Internet Censorship Freedom Of Speech

internet censorship freedom of speech
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A extremely controversial yet a fascinating point was raised by The search engines when it made clear that it might contact Original apparatus manufacturers to evaluate if just about any issues existed inside their OS.

Together with it, Google furthermore urged this tech geeks as well as online safety measures experts into the future forward as well as help The search engines with offering answers to the existing problems within Android so that it could think about them.

If you’ve arrived on this webpage it is pretty quite likely that you're searching information about internet censorship freedom of speech.

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      @4Dgifts @dinodaizovi if not negligible, computational cost of exploiting VPN backdoor reveals capability of the attacker.

      @_bhaisaab If only I could run Skype (and Lync/SFB) and obscure VPN clients on Linux, I won't need a Mac; for rest of the wares I could run 'em on a VM

      @Mountainformal First Video: Why I'm Allowed Freedom of Speech but People Complaining on the Internet is Actually Censorship. "Cultural Libertarian."

      @abelsabelss @DNASOLES @jack1688888 does any private proxy work or what kind of specific ones do we need?

      @TacticalMonkiez My internet also got downed on the stream :[ gonna have to invest in a VPN SOON

      @vinodhninan @narendramodi @BJPRajnathSingh #PathankotAttack Can we start our proxy war today? Free Baluchistan. Feed Baluchistan freedom fighters.

      @TurkKick .@06JAnk Is there still any1 left in #Turkey using the internet without VPN? @EminCapa

      @Itweetredundant Ahhhh internet professor sneh “@0803 441 6214justplain_dave: Some of us been using proxy for Netflix before Netflix in Nigeria.”

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      @railla @UsmanUP use something to mask your IP address, so some kind of VPN. I use Hola

      @MouHTX @itsJulian23 It's crazy, my group have proxy gauntlet to test against and with and it's much easier to meet up at the shop than private.

      @DrunkVinodMehta RT @MangoBwoy: Capital goods,considered proxy of investment demand,contracted by 24.4%,suggests no sustained pick-up in investments. #RIPMa…

      @giatny Censorship by the left of free speech on the internet is reaching
      dangerous levels. Freedom to criticize is major part of freedom of speech.

      @1WiseGamer @netflix Banning VPNs is the equivalent to banning free speech #auspol #vpns #vpn #netflix

      @laurence_rivet @bookworm4764 I figured out I have to install a VPN, looks easy, my problem now is which one to choose, there are so many of them!

      @MangaHere @ManjuprasadB you got 404, maybe because the IP caused. We didn't ban India IP, but the network is not stable.try to use a VPN or US Agent.

      @KayleeCody Loans vice bloc: transferable vote among other things temperament in contemplation of depart uphold as proxy fo...

      @abbottonian786 It is issue that how we should tackle indian proxy and terrorists inside afg under cover of diplomatic umbrella#PakFailsToImplementNAP

      @MathewsDonald1 The magnifying loupe as proxy for la clearer, overemphasized meaning: gLGAaTOj

      @DiscoDave64 @falkirkbear you paying for vpn? Looking for testers of app?

      @Miguelcubells @reggaecrisp1 The creation of Islamist armies to fight their proxy wars needs to end too.

      @God_Proxy Everyone hating on @marcorubio for his speech, but nobody realizes that everyone counted his out with all the polls. #IowaCaucus

      @AdaNihan freedom fighter by proxy.

      @cranerift2 @theTunnelBear either @theTunnelBear are using a 56k modem for their Aus VPN or we have throttling going on. 85kb/s at best. Hmmm

      @SeanEDepp @KayBurley @twitter censorship has never worked, and the internet has always been a forum for unfiltered freedom of speech good and bad

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      @MoranKulz use TunnerBear always as its the best VPN ever..


      @Chrisrubery I feel like if you're sending a speech in by proxy you have to do it as a comedy bit I'm sorry. #bafta

      @_stoye Hey @theTunnelBear how do I see my data usage on your awesome FREE VPN plan? #confusedbear

      @weedman719 @theTunnelBear free 1 gb data this a really good vpn cares about you and your ip not being tracked cant use bit torrent for anonymous best

      @King_Proxy @GamingRbr Is it free?

      @ArchonFluff I have a vpn a very little amount of time each day and damn it tastes like freedom. Goodbye YouTube, Twitter, Google products rip! Hotel

      @hendrikpape Netflix just told me I was using a vpn...I have @Unblock_Us but wasn't using it at the time lol. I guess I won't be needing that service now

      @SykesAubrey On the road homiletic consultants hyderabad penthouse consultants as proxy for uk means of access hyderabad: ScLcpkG

      @perlop @jevins123 Freedom of Speech violation - Censorship of Internet. Get the # trending again

      @andy_the_chef managed to log on to twitter with my laptop for the first time since being here using a masked vpn a small victory for freedom

      @IWishSomeone [SMT] Social VPN software. Instantly and securely share your internet connection with friends all around the world, watch Netflix or whatev…

      @_shemmie_ @uzkekistan @_punchmonster free web host - I'll run a proxy of one of the highest traffic sites on the web! They'll love me! ;^)

      @SuperFryX @RealTrumpCard Censorship meaning blocking parts of the internet, a violation of freedom of speech.

      @IanMolloy82 @STVGrant if you watch using an iPad you can download the puffin app and that automatically masks IP without need of a VPN either

      @celtic_craig @foxnews CENSORSHIP is a proxy dictation from the romanization called christianization. #conspiracy. #fuckthepope. #freedom. #sovreign

      @krishguru2000 RT @LOCKDOWNRSVP: Anyone else noticing how footsites are lowering the number of sessions allowed from a single proxy/IP? Used to able to ru…

      @israeleretz @nobigotry Hamas and Hezbollah would be freedom fighters, ISIS being a creation of American foreign policy to use as proxy fighters. Liar

      @gagawillrise @befourzayn using a vpn block

      @stevensalyers4 @SheLovesTwiz @whoissizzle there is people who support internet censorship not realizing that in some way they're losing freedom of speech

      @MarioKabey VPN installation on my Kali Linux KDE 2.0 Distribution is Finish <3

      VPN --> Tor/Privoxy Server --> Website

      @kaze292 @Nisryna if thats the case maybe the server is down or internet problem....can u access without vpn??

