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unblock youtube censorship
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      @shakboomboom @DiamondMinecart
      My youtube needs vpn and i dont have. I have a app of you that show your videos.maybe the app dont upload that video

      @TheRoyalTbomb @NETGEAR Hi I have an R6400 that had a working VPN but now I just get "waiting for response from server." Can't figure it out. Can you help?

      @paxos1977 @cperciva can tarsnap connect to the backup server via a proxy server?

      @warrenwwwong @lovingjeonboram Oh, use VPN to watch those videos. You may need them in case your access blocked. Oh well, you understand what I mean.

      @tanvi_tanuja At least someone is talking about the proxy war that army is fighting

      @freshjiiveTV @EddyB43Cynic Little does retard know, there are lots of people including myself that do everything while connected to a vpn or proxy.

      @wiselar @ciikumrsbabes the website works too. No need for VPN.

      @icze4lion @miscarriedloli @Fasdrak @flash14j @lilniggademon Oh shit, so you need to proxy now?

      @Ms_Nyx I go to YouTube, while using a vpn, and get Dutch ads for pregnancy tests. 0_o

      @YallahAline Looking to buy a new routeur to bring together our ADSL and 4G lines with VPN in Morocco. Any recommandation?

      @PropitiousOn3 @nighatdad @YouTube so I will have to use proxy to get YouTube worldwide

      @Virgini55258630 Creating the peerless links now your site is pressing as proxy for dog crucible optimization: mAYjXBmk

      @23sandman604 And fuck #Netflix for cracking down on proxy and VPN just make the same for North America yea fucks or make Canada netflicks 1/2 price

      @Abu_Hasnain @Shahidmasooddr everyone was using it with proxy already. YouTube at least follow some rules but daily motion is open for all types of porn

      @startclock This year I'll be covering everything I see. Still can't believe I didn't write about Proxy in 2014.
      #Glasgow #Frightfest

      @AnonAngst Im using YouTube on my computer without any proxy after ages.
      This feels great.

      @Eloy_Yole @theonechuneed I was wondering why YouTube was being so slow so I turned on my VPN and all of a sudden everything loaded fast like magic...

      @95february @MYgirl093 thankfully VPN plugins exist so we can change the IP's country 8D

      @cyfdecyf @amiremami23 You have to setup a ssh/shadowsock/cow proxy server in a foreign country which does not block vimeo first.

      @AshSantori Tony u there the proxy server shut me completely down that's the 2'nd time today the importer went wacko too!!

      @badbrainAJ @140CharTerror I use a vpn,to access the official broadcast if poss.So RAI for giro etc.The cost is worth it to avoid,P&P et al.

      @MariahHarry3 Groundwork vitalistic affinity stanford-binet test as proxy for residential scholars: WYmvImLZi

      @AnonFingers @VandaSec I got a proxy IP for that pic of the bomb threat to American Airlines if you want it. I have to take this seriously.

      @m_rtv @syntheticenvy @ClemStalDim make sure you're not on a proxy, clear, then log into g.e

      @tbstewa when your vpn decides hey, I don't want to work today, so you get your server and throw a vpn server on one of the ip addresses

      @estefaniap44i RT Ok I just switched to a US VPN and got that #StarWars YouTube ad too. So can confirm it’s real. Question is -

      @Ben_Spann RT @C3VAPO: I was using a proxy to watch Netflix and The Office (US) but it wasn't available in that country. My heart goes out to the less…

      @ass_quez @bisexualcisco you probably have a vpn, i didn't want to download one but i did it anyway. thanks for the website!

      @_matthewpalmer I feel bad for VPN companies tracking trial churn rate today

      @LovesVaughn @Twitching_Proxy -- Seemingly hanging out.

      @allangabes For those who cannot access social media sites, use vpn for phones & computers or tor browser. #SayNoToMediaSilence #UgandaDecides

      @LucasMelissa1 Perquisite as proxy for deposition remove composed ads inpouring mauritius: kKFsSp

      @50k4r RT @YourAnonCentral: US is in a proxy war with itself in Syria, as CENTCOM trained groups battle CIA trained groups. Meanwhile SOCOM & JSOC…

      @rubembborges It's hard to use College WIFI for work, when the proxy blocks other sites. BTW, @twitter works :(

      @King_Proxy Time to get in bed and watch YouTube, I might even jump on PC later I don't know. We will see! ;)

      @Cederhill @survivetheark I was right @thelilpanda ARK support said there's a multi #antiasian IP ban the site. VPN ltd access only. Bad PR for em IMO

      @SeoBitz FAST 750 youtube like only for $5: 100% safe and reliable service Express Delivery. No Bot,No Proxy. 100% customer…

      @Twitching_Proxy @GenneisSasha222 [ I'm good. I'm traveling with my best friend actually, so I'm great. How're you? ]

      @NiveshTayal @Harry_Jerry are vpn services recommended? Which one is best for iphone? Pls tell for both free and paid subscriptions. Thnx

      @Hambleton89 Anyone know if there's a proxy or something similar I can use on an iPhone to access US only videos on YouTube?

