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unblock facebook tunnel
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      @The_1_and_0n1y @Colin86M @Mr_McMeister unless you use a VPN on your PC, but the site stores your ip when you sign up. You could sub but watch on streams.

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      @Markalleus @kay_kingsbury Savagery for Islam, is not a crime under Islam. We are fighting a proxy war of ideology. They believe we are the savages.

      @mike_dettmer how the HECK do i configure express to server static files when i'm running node in concert with apache using mod_proxy?!?!?!?!?

      @steviegell @TyphoidMango for me & the frequency I watch stuff..Kodi is the perfect solution. & one that’s just as cloudy legally as VPN in Thailand is

      @djryanking Okay, technical question here for people with VPN knowledge. Can I use Tunnelbear to watch NBC's live coverage of "Golden Globes" tonight ?

      @matt_alters @TrickMTG ... proxy events will drive sales, not hinder them, by getting more people seriously into the game.

      @bmemike Can a WPN store and/or TO "support" (not sanction) a proxy event if it's being held off-site? Again, #SeriousQuestion. #MTG

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      @kmarur @QuienPagaElige @KushTrance Use VPN. Avast gives you 1 month free trial.

      @emcieslinski10 So the school can't get the computers or printers to work but they block the vpn? #priorities

      @abe6667 the proxy tunnel I use is too slow and very unstable today

      @sliderdimension If you're on @MyRepublic and get blocked from US Netflix cuz you're on a proxy, log out, and log in again. They're starting to block us!

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      @aiyohaolei @AresJessy My family and I have a total of thirty-two vote, constantly replace the IP address.I have to use a proxy,but I'll go on.

      @mcoond "Why ban when it's online: HC on Nirbhaya documentary" - are the judges fools? Online - server can be anywhere, how will any1 block proxy?

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      @TrullyDevious @Unblock_Us (2/2) about the fact i am using a proxy server and ask me to turn it off, anything i can do to fix this problem??

      @ChaserKate @Hoodster_Proxy sure if you like heh

      @strongSwanNet RT @jangoolie1: @MicrosoftHelps How do I configure the Windows10 VPN client to perform multiple IKEv2 Authentication rounds? Is two factor …

      @ThunderCookiees @HyndezBC Na. looked like a proxy across the board. I ran into an outbound filter bringing up twitch, facebook and twitter.

      @PassTimothy Payday loans – have an inkling considerately yet him do something about means of access as proxy for close copy...

      @MinecraftPro771 @MiroTechSoft It's adding extra load (proxy tunnel and stuff) and sometimes causes loading issues (i.e. not properly displaying).

      @Neo_TA_Twitch @SayeeedBlack @Twitch boro get a free vpn and watch twitch like tunnel bear or hola :D

      @kennywduncan @meljomur VPN to the UK with an app like Tunnel Bear.

      @NorbertBesse @cobbo3 can bypass via tunnel bear VPN

      @angelramosx anyone know how i can get free vpn for my laptop (without subscriptions???)

      @unwantedwitness #UgandaDecides we implore you to continue using VPN to stay in touch, tomorrow we go to the polls for local govt elections; no surprises

      @ChaseICS Any security architects that have experience with Bluecoat Web Proxy looking for a new role in the Western Chicago Suburbs?? DM me for info!

      @xargos32 It seems my VPN access now requires entering two token codes on each access.

      @cmt009 school wifi sucks & so does vpn

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      @EugeneJoubert00 @Unblock_Us still getting proxy errors when trying to watch netflix. I have emailed support but their suggestions to fix are not working

      @toggle5 @GoDaddyHelp I'm getting "502 - Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server." trying to confirm email

      @TimInHonolulu @baheresmat Not otherwise reported. I wonder if, like in China, use of VPN or proxy can avoid the block?

      @Elasto_Proxy @HoseCouplingW Thanks for following us back. Are you on Facebook, too?