      @lyrebirdlsx It will be nice to see Juniper Networks add relevant security services information like NAT,VPN to the output of "show security match-polic…

      @rule184 @Incilin @vijithassar That's not opt-out. Also allow ppl to block proxy & crawler (by using a proper UA, instead of Go stock)

      - "My childhood dream was to grow up and donate blood, but alas I am a tainted being"

      @AmyNevaeh Factors liable to as proxy for ups otherwise downs means of access india sensex: THZ

      @Jmercy2 I miss the freedom of Internet. Back to VPN life

      @markyeg Not impressed I can't access US Netflix through my VPN anymore :(

      @Eestrada_2 @kol_htpa Internet access is a human right because it allows people to freely express their right of freedom of speech without censorship.

      @Rebus0906 Oooo, a puzzlement. ‘Friends’ iPhone & iPad use same VPN

      @omgofinternet Is internet censorship a violation of freedom of speech?

      @RachelM64384164 What in contemplation of display as proxy for modernized an smartphone app developer: lLFQuNqWT

      @BrewPotChalleng RT opera "CommieMK Hi CommieMK, have you downloaded the developer version? To activate the VPN in the developer version of the Opera browse…

      @theyough Tunnello helped me to secure & unblock 2.26 GB of content! #vpn #freedom via @Tunnello_

      @Swordsmanx10 @keithellison And the internet as well, they want to censorship us here as well...Plus it would harm Freedom of Speech.

      @theboom1 @GeekVariety they restricted freedom of speech because of voter popularity. Bernie stood against that and Internet censorship.

      @Neoash1 @DArealAMACK @TwitchSupport Good news is ur User isn't suspended! Are you using a public/shared internet connection? Or proxy extension?

      @Ern_Akor today's BD's are complex for whatsapp users... u need VPN to change dp n status

      @FultonCook1 How so that augment straight a website as proxy for redeem-inclusive of suspend software: LobrQxdE

      @JesusFane1 Website logo nisus as proxy for bringing custom: ecPkVZHV

      @ElliotJCornish @chowsports Yeah I am. Hmm, perhaps try and download a browser extension like 'Hola VPN' and set it to say you're in the UK.

      @klgn dear @opera I hope it's gonna be possible to use the built in VPN when I don't do private browsing. Kind of annoying to use private browsing

      @umartheshaikh @Haaroony I've got a vpn token but don't need it. The network is already secure, uses WPA password.

      @Kp1832 @amnesty and North Korea censorship of the Internet and freedom of speech.

      @BigVapingNunga @SaraSlak @FleaBagLady @DrMichaelMosley @Vonck7 @BBC you can watch it outside of the UK if you use a VPN connected to UK server.

      @DuffusMonkey @Hiddanas I had to reinstall Internet Explorer because it's the only browser my work's VPN supports, 2 hours later I discovered how to do it

      @emmamophiee Day 4 of no access to my website and still insist it is not their problem... I've lost 4 days clearing cache, using proxy, ARGH

      @junhuisgf @myuongsu this is internet censorship i have the right of freedom of speech

      @heinousjay European Commissioner Vĕra Jourová says Internet censorship helps ensure freedom of speech. My head hurts.

      @DarkInfuneral FUCK censorship! FUCK the Internet Gestappo! I support freedom of speech instead of severing tongues any day of the week!

      @xsmashx88x @Lefty0971 @innthecutt freedom vpn or tunnelbear

      @Raymond43125655 Combo loans as proxy for speech community in conjunction with inadmissible pin on-gallop the bankroll needed o...

      @psiphyr Are they leaving this a realpats? I hope you have IP logging enabled. Most of these guys think a proxy is a gay sex act

      @heyitsliore @collectdust Short answer: yes, you could connect to a VPN / proxy server in Dallas and access the internet through that.

      @ImCh1quita Remember when internet was young and new, and Leftists screamed freedom of speech? But NOW they scream "CENSORSHIP of the Right!" #FreeMilo

      @AngelaN43904259 Willful laptop in company with many-sided speech sound deals – thy palaver on route to ensure as proxy for d...

      @ELMaracuXo RT @tinimarty8: Obama spoke at Orlando hinting at censorship of Internet freedom of speech GUN Control and telegraphic Martial Law Impleme…

      @johnrh anyone know of an alternative to charles proxy for os X? I need something better / free :p

      @tri_mago Tunnelguru is the best. it provides a free internet i hope that ill activate my account haha. # The Best VPN


      @pwns4cash @RitzmannMarkus @nixcraft Because an attacker can conjoin his adapter w/ your tunnels -_- vpn's are a misconception of security.

      @Metehan_Tuefenk @ellieandbanks Mit so ner App. F Secure Freedom VPN

      @abbyaug @NormaMarson People only seem to get annoyed on the Internet. A friend did a proxy vote for her daughter,even though it cancelled her vote.

      @Devinyo98 @Devinyo98 nvm. Set my VPN to US West. unless there's another way that everyone else knows. You can find out like that.

      @earthandlifesa @News24 Funny, cos ANC govt voted AGAINST internet freedom of speech at UN recently. So are they for freedom of speech or for censorship?

      @Benius_Hope @netflix why cant some of your PAYING costumers dont use Netflix in Germany? BECAUSE of ur VPN-BLOCK!!! -> STOP GREED - ALLOW VPNs again!

