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A Virtual Private Network or VPN provides a secure and private connection within a public network.

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You can unblock any websites and apps if blocked in your school, office or country. Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, also any games, chat and voip services, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, KakaoTalk at school or work with ZPN.

Bypass Internet Censorship

If your country or office firewall blocked access to open internet and websites, you can unblock through change your location with our free vpn service.

Protect Your Privacy

Hide and keep safe all your informations from trackers on the websites and applications with getting behind of our VPN servers.

Secure Your Connection

Our VPN tunnel has 256-bit encryption, which secures all your network connections and it's impossible to cracked from hackers.

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    Your local IP addresses

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      @JJ_Emerson @Graham_Coop Agreed! Might be worth using an ssh tunnel script. SOCKS proxy on one port can funnel all traffic from one browser to uni.

      @daft_arav @netflix could have just launched a VPN service to give access to everywhere users. As by the time they will get rights for stuff (1/2)

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      @ciaralee @theTunnelBear Hey Tunnel Bear, loving the app - just wondering when the New Zealand VPN will be going live? Thanks!

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      @Legend_Shinhwa RT @LTippawan: @kaydence2597 oh if i want to stream via iphone do u know which app that i can use to change vpn?

      @SalemAlQassimi @lazy_graduate music played cuz I got 7 day free premium. Made an account with Vpn on laptop and was able to log in on the phone

      @eliizaabeth_gee What's a good vpn oh my god

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      @Reload715 @MigosThuggin @KnD_Zuurgy idk who u are unless ur Migos the keyboarder aka proxy idk

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      @x_hLj_x Can anyone recommend a good VPN for Windows 10 that's free?

      @AlfieHeydrich ZOG's proxy-terrorist exists to justify the handing of more powers to it via governments in order for it to protect itself & its agenda

      @dahrken2114 @optich3cz why cant i join your minecraft server, it just says "Turn off your VPN" and it still dosent work after that

      @btw_100 but isn't that based on IP address? everyone uses vpn so how can they find out from where you're actually tweeting? #prt

      @rbxbx Just went through the logs on a proxy server and counterhacked somebody on Hacknet. Feeling real leet right about now.

      @BenjaminLevi4 Renewed nerve hereinafter ulterior languages as proxy for britain: YjNxwxzW

      @Joel__Henry @jondoe297b @mythicFOX83 @Proximocoal 2/2 whole thing - proxy rules, Strategy/deploy rotation, etc - cherry pick it

      @RFC2410 Hey @JuiceSSH love the app, but doesn't seem to support #orbot's VPN..

      @GiantsHelping RT @KayleeCody: Overlay yours orphanage buff-yellow proxy groin in spite of trichromic compelling posters: gGJPrD

      @Enderapps @dogpod65 @Shou_TV nope any Vpn disables my wifi

      @BasicSenza CBA

      People fake proofing on UMG

      I get banned Im done with UMG not playing on proxy or something fck off Stupid Admin !

      @goliad_vallco @goliad_vallco those 2 vocoders proxy for zvex super ringtone + super seek wah, blue box proxy miku, b9 proxy red panda particle

      @HYSENBERG1 people if you wish to stay anonymous online tunnel bear is one of the best vpn programs I ve ever used.... try it download google play...

      @fearthefin @tyler5slayer I live in Southern California so the game is blacked out anyway, but usually I can get it to go with a proxy. Not tonight!

      @RedstoneUFO Well, the schools public proxy squid server is down. Most of my classes are online at school. I guess it is time to relax... :3

      @PeytonDorothy Suasion apropos of site romance metastasis as proxy for an online office: LpbTaG

      @mahmood @ghassandhaif thank you. Yes I know. Use VPN to access. Requested unblock but no use.

      @IWearMyJs @SwooshAura @AnotherNikeBot is this the format for proxy: ip,port,username,pwd

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      @Masked_Proxy_ "Killing and painting is the only way I can vent. If you don't like it, you can kiss my 'pretty boy' ass." #Bot

      @cctramz Wifi has difficulty connecting Korea server when I used Open VPN +EasyOvpn.

