @spfblack Best part of Hudsucker Proxy is that dat dream (ass)

      @crossbowffs You start with something in the Android API, go through SystemUI, then an AIDL proxy, then a system service, then back to SystemUI, etc...

      @Lyra_Rogers_ @Twitching_Proxy I'm not sure..hope not..*singhs*but..whatever he'll say..I will protect you..*falls on her knees and hugs him tightly*

      @CreamTaehyung @bangtanitl i downloaded the vpn and change into us but i stil cant watch from youtube

      @naphlinakena If u want to bypass UCC restrictions on internet, try Hola Free VPN on android #UgandaDecides

      @Kahiigi3 First they take block our social sites, then steal our VPN, now they are steal our vote..This is SPARTA

      @derGeruhn About to start actual work on our game, after getting git to work behind a proxy, eating, name finding and concepting #GameJamFSI #miniLD65

      @rublevskiy10 @BetfairCS Russia blocks access to the Betfair website I use a VPN connection on your system won't let me says I'm in another region

      @jameny1 Whatsapp, Facebook unblocked #VPN!!

      @darlinmatty @Orena2001 use google chrome, you can download an extension called Unlimited Free VPN - Hola. You can then watch the UK version of Netflix.

      @purplehaze68 blocking users with a VPN? bye bye @netflix off to the competition @amazon with a far better selection.

      @leemcall @davidfry77 hi mate. Have you got any info on the app you are using for PLP please? I use a VPN so should work?

      @idowebid For Apple devices I think Cloak is the best VPN services. At least compared to ExpressVPN and PrivateTunnel.

      @alexcortyl @LinkedInHelp The problem seems to be related to a University firewall blocking access to Linkedin... I was able to login through VPN. Thx!

      @human3500 @ShaunOttawa They are just blocking vpn providers. They block a US VPN on the assumption it is only used by non US users to access Netflix.

      @jh_au @uFlixDNS are you able to release VPN settings etc in advance of the app?

      @LimitedRunGames @barry_matharoo You will need to use VPN/Proxy to purchase from our site as we won't be able to fix that issue on our end. :(


      @JudgementDrive I'll make the two wargreymons and the ulforce.
      That should help me beat the game quickly again.

      Just proxy Tornado my way to completion

      @Tupp_Ed Because the relative fates of political parties and personalities is ONLY significant as a proxy for what path the state takes.

      @ThomasSamson @NetflixNL ETA season3 Black sails? VPN block is een dick move. Cancelling subscription.

      @oasis1317 @avast_antivirus
      Today is #MobileMonday! To win one year of Avast SecureLine VPN for Android, retweet & follow us! #AvastProtectMe

      @tedcruzinvasion People is still disgusted of you manipulating possessions of #MH17 victims @antelava dont hide behind Soros proxy @ElliotHiggins @bellingcat

      @Kratoseos It took my school 3 weeks to block my VPN. It took me 5 minutes to reconfigure another one. #PrivacyMatters

      @Garrett91831081 RT @nathank470: Everyone should download free vpn. It lets you on Insta and snapchat while still on schools wifi

      @FranMagnin @ecdejong @Unblock_Us express vpn or getflix

      @StevenDLindsey @Kanyefprez @caprityper @imholdenlol @StopRiv2016 The stock market crash, private militaries waging proxy wars, American slavery.

      @aesthetictrdes RT @bxsicliam: @aesthetictrdes thank you for the teaches ; free vpn and vsco cam filters

      @carab1985 Is anyone else having VPN problems with the #BBLF site? #BBCAN4

      @pensfan8714 RT @PirateNation22: Penguins: Evgeni Malkin showed "expected rust" but defensive "miscues" caused Game 2 loss - Scott Burnside -via ESPN ht…

      @fabiolaa_00 Whats a good vpn app??

      @lounelypayne @berryyfreak Me too! The owner of the card must have an account on SM site and she will have to claim the tickets herself bawal proxy.

      @Pol_Sand @_sarahwarah using a proxy to hide from the government?