      @TheSpaceKing24 @IlladelphAC @Lemmits92 @BernieSanders Simple. It'll allow for Internet censorship. Rest in pieces freedom of speech.

      @Kp1832 @NHendersonWSJ @WSJecon @WSJ they censorship everything from the Internet to freedom of speech and expression.? RT

      @debswj62 RT @boycottbgbizsoc: @YvetteCooperMP The internet must be a forum for freedom of speech and that means making sure that every voice matters…

      @OurTroubledTime This #internet #censorship shit needs to end now. My rights to freedom of speech are not to be limited by some social media conglomerate

      @MetalLoud Also let's talk about freedom of speech, the internet, censorship, and specifically twitter

      @rob5408 Best feature of Spotlight: I type "Cha" and it shows Charles Proxy and before I can hit enter it changes to PyCharm and opens that instead.

      @ssrimany @manzi1974 @TarekFatah @MAZYUSA
      How then it is for Kasnmir's freedom?
      They r fooled by coward Pakistan to fight Proxy War with India.

      @SeanMcGinnis7 If we really have freedom of speech, then why is censorship a big issue on the Internet & social networking platforms along with IRL?

      @michiexile FFFFF!
      Internet in this dorm has an over active content blocker and firewalls away VPN. :-(

      @Kp1832 @ForbesTech why still censorship everything In China Internet and freedom of speech and expression.?

      @dean11drk Michelle Obama gave the best speech at both conventions - Democratic and Republican, one in person and one by proxy!

      @wholebuffalo #TrumpTrain @FoxNews Trump on internet censorship -Somebody will say, 'Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech.' These are foolish people."

      @YoungAntony @TimMacGabhann @RobbieTravers free speech is free speech - many people have ultra thin skins and some even get offended by proxy

      @PeterPyke RT @ShitZone: @PeterPyke @NewsweekME @RT_Erdogan Only viable solution block northern path for #US proxy #Isis, to save #EU & #Russia from f…

      @drsubhashkapila PM Modi Sir. Independence Day Speech include ASSERTIVE STATEMENTS on Pakistan & its PROXY WAR IN KASHMIR VALLEY. Also on Valley separatists

      @alialbasha1995 VPN sometimes make the internet more slower so just open it when you need it.

      @Johnjoshuamarch @realDonaldTrump stop UN censorship of the free internet. Save our freedom of speech and independent press. I'm with you Mr. Trump!

      @PitchDarkEdge I guess freedom of speech means nothing to @YouTube now. These new guidelines are hurting the internet as a whole. #youtube #censorship

      @P_Rivs7 @YouTube Fuck you for your new censorship bullshit. The Internet will not stand for this shit. #fuckyoutube #ripyoutube freedom of speech.

      @TylerTornado Hey YouTube ever heard of freedom of speech, it's written in the declaration of independence, but if you like censorship leave the Internet

      @MrsUsison What's up with all the censorship going on in the Internet? What happened to "freedom of speech"? Only when convenient for the elite?

      @meowpuppy RT @jeana_guzman: @indyref1 @NetworksManager @WD_Lady @PriyaGrewal1 If we allow censorship of the Internet, we are loosing our freedom of s…

      @Nothotsnick This YouTube censorship bs is ridiculous. The Internet is where people voice their opinions and freedom of speech comes in. Shutting down

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz site the outwit division as proxy for extravaganza thus and so submerge in that acquisition of knowledge: QxPeKwvBj

      @AndersonAudrey2 Top people world wide web marketing research device as proxy for website social intercourse: RhrG

      @anxioustrashh @realDonaldTrump Closing the internet is censorship and that violates the freedom of speech?? "America- The land of freedom" or how was it?

      @CuckSlayer RT @Roy12212012: Freedom of Speech , Censorship of the internet.
      Merely the Beginning of a long Nightmare.
      All Freedoms, Civil Liberties wi…

      @OiYouYeahYou @bmndr just tested with my VPN (why didn't i think of it earlier) and the website works

      @MnDlover RT @EamonMelia: @AodhBC @angiebeeb Internet bill was to do with censorship and freedom of speech , FG and Lab only want to silence people

      @good4politics RT @Slatland432: REALLY IMPORTANT! Foreign players can (& will) restrict your freedom of speech through censorship. Internet freedom is an…

      @M_Tolli @Thugie01 mass censorship. Basically freedom of speech on the Internet will be gone

      @TrickflowGaming @SooSuperior I'm concerned with the censorship of the internet if our control of it is lost. Rip freedom of speech.

      @MartijnMumbles @agitatereact @ChristosCosta1 ICANN isn't involved in internet censorship or freedom of speech. You know this.

      @STARZHelp @Jessuquillas Pin prompts tend to mean you are attempting to use the app behind a VPN or outside of the US. Do either of these apply to you?

      @myronwatkins7 A major move to censorship against freedom of speech! Obama's signing away of the internet to ICANN. Is a national threat. Not a major issue

      @Chyk77daniel Freedom of free speech is what is at stakes.SaudiArabia is funding those who are bent on censorship of wise and wiser.

      @MartijnMumbles @agitatereact @ChristosCosta1 You understand that the ICANN isn't involved in Internet censorship, so how is freedom of speech in jeopardy?

      @svoutil Who said the internet has no borders? Even my doc's appt booking site is inexplicably geo-restricted to the UK #flabbergasted. #vpn works...


      @SburtonRN @TomCottonAR What is this internet deal! And y'all best not be giving away our freedom of speech to censorship! Explain !