      @Sarkies_Proxy @PA @MayorofLondon @YouTube does he want a pay rise now?

      @clauhdz RT @ejejasmahzi: @Unblock_Us netflix recognise that we are using VPN. Any solution? Pls do not give copy and paste reply.

      @harry_nuggs @The_RealMattJ hide behind your own proxy

      @_SimonBarnett @Zacnaloen @Kata_basis Hmm. Try using an anonising proxy to cloak your origin IP and try it... tracert to see who's filtering...

      @bengillam OH’s dad there at the moment. Thankfully they don’t block VPN

      @Nicz5SOS RT @x5SOSPHx: Vote on the fucking website! Change your vpn
      #5SOSFam #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards

      @VirginMediaIE @pixael_com Hi There, We use dynamic IP's so its possible that yours will change from time to time. You might need to reconfigure your VPN

      @rinku_bot Awesome, I can access you WITHOUT VPN again?

      @stevegayescort I might legally download* a film to watch plus this weeks Scandal needs downloaded too

      *Log into my VPN to unblock Sky and use a torrent

      @ShastryRaghu @Unblock_Us to clear cache I reset AppleTV to factory settings and still getting proxy error. Mac works great but cannot AirPlay movie

      @HammanJustinPtD RT @TrendMicroANZ: Working from home? Use a #VPN to keep all company data secure. #TrendTip

      @Ten_Ketsu @KoreanPandiven @EdwardCarryLoL I change my proxy so my provider wouldn't block some sites

      @REIDSBABYG1RL @jawlinematthew @EspinosaGermany @mattyhoes or use a proxy server from USA (search proxy server USA on Google, and paste the YouTube link)

      @neonbubble @lennylaw Download the latest Opera browser and enable the built-in VPN might be a fairly quick option.

      @MadelynHazel Dogs as proxy for transmittal site-the qualified air space until provide for peachy give rise to in relation t...

      @MichaelSalfino @AManning85 Not making outs is the 2nd most important thing. Creating runs is the most important thing and slugging is best proxy for that.

      @AndersonAudrey2 How many so as to recruit inwards horme as far as preliminary step high wiggle as proxy for carnaval rio: NaHWkUBDB

      @rapariga @unblock-us please can you fix the Netflix proxy issue asap #burdensofbeingaussie

      @SpotifyCares @JustinDelabar Is it happening in a work or home network? Also, are you using a VPN or a proxy? Keep us posted /BH

      @spoonmoonjune @bmcooney thx. So you don't have to sign up for cbs all access through the network? Do you only pay vpn and a bb site access like coco?

      @Allstocknews $OME Omega Protein Issues Special Bulletin to Stockholders Regarding Wynnefield Capital's Deficient Proxy Sta
      From our Stock News Alerts App

      @EngrUbaid93 Strongly condem madina attack n ths holy month ramadan.its time to mak a muslim cuntries block agnst al ths americn proxy war


      @Saz_Wish @TraceyRemix Well GEMA Nazi's at it again. Never surf youtube without a proxy is as valid as never have casual sex without a condom.

      @dark_proxy RT @cinnamontoastk: Pokémon Go is still the biggest game while simultaneously being the biggest piece of shit app ever.

      @charlesproxy @ultimate_js it should work for apps, is any websocket traffic appearing in Charles? Maybe app isn’t using proxy?

      @Sausha72 Does this mean that Brian Williams and Lochte are best friends by proxy?

      @donutnumnum Go to Hola use USA VPN. Open SBS Inkigayo youtube page. Open EXO Lotto video. Copy the link. And download the video. Since SBS block Msia.

      @FirasEjaz @playdowin @normunds202 @dbrandSkins use a VPN , it will hide your wifi

      @warmandsoothing @bIondesart download hexatech and turn on vpn it'll unblock!!

      @Hi7ch @IPredatorVPN Any issues we need to know about? No auth on vpn, website and password recovery.

      @gary_sauce Ha! My access is suspended indefinitely...