      @LeslieAllford Opt as proxy for in common media networks pro sedan cruiser concerning audi s4 up-to-date india: nwZaVb

      @illogic_al RT @JWKelso: @sourcetree your update today renders sourcetree useless on my machine. I can't access your webview through my corporate proxy.

      @fray_Rize RT @iaguzSC2: I'm guessing Zest is just gonna do a proxy oracle pylon rush game 3.

      @coolbreeze134 @Ebonyeyes10 @brunojim twitter seem to be on but to access WhatsApp and FB u'll need a VPN

      @Blankette @MateoTapas It seems to be an IP issue, I was able to access the site at school and w/a proxy. It's definitely odd. Thanks for the reply!

      @MemphisJake @moxie_proxy Gotta put that thang away....

      @trustzoneapp LIKE if you use VPN in Uganda, RETWEET if use TOR or PROXY #UgandaDecides #vpn #Uganda #trustzone #UgandaElections #freedom

      @_RunZakuRun The pain of having to use proxy to play a game.

      @JagexHelpSamo @ImBaked_osrs @JagexSupport Are you by any chance using a VPN/proxy?

      @kolorslab @EdgarPeople #ubuntu #vpn #openvpn #privacy #osx #apple #ssl #encryption #linux = no problems :)

      @GenesysStatus All services are restored. Remote services like VPN and mobile device email might take a couple hours to catch up and allow access again.

      @Diskreet_Sammy @Unblock_Us Netflix says I can't watch until I disable my proxy. Just paid for a year now. God dammit.

      @cupidomate US you have delusion to give F-16 to Pakistan when they threatens India with war. and backing proxy war of terror groups muthafucka of peace

      @handymayhem RT @Cernovich: .@makplus6 Rubio wants to send my friends off to die in proxy wars for Israel. That is in far worse taste than any Tweet I'l…

      @hawkieowl eg. The windows 2000 build server I saw accessed over RDP without a VPN, and another SQL server open to the internet with a 3 letter passwd

      @edselreamico @teddyboylocsin no surprise there as these two continue their costly proxy wars all over at everybody's poor expense

      @NHLTVSupport @ma_h_99 are you using a VPN, Proxy server or other custom network or DNS settings?

      @pukedelrey @halfmoonshannon we've sensed a proxy. Then i clicked more info and it was like we cant approve vpns that hide location blah blah

      @rachelbrooker_ American Netflix have finally found my proxy server what the absolute fuck, RIP it was fun whilst it lasted

      @ClintPadilla But I bypassed proxy server in Japan. PSO2

      @definients the ‘you’re using a proxy’ message on netflix is v. v. depressing

      @fatalicJa @LopoLaugh login / sign up from your browser using a VPN. Can then use it without the VPN for like 2 weeks before you have to do it again

      @DurhamBacker1 Private as far as self had better holograph as proxy for familiar overdraft: szBFN

      @RoseColorado I keep getting Connection to server lost when using @YouTube ! I've cleared the cache disabled the proxy & basically tried everything #HELP

      @NealKatherine2 Underbid field: yours conjugate block flute online concession as proxy for intricate information that list leas...

      @MissStevens_LHS I helped a student fill out his bracket & he is in the 1.6% who had UNC vs Nova in the final game. That means I win by proxy, right?

      @SR422 @SR422 India through its proxy can carry out another false flag attack on its soil with da help of Afn NDS to divert attention from P leaks

      @StepRam @blackVPN your website and VPN service seems to be off line any time scale on service resumption?

      @yourpositiveNRG RT @GotdamBear: ... and ultimately, that same nation's government would likely have killed her by proxy through local police acting on anon…

      @GuacamoleQueen @rudyrichter Probably depends on the vantage point of the observer. Also they call it both vpn and 'secure proxy'...

      @ViciousArty Cool, got a ProxyVM on Qubes OS to tunnel I2P, freenet, and TOR-traffic through a VPN. Now just to clean it up, harden, and security review

      @cpklapper You can tell the Republican delegate candidates by their trying to hide that they are for "none of the above". The rest? Proxy Democrats.

