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      @MunawarSwl @buyvpnservice how can we purchase ur proxy vpn service in pakistan.

      Pak Army Zindabad Pakistan Paindabad
      Voice Of Pakistan Nations (VPN) Join Know Central Chairman

      @fawadrehman Long waited direct conflict b/w #Iran & #SaudiArab. Proxy war now turns into real war in their own lands. Good for rest of the islamic world

      @Mukeshpalecha RT @HinduRajyam: Should india go to war with pakistan & end the proxy war by terrorist state pakistan once & for all?

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      @gv_krishna RT @KuriDramebaaz: Coward #Pakistan is fighting Proxy war with India,pretending 2b interested in Peace talks but hurting India thru civilia…

      @Cecil_234 @predederva @LazyErica00 i've been on 4chan since 2004/05.. yeah they used to call moot fag all the time and hide behind a proxy

      @khadeejahxo Everyone in the UAE, Pakistan and Nigeria are acting as if they've never used Netflix before already. They be like "omg what's VPN?"

      @MindRu1er @ZaidZamanHamid Maybe his wording is not political about Afghan proxy war which Pakistan Fought for US can you deny its after effects ?

      @rebeccachow China friends, I have a question: do you use VPN on your smartphone? If so which works best? Help...

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      @Proxy_Andy RT @Foxdroplol: In Skype watching my latest Lee Sin vids with @GripexJ and he says "that wasn't bad, there was some good plays" WE MADE IT …

      @reese015 Does Skype still only use a proxy as a fallback instead of reliably by default unless you kinda registry-hack it in?

      @Courtne53126802 Establishing high great price bigness as proxy for enosis mementos: bDhKn

      @solemoneymagnet RT @LekeAlder: 12. And so we fight a proxy battle, punishing innocent others. That’s because we know those who hurt us are out of reach. #L…

      @osamarizwan10 RT @AQpk: Every #Pak citizen should mark 1950 in stone. This is the year #NewDelhi started proxy wars in region against the new nation of #…

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      @ottocycle Goddamn it Hanzawa Naoki rewatch is SUPER ADDICTIVE

      Viewer proxy laying the smackdown on corporate is the best

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      @Dh94om @khaled U can improve the app quality especially in Saudi by using a VPN though!

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      @FatimaAnsari_ I feel so YouTube-less. Even the proxy isn't working. #Pakistan

      @Jamil_Jafri @razonater only because the content they are showing in Pakistan is shit.. Use it with a VPN, you won't find it so boring then

      @jshrwd @GatheringMagic any idea why I am occasionally getting a 403 from your site recently? no vpn, ad block, or corporate network in between.

      @_amr_ali Getting mod_pagespeed to work on my #Server . While #Nginx is a reverse proxy in front of #Apache Hopefully no more codes to minify

      @wilson_vanaja Visa denied 2 our Proxy PM Anupam Kher, I say this is grave injustice n big dilemma as V cannot even ask those officials "To Go To Pakistan"

      @SharonMichaelso Uttermost vpn fill up insofar as yours sharing wants: rprveR

      @khnaveed #PTCL Broadband is giving really hard time .. very slow browsing .. works ok when using VPN .. !! Please rectify ASAP ! #Pakistan #Karachi

      @Jordancrockerr 'Mums blocked tinder at home so I've had to get vpn' -Willow

      @EricDapot @Khanapay @KrsAurion vive le vpn ;) ou un bon proxy ;)

      @Andyrockz2012 There is an impression that #Pakistan uses #Taliban as a proxy and is reluctant to push them hard in order to retain its influence in 1/2

      @Scotfootball16 @MartinDewar *cough* use a proxy site *cough*

      @DonaldDogan Turkey revealed its true face, DAESH is now crushed by large. turkey will continue its fight against Kurds as proxy war is now over

      @ASIAN_DOCTOR @Wiseguy70 I have read some of your anti-India tweets. Wars help nobody. Its time that Pakistan and India stop proxy wars with each other

      @jedatron #confused - if my API uses OAuth 2.0 and issues JSON web tokens, do I still need to proxy requests to protect the tokens?

      @OfficeOfYG @ajjuns it all started with pathankot attack..then lance naik's incredible endurance and then today's proxy war attack from pakistan.