      Just text, or jabber on a vpn?

      @kielamaria @kylemmiranda apparently they figured out that we were able to override it with the VPN app so they changed it..

      @Bananahwang Just internet stalked by proxy some random insane african dude obsessed with video game characters having sex for an hour. Shit was wild

      @saul42 @Kathy73942403 If you are using a proxy try using another one, or use a VPN, some IP's are flagged by hosting company, sorry about that

      @e20b255b @LouiseMensch @MichelleFields They don't believe in proxy servers or IP address manipulation I see.

      >internet Protocol
      >Video Graphics Array
      >Read only Memory
      >Uniform Resource Locator
      >Virtual Private Network

      @nirushan98 @i_am_joshyo PROXY? i remember @funforlouis used something to access youtube when he was in china

      @Bean97HD @King_Proxy big channels get early access

      @aammissywrites @coowagojmp lol. you can use a VPN to bypass the blocked vid. I wish I can ignore, but I can't let them just drag Jimin and Jae.

      @CherylAlexand13 Ameyo facilitates free trade operations as proxy for prisha pearls: CJLV

      @Mr_precision @steven_nikolic nope. Tried proxy site, all blocked. It's an evil WiFi

      @thedogwayne My sky router blocks smartdns proxy for all my devices except android/kodi box Is there away around this If not would a vpn/dns router work?

      @efeldhusen @virtualhobbit just curious, site to site vpn between an ASA and SRX to try it out?

      @johnathen93 RT @tinashedancing: @TinasheMomma we should stream the video on YouTube when it comes out, and it's best for everyone to use a uk vpn cause…

      @Meophist @discordapp Certain emoji aren't working properly. I've tried loading the pictures in my browser, but they only work via VPN.

      @BangTanyya RT @toofy_top: ARMYS Don't give up if this happen just download any VPN and continue your voting we almost got the Best Male group category…

      @Julien_Kitraha @IFTTT If I use a US IP (whit VPN), can I hope to use IFTTT with Alexa? Thanks for your help

      @hemalitanna YouTube should allow people to get recommendations by region if they want to discourage VPN access.

      @kgerloff RT @whispersystems: We'll begin deploying censorship circumvention in Signal over the next several weeks. Until then, Tor or a VPN can be u…

      @DeLLyMaNYaq1 #jones appliance android vpn app

      @islesofelle @Pooja_Pilankar Innerbloom is on it. Get VPN so all songs play - get Zenmate for Chrome, it's best & don't play it via YouTube :)

      @real_proxy @Carmenballantyn @YouTube That will permanently destroy the WEST at same time their BEST BUDDIES w/ CHINA! - PLAN ON SPLITIN UP THE SPOILS?

      @themappist RT @StephenMcDonell: Also, without a VPN, how could we access all those Chinese Government state-run news outlets publishing via banned Twi…

      @KrizTorian @noahhsmithh download super vpn app to unblock shit

      @BobbyRoles @proXPN Your VPN works great and is currently the only way I'm able to properly watch @YouTube on @ATT @ATTCares Gigabit Fiber. Thanks!

      @sondrescactus idk how to unblock youtube bc the school has already blocked most of the decent proxy extensions and all the remaining ones are shit

      @mohr_denis @CME420 watched until the best foreign film winner from Iran proxy lectured us on open borders...I think I threw my clicker threw the TV...

      @_mmorg RT @blaabrooke: Need a vpn that works !!

      @gravax @Kerry_Ingram so use a #VPN like @HidemanLtd and you don't have to bother with #censorship ... #freespeech

      @ScamPup Website of @WrightUSA stolen and used at windstar-ins. com registration hidden behind rogue proxy of @paknic, @ICANN registrar #MoneyMule

      @baioal2 RT @IcloudFast: VPN

      @scks386 @SkyeShepard Everybody should a good VPN or proxy server that way none of them benefit from the law.

      @dane @wednesdaynight that’s an array of services: shell, personal website, VPN, dialup. Maybe cancel that?

      @Tutuncudukani RT @Vasiliki66: Are you happy Ms May watching these beleaguered people suffer in ur proxy war while u kiss #Erdogan's arse #StopTerroristTu…

      @17pcutler @virgilabloh Yo @virgilabloh can u proxy for me I can't make it tonight sorry

      @Hoffa8 RT @3L3V3NTH: @LouiseMensch @Gavlar @FBI @NSAGov What if one time a guy sold server space through his VPN to an FBI agent?

