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The VPN request routes the info being sent/received through your Android device just to save you through the paws regarding hackers as well as snoopers.

The VPN servers keep your Android gadgets are safe.

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You can unblock any websites and apps if blocked in your school, office or country. Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, also any games, chat and voip services, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, KakaoTalk at school or work with ZPN.

Bypass Internet Censorship

If your country or office firewall blocked access to open internet and websites, you can unblock through change your location with our free vpn service.

Protect Your Privacy

Hide and keep safe all your informations from trackers on the websites and applications with getting behind of our VPN servers.

Secure Your Connection

Our VPN tunnel has 256-bit encryption, which secures all your network connections and it's impossible to cracked from hackers.

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    Your local IP addresses

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      @MacduffFreeman Singly method vpn release aid problems: KvfHD

      @zZzuperFly @resharper i tried to activate my old license on my new laptop via vpn-> licsrvr. it crashed for some reason and i got a push to report it

      @juanvaldes_ @MiVidaSeattle you did not setup vpn?

      @brewmasteresq @TonysPizza_CA oh you bet I did! Watched most games via ITV over VPN. US networks were not too rugby friendly.

      @FluffCustard @peterrichmond83 WHAT Really?! Goddammit. Must be my VPN.

      @RjSeeker1 - Mmm.. I don't really use VPN Ghost myself. I use a secure mobile USB stick. Very high secured.

      @Stephane_MORICO RT @PaceMorganJobs: FBI initiates a major #cybersecurity investigation of a "back door" #breach with a leading #infosec software vendor. ht…

      @Futaba1995 @lulupantsu yeah me too ..i nstalled the apk..but even though i cant play it without vpn app!!!!

      @SamvaSantoro @theTunnelBear my No1 vpn

      @carollingdanver for some reason my vpn hates me and wouldn't work for like 20 mins

      @meken @tw1sted1981 @fxphd Website and VPN seem to be back up now.

      @I_AM_SPOOK @3Turn_Coat3 @AllPodsMatter @OMGAngie_ @BillyCorben LOL Yaaaaa sure ha ha. Stay on VPN permanently
      Or wait for ash in ur shit breath mouth

      @cyberbuIIyer @HitIerYouth i watched some girl once when pornhub was blocked on my internet and my vpn on my phone wasn't working and i wanted to jerk off

      @SharonMichaelso Way out vpn bid fair being as how thy compagnie wants: crPOHb

      @garymccardle @KodiTips where is best to get nbcsn without a vpn? @freemytvca

      @tomasrestrepo Frustrating error of the day: "An unexpected network error has occurred". SMB + VPN do not mix :/

      @nabalazs @msrivoria you could get a VPN... Which is ~$20 on top of the $20 Netflix price...

      @bigpotplant I cannot get on Oculus Social as it says update Oculus Video ?? Didn't have a problem with vpn?

      @mokkanair My VPN cheats 100% of the sites I've tried it on, EXCEPT Google. Goddamn Google knows everything.

      @ChrSchuster @tigerVPN really nice VPN! #vpn #tigerVPN

      @CptPsychopath @HollowDespair damn, and the proxy server stuff didn't work?

      @KeatCharles Copywriting as proxy for online sites: erection la no end comfortably situated site: iupJajsBk

      @KayleeLaura2 Outright under security sites as proxy for the unstick of customer's trimester over against sun purchasing else sales campaign req: lvFfbTC

      @Themusicfreak87 @that_girl_87 i think its becuase dubai has blocked dating sites for some reason. i was using a VPN blocker and it still wont' let me

      @GeeksPrevail @Bundo93 Oh sorry didn't see what you were replying to. VPN was Melbourne/Australia server

      @Pawel_Proxy @ztharli @YouTube ...well that was bad timing on my part. Pretty sure I started the stream for the last 5 sec. :/

      @sinclairinator RT @jcase: .@AmexOffers @americanexpress how is blocking VPNs and VPN related sites acceptable in your centurion lounges?

      @antichaotics @Karim_shaltaf im in dubai bade vpn app la yeftah cause errything's blocked including kickass and all torrents sites bcs fml

      @talmukund RT @alok_bhatt: Pakistan realised futility of war with India and that is why it changed its tactics and launched proxy war- v need to pay b…

      @WatsonGarrison2 Hiring limousine services could come naughty after this fashion load with regard to sites are inherent as proxy...

      @sproudfoot @j_selig We're trying to search with proxy sites now to look for one-way flights. This is maddening.

      @cu_jay_ @i_selasi you need a vpn to access most sites here

      @ItsMvrcus @NormanGoldenll there are more sites but most of them are the same :/ requiring a VPN

      @JarOfSteve @crk5 @verge I use Private Internet Access for a VPN, they have been great so far.

      @moejo219 @TheOnlyReed download orbot and try to goto the sites or use a VPN

      @kevo31415 @DaarkPaladinX None of that is. It's easy to VPN but not many people do since there are Chinese versions of those sites anyway

      @zackster With the rise of VPN usage, is system time a better indicator than IP address for geolocation I.e. which Google domain to default to?

      @stuartfaz @Tsainsbury92 mate get yourself a VPN it's the best #netflix

      @MaxProYT @TbonesTechPhoto Qatar blocked all the proxy sites. So I had to use tunnel and it was slow

      @jcase So AmEx is blaming the disconnecting of my vpn and blocking of VPN sites on @att

      @RashidiG @Zierlak too lazy to check. Have to use VPN to check. Torrent and porn sites are blocked here

      @Mayonaka_Terebi @DCConnah @MangaUK Amiami, Hobby Search, Plamoya, Otaku Republic. If need a proxy (sites that only ship to JPN) use Japan Auction Agency

      @Des_Woe @maahamadnan vpn/proxy works.

      @dank_ebook5 don't use g2a shield vpn is trending on torrent sites and i think that's almost 40 minutes of new music.

      @trapmike95 proxy sites? vpns?

      @chrisjosephhine @NetflixUK all blocking VPN services will achieve is pissing off your customers and pushing them to illegal sites. Congrats

      @omgofinternet Why US people use VPN services, if there are not so many blocked sites in the country?

      @Mattstone_194 @netflix If you crack down on VPN then people go back to pirate streaming sites and you loose aus subscriptions & $. Simple as that #Netflix

      @PHIL180IOM @andreduerkop @bigphil746 I see that BBC have blocked most VPN sites, but VPNexpress is still meant to work ? worth a try.

      @MetalheadAussie @MGliksmanMDPhD I use a DNS and VPN, if I cant find the movie I want on legal sites, I stream via filelockers, wont get caught in piracy net

      @reese015 Any VPN I use, there's always sites that don't load or slow down. Any truly premium VPN services out there? Don't mind if more expensive.

      @calternativo @jcgreenx Hudsucker Proxy. What's Up Tiger Lily. Confederacy of Dunces. Something Else by The Kinks. Etc. ... I know. Not sports.

      @nihonmama @FelineNut @kstaubin @PatrickTissot @dizzyoz1 Why not? If they're using multiple IPs + proxy to attack on Twitter, that person is a FRAUD.

      @maryamnayebyazd Iranians claiming they no longer need VPN must have special privileges. Anyone I chatted from Iran is still using VPN. Sites still blocked.

      @LoonaVision @Silici00 they block porn sites, need vpn and vpn may slows down connection and it's not good for my cam quality

      @lmNigger There must be methods, using a terminal to tunnel through a vpn RT this if you agree, vpn ip: ips connected :/

      @teaneill @Mommyisweird Try using a VPN to compare prices, too. Sometimes sites have different pricing, depending on your region.

      @EtailQueen @jjvallejoa can you watch the 7 tennis stream? May need VPN.

      @bayvpn_org We're opening! Get your own #VPN with #UnlimitedBandwidth straight away, this only for 3€ a month. #network #openvpn #launch #bayvpn

      @ywhuang @NigraArbaro well, Twitter and FB are also blocked in China. They can visit these sites through VPN if they want

      @BenjaminWoodPHX Streaming blocked content overseas has always been about setting up a VPN , but sites like Netflix claim they’re about to start cracking do…

      @mxc4 @CloudFlareSys @CloudFlare any eta on the non functional Joburg proxy? Lots of sites are down as a result.

      @steviegell @bkkjom the website is blocked. This is where the cloudy VPN law comes in.

      @urharmless @ATTCares it's quite alright, i have tier three vpn access and can assist myself thank you for offering to assist linda b~

      @ChuckJo47256398 @LindaSuhler @ChristiChat
      You know if we listen to these idiots .
      Then welcome 8 more years of barry with killarry being his proxy!

      @whistleandthumb @orrlidsky Via what site? I have a VPN, but don't know what site other than NBC's to use.


      @AnonNepenthes RT @Al_Baghdouchy: @laracroftanon Oh really, @Anonfinger? u think I'd click on ur stupid link?Try hacking Tor> Virtual box > VPN, Proxy htt…

      @WatsonGarrison2 Hiring limousine services could happen to be recalcitrant identically mass regarding sites are leisure as proxy...

      @todoist @banoonoo Are you behind a VPN or proxy? Is your network blocking websites that consider file hosting sites? We use Amazon Cloudfront.

      @Sowmik10 just using twitter at varsity library where social sites are blocked !!! Hail VPN

      @sharanofficial @_jeremiahn Or you can always use Popcorn Time (with mandatory VPN because you're from US and it's streaming from torrent sites)

      @Ham_KilpatrickV @norma_torres_ get a VPN, it lets you pass the sites :)

      @aardvark_uk Recently in Asia, news not always easy as BBC now block VPN & some Govs block some sites. Kept up to date with @dilitas feed. Thanks.

      @Steve_Media @gregobr @jamiedgreenberg @fagstein @OpenMediaOrg by using a vpn? Actually that's incorrect. I can use and access CDN library

      @icpchad You sure do have a pretty VPN. @idreesing #BeSeeingYa

      @jessusc @koalibears try using a VPN for the blocked sites?

      @Slutocrat What does the 403 Forbidden message mean? And why can I view the forbidden sites using a VPN? It must be forbidden by location. #privacy

      @dank_ebook5 hotspot shield vpn is trending on torrent sites and i just said

      @hablorecom We're experiencing some problems with our proxy server. I'm awaiting information...

      @DunceColin {{where is the the best ever achievable sink money in as proxy for they against be the case unbeknown in notice,find but leverage: kbOostG

      @ire_tgw @SylviaMargulies I use a vpn to access those kind of sites. Like Hotspot Shield, or Betternet (this one's app works great also on phones)

      @YuuSaysSo fun fact! i always use porn sites to test my dns/vpn connectivity

      @vpn_router RT @NordVPN: @TheStacksAMilli you can contact to grab a 3 day trial account and consult with them about connecting to d…

      @Matt_is_Batman @korigaming i was mad she proxy me first game I was gonna do a new build and zombie grub warned her 2nd game to not take me lightly

      @numoutheimpfox Ugh, when I turn my VPN on, this lightning bolt thing comes up on the twitter client. Go back to Facebook, moments™ >=(

      @MayestersGaming @theTunnelBear thinking about purchasing VPN access. Will I also get the direct IPs of the VPN servers or am I forced to use your software?

