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unblock facebook
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Many office networks as well as college networks prevent social networking websites as well as Facebook and myspace. Numerous prevents are generally with no deserve as well as a lot of customers desire to unblock facebook or myspace to be able to access it correctly when it is in college as well as do the job.

ZPN VPN uses any technological know-how that is certainly much deeper seated in the interior ins and outs of your method when compared with standard proxies. Our vpn service will certainly allow you to unblock zynga. Also, it will be easy to gain access to Facebook or myspace with the encrypted relationship, making sure privateness along with safety measures within dangerous communities.

If you’ve arrived on this webpage it is pretty quite likely that you're searching information about unblock facebook.

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If your country or office firewall blocked access to open internet and websites, you can unblock through change your location with our free vpn service.

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      sweeti i waiting

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      @rydaniels100 @facebook any chance you can unblock my mate @Chayboy85 I was only joking I'm worried for my safety if you don't

      @PanzerHarris @Elessarion30 Don't give a flying wotsit about the game. I want the models. Gobbo Capone as a proxy Ronin etc. :P

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      @Zaddybaby_ I honestly think Landis be waiting for me to unblock her on Facebook

      @Hope2theFuture @facebook call me crazy BUT sharing a post outing a racist doesn't seem like a reason to be blocked. You should unblock me.

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      @Oops_its_cj @suicidalhealy also you can't unblock me on Facebook for 24 hours

      @otrasilk my school unblocked facebook but won't unblock snapchat ??? they have a school snapchat ???

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      @annieday10 when I was like 14 I blocked my stepdad on Facebook and he told me if I didn't unblock him he was going to make me delete my account

      @jilks_oG The moment when u finally unblock all those maggots u blocked on Facebook and they completely off the deep end #doingbetterthanyou #lol


      @analise_guarino I knew I made the wrong to choice to unblock my mother from Facebook when she shared my profile picture on her wall

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      If it won't unblock account I will move on #Google+.

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      @ImMy_WorstEnemy If my bm win da lottery Ima unblock her on Facebook and shoot a message. Fym?!

      @jennphillipss I blocked my dad on Facebook in 7th grade and he just realized and asked me to unblock him

      @emily_fab Holy Jesus Mary and Joseph I just want to unblock someone I don't understand why it's so hard!?!? Fuck Facebook

      @danny_cramphorn Do you think you will ever unblock me on Facebook @davemoan ? My weekly Sunday stalk of you has been ruined!!!

      @buckitalian @sportingnews @BillBender92 When are you guys going to unblock me from your Facebook page?

      @Hailey_Stev @Tuxed0s unblock me from Facebook you tard I want to talk to you

      @WithLoveAye lmfao , so why did this dude really unblock me on Facebook ?

      @EndPali I remember the time when @CasillasWorld blocked me on Facebook like 4 years ago. Unblock me lad

      @DeVon_Love_King Unblock me on Facebook and me fool @CollegeShawty12

      @lilcreamy_ I'm in a good mood so i think I'm gonna unblock my dad on Facebook

      @Salcazul @AahilDayani @AVAXDAVIS Should Aahil Dayani unblock me on Facebook?

      @_SABSZ I need to unblock rio on Facebook now think I can trust her.

      @redinthegrey @larinashit unblock Me on facebook

      @SaiyanKakashi @SaiyanKakashi now he's resorted to spam my Facebook page messages asking me to unblock them. Bruhh, just fuck off

      @JeremyBailey19 Technique will high facebook friends bind unblock my deal?: qZbBw

      @jenna_nicole115 @shawna_j99 unblock me off Facebook pos

      @leojames1960 RT @alienatdchildrn: AlienatdChildrn:If you can't talk yet with your cutoff parent can you at least unblock him/her from Facebook or any ot…

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      @shellj9 @gonortheast any chance you can unblock me on Facebook please. Promise I won't get mad and swear

      @LouisBuylla @Devillover3 can you unblock me on snapchat, insta and Facebook so I can contact you or you can contact me if we talk again in a future??

      @Swaziie Definitely deleted him off my Facebook & block/unblock combo up here. I'm good on you and your misogynist views.

      @whaider2009 I want rachel ben-menachem to unblock me on facebook facebook name Haider warah

      @chrisen06633942 @ChrisTodarello hi dude call me on facebook unblock me so weca talk to

      @caitlinbrodley1 Hahaha @ my mum crying because I won't unblock her on Facebook

      @Mi_Clos 5 years later, my girlfriend eventually found out how to unblock me on Facebook.



      @unblockmepz @kjc896 I'll leak every single one of ur pictures on LMU Twitter and Facebook everyday if you don't unblock my number.

      @Patzini14 RT @Dan_AlmostDope: Girl block me on facebook and whatsapp, then unblock me to tell me "I don't hate you" then block me back wtrr

      @fallenlovato They block spotify on the school wifi but unblock facebook. Ok

      @mdp_82 @narendramodi sir,yesterday I sent a request to unblock me on ur facebook page but yet to receive any reply.

      @Temoah150 RT @CHiLLtheBEAST: One of these days @Temoah150 is gonna stop posting about these damn manatees on FaceBook. On that day, I'll unblock her.

      @keryngrace You know if you really wanna stalk my Facebook you can unblock me and not send people to do it for you

      @fcukstyles @Bandsorgtfo unblock me on Facebook bitch tf

      @olafoniav Wonder when my dad is going to decide to unblock me on Facebook

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      @BreeDanielle_ My baby needs to unblock me on Facebook. LMAO, but as they say... It ain't real unless you've been blocked.

      @johndelchokoy @dorothyxandrade Sorry Doting sa Message sa Facebook I HOPE I UNBLOCK NAKO Nimo sa Message #IMISSYOU

      @katelynabigaail @NathalieBohn unblock me on Facebook.

      @ChrissyCorleone RT @Dreads_5: Tell Her To Unblock Me On Twitter Instagram Snapchat And Facebook

      @AngelaCeleste_ I guess if you unblock someone on facebook you have to wait like 4 days to reblock them that's so stupid

      @milanh5 @skyelouise97 unblock me on Facebook xxxx

      @SwiZZurPtv @_Drbluejay and please unblock me on facebook

      @mommap64 @Ciara did you ever do other Facebook page and did you block me and Kitha if not can you unblock us on it and message us and add us to ok

      @DiamondRoseEV @seventeen I'm blocked from commenting on Seventeens Facebook page. I commented what the article was about. I won't do it again! Unblock me?

      @fuckcortado Should I unblock @_kevinla on facebook? Its been 5 years lmfao

      @BckDoEAxxNiGha @AugustOwnThomas you cheated unblock me on Facebook boy



      @Q_Gambit @Rony_Die Yo, unblock me on Facebook so I can call you the ugliest nigga I ever met in my life. Disgustingly ugly at that lmao eewwwww

      @fuckcortado RT @_kevinla: @fuckcortado cuddy unblock from Facebook me already, it's 2016

      @AnitaOrdog @facebook how long do i have to wait until you realize my vegan recipes won't hurt anybody, and unblock my account. #unfair

      @CleophasMuthama @JumiaKenya @CleophasMuthama unblock me kindly in Facebook coz its very hard to reach you considering I'm also an agent n the work is alot

      @eusoulesbico @TheGRAMMYs Unblock Grammy's Facebook Page for Brazilians, for god' sake, I never asked you for anything! :/

      @grhluna25 proxy wars yemen kinda realities

      @AyoJ0J0 My dad just asked me to unblock him on Facebook... #awkward

      @haleigh_ariana Hahhhhh I wish a bitch would unblock me on Facebook so I could let her know wassup

      @krystina3005 @BIGDADDI_B unblock me on Facebook so we can talk..

      @JorgeeCoCo_ RT @santilifts: So I guess my ex unblock me from Facebook. Cause he was there to add "friends you might know." Nah hoe I don't know him. Lm…

      @jtgrivna @streiter_3 unblock me on Facebook please.

      @SulovP @OperaIndia dear
      Dear I hope this wick unblock your Facebook page @Sulov Panja

      @mejia_brithany @smoothh_naynay2 you should like unblock me off Facebook also

      @MaryAnt68924776 However fire pneuma unblock facebook?: QZDxFS

      @kylefarrell96 RT @Jamiebarton561: @Meganhowey please can you ask Jon to unblock me on Twitter and add me on Facebook and unblock me on Instagram and add …

      @mejia_brithany @Kevinfromdabay you should unblock me off Facebook

      @TheDreamGenie I wish that Thomas Davenport would unblock my Facebook page - Tweeted courtesy of a #Dreams Come True user.

      @Philip1723 @netflix When is this proxy block for VPN users possibly going to take effect? Will there be possible exceptions?

      @Annchirisu If China wants to be cool again, how about the government unblock YouTube, Facebook etc? Taiwan didn't do that. x'D

      @SharkyMarie Hi, my name is Sharde and I unblock people on Facebook just to watch folks go in on them and be nosy.

      @chiffwaa RT @bwilliams_95: @liam_abba unblock me on facebook #notcool

      @murphyjames88 @AmirKingKhan @facebook ask him to unblock me mate

      @Kirstylovesdan @CelineBeauty922 can you unblock me on Facebook Hun

      @Dallas_Lauren Had to unblock my mom on Facebook so she would turn my data back on

      @ThePython1 @MsMiscellane0us Happy Birthday Jerry;) BTW grab your mixed race ass and unblock me on Facebook -___- there is something I gotta tell you

      @brianwill @DominusLutrae @patrickklepek the bad connotations of "censor" as a proxy fight to side step the real issue.

      @julieomeg @NyakaisikiJuli2 hey friend unblock me on your facebook

      @maityP22 When you unblock someone ko facebook "we're sorry that you've had this experience"

      @punit__agarwal Unblock me from post comments on facebook.

      @punit__agarwal @BigBazaar unblock me from post comments on facebook. Very poor service and no reply by such big company

      @brunett101 @realracing unblock me from #Facebook

      @___tui @Hardluckbluess unblock me on Facebook faggot

      @MrHenery @letitbealyssa SO bitch if you wanna talk shit make sure to unblock me first hoe :-) OR just Facebook messages me

      @rbxfist @omqswaqqa yo, fernanda its ed i gotta talk to you, unblock me on facebook i gotta find somthing out

      @swthriller25 @DarthTiska please unblock me and I lost you on Facebook as well

      @ew_i_see_people My goal this year to unblock all my family members off of Facebook by my birthday

      @CanadianMike711 @andysnarkin Unblock Me or I can't add you back on @facebook

      @x_FoodOverWifi Unblocked Everybody On Facebook, Now Bouts To Unblock Everybody On Twitter Lol

      @qutetony @faithohibags please unblock and add me back on Facebook

      @parth_patel157 Me: Can you get me a glass of water?
      Cousin: Ok, but first can you unblock me on Facebook
      Me: *laughs*, ha nope

      @audieann "I'm not getting you anything for Valentine's day until you unblock me from Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook!" -My bf

      @mdp_82 @narendramodi sir,my 6th request to u in less than week,pls unblock me frm ur facebook page.Now Im wondering:is any1 reading my twits?

      @valerie24_ @CindyAdamsGogu1 can you please unblock me and be friends again on Facebook Cathie Avery started it I didn't say anything.

      @Delta_STW5 @6Foot4Honda Yay lanyards. Could you unblock me on facebook please? I did nothing wrong, and I would like to be able to comment on stuff.

      @mark3rd @CourtneyCoye ok so do yiu want to be friends at facebook then if so i unblock yiou and request friends ?

      @LamangiliLuca @JamieGill2

      @mdp_82 @narendramodi sir,didn't receive any reply to my past 6 twits requesting u2 unblock me on facebook.why my repeated twits are ignored?

      @Pinkpinata__ Should James unblock me on Facebook

      @controlledhes i really wanna unblock my ex on facebook to stalk his profile.

      @DriJuice Get blocked from your phone, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap

      @mmmortiboys I wish Stacey Reed would unblock me from Facebook, I miss seeing her posts

      @ali_cutler10 RT @SteveKammeraad1: Happy birthday Corrine. Can't believe it's been a year since u blocked me here and now on Facebook #goals #unblock htt…

      @louis_milne A historic moment, as I, louis milne, unblock my father, Simon milne, from viewing my Facebook page. #noRagrets

      @Elizabe27181084 @YOANDRl and unblock me from Facebook please your account is the one of the red shirt and black hat

      @rahimshah9911 @fArishahidfs56 yOuu Aree A Best Butt Please Unblock Me And Hammad In Facebook Then I Send yOu Request Please Accept Itt !!?

      @aiden_dugdale1 @Samfort42Fort instead of blocking me on Facebook you absolute weapon unblock me ya pussy

      @natasha_may_22 @RobShanks007 maybe maybe not, I'll try send it to you somehow, unblock me on Facebook maybe?

      @Destinycity0 Mom:So you gonna unblock me from Facebook when you go back to school? Me:Will see

      @BrianJoslyn @thenivenulls ...comment on Facebook and remove the mention of the video. So, a simple unblock would be appreciated.

      @MaryAnt68924776 Eh backside atom unblock facebook?: yegMpi

      @Its_BooBae RT @jamie_flexx: @Its_BooBae @_brianna365 @JealousOfFinni_ naw bitch I gotchu on Facebook when they unblock me Imma show u

      @jaypeezy420 @MDB_Modlin @msmatuska_xo unblock from Facebook asshole that's unfair

      @brandon95229061 @mallow610 @jennaezarik @Nadeshot unban me on YouTube and unblock me on Facebook please ok bros I am truly sorry please forgive me

      @StephenYapp1 @MilseyYT Unblock me on Facebook need a good laugh and chat

      @wallflowerwenna When u block the best friend on Facebook BC she's being silly on purpose and it's spamming up ur notifications (Lauren ily I'll unblock soon

      @BrianaIreton If @black342912 doesn't unblock me on Facebook he's gonna get punched.

      @KomanKody101995 @Moni0214 Hey Monica It's Kody Dunbar kind of your ex. Hey can you unblock me off facebook and add me. I don't have you blocked.

      @ParveenAktr @SharafDG i do not know why am i blocked on facebook to comment on your page, can you pls unblock me, check the blocked list and remove pls

      @thomasr2014 @FBTtips now you have admitted that last few tips not being great maybe you can unblock me on facebook as this is what I said an got blocked

      @CrissyT0812 @brandychrisdb search karen's kindness in Facebook. It's a group. I'm not sure but you may have to unblock me lol

      @daniela23__ @DianaSteffanny unblock me on Facebook bitch

      @LarissaJaydene @taliaijkx unblock me off fucking Facebook now

      @sarahsmithh I wonder when jay will unblock me on facebook

      @Illumitommi Can you unblock me from the Facebook page or tell me why I was blocked? I said nothing offensive or rude to anyone. @ScreamQueens

      @_sydneycongdon My mom accidentally blocked my dad on Facebook and she called me bc she can't figure out how to unblock him

      @majesticminge RT @_shellzbellzzz_: It's like telling your ex to unblock you on Facebook so you can masturbate to his selfies isn't cool

      @TheFakeNewJack @Tye_SOdope unblock me on facebook

      @BLANK_NOISE Thank you @desigrrl - @facebook #UNBLOCK our account.

      @MaoyuuZeta @neon_shadows That's why you had to beg me on Facebook to unblock you

      @Cool_laxmikant @kamaalrkhan @taran_adarsh krk unblock me on facebook

      @riggerswrlfc199 @facebook @cmall can you unblock my account please I've send in my passport photo with my name on and I can't access my account still

      @DeaneBold @JSpear96 Can you unblock me on Facebook please pal xoxooxxoox<3

      @RyanneWheaton i block & unblock my mom on facebook so much. too fuckin petty

      @pastspirits Can anyone tell me how to unblock someone from Facebook?

      @Ella_Ster Facebook blocked my account. They subjugate me to submit ID papers to unblock my account, something I do not wish to do.

      @An0nKn0wledge @Ex_Directory1 @SarahCorvus @wvualphasoldier @AlParsons2 i posted the eff model of tor just add in a VPN.

      @Quweina @intlsocamonarch I've been trying to vote and it's not allowing me to vote at all. Please unblock me from your Facebook page. I need access

      @TylerrrWatkins I'm not gonna unblock you if you're just gonna creep on everything I say like you do on Facebook. Twitters my happy place to say what I want

      @linhsanityy @facebook unblock me

      @BawermanCausey Unblock Facebook and YouTube in China ApKg

      @dtuggy @DISNXT unblock me again I wanna try and re-add on facebook k

      @Janessa_Wilder literally no one more petty than my ex boyfriend, feels the need to talk shit about me on Facebook, unblock me thoooo

      @drjoyce_knudsen @JJClassicBeauty @LoriMoreno Lori, why have you blocked me? We used to talk via Facebook. Please unblock me.

      @danicastand Can you unblock me on facebook @jaredqwe please...

      @twiabp .@680South_ i also asked a kid to have scott unblock me on facebook and apparently that makes me abusive

      @MEDLIJ_ Guys kif by3mlo unblock la hadan 3al Facebook

      @cchelscamp Well @facebook locked me out of using my account for no apparent reason. They need to unblock me! I didn't do anything wrong!

      @sparklepipsi @gentileschi @EliEbberts ahh ;w; you're the best!! anyone can enter but it has to be done thru a proxy so it's kind of complicated... ;w;

      @BrianJoslyn It would really be quite respectful of (Austin) @thenivenulls to unblock me on Facebook.

      @lehcarnazay RT @serenefighterx: I'm Rachels best friend but she still has me blocked on Facebook the fuck bitch unblock me

      @lehcarnazay RT @serenefighterx: @lehcarnazay can you unblock me on Facebook now it's been MONTHS

      @bun_nelle Unblock me first on facebook. Before I reply on your text message.