      @KurtJaenen With latest opera browser everybody gets free vpn #news #tech #science

      @TheUHMethod RT @PikasRevenge: @TheUHMethod lol damn 3 VPN hops and a proxy chain and ya still caught me lol.

      @xIAmFamous @Emvayyy Hoxx VPN free addon u just have to create an account but if i remember it right u dont have to verificate that email

      @Sesivany @RezzaBuh @WhatsApp unless you use VPN or Tor.

      @Deco800_ @MoniqueLimbos @SnookerRoom another tip is once app loaded up on VPN, exit the app, turn off VPN and ES will still work

      @snakebitten2578 @AVGFree now i look and i see 59.00 safesurf! vpn sites all block on my cp! MY CABLE CO WATCHING TAMPERING! i need help! plz! i need ph#

      @Myartsubmit #How Using A Proxy Server Will Let You Bypass Filters Put On Mobile Devices #article 203196 @netdatabiz @1winword

      @KennedyLinda1 Whichsoever versus reason although looking as proxy for android hard usage upsurge: JAJkxiJTK

      @Iovewing @yohanozo after that you can watch w/out a VPN. if you have an android i can help you but idk about iphones!!

      @005HPatel @JRRaphael With Android Framework now they can give us Project Fi Chomebook That can use open wifi VPN service from Proejct Fi @askdes

      @transmedia2c TunnelBear is the best, the cutes, the smoothest vpn even in the remote area of my country. Thank u very much 4 yr great service, love bear

      @zaogon @zoiqt ? you don't need a vpn. I access it normally lol. Maybe they block your country?

      @NoBuffZone Want a VPN with #NoBuffZone!? Well now you can! Get 25% off with IPVanish coupon code: SportsAccess @IPVanish #VPN #Privacy #ThrottleFree

      @FolkyYuno @NationalistHero Gonna be the only way to use twitter soon I guess, but VPN doesn't protect you from thought police.

      @realKniteWulf over 300 VPN and Proxy services have been served with search warrants, is your proxy or VPN one of them? #SchoolChatter #infosec

      @MichelleBriann5 Charge ds encounter seeing as how r4 website is not an illusion veiled in transit to swap ds bout as proxy for...

      @Nbelkhiat @LittleJallow Well i got only apk for Android ,Maybe u can Change VPN to Japan and get it ! When My country disabled some thing i change VPN

      @KaushikRg @sambitlnt Unless you download the apk or download using proxy from Playstore, nope.

      @nilsvanwoensel @MrADFS Would be nice if Intune would support CA for azure app proxy with check on enrolled + MAM protected app for internal published apps.

      @theosjade What are some Vpn apps other than tunnel bear and proxy

      @warrior_tank @XylariaVG I'm trying to get it going on VBox but either the website, my ISP, or my VPN is conked

      @bastardsheep Plus, if you're seriously worried about the NSA you need SO much more than a VPN to hide behind.

      @PrimeHooter Time to turn on the vpn and putting the browser into incognito mode! #WhenIStressOutI

      @MPNotify @youngTbone86 you can always use a VPN and watch it on BBC's website

      @MaddoxMags RT @realkingrobbo: Paranoid iPhone owners used a privacy tool that made them hackable (for proxy protocol bug that iOS/OSX updates fix… htt…

      @922gower @Brialalexi Get a cheap VPN to hide your IP address. They'll think your from Belgium or somewhere else.

      @grafked @jephjacques hey dude, long time reader - for the last week i cant get to QC unless i use a vpn, you didnt block anyone from the site didja?

      @freevpn_ninja RT @Malps_: Free VPN for American Netflix??? Plz help

      @Jordan_Rowan @ClaudioAlbertin VPN Unlimited using the streaming proxy works for me

      @psiinon @thesp0nge @zaproxy For the API yes - 'Secure only' in the API options. Dont think so for the proxy - is that what you need?

      @iisidro70 @Unblock_Us please help me set up vpn for new iOS 10. Please notify me when you find a solution. Thank you.