      @EconomicMayhem I cannot recommend Twidere. Uninstall immediately due to privacy in mishandling of proxy settings.
      @TwidereProject @guardianproject

      @La_Yaan @Jetlife_6 when Chinese govt wants to play with your connection proxy and block social media

      @King_Proxy @RaidAway You too man!

      @codestic @DeejayForum May work. Too much effort though. May be worth looking into routers that is capable of VPN and then tunnel all Netflix.

      @Lorrie_Sizer @NinjaGiles I am using VYPR VPN for Netflix nowadays, runs substantially better than Unblock US - give it a go with this {free|totally

      @louise_xina @gerryd72 I can find it all on the American channels online with a Proxy.. It's just nice to be able to browse my options on netflix

      @KBuckerfield @Unblock_Us still no fix for the proxy blocker on Netflix??

      @robbeekmans Deployed a RES ONE workspace Express today seems you can’t activate and backup/restore DB. It’s free but a lot of work when behind a proxy

      @PrqFlqme @QirjaziGames @BANJerboa @Itzhamim_ @Hearthy_ @tannbro It was until halfway he got a 7 block first hit. VPN maybe

      @alexbartley1927 @SurfEasyInc I'm having issues getting nhl TV app to work with your vpn. Are you aware of any problems?

      @bianca_santos99 @COMELEC actually it is still online and accessible if you are using proxy server tool.

      @jacque_davis @netflix Do NOT force choice of Netflix or VPN. Security and Safety will win. #MyNetflixMyPrivacy It matters!!

      @AlexandraBessie Seo india: turn up distinguished closeness as proxy for thy website: PuE

      @NLVPOA @NLVPOA Facebook group page has been updated with proxy vote info if you're out of town.

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      @lollypopxx55 TUNNEL GURU IS THE FAST VPN IV'e use so go try it for you'reself.

      @JoshBocher @mariamjxde Can you use a proxy to browse from another country?

      @hannelorevl @theTunnelBear I get the "proxy error" on Netflix whilst using virtually every tunnel you have. When will this be fixed?

      @GLove39 @MelArcher369 that damned annoying.
      Btw I'd suggest install Hola VPN onto your browser, select UK then watch the BBC stream

      @SNKRSCHAMP @RonnieFieg tunnel bear. Or any vpn app in AppStore

      @dontstopashxx RT @zayndailynews: Don't forget to vote on the FOX now mobile app. If you live outside the US, use a VPN to vote (Zenmate, Tunnelbear). Vot…

      @maxine_red Those 40M are purely a VPN limit (other than the 50M DSL) as the test was on a 6x2.8GHz CPU from ramdisk to ramdisk (server have 100M)

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      @0x7ba07c Accessing SQL Server Reporting Services Mobile Reports with the Power BI app from the Internet using Active Directory Application Proxy …

      @dipikarajesh18 When your college's proxy doesn't block twitter but blocks Hangouts #butwhy

      @Chandelier_Kia @MsDBZbabe LOL when people have the entitlement to try to proxy control your twitter account! It gets an insta-block from me.

      @Mohamed0Essam feeling so great after connecting with spotify app via vpn tunnel :D

      @lovetraininc tunnel guru...best proxy tool

      @Meowhch Sh!t! Didn't know using a vpn will unblock Twitter!

      @texasintoronto Canada/UK folks, does anyone have any ideas on best ways to circumvent Netflix's proxy block? I wanna watch Star Trek.

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      @liamdaly Does anyone know what trustworthy VPN providers work with Netflix? I was using @Unblock_Us but I hear it no longer works with them.

      @The45Storm RT @CelTech67: @lgscotland @The45Storm it's not internal traffic/private Ip they track it's external/public Ip this address is unencrypted…

      @MCDyltik Okay, false alarm. The IP was a VPN. Fortunately we have the location of the VPN.