      @SelbieRhodes Finally they unblock You Tube and Facebook

      @AlouOraelosi @TheNextWeb Could you please unblock me on your Facebook? Been blocked (for being silly) since 2013. I'm really sorry. Name: Alou Oraelosi.

      @Rebtacular359 RT @_LeKido_: So people start Twitter accounts to block people and unblock them and follow them again nah plz move back to Facebook

      @cchelscamp @facebook you are punishing me for something I didn't do!!! I shouldn't be blocked for three days! Unblock me!!!!

      @AnnaMoynex So I unblock two skanks off my Facebook couple days later I'm blocked hahaha nice to see your still checking my Facebook babes

      @chaz3071 @LVincent2015 @leviv400 hey it me Charlotte and can you unblock me on Facebook so I can talk to u I need to tell you something

      @de7a72f0eaf84a0 @courtney_9845 unblock me plz on Facebook

      @Gavan_Stockdale #Facebook Blockers can unblock and then wait until your profile is once again visible to them and they can opt to block again if they want.

      @VaibhavJain209 @htcity Will u Please Unblock me From Facebook ??? VaibhavJain0209

      @Leileilalalou You blocked me on Facebook forever ago, and now you unblock me? I'm sure it's not so you can spy on me without thinking I'm gunna notice.

      @StegglesWHUFC RT @oooOStaceyOooo: @KyeWHU iv finally find you my son after few years!its your dad! shatur miah! unblock my profile on facebook! love you …

      @jacqueline_000 Well robert and jen if u going to play the swoop and antagonise block and unblock game stick to facebook


      @radxsarah someone pls tell my brother to unblock me on twitter, instagram, snapchat, tumblr, facebook, pinterest, myspace, AOL, & everything inbetween

      @pezza_91 @Spamfish just use a proxy server. Try hide my ass proxy and route through either the US or Netherlands!

      @Ubetterunblock1 @shortieeva you better unblock me on facebook if you know whats good for you

      @bigg_boss_tike3 RT @shyxnel: @bigg_boss_tike3 unblock me on Facebook

      @LeighaLunatic That moment you realize one of your ex's unblock you on facebook just to lurk..
      *block your dumbass*

      @Mariah11_ I hate when I get those
      "unblock me :(" messages on Facebook cause that's the only place i didn't think would be a problem

      @MoniqueTheKING Can somebody tell Ger to unblock me on here and Facebook?

      @miketvgg @Sarkies_Proxy Working on website improvement at the Moment. New one will be better. Thanks !

      @Becky_StanMarsh Wondering why my ex has now decided to unblock me on facebook, ha. Yes I'm doing brilliantly, thanks.

      @Henitch @TopBlogger_KE seems you are conversant,champion for the admin to unblock YouTube, it is a learning resource! Facebook on the other hand nop

      @Fullmobs @facebook @france_ea can you please URGENTLY unblock "Roxane Julien"? what you do is so pervert!

      @BaringGary Unblock me on facebook

      @MiaThai1 @CoastalScents can you unblock me from Facebook now.

      @lukebrownlee9 @louisbenoit26 can you unblock me on facebook

      @lisafaulknerr @SamBoyle unblock me on Facebook

      @SkyIgor__ @Guillumiru Unblock me in Facebook

      @RayvnRay I love when people block me on Facebook and then wanna try to be nosy and unblock me.

      @Jonesy005 RT @n3bentley: Unblock me on Facebook you twit @NoahRayMiller

      @TheSauceCode @TChanaH Tweet karoth another 1GB for free. Totally free VPN hoyanna amaruyi ithin :P There's Tor too.

      @Alexx_bones @Dus17_MML yooooo @dustin_mml can you please stop being a douche and unblock me off facebook and insta? I miss you.

      @stephenbaty1 @Incredachief hey im sorry bout facebook unblock me plz man

      @audrealities called and was like "im so sorry w/ the shit u have to deal with on facebook" and then i had to discreetly unblock my father on facebook

      @Joshywashy31 PSA to all my waunakee homies: if the school blocks shit all you have to do is download a free VPN app and it will allow anything. betternet

      @_icze4r @itsdapoleece HA SHIT

      Steam is now a proxy to play one of those shady online poker site gamds

      @DanteAleks1 @amirahj_ What did I ever do to you dude? Can't we just talk it out? Please PLEASE UNBLOCK ME ON FACEBOOK

      @rohitbhati110 @Miniclip @8ballpool connected to it via facebook

      Please understand problem and unblock

      @robbie_derosa90 Can unblock me on Facebook and add me on snapchat @adamtaggart22 miss u bruzz

      @DominicanGod RT @SMITHAAAAAA: @DominicanGod @_2Spiffyy @Micah_KenCraw Dev York said unblock him or he's gonna tag you on Facebook

      @wilsongembo @Jahrunda . Can you please unblock me in Facebook. I miss your elaborate expose. Thank you in advance.

      @MentqlMonkey @CalasterTweets @KennzoMC Calaster it doesn't matter if you do I have a VPN.

      @catsgomao @_Hanaru why and when did i block u on facebook LMAO WHY DIDNT U TELL ME TO UNBLOCK OMG

      @wolvesdraco @givenchyhes "unblock me on Facebook xx"

      @RA_Clayton @DanBellRushFan hello! why'd ya block me on Facebook? I posted in the group asking for someone to tell you to unblock me but no one did.

      @TinManVlogger @facebook would you unblock my facebook account

      @Yordan_Mierz @cwzeip unblock me from facebook or i will burn your house down

      @JuJu2Tight @facebook unblock my account

      @charlotteapiol @Str8tOutaAfrica You are blocked on facebook and i'm not about to unblock you. Stop messaging the girls on OOC and back off.

      @epicblob_ my mom to her sister: "do the right thing. unblock me on facebook"

      @ipushink999 Just siting here waiting for Facebook and ig to unblock me

      @Jaeehxo_ my mom blocked me from Facebook but she forgets that I made her Facebook and I just unblock myself and re add my self lmao like stop

      @chanellelouiseb Would love it if @facebook would actually respond to an email and unblock my account that's been blocked for 6 months :@:@

      @TellTheTruthYo But if I unblock you upon the Facebook, then I'll be cursed for 1000 years. Too risky.

      @lykyyy happy 19th birthday to you, friend. i-unblock mo na ko sa facebook pwede ba


      @CielBooker unblock me on facebook my phone screen isnt workinh

      @Rissi_Orlando @life_cheates or just use a proxy site but this method works as well (unless the website uses JavaScript)

      @rob101360 So someone broke into my boyfriends facebook and blocked me.I know that because if hed block me why would he unblock me.

      @ThisAIR2 @blhagan Yo B plse forgive m unblock me Facebook lets talk please I apologize le past is le past I just had to get things outs

      @ThisAIR2 @blhagans Please bett I apologize unblock me on at least Facebook we can converse without malice

      @Cedes_ISmile When he finally unblock u on Facebook

      @libraryyoda @TheChristianLft I was following you guys on Facebook but I've been banned from commenting for reasons I don't understand. Unblock me pls.

      @queenn_alicia Still getting all these notifications from Facebook but I can't see them smh fuck u Facebook unblock my account

      @matthewwolves94 @brfccallum94 please unblock me on facebook and twitter, no more bs from me anymore. Seriously :-) please there's no point anymore it's daft

      @ImMici @AronEisenberg My pleasure! I hope Facebook will unblock you.

      @pathankot2katra @JitendraSagar15 y r u blocking me...i m sorry means I m sorry...please forgive me....unblock me on Twitter and Facebook later please

      @MZZ_KHILLAH Unless you unblock me from facebook and send me a friend request

      @_knowurcheating @natchai_ what about Error MIKE 20240078 I haft to use a vpn to connect to the server and play.

      @coolcalmnerd Sorry #Netflix, I get that people are bypassing region restrictions but banning VPN's is not a good solution. Many use VPN's for security.

      @__XALaylaX__ @_PrettyJasmine Unblock Mfs On Facebook So Shit Can Be Known Shorty Yo Goof Ass

      @KeverneGeorgina decided to unblock me i see so you can stalk my facebook when you arent with your girlfriend

      @oj_one @kerlyn35 hi why did you block me on facebook ? kindly unblock me ( prince Ajorya Iddisah-Jeduah

      @KyonSohma If THIS ALBUM CONTAINS INSTRUMENTALITY isn't out by 11:59 CST on January 30th 2016, I will unblock everybody on Twitter and Facebook.

      @TarrahLuzuriaga @DramaMELinquent since "past is past" when are you going to unblock me on Facebook? Hahaha

      @JemScott_ Just had a 20 minute conversation trying to convince my brother to unblock me on Facebook.

      @IZLtheShizl @ajquist Unblock me on facebook you bitch

      @wuttyprofessor @PapaJohns unblock me on facebook please

      @BoxingFanatic_ @tj_cummings @DecTaylor I'll never send a Facebook request asking for a fighter to unblock me though #levels

      @avrillavignefn Hey, it's Andre!! Send me a message on Facebook, please? You blocked me there, unblock me please? I wanna be your boyfriend... @AvrilLavigne

      @Breezy_TTG RT @EddieeChavez: I think its time that i unblock all my aunts and uncles from facebook

      @longliveleah_ S/o to Trista tho. Thanks 4 volunteering your Facebook since Makayla won't unblock me on anything

      @UsamaKhudadad @Cricketracker please unblock me on facebook. iam ur die hard fan :) please!!!!!!

      @tamia_joney @zahavaaaa

      @FxxlXnTheHill Why did Sam unblock me on Facebook after 7 fucking months

      @WarwickHolden Darn Netflix now blocking use of VPN's. UK peeps now unable to watch friends etc. Awaiting a VPN hack

      @TariqAlauddin @comcastcares VPN not working and cannot get any help. Concast asking extra payment to give me an static IP so that VPN can work.

      @_August18th Facebook Need To Hurry Up && Unblock Me I Got So Much Shit To Say Lmfao

      @Badddie_Babyy Nick hacked my Facebook to unblock himself on my Facebook then turn around nd block me on his so he's the "tough" one.

      @thtgirl_dee Treston has 3 days to unblock me on facebook or he's getting his ass kicked

      @samsceppa64 @DilksKalie PLEASE UNBLOCK ME ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!

      @Becca_Athey RT @quinnfenleyxx: Really wish my brother would unblock me on Facebook, I really miss being tagged and classed as one of his mains

      @GIWJViolence .@facebook make .@JNorth0 unblock me.

      @MemphisGunOwner @hobbs_jan13 To see a responce from gun owners you would have to unblock us. Idiot! @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts @facebook

      RIP #gunsense

      @JennaScrim_ Bobby finally decided to unblock me on Facebook. Big weirdo

      @kneeecoleee @facebook like what? Why would I unblock them if I knew they would only harass me constantly? Please, tell me that. Your system sucks and

      @chelsealobbanx weird when people block u then unblock you on facebook then block u again for a snoop

      @tomelli @ben_hansen @theadvocatetas Can you unblock me on Facebook first? Hard to send a job application when you're on the blacklist.

      @karina_hefner @1nick1elliott1 unblock me on Facebook

      @FuryMavq @xRed_Skullx @ProXy_Rafting hit him up woe

      @JKromjong @DrewOnTheRadio can you unblock me now from Facebook? I still don't know why you took what I said so personal. It was a joke.

      @PurushottamkrPk @finkd my facebook acount created by this email purushottamkr.pk@gmail.com
      Please unblock my acount please sir ....

      @okaynataliexx @gk_huge_billy he could also unblock me on Facebook

      @chambers5_eric @dnorton1323 Hi @dnorton1323! Please unblock me on facebook.

      @IamASupa Part 6 of the tutorial:
      4. Socks 5 SOCKet Secure (SOCKS) is an Internet protocol that routes network packets through a proxy server.

      @WendPrepsofola 12. 8 months later you unblock her to see baby pics you check her IG, Facebook, Twitter bebo ffs no sign of a baby

      @radiatelovex2 @AyeeMadeYouLook What happened? you can message me on facebook I will unblock you and I'll follow you back on here too

      @Lonely_Failure_ Honestly, I just want New Pal to unblock Facebook at least once a week.....I know they won't but

      @pepinotcanta @BradWalsh tell Christian to unblock me on Facebook! I don't know why I got blocked on the first place

      @baldi_imani i took our twitter battle to facebook and had to quickly look up how to unblock on facebook

      @Chiquitalai I was upset with my mom & blocked her on Facebook but even if I unblock we're still not friends omg moms gonna kill me send help I'm dumb

      @YvonneBatal @Jevtich1 unblock Facebook silly

      @EllesmereBuzz RT @abdarlington: Had a small argument with Jordan so I blocked him off Facebook for a laugh and got an EMAIL of him telling me to unblock …

      @JugginBenny at least unblock me n stop telling ppl I don't call .. knowin damn well u have me blocked n I be textin callin leaving Facebook messages

      @yaseencena3 @JillWagner hi jill wagner! ♡♡♡ can u plz unblock me from Facebook

      @sheenajembelano should I unblock my father on my facebook account. lol

      @KingKaijjong @sighssehun UnBLOCK ME ON FACEBOOK

      @MarkLawrie And they be blocked him on Facebook after he messaged them asking to unblock him on Twitter

      @mikey90231304 @L1z_Khalifa okay ill be happy unless you unblock on Facebook then defently will stay happy Liz Willis :)

      @obsessedfandom4 @TRUEATLBELIEBER yw. can you also unblock me on Facebook so i can add you ?

      @bbrittany____ 3 more hours until Facebook unblock me

      @destinytrost Can somebody please tell Ashley Levatino to unblock my number or unblock me on Instagram or Facebook

      @haleyamber77 Sometimes I wish people would just unblock me so I wouldn't have to stalk them through my dads facebook #letsbereal #honest #realtalk

      @prplhed @wolfganggartner hey dude, love your new stuff. can you unblock me from your Facebook page?

      @MariahVolz Why the fuck would you unblock me on Facebook..... A YEAR LATER..... To ask if I wanna toke with you? #ByeFelicia

      @rhiannonbaker Don't get why people block and unblock me on Facebook, keep me blocked pal

      @Declanjonesy @ethandjc unblock me on Facebook plz

      @_InSoonBae27 RT @srcarnevale: @_InSoonBae27 me too my sweet McNally I'm unblock from Facebook I save the pages that we like & them a little at a time

      @TheMandiShow Wish my mom would unblock me on Facebook lol

      @charlieeejadee @Mason_Sutton15 defo think you should unblock me off Facebook din ah x

      @thepunkchick223 @tsigrist2019 unblock me from Facebook I wanna talk to you

      @BadBoyTeelo @Samsungsa my browser is blocked to access facebook and Twitter how can I unblock it

      @jFUCKINGbuck @young_dominico yo unblock me on Facebook I'm tryin to come thru lol

      @jasrtain1 @67321_campbell @LeeMckay96 I shut down my Facebook account lee is just being a dingbat n refusing to unblock #asshole

      @PaulKarl3 RT @jessiedgarr: @PaulKarl3 unblock me on Facebook now

      @OliverWoodFan one more time bastard saying me Facebook ill block your ass and never EVER unblock it with both my Facebooks i swear you cocksucker #ugh

      @Holty_1989 RT @nathanlutton: @curtis_allen unblock me on Facebook

      @allanahcoates @Devon_Farah UNBLOCK ME OFF FACEBOOK

      @X_charlie_B_90 @AnnouncePogba I wouldn't mind but @leemunns told me to send Dawson nudes then he will unblock me but I can't even add him on Facebook

      @67321_campbell @LeeMckay96 @jasrtain1 unblock me on Facebook then what's the problem

      @FabAndSad i love being able to unblock shit on the chromebooks, like facebook and instagram. its lit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      @BruceCrawford1 @DearFranny Great question! Unblock me and add me on Facebook my friend.

      @NameOfLove6 I Promised You I Won't Write Personal
      Then Too You Didn't Unblock Me
      On Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter
      You Never Took My Calls

      @billyfeggans1 @LiamLawrie_ unblock me on Facebook right now mate hahaha I'm trying to mail you ya bawbag

      @Ziadboabdullah1 @RapUp unblock me on Facebook! !!!!!

      @ChynaGAMBINO I know my boyfriend better Unblock me from Facebook

      @JugginYaPockets - I can unblock my fam on Facebook I can say I smoke and drink etc

      @ryduhh that satisfying feeling where you unblock your ex on Facebook and lightly stalk them only to find out how boring their life still is

      @Jenni_Meatballz when you unblock your step sister from Facebook and realize why you blocked her in the first place

      @discomfiting @SarahPalinUSA :( pleas unblock me on Facebook, does the bourgeoisie notion of free speech only apply to oppress dialects? LOL

      @CHBMatt @Ol_Chief I Facebook tagged her in a comment to check her Instagram DMs and the message to unblock u was in there

      @SANFANeduGroup 2day @facebook issued several warnings, & I mean several b4 blocking me on the likes.They mustB important, 4 T time I spend there. Unblock?

      @iLove_Beatriz RT @CordovaDanielaa: Wondering when @iLove_Beatriz will unblock me on Facebook

      @skylovesmoney @djtigerlily unblock me on facebook please, i want to ike ur photos :(

      @gsforever22 When will KRK unblock me on Facebook I literally cannot like or comment on any of his posts since a year

      @madhatterkaitly @XHALLIE_NIVENX could u or erin unblock me on facebook?

      @MooR_Original @TheMadShadow21 Unblock @AspireBaichar because he wants to know why you hacked his Facebook.