      @kabulii RT @kabulii: Five reasons why #Pakistan continuing its proxy war Retain influence, access to Central Asia, India/Afg friendship, Iran, Aid…

      @dijikul @blitzcrg oh and split-tunnel your torrents through a VPN provider, somewhere. ;)

      @nujoud @Lexialex you can VPN to a US network and bypass the region restrictions

      @davidtrocca Shout out to Google's automatic VPN on Android. You're the number 1

      @AaRoNSmAcK $20 says I'll have VPN issues just because I need to get in to do production work. It's almost guaranteed. At least I have a working monitor

      @ChefLegomint @ClutchKickzz noooo but I need your proxy. It's da best!

      @omgdramabot RT @01mimi2: So when will another web drama of nini? Please give me one with proper broadcast. So i dont need to download fucking vpn to wa…

      @shish_taouk6666 #edgebug unable to connect to server

      unable to connect to proxy server

      @ItsJustDiana Fuck u VPN de mrd

      @Sylv3on @cleanycloth could've tried with a proxy or a VPN

      @dukesy69 Why did Virgin have to block 123movies

      @GoodmanClapton Good thing fm jobs online as proxy for offbeat locations: rsn

      @BlokeMac @FBIHouston @FBI Use public key encryption and a no-logging VPN to ensure the #FBI can't track your online presence. #EdwardSnowden

      @_Sammuella_ #secure vpn service ace rent a car fort lauderdale reviews

      @ipurton RT @jhamby: @chang_koo @SwiftOnSecurity last link mentions an open-source Android app called NetGuard that creates a VPN to let you block d…

      @buzparca @SnoopDogg Your facebook page has been blocked from turkey. Why ?? Did you fuck someone in live broadcast? Damn it. Only vpn is entering

      @dalejbarr @HeatherUrry @russpoldrack @robustgar 2) students can access anywhere thru browser even at home thru VPN and 3) everyone uses same versions

      @SavioCFC @AmenesD you’re using an Android phone so I guess it’s VPN along with a cracked APK file. #thanksforyourhelp

      @idlingme @RoguePOTUSStaff tweet by proxy is a good idea. Secure Dropbox then third party tweet.

      @billm9 RT @snowden___: Unlike a VPN, @TorProject is free.

      @nahid_mna Hotspot Shield VPN ELITE v4.7.4 APK MOD for Android

      @sergiofalcon_ @getflowpaper I don't know about proxy server. I'm connected through my Wi-F. iOk, I'll email you. ty

      @Migweld Website for @TPExpressTrains flat out refuses to work if you’re using a VPN. What possible reason could there be?

      @0x0luke @WarsameOfficial yo shit the site has gone to 403 forbidden, unless my vpn is on a block list

      @jessicarosechan @MsNikitaxxx Use VPN or streaming sites (Not that I condone it really lol) i'm in the UK too and I can see it☺️

      @NSRasta @jaicne @mashable Proxy wars coming. Russia and the USA against the free world

      @evelynn_kaplan @kevindunham Not yet! David and I are on the VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) website frequently so I'm sure it's on our list.

      @MsMinotaur @ktp4life sure, but netflix can be a pain with VPN as they actively block some (same with hulu).

      @yoavkorman29 @ReversalYouTube Use VPN change or apk

      @msgbi dns66 apk or adguard apk from github same block trick without root @charles_consult @kaffeebeimir @guenterhack or pihole or pia vpn ,android

      @flixxxy @GamerOneil Oneil change your ip, use a proxy and a VPN

      @Speedygonzale5 @wiredvpn ive installed your APK onto a sony android tv. Problem im having is when the vpn is on and using kodi tv reboots every 30 minutes

      @notthatswamy RT @pranesh: 1/ Tried out @WireGuardVPN. It's an *amazing* kernel-level VPN (but still secure and auditable, w/ 4K LOC). Fast, easy to set…

      @Mr_Indigo RT @uuuooobbb: one side of this is tower block in those arguments is a proxy for working class people who live in them

      @nishikawaitsuki @chisanakakumei Yeah u gotta use vpn bc thats an america only things ir u can google an apk if you use android?

