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      Tweets about internet censorship

      @fjordwatch error 451 introduced for more transparency on internet censorship

      @WIndexing Error 451=Censored. Very appropriate!...

      @garyselliott Error 451 is the new HTTP code for online censorship (Wired UK)

      @ninjapoodles Retweeted Boing Boing (@BoingBoing):

      IETF approves HTTP error code 451 for Internet censorship...

      @sprshrp "There is more than one way to burn a book." RB | The HTTP 451 Error Code for Censorship Is Now an Internet Standard

      @4n0n_HR RT @AnonRRD: #Anonymous war with Isis could lead to spread of internet censorship, group warns …

      @EscapeVelo RT @RecoveryZero: Social Justice advocates have called for re-segregation, complete censorship of the Internet and entertainment, (1)

      @KariTaguchi RT @ejbdo: The Chinese president says all countries should be free to choose their own internet path, amid criticism of his country's heavy…

      @the_wiley_fox School internet censorship on pretense of terrorism related radicalistion? What a joke,

      @hawkins_carole @LarbertMichael @BBCr4today A Murdoch man controls the BBC news, hence censorship of internet rather than DWP induced poverty.

      @DjMarcoAndre Electronic Bombshell: Error Code 451 created to fight Internet Censorship by gatekeeper slaves and artificial intelligence.

      @CrispySea Internet Censorship = Free Democracies assisting in the #HumanRights abuses perpetrated by totalitarian regimes. ~ #Freedom

      @ShreedeepRay When the problems are
      1 #Censorship
      2 #Surveillance
      3 #DigitalDivide
      4 #Climatechange
      1 #SDGs
      2 #OpenStandard
      3 #Internet

      @Seemint finally have access to vpn and I'm just sitting here being overwhelmed by the amount of Internet refusing to bathe u_u

      @seamustuohy RT @akareilly: Providing Internet access to refugees but calling for censorship of social media because it's not decentralized encrypted FL…

      @mrbyte72 RT @FabioNatalucci: #451 HTTP error it's a begin of internet drama. #censorship

      @BrentWoodcox RT @toddeherman: Government Healthcare
      Tax Increase
      Eminent Domain Abuse
      Affirmative Action
      Internet Censorship
      All @realDonaldTrump ideas.…

      @efnetsent >advocates against internet censorship
      >contributes to internet censorship
      >looks flabbergasted when finally censored

      @Bathvader @FletaSevere294 I don't agree with internet censorship but please be careful when posting pictures of Katie Hopkins as children might see it

      @idkfuture i hate aus internet. this is ridiculous cant even use a vpn if i want to do anything like call, ffs.

      @jsigur @genophilia he's also demonizing Muslims and calling for major internet censorship

      @cbear_ebooks Join the today to stop and Internet censorship!

      @GamesCheese Life in Egypt

      Internet censorship
      Everything is IP Blocked
      Everything is expensive
      The economy is shit
      Probably more but i don't know yet

      @Growbag79 Bedroom Tax, Food Bank Britain, Ideological Austerity, Internet Censorship, Workfare, #YouAintNoChristianBruv

      @Big__Kev RT @udouseless: @Big__Kev there will rely on hate speech programs and self induced self-censorship but they will cut you off the Internet

      @chairmanK are there significant open source projects for internet censorship?

      @billingsleahh Hosting but Internet freedom and rights are in sharp decline. Govt has expanded online censorship. …

      @winodrai RT @abrahammatthew: Dear Mark, when China does it it's censorship when you censor the internet it's free basics. Real philanthropy will pro…

      @9estubtoeka India supreme court strikes down internet censorship law

      @atharva_chandra @BuzzFeedIndia @redditindia @ComedyCentralIn this is a nice show but only when you watch it on Internet. Censorship sucks the fun out.

      @DrAlakbarov #Russia's Ban On Offending Religious Believers Law is being actively used to introduce #censorship on the Internet and in mass media.

      @josephtrebello THE problem with internet censorship is not that it is annoying, but it surely is annoying. i just wanted to look at a gallery of nerf guns.

      @saulat77 China's Internet Censorship Law To Pass On Sunday 27,Dec..........

      @YourBrosHomo @UpMoHomo and yes I do believe a lot of people on here are cunts. That's we have internet censorship and those things called block and mute

      @jhamby It's a hard problem. It's also problematic for activists trying to argue that mainland China, etc. should relax their Internet censorship.

      @LukeStibbs @twitter @Support Forcing accounts to unfollow accounts that you don't like is taking a HUGE step towards internet censorship. Don't do that

      @vaershova71658 Xi, Xiaomi and the censorship game: Foreign visitors at World Internet Conference in China given fre

      @thisisbutch RT @teddyboylocsin: Autocrats of the world! Listen up! Better than censoring Internet, get Smart and Globe to run it. No censorship, just n…

      @AbehoSooh RT @ChicagoSchlager: @OPFergVal @AbehoSooh @Nero @guardian Could be more internet censorship by the NWO crowd

      @saadalhusaini30 @sohariri hi Soha,I suggest " Are you with or against censorship the internet " for tomorrow's show. What do you think ?

      @IranArabSpring RT @NCRI_Women_Comm: #Women in #Iran want a normal life, #freedom!
      Help us defeat Iran regime #internet censorship!
      Help ordinary Iranians …

      @p_doodler So I was gonna tweet about how slow my internet was being and then it went out
      Stop the censorship

      @JusPauperum1 @PoliticalLaughs what dya mean? Torture and internet censorship are perfectly compatible with the bill of rights. :P

      @discoscientist RT @tauriqmoosa: (extremely internet male nerd voice) plz share my 3 hour video about how there's so much censorship for those of us who so…

      @AsIfUknow @Anon_GovWatch @NO2CCTV I respectfully disagree. They r not about censorship. They r TRYING 2 protect US from internet ISIS recruiting/plans

      @Ahmenthi RT @Stitch_GG: >ZQ fucked married men for positive press coverage
      >ZQ cried to the UN to impose censorship on the internet
      >ZQ gave bad blo…

      @runshenghe I really hate the internet censorship. "No one should control free open access to the internet."

      @karmel80 Block can be measured. Throttling cannot be seen or measured. #netneutraliteit #netneutrality #32c3 The state of Internet Censorship

      @riotleo RT @yashalevine: Surprising lack of interest at #32c3 on why US government would fund research into (non-American) Internet censorship.

      @ganeshbrandon RT @aguidetomurder: Like in a world with the internet do you think censorship actively does anything but annoy people

      @narnerman England is a police state in all but name,our last freedoms are being eradicated with internet censorship,weakened human rights laws,ttip..

      @marconious RT @zararah: Internet in Iran is popularly known as “#filternet” because of censorship, or “kondnet”. (“kond” means slow)- @maasalan #32c3

      @SidRodrigues @java7nerd @MrMMarsh @Hayleystevens @ProfDavidNutt are we agreed that this isn't really censorship, but more.. internet policy is by idiots

      @fran_ebooks @moondroid_bot @Punished_Hentie @KevinWeinberg1 see this is why we need internet censorship

      @PrettyMeHeather In some countries even access to sites like Google, Facebook or Twitter is banned. Counter internet censorship with the #secureVPN FrootVPN!

      @Nmaster64 451 is now a valid HTTP status for "Unavailable For Legal Reasons", because sadly we need a censorship code on the internet these days...

      @Cub_XD @Pyrocynical #freepyro Tbh, @sampepper has always been a scumbag, but down right censorship? You are not fit to be on the internet Sam

      @Kaotajaa @sampepper @Pyrocynical

      @harsha_raghu RT @AbhinavAgarwal: Your banning users for posting controversial comments is yet another example of the dangers of allowing internet censor…

      @life_watt RT @JulianAssange_: Question to Robert McDowell. If UN controls the internet then maybe U.S censorship might end?

      @johnjoechad RT @creepytennis: @ggreenwald I find this argument to be an incredibly obvious stalking horse for internet censorship of political dissent …

      @Zurich_X Between me and the open Internet is a VPN, a firewall, and a tracker blocker, and that's just my Android phone. What about you? #security

      @djdemchuk I'm sick of living in a world of censorship & different laws for media to go by. Smart phones r a joke. Cell phone internet has no freedom.

      @Gnananandhan RT @AbhinavAgarwal: @facebook At the end of the day, the real fear I and millions of others have is this - FREE BASICS is a form of INTERNE…

      @LucaBertolowski RT @hackerfantastic: Talks I saw so far have been good, RedStar teardown, Amiga 500 and now watching @willscott discuss Internet censorship…

      @MirtheMaria no better time for a talk about surveillance and internet censorship in #India, thanks @houndbee ! #FreeBasics #32c3

      @RichardMannXXX @realDonaldTrump ur to ignorant to know censorship of the internet is impossible without cutting off communications to the world

      @amazinggraceik RT @bendykoval: Note: this information has been extremely hard to find, even on the Internet.
      The pro-capitalist semi-censorship is so stro…

      @PeteyProfit ruminating on the end of twitter racism and the begging of north korean style internet censorship approaching

      @PlatinumKats RT @Maiyannah: When you cannot express your opinions without the internet lynch mob visiting, that is legit censorship.
      Not that GG actuall…

      @Nf1R3 @trutherbotyelow @trutherbot1333 Censorship is the process of cock blocking on the internet

      @titokirimi @vineeofficiale @KTNNews the internet ni dunia ingine si YouTube only. Over time we might end up like Turkey censorship on almost everything

      @echophantom @chaeronaea this is the most perfect argument I've ever seen for North Korean Internet censorship tbh

      @georgebaily @schestowitz China could help its transition to a tech economy by offering Internet Army censorship as a service

      @Worldnews_top Calling Out Censorship By Name, Or At Least By Number: "'Thanks also to Ray Bradbury.' With those words, the Internet Engineering Task Forc…

      @ArunasHotma RT @Tommy_Author: @ArunasHotma @richnnuts They will help me to circumvent Internet censorship and to publish works.In fact, they have my a…

      @GobMazka @RedHurricane24 @Nero @Bernstein on a big black *internet censorship bill kicks in*

      @trukkerz @One242415 connected vpn - usa - land of giants comes up with links now but dont play :-( prob my internet i dunno - thanks

      @MrPotheaderson RT @fetus_jesus: the possibility of censorship by some hidden internet moderator is a power that can totally be misused.

      @jfmezei You know what would be great ? If we could mobilize all of Québec to stop buying Loto Québec tickets to protest internet censorship.

      @RosalitaMoog RT @ClKzs: Stop the Internet #Censorship! Sign the global petition urging the US Congress to reject the #Blacklist Bill #SOPAstrike

      @44_MPH Is your Internet connection being censored and you would like to stick censorship where the sun doesn't shine?

      @anon_0x32 My love affair with the #internet is full of suspicion. That is how trust is betrayed in a relationship. #privacy #censorship. #Bigbrother

      @anon_0x32 Crazy-From registering all Wifi devices to requiring ID, passport or Birth certificate to access internet. I smell censorship @AfricaHackon

      @CallMeGelle Internet censorship is digital fascism & dictatorship! In the near future you won't be able to voice your opinions against the gov! #KOT

      @GeneticSequence RT @wimremes: OH:"you're gonna consider security in your development or I block stackoverflow on the proxy!" -- a security guy

      @MelissaBacker2 The best ever lunchroom pencil software: get through the challenges in regard to chuck wagon machining as proxy...

      @markhughes #SAFEnetwork will be immune to DDoS attacks...and #surveillance (end to end encrypted) and #censorship. New decentralised internet for 2016!

      @Finance_Fan RT @PrincetonCITP: If you missed @PrincetonCITP Conference on Internet Censorship, Inference and Control, the videos are up on YouTube, htt…

      @BellaDashwood RT @prowhitesunite: Gun control doesnt scare me. Internet censorship scares me. The problem is they both go together. It's all about #White…

      @hunty991 @HannahCranston_ lifes real tough for a hot chick on the internet so she loves #censorship. #regressive #notliberal #overpaid

      @MuzzMan78 @matthewwu @bengrubb @SwiftOnSecurity A lot longer than that. Tay takes issue with our internet, game censorship and animals that kill


      (Covert) Internet censorship
      War on terrorism they CREATED

      @DunceColin Varied types pertinent to public eco bags as proxy for discrepant kinds as regards individuals: xpDdqlX

      @nominikhi In the era of internet censorship shd be done practically, of course the A certificate shd be followed strictly #PahlajCensored

      @helloMESHED The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it. - John Perry Barlow

      @Fisher2770 @ezralevant Based on your show on internet censorship, just wondering what platforms you will use in the future when ur show is banned? :(

      @lynn0p @whenindoubtdo @Lightn1ngHand The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

      @russfelix @Billbrowder No it is not a joke it is the first step to internet censorship.

      @DubostBurty Internet censorship is one of the greatest dangers facing civilized humanity as a whole.

      @SaturnFX lol at the #freezepeach crowd who were all waaa, censorship this, well screw you...its our hugbox now!
      -watches the internet burn

      @jamesndirangu @bantigito what is your take on the latest internet censorship regulations by CA?

      @SpiritSplice Given the choices on the table, not supporting Trump is supporting Hillary and her censorship of the internet.

      @Keith_Harbourt 2016 and the rubbish Chinese government is still blocking significant parts of the Internet. #China #Censorship

      @WeezyFKennedy Soon censorship will be so bad, people will start turning back to illegally run internet just to obtain unaltered content like 1995

      OH WAIT

      @oliverrauer Impending internet censorship and the cashless society: people will only realise the implications and consequences when it's too late!

      @Flaganatas What if the internet and potential censorship of it is is merely a distraction from the higher dimensions of information available to us.

      @ShehabKarman I've wrote about Houthis fully control Internet censorship& monitoring in #Yemen to #IGMENA, hopefully it gets published asap! @BaFana3

      @DouglasLevene @BaldingsWorld @Scorched_Deer @Noahpinion The Party spends more on internal security, including internet censorship, than it does on the PLA

      @FOXHighSchoolUS Remember when you could comment on idiot critics' @RottenTomatoes reviews? Oh, internet facilitators,y do u consider censorship progressive?

      @mbchoe RT @FootballContest: Best of luck to our contestants in Week 17 of #SuperContest. Hoping for 2nd champ in 3 years, four in Top 10 for 3rd s…

      @HenryKathy1 Crescent build conversions as proxy for high staple plotted site: DjILvIZuU

      @GISF_ND RT @empiricalerror: @FredericJacobs For the record: I am absolutely against internet censorship and am greatly worried about the UK's traje…

      @cbear_ebooks Captain Murphy’ by C_Bear on. Join the today to stop and Internet censorship!

      @JFSteinfeld @ambudge @Index_Magazine To be fair China has largest global internet user share, so it's not that surprising, but shows censorship limits

      @JohnLaprise @ISOCDC That's a non-starter: The free and open Internet is an illusion given censorship in India #NetNeutrality

      @Oneiorosgrip @cinfinityinfo @TomsAllende This is why we have to fight to keep the internet free from censorship.

      @anto_vallini @LifeNewsToo it happened thanks to Internet and social media, where we can fight censorship and organize ouselves. Thanks for your work

      @mrbraindead12 @AmyJoRyan There's huge issues with Internet censorship in the USA, but not nearly as bad as China, Saudi Arabia @X3R0J4M tell her about ISP

      @CustoperSmith RT @CDP1882: We've seen it on Facebook and now we're seeing it on Twitter. Don't let censorship takeover on the internet: free speech exist…

      @AngelGabriella9 Actual ideas as proxy for candlemas eye displays: cTVEsSefs

      @NetworkString Weirdest part of Xmas 2015 was experiencing Internet censorship as those I visited had @TalkTalkCare as an ISP

      Glad to be home & on @aaisp!

      @solve2day @the_zeroth_law @EFF Very sad you encourage harmful FCC regs. VPN would solve throttling. Customer awareness works. Playing w/ fire - SAD!

      @lucastimmons @chrisboutet Yeah, just back from Hawaii. Had it in the states, never here. Also on the website when I have the VPN going.

      @FR33_W0RLD @memeographs @twitter this brainwahed slave supports a censored internet. well since you love censorship so much, happy to block you

      @britishdagger The site categorized as porn because its gay magazine site?? i cant even with this stupid country and their internet censorship soz >_<

      @DrPrincessB Im annoyed with the internet censorship labeled as "healthy internet" in this country. They block ffnet, and Christian sites.

      @IndiaOpines #ShutDownNDTV Remember when Kapil Sibal and Sachin Pilot were clamouring for censorship in news media and the internet - we dont want that

      @Droseidon Obama has signed several internet surveillance and censorship bills, ended due process, destroyed healthcare and the middle class

      @razorblue Thank god for Internet people can see real truth about refugees ,and see past media censorship

      @Melhyphen RT @AriCohn: Things that are #censorship, acc. to the Internet:

      -Not having a comment section
      -Having to buy…

      @AlaaIAlgh @HassanRouhani your domestic issues are out in the open (even though you are trying so hard to cover them I.e. Internet censorship)

      @iamskh If done right #MegaNet would be a great addition to the censorship-resistant internet community. #OneStepCloser to total privacy.

      @Bdragon1984 @Haunted_Backlog @a_man_in_yellow maybe he should go live in china then. I hear they love censorship A LOT. Even have their own internet.

      @OmarAlnuaimiHCT @cringe_channel we need censorship for Internet cancer

      @ThatBakaBrendan @mrbrown Censorship ain't making the internet better. It just makes piracy worse. LOL

      @TeachLoveNoHate @KimDotcom Not shabby bro, but doesn’t fully represent/incorporate Kim’s philosophy of how the Internet ought to be free of censorship

      @kln_nurv @Saksith part of problem is logic of "internet is global, so censorship power must be global".

      @TupacAmaruXXV @MartinSchulz What are you going to do with media gag and internet censorship in Germany? A debate in EP?

      @victorymonk For example, going to UN (ok UN Women) and advocating for the censorship of Internet is NOT "mere existing". #GamerGate

      @AngelSherubii @MattShea that is epic right there. Some people don't understand that the internet isn't tailored to their censorship preferences.

      @urlqueer actually yeah censorship is annoying and policing what people post on the Internet is never cool

      @JohnLaprise @shekharkapur @facebook @Nyrgs govt censorship already creates walled garden for "free/open" Internet in India #NetNeutrality #FreeBasics

      @ellitweets RT @GreatFireChina: "China confident in asserting, without apology, regime of internet censorship as a matter of national sovereignty." htt…

      @Talespinner_Ner @Regaulity i mean i always had furry jesus on the back of my mind, but I didn't think arabic anime fans was a thing with internet censorship

      @Lrv94 @lomadia Well, we are essentially talking about Disney here, who wanted SOPA/PIPA to go through for Internet Censorship.

      @whatyeswhy @bdaniel230 I think you should be more worried about fragmentation than control. The internet routes around censorship.

      @GordyPls @warkolm I remember a 2007 internet censorship in Adelaide with 12 people, five of which were chaperoning parents of the other seven.

      @roboko_001 <Knghtbrd> Internet censorship. Because your children need to be protected from naked women, medical procedur

      @BumpinGemz RT @ivyn19641: @JunkScience @BumpinGemz I'm just waiting for same thing in US being a part of war on terror, Internet censorship

      @SeamusHughes @hhandeyside but it's not. It's a removal off a site. Not a disavow. As such could you see how it may be construed as Internet censorship?

      @LTSNik @TC_Stompa @TakedownMRAs To demand internet censorship because people call you a liar for lying?

      @netizenrights The world doesn’t need @Facebook’s version of the internet #FreeBasics #ZeroRating #NetNeutrality #Censorship

      @ThePandya1992 Internet censorship is killing meaning of the Internet.

      @Sticky_Change @RS_Benedict @sometimesdavid @RidiculousCargo its no comparison, doing what you do, and bitching about comment censorship on the internet

      @OfficialSkribz @CameronCalvin_ now, because of the Internet and next to no censorship, they're being exposed to these things from early.