      @sinepitome Btw
      I'm actually fine ((well, not rlly)) if twitter be like facebook, but

      PLEASE UNBLOCK @tabemcnokure fIRST :((((

      @BakedSabbath Please tell her to unblock me from Facebook

      @Imaridacoolest I blocked my grandma from Facebook cause she kept tagging me in baby photos , I'll unblock her when she get her mind right

      @lilymayclarkexx RT @__maisytaylor: @miadonnelly_ @lilymayclarkexx sorted it out with my brother aswell turns out I didn't unblock him on Facebook

      @lorin_watson @McQuade_x finally realised how to unblock people from Facebook from when I blocked you about 6 years ago

      @LairdKendal Land descent dexterous delicious reasons for make a hit ireland as proxy for systematics holidays: wYrAF

      @brettcaldwell17 @pitty36933 hey u can unblock meh on Facebook

      @VaibhavJain209 @htcity team Please Unblock me on Facebook. It's long time u Block me der. Vaibhavjain0209 Plshhh

      @cheyybaeee @SmittyLu I did

      @emmaabowden Wish Shawty Marshall would unblock me on Facebook

      @cooksley005 I can tell when you unblock me on Facebook.. You're all over my news feed

      @anonsexysnap @DannyVas you blocked me on facebook but I have multiple accounts. I advise you to unblock me asap. I have arrest records and pics.

      @VanPersieVolley @Man_Like_Claytz @carrick_fan @JanuzajLad unblock or consequences now I'll have his Facebook by tomorrow evening

      @TiburonPineda @TMobile to participate in your Facebook page.. Please unblock me!!

      @dreaa_lopez @tomas_avina unblock me on facebook

      @StfuEdwin "unblock me on facebook for today so i can send you your brother's soccer game"

      @adore_xx3 @_Janelle16_ unblock me off Facebook

      @KieranBarker96 So me mother is threatening to never do my washing again because I won't unblock her on Facebook

      @ashleighallphi1 Got that unblock on facebook

      @alanjonesy51 @MarzBarGaming please unblock me on Facebook I need a chat with you please unblock me

      @OiSimonWoods RT @StephenCurragh: @amirkingkhan can you unblock @OiSimonWoods he's a rally big fan he even made a real nice heartfelt video on Facebook f…

      @UmeDan33 @Clariefinch My friend Dan wants u to unblock him on Facebook. Better to talk then to be in silence :)

      @GayStation_3 Unblock me @facebook

      @econlon zuckerberg would pop a million boners if china would unblock facebook

      @HEELSupermanNYJ If Jude doesn't unblock me soon he's going to get a strongly worded Facebook or Instagram message smh

      @cindyaleon My dad is funny...I think it's time I unblock him from Facebook and send him a friend request

      @Jenwahlberg @RememberBetty can you please unblock me on your Facebook page so I can comment? Thanks.

      @darkcIouds I wish Chyna would unblock me on Facebook

      @ohfuckitscerah YOU BETTER UNBLOCK ME FROM FACEBOOK RIGHT NOW @westtheman95

      @ambertioc Finally figured out how to unblock @HopeBurchill from Facebook

      @muliradh @benmurraybruce you are planning to win me to your side just unblock on Facebook

      @DannixPhantom95 @crazyfamily8993 if youd unblock my facebook itd be easier lol

      @TackettJocelynn I unblock my ex from Facebook just to see one fuckin thing try to block it back and it say I gotta wait a couple days

      @JamzPakistan If you kutteh don't tell Jamz to unblock me I'm going on Facebook and baiting you all out to your amis and abus, dekh menuu

      @BadAssNishaa When they block you from Facebook then unblock you and send you a friend request

      @rayssadalben @TheGRAMMYs will you ever unblock the Facebook page for Brazilians? Some people need it for other purposes (including work) than trolling.

      @aimeetriana_ @alt_jay unblock me on facebook you shit

      @AlanWilliFarish i wonder if @ColeSalthouse will ever unblock me on facebook

      I hope not, cringey cunt who can't spell.

      @kelmax85 @ChadHastyRadio Victor may have come on the show but did he unblock you from Facebook?

      @urteezus RT @emilyjriley: @benhartley05 Oi you fucking cunt unblock me on Facebook you scamming prick.

      @noellestlaurent Hey girl @leslie_witt, it's me, your little Noelle. do you think you could unblock me on Facebook? Thanks, enjoy the rest of your day.

      @Green_stone Wondering when @facebook will unblock me??? #myrealname #tryingtorunabusiness

      @evan_mckimmy I just had some call me and tell me to unblock their friend on facebook, bitch if I blocked them it's for a reason

      @DesaraeRaquel @jopaige819 yuppp, life just got better!! You wanna unblock me from Facebook now?? (;

      @iTsSmittyyy I would like to speak to this so called hammer guy on Facebook if he would be kind enough to unblock me @LethalGaming_

      @shubhamgautam97 @TheGIGCarnival
      Please unblock me on facebook.

      Hope & wish to win #GIGSelfieContest
      Fingers crossed..

      @EE_Laxman Twitter Updates !
      We have Locked Your Facebook Account Successfully.Kindly Enter Your UID Card or PAN Card Number to Unblock Your Account.

      @Pmc_Ghandi @facebook Wtaf ? U need to unblock me account now ffs

      @theylovejoi_ Wish Dre Would Unblock Me On Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

      @MaddenK6_24 I like when people I dislike unblock me on Facebook, because that means I can block them & be the one incharge of them never seeing my shit

      @Lloydsyy @BBCR1 met my boyfriend online, talked a few times he used to block & unblock me on facebook, been together for 2 & a half years #loveonline

      @PlutoNatalia can I unblock someone Ive blocked on Facebook?

      @HaleyJeanAnn830 I went to unblock a lot of people after facebook freaked out and then people are talking trash. That's cool. Go you?

      @Latin4Potatoes @RockingMrE Has anyone on twitter or facebook, actually convinced you to go through your YT blocklist & unblock them? - Just curious.

      @pritambakshi501 @Acer_India Please unblock me on Facebook

      My name is Pritam Bakshi

      Blocked by @Acer_India Team

      @snxoa debating if I should unblock Faryde on Facebook

      @Andrea3478 @facebook pls unblock my account Zangeres Andrea Schön. It's my real name. Sent you documents. It's my professional network. Thx

      @pritambakshi501 @Acer_India Please unblock my account on Facebook page

      Name - Pritam Bakshi #AcerLoveChanger

      @hhoggorm @facebook how can i unblock

      @zarac_xo RT @edbassmaster: Hey @facebook unblock my account unless you'd rather be on the news that's fine with me.

      @AshleyyDeneyy RT @LovelyyMarii24: @edbassmaster @facebook yeah unblock it! it's his account not someone else come on he's going to put you on the news

      @SammeyyEllis I guess I should unblock my boyfriend from Facebook now

      @robertlothropii @gagesmith161 Gage, I would like to chat, I thought Clay was a victim, I now know about him, unblock me on Facebook. Robert

      @alvzada @RichHomieHav unblock me on Facebook this instant!

      @CharlieCarl2 Gratuity as proxy for having quiz show far out thine corporate body: WjKzSN

      @Iftikhar02011 @HBLPak I'm blocked from Facebook page, please unblock me

      @xprincessjas @klassykali suggest you unblock me now and reply on Facebook !!!!

      @mackenziegill23 @SoufKilla and unblock my number... And Facebook...

      @notjessyok RT @toriworthen: @themadiholland no i am not unblock on facebook jessy screenshots my shit on snapchat fuck her bitch jessy

      @mollyharkerxx My one goal in life is for my nan to unblock me on Facebook

      @elysiirs @EmilyWattse unblock me from facebook

      @NadiaaRashedd "Should I unblock you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?" @SarahhhAnnnnn #classic

      @Carleooo When I get unblock from Facebook I'm setting that bitch off

      @drunkinhippo RT @ConnieKickAss: @drunkinhippo @KiddChris I told Thomas on Facebook hopefully he can unblock you

      @WayneLambright @RT_com FYI. You block my facebook account from posting Lambright is my username. Unblock me please.

      @spacemiuccio @kyliee0415 unblock meon facebook its marcus i need video editing help

      @NotDefinch @TalibBrooks if you post your url on my Facebook page I will unblock you!

      @_clanc96 @KyleMorrison97 you need to unblock me on Facebook you cunt

      @punit__agarwal @BigBazaar unblock me from facebook

      @BreezeBailey_17 @baileycaleb2 unblock me on Facebook

      @ASSTER0ID I see no point in living if Chuck won't unblock me on Facebook

      @ASSTER0ID @deadpool_thor unblock me on Facebook chuckles

      @Bigger18_ @deadpool_thor @ASSTER0ID should Chuck Lacey unblock Ian Stemper on facebook? #unblockian2016

      @robertmichaely1 @josh_wiggins2 please unblock me on Facebook i miss you

      @AggasJacob @curtis_mickel hit me up. Maybe unblock me from Facebook.

      @TiaHart_ @LumGore_CCFC I suggest you unblock me on Facebook and give me back my money like you said you would

      @JamirWorld_ He want me too unblock him off Facebook so bad

      @BeccaSm00451573 @Princess444ist Wondering if I could have a late birthday present from you. Please check your Facebook messages and/or unblock me on here.

      @mallya_sheila Why can't people unblock me on Facebook

      @justin24miller @KiaaShari thanks girl.. Can u unblock me on Facebook lol

      @mallya_sheila People who were nice would unblock me on Facebook I hate being blocked on Facebook

      @jmsolimine And finally after 7 years my sister decided to unblock and friend me on Facebook. Thank you Jackie @JackieSolimine

      @gregor_sweeney @facebook Unblock my account. Unblock it. Fucking unblock it.

      @AdrianDread @Orev_Zarak hello Zephyr. I hope everything great. can you unblock me on facebook?

      @sniffley13 @_jorden_b unblock me on facebook young bitch nigga

      @Krailex_69 @3_rezeem unblock Brandon Aguilar on Facebook

      @aperdue_13 @hellafresh98 unblock me on facebook bitch

      @AndrewSamluck I guess Kristin doesn't care that I'm following her sisters on here if she does she can unblock me and message me on Facebook

      @StahrMilan Y'all this boy was talking shit so I blocked him on everything now he in my Facebook DM's saying he sorry can I Unblock him

      @LeahJackson110 A swear caitlin must have about 20 new folk on Facebook to tell them to unblock me loll X


      @MbsrArmaan @SiakhanSia plezzz facebook pr b unblock krdo or yahn pr follow krne k bad direct message bejo ...miss you shona

      @Faker_Senpai @lxnelybxstard when are you gonna unblock me on Facebook, I miss seeing your face on it :(

      @madonnasyn If you are outside of America you can still stream the MDNA Tour via a VPN. You create a VPN then make an account on there website.

      @DavelnHell @4dem so now that we're friends again, u think u could stop blocking me and unblock me on facebook too?

      @sweetandsouradv Case #305897686. Please unblock my facebook account as soon as possible so I can post my advert. @facebook

      @JosePiazza3 @teeyounga Thank you Tee. Will you unblock me on facebook so I can get rid of this twitter account lol? But again thank you!

      @LolaSostre @Keyahh_ tell Aaron to unblock me, on Twitter & Facebook.

      @Br0kenCr0sz Why is my sister messaging me on Instagram just unblock me on Facebook

      @preciousimouto Apple supported in FBI encryption fight: Founder of Facebook-owned messaging service says call to unblock iPhone would be dangerous p...

      @limabrwn RT @jussyrb: liam im subtweeting u cause u mad needa unblock me on facebook fr

      @Rafayili RT @elhealthent: @nbstv to unblock and use whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter ,download "cloud vpn" or "tunnel bear"

      @Sarkies_Proxy @jaffathecake haha, so much this. Then once in a while, I'll add a semicolon to look fancy.

      @__nisha97 So when will UCC unblock Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook ?

      @B_Van_O I miss MFB

      @mallya_sheila I wish people would give me another chance and unblock me on Facebook

      @merijaanzayn_ RT @17BVLCK: @merijaanzayn_ dai almeno questo! Anyway, hey @zaynmalik move your ass and unblock this poor girl on Facebook, c'mon

      @ashliemarieee I can't unblock you from Facebook but I'm rooting for you.

      @HannahDobie2 Will my mom ever unblock me on Facebook?

      @SpooofyEU @Krypptex requesting unblock on facebook

      @nickelbawker @mixugirl19 hey can you unblock me on facebook please so we can chat. thanks

      @reelemily @TheRealRyanHiga dear @instagram I'm tired of deactivating my Facebook just to see Ryan's pics, please help him unblock us...AGAIN!!!!!

      @Its_Kirandeep_ Nah , seeing a racist post on Facebook from a lady who I've known since I was 5 is absolutely disgusting #unblock #unfriend

      @cbluwlf An unblock and a apology and ill give you your facebook back and we're good if not your FUCKED!

      @MyDanielGaming @NHL Can you unblock me on Facebook?

      @Sharma4Kapil @WT20_Fantasy plesae unblock me on yours facebook page please...

      @hannah_moodybum @dantiagoals I'm actually being modest in my complete failure there Yeno , I infact can't even get a Facebook fkn unblock

      @RerootingRiuki @FSkywolf
      I still do, but you dont wanna unblock me on Facebook so yeah.

      @pritambakshi501 @Acer_India Please unblock me on Facebook

      Humble Request to you

      Name - Pritam Bakshi

      You blocked my profile!

      @balajimoorthy @facebook need help someone gets blocked in our closed group we can't unblock those user again .. Is it fb bug ?? Help here or tag right poc

      @ZTFallen @facebook Hi, im waiting for facebook to unblock me on my birthday, thank you, lawyers will be in touch if nothing is done.

      @strippercameron @juliapracht idkk something about not owning a Facebook acc I JUST NEED HIM TO UNBLOCK ME OHMG

      @blighttowns will my cousin unblock me on facebook if i tell him i am now into Guys

      @foreverme357 @LorrainemnnMann lorraine, unblock me on Facebook please. It's me Cora, I know nana is talking to you. Unblock me please

      @singletonty995 @__fandomruler__ i know you want me to never forget about you, so do it-- unblock me on Facebook

      @singletonty995 @__fandomruler__ if you really care about me, you'll unblock me on Facebook

      @singletonty995 @__fandomruler__ unblock me on Facebook, or i will give up and i'm not gonna miss you like you would miss me. you said that you would

      @Wamalajavira I never expected a full head of state to block me from commenting on his posts on Facebook.. MR. UHURU KENYATTA please unblock me.

      @Royston_Smith @BoMatthews64 and dishonest comments like that is why you're blocked from Facebook and now from Twitter. Don't ask me to unblock you again.

      @courtneycatlady @EmilyAguallo I did unblock him on Facebook and everything so I very well could message him lmao

      @DouglasHAlpha I have ordered UCC to unblock all de social media, So Now Ur free to access Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc...


      @BenAlcock69 RT @EthanPhelan1: Its time to unblock Ben on Facebook

      @HenryKathy1 Torse significant form conversions as proxy for high etang deliberated website: aBcmKIMuB

      @JamieLee_29 When you unblock everyone on Facebook cuz you don't remember why you blocked them in the first place lol. It's been a while

      @CokezOnDaRox How do u get someone to unblock ur Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, and phone number

      @EthanPhelan1 Its time to unblock Ben on Facebook

      @MyMichelle407 @Local12 Plz unblock me on FB so I can unlike your page 300K likes is not true, you just won't let ppl unlike your @facebook page, #WRONG

      @MyMichelle407 @Local12 PLZ unblock me on @facebook so I can UNLIKE your page. Was told hours ago you would, #WRONG of you to do this to ppl. Jackie Martin

      @cynthiajeub Can you mutually block people on Facebook? It bothers me that if I don't want someone to see my stuff, they could unblock me at any time.

      @ArcAngelCry When you unblock some one on Facebook and contemplate messaging them for 45 minutes but then decide against it.

      @StevenDASurber1 @Leanorab79
      ur Facebook page is not showing up ? maybe u need to unblock me ?

      @MadalyneLenore @ablshrout you ever gonna unblock me on Facebook it's been since like 6th grade.

      @Lashngakase @Keywayeleyy Unblock me on facebook

      @aregardia My mom childish for making me unblock her and add her back on facebook

      @HaxxorDad #ILoveBaeBut She needs to unblock me from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and maybe stop calling the cops every time I "visit". @midnight

      @PoorLi1TinkTink @SportsCenter @espn can you unblock me on Facebook yet please? Lol its been like 2 years now

      @ABadMnky I wonder if @facebook knows that no matter what I'll never trust them, I'll never use their service, never unblock them in my HOSTS file.

      @holls_xxxx @PoppleEllie instead of pure beefing at Ewan for me to leave you alone unblock me of Facebook if you have anything to say

      @Ethannelson333 @summigummi6 unblock my facebook!

      @MissSultxna When you finally decide you've grown up and it's time to unblock your family on Facebook.

      @meshen_cole Hey, @aubriwood22 I'm sorry for liking scax at the time. Your right, max deserves you. Can you unblock me on Facebook. Cause I sorry.

      @JJH23 @YeezyTalkWW can you seriously unblock from the Facebook page fam please please please and thank you

      @maconm269 @arlisk8er you should unblock me on Facebook

      @_Denneaaaa Somebody tell Tyesha Coleman bald head ass to unblock me on Facebook scary bitch

      @cody_elder3 @ellieeminter unblock me on facebook, lets hang?