      @thebestofExeter RT @davecrispin: We couldn't load some important parts of our website. They may have been blocked by your firewall, proxy or browser set-up.

      @Izuana Damn android. Nothing is available on play store. I either vpn or .apk the crap out of everythin. My iphone decided to die on #iPhoneAt10

      @TheNinethLion Apparently you can access ap scores early via VPN????


      @do7a_android RT @ChannelTheBegal: #TelegramWeb
      File Apk (No VPN)
      Tele Web ☛


      @DaPatMac @daclassicgamer For the proxy? Yeah, I'd suggest looking it up, but essentially you deposit money to be used for bidding on the site.

      @ForsterMatty @SportsMania005 do i need to use a vpn for the android apk for 3pm kick offs?

      @hisprincessaf RT @SelrianaKingdom: Vote for Ariana Grande for AOTY! International fans: Use a VPN app & change your location to “US” to vote. #VMAs


      @im_bing03 SKYNET VPN now available
      for TM/TNT subscribers w/ an android phone! For as low as 150!

      PM me for more details.

      @marcosgabbardo RT @DanDarkPill: @CryptoCobain is that new tho? I had to use VPN to access Poloniex on hotel wifi in China last year.

      @herserendipity_ @Ninz099 @K_Life88 If you're android download them both from apk and turn vpn to USA while streaming on spotify

      @MirzaArshadAzmi @rihajamil Nak guna whatsapp, twitter, fb, ig kena on vpn

      @jihinyong RT @SUPPORT_B1A4: You can also use VPN add-on to your browser like "TouchVPN" or "Hola VPN". (for Chrome, go to Chrome webstore, in setting…

      @Ksavai @blackspark89 @geekyranjit google home yes. without any vpn. for android install apk and start with vpn.

      @IMetDavidBowie RT @misspunkbunny: @IMetDavidBowie To my knowledge you'd need to use a vpn to do that on android, but you should be able to download the ap…

      @josefpepper @TheOutThere2016 @UNIRockTV @hoaxeye Fake channels owns tons of fake profiles using VPN to hide ip's

      @melissaaa_arrah @smiley_abi_18 Get a proxy server

      @NCTJJAEHYEON RT @neocultureblog: [INFO] You guys are gonna need a VPN to see this broadcast. I know Hola is a good one but I'll see if there are other o…

      @taeyoongz @pjmarrt Im on android fa i downloaded an apk w hattar anazel vpn 3'er hola ba2a 3ashan fashel

      @AdrianaFJerez RT @AliciaajuDurand: YA EN ESPAÑOL! – JUEGO ESTILO PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) ANDROID Free fire – APK + VPN #Smartphone #Android h…

      @wansanshoe35 @MattTRFC @MaverickIPTV I use express vpn they have a apk file for android and much more Matt.
      You can install it on 3 devices.

      @sprocotg RT @RichardChmielek: OMG! Setting up #VPN with @ubnt was super easy!
      I can now connect to my home lab any time.
      Next step: site to site VPN…

      @SavvaLazaridis RT @SupSebsProxies: Supsebs Bot Proxies

      All proxies will be sent to emails and before 12am
      Payments via cash app 978-967-5635
      PayPal gift…

      @SaifQuadri If you’re in a country without Facebook Watch, use a VPN to watch MMC live.

      @jeongau RT @cham__twt: hey cham! do you or any of your followers know how to download superstar bts for android w/o a vpn or an apk? :( is that eve…

      @mochinis @ARMY_League @BTS_twt I had to use US vpn to vote on the website

      #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy
      #BTSARMY @BTS_twt

      @roseofchiron RT @counterchekist: I’m glad FSBook learned their lesson. Now they’re pushing a “security” VPN app they own (yet fail to mention) where the…

      @TraccerStar RT @vkookbiasedd: to see the transmisión you have to download the app “Abema TV”
      but you have to use the VPN to stream when you have downlo…

      @nubeblog RT @apilityio: In @apilityio this month we have just added a set of blacklists to detect anonymous VPN and Proxy connections!
      IP Blacklists…

      @noorhashem @osamayousry The apk i downloaded it a while ago (torrent) and i use robot vpn, it's the only one still working on android with me.