      @ChrissyFrancis8 PAY ATTENTION: Obama made sure to destroy our freedom of speech when he turned Internet to foreign control.Censorship NOW w/ wikilks emails

      @CarringtonWill3 Cooperation percent as proxy for euro. coin stow down-forex enter-us hard currency speech hierarchy 199: oAPZmiJ

      @ArsenalAndrew49 @SkyNews This is a complete violation of freedom of speech. The new age of internet censorship has arrived folks! Get used to this

      @randomoracle @bennetyee @headmold Can a mobile app proxy traffic from tethered devices on same APN? Do you need a rooted phone for that?

      @dgelemi @drchriscole similar situation in an hotel in Germany last month. Free internet blocked VPN, had to pay for "better" connection to use it

      @crocboy RT @Non_MSM_News: Lots of censorship going on Twitter. Obama gave away internet & OIC is working hard to remove Freedom of Speech. #Bunchof…

      @Tsundere_Books @existentialslut @Fuckosaurus_ Do you by saying I bought a proxy in at school and had like half the school bypass the blocks.

      @maxclark @sparklabs love Viscosity, 2 Qs: can I auto connect to VPN based on a list of trusted WIFI networks? When's the amazing iOS app coming out?

      @MrCodeman93 @GeorgeTriton @Tywoodss being forced off the internet is bigger than just freedom of the press. It's governmental censorship of speech.

      @s_chelf @TreeSappp @_Makada_ Your tweet no longer found Censorship! Obama gave away our freedom of speech when he let internet go!

      @mark_selby723 RT @mark_selby723: so now it is in full swing, censorship of the internet to stop freedom of speech and information, stopped wikileakes fr…

      @Rickeyleetw RT @nanci_pray2jc: @realDonaldTrump @grinnedreaper2
      Our Constitution gaurantees us FREEDOM OF SPEECH...Obama wants Censorship on the Inter…

      @lewis_Apex @FIFA_VPN is ur site a Wordpress

      @myronwatkins7 What will found out shortly is the giving away of the internet was a detrimental blow to religious freedom! = censorship of speech

      @ChubbyLoveable Obama plans to give the internet away . His eventual goal is UN censorship of internet freedom of speech.

      @SchleeperCell It's best to modulecordova the compiled, compiled git. #server #proxy #nginx #storedproc

      @Free_2_Offend @SeaH2ONymph @KevTwitta @CharlesDrumley @afneil everyone uses the Muja, incl Russia. Doesn't mean Saudi is a Jewsih proxy. #TinFoilPeople

      @sonja_rxse RT @vsadmemequeen: perks of finishing school: i dont have to use a fucking proxy to use this damn website

      @williehall8769 Dude Hillary wanted internet censorship, freedom of speech would be slowly picked away at under a Clinton presidency

      @bill_of_R @PepeMindset he's here, with us at this moment. Maybe he has a new name, a new IP address/proxy, maybe a new Avi. But he's here with us

      @AFREEBRIT @PrisonPlanet I love that no one will buy them because of The UN take over the Internet and the inevitable censorship of freedom of speech

      @TecnologiaFree RT @AzizMedelin: @Xabber_XMPP I bought the VIP version but I can not connect to my block the use of vpn ?Or what because it's pai…

      @IsMyPostStupid So @VyprVPN what reassurance can you give your users that the VPN cannot be intercepted by Trump's fascist dictators & free speech killers

      @gunhankurt Censorship on the Internet is blocking freedom of speech. #UNFPATURKEY #UNFPA

      @upratap09 @vadakkus @IndianExpress Never heard of proxy servers and VPN

      @jvman588 RT @Italians4Trump: There should be NO CENSORSHIP OF ANY NEWS ON THE INTERNET!
      This is against Freedom of Speech!

      @katmur23 RT @GOPeSucks: @mgreenthaner @katmur23 He is exorcising his freedom of speech just like Obama did when he called for internet censorship

      @Magdi3lCruz RT @LurganShmith: I don't agree with the politics of the "alt right", but I am actively against internet #censorship & any infringements on…

      @XAgathon @EuropeanYouthEU How would you defend freedom of speech in the Internet against censorship enforced by states?

      @UwyBBQ Work received a DMCA (pleb link in cause).
      Result : proxy now filter everything, no Internet access besides intranet.

      @skipjam If "internet censorship" modulates a person's "freedom of speech", i.e. content of speech, then it becomes a First Amendment Issue?

      @Olympus_Monds @crateandcrowbar I can't update my feed or visit your website when I use my VPN (private internet access). Seems weirdly specific!

      @brucekeller Something tells me this #fakenews hoopla is just going to be an excuse for corporate censorship. There goes freedom of internet speech! #USA

      @AFranas @GeorgiWhoa
      With me it's unofficial censorship that happens through hacking into my internet accounts which equals no freedom of speech.

      @MartinDown90 @PokemonGoApp hi. Is there a way of using a VPN for security/privacy reasons, and still play your game?

      @FootballKig RT @Eg0nz63: @LindaSuhler Freedom of Speech will be infringed on the internet with this censorship from the Left.

      @jamesrichard351 Internet Censorship should be Illegal!! "Freedom of speech!" if you don't like what somebody post then you have the right to hit the Delete

      @Kriegalex @NETGEAR your routers should use built-in VPN functionalities of #Windows, #macOS and #Android instead of using 3rd party apps #LessApps

      @StartAFireCom @smonicats @chrisczerwonka 1/Start A Fire technology acts as a smart real time proxy between the user & actual website. It doesn't affect

      @real_proxy @Carmenballantyn I have friends that believe Christians r here to serve & protect zionist?
      Heck just switch no hell millions of slaves!