      @daverabbich @Unblock_Us been getting a proxy error since last night, what are the steps to resolve

      @frenchfacefuck @infiltrateproxy hey proxy hru? Follow me back I wanna dm u and book a Skype show for $$ or custom video for $$?

      @niasterisk @shiromarieke @twitter weird, using twitter android via orbot w transparent proxy + everything on jolla, i don't get bothered, so it's not

      @Belt0fVenus Netflix figured out I'm using a proxy to access it in Pakistan *clenches fists til palms bleed* I'm okay :) :) :) :) :)

      @GuillaumeSL RT @adron: @GuillaumeSL that's a good list of reminders. Also on that last point, IP/networking will be annoying as all get out. Learn NGIN…

      @JohanStindt @TIME @rosieboyermedia you can name it a trick, for paying customers vpn is security! over 30000 members already signed a #netflix petition

      @tomlabaude Pro tip: Don't forget the proxy you set in New Zealand yesterday for tests in your browser

      @cyclemor3 @talloplanic @ellenfromnowon o.0 yeah but I got a Chromecast to watch Netflix on the tv. If they filter Netflix or similar can bypass w vpn

      @itsjustkay My ipad is having my life with this bastard update. I ONLY WANT TO DOWNLOAD A PROXY SERVER APP TO ILLEGALY STREAM!! WHY IS THIS SO HARD MAN

      @AqbarPasaribu #sesparlu digital proxy war between states could be waged by using a server in a third country that are related to those warring parties.

      @CalamityDoll What VPN unblocked do you's use for Netflix, Hola isn't working and Unblock Us isn't refreshing.

      @adamed Surely a VPN can automate by scanning IP addresses for Netflix access and automatically retiring them when black listed

      @AmericanWoman0 @pacouncil their dirty in my toes to hide my heartfailure. Machusen by proxy. 32C @intimissi 00 pnts admired teeth. Hereditary spherocytosis

      @Shaithis1404 @Unblock_Us I'm back to having the same proxy error message. I emailed support on Saturday and I have still had no reply.

      @MichaelsonIsabe Take care of the hide uses upon online stores as proxy for buying provender: wbGlPRCFz

      @theonlytroyever @Unblock_Us are you guys still working on a workaround for Netflix's VPN block?

      @HikoujoukiHime @mpc60ii reminds me of a certain crappy chan site that won't even let you reply with a vpn or tor.

      @futureidentity If my VPN session drops, I *do not* want e.g. email/browser to simply fall back to non-VPN and carry on as normal...

      @ParsonLinda Knot ge is bigwig as proxy for youngsters: MWuth

      @leonarddaranjo What's new - Pakistan fights cowardly proxy wars and murders every innocent Indian that strays into its territory #KirpalAfterSarabjit

      @Savannah_Dahl finding a proxy that still works with Netflix is the best thing that has happened

      @ldybugholden @clarabsmith33 I'm going to cyber crime tomorrow,I've informed her,now she is shitting herself,they sent info of proxy server she used/her's

      @erkunev @aral oh, but you get a VPN too, so your amazon overlords only get to listen in on everything without even knowing your real IP address.

      @twt_liverpool RT @ezzthedon: @twt_liverpool unless bypass via vpn

      @vibrantparrilla @purposepxttorff mines kept playing up and popping up with proxy detected but kept working but eventually just stopped

      @johndory49 @mikewesto46 I use Hola a free,reliable VPN. However I'm told their are security issues but they don't concern me on this computer @abciview

      @Jackops1j @virginmedia Like seriously. There is no point in blocking a website when a customer can just use a VPN or similiar program to bypass it.

      @HoggarthJocelyn Forge appreciation of excellence leads as proxy for planning function partnered with facebook ads: YvoQiEazu

      @masterpj55 @Outlook settings in IE causing a proxy to be set. This broke the newer version of skype and windows live mail who utilise that.

      @AyyBeeShafi @sidrahree use VPN like Zenmate to download torrent link ... It's a common problem with Pakistan's ISP..

      @KBChicken75 RT @MyNameIsPappyG: Hired a proxy to sit in my cubicle while I hide in the washroom all day tweeting.

