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unblock facebook uk
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      @PesterTheBander @joel_vinesauce Thought the one in the UK was bad. So boom, added a vpn app to google chrome and US netflix ahoy!

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      @Proxy_rynn Watched Adam Driver host Snl.....it was one of the best things.

      @Canibehealz @GoDaddyHelp Alright I guess I'll add it to my proxy. How come it's not available on the Canadian site? No matter. Thank you, I guess! :)

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      @TN1VIRUS twitter app in VPN is another thing...

      @incurablematt @PatriziaBonati1 @petshopboys @BBCRadio2 connect via a uk proxy ;)

      @C4RP3R @NationOfLee nah...possible proxy though

      @IRBFUK @uk_disgrace He he he never heard of a VPN :-D

      @AlexxxxCorona @CaitlinMolton try using a US proxy, I had to use a proxy to view some BBC videos that were only available to the UK region.

      @AZMwanje So thanks to this VPN app, I have finally visited the U.S

      @tumwesigye_ RT @fmrsema: The true winner of this election is VPN.#KiggunduDecides

      @LorenzaJulius RT @KhalilRamah: These whatsapp groups with pipo who don't know vpn. Smh. Whole group is dead silent

      @dikenzie_DK UCC wishes it could block the whole 21st century, and take you back to the 80s #vpn

      @PeacockGrace Three access issues as proxy for eclectic houseman belts: ILtLWp

      @Vaughan_J_T @EvilDeaditeDan @BellatorMMA get a VPN blocker, I've had to do it from the uk. It costs about 6 pounds but is worth it

      @h_l_jenkins RT @James__Harkin: Marea and Tal Rifaat in Aleppo, where I spent time in 2012 and 2013, are now at the centre of Syria's proxy inferno: htt…

      @AdvaitMenon @destinysaheb @ACTFibernet hey ur vpn is on,try switching off the VPN and do the speed test again

      @EmeIiaGrey I can no longer use HMA to watch Netflix content from outside the UK. Netflix detects proxy & denies me the shows. Are you going to fix it?

      @nonemoremannion @Unblock_Us are you aware of the proxy blocker error on Netflix? (I'm in UK and was set to UK. Set to US seems to be okay)

      @nemori_nemori @freebirdybee Will you give my proxy? #PositionOfStrength #IP

      @doc_mingu RT @StephenMcDonell: Spare a thought for long-suffering China internet users now. Congress VPN block = no Twitter no GMAIL no Google, no Yo…

      @mmalherbe @chibikuma83 In all seriousness, just watch it on logotv.. Just hide your vpn

      @Palimpsest__ @micheltorres048 to a proxy network at any location in the world before returning the data to the user's IP. It is actually the VPN servers

      @MissClaudy @jimboxiii surf easy vpn is working well.

      @chrisjmcclure I guess @Netflix & TV & Movie studios are wanting people to start using #BitTorrent again to access "non-regional content"? #Netflix #VPN

      @colinweird Just found out I can use #snapchat without VPN, when did #GFW unblock it? Am I the last one knowing the fact

      @Krewdpoet @brad_d80 @inabster @individual_intv @johnriverstoo @sawyerandrew HISTORY lol uk and usa still carry out atrocities via proxy regimes

      @RazerM I’m always confusing online services by appearing to log in from UK (VPN), Germany, and Netherlands (at work).

      @goinglike60 How do I keep @unblock_us installed but disable it so I can view Netflix? "Turn-off" config feature in UnblockUS doesn't work. #VPN

      @imxxnkhxn @Flixswitch do you guys know what's happening with the proxy block error that keeps coming up? Can't watch any US Netflix in the UK

      @technedigitus @pCloudapp Option to set proxy!! This is very important!

      #proxy #privacy

      @mrharryman @HTTR_UK @Unblock_Us also note that their Facebook page has all posts removed from it...

      @d0lliman @Unblock_Us how is the netflix fix coming along? I always get the proxy detection message.

      @xkenzou @YaoiYes if it's bc you're in a different country, get a VPN for your computer or phone. It gives you an IP adress from the states or UK-

      @albertobeta Proxy&VPN block by @netflix US Such an anachronistic policy!It's 2016:media content should be licensed internationally & accessible anywhere

      @McHedd @Unblock_Us any new fixes for Netflix? Certain shows bring up proxy warning now

      @tim_currie @Unblock_Us Have set up the proxy workaround, on Netflix about half shows play and others show a proxy error message. Why is this happening?