      @proletarius40 RT @paulsmith031158: Be interesting to see where @realDonaldTrump stands on internet censorship and freedom of speech , media ownership & W…

      @Alex200167 @Redone68 Maybe.The regime is currently setting up 2 censorship authorities. The Internet is to be controlled.Freedom of speech be destroyed

      @cristycurves #freespeech sad day for those of us who rely on internet sites for advertising, censorship has broken freedom of speech law #Jailbullies

      @JohnDBlue @Maniaplanet Another browser works, shows in English as expected. I have no VPN. I'll try no-extension mode although none of them should 1/

      @dwagon @NatParkUndrgrnd @NatlParkService I hope this account is posting from a VPN to protect the identity/identities of the tweeter(s).

      @swaniswarchief Every internet asshole that's ever confused freedom of speech with being a jerk will soon learn what real censorship looks like under Trump.

      @FlorianWinter @HiredCam @SwiftOnSecurity @abcnews Yes, the illustration picture is stupid. Millions of people use VPN to circumvent internet censorship.

      @swanwalk @swanwalk He's referring to people who oppose internet censorship. We can't give up freedom of speech along with freedom of the press. Bad

      @spookedwolf #TheOriginalPlanWas to make the Internet a safe place for freedom of speech and thought, free from advertisers & censorship. Big Oops!

      @InfamousAce_410 @GottaLoveJP yeah, the best bet though, is a VPN, which is a secure, private Internet connection, which is used for keeping your privacy

      @TheModernEnd @alexweberis He's a symbol of freedom versus censorship on the internet and his ban tells how PC appropriates free speech. #legalizepepe

      @YungPakistani RT @SaadYousaf89: @faraz_qureshi12 @azmarrkhan @Ameirkhan11 @nutmegbuoy Even if he uses proxy site, internet provider can be contacted cc…

      @SMedia4 @samjawed65 Frankly mute button is a proxy for block. Most do it that way. Modi follows AK who called him Psychopath. More of a pulsing

      @k_zahorchak @realDonaldTrump There is extreme censorship of internet web sites. Can the U.S. get control and allow freedom of speech. Dump Google!

      @lesslie_johnson @realDonaldTrump Sir you have got to stop the censorship of the internet , freedom of speech is still under attack still

      @quillowed 1/2 Cautioned or guilty, online offenders should be ordered to use a Gov proxy server for Internet. HTCU's waste resources proving breaches

      @johndavid7449 Time to show Twitter's censorship practices across the internet. No freedom of speech here.

      @ashperniciaro #COMM4638 can there be an approp level of censorship on internet posts? how does this work with freedom of speech?

      @Koobs11 In Turkey; censorship of the press/Internet,no freedom of speech, can't protest, oppression and killing of #Kurds ....Erdogan= dictator

      @bearbaughgames_ @KEEMSTAR must take action the censorship has gone on long enough freedom of speech is under attack and the internet in us is run by un now!

      @Bliadhnaichean RT @Jackie_Lizzz: @OttomanZealot Freedom of Speech is the last thing Turkey has. There is heavy internet censorship and they jail journalis…

      @wheattri000 @123MoviesUK the new website proxy does not seem to be working ???

      @cdrking_ph RT @michaelmeloni: LibParty "Anzacs fought for freedom of speech&!!"
      unless we are talking about safe schools/internet blacklists/film, gam…

      @ArtheosNL RT @Nokterian: Life comes hard at you fast..advocating internet censorship advocating against freedom of speech,freedom of d…

      @ck900i @azuresupport #azTechHelp I have vpn server(PPTP) on premise,I have created a vpn connection on my vm ,I am unable to connect,please advise

      @ash5365 @SportsMania005 Lads I'M running the service no problem but I've seen people saying you should be using a VPN to hide activity. Help.

      @NoCensorshipCh1 The censorship of the internet in China violates freedom of speech, which is considered a human right.

      @b302154969 When Alex Jones trending. Expect the Internet & fakemedia try again to stop the train of freedom of speech because can't enforce censorship

      @timkindberg Bandwidth out of #china currently 20 kbit/sec irrespective of whichever @expressvpn server i try #vpn #grrrrr

      @SacudeteMaracay RT @El_Leon: There is no freedom of speech in Venezuela, and the government uses a giant machine of propaganda. Internet is the way to figh…

      @DamienWilkens There is now a Deadly Premonition board game, which, by proxy, makes it the best board game ever made.

      @13Sylv13 RT @peterpobjecky: @Ian56789 @JustinRaimondo Internet censorship is clearly gaining momentum, time to claim back freedom of expressions and…

      @TheFreedomSuite @Techl0re Great review of Nord VPN! Have you reviewed Private Internet Access?

      @davIDENTITY_ yknow if you aren't gonna be allowed to say things on the internet w all this censorship, were prob not gonna have freedom of speech

      @saminsurrey RT @davemUK50: @UnfamousWord @OwenJones84 @JeremyCorbyn4PM I am 51 and voting Labour. I value my freedom of speech which the Tories wish to…

      @trickytroggle1 RT @rosscolquhoun: How does one square using #GE17 as a proxy to block #ScotRef with ignoring an @theSNP win and the mandate that generates…

      @slutrun RT @IsItUpOrDown: Welcome sight for VPN users, at least the 'eye' is streaming on their web site.
      Caution tho, last year it was hit and mis…

      @soundpolitic RT @DavidHancock6: @jeremycorbyn This is not a freedom of speech or internet censorship issue, it is a resources issue and as Home Secretar…

      @odilo_reynolds @BreitbartNews Dear BreitbartNews, Germany is experiencing a massive wave of internet censorship. Please help us restore freedom of speech

      @hdagres @analyticnomad @facebook Of course they’re using VPN. I’m just saying Facebook wouldn’t need Iran’s help to put “check-in” safe.

      @Estacadebares RT @kinimatini: Greece: "Anti-Terror Law" proposed by Syriza tries to censorship the freedom of speech in the internet. #antireport #Anonym…

      @Columbia_MO @opera The VPN isn't working, I can't connect to any site using the VPN regardless of what country I select. anyone else having an issue?