      @matt_slotnick @Sneakyness those are private and fronted by a proxy

      @FiddlePlayz RT @gold_h4ckz_: yay
      spotify 1 year bin functioning
      exp date:05/21


      use a usa vpn,, eg. f…

      @EviL_Ras @linusgsebastian @buyvpnservice is the best VPN service I've ever used! Glad your with them now!

      @txlady706 @fbrock58 @FavThngs @josephfcox yes - but not without vpn or a secure access point

      @MirandaSysMX RT @idr00t: How To Install OpenVPN on Debian 9 Stretch - idroot #linux #unix #sysadmin #debian #openvpn #server #vpn #tunneling #howto #idr…

      @Ethos10128 @closet_ginger @cworiginals Do you have android if so just get the CW app through an APK and then use a VPN

      @warmed_ebooks But it's also the day the awesome Charles Proxy app by — really scarily so?

      @Xjaime1X @jb_esc VPN apps and extensions can bypass many internet restrictions, give them a try

      @iikbsii1 @Rulu_co The website doesn’t work! I tried using VPN it still doesn’t work! Please fix this i need to watch ETN3!!!

      @e621dotnet @kissifrot I’d suggest trying a proxy or a VPN, too. It may sidestep whatever is getting between us and you.

      @jinhwanwinks @fanaccount143 Olleh Mobile! You can download Korea VPN on android or via apk and download Open VPN then done~

      @guchahae @moonaand Ahh~ yes i think you should orrr you can use vpn to change loc. If you use android you can simply download the apk version

      @jerthejerjer @amazon so what do you have against VPN's and people having some level of privacy?

      @Nelu711 RT @theLemniscat: "White Helmets’ only real mandate was to augment the proxy war against Syria, exploiting humanitarian themes similar to h…

      @Wahaibi46 @Yousifwithani use a proxy server to bypass blocked vpn sites...

      @serenitayn RT @irene_baechu_: @rvelites @RVsmtown For android phones you'll need a VPN app (available in the play store) and Spotify apk. All you need…

      @BiggestBake @ayatoo There is but if you have android u can just download a modded apk or if ur on IOS you can download an Adblock vpn

      @ShareItLikeABo1 RT @thepathfndr: @thegrugq Signal Protocol is undefeated. Use it with a burner number for registration. Use it with a VPN. Use it on iphone…

      @TheMauler @vickyhungerford Get you paws on a free VPN like Windscribe, connect to a US proxy then try to watch the show.

      @herojaejoongs @breasticIes I do not I watch then on a private vpn to maintain anonymity n fear of parents

      @ManOnALedger RT @Lethernetcom: With the new Lethernet adblocking proxy you do not only hide your IP address. It also blocks trackers, ads and malware si…

      @lourrygalaxies @gayvodkalou if u have any android phone around just download apk & use vpn

      @adymitruk RT @schestowitz: Oops. I said #javavm but meant #robovm
      Either way, #microsoft killed a key #java and #android project. Using its #mono -pu…

      @teetytotty @HelloXitty Get a Japanese account using a vpn or since you're on Android just get the apk file

      @finestiptv RT @DigibitUK: Anybody want to test our new android .apk on there boxes / tablets / TV's & Phones? Were testing privately of course - but m…

      @TomW544 @apprenticechef_ No proxy. Same IP. Different addresses, cards, etc

      @Maronixardwick RT @oddgems: FOOD: $TFD $INS $WABI
      SECURITY: $HKN $UPP (Certik is upcoming)
      ADS : $BBO…

      @yolo_pinyato for some stupid reason, this hawks game is blacked out so props to @MarkLazerus and @ByScottPowers for letting me throw shade by proxy