      @PaulMarlow11 Inhumation songs as proxy for high school necrological rock-and-roll singer: kWTZjJhbN

      @GabrielleHarry2 Whichsoever are the ideas as proxy for high private hospital based proprietorship online?: sZL

      @wilsonm84 @expressvpn Hi. When I use Express VPN to access Netflix on my iPad, AirPlay won't work with my Apple TV. Any idea why?

      @DanielHazel3 Way in consideration of deduction worry as proxy for ankle frame else secure gelt online: byY

      @NorthernAxis Turns out the only security for the panel was a directory password. Even the proxy code is visible. :/

      @xseIg @BeIieberSince08 Proxy changed my IP

      @NightCatArts @twisterdeva @LAveryBrown @BryDeborah The site won't let me access that from London; might be geoblocked. Will try later via proxy.

      @j2dk @egadheg @newscomauHQ It is not a nonsense. If you use a VPN you cannot access Netflix, regardless of apparent IP address block.

      @MrRowan @SaiGonSeamus Twitter issue was verified in Hanoi yesterday. Facebook & Instagram are still inaccessible for me w/out VPN in HCMC.

      @GBR_Networks #Meraki security appliances provide firewall, IPS, content filtering and auto VPN in a single box #TechTuesday #NextGen

      @rebuilt_reborn ive got that program that lets you bypass school proxy but like i cant even use it bc all of my social media is gay lmao

      @rwidyas88 for Indonesian elf If you want to watch Kyuhyun's web drama on dramafever just using vpn or change ur Ip with US's Ip #Kyuhyun'swebdrama

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      @SowitbeKristin @csoghoian @astepanovich Just when I think a VPN will protect my 4th amendment rights comes rule 41.

      @mercerserial @doctorow years ago we would bypass our school filter by running a web proxy (php) on a space they supplied to students without locking down

      @Raw_Binary RT @GizmeeTech: Injecting malicious updates in wsus through internet proxy en DNS spoofing almost done #security #pentest #infosec #hacking…

      @AndreaGertrude Protection as proxy for fine arts a customized site about yours plead guilty: ziXjMUiS

      @ridzuan_alwee @OokilalalaoO eh ok ok I buat vpn dlu (virtual private network).. hahah top secret nie.

      @jethiankur RT @AamAadmiParty: BJP not yet reconciled to it's role as opp in Delhi Assembly,proxy stalling of all Delhi Govt functioning is it's mantra…

      @phoney_yin @jah_ebooks @juju_ebooks @humbertom842 @Follow_Trades @AkymRinko @bag74777 Dans la Chine without a VPN, crossing the US now, what a photo!

      @SAMEENSHAHl @satanslesbian ahhh a vpn oh my gosh so thats what they call it there

      @Datoism @shebinhere your IP is in many govt. lists now, unless you used a VPN. :P

      @JvsStuff On Friday the mac said the sight might be down, but I think that error came from the proxy rather than the site itself.

      @ahmadhazri The Middle East is now a site for proxy wars between US and Russia.

      @Mark__Lancaster @British_Airways Hello Lisa, thanks for getting back it was the website crashing when I tried to pay: this was fixed by using a UK proxy...

      @freevpn_ninja RT @rootsecdev: When you offer free wifi but block VPN pass through. This is a dick move..

      @FrangelicoQueen RT @nolapdog: @Malinka1102 Best example for US installed proxy regime indeed #warmongers Took some #falseflag events #Maidan #MH17, #MSM br…

      @89razorskate20 @BethanyBlondie BBViewer on my pc & use a VPN to watch it on the official site on my phone

      @MoeProduction_ @twitter proof twitter is spying on us oh well time to use advanced proxy and VPN

      @randypuntje @Secure_VPN_com block

      @fusebox_tv @andyld1980 If you are getting a proxy / unblocker error try using Google Chrome Fusebox extension with privacy mode enabled

      @WatsonGarrison2 Straight a pupil app as proxy for iphone headed for helpers fiber thine studies: IWo

      @ETBGG I love computers. Was able to use access, excel, and .bat scripts to make a yugioh proxy cube. Win.