      @UserAM169 RT @iain_mk2: Freedom of speech, internet censorship, freedom of association… all of these are being undermined by authoritarians like May.

      @WillHendersonTX our soldiers in the US did not sacrifice their lives to let freedom of speech die in the form of internet censorship.

      @mithu796311 RT @Rohan_Kharga: Internet is free, Internet is freedom, Internet is freedom of speech. I oppose Internet Censorship in #Darjeeling.

      @SwearyDan More internet censorship, because there's too much freedom of speech and the govt don't like it #QueensSpeech

      @jdelacrux_ Listening to the new/remastered OK Computer and Paranoid Android reminded me of Ergo Proxy, one of my fav animes. Must re-watch.

      @samanthaowen008 @zerohedge Sure. Internet access = More brainwashing; more censorship; less freedom of speech; more spying.

      @RobinHoodsGhost RT @_OP8_: @TheTruthRosic @MikeWrightQ You're Exposed - Must Watch!
      Online Privacy, Internet Censorship, Freedom of Speech under Threat!

      @HisShadowFalls @ArmouredSkeptic So what happens if you use a VPN? Are you guilty of smuggling free speech? #Twisted #Perverted

      @B1Show RT @vic_goon: first rt = surf easy vpn

      @nicomowarsaw RT @heatherlspurge3: @Rosie @FCC internet censorship is taking away freedom of speech(via typing words)trump has already taken away freedom…

      @albarnbarz RT @elifgulecc: #NetNeutrality  is internet for all without corporate censorship.

      #NetNeutrality  is freedom of speech.

      #NetNeutrality is…

      @ShelomentsevD RT @pubnike: Russian censorship spreads in the internet with help of Russian YouTube office! Save freedom of speech! #FixRussianY…

      @bridguzman For iphone users go download hot vpn on app store for free and quality internet

      @deplorable_ron @stranger_poetry @_truthseeker666 The internet doesn't give me freedom of speech. I have it regardless of their censorship plans.

      @bagpusbagpus RT @plukaszewiczNL: @GuyVerhofstadt Freedom of speech? Why You locekd me up everywhere for saying just a truth??? Why EU wants to control I…

      @boomista Can safely say that @bumble_app (BY PROXY, I HASTEN TO ADD) has blown my mind. So THAT'S where the hot girls are hiding...

      @Vickiwhatever @nntaleb @ADudeFromNowere Its why its so important to fight these attacks on freedom of speech, and censorship on internet

      @geralds1 RT @Scully_R: @TheBY2K @JimSterling Words the internet is no longer allowed to use, until they learn: Censorship; freedom of speech; fake n…

      @KodoTheDon my jaw dropped to the floor when I found a major org in town runs their #vpn server in a #windows #xp environment...just wow!! #ITinMalawi

      @LindaGu28303924 RT @_North_Carolina: @PrisonPlanet we had free speech before internet & Silicon Valley will pay for abandoning capitalism & it's inherent f…

      @ZahidFedial @TunnelGuruVPN Thanks to you sir for the best vpn apps..and free internet

      @Toddorado @BestBuy Stop blocking my anon VPN's IPs. Can't reach your site, can't buy from you. Shopping your competitors until you wise up.

      @blockgamepvp @lighttrax @sleepypip from my experience, school IT is at the very smart enough to, you know, block vpn download sites

      @TuckerGBR @realDonaldTrump Freedom of speech is a fickle master. Cut off the internet? No platform to express views? Censorship, revoke? Ban words?

      @mukiash My friend finally forgave me for saying I wouldn't give a speech at her wedding, I've offered my best friend as my proxy

      @Hoax_Mark proxy server !

      @devendrone @qz Because the internet is “supposed” to be a realm of freedom. Stopping hate speech is essentially censorship of conflicting opinions

      @DreamerOfReason RT @yakyennej: @comcast Net Neutrality is liberal speak for internet censorship and infringement of freedom of speech. Don't fall for it!

      @BartsPete RT @JulesTr1: @BBCWorld Turkey supports proxy jihadists ,fights the Kurds the best anti-ISIS force and arrests every opponent of Erdogan.

      @SallyHessnice RT @smoss319: She must be doing something right then. Twitter is ridiculous With censorship! Thanks O 4 ur Internet deals selling r freedom…

      @fliesc1 @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Censorship of the Internet is not Freedom of Speech or thought! We need a new www!

      @wehking_pamela @AllenWest @Dimplenut Censorship in America

      @cbprincess5 RT @cbprincess5: @ilovetoclean72 @PrisonPlanet Executive order that freedom of speech is extended to the internet and stop censorship That…

      @squirrelfish123 @np_bearrr use vpn server?

      @WT_Buck RT @MadelineOnMars: @Andst7 @ruthbenghiat Banning proxies would burden freedom of speech in countries that censor Internet use. You need a…

      @1104Bj RT @EFF: "Passing SESTA would tie up our internet freedom of speech in state courts for years and decades to come." -Mike Godwin (@sfmnemon…

      @drsnofficial @theTunnelBear Hey, would be nice to have 1 GB free of Data for the best VPN on the Internet :)

      @SynchronusDaily RT @Lee_in_Iowa: @AjitPaiFCC @WSJopinion No. "Heavy-handed regulations" are YOURS--heavy on censorship, money-grubbing, and power-snatching…

      @nyfedsdaughter RT @MO2ndDist4Chg: @AjitPaiFCC @WSJopinion Lying for profit is your mantra. "Heavy-handed regulations" are YOURS--heavy on censorship, mon…

      @romcen2005 @ytgadgetaddict What is the best vpn to bypass the throtle of smart?