      @Corpsman801 I guess if i was really concerned about privacy, I would temporarily stop using VPN endpoints near the superbowl stadium. #surveilMeHarder

      @lwoodard7 So I found out if you have a VPN you can go to all the blocked sites on school wifi.

      @nb_rei @armoneys it is in Python, C++, D-, and Coffee, the languages I use to hack. by the way i use a vpn and proxy so you'll never catch me

      @oonaghoregan It is amazing to think Chinese people need to VPN out to social sites. Why doesn't twitter offer a super cheap VPN to their tool?

      @Eliza_Jemma when your maths teacher says she has a vpn on her iPad to get around the sites that school has blocked, you know it will be a great year.

      @syamjee Gave contract to telecom tycoon @airtelindia 2 establish VPN b/w 5 sites in B'lore city. 2 months over & they still doing last mile up (sic)

      @hydranoid620 School, why do you block VPN's


      @RachelM64384164 As until admire as proxy for inflooding high smartphone app architect: qiDimVfgm

      @hz9Sjt1kfavDhCL VPN does help me a lot

      @Stacie_Grene @TWKftw I played w/a vpn right after black fri. Played on small Euro sites. Absolutely hated it. I miss PS so much &the insane multitasking

      @x12503181 Logged on a public Wi-Fi. But I have VPN so I can surf the internet safely.

      @jubi_chryzt @vainglorygame friend of mine havin a prob to run the game. Without VPN it says looks like ur WiFi dropped. But with VPN, game runs slowly.

      @IAmHumes_ @xSLPunk @Unblock_Us it's to do with PayPal blocking VPN sites apparently...

      @SIGKILL When using VPN I frequently get CAPTCHAs on CloudFlare'd sites + some sites outright ban my IP addrs. Seems like VPNs are frequently abused.

      @Beylon_ @jewnny byxsis said he wants to quit but he's still ddosing and playing. Get yourself a Proxy or VPN for ddos protection

      @mtnug @RuuttiBK proxy and port. Save and test the connection. #MTNUGCare>Karim

      @nicoleusinclair According to @WellsFargo Gina Martin Adams, bank stocks=proxy for risk tolerance but dont predict recession. I discuss on @YahooFinance @ 4p

      @quietyoongi @cokeorfranta vpn app you can get in blocked sites that like your school has blocked

      @RakkyEU @Jordanbuzz_ go on your settings on google click advanced and disable proxy server

      @bobbitoball @UK_SIC By making sure my VPN is working when I visit my favourite adult sites registered in the Caymans. Stay safe.

      @azerrez @hopenriquegil @TATAKLizQuen always searching an update of LizQuen using vpn, too bad many sites were block here #VoteEnriqueFPP #KCA

      @ianragless @Telstra unable to access multiple bluehost web sites through big pond cable. Ok through VPN and other ISPs.

      @YURAKAPTIV torrenting x265 through VPN for the win....torrent sites adding a feature where you can stream directly from sight soon too,some have it now

      @dkautter Hey - looks to be a major DNS problem in zip 19930. I can VPN to internet sites but when not on VPN I only get DNS errors - please fix

      @QueenofEden @vaylins is there any way to use a proxy or whatever at least on ur browser?

      @CagedChef457 @btownkarl no, there is a VPN app for encryption of smart phone messaging

      @SusanosWrath Alright I stand corrected. VPN is only to bypass the SQEX bridge that logs you in

      @AskCapitalOne @qakewalk That is a little strange. It may be a router setting or something with your ISP. Are you using a VPN to access the internet?

      @MyRainbowNinja @MyPimpnCow @ToastedTot @DericLostutter just VPN up and such, God knows what malware Deric has on his sites.

      @Turqmelon @_MightyPotato @CenturyLink they throttle us on streaming video sites, popping on a VPN makes it impossible to differentiate traffic

      @Heather_D_ @McLeodGallery download Hola VPN and you will be able to use the sites streaming them in Canada and the States. It's safe and works great

      @iwatouche @suzuyaya it said i was banned for hiding my IP, so i probably had 4chan open accidentally when i used a vpn omg

      @WFUIS Tuesday, 2/16/2016-Virtual Private Network (VPN) will not be available between 10:30am - 2:30pm

      @ZetaNigeria Our #MPLS /VPN services is efficient,scalable, secured and reliable way to connect together your multiple sites in different locations.#IT

      @Daveyote Feel bad for people in Indonesia :| Tumblr and other sites like it are being blocked because “there’s porn”. Thankfully there’s VPN’s eh?

      @alfiroafrindo The only upsetting thing about government blocking huge sites is the fact that we need to spend more on VPN on top of the 'clean' ISP bills.

      @sillysone @randy_diamond there are still accessible sites, but if i want to, i can use vpn lol the blocking is quite frustrating haha

      @Everydaydeliver How do porn sites know I live 1.3 miles from a hot local Milf that wants to hook up when I use a VPN? #funny

      @likeA20_ RT @oleebranch: @Vwanii @pyepar Yeah. Most of the social media sites were blocked but we were introduced this this magical VPN. #UgandaDeci…

      @chapter4uganda RT @SarahBireete: @newvisionwire Tell UCC boos that Ugandans have used VPN to unblock social media sites. With technology, draconian regula…

      @DennisChemen Ugandans turn to VPN after social media sites banned due to presidential elections

      @wraith615 @disketnik well usually you need a VPN to get on these banned sites
      only paid VPN can work stably
      But last month even my paid VPN dies away

      @r_wolfcastle @gomijacogeo I don’t think so, but few data pts. Annoying because a few local sites won’t load when I’m VPN’d, so I have to switch a lot.

      @ObililInnocent Cloud VPN app. The solution to by pass blocked social media sites by #UCC. #UgandaDecides

      @mooshtaffa RT @ronnixug: After the social media sites how been unblocked the poor VPN apps will be uninstalled and not be remembered fr the next 5 yrs…

      @syazwanaizad @sykriali *open vpn* *open ignition mode* *plug in earphone* *max volume*

      @Xenatharax @lukethefur xD My firefox automaticly uses a VPN on torrent sites. so thats even lazzier lol

      @dirtyplayauk anyone got any ways of accessing torrent sites on virgin media other than paying for vpn? only want couple things lol

      @krebscorinth @cushbomb @Trillburne @ConnorSouthard Willing to make a prediction on the general? *opens UK VPN to log onto twenty betting sites*

      @rgarcia57 @Cianaf Looking at the WR corps with the least failed receptions/ Lost yards, is that a good proxy for the best WR corps in the league?

      @jrknight42 Finally downloaded a VPN and can now watch American Netflix!!! (And I guess other important things like research sites)

      @grempe .@StevenPetrow @micahflee You forgot to mention the need to use HTTPS for your email and other sites and to use VPN when on public wifi.

      @TheJohnYosh @LBRN_ all vpn sites blocked lol

      @InfiniteFrost My school literally try's so hard on having all sites and social media blocked but guess they don't know what a VPN is.

      @njh @hardillb localhost proxy on Android??

      @mintygi I have to use vpn to get on sites in Korea shehdjdjdjdj

      @hudspeth_julian @jjj901031 did you use server/proxy

      @agoodday1 @metal_kettle vpn for openelec is acting up, won't display vpn status, can't even check ip from @TVADDONS maintenance, thanks both of you

      @HackITandC @TVADDONS ALOT of so called help sites are recommending or trying to sell you VPN to use Kodi. You don't need if your addons are working

      @iClout_ When your school thought they could block all of the social media sites, but you gotta VPN.

      @HardwoodU @AlexTorresChao none except illegal streaming sites or VPN to mask your location

      @myeonlyy Linlin uses vpn so she can contact me on twitter or line im so deeply touch by this. Why China banned this sites by the way :(

      @waltonwailer @torrentfreak pity someone cant tell us what sites are still active with vpn etc :(

      @daz_trigg1 @IPVanish some live streaming sites detect that I'm behind a VPN and won't let me watch their stuff. Any way around this?

      @buIlsjnthebronx RT @IightningIwt: 1. how netflix is getting rid of vpn sites like wtf am I supposed to watch now?? the irish netflix has nothing

      @AfriNomad @najlaebb @ismaildouiri ok, found the issue, sites not accessible through VPN I was using. Working now.. thanks!

      @pancakeparadox @MindfulMotive so some people feel literally emasculated by proxy when their nation is not visibly cracking skulls

      @arstu1 @LuvTheGiantsSF On Big Brother Canada's website. I use holla on Chrome as a VPN so it thinks Im in Canada

      @Mindofmaliik @wolfzaynxposey go on your app store and download and app called VPN then open it and switch it on,It will unblock all social media sites

      @sweetdeesez @WIRED What's messed up is a lot of sites won't allow you to see content when your vpn is on so they'll be blocked either way #NetNeutrality

      @AbsoLuda_ Twitch randomly lags for me now. Other sites work and load fine. If I go through a VPN the site works perfectly. What could be the issue?

      @xavierverhoeven @Telstra Things are getting worse. I can’t connect to most sites without going through a VPN. Any ideas how I can find a fix?

      @bennbanasik @bencubby VPN and US sites makes torrenting a chore tbh.

      @OSKpeter Thanks @united :) I just booked Q2 trip back to @FireEye @FireEyeCareers VA sites using @Concur from 30,000 ft, inflight #WiFi + @Cisco #VPN

      @BusterMarshall @sellputs someone could be routing the traffic through VPN for those countries? Not sure but jester points his sites IP to Mossad

      @tipsforchina86 @SupaMikeZ Have you tried the SecureProxy Chrome extension? That's what I normally use instead of VPN. Then I can use IE for China sites.

      @SCULLYSDELIRIUM first netflix vpn blocking now torrent sites are gone y'all want me dead i swear

      @KatieStonePoker NJ poker sites don't allow VPN/TV software open while playing. Will Stars NJ will do same?

      @MollyJKing The Internet has just annoyed me today

      @ashcech I wonder how many VPN and unblocking sites/apps Netflix will kill. Doesn't seem like these unblockers can get a workaround yet.

      @hackintoshrao RT @koolhead17: proxy_header X-Real-IP {remote}
      proxy_header X-Forwarded-Proto {scheme}
      } 6/

      @michalskiashley Thanks @netflix for causing my autistic daughter to have a meltdown by deciding to block VPN services.

      @Ova_Di_Limit when they block torrent sites on campus but your vpn ah run clean af>>>>>>>>

      @jason_puls Configured my proxy to block mackeeper forever

      @CopperheadSec @tomf80 @xxdesmus There are hundreds of VPN providers and they don't provide an API to obtain IPs automatically. Anyway, sites won't use it.