      @akersley @DesireeLHenry otherwise use a VPN to access iPlayer maybe?

      @amirivi @MoeyA5 yeh they got app store same as iPad bro, type in vpn?

      @vinusak All the social networking websites are access-able without any vpn's in iran 5 am#vpn #internet #Facebook #manotoplus

      @LeviJocelyn Outfit private teaching demand loan as proxy for note off the track: Mndzf

      @thus9 @traceywithhope could be the block for the Olympics, check you don't have any VPN/etc active #samehappenedtome

      @Matt_Toasty @Gordie78 The CBC site had links to their streams, but they were dead ends. Even viewing with a Canadian vpn

      @Luminaria98 @FryingPanJan -- Once again Twitter, YouTube and Facebook blocked here in turkey after an explosion. #Turkey #VPN

      @techcredo @McCready78 Doh. People here sometimes use VPN to get the US content. Although Netflix tries to block it.

      @MirOmidd @luke_bland @miromidd iuse proxy for using twitter,facebook, youtube, soundcloud,snapchat and all social media except instagram and telegram

      @goodkitties So i just got netflix and it didnt want to work at all, now i had to try it in another browser and it told me i had a proxy

      @EastMedMonitor RT @vtchakarova: From a game theory perspective all actors involved in the proxy war in #Syria know there is a great incentive for #US to p…

      @jenniferingyo @_markster what server and proxy did you usr

      @marshallg311 RT @LOVEAIJ: Best #VPN I found - @astrill. Military encryption and very fast streaming speeds. That's what anoyone needs today.

      @Malwarebytes Q4: Should I use VPN at all times to browse the web these days? #AskMBL

      @EthanJada Momentousness relating to website khoisan sending as proxy for an online transaction: tyizTP

      @EricLillian Gratuity as proxy for assembly the preponderance exteriorly of yours refrigerators capableness: kTdcUxf

      @david_barreda Just had the most Protoss cliche game. Both doing cannon proxy, then both Oracle follow up, then I had to defend expo of DT's. Mass void.

      @JesusFane1 Site logo decorative composition as proxy for bringing trade in: QJjJdwIE

      @Deatives Just gonna say even though the @opera VPN isn't completely anonymous it's still awesome for blocking adverts and stuff :D

      @WildPreciousIrl @spotifycares Connect at work thru UK proxy, but am in Ireland. Can't connect today. Says wrong country. On phone all my stuff gone in app.

      @SaAtomic Hey @serverauditor! Can I define a socks proxy for SSH connections with your Android app?

      @Kierst Oh god I work by proxy for the government now and it's taking over my facebook responses. Trying to help friends get benefits. :P

      @elcaos RT @toholdaquill: Canadian journalists face nation-state adversaries capable of defeating VPN privacy protections. Use @torproject instead…

      @anymann RT @velvetart: 3g is working again in Istanbul.. but messaging services like FB and whatsapp are still largely blocked. Without VPN of cour…

      @avatar_dimsal @vixcontango Very hard to access your web site content today, only partial success through zenmate US West vpn gateway

      @Adrianocampo @HeatedSneaks it's the proxy you suggested.. and it won't load any site.. not just supreme

      @GeoffreySaucer RT @sunrickbell: Funny how I'm accused of being a Kenney proxy when a recent column of mine is on the website of Kenney's rival, Mr. Starke…

      @skye2earth @Maggie_McNeill @safety Yes, but do you have Tor proxy or similar? That's important for privacy.

      @jeffartiss How many people use a VPN for connecting to public wifi? Private wifi? Any recommendations?

      @DopePlay RT @WizardIW: @DopePlay lets go dopeplay get on a vpn son

      @ShadowKelpie All I want for the holidays is lifetime vpn access and used book money. Donations to the EFF and the ACLU would also be awesome.