      @olliegregory Can China justify their all-pervasive Internet censorship regime as maintanence of public order &promotion of economic growth? #askmein12000

      @Rmeakerofficial @CookieMonstaDUB @Dubloadz your censorship triggers me get off the internet

      @autMia_ebooks of self harm at school I can't handle any noise I just signed up to #StopTheSecrecy and oppose Internet censorship

      @JetstreamR3V RT @rob_hen: #JeSuisMilo @Nero another step towards censorship on the internet for those who dare to speak for what they believe in.

      @dayquipper @velartrill this is what's wrong with internet comments. Too many people have no concept of self censorship.

      @TXNRx RT @Skepticonoclast: Now I can finally be fake-ghey on the internet... still, I'm massively less gheyer than @twitter 's censorship.


      @AlterEgoTrip_se RT @KevinWeinberg1: I'd oppose censorship no matter WHAT. But this is all the more terrifying because forced internet kindness will ONLY pr…

      @FarziVakeel @VVF47_MUFC I expect an attempt on Internet censorship pretty soon as the years roll and anti-incumbency feelings grow.

      @kevinwagner73 @jessiecath Censorship makes the internet much worse. I'd like to see you shut up, personally, but not at that price.

      @ArunVish_ @JohnLaprise trud dat. Never said there is no censorship of Internet in India @FreedomHouseDC So its fine if @facebook controls access?

      @12nb34 @MastaKace Do you have the impression that a wave of some kind of internet censorship is coming? @NizosBlog @MarcusHWeber @ajaltamimi

      @JohnLaprise @ArunVish_ Even the "free & open" Internet in India isn't. See @FreedomHouseDC report on state censorship. Losing rhetorical battle.

      @frazierchris @Uponebuck Everything is moving towards the internet and digital media so it makes since. It's easy to set up censorship

      @HeroOfCanton42 @TheFurryNerd Sure. It's a consumer revolt caused by massive censorship on the internet and corruption in gaming journalism.

      @48THPOTUS @bony_rabbit Better than china internet censorship

      @feedtheravens I get the feeling twitter doesn't get how the internet works & the repercussions of censorship. @Nero #JeSuisMilo

      @BluntsvilleTx @BleacherReport @BR_NFL remember the internet is a place u can say almost anything you want w/o censorship so take it with a grain of salt

      @Skylurus @thelateempire @rooshv Iran sounds ok other than Internet censorship.

      @ipvideo @BaldingsWorld so Internet censorship is a growth market in China?

      @HeuteFeminismus ill harm governments have a little imperial internet censorship and tor project runs through what's your heart #feminismus

      @h_ups RT @WorldOfMarkyD: this is what #TPP does to internet

      ⚠️ imposes censorship
      ⚠️ crushes dissent
      ⚠️ stifles speech & expression

      #AusPol htt…

      @urbandogge Soooo anyone else can't access the vpn or..

      @nanu_buria Its called the internet not intranet @benogola censorship is implausible they're so many mediums for entertainment @bd_africa

      @freenews2ru We take seriously any #censorship of the internet.

      @bigjools_ Anyone even remotely concerned with censorship on the Internet should understand and

      @AntisocialJW @AriCohn Cross's boss Sarkeesian argued for Internet censorship at the UN so I wouldn't count her as pro-speech

      @ToastCrust don't let the internet police catch you bless, I hear there are cries about CENSORSHIP happening out on this here internets

      @SpartacusFoxGib @pancramatias He Does. He mentions it all the time. Snowflakes want internet censorship and Government wants it.Why not a few Corporations?

      @thisisrowenajay @J__SQ Yeah their Internet censorship is a next ting over there, they highly protect children but it's like people who argue against it...

      @PardonShez In a time when #UAE residents travel internationally & are internet-savvy, #censorship is, increasingly, a vanity exercise.

      @LACMediaGroup Brazil’s Digital Backlash: A government that once championed Internet freedom now seems more interested in surveillance and censorship.

      @JBergounhoux @FINALLEVEL "This just in, far-right rapper Ice-T calls for Internet and media censorship."

      @The_Liar_Mask RT @MyMsGinger: I hate censorship so fucking much, stop, it's the time of the internet, we know when your doing it. Especially Nintendo Ame…

      @InvisibleCrane Why do you censor the word fuck in your videos, its the internet, no censorship required at all.

      @DrGolightly @43a6f0ce5dac4ea @minwguo internet copyright censorship is the big goal

      @LatinActivity2k RT @Chido_One_562: Its Not Over, Raiders to stay in Oakland will get chance at LA move if Chargers cant work out deal by Jan. 2017 ESPN htt…

      @KBZeese RT @ThadFromVA: #TPP will promote Internet censorship & nothing else despite what @BarackObama said in his #SOTU address! Therefore, it mus…

      @rajeshm004 @youtubeindia why removed the "secret games 3 (1994)" movie ?
      already internet ,tv censorship irritating,these is more frustrating

      @itsmarzmcg @AlliSpeed hey Alli! Could I email you questions on censorship on the Internet for a paper?

      @bradjaeger @junhyeokyoon3 @coolbeansdudes I know the internet porn censorship is there, but I wonder, can you buy porn in Korea at shops?

      @shabbirghewalla RT @PhilGreaves01: Are you calling majority of Syrians & Iraqis, who say 'ISIS' & Co is US proxy, 'dumb conspiracy theorists'? @charliearch…

      @realpresidentxi Society under me has been heavily changed due to my internet censorship, but has also been changed differently because of my social reforms.

      @AmericanSTEM @JaLetch @Chrizamo This is actually Trumps controlled internet censorship concept

      @Eve_Beauregard @AdobeArtistN7 It's not really censorship, it's just pointless region locking by old media. Embrace the age of the internet or die.

      @JaLetch @Chrizamo @AmericanSTEM @slenderchunk TLDR, "I don't know how, but the what is censorship of the internet" Yeah, got that already.

      @Thersas1 @DRUDGE_REPORT So how soon will there be internet censorship like China?

      @Simplifications RT Regulating Netflix would lead to censorship of the internet, Cogeco CEO Louis ... -

      @AnnRhefn RT @LibertyBlitz: The Internet is one of the few exceptions we have somewhat resistant to government meddling and censorship. Look at what …

      @Nintendo_VX RT @Ncrdrg: Interesting. @ClarkHat, @maradydd & @alicemazzy started a blog relating to social issues, censorship & the Internet called Stat…

      @carbideVerstand Are they trying to pass some weird internet censorship bill again.

      You guys know what I think about this

      @D3ckster2008 Am i broken or the internet seems i cant find a simple large wav to mp3 converter whats going on #censorship

      @car_meLo_los RT @TrilliamJackson: Breaking: Buccaneers will name Dirk Koetter as head coach - Adam Schefter; team's offensive coordinator last season. h…

      @cftubbs It's no wonder why we have to keep dealing with bullshit internet censorship bills--the lies are so easy to look up and refute. Holy cow.

      @PIFFBazaar #Censorship is important because of the Internet and information revolution. - Mohan Agashe at @PIFFBazaar
      #PIFFIndia #PIFFBazaar #Pune

      @dwshift #Wikipedia fact (8/15): In 2012, Wikipedia's Russian-language edition was blocked for 24 hours as a protest against internet censorship.

      @_caitlinmmurphy Like, I don't want them doing that either, but it opens up a can of worms when it comes to internet censorship.

      @CensorBot RT @Daddy_Warpig: Censorship is the future of the Internet, thanks to public-private cooperation: Facebook, Twitter, Ars Technica, and more…

      @mverdoux @timesofindia They should have a rating system. The internet has removed the need for any kind of censorship.

      @kamatsubu Nothing like arguing the finer points of internet censorship than a twitter debate

      @OpticalBuddy Great To have #Twitter back & a fully functioning #Flipboard. In China there is a tremendous amount of censorship especially on the Internet

      @LittleWitchSeed RT @standbythebody: Trigger/content warnings are often for people dealing with PTSD. It's not censorship and it's not for ppl who "can't ha…

      @diehimbeertonis RT @rukiorg: @diehimbeertonis I have no idea but this censorship, internet cut off happens frequently to Cumhuriyet; happened now again (pr…

      @jennyclementir I was watching CNN in my hotel room in Beijing and they were discussing China’s proposed ‘internet sovereignty’ (aka improved censorship).

      @d1DuM1SSm3 @AmusingMuse2000 Most of people under 25 have no idea what happened in the Tiananmen sq. Censorship of the internet.
      Thanks to Microsoft.

      @UnknownCause @GraceRandolph PG-13 movies wont protect your son. Only good parenting can do that. The internet has destroyed parental censorship.

      @somaticvibe @prawnjolras so much that there are certain individuals asking the UN to start requiring governments to impose internet censorship

      @SiKZiKi @paparcura @Ricore564 @a_meluzzi @twitter ..INTERNET IS ABOUT FREEDOM ...NOT CENSORSHIP...!!..IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE CHANNEL ..CHANGE IT.!!!

      @Neleyfurtaco134 @PoisonousH Silly kids. You kids are the reason why the internet is become more and more outrageous with censorship and complainers.

      @Brandon_h That's what happens when you give people nice things on the internet. Wars, censorship, the guys with the biggest processors get their way.

      @tron92179243 Sir, please do not support the censorship of the internet.thankyou

      @LeoAW Imagine SpaceX succeeds and launching satellites gets dirt cheap. Everyone can be their own ISP and internet censorship a thing of the past.

      @Holy_Z905 Welcome to the Internet, where you can do whatever the fuck you want with no censorship, or bullshit laws!

      @PengKToh @pewglobal Internet censorship is lowest for most countries likely because of its relatively recent origin and fast worldwide reach

      @gw3m @link2076 reading between the lines: my work has just rolled out a programme of Internet censorship

      @Killers_Riches @iHollaback @KOINNews so, did the internet just become a committee? This seems like slow and longwinded way of doing censorship.

      @PatrickHBastard RT @brandonorselli: Useful idiots are campaigning for censorship on the internet, which only helps corporations and governments to make it …

      @MustansirALi4 warid uc handler proxy not working

      @ThereWillBeGin @LordCynico I get censorship laws and copyright I suppose. Just seems Internet changed how things work but the restrictions haven't kept up.

      @pro_nav @t_newms there will always be a way around censorship on the internet, always

      @sodagrrl RT @BrowningMachine: "FB began an EU-wide campaign on Monday to thwart extremist posts on social media..."

      Internet censorship in 3..2.


      @BenjaminPracy @oliverdunk_ It all started a few years ago when @GoDaddy was supporting SOPA, a bill for internet censorship.

      @bluerob67 RT @ladywhitepeace1: .@TurnbullMalcolm, you've introduced a mass surveillance scheme and an Internet censorship regime..& you said this! ht…

      @kwCMST393 #CMST393 Many Eastern and Asian countries have limited Internet availability due to censorship and therefore communication is limited.

      @NinoSatoriArts Conflicting emotions for my Desktop right now. Its being finicky about a Proxy Server error but will start working okay after a bit =w=

      @abditum .@normative I've been thinking for a long time about creating 'investment prospectuses' of countries, which would cover internet censorship

      @salomon_hadren @equalityYEG @GeneraalOfGG @emotionjoystick now it is abused again to push for censorship of the Internet.

      @BohammedMabikir Will someone help me come up with 22 more interview questions regarding Internet censorship within the United States?

      @shannonghuix2 Vpn get ur shit tgt PLS

      @Jerephilip1 Now 1 out 4 US firms operating in China closing down or planning to close down over internet censorship. Really! @Disembe @RobertAlai

      @joendegz Netflix is a cloud based TV. So anyone with internet connection can get the same content online. Censorship is a waste of time #Talk2Nation


      @ActivistBowen2 @ActivistBowen2 With CENSORSHIP OFF THE CHARTS (January 12, 2016; 5:08 EST) #INTERNET #CHINA #NORTHKOREA #fail

      @HarrisonG97 @JakeMo28 his only proposals that are unique are taking Saudi Arabia's oil, deporting all illegal immigrants, and Internet censorship (2/2)

      @Tv_reality93 @Mikdyer252 do you know if the feeds are free I've already got my vpn ready :(

      @MC_Odd RT @Levit0: Imagine if your life was so devoid of anything interesting that you had to take to the internet and constantly misuse the word …

      @trutherbotremix RT @Joe_McGilton: @trutherbotremix Internet censorship. We can fact check their deception and learn what we wish. They don't like having lo…

      @restore_US_now We know Marxist's control over Web is meant for Ultimate Censorship...Satellite Internet will be the Tool...only for Friends & Supporters.

      @josenuzaj RT @Extra_Covers: Using the #Internet to oppose the Government and Opposition is banned in #kenya. Bloggers vs #Censorship

      @mig30m6 RT @jfmezei: @ltribe @Netflix_CA OUCH ! Blocking legitimate access from. A VPN is WRONG. Very wrong

      @cyber_sk8ter KFCB Talking about netflix and all I hear is internet censorship. They should know thats unacceptable

      @fehowarth RT @TurnLeft2016: oh yeh, Labors internet filter policy - since theyre not in govt, lets talk about Turnbulls anti piracy internet tracking…

      @MarredBlank RT @TheQuQu: @EseKansaiJinBen @MarredBlank @_mct1_ @jkellytwit While pretending Internet harassment exists? Fuck no.That's a pro-censorship…

      @Dexxe RT @amtheCollonel: To KFCB: "No one can regulate the internet. When we start doing that we get into censorship." - @bantigito

      @KanariSylvia #ictwishlist@bitangendemo you are right on...nobody has been able to regulate the internet that will be censorship

      @JacePro @BenKuchera that IS censorship (according to asshole kids on the Internet)

      @drizzylowe RT @C_Leo_patra: .@bantigito speaks on how regulating the Internet is the first step towards censorship #first100days

      @TurnLeft2016 for those who have RTd Nick Ross' comment that hes 'bit of a Labor fanboi' he was actually linking to an article on ALPs internet censorship


      @thattomjohnson I wish people on the internet knew what the word "censorship" actually means.

      @Chadunda @HatokTalk Fucking. Dumb. Content censorship by blocking/deleting, is one of the most anti-internet practices out there

      @simonjongreen @angryaussie it's also pretty hard to claim censorship when a book deal and the internet let the fucker have opinions all over the shop

      @No1TopHatFanboy @its2016cmon Yes, because we're not the ones advocating for an Internet shutdown, which'd be massive censorship.

      @janomiatol RT @Lauren_Southern: .@johnbowman & @iD4RO of @CBC & @buzzfeed don't think women can handle the internet without censorship. I know we'll b…

      @kaerumy OH on the interwebs: "Is @sinarproject a legit source for confirmation for Internet censorship in Malaysia?" LOL

      @waithash RT @RayMusumba: @waithash Free internet makes that tricky. Whatsapp/Facebook groups would also then have to be registered. Internet censors…

      @TheReMARCable @TheRealShelfy Doesn't affect me, but I for one am opposed to media censorship, everyone has a right to criticize, yes even on the internet

      @BobbyJo80983378 Method in order to treasure trove preponderant solidification favour ideas as proxy for free will yours spousal...

      @azulcaboose @ClaireMcWatt Feminist go to the U.N demanding for internet censorship. Feminist try to get people arrest because of different opinions.

      @jizlee @apeder @violetblue @pmarca I'd cite censorship and failure of credit/copyright. (Which, unchecked, the Internet makes all too easy.)

      @camilahiggii Narendra Modi Change his Twitter pic to Black to show protest against Internet censorship. Thats the Leader,

      @RogTallbloke RT @JunkkMale: @RogTallbloke The censorship kind of backfired in the Internet age, didn't it? I wonder at the odds of BBC Trending covering…

      @aarteekay @sheikhimaan how much internet censorship is there in Dubai ?

      @Apolocalypses @AlexSmith1964 The internet has always regarded censorship as damage and routed around it.

      @KozRoss RT @lissovboris Because of Russian Internet #censorship I am forced to work with Internet Archive via TOR network, for it is blocked by ...

      @ThaChiropractor @ASavageNation gimme a break, enough internet censorship already. Every group is bashed online, lets not be commies about it

      @dpp0 RT @cmhobbs cmhobbs favorited something by lissovboris: Because of Russian Internet #censorship I am forced to work with Internet Archiv ...

      @IsBoyLove2 @YukkiKunNya btw i had to used a third party website to bypass internet censorship. those doujin websites are blocked in my state :\

      @kayzenkian This VPN thing is taking forever to upload documents!

      @Dliessmgg RT @yurimegumi: randos on the internet: changing art is CENSORSHIP
      randos on the internet: its fine when a board of directors does it to ma…

      @yurimegumi dear randos on the internet: dont utter a mother fucking word about art or censorship ever until you're a working fucking artist

      @FemsKnowBest RT @genophilia: Any internet forum with zero censorship will inevitably become /pol/. It is the natural course of things. It's why (( they …

      @Sirixu @Sirixu Although we're pretty good at all other forms of media censorship. But that's why there's always the Internet. :V

      @Sirixu Whew, Korean internet censorship makes my country's version look like child's play.

      @Tavleen2105 @dna remove censorship from the Internet #dnaOfARepublic

      @JatinKiDuniya Upar waala sab dekh raha hai... :)
      These proxy handles & fakes are making me more stronger day by day !!!
      Game is ON !!! :D

      @stallman_txt Thugs in the UK, it is stupid to support it needs to undo the extremists' violence. I think the site makes to users of internet censorship,

      @waweru RT @NdunguWainaina: @kenyanpundit @Olez @BAKE_ke Supreme Court of India declared similar internet censorship law unconstitutional in March …

      @thegrandyoni @Nexflix My home IP got misidentified as a proxy endpoint. How do I get this resolved?

      @suncemkocer RT @Cigdem_Bozdag: A new open ebook on Geoblocking including my case study on Turkey focusing on website blocks and internet censorship htt…

      @ijclark @Tom_Slater_ so long as there is no internet filtering on campus, there is no censorship because people can access what they want.

      @ckolonko @EmilyGlass76 @clearstoryuk "censorship by an internet minority". Now where have I heard that before in relation to this programme?

      @JuliaAdamson4 Carmine censorship software: an internet sharper: vPO

      @scaryheeth but i feel like if we had expansive internet censorship it would be the motivation i need to go like... hard cyberpunk?

      @BentleytheDog RT @scott_satzer: Interesting @HillaryClinton would bring up Internet freedom. She supports punishment for Snowden, supported censorship in…

      @ESR_ebooks The Internet interprets censorship as damage and chilling effects on peoples' ability to express the artist's?

      @Thedownss "@davidicke: Israel Demands World Internet Censorship - Israel should be sanctioned for building in Palestinian land

      @CJ_Mealey Why is the media leaving it up to me to explain to the internet what censorship is? They won't listen to me.

      @Shake_Well @daswhalebeard @Retrocore_RCVGM Ok, so not being able to pet/stroke/whatever a 10 year old is censorship? Ok, good to know. Thanks, internet

      @NoConclusion79 Why is Israel gas lighting the world with internet censorship? #Israel

      @atebbel @bleatingheart And this was the day Janine slowly started drifting towards the anti-censorship corners of the VG internet.

      @Ven_Bright Time for An Opinion About VideoGames on the Internet: The Fates "censorship" removes literally zero unique content

      @RedWinter55 In the USA, 67% support Internet Censorship. WTF? I guess liberals hate opinions that don't support them. [In the game.] #Democracy3

      @PaulSkallas @tomgara lazy proxy game

      @stunotsolittle @ultravioletbabe fuccbois on the internet have come together to claim its censorship and ruining their rights or some shit

      @JanDwars RT @BhoRangzen: #China controls all information in & out of #Tibet. TV, Radio & the internet are subjected to strict #censorship. @urzevers…

      @cj_winchester So Netflix has just been introduced in my country and now they banned it because of internet movies censorship. What even...

      @loughlin @MajorThrill I'm now reading a furious Steam review. The Internet is responsible for words like corruption and censorship losing all meaning

      @JacQuiRasimphi Glad I downloaded VPN to access internet

      @ThisGeekRyan Summary of class room debate

      For censorship: Some things on the Internet sounds be censored

      Against censorship: personal censorship

      @SPeitsch @MeganCondis I mean we both can go look up "censorship" and "self-censorship" on the internet. You're right about "censorship"

      @SomePeaceTalks @nolazzzz @HenryMakow @wikileaks @GroupAnon Yes! Internet is the only place that holds everything you want! Nò need 4 censorship.

