Unblock Internet Censorship In Turkey

unblock internet censorship in turkey
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      @cosmic_citizen RT vladanatoli NASA Space_Station not possible from Turkey w/o VPN. Can you fix?

      @jenren2014 @crazyfedfan maybe @DemiCrayanhan can give you advice on secret tweets. VPN? I think Turkey is still blocked.

      @UnleashTheFury @chrisguizlo Oh! Yea what a pain! Maybe a VPN? Pretend you're in Russia!

      @cargsl Why won't @SlickVPN connect me to a public website on port 8080? or a corporate VPN in port 7443?

      @oneill_mike @c0rtanablue thats a good idea to block but they could use a proxy to get in anyway.

      @EarlRaymond4 Counselling only inauguration as proxy for gross graduates: htizKN

      @Ladyblacksheep0 RT @iamzeezoo: slow internet, Proxy and chill #DesiNetflixAndChill

      @khalids077 cold war & proxy games will prevent hot war in your country. Drive out enemies. Do more to buy intelligence tools to learn more proxy games

      @lektai50 Every mtn cheat back then was a hit....back to back from psiphon to open vpn to simple server to tweakware.....iyalaya anybody

      @AlOdailH only difference btw U.S troops and Shia militias fighting Isis in Iraq, Shia will be always consider Iran proxy by Saudi financed analysts

      @delbertino48 turkey is german proxy whore

      @justachoice Turkmen is proxy for Turkey

      @Dan6K @_B3li @lemzrxD Yeah VPN went off last night my bad boys did you win it?

      @ErinGaydos @michael_demeo_ apparently the school shut down their proxy server so they don't work!!

      @King_Proxy One more game and I'm Prestige 8! :D

      @MBMudChucker @Unblock_Us service has been down for a few days, N'flix is returning the proxy error. Tried VPN and its not working either is this the end?

      @boredasfawk After all these years I finally setup a Vpn and proxy for torrents. My first steps into adulthood

      @cincinnatiman0 then u can reinstall a back up but even then as soon as it hit the internet it starts to download all files throw on server not throw vpn

      @moyo_oye @loniioke try using a proxy or VPN.

      @SvetlanaPolish3 RT @PokeAcer: @Sudomemo I see your reasoning, but then what about the people who already have a proxy server? Maybe provide both?

      @faydog Upsetting to see the difference in @netflix catalogue for Turkey w/ vs without VPN Is it really a "service" w/ such an old content or trial?

      @discordapp @beiremaakmesub Hrm, that's not painting a picture for me to isolate it. Can you try a VPN or proxy to see if it helps?

      @smshbch @discordapp webapp also fails to connect, thru raw and vpn, are you being ddos'd or something?

      @elliotwoods @_vade @michaeltodd @kcimc @satoruhiga We’re using UDP jumbo frames. Definitely thinking of a Syphon / Spout proxy app.

      @etdragonpunch "support devs! sites like g2a, Kinguin, cd-keys are bad!"

      5 minutes later


      @HarryFaber Weary for coral reef seo: getting huge speech circuit as proxy for your internet forum: mDOuctHNU

      @ALC_KCL RT @kateijeoma: We live in a world characterised by plethora of violence which has turned into proxy wars-Dr Mahmoud, Keynote @ALC_KCL #Al…

      @epicAllanl RT @samirasawlani: almost 1.5 million VPN downloads in Uganda today.
      Step aside Kim Kardashian-we all know who just broke the Internet

      @Ephrolab I love in browser VPN's, American Netflix is so much better than the English one.

      @JoFreakingBro Can I get a proxy to take my orgo exam for me because I'm dying over here from so much stress

      @FreedomMicah778 @nadyacis1 Turkey is a chess pawn in this proxy war of geo region.

      @Tv_reality93 @Ycharlton46 @foreverbbuk a vpn is an app which you can use to view content in other countries outside your own

      @BaBa_Yaga078 RT @Liveuamap: YPG against Turkey is just another proxy war against NATO. Stupid for NATO to ignore it

      @undeniablysexy7 RT @Jadinenoona: Can someone pls give me proxy site para ma open ko sa work ang nick asia na website.. :(

      #VoteJamesFPP #KCA

      @gayemonerd did turkey fucking block twitter again why can't i use the fucking thing without vpn

      @proxy_observer RT @AnonCopWatchTur: #Turkey now banned @twitter & @facebook / 2 break blockade down plz use #TOR I'm using tor! I can teach how 2 use #Ano…


      @dark_proxy RT @McJuggerNuggets: Sorry, guys. Forgot I'm dealing with poopybutt internet here. Video will NOW be up in two hours-ish.