      @VyprVPN @tmlaj_uk If the app is requiring the location services of the devices, they are likely trying to circumvent VPN and/or proxy services.

      @dnv_f @NortonOnline do you guys have anything to block ads on android devices? (Something that blocks ads proxy based)

      @Sazon_Mia @ThatKidRanger I know some UK links don't get flagged since they can run it over there and through a proxy server

      @Deehir @natasha_lee86 USA Gymnastics are showing it on their youtube channel but you need a vpn / tunnel bear/ hola to hide your ip

      @Jonesy220366 @shanedingman Really depends on the quality of proxy/VPN you use. I can still watch UK and US Netflix. Mine has never let me down.

      @MarcusStead RT @anaglyph32: More Sopel rubbish. American foreign policy is based on self interest. The US sees the UK as a proxy voter in Brussels.

      @DavidMical RT @LewishamCouncil: If you want to have someone vote on your behalf (proxy) make sure you return your application by 5pm Tues 26 April htt…

      @Dunk_Tank @Horse_Crimes you can use a proxy to use the uk website, which has always been more interesting

      @beala_ebooks I know nothing about IP law, but I think that it's a type of proxy.

      @genedarang @TunnelGuruVPN

      HammerVPN<<-- This is the Best VPN in the World.. So Fast in Youtube, Facebook or any Website.

      @Impactvps @davidcastellani Combining that with a VPN is another option too for private services. If its reasonable yes

      @ssddgraham @smartflixteam I'm thinking of registering but if I do will it still work with this proxy server block? I'm in the uk

      @DrSarahLover FOLLOW onzos 50% off #Cisco ASA VPN configuration site to site – $10 #udemy #coupon

      @ABDULRAHMANGHA7 @Unblock_Us That netflix told me every time i play a video to turn of the proxy

      @ANTX81 @ArtDifficulty Beyond dangerous work, or undesirable jobs into a video game, I don't see what else body proxy could be used for

      @fairlygrim @timothyfgrimes @fet_complains Hotel wifi typically have proxy servers for extra security. Always messes with big downloads

      @tomstaniford @bartig1 failing that, use a VPN or proxy like @theTunnelBear and watch on BBC iPlayer with a UK IP address ;-)

      @benmillett @tweetbot When on the proxy, can’t connect to twitter. Then when I change to network location w/o proxy and can access, then no filters.

      @jared_lowe @ExpertTipper use a VPN virtual private network and change ip to UK I do it all the time

      @Dreamazium @julie4nw @middletonmoaner
      Do you understand why i wish to leave the UK now? UK has become the site of a proxy war.

      @ronj67 @MartinSLewis emergency proxy available util 5pm according to website "aboutmyvote .co.uk"

      @Fanthehero17 @RustyWesterholm its D.J My facebook has issues because i accessed it with a VPN. it might be lost. I'm appalled you have not tweets about

      @latifmu Yo @JOE_co_uk you blocked on facebook i don't know why would please unblock me

      @ragdolly216 @melonian4life @SvuAnnie1701 its a private browser - lets you spoof location easily too. No problem on a PC but it needs a proxy on mobile

      @shininglinoone My VPN was supposed to stop trashing celebrities at the drop of a new Pokémon game.

      @Best_VPN_rev RT @buyvpnservice: We've joined @OpenMediaOrg's #SaveTheLink Network because we care about your online freedom of expression. #vpn for #pri…

      @414C4558 @AlexiLalas get a vpn and connect to UK server. Then watch online at BBC.

      @OKGetsu @Hared_ I'm on a VPN; if you can get onto one, you can set your location to the UK and get access to BBC content.

      @itnialler @CASTAWAYC0N @TheVampsband Hi, there is a way to vote if you're outside UK. Download Hola VPN, change to UK flag then head to BBC website!

      @RicochetBNB When I checked Facebook I should have shouted "PROXY-IS-ALIVE" then started speaking Russian.

      @mattski @IainDale you need a VPN to view any UK TV app abroad (Sky, IPlayer) you can only watch content overseas that you downloaded in the UK

      @zeusmyall RT @nbabybell: can any ppl on here show me a site/help me figure out how to use a proxy consistently and safely..not just a site that gener…

      @kris1179 @JumpsOverFlats try opening them accounts using different IP addresses n bet using VPN

      @ashwakmiya @subhashchandra very good move. We need to block these porkistani ppl frm all front! Hight tym we need proxy war. naak dabao to muh khulega!