      @odnoyabr @tanyalokot Putin's internet advisor: "I don't understand the internet, but I do understand censorship!"

      @SlworxP @AmyDoutt Along with changing my internet proxy location to the U.K, I created a STV account and attempted to watch it but failed, (1/2)

      @OdinWallace RT @WiredWebDesign: You blocking email accounts is censorship as an isp the internet should be open @ATT

      @echenze RT @Owaahh: What GOK is doing is censorship, btw. Nothing less. They are looking for ways to demarcate and censor the KE part of the intern…

      @CymraegPride @peppercoyote @TheDailyShow What's gonna bring in the ratings? Censorship or making fun of weirdos on the internet dressed like animals.

      @VidyaGaemMassa @MisterMetokur "online harassment is killing the internet"
      Nah, this and censorship is the shit that is killing the internet.

      @holl0wed does anyone kno uncommon facts about internet censorship bc i havent gotten enough sleep and ive only written 5/7 mins of script

      @zorro6409 RT @sarawak_report: In 2011, @NajibRazak promised not to censor the internet. Fast forward to 2016..reports critical of him are blocked.

      @Sabiduria347 Big Media companies have pockets deep enough to force these outrageous censorship plans on the EU Commission & therefore, the #internet

      @phoenix_gmail @POTUS want to help the world, then please VETO the TPP, TTIP and the internet censorship bills before the 1930s depression makes a comeback

      @ObeseChess @thomas_violence it's going to be wild when people can type entire words out on the internet without any sort of censorship

      @tinimarty8 @tinimarty8 Obama Democrats Republicans in congress support them Under Sharia Law there will be no music TV Dancing Internet= CENSORSHIP

      @damln @damusnet OVH can do a lot of funny stuff. Tmp solution: I proxy this request with another Rails app and it works. WTFFF

      @autMia_ebooks to #StopTheSecrecy and oppose Internet censorship in the first creative sac tbh

      @SICnanigans Cardinal rule of Internet criticism: Censorship doesn't work, especially when done in mass quantities.

      @TheRevengerists RT @mumbly_joe: The next frontier for ""cultural libertarians"" is claiming that fact-checking hearsay from Internet comment sections const…

      @BasseNisse @DesmondsMark @kerbaron @Cernovich internet censorship is like punching yourself in the ball +getting the whole world to hate you. Priceless

      @SockyNoob Internet censorship pretty much means that your government is bigger than it has any right to be.

      @currentsofmind How fitting. Reading about Internet censorship in public libraries at the Mount a Pleasant @VPL branch. #SLAIS #gradschool #lis

      @Candie828 RT @shobhit_todi: @ravihanda cbfc is only for movies in theatres, since when did internet start having censorship?

      @_witty_n_wise_ I oppose censorship and support a free and open Internet...

      @pierebel @reypoullard sweden the new china of internet censorship?

      @Silly_Genius got to China and started reading about their internet censorship and....
      they don't fuck around with the dissenters

      @taskahh @zuku_wecare y do u guys block vpn traffic?

      @10Nomad66 @Nash076 They're back peddling straight into a ditch. The Internet in its current state sees disabling comments as equal to censorship

      @goblinbox @matro Nerds breaking the internet. I totes agree. No business doing censorship when you're a browser.

      @Vaisz_ThePurple @ShockyMcButt Also, in this internet world where decency doesn't exist, it's strategically sound to have easily liftable body censorship!

      @Agenda21Truth There is censorship of the internet going on right now! Pete Santilli & Defend Your Base being blocked Live Streaming U should B outraged!

      @Mom_Mommore @justinmalek15 @Dad_Dadmore @ClayClaymore They are a prime example of why we need censorship on the internet.

      @win_sco_jo @PhillyD Whereas this is censorship, and it could potentially effect us. It effects the internet. People on the internet do express a sort

      @fanf_ebooks UK Internet censorship by DNS mangling middleboxes.

      @miguelgalarza59 @GVAinforma The proxy server could not handle the request GET /servef_internet/intermed/fclient/inscripciondemanda/PublicMain.jsp.

      @blinken_lichten @scott_lowe So having containers communicate through a common namespace locally and using a proxy container to access the service externally

      @Nick95B @BreitbartNews @TheVoiceOfPaulR This is why it is so important to keep the internet free from censorship and government control!

      @simoncabral0 RT @JOYOURPAPARAZZI: Israel plans to create a coalition that monitors the internet & demand removal of content that Israel doesn’t like

      @BlueChill1123 @Prax027 I know there was a big stint about twitter removing his check, he cant complain about that while supporting internet censorship

      @AlexanderR5000 My political views: anti-homophobe, anti-Internet regulation/censorship, anti-war, anti-religion in government.

      @matthewmorek RT @kyee: If Hilary Clinton wins, the one world government policies and heavy internet censorship will be fast tracked.

      @misericordemika wowwww lofter just censored this fanfic i reblogged. Yay chinese internet censorship!

      @mfrager @digital_quorum The Internet considers censorship as damage and routes around it.

      @DemiSelenaTour guys, is it okay voting "KCA" without VPN App? or our vote counts without using VPN App :)

      @michaelallenmar RT @Praedor: @michaelallenmar @ShareThis And it will crush internet speech, fair use, create preemptive censorship.

      @dchaisy You think if america had internet censorship we would see anything at all of bernie's campaign? #feelthebern #foodforthought #vote

      @Kramanash No lung clogging pollution, Internet censorship, death penalty, corrupt communist party. If this is what losing a civil war looks like..

      @hicksfilosopher RT @trutherbotyelow: I do not recall any of our elected officials in Washington campaigning on promises of internet censorship and indefini…

      @cinfinityinfo .@OxfordUnion Please have some respect for the new internet academia, by not engaging in petty censorship. Please show some self respect.

      @paivisanteri #Malaysia has started internet #censorship blocking some #torrent sites probably to please their masters in the #USA.

      @PIKACHUNTI People in the u.s. aren't aware enough of internet censorship :/

      @CharlotteAGB Iranians are creative with Internet censorship says @maziarbahari even pornhub has an audience in Iran..! @frontlineclub

      @ordinaryradio @Bent0916 It seems it's mostly ranting against internet type censorship. What's weird though is it takes a 180 when you look at colleges

      @TruthNotSilence #MostProgressivesIKnow oppose all attempts at Internet censorship.

      @mathewwojo RT @LiberBill: #HillarySoProgressive she pushed for censorship of the Internet and video games.

      @robert_ramage @charlesfrith censorship of the Internet has been rolling out for yrs matter of time before everything is censored like the mainstream media

      @Demopublicn @SenTedCruz Internet should be free - It should be the responsibility of the governments to police their own cultural needs for censorship

      @SpencerKarter #TPPKills our country. We want FREEDOM on #Internet, not CENSORSHIP! #CensorshipSucks #FreeSpeech #Protest #TPPANoWay

      @FrozunLightning Internet censorship has gone too far.
      The Jews start by convincing the cucks and sjws.

      Soon they will aim for our lolis.


      @legendofvalen @PaullyGuerra the decriminalization of weed, equal rights for women, he believes in a better education system, Internet censorship,

      @caseyhitch Jobs might be the least important part of the #TPP imo. Internet censorship is a much bigger issue. To protect ourselves, we protect the net

      @IainJamesRobb @IntJewCon Not in this generation...nope. The Internet is useful for opposing institutionalised ideas that push censorship of sounder ones..

      @whereswally77 @BezInAfrica - Add the fact that we've withdrawn from the ICC and the approved Internet Censorship bill and it gets downright scary.

      @loliliberator alcices av makes me read all of her posts in that spastic excited tomoko voice so i officially support internet censorship starting now

      @KavinskySmith @BernieSanders not to mention your primary opponents pro internet censorship standings on everything, and the fact that this is the worst p5

      @TerryGillett47 @dgmweldingltd IPTV uses the Internet as a carrier pigeon to deliver TV graded content. Which can bypass censorship walls.

      @ibadaan When you keep electing OLD ANC rags to power, they want to "regulate" the Internet! Call it censorship, like China & North Korea! @myanc_

      @JHamMNPP RT @Hoibys: Feminists should fuck off and leave the Internet alone. No one wants your censorship.

      @raymondcyril121 The Best Vpn Ever

      @Hika421 what's up with internet censorship... especially with fair use of copyrighted content...

      @MullemanV if we don’t initiate public debate about social media censorship of all varieties = death of free speech on the internet

      @amans143 @littlemisspudgy @ArunDass9 I doubt if in this era of internet such a censorship will work. It's better if parents become the guiding soul.

      @FenellaSung1 1/5 China's ammunition "Censorship, surveillance, intimidation, detention without trial, sabotage of the internet, brutality & televised .."

      @TheABB @Joannechocolat long may it continue tho encroachment grows of both censorship & monitoring (and with it judgement) using (library) Internet

      @Vishayak RT @subfusced: Internet censorship and lese majeste laws are the norm throughout the region, but people also have the good sense to shut up.

      @PicnicInu @vodka_kitten TPP is an internet censorship deal that just got signed. the timeline thing…twitter is replacing timelines with a curated feed

      @ceaddl The Pirates bay started as a way to break Internet censorship and share content freely, it was about fuck Hollywood..

      @harrleeyy RT @trutherbotpink: The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it.

      @EvilBobDALMYT RT @GRIMACHU: Its commercial pressure that's ruined the internet and forced censorship and 'community standards', far more than ideology.

      @pupbroofdog RT @NightmarEclipse: #RIPTwitter is solidifying my prediction 2016, an election year, will mark the beginnings of internet censorship.
      Tip …

      @Peanutbeanchum @thebilinguist @MatanJeda @radicalbytes @theSmudgiestCat How do you feel about Anita and Josh being responsible for internet censorship?

      @dmoore21 @merrinish @distracts Me too. You'll probably need to use an overseas VPN termination point to get the game tonight.

      @rubynymphy @rubynymphy internet censorship is scary

      @khjg2321 @inspectorsole @khjg2321 @BetterNikeBot @njsneaks can you possible let me know use what site proxy?

      @DrunkIrishLad RT @EireCalling: Jew George Soros funds Jew Ronit Lentin group to attack free speech in Ireland. Then Jew Alan Shatter demands internet cen…

      @GreenGrounded RT @LollysMum1: @Sneekyboy Censorship of the internet has arrived. This is why Google got away with 3% tax bill. Payback for services rende…

      @TheAlkaris the amount of people who don't take TPP censorship seriously are those who don't care about the future of Internet.

      @IndeCardio RT @Treadstone71LLC: #Iranian Supreme Council on Cyberspace determine censorship of #telegram - The all powerful men behind the curtain htt…

      @SabbathLover199 Follow me on Twitter if you think Internet censorship is a bad idea.

      @ChristineCamil8 Means chamber an irs accountancy proxy take me partnered with the offshore free will avowal new frontier?: iIHwoB

      @evanwolf @BenedictEvans A corollary: the ability to curate the whole public Internet would be tantamount to enabling censorship, ending privacy

      @Haunted_Backlog @Haunted_Backlog @JenniferJMedina That said, "it's private property" has never been a convincing defense of internet censorship to me. 2/2

      @skapeyi RT @missnantongo: @valanchee actually isn't nerdery. Internet censorship is mainly done to eliminate the people that can't put in the extra…

      @schestowitz If the #internet was new means for bypassing #censorship (the processes and the methods), then unless we fight for #freespeech we'll lose it

      @absunpandey @harshcal #FreeBasics' walled garden is feature I find objectionable. It's smells like some kind of Internet Censorship. Rest can be tested.

      @GombeenPolitics @GarethSoye @Daithionaroll A vote for Lorraine is a vote for North Korea style internet censorship. #ge16

      @blcartwright @EarlyGirlSC @k_mcq @winsomebulldog again I think it's valid to point out there's trash on the internet without anyone asking for censorship

      @DylanBleier Pre-internet was basically the dark ages.
      @NSAGov better be real fuckin serious about protecting the internet from censorship /other fuckery

      @groundhogmum RT @caterhamcr3: @groundhogmum i don't think total censorship, just something T mobile has with mobile internet. get same with @paulwestonl…


      @HatokTalk @Lewis_Medeiros censorship has become ridiculously context sensitive, by the internet's definition,

      @PeytonDorothy Fittings that them are regarded for all that looking as proxy for front classes: iYszB

      @Malaysia_Latest lawyers4liberty: RT EricPaulsen101: Such MCMC investigations breach the ‘no-Internet-censorship’ policy in both the Communications & Multim…

      @EricPaulsen101 Such MCMC investigations breach the ‘no-Internet-censorship’ policy in both the Communications & Multimedia Act and MSC Bill of Guarantees.

      @beepthatbeep #censorship always has the last word. The #internet is the David to this Goliath – even a tiny pebble can slay the monster. #freedom #free

      @jagannath @indianreagan it is censorship. basically aircel is giving free promotional internet access but limiting (censoring) it to 2 websites.

      @MyLostGadget RT @GRIMACHU: So while it's great to teach kids about bullying, fuelling moral panic and internet censorship with it appears to b a misdiag…

      @densus_G As it is Safer Internet Day, I'll now take the measure of self-censorship and save anyone else the trouble, you r*tarded c*nts. #SID2016

      @nowhere_nh RT @ACensoredHobby: Anita can't deal with internet harassment
      so she gets on a censorship group that sees nothin but internet harassment ht…

      @turbofaggots RT @wolfniya: @turbofaggots @RobW0lf The IWF is notable for its role in internet censorship in the UK. Samaritans had that 'radar' affair.

      @Haldrie The new Twitter Safety Council sounds a lot like internet censorship to me. Anyone else feel that way?

      @krustentier7 @HyperBitHero @TheGamingBrit what exactly is your problem? do you genuinely believe internet outrage over "censorship" is justified?

      @Dart117 Dear internet... Is it true that twitter hired anita sarkeesian for their censorship???

      @AskedShow RT @mike_exe: TPP is an international censorship bill for the internet. Basically our DMCA applied to other countries. #AskedShow

      @enemykrab RT @trillLizard: and yeah internet outrage over censorship is justified. I didn't grow up through shit needlessly censored in the 90s to re…

      @wadedewell @femfreq i sincerely hate you dumb feminazi cunt. you support internet censorship. i hope somebody kills you. humanity will be better off

      @mucsys Remember: on the Internet, bullshit can run, but it cannot hide
      #media #truth #censorship

      @KelseyJohnson_ @Unblock_Us Pretty ticked that there as no warning about the paypal issues. Other VPN's sent out emails. Nothing from you guys. Explanation

      @AuntyShiba And I wonder how many remember @BillOReilyTV was the original crybully who whined the internet needed censorship to protect him from critics

      @fedupwithpccrap The internet isn't a #safespace. #SJWs need thoughts that will flatten their fragile egos. #Censorship is not a good thing. #RIPTwitter.

      @GeoffreyPeace1 @slopapottamus @twitter @x_afterlife_x ah the power of the Internet. Gives power to idiots to talk while asking the UN for censorship

      @MinecraftPro771 @MiroTechSoft in your internet settings. If you go to connections and then LAN, you'll see a button and under there is a proxy setting...

      @BenjaminWoodPHX Web: Choosing the right VPN goes deeper than finding someone trustworthy and privacy-focused —you need a provider that can offer decent spe…

      @akash27797 RT @Null_Tr4ce: Be #Anonymous Use VPN + #Tor + Live #Linux Os :D

      @JohnLaprise @scifri @WillOremus "Full internet" is losing rhetoric. state censorship means few countries have free and open internet

      @peachesanscream @_scarscarscar_ @Sarkies_Proxy @TheKrakenRum_UK It's THE BEST rum in the world. And I am a good wife.

      @chrisjlatimer If its true twitter are censoring users my own time on twitter is coming to an end. any form of internet censorship is deplorable

      @ohhmybob Also, with the creation of the Internet, isn't censorship dead (in America)?

      @thomaspwalton The Next Digital Decade. Berin Szoka and Adam Marcus. Get it on iBooks #censorship

      @PornPanic @informationchef Don't care about GG in the slightest. She's also a vociferous campaigner for internet censorship @blk_bk

      @Red9Nick @gregwelby its impossible to police the Internet! They want ISP's to be responsible for whatever there customers watch on the net#Censorship

      @Haunted_Backlog @Haunted_Backlog @wetsprocket The things involving the legal system and internet censorship are more independently verifiable. 2/3

      @vibberino @Wantmyar God I love the trolls. Censorship on the internet. rofl. ,';o)

      @itsadult RT @PornPanic: MT @ChildEyesUK: Here is a simple guide to switching on Internet filters in the home << Parenting-by-censorship. How not to …

      @sleepingseason RT @gookanon: Korean internet is now flooded with censorship supporters who screams "BAN ALL CHILD RAPE SIMULATORS" on 'Teaching Feeling' r…

      @JPatrikDahl @PrisonPlanet @AdamBaldwin While Sweden and our media are ruled by an evil PC mob

      @DeseretLocal @BYU4Trump then the internet can use you. Free speech & Censorship online go hand in hand. This is a war that needs waging

      @saxojam There is a fine line between internet censorship (mostly to the extreme), and cyber security. The majority of people fail to understand that

      @GilsonDiane1 How versus esteem as proxy for toward the best brick themselves outsourcing companies: tvEXa

      @thoughtgenerate RT @SGhasseminejad: 11 Iranian universities have contracts with government 2 increase the effectiveness of #internet #censorship. Love 2 se…

      @stallman_txt on how Libby was involved in directing the Internet censorship will cover them, and in London is a principle or (any human right, when it's

      @DrIanInc RT @auntoona: Hey Rubio. If Reagan hadn't armed & trained the mujahadeen in Afghanistan in a Soviet proxy war there wouldn't be a Taliban o…

      @LTSNik @mustardvengence Which one of them went to UN to demand internet censorship?

      @AliRadicali @wetsprocket .. HE didn't decide to scour the internet of all mentions of Queen Zoe.
      It was mass censorship that precipitated GG, not ZQ's..

      @FloridaWingnut @BreitbartNews censorship. Leaves each individual to do their own research until the Internet comes down

      @mariamnearria I agree, Free Speech is different in each country, but #Internet #Censorship affects all of us equally @CyberJusticeT

      @277sonic @Midnight649 dumb politicians trying to pass censorship and crap on the Internet, fuck outta here.

      @lucretius0 @cenkuygur The amazing thing about the internet is the complete freedom. Fuck censorship.

      @AtheneAllen I think at this point I might mute the word 'censorship' since it's clear nobody on the internet actually knows what it means

      @rajdeepdhage Fuck you,@opera. You are a disgrace to those who want free Internet without any censorship. Your appeasements of #China proves it.

      @adambanksdotcom @mattgemmell Yes, it's one of those internet-age arguments where you can say "duh obviously" on both sides. But Facebook's censorship

      @JennyLeeCam Thanks goodness for the Internet where free speech can be expressed without censorship. #quanda

      @AtomicSpaceKat @MadbanditRoy @femfreq @dailydot I rly don't care abt ppl I never met acting like children on the internet but fuck censorship #RIPTwitter

      @LupeDiaboli *The following scene has been blackened due to censorship laws and only being able to display so much brutality at surface internet level*

      @Ciocia RT @westernuFIMS: Interested in internet censorship in Russia, investigative reporting and online revolution? Don't miss the March Rogers C…

      @PlundermasterV @Haeravon Of course, I'm always for fighting against censorship and for keeping the internet as open and free a discussion place as possible

      @_hollyweeds @sdesla Anita Sarkeesian in the high priestess of neo-feminism and internet censorship. She's on the new Twitter 'trust' council.

      @JohnRiversToo I'm told that the internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it. Yet Facebook and Twitter are still here.

      @jerrybarnett I'll be on BBC radio 5 Live about 11:30 to discuss new govt consultation on internet censorship - sorry I mean "protecting children"

      @Kornilov1968 @ASLuhn Is that censorship??? In UK only after murder of Lee Rigby more than 10 people were arrested for Internet posts

      @khalidrafiq101 Russia’s Internet censorship grew nine-fold in 2015Etribune

      @ThisIsTijan @dopeboidipsey yeah, there's no censorship there. It's much more difficult with easily accessible internet.