      @PeIicans RT @xKrki: @PeIicans yo Chandler DM you white fat need cock sucking ddos vpn DNS server hacking titty NAC ballsack looking ass bitch boy du…

      @dotscottdot @Unblock_Us proxy detected Netflix not working. Any ideas??

      @rjrgmc28 * Got blackballed on Netflix. (aka account banned)
      * Got a ISP abuse notice for said bypassing proxy ban
      * Got no internet on site atm

      @Martincane3 @piersmorgan The Dailymail is blocked in Thailand. I have to use a VPN to read it.

      @kellerkind71 RT @Teymour_Ashkan: If I don't respond to your tweets please don't be offended. Turkey has blocked Twitter access and my VPN isn't that gre…

      @NO_BOOT_DEVICE @dangeredwolf more interested in the js, because iirc tweetdeck uses a proxy to access twitter api instead of oauth if they havent changed

      @ConnorPM @endac the Facebook like button on the ireland coastal drone videos should be an accurate proxy I bet

      @Rachel_Fusion @miss_om *cries with homesickness by proxy* April is my favourite month in Sydney.

      @LitlRedd @yuricat125 @netflix I quess I'll try a VPN, idk maybe I'll like it better than streaming it illegally

      @pilecek @spazef0rze one of the reasons why to have private vpn.

      @DamianEzell @PCMag if anyone lives in North Carolina just get a VPN if you want to access the Internet, I suggest @betternet_co

      @StrnSteven @YongouOYander TokuNation has some type of Youtube link on their site for it. Can't view it with a proxy atm.

      @suzhouvisit @PierceDesigns yes you can use Twitter but it will depend on your internet connection. If you want full internet access in China try a VPN

      @munin @ultimateloather Fun project: spin up a tiny proxy in google's app engine space and use that for web surfing with googlebot UA.

      @dbgourlay Hey @Unblock_Us getting proxy error. Steps from support didn't help. Haven't heard back from them for +4 days now. What gives?

      @BladeAndSoulOps @Aniion What server and where are you connecting from? Also are you using a VPN program?

      @Raymosaki RT @SimkoTolhildan: Meanwhile, patientce brother. Use VPN and set your settings to a country outside of the artificial terror state of "Tur…

      @mmadi1978 @tigerVPN the vpn nowadays after your upgrade is very bad and slow and there problems with the ios app eventhough it requires me to logout

      @fish_nefastulo RT @ddrspawn: @Unblock_Us post a universal fix for the Netflix blocking proxy error instead of telling us to contact support and that they…

      @theron2016 i miss trickshotting in private matches with proxy and justin

      @greenmonkey74 @i_blame_aliens @boobiestrap @TheEmilyLynne I have VPN set on a VPS server in Canada. I route most of my traffic through there.

      @KeatCharles Copywriting as proxy for online sites: conformation la so wow website: MdTxprKWg

      @AmandaC85193996 Consultant and skills prerequisite as proxy for swank-expanse expertise spreading: DCYWFLvE

      @BeverlyTimmons 6 bissextile year settlement day loans: serviceable as proxy for be-all and end-all: SnU

      @CramerRonald1 Principle methodize atlanta: driftwood floors are flat supinate solutions as proxy for in the gross: DPHspnpSY

      @ColinDomansky Problem: Install a program that needs to connect to a server in order to install, but on remote computers that MUST connect through VPN.

      @tmoss1125 Wifi that shuts off at 9:30 and a vpn on my phone that can't bypass it

      @ArthurM81986387 In gem best cables as proxy for yours needs vert towards be determined character sclera record keeping services, lets recollect hi: PGKWOqZm

      @EllingtonCheste Tactile sense amphitheater internet strasbourg as proxy for the site referring to yours estimable nine: yAgB

      @MacAdamThomas1 Ravages of time starry bypass bellows as proxy for a penny bank girdling: KHOQfjR

      @joostews I thought Twitter was banned in Turkey? Anyways screw them I have VPN

      @srodriguezrey @mbeaudroit @xfinance @BrianForde internet access is not a necessary proxy to the tools and knowledge one must have to use a tool

      @DoubleOle Had to use IP proxy to tune in
      @AndyRourkeMusic @p4kradio in Barcelona buddy

      @AdmralOnyxMoses Best thing #UOT can do is invite @TalibKweli to +256 so he gets first hand knowledge than indulge in proxy cyber wars. Cc @bartlettdaron

      @kmoyer63 @SamAkbar11 Yes & Obama gave them a free pass and money Now Iran will be handing out Nuke suicide vests for there proxy wars in the region

      @_TheSuperAzian @taeeebaeee download a VPN off the App Store, set it to California, then go to your browser

      @Sessiz_Medya @wikileaks @WritingVirginia
      Don't worry for the censorship, all Turks know how to use vpn ;)

      @dark_proxy RT @Siggas: If i wanted to look fly i would. I just don't believe in Appearances but i got to care to play this game called life.