      @ryanjohnk @Unblock_Us Facebook doesn't seem to be loading correctly. I changed DNS servers to Google's Public DNS and it loads

      @bxxxxS @njsneaks they said I was good to go from their end. not sure why I receive the error. I click add proxy, enter the ip in the custom format

      @ABCareInc @NHSEngland @TheBMA @facebook You do not bloody own me! You do not tell me what to do! Address concerns and unblock or else I WILL

      @Toxicphxn @heartachehowell @twinklinglestr the app store the vpn im using is called tunnelbear

      @born714identity @facebook unblock my "like" button

      @CarolineAmplatz @GoffPublic please call Facebook and unblock Caroline Amplatz

      @Grimmace57 @kurtmetzger @redbarradio yeah Mike has 9 Acers up and running, posting from multiple accounts through a proxy server in the Netherlands

      @nodxu RT @dan_abramov: At Facebook, people say: “unblock yourself”. I like this. If you’re stuck, ask for help.

      @Apathetic17 UNBLOCK ME ON FACEBOOK

      @King_Drewsy RT @Scott__94: @M_Fernie400 any chance of a unblock on facebook? @King_Drewsy

      @optimusprike Yoooooooo @guadalahari unblock me on Facebook pls

      @Wolfe2123 RT @mikeoxsafloppin: I love everyone. I don't hate anybody really, but I enjoy a good Facebook fight. Can y'all unblock each other and star…

      @CameronCrazeee @jaycrawfordespn Can you have one of your people unblock me from Sportscenter's Facebook page? Not sure what I ever did to deserve it. lol

      @JanJanjhelm I wish that you would unblock me on facebook and send me a message. I just want to be there for you. I promise not to bother you. I'm sorry.

      @margo_lina99 @AmandaPandal3v yo cheers, unblock me on facebook yeah?

      @VILLAINueva naka unblock na facebook. wow for u trinity.

      @annalanders_ @shan_woodfield1 unblock me on Facebook rn I have to tag you in somethin

      @neontxt i just figured out how to unblock Facebook on the schools computer ha h a

      @DiaryOfAri_ @ewing_tiyana unblock me on Facebook damn lol

      @ch40ticc I can't believe people still fake call people out lmao is this Facebook 2010??? Foh unblock me & @ me for real pussy

      @__porsh___ Just unblock me from Facebook dawg

      @Sabitoe @Willeth @Unblock_Us And they also did on Facebook, no more postings viewable or even possible

      @CreeperHoodieX_ @_chezkeealcala unblock me on facebook

      @coghlan_ross @RedBarMike if I subscribe to barmy will job unblock my main twiiter account and accept my Facebook bring back group ?

      @BluntFella @dvle2258 Go ahead and unblock me. I'm no hacker, and I never have been. It's way easier to chat on facebook PM. Twitter is crap!

      @Ashish1989India @narendramodi_in @narendramodi Hey, unblock me from your FACEBOOK page. I am not able to post comment there.

      @craig_mcfarlane Doesn't bode well that @Unblock_Us has locked down their Twitter account and cleaned out their Facebook page.

      @_iNiallerCrew_ As if my ex wants me to unblock him on Facebook and for me talk to him more?.. Nope

      @HattersTalk @Jdrt4 Mate, can you unblock Hatters Hoare on Facebook please? Difficult to reply to your posts! #COYH

      @jonginsideme mum: can i unblock people on facebook?
      me: idk
      mum: u never tried blocking people?
      me: i dont block, i dont give a fuck.

      @Dezdrew @DodgersNation could you guys unblock me on the Facebook page? I don't know why I got blocked

      @jay_poole Is @Unblock_Us toast? Facebook and twitter feeds stripped. I'm having issues again tonight.

      @kiah_naarah @hashtag_mccoydl Kuya ang bad mo you blocked me on facebook..now I dare you to unblock me or add me..

      @Zoe_A_Diaz @MccollumOrion can u add me and unblock me on facebook. i really love you and even though you dont love me back, i still wanna be close 2 u

      @Maaariah69 u know how to unblock me from Facebook & message me. so yeah.

      @Killah_Cook @MADn13itch Unblock me on Instagram and Facebook

      @GotDammitDemond @MaryBearRAWR all the females that done fucked me over all the time.. if u dont believe me unblock my facebook and go back every year 2 bout

      @BensonHeather1 Uninterruptible vested authority systems as proxy for la sustained expanse retrogressive heavenward: gJGfB


      @arteaga_anna15 Then unblock me and add me on Facebook????

      @_ClaireConnelly @mr_gadget @paulwallbank @skwashd @Huawei if that's so then unblock me from the huawei Facebook page

      @goofylopez_ @Yamelimorales unblock me off Facebook then mf

      @bangash054 @ZaidZamanHaamid @Hashir2001 Dear Sir! please unblock me on facebook and i am you biggest fan bt on asking a question i am banned... :(

      @Hotmixtape Here trisha unblocked me two days later on facebook why wont she poxy unblock me on this its been years

      @hileea2002 @facebook Please unblock my account.
      My account is
      I believe Facebook.
      Thank you.

      @EternalAcademic It only took 4 years for my high school sweetheart to unblock me from Facebook, so that's something

      @GemmaMorrell I blocked Paige on Facebook for a laugh and I've messed up because now I don't know how to unblock her

      @RealJayInfinity @danielsahyounie @lucyrawmusic @TheNotoriousMMA tell John to unblock me on Facebook

      @Jacob_Pinecone My Mom made me Unblock he on Facebook. I know how to fix that though, I'll block myself of her account. LOL

      @jfkspot69 @DoodyDerinn are you going to unblock me on Facebook

      @RosskoKeniston Bugger, looks like the Netflix proxy ban has caught up with me. Here's hoping Unblock Us have a solution sooner rather than later.

      @jenzdxx When someone says "unblock me on Facebook" but they're the one that blocked you

      @Dessxox_ @xbnew_ Send me the pictures from last night and unblock me from facebook lol and SC please and thank you

      @Eveymendezz RT @K4YSIE: But wait lemme tell u about last week when I was POUTING b/c evey wouldn't unblock me off Facebook,

      @milanjo @Unblock_Us I get that you're swamped, but an official update on your site, facebook and/or twitter would be greatly appreciated!

      @AthenaJM0403 @Mini0403_Eli87
      va alan babate block krdn bi dalilam too Facebook azat ozr mikham~ man to ro be unblock krdm!

      @Boro_legend @Dimster23 Dimi why you blocked me on facebook. I was not blasting you just said it in heat of moment. please unblock me thank you.

      @craig_mcfarlane No point in sticking with @Unblock_Us if they can't actually follow through on their promise of quick and easy DNS proxy servers.

      @Kacperuk4Smith @facebook When are you going to unblock me?

      @UndertakerAndre @kryhssspart stop being a dick head and add me back on Facebook and I'll unblock your messages already.

      @akosipauie power of proxy B-) unblock facebook <3

      @troma_llama @ParkerMolloy Netflix has been ratcheting down their anti-proxy security, I hope you weren't trying to use Smartflix or a similar service

      @theguyinGatinea I wished that @JumpOttawa would unblock me from their Facebook page. It oddly shows what my chances are of being entered if blocked.

      @Rickdaddy_81 RT @bradbergerman: @Rickdaddy_81 @facebook unblock this man, he was just making fun of some kids who look like they would cause a earthquak…

      @tegan_webb If Matt doesn't unblock me on Facebook, I'm driving to Chicago and fighting him.

      @Pewboscus @pewdiepie unblock me on Facebook I didn't know it was you man I'm sorry

      @nicosuavehh @killythekid @YouTube I'd know that already if you were to unblock my facebook.

      @adam12leech @TomMRadio please unblock me on Facebook

      @shaunthomson31 Wish dean would unblock me on Twitter and Facebook, he's now blocked my number

      @richardisb0red @ramonaknives UNBLOCK ME ON FACEBOOK FAM

      @TheAppleGirl22 @CharanSparkles Charan, I readded you on facebook. Now all you have to do is accept it and unblock me on twitter.

      @saintshaki @facebook unblock me already wtf it's been 36 hours omg

      @YoYoNmk @RameshCricket Say @facebook to unblock my account bro :P

      @_Denaj1713 RT @tiffanyxnikole: @_Denaj1713 i see

      @Swaggy_C12 @TheBardockObama except me, he won't unblock me on Facebook

      @BihaintthatTLEE RT @MarilynOfMonroe: Ppl just be doing the most on facebook cause the next day you gone unblock his ass

      @douglandon3 @chelsaye_morton babe unblock me on Facebook please honey i just want to prove you I'm serious about annoying you babe and you believe me

      @AprilSPerkins @facebook please unblock Dave Garcia.

      @Liv_4_Reds @lfcvmufcbanter unblock me on facebook please..

      @someone98743459 @VPNsh My VPN subscription just disappeared from my account, and I cannot submit a ticket. Now I cannot reach the server at all. What?

      @triggerasaurus RT @RogueInTheStars: >be RogueStars mom
      >threaten to post RogueStars high school pictures if Rogue doesn't unblock mom on Facebook

      IM BEIN…

      @deliriumsivan i had to unblock simon bc he found my Facebook acc and he has fetus pics of me i cant risk t

      @amitbhawani @DeepXP Need a smaller option to start off, something like a Powerful VPN with SSD may be or a basic dedicated server.

      @whoissp ... People do know you can tell when they unblock you on Facebook, right?

      @XO_marie__ Tried to unblock someone on Facebook & it wouldn't let me.

      @FoxonTerry @Unblock_Us i have emailed your support team and i have heard nothing. No one on Facebook has either. Are customers now paying for nothing?

      @AreReOnna She need to unblock me on facebook

      @itsWILBS And you expect me to unblock you from Facebook?

      @aallee6 @ZethronKillerC can u ask Dan to unblock me from facebook LMAO

      @Ally_Taylon My aunt made a status for my cousin to unblock her on facebook, she says before she beats her and then says love mom

      @RobertLeroyHic4 @graciethesquid if u want u can unblock me on facebook :( :) :(

      @scouser2005 @niallboylan4fm I'm blocked from making comments on your Facebook page can ya unblock me promise il be good !

      @ffslukeyb Worst day ever ... Netflix block my proxy & US Netflix is no more for me. My life is over as I know it. I'm not being dramatic.

      @breakinghoenn @Daromyth can u unblock me on facebook now m8?

      @baudoinjacqui RT @noel_jaci: can you unblock me off Facebook & snap now or.....?

      @HannaHvidsten @KellieBeck5 unblock me on Facebook you slut

      @dnmoscato92 @Metallica will you please unblock my commenting on Facebook. I love you guys and I like to interact with others fans on the page!!!!

      @ngeeting47 @58Emily imma unblock u on facebook

      @QtpieKait Jon thought it'd be OK to unblock his mother off my Facebook. Umm. NEGATIVE ghostrider. Not gonna happen.

      @Mudasirph @ArvindKejriwal Dear CM of Delhi, please unblock me on your official facebook page. You have blocked me accidently. @AamAadmiParty

      @jwpc71 @dwuori can you please ask @LucyWicksMP to unblock me on Facebook. She is my elected rep in Parliament. Differing opinions but hey…

      @akil_omari @WAVY_News please unblock my Facebook comments?

      @HudsonDesigned @Unblock_Us whats going on. Thousands of complaints, and your facebook page is wiped? Is unblockus about to run with peoples cash?

      @xoxodeanna @ryan_1221 unblock me on Facebook you ass

      @AmericanWoman0 @PanteresNEWS My Breast Size Is 32C 00 pant size. American. Hereditary spherocytosis. @CongressUpdate I'm fighting muchausen by proxy

      @RachaelBott1 @SenatorLazarus are you going to unblock all the people u blocked from ur Facebook page yesterday who were simply pointing out the truth?

      @dee2timess Don't try to unblock me to see what I'm talking about on Facebook keep me blocked lil bih!

      @khaizeellee You can unblock me now on facebook der :* HAHAHA

      @StevenGradidge @PureGym Hey guys! 2 things: can you unblock on Facebook? Why did you block me on Facebook?

      @note2jarrod So you decided to unblock me on Facebook aye

      @xxx_carlab @caitlinwaughx unblock my messages on Facebook you freak

      @49ersgirl16 I gotta go to Facebook and #Unblock my #Onagain friend lol

      @xavier_lfc @FAZFootball now that there is a change on guard at football house, may u unblock people on your Facebook page. thank u

      @raquel_ripley19 @kelsey_lockhart it will unblock snap type in cloud vpn in ur app store yo

      @jefflazerus @Tsaiberia Just unblock the Facebook Social Feed widget and you're good (same thing happened to me)

      @EllenFarr18 My dads been asking me for 2 months to unblock him on Facebook so I can like his profile picture #loveyoumalcom

      @_howdoesitfeel_ Today at school I had to take my friend's phone and unblock myself on facebook because she had blocked me and kept denying it

      @Nimsay1872 @RangersFCTrust Can you unblock me on Facebook please, no idea why I was in 1st place.

      @sdonaldsonjr @FrantzRadio @realDonaldTrump Bob needs to apologize and unblock me from his Facebook

      @_caterratilmon @dianalalalopez unblock me on Facebook . I miss your pointless posts every 3 seconds

      @oFFiCiaL_CHiiNK My dads mom told him to ask if I could unblock her on Facebook

      @AshPritchardd @KhristianKewin unblock me off Facebook and man up. Every time your in the wrong you run away. I need to talk to you about important things.

      @evelinl9876 some one please help me am trying to unblock facebook on a school Chromebook and I cant do it HELP I cant live with out it.

      @BreeeStunna @WickedTunez oh you follow me on Twitter now you can just unblock me on Facebook best

      @MathewsEleanor RT @chadjensen99: @MathewsEleanor unblock me on Facebook


      @deemoney1993 @Alvarado74Julie unblock me on Facebook you sucka

      @kathyshovlinn How Steve blocked my number, snapchat, Facebook and Twitter all in like 2 minutes is beyond me. But yo someone tell him to unblock it all

      @MluGumede RT @iviweyengwa: The struggle is when u:
      Block & unblock him
      Delete his no and save it again
      Delete his pics & go to Facebook & save them a…

      @JacVerallo99 @Fawziyaa_x @KiingASH babe unblock me on facebook

      @best_hackerz @TheBabyDerp @kokorolle please unblock me on facebook man. i wanna send u a meme

      @harvin_galit @RJLavalais @AnotherNikeBot @ANB_AIO did you use proxy or server?

      @subbuntr @ErosNow hai kaju. Please unblock my Facebook account subbareddy machanuru please #ask kajal. Thanks

      @_JFFCI RT @jaineil: @Asli_Jacqueline second question is a sweet request from my side which is can you please unblock me and @_JFFCI on Facebook

      @sudip_lko @ArvindKejriwal unblock me on facebook page you're violating my freedom of expression

      @kelleh45 " Tell kelly to unblock me on facebook" Jaysus talk about not getting the hint

      @mackiegarrett @AllHailCheese unblock me on Facebook

      @SarahBa70152129 @NikkiSixx can you please unblock me on Facebook? I was a victim of a mass blocking :'(

      @Brooklyn_Ngbb Iamma Unblock Lud Foe From Facebook ...

      @bossnisha1000 Lemme unblock all my Facebook hoes

      @Emotionsforyou Just jump. Unblock me on Facebook

      @SnazzyEggplant @joisneckdeep unblock me on Facebook

      @DOOSSERGAMER @TheParkMC the server kicked me when I go, says I'm using vpn lol

      @imdadali_123 @MushafaZahra Facebook p unblock kr k so jana

      @DianeKizzy1969 I would really like for Ricky Cisneros to unblock zack&diane from Facebook
      Instagram plus kik please I'm gonna keep asking him

      @the_natural1971 @Coffeetime18 @NHDaveH Hey Dave do the right thing and unblock us on Facebook.

      @george2112xt @katyperry hi can you tell @PaulMcCartney to unblock me from facebook need a second chance . I sorry that put so much thing facebook

      @trillesttx_33 @Finest__ unblock me on Facebook.

      @ARF181 RT @robbie_derosa90: Can unblock me on Facebook @adamtaggart22 why do u hate me

      @Einshe How do you block someone on facebook, only to unblock them and ask them for help w/ your hw.

      @xemilysweeneyx Think il unblock her on facebook now

      @HeavyDale @indy3050 @Petiteshez Sheree do you think chipper should unblock me on whatsapp and Facebook

      @sudip_lko @ArvindKejriwal dear sir unblock me on your facebook page you're violating my freedom so expression and so many other people too.

      @MaryAnt68924776 How loo spiritual being unblock facebook?: APywIk

      @fanofirish18 @adamthepianokin @Buster_ESPN adam unblock me on facebook please im ready talk baseball again

      @samoel_mota @tumifobo @blacksteelbeatz Babe pls unblock me on facebook ke Remaketse Mota im srry

      @DevinBlomfield1 5 utilize beside site ideas as proxy for each menu: nFBebLKBi

      @mwrawr_kat So why block me but still have my family on your Facebook? And then UNBLOCK ME to not respond to me questioning why the hell you did that?

      @Cassie_Lovette I can't wait till Facebook unblock me bro

      @CandylandUkht Unblock me on whatsapp and facebook genius maybe youd have the privelege of seeing my display photos

      @BlondeInLondon RT @ljam185: Who really gives the police or soldier a right to kill another?
      A piece of paper? A proxy authorisation from a faceless offici…


      @LibbyHart00 RT @symonemarcell02: @LibbyHart00 @kianaj20 @_lexustay u guys should unblock me on Facebook now

      @TarunVyas15 @allindiabakchod hey ! plz guzz unblock me from your facebook page !

      @Saragermen Netflix is now blocking @Unblock_Us with Error msg "Detecting proxy server" (but using SmartDNS). What to do?

      @wil_bernard @MinorTemeka Help. Me. Unblock. My. Facebook. Account. Or. Start. A. New. One. Thanks.