      @MikeTaylor2011 @WiredUK Typical of tories. They feign child welfare when it comes to internet censorship. But not so concerned so much with child poverty.

      @KyonSohma Since half a year ago, every time I hear anything about internet censorship, my mind immediately jumps to MGS2.

      @onedibot [RT] NarimanGharib : RT dailydot: In election lead-up, Iran cracks down on Internet activism with advanced censorship tactics: …

      @amarchandnew Russia's Internet Censorship Grew Nine-Fold in 2015: Rights Group: The group found incidents of Internet censorship increased from 1,...

      @RadYanB it's weird for me that they focus more on censorship and pornography instead of ensuring quality and availability of internet

      @pgwfan RT @AndreiSoldatov: Internet freedom in Russia 2015: Censorship's triumph - Agora's great report. All statistics you need (in Russian). htt…

      @aldy I realise that I'm pulling of a Rubio whenever the subject of internet censorship comes out, repeating the same thing like a broken record

      @weedhaired I'll let the world know that Indonesia will soon have the most idiotic and ignorant internet censorship ever

      Reddit, Vimeo, soon tumblr

      @scribblerDE In my opinion current law should be applied to the #internet too, but that doesn't mean censorship. That's something dictatorships do.

      @natetmi @ImHenriHD then u should see if u can find what ip is a proxy & what ip is not.

      @KoenigJojo Which is why internet anonymity/censorship is coming. Inconvenient facts and ideas getting out. Such as #Kulak @TacoFetus

      @WorldOfMarkyD so.. who agrees in boycotting @RoadshowAU now (as best you can), since they're trying to impose internet censorship?


      @CensorBot RT @ruliharahap: It's ironic that @jokowi visits @twitter while his government continues policies of Internet censorship, islamofascism, an…

      @adamjsims @bengrubb so much for the internet censorship laws being used to stop kiddyporn.

      @valanchee RT @oquidave: @Dignited please give us a post on the various options of beating this internet censorship #UGDecides

      @bellytrail Uganda's unfolding plight with Internet censorship, heroic goddamn feats of voting and digital resistance is beautiful and wretched. ❤️

      @punchumgum RT @WorldOfMarkyD: Foxtel $1.9billion profit, pay $0 tax

      wanna impose internet censorship here by blocking websites

      Rupert Murdoch bastar…

      @TeddyLeting #victoriaslounge the only way to curb immorality with social media is to enhance internet censorship. no other way than regulating content

      @_Conservative_1 infowars: Bypass censorship of NWO social media internet ghettos & become an #Infowars Underground Insider today! Signup here: …

      @Otterologist @KojiFox A lot of leaders in internet censorship recently got access to banning power, would be unsurprised if a wave of bans is incoming.

      @livebeef @livebeef Trump isn't so funny when he argues for Internet censorship. The inner nihilist in me dislikes that.

      @elpharz irony when non techies refer to the govt #censorship of social media as closure of the internet @seru25 @EvilTwin591 @wanyama_P

      @Sabiduria347 #Netflix is now in 190 countries, many of which have intrusive state Internet surveillance, mass internet censorship, or no #NetNeutrality

      @yuuki_kumada @U0TANI Maybe it's what the teens call "internet censorship"

      @pmwesige RT @kacungira: #UgandaDecides 1,432,653 VPN downloads on Android in Uganda yesterday thanks to #SocialMediaBlackout

      @meremember @mlkhattar @narendramodi Why Internet is blocked in Haryana. Instead of controlling Jaat Stir, u r putting Censorship on Social network.

      @Thepedant_ @AlexJVCochrane where's the ridicule? A healthy person does not commit suicide over an internet joke, censorship won't solve their problems.

      @joker860420 And also freedom choice non Internet censorship and bless all those tech people keeping the world a running :) good night folks

      @_North_Carolina Buyers of Facebook and Twitter ads are supporting enabling and funding censorship on the internet.

      @jinman1928 @OPMpaul all the internet is is literally information. Censorship is censorship. If I read a isis manifesto online I don't want to join.

      @GwenLilyKnight RT @I_AM_IRON_VAN: I think Russia had a much better proxy war with Ukraine and Syria

      @soundbastard @Sargon_of_Akkad talking of China, internet censorship is also cultural appropriation.

      @DadaTlasuba @empirecafeug we are beating the Internet Censorship not Each Other. There is no Violence.

      @autMia_ebooks up to #StopTheSecrecy and oppose Internet censorship in the VET, truly fucking amazing absolutely incredible

      @Internet_Hydra @aikaflip @eldrick_2nd @bob_owens Facebook? Less Authoritarian? Have we forgotten about the ongoing Cologne censorship already?

      @Gamma_Ray_Gamer @Ectocooler_ @paininmahballs2 certainly isnt Censorship. Its like...Internet Piracy. Its the only analogy I can think of.

      @XxScrapyXx This makes my English project even more important. Hell i kinda wanna change it to internet censorship.

      @Kp1832 No censorship in foreigncountries and the us alone . No more censorshipanywhere. Internet and tv show and cable TV

      @GnonPolitik RT @TonySandos: Political censorship via financial ruin is a real thing #tcot. Will there be massive organizing to oppose it outside of the…

      @culdeefan4 Well, fuck the last 24 hours. I found out how big a problem censorship is on the Internet.

      @james_braid The best thing about internet censorship in China? Discovering how awesome Baidu Maps is - the walking directions are excellent!

      @albertalmondjr anyway that's all i will tweet about Censorship for now because they patrol and control the internet too so i'm gonna just. yeah

      @SsenogaYaba RT @RedPepperUG: Social media access has been freed up across Uganda. You can now browse without VPN apps #UgandaDecides

      @angryaussie "Why are you blocking me from sending you abuse? That's censorship! Let me abuse you!"
      - every worthless little turd on the internet

      @Maverick_ZX RT @hvnlydaze: Gamer (Internet): I will not support censorship.
      Gamer (real life): Yes, I'd like to pick up the game I pre-ordered.

      @BosworthDean Search into the surmount vpn solemnization: pvz

      @PatrickJD84 @3headeddingo @JenniferJMedina Censorship would be more like limiting their access to access the Internet /at all/ to silence them.

      @FakeLNP Everybody is fighting 'ISIS'
      This is not a proxy war.
      There is no oil or gas or real-estate in the region

      @prissyalt i'm glad my corner of the internet is perfect and serene and no one is complaining about censorship!!!!!!11 in their fire emblem

      @ALETTAHA RT @VHS2DVDza: @ALETTAHA @MmusiMaimane and definitely not near the Internet either. Absolutely NO internet censorship will be tolerated.

      @Desperobbo @seanmdav @AdamBaldwin @twitter So now we know that #Twitter does not believe in a free and open internet. Viva censorship!!!

      @Swipe_SXSW_Left John Perry Barlow: "The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it." #technology

      @AussieAnalyst This is a very important spotlight on the creeping censorship of the internet - the re-empowering of the old gatekeepers

      @SiyaKhula RT @zilevandamme: Today @faithmuthambi & the FPB will brief the Comms PC on the FPB Amendment bill, the Internet Censorship Bill. Looking f…

      @ThulaniGqirana Apparently comms minister is not well and will not be at this meeting to present the "internet censorship" bill

      @theboom1 @ninaturner you should talk to @HowardStern see if he can help he did in 09 with stopping Internet censorship bill

      @GaspeBRreporter RT @miltonbrewer8: Typical Fainting Couch Feminist; blames harassment while harassing everyone else and goes to UN for internet censorship.…

      @dracat_ebooks Okay, well, surgeon is totally booked out in favour of Internet Censorship?

      @vyctorian RT @andrearitsu: Seriously, the word "censorship" and its variations have lost any possible fucking meaning thanks to the internet.

      @TroutMaskReplca RT @BayResistance: I'll oppose internet censorship #wheneveryoneelsedoes #DemTownHall

      @AloeAnon RT @Anonymous_Kor3a: Governments wanted to control the flow of information before #Anonymous, before even the internet existed, #censorship…

      @XENON312O @enzodiacYT u know there is only two parts of a man that needs Internet censorship :9 and man nipples is not one of them :P or so i think

      @fraudgard Rush predicted internet censorship long before the Internet was born.

      @BrunoPro79 @coindesk how about a article about #maidsafe ? Aren't you guys for a decentralised internet without censorship?

      #bitcoin #freedom #maid

      @DOCUBOXFilmFund @johntroon in answer to Uganda shutting down Internet "Internet censorship is a violation of human rights" #DocuboxPresents

      @CynicalFarrell @joerogan you are a smart guy Joe. Do you want censorship on the internet? This is above some guy being mean.

      @TheFilmRenegado Gotta love how internet nerds cries about "censorship" only appear when someone covers a female character's tits.

      @GodOfPunchs @lethal_edgeman bc they arent progressives so much as loud internet liberals who dislike free speech & love censorship when it suits them

      @da_667 A full security stack being a transparent proxy, a firewall and an IPS, plus a sensor running linux and NSM tools (like bro)

      @AHappyFrog If the megalomaniac Trump becomes President you can expect extreme control of the media and censorship of the Internet

      @takinbo .@pesa_africa However, bitcoin in itself is censorship resistant. A decentralized monetary system also requires a decentralized Internet.

      @estkillers RT @syahredzan: Also, that Bill of Guarantee of no internet censorship? Kinda rings hollow, no? @SKMM_MCMC

      @walia538 RT @EricPaulsen101: MCMC's behaviour is in breach of the ‘no-Internet-censorship’ policy in Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and MSC …

      @TommyOliverSays With a platform like the internet that has no censorship, no corporate to appease, creators could do ANYTHING

      @KatCapps @DeaSB That's the problem Facebook being the gateway to the Internet for the majority of people. Censorship.

      @bjcTO RT @HogtownTalks: Our next guest is @EmceeManamen of @PsiphonInc, a #Toronto company that fights Internet censorship around the world! #Hog…

      @Jawsh_O @fushounen you want my Vpn? I dunno if my kantai hack works

      @rumongray @spyda_k b-b-b-b-b-but with all this real, actual porn on the internet, how am I supposed to get my boobie polygon fix?! CENSORSHIP! D:!

      @lori_milo RT @chris_fish123: @lori_milo @ColonyUSA @USA_Network @ProxySnyder He may be hard to find but y'all can't hide from the Proxy!!

      @ArmanPoryan RT @EzukoUzumaki: When did internet censorship happen?

      #WhichHillary #WhichHillaryCensored

      @akshar100 Private Internet Access's India VPN and Tata Sky connection is a great way to watch Indian TV channels in USA.

      @enrico300197 Fuck Tifatul Sembiring for Internet censorship, supporting #Sharia and execution for LGBT people. Fuck #PKS for beef corruption.

      @reTHAIred @TakenakaLaura take comfort in the fact that your worries are 1st world annoying internet issues; not junta imposed censorship

      @Tesco @Sarkies_Proxy When going to a banking site, or to share financial or personal information the URL should change. (2/4)

      @mellagriswold Surprised mainstream media even covered it but perhaps realized only makes it worse to hold back news when internet reports tho #censorship

      @CameronC_Scott @Rohpert How is supporting PP, obamacare, eminent domain, & censorship of internet/journalism conservative?

      @emaglaw @pondlizard I mean he is pro censorship. Pro-Censorship and Absolute Control of Internet. Just like Vlad "the Derailer" Putin.

      @princesmunchkin RT @deanec64: @CartoonCity3 @Slopapottamus by advocating for UN censorship of the internet, honestly your advocating for #hatred and #Intol…

      @eryrahim @SKMM_MCMC forgot the fact MSC Malaysia Bill Of Guarantees Item 7 ensures no censorship of internet.

      @tm_insider @sallehsaid @kkmm_gov

      @sarawakbot RT @klubbkiddkl: …and I can access Malaysia Chronicle,Malaysian Insider,Medium & Sarawak Report here.

      No censorship of the Internet in Mal…

      @JamesJLaw92 @CKMcNaughty It's why half the internet thinks that criticism = censorship. Those things normally let someone say anything scot-free

      @drcreek @tattoolemkyreal Look forward to the freedom of paying 3 x more for your phone and Internet bills. Paying more for TV. More web censorship.

      @kkn_ @iKiWYs @theFireStormX @DevilDogGunny for VPN to another country best is to pay whit paypal but have to change land origin there or blocked.

      @kav_p @KateSusabu Anyone on the Internet burrring about localisation of media right now and calling it "censorship".

      @starrycrocodile Ad based Internet is profoundly wrong, and has huge psychological cost. Refusing to stand for truth to appear neutral and against censorship

      @callmedero RT @LulibaTony: I think airtel UG is Tracking now everything no censorship coz the calls quality and the Internet speed are way too cart…

      @Cloud_NinE1 @sjbaliYT Huh, seriously :o ??! I guess internet censorship is increasing across the world after all, including the U.S. :/ ~.....

      @belindaleow Wtf my internet is shit. Im so pissed. I cant watch netflix due to some proxy error ughhhhhhhh

      @riasathtweets RT @SahilBulla: Jats: Riots
      Media : False stories
      Internet: Outrage
      Cinema: Censorship
      Government: Silence

      By your powers combined we are…

      @sianedelier Learn the internet censorship bro

      @dejavousagain @MaxCRoser @JohnRentoul

      aren't these the same guys with Internet censorship

      @DVAS_Mallow @wiidude83 The internet gets needlessly butthurt about censorship. I kinda have a middle of the road stance on the matter persoally.

      @ethanchiel @ethanchiel can't wait for someone to find this someday and decide it means I'm for internet censorship or something

      @Shakespeare297 @RotNScoundrel I agree with your comments on not getting suspended. It's clear all over the internet we have censorship in large dollops.

      @mrchrisjohn @la_crip Total bollocks - A day trip to Czech Republic is all that is needed!! The story is @Number10gov spin to bolster Internet censorship

      @CensorBot RT @joshgnosis The ACL wants to filter the internet too. Safe Schools is just part of a broader censorship campaign. #qanda

      @JashoBell @JeanneFischer33 @JMJLyons seeing as Hillary called for a "Project Manhattan" of the internet, which is just code for censorship.

      @autMia_ebooks to #StopTheSecrecy and oppose Internet censorship in the expectation of violence.

      @ZombieAteMySock as a writer nothing bums me out more than watching people on the internet say without a shred of irony, "self censorship is censorship"

      @XanaduInternet Wouldn't it be nice if the internet didn't change since the 1990's in the sense that censorship and SWJs weren't a problem for it?

      @chaicube Younger Cousin: "Censorship in Fire Emblem is weird"
      Me: "I don't care about that stuff"
      Him: "Censorship is, like, a meme on the internet"

      @48john @rafmandx @FZeroTV @MyNintendoNews but there's still ppl fighting over the censorship on the internet, its ridiculous

      @HonorableThief I swear to god the internet needs to stop using the word censorship for a long time so it can get meaning again, like with "innovative'

      @CTZN5 @JoshMorrison for Australia, significant Internet censorship. Google "operation titstorm" for a particularly creepy example @MarkWBennett

      @MC_Labs15 @TheNoerdy1221 aside from the whole internet censorship thing

      @LaughingNoam And I don't believe in Internet censorship because a few idiots call us names using it. They are idiots!

      @RoyFokker1 @PrisonPlanet The censorship of the internet is now in full swing.

      @Jalapenocopter The internet is that place where people don't understand sarcasm, what is and isn't censorship, or where it's appropriate to discuss porn.

      @catalishus RT @Victoriaokane: .@WIMSJ @MarkGillar @Misslinlou eminent domain, universal healthcare, Internet censorship, etc....U gonna defend it all?

      @Tania_and_Bunny @lp1360 come from herself/the government to justify a regulation/censorship of the internet

      @Elao256 I'm not pro-censorship but the internet really needs quality control.

      @nayasala @Libertea2012 IMHO bec ppl fought censorship of internet (SOPA etc.) is why we can get real news & #neocons hate it @pdamerica @freespeechtv

      @decimabot i don't give a fuck if they don't learn about it in school if you can go on the internet without censorship, there is no excuse not to learn

      @Skillet_Wales @VernonSmith1990 Ziggy put a tweet up attacking the authority, got taken down, Internet went nuts thinking it was censorship, just a work

      @DaronAbledBody @RT_com Get @Lauren_Southern To go on your show and talk about internet censorship. She is a rising political commentator from Canada.

      @oquidave @EmptySockets you know in China, there's lots of internet censorship.

      @WordSoldier Its a form of censorship; if you say something #dictators don't like, they can boot you off internet, they're monitoring all social media

      @Shittleworth @_goldencalf Oh no :( if you have an American vpn you could try the actual website called logo tv

      @HiramHawk I think that will now see internet censorship of anything positive about trump, or negative about Hillary and GOP establishment, like Cruz.

      @shidod Edward Snowden and Pussy Riot fight Internet censorship on AdBlock

      @AvengingSpiritG RT @AlphaOmegaSin: C'mon @9_volt88 tell the internet that you advocate social media censorship because you don't appreciate differing views

      @jonesyb What's the best VPN to use in Thailand? Most Kodi based stuff doesn't work here. I've not cared until now.

      @seekittens @seekittens Is the INTERNET really in a place to promote censorship just because they don't like something.

      @_SejalParmar RT @UKMissionGeneva: UK: #Iran must "respect freedom of expression & stop internet censorship & arbitrary arrest of journalists” #HRC31 htt…

      @Mesamum RT @LisaVikingstad: Free Press Action Fund ranked candidates' stances on Internet censorship #DonaldTrump #HillaryClinton #BernieSanders ht…

      @SkellyBoner @trillLizard censorship relies on the audience not knowing it's taken place
      with the internet it's fucking obvious it happened

      @henkusz RT @participassant: Absolutely. That's why the people expect @TimmermansEU to uphold his integrity in the matter of internet censorship. ht…

      @hastypixels Randomly: Anyone who has broken internet with #VPN might just reset their firewall rules. #everythingwillbeok @theTunnelBear

      @DeftAirshot @AndreaHardie @JustinTrudeau @phumzileunwomen @UN_Women
      I talk about these loons in my article WIP about the internet history of censorship

      @mjanemann Alex Ross was on Charlie Rose last nite. He worked for Hillary on Internet censorship. Ross w/HRRC
      4TPP. #StopTPP @ZaidJilani @davidsirota

      @YagoRuizPhoto @Studio98London Strong #censorship in social networks. Only some places have full access to Internet... #Oromia #Ethiopia

      @Teddz The irony of seeing that picture of Mike Zuckerberg running in China, where internet censorship is something "that needs to happen".

      @frostsan *reads news about Bravely Second 'changes'* Let's see how fast the internet jumps on this news and how many calls this censorship

      @ManBot6000 RT @Nonsensicole: Seen a few claiming #HulkVsGawk that verdict is "censorship".
      I'm gonna trust the actual judge over internet randos on ho…

      @PrestonLingle Reports: "Nintendo is changing..."

      @Faustslaughter If you believe in censorship on TV , Radio, or the Internet, you don't believe in the 1st amendment. #FreedomOfSpeech
      Freedom to look away.

      @JMi_Michelle Dear Stalkers that use the UNBLOCK proxy to see my tweets,...I am NOT dumb. Get a life....because I don't want to be in yours!!!!! TOOTLES!

      @dailybitchery Censorship of the Internet imminent #GetMillennialsToVoteIn5Words

      @safe_prime RT @SumishaCNA: Malaysian Bar also approved a motion calling on govt to stop Internet censorship and repeal laws that allow for deprivation…

      @lucyschof Doing a presentation on pornography & censorship and some of my searches r so NSFW I'm worried UCL is gna monitor my internet activity lol

      @moringaschool RT @Marcelloscherme: My weekly newsletter about tech in Africa is back. This week with internet censorship, investments in Malawi & more! h…

      @busha69 Its "Internet censorship in South Korea"

      @AppleTech96 #IfIWerePresident I would make more internet censorship to block foreign social media websites #Communism

      @32ndSystem @ohExploit something cracking/anonymity/hacking related looking for places to do posts about proxy lists

      @rsatabaki @POTUS you talk about certain countries and their censorship, while you block the people of those countries from Internet...