      @Ncell @Lionel_Nessi2 @Dipen06354430 ...on security and speed of internet while using those proxy. 2/2

      @carlyh2000 Proxy server at work seems to be down; cannot access internet. #despair #workproblems

      @uwanja I was using the orbot proxy app and some apps couldn't access the internet including Twitter. @Safaricom_Care

      @DerpLaughing @BannedOffline Shit dude. Can I use the LOIC you use to DDoS massive websites? Does your VPN make the attack stronger? @s1ege_

      @KathrynCarson @IAMKEVBISH when abroad watch to on the iPad. I never miss Corrie, use a VPN to block the country you are in.

      @daekhyunee_exo @CHANYYE0L @rapcey__rI nope. You should use TOR browser in your desktop. Its complicated tho. You should fake your vpn or the hacker

      @smav_3 Sala sab kuch hi block kar rakha hai net pe ..

      Authorities should know there is a thing called proxy

      Kya fayda ???

      @shayandahalf RT @ZarrarKhuhro: So fasten your seatbelts. Proxy conflict diplomatic offensives and general repression of dissent shall be seen all around…

      @andrewbguy @Englaland75 #turkey already gets #eu funding (ten per cent british money) and access to various resources so has proxy membership already.

      @PeebsY0 RT @JoeBearWA: There's a proxy war with Russia in Syria. The new cold war has begun and @realDonaldTrump can fix it! He intends unification…

      @HtfdSteamBoiler Home cyber tips from #HSBHackerLab: Make sure to Use secure protocols, such as VPN & HTTPS.

      @changewithkurt @DerailleurAgile Using Slack for Standups would be a productivity win! Now, next step is getting work to unblock Slack from the proxy :(

      @Ruukasu2005 RT @D4rk34gl3: USA is under cyber-attack?
      Internet is fucking around.
      @twitter and others are "server cannot be found"

      (Use non-USA serve…

      @indy_johar @HumanCityInst land value is proxy of the near monopoly access to social & transportation infrastructure with access growing labour markets

      @ProfBainbridge @KimKrawiec Proxy access in BA? Would you send me your syllabus? Thanks.

      @Esports_John Reminder to all the teams playing in #HGC qualifiers: invest in a VPN to protect yourself from DDoS attacks. Have a backup plan ready.

      @Pedro_Persson Want to bitch about censorship? I gonna fucking give you censorship! I'm about to pull a VenonFangX on Kraut's ass. Warming proxy drivers!

      @mkimany @Zuku_WeCare Internet connection has issues. Cannot VPN or open secure sites but when tethering safaricom all is well. Support says all ok??

      @MrCopperOnline Supreme site was acting up today, tons of IP bans, proxy bans & internet connection errors for bot & non-bot users. Tip RUN LIGHT (1-2 task)

      @KaraAiello RT @MikeyKayNYC: SDF most effective ground units as U.S proxy against I.S. Will Turkey buy-in to statement? If no, how does U.S protect SDF…

      @anfaicapso1977 RT @jb4k1m0: VPN is secured, traffic is encrypted. But I then need to trust you as you have in theory access to my data, right? #AskFreedom…

      @bb_siangvips @mshinju @figfling sry for butt in but maybe u can try take out ur sim then turn on vpn? i was in sg, but my msia phone cant access, so i-c-

      @marbou78 @thegoodfight Watch for free @w_network in

      @Ncell @Neerjal_13 There is no proxy and port numbers in new internet setting.

      @seqilol >spend 20 minutes trying to get a reverse proxy working so i can run a standard html and a node app on apache

      >its 1 line in a file


      @lurppis_ @DonHaci say i split my time on finnish/uk/usa vpn, would i hold my own dedicated ip for each server?

      @Strans_in_Parad @SupAccessBot Does this one need proxy or server?

      @mrsimonhale @mystdaman hi mate i cant get ipvanish in the uk what's the next best vpn to use on android?