      @LimTheNick @rickard93a just bought and setup a new server dedicated to only real time proxy checking

      @Glitched @ComplexModz @KappaTheSkrub Cool, thanks purchasing!
      I'll be sure to set a IP ban and use WebRTC to bypass your silly VPN!

      @vince_bugge @JimRobinsonSEA @RealAlexJones @infowars Use the Onion Browser proxy with Tor. All her dirty laundry is hanging out there. #IndictHillary

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      @KillerGeeGee @Jonfanti tunnel bear is great !!! VPN thru Ireland. Worked for me was just in NYC

      @sdmix @craigmdennis place a VPN tunnel from it to the internet to mask the IP and all that jazz to help hide the IP etc.

      @malmoses Tunnel bear VPN has been great for extra browser security while travelling overseas

      @elagusoo _iiKiller: RT VPN_Masters: A network bringing you the best experiences on all platforms.

      @destinytrack @ZeroGraviton You were banned for spamming and using a proxy (still are) to bypass our bans. Your other accounts will remain banned.

      @blazingseo @truth_be_told03 @Sneak_Dissin_ @HustlaofDaYr I know how to use proxy in my browser. Loading the main domain will load on ANY (even banned)

      @bladepicker @guerillacricket The premuim Tunnel Bear VPN app only costs £2.99!!

      Is The Bear an honourary Yorkshireman?

      @BreSta7 @neilhimself Tunnel Proxy server solves SO many border issues ;-)

      @JoXIADynasty @janlcabrera I started the first chapter na pero merong proxy sa dorm I can't access it here. :<. It's interesting. XD

      @S3nt13ntB31ng Do not go to @politicoid_us' porn site without a VPN! @LogicalReterg @PolarVan @dnim_eerf @haplesspete

      @katemoore0991 #Data Access Filter for Multiple #Databases uses a generic proxy 2 protect multiple database types,such as oracle,IBM DB2,#MSSQL Server|#EGS

      @kid_slasher How to vote NHK 紅白:
      Android Users:
      1. DL openvpn or tunnel bear
      2. Open VPN and make sure Japan is selected
      3. Access google apps

      @gracebacon20 @theTunnelBear ...tunnel bear vpn is simply the best folks ...I ain't tells no lie..works right for your privacy

      @pavelauj1 #mechanical engineering vocational schools how to use private internet access vpn

      @EJ_Redgate RT @alieubadarambye: Gambians and people residing in The Gambia can now enjoy social media what's up, viber Facebook etc without using V…

      @Brad87au @SloneKimber Would need Facebook videos to be archived but still Linux + VPN is a pretty solid foundation for privacy. Hope he's caught!

      @srunyon1 #humira and ulcerative colitis private web proxy

      @nane_geoozzz Download tunnel bear is the best Vpn so far @tunnelbear

      @margo94 @ucantstop_me @SydNeCoh have 7s new Android and use 2 step auth. Can't think of what else to do
      Maybe put VPN on the wifi modem ?

      @bigbrotherpod17 @AllBBSurvivor download vpn master in the App Store on your App Store than use BBCAN website for feeds

      @obagomez1 @iamAlub then vpn to use the app

      @imboande Best part of using a VPN to access Spotify while living abroad is still being able to hear Home Depot ads.

      @Bestorrest1 RT @SHAWSHANK5: Egyptians have started to use VPN after threats from the Egyptian government who will attack Sisi on Facebook or Twitter wi…

      @Uwnaynaa RT @KuntaKutiKing: @RiaRozayy There's no room for them to grow as a biz. Facebook (and by proxy whatsapp and Insta) have all added "stories…

      @RickyShi1 @princes87151081 @aamir_khan It seems to have the trend or maybe the serious one would be that it is illegal to use vpn without censorship.

      @AndyOsira RT @quentynblog: They are doing some weird traffic shaping at center parcs, surfing via fsecure freedome VPN is painful. Google VPN seems f…

      @SteveCasull RT @TEXASFLYTYER: @SteveCasull @billnsher42197 @peggyjags @Craig_Muenzer @J45553957J @Arch_Angel9999 @tolivian @SenJeffMerkley @realDonaldT…

      @DreadZer0Gaming @Mattophobia Download Opera, activate the built-in VPN, set to america, watch on adult swim's website.