      @McDawg RT @pcmasuzzo: The moment you need to vpn to your university to have access to an #openscience paper, and you basically don't want to read…

      @BaileyB45891361 Guidelines as proxy for plotting the ou infrastructure in aid of server hero validity: bdQLu

      @dark_proxy RT @BigNik: Lastly, the creators and the vine staff did a great job with the app. But there was no marketing strategy. Makes sense Twitter…

      @kujouheaven @gakusyaotome have you tried vpn? o: you can use vpn to bypass the region lock!

      @NwiiKYAmm @horrormove Also...I have this feeling but...I think you could login with the vpn, turn it off and continue to use the site as is logged in.

      @Rea_ctor @joshowens_8 @UFCONFOX just use a vpn or. Proxy bud

      @taxilaian RT @KhatijahFatima: #EastPakistanAndSarmilaBose Memories of 1971 Bangladesh war MUST be read as bloody India trying to deploy same proxy w…

      @AlfieBellfie @AskBankOfScot Facebook have taken upon to cancel my uk credit card whilst I am in spain! it is my only form of payment please help unblock!

      @mawoee Overwatch is the first fandom I'm into by proxy, I don't play the game but I know LOADS thanks to my TL, cheers peeps :D

      @Dye7Becky My Free VPN - VPN Proxy and Wi-Fi Hotspot Security by Apalon Apps

      @futureidentity Dear @AppStore, you may have great reasons for blocking access via a proxy, but the lack of any status/error message is a graceless fail.

      @radiolemans @enterF1 you won't need a proxy. It isn't geoblocked to the UK on the app or the site.

      @BBD9814 @Unblock_Us Does your VPN service support P2P?

      @IrkthePurists @PornPanic @WhoresofYore But surely banned sites will just pop up elsewhere, on proxy servers or whatever? It'll be censorship whack-a-mole.

      @Sarkies_Proxy RT @kitlovelace: Your periodic reminder that Peter Thiel (Trump's donor, delegate and transition teamster) sits on the board of directors a…

      @pedrofurla @propensive "get VPN access instructions in the intranet, you need the VPN to connect to the intranet"

      @okCelzy @_Gunzah nice vpn browser mate !!

      @jigglemebutters @kammeegonzalez @hellaradalexis Download a app called opera Vpn. When your on their wifi turn it on and it will unblock everything

      @Adam_Puzio @BenjaminLong16 @SenFranken @SenSchumer your ISP will throttle any proxy service, so you can't "bypass" if the proxy itself is throttled

      @ktgeil @metacortex Psyched to be registered Can you clarify the "VPN client with access to burnable public IP" requirement? Burnable IP??

      @JackMarshall or, just use a UK proxy and watch this content and more completely free. (note: i do not condone using a proxy to watch content for free.)

      @youhaveapizza @Latesia22 I'll probably watch the episodes on my Roku. But you can get a VPN and just watch on their website!

      @Jvanbrecht @netflix With recent FCC privacy rules, it is time to reevaluate your blocking of VPN's.At least post the IP nets so exceptions can be made.

      @rqu45 @WIRED May be slightly better at confusing Google, but still trivial to filter. Only a vpn or anonymizing proxy like tor is really effective

      @IPVanish @scdabear35 It can if you have a VPN capable router, the xbox can't connect directly with our app as it is not supported.

      @stylesfenty Is there a way to use a VPN to get a US/UK IP address on your phone so I can mobile stream spotify...?

      @jfmezei @tamir_i I you know which Netflix IP are used for you, you can create manual routes to those IPs that go via ISP connection, rest via VPN

      @leocullen4 RT @DWPscumbags: @unknown00047 @88_shepard @JoshTPerkins Yeah. UK Gov decided to back one side in the once Syrian civil war hoping their pr…

      @shishi0_ RT @VessOnSecurity: @x0rz When you need a VPN just to access a VPN site. The UK has reached a new low in freedom.

      @simonprm @Sarkies_Proxy @Royal_Greenwich where on Facebook is this please.

      @freevpn_ninja RT @RedLeftAndy: @PaulbernalUK @mr_ceebs "automated censorship of .. what British citizens can see online"

      Bypassed in 5 seconds using a V…

      @zoli_kovacs @paria1979 Reason I said that is because Canada still can't get all access with out vpn sucks

      @MazeMobile @_neolem_ Hello, yes. We need VPN to use Facebook.