      @Cen42091 @_Cheyennnnee Block her and tell her Facebook won't let you unblock her

      @MioTenacious @Eptic_music on facebook my name is Mio Tenacious like here can u check it out and unblock me if i am?big fan and looking forward for this!

      @pinningnut RT @kawikaveeka: My April Fools prank is blocking everyone on Facebook and forgetting to unblock them for the rest of my life.

      @SangamKatariya Thank uhh so much for retweet n "Can uhh plz unblock me on facebook"?

      @xodiannaa_ finally decided to unblock my mom from Facebook since I'm friends with multiple of hers

      @ericamarie1993 Your a weak ass hoe until you unblock me from Facebook

      @DixTeam @EdUniPandP But hey... I'll be blocked soon... Could you please unblock Scotty Black on Facebook so he can speak up against you....

      @ItsMafiakitten Ew, never thought I'll see your face again on my Facebook. . . Haha #unblock


      @_shakoyyaa don't know how to unblock Amina from Facebook

      @KelzBelz02 RT @SayChesus: My ex is funny Trying to get me to unblock her on Facebook so she can tag me to some pictures of my daughter. Just text de…

      @atehkristine_ When you finally unblock your dad on Facebook & add him

      @foster_schroat @kellseyyh you can post this on Facebook too if you want. If you want you can unblock me so people can know who I am

      @xONoNiggaNeeded @MicCheckPreshhh Sooo!! You ain't gone NEVER unblock me off Facebook?

      @dan_streetteam @TheAidanDavis please unblock @GabbyJonesxxx :)

      Have you got another Facebook account? Btw

      @s19r77 I'm sure he has his reasons but if he's gonna @ me stuff that link to Facebook he's gotta unblock me!

      @ReEnnaX3 I had to pay my sister 20 bucks to unblock me on Facebook, I still have to pay for Snapchat and Instagram.

      @JoeDunham1 Forever wishing Eddie would unblock be on Facebook

      @Kdollaa @DeeTrilla I peeped that my moms liked ur Facebook status today, I want u to hit her with that block/unblock combo.

      @0marty Wondering if I should unblock my old room mate from my twitter, Facebook, snapchat, and Instagram…

      @jaredhimko @TheBardockObama can you unblock me from Facebook book plz

      @jhonnyklinsman Whatsapp block nada!!! Vpn unlimited a soluçao.

      @Lani__Jade Unblock me on Facebook just so you can creep. I SEE YOU.

      @NoConclusion79 Strange I had to unblock people on my facebook, twitter and elsewhere today. What going on? #bastards

      @allenharperr What I like about twitter is that u can block back a nigga while on Facebook u have to wait till they unblock you , u can wait forever

      @Bucket_Filler Just helped my aunt unblock my mom on facebook
      I love this family

      @akusept @facebook @MarkZuckerber i was tricked to send a picture as personal message & got blocked for 3 days please unblock me i was been tricked

      @twozero3five @ynfa_thehub any have you can unblock me on Facebook? Didn't ask to be blocked and was blocked for no reason. Was tagged in a post and was

      @DementedDevours I love romance too...in a proxy wedding to secure dynastic alliances kind of way. #FirstDatesIRL

      @JohnsonAaron313 @poontang666 well even if you never unblock me on facebook I'd still love you

      @DarrenMeadows10 @NorthEastNEP are you going to unblock me from your Facebook page and have a real debate ?

      @dilly_ally Amber legit always blocks me on insta or Facebook and she always forgets to unblock me

      @JamalSaleem786 Finally Unblock 510 Blocked Profiles
      I will not block further on facebook
      Yes but I will take care of my friend list on ward!

      @Sir_Argyle_Esq So I've been banned because some jackass on /v/ used my ip as a proxy..I..think? Now I get to wait for 4chan tech support. Yay...

      @Ryanberns1 @morganrorah plz unblock me on snapchat insta and Facebook :)

      @185f498a4bfc4b9 @SFeretto can you please unblock me on Facebook so I can apologize to you properly well as properly as I can

      @Cahrma_ Lemme go unblock all of the Rogers family on Facebook and stir up some shit

      @Best_VPN_rev RT @SurfEasyInc: Don't let your online security be compromised while you're torrenting. SurfEasy #VPN now supports #torrent protection, so…

      @LennaaBabby I wish Adrian would unblock me from Snapchat & Facebook , that shit lame asl

      @FaiszMinaj @TRINArockstarr @B_Relentless please unblock on your facebook page

      @srandy24 Decided to unblock 9 people on Facebook bc feeling forgiving ya know

      @shamikhan1996 @facebook UNBLOCK FB CALLS IN KSA IM SERIOUS THIS IS NOT OKAY

      @presley_taff RT @TheAsso: After 4 years I finally figured out how to unblock @presley_taff from Facebook

      @LZachary95 @IanPacelli Hey Ian Can You Please Tell Jessica Too Unblock Me And Tell Her Too Unblock Me On Facebook Please Man I'm Just Asking Nicely

      @PurvisNichole @kingMachkoof can you please unblock me from Facebook?

      @ChanceHarte @elenaconradx Hey. please unblock me on facebook. I was sleeping so i couldn't reply. i wanna talk to you please add me back

      @weirdxxkid @botdfmusic what do you do when someone won't unblock you on Facebook

      @kimykrazy Im serious when I said that I will unblock u on facebook if you will drink milktea with 100% sugar level and eat pizza with me. stahp diet

      @GiannaIrea Site black and white fee as proxy for effortless kind making pages: OMnys

      @reubenpalmer_ RT @Callum_McO: @hensby_nigel can u please unblock me on Facebook for making fun of you because I want to do it again

      @Dalia088 @PsiphonInc
      Unfortunately I tried it today .. psiphon can't unblock Facebook

      @_OhSnapItsJacki When you block your ex & they log into your Facebook & unblock theirselves

      @littleapplesun my facebook account literally will not let me unblock ppl now

      @NotMyMurderings @facebook Please unblock me. I'm sorry that some pussy got butthurt. I was just sharing a picture of cooked to death African bitch!

      @Ashlie_Danelle You blocked me? & Unblock me just to lurk my Facebook, for the 50th time this week? That's cute.

      @xxim__BEAUTEOUS Facebook Needa Hurry Up And Unblock A Real Nigga

      @alexxseva RT @jordynhead: alexis won't unblock me on facebook

      @NeilRubenstein Happy Birthday! Please unblock me on Facebook. I miss leaving racist comments on pics of yr halfbreed kids. #CardsForDysfunctionalFamilies

      @thetidalwaveee @cayden_jack unblock me on facebook butt munch

      @chokyulatedonut @kyuju32810 I don't live in the US and I didn't need to use a vpn to watch through the android app

      @Charssohlic RT @faaryal_: Yeah facebook pe sub account unblock hone ka status to ese daal rahe hain jaisay in k bina dhandha band hogaya ho mark zakerb…

      @Spraggaldinho Unblock me on Facebook @LukeGarrett_ I won't spoil Game of Thrones for u anymore I swear

      @yeunstevens RT @normeedus: TYLER UNBLOCK ME ON FACEBOOK RIGHT NWPSNna

      @kineticfuzz @Myrissa_Joy I have very bad cod and have been compared to Sheldon Cooper I didn't mean to be annoying on Facebook! Please unblock me from

      @bdorr1105 @EASPORTSNHL could you please unblock me from the Facebook page. I apologize for my displaced anger. Thanks

      @akmalrais_real @khairuldin22 ade app laaa...donload je proxy flow utk chrome...pastu activate...set utk utube...pastu settle

      @marc_krenn FYI WebKit doesn't like the way @Firebase uses a "proxy" server for REST streaming - looks like a XSS attack, is prevented. Ugh.


      @andresdmtndewk1 Someone please do me a god damn favor and tell @A_Shmanders13 to unblock me on all media! On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

      @xGoLDyy_7 unblock me on facebook babe xxxx @jacobsartorius

      @NikitaJ_ First you unblock me on facebook now you send me a friend request damn son soon enough you will be sending me a msg

      @DalvasEsther @facebook hey facebook my account is blocked because of security. When can I use it again or how do I unblock it ?

      @KioStyles "Tell her to unblock me on Facebook so I can call her a cockroach to her face"

      @HunterLikesBoys @HeyyIris hey can you unblock on facebook pls friend thx
      xdddd lelelelelell

      @SwagsavageMust2 @bowz_4life13 will U please Unblock me on Facebook

      @charlrosenberg @justinebennion_ unblock me from facebook and inbox me

      @alvastarr11 @Natasha_Hagan I will go to the lhone store tomorrow and unblock you from Facebook and Sarah Miller and I told Nan Shea too. I love you all

      @MaryAnt68924776 How jar one unblock facebook?: NzHYuX

      @JeremyBailey19 How sake high facebook friends brink unblock my corporation?: hGRGq

      @ChaChaLumpLump RT @Theflannelking: @ScaryPerrySkate can you unblock me on facebook please? i am sorry for saying "shut up" thats all i said, but you made…

      @robbie_derosa90 unblock me on Facebook bruzz accept me on snapchat @adamtaggart22

      @emz_wilcox That's my facebook account officially closed so anyone who had me on block, can unblock me cause I'm not on there no more, blocking is sad!

      @gbemiro @dino_melaye Finally Mr. Dino is on course. Now unblock me on your Facebook lol

      @hamza_PD To those people panicking over putlocker website being inaccessible, ever heard of this thing called VPN?

      @RyanLuther1 @tommydnne50 unblock me on Facebook

      @stillnickjjona1 @ASTINMEDIA unblock ryanleckey twitter from me until i fix facebook

      @__liveurlife I had my parents blocked on Facebook for a while not gon lie

      @GoldmanEmma1 4 pluralism ambulant app orthogenesis substance as proxy for inadequate businesses: laGpn

      @santandering lmaoo my cousin had to unblock my aunt from my grandpa's facebook

      @shayantheman007 @_HNXI plz unblock from Facebook and Instagram

      @travs_munson @jordancbond_ please

      @Tauntbutton16 @MarnORZ Heard you were cheering me on in the chat when I fought Sonicfox so are you gonna unblock me on Facebook or rip?

      @Somasundar619 @YUplaygod pls unblock me in facebook

      @ananthu123 @FrustIndian why don't you unblock the people you blocked on Facebook first before demanding others do the same!

      @Quantella2 @Redd_A_Killer on Facebook yea cause yu always seem to have something to say about me but I can unblock yu on there

      @megcurry_99 Why add me on Facebook to unfriend me or request to follow me twice on Instagram and when I follow back you block me then unblock me? Freak

      @TheTokenNegro @facebook since you guys apparently don't have support on facebook i have to go to he better social media to reach you, unblock my invites

      @EHurley99 @TaranakiRugby and in his final act he needs to unblock me on Facebook so I can like the posts. I've served my ban

      @bobkirmo @xxxRiley unblock me on facebook messages

      @GrandersonGuy Thinking of unblocking someone on Facebook because I figure I won't look at their posts. Lying to myself. If I won't look why unblock?

      @jacksonwith there are vpn very ridiculous they charge you and collect your inform then sale it i already give you my private and you wanna charge me

      @DelshonDelshons @voguee_ @__aweezy Tell Amber To Unblock Me On Twitter And Facebook And Get Her To Tell Her Mom To Unblock Me On Facebook Too As Well ASAP

      @proxy_twit @Bamanboi If you want to steal my memes you can honestly go fuck yourself I will block anyone who steals this meme.

      @Amanuelaa_ @MigosEsco tell him unblock me on Facebook now lmfaoooo

      @Beavzy99 @halpsss @GreigWilson91 @MikeyStewart07 @facebook I firmly request you unblock Lee Halpin, his account was hacked by a rouge pervert.

      @LUC0ZARRY How can i unblock my dad on facebook when he blocked me too

      @Sliiiiim100 @krystal_mingo I ain't exposing nobody !! Tf is you talking bout ?? I'll unblock you I ain't put nun on Facebook !!

      @Brandilashawn__ Eboni asked me to unblock her on Facebook.

      @billram12 dear @DaleGordon44
      please help my frend
      put micheal back on facebook
      unblock micheals face face book
      do this for me
      I'm your frend bill

      @CynCity256 RT @pyepar: The Ugandan State minister for ICT Probably doesn't know what VPN means but aniwe, am fasting!!

      @A1Trisha I guess I can finally unblock all my family on Facebook since I don't really post anything anymore

      @sopranoock201 so unblock me on facebook if you dont mind

      @DwayneKemp How Do I Unblock My Mother On Facebook?...

      @Theatrebeauvais Dear @facebook the admin profile of my page has been blocked but i can't unblock it. now i can't administrate my page do u have a solution?

      @laceywilsonn @EhratChristian I'm my own person sharing a facebook is baby shit unblock me :( you won't be able to see baby pics with me blocked

      @backtraxmusic @facebook can you unblock me so i can contact my friends done with no warning. no reason why

      @MHarwoodJr @Sheena__K Hey dude Our Kids Might Get Facebook We Might All Want 2b Friends I Don't Know...Unblock Me.

      @MHarwoodJr @Sheena__K bABY were always In Our Permanent Relationship...Unblock me on facebook if you feel like it..Would Make me feel cool best-friend.

      @MHarwoodJr @Sheena__K Lets Be Facebook Friends #Unblock Me. See You There. Must-Turn In#.

      @Erincheer2 how do you unblock somebody from Facebook?? I blocked my mom because she posted a bad pic of me....now I need to unblock her and idk how

      @MichelleBriann5 Download ds match as proxy for r4 site is them mystic up to download ds derby so r4 conjunction micro sd calli...

      @kenrosenel Danielle Sharee forgive me for my crimes and unblock me on Facebook

      @nibblebot @DebbieH08238704 ok, i can unblock you on facebook.

      @BullCityVA @greg_doucette Please tell me someone told her she's a horrible person on Facebook. Otherwise I'll need to unblock her so I can do it.

      @jvmvnji Waiting on a certain somebody to unblock me on facebook.... lemme pre write this crazy ass letter

      @ZorroVPN New VPN server in the USA (Virginia, Herndon). Server in New York has been moved to another datacenter.

      @Mr_Richi232 @Arsenal unblock me on Facebook I beg you

      @SofieHagen @DeborahFW @Princess_Sassy Ohhh!! That was me. Usually when people have just joined Facebook, it's spam bots! I'll unblock you!

      @samhall1456 @samh8876 unblock my facebook too

      @chelsexayylmao I told Makayla I was mad that she still has me blocked on Facebook from 2 years ago and she said she was never gonna unblock me ☹️

      @mgninad Offices that block job sites. If we were able to apply for this job we will be able to apply for this job we know how to use a proxy.

      @jaredlee160 Would be nice for you to unblock me on facebook

      @unanemia Greetings, friends. Here's my petition to get the Libertarian Party to unblock me on Facebook.

      @JordanEamon @DamzDoherty I don't get why you blocked me on Facebook we were only slagging? Unblock me man and message me :L

      @Ben_hislop99 @ChloeWbuu @ItsSwitz Chloe unblock me on Facebook

      @Iceii_AssTy I'm Thuggin on here until I get unblock from Facebook

      @tim913 @LiblLogic101 You ready to unblock us Trump supporters on Facebook yet?

      @JakeBaker33_ @ashleeybaker adds me on facebook but can't unblock from twitter what the heck

      @JessicaAnneKen1 @JustinJmedina could you please unblock me off facebook , im trying to tag you in stuff :( and i very much miss you

      @kaylabrookenunn "I wish he would unblock me. I have to stalk his Facebook"

      @TALHAMUSTAFA19 @hafsabajwa94 Dear hafsa unblock me from facebook ??? Sory

      @MaurissaHeard Yo how i do unblock my mom on facebook

      @jordanthomas80 @AndyTheGypsy22 can you send me a facebook friend request can u unblock your facebook page

      @sam79733 @ArvindKejriwal sir plzzzzzzz unblock those person who are against you on Facebook... Darte kyu ho

      @AmberCawthorne Marcus cox 'lauren I wish you were my girlfriend... And can you unblock me from Facebook please'

      @beeboisgospel oh shiet i should probably unblock my dad from my facebook from when he got salty with me yesterday

      @ironcheff1011 @FrostTara tara unblock me facebook let's talk and fixs this please

      @JoshNeill10 @joelneill @JohnnyMcC777 @ScottRoss4L if a game is on UK TV it's blacked out for 48 hours on GCL. A VPN gets round that. I use unblock-us.

      @iQuantumChaos @MarkRMichaels now that I'm good at melee you should unblock me on facebook

      @Meglatron_ You're the mature one but you can't unblock me off Facebook to talk to me properly.

      Okay then. ☕️

      @LyricPennington That's my baby forever , now let me unblock him on facebook

      @Cornae_monique Every time I try to unblock Jorge Facebook freeze

      @SledNYC @Anti your biggest fan Sven still wants you to unblock him on Facebook bruh!lol it's been a while he needs to ask you something

      @GaurShining @timesofindia why your Facebook admin blocked me, at least unblock me for a while so that I can unlike your Fb page. TOI against #FreeSpeech

      @YatesPam @AnneRiceAuthor please unblock me from your Facebook page just long enough for me to hit UNLIKE. You've been taken by a demon in a pantsuit

      @AnthonyOComedy I'm not saying I'm unstable but I just tried to re block someone and Facebook was like "you must wait 5 days to block / unblock this person"

      @iamdesmonds @OmgVoiceGhana pls unblock me on facebook wai..i beg

      @paulmasonranck Man my #Facebook is cold. Yes my writing skills are dumbed down on #GooglePlus slash #YouTube. I block/unblock you just to mess w/ you.