      @private_proxy @gordysalinas50 i think no proxy service can guarantee works on all footsites.

      @robopants @Unblock_Us What's your current workaround for Netflix's proxy detection nonsense?

      @AntoniCobos @ovh_support_en Hi! I need to know which Linux has your VPN server :)

      @MadelynLuke Puzzlement ourselves ought in passage to outsmart a facebook servant as proxy for thy unilateral trade compagnie: PnO

      @Rafa_mlktopeu #proxy bypass website free design your own invitations printable

      @Tdrinker2 @imajsaclaimant @WOWpetition It's robbery by proxy as she takes money via the tax system and gives it to her entourage via the tax system.

      @OAc1FXae8Tb1dhc #unblock sites proxy lighting web sites

      @SJBsMama @OldManKaidan Oh that's me, I have a cold and I'm using a proxy IP, sorry

      @justkeyta RT @monk__Tim: What's the point in reporting that a murderer by proxy is remorseful yet wants to remain anonymous??

      @DragHusky In school, Twitter is blocked on school computers. Visit hide me proxy. To visit any blocked site. That's how I got on twitter during school

      @JplusTV @netflix hi your app sometimes claim I'm using a proxy, sometimes it works fine.

      @pepecruz5 #hand crimp tools ip hider proxy site

      @Ayisha_ @imran_vk @sramnan2 use the proxy server or freegate to watch in hd one from their website

      @YouKayBrit @SwiftOnSecurity @TheRickWilson No but using a VPN when overseas to surf in your home country is sometime essential.

      @OtakuKeren A lie is truth, until you recognize it as a lie. Hoody (Ergo Proxy)

      @sheena2804 RT @GOGLINJF: What do Companies to enforce their #Security ? by @sheena2804 #CyberSecurity #Firewall #Antivirus #Proxy #AI #Bots #Securite…

      @ChesnaughtBot Yeah, come here because my proxy when you're not.

      @Sarkies_Proxy RT @priya_ebooks: omg did i ever tweet about the time i went on a date with a 97 year old. its my favourite old man story

      @dee_springs @words_on_wings @TheHarrySource ohhhh, they know when it's an anonymous proxy (just like Netflix)

      @therealKatieMcC @seftoncouncil Hi, what's the telephone number to apply for an overseas proxy vote? You're website contain no information. Thank you

      @JoffCom @popey @Raspberry_Pi Throw a google cloud print proxy and avahi discover on it so you can print from Android and iOS devices as well

      @HermannSoberon @AnaMercedesDiaz @rocio_uio Yo utilizo VPN Avast Secure Line

      @TrippBraden RT @LazBlazter: A4. @Opera browser you select Settings / Privacy and review tick boxes, Check out that you can enable the VPN too #digiblo…

      @hug33k DNS : Ok
      Reverse proxy : Ok
      Sommeil : 404

      @albientenorio @nanapuffs Bypass proxy haha

      @elisedorazio Equality, human rights, & idiot presidents aside;
      what is our government trying to hide from us? What's really going on in the world #proxy

      @Free___Thinker RT @SocialistChris: Whilst @jeremycorbyn is meeting and speaking to those things @theresa_may runs a mile from......people. The proxy PM is…

      @geekelitenet Wonder how many watched the #mcgregorvsmayweather Free live stream fight using Windows and no #vpn or whatsoever?! #malware #hackers

      @Naa_Cheese Sources say China-India standoff ends but the Chinese soldiers refuse to leave Doklam cause they like using Facebook without a VPN

      @OpenSourceVAR My goal is to provide browser asynchronous I/O functionality support with the #ScriptBASIC application proxy server without #JavaScript.

      @YoureNowOnTV @Game_Dev_Carto @theEmJov Wish I could but the ping lock is a killer for trying to VPN to West from Australia

      @khajerasuli90 Hi ،Opera Mini is filtered in Iran! Do you use proxy access to the browser in new updates?

      @LestatII @L2andAionOps @Aion Change IP addresses or proxy filtering obvious DDoS attack IPs.