      @Kyou_Kusanagi RT @GamingMill: Buying games via a proxy server based abroad on Steam has just suddenly made them more expensive than usual. Can't work out…

      @leetheo Home wifi reconnected. Hooked on to Italy VPN server to watch the last 3km to the finish line of stage 1 TDF

      @discordapp @jac3347 Bans are already IP based, but we can't prevent the user from using a proxy to get around said ban.

      @Pabsilon Hour one with Internet. Our proxy is down, I can't access my blockchain. The coffee machine has a 20 minute queue.

      @suavekhmer @hulu_support VPN is for security.

      @sunyl10 @MehrTarar #Pakistan uses it effectively... to promote proxy wars and protect itself frm retaliation ... but it is destroying pak slowly

      @ChaserKate @_Masky_proxy well. If you change your mind just call. I'll go hide this quickly, errr have fun. *she started to jog off down a hall into -

      @Sccadi RT @KunwarMoeez: @gabeeno end of days for "Social Media" in Pakistan now. PK will now rule the world in having max fake IDs LOL and VPN usa…

      @SolsticeCop RT @Pc_Winter: Apple #iPhone/#Mac user?
      Need a #VPN for security on public #WiFi?
      I've been using @getcloak for the last year. Excellent!

      @ssrimany @Muslims4USA @TimesNow @SalmanNizamii
      And let Separatists go on fight Pakistan's proxy war against India, attack security forces & expect

      @real_proxy @nationdivided .@realDonaldTrump .@KellyannePolls WE (((MUST))) stop the CHEATING! Keep Google, Homeland Security etc... OUT! WATCH THEM!

      @kabulii China is #Pakistan's proxy

      #China continue defending the indefensible


      @THEDeanBatch @Hunt3rAdrian @Messiah2627 @NepentheZ Already got the game installed now & not wasting time on paying for a VPN tbf

      @AlfieHeydrich RT @GenocideJimmy: At one point in last night's debate I got the distinct impression that I was witnessing a proxy war between Facebook and…

      @FarEasterner My advice on censorship - use VPN to post in @twitter as resident of relatively free countries cause censors differ from country to country

      @quadbaconHD somebody from indonesia just tried to login to my facebook account, obviously could be a VPN IP, remember to change your passwords

      @dark_proxy RT @Boogie2988: I managed to film 7 different pokemon unboxings today for the game play channel. Hoping to film even more as the week prog…

      @DaRealScamPoole @DougKyed Do you think the Pats will try to get Blount going early on or use the short pass game as a proxy for the run a la the Super Bowl?

      @WEBXOSS @alvaroplayer27 Seems your connection to the server is not stable. You can use "proxy" at the right top corner. (HongKong is recommended.)

      @aetaylor55 @oritperlov In that case, yes the good people lost. However, in the fighting, it's a dictator vs anti-west militants. War by proxy (US/Rus).

      @RohanBeg RT @YouTiup: If Suu Kyi takes a pro-Rohingya stand today, she'll be out of office before sundown. Hence Kofi Annan's (ASSK's proxy) best wa…

      @SYNTHH0E RT @desi_bitch: After years of arming and funding Israel which is a proxy state to the US, Obama suddenly decides that now is the time to s…

      @aquinterooo10 thanks @__vannessaaa cause hotspot shield is a way better vpn than hide me vpn

      @isaac_nkwinika RT @MaqPaulM: @MxolisiBob I was sent this just now via whatsapp. All fake and photo shopped but can make you smile. A proxy for CIA maybe

      @NightWing94 @Khaljiit it works ip based, so if you can use a vpn you can play it if its released in japan.

      @alpha_dweeb @hopenothate @TJEbah @astroehlein globalists in the interest of globalism fight proxy wars to "protect" allies.

      @GoodJew6 .@opera neon is fantastic. Please enable sign in, VPN & AD block! Would love to have it as default browser.

      @M62423732 @bashirgwakh #Afghanistan need yo learn to be a country and not a proxy state of #india or #pakistan army has resolved to sati her

      @atomQ @violetblue read ur article on cybersec. Can u or colleague do article on everything users can do to protect privacy (VPN, etc) pros/cons

      @AhsanNajam Are VPN softwares and/or Proxy servers still functional in Pakistan?