      @DividedByZeroX2 @MmmYUNOBEER lol, we know, the buy a VPN or use TOR or both and then run LOIC and HOIC on web sites, that's not hacking

      @laurenlynnx3 So thankful for this March Madness app & this free VPN so i can watch WVU alllllll the way from Spain #MarchMadness #WVU

      @TheTsel Internet is back, but having some weird issues now. Some sites, such as Reddit, won't load unless I'm connected to a VPN. Makes no sense.

      @tinafeyever RT @fuckscully: netflix blocking vpn is the same as artists taking their music off streaming sites - i won't buy them, i'll just illegally …

      @mysteriahalsey @heavydrtyhalsey its a VPN that streams sites from other countries !

      @TheTsel Luckily, I have a VPN and behind that, all sites work flawlessly. However, my PS4 will not connect to the internet. XB1 does though.

      @caspararemi @moogal outside of the U.K. - kickass and most other torrent sites are blanket blocked. so vpn elsewhere, start torrent and then disconnect

      @sabrinachka @Bigstock it has been months,pages still take ages to load. Have no prblm w/ other sites. Even use VPN just in case it only allows US access

      @HDNA @GetflixAU no matter what vpn i use sites think im in Netherlands even though im in saudi arabia

      @JuniataCTS 2/2 This does not effect internal resources other than VPN or intranet sites that rely on external content.

      @allansnedden @andy_snedden need a vpn, fucking sky have blocked all the decent torrent sites

      @HackITandC @BowgyUK yes it doesnt work in UK but you can get a VPN or proxy bypass which may help, are you not happy with exodus?,phoenix,vidtime?etc

      @BelleNuitNoir @theTunnelBear vpn allowing for viewing of blocked sites

      @roman_cpp @TWC_Help No thank you. I will just get a VPN so you don't throttle certain sites.

      @mholt6 @SaraSoueidan Other option is to use a VPN or a SOCKS proxy or something. But takes a little command-line fu.

      @rikkibakeradams @wookie_wizardry cheers have read that b4, but also the vpn sites claim no buffering so I'm just more confused on it

      @IridiumGlobal @SITE_CYBER would you rate the various free or low cost vpn aps. Seems like a good first start for an emerging firm from Hanoi

      @silverbk201 @nuudleai365 VPN broke my setting for other sites ;_;)

      @Certainium @StockCats it's insane for travel, clothing... digital anything *clears cookies, clicks some poor people sites and sets VPN to rural Rwanda*

      @JoseFraser Inscribing hotels online upon guest house quoted price proxy sites: qouMJEAL

      @JustAnotherNode @AnonynousH10 if you need a free VPN and have android use orbot and configure twitter to connect through it (tor network). Check out Google

      @anaarreola_ If y'all are on the school wifi download cloud vpn and all the blocked apps/sites will be UNblocked. Your welcome suckas

      @T1mmyg Well now that VPN's have been blocked and you can't get on the US/Canada sites etc, I can see Netflix losing a lot of subscribers.

      @dalemeredith I"m confused, @Webroot flags my VPN solution (i use it while traveling and visiting "evil" sites for research) as a bad thing. :-/

      @GenKnoxx @timpastoor ah hit copyright block. Tried to fool it w/ VPN but google's too shmaart. Have to go watch my DVD of Ghost Dog (in top 10 evah).

      @Bread_Inside @Lexialex @THR pirating sites have data as well and not enough use vpn so they'd see their location data

      @datawin2 @jeeezelouise Right now I do VPN>TOR>World when I can … some sites block TOR @SarahCorvus

      @SherlockOldridg Deciding in virtue of the best bonsai as proxy for delivery: aEz

      @Alblowe Tip for #Startups to save money on #recruitment sites,try accessing it from poor income countries by VPN. You will get a great deal !

      @draperha @WhatsApp Something's up with your photos - I get a "can't download" error message related to VPN or WiFi, neither of which I'm using.

      @ArmaWeapon @Hikarurules so far Ive only seen the wet nin merch on japanese sites, they arent in amiami or hobby search. I think you should use a proxy

      @zenkystan RT @r0h1n: Anyone know of a way to exclude only some sites (Netflix!) from VPN set up on a DD-WRT router? Using iptables or somesuch? @king…

      @Syncoped This VPN keeps messin up. But keep on L's same dynamic list. And don't spoof anymore apps or clients or sites.~K

      @TheJoker1010101 @xo_kassandraa try to install a VPN on your chrome book so all the blocked sites are not blocked

      @phosphor112 @Tom3dJay @phosphor112 It's a pain to set up, but setting up a media server is nice. It can double as a VPN. Though that's even harder.

      @LucilleCarolyn1 Plus rates gyratory which bottomry had best ethical self opt as proxy for whipped grade crescent staggering gab...

      @IanNoble @Difd_11 I added 2FA to a lot of sites a few years ago due to ppl getting hacked on Twitter & have auto connect VPN on public wifi @getcloak

      @Gazra2 Public wifi meet VPN. Don't even try and block sites there is always bypasses #truth #freeweb

      @tonyutter Using OpenVPN to set up a Linux VPN server. A lot involved, but I am learning.

      @madhavarimilli @Airtel_Presence I am telling that some sites are not working due to routing issues incl my VPN cust care did not understand raised canc req

      @Ivimey I'm finding it impossible to get @netflix to work with a proxy lately. Time to cancel again until the IP blockers catch up.

      @001Amendment #northcarolina #Trump #usa If you get ban from porn sites in your state use #vpn Fuck the LGBT

      @Iankiwi RP should step up their VPN game.

      @laiqu3 RT @sadafnawaid: Instead of #CybercrimeBill Govt of Pakistan Shd ban Proxy Sites & VPN 2 avoid #GandiWaliWebsites

      @laurenshamilton a kid in my math class gave me a vpn that makes all the blocked sites work on school wifi?? im so happy rn???

      @jaybird110127 @BorrisInABox Also, linking two LANs together with a PPTP VPN on each causes both sites to lose Internet. Not sure why.

      @KiksieDB I bump into blocked for copyright reasons -type of sites much much more often with Russian VPN on than without.

      @Rebus0906 ‘Friends’ 6s and VPN connecting again to OS movie sites.
      ♫ Oh happy days ♫
      Not confident it’s permanent.

      @rwelsch7 @buzzindelhi @Uber_India I think the Govt also blocked Uber and Ola sites today. Had to use VPN. Uber should be free to raise its rates.

      @Jonatha99295818 Test as proxy for bighearted. load games as representing psp unicorn the basis in conjunction with cast off psp load sites: mJNKVm

      @geekeconomist @VincenzoTiani @Senficon But many sites are now technically blocking access via #VPN under pressure of rightsholders #copyrightsandwrongs

      @THEACCOUNTPLUG @BrentGardiner no. those are super low tier sites and those accounts get banned fast af. i hope everyone uses a vpn on the site when they

      @sheeple101 @news_watcher1 We get block by location now with SonicWall Geo crap. Many sites can't see even with Privateinternetaccess, VPN services bloc

      @hatsunemimu My fukin district made the VPN not work somehow so now I can only use Twitter and other blocked sites with my 3G draining my battery

      @ChrisJacksonWPS @bomani_jones use a vpn to connect to sites with a US I.P..

      @poeisawesome97 @Sherlynn__ if you're accessing those sites from mobile I recommend this app called Cloud VPN

      @Ehh_Gabe @TwitFacedaGram download a vpn app thats what I use in school for blocked sites

      @manfistsandroid @BlizzardCS Update for you fam: I can connect to eu sites and games through a free VPN, but as soon as I turn it off I can't

      @Ms_proxy_012 --Admin: Even though it's summer, i thought it's the best time to chat with your internet friends..but, they never went on.. #alone --

      @Kenydebo VPN connections won't access porn sites

      @nirvdrum Well, that was fun to track down: Chrome ignores your DNS settings and does its own thing, so sites behind a VPN don't resolve correctly.

      @MDMays Chinese Firewall just doesn’t block evil sites it throttles semi-evil ones. DL book without VPN seconds. Turn off VPN more than half hour.

      @CosMichVoyager @eggznbacon VPN = Virtual Private Nanny

      @Virgini55258630 Creating the win links now yours site is critical as proxy for seek out piston maximization: zIKgFWAu

      @totalsyappa_ @LOLendraSingh use browser to access
      Still not opening then install a VPN app to access torrent sites. It should work.

      @aussieruled @ruptified @pattonmeister wonder if my vps has vpn functionality so sane ip?

      @d3v1an7 VPN of your choice: ~US$5/m
      US HBO account: ~US$15/m (first month free)
      Not paying Foxtel to watch Game of Thrones: [see costs above]


      @Gemmer22 Does anyone know any VPN for computers my school blocked all the gambling sites

      @mosesowiny RT @mbulamu: A12: #VPN helps in availing what the gov't wants hidden by unblocking certain sites #FASTAfrica #ONAfrica

      @waynescat @CR3AMPlE i'll have to turn on the vpn changer, and it's gonna take forever. the government has blocked porn sites, remember?

      @babyychelI when VPN extensions decide to fuck u in the ass just change your DNS and IP location... hello US netflix, i missed you x

      @kyalo__ But using a VPN service kama psiphon,you'd still access blocked sites.These Ugandans dont know that?

      @MujuziEmmaK #VPN sites already advertising

      @tfoil2 Why use VPN even when not on WiFi? ...
      3. sites I visit get a non-carrier IP address; private browsing reduces other tracking.

      @badgercommander @ElectronDance If you ever want to experiment use Hola VPN on Google Chrome, point it to Thailand then see how many addult sites you can get

      @DMCNEILL1981 @SurfEasyInc hi there can u tell me if ur vpn allows me to log onto betting sites while aboard from the uk??

      @ShaniDShines My service has been so crappy. Dang China & blocked sites. + slow VPN. Bare with me.

      @omgofinternet Corporate IT people, do you report when people try to access blocked sites that result in an error message on vpn?

      @karthikv96 use tunnelguru for unblock the sites . its is best vpn software.daily 150mb data limit . @TunnelguruVPN

      @Daramulun Hmm, strange, seems many Sites are sudenly blocked because i can reach them over VPN but not normally? What is going on here?

      @azeezdeaf1001 I've started using @ibVPN for unblocking geo-restricted sites. It`s great. #VPN #ibVPN

      @tisk deadmau5 told abody hes on saudi ip and abody said its a vpn/proxy lol everyone knows ur a terrorist

      @BBrkdwn A bunch of sites got blocked at work, but I know what a VPN is.

      @rwbyworld @SilversTweet it's actually really easy changing IPs and getting a Proxy server people do that to get around IP bans in other sites.

      @mdtex56 i got this working with new azure portal.It's very easy after figured out all settings. Now all my sites are communicating with azure vpn

      @osuwireless @SwiftOnSecurity can you help me? Any recs on free consumer Linux software for VPN and FreeNAS (or SMB) server?

      @jackinbocks2015 @AngelaKorras @BaFana3 @twitter User-error, possibly. Changing VPN sites?