      @Hugh_Henry3 RT @2kdei: Big Picture Geopolitical Analysis: World proxy wars this decade are to secure energy resources. Next decade, it will be for pota…

      @wlfpack81 RT @coderipper: @williamlegate FWIW, physical access to a single computer on their network would bypass any firewall/proxy protection. I wo…

      @dzeRnumbrd @toddmotto My apologies, your website is actually up, our work sysadmins just can't configure a proxy.

      @shiromarieke RT @Linuzifer: „Anonymization is hard, let‘s go censorship-circumventing.“
      Spoiler alert: your next-door VPN service does that for you at b…

      @aalrubayi1 RT @iraq_day: The famous quote that kurds use a lot of “no friend but the mountains” has changed today to “no friends but VPN” after #Kurdi…

      @keithfitz1996 @DailyDoseOfLG The kodi App or google “Pirate Bay proxy”

      @sjfotos @StephenKing Using Minnesota as a proxy, best I can do this morning, the State’s life expectancy is about 81. Norway is about 82.

      @BlnaryMlke when some ISPs think it’s very smart of them to not resolve private IPs of public endpoints and break VPN connections…
      thank you! NOT !

      @skarthik8578 RT @Prof_Sevak: Dear @IRCTCofficial, Thanks for "Leaking" my email with @PiyushGoyal for proxy campaigning by @RailMinIndia for @BJP4Karnat…

      @readysetgamedes RT @happygorillaGS: Playtesting a 2 player match last night - we've made a very fun game! Pardon the proxy, we're STILL waiting on our mini…

      @hamid_father_ @parbaste Secure vpn

      @cryptograveyard RT @OnlineIO_: You want to get 25% bonus?
      Stay tuned because we prepared a big announcement.

      #internet #browser #ICO #ICOs #security #pro…

      @GBGMGroup Pornhub Creates Their Own VPN For Secure Browsing

      @EVE_Robotics RT @Ericwhyyy: small but nice W!
      S/O to
      @EveAIO for bot
      @hypeallyio for the best private cook group
      @OculusProxies for the lighting proxy…

      @quinto_pronto RT @owachgiu: Social Media Tax? Its the Telecoms to loose. Some of us got hundreds of ways to bypass that. BlueStacks App Player, Proxy Ser…

      @EntrepreneursJr RT @Pratik_ITpro: Strongest #global motivation behind #VPN usage is to bypass #geo-restrictions – allowing #consumers to access #entertainm…

      @IssaDhollowaa RT @yGabobe: In Somalia's proxy war, EU/US strategy has been deploying contracted soldiers from Africa(if we avoid using the term 'mercenar…

      @DhulQairnayn RT @GLiNetWiFi: Did you know how your online #privacy is compromised and what you can do to protect yourself? #cybersecurity #treat #tracki…

      @karimaoun01 RT @DNASOLES: We will be restocking a few copy's of our Proxy Creator on 8/17/18 at a promo price. Don't sleep get ready for NMD HU's. Plea…

      @balearicfmspain @psimpson0847 tv3 player or if you use smart dns proxy and download demand5 apk. i dunno if ur an android or apple user

      @JMac020 @LoverOfLizzy @pompey6754 @OLBG There's a Proxy error message on the desktop site, great for it to go down again on a Saturday ☹️

      @Rose52420206 RT @FemibitchXX: "I have been wondering for a while if this is not best described as a society-wide form of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, i…

      @CharlesCharl4 RT @KilamaToya: Media censorship, brutalizing of journalists, criticizing of media houses, power off now, etc, with the aim of keeping Ugan…

      @cynicalsecurity @AlecMuffett when your proxy logs show searches for “remote OpenBSD backdoor” you know they are trying to bypass your home firewall…

      @hussainfattu @kapsology @narendramodi The website is accessible here. Use VPN if inaccessible/blocked in India.

      @bdksprod RT @Partners4Israel: "We cannot avoid recognizing the political context that led directly to this tragedy. The apparent perpetrator...targe…