      @GRoberts770 @TraderStef thanks as I hate censorship of internet by admin without them absolutely proving allegations wrong

      @GloCare @jfhandel Good morning, please your device settings and follow thus manually: Name: Glo Mobile Internet
      APN: gloflat
      Proxy: Not set

      @mzmichellelee @missrebuttal @PositivelyJoan @Po_st &now trying 2use #brussles to promote internet censorship in US bc quote- #isis uses it to recruit when

      @Yestoitok @DanFitzsimmons @AP it's not censorship when you can post any media freely on the Internet, it's logical discretion by #Tribeca2016

      @shokufeyesib RT @Liberationtech: Cuba Intercambio is an email-based service that connects Cubans to online proxies to circumvent censorship [paywall] ht…

      @137vijayinsan RT @rahulinsa7: @Gurmeetramrahim Drugs are an unholy weapon in the proxy war waged by terror outfits against the country #MessagesOfMSG

      @OClaire1029671 My VPN put me in Pakistan (I'm in the USA), and Facebook is concerned

      @TristanParrish I hear people on the internet regularly screaming "censorship" whenever a game developer responds to a backlash about a "social issue"

      @s1fgLoL @MonteCristo So, by proxy, Afreeca must be the best team in Korea. Lolesports logic.

      @DevourerOfTime RT @ryanmarkel: Things most of the internet doesn’t understand:

      1) meaning of “censorship”
      2) nuance
      3) subtlety
      4) journalism
      5) opinion…

      @CFroh RT @OurAmericaInfo: #RestoreTheFourth privacy for expression & productivity. Govt surveillance is killing dissent & freezing conformity. ht…

      @UKinMalaysia RT @BFMradio: Has this discussion changed your mind on internet censorship? #Talkback #MyGreatDebate

      @LordSeraphicat We may be able to save the internet from censorship & we are already doing our best to do so. TPP must be either modified or stopped...

      @ChristoHaunted RT @BFMradio: Should there be internet censorship? #Talkback #MyGreatDebate

      @apocrypha_proxy guess who just sent me a friend request on facebook :))))))

      @BiekerLori Money.Programs to start just taking money from your accounts.Censorship of the Internet.All of these things are rolling to place.Mainstream

      @Longhouses1 @BrianWilson1967 Thank you for this - I'm sure that President Xi had some helpful hints about internet censorship for Nicola?

      @bajeenas @moetentacles @oujiomake @labsafetyslut @jonahmatsuka someone whose name cannot be said on the internet without censorship

      @juanblancom @IronSocket @Loic__L Netflix thru VPN is not working. Sometimes with DNS proxy works but drops the quality and cuts "there is no internet"

      @JohnJac72983386 10 chance apps as proxy for thy collateral android voiced sound!: UnSIYh

      @NormanGiller @tottnuttygirl I hate censorship, but this is surely a case for policing the internet by watchdogs with real teeth

      @swmiller99 @DJ_Ulyses @AHarasty you gotta download a VPN app and you can use it

      @vpnunlimited No matter what measures the government takes to #censor the information you get, #VPN Unlimited takes care about the #Internet #freedom.

      @ElectionWoes @nytimesworld Only cause it's a bad deal filled with competition killing rules & regs, not to mention WAY OVERREACHING internet censorship.

      @Dutt_AJ How are ppl not getting furious abt #PanamaLeaks in India? Internet censorship? The icelandic PM resigned, pakistan PM is being pressured

      @mzmichellelee @JrdnAllenJones @the_intercept ppl for decades.I feel that w/internet being her Achilles heel is real reason she ment internet censorship

      @worldoftanks_cn @gi97ol because of the government Internet censorship.I can't use VPN to login twitter

      @siliconchef Hello from Shanghai. Everyone complains about Internet censorship here, but I don't see the $&@=# [CONNECTION TERMINATED]

      @officialbantz @OriginalMerk i always run a VPN...js. :) now whats my IP? :)

      @EllaBraigen RT @thorstenbenner: "Time to show Russian Internet users what they are missing" @AndreiSoldatov on upping response to Russian censorship ht…

      @djjr07 I coulda swore I had a tweet about how a certain movie was awful. It's mysteriously gone, horray internet censorship!

      @Christi08926228 Free up pos software-baksheesh as proxy for out pos software, guides in furtherance of autarkic pos software: pYcuN

      @ByeEd2 @BBCNews why is there no coverage of today's London protest on teletext? Did it not happen & Internet is making it up? Censorship by BBC?

      @LemanLayla Squad topmost android tablets as proxy for beneath$duet centumvirate: EDZ

      @AZTundra @Synology What's with VPN Server? Can't connect via L2TP?

      @royclarkson “Unlimited Free VPN Proxy” is definitely too good to be true.

      @niall_bigscreen Disgraceful stance by @Telstra on #MarriageEquality - what's next, no data during church times, censorship of unchristian internet content?

      @Vausome RT @mistertodd: Today, internet fuckwits taught me that it's censorship not to post nude pictures of people without their consent. I just..…

      @Enjenovix @livebeef thats a more basic problem, but it's tied to the wild/free nature of the Internet. No stopping it without censorship unfortunately

      @PaxtonNorth @BBCBusiness @BBCNews Abysmal service. EE signal is terrible, Vodafone signs you up for the instant censorship big brother internet package.

      @tigermichael100 RT @feministfatale: Powerful investigative journalism from @womenactmedia board member @schemaly & @ckbuni:Secret rules of the internet htt…

      @bretdawson *to the tune of rock me amadeus*
      Diarrhea diarrhea
      Diarrhea diarrhea

      Whoa oh oh diarrhea
      Whoa maybe internet censorship isn't so bad

      @TheRyanMacLean @magencubed @plentyofalcoves y'all this is so obvi censorship, the thing all Internet randos are experts on

      @theOtherHatGuy RT @LiamPomfret: Don't make it easy for #dataretention. Make sure your VPN is set up on all devices connecting to the internet. #SSOW15 #St…

      @LettGuo RT @Xenomorphica: @wetsprocket @EscapeVelo >anita is not calling for banning or censorship of games
      Ahahaha, you're half right, not just ga…

      @AngryBlackLady RT @chescaleigh: if i hear one more asshole complain about censorship while simultaneously BROADCASTING THEIR OPINION WITHOUT

      @DeVore @tiedtiger fiefdoms are to commerce what censorship is to the internet. Damage to be circumvented.

      @carmic14 RT @JodyCoyote12: @jillwklausen @ProfessorDNA @TheDemocrats @HillaryClinton @POTUS She also favors internet censorship (cause of terrorism,…

      @ljsgary RT @accessnow: Twitter chat on new internet laws and censorship in Malaysia happening now at #BiarlahBlog

      @kathurufanii Get a good proxy. Internet censorship in Maldives has begun. Turn data saver ON if ur usin Google chrome t c blocked sites like #adduLIVE

      @Hik_w_Imaan Internet is horrid as the kuffar continue their censorship and blockage here in Yemen, preparing for their 'onslaught'

      @Kirihara_Atom remember when government tried to pass internet censorship bills

      @bwoevon2033 RT @mack7963: @Lionheart0075 problem is that with internet censorship in china, the majority are unaware of this.

      @404isnotfound RT @mouton_n0ir: Is it an unreasonable fear that I think HRC will try her best to pass Internet censorship laws or is it a legit one cause…

      @Dreamtraveler RT @AmorGaia: @shipman96 Understand that the TPP will do just that. It promotes corporate censorship of the internet. Be aware HRC pushed i…

      @seafoambay RT @mack7963: @seafoambay problem with yulin is the chinese censorship of the internet, majority of chjinese people remain unaware about yu…

      @TyBenn01 @ValwinZ @imcandychan @luxlu13 Yea, crying.
      Who the fuck cries over an internet argument?
      You're the one crying about minor "censorship".

      @MmtbN @Elect_Justice Important reminder that censorship of internet/social media is common now: info/articles changed/deleted after publication +

      @RBStalin RT @omgchomp: When is the Internet going to get over the mentality that anyone can and should say anything they want and anything else is c…

      @gratator @levelsio and the internet censorship too ? ask him ask him ! :p

      @azadansari7277 @TunnelGuruVPN it is verygood vpn app for using internet.ilove this,excellent.

      @MarkITGeek @mzmichellelee I don't buy any internet censorship in the US. I have no current fear of that happening.

      @dw_thebobs Community of Internet Defense fights the censorship and over-regulation of Russia’s internet. #thebobs16

      @AHADASLi RT @NCRI_Women_Comm: @UNDP4Youth @HelenClarkUNDP Slow down of #Internet & censorship by regime is restricting eco & educational opportuniti…

      @Hype_Proxy @MythDans Hype is the best song

      @santosalfi RT @AndreiSoldatov: Russian Censorship Group Seeks Chinese Help to Control Internet. VOA story with @dolboed, @Vorewig and my comments. htt…

      @MelleyWelles RT @SATReadingDaily: Recommended reading for SAT / GRE or just improving your English and understanding of the world Become a better... htt…

      @SimaHui1 It continues to amaze me how hypocritical the censorship of the Internet is in China: all these state firms that use Twitter etc banned here

      @UnknownOutrider @voidicium I think is is a joke - a poke at the severe censorship Japan enacted at the time. Maybe. The Internet does not know either

      @NilouGh Internet censorship is a pain in my ass

      @Dariomilo @indradl cost of data major challenge 2 Internet freedom in S Africa. Censorship videos eg irrelevant 4 poor bec of cost data #PressFreedom

      @MWSKh RT @AQpk: Internet censorship, blocking mobile phones, mass graves. #India's legacy in #Kashmir in 70yrs of military occupation. #WorldPres…

      @grantorchard @vBrianGraf ah, I guess you have VPN access though.

      @geggleto @Unblock_Us Haven't a clue what issue this was... but okay! I'm still getting proxy hit on #netflix, might be time to cancel #shotsfired

      @ShwanFathi RT @baathforever: @Forza_Bashar The simple fact that Erdogan shuts down Turkish internet everytime there are protests there shows the censo…

      @imaapplegeek circumvent Brazil's shut down on WhatsApp. Enjoy #netfreedom (Internet Freedom) without Government rule! Install a VPN like @HotspotShield

      @Emilie_Heath RT @jr_millerrre: Not sure if I agree with #DropOutHillary , but censorship is something I certainly do not agree with. Free internet.

      @bradleewg #Dropouthillary isn't even showing up in my searches anymore. That's why I'm #StillSanders because of Internet censorship by Hill.

      @girlfightclub RT @marksworldorder: @realDonaldTrump @girlfightclub hey Donald lets make this country free and do away with censorship for internet and tv…

      @bowen_sandra @GerrishLisa I don't see censorship
      I see internet & server behavior
      & Trending = algorithm that uses several variables
      some are per person

      @ChristoHaunted RT @tomaskosauce: #DropOutHillary because it's blatant (and screwed up) how far she'll go with internet censorship & paying off social media

      @MufasaUK @seanhannity Censorship by internet companies is a serious issue. Moderation and banning on message boards infringes on free speech rights.

      @antifemz The epitome of anti-Internet censorship is the @EFF who is silent on #conservative #censorship at @Facebook & @Twitter. #TCOT #PJNET #CCOT

      @HoggarthJocelyn Set on foot validity leads as proxy for adventuresomeness from facebook ads: FyrniDpYz

      @chrisg0000 8/10
      result in an internet riddled with memory holes"

      Index on Censorship claimed that the Costeja ruling "allows individuals to complain

      @ILICIT_Africa Uganda is at its game again #VPNs roll out of the box #Censorship We need open and free internet 4 all. Lack of Internet affects livelihoods

      @DaniellesCave RT @burebasgal: PNG office of censorship to prepare final draft of Internet Policy. 900,000 internet users in PNG & 3.3m people use a mobil…

      @RemingtonWild Funny how the masses of men on the internet only whine about CENSORSHIP when it's about their video games, but stay silent at vagina art

      @bralalalala Seeing how much censorship there still is in the media is amazing given the Internet.

      @CarsonWayne1 Google maps introduces collateral face as proxy for android boom enabled phones: GrZf

      @TheDonTAF Why are we- the public - not informed of the discussions held on the censorship of our internet

      @KUNxBJVIP7_YG Well our gov blocked FB and IG internet service as part of what they named "censorship"
      They're trying to censor everything

      @SamuraiDon I mean I thought that the internet hated censorship and here they are trying to censor a review because they don't agree with it.

      @zulhuda RT @1Br0wn: Do Asians care abt free speech? 78% support free expression online, 90% that Internet access is a human right; 66% say some cen…

      @jasondpham i forgot internet censorship exists in Vietnam, which means no more Facebook, Instagram, etc... even Spotify, c'mon now!

      @busha69 when i was writing my paper about internet censorship in south korea yesterday, i had very hard time convincing myself to write in the>

      @njkian This is legit. Also, did @SKMM_MCMC unblock Medium? I didn't have to use VPN to read this haha. Saved me some time haha.

      @BerningBritain @sheenalovespink Fight for what? More student debt, private healthcare, fracking, global warming, internet censorship, NSA spying?

      @tanner_irl Whenever I buy a device capable of playing Netflix, could get shut down by 1st censorship system for the internet.

      @ziling5845 There is no Facebook in China! China Block Facebook it is because of the Internet Censorship Rules There!

      @SemyonSemyonov @cyberSlav no dumb anti-internet, anti-freedom of speech laws, censorship, an actuall entertainment industry and cheap imported goods.

      @ChristoHaunted @nannystatewatch Internet censorship will never work

      @dannykorcz RT @AltoonaYerPiano: Wasn't the original benefit of the internet that you could speak your opinion? Now it's censorship by mob rule. I'm so…

      @TheAustralianPM There is no way Labor would allow internet censorship in the words of citizenship today and have lunch with the Junior Ranks

      @PornPanic @Pinkgilly15 It's not really about porn - they're creating an Internet censorship regime with porn as the excuse

      @inroadswales RT @ProfDavidNutt: Frightening internet censorship of research exchanges. Yahoo and Google now blocking my emails that mention psilocybin…

      @aymanalhammad RT @ArabCenter_en: Ayman Al Hammad:China's censorship of the internet&social media makes it difficult for it to communicate with the Arab W…

      @Kate_DeSmet @TheBpDShow Count on censorship escalating with both, esp internet & social media. Guessing HRC has put that near top of her list

      @Internet_Hydra Even if #NotAtMyTable isn't* about censorship and thought policing and industry appropriation, it's still empty pathetic virtue signaling.

      @SleuthMike @CynzRChik @thestandardzim horseshit. Censorship. The bullies are scared of the Internet. Lol !!!

      @barbaylive .@RedHotSquirrel @lgsshedden>Fewer uninformed during Internet-age. Only lies from world-leaders; drifting society into selective censorship.

      @ElUnlimited I Wanna Grow Up Fast So I'll Be Always Right. #Internet #Censorship

      @jithends RT @tingilye: Ex TRC DG Pelpita executed @PresRajapaksa's illegal internet censorship policy-unofficially instructed ISPs to block dissenti…

      @RubenKaplan RT @TROLLGAWDD: My parents try to block me from certain sites on the internet acting like idk how to use a VPN

      @narrnu Gotta block them all I guess? Internet-censorship is never a good idea.

      @metaloona RT @_1N73RC3P70R_: #Anonymous #OpDaesh really appreciates when ISPs and VPN services cooperates with Us the way @_ANEXIA has done. cc @Wau…

      @QuintusRP The SABC is pretending the internet isn't a thing. Twitter has led to overthrown governments in Africa before. Censorship won't help.

      @WasHackMusician RT @DjonesBigWork: @DjonesBigWork don't worry. Pro censorship facists are just a tumlbr internet phenomenon. They aren't out there in the w…

      @cb_24 @Easi123 @ShaunRitchie_UK hopefully the issue is fixed where TC needs direct access to Internet to obtain license, proxy not supported

      @KatieMcCallme Fun fact: you can't skype / FaceTime / voice call via the Internet in Morocco #Censorship

      @derpyhuman > real peer review gets deleted
      > two new accounts pop up in it's place

      internet: 2
      pro-censorship social justice academics: 0

      @MariesLostBeef RT @IwasApirate: @Grummz this is a bit of an oversimplification. The UK is a western leader on internet censorship on it's own accord and…

      @stallman_txt (Paranoia in Australia) The Australian government Internet censorship law. 31 October 2012 (Protests against sale of lion meat in Japan

      @YUV13RAJ RT @atulkasbekar: When literally anything/ everything off any 'moral' scale is freely available on the Internet; surely censorship is a red…

      @JSGETMO Internet ID coming EU censorship coming to US

      @zac_sockol Why is literally nobody in the USA talking about the EU castrating itself by signing into law the Trojan Horse of Internet censorship?

      @rajpalsethi Ridiculous in Internet Age for a modern nation to be subjected to arbitrary 'censorship'- just issue an age rating and let viewers decide.

      @comunicausa RT @DrJerryJohnson: Want to keep your online experience free from censorship? Read this: NRB Supports ‘Protecting Internet Freedom Act’ ht…

      @multitrackdrift @FioraAeterna Censorship? On MY Internet? It's more likely than you think!

      @gaurav280584 Is there any need for censorship in an age where everything is available on Internet??

      @ohunt …yesterday in tech: same people claiming that blocking harassment, death threats, stilen nudes is censorship that will end the internet

      @LoganLWolfe @NYC_Blonde I kinda wanna go to China. Hot girls. Don't know about the Internet and general censorship though. And fog of smog. TFTFLAT! RT.

      @PatriciaBogli @Bill_Cimbrelo @Mihero Am I the only one that recalls her voting 4 stricter internet censorship? So no silent protest, no freedom of speech

      @ubiquitousidiot @TheQuQu but they are against internet censorship every time it comes up. Lmao.

      @frank_gavurin @twlldun I'm not usually one to defend censorship, but someone really should take this man's internet access away from him

      @rainydaydance RT @BrownWolfFM: Remember when the internet is supposed to be a place where intelligent ideas can spread and discussed without censorship?…

      @ChristoHaunted RT @thedoomdealer: @guardian Oh, I see where this is going ... even more internet control, censorship & spying.

      @TheNatureHacker RT @risetoflyy: Orlando is all about gun grab, surveillance, censorship and Internet restrictions! Typical "false flag" hoaxed PSYOP!

      @ScottFarmelant @Olivianuzzi Real censorship = smashed printing presses & internet servers. Many fear Trump, if elected,will squash 1st amendment with force

      @Jainbalwant In the internet age where porn is easily accessible, does film censorship makes any tangible sense? #justasking.

      @tarheeltroll Listen to @HillaryClinton blame the internet for Muslim terrorism; she wants government censorship & taxation to stop terrorism.

      @GwladysStLaah RT @FriendsofUKIPLl: @Steven_Woolfe
      To all who doubt,the start of censorship on the Internet has started.Not project fear, project FACT! C…

      @BNMMirkovic Due to the file size/censorship #Guccifer2 hacked files (hundreds of pages) may/may not load up. But they remain available on the Internet

      @AyePass Disgusting that @greta is pushing for Internet censorship. #freedomofspeech #tpp #notpp

      @YeshuayodJesus @yrnf We also need the Young Republicans inventing ways to bypass Internet Censorship. We must Create ways in order to have what We want now

      @SirDoubtsALot Greta van Susteren of Fox advocates for internet censorship.

      @frank_fisher @NorthernLefty You mocked the idea of introduction of internet censorship - I pointed out it was already happening.

      @ECP_Geeoot Netflix investors back proxy access for second year

      @l04_ronny RT @MurqusM: .@kosh_1 @annf32 I would rather have all kinds of speculation & conspiracy crap than a censorship of the internet. Truth will…

      @tyblorsion RT @totominya: All of which are blindingly fucking obvious. Censorship is bad? It's ot like China was censoring the internet by that point.…

      @Kelticca @peggyjags @HillaryClinton @IbogaChef @PennForBernie From #PatriotAct to control/censorship of internet + media. Result: #Dictatorship

      @tardispda @TheGingerarchy @omgMyCat Censorship on the internet is starting to become a martyrdom. Which im glad to see.
      ultimately ineffective.