      @Broooooklllllyn @RunItUpTae are you mad?

      @Ivyswannn @preetpreetliav add me back on Snapchat.. Unblock me off Facebook. Quit being a damn douche face. Lbdas

      @StringsOfLife_ @Twitching_Proxy She was a bit shocked by this but of course knew this was her chance. Mari as best as she could pulled him over to the-

      @HanselGrettel16 @BARF1001 that's fucking hilarious man when you've blocked us from ALL your Facebook pages

      @augustuslouis @suchi44637752 please unblock me in facebook add me as your friend why u blocked me friend

      @JaysBoy_10 @_ChrisCummings_ Hey Chris can you do me a favor can you unblock me on Facebook I still listen to your hits can we start over again? thanks

      @TheMindGlitch When I use VPN the Internet changes. So wtf is going on?

      @SabaaAtif @ExpelDepression exactly the haters on Facebook I blocked, I suddenly unblock them and say sorry to them . But they don't reply and I cry

      @KhairiNazmi RT @emiriskandarez: Then masa ni vpn ni kicks in and do their job by exploiting that unlimited access. Because u only need that door to acc…

      @Biggucci_taee They need unblock my facebook

      @irmitaamijaa dumbest excuse I've gotten in my life. "I'm not gonna pay you back until you unblock me from facebook." are you kidding me?!

      @happyackles do you think my physics teacher will ever unblock me on facebook

      @MrInfernusHD I need a bit of help... I need to download this video from a website, I think its an SWF Flash video? The problem is, you need a VPN.. (C)

      @phillyphigten27 @BitchnBrittany can you text me 4843534197 or unblock me from Facebook

      @brendagaylern @monteiro @louiev1911 @ecined @facebook @jbsibley Oohhh-I'm tempted to unblock him now so I can see! Naaahhh-

      @Hoodster_Proxy It was for the best to keep an close eye on @ProxyforLife "Sounds like a plan." He said and he looked at the rock in his hand. He should -

      @ironcheff1011 @FrostTara this is david everything good at work now so if you want to be friends again unblock facebook

      @ThRrottLe Son, unblock me on Facebook and add me to the group, I did my half a year bid @ANGRYFAN007

      @DMKKid1 @TETRAMUNDO3D @YouTube can you unblock me on Facebook YouTube deviant art sir I am sorry can I get another chance in so frustrated ok

      @Kxtttie RT @Sophieesroses: @Kxtttie unblock me on Facebook

      @private_proxy @noipip @marcs_atc @myprivateproxy
      can't work on nike, and works fine on Adidas, Supreme, Footlocker and other footsite websites

      @Red_YuVideos Our country have banned too many foreign websites. So we have to use VPN softwares to load the foreign website.

      @axcerrato My brother didn't want to unblock me from Facebook so I told my mom

      @ashlee_cutie @smalls_green should really unblock me on Facebook so she can see my Facebook post lol

      @_nicolemcnairx @DanielaNichols9 @GloverKeri @danielleniclex you shut the fuck up and unblock me on Facebook then mail me:)

      @rondem1 @nicktheandersen A troll got me blocked from the web page, can you please unblock me? Why not have a daily post on Facebook? none today.

      @JohnLedward Love seeing @Luke_Botfield recently, love you Luke, please unblock me on Facebook mate ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      @Hello_Kommie @OhThats_Te why not.. You better email, send a letter, write me on Facebook, all the above until I crack and unblock you

      @bogenpirat @TwitchSupport random french proxy + livestreamer = stable stream for hours instead of laggy mess (ger). how about free server selection?

      @_KashifKhan @facebook Hey, could you unblock my account please?! I've sent you the photo ID you asked for..

      @T_McDaniel12 @jjjjjjjenifer just tweeter? Unblock me on #facebook

      @TiannaAWinston @StevenJRob I miss our conversations. Can you unblock me on your Facebook please? I appreciate you Steven.

      @SophieLaws3 @MrDylanEvans Can you unblock me on Facebook because I wanna watch your videos, much love xoxo

      @harlie_hinote *waits a good two years to unblock him on Facebook"

      @zayniebae22 @AndyMilonakis unblock me on Facebook

      @TiannaAWinston @StevenJRob Hey Steven. It's your buddy, Tianna. Can you unblock me on your Facebook please?

      @Lost_astronaut7 RT @jennmichelle13: @ethan_bevan unblock me on Facebook pretty please with a side of pie.????

      @KiteMofo RT @cristinagarbar2: Please help to unblock the page of U2ITNL on @facebook they just wanted to share our passion for @U2 @U2Community @…

      @LakendraJanae Why would you block someone then unblock them.... Now I'm going to block you...#Facebook

      @coleenlimmm Wala akong pake alam sa physical appearance mo. Basta mahal kita. Imiss you! Can you forgive me? Please unblock me on Facebook. :( -lrncjn

      @TiannaAWinston @StevenJRob Can you please unblock me on your Facebook Steven?

      @katiekosutova "Carrie would block and unblock Mr. Big many times on Facebook, and she’d also mute and unmute him on Twitter and Instagram."

      @bammbae6 @Gensaiii can you unblock me on Facebook please i would appreciate it

      @kofster @Unblock_Us I just did. I sincerely hope to hear from them soon. By the way, what happened to your Facebook page?

      @omosanzalette The UK government block porn by default, you have to call up ISP to unblock, likely prompting mass VPN installing. Win for internet freedom?

      @BStrubel9 @Kyleetrooper I miss you and hope you are doing good can you unblock me off of Facebook so we can be friends again hope you see this

      @reece012345 @OfficialSanta can you tell your elf on the shelfs to unblock me on facebook plz & i want elf on the shelf(boy&girl)& elf pets dog&reindeer

      @SkinnyAssMarie Since you block me on facebook , when you decide to unblock me don't be coming to my page to see what's posted!

      @x_Darzii_x @Tess_Holliday @facebook that's complete bullshit

      @ChrismTesoriero My mom keeps yelling at me to unblock her on Facebook

      @jennywellsesq @theTunnelBear Easy secure VPN Application, clean Mac interface. Free up to 500 MG, but you can tweet and ask for an extra gig. Please?

      @EmiiWhite @gr4cey_b could just unblock her on Facebook and Mail her instead of writing about liv on here where she can't see it or defend her self?

      @ironcheff1011 @FrostTara tara you promise me you were going to unblock me please keep your word david please unblock facebook today

      @BrockDoemel @mikkv16

      @AntonyfunkAt @KaycLott hi there,unblock me on Facebook

      @AITD_Movie_Book RT @AITD_Movie_Book: MIA SLASHERS!

      THE ID PROXY (2009)

      Shown at festivals late 2009, early 2010, with a DVD release (allegedly) in... htt…

      @mjlauterbach86 @EllePressly can you unblock me from Facebook?

      @unwisehippo123 @Emilycintron4 please unblock me on Facebook I will stop I promise just please unblock me

      @jasonwhitt @cleverruhs Yeah, there are plenty of fans of both around here now by proxy. You should Facebook about football more.

      @TheAceAna1211 @PulsingHopeless you wanna unblock me on facebook and message me :) ???
      I have something 2 tell u

      @meshia_unique Then have the nerve to unblock me & deactivate his Facebook !!

      @commagbitch Wait till my facebook get unblock since im back living outwest its bussin

      @yayitsty @facebook when will you unblock my account?

      @funnyguyimagod @bleus_world Unblock me on facebook please

      @NateKyng lol So I was threatened with black magic if I didn't unblock someone on Facebook tonight. #PsychoPeople #IWalkWithJesus #TheFuckBeWIthYou

      @QueenxAnni @xSIater If u stil have me blocked on facebook, unblock me i dont bite i swear lol

      @its_just_tessa @Alex_Seta unblock me on Facebook

      @SPN_MishaLuv @jdfffn can you please unblock me on facebook? I dont even know what i did and im supposed to be meeting you in Nov. #Awkward....

      @mdonitashadows Don't know if it's a #Facebook glitch or God speaking to me but when I try to #unblock this person, "Can't connect right now" flashes

      @__dieson jake and I blocked each other on Facebook and now we can't find each other..... anyone know how to unblock on Facebook?

      @tiaarawr should i remake new Instagram? So lazy block unblock a lot of people lol regretted linking w facebook

      @x__dopeambition He keep asking me to unblock him from off Facebook , he been block since I was about 4 months pregnant

      @throwmetheball1 @DeAllas9 you gonna unblock me facebook for calling you a old man lol

      @GarrettMorhardt @_jakeholland can you unblock me on Facebook. It's been like 2 years I've learned my lesson

      @Hannah_FisherXo RT @MiaHoranCoiley: You unblock me on Facebook which doesn't even bother me and now you put things on Instagram

      @SMALLINGBAUER @Gulag1930 mate, the one that's at my Uni blocked me on Facebook when I messaged him after Lesnar's fight, just to unblock me 2 weeks later

      @Sapphire_rubyxo @sublimeframe unblock me on Facebook! :(

      @birkhh What's the best VPN for PC? Been using Hotspot Shield for years but have noticed lately that it's throttling my speed. Or so it seems.

      @chilloutbih Imma unblock my brother wife on Facebook just so she can comment on my shit and get cursed tf out

      @TravisFromLA @manbear dawg you don't understand there's layers here. The proxy war of my Cold War is itself a different unique Cold War, it's fuckin wild

      @austinmemeler @austinmemeler UNBLOCK ME ON FACEBOOK

      @TheAlyssaAllen I really don't understand why the school would unblock Facebook but not Instagram..

      @WrightTricky @t0p_100 @0x736A there you are t0ps
      Tops do you think I should be sensored from the anon uk Facebook group ? Tell them to unblock me

      @arujyuna_ RT @ichiichinii: tell arjuna to unblock me on facebook i just want to eat his ass please

      @tweetsbyAndre @Unblock_Us is there a way to connect to VPN on iPhones or iPads after the iOS upgrade to 10.0.1.
      This version doesn't have support to PPTP

      @ChaseAArnold Unblock me on Facebook you assholes @espn

      @RALDMONEY @ItsEvanBruh yo whats good unblock on facebook messages

      @LayneBrown9 @SickNastySkyler unblock me on Facebook, it's literally been 5 years

      @_adoreebree If I have you blocked don't text me on Facebook or snapchat telling me to unblock you cause I'll just block you on there also

      @itsastanaphon love it when i unblock someone on facebook after years of having them blocked, thinking theyre normal now annnnddd theyre not

      @_elrawrees I rly wish my sister would unblock me off twitter and Facebook now there are so many things I want to tag her in

      @KDzzL802 @SportsCenter can you unblock me on Facebook already? It's been so long, and I don't even know why I was blocked to begin with!?

      @samelpan RT @karaokedenim: .@DogspottingOrg I'm begging you to unblock me from your Facebook group, i don't have a clue what I did to hurt you

      @AlvarVindehaar @TheLadBible oi lads do me a favour and unblock me on Facebook.
      Name is Dylan Nox. Thanks in advance

      @Abby_shyann @DeseraeAdams you unblock me from Facebook right this instant young lady.

      @MLGTheGamerHD @TiggerTiegan do me a favor and unblock me on facebook

      @SadPerson45 @wTsDev @LittIe_Desire bujji one small help ra,just unblock that deepthi account in Facebook,anyways girls name only kada,we can chat there

      @diaraRatedX Guess I'll unblock my mom on Facebook since she shouted me out today...

      @FanG_5pm Ohh you have already unblock my friend add on facebook.
      I think that you are thinking of me.

      @kayleighwanles1 @HoggJonny al unblock u on Facebook later ... Just said wrong thing at wrong time xxx

      @Professor_Nutz @bjpenndotcom can you please unblock me on Facebook?

      @randomsparadise my mum told me to send her photos so i think maybe i have to unblock her on facebook now :C

      @boccia22 The selfie I just posted caused an ex to unblock me on Snapchat and facebook. So really I can say "look what the selfie dragged in"

      @__LaMorenita__ Since I Know You STILL Check My Shit, Unblock Him From Facebook So We Can Figure Out Court Dates!

      @jejeehye Finally decided to unblock my mom on facebook and add her as a friend XD

      @n0stradagus @DrJillStein unblock me on facebook, fam.

      @KayleyCowgill Asif the pedo that made the past year of my life living hell has had the cheek to unblock me on Facebook

      @40deuce @DatingRev My guess would be that they either don't use Facebook for Business or they unblock it.

      @mapperz @Raspberry_Pi
      1x media centre (@LibreELEC +retroach retro-games)
      1x weather station (home DIY v1)
      1x vpn server/test pi (learning #Linux)

      @MelroseBT Starting to like Twitter. Especially when you have spies. They used to block $ unblock on Facebook-I permanently block. I don't play games.

      @SomertonJanice RT @Chris_A_W: #HelloLeicester I'm distressed by @uniofleicester victimising its student for trying to #savevaughan. Unblock @sally_birch…

      @rebellioussooul They need to unblock me from Facebook dog ..

      @Kvng_Jay00 Can't wait till they unblock my Facebook

      @E_proxy_games Well, facebook not gone yet

      @TomCarter274 @Nicoley_Dee unblock me on facebook, welcome me as a friend as I do to you, treat me with respect and tell others to do the same.

      @DrNeelakshiGswm Ma'am @bobbeeta cld u pls unblock my bro Sankhaneel Baruah ( @sankhaneelb ) in Facebook for a while, he has something imp to inform u

      @iamjosephwest I know my babymomma gone get her ass beat if she don't unblock me from sendin Facebook messages! LOL

      @dark_proxy RT @AtlantaFalcons: Keeping with the theme of breaking franchise records, @M_Ryan02 just broke his own record for passing yds in a game. 50…

      @woy_fout_yoshi @iamjustbrittany whats ya name on facebook im add u when they unblock me

      @SparklesKeeper @_shesmani nawwww boo boo you stay going live on Facebook popping off so unblock me so I can see what it is the MS. has to say.

      @giveawayblinq randizuckerberg could u pls tell ur bro to let me do thanks-giving to my well wishers on Birthday facebook Please unblock me! #FBShitpic.tw…

      @AjaBaejaa I'm about to unblock anyone who is blocked on my snap and accept Facebook messages too and not ignore them like last time

      @piiinkmassacre Baha I love when people who blocked me on Facebook unblock me to see what I'm doing. I see you

      @HoneyButtXXL @facebook can y'all unblock me so that i can shit post again?!?
      I'm having serious shit post withdrawals

      @Santhakumar1205 @Nikhilavimal1 mam pls unblock my Facebook account and accept my friend request in ur fb account pls I won't disturb u thereafter pls

      @ZixiuKheng @27riza27 @TiffanyAlvord doesnt rlly work cause he is hacking her facebook account and can easily unblock himself

      @Thedroidfanboy @TekGeekHD @TekGeekHD This might seen desperate but can you please unblock me on Facebook? Dunno why you blocked me in the first place xD

      @ov3rthr0w @SportsCenter it's been 5 years can you unblock me on Facebook?

      @LOSANGELESGOON RT @k4iley: this dude messaged me on facebook and told me "hey don't worry riot will unblock you, i talked with their support" and then blo…

      @Santhakumar1205 @Nikhilavimal1 then pls unblock my Facebook account mam pls I won't disturb u
      U have blocked my fb account by unknowning pls unblock now

      @blonde_fun @_smurfC Nick unblock Sha off Facebook. This bitch going nuts. Lmmfao.

      @iLoveTr33z @facebook can yall unblock me? I hate using twitter .

      @PauljtxPaul @facebook you assholes blocked me sunday for a pic I shared from Facebook when you gonna unblock me??

      @granitehead The future of #MDx? (Proxy access for providers for n of one genome analytics) #NGS #precisionmedicine @MyGene2

      @TheMightyEthan My wife says Facebook needs an option to block people just until after the election, when it would then automatically unblock them.

      @StephMurr_Jour @samsanders Unblock my friends and family on Facebook


      @LadyGagaIRAN Unblock #facebook and #twitter in #iran
      #TwitterForIRAN #توییتر

      @andrewabby6 @Meadow_TurmanAs Will you unblock me on Facebook and talk to me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

      @itsmeechaiila How to unblock a friend in facebook?

      @JirmyStewart @geekyemoKun please geeka just unblock me on twitter and facebook :'(

      @Starzyy @Sambi7F get cancer you blocked on facebook because I screenshotted your pic Xd. Unblock me RN and I will get you some dank lmao.

      @B_randeeee First thing a girl said to me last night at work was i need to unblock my Facebook cause she was trying to creep me&couldn't see anything

      @izzy_hater @TheNXTGuy62 so unblock him so he can see ur lies dipshit and after u do don't post here or Facebook for the rest of the day or else

      @andrewabby6 @Meadow_TurmanAs Will you please unblock me on Facebook and talk to me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can talk and be friend soon

      @ZLearmonrh @NiallOfficial can u pls unblock on Facebook pls

      @britany_hitt As immature as it is to block people on Facebook it is even more immature to unblock them afterwards lol

      @Konway_ @stephanHai are you coming in for the FN205 and unblock me on Facebook x

      @alysha_gee @windscribecom is the best VPN service to keep your computer safe!

      @ciaraxlacey How does one unblock G Keogh I facebook ?

      @caseydunnx @kathleenemmaxo aww aye that old chestnut

      @keonisreal RT @samy_wamyy: I blocked my mom on Facebook and I forgot to unblock her 4 years later and now I just unblocked and she thinks she fixed fb

      @kypmom @RussellsRiff I blocked many Facebook friends during this election season. Will unblock after Nov. 8.

      @margey0 When someone continues to block & unblock you on Facebook even though you don't speak anymore..like why?

