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      Tweets about hide.me

      @ChloeYeoman RT @bethrevis: . @LaurenDeStefano: There's a stranger here, I'm gonna hide.
      Me: ...are you an actual cat?

      @paauloves1D So why does your pride make you run and hide, are you that afraid of me?

      @cromcrauc @petitmonsieur_ @Foxycleo3 thats me trying to hide petit

      @FintanCox @Thejanitor14 hey coward if u want to tweet me again have the guts to use your name & not hide behind a fake Twitter avatar

      @yahaaiirraa I am the most understanding person there is. It shouldn't be any reason why you have to hide anything from me

      @brelynmarkiana RT @greedy_gutta: I lik a girl that's

      @greedy_gutta I lik a girl that's

      @fcknjuliet ya'll binches can't hide from me

      @shewasocean RT @KeroNotorio: Let me hide in you from anything distracting me from you.

      @is_salsu 1, I don't want my husband to cheat
      2, if he has groupies who lust after him, we should gist about it and laugh and not hide it from me.

      @legrant101 RT @Lutziek: Wrapped
      Around a feeling
      Not a sound,
      Ripples dance
      my mind
      a trance
      Hide me inside
      Night shades
      Of grey


      @lickJAHBoobies_ @__JuicyJess to me it just seems like color is there to hide the other issues

      @Iedapple it's hard for me confess to someone what i'm trying to hide for years but yeah, he ignored me :))))

      @skylar_roo RT @bIessedup: I said it was fine because I was trying to hide how much you hurt me but the tears let you know for me.

      @_Lynn_Save_Me_ RT @deeptexting: The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. And the kindest hearts have f…

      @MickeyyDoubleD RT @meganmartinii: @MickeyyDoubleD you're not scared cause you know if you saw me or Katie you'd run & hide dummy girl

      @bakekookies why is yining forever attacking me with a jungkook hhm previously was the figurine now the plushie I want to hide

      @yungadro U can't hide gifts from me, ik where everything is in the house!

      @mykalah_johnson Sometimes I wish I could hide n no one would find me till I'm ready

      @hotdogiero the fact you think you can hide that from me is so far from wrong that it's not even funny anymore

      @EyeAmBlessed313 RT @EbrahimAseem: You don't have to hide your flaws fears & tears from me. Vent to me I want to understand you. Let my consistency wash awa…

      @kaycee_hannifan RT @nandi100_: My mom knows everything about me, I have nun to hide from her

      @Simmak3kSingh RT @AmreshInsa: #MSG2WowMSG2 @Gurmeetramrahim Hear my prayer, God. Don't hide from my request. Pay attention to me and respond to me


      @chelsey6286 Y r u gonna hide u personality for me 2 fall for u then gonna show me the real u when u know ive fallen.

      @Chrissy_Elyy RT @CatsAreCooool: "How do girls hide diarrhea so well??" "How come you didn't send me a selfie all day??" Lmao @ the questions my brother …

      @turnthot RT @wedontknowthedj: Dont even try to hide stuff from me lol i can find out anything if i want to

      @michaelaquinn15 "But one’s a liar that helps to hide me from my pain
      And one’s the long gone bitter truth
      That’s the difference between whiskey and you"

      @JoshuaSilveira3 Lmao my dad just handed me my mom's Christmas present, told me to hide it, and went to bed.

      @snowbaekho RT @chanbaekslays: it's just that if you were to die in front of me i might help your murderer hide your body lol

      @Jhop_uponit My momma be trying to hide all the snacks from me tuh

      @ThatBoyTeka RT @Echecrates: Son I can't even sneeze the wrong way without my chick asking me what's wrong. How the fuck I'm gone hide an entire marriag…

      @AGirlNamed_KUSH I see through all that shit .. you can't hide nothing from me ..

      @Heyy_Goreegeous Theres A Side Of Me That I Don't Hide I Just Never Show.

      @mooxboo RT @MeganNahhhman: My child will be my bff idc. I'm gonna be the worlds coolest mom. They won't have to hide a thing from me.

      @tokyo_mamii My mom keeps singing and dedicating songs to me and i want to hide/scream

      @nxfarixus @mxllifluxus dont hide from me little one. hugs you by your sides and gives your forehead a kiss.

      @meadow_brooke But the skeletons I hide have much thicker skin than me

      @tacksc @minkey he also likes to hide around the corner and try to scare me

      @seriouslymalie How many times did Twitter hide stuff from me...

      @hide_ldh Follow Me!!!!!!!


      @SecularLondoner @PoliticoVoice me too, culturally Sikh, never had to hide my atheism even in a Gurdwaras, love my Sikh history and heritage!

      @felmafel RT @Relatestagram_: I hide all my problems behind my smile. Behind my smile is a world of pain. You think you know me, but you have no idea.

      @OneeChaaan GIVE A CHIBI JIGAN TO ME

      @Keraww Like if you up to no good, then let me know sum don't hide it from me, that's selfish

      @CHOUSLC idk where to hide bcs wherever i go changkyun will expose me

      @FetlewG "If you show me all your flaws, I'll show you mine. I'll claim your baggage, no longer need to hide..."

      @Bhavikaa_Popat RT @MESOOCORNYY: Mom: Where did you hide the Nutella?
      Me: I'm nutelling you.

      @xLizRoseEvex @WorldOfBlaze Everyone close to me knows how much I love you, it's no secret and I never hide how proud I am to be your fan

      @FrancesMcNeill I can't believe it's taken less than 3 hours for work to break me so I'm just going to close everything down and hide in the corner :-(

      @OverratedTeen RT @seokjineats: my 10 year old sister: unfair :( i wanna eat that too :(
      me: *tries to hide boner*

      @Nearly_Insane "Who wants to help me hide a body?!!~" #CrazyBot

      @ShaydeDesiree When it's over and all this pride you hold inside has died, tell me, where will you hide?

      @chelseaakempp The shit I text people when intoxicated literally makes me wanna hide away for the rest of my life haha

      @_Bamii RT @Papa___Midnight: Come home and the first thing my mum tells me is "Hide your phone and watch, they've been breaking windows and stealin…

      @Zoe_Ngwenyurr My sister's face gives me heart palpitations. I wanna hide her from every gent in this world :(

      @IainScorthorne So no one took me up on the offer of naked twister.... how about naked hide and seek instead :)

      @SydniBornschein If you have to contradict something you've said in the past to hide something from me, I will hold your words against you w no hesitation

      @ssvraa RT @ELYAZEII: @ssvraa emotional person, you don't hide your feelings, obsessed with GOT, you love every single thing about me

      @Skhrs_ Give a little time to me or burn this out, We'll play hide and seek to turn this around..

      @itsT0NYbitch do they even know you? all the things you hide from me all the shit that you do

      @Cuddlx_Hxmmo I'm sad Luke never followed me but I'm trying to hide it


      @solodolooutchea RT @thronesofgold: A wise friend once told me...

      "You can't hide from you."

      @xxchaunettexo Gotta hide 2 bottles of Vodka , they trying to drink everything & ain't leave shit for me

      @vcom3da You make me run and hide

      @siman___ RT @ShazQureshi: In fact, my soul and yours are the same, You appear in me, I in you, We hide in each other.

      @saracalado2 RT @drxnken: I'll never understand why people hide things from their BF/gf... it amazes me how hard it is for people to be honest and open …

      @ciaaaruuuh I wish that I was good at hide and go seek 'cause every time I hide you find me.

      @asianSoph RT @abbn0rmal_: public service announcement, my eyebrows will be done today so if u love ur nigga I'd suggest that u hide him from me

      @StellaSiren1 RT @ThRealBallsDeep: The fuck are you doing there?! I told you to hide. Don't you know that staying on my sleeve will always get you hurt?…

      @JuliaAthenaa RT @Whereyaasswasat: You can't hide anything from me.... I know everybody lol anything I wanna know I will know

      @HBFeath @LandOn_MyD ur so jealous that u had to tweet @ me to hide ur jealousy

      @ShyyDejaaa RT @Shelovefreako: If We Talk/Date

      @emilylundrigann You talk so much shit but still hide from me

      @Buwgatti Trynna hide dat Remy box from me. I see you Ma...

      @Ireful_Cajolery @RegalAppleQueen //YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME

      @Unforgettabble My car keys always hide from me

      @jdbalani RT @MadelinaT: Lead me to an oasis of peace, uncover what the darkness tries to hide. Saturate my soul with joy...dress my strength with ho…

      @amxvsn RT @llSILVRll: everything reminds me of you and i want to get you out of my mind , but it seems like it's your fav place to hide.

      @ainAbdllh 2724 Always wanting to control/hide emotions, always polite, always opting for the better path/action. Very masculine. Very dear to me ❤

      @mirandaa_xoxo RT @karrusabi: Who I date or talk to is no ones business. It has nothing to do with me trying to hide it, it's really just not your busines…

      @insyirahshhzn I hate people who hide things from me. U dont like me tell me straight to the face

      @BrookeFielding S/o to Young for getting me a blanket I can hide in ❤


      @kdramalaws She can't hide from me forever or did she miss the memo that I quit my job and gonna "work" from home...?

      @84Valenn RT @DosisDeRock1: Come back sweetness, come back to stay. You're my light inside, don't hide away. ¡Shine your light on me!

      @osbeja RT @odalis_hurtado: @ the one who exposed me , guess you showed everyone the real me. The least you could do is not hide

      @instabailey My sister just told me to hide my septum cuz she's embarrassed to be seen with me

      @Babygir88 @AllyJessBrooke -giggles- Ally, are you trying to hide from me?

      @OdbNick I want someone who doesn't lie to me I'm more angry about the lies then wtf happen I'm mad that you tryed to hide it... You fooled me r.o.d

      @tenhyung @bbyjjh WHY YOU HATE ME WHEN YOU CAN LOVE ME!!! okay I give up take that casper away from me hide him and make sure to love him more

      @BotofViola "Viola" might not be my real name, but it is a way for me to hide from those who have hurt me before. It's like... I'm starting anew.

      @lesmiserablouis i have to hide my tattoo when my mom's here DOTN let me forget

      @Craig_Knox Oxford street is making me want to curl up and hide

      @prettyprints_ When will this end for me. How long more must I keep fighting for my happiness and not hide it from everyone.

      @rachelaalley *me at an introverts anonymous meeting* hi my name is abbey. I like to hide in my closet when people come over to my house.

      @pchciara my mom just told me that when my dad was cheating he would hide viagra in an aleeve bottle ummm

      @talonomega @slave_to_anime I watched the first ep. Her "I need to hide who I am and be pitiful so others do everything for me" was annoying.

      @mayanchocolate0 @Shyam24man @NiceMangos Which word bothers u in that sentence ? Most, rural, hide, door ? For me hide behind door or a piece of cloth same.

      @me_mclean @lucymcl he is so cold, he has to hide his face under his tail. Or maybe he is ashamed!

      @jessicawarda_ RT @hopiieeeee: @jessicawarda_ awe ! So sweet ! You don't have to hide your love for me Jessica.

      @X_Gang_Luck I was fat when I was little so if we were playing hide & go seek tag & someone tagged me then I didn't wanna play no more

      @daeemarie I feel like if you call me your "friend" you shouldn't have to hide none from me, and if you are you must feel guilty about it

      @e_vaacd Seen so much in my life I got demons in me I don't fight I just keep em inside⁰Ain't no fear if you seek I won't hide

      @jamthebeloved Can't run, can't hide from Your hand on my life
      Your love, Your grace will never ever stop chasing me

      GRAB the UBER grace of God!

      @Cay_lur Bra I know how ppl act when they trying to hide some shit from me

      @RitaOraMyQueen i remember when my best friend cut my hair in fourth grade and i had to hide it cuz i thought my mon would kill me.

      @AlLou15 RT @Jaye_Moseley: Someone needs to hide my bank card from me

      @ash_pep09 RT @Yazz_1021: @ash_pep09 lol the trick is to hide I do it all the time they usually look for me and I'll hide around the house & outside

      @curlyykerr Thank you mr sun for coming out and giving me a reason to wear shades to hide these bags under my eyes

      @wengsowonderful RT @eveskeating: tbh cate blanchett could kill me and my ghost would come back to help her hide the evidence

      @grainsdeCel I wanna run, I want to hide
      I wanna tear down the wall that hold me inside

      @taaavieuh He can't hide shit from me because the truth always comes out. Always.

      @AyeeYooRae_ I wish I could play hide and seek... and I wish that nobody would find me. I just want to be alone.

      @gazelleanngarc1 RT @jenny_ferre: Why hide with a pseudo- identity or a nick ? ... Tell me who you are ... Real names , real persona ... Dont be a coward. …

      @masonicbee RT @christineyhsd: @Kalaax008 @txstarkeeper same here, I kind of ate all the chocolate chips, today baked batch two. Now how do I hide them…

      @who_is_tj13 that being said hard to hide stuff from me. someone's gonna tell me if I don't just figure it out myself lmaoo

      @_ciscogarcia Today is so off for me, Cani just hide under a rock until the 2nd.

      @TimothyJamel And when they looking , you let me hide , defend my honor , defend my pride . .

      @amanietc @briannayyy @omgsabrena a week later my sis forced me to hide in a box while playing hide & go seek & i fell out and broke my arm

      @ilyromeobeckham RT @HeisN0tAllowed: My boyfriend not allowed to hide his phone from me. As long as we're together it's not an iPhone it's a wePhone ✋

      @AgushMJ RT @LoveMJJAlways: I Cannot Contain Myself
      When In Your Presence
      I'm So Humble
      Touch Me
      Don't Hide Our Love
      Woman To Man

      IN THE CLOSET htt…

      @numbertze Don't draw your curtains on me, you can't hide from me. I am already on the other side

      @lvslymichelle RT @Juliannee__: I lurk so much you can't hide anything from me

      @theylove_kg dont hide shit from me . just keep it real

      @ItssKionnaa_ RT @Lsu_londo: Little bro making me mad so I'm Finna get all his gifts when he sleep and hide em,say Santa took em back

      @Unndis00daisy RT @KeetPotato: [wife putting groceries away]
      "where's the bread?"
      i got mugged
      "specifically for bread?"
      [cuts to me feeding a duck i hide…

      @ALESANAFAN713 Let's hide from the world..
      Let's not exist..
      Time is mocking me..
      And now I'm fighting gravity..

      @Tomara_K I am justified though. I'll have to put on my game face the day of too because Lawd! Smh. Annoyance is hard for me to hide

      @autrose_ Watching myself in videos kills me because I'm such a fucking dork & I can hide it in selfies but never in vids

      @BeishatheSHHH RT @xX_Ahontas: Hide ya niggas and bitches cuz I can't help it if they all on me at #collegecraze4

      @m_fishh Keep trying to hide in the back room & Du keeps catching me

      @absoluteDOLL I ever tell ayo about the time my ex hide me in the bathroom bc his BM came over?! No?! You know what?! nvm.

      @CMerenu @Kingwesley12 yeah.. Why would he hide this from me.. I earned it...

      @aceIaurens @cIervals i hear wailing in the street nobody tells me to hide bc they're all fucking afraid of me

      @kmaaaari____ always talking bout me but got everything in the world to hide

      @official_shiro me internally: oh shit i need a new name to hide my identity
      me: well uh since im dressed entirely in whtie call me uh trash boat wait fuc

      @neki_bot If I don't act like a human in front of Hide... "Act like a human"? Me?

      @jennpureessence I've now lost the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so do much. I don't want you to have to hide to be with me

      @hidejpg me: ok but have you seen hide? no? NO? OF COURSE NOT. OF COURSE. WHERE IS MY SON

      @britney1710 RT @LexisNEVERWins: She let me hide my weed in her titties

      @urlocalgay a cute boy smiled at me today at work and I didn't know what to do so I went into the walk in freezer to hide :-/

      @Aureyisawesome "I'm my own enemy and I hide from inside my house. I'll play hide n seek with myself. I know my deepest secrets, which scares me the most"

      @Its_Jesus_ @ODDJULIAN420 you can't hide from me

      @arielcarrillo_ Do you ever make a really stupid mistake at work and want to hide from your boss all night?
      Yeah that's me rn

      @Prongs_ebooks This ebooks is always stalking and watching you, real me. You can never run and never hide for I am everywhere. - Big Sister Prongsbot.

      @CutieJewliani @hamzatter @ToasterRodeo sorry if you guys believed me but my twitter is pretty obviously a joke/troll account. i didnt hide that or delete


      @naaadya90 @Red10Sky hahaha..i know a perfect place to hide..

      @yourstrulysash_ I don't wanna hide the way I feel when you're next to me

      @desteeno_ RT @QueenAsh1_: I'm The Type Of Person That'll Help You Hide A Body But If You Cross Me You Betta Remember I Know How To Hide A Body.

      @_itsjaaayneee21 Im not a little kid anymore to where you have to hide things from me or whatever, like dont.

      @gookboyz don't hide the good from me

      @_ZMOE_ We'll just replay the 80s, go to a place where we can hide
      Only your love can save me
      I'm lost in a world of yellow skies, your paradise

      @laynemooose so larry n isaiah wrapped me in hella blankets& said sum "hide the body" then they dropped me & started straight attackin me lmao im dead

      @sisaznaryaira9 sometimes I like to hide my .ife's inhaler so the neighbor think I'm a stallion when they hear her panting "Give it to me!

      @ShutupNaekayla Never understood why dudes always try with me, like the prettiest people really be the most fucked up. We hide the ugliest scars.


      @ElenaPerrine RT @Jqmarie_: Elena sent me a snapchat video of her playing hide n' go seek with herself and a towel

      @emmalorena18 We hide our emotions under the surface and try to pretend but it feels like there's oceans between you and me

      @JoeBamforth @Aggerscricket It makes me want to hide behind the sofa when Rowan Atkinson is wrapping the present. "Can we be quite quick"

      @RXG_xero I know you like someone else

      @JointFairy311D @SieARose Girl I am HARRY AS FUCK right now. I'm about to jump back into Hide.

      Wish me luck.

      @Jellyacexxx I know some of your secrets
      you cant hide it from me
      Im not that stupid

      @TannerrrrWade There's another world inside of me that you may never see, there's secrets in this life that I can't hide

      @DiggyLovesMe_ RT @Raj_Quoted: If you ask me anything you want to know I'll tell you I see no point to hide anything .

      @NaughtyEd Ready Or Not, Here I Come, you can't hide.. gonna find you and make you want me

      @love8ganda Dreamt that rj suddenly went to d darkside then went chasing aftr me to diff hotels.i was lyk"hide me he will kill me".wokeup coz he txtd me

      @theyorkster17 RT @Scripture_Truth: Hear my prayer, God. Don't hide from my request. Pay attention to me and respond to me -Psalm 55:1-2

      @CoOwness Ooooh, someone I hate is in the house, hide me. Hay

      @GirlPutInWork Someone please hide my wallet from me. Im literally addicted to online makeup shopping and its going to be the death of me..&my bank account

      @Davasgo In other news: Vern hates me. Guess I'd better go pack my bags. Hopefully the rain will hide my broken tears... 、ヽ`(~д~*)、ヽ`

      @ShafawiJ RT @TheSongMsgs: "I can't hide what I've done, scars remind me of just how far that I've come." - Shakira.

      @Kogameh RT @id7confessions: gaku's rabbit chats are killing me, this child can't hide his (huge) crush for tsumugi anymore -dead- #savehim

      @kecheritomne RT @sistervpaul_: #Compline Ant "Do not hide your face from me; in you I put my trust"; Psalm 143:1-11 (Prayer in distress); Reading 1 Pete…

      @TripleSNov I'm currently died for the next 3 days

      @MeaganLeupold Dont upset me! Im running out of places to hide the bodies.

      @Blixempie555 RT @RamsByTheHorns: My ONLY wish for 2016 is for Twitter to STOP racist @GwedeUncle and his band of fellow racists who hide behind pseudony…

      @ArisJones_RP Just played a little hide and seek with the guys. Obviously they didn't find me. I'm too sneaky *smirks*


      @teenotaku_24 7. I like black because I think it would hide me from everything.

      @gr8bad #Grandfather: "Go #hide, your #teacher is here b/c U skipped #school today!" Me: "U go hide!... I told her you were #DEAD!" #teamfollowback

      @Ryszard_bot Hide yo Ryś hide yo WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU MAKING ME SING

      @hannanur someone told me I look gloomy.I weren't surprised.I can't never hide my sadness.

      @NorfsideSoulja_ RT @1FLYMEXICAN: I hate niggas dat try n hide how they feel for a Citch ifk u love that Citch let it be known stop tryna look cool for me n…

      @CapitolHillHemp RT @TrippyDevv: "@xWeedTweetsx: I hate when my lighters play hide and seek with me."

      @Ogbeni_Neezy Honestly, d best way to hide something from me is to put it in a book....... I prefer 'practicals' to reading

      @anziepanz As if me and my mates spent all last night, not getting drunk, but playing hide and seek in the dark

      @champagnemenow @RobCoco It was four bottles actually. I did hide one particularly well. Did you get me on your cellphone?


      @chantilly111 @UKMailHelp hahaha!! There's a BBQ in the back garden under some tarpaulin - can you hide it under there for me please?

      @giovanedea_ dont EVER lie to me or hide shit from me cus I WILL find out & get even more pissed that yo ass didn't tell me & idc what it is big or small

      @Jun2daXAY Nowhere for me to run and... hide....

      @JudeAlpire i hide the pain inside me

      @cubcruzito This is when I need my sister's @RubysRtoluono @Lyni3six waaaah loll Ruby don't ever hide from me like that again

      @xxemilypass RT @emmaoliviapeel: My parents can't trust me not finding my Christmas presents so they hide them at other people's houses

      @limakink yall cant expose me in ot4expose ive got nothing to hide

      @lol_twsk It is too much of being impudent that hide a feeling liking have you come to like me.

      @alleyesonceee i already know one of my gifts my mom got me

      @saudkhalid @ArybaJB @BakhtawarBZ @BBhuttoZardari let me guess! Dubai where he can hide ! But Allah is watching and knows how to do justice

      @RichyProfit401 Hangovers make me look old ∗puts in to look younger category∗ RT @lizdollabill @me no I wear it to hide my hangovers

      @_yaboiedro_ Hella niggas where trynna hide behind me last night lmaoo

      @Lwt_horan Gotta hide of evidence that I just aye a freddo or ma will kill me oops x

      @Loren_Lunday My 6 year old nephew; "I don't like black girls. I can't deal with them. What if they hide from me? I can't see them." Omg

      @njptv @retsygamer @OriginPC takes me longer than most women. Gotta hide the balding.

      @DjStoresssss Who's up for a fun game of @clubpenguin hide and seek? RT/Like the tweet and try find me on Pine Needles!

      @BraveBird131 #BeforeIWasWoke I felt I had to hide my inner heaux and that sex could devalue me as a cis femme woman.

      @producerandyuk Whoever has given me this sore throat and cough....hide. I will find you.

      @Lovebite69Karen You can find it in your heart to understand us an me an everything I love you I woke up though about you so I wanted to say it no more hide

      @MeetPerfectCell -run and hide don't bother fighting me" Cell taunted, "now either get up here and face me or leave."

      @DeThunderScoots And my TL is creeping me out now.

      *flies away to DMs and Rant to hide*

      @sadgryffindor I'm supposed to take liquid iron for anemia and I think if I hide under the bed and make no sound, nobody will make me take it :C

      @sk3let0rr RT @annalisxx: Don't think you can hide shit from me I'm fucking psycho I'll pull some FBI shit on your ass and catch you slippin

      @gracieebel In all seriousness me and kameron hide in a trunk for an hour.

      @iron_hide_217 RT @sodopesimon: Bullshit don't phase me, I just be putting that shit to the side. I ain't got time for allat.

      @estergrey I'm in love with the sadness tho but I wish it wouldn't bother me so much to the point I just hide in my closet for hours crying

      @Sav_Violet I hate liars and I hate when people hide stuff from me when I already know the truth

      @Jaythekid13 Hate when my "bestfriends" hide shit from me.

      @Tattoliciousx_x If you have to hide it from me .. You SHOULDN'T be doing it :)

      @KatyyBuggyy Oh how I love it when you hide shit from me.

      @StyleMeKay_ RT @nbg_xo: I hate being lied too, or when people try to hide shit from me, just be

      @Tristybot Ash is the best at hide and seek we played 8 games and nobody found me.

      @kidplanet_ Miami nights on the search for some T and A

      Trying to hide what’s obvious to see in me

      @AbbyKonyak @ayemadddie let me hide in your suitcase.. I'm begging

      @DozOfTheDino Also showed me where the generation before him used to hide during the slave trade. Wow

      @lyanafsh_ RT @DamnRealWord: Please don't hide things from me that keep me wondering...just be honest with me even if it hurts."

      @raqueelagm RT @NickyVangelis: I'm not feelin' this situation.
      Run away try to find that safe place you can hide. It's the best place to be when you'r…

      @Nxdzrh_ RT @lyuublue: wowww. cnblue instrumental hide and seek is sooo goodd. made me feeling like dancing loll

      @JayCubed_SA #MAFTOWN it is too hot for me to hide in my house. Okay. A re tla nwa? Kae?

      @vivaznaoerra_ Give a little time to me, we'll burn this out
      We'll play hide and seek, to turn this around
      All I want is the taste that your lips allow..

      @laurrrx91 My mom just told me to hide my wine in my room so my "dads sister" doesn't drink it

      @BoomHissLove @Mayor_Sheep okay, want me to hide or seek first?

      @angel_inluv The bible tell me that only the humble will inherited the world bt He hide to tell me that I will suffer gannnn!!! Jesus is Lord.

      @ridashah982 RT @srslycid: u can't!!!!!! hide things!!!!!! from me!!!!! i always!!!!!! find!!!!!! out!!!!!

      @RaWzYsKyS RT @comcastcory: @RaWzYsKyS sike lol im more of a hide and seek god than bin laden the feds aint finding me

      @Cassanthompson RT @HollingworthMar: Hey Santa where did all the good boys go to hide away??? Of all ppl u should fuckin be able to tell me

      @angelaputri don't hide. don't run. it will be alright. you'll see. trust me. just pray.

      @ru_honest1 @TerryWurr Hope your next to me or someone with carry n conceal if shit hits fan. The No gun zone sign is to small to hide behind!

      @jacobxafi like my mom got me these two jacket type things that were so gross when I took them out I couldn't even hide how disgusted I was

      @Ka3ly Wish people would quit trying to hide stuff from me. It's not gonna save my feelings.

      @bren_n_butterrr RT @VeryLonelyLuke: Oh, you found me.

      Now go hide while I look for you for 20 years.

      @richard_b_lowe @AndrooReid @MsLisaAppleton @Cafe_Hide_Away @Miss_Mills_x @scousebabe888 add me on snapchat Richie_rich1978 #snapchat #richie_rich1978

      @jadayvette_ if you feel the need to hide shit from me you shouldn't be doing it so dont even fw me

      @meghanboroskae RT @trvk_pxrsns: 2004 me and my relatives would play games like hide from all parents or sum shit now it's yo what's the wifi

      @bembemboom Let see if anyone would there to find me let the hide and seek begin...

      @BhucwaM RT @Ntjosh: While playing 30 seconds Me: It's a game where you count then look for someone. Her: Black mampatile... Because fuck hide and s…

      @DanialNotDaniel @DanialNotDaniel yes i might be showing everyone my wrongdoing and sins but i choose to hide my deens. Go on then judge me

      @Schoolgirls_ @Scum_Lord69 @Cahemistry More balls than me. I hide my average ass as much as possible.

      @meanttobeCC RT @TheXFactor: #TXFBeatlesSongs Everybody's Got Something To Hide, Except For Me and My Harry.

      @meconvo RT @rachelrainna: me: someone took my money
      ppl: u should hide it better kasi, it's your fault

      it's my fault i was stolen from in the safe…

      @Driario What upsets me the most about the article is that they don't even try to hide that they're getting totally hammered when it's illegal in USA

      @Tru_StNoSoul A Women Herself Told Me
      "If She Can Findout Everything , Then She Can Hide Everything Even Better. "

      @Incrxdxble_ @babyicecream_ U know me for more thn a year and even be with me so ya u know I don't fkinh hide things behind u de

      @infrafrequency @1aprildaniels word. I would love also that the creators hide chunks of the lore from me.

      @CrystalVisions5 Don't try to hide me, I'm no secret that you want to have kept.

      @Eminemthingz There is no escaping....
      There's no place to hide....
      You scream, "Someone save me?"
      But they don't pay no mind...


      @ManvirKhangura @InderpreetE3 knows me so well, I needa hide LOL

      @Jameskies @Basiiics trust me its better to be let down and face reality then to hide from it

      @BITCHWERDMETRIA they found me! gotta go hide real quick

      @Copulaterman call me crazy Myra but if you could just calm down on the retweets..I'd like to read my list without paying favstar or using hide retweets:)

      @Pabie_xx ..maybe I hide it good. Or they probably don't know me at all

      @MustBeleevWomen #DepressABeatlesSong Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And The Monkey On My Back

      @aaronmighteven RT @edgungor: The biblical claim is that God loves to hide (Is. 45:15) —he tucks away into the backdrop of human experience & creation and …

      @BradyNewbill Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Crippling Fear of the Unknown #DepressABeatlesSong

      @OmoMamaTeacher RT @DawudAbdulHamee: 6. It took me a very long time to realize this. Sometimes we hide behind 'not being ready' when we should be honest wi…

      @TOKYOP0P RT @GlassJohn: I think that was photoshop.. You know she would slay me publicly she doesn't hide in DM's @CockinessIV

      @i_zombie4867 RT @PoutOlivier: It does amuse me that when you post nasty things and no one supports your rude attitude that you take it down and hide you…

      @410mgleke RT @Kingpaul__: When I find someone who is only interested in me and doesn't have any secrets to hide from me, I'll give them the world

      @AnaabeeB What hurts me the most some of these kids have to hide why does a kid should have to hide to protect their relatives from being kilt

      @CanTko Your feelings,
      You shouldn't hide them,
      From me..

      @wtvsatan RT @Niialler0ffic: Twitcams make me smile
      Someone should tell Niall
      To hide his profile
      I'd let Larry Stylinson prank call my friends
      Six R…

      @TreexGod Lmaooo. I really am a shit person, but that's what makes me a good person. At least I don't hide it. It's a known fact.

      @Blaspheme_Music RT @VeryLonelyLuke: I am playing a galactic game of hide and go seek.

      I am winning.

      I wish someone was looking for me.

      @_karinaxox Literally can't hide anything from me

      @fah_lap RT @Fharrarii: I want to hide in a place to makes me comfortable .

      @heartbroken396 @electricdiaz Like I'm not your girlfriend and treat me like shit not telling me why I'm guessing you had something to hide from me

      @LauraRueckert My son just told me a nasty #StarWars spoiler. Now I don't want to do anything but hide under a blanket.
      Betrayed by my own child.

      @Snow2peps I think someone is kicking me off line lmao got to hide behind a computer

      @xshortymac RT @rihhhaanna: I don't ask for much, just be loyal, honest and not hide anything from me."

      @rileyjohnston01 RT @AdelaineMorin: Matt playing hide and go seek with my cousins: *tries to fit under furnace*

      Me: *wtf*

      Matt: "I DON'T LOSE!!!"

      @OGAGAtheNAH RT @dizzy__dezz: New Years gonna hit me like a train, when all the endorphins are gone ama hide under the rocks to replenish my soul spirit

      @nagachikass @nagachikass kaneki is crying as hide gives him one last smile. 'just remember me ok, kaneki? and live enough for the both of us.'

      @East_ @lee_parkes no time for me to hide a distance away

      @EastSlim__ I love when people try to hide shit from me

      @XMALEEZUSX RT @KhyMcflyy: So she running around the room trying to find somewhere to hide me, I'm looking for my shirt and my shoes not worried about …

      @6thman_15 Funny how ppl blow up ya phone to hold something but play hide n seek when it's time to run me my coins

      @beverlaay RT @PlayDirtySB: No one can ever hide anything from me trust me, the little details always tell the story

      @DavidArtGar #InTheUnlikelyEventOf my disappearance, don't worry I am playing a really good game of hide and seek with you. Bet you can't find me, ever!

      @phoenixbot (Don't hide under the table, Maya! ...Unless there's room for me down there too!)

      @TBEChris_ Why Is It That You Hide Me & My Love For You?

      @utau_Noemi I played hide and seek with Neko, I went to hide and she didn't find me! She was on the couch. I think she thought it was her turn to hide.

      @auspicious_gift RT @RYAANKHAN_: I smile to make people happy, but in my head it’s just to hide the pain so that people don’t ask me what’s wrong. :)

      @PeterDragon14 Man my balls where feeling itchy so I started to scratch them trying to hide it. This lady walks up to me and tells me how disgusting I am

      @Be_Compassion RT @RobertgrizzlyP: I respect your decision to hide..its just not for me.

      @chlostick @mollymmc pls hide me in your suitcase

      @Peggars @ScottNewmanWpg @matthew_bzura @Aaron_L_Ingram @stevelambertwpg u cant hide under trudeau momentum forever, tell me why MLP is a valid party

      @MindFly_67 ✨ One day someone has to explain me why so many men hide behind women avas and thus let others in the belief that they are women...

      @bIoodandthunder @WhyCantICook "Oh..." Noire let out a sigh of relief, eyes closing. "I thought you needed me to do something crafty, like hide a body," she-

      @TimeTravelPeng @CarlyontheMoon I decided not to like you very much. Shiney pokemon throw themselves at you but hide from me! Oh, what a cruel world we live

      @Josseli19956204 2day me and my boyfriend went to the movies and every time I looked at him and he looked back @me I smile and he smile but he's try to hide

      @DougAlmighty I'm not gonna lie, Haley and I almost had a baby. As much as she wants me to hide it.

      @Nataliar_16 You're so fine
      And you're mine
      I'll be yours
      'Till the end of time
      'Cause you made me feel
      Yeah, you made me feel
      I've nothing to hide

      @xGhostScaredx RT @jinxxsx_: @xGhostScaredx I feel the best side of me... To hide away and retreat... How will I LAAAAAAAAAAAAAST

      @lewys97 @ddddavies @samjameslewis97 me and Sam have a special bond we just like to hide it

      @TheAieron @ashelia sounds right. I just sit in my chair and hope the roof doesn't fall on me while everyone else can hide under desks.

      @rlsehoef @slxtyeoja All the things you hide from me
      All the shit that you do (all the shit that you do)

      @SuaidaRosli Seems like u guys hide something from me. Ok i wont tell anything after this

      @Rashi_96 These days words like love and forever make me hide under beds. Beds though.

      @Rebel_Skywalker @EtherealSenator "Perhaps when he thought I joined the dark side he went there to hide from me..."

      @lil_zig_zag Psst... Hey you can't hide from me

      @chazmickey RT @Johan_Pazz: Ain't no fear in me. if you seek I won't hide

      @TaashyBo Only time Ima lie is if I'm covering up for somebody, honestly me personally I ain't got nothin ta hide

      @WitchlingMoon RT @Cpin42: It creeps me out when my dog watches my wife and I have sex. We hide the videotapes, but he always finds them.

      @tmbmiI RT @NATTSTACKS: Matter fact she took that ass to the back. You can't hide hoe. It's time to get your ass checked you wasn't hiding when you…

      @BreeWiseman RT @SarahHollis16: I literally find out everything, so I don't know why people try to hide shit from me.

      @tranaeee I found the roll, she must've was trying to hide it from me that's what it was

      @PotentiaMiracle Lord grant me a house that I may hide your love and my cries for you...in Cali preferably

      @ElijaaaaahRiley RT @Myalteregocmist: SM how dare you hide this Jessica to me all these years.

      @EmilyGaming @OGMgaming live life to the fullest... Topnotch style ... Hide under covers and get stuff thrown at you .Which only me and Oscar now about

      @koojunhue @kimjinaani (cont.) right hyung? It's me! It's me who send those ugly letters!" He giggles happily can't hide his idiot face right (cont.)

      @Iyaaaaaaaaa_ RT @iyaalynay: There's no reason to hide shit from me idgaf . & if i do i ain't gone let you know .

      @Igbtzarry RT @nextto16: me: wears bigger clothes to hide my fat
      me: is this working or do i just look fatter

      @ikowack Me- unc they made the breathing device from 007,Bought to hide with the fishes
      Unc- sounds good till a merman mistakes you for a sex doll

      @GekiZolda -_- Great...someone is firing a fcking gun in the housing complex behind me and trying to hide the noise with fireworks.

      @RatsWith_Wings @illmakeuworthit @skelememe (Can't hide from me, BITCH! I saw that response 'bout me!! Now continue. Forget I was everrtr heereeeeeeeeeeeee)

      @BrokenIsle People scare me I'm like a kitten with no couch to hide under

      @Flyboss_kay Fenna get me a nigga & go hide ourself☺️

      @LovelyJope Walked into jack in the box and Alazia was like let me hide my money before a fuckin bum asks for it

      @Dippzle RT @Jollz: You cannot hide me oh. My yoruba will come out and thats how I'll just greet your mum from under the bed because I have home tra…

      @mistressjdoll @mistressjazzy I tried to run and I tried to hide at first I was scared my submissive mind told me it was okay now in jazzy's for life

      @_5secondsof_ham Thank god i can hide behind a phone so noone will judge me thank god for the friends I've made on this

      @gdubya5047 @gdubya5047 Stock Asus firmware now includes a VPN server... user friendly OpenVPN configuration! Who saw that coming?

      @adgmolly RT @bethhhsummers: Molly is making absolutely no attempt to hide that she's completely nausing me off for Sherlock, thanks babe :)

      @ashleyshoate Back In The Day, The Fubu Jersey Fit & The Rocawear Velour Jogging Suits Were My THING

      My Mom Had To Hide It From Me Cuz I Wore Them 2 Much

      @Trudacious RT @bigbrez100: Just wish it was like when I was a kid..playing hide and seek, and I could just hide and it will never ever, ever find me..…

      @LoriAll369 @KsKaniac_7 @landondani1974 @SundraKing @jcraftmaster60 I like Hide too. Me either. @ChristianKane01 and @RachelMiner1 were awesome.

      @WesWheelz I won't hide the ways I've tried
      It's just not right it's, killing me tonight

      @it_cath Things to note in 2016 thus far: my sleuthing game & gut instincts *still* be on point, don't try to hide shit from me bc I will find out

      @SidhanthNaik RT @iamsrk: lil one asks me my aim of life. to be an actor who tried.to be a father with nothing to hide. make a better world and some mone…

      @yamzzzzzzzz RT @loopzoop: 90% of my time in a relationship is spent on me trying to hide the fact that im actually insane

      @robeg19 You the one who listens and hear me? Telling me what to do ? Or don't hide your feelings? You don't have the right to judge me

      @alitcmpcsi @xBlondeYeezus --let me know. Don't hide it. You're my forever and always now. I want to stand by you, no matter what. -nods as I kiss you-

      @_elairam Sad thing this is not the first time but second so shame on me. Blocking me on certain social media won't help you hide things. It's Wichita

      @shannenng_ you don't like say you don't like lah why like to hide feelings from me

      @JakeJlawlor Find it funny how people slag me off be hide my back and then come up and talk to me like nothing happened

      @NaaayNaaay88 I will follow you!!! U will never hide from me

      @mrszulferino @XDebWildX my bed is big enough for me to hide in anyway

      @scarface992 @bestvpns can your tell me whats best vpn on free

      @Apprentice_Rey {I think I'm going to hide in DMs for a while...you can find me there if you need me.}

      @MrNixon357 Dear lord Heavenly Father please forgive me, the use to hide a half a mill in the wall u know the real me

      @kylemcmahonn14 I just can't hide it any longer. I have to just accept it. I hope my parents still love me. I'm actually a pair of binoculars.

      @imcelibate @viditakalra @amjaff77 ye chomu kya h vidi mam n amjal mam pl help me to save my career pl pl. pl tell vidi mam ji to hide her thighs pl

      @qktangx3 I rather you be straight up with me than hide things from me like a chicken shit.

      @Claireonome RT @segalink: God's eyes are pure thus the need for Him to hide those in Him in His Word. So when you come after me you can only find God's…

      @Stef_Souza You can hide behind your stories
      But don't take me for a fool

      @MSFInvestments @DaColombian Legere doesn't like talking about Global Crossing he blocked me when I asked him questions. He can't hide with pink underwear.

      @KunikidaDia_bot @kinkoune_nowaki Do you know where to find a good place to hide? Everybody wants to tickle me ;;

      @patriciativs @StevenPascaran ay fck

      wait let me hibernate and hide for a while

      let me get my dignity back

      @Rising_Fire11 @CosmicVogue --used me as a weapon to kill hundred of innocent people and since then I turned my back on him and have to hide. My name's --

      @Simply_Kia85 Lol you sure do RT @YaFeelMe615: I need a app that let's me hide all these photos

      @DarcyMK @realDonaldTrump Do me a favor and play hide and go fuck yourself, you would be a shitty president and i would kick your ass in a debate

      @alyssavx_ RT @soniarmenta_: don't try to be hide stuff from me lol chances are i already knew even before you did

      @NobodysMommy My nephew does not get the concept of hide and seek. He'll hide then yell at me from his hiding spot. lol

      @jessi_foote @mystical_oracle 1. Don't ask me how to spell it, then tweet about it.
      2. Don't try to hide your love for camel penis.

      @Nochill_repute What if goths like me wore black to hide how much they peed their pants ha ha ha does anyone have that problem ha ha ha

      @fridge_repairer Mobile phone(s) is really killing me, now I can't even hide from pounding fufu anymore

      @lunxrry The day i received a text saying "tell me everything you hide" is the day i fucked up

      @chloelealoverid Don't lie or hide stuff from me coz I will find out always do ☺️

      @its_me_anitha Its not easy to hide feelings

      @alliekeck RT @Tyler_1132: I realize I'm a little late to the party, but @justinbieber's Purpose album is

      @just_hansolo "Tell me what you're thinking, Leia. Don't hide from me behind your responsibilities." Han sighed and ran his fingers -


      @TharuniDarshika Min: how do i know u didnt tell me u said u dont hide things from me
      Me: hm u arent sincere to me

      @NylonLover69 @ellebermont he had(has?) his name be hide a brand of beer, and if memory serves me correctly from that, your dispersion is on point

      @TwistedFate757 I don't have shit to hide. I don't delete my tweets or DMs. You can try to call me out, but I'm a man. An honest one at that.

      @austen_caronia have something to say about me say it to my face. dont hide behind social media but say nothing when im around

      @Ybaxo If im eating and I hear mum coming in a bad mood walah I hide the munch in the oven to avoid letting her see me enjoying myself

      @nicoleablee RT @Musicofcountry: You've got a way to keep me on your side, you give me cause for love that I can't hide. #JohnnyCash

      @emily_streeter Rachael thinks this bitch can hide things from me LOL she funny

      @Brogan_95 The fact classes start in 2 days make me want to throw up and then hide bc I'm not ready :')

      @mduke02 Someone let me know, where do the good boys go to hide away?

      @aae__ann RT @lesliecabreraaa: I personally have nothing to hide when in a relationship. It's the fact that if you don't trust me, we ain't shit tbh

      @Cla_Russo Turning and returning to some secret place to hide, watching in slow motion as you turn to me and say take my breath away

      @ValentineHans And there's no one else
      That knows me
      Like you do
      What I've done
      You've done too
      The walls I
      Hide behind
      You just walk through.

      @labkowt It's so hard for me to hide my feelings.

      @adeuionzx RT @jagboski: I'm a very good friend; the kind that will help u hide a dead body. But if u betray me, just remember: I know how to hide a d…

      @AurisLyrics They're coming to get us and the way we hide
      Way we hide
      Tie me to a tree
      Tie my hands above my head
      Sing a song to me

      @kaylajpeterson1 RT @HelenWisner: "Where do the good boys go to hide away? Will someone tell me?" - Daya ... Sure will girlfriend ➡️ #Church ❤️

      @Mohamed_saber77 RT @noor_bayoumy: i hate the sadness that I hide in my heart,I'm so sad literally so sad but I can't show it or even talk about what's happ…

      @BRiLnea I be having to hide my junk cause it takes me forever to eat it and I know it'll be gone when I want it cause my family loves junk food.

      @SakuNoMukaigawa @UntamedWrath @PlayboyOfKonoha "You can't hide it from me. It's written all over your face."

      @TjPatrick7 @erawbaby

      @Michelglz1D RT @allthelove_hs: Don't leave me all alone in this hotel and these shades can hide us from the streets...
      #VideoMTV2015 One Direction

      @DylanHoldenried RT @labroshcus: When @MikeRupprecht tells me he heard of a new banger but it was actually "hide away"... Cmon bro catch up

      @CourtingKylo Girls love calling me Kylo Ren. Ben is just not a name that gets me a round of "hide the lightsaber"

      @Davidsideas @SteveStratford9

      Not Hide, I mean Listen. Just ignore me I'm having a non senior moment.

      @CrazzzyKen RT @iGreenMonk: I'm the kind of friend who will help you hide a dead body, but if you betray me, just remember: I know how to hide a dead b…

      @maln019 The person that I unfortunately hide to be my attorney did not defend me against Peter luger he pocketed some money and walked away

      @violetRebellion I can't hide the cords and it makes me fucking mad

      @ArbCowboy @DividendMaster he's buying because he has a proxy fight against him. He's trying to protect his fee income

      @BLuvBReal #SandraBland Highly disturbing that false statements were put on official documents. Makes me think, why try to hide if you are not wrong?

      @Sethjlebeouf_ @Shalea_Renee he just told me to go to hide tides tn lol

      @HilariousLysa RT @MaggieLindemann: still to this day I have to hide another part of me because the media doesn't like a kid who "acts out" unless you're …

      @UrMom5ChestHair RT @kanekiactual: someone:Come over.
      Me:I can't. I'm finishing Tokyo Ghoul.
      someone:My parents aren't home.
      Me:Neither is Hide.

      @OliviaaLaurynn "Don't play hide and seek with me because you may be good at hiding but I'm better at seeking"

      @JazmineeGee RT @obscuree_: it takes me a while to get to the point where I feel like someone knows me and all the insecurities I hide and still trust t…

      @liz22221 @teragenus THAT ME. I don't hide nothing to hide at all besides my camera roll. The amount!!!!!! of!!!!! phan!!!!!!is!!!!! shameful. !!!!!!!

      @mazdamontes_7 "Part of you i have. The part of you i hide. The part of you i hold. Is the part i shouldve left behind. Call on me, I'll be there always.."

      @hide_jenny That's what I did living at the "shelter" in Florida walking up and down every day for 12 months. It was hell itself. That's God giving me

      @ElementsUnique Get Productive! A #Productivity App has gone #FREE on the @AppStore! VPN Master Pro by ALL Connected Co.,Ltd

      @Nelstar15 @JessyQuil @TwitchBrotatoe Welp I'm weirded out... Don't mind me as I hide from Jessy in this corner over here.

      @arianaburrell RT @NinaWildChild: I'll be playing hide and seek with my problems if anyone needs me☺️☺️☺️

      @kensiiee RT @MarleyIBeOTMT: Hide Her From Me, If You Love Her.

      @Samalingus @Darryn2S @BlueSandvich Yes, to access american netflix, you use ANY account through the vpn

      @YoungSwanko Black kids need to understand black fathers are just playful, me and my dad have been playing hide and seek for 18 years, its cuz they care

      @virginloli why the fuck does my computer say some weird ass proxy server error shit on pixiv

      @_mmpx3 RT @sheilafranqui_: you have to be REALLY good to hide something from me bc I find out everything without even trying

      @Perfectly_Me012 RT @paigeypooh_18: My mama know me so well I can't hide nothing from her

      @keveronnidamack RT @playamadejay_: Kyvon talking bout let me hide my phone

      @OptsseniaCreate RT @DoYouFlex: Theres never really a reason to hide anything from me. Of course ill be mad but shit ill get over it. Just be real about you…

      @regularguy911 RT @MRPisme: Based on my numbers I'd be really great in a game of Twitter Hide and Seek. No one ever sees me.

      @mizaalies RT @Lucaspeebo: don't play hide & seek with me.
      i am not interested for games.

      @BethanyKBell It's like playing hide and seek
      It's like saying you'll find me.

      @SammmySosaaa El chapo should of came to me for a hide out

      @bhavsingh @BarbierAbra @CloraVannieKaap @GasantAbarder Aunty C is the best. She used to hide sugar and coffee for me.

      @taylor__swftt And right before your eyes, I'm aching, no past, nowhere to hide, just you and me.

      @__hannnnahhh Lookin high & low, someone let me know where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?

      @JoeJoewright158 @Badazzbadonk you got to believe in me that my plan will hide us sabrina!

      @MiaaFrancescaxo Excuse me while I go hide in the office & take a nap

      @director_jenny @marinelover123 never could and never will.To me you're like an open book I can see right through you. No matter how hard you try to hide it

      @momo_lykia I'm going to leave bra alone. And just do me. I'm tired of having to hide my shit cause he wants to know what I do.

      @jakecam1010 RT @FO_ScottKacsmar: Part of me sees the Bengals lining up for a GW FG in this one, but I try to hide the heart from the head on all predic…

      @celi_garza Who would protect me if I never hide?
      Falling so fast I am afraid of you.

      @foreverlaflame I love every scar that you try to hide,
      All the dark corners of your mind,
      Show me yours & I'll show you mine.

      @affffrraa RT @m7mmdta: I hate it when you hide things from me

      @V_Shack Sunderland's kit reminds me of Steve Martin as Jaque Clouseau in Pink Panther trying to hide among tapestry.

      @Parrairan_ Juicy M &amp; Martin Garrix - Pop That Vs Proxy Mashup ♪

      @AndreeaCova @LizzVJLG you got me. There's no reason to hide it anymore.

      @wolf_and_dragon RT @BAP__OT6: Cop: why did you kill her?
      Me: she hated on B.A.P
      Cop: she did?
      Cop: I'll help you hide the body

      @abbyyynormal Anyone have a place for me to hide over the summer for whenever I'm supposed to see family? Because I don't want to deal with any of them.

      @cozartcoca RT @his_flygirlxo: If loving me in public ain't safe you could take my love and hide it

      @s_trit Part of me wants to be hot but the other part of me wants to hide behind glasses and big sweaters so I think I'll stick with the latter.

      @demon_disguise RT @shakehandslife: Don’t call it love when
      You have seen just this
      Side of me that smiles
      I hide inside demons
      That keep me awake all nigh…

      @StringsOfLife_ @Twitching_Proxy She continued to nibbled on his ear, teasing him and letting out a soft moan into his ear. "T-Toby~"

      @markwearsmasks @The_Irish_Kat "They help me hide..." He whispered softly.

      @deixises So every time I try to get on my laptop to use the internet it now always says "can not connect to proxy server" omfg it's times like these

      @scrobbell RT @xkingkittensx: my God is awesome. he can move mountains, keep me in the valley, hide me from the rain.

      @IslandLiffy Shit. My VPN has broken down for so much days.

      @Maritza__h RT @makaylaLhayes: I respect and appreciate people who are always honest and up front with me versus people who lie and try to hide things …

      @02l_is_forever RT @dirtyconnors: Hide away is on the radio and it reminds me of when Kylee was singing it at digi and standing next to Edwin while she san…

      @seiyoko_ on one hand piplup fits touka aesthetically but chimchar fits her fighting
      and the mental image of hide on a torterra help me

      @redrightjand who wants to go see the revenant with me and let me hide my face in ur shoulder when i get scared !


      @deathmaca This week on friendship is magic
      Megan, Me: [bully Taka]
      Megan: [big ass warning when mentioning dolphins]
      Me: [hide dolphins w/ pigs]

      @KniceleyCatie RT @trevor_pettit: tell me how you feel, don't hide it from me.

      @AtikaAmirah the only good points are that it makes me look 5% cooler + it's easier to hide my face for when I sleep in public

      @Super_Meg_Meg Mam is in a really horrible mood and is taking her frustration out on me, gonna hide in the movie room forever k

      @ishusabharwal1 To me..It's pointless to hide feelings, my heart's on my sleeve. I'll never let an opportunity to express my love. Love you. Yes! Problem?

      @beckyappleyard @rubyyystevo can't run can't hide from me

      @tamela_sue Please don't PM me! message me directly on here I have nothing to hide! :-)


      @_alje RT @lovelexxx_: I Tell My Moma EVERYTHiNG even If I Know she'll Be Upset W/Me I NEVER can Hide anything from My Girl

      @ReynadeKpop I'm sorry for being like this, it just got to me, this is why I tend to hide my emotions but don't become worry, I'm fine I promise you ✨

      @kirby_nicole Tonight @TAltimont took me to Home Depot &he learned to probably never do that again because I like to play w/ the toys & hide in the rugs

      @urbangaygriot I see both arguments. I'd hope that my children will be comfortable discussing sex with me so they wouldn't need to hide.

      @PeggyInCHRIST I AM watching THEM closely
      and I SEE EVERY SIN

      JEREMIAH 16:17

      @stud_yroom missing direct feedback is enormous frustrating for me.You always said I shouldn't hide me here. But when I write open, the result is nearly

      @Xxocolatl @tenesoamazing you do, and you make me want to hide. Please let us uglies prosper

      @mia_saville RT @jacksfilms: I need your #jackask questions! Ask me anything so I can hide behind the shield of comedy and avoid the truth! (Please use …

      @rippermode RT @starscreamed: THEY WERE SHOWING AND FLETCH TRIED TO HIDE IT FROM ME.

      @syahirahmior So why does your pride make you run and hide? Are you that afraid of me?
      But I know it's a lie what you keep inside

      @ProfNoraLie @OlderCardinal He helped me, too.

      It was Jaune who convinced me not to hide my heritage…-but however it happened, I'm glad you're together.


      @Smiling_Editor " #MinoSeesAll You can't hide anything from me Kisa-san~" #CreepyBot

      @jlntrnnn That little voice crack that happens when people are on the verge of tears when theyre talking, but trying to hide it. It gets to me.

      @xaraara211 @allrisesilveerr ㅋㅋㅋ kyuhyun oppa teach me to be evil xp aaaww can i join to hide in there/? ㅋㅋ

      @EvelynG94 My mom taught me to confront things on my own.... Not to go hide behind someone and let them handle it. Grow some ovaries.

      @MayAmelia6 RT @JesusNarrowWay: Psalm 102:2
      Do not hide your face from me when I am in distress. Turn your ear to me; when I call, answer me quickly.

      @Thiagoknowsbest Baby I don't want to see all the lies you hide from me

      @lenaye_duenas RT @kawenaaa: I hate it when people hide shit from me then when I find out they're like "but you would've gotten mad" LIKE MF IM 10X MAD NOW

      @twoshadesofhope Just saw my supervisor & even though university makes me want to cry forever & hide at least my dissertation is GONNA BE EXCELLENT

      @MOND_Radio It's bloody 2016!!!homophobia should die with the ages!!At least Tell me that it's great that they Dont have to hide anymore! #HomoLetsTalk

      @mikevekkk that Marino girl has me blocked but I get 20 texts about what she tweets about me. you can't even hide behind a block button anymore.

      @2004meganx @diegosaurs_ YOU MAKE ME SMILE IN THE MORNING , bye! Imma go hide in a hole because your too perfect

      @WickedSmaaaht @jaketapper @brianefallon Jake can't hide his you gotta be kidding me reactions. It's why I respect him


      @howardmarlon18 "Hide and go get it" was the best game for nasty ass lil kids like me besides spin the bottle

      @King_Cabelllo @_anayla__ we're not hide , we just don't care there's a difference. If you have any problems you can text me no point of making a show.

      @_sb17_ @jewelsristick16 u shouldn't of hide it twice from me so I can look dumb

      @tnphilpott RT @VeryLonelyLuke: I know what Leia will do if she finds me.

      She'll hug me

      Then yell at me for leaving

      Then nag me to help with chores

      @koreanns RT @_wmxb: Big shirts hide my insecurities. Tight shirts help me face them.

      @cayseymay7 @minx915 don't you dare!!!! Ima kidnap you and have you with me instead hide ya everytime Ron comes past

      @_itsmebrian @chay_raphael28 You will hiding from me but the more you hide you will get sick of love.

      @Velli221 Mama Told Me Don't Hide My Good Looks, Bitches Call Me Handsome I Say "Good Looks"

      @21Pilots_Halsey RT @EmAndEmz7: Alan Rickman's portrayal of Snape scared me, intrigued me, and showed me that heroes can hide in unlikely places. Thank you …

      @brittonlatti Once you hide ur phone from me once your a dubbb

      @ScarrCarr I've only been up for 4 hrs and 8 people have texted me about Alan Rickman so I guess I don't hide my obsession very well #RIP #UglyCrying

      @ANTOGURIZZ When my dad pisses me off I hide my phone then use the Find My IPhone alarm to annoy him

      @hannahphan17 There's no place I can go where Your love won't find me, no place I can hide where You don't see ❤️ You're all around me

      @aqp i'm not even trying to hide the fact that i jam adele songs. true talent. and her imperfect teeth and north london accent got me.

      @Wizard_kelly15 @KaSsidyNichOle3

      @thebrojesus__ How you not like me? How you not love me?
      How you hide your feelings?

      @alexisn168 RT @90scupcakeh0ran: Australian netflix sucks so bad that everyone here as to get a VPN just to access their favourite shows and now they'r…

      @Colleen_Vasquez I be going online shopping when I get bored like today somebody need to hide my debit card from me.

      @AA_Akinyemi RT @o_solz: I was at Quilox yesterday night guys.

      It was mad, I had to hide under chair so glass would not enter my eye. Let me tell you …

      @Carmel__Mocca He go ask me what am I hiding. I don't have shit to hide. I just don't want nobody going through my phone.

      @genesigh @MrToledo_ @lexecuteurself @eyy_its_carla if that's true you can always use a VPN app to pass the firewall

      @AllieGabriele don't try and hide shit from me

      @xSmoke_Me RT @No_Chillz: I swear some of you females be acting like the victim but y'all be doing the same shit niggas be doing. Y'all just hide it b…

      @jroaeng There’s no place here for me to hide my cries.
      Night and day, I am missing you~~~~

      @YourOne_Chance I see you everywhere I am
      And I remember how you ran out to hide
      You kept me close behind
      Following your every move so I remember

      @CalmAngelEffing @ShyChibiGemini ((... Let me know you need a magic box to hide in.))

      @mads_mott @morgmott TF?! Send me a pic or something??? Is it living at the Mott house?! Mom is going to hide/kill it like she did keeks #rip

      @s_shappell RT @JulianaMcNeal: just went to Mel's and then played hide & seek at Walmart and it's almost 5am. tonight was a success if you ask me

      @Jan_Achakzai 4) Sovereign voids in #Afghanistan, #Iraq, Syria coupled w/ heightened Tehran-KSA rivalry 2 take proxy game 2 next level embroiling Pak.

      @jason_corbo @Espngreeny please tell me you do dance and lip sun behind the wheel. That a real danger to hide around you..,

      @lynnashley193 I peep everything so lmk why people still think they can hide shit from me.. I SEE YOU.

      @Hide_the_Bodies I saw the Revenant today and the line "Sioux killed my people." made me think "Damnit Snake!" @msf_actual

      @rigb Hear my prayer, God. Don't hide from my request. Pay attention to me and respond to me -Psalm 55:1-2

      — Bible Scripture (Scripture_Truth) J…

      @amydutton_5 RT @emmamoochie: It's beyond me why people delete messages if they've nothing to hide

      @luptidness RT @hypelilnugget: some ppl who post selfies w 0 makeup to uplift others have clear skin & tht doesn't help me/others bc some of us use mak…

      @Mike_Ocean_ RT @whorefrost: if you need a place to hide or just a place to sleep honey you can come and lay with me till everything is less heavy

      @GRIND_OVERTIME Police get behind me the judge he gone hide me

      @iamhyaxx All the things u hide to me. All the shits that u do.

      @RocioCartes If y'all want to see me fangirl, follow @xQueenRo. That's where I hide from RL people.


      @FarrowFace @carolinegadams it always upset me to see you hide your CRACKING pins!!
      'Don't worry Julia I'll make sure she stays out of trouble.....

      @yxzmine Miguel: lie to me baby
      Drake: no, you lied to me baby
      Bryson Tiller: don't lie to me baby
      The Weeknd: hide your lies girl
      Zayn: ...

      @Britanaya There's no place I could hide that you don't. When I misunderstand, your love understands me. You're in everything.

      @jimmyswiatek31 it's time to T up, I hide this fuckers bullets so he cant shoot me. Comes up to me "I got a better idea" and hits me in the shin w the gun

      @SnookerValerie @LeeP147 It takes a VPN service to get on. I subscribe to VPN Unlimited. Try Tunnel Bear or maybe Hola free I think. Look up VPN services.

      @3510cgh @Bowenchris @anne_charlton bowen you block me on facebook then have the hide to post bullshit to me about cuts piss off weasel

      @iCrazyJoey RT @UnitedgamerzHQ: Don't try and hide how you truly feel, I know you miss me

      @Milankaveli Lol you can't hide nothing from me, the Internet makes it too easy to be a P.I

      @Smilez_Official RT @aaijaaa_: don't ever try to hide something from me . my lurking skills a1 . and if I slip up my bitches gon peep it

      @NaokoY__ I can't hide a bad mood from people who know me well.


      @jessepirpana I have to hide from my niece in the shower room...
      If I say "Let me go" it should mean for fuck's sake let me go!

      @TheNaveenReddy RT @anandrai177: Dear BJP sympathizers, if you want to troll me - 1) state facts to counter me; 2) don't hide behind fake accounts.

      @maskedredbird @heretichoody no, thanks. *looked away to hide my sadness eyes* i just want you to leave me alone in my bedroom for a while.

      @OURAPPLEPIE @FreedomWorks No one has yet to call IS what it is; A mercenary, proxy army funded by the global banking and weapons manufacturing sectors.

      @mj_oribado RT @WordsPosts: The more I hide my feelings The more it kills me inside.

      @mandalynn_jrz "Timid heart, hide my scars--make me stronger"

      @MarkDiFelice @Bell_Support Why do u need an acct # to tell me how to hide channels on FibeTV guide? Come on now. It worked before. Now I can’t hide them.

      @CindyChandter Guidelines as proxy for blunting the creation server forcible seizure indentation: PFmYQR

      @RFalnour Hide me in you.!

      @HaifaHilwa RT @ask_gal: Sometimes I smile just to hide the pain that kills me inside.

      @narseo @_Royaen_ you'd be amazed if you check what happens on "VPN" apps for security and privacy (supposedly) ...

      @JackONeill_1 @SGDanielJackson @NicholasRush_ @_NoFishing --hanging off your every word tomorrow! *I hide a smile, glad it wasn't me* So have you been --

      @high____sz You know I'm not the one for games, don't hide your intentions, don't be scared to mention that you wanna hear me scream your name

      @NaerThePriest @AlternativeChat @roxiqt if the hide function worked better on android (it never lets me unhide, making back ups bleh) issue wouldn't exist

      @naoyaroo miyuki laughing to hide how hurt he is WHY ARE DOING THIS TO ME

      @COmore4life RT @RightToTheRight: @SenSanders Don't try to hide it Bernie, you want Socialism for all and you want hard workers like me to pay for it. #…

      @MathewGojcaj RT @LeBrendonSin: If I ever need to hide from the cops I'll have an Albanian girl hide me cuz nobody hides boys better than Albanian girls…

      @andrei_me RT @PicardTips: Picard style tip: If you're balding, don't hide it. Own it.

      @minsyeol @nourrytinhat @mouthypopstar me and jessica couldnt hide the truth anymore sorry @louis_tomlinson

      @valerieee_24 RT @Delqqado_Evelyn: I hate when ppl hide things from me, like do you think I'm dumb. I'm eventually going find out

      @TEENBRUJO RT @deray: If your love for me requires that I hide parts of who I am, then you don't love me. Love is never a request for silence.

      @___moltabella got me feeling like hide I girl I can't leave you alone

      @Pixie_SongJiHyo After time passes, stay by me just like now Walk with me in the endless sky I can’t hide this great, great happiness #BOT

      @trinipoco If it's really me you seek, then I won't hide.

      @britta_bby I want @krissymaecagney to hide me in her suitcase next time she travels.

      @7thGypsy @yehonala04 @BY1959 I love her...but it's men who made me this way. So y'all can pack yourselves on the back, or run & hide

      @JesusAO Then they go to arrest me and I'm like nope I didn't do shit so I run. Cop starts chasing me and I hide and somehow get away...

      @alyssaplaskoff I stay texting and driving and I always hide my phone under my dashboard and it stays reminding me of high school lmfao

      @xX_Evilnat_Xx CID, PSID and MAC are in LV2 and LV1 dumps, you can hide them if you want before send it to me, thanks

      @allisonryan21 Currently playing hide and go seek in a locker room and I managed to fit into a locker. Go me!

      @YeaThatsElle_ show me the sides of you that you hide from everyone else

      @T_Ulls @rhimostdope recall u asking me and I said never in your life Nd u said u were going to say I exactally what u saying now to hide your cover

      @Anupa12Ankita RT @lostboy54: You and Ur friends Threatning me with Physical Harm though Political Parties, Trying to get me FIred, Jaa Ukhaad le . Truth …

      @ROOOZAYdiamonds RT @DeePayne1920: My W-2s are playing hide and seek with me right now

      @JonesGotDaJuice @charmwayne123 can I come hide at y'all house? These niggas over here bullying me

      @amilanadhirah1 When you come home, I'll stop this. When you come home, i'll hide it good. I'll never cry again when you come home. To me.

      @lpscivil RT @girirajsinghbjp: Congress is only limited to "Gandhi" .so don't hide behind "us". & show some spine to tag me when talking about me ht…

      @chubbbbbbss She let me hide my weed in her titties

      @CHKMTE0 local corruption I caught them they pay big bucks to hide it help me 911 true story like the ducks of hazzerds it happend at work law is 51%

      @http_taehyung @TumblrChanyeol not gonna help you with bobby tho that shit ain't happening nuhu u gotta hide that from me then

      @asap_kaylaaa RT @theyluvtiff: Behind the sassy mouth and the nonchalant attitude is really a caring and loving person but I choose to hide that side of …

      @_emilyann61 12 years I've had my fur baby, and tomorrow I'll have to say goodbye... Excuse me while I go hide under a rock

      @me_the_maniak RT @haacked: The reason I dominate at hide-and-go-seek is I just yell out "FART NUGGET!" And my kids can't help but laugh and reveal their …

      @BadLuckSorcerer @sapphire_mutant "Raven, God's sake, calm yourself down. There's nothing you need hide from me, you can trust me" she said, laying a hand +

      @ohdeculture y'all followed me down three train cars so you could hide and stare?

      @asyiqinhayat Awh girl . Pity him . Pity you . Pity me . Pity her . Ofcourse youre jealous . There's no use to hide it from us

      @WhysThatWiseCat Tell me a lie..
      Lift up the rug and tell me to hide

      @alfordnikki1 RT @mcepperson: I don't understand why people have to talk crap. Like if you wanna say something say it don't try to hide it from me?

      @mugglefamily Neither my kids nor I are invisible but ironically this attack on, and prejudice towards, #homeed actually makes me want to hide away.

      @Diana_Dinis1D RT @daggertattooH: The fact that makes me believe in larry the most is the they'd never try so hard to hide something which is just another…

      @x__CeeBandz_x But No Lie I Juss Really Wanaa Hide Under A Rock & Hope Nobody Tries To Find Me . .

      @Kenevel I hate those mirrors that hide my muscles only to make me come back to look for them again.

      @jrhwr RT @BikeManStream: Skype updates to hide IP after everyone left for @discordapp !? Streamers were dossed and harassed for years with no ans…

      @JadynHemmings @ALTJLESTER YoU cAn'T hIdE fRoM mE.

      @AvalyaBlake Unless someone needs me, I'll go offline for now or hide in DMs x3

      @kc_b_l RT @ChristineAyran: why lie? or hide things from me hun? i will eventually find out LOL

      @SmawtAss @ChantaBSN thats the sickest part to me, I know ur right. They could, not, hide they were FURIOUS he won.

      @sexualness just hide it all beneath me

      @sajaalotaibe my soul & yours are the same.
      you appear in me; i in you.
      we hide in each other.

      @beeancalacaba me: c'mon, ask me about philippine geography
      h: okay! uhmmm...in which region did your dad hide when he left you?
      me: .....


      @randybruin8 RT @EricIdle: I have to stop twittering on a Saturday morning because @GaryLineker and @stephenfry keep telling me the scores. Will hide t…

      @1BOSSPRESIDENT people tried killing me since a baby and I still went out with a knife and NO CHANCE I didn't hide I FACED it at 3 YEARS OLD

      @ArlynnRose1 In order for me to get my sister to clean our shared room, I hide her cell phone, laptop, & iPad, and still doesn't clean. Officially a mom.

      @VivaciousGlamor @Rachel_Cornet You can't hide your inquisitive nature. Yes he tortured me babe. But not with Argentium. @CovertEnchanter

      @ScarlettFcux @apollofake Scarlett covered her mouth to hide the smile on her pretty, pink lips. “If you make me go on any further, I swear to god, I’m--

      @seaglass_girl @TakeAMinuet so my God child was been born and you didn't even tell me????? How did u hide this I saw u like three days ago

      @AjikeAjoke RT @LDN_LAD: @AjikeAjoke not a chance in hell .nope . He'd have to hide it from me . Even then I'd clock . Nope

      @TylerrrWatkins "Don't try to hide all your demons inside, let me see who you really are."

      @shutterMuggz @jaybeware @jaZiFRESH Twitter was trying to hide this from me!! Whiskey is really usually my go to but I don't have any :-( :-( :-(

      @DyKath_ Deep in my bones, I can feel you, take me back to a time only we and you hide away.

      @Quinnsdope hide away has me dying

      @heichou_ravioli @ErenTheBrat "Really? Dammit." He chuckled. "I thought your chest would be big enough for me to hide~" he whined.

      @RiycaBerry hide hide hide

      @sluttyyflorr RT @IsaiahViews: Just know that i know cant hide shit from me

      @aveeksen @ANI_news @SenseandC_sense Sir they need to be taken down from servers too. Proxy can be used to access blocked content

      @whatupneesh Lol in high school I had to hide the fact that I was such a pothead from my mom , now she FaceTimes me while I wake n bake. #Timereveals

      @Drummerboy_32 RT @Highoffpanky: My God is awesome
      He can move mountains
      Keep me in the valley
      hide me from the rain
      My God is awesome!! ❤️

      @Djkhaledgreens Playing hide and seek at work and no one has found me yet it's been like ten minutes

      @Snuffster @reddressday Oh me too. I do hide out as often as possible and nobody gives a shit about me, lol!!

      @VinDAntonio RT @Brampersandon_: [15 seconds into sex]
      ME: do u like hide and seek?
      DATE: weird question...but yeah I guess
      ME: good cuz ready or not he…

      @_melinaledesma RT @bdizzyy: I want someone to be like "that's my baby. she's all mine. hands off." not someone who tells me to hide myself so no one looks.

      @leigha_byrd RT @_AlondraHurtado: I need to find better friends that don't hide things from me

      @sheryever :) now, i realy enjoy whn @ZaidZamanHamid try to play hs tricks to hide hs fitna cause it allows me to show ppl which they weren't believing

      @yoonhosus Haya: I'm watching Tokyo ghoul season 2 no-

      Me: hide dies

      @Nreilly_24_WDE @Khloe4Eternity see babe girl u can hide ur pain deep down in ur heart but IK the truth IK u love me to death IK ur hue turn and I'm here

      @BethSchwandt RT @KathieLGifford: In the day of trouble You will keep me safe in Your dwelling; n hide me in the shelter of Your tabernacle n set me high…

      @JMaht Every cell is telling me I can't do this today and that I should go hide under a blanket.

      @herdan__ my one and only i wish i could steal you from all this world and hide you inside of me

      @RobinEdgar * @Dragonblaze @PissedToryArse The silly people are the #BatShitCrazy @UUA leaders who falsely accused me of #BlasphemousLibel to hide rape.

      @kayyy2X__ Mia always try hide the fact that she miss me

      @alice_vsmith @izzy_percy well u show ur hatred for me like u don't hide it

      @gagediggz @mhoose03 you won't hide from me

      @yooxkihyun Whos know what i feel? Its bcs i can hide everything i feel in front of ppl arround me kkk~

      @lessliann This town is too small to hide anything. Just be honest with me.

      @aiyohaolei @AresJessy I use a one-time purchase of a proxy server privileges for two years. I really like you, dear Jessy. I just do it for you!

      @BiggPimpinKurt RT @lilvonnie4: If your my girl ain't no secrets I have nothing to hide from you so anything you ask me Ima be

      @MikiN_bot How you tried to hide your tears, when you gave yourself to me (all this time / 作詞:jcfs / [3rd Album] 私生活 12) #中谷美紀

      @EliseKova @madtinker88 @nicolejyo I am what I am and that's more than the number the scale says. But, It's part of me though so why hide it? ☺️

      @itsariesha I guess i'll have to hide who I really am for people to love me

      @Thatgirljessie3 RT @AntiBae: Don't ever try to hide the truth or lie to me, that's all I ask. Don't worry about needing to spare my feelings. Trust me, I c…

      @o0bla So I'm gonna hide in my room cause if I don't see it, it can't gross me out. And I know you're gonna see this lee, I love you lol.

      @rushlane .@SrBachchan Maybe you pressed hide contacts in groups. Try seeing if you can see show all contacts. Happened to me.

      @xvicachux "All I want is freedom
      A world with no more night
      And you, always beside me
      To hold me and to hide me" ♥

      @ImmortalRoot @sabeckaz Did they block your VPN?

      @haertsisnoob I need a proxy to buy me Kurisu vape flavor

      @KKING765 RT @Jay_KLMNOP: hide n freak come play wit me

      @Kaleidontplay My friends had to hide me under the bleachers one time cause a girl was stalking me and trying to touch my hair

      @einekleine_katz @firidus for me too. i also missed your supercute hide, im getting so frustrated waiting for him in the manga .-.

      @CanadianGreeks RT @MarieMeade25: I talk about my mental heath because it does not help me to hide it. #BellLetsTalk #STULetsTalk

      @YaGirlWalaaa Where do the good boys go to hide away? Will somebody tell me...

      @maidaceledonm I usually cry at night when no 1 can hear me. I turn the faucet on & hide behind water noise. Don't feel like hiding anymore #BellLetsTalk

      @Lizza_hide @Fallout_jeff You know her, she tall me that you quarrel with her

      @FriscoSmoove @upncomin415 he’s trying to get me in trouble. I told him, worst case, I’ll bring one back and hide her somewhere.

      @kuroshi_bot Daaarling~! Do not hide from me! I am going to find you nonetheless, no matter how hard you try.

      @hide_jenny Let me know.

      @farhafareena And scars, show me all the scars you hide

      @ratchetnnsassy Let me be your ride out of town. Let me be the place that you hide. We can make our lives on the go

      @tillyphilpott Making a random account to hide behind so you can like/ comment on my stuff

      @DonAndrewMaria GIROUD : If Ozil has the ball, i try find a
      place to hide but he always find me.
      Am even tired of him. # AFC

      @michala_38 RT @infinite_chasm: Hide me
      in your heart
      beneath your deepest scar
      so If you feel the need to grieve
      & a tear moistens your eye
      I'll be th…

      @syafiq_aryyy Hide me in my rooooom

      @LaLaLaLaLaNoman I used to hide 'pait ka dard' because If my mom got to know about that, she would not allow me to add spicy food.

      @TheRealGram boy I'm out here, I been makin music for yo crowd to hear, so they can pick their hide out wait for me to leave then disappear

      @onIyfooIsfaIl i cleaned my geckos tank and i thought she would be happy but she just screamed at me and ran into her hide so i'll take that as a fuck you

      @fxckedup1 Can anyone help me please? How can I hide my physical signs of panicking like shaking?

      @Assistant2Stark @mrvldrstark but you don't trust me. You've already made that clear! I have nothing to hide, but you dint believe me

      @inverticity RT @awsten: Sext: Pay someone to kill me and hide my dead body in jello. Buy a ouija board. Find the jello. We quote The Office back and fo…

      @belungerer @Biggy1883 yes, think it knows me well & usually quick to hide. Not this steamy morning...

      @CuteTife Rock of Ages, cleft for me
      Let me hide myself in thee.
      Let the water and the blood, 
      From thy wounded side which flowed. #HymnFriday

      @hamsoonie ah let me hide from all these spoilers HAHA so hyped for tomorrow!!!!

      @wldsdreams I just want to hide away and not socialise, ever. Socialising for me just means new ways to embarrass myself/hate myself even more yay

      @jamiehilton1997 Blocked me off everything, what have you got to hide you absolute helmet

      @_cxpcake RT @ohohfit: it's so damn hard to be me, to hide everything, to act like everything's fine, to act like i'm the happiest bitch ever just

      @heysamilynn Trying to hide how out of breath all of those stairs made me...

      @edwinmundt RT @travkus: I had to hide the live chat because the comments make me want to poke my eyes out. #ableg #RoyaltyReview

      @ThePoliticalJPH @KenHolsclaw Way to tweet at me and then hide behind a block, clown.

      @kat250000 @LoonyBus15 lookin forward to it!! Haha Ur safe frm me tnite but mite wanna hide tmrrw! :-) x

      @LaraShirls Man all these damn viruses spreading making me wanna hide in a bubble

      @briasinterlvde Ok so the average time I can hide in the bathroom at work before someone come lookin for me is 22 minutes.... Not bad

      @Cmonkaren1 Dear @Harry_Styles ,
      If you ever wanna get away come find me. I'll hide you :)

      @TheMagnaCarter So... what that make you? Good? You're not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don't have that problem.

      @shahadl_ RT @5jaa__: Hide me in your heart,make me love you again all the time.

      @iamalsh7i_ Everywhere you go Iam with u just try to hide me deep inside your heart I'll miss u

      @Blue_Void @FALLinHOSH Lotte, dear I'm ur fanclub president u can't hide from me~~

      @EmmaShores Today's a let me hide under the covers kid of day

      @kissmy_xoabs lol i always start a game of hide and seek and they wont let me stop

      @ma000111 ,@YouTube @Alanlsg @CockneyActivist @MartinBurke1 @KirstyMartin19 the war by #falseflag using proxy groups designed2divide Europeans&Muslims

      @Emy_Booo You can hide beside me maybe for awhile, and I won't tell no one your name

      @HallTailer RT @fairycemetery: turn the volume of your heartbeat down and hide with me.

      @_chlsarlette swear shit like this is what makes me wanna hide Bella away from this world

      @martianivy RT @SilverKotone: I love honesty. That's all I ask. Be straight up with me, don't hide anything. Be honest.

      @TrueluvWaitx Should have known where this would heading when you could lie to me or hide something so crucial

      @lucaslsf @SaferVPN I have to enter a ton of websites when using the VPN. Is that normal?

      @jimoriartea I don't want to get out of bed and face the people who saw me as wrecked as I was last night. I'll hide away in bed for today.

      @JoodiiMo Today's supermarket trip with mom consisted of her going around isles trying to hide from me and her constantly singing "the fox"

      @WinnieTheDan_ @houseplants01 --and speaks with a soft whine. "Oh Daddy,please don't hide from me.."

      @squadharry1 RT @sam_tcs: Okay, I think me mum will hide me phone tomorrow so Happy Birthday Harry ! ❤️

      @M00NXSUN I've lived behind a mask so long so few know who I am. They know other sides of me that hide behind a haunted man.

      @Tech_nician_ RT @kelseyslack: I hide in racks of clothes and scare my employees and then I make loss prevention show me the videos. Supervisor of the ye…

      @ichimatsukawaii @BestMatsu you cant hide anything from me.

      @nane_jay My uncle died and the first thing my family thought to do was try to hide it from me

      @dervogelfamber Uhhh me and my punk friends in Oakland used to hide under a blanket in Ricky's van to sneak into the