      @Viral_Load The New Censorship: "How did Google become the internet's censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?" …

      @kurogestu @bevisbear For some reason.. I had to use a proxy to open that mmmm *pokes new internet*

      @MidasMulligan3 RT @AZPirateParty: Please read, and share!

      "The report warns of dangers for the global internet, including intrusive surveillance..."



      @jmpebx The moments tab keeps disappearing on my Android Twitter client. I think it happens when I switch networks with a VPN active.

      @NemiX_TV @virginmedia I appreciate of all the bad decisions "you've" made as a company (Internet censorship, throttling, etc) that you're pushing 1/2

      @UndieGirl Pirate Party Australia seem to be against Internet censorship and strict copyright laws. They also just want to end marriage as a thing.

      @Jack_laBot So naturally, twitter tore it apart, shit it up, and made it a censorship issue when it comes to internet culture really, except another bl…

      @bhaklava RT @SevgiAkarcesme: Reportedly, Twitter and internet connection are being slowed down in Turkey. Not the first censorship attempt of the go…

      @hpshooter1 @dey_sharbari what no comment about your being a fascist in favor of censorship for micro aggression?The internet exposes your ilk doesnt it

      @ltzrocks RT @1blessedbee: @ReversingASD @Ricky_Vaughn99
      I plan on it. I'm glad I looked on internet for info, because there is NO DOUBT censorship…

      @loops @opera guys, are you planning to add France as a region for the free VPN ? would be awesome

      @EXECUTIVESTEVE @Div0ne she was responsible for the racist home office vans, wants the human rights act suspended and Chinese style Internet censorship.

      @Unavengedavo With all the focus on censorship at the SABC, most people are missing the ANC's move to censor the internet which is a basic Human right O_o

      @sairamalik123 RT KhatijahFatima: #BangladeshSnubbedIndia If ISIS is the global face of terror, it is only a proxy of Mossad/RAW ! …

      @KBthaflyer_ @byfoar HAARP passed the censorship law, so u really not allowed freedom of speech or expression on the internet anymore

      @aliaskareen Playing Pokemon Go by proxy via my gwapo-est best bro @paulgalacan :))

      @iamjackfurness @HalfWrite definitely her top 5, but feel her comments on internet censorship in 2012(!) are very dangerous too. very north korea. liberty?

      @DementioRed RT @azusaposter: I'm an AMERICAN PATRIOT. I DISTRUST THE GOVERNMENT..

      Ohh yeah I support Trump's Internet Censorship plan, and Cops are al…

      @KaBrent @evilbibletees @Wezlsquez I live in Taiwan and the internet is ALWAYS good, but then we do not have the level of censorship China has! Ha!

      @Freddy_Bin_Y @Thwacker71 After spending previous year ranting about internet monitoring/censorship/control I still agree with you. Unbelievable.

      @NemrHallak @CNN NO he's hired by oligarchs Beware of Internet censorship. This is propaganda Real question is are there real journalists out there?

      @typicalyospos along with #internet censorship/anti-pornography #madworkhu

      @mibnufajar Internet censorship in Indonesia is getting more and more ridiculous. It’s vague, not transparent, and inconsistent

      @kylebshr when you forget to turn off your mitm proxy and wonder why your internet is broken

      @marylovefreedom RT @Gman5000000: @marylovefreedom @TGSNTtv won't be long now I keep hearing rumblings about a global internet censorship plan

      @CR9_Stayin_Lit this puppet hilary is really gonna ramp up the censorship of the internet like crazy when she gets elected, the economy is gonna crash and

      @mrericsir In the 90's, techno-libertarians liked to claim the internet would "treat censorship as damage and route around it."

      @StaziGramozi Coup has failed. Lets now wait another 20 years while Turkey regresses another 100. More Internet censorship incoming?

      @MellowerZee @Morzas_ now that I think of it, 00 protag group were terrible. Internet censorship, assassinations, shadow governments.. whew..

      @badlogicgames @tarslangil last time i was in Istanbul i had the pleasure of experiencing the internet censorship. How is this good in any way?

      @PleiadesRising It was something to see as Erdogan made use of social media and the internet immediately during the coup, considering his censorship.

      @addisonaep RT @SwiftOnSecurity: I wonder how closely American tech gets sold into countries like Turkey to power their Internet censorship regimes. Th…

      @CharsiBhangi If Elon Musk does succeed in getting us worldwide satellite based wifi, could it mean the end to Internet censorship?

      @DaveAtherton20 @Maria_MillerMP @InternetReclaim Sorry most extreme internet abuse is already illegal. Strikes me this is #OperationSnowflake & censorship.

      @AnjoBelgica You can use free internet on any network with this app. Only you need working UDP ports or TCP vpn setting. Let start the trick.

      @SubconsciousDvl RT @McDermie: The only people who can truly #reclaimtheinternet are nerds.

      This whole campaign is about introducing internet censorship a…

      @UserGoogol The Bad Nerds like to talk about how moderation is censorship, but the internet they're nostalgic for had FAR MORE moderation than Twitter.

      @hatmitnixzutun RT @TomlinsonCJ: #amadeuantoniofilme fake film names to protest german Internet censorship and arrests of people critical of migrant policy.

      @KucingBertweet RT @Doreaa_: Digi 10-20GB RM10/Monthly
      Premium VPN ID.

      More Details whatsapp 0163142739

      @Adil0809 @mark248am sucks using a vpn to access your site. (Pakistan)

      @JxPow @chapelleshow_ PC Culture is "all lives matter", PC Culture is the censorship of the Internet on Twitter, facebook, and Reddit.

      @iatolaaa RT @trutherbot_fire: internet censorship.
      b/c the state wants monopoly over flow of information.
      b/c control what ppl know, & you

      @ede_421 It's sad that the first thing that came to mind was censorship instead of shitty internet.

      @ntisec RT @GammaGroupPR: @AnnMarieSchane Use Tor Browser Bundle to get around Turkey's internet censorship.

      @siamak900b RT @WOFSET: Good luck to @KimDotcom! This case could shape the future of the internet. Freedom needs to win over censorship every time! #In…

      @dashicl RT @DFA1986MCB: @P0TUSTrump My 7 y/o daughter just watched a video on Hillary's war on video games and Kaine's internet censorship agenda.…

      @p_goico RT @CatherineMorris: The internet saved Turkey's president from a coup. Now he's doubling down on censorship / Columbia Journalism Review h…

      @HydroTech12 RT @VeronicaRenaker: So, Kim Kardashian managed to "break" the internet but the #DNCleaks haven't even been consistently trending? "Hmm" #c…

      @JoeSmithSDK Obama uses the #TPP to bypass congress on the #SOPA vote...aka internet censorship law Aaron Swartz told us about Aaron is RIP now...

      @joshobarr RT @book_cheats: @YouTube Plz stop internet censorship! Censoring opinions is wrong even if someone is politically incorrect. #makeyoutubee…

      @thain1982 RT @zeynep: THINK, RESEARCH, WORK WITH LOCALS, DON'T RUSH, DON'T BE DEFENSIVE, LEARN. This—not censorship—will be how the free internet die…

      @jacobdean35 @FreakinClever The best part is that they complain about the internet being a "safe space" full of censorship when they censor everything...

      @notcsun Worst part of China is the Internet censorship
      Jk the pollution is fucking awful

      @GBASPGamer The internet made me hate the word censorship

      @D_2the_A Things that internet "Libertarians" don't understand:
      -Free Speech
      actually mainly those 2.

      @ValdesOdeth RT @AnonyMobLive: I oppose censorship I support a free, open Internet. Do you?

      @toebheey Censorship will reduce the free flow of the use of internet by extremists #TAGe

      @ndokang RT @SShariqueM: @ndokang @KuanyKiirKuany @UNESCO_MGIEP China is completely different case,their intent n level of internet censorship is to…

      @sajid_razzaqkkr RT @OpKashmir_: The Internet for a majority of people in Indian Occupied #Kashmir has been down for the past 28 days #Censorship @YourAnonN…

      @jamescomins When I'm president I'm going to make sure that the whole world's internet is available here without censorship. This is utter bullshit.

      @navidnavaai RT @Iranfrihet1981: .#MaryamRajavi plan 4 #RajaviYes 4 #FreeIran Internet 4 all #freedomOfPress, No #Censorship. #RajaviYes 4 #FreeIran htt…

      @mcphersonfamily RT @loretta_stiles: @PatVPeters Was HilLiary also working on her "Never Let a [self-engineered] Crisis Go to Waste" Benghazi op to justify…

      @techgeek_biz @mattygreckons @riskybusiness Have to cover the people that use VPN's to download game of thrones and don't know how to turn them off? lol

      @dorbar RT @Brownfractals: @YoungDems4Trump @NetworksManager Another two names added to the #Clintondeathtoll Wow, internet censorship removed list…

      @lucendaplunkett @dxrodriguez7 why are you trying to change it?

      @InvestAltcoins We want a SAFE



      Buy = $MAID

      @dlmetcalf @Cynthia_Lou621 @AJ_M08 What a joke. Normal Chinese can't even access plenty of the internet without censorship. (ps. I have Chinese family)

      @Sonic_Screwup It bothers me enough when regular internet manchildren misapply the hot potato term 'censorship', but when 'media news sites' do it?

      @shortyeku With #censorship being obvious from #twitter, #TV, #internet etc. I have to say #Why? #trump #Hillary #garyjohnson #jillstein #wethepeople

      @douradobot @ki4vwt I'm totally in favor of time before we get SOPA or other internet censorship via treaty if we keep going down this road.

      @otaviofff RT @gustible: One only realises how insidious a censored internet is when it is gone - Iran to Armenia felt like being freed. #censorship

      @NotAJoe "Even with censorship, the Internet is a force for change." - Peter Singer #quote

      @RyanPalmateer @FreakyP88 @Psyllius @gopquay not nearly as much as internet censorship for people saying "you suck"

      @IndefiniteDavid We discuss censorship, the fate of poetry in modern Ireland, gender bias, and how the internet has affected indigenous writing.

      @otakuanimelist @YouTube Two weeks, huh? Alright. I thought we were finished with censorship on the internet... looks like Anonymous wasn't able to do shit.

      @moscowlilac RT @MelHart16: @rchandler312 @RealAlexJones @infowars Obama is handing control of our internet to China,for international censorship

      @mitzihinkey RT @juggalo_six: @greta Our invention, our internet. So what happens when this body ups the censorship? Just more globalist takeover of o…

      @CookBradberry Breville je95xl- breville juicer je95xl: all hands mob as proxy for the theatromania uptown hereinafter breville juicer je98xl!: gRSbX

      @FJ_McG Get to grips with the detrimental effects of a lack of Internet censorship on our youth. May as well leave your 3yo the car keys #qanda

      @Vishaar Fiji fares much better when it comes to Internet censorship particularly when it comes to social-media anti-government posts

      @JesusFitzgeral2 Zillion duct exams inwards india in that mba only jerrymander presence for the best bye-bye students as proxy for likable careers:…

      @BemusedDukat RT @Evan04069348: #HillarysAltRightSpeech is paving the way for widespread censorship of "hate speech" on the Internet. She wants to kill t…

      @alienwatching @Eminem what is this Eminem. People in early 2000's were obsessed with a figure that help change censorship. Learned on Internet commander

      @weskiim RT @abril_el_rosa: Is there anybody that could help me get japanese #kofxiv posters? So I can save the timw to use proxy and all that :p

      @hackerfanatic @mathmare_ internet censorship is a public event, I already piloted the material last year.

      @GKembabazi 'After the shutdown what kind of offline practical steps have we taken?' On Internet, Censorship and Privacy -Rosebell #UIGF16

      @shusune @Aywren Well, I use the VPN to get around it and that helps a lot. It's pretty much a requirement for this game for whatever reason.


      @latentexistence @Jules_Clarke @NemesisUK It is good, but it does bother me that they call it a VPN when it is a proxy. It only sends browser stuff through.

      @sourgarbage If you can't handle jokes/slander on the Internet you need leave, this isn't a place for censorship

      @PatrioticSpirit @SuperMsPc It's real. He's turning over operation of the internet 2 the #UN. U think censorship is bad now... @_edwardmondini_ @TeamTrumpAZ

      @RickMalambri I guess the cost of Free Speech on the Internet, LITERALLY, is Free. YouTube Censorship. #NoOneIsSafe

      @N4ikou This thing happening with/on Youtube right now is a huge deal! Censorship on one of the biggest sites on the Internet. Scary! #21stcentury

      @MarnORZ Government blocked the internet because it's VN Independence Day because of protests or something.. So... What's best VPN?! HELP!!

      @RGICS RT @Kasparov63: Like any tech, the internet is used by the oppressors, too. They are always watching. The chilling effect & self-censorship…

      @B30AnonymousB30 Wonder what other damage Obama has in store these last few months

      @KathalinaAnis Censorship on internet, what we are now becoming more free or less free???

      @GeekyCreeper @mikerugnetta internet censorship prank social experiment gone wrong 2016

      @100pbased Twitter won't let me use Heavenly Based Cover as my Avi. Is this the new internet censorship bullshit? Says no nudity, Lil B no shirt? Wtf

      @wrwcld @giatny @LeahR77 Wait til the Internet is handed over to the UN for international political correctness censorship

      @Diamondtile2 RT @ADoseofBuckley: A more famous Internet personality (@fwong) writes an article taking the same stance as I did about demonetization:

      @try_freedom_ The US will hand over the internet to international authorities soon. Even more censorship is coming.

      @max_1758 RT @SmithHeddi: @Cernovich PLEASE inform your viewers about Obama turning internet over to UN! We have to stop! Almost out of time! Cen…

      @TheAustralianPM There is no way Labor would allow internet censorship in the Fair Work Act to protect penalty rates.

      @LWelch2 RT @SwitchdoctorX: Obama wants to hand over control of the internet to some globalist body with more online censorship.

      Obama's party is a…

      @RCAUniverse @SallyMa36678659 I have seen it...and some in fact still can, who are using VPN tunnels to surf the Internet. Works for YouTube most of /1

      @YouKnowWhoIAm8 #thursdaymotivation Fuck this #Censored #Censorship from ALL over the internet
      #ThursdayThoughts What the fuck am I still trying to do here?

      @cr100064 RT @NetworksManager: Internet Censorship Intensifies IANA Prepares Take Over #ICANN ceding #1A to Foreigners.
      @cjsienna55 @Roy12212012

      @jason_cox40 RT @richard_tolin: @jason_cox40 Since 1984 coming back from duty in Germany I have seen censorship in U.S.and no Internet to get.the truth.…

      @AfrikaAzania @Our_DA @zilevandamme am against internet censorship for grown ups but def in support of censorship to protect minors from sick individuals

      @TheVeni1 RT @UANI: .@sikorskiradek shares experiences from visit to #Iran, including lack of internet access, censorship & holocaust denial #IranRi…

      @GoitseMoroka RT @ALETTAHA: @MmusiMaimane "@GoitseMoroka: @zilevandamme Internet Censorship bill is evil, oppressive + unconstitutional, it should be fou…

      @gavthebrexit @spanisharjenrob oh the INTERNET ??> they have RECLASSIFIED IT> it is now a UTILITY> this way they can CONTROL IT> expect huge censorship ?

      @SavageKimz About to attempt to roast/expose or retrieve DIAR NET's fake ass VPN IP, rip my VPN service

      @twistoidspasm The Internet has thus far been protected from censorship by the US 1st amendment.

      From Oct 1st this will no longer be the case

      @lissnup RT @endalk2006: #Ethiopia's has less 2% of its 100 million pop got access to the internet but its leader decries the use of social media. #…

      @mmmirele @ThouArtTheMan Too much truth for the 9Marxists over at @9Marks to deal with, no doubt! The Internet routes around censorship, though.

      @bitonbit RT @naval: 6/ The promised Internet is realized when critical functions of messaging, payments, identity, & storage are distributed & censo…

      @Deplorable4L @Crooked_Design @iDRwood Like MSM and alternative media being controlled isnt bad enough. Ik there's internet censorship but this is surreal

      @Coloradojock25 RT @beneleo: @oooobear @SenFrankNiceley And this is why we need a FREE press and we need to keep the internet censorship-free.

      @rmmzx "Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.”
      “Censorship can in fact also route around the Internet.”

      @PittWendell RT @dbronson: Blitz our Congressional Reps if you want to stop #Obama from continuing to dismantle the US bit by byte! Prevent internet cen…

      @peachymangoes Trump and hillary are gonna take away your freedom of speech through Internet censorship to "protect from ISIS"

      @TheAustralianPM There is no way Labor would allow internet censorship in the world's interest that the Lockyer Valley is back in business

      @Sydney8433 RT @bellagartenllc: Please keep OUR internet under US censorship. Please support ICANN don't hand censorship over to the UN. @POTUS @VP @al…

      @thoughts54 Facebook & Google had there way nothing could be done on the internet without there approval censorship by billionaire corporation

      @TerreTbehlog RT @TrumPence16: What is going on? The Senate just voted 76-21 to give away the Internet #ICANN this means our 1A rights sold out to global…

      @Carlisleboy RT @JaynePenelope: Pepe the frog AND harambe are attacked for being "racist".

      Gee it's almost like the left hates the internet and loves…

      @MikeErroni idiots elect leader who gives control of the internet to governments with centralized censorship programs. #altrightstarwars

      @elisa_michaels @TEN_GOP Hi! This is my back up @elisamich0422 .W/ Twitter censorship & the end of the Internet...perhaps I shld study Chinese or Russian?

      @King_Proxy H1Z1 is my favourite PC game.

      @WDLeague RT @MariaUmar: Not only free access to any kind of information w/o censorship but to the Internet on the whole. #APRIDD

      @PARAGONCHIC1 RT @dovorah001: Not even 24 hours after ICANN passes and the censorship has begun. Thanks @SenateGOP for watching our internet neutrality d…

      @CensoredGaming_ @WeissDes We're in a really awkward position. Censorship is so unrepresented on the whole internet, so there's so much to do but only one CG

      @RalphAlmighty_ full internet censorship coming very soon

      @cooltolerance @EmilyLShepherd @pepesgrandma @ICANN @NTIAgov Right. Proof: Internet censorship in many countries. Coming soon to USA & everywhere.

      @Aerislan @Tez520 @NianticLabs @Recode It's actually the Indian politicians and internet security/censorship and religions nuts holding it back there.

      @Steelerbabe5858 RT @SuperMsPc: ***Censorship & the Internet control has begun***** @Ricky_Vaughn99 , HUGE @realDonaldTrump fan & supporter has been suspend…

      @TarryNot RT @TheDailySheeple: “We Will Soon Find Out What True Censorship Means” Obama’s Surrender Of Internet To Authoritarians Is Irreversible htt…

      @Herbiv4 RT @DPRKMomentum: 100% of DPRK citizens now support Internet censorship policy after configuration error makes Buzzfeed publicly available…

      @whereismipaper5 @PrisonPlanet Internet censorship will get worse as @realDonaldTrump increases n popularity.

      @lueref @OldSaukRiver @JulianAssange_ US Censorship of the internet outwitted - NOT

      @AnomalousKimber I created it?
      layer of potential #censorship in the #internet
      it's #alive & #crazy
      like your #idea
      #Anonymous #Trutherpot

      @wesliday @garydfarmer commercial broadcasting will be gone. The new power will be Internet censorship. Information will be the new currency.

      @we3rus RT @NetworksManager: NOW is the time folks LOOK immigrants, sale+censorship of Internet we may NEVER get another chance VOTE TRUMP
      @2ALAW h…

      @AgnesdeBerlimon RT @preciousliberty: ALERT: #Obama calls for #censorship of the internet after signing over control to #ICANN. This is #Communist control o…

      @EzzyMix2 RT @TIMURHANSON07: proxy war with no end between political, ethnic, religious groups, lines up for control of resources and access to marke…

      @AnnaHern77 RT @_Makada_: Assange's internet has been cut for criticizing Crooked Hillary, an example of the censorship to come if she's elected presid…

      @schlongmeister @JJT_IV HRC will not undo Obama 'giving' the internet to the UN; you're going to begin seeing censorship on a scale you've never seen before

      @1ill_smkr79 RT @Thomas1774Paine: Hours After Justice Scalia’s Suspicious Death, John Podesta Debated Replacement w/ George Soros Proxy @wikileaks RT ht…

      @TeaPartier_Al Ecuador cutting off the #internet to #WikiLeaks is just as @TedCruz said would happen. #Censorship #Corruption #LossOfFreeSpeach #tedcruz

      @31dg31dg45 RT @Nietchee: @ramzpaul None of the major news networks reporting this Only Internet This is why Internet Censorship is major goal of this…

      @Jpete008 @Snowden @wikileaks Why is it censorship? He can write, phone, get things out to people. Internet access is not speech.

      @PatriotCzar RT @joedisomma: I'm betting they'd like to control this whole "internet thing" so no unwanted information gets out to the public. #censorsh…

      @FNAFGAMERPC @Obi_Proxy yeah :T

      @SimonCapewell99 RT @feamster: Some photos from my distinguished lecture last week at @stonybrooku on Internet censorship. Thanks @sbucompsc; I had a great…

      @TheGunheart @glitchedpuppet Bleh, just...decided to block them on my end. I don't know what it is but I'm feeling anxiety by proxy from this one.

      @DiceToTableTop To the Malaysian Censorship Department. Anime is not "degenerate" and comics are not "subversive". Go fuck yourselves on the internet wall.

      @JeffBales6 RT @libertytarian: RT bank accounts seized
      #Assange internet cut off

      Do u want more #Hillary?
      @RealAlexJones htt…

      @scg1102 RT @ryanhintze: Anyone else sick of the fake polling numbers, internet censorship of anti-Hillary stories and media collusion?

      @KaseyJRogers RT @windycityproggs: Over the years, Google has gradually moved in "Facebook" direction: privacy/anonymity should not exist. Locked out of…

      @2braptuedbyJC77 RT @StoneColdTruth: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
      Given away by Obama to dictators
      THIS is what Draconian 3rd World C…

      @AnitaNelson @Mkts2day Pretty scary to think of him in charge of the internet. He wants so much censorship. I'm sure he'd shoot me for my Twitter.

      @WingZ79 Hey @ColossalisCrazy I am doing an essay on Censorship on the internet.
      Can I use your situation about @fouseyTUBE as an example.

      @michaeldbishop …so much promise ruined by whatever mess came up with the workflow. Looking at u 45 minute to “deploy” (by hand?) VPN server.

      @missnisha6849 RT @AlexandraMa15: China deliberately keeps Internet censorship rules vague to keep netizens in line: insights from BBC World Service at #m…

      @OlshanskyG @reillystyley Censorship should be illegal period!
      Your country should be fighting for artistic and Internet Freedom not censorship.

      @DurgyVerine @thekimchifiles draconian SJW laws like internet censorship?

      @emma_cossey @newmumblings ooh found a way around it! Download the Hotspot Shield app for Vpn, can now watch it.

      @RealBillary Whole internet is on full censorship mode

      @emirhan_bilim @BarbarossaKaya I wonder why US policymakers often bring up ISIS using "internet" effectively? What do they want to point out? Censorship?:)

      @iyiailecocugu Twitter, facebook and YouTube blocked in Turkey. I use orbot vpn. It is best vpn on Android

      @SudhiirKrishnan The whole internet censorship debate must not forget onething - The rights of the content owner.

      @Vladisnik RT @PsiphonInc: Congratulations to our partners RosKomSvoboda, @RuBlackListNET on 4 years standing against internet censorship! #НетЦензуре…

      @IsaiahWyatt4 Internet the marketplace secrets as proxy for getting communion: jJPln

      @bernardtyers First thought: What affect will The Donald’s administration have on the Internet Freedom community & censorship circumvention… #InternetFF

      @intensionality . @jonrog1 The Opera browser has a built-in VPN that works well. It's by far the most painless way of going that route.

      @WoffordN @Deplorable_Ed @FACTvsIGNORANCE Me too! IMO liberal propaganda is thwarted by internet. More internet censorship coming soon, no doubt!

      @MaryAlb04 @got7co I can never vote on this site... it just keeps loading and I already tried everything close adblock, use VPN :(

      @Reisakatsu @notshoethekok no it will screw us up. Meds price will rise significantly, more censorship to the internet for example.

      @sadist @zzxz it makes my fucking internet drop ever 45 minutes but zorro threw openvpn does the same. ios and vpn just don't get along well


      @horazio98 @LoopEmma shell out for a VPN service that has a canadian IP and you can watch for free on the CBC website. ( I think it's legal)

      @Maria62640456 RT @Meteoryan: Anita Sarkeesian, anti-free speech activist who argued for censorship of the Internet in front of the UN, is bitching about…

      @TiredMemeCat After killing Net Neutrality, comes censorship of 'parts of the Internet', along with having to register with the gov. Like in China.

      @nanotwizzer @twitter Censorship is not cool. The internet does not forget.

      @alsothings so much for that nice built in VPN as no effort privacy assist

      @JerryKarenNeff RT @herrold: @getongab hoping to get account invite to 'route around' censorship internet outages; also SSL of reports insecure w in…

      @0WilliamsTweet0 By using proxy services the porn user will have an encrypted connection to sites with better privacy on-line

      @Minyall Gov is establishing Internet surveillance and censorship laws and all @UKLabour does is send me sales pitches for their calendar.

      @sadnsassyy RT @omgasad: just a quick survey to get the gist of what people think about internet censorship in pakistan, rt please.

      @mobbyluii @trapboyb Vultr Dedicated Server, ANB AIO, various proxy providers depending what site I'm hitting! You cooking?

      @tullymcleish @MrRyanMorrison Speak out against the new internet censorship laws.

      @loner616 @catoletters And now that the obamanation has given the internet to the UN total censorship looms on the horizon.

      @PoliticraticOrg @Beer__Wolf Preventing the type of attack and distribution that nailed Podesta for instance would require a wide net of internet censorship

      @rmack2x RT @TheaGood: INTERNET CENSORSHIP & DOS from Senators Chris Murphy and Rob Portman's $160 million Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disin…

      @infooverload RT @HuxleyHill: The coordinated attack against "Fake News" is a push for Orwellian censorship. The Internet has become too powerful for the…

      @tuupplop So have finally worked out a VPN is a visible panty nine, but how does it unblock the internets so I can pyro Bae?

      @Sonstwer RT @mrphs: 5/10 Allow pseudonymity and anonymity >>> The ability to anonymously access info via Tor, VPN, etc must be protected and preserv…

      @radiantmindblog RT @YourAnonCentral: #Anonymous hacks #Thai Gov Imm Ministry, dumps over 9,000 logins to protest #internet censorship law in #Thailand | ht…

      @rhematt Genuinely scared at the number of code monkeys that are advocating open #censorship of the #internet

      @rsgiunta RT @l_RW_Offen5iveT: Did u know if u block your internet provider via VPN, you sign in on Facebook and you go to locations, it locates you…

      @TellSimonW I'm using Lantern -- an app for defeating Internet censorship But it's charge now. I hope I can get other free

      @toggleModal @Flalaski but probably won't be, I just can't even do my job anymore due to constant internet throttling, censorship

      @AlecMuffett .@a_z_e_t @ChristianHeimes That's nice, but it clashes with the Tor meeting. There is "State of Internet Censorship 2016" 2030…2130, and >>>

      @poems4prez @RalstonReports @DanaSpangler4 More fodder for the war on the internet/censorship I imagine. #resist #TrumpLeaks

      @Praffulsir RT @TheTechReader: How To Create An Alternate Internet DNS System | Bypass Internet Restrictions, Censorship, & Total Internet Shutdown htt…

      @AHDengert RT @McDermie: The harassment excuse for internet censorship failed so now they are running with "fake news".

      @Beeeennnnnnnnnn @couerdelion73 @EamoV1 erm use hola chrome VPN scrambler add on and change IP to UK

      @The_ARA_King RT @CatlinNya: Signing numerous internet censorship bills
      Expanding gov power over private lives
      Dozens if not over a hundred of broken pro…

      @williamwagner Twitter deletes my last tweet about the Florida shooter. Welcome to the age of internet censorship! :(

      @SirJSDThompson RT @drewtoothpaste: We always thought law, unprofitability, or censorship would destroy the internet, but its end was rooted in All Bad New…

      @Fed_Xing @EAhelp Hi. My Origin desktop app says "Online login is currently unavailable" but my internet is working fine and my proxy is disabled.

      @phyletic1 @talkSPORT China is paying for legitimacy. I wouldn't play for a communist country with their human rights history and internet censorship

      @copperbottomus RT @jessenovels: The @AmericanPublish Even fuels @realDonaldTrump "Internet censorship" n "China" fear mongering. They should be boycotted.…

      @ame_aamir RT @dr_rita39: #Kashmir has been subjected to internet censorship, threats of imprisonment, threats to kill if they challenge India's autho…

      @SilicaAndPina @gamerzeroz11 anyway. censorship on the internet is impossible. heck how are you gonna censor shit from TOR? xD

      @Kevin14365177 By giving internet away that Americans paid 4,created was a move to hurt USA!Censorship will get worse as free speech is targeted

      @swartstudio RT @DianaGordonOFCL: Alternative Facts??? I hope everyone gets a chance to read George Orwell's book 1984 and lookout for internet censors…

      @hsstevenson96 RT @small_media: What does #Iran's #CitizensCharter mean for internet freedom, #censorship & #surveillance? Keep your eyes peeled for Janua…

      @Vosnicos RT @McDermie: An effective strategy - keep prodding until you find one that resonates with people. They do the same for internet censorship…

      @Painlesscooking @AjitPaiFCC @MarshaBlackburn When can small website businesses expect censorship/blackballing w/ google & FB etc on the internet to end?

      @PhysicBerry The internet censorship we're seeing is the start of some dystopian novel, not good for the future of U.S.A.

      @askitnice @SeanMoncrieff if you let them do that they will control the internet. Unless u use a VPN or another proxy

      @nightprowIer Internet censorship isn't anti-hate speech, it's blocking any opposing opinion they see as a threat. This is a direct attack on our freedom.

      @WRocchietti RT @raymondchung: internet should never be censored.

      people should never be silenced.

      censorship violates the first amendment of free s…

      @victormakaya RT @brett_l_carter: Does your govt censor the internet? A new app lets you find out in minutes. If you try it, let me know what you find ht…

      @junsgf @junsgf listen i'm kidding. kinda. just don't drag me it's to olate for internet censorship

      @Justine06959201 RT @afmiracles: @Love_The_Donald Obama gave away the internet and people still think he's the best Pres ever. censorship is big now. Libs r…

      @ShakkhaEsprit RT @schestowitz: ‘Escaped’ from the #internet for a while today. Decided that in light of #censorship I’ll phase out a little #twitter acti…

      @DrKinKam @MinhazMerchant Probably caused by too much internet porn in a still very conservative society. Sometimes censorship is not all bad.

      @JasonBelich @allidoisowen YES.. some of us are making a censorship-resistant internet #WeAreTheResistance

      @sunil_abraham RT @internetfreedom: The internet in India has till now resisted architectural censorship such as block lists. This case could change that.…

      @Kaahtic RT @ChrissyFrancis8: @Kaahtic @BasedMelGibson @Evan_McMullin even their communist China style censorship of the internet hasn't stopped our…

      @MAGANetwork1 RT @dum_phuk: Has anyone considered that, perhaps, today's

      @huv1k @marckohlbrugge @hibangun @imgix can't you block incoming ips? maybe they dont use changing proxy

      @KiiMccarthy @AntonDeyes @Harlan @realDonaldTrump bingo, and they would have started moving forward with internet censorship. Only in minor ways.

      @JChristLau @deace_nuts I think the greatest thing for EL would be to not be a dick about Internet censorship lol

      @CarlosGarridoMD RT @DaddyCoolDevine: We are the ones making it easy for censorship. Post #Vault7 #pedogate #pizzagate in every forum and every corner of th…

      @therealbiostate RT @DavidJamesJnr: Twitter has also made @DRUDGE_REPORT difficult to find. #censorship #CensorshipMachine #censortechnology #tech #internet…

      @nigelkangz Internet censorship in China is bullshit tbh

      @proxy_gsm @Legit_Unlocks hey dude can i have a free copy, i want to check some security issues.

      @bellandwhislte RT @incognito1570: We should always fight for an open and free internet. Online #censorship is a cancer and once it spreads, the truth wil…

      @bquinney4 American feminists protesting for internet censorship should be shot

      @AleksPetakov @moleriks Indeed, it opens up a Pandora's box of internet censorship possibilities...scary

      @arisroussinos @Tequila0341 Print essentially top down, however- cost outlay for printing press & labour, & more subject to censorship. Internet 2-way flow

      @4EverTexanEsq99 RT @PrykaChristina: It's funny how everybody is talking about censorship overseas and Obama sold us out gave control of our Internet to the…

      @alfredovelazco RT @Internet_SF: Can blockchain technology create censorship-free zones on the Internet? @Archyppe of ISF will talk about it on March 30 at…

      @eyebrowsofpower RT @MinitelResearch: Love that there's now such a thing as #minitel memes. All the more ironic that Fillon tried to extend minitel censorsh…

      @bbysamhain This women can promote obesity online but I cant have a columbine account? Internet censorship yo.

      @jeffzwarren RT @ADACTIVITY: @merrittk Idk if it's on the internet but I heard a really funny interview w one of the reboot people and the weird studio…

      @ephectic RT @InfAgit: "Offer a training for staff on the digital divide, net neutrality, open access, privacy in the internet age, censorship..." ht…

      @KylesAProphet And it would also be used to promote internet censorship

      @Anamcara2015 RT @Icon99558924: @skmeghera @zappamel @bluecherfr @Sortex @stony599 @NomadPen @Oiseau_LibreMoi @JediRebel1 @KantoLamin @OhRoyalOne @Buck50…

      @ScottVAnderson3 RT @CAWPBT: @fbinnj @ScottVAnderson3 MSM IS ALL FAKE paid 4 by rogue CIA is GLOBAL4 elitists-USA free press now GARBAGE-once internet censo…

      @bfrankieaboss RT @KSofen: @Cernovich Everyone really needs to switch to @duckduckgo - this particular search engine does not track you. Don't enable int…

      @BrandNewNJ RT @TulsiGabbard: Net neutrality protects us from corporate censorship of information. The FCC’s obligation is to the people. We want an eq…

      @noelmose @Proxy_Tank @HPbasketball Struggled to put away a .500 team without their best PG, but all they need is 4. Doesn't matter how it looks

      @brokencodebot IP whitelisting broken on 2.3.x if behind a reverse proxy

      @Ananth_Krishna_ @ShatruSamhara Short Film in the internet. No censorship whatsoever

      @OceanDrDisco 岩崎宏美 (Hiromi Iwasaki) - 未来 (Our Future) [1976] -- Blocked in the US and Australia, use a proxy site or the link in the comments to bypass t…

      @robcresswell @jaffathecake I mean if CORS is secure enough/acceptable for wide usage, that's awesome for frontend without thin API proxy layers.

      @braakaas #alptoker @TurkeyBlocks #NMD17 censorship by slowing down the internet, not blocking pages. #waronsocialmedia #onlineselfcencorship

      @rondafulfer RT @Free_Our_Net: Join the resistance. Free the internet from the tech-left censorship.

      @ynleborgaz @ProtonVPN why do most website assume Sweden server is in CH #vpn

      @irxson @inmapollito I'm Portuguese and the internet always sees us as Spanish so I'm Mexican by proxy?

      @foswi @CillizzaCNN Plus the younger activists remember him for his media and internet censorship campaigns

      @slothking2 RT @rugliabeoulve2: Andrew Dobson, let's talk about how you were cheering for Anita Sarkeesian when she advocated for internet censorship.…

      @MomentumDarlo RT @Ifcjosh: @KopiteLuke1892 "lefties push censorship on everything"
      Theresa May wants a Tory controlled internet
      Right Wing currently ht…

      @dch1973 RT @Nebula_GOTG_17: @AlbertHur888 @BatmanResist @1IronMan2017 @1DareDevil2017 @IronFist_2017 @trashpanda2017 @exoticgamora @blackwidows2017…

      @capitocapito Whenever I browse the internet via VPN I pretend I’m in a space anime.

      “Time to login from… GERMANY 3!"

      @LaTo_1989 @Babbletr0n will u be able to use vpn and key rebinding with this new game protect thing?

      @mineZcash RT @iamjosephyoung: Pleased to discover PCMag's highest rated fastest VPN service provider Private Internet Access accepts both #bitcoin an…

      @QuickerMcWild "Vagina bones" is a reference to weirdos on the internet complaining about anime censorship. I don't think this Dante has a vagina.

      @_shemmie_ @RektRolfe @Ynayesta term that I replied to with a condescending "Thanks for your input, but no. Even on internet censorship". Bastard.

      @rebeccamjja RT @OldRipVonWinkle: @nytimes Our words count
      No freedom of speech
      Censorship of the internet
      Oppression of minorities
      Most polluted count…

      @Vittiger RT @piercepenniless: Wildly inappropriate political speech from May: suggesting correct response to attack must be Tory manifesto plans on…

      @LA42_LA42 RT @StefanMolyneux: So United Kingdom authorities again has the info needed to stop the terrorist attack, but failed to act. So yeah, inter…

      @amar_3125 @TimesNow
      So called "Human Rights" are nothing but Proxy's to protect terrorists and their masters. Ppl,media & gov. Must keep tabs on them.

      @PraiseBeUntoKek RT @PoliticsGhost: Out after my week stint in #Twitter jail! Welcome to the new world of Internet censorship! #Ghost

      @KrisssxKrosss Can someone please explain how my best friend manages to be both 20 years old and a wine mom by proxy

      @and6179m @StreamCenterr do you allow vpn access?

      @LoveTruthAct Internet censorship is the modern equivalent of book burning @ZedSeselja @AuConservatives @SenatorMRoberts #MinimalGovt #MaximumFreedom

      @JT73504819 RT @KarenPtbo: Canada has joined North Korea, Iran, China, Russia oppressive countries that allow government censorship of internet. Not th…

      @Mister_Eli RT @GadflyMorse: @AntiMedia @ggreenwald @theintercept @wikileaks The #DeepState control over the #internet will hit the #UK soon--#TheresaM…

      @rondofnightmare RT @spacetwinks: i swear to god every print comic dude who goes Thinking Emoji about "censorship" in comics keeps forgetting the fucking in…

      @NeiliosD @NovaspiritTech Hi Don I'm not sure the vpn killswitch is working. If I dc the vpn my devices still connect to the internet with isp IP

      @MlgGives2020 What's the best Vpn that supports IP changing @JosephShenton @agytduh @JoshuaGives

      @susanmk7 RT @openjools: @chelleryn99 @lucianaberger Cooper just wants greater internet censorship. Like the Tories, sees it as a danger to the estab…

      @StopCampfield RT @GadflyMorse: @MCHerbieD @FCC #NetNeutrality Remember that both @GOP & @DNC want #internet #censorship to herd #US to corporate-#MSM pro…

      @Ravelord_Nito69 @FCC Net Neutrality is the very thing the internet is based off. It allows for all data to be free and accessible. Censorship is not welcome

      @VPNBest @trevmay65 ISP throttling is worst, better to use a VPN to bypass it and not compromise on your internet bandwidth.

      @Twetterless_Sam @DjonesBigWork @BBCNews Nothing like overt movement toward massively arbitrary internet censorship by the state to really get the fear going

      @HulkingLungfish RT @catovitch: Funny how, whoever is in power, UK govts keep looking for new "problems" that can only by solved by internet censorship and…

      @piecritic RT @slim404: "This is a first in a Democracy" lol UK is not a democracy anymore. We had Internet censorship in Tunisia back in 2010 under t…

      @Nuclear_jelly47 More needs 2 be said publically about the internet censorship and shadowban regime. Its exactly against what our elders fought to protect.

      @romkant RT @EroticsNepal: Queering the internet: gender, sexual expressiom and censorship @froatosebe @sanchiabrown @busydot @JMaskay @panel #APrI…

      @sazanmijun Tried to log-in TouRanbu and I can't access? - It requires VPN now? How can you even use VPN on a desktop?