      @Mike_Sylvan @smeagol_11 Invest in a VPN. That way you will have access to streaming sites. Works for me.

      @discordapp @theshadowkingdr Are you on a VPN, Proxy, or school network?

      @Furiousnurse @OccuCorporatism @DRUDGE Sites like yours and Drudge magically "Time Out" at my work VPN...and but not so in my system...Why?

      @vortmax79 @CamJewton heh actually I use the proxy for sites where I have to connect directly because they block my VPN

      @F1NNJC @lgbtgreene use browsec or a similar VPN. Makes it seem like you're in America/other so you can go on blocked sites

      @PankajPotdar_ RT @rahulroushan: Vadra reported to be having a benami house in London. Maybe he also owns Kohinoor by proxy. We should use his skills to g…

      @mendesperry wtf i just downloaded a vpn to stream better and it's showing me the most popular sites in my jordan LMFAOOO THEYRE ALL PORN GTG

      @SubMedina also im not in the us and i dont have a vpn so i cant do us-only sites

      @InfiniteEdgeKim Blizzard is already banning thousands of Overwatch players for cheating / attempting to cheat. VPN use included. Poker sites offer rev share

      @leantothewind @ItsMattsy never had an issue with betfair no vpn even in play. Everytime diff sites blocked other than that

      @ChrisBOnTheWeb @AnneTiger2015 oh yea! duuh me I use vpn all the time on broadcasting sites im banned on lol... But shh you didnt hear this from me lol

      @DiscountBurrito @whatawaytoendit Ugh, was trying to install this VPN app so we could watch GoT.

      @PeytonOSU *School blocks all sites*(But not twitter wtf?)
      *looks for vpn*
      *all vpn sites blocked*

      @kxtecakx using vpn because China won't flipping allow me to use any American social networking sites.

      @nocturnalidiot @santiago__vega @KicksDealsCA both mine go to .ca no matter what. Unless i set my vpn to make all sites go to the USA version

      @njhpiIots i hate having to use my vpn to watch it and having to use the cw website like these ads are so annoying i have no use for the information i

      @Mura_Allan I've just updated my VPN app... Social Media might be switched off for 'security reasons'...

      @saoirse_22 @pasteyh2g2 Its actually my browser of choice at the moment. Also has a built in VPN ;)

      @rmf0938 @armor are you having network issues right now? A few I reachable sites and extremely slow VPN access

      @Bmer83 @donasarkar @GabeAul (.420) broke browsing to local intranet sites using IE.. Ex: Cisco VPN, to Cisco collaboration suite(call manager,etc.)

      @petabites @SwiftOnSecurity use a VPN and choose Moscow or St. Petersburg (they never have trouble connecting with DC sites)

      @gsik @cmxsupport VPN while away. does it block?

      @YoursDeen @Total_VPN Can IT dept of a company detect the device of an employee who is bypassing security & accessing blocked sites through Total VPN?

      @mpregs i managed to get around this sites vpn block and was immediately like *hacker voice* im in

      @dtbnet @jepayneMSFT /confused.
      1) Verify your GW only allows outbound HTTP from proxy?
      2) Proxy servers don't block outbound?

      @heyratliff RT @paradiseandlou3: usem ip italia, baixem o vpn

      ONED VOTE ATTACK MTV #MTVAwardsStar One Direction

      @donkeredagen @AlecMuffett @Tesco @torproject @spufidoo

      Nothing new.
      Try browsing with #VPN and #TOR. You'll get #Capchas on 1:10 sites.

      @DaydreamerTMZJ @AusraKB @Adele you can use a vpn to watch it. But there may be other streaming sites also.

      @emmzaholland You have to use a vpn if you want to use any of those sites

      @yoonabrow @yoonainhats @rudeIovers @chanmifenty opera the browser has a built in vpn you can use to watch all of then w/o paying extra!

      @Ore_Yusuf @tuale_CA if you use a Vpn you'll be able to open blocked sites

      @steveendow If traveling to China, VPN service is essential. Almost all US sites & services are blocked. Recommend having 2 VPN services to be safe.

      @4seti @discordapp i've an issue with my proxy, looks like Discorrd app can't use system wide proxy settings, how can i run Discord with Proxy?

      @hello1isa @gregatronn6 @808Coug no it's bc of the crappy wifi here / some sites are blocked so I have to use a VPN which prob makes it even slower

      @ZachTheIncubus @TheLoyalProxy -- head nervously, giving a cheeky grin to the proxy.

      @Farmer_Dave999 @carpenteria264 @Pat_gooley @PoliceAssocNSW more efficient & secure if able to check licence etc on VPN than on some radios

      @AwesomeNFLNews How do i watch All or Nothing if i live in Australia: You can get use an American VPN. Or you can wait for it to appear on torrent sites.

      @Rankiee @eraze0 well I'm on vpn 247 so u got it wrong

      @LeeJonesHD @Johnny_L10 Sorry mate, I haven't been here since I tweeted that. A VPN basically hides your IP, it unblocks sites which are blocked here.

      @Legaly_Massi RT @wiseowl_13: The only people who use fake VPN sites are spies, bootleggers, criminals, and AP students #apscores

      @pst_tadiwa RT @Phillmudavanhu: Hanzi "To all blocked Social Sites
      Use VPN = Vhura Pavharwa Network"

      #ShutDownZimbabwe2016 #ThisFlag @Techzim

      @kyle_herbstreit @toothrockstar I found a proxy server hosted in California that I think worked. Idk if it can be trusted but it seemed to be right

      @itai03622965 @DavidColtart we will give pple access to vpn sites so that the struggle moves forward

      @voteforcoffee @Rathgrith027_SL Problem with VPNs is that you put all of your data and therefore trust in the hands of the VPN company for non SSL sites.

      @faceackount Honestly AWESOME free VPN, thanks @theTunnelBear for letting me watch American Netflix

      @KoryoTours @AndyATW it is but most people here have VPN to access banned sites

      @mustafadikmen RT @WashingtonPoint: My news portal @Haberdar is blocked in Turkey. People can reach w/ #VPN.
      11 news sites were shut down yday. #Turkey ht…

      @kahecht RT @ShamusEMA: Forthcoming EMA research confirms strong enterprise interest in #NFV at remote sites, especially for VPN, WAN op and WLAN co…

      @afridishamsofc @Alforhad download using Google Chrome and other sites. Ans use vpn to configure

      @Ningramskicks @steezyysosa theres multiple vpn extensions for chrome, it just has to have access to the proxy settings

      @brdlngplane irony, VPN into sites (agencies, orgs, etc.) and on from there.

      @CartoOony @abdullahalsaleh I used to access U.S's Netflix through my android by using VPN and faking my location with Fake GPS. Dunno if still works..

      @AlZaudtke @alanstevens VS and sometimes SQL Mgmt Studio. I keep my VPN on in Windows so I can get to network sites and TFS.

      @LewisIsFail @Proasheck @bt_uk our office has been at a standstill in London since yesterday morning :( I'm using a VPN to access any sites.

      @conrad1on .@TyLikesSalad @RubinReport They already do. There are sites most big ISPs won't let you access without a VPN.

      @weems @pwnallthethings what if VPN sites are banned people can't access to sign up unless they happened to get it pre-ban.

      @FrogTurds @YourAnonNews I occasionally use @StartPageSearch .
      Oh, and get a VPN like Private Internet Access. Cheap and effective!

      @Gridlock @josephfcox to be fair the VPN market is heavily sold via affiliate sites in all languages, no matter the provider.

      @Norn_Iron_1 @19knoxy89 @LegendBetting For example, some of the best vpn sites/apps simply make it think u are in US and then u can view US-only content

      @toothncomeon RT @HongPong: Russians: "Of course the CIA hacked us! They used a VPN IP tagged for dogecoins & bruteforcing Wordpress sites en masse! Only…

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz site the beat minor detail as proxy for animal pleasure considering drain as long as education: HFJRnEZHv

      @xpirabit RT @kennwhite: When researching VPN services, be aware than most review sites get major kickbacks—sorry, referral fees—from the very provid…

      @todesschaf @getcloak (2/2) intentionally broken (breaking vpn), but if I force the right IP through /etc/hosts then cloak works just fine.

      @Gavnin @voux_ sry there's legit no sites that you can trust enough to not use a vpn

      @RiskDefenseTech 6 categories every #cybersecurity contributor should consider: above the proxy, #firewalls, secure gateways, end points, #SIEM, and logs

      @chrisisawsome1 @zoeheiler might have to use a vpn if your isp blocks sites

      @yestinj RT @geeknik: Can't connect to my VPN over the @MGMGrand WiFi. All sites give an HSTS error. A big fuck you to whomever is dicking around to…

      @Ronald0 @YESthatcherDead @The45Storm @tvlicensing interesting scare shite as Beeb is one of the better protected sites against vpn watchers imo

      @NickPfitzner @kirstenaiken @murpharoo Mal gets super fast VPN to sites. No Ozemail for THAT bloke #CensusFail #census2016

      @John_Capobianco Building 400+ WAN Sites! ISR eAP and NGFW for a BYoI VPN solution

      @SmgowthamC @RailMinIndia It is because our office VPN is Ireland and all employees use external sites under single IP.Hence it appears to be enourmous

      @heisbeautiphil #HighSchoolTaughtMe How to use proxy sites and vpn to bypass firewalls so I could watch cat videos during class.

      @Ma_kiski @Vwanii bruh vpn has to be off. Unless now you download the app from mirror sites and still have to spoof gps

      @SuperMandzu @OnlyPrions @Sulci_Gyri VPN working on torrent sites?

      @samyoaustin @FlavoredDorito @ypperin I go to boarding school and have to use a vpn to bypass the block of multiplayer mc ;-;

      @SnakefeetBoxes @Leegibnufc a VPN is a virtual private network it allows you to visit sites that have been blocked by broadband providers i use cloudVPN

      @fluxresearch Craigslist won't even let me look at ads via vpn on insecure wi fi. Thanks for the security help!

      @Emily098__ Everyone might want to download a vpn app before school starts bc everything except iMessage and educational sites won't load

      @yuweet09 @MsAyicha No way. That's just...sad. Maybe you can try VPN tunneling. It can give you a different IP (another country's IP). Try psiphon3

      @Webroot @m0unds We will not be changing our Policy on classifying VPN sites anytime soon.

      @LyncGuy @skypesamurai @UCMadeEasy Why would you need to? just don't route traffic for internet sites over your VPN or modify the split tunnel ACL

      @Dar_Tufail Govt is planning to block social networking sites, Broadband users install 'Super VPN' if not installed yet to get access later #kashmir

      @Lizz_The_Turtle @5SOSFAM_ARMY @Calum5SOS @HeyViolet its in the App Store just look up Vpn defender

      @yas_mini @AppleSupport that’s the thing, VPN location is not set to Dubai it’s set to the uk,unsure y sites are loading with


      @zeynep @barrysaunders What are the prices you are getting? I got both of these prices from the same browser; so VPN or not should be same for both?