      @PyramidHead76 @MrWoodo We'll have our own Facebook and our own Whatsapp and our own VPN ban and our own Great Firewall.

      Basically China is our hero.

      @aoizayoi If anyone asks how i did this, i made a new line account with a facebook acc, used the Tunnelbear vpn, sent to my main line and BOOM!


      @faiz_Khan007 @guardianproject can i use orbot vpn mode for all apps ? are is there any anonymity problem ?

      @lMlaher @Rababoush Use proxy or vpn search in play store or app store

      @bih_njong RT @News24_SC: LRC

      @GlasgowsVoice RT @secastro: So @czivar is making a live demo, connecting to a VPN in Glasgow, to access a server in NZ #respect #livingontheedge #RIPE75

      @KiranPSalunkhe @HathwayBrdband Not able to browse on Chrome or IE. Please update proxy settings on your servers than asking people to do it.

      @oguzsy @theTunnelBear Hi, can I have a free 1gb data of tunnel bear vpn, account oguzsy@gmail.com , thanks a lot!

      @Nozza_ @cathgibs @vinfox not any more with iFollow tbf. Can watch every game now if you change your VPN.

      @JaegerEXP @Golden_Flipper Block the retweeted person if you don't wanna see them constantly by proxy.
      It's the only thing that works.

      @dp3894 @family_robin @PrisonPlanet Try a proxy site or the dark web to get around the censorship.

      @LadyErikaJavier RT @Koko_blueside: @coco_lamontagne @tinyelephantlvr @BoudeauShania @taekookiecafe @lunaticarmys @FlatterndesHerz @BTSHyperSquad @rosswen11…

      @_ND17 @domhqqdonotsus wont load, if its an ip grabber dont post my vpn

      @CairnsAlistair RT @Hayleeee1848: But that is not enough to wonder if that website could have been made by AIQ, and anyway, as I said, there is no (proxy?)…

      @EccentricFlower Facebook tonight: So broken that not even turning on VPN to bypass Comcast and multiple forced reloads can fix it.

      @Tunnello_VPN @ijaymin21 Hello, the Indian Server is down since only yesterday afternoon. It will be fixed today. Best

      @Buddz1993 RT @Regnar__: @BlockfolioApp @FundYourselfNow Great article, check out @KomodoPlatform about BarterDEX, their solutions for liquidity w/o p…

      @ReneV_ Hotel wifi, why do you block my VPN service? I want to want to watch my favourite HBO programs.

      @lord_krab RT @MerloUncensored: Merlo's Basic Guide To Internet Privacy:

      1. Install Firefox

      2. Install the Facebook Container, HTTPS Everywhere, uBl…

      @kallybisla Does anyone know if #iFollow is showing the game v Blackburn? Or do we need an overseas pass and a VPN connection? #itfc

      @davidkiama10 RT @droid254: So which VPN do you people use on Android?

      @3silentmajority RT @DeBraunHill: MTN at work. Their Cables have started cutting themselves. No surprises there. WHETHER you are in #Ambazonia or #Cameroun…

      @HdsnBTW @DatedRhyme Hapoens at ours, they block certain ports. VPN fixes it or we just ask them to unblock the ports.

      @davidmweissman RT @KrownCityKing: @davidmweissman They work with AND against us. They are in a cold war against Iran complete with its own Vietnam-style p…

      @geuriwohada @sinipelukpapa Unblock proxy team

      @LiveFromTheMoon @_GENESEXXX #ooc Probably just based on your IP, try a VPN or a proxy.

      @EtienneNYSHF RT @mrjacobdixon: "Your zip code is a proxy for access and opportunity!" - @agb4equity YES! #nyshealthevent