      @YOoJOo_ Turkey Gov representer speaks of how internet helped during last events but of course not mentioning the censorship and shutdowns #MEACSIG17

      @MilanKragujevic Uhmm... How do I make my shitty DIY router actually be able to access 192.168.1.X, 192.168.5.X, and of course the Internet via VPN simultan.

      @epiphany_zone RT @MassDeception1: Google insiders warn “outright censorship” is Google’s top priority… and everyone has been intimidated into silence

      @DeepStateIT RT @SelimSeesYou: A little advice for the MSM: if you don't want "Trump's attacks on free speech" to ring hollow, get in on this internet c…

      @TempletonTJones RT @mikechaseRights: Hats off to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (@EFF) for using Backpage to spread the word about a bad proposed law h…

      @JungleStrikeGuy @catovitch recall that someone telling anita 'you suck' was used as justification for internet censorship

      @ARKitNews RT @ARKitweekly: ⚡️ The gauntlet is thrown → Real-time reflections on AR using the rear camera feed as environment proxy. Let's see you bes…

      @RechtsJudin RT @PeterSweden7: Its time to nationalise the internet. This censorship by private corporations with cultural marxist policies MUST stop. R…

      @ErosBonazzi RT @rayhana: 3. If you are an Ex-Muslim using the internet from a predominantly Islamic country, be anonymous and use a VPN.

      @CatClancer @Sean_skillet is that a proxy sale site? I'm just looking for some place like amiami that does overseas shipping

      @RobertT70111579 @AmyMek You know these European internet censorship programs are what China used to build their bamboo internet wall .

      @FerrioloJohnny RT @enriclluelles: Remember internet censorship during the Arab spring and thinking, “that surely won’t happen here”? Well, it’s happening…

      @Iinsultsjw98 RT @foxfromthewest: The Daily Mail is celebrating the possible censorship of the internet by Theresa May. This is a very dangerous preceden…

      @tahneesaunders I may be slow to the party but Papers app is awesome! Beautiful & I just added @MonashUni 's proxy so now I can access papers in the app!

      @rogerablackwell 'US, the drive for Internet censorship has been spearheaded by the “liberal” wing of the political establishment, in the Democratic Party'

      @RaptureGlory @duckduckgo The best #VPN is the new kid on the block. @ProtonVPN

      @ColJamesSteele @langdaleca A presentation for stricter internet censorship laws !!! Technocrats pushing for more power !!! SAD

      @jusk217 RT @pEpFoundation: We're present @ISOCSwitzerland's #ICOMM17 event @CERN.
      Important topics:
      - Internet #Censorship.
      - #IoT: security & trus…

      @brikkany internet censorship: it doesn't work in Britain and it won't work here. leave us alone. #freeinternet #internetcensorship #keepcanadafree

      @MokiAwa That moment at 5am when your internet is out and you have to connect to a VPN and remote into a terminal on a spotty AT&T hotspot ASAP.

      @elurofilico RT @JulianAssange: What is happening in Catalonia in the most significant Western conflict between people and state since the fall of the B…

      @themacdoctor Good to see, unsure why, but all of a sudden clients old and new becoming concerned about security. Mucho VPN, 2FA, and encryption advice

      @discordapp @GoldenDragon66 let me know if you're using a VPN, proxy, or school network!

      @senugi RT @jmones: Impressive work by the Catalan Pirate Party collecting evidence on the Internet censorship by the Spanish judicial police in #1…

      @PascoRevolution LeeCamp: RT LeeCamp: It's always in the corporate state's interest to demonize the open internet + justify censorship of dissent. Remember …

      @rakeshkamat @aparatbar Internet is heaven as real world is full of censorship. People would quit social media platform if speech is policed

      @Mun6a @iFrostyMoneyy @Samuall_ i know your team mate was hosting with a VPN and we won and you scrub thats a block in my eyes cya

      @StopCampfield RT @GadflyMorse: @ggreenwald #SundayMorning Nobody is calling for censorship of #internet louder than the #Hillbots #NetNeutrality #Control…

      @TobiasRieper14 RT @ebolamerikwa: Internet censorship advocates are trying to limit free speech on worldwide platforms to only that which is allowed in the…

      @kowalskr RT @ryaneshea: From propaganda botnets to domain censorship to psychographic ad targeting, the internet is being weaponized. Ownership is t…

      @izzyinner RT @adannyboy: By supporting #SESTA you are NOT standing with victims of human trafficking. You are being tricked into supporting internet…

      @nerossister RT @RealAlexJones:

      @DominqueDejon RT @ajamubaraka: Unlike other powerful states that restrict access to the internet and control information, the U.S. doesn't need to revert…

      @happyjovigirl RT @JasonHalle: This is a preview of what our internet service will look like if we lose #NetNeutraility. Don't let them get away with this…

      @aletoromejia RT @KimDotcom: I welcome the debate about an alternative Internet. We need a net that is immune against corporate greed & govt control, sur…

      @bujuananon RT @zeynep: Web 1.0: It' all about information!
      Web 2.0: Let's go social!
      Web 3:0: Weaponized/monetized fraud; bots & trolls polluting the…


      Stay #Anonymous & #Secure on a private VPN/Socks server
      starting a…

      @imagineworksllc RT @Alyssa_Milano: @AjitPaiFCC #NetNeutrality protects us from online censorship and our ability to access and send information on the Inte…

      @zostko RT @MzeeMika: This is how internet censorship looks like here in Thailand. I have to use a VPN to read a fucking news article. Lame. US Bil…

      @GeekyStevenMLP RT @Barnacules: If you think #NetNeutrality allows the government to control the internet then you've drank the Koolaid. Dirty congressmen,…

      @StarHubCares If Internet security is a concern, use VPN to protect your anonymity. Look around online and get one that best fits your needs. #techtips

      @CaitlynMiller3 RT @KendallRaeOnYT: ❗️ATTENTION PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET❗️
      Do you want to pay social media package? Slow internet? MORE censorship?
      No? Well…

      @Tylertas RT @2p2TrollCat: Republicans just sounded their own death knell. We now have internet rules similar to that of China. Censorship, increased…

      @sunrise_sea_7 RT @SubstratumNet: In 2017 the #internet took a big hit

      - Internet censorship expanded in #China
      - Social Media & Internet Services cut d…

      @arabnews9991 RT @sana_sutu: #Stockholm Sweden (04.01.18): Supporters gathered in solidarity with the brave people of Iran. The supporters were chanting…

      @saeedchavushi RT @IranNewsUpdate1: #Iran #News:JUST IN: OFAC designated Iranian regime's Supreme Council for Cyberspace controlled by Supreme Leader to c…

      @AmyGunthorpe RT @wikileaks: LIVE: Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship with @ChrisLynnHedges, film maker John Pilger and statement by @JulianAss…

      @itsjustinwong RT @Wes_Andrews: Great piece! Makes u wonder what nightmares the #CPC are hiding—from $GOOG’s shuttering to #VPN shutdowns—#China’s priorit…

      @RossKiro RT @FluorescentGrey: New @MediaRootsNews Radio
      Interview w/@LeeCamp of @RedactedTonight
      US Gov Squeezes RT, Cold War 2.0 & Internet Censor…

      @BrianCallan AT&T are following up on stopping Soro’s INTERNET CENSORSHIP! :D

      @LORDMWESH (18) Another good VPN is Orbit which also works with TOR browser. Orbot is available for Android and IOS

      @xi_ted RT @SubstratumNet: #SubstratumFAQ

      What Platforms will the #Substratum Network run on?

      $sub #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #blockchain #btc $btc…

      @bongsanghaa RT @erinahandley: After months of speculation, it's confirmed: the government ordered private internet companies to block access to the @ca…

      @1Romans58 RT @1Romans58: Thank you to all recent followers. Starting a new account is not easy but I appreciate your support. Internet censorship w…

      @xariouz RT @Millenniel_Matt: AMERICAN RENAISSANCE SUING TWITTER

      Jared Taylor announces that he and his organization, American Renaissance, are su…

      @connorinthedark Okay I’m gonna try my private Susan acc, hopefully it doesn’t get suspended. If it does, I’m gonna try using a VPN

      @ivanmarkovicsec RT @shipulin_anton: A research by @icsmaster on how to turn an Internet accessible PLC Siemens S7-1200 into a reverse proxy to an internal…

      @0SGeek RT @fightfortheftr: We can still save #NetNeutrality, and we need just #OneMoreVote to pass the CRA in the Senate. Join the online protest…

      @Rockstardad76 RT @jerome_corsi: Here we go. YouTube JUST REMOVED one of my @cbts_stream videos & DISABLED my LIVE STREAM for 90 days #QAnon #Qanon8chan C…

      @sdavisaz RT @Wutevuh: ✍️SIGN the PETITION #InternetBillofRights

      @realGramarella RT @MzMollyAnna: Mind boggling! The truth is coming out & Social media is terrified! Their only Options: spread lies that instill doubt…

      @flitzsa can somebody teach me how to vpn so i can fuck back outta block zone here virtually

      @WickedBecks RT @5Strat: Q reveals that they have a strategy for Internet censorship/privacy matters. It appears they will require Internet Businesses t…

      @treasurelife3 RT @FedupWithSwamp: Censorship of @POTUS on Twitter is why we need #InternetBillOfRights but certain 'operatives' want us to be afraid of s…

      @jessethanley @basecamp Yup. As of 5 mins ago. Tried another browser with VPN too.

      @BotNamedSue RT @Tracinski: So this helped me crystallizes a lot of what I've been thinking about lately: was social media a mistake?

      "The Censorship o…

      @LivingDeadWhore RT @Bunchie_Bunches: *rant thread against censorship on the internet*
      Most of y'all don't know what SESTA/FOSTA is, let alone why you sho…

      @dwatchnews RT @anceschistan: Topical, informed, captivatingly illustrated: do not miss @baidildayeva's latest on #Kazakhstan's internet censorship pra…

      @skepticosaurus RT @iamcuriousblue: Well, the kind of massive internet censorship I'd long been fearing has finally come to the US, and on the heels of the…

      @Eyes_of_justice RT @damien_shark: Wikipedia's guidelines on notability and its definition of what constitutes a "reliable source" mean that it is firmly pa…

      @wooshownu managed to vote 2 times..... vpn app stopped working and won’t connect to the internet cry ing

      @WRatHsChilD_ish RT @marmadukeBlack: @PrivateHenry1 @WRatHSCHiLD_317 @AyoCaesar Not true. The meaning has been changed by government to protect their white…

      @mathemactivist RT @fightfortheftr: The Trans-Pacific Partnership would have led to widespread Internet censorship. That's why Internet users around the wo…

      @FidonetRunes RT @ACLU: We call on @Amazon, @Google, @Microsoft, and @Apple to resist Russia's internet censorship campaign.

      Stand for human rights by…

      @ChichesterIan RT @sorenlunde: “When you have strict censorship of the internet, young students cannot receive a full education. Their view of the world i…

      @Thembinkosi RT @Smith_JeffreyT: “The internet censorship and increasing media crackdown in #Tanzania are part of an overall attempt by the government t…

      @bulldogva7 RT @bullshit_hero: Fantastic discussion with @RealTimBlack on @RealAlexJones channel

      "Conservatives And Liberals Must Unite Against Intern…

      @sitycent RT @CoreyStewartVA: .@DiamondandSilk are leading the charge against internet censorship by Silicon Valley, specifically Facebook.

      They ar…

      @MomentumCV RT @MomentumCV: Israel pays armies of trolls—from soldiers to uninformed American teens—to get content banned that it doesn’t like.


      @CuntTheRedeemer RT @CodaStory: Why was @codarussian's website banned from the Russian internet by a government censorship agency? If you missed @Alexey__K…

      @21stCommons RT @ifamericansknew:

      @citizenlab RT @SecPlanner: Trying to access websites that are blocked on your network? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) might be for you. VPNs use encr…

      @NanaB_2010 RT @UNESCO: How would your life be without #PressFreedom?

      Stop censorship.
      Stop internet shutdowns.
      Stop attacks against journalists.


      @TraceyCooke1027 RT @blueavians: More and more people are finding ways around the censorship and internet purge by major social media companies like YouTube…

      @Mr_Brad_I_Am @BeckingSmith @ShangoriGannos @MikeStuchbery_ This is government censorship by proxy.

      @MJes54 RT @RFERL: Two Iranian expatriate IT experts have launched a version of the Telegram messenger app with an integrated censorship-evading to…

      @jessnmattmakes5 RT @kenwyatt44: If you don’t support #NetNeutrality, read this article. The Chinese know that control of the internet is central to control…

      @fayruz1968 RT @The_Trump_Train: Extreme censorship is currently hitting our movement... Please do the following:

      1. Share this tweet.
      2. Reply to thi…

      @khnidk RT @acanthamoeba: @ralph_squillace @khnidk @Azure @kubernetesio An admin can map Pods to an identity, and there was never an app SP passwor…

      @scottberwick @Callum_TH Proxy server in use in Browser settings?

      @limemankini @JagexSupport Hey I am returning to the game but my account is muted for using a VPN a while back. Can this be removed please?

      @LinuxPaulM Turn on the VPN Paul, that's how you bypass GDPR redirects on US sites too stupid to understand GDPR

      @Mr_JDTraynor RT @paullewismoney: Government to make it a crime to watch certain things on the internet. State censorship always begins with bans that so…

      @IrisVibes RT @RapidPerfect: @EU_Commission I don't want censorship on internet in europe, do you seriously think you can pull off a stunt like USA di…

      @Gabatron000 RT @LibertiesEU: Here is your last chance to make a difference and defend #FreeSpeech on the internet! Join over 28,000 others and say no t…

      @ULA_DTES RT @NSC: “This is the latest escalation in Venezuela’s internet censorship efforts, as it blocks higher-profile sites with more sophisticat…

      @sh3raawii RT @torproject: Egypt didn't just censor the internet. It profited from it.

      Many blocked sites were redirected to affiliate ads and crypt…

      @jeonuvu RT @AlexVelour: Guys please this is really important

      European Parliament: Stop the censorship-machinery! Save the Internet! - Sign the Pet…

      @korreyladeroute RT @OpenMediaOrg: You did it! Today the EU Parliament rejected the #linktax and #censorship machines in the copyright proposal that would b…

      @RegatosdoFlamen RT @PolandDaily: The new EU initiative to impose censorship on the internet for over 500 million EU citizens has suffered a major setback i…

      @f_fz Starting to suspect that SimpleDNSCrypt no longer works for bypassing Indonesian Internet censorship. Boo.

      @cybeardjm RT @mpawlo: A meager 10% left to hit the goal of 1 million signatures against the #copyright reform. Sign if you haven't, tell your friends…

      @PapiCastro93 @Unblock_Us why are some shows working and some have the proxy warning from the SAME region??

      @strongSwanNet RT @mr_jonathanacha: @kl_support After installing KTS 2019, it now prevents me from browsing the internet when I connect to an IKEv2 VPN se…

      @JonnyValleyBoy RT @SaorAlba5704320: This is ridiculous coming from the shysters at BBC.

      How can they talk about transparency and electoral swaying? This…

      @ratxue RT @Restreamio: If your country or ISP doesn't deliver a strong enough connection or is blocking access to Restream altogether, a VPN and…

      @tony_lamond RT @cpomagazine: For most Internet users, Vietnam’s new #cybersecurity law may just mean #censorship and a reduction in #freedomofspeech. h…

      @talktalklovr RT @MrNashington: The White House should put together an advisory committee of young people who know the Internet inside and out. This is t…

      @KeyDeplorable RT @zeusFanHouse: @DRUDGE_REPORT @RealAlexJones BIG TECH
      Watch: #AlexJones Warns World Of #Internet #Censorship ~ Catch this #breaking #war…

      @pastork5055 RT @RealTimBlack: Censorship is rampant on all major social media platforms. Anyone who does not tow the Corporate line, reports on US mili…

      @DesertStar1993 RT @ElizabethHeng: Unfortunately, the tech companies are holding all of the power and have no apparent desire to correct biased censorship…

      @DashDika hi @growtopiagame this is my first time i play growtopia but the england server is down.please i want to play this game

      i use vpn for that

      @frankspartts RT @AMike4761: The recent wave of censorship of conservative voices on the internet by tech giants Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Apple mir…

      @McGMaryland1 RT @McGMaryland: twit Soros Funding Internet Censorship: The story by WorldNetDaily’s Art Moore: The recent wave of censorship of conservat…

      @SJG99 RT @SoniaKatiMota: Mossad proxy faked violent #Facebook #antiSemitism
      In 2016 An Israeli legal group with intimate ties to the state’s inte…

      @mhai56 RT @RVAwonk: Wow Thomas, those are some fancy words you got there. Let's take the easiest accusation to prove: "internet censorship". Where…

      @_oroborus RT @thejuicemedia: The European Union just released an ad about Article 13 aka the Internet Censorship Bill, and it's surprisingly honest a…

      @_Boot_Party_ RT @BidenzHairplugz: Trump supporters are getting censored off the internet and most GOP congressmen totally ignore it while publicly worry…

      @LisaM3732 RT @Kasparov63: Hardly new. It was developed to combat the truth being available on the internet in Russia, instead of China-style censorsh…

      @arclight1382 RT @YourNerdWonder: @anitasarkeesian Says the woman who got Trump to blame school shootings on videogames thanks to the magical unicorn you…

      @busseyinc RT @KEEMSTAR: The most powerful people & companies in the world are erasing Alex Jones from the internet & history before our eyes.

      If th…

      @hmedx1 RT @leroy_weiler: Multi Media Report Video on Ssudi Prince Salman with Trump explaing why he is in a coalition with King Salman bin Abdulaz…

      @KudeRaju RT @torproject: We're hiring a developer to take our anti-censorship work to the next level.

      Extensive experience writing and evaluating…

      @stevetweets13 RT @dazthetory: On the way back from a debate about social media & censorship. Interesting points raised. Should we separate the internet f…

      @MadDog20470 RT @SUPgrlCaroline: @marthamaccallum @ShannonBream
      I just saw you segment on Moms March. Guess what? Google has already taken their websit…

      @Brad0492 RT @OzraeliAvi: I’m seeing this video all over the internet in the past couple of days.

      Thank you @facebook for inspiring millions to SHAR…

      @FransJFH RT @Matthijs85: PODCAST with Pirate MEP Julia Reda on the new copyright laws
      With European elections coming up, what can we do to stop the…

      @ChgocadChic RT @RodiJannat: @ValeriePrimros4 @DorisZelaya5 @tgradous @ChgocadChic @pjamesjp1 @LLMajer @leeone_roz @FreeLion7 @Karee_news @Republikim1 @…

      @yamatho2 RT @newflightdigitl: Check out how we created an #internet controlled #rover with just a few parts! #vpn #networking #rpi #RaspberryPi #car…

      @brokenNotRecord RT @espiers: You enable racism, people don't want to do business with you. That's capitalism, snowflakes; not censorship. And yes, I do che…

      @Sharon59 RT @CNN: Beijing's model of the internet is now spreading beyond its borders, with China's censors working actively with their counterparts…

      @sectest9 RT @CSR_India: .@AmiFromIndia was on the panel by @DEFindia and @lovemattersinfo discussing censorship in #Online Spaces #OnlineSafety #Int…

      @VendettaAnon1 RT @AnonsWorldwide: #Anonymous
      #ACTA2 #EuropeWeHaveAProblem #InternetCensorship #CensorshipMachines #UploadFilters

      @mylessonlearned RT @ColumbiaBugle: .@TuckerCarlson on Internet Censorship: “The people in charge realize that the free exchange of information online makes…

      @_ydkjacko @Jolassanda Too lazy to find a good VPN server to watch this, I do not get why they did not stick with Youtube...

      @DocWSJames RT @Talaolp: @DeadSexyWaiter @Trish_Corry @mackaysuzie @virgotweet @nobby15 @banas51 @randlight @MSMWatchdog2013 @pedwards2014 @GoldCoastNu…

      @rubembborges why do I pay for a better Internet if I can't use at all ? that's a big censorship against progress.