      @freevpn_ninja RT @Fplusinlife: It feels so weird to not need a VPN to access any of my social networking sites or my gmail account

      @yusufsalman I'm not connecting from the UK via VPN just to be a dick to you. I wish I could access sites freely in Turkey. @twitter

      @CoreyHines @revolutionwifi @mfratto EOS defaults SSL for eAPI calls. Typically this would still use some kind of vpn/wan to control devs in other sites

      @omar1618 Yaar VPN kaise use karte hain to view torrent sites in a secure manner. Koi bata do

      @ShirleyJohn3 Feel rooted ugg bailey snubbing post 5803 unpeopled as proxy for secure advisable off u. s: MewjUl

      @2300MEL @quanb24 if i watch movies all day on these stream sites should i use a vpn type blocker for my ip?

      @LWandLiz @phoenix_cc More of the end for Internet Privacy. NoScript, Ghostery, WOT - all great tools, with VPN. Social sites=NO PRIVACY, ConsumerID

      @chiragkapuriya @Pk_076 'Sites' are 'Torrents' not :) use @OperaIndia VPN :)

      @ShadyMalatawey Is there any clear figure abt the max. supported number of sites for #NSX #IPSEC #VPN?

      @oilinki @travelfish hmm. maybe we could get @FreedomeVPN to introduce a script which flips all images on telcomsel sites to their VPN :)

      @rUv BTW, my VPN strips all that tracking JS from the sites i visit.

      @Helene_IS @GarudaTailsman the hotel has WiFi via a VPN you can access other sites than north Korean ones

      @delightcy_ I thought VPN at least works.... But still you need to pay?? And only VIP accs can watch SIMAF on the various Chinese sites TTTT

      @Alisamon7 @princessglammy Since bbcan & other int'l sites won't allow access to us "foreigners" we use vpn so it'll look like we're in that country.

      @Aziz_Modian @opera Hello there guys, a question, is there anyway to force Opera VPN to not disconnect even if the phone screen is turned off

      @josieghostie when you try to download a vpn on your school laptop to unblock blocked sites but that's blocked too

      @Karzon13 @BenKuchera @bedraggles time to use a proxy server in Canada

      @Cstime1 @Remz_Gaming I just wanted to inform ya that this happening. I've a Vpn I'll use it and yea here in Dubai many sites are blocked lol.

      @SuperRetroid RT @BeffernieBlack: Ever since the govt blocked the service, I run a VPN, and then TOR to access torrenting sites #TalkLikeAPirateDay

      @me4oslav @razor913 VPn, proxy, other porn sites

      @clairescoups @vernoffs try downloading a vpn so you can connect properly to twitter because most sites or apps are blocked by school wifi.

      @wassco79 Your super VPN router is here again with great updates and features , faster, easy to use, reliable and open all social media sites

      @NINGSUNNY So weird. No need to connect to VPN to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other blocked sites in these couple of hours. Is it just me?

      @docklanders @Rasmasnl Hmm, no i’m not too sure. Do you have a VPN? That usually gets me access to restricted sites.

      @IsChaosReal VPN account expired & you need a VPN to access any of the VPN sites to create or renew accounts. So you need a VPN to get a VPN. VPN Paradox

      @gerbshanarb What y'all using for torrents besides vpn- anyone use p2p sites?

      @jryancanty @LastPassHelp with all other sites working fine over same internet cxn. No VPN or internal networks, located in Seattle.

      @prem_chandran Anything is fair in Love & War,Pak try to do proxy war against India..All is fair then stop the war we flow water to you #ReviewIndusTreaty

      @TheAlanColeShow @TravelodgeUK @arqiva access to login to VPN sites, like NordVPN is blocked on your WiFi (redirects to OpenDNS/blocked) & it shouldn't be.

      @maescool @Incapsula_com for some reason I can't reach any sites hosted by you guys.. getting ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, can get to them via vpn..

      @KaaosJ @_Longstorybro_ @atorres890 There's a few sites, if you google BEST VPN that might produce a few more sites to review and consider

      @KaaosJ @_Longstorybro_ @atorres890 Look into Private VPN services. These will allow you to login through their portal to access US sites, products

      @GESD_IT A planned outage involving network services, GESD-hosted sites, and VPN access will be beginning at 4pm today.

      @Aniksajjad @nichepursuits sites on ggl SERP vary from Country to country. I need KC of USA serp. Should i use VPN while using LTplat to get right KC?

      @KaPOWitsCHRIS @AdguardEn Seems to only be happening on English sites. I use a German VPN and it doesn’t show any ads on Google but on US or UK it does.

      @OxSacrifix @Nopoza973 VPN F-Secure FreeDome, TS, Discord, sites web,

      @KurdistanJiyane Turkey is among top 5 countries in VPN use, and the most popular reasons for use are accessing restricted sites by state and reaching news.

      @Magee__ @KatieTomann dunno if the sites blocked tho u might need to use a VPN

      @The_West_Guy @traiglabrs I just managed to get my vpn to work cuz that bypass my school firewall so I didn't see your retweet

      @ngcross @sarm0161 I live and work in Spain and I use a Vpn to access Uk gaming sites. But Bet365 is hard to access.I have to go via a German server.

      @CoopersTroopers @TekSavvyCSR Is there any DNS issue ongoing? For 2+ days I haven't been able to get to sites like XDA or even Apple Music unless on a VPN.

      @nowtvhelp @amr421 Hey Amr, you need to be within the UK to access NOW TV content. We also don't allow access via a VPN due to security

      @SharonMichaelso For the best vpn upholder as representing thine pool wants: ypQHyq

      @moegarmyani RT @KurdistanJiyane: Turks and Kurds in Turkey use VPN tools and Tor network to access blocked sites by government to get news and access s…

      @w3guy @etisalat_9ja if you know what's good for you, stop sniffing your logo to sites I browse. Thank goodness I have a VPN.

      @Ian___Moone @lssardna i mean wat else can you do to unblock blocked sites besides changing the dns server or using a vpn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      @Tulletilsynet @BeijingPalmer @CamFreck @tomphillipsin If there isn't, and sites can tell you arrive by VPN, is that a problem? #suspiciousminds

      @steadweb @EddieCUNK Nice. Yeah I was having trouble with slower speeds over HMA VPN as well. Plus certain sites were still blocked using HMA. 1/2..

      @Chespin_ @TalkTalk is there any reason i can only connect to certain sites but not others? Atm i have to use a VPN to even have full internet access

      @seanwoodguy @scrowder @Kyle_RawkFist @chris_bialas its been blocked at my school for a long time, but tons of random sites are. I just use vpn anyway

      @samuel_wade @joannachiu @tomphillipsin Forcing users to disconnect VPN to view domestic sites. Added annoyance might discourage some casual GFW-hopping?

      @ABananaRambling @expressvpn first time using Express VPN in China, so far so good! So nice to remain connected without having sites blocked!

      @akEilaBlack @ArianaRosaleen thy didn't block twitter but they blocked Instagram so I got a VPN the unblocks the blocked apps and then they blocked that

      @RamonaFlour Using a VPN so I can access adult sites and still work while I'm stuck at the airport. LOL

      @opendna Sick of the DDoS? Use a VPN to a country not targeted.
      It's not like the sites are down...

      @edsdet In these proxy wars, every soldier's a freedom fighter or a security force or a terrorist. At different times. In different contexts.

      @ajlindsay17 @TerryWinter25zp try to download a VPN (virtual private network). You might be able to get one on your phone but I'm not sure.

      @sidivs @iashokraaj well i m using Tunnerbear vpn ryt now for temporary fix. All sites are working properly using Vpn. So use that for time being

      @dark_proxy RT @OutcastSkybound: In just 5 MINUTES Robert Kirkman & the Cast of @OutcastCinemax will be live answering your questions! Tune in now: htt…

      @DrayTek_HQ @DouweRuygh Yes, there are some browser-base VPN plugs available for Chromebook to make VPN connections. More help:

      @mattdwen @naqs @DylanReeve We have more and more sites just wanting to VPN directly.

      @Xanadu_7u RT @Onuora: My internet has been spotty today and I can't connect to a lot of sites without using my VPN. Anyone else have the same problem…

      @paullferrer @THR Probably most of those 75% claimed to stop using these sites then will use a VPN to access the sites when they are "blocked"

      @Touch_Remy @AusEscortAlice @sourworm007 babe get a VPN blocker, they're cheap (I pay $50 a year) I use "private internet access"

      @LifeFueled @LifeFueled Using a VPN opens you to being liable for whoever has shared that proxy and does illicit activities.

      @mark_003 @misshybrid Im in the middle East , they sometimes block sites #VPN

      @akoydiwata @coolmexicana they have vpn , which unblocks blocked sites

      @jaschintaz How do I access social media sites in China without using a VPN?

      @sunken_city "how fucking DARE you use a vpn fucking kill yourself you paranoid fuck privacy is obsolete" - sites that use cloudflare

      @LoverInMe_ @revivalofsg Oh man.. This sucks. I've never known there was such a thing.
      So how were you watching mv? Using VPN, or through other sites?

      @TechyDad @ResourcefulMom I have a VPN with KnownHost. Pretty inexpensive but capable of hosting all of my sites.

      @ThomasMumford @EE can you stop blocking all the free movie sites. I'm having to use a VPN now #FreeMovies #InternetCensorship

      @stephieku @tuneycorn Almost all anime is blocked here because they're available on other legal sites. As for VPN, I make Pengy do it for me


      @foldupbed @MLBFanSupport it's a problem on my end :'(
      i just moved somewhere that offers us really weird vpn wifi. so twitter + other huge sites

      @MYfromTURKIYE RT @WashingtonPoint: Update:
      80 million country, Turkey, currently blocks @twitter @facebook @WhatsApp -People in Turkey only can use socia…

      @nambolarep RT @AJEnglish: Have you ever been forced to use a VPN because social media sites were blocked in your country? Tell us where, when and why…

      @SavvaPetridis @dimitrology hi what vpn do you recommend for greek sites. I have used vpnarena but not very fast

      @irishvpn RT @MyLibertyShield: @BikesNBukes @gwynn255 Enjoy

      @stinson Speaking of the #GFW, I was able to open blocked sites while my VPN was still in connecting mode. It was like having Schrodinger's VPN.

      @BigAerosmithFan RT @shiree_64: @BigAerosmithFan @davidlabrava needed the vpn to acess some of the sites but ,3

      @USBhumpDog RT @xurnami: If you need help getting set up with Tor, Signal, VPN, or other anonymity services, please reach out to me.

      @Big_Boss_Dan Is the #internet bust? Have random sites & VPN tunnels suddenly not working?

      @JakesMaps Hi @avast_antivirus @plusnethelp any known problems with SecureLine VPN at the moment? Can't load any sites when connected.