      @proxy_89 @VanessaMulberry Haha the madness I mean is from the game itself. Some stuff from it I can't put in the book lulz

      @Dylan_Bailey @dakotamthomas @itstreverr As the proxy to your access to iOS 11. Fuck you, where’s my thanks

      @coxy @RuthAlflat @BBCNews @YouTube Use your Opera VPN and BBC iPlayer if you struggle? Does Opera VPN have a United Kingdom server?

      @FredSneaks @KFU_Official What'd you mean by external proxies ?? From another proxy seller ? And Would they be private?

      @ArtisticBondage @lovelykohai The site blocked where you are but not where your VPN is?

      @fiqahgigs RT @thatbangtanlyfe: @Hemmocionalna @bts_bighit they're asking armys to vote @BTS_twt for the korea brand of the year award. for now the si…

      @jacksparrow995 Streaming issues for #moviebox uninstall it download opera vpn run on US server and then launch moviebox this will fix streaming issue

      @dafarahani @YouTube unblock Dr. Jordan Peterson, your selective censorship goes against the core beliefs of our society!! #YouTube #FreedomOfSpeech

      @ProxeeNet West coast browser proxy and Skype proxy servers are now back up. Sorry for the downtime!

      @kmgplace2b RT @Halsrethink: Age of proxy wars AND indirect, non-lethal information manipulation&IT interventions aimed at public&private command&contr…


      @JamieLin_888 @MaxxChewning Just download VPN app to bypass the location service..

      @bishiecookie ok i've been trying to access dmm for an hour now, why is the proxy stuff not working im peeing

      @ViresInX @n00bqu33n VPN's don't protect you either way. Centralized services are working as honeypots. If you want a VPN, make one yourself.

      @Kamaniki I cant survive, I gave in and got a VPN so I can browse my internets at ease in China...

      @senatormemes @GatsbyGroyper Use a Vpn website, like hide yo ass . Com or google chrome exstention and choose a German proxy

      @ksjzjm RT @badfentygyal: Multitasking isnt that hard, u can vote while streaming!
      heres me voting on mama while mic drop is playing on spotify web…

      @VPN_Review_2017 RT @LeVPN: Unblock YouTube content from anywhere with a #proxyYouTube. Opt for Le VPN and enjoy absolute online #privacy, security, and ano…

      @anaxamandrous @Bitcoin VPN to provide anonymity now accepts another coin that is not anonymous. Let us know when they go Monero and Zcash.

      @Le_Garrick RT @BestVPN_com: Last reminder before the game, don't miss the first match of the third round today, and the rest on Saturday and Sunday! W…

      @amanashraff RT @Ayshmarq: Sitting next to a middle aged lady in a 154. She sees me scrolling my twitter feed and asks « Facebook දැන් බ්ලොක් නැද්ද?" Be…

      @FHTechTeam @Lorraine_Claire HI Lorraine,

      It's loading ok this end - have you tried a different browser and/or via a proxy?


      @JAMCITY1 RT @Gman0819: I’ve teamed up with @quikestsilver proxy provider to give my members 24 hour proxies!

      @johnnylemuria RT @PriceAP: Beware of #Censorship by Proxy

      History shows fear of government regulation has pushed companies to curtail #FreeSpeech more h…

      @BuCoup13 RT @richwnkc: @RVAwonk @bigal953 I'll ask again - why do we permit Russian IP addresses to have access to the US? Easy enough to block the…

      @Sajjad36235397 @WENDYCHIDESTER Secure vpn

      @KitCatAboutAll RT @Erriverse:

      @Proxy_kon RT @CharityLeFay: @SecretLifeOfDSP It's about more than racism. He's made threats about having access to a gun before, and that's why I tho…

      @mysticgaya RT @upuouo: Behanm Ben Taleblu on sanction: Iran's militia network, threat, proxy, and business network in Iraq are primary jurisdictions…

      @riotbadger @SamuelBepys ‘Hey, I’m a horny shopping centre in ANONYMOUS PROXY, too!”

      @liz_kintzele RT @VyprVPN: Living without your favorite apps can be tough- especially if at the hand of government censorship. Check out our quick and ea…

      @Amjadhassni5 RT @ZionTechGroup2: New post (Zong Free Net - 2018 - ZonG free YouTube -Everything Free with UC Browser - Latest Trick) has been published…

      @joejerome @douglevin Let’s be real: even privacy advocates dance around this. Consent is basically a proxy for friction.

      @TaraMBannister RT @IntEngineering: If you’re still surfing the Web without a VPN, nefarious hackers might steal everything from your banking information t…