      @MagickalFeline @QueenyMartha It'll increase your ping somewhat, but you should be able to route through a VPN to bypass this.

      @AnnGree3 @ctsi_uk Are Facebook only prentending that they will unblock your account if u send ID, in order to obtain birthcerts & proofs of address?

      @stephen_kabaki @RobertAlai Now that we are supporting UK unblock me on facebook.

      @Lars9596 @crypt_ghost Many providers from Email & Facebook hate #VPN: Often alert you about security issues or even lock you out (hacking alert).

      @Automods_uk @facebook just unblock my profile from marketplace

      @10223335 Only certain VPN's will protect you from persecution !! (0_-)

      @qith8n @TheRealS0s Use a VPN connection, can’t block you if they don’t have your actual IP

      @Cybrsalon RT @finhstamsterdam: It's high time that we stop using identity and go for pseudonyms, proxies and anonymous tokens that give the counterpa…

      @myleftbollock @fanatec website down? Getting a Sophos proxy message..

      @NashwaNanosh RT @kimoOmarzoug: Any network Engineer who has good knowledge in Site to site VPN around here?

      @BBast RT @StephanieCarvin: Apple has removed all of its VPN apps on phones so that Chinese citizens can no longer access blocked websites behind…

      @TrevorHMoore @ScotlandRab No it doesn't. Whether your looking at the Comcast IP adress or the VPN. I can vote in the UK.

      @Yonghni @yalocalhype @iwannadiekillme @HeatedSneaks please tell me vpn...
      i need a server

      @Wales_CS RT @gpcybercso: This video explains what can happen when connecting to free public Wi-Fi & how using a 'VPN' or Virtual Private Network can…

      @Sarkies_Proxy RT @benfolley: New Tory youth spokesperson Ben Bradley MP said it would be “incredibly sensible” to relocate people on benefits hundreds of…

      @UWEair @Ready2Vote2018 @MatthewHumphre3 @Davisfor35th The site is Geo-blocked. You can download a VPN and change the location to USA.

      @love_alia_bhatt @Naina341 Use a VPN and set the IP address to India ... Voot will unblock

      @sqswift @courtneyact @Rylan use something like cyberghost to vpn to the uk then you can watch everything on the cbb website lmao

      @dms1899 @zehraaly55 Best VPN for using Video/Voice chat for Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber etc in UAE?

      @Zaedlo RT @vpncompare: Time is running out to save a massive 72% off @IPVanish VPN. Grab your discounted security solution before it's too late.…

      @zuhuratbaba RT @guyvansanden: @TheHackersNews Users already gave Facebook almost unlimited usage over their data, the third party scrapers are function…

      @BarcelonistaIR RT @ErshadAlijani: Iran state TV also use anti proxy for passing through filtering imposed by the STATE-2 years ago we wrote an article abo…

      @IanGibson11 RT @TAC_NISO: With #RA21 libraries will be able to reduce the reliance on proxy servers. If some credentials are compromised, you don’t ne…

      @mjms6519 RT @MagicalRealized: Giant swans; bizarre android receptionist; a ghost dog. Insanity or fantasy? Fact or fiction? The only given is, it al…

      @4evrstardancer RT @dpatrikarakos: 8/ So what about the security argument? Well, first off it does NOT mean “World War III.” Iran is overextended across ME…

      @pizzaital RT @HelpSnowden: And yet throughout all the noise, it was Edward @Snowden who first warned us about the importance of keeping our digital l…

      @darkstar74 RT @contessacontini: @darkstar74 @Hepworthclare Block Facebook in the UK and don’t unblock it till he turns up - he’d be on the next flight…

      @teamcobra2000 RT @LuciferOnKodi: RESOLVED: If you're in the UK and trying to access the (temp) Live Channels section to watch the NBA Finals, you will ne…

      @kanyewesevans i need to use a fuckin vpn service to play the browser version

      @yayaducketron Hey thetunnelbear Great VPN! Can I have 1 free GB please? Thanks!

      @DemocracyMs RT @AnnetteMckay15: @Traceychlo @Womans_Place_UK @facebook Facebook, you are disgusting, trying to silence and censor women’s rights to spe…

      @sagevalenti1 RT @cherokeesher2: @sagevalenti1 @ananavarro Yes.. It's a pattern. Screw something up til danger exists.. Hide.. Walk it back by caving but…

      @radioanalyst RT @BBCRD: We took our trial IP broadcasting platform out for a test - so what did we find when we stepped out of the lab into real world c…