      @victimizing DDOS SHIT THAT MATTERS:

      ✔️ Ride sharing apps
      ✔️ Dispatch Systems
      ✔️ Job portals ( for workers)
      ✔️ News sites
      ✔️ Business Vpn's

      @Fckthst @bower cant reach (Russian IP), website loads only with proxy. Why?

      @RiotEmil @TWC_Help What's up with connection issues in West Hills, CA? I can't reach certain sites without VPN and some sites are super slow. Sent DM

      @InsaneMole @mikko @SwissHttp I thought this was a crude joke on how badly written sites might need a VPN for sth that simple.So…it's just badly written

      @Valhallastreams @stuartyd78 maybe some of the sites are blocked in your country by your isp.. you have a vpn?

      @quizquest @sarahkendzior @BeanGilsdorf When I'm on Tor & VPN there are a # of sites that block bc of my IP address. Incl.Trump Corp when IP =Slovenia!

      @140xyab Combined with some foreign sites blocking any connection from Russia due to spam and hacker attacks... I should invest in foreign VPN.

      @The_MOE_Dome @DJAMAYAOFFICIAL I was just saying "Problems" are relevant- lol. That VPN Hola! worked for me w/ UK sites. You owe me if it works though.

      @CarlGottlieb Okay, who's going to write a script that continuously browses random sites to obfuscate browsing records, rather than using a VPN?

      @FresendaNormand RT @Russ_Warrior: If you want to continue reading #Russian sites you better install a VPN on your device as totalitarian #EU is again consi…

      @CHarrold303 @dbbaskette I will occasionally vpn into our company's various sites just to see...

      @BaconSexSleep @KidKoni *whispers* get a VPN service and download everything from torrent sites.

      @noxy_key Trying out Opera VPN and it's working reasonably well, except on sites where they make assumptions about where you are webbing from.

      @marrowine so for news sites that let you read x articles before lockout, that's counted per IP address isn't it? what's preventing VPN IP hopping?

      @FelisseTV @FelisseTV anyone know of a good free VPN website???

      @dangerdave @jeanetienne @aral @jamieleung @getcloak But it's primarily linked to by VPN review sites, and sites like TorrentFreak, that seem to want...

      @YesIAmOlly anyone know any cs betting sites that are working in the us / wont scumbag if i use a vpn

      @YourselfSuit Testing out VPN s due to Australia blocking certain sites.

      @Bilsko trek site is working for me @dgafterdark but its very laggy. Still better than Sporza via Hola VPN

      @dkanphetaming @femmeincomprise @abbiewastaken yes but most sites are blocked, need some vpn

      @bsonk So tired of the #paywalls on news sites. But if I could afford a #VPN service to block them I could probably also afford to subscribe...

      @Rafa_mlktopeu #types of wellness programs vpn sites proxy

      @mojaresjerico huhu I need free VPN

      @NoSQLDigest RT @s7nsins: 1# @troyhunt a few days ago i came across a #mongodb , it was running 2 VPN sites , they were logging interesting parts of the…

      @danielforests @PLDTHome are you guys messing with the routing? i can't access certain sites unless i am on VPN

      @KJonesRC @Villazim it can be quite risky trusting a VPN connection with personal finance sites.

      @yunusakn1 #hosted vpn service best matchmaking sites

      @IRI4 @WickdWeirdWitch What ?! Hack as in use VPN's ? Or link them to specific sites ?

      @sheared Anyone having issues with @opera VPN working? Sites stopped loading for me earlier today, but immediately come up with VPN turned off.

      @jayeannev RT @quidditch: If you're not in China you will need to use a VPN to stream most of the videos on Youku (or other Chinese streaming sites).

      @Raskbuck Hoooly, the VPN actually works. I can access IP-blocked sites I previously couldn't. Now let's see how it works with Overwatch...

      @sinmolnam RT @Minnovated: Just received news that overseas IPs are not counted when streaming from music sites. Please use a Korean VPN when streamin…

      @Jakeneedsahack @ASAliSher1 go to proxy 2 on browser and search Raees you will easily download it . Make sure u've utorrent app

      @mroach One of the many benefits of always using a VPN: avoiding being shown Thai versions of sites.

      @miri_1001 @Marie__Octavia Try a VPN to watch on the CW website. Or one of the many streaming sites. :)

      @Benisocoolike @imrlytext Or better yet there's sites where people buy the shit in their currency (or use a vpn) and then sell it to you in your currency

      @tonypickett @Giskarduk yes VPN can cause confusion. My location changes if I log into sites using VPN

      @Shkelzen9 @windscribecom Really the best VPN I've used so far! Simple,Stable,NO Ads and the best part, it unblocks blocked sites.

      @sadVPN couldn't connect to any sites this morning on iPhone. had to disconnect and reconnect @expressvpn #VPN #VPNProblems #security #privacy

      @TheWackyGamer @Barnacules use a vpn most sites will have it

      @gayasoft @tha_rami @Nintendo as indie (digital only) you don't need a game concept to register. also no IP>VPN lockdown as with other console makers.

      @supplyoregon Selling:
      - sneaker proxies. Private, ip authenticated, fast

      @cerealkidman @SWEET_WlTCHES aaaaa did u have to use a proxy vpn thingey to view ? its like US ONLY AND I CRY

      @fractal_trader @TrendFollower9 Your sitelock keeps blocking me accessing ur website. With or without VPN enabled ..

      @Shydelight_23 @pinkjaspar @Joe_Sugg go to itv2 website make an account with a VPN on for UK and make an account. That's what I've done and it works.

      @Sciamanoinglese @Meaningness Nothing like that. It happened on two separate occasions with two of your sites. I may have been torrenting? I suspect VPN

      @Foxykhat @caffeinatedcree or maybe it was just detecting my VPN but it was only that one with the issue. Some sites just never took my Int'l CC

      @RubyRousson @Jolene_Brody Are you using a VPN? Some sites won't allow me to access them if I have a VPN on.

      @Obnoxious_Wolf I'm starting to get worried that our email doesn't work unless we use a secure VPN... #Paranoid

      @AskAvira @myp1lteandroid Hi! Phantom VPN helps you surf the web anonymously. I am afraid it is not designed to block explicit content sites. 1/2

      @piras @fagstein Turned off my vpn and it worked…but why though, all other sites work with vpn turned on.

      @cricgenie RT @pattinaththaar: @cricgenie No.. @SeSenthilkumar VPN is an application to add one more layer of security. The data you send through web…

      @slaketheache @ashrox123 If you have a VPN you can watch it on the CBC site

      @CouponsOfDay @CoxHelp Some sites not accessible from here in Henderson, NV unless I use the Opera VPN

      @RaddestIrishLad @theTunnelBear sites offering to translate pages from French (when they're in English) and stufd loads and slow as if a VPN was active.

      @readwritenap @JeanPaul_Fartre @grabmybutstick yeah. most of the time you can't get onto craigslist with a VPN. some sites mass-ban all VPN IPs.

      @ArikFetscher .@alexmorgan13 @TheFive @AlexSalmond @BBCWorld use a free VPN just to understand and unblock the geofeed also shows how hackers can cover up

      @HDSConcepts @Wix @WixLounge #PowerUp make app with VPN capabilities installed for social media access. @HDSConcepts thanks you for your twitter account.

      @_dmh Aside from this, use a VPN (virtual private network) to encrypt your traffic completely, so your ISP doesn't know the sites you visit

      @NISENOKAMII I need to bypass the VPN

      @majorajam @newshtwit @anode505 @matthew_d_green help me understand that, so the ISP still knows all but w a VPN you're anonymized to external sites?

      @YunaMatrix @Nessiesenpai VPN or torrent might be the way this time, there aren't any decent host sites yet .-.

      @joop @chijs The second generation VPNs are made by the Chinese. Smart because they skip VPN for Chinese sites, and also include DNS proxies.

      @BrianLeichty @wilw That VPN thing you mentioned wants to Block all of my normal Sites on Chrome. Opera won't even show some of them.

      @ThePageist Was excited about using VPN on public wifi, as it gets around blocked sites. Realised I was looking at dildos & sex in public. Oops.

      @BlackBeltDiaz RT @Samoz89: Now that ISPs can sell your data thanks to the SWAMP. Protect yourself by subscribing to a VPN. Look it up. Plenty to choose f…

      @silner So @HideMyIP offers a secure #proxy with smart #DNS? To be honest the wording could be clearer, if that's the case

      @peijinc RT @sanverde: #FuckTheGFW
      All four of those sites require VPN to access in China.
      The increasing number of those blocked is so messed up.…

      @elchefe tfw sites have you thinking you're somewhere you're not when you're on your VPN...
      #noIdontneedtheweatherinportland #becauseitsalwaysshitty

      @ClipperChip Also, all "VPN comparison" sites should always be taken with a grain of salt. That includes @torrentfreak who is also sponsored. @violetblue

      @carolynsonnek Apparently having five low traffic WP sites is too much for Dreamhost to handle. Prompting me to upgrade to a VPN? How about no.

      @GeorgeNjoya2 RT @africatechie: @RehemaKhimulu @zelalemkibret @addisstandard @Twitter @facebook Unfortunately in Cameroon VPN not option since entire int…

      @anbayanyay @Crackmacs I think some kind of ssl/VPN to proxy your web traffic is the way to go. Private DNS and HTTPS is great.

      @eyeTSystems @Idealaw It's just censorship via proxy if that is the expectation. Who decides on a sites badness?

      @amrsobhy @VicoSalama @LrtGee @facebook @DHivet @GDDownload Sorry, 100% didn't work for me without a VPN in the past few days

      @bankeratlarge @PankajPachauri @sanjayuvacha Wouldn't using a proxy server/browser (like Tor) allow access to these?

      @mehviish @Yunii_que @HuMdInGeR_Mee @_salee_m @Ragingneurotic @KhanAshfaq17 Tell her to download Opera Vpn. Simple app. Just change the country.

      @NUT4ISKANDAR @DrKotobuki ohhh i see!!! because proxy website have this doujinshi is up for preorder, so i'm wondering....

      @AnonymousKoshur RT @mudasir_raja: Not a single website accessible over #BSNLBroadband except through VPN, let alone social media sites. #SocialMediaBan in…

      @ImfarhattWani RT @islahmufti: The Valley has found an answer to the blocking of messaging sites. VPN. My 8 year old nephew is a master in bypassing the b…

      @JCawelti @seanhannity Not always, Shawn, they can hide thru proxy servers

      @mozamzahoor @Junaid_Mattu to block social networking sites and vpn apps.

      @Raficisameem Use VPN if social networking sites are blocked in your country..

      @iDeJay_ The UK Government really are on drugs. Trying to make people pay to watch porn on free sites. Are you actually that stupid.

      @JosephMoestar RT @Vipitoge: Tfw have to use a vpn not for porn or torrents but to access such dangerous sites as imgur or wikipedia

      @duke86fan @CyberGhost_EN despite being from the US and using only US servers for VPN, sites are calling me international

      @Wolfdale64 I'll just have to use tons of proxy sites to drive traffic to my photography website.