      @3DJourno RT @NRBAssociation: National Religious Broadcasters is drawing attention to the censorship of Christian and conservative speech online by t…

      @ronnicek @tvrabec @unsereOEBB @BladeHQ of course it is.. but for your security you should run VPN on all public wifi, but you know it I suppose :D

      @Mohamadsama7 RT @BitsOfScience: When the sea ice goes, so does (a large part of) the Arctic marine ecosystem. Yes, we're stating the obvious today - dis…

      @archonsg RT @MGTOW_Possum: Guys, there are dark, 4chan style feminists websites out there, this is one, South Corea is a hot bed of these sites, kno…

      @corvus332 RT @otdon: @emfvet1 @StaliansJerry @DNC Fight on and join the Anti Censorship Campaign. Promote freedom of speech and critical thinking. Co…

      @iOLA_my_LOLA RT @TweetEraser: Top 5 Reasons You Need to embrace Online Anonymity:
      Government #surveillance, Identy Theft, Freedom of Speech, Public Wi-…

      @modis_feed RT @atanudey: Freedom of speech and the press is a distinctive mark of civilization. That freedom does not impose obligations on private pa…

      @craig_telford RT @MaileCarnegie: While I agree in general with this article, it ignores the significant number of the world's population that have a less…

      @forextrader79 RT @randhirkumar279: Your ISP constantly monitors what you're doing on the internet. Dont let them know what you're downloading, become ano…

      @DipalaChauhan RT @righttospeak3: @axhaer @Independent @BBCNews @DailyMailUK @SPIEGELONLINE @MarkACollett @jeremycorbyn @BIUK @MirrorPolitics yes!Sems lik…

      @ladyzekelet RT @Nancy007F: Where we go one we go all! PATRIOTS! #InternetBillOfRights RETWEET We demand Internet bill of rights to protect freedom of s…

      @sotnasoinotna RT @dro_cruz: #American #tech firms work globally, & are subject to laws in the #EU

      @hrothenb RT @royfcjr: We need to be of one mind and make the internet free from censorship. The 2nd thing is the 2nd amendment.
      lastly. We need the…

      @Kiwigirl58 RT @SevenStarHand: @DelthiaRicks @eugenegu Money is slavery by proxy. Notice how people's livelihoods and professions are threatened when t…

      @genderrefusenik RT @oceancerys: @genderrefusenik Use Firefox with privacy addons or Firefox focus. Don’t give out identifying info. Consider a VPN dependin…

      @librarianatrix RT @EgSophie: “STOP TRYING TO RUIN THESE POOR MEN’S LIVES!” response to efforts to hold abusers accountable is the new “I HAVE FREEDOM OF S…

      @thginknad @ABCWorldNews Yes censorship is alive and well on the internet..Freedom of speech??

      @theoldeDrewster @alfiemoore Alfie 1/ clear or block cookies 2/ use TunnelBear vpn , not even your internet provider or even The Met can intrude then

      @RedDizzlah RT @LandoFree: Internet censorship and surveillance by country
      What happened to freedom of speech in the US ?


      @FreeRunetRU RT @freeBogatov: Russians protest state censorship of the internet. The internet is for now one of the few places relative freedom of spee…

      @_North_Carolina RT @mingmingmung: @_North_Carolina @SenSchumer The only aspect of the internet that needs saving is censorship and freedom of speech - whic…

      @APatriotland RT @OMiracleMikeO: FREEDOM OF SPEECH ON THE INTERNET! Internet Bill Of Rights #billofrights #internetbillofrights #IBOR #censorship #potu…

      @Harmeidi1 RT @eBTCFoundation: Don’t know the $ value of Proxy Wallet for the incoming Airdrop? Watch this video and you can imagine! Messenger Soluti…

      @carol_jumps RT @kf9ug: @KyleKashuv If the Constitution is such an old document which no longer governs us, then Freedom of Speech is obsolete too as th…

      @starck_jean RT @AllenWatson23: In case you missed it, Congress passed what they thought was an anti-sex trafficking law.

      Reality is much different.


      @shininglinoone The internet is essentially freedom of speech and against censorship, so of course this is a chance for the PMD series to redeem itself.

      @RealTyWebb RT @KimDotcom: Dear @vijaya, I’m a Internet Freedom fighter, an activist for Government transparency and against mass surveillance & deep s…

      @JimMorr84327119 RT @SilverPatriot1: More attacks on the freedom of speech compliments of #California’s banana republic “leadership.”
      “California Democrat…

      @TSRachelSmithe RT @LakenyaMonfort: @realDonaldTrump If you sign the Portman Bill #Sesta #Fosta #Backpage it wpuld be UNCONSTITUTIONAL! People have a right…

      @RedBernstein RT @KristinaBetinis: #ThingsImAfraidOfLosing Freedom of Speech and Association -- This weekend IYSSE & SEP Chicago are Organizing Resistanc…

      @black_berryx RT @AKITOD10: The Four Freedoms by President Roosevelt
      - Freedom of speech & expression
      - Freedom of worship
      - Freedom from want
      - Free…

      @KidJuel RT @ethstatus: Freedom of Speech- a basic human right.. Students in China are coding messages onto the ethereum blockchain to escape intern…

      @idigmines RT @mrglenferris: @idigmines As a stark contrast; Russia apparently has a *choke point* that allows them to edit ALL internet traffic tryin…

      @jonella_moore RT @jonella_moore: Patriots, please sign this petition regarding illegal disruption and censorship by Google, Twitter and Facebook.

      @porridgeisgood RT @samcro1882: @mikecoulson48 @DWPscumbags They NEVER admit to the precence of a D-Notice.