      @GRAKINNN Tunnel bear free vpn tweet

      @MightyTimeline We noticed that FBSDKMessengerShareKit is now installed in HotspotShield VPN Unlimited Privacy Security! @fbplatform

      @HKROMITER VPN is Blocked in China. Maybe in the future days, I can not login Facebook anymore

      @ComplexGlo @DropsByJay If you need a proxy hmu best offer wins

      @ChenYidan96 Our country forbids us to use VPN,which is the only way for us to connect to Twitter, Facebook...So I must study hard and leave China!

      @AgeArcher @dfedortchenko There's a 500 proxy error on the site when I click CONTRIBUTE. Please fix!

      @labour_zone RT @BBCWestminHour: Listen: @HarrietHarman says MPs should be able to appoint a proxy MP to vote for them while they take parental leave ht…

      @turkishshawarma @Fallaaakk Oman main to skype imo whatsapp call VPN ke sath he hoti hai

      @IndianaTux @Cleo_Qc That's a VPN server and guess what it was not the server it was a badly configured firewall on the site trying to connect !!!

      @The_Bomb07 the proxy requires a username and massive boobies.
      your connection to this site is not private
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      @BruceDeVesa RT @LidaHgn: @BattleOfChelsea Thank you! Twitter has been blocked in Iran since 2009 so people can’t actually see these kinds of tweets but…

      @bellarazzi Was trying to save money for a cheap vpn so I could access everything on Netflix + hide ip :-( :-( :-(

      @metroflora I deleted the app and its proxy but fuck the cards are so pretty i love them all esp the adulty characters

      @DNRsFamily RT @InstantUnblock: Can't access #YouTube videos at work, school, or from another country? Use our FREE YouTube proxy to unblock YouTube fr…

      @PEIslandCanada RT @kerrywcampbell: I submitted a freedom of information request for emails from someone no longer with #PEI govt. Good news: the emails st…

      @SIA1707 RT @AbhiSAngrish: @ShriguruPawanji Agree! It's better to be one time fight rather than daily proxy war. Also, this is the best time as we h…

      @the_hound2 RT @XCXScans: I remembered. I used to use VPN to troll Fakku's Waifu game because waifus are serious business.

      @zBaakez @PUBGMOBILE @its_akshaypatil The game work' s fine for me on android 8 (oneplus 5). I don' t have any problems even without vpn.

      @MATalibli RT @DCBMEP: On international observer mission for Azerbaijan Presidential elections, checking fair. Struck how many security checks UK does…

      @DaFinalVerdict RT @ThamtheTerrible: For the best part of 60 years, India and Pakistan have been essentially proxy states on the opposite sides of the cold…

      @stevetilkens @coolestITguy For sure! I already have a site-to-site VPN in place and a DR host with vSphere Replication and SRM... tax write-off!

      @nashcontrol RT @aykay: Nice @fridadotre script to bypass TrustKit SSL pinning. Use it during your next assessment to proxy traffic. However, the take-h…

      @MkbbcsBeg RT @Chafqat: PTI expelled 20MPAs who voted against party So principally Khan must discourage any desertion/ forward block
      No such proxy me…

      @proxy_89 RT @beatricenius: A Rosemary's Baby AU. Will is initially horrified to find that his baby is the spawn of the devil, but parental love wins…

      @ekstiga Kenapa orang unblock website pake vpn???? kenapa ga edit hosts aja?? simple dan cleanspeed

      @RahmaMian @sohaib_pakistan Aray! VPN use karo, possible to use Indian IP

      @lalalovepasta @MadeleineDunne Since you’re tryna browse from another country technically you can also just look up a proxy website

      @WebNewsInsider RT @WebFactoryLtd: Public wi-fi networks are not safe. Third-parties monitor their traffic & can sniff your data while you surf. See how a…

      @infinitynairobi RT @ZaydA96: 14 Signs You’re Not Protecting Your Online Privacy

      1. You haven’t disabled location services on your mobile device
      2. You pos…

      @5KidsAreMine RT @MSMEnemedia: @Fuctupmind @BANCHAMPION Right now Google thinks I’m in the Netherlands and all my searches come up in Dutch. VPN, Mike! H…

      @montyf1967 @SatKing2k Do you need a vpn mate ??

      @washdmachine RT @Brazy_Kicks: Proxy Stock for the week is loaded!! A lot dropping this week!

      Let’s do a giveaway!!
      -RT + Like + Follow ♻️
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