      @SEGMining We'll be performing network maintenance this weekend to bridge the VPN between all sites this weekend. #bitcoin #mining #colocation

      @gnudarwin Wanna "talk to the Russians"? Learn Russian & join their social media sites
      #trump #russia #maga #vkontakte #yandex #vpn #vk #odnoklassniki

      @Restriictedd @zSweatify Nah, when im at school i use a vpn to get on blocked sites and apps

      @LndnBusinessLdy Logging in to all social media with VPN IP addresses needs to be banned @Twitter

      @Anti__UKIP @adflaz You do know a VPN would solve that? Firefox even has a built in one.
      Explain how US shut down UK betting sites.

      @turnt_H4RMONY Harmos pulled all nighters, international fans used vpn & various apps/email sites to make 100s of accs to vote. Those numbers aren't right.

      @besthealthyou #Ukraine with #Poroshenko signature banned usage of #Internet social sites from #Russia. Ukrainians now use VPN apps to visit those sites.

      @ParengEnzo RT @LifeDigita: @IcebergLuffy I have a completely different reason, most legal sites don't support my region so all I can do is watch via V…

      @BudSmoko RT @MickThePerm: So Foxtel Go are now geoblocking VPN sites now. Ok...I'll just cancel the subscription and get the much cheaper local Cabl…

      @JuliusD3signs @KatieAmber2003 oh shit, fml i was watching it on some illegal sites without a vpn .-.

      @iyi51 I just realized, I could probably use the VPN's japan server to watch all those youtube videos that exit tunes is blocking from the US

      @Atiksh_Singh RT @russ159: @wookie_wizardry Guys looking for a plug n play vpn wifi router all pre installed dummy setup nothing to do ..suggestions or…

      @Ikbenwy RT @wodeqiansuihan: @WSJ As a Chinese who wants use Twitter YouTube Facebook that have to use VPN , if all these not restrictive , tell me…

      @Atiksh_Singh RT @Gledster: appears Sky Broadband are restricting access to VPN sites. Both Windscribe and Cyberghost websites not going throug…

      @sahet_a @b_nishanov @pressfreedom @DinaMSadek VPN is required to access blocked sites.

      @rachel2j Feeling tired of trying connecting vpn to use lots of sites when being in China.

      @_jhahn12 VPN lets me rome the site but can't get in splash lol

      @vmcwebdesign RT @addyosmani: @jaffathecake @reybango @smashingmag @getcloak @sindresorhus Ideally all the sites I connect to would be secure but still r…

      @dyfed_avalon @TheRyanAdams Use a VPN & get on the BBC website, @BBCiPlayer ;)

      @scr3t RT @idolventure_: Are you looking to buy idol goods off Yahoo Auctions Japan, Mercari, or similar sites? I can be your proxy! DM me if you…

      @mintygi @GOT7OfficiaI remember when we had to download a vpn to get to porn sites djdndndndnd

      @fecnde @wvualphasoldier Common vendor with VPN to both sites. Vendor gets infected, then connects to hospital. Blame the hvac maintenance crew

      @Farazlito @ASB_YT hi would internet providers block u from accessing vpn sites? When I select ip vanish says page can't be reached.

      @AngusTheValuer @kentindell Surely such sites will just steer users to VPN and carry on as normal.

      @Weaverous britain is going to force porn sites to ID check people online? queue thousands of stolen credit card numbers... and an upsurge in VPN subs

      @Rosie37499767 RT @_00whoami00_: Fixed a Windows Vista laptop tonight. That was a treat

      @130613_BTSandME @Mitsukitae question: if ARM not from US streaming on those sites, is it count as well? or we need to change the VPN?

      @HabboWaf 4. If youre a retro, make sure u use a VPN and different credentials. An IP can be used to compromise your info, so choose ur sites wisely

      @Theskysay @hotstartweets First set an vpn change date and time change GMT and serch in torrent sites

      @NonGMOPedophile I like how all the major travel sites except for priceline have essentially banned on the USA nodes for my VPN provider

      @yungjefe47 RT @Jerzyiroc: Like Im at the point where Ive mostly abandoned YouTube & am now on sketchy sites where I need to use a VPN to watch videos.

      @streetmuseums @Shxkeit @TheFionnUpdates just watch it on bbc iplayer using a vpn or proxy (such as hola) !!

      @yourchinaguy @peacemakerone That's a good question. Honestly, not many. Reason: not many sites that bring value to people are accessible in China (VPN).

      @GwnMarvin Tunnelbear is the fast and easy to use Vpn service that lets you browse the web as though you are in over 40 different countries

      @n_odle @PLAYERUNKNOWN kakao games is worse than Nexon! should i buy a vpn to access pubg and still play without paying to win?

      @Clinton_Boggs @McNasty621 VPN or proxy

      @MeiDoctor @ElahiHiba What about proxy sites?

      @MrAutonomic @drlindeman @IPVanish good. I've been looking to set up vpn. never occured to me to use multiple 3rd party sites. thx!

      @35mmbookman RT @RealSexyCyborg: These regional infosec policies often cross the line

      @jobead @oxguy3 @VZWSupport curious if you have tested using a VPN proxy to get around this?

      @newschoolpower1 For the Billboard Hot100 we must stream on music sites, if you are not from the USA use a VPN to change your ID. Tutorial are easy to find

      @2sayornot2say RT @Veritas_235: @esshankar1 @ChongBeng @billtay25 @LowElsielow54 @2sayornot2say @skumar176 @_chuad @gst183 @imokman Access blocked sites w…

      @jonk Wifi at the airport (even lounge) must go through China - so many sites blocked, including Twitter. No VPN access either.

      @vil_bear @ItsNash0 Vpn proxy

      @ChongBeng RT @VA_DOJ: @wahabrahim @tanjooilong @CA4MSIA @ChongBeng @esshankar1 @LowElsielow54 @Mary_Soh @rtked Access blocked sites without VPN :


      @MGowrisankar2 RT @RangaSubramanim: #tamilrockers even u ban the site they can come up with(.etc)
      Becoz they r using VPN (data's stored as unreadable cod…

      @_Ali_Mitchell Best £20 spent: getting a VPN to get round the ridiculous blocked sites in Qatar.

      @pigsonthewing I'll be in Egypt soon and have been advised I may need to use a VPN to access some sites. Reccommendtaions and tips, please.

      @plusnethelp @KyleDMalco Hi Kyle, are you connecting through a VPN/Proxy? What are you speeds outside of this like on a wired connection? -Chris

      @Parasto60755 RT @buried_Truth: Hey World! Twitter is still filtered in Iran and we have to use a proxy to bypass censorship.

      @hzxsadu VPN + easy visit website

      @bangtanisluv__ RT @taehyungs_babyy: VOTE for BTS on mcountdown, AAA,send feeds on peeper, stream on yt/korean sites/spotify with vpn and keep supporting

      @micdropyoongs @Liryc_0607 Youtube, spotify (with a US VPN!), and Shazam

      @SecurityNews6 RT @nashvillegeek: We suggest checking review sites before making a decision. #websecurity #VPN #internetsecurity

      @touchdownpats @Turbolence88 Both sites work for me while on my VPN.

      @ZanaAsche @private_mizzy OOPS

      @kranthi612 Haha many people are using #VPN, then why to keep sites , videos, etc to country privacy ., after few days its gonna break down all.

      @wpmark What is the best solution for all our team (remote company) connecting to sites with/from the same IP address? VPN?

      @twinkleshim i'm fucking with these vpn apps because i want to unblock some croatian sites and i'm a technology noob

      @dancoopermedia @duckduckgo Please remind recommended PC VPN and Android VPN if you have one to recommend.

      @89razorskate20 @jozefd14 @superTV247 Yes there's sites that stream it free but best quality if from the official app using a vpn service

      @iloveqatar Want to connect to FaceTime or even game properly? Just use a VPN

      @Netflix_VPN @MifetoMike @jasondlee @netflix Use nord vpn or ExpressVPN, they work perfectly with streaming sites..

      @lovemainealden @Ms_Maiden07 Blocked po. You need vpn to access sites like fb, twitter, ig, google. You can download free vpn naman

      @Chadk82_1 @FairPoint I opened a ticket with your TAC, please explain why using a VPN resolves the performance issue with streaming sites...

      @edmoses RT @Leestaunton: @petrolheadia @mikebrewer @DiscoveryUK Discovery have royally screwed up. In the days or torrent sites / vpn's most chann…

      @dwbrett @DavidFeng 2006, not 1996? I was using social media, foreign blog sites, in China in 2006, without VPN, then we started losing platforms.

      @Siftah I'm browsing sites over HTTP on a hotel WiFi network without a VPN, BECAUSE I LIKE TO LIVE ON THE EDGE. #fyeah

      @DebraEF5 RT @JeremyKohCNA: #China's firewall blocks you from accessing sites like facebook and google, but now that I'm on vpn, I can't access Chine…

      @jake_tinez RT @staffsunilib: Advance notice of downtime
      08:00am to 4.00pm Saturday 18th November 2017.

      VPN connectivity and on-site services - netwo…

      @mahdiameri1 @lifetime_vpn
      esteemed creators,The VPN is very good with incredible speed, Babar Open the Blocked Sites ,Overall, it's a reliable VPN Thank

      @BlueSpaceCanary (also I still have to figure out how I'm going to make it easy to conditionally bypass the VPN bc some sites block DigitalOcean IPs)

      @goodbyemorioh are u KIDDING me the jump shop has jojofes items for sale AFTER I BUSTED MY ASS SCOPING THE DEALS ON MY PROXY SITES

      @jimthompson @dsilverman Yes. Lots of pages hang during load or trying to reach web sites. Turning on my VPN was a handy workaround.

      @MarkDoyle00 RT @StephenMcDonell: Question for people who’ve come to #China recently with international roaming SIMs: are you accessing blocked sites(Tw…

      @daisietae btw, Hide My Ip is a very good vpn for voting

      @Bman092 @BigCatStars Look up proxy website on google. It goes around firewalls.

      @rafetaa15 Are vpn sites and opskins blocked ln dubai/ uae/ egypt?

      @ArunTheCrazyKid @DoyTsu I think Android VPN and chrome extension like Hola can help access blocked sites

      @iaryananmol @sadi1432 Sites are working...just use a VPN extension in chrome like (dot VPN) and use then while accessing any torrent portal

      @EbrahimNadia RT @NismaAlozebi: #Houthi militia is blocking all soical media sites . We are using #VPN to access everything. #YemenCrisis #Yemen #HouthiC…

      @cryptoworldsi RT @SubstratumNet: If you didn’t catch it, neither of the sites in the demo are hosted on the #Substratum network. What does that mean? It…

      @Deprogrammer9 RT @Toaddio: @Deprogrammer9 They can throttle a VPN connection though. They blacklist IP ranges. It’s already a pain in my ass and going to…

      @iamnymphlow I dunno whats happened since this morning, but my internet at home now wont access alot of sites and my VPN wont work

      @o_guest RT @laurelaiissexy: So if you think the recent killing of net neutrality isnt having an effect yet my internet was slowing way the fuck dow…

      @SmartMobileGear RT @avast_antivirus: Does the End of #NetNeutrality Mean I Need a VPN?