      @tommynater2 RT @ConorDeane: Disgusting to think foreign multinationals would impose censorship on the people of Ireland just as we arrive up to a natio…

      @daphne_miles RT @Fanxxxxtastic: @Trickyjabs And you just know any censorship of freedom of speech on the Internet will be piggy backed into law on the b…

      @debharr13 RT @SEP_Britain: The plot against Assange is bound up with an intensifying campaign by the American government and its allies to impose far…

      @patricklee6669 RT @ResistanceRules: @Goss30Goss Republicans' anti-abortion stance is dishonest and phony not only because it's limited to only embryotic &…

      @packetengineer RT @mrgretzky: Evilginx2 will, soon, let you phish and bypass 2FA like a pro. Now as fully standalone man-in-the-middle HTTP proxy, made en…

      @Daily_Taylor1 @SenFeinstein How about ensuring our freedom of speech on the internet? Aren’t liberals supposed to be anti censorship?

      @Kempa2010 RT @MrAzooooozz: Hide my ass vpn
      Plan: 1 Month
      Expire: 2018-07-05

      @markbrendstweet RT @_LoveLiberty: Article 11 and 13 EU Directive, is censorship of the internet
      Any content that Brussels does not like could be censored.…

      @pupianah @moonIightboy an app where you can change your location to the us and other countries if you have an us vpn you can vote on the site

      @secretvespers RT @vlots8: @NYDailyNews @Mony_de_Swaan He is Jewish and understands how difficult it is to abide by the right of freedom of speech.He is c…

      @gpcibooth RT @GPCyberCSO: Did you know that using a piece of software called a 'VPN' or Virtual Private Network, can help increase your #cybersecurit…

      @yingeli RT @GreatFireChina: It is already extremely difficult for Chinese to freely access information and to freely express themselves. This could…

      @AnnaMoras RT @GreenweaverArch: Nz asylum petition anyone can sign but be prepared for censorship.... Best on vpn server which country will step up fo…

      @WantedSanders RT @HealthRanger: Today is the day that all free-thinking people realized the tech giants are running an oppressive, Orwellian thought cont…

      @JohnBSm27831666 @realDonaldTrump President Trump please stop internet censorship and the oppression of freedom of speech

      @astrochicks RT @OrchidProtocol: According to @freedomhouse, Internet freedom in 2017 dropped for the seventh year in row, with as many as two-thirds of…

      @c_ster RT @FastCompany: AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield has seen bursts of downloads after privacy concerns and global free-speech crackdowns, though…

      @soggietoes RT @LetheanIO: Super Simple Proxy Activation with #Lethean's built in Chrome extension. This is not your average #altcoin. This project wil…

      @LegalExch RT @atees: Growth continues but GOVT censorship of Internet content and freedom of speech may in fact inhibit growth & this China may not b…

      @TriptychTwins RT @TrishBlack16: 'Freedom of Speech' on the internet is being censored and it won't be long before Google's 'Dragonfly' search engine is o…

      @WatchnDaWorld RT @bringonthelove: @realDonaldTrump Freedom of speech is being attacked! Internet censorship is an attack on our 1st Ammendment! PLEASE ST…

      @KrishnaMohanPal @IndianExpress Y can use proxy port to open any website

      ..if u have knowledge of computer programming y can y do wht blocked

      @njgirl235 RT @MaherAndMaher: From our partners at IMPAQ International. “A belief in free elections, freedom of religion, equal rights for women, free…

      @Wrathanon RT @YourMarkLubbers: Our brother Aaron Swartz tried to teach the internet about the importance of freedom of speech, and freedom of informa…

      @RajaMuneeb RT @ibnebattuta: The duplicity of local politicians should end. If they want to abrogate 370 and 35A in J&K and still hope to get votes in…

      @lizarddisco RT @alfonslopeztena: Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia are the latest nations to fall victim to a wave of internet censorship an…

      @KozuPozu @CidiusV Speaking of. The site is blocked in my country. Had to use vpn to actually access it.

      @Shelley46992458 RT @_kim37: Gab is victim of internet censorship? Gets the boot! Unreal!

      Twitter has a monopoly now, no other outlets at all.

      Big tech us…

      @Maraa_Blr RT @ExpressPodcasts: Join our panelists @dhanyarajendran, @urmilapullat @sunil_abraham, @neintara and @Maraa_Blr as they discuss private ce…

      @EskilTester @WhatInTheAsss @MSNBC actually net neutrality is to ensure freedom of speech on the internet.
      taking that away allows for censorship

      @davidki21550273 RT @giatny: @PamelaGeller McCarthyism is reborn but this time with the internet & 95%
      of all media controlled by the far far far left. The…

      @darroneggins RT @coppedproxies: We are going to be hosting Proxy giveaways in our discord.


      Monthly proxy plans
      Private residential proxy se…

      @Lady_Patriot88 RT @seeemkay1:

      @martinekdahl RT @ABBLiveShow: Say NO to Internet censorship! Say NO to #ACTA2!

      Join the Brussels march and fight together with us for the future of the…

      @Preesha1618 RT @Brain_error: Please sign this petition to show we do not agree with article 13 which could potentially put all European YouTubers out o…

      @FightTheCensors RT @Revel7272Daniel: @The_Trump_Train I Revel7272Daniel Stand with My fellow Patriot Laura Loomer bring on the protest for freedom of speec…

      @AJsaurusRex RT @TheEmeraldStar: The Censorship Machines are coming. On January 2019, the European Parliament will decide on the future of the Internet…

      @Zumbulche RT @Macedonia_en: Protesters from the VMRO-DPMNE proxy groups continue to block the center of #Skopje and contribute to acute pollution by…

      @clive_uttley RT @tvaddonsco: If you're tired of censorship and privacy invasions, we strongly suggest taking advantage of this $2.99/month VPN deal befo…

      @oliviaaaz RT @DJ18761: I highly recommend signing this petition to stop article 13 from ruining our internet and freedom of speech. Help us stop arti…