      @Sllayt3r @tinytomlogan Once I ran it I lost all internet, found some weird proxy settings, turned them off and suddenly everything works

      @jbuck0453 RT @ljcambria: If you raped poor countries, sold 20% of America's uranium, gave access to classified info & had people killed by proxy YOU…

      @tayfunuar10 @opera VPN does not work in Turkey.

      @tennkujo @MomoRikus @jellofuzz riku nanase blocked from otakumode (i actually have a proxy on so i dont think they can block me)

      @Sarkies_Proxy RT @JonAshworth: Today in the chamber I spoke about the Government’s devastating new round of NHS cuts which they have tried to hide from t…

      @proxy_gsm his whatsapp numbers: +34696900091 , +19292227840

      @JoelBastedo @TurkeyBlocks Limited access to #Facebook and #WhatsApp today, but not when using a VPN. Is this a glitch or new #censorship in #Turkey ?

      @AlzackKCross As if proxy servers and vpn can't bypass it

      @Ryoki_W Why my VPN proxy app starts to send me horror game ads at midnight

      @Gen_Ago RT @Veronickawilli1: If you are planning to #stream content using #hulu always use @IvacyVPN to hide you #IP address and stay #Anonymous ht…

      @imKidInLove @leafshonestly tho, try download and vpn called Hola, it change any website to whatever country you want, but look foward to tutorials

      @Proxy_Locker All orders have been sent, please look at the site list to get caught up and good luck!

      @b_nishanov RT @ElmirBadalov: Very informative article...if you are in Azerbaijan make sure you use vpn to read this article, since OCCRP website block…

      @Riverbih A website: protect urself from huge fines in Australia by hiding your IP address w a VPN

      Me (in America):

      @OrdoMilitarisKS RT @VOCRadioRobDoc: @OrdoMilitarisKS @facebook @MilitarisCath @TheKingDude @gscarp12 @StinkyBeachNnja More proxy censorship by “technical”…

      @valarauca1 @jrmithdobbs @da_667 >If the point of these services is to hide DNS Queries

      Yo what up we talking about VPN’s?

      @GueneyK58 RT @atoker: The Wikipedia block is impacting Turkish citizens' access to information on #Zarrab case. No wonder it leads the world in VPN u…

      @YahBoyFrogDaddy @lncestPrincess hes IP banned, has to get a new device to log in from/use a vpn

      @thepriceisright Having a 1gb/1gb home internet connection and a NAS with a VPN server is actually pretty life-changing.

      @ubiquity75 Many mechanisms of censorship-by-proxy beyond or in addition to removal: demonetization; lowering content in search results, etc. #IGF2017ِ

      @MY21_Oracle China’s VPN crackdown is about money as much as censorship
      Curbs on internet access also serve to hand business to Chinese companies

      @AlanJac10051970 RT @CMalcheski: The app is coming. Anybody using it is unbannable in 8Chan. It doesn't use VPN. It will be free. Unless something odd h…

      @maclaura77 RT @shortcutstv_cjl: Measuring Social Class
      Don't "forget income" (obviously...) as a proxy for measuring "social class", but maybe importa…

      @anonymous_womd RT @ratcatcher2:

      @robot_cock69 RT @rockcock64: in 50 years there will be youtuber retirement homes. the old youtubers will prank each other by swapping their meds and rec…

      @lvloh3n @Inxsible1still @HeIsUNFIT2Lead @realDonaldTrump He uses VPN to access Twittet

      @MWhatToShowM RT @Alfonsobava: #YPG are fast learning that Trump is actually a businessman, not an idealist.
      If the cost of sustaining a proxy is too hi…

      @uhTrance_ RT @SneakerHandbook:

      @Fred_Groyp @Grabber1999 You behind a vpn, using public internet, signed out of your account? As anonymity increases so does verification.

      @Xiaobaeby RT @yueminghui: Qins ent in USA = NO VPN NEEDED TO ACCESS YOUTUBE = upload all the remaining vlogs onto YouTube

      @TheLonelyWilly @GregJMoyer @AskFrontier @yellowdogparty I can't even vpn into my work server. No internet at all.

      @goblueinoh RT @DNASOLES: We will be giving away a free life time copy of our Proxy Creator to a random re tweeter. All you have to do is retweet this…

      @SoneTroops101 @evelinewu @IZONE_DAILY Access it thru vpn, but yeah the speed ir self not really good

      @FOG_Safe RT @stefsealy: A love story ...

      "First, someone might pour molten turkey fat down a drain. A few blocks away, someone else might flush a…