      @JJ_TrippleXL @889BrilaFM can brila Pls unblock me on Facebook? It's been like 5years.

      @BRStanaKatic @Copop83 Use a VPN or DNS server to mask your location.

      @BobDelaney7 @realwjc Oh, yes. Your IP address does show you located outside of London. Using well-known proxy network linked to St. Petersburg.

      @ironcheff1011 @hotpinkwoman25 please talk to me . you know I like you and care about you why do this to me unblock facebook please I miss you

      @Zalzahx @ynfafootball Unblock me on facebook I did nothing wrong to be blocked by the page

      @daniellemendesx RT @AnnaFong_x: .@daniellemendesx Actually blocked me on Facebook for removing her from the groupchat and now she can't unblock me

      @Nym146 RT @LisaBourne83: @facebook please unblock my account!!! I have followed your procedure & would like my account back!!

      @javicente3_2016 @KimKardashian . . . Please.. could you unblock me to your facebook's official account? ...tkanks you .-

      @stephaniebrads @jjoshhh__ @HenryGallagherx You always ignore meeeeee like 93% of the time xD and when are you going to unblock me on facebook

      @aliciahughes861 @MollyOMalia unblock me from Facebook immediately

      @yvngreine RT @juicedupjazmin: If your school has Snapchat , Twitter , Instagram , Facebook etc. blocked , download dashVPN and it'll unblock and let…

      @andyspain Unblock all the sad Trump supporters you've blocked on Facebook (but not on Twitter, that's dangerous!) #PositiveThingsToDoOnNov9th

      @spacepiss proxy om is one of the best dogs ever. explain.

      @ImVedBhatt @DrKumarVishwas please unblock me on Facebook.. it's like Emergency type situation..#बागों_में_बहार_है @AamAadmiParty @Ndtv

      @kyler413 48 hours til election season is over and everyone can unblock me from Facebook and Twitter

      @JoelRasmussen RT @Mason_BC: Only one more day until we can unblock all of our relatives on Facebook!

      @furkan_kalkan1 RT @DevrimGunduz: Pro tip to US folks: Setup your own VPN server. Don't trust the VPN providers. Fascism is coming. Sincerely, your fellows…

      @salitw RT @ELBINAWI: I received this: "Assalamu alaikum brother Harun pls unblock me on facebook platform, you're a great source of inspiration to…

      @matt_townsend If my Facebook feed is any proxy, the election being over hasn't stopped people from battling over politics.

      @killarabillara @SaakashviliM unblock me on facebook please.. I were right about Poroshenko but You did not believe me then.

      @Lindalizer RT @cathjenkin: I want to whatsapp @WhoopseyDaisy to sing her mum happy birthday by proxy, but angazi whatsapp :(

      @corq RT @EanMeyer: Thinking of putting together a local privacy class (TOR, PGP, Signal, VPN) to help people feel safe. Free, perhaps at the dow…

      @jwoda735 @JohnFelixAnth20 Can you please unblock me on your personal page on my two facebook accounts?

      @fatbangtan RT @emptyhoon: did ninel ever unblock me on facebook

      @BrandonGrrland If Taylor doesn't unblock me on Facebook i will drive to bowling green and whoop an ass

      @laurentrilll my crazy ass Facebook messages them and becomes petty.

      i just remembered now that i didn't unblock them before texting them.

      @danmoser1961 Trump supporters wondering whether it's safe yet to unblock Hillary voters on Facebook, I'm gonna say maybe give it a few more days.

      @CeejayHuncho @facebook If Y'all Gonna Unblock Me, Imma Sue Y'all.

      @chinabatista999 @KingofCaliforni dude I have to unblock facebook&twitter&ins......iam in China!

      @Brendajoi When your ex messages you on Facebook from his girls profile telling you to unblock him on snapchat

      @EmmaHonea RT @KatieFraaancis: @EmmaHonea that's so funny, he literally asked my sister to unblock him on Facebook, IN PERSON

      @SherKurwa @CClipinista CC I thought we were friends, are you going to unblock me on facebook? <3

      @domby16 I guess if I can unblock Colyn I can probably readd my stepdad as a friend on Facebook. I JUST WANT TO SLEE

      @fauxvixx oh my god it happened twice like facebook is def doing this on purpose to try and make you unblock ppl

      @synx508 Impotently shaking my fist at a QNAP NAS that refuses to allow me to set a single static IP address for its VPN server

      @LVL25x Can you unblock me on Facebook plz so I can ask why you blocked me HAHAHA loser

      @musicdemand52 @KnightsCricket pls unblock me from facebook page.
      fb/sorts fan

      @DmageeDebbie RT @alexakabob1: .@facebook please unblock Richard Ratcliffe's 'real' Facebook account ASAP as vital for #FreeNazanin campaign -his wife &b…

      @EwKhristine @jetblackmalum unblock na kita sa facebook bes labyu mama proud asf

      @BuiItsTiff RT @Sandyha622: Mom refuses to pick me up from the airport until I unblock her on Facebook. Hahaha karma.

      @__stephhhx @austinman14 *whispers seductively* unblock me on facebook

      @steven_rameerez please unblock me on facebook @mt2oo8, I'm sorry I said things are going to get worse in 2017. Everything will be better from now on xx

      @AniwahyaGroup RT @MikeyKayNYC: Putin' strategy? Goad Trump & his security clan into an expensive 21st century nuclear arms race. Putin continues w/ hybri…

      @kassography RT @DeoFam: bumped into one of my dad’s mates earlier today.. he told him to tell me to unblock him on facebook..

      @MYeildal #vpn unblock sites kingwood lakes homes for sale

      @aidan_jade @varandamarquez unblock me on facebook

      @reece012345 @elfontheshelf can you send me my elves address after they leave and plz unblock me on facebook for updates and so i can message u

      @Ogunranti @Badoo Unblock me please, I'm verified and verifiable. I'm on Google +, Facebook and Twitter.

      @cute_piku @asterios If I show up under your window with a boombox blasting "why can't we be friends" would you unblock me on facebook?

      @leroybenavides @NINAROSS6 hey can you unblock me on Facebook

      @EveyWithoutAcid Unblock me on fucking Facebook so we can both impress our friends & act like adults who have literally no intensely weird history together.

      @Dero_69 @RiksRedGuard tunnelbear is a decent VPN, not bad as a free, no logs are stored and it's Canadian

      @SFreakkyyyyy When you're ex has you block hella people on Facebook and Snapchat, and you gotta go through and unblock them all cause he dumped you.

      @BasedEgyptian @facebook Unblock me from posting wtf.

      @nuclearcarly .@JNisula I blocked you last time. I blocked you on Facebook. I told you stop asking people to ask me to unblock you. WHY ARE YOU HERE AGAIN

      @Secretpositive1 RT @MsShenel_Styles: I BLOCK people so they wont be a DISTRACTION....I'll UNBLOCK when I Reach The Point Of Success Im Aiming For...At... h…

      @YouMakeMeSmh @SupremeLui my b bro. It was honestly a joke. A bad one tho lol Unblock me on Facebook tho. I need those statuses in my life lol

      @Aaronjamespne @ChristianeCOYW pls can you unblock me on Facebook now it's been over a year an Im gettin emotional thinking about it ☹️

      @juanmercado976 @SCOOP208 unblock me from the Facebook group

      @c9cbbf8335974c0 RT @miranda_wood: How about we just unblock everything like facebook, insta, twitter ect. and then people wont have to use VPN

      @nairpoornima Have been blocked on @facebook for 72hrs for some vague reason. My work is all online. Requesting you to unblock me from certain activities.

      @iamrofe @ClaireRDXB you can access Mothercare though by visiting the .co.uk site using a proxy.

      @FMBxMOSTWANTEDx @DubDotDUBBY tell joke to unblock me on twitter Facebook twitch all of the above with his sweet ass

      @Litweenie totally forgot I still had my ex blocked on Facebook lol ... oh well time to unblock

      @Romeoblue17 @BambrielAmbriel oh and unblock me on my second Facebook ok too please

      @thesummerwars @MAMETCHl i have a friend who lets me proxy through her so =w=;; it's a shame bc you never know what'll actually hit the us center site

      @passy This is as bad as it can get. If you proxy private data through Cloudflare, consider it compromised.

      @FranksKason @blackkyler28 yo unblock me on facebook

      @MkiTom @RingsideC u guys doing the giveaway contest on facebook or twitter if on facebook plz unblock me my facebook is duhopfairbanks

      @Justin76116699 @JackelynPlanca1 do you still remember that my mom is going to tell you to unblock me from Facebook and Twitter and messager tonight

      @ORDRx @Red_Puggy immature fucking kids, get yourself a VPN or Dynamic IP you will need one now

      @BrachaKS_writes @facebook @catmansouri I'm sorry to ask on this thread, again, but I really need your help, FB! :/ Pls. unblock me! :(

      @Daddy_Crowell @CaddilLackey @BoobieTheGoat That stupid bitch will unblock me to talk shit and then block me again. Even found me on facebook before. lol

      @TinynPeanut Don't unblock me
      Facebook make you wait to reblock...lmao

      @Kmrod_14 @WallyNotWalle Unblock me on facebook... weirdo

      @IAmDaGerminator @Marvel Can you please unblock me from Facebook? (Arron Prestwich) Idk what I did....but I promise not to comment anymore. I want updates :)

      @twoxbasic @ProtonVPN possible to access vpn if I join proton mail plus now?

      @katekirah @facebook why you block me? Pls unblock me.

      @Kingmanyoka1 @ThaboDipudi u can run but u cant hide #social media boss unblock me @facebook

      @Chardnayy They need to unblock me off Facebook

      @JoryDJ420 @senorrinhatch @GorsuchFacts @SenateGOP oh yeah and unblock me on Facebook #FreedomofSpeech

      @yungfracaso @ravenous_wolves as my friend says "idk if my dad is dead or not but I'm not gonna unblock him on Facebook to find out"

      @Justin76116699 @JackelynPlanca1 do you know that my mom is going to tell you to unblock me from Facebook and messager and twitter when i get home sunday

      @TourZacatecasMX @Ookay @PasqualeRotella Hello! Pasquale all the way from MX. But can you have your peeps unblock Benjamin G. Rodriguez from Facebook at EDC?

      @boooort Unblock me on Facebook you cunt I'm not done yelling at you

      @DanLewisTaylor 3 rts and I'll unblock me ma off Facebook and call her a cunt

      @jusstcallmeclo So turns out when you unblock someone on facebook you have to wait 48hrs before you can block them again. Oops

      @kaitlynnjohns11 Since bf's ex wants to post immature shit about Justin on her Facebook someone let her know to unblock me and I'll let her have it

      @Chas_Blakemore @olivia___garcia If I promise not to contact you on Facebook, will you please unblock me. I miss being there.

      @joncostello @hulu Please unblock vpns before Trump signs this law. I will be using vpn on all data and will pick my privacy over your service if not. TY

      @iamwildfiredj Facebook should just delete my account, this is witchcraft#FBLIVE#unblock

      @PDX_Rick Yo Aubs!
      Can an uncle get an unblock? Only way I really keep up all too often with you and your world...as I do not Facebook.

      @a1saikiran @Troll_Tollywood pls unblock the facebook accounts which are blocked from your page

      @anita_sadori @SimonSpencer482 @facebook pls answer my msg
      i didnt do anything for this
      i even decided to unblock you from all

      @_evebrennan @Brandon_Bowden1 unblock me on Facebook please xxxxxxx

      @shanecoyle23 Hey @SportsCenter want to unblock me on facebook already #itsgettingold

      @iamosas RT @Missturnerbecky: Dad been 'ordering' me to unblock him on facebook...u know what??? Its never happening

      @haileemarie_ovo @_kailynxoxo @AranxzaE Posting your number to Facebook and having everyone call you til you unblock me

      @BinteQuraish RT @__Qureshi: A small software called betternet from your App store will unblock Facebook and Twitter if blocked #Kashmir . Keep it downlo…

      @FalPalRose @aff_iman Plus I don't really trust those "free" VPN services.

      @RobinBouwland @facebook Could you PLEASE unblock my account it has been over 72 hours and I still haven't got any answers yet my account is still blocked!

      @Prashan87076118 @Chinarcorps_IA @adgpi they download some VPN apps,,,nd through this they use Twitter,even whatsapp

      @EECPMPCPNC1982 @ddubswifey84 can u unblock me on facebook???

      @SusiYalan unblock 2 people on facebook today

      @DaveHey2 @aliceeehey @htafcdotcom Seeing as you paid twice for the game at Derby you're there by proxy

      @dpka_tweets RT @ohsixoneoh: #facebook72hours more like 14 #days #facebookdown @facebook you have what you requested, unblock my account @bbb_us #news #…

      @nikitaarahh @LorgenaCacapit You're actually dumb and talking to you is like talking to a brick wall. Unblock him on Facebook maybe ???

      @HatchetKrow @KaylaRomig Hey unblock me on facebook. I was not talking about you in that post. Don't know why you'd block before asking me about it.

      @Imsarthakdhiman @blowingfactz ,Sir , I had no bad intention for your work , i loved to be your follower , so please unblock me on your facebook page. 2/2

      @reeceado @YeezyTalkWW can you unblock me on the Facebook group?

      @rjgarrick @marcushjohnson With an IPA proxy app, who needs a subscription?

      @bludovedesigns @nerdsquawk @facebook Yes! It got revolved in about a wk. We sent 3 daily msgs to FB notifying them that it was safe and to unblock.

      @katrinablima Dad: unblock me anay sa facebook and we'll talk about it

      @noped Site-to-site VPN Bali - Bandung

      @DeepsFarhan @moochbar_ Can you please unblock me off Facebook and we settle this small problem.

      I just bring my own straw then thats fine by me.

      @vidhu56 @mkoirala When are you going to unblock me on facebook.As a good will gesture before the release of Dear Maya can't you?

      @Amooorz @Dragonhellmusic Unblock me m el facebook

      @MariannaMerritt @BremnerHollie it's maz please talk to me I want to explain to you Iam sorry for want i said unblock me on Facebook

      @SAPELEELSTIN @RebbetzinTap PLEASE - Help us get Facebook to unblock and re-enable our Sapele Elstin facebook accounts.5/28/17 sapele Elstin / G+

      @SJd42SBUHPFFQQY RT @MESOOOOHORNY: @ML162000 if i win you in a 1v1 on iw, then you unblock me from Facebook?! i just wanna be friends,i know u don't care ab…

      @DJDaveBalboa @MarkZukerberg Unblock my Facebook account, jerk. What govt dept are you now working for that I need to submit my ID pic? AHole

      @ISCDXN oh i actually cba with being blocked from liking/posting/messaging/commenting on Facebook now it's taking the piss UNBLOCK ME

      @JR_Tompkins @AlanMakHavant @Conservatives Perhaps you can unblock comments on your Facebook page now, Alan?

      @Kmadonia1027Ann @BryerNicolle hi nicolle I am trying to unblock twitter and facebook I hope it all works love kathy

      @shawy194 @finkd can you get the facebook police to unblock me #freejoeshaw

      @BikingHillbilly .@karenhandel, as an elected official, you should not be deleting posts and blocking people on your Facebook page. #DefendTheFirst #Unblock

      @TIwanttotellyou You've became a badboy and a playboy again. You unblock me and added me again in facebook.

      @x__dopeambition Let me unblock some people off my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & the Snap yea allat

      @RobertLeeArnol3 RT @RobertLeeArnol3: Now tell the faggots and democraps unblock rob freedom and mickey the pikey Facebook accounts rite now not later rite…

      @iamikeanyaoha @facebook My account I created since 2009 was blocked for no apparent reason. My Facebook name is Anyaoha Ike. Please unblock me.

      @ohc0urtney @sydb_3 get your panties out of your pussy & unblock me on facebook

      @AmyBhrndtTylr If you block then unblock someone on Facebook will it get them off your messenger list??

      @gotpaidstillbr1 RT @gotpaidstillbr1: @IndianaBeach Could you please unblock me on Facebook?

      @suaizl Complete block all connections. Whatsapp, twitter, instagram, facebook, my phone. And i dont bother to unblock.

      @PunhalBalochMir @facebook please Unblock My Account

      @TheMoneyAce @ProWrestlerTees can we get a "I broke wahoo's leg" shirt? And please unblock Jesse Bouchard on Facebook I'm a loyal customer and fan

      @Proxy_Tank @brian_kutza Drummond can’t shoot defend or protect the rim I’m not a fan way overpaid

      @boxcar909 RT @Sutto2606: @joshgnosis I use an VPN and still pay for Game of Thrones. I just give my money directly to HBO.

      @CP3Fan @LAClippers hey guys. Want to unblock me on Facebook yet? Its been 5 years.

      @gogleddkev #Facebook block a charity page Im admin for b/c I dont want to upload a photo of myself to it, & now demand to see photo ID to unblock it!

      @tRiPpyNoeLLE RT @NOTRlLEY: if there's wifi on a plane but you have to pay for full access just use a vpn hehe i have access to everything now

      @JoryDJ420 @senorrinhatch Ha, while you are up late trilling America, unblock me on the public forum that is your official Facebook page. #1stAmendment

      @_andrewsin @ethan_fisher2 do you want unblock me on facebook instead of gettin involved in the dior 'beef' so i cant see what you say xx

      @GOPisISIS @EricGreitens hey courts have spoken you can't block people on Facebook or Twitter unblock Everyone Loser

      @MobleyJamel Hello to my brother in-law Wolton. How are you? Alot has happened since we last talked. Unblock me on Facebook. Q. Jammy

      @Team__SRK @facebook My User named - HamzaaShahrukh
      Mobile Number Registered on account- +923218390775
      Please unblock my account

      @funlabgames @OBSProject pls add proxy on BrowserSource, to unlock access to some widgets

      @vanambb RT @phillipmbailey: @GovMattBevin @ACLUofKY In a preliminary injunction, the @ACLUofKY is asking the court to order @GovMattBevin to unbloc…

      @grumpyMichael @abcperth you blocked me on Facebook for criticism of yr programming, that was ages ago. I was never abusive. Can you unblock me now please?