      If your ISP does start to slow down sites that don't give it kickba…

      @ShawnDocket_MMA I'm a little tired of tech sites capitalizing on the #NetNeutrality scare (legit as it is) to sell VPN service referrals.

      @mdotmaster @telegram Why doesn't Telegram Android support HTTP Proxy? while Desktop version supports HTTP Proxy.

      @BloggersCM RT @africatechie: @Laroyale_42 @tassingremi @mboa237 @BloggersCM @Atome_C_Moi @AnniePayep @MinetteLontsie @ngimbis VPN is not free. It requ…

      @its_josh_x Found out @comcast was throttling one of my sites I used. A simple VPN stopped their Bullshit

      @vpn_gay RT @lifeshort100: @chadwhitexxx I voted for this dude best male performer @avnawards. Let’s vote and get this guy the win.✔️ our their site…

      @abuuud_iso RT @Beauty_Life8: battlenet
      BUY Game and online subscription
      ip usa
      vpn hma or vyprn
      method :
      Make a fake account

      @norbertpawhite RT @BaretaNews: While LR Cameroun restores access to social media sites it blocks access to the website of Bareta News. Use Vpn. Mark Baret…

      @Pauldon99493747 RT @happen_magic: @schrifty @Jenny_MommaBear @ByronYork @RepAdamSchiff I hate to make you feel stupid but I can be originated from anywhere…

      @HabBradley RT @Blogs_Kenya: VPN: In light of current occurrences, your bet is as good as mine! Social media and a couple other sites might be up next.…

      @fukkineric @aleexmarie Tell that boy that he needs to set himself up with a VPN out here cause porn sites are blocked

      @Insane_Proxy_ RT @FeihcsiimNot: Imagine you're a normal person, you check out game sites every now and then to see what's going down in your fav medium a…

      @Toby_Meyer RT @josh_heffner: Limitations of policy-based VPN gateways: you can't connect multiple sites (only 1 tunnel); route-based supports up to 30…

      @sian__sian @RaysukiNeki Thankyou! My lazy ass really tired for searching other free vpn sites

      @joannachiu @Buckhurst4 Oh no that sucks. When she uses VPN, other blocked apps work except for Whatsapp?

      @peepscount RT @TeenyLZP: @peepscount @POTUS Thank you. Both of those sites worked. I deleted cookies and history in android firefox before I tried any…

      @Pavlo7773 RT @Cryptomist: #CambridgeAnalytica was a wake up call. VPN, Private Browsers and HTTPS Everywhere. This is especially important if you've…

      @Jazz_Tenor_Sax RT @House_MD_PL: @ASUS I have been hacked today (ASUS RT-AC66u) and some korean gentleman has setup a VPN connections to some malicious sit…

      @MyName00049299 @CommanderROR9 @Android Just use a VPN app (I recommend Opera it's free)

      @reztirps RT @thorstenbenner: Secrets of successful censorship. @kaistrittmatter on findings of fascinating Stanford experiment /w Peking U students:…

      @WysockiRichard @opendns Maybe it’s because too many sites are blocked when they use the vpn

      @MOHAMMEDAOMAR3 RT @MOHAMMEDAOMAR3: @etrade @HiltonHonors & @att re: your potential medical & business liabilities for operating a slow, unsecure wifi netw…

      @GerardYvanovich RT @fhumpires: Day 2 @FIH_Hockey #GC2018: the men kick things off with 2 matches and the women pick up the rest of the slots with another 4…

      @SilkySully RT @reproxiess: Private IP proxies give individuals, genuine IP addresses. You do not get blocked from the sites if you use residential pro…

      @TESSAVIRTVE @zoeeeevm Download a vpn!! It unblocked blocked sites

      @piyuanker12 RT @SCADADEVICES: #VirtualSCADA presents the eWON Cosy 131 industrial #VPN #router, designed to offer easy secure remote access, across the…

      @SkytopStrat RT @ToppanVintage: This year is proving to have a busy #proxy season and shareholder #activists are turning up the heat on publicly reporte…

      @realshawkofgawd @AmazonHelp Appears your mobile website can't be accessed through my VPN. Never experienced that with any other sites or apps.

      @PRAbdullah RT @2sayornot2say: @AmethystChew1 @gst183 @anwaribrahim @arifsetia20132d @esshankar1 @LowElsielow54 @imfsea_aruna @NonVitalTooth @_chuad @s…

      @chrstnmay1 Anyone know anything about the safety of the Terraria VPN? #GameInsight

      @kallewesterling Seems my @nyuniversity access to @ProQuest isn't working via the proxy — does anyone else have the same problem?

      @spacedan22 @windscribecom Seems your website is down! 500 server error from nginx. VPN is up though. Just wanted to let you know

      @JAVIERVQZ RT @MSFTMobility: Access applications through internal URLs even when outside a corporate network with the My Apps Secure Sign-in Extension…

      @EleanorLace RT @supergirlstorm: Here are some sites , international ones that you may find useful
      just remember you gotta be on VPN to use them Backpag…

      @joshbanderson RT @AthertonKD: what nodes did Bari Weiss use to access this Intellectual Dark Web? Did it require a VPN, proxies, masking her presence, an…

      @TheGingerSage If my ISP starts blocking sites I use then I'm moving to VPN @VICE

      @Jonginbias4ever RT @baekzyxing: the thing about exo fanbases are that we dont buy or use bots and i think its time to step our game up fuck exol pride we g…

      @krkeyser RT @axios_one: Be Wise… #TechSecurity Tips:

      Public networks often are not secure. Always find out or assume they are not.
      Using a VPN w…

      @wvueers2 RT @KibBitzLaw: If tweeting at @realDonaldTrump is now legally protected free speech, by proxy it means Twitter can neither delete nor cens…

      @TheochariGeorge RT @asteris: What all these "#GDPR Curtain" sites are actually saying: "purge my cookies, only access me via Tor/VPN, refrain from explicit…

      @goonth RT @LeShann: Left China a couple of weeks ago and I’m still getting used to uncensored internet. You literally teach yourself to avoid cert…

      @Tinyursa1 @engadget Glad I dumped Facebook it's amazing how many sites have Facebook trackers tho; keep it safe with VPN folks!

      @guribaozi i have a noob question. If u use vpn, will that vpn store the sites u visited or...

      @paul_hammant GDPR-for-profit was a game plan of the VPN industry? I'm seeing so many HTTP-451 responses for US sites while in Europe.

      @dorsa_twt @tastyjeon i haven't come across any of those sites but i agree, paid vpn is much more trustworthy

      @BenWolford Want a better internet experience? Get a VPN and connect to an EU country. News sites are just the news without a bunch of crap.

      @NardiSchwope RT @hamsterwatch: and on a totally separate topic, if you need a vpn to watch say, BB Canada 6 or Survivor NZ or Australia episodes on thei…

      @Manyweleturf @nyambura_linet Unrestrict the sites, a simple vpn extension does the job.

      @Shakariki88 RT @newsglug: US #news sites still blocked in Europe one month after #GDPR launched. Get a VPN for GDPR now! #digital #privacy #tech #infos…

      @IcyXzavien RT @snarfMP4: It's been two weeks since the sole internet provider of my country (controlled by the state) actually banned access to porn s…

      @UKcydonia @informing_edu Torrent sites. Probably need a VPN

      @Shadow49659441 @LordJurrd umm my game said "Game Is Restricted" and"HTTP PROXY"

      @BahatiPhill @kenessajr @theTunnelBear i managed to access it today in the morning without any proxy or vpn!!

      @IGGYAZEALlA RT @KreamyIggy: Azaleans! make sure to request Iggy's new song Kream Ft. Tyga on the radio to keep rising on the chart. Please don't spam t…

      @jlvwrence @Yvonne_Wick Use a VPN! or use one of those tv sites like watchseries

      @wxqxssxn RT @SyedaAnumKhan: Pakistan is on top list of searching porn movies videos its has been already blocked in pakistan, vpn has been made for…

      @G_minton RT @sikkireddy: Hi guys sorry I missed to post it

      @lyckaform RT @ProtonMail: @AlecMuffett The goal here was to explain why Tor over VPN has utility, and not argue that Tor over VPN is better than Tor…

      @SultanWall @MisterBoldwood Which is VPN. Coz without it the ISP knows when you’re searching for scholarships or visiting porn sites.

      @checkerchairs @Jed05 Most torrent sites here are blocked by my ISP and I'm too lazy to get a VPN so I don't bother lmao

      @hollywood514 @BigBrother1988 @cevangelista413 @Soderberghian I thought those sites shut down!! Did you have to get a VPN?

      @ManuFra31203836 @AmgMedikal Chairman help a Broda with some sites and vpn logins err adey beg

      @BrightApollo @myqkaplan A VPN and some underground sites.

      @kabita_bh @ilyjuntakahashi Their parents probs blocked the sites... get a vpn...

      @IkhwanZD RT @alibaba_cloud: In today’s #AlibabaCloud #TechShare tutorial, learn how to create a VPN-secured VPC with Packer and Terraform to secure…

      @Snorbuckle @shaun_jen I'm guessing you're on Virgin Media, connecting to a VPN always solves my random speed issues on specific sites.

      @elite_krypto RT @LetheanIO: @Alt__Magazine @Medium You're missing one valuable #altcoin in all of your publications. #Lethean is the first #Cryptonote C…

      @jrpd1991 Want to watch it but can't get to the game? Pay for Rangers TV and use a VPN simple. Steal BT sport or Sky all you like but not RTV

      @EvolveBN RT @evolveODM: Need to securely connect remote sites back to a corporate network, hosting provider or third-party vendor? Our VPN Cloud tec…

      @DeanSacramone @tictoc You mean "Censor anything critical of establishment power structure". The new propaganda arm of governments, by proxy.

      @SadKeneth RT @skywolfdrone: #Skycoin tops the #Forbes list of #blockchain projects to have an eye out for in 2019! #privacy #decentralize #thirdgen #…

      @Cass_WT RT @piriform: Ever asked ‘What is a VPN and why do I need one’?
      VPNs make sure that when you're online, your private data stays private.…

      @boy_with_beard @keetliwado @Bapu___ Download VPN Master app badhi sites chalse

      @DVanHook822 RT @MarshaCollier: Study Finds Half Of Most Popular VPN Apps Linked to China

      @aerinjkr RT @jmxyg: POSSIBLE REASONS VIEWS GET DELETED (aside from youtube being a total bitch):

      - the use of apps/auto sites
      - the use of incognit…