      @Ramprasad43 @UnibicCookies @ContestBoard Unblock.me in Facebook my Id is Ram Prasad

      @JJ_TrippleXL @TonyBekederemo Please unblock me on your Facebook page. Olujinmi olusesan Pelemoh. It's been more than 6 years. Forgive and forget.

      @PrincessDLaRue So since facebook won't let me be great & unblock my video uploads. Follow my IG or Twitter @PrincessDLaRue

      @musliemlund RT @mohdazeel7: @facebook My facebook account satteings add unlocked code and unblock code

      @PugsLuvWaffles @latibulemark oh and tell her to unblock mE ON MY MAIN, PRIVATE, AND ON FACEBOOK JDJSNZ

      @clyzowh @ffsrye @Golden100k @ItzGodMC @AutisticNick_ @NovqKingZ @Team_TKZ I dont have a private proxy

      @jpwarren So @AICDirectors I have bypassed your 'security' of not letting me VPN in less than 30 minutes from a standing start.

      @OllieNickChick An Edge listener's description of VPN: "There's an app that reroutes the WiFi through the server so it takes all the blocking out of it."

      @kileybarbara @PaoloDongo had to google how to unblock ppl on facebook

      @rttgiez @Eyre_Empire follow me back and unblock me on Facebook you twat x

      @Sam_Price_Music Me: Lets get some sleep
      Brain: How about you unblock your ex on Facebook and get back on your bullshit
      Me: Can't argue with that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      @young_wonnie2 Glad Ari unblock me on Facebook bruh be having me rolling

      @HolzhueterCarma RT @SamColman96: @RossGiles93 @DylanDench @Andrew_Clark93 Bitter

      @sammykap2015 @jackiecoleman66 unblock me on Facebook please

      @KevinA3patriot RT @PamelaGeller: .@facebook, please UNBLOCK my newsfeed.U allowed obscene posts of cyberjihadi who stole my page 2 post 2 my 1M+ follwers…

      @2coolyo Finds me on Facebook
      Him: Unblock me
      Me: Unblock you for what
      Him: I miss you and wanna talk to you
      Me: blockedt

      @A_BossBeauty @SamuriApocalysp Actually no. My Facebook won't update to let me block or unblock.

      @RSlxys @Slapyy__ please unblock me off Facebook and delete my PS4 account from your PS4 thank you and good night

      @jhessminebeech That you unblock me on Instagram, Snapchat and text me on Kik, Facebook and call me on Skype.

      @_tanayax13 RT @love_birk: @_tanayax13 Unblock me on Facebook

      @JnelleBelle So Mr. Zuckerberg....can you please unblock me from posting videos on Facebook please?

      @RedVelvet420 @TheInkedBoys Hey can you guys please unblock me on Facebook?

      @slboat @valentt sorry,it's not easy to use twitter in china,we had use proxy so can unblock site

      @chris_soulsby If @facebook could unblock me from posting things, it would be REALLY appreciated

      @poptart221986 Cindy would you please unblock me on Facebook and lets Talk .

      @93x_maya RT @StickySimba: Logged into Instagram using my Facebook last night, this morning 3 colleagues followed me. Block/unblock and bye.

      @krummel503 @facebook @Marzuckerberg Please unblock Pet abuse uk at facebook. We love animals. And block The animal hater Facebook account

      @GetuppunkRonald @banner_news how will you truly make it up to #VegasStrong? And when will you unblock everyone from #FaceBook? Afraid of free speech I see

      @shelby_wetzel RT @___MichaelaA__: I'd like to publicly shout out @shelby_wetzel for showing me good music. Still waiting on her to unblock me on Faceboo…

      @janetfuntaiwan @Oli_Pettigrew @tweetfromgeorge Wait! I KNOW THEM TOO!! I guess I should unblock you on Facebook now @Oli_Pettigrew

      @Colby2813308004 @AlyssaTodd20 @RAIDERS Raiders suck unblock me on Facebook

      @Mochischeeks @95inluv Have u tried hola fake location app? Not talking about the VPN App. Or try explore VPN app

      @alexabl79372943 @PinKkKREignRosa @AlexaBliss_WWE lexi unblock me from facebook i am jesus please friend of erin galla

      @Ezikesunny RT @cedoziemm: Facebook please unblock Radio Biafra London on your seach engine. @NkirukaNistoran @Amaka_Ekwo @NkemdiMary @emekus2000 @Emek…

      @Royal68288541 RT @cedoziemm: Facebook please unblock Radio Biafra London on your seach engine @BiafraTelegraph @thebiafratimes @Isaiahuba @elly_ify @agba…

      @Gregggyboy @Mike_McCurry16 @austinjay33 also, mike will you ever unblock me on facebook?

      @iamjasminabsma Time to unblock my siblings on facebook

      @TashjianAram @SCOOP208 Could you possibly unblock me and unban me from your Facebook group please

      @fm_15x "Unblock me on Facebook so I can post something for you're bday"

      @WeLoveChelley For some odd reason, I really felt the need to unblock some people from Facebook...

      @chickens00p @feliciamen Year 2017: My mom told me she'll never make me dinner again if I don't unblock her on facebook.

      @ececoren1987 RT @Ball_Bermuda: @ArwadKhalifeh Hey, its Wayne. Add me on Facebook or unblock my Twitter. Its an emergency

      @rhakbari RT @rhakbari: Facebook and twitter has been unblock. Only youtube is now remaining. #FaizabadDharna

      @PaddyDowling6 I’ve been hacked, and Facebook want £115.00 to unblock me!!!!! Is this fair?????? Really?????? Come on Facebook!!!!!!

      @KhrizOnIce I unblock my ex-crush now in facebook and I add him back as a friend AGAIN.


      @the_artm RT @Zehreeelii: Han tu kb block hoon gay VPN use krnay walay accounts?

      @mcmillanllp RT @Know_Group: Learn and engage @ 12-1 pm (EST) with @mcmillanllp 's Cory Kent & @UniofOxford's Ian Robertson as they analyze the trends,…

      @JogaFoksal RT @RashaJarhum: #SOS @Google @Twitter @facebook is there a way to unblock internet and social media in #Yemen. Concerns of genocide perpet…

      @KapoorBrogen @_breezeblocks unblock me on facebook chat you coward!

      @sammikammer but i made cody unblock me on facebook and readd me

      @delaneyhundley RT @emma_schnik: I just drove through Ra(y)cine and asked Aaron Poling where to get gas and he said unblock and follow me on Twitter instag…

      @divydogs @_binches UNBLOCK ME FROM FACEBOOK YOU COWARD

      @acenatos1974 RT @aazzgard: .@NordVPN hi there -I’m a current customer but your website seems to not be working - says I can’t establish a secure connect…

      @CooperZ2 @unkleadams Unblock your fans on Facebook

      @Diamond84694069 RT @CassieWest11: Hi guys I see my friend Nicola Marshall works with you, tell her I said hi and ask her to unblock me on Facebook.

      @OsamaHasanPTI @CNN just unblock my account @osamahasantufail94@gmail.com @facebook @fbsecurity

      @toalopez @selenagomez @BBCR1 give me a chance to regain your friendship @selenagomez lets be good friends. Unblock me in Facebook.

      @erinschmitt66 RT @Telford_Russian: Open letter to #JustinTrudeau who appears to favor #ISIS terrorists (read @CIA proxy army) over Canadian Veterans.


      @iby1408 RT @AliDawow: Tommy seems really really hurt and shaken by the phone call. And look at all these lies he’s uttering in this video. Watch my…

      @HarakiriHall It's a nice contrast to last time I received a snail mail letter which was my mum asking if I would please unblock her on Facebook

      @CeciliaFanner RT @CeciliaFanner: #FACEBOOK FB blocked my FB page Dr Cecilia Fanner so I can't invite anyone to like my page. It is aimed at people carin…

      @ikezone21 @marn_wilson
      Hi Marni listen I am sorry
      for what I did! I emberessed you!
      and I want you to unblock on my facebook! please?

      @Mytrip365 @Zollotech Shadowrocket(VPN software)to bypass Great Fire Wall

      @miidhagso @Jawar_Mohammed @facebook @fbnewsroom unblock Facebook jawar Mohammad face book unblock jawar Mohammad face book unblock jawar Mohammad

      @RaffPost RT @keriannecdotes: @facebook I was blocked from the Marketplace, but I don’t think I violated any terms and I wasn’t given a reason. I’ve…

      @AllEyezOnHuc93 If you’re gonna keep blocking and unblocking me unblock me on snap and Facebook lmaoooo

      @Muste14473898 RT @Jawar_Mohammed: If @facebook does not unblock me fast, we will be marching to its headquarters. Bay Area friends, standby!!

      @o0HoopZ0o Unblock me or our shits getting put on facebook @AlixMunroe

      @TheRealTimLeahy Somebody teach me how to set up a VPN or proxy or whatever so I can online bet.....

      @Bitulchakma @facebook perminently blocked/suspended my @facebook Account. Illegally suspended my FB Account. Please unblock my facebook account

      @LINWOOD__TAN @morgiato @coolfatdude Dam I forgot I said that let me unblock u on Facebook

      @secret_sans Eehhhh something's up with my internet...

      Proxy server entered incorrectly..?

      @mrchrisadams RT @briansuda: wonders about that free @facebook VPN is working out these days.

      @Greggorovic @unkleadams Unblock me on Facebook you coward

      @PrinceEli22 RT @mrPam: Please unblock me @facebook ‘Slang’ within someone’s own community is not ‘bullying’ or ‘hate speech’. This is ridiculous!! @fb…

      @mathyconcepcion @katyperry unblock me on Facebook because this fandom is making fun out of it. Please?

      @TriceyTriceYall Ok Facebook can unblock me now lol

      @Britttneymartt Lmfaoooo you block me on Facebook then unblock me then block me again then unblock me

      @MarkMckendrick Add 22 year old I think it’s time I unblock my mum from Facebook and let her be my pal

      @Tonystarksgirl6 So you honestly think I’m gonna unblock off Facebook after how you treated me.... fuck bro just clearly and kindly fuck off !!

      @checkerhd RT @alihadi68: #USA is lying when it says it's helping #Saudi get rid of #ISIS in #Yemen : there's no ISIS, in fact Saudi is working with #…

      @Pam_Surowka @eriKAKAKAAAA @broccoli389 If you can access the link on your phone with the app, you're right to watch it. I have to use a VPN as I watch-

      @JDilla11 I'll unblock you on Facebook, But the first thing out of you mouth better be an apology & the 2nd thing better be my canoli

      @BetamaxRob @CBCMeg Ohhhhh now I gotta find tonight's Northbeat on the server... VPN don't let me down!

      @CassadyBourbon RT @EFF: Far too many public officials manipulate social media comments to exclude opposing views, block users from commenting on agency Fa…

      @WorldJat @abhishek111181 @RLDparty @jayantrld Ask him to unblock all members on facebook . Thank you

      @NSanthoshReddy9 @Zee_Health_Tips Bhai..... channel unblock ka paise kaha hai.....?

      Hamaara facebook account block hogaya. Please deal here now.

      @RahkymB @WillBlakely1699 yeah unblock me... & on facebook too please

      @scoobz2490 Blocked my brother on Facebook cause I'm sick of his pish and the cunt phones my mum to get me to unblock him

      @Jordan_Patu @RyanHobbsMMA It really is. We used to be able to access the US Netflix library with a VPN, but then that stopped. Smh.

      @MalumeYangthola @Daai_Man_Nzwaki Unblock Malume Yang'thola Ng'thin on Facebook

      @dDruca RT @Adamgaron686: @realDonaldTrump tell facebook to unblock me.

      they say "don't be racist towards white people" is against community terms

      @dcipob1 RT @Amaka_Ekwo: Please Facebook unblock my account

      @NoNoMalolo If unblocking me on Facebook is a move for you to get me to contact you why not just unblock my number ?? Or reach out to me first maybe ??

      @DanaCarlson8577 @RepJackBergman @AlyssaMcCannTV @WBKB11 Unblock me on Facebook Jack!!

      @love_evelyn3080 Don't come back on Facebook until Facebook is is unblock @rich_babalu

      @SheGorgeous0813 I need 2 unblock my man on Facebook

      @JohnnyCrossman @iseestarsmusic you guys should unblock me on facebook

      @Crittlerpunk also yeah by proxy of living here now id be a colllege droppout but its for the best, colllege destroyed me mentally a lot

      @MustbeKii__ I needa unblock my mom on Facebook so she can be boosting my pictures again

      @JessticulrCancr Guess I can unblock him on Facebook now

      @SenatorPachino @dorganmavis @jsalderulo Unblock me from Facebook

      @pmsxa RT @RedLotusVPN: @revolutiointel Updated Post on the #NordVPN / #ProtonVPN / #ProtonMail / #Tesonet Data Mining Scandal. #Censorship #Cloud…

      @_Miabellaaaa Facebook need to unblock me dam.

      @serenassexylady @DRoseHarrison1 Hey its ian using an old fake account (long story) just eondering can u unblock me on facebook? Also if u can send me stuff

      @PaddysMad Download a free VPN software and then go on Inters Facebook the match is being streamed there.

      @Koopakidd64 awkward moment when Facebook suggest you be friends with someone who hates you and had you blocked for a year like..why you unblock me

      @realRichardLazo RT @gunpolicy: Facebook has refused to reply to our appeals or the hundreds -- perhaps even thousands -- of appeals submitted by others who…

      @2coux4you do I unblock my mom from facebook?

      @pomishere RT @AliceAvizandum: so first was subpoenaing Facebook to find out why their grandkids aren’t talking to them, now Twitter to demand it unbl…

      @Olivia_Ashtyn RT @MICROSMGUZI: These bitches really weird. Block and unblock me on twitter and stalk me on facebook... built different. Sad. Seek help.

      @JediTray @danadiana1791 hey there! can you unblock me on facebook?

      @m_petrov_konan @thevaflaggers Please unblock me on a Facebook. I deeply apologize what whatever I said

      @HavingLook @Laelsun unblock me on facebook but leave sarah blocked

      @acervoise RT @mimu_muc: Hey guys, with @opnsense 18.7.2 there's now a @nginx plugin offering a reverse proxy, a Web Application Firewall with @NAXSI_…

      @Michell13453352 @BobSMueller Please unblock my facebook so I can talk to you?

      @sellsy94 @Dav_TidyNFL @NFLGamePassEU I think it’s the Sky Sports game, so it would be? If you use a VPN you ca still watch though

      @myronastrian RT @shraberry: my grandpa blocked my grandma on facebook bc he was mad and now he doesn’t know how to unblock her

      @vishalpadhiyar1 RT @kajal_jaihind: Dear @facebook team, my FB account is being targeted since long by Left wing & some political rivals bcz i have differen…

      @lisalisa365 RT @w_terrence: I need a huge favor from everyone! @facebook banned me for taking of for Mollie Tibbett after she was killed and dumped in…

      @AlyssaAnnette I really hate seeing my dads face pop up on Facebook because he decides to unblock everyone every 3 months to be nosy.

      @Aminsamrajjo @iamadritabristy I’m sorry! Bristy apnk Kono vabei massge dite parchina.. really sorry ! Unblock me frm Facebook plz !

      @khaleelshakur @madrecarinosat @ognessone Vanessa unblock me on Facebook its khalil

      @Michell13453352 @renato_mariotti My facebook is blocked help unblock it please

      @ic4rus1 RT @jeetsidhu_: @VitalikButerin @mdelllln @crypto_monopoly @cryptorae The concern is these new stablecoins are designed specifically for tr…

      @vacapinta RT @jessamyn: Privacy talk at a #vermont library tonight went well. Topic covered included: using a VPN to watch British TV, reading XKCD c…

      @meowmaddieward How nice of Lawrence to unblock me from Facebook

      @Ashe_Oro RT @lukestokes: I'm quite happy to see @eosdac included in @Ashe_Oro's and @zanewhitener's list of supported @FreedomProxyEOS EOS Block Pro…

      @DHAmerican RT @dialectica6: Did an exhaustive sampling of all disinformation sources I have access to as of 10/21/2018.

      Here's what I see:

      Major tr…

      @hltarry RT @cheshireABS: We had to urgently unblock 41 badger sett holes in #Cheshire after a large scale illegal blocking of setts. Badger persecu…

      @Doughboyal @amoorafayxx @manialix Unblock ur boater cousins off Facebook it should be wet again

      @LaLaLarraine @Jullybeeee unblock mitzy from facebook?

      @RayContreras__ @rachelferg13 Block and unblock them so it just looks like Facebook tweaked out on both ends

      @categoryx RT @Share_Talk: @Share_Talk Team members use @IvacyVPN #VPN to #Unblock internet with complete #Anonymity and #Privacy. This software hide…

      @LovelyLkp "Unblock me on Facebook." I would, but you blocked me soooo?

      @_30days30sites RT @LadyFeroz: D33 of #100DaysOfCode managed to meet up with a friend to pair program. Got home and was motivated to do more but unfortunat…

      @pamelakerr2 @FacebookWatch @facebook Unblock my account you bunch of useless humans!

      @ProudestPerv @jesseflo I'm so sorry I bothered you! Shall I send you a $25 gift via PayPal? Then please unblock me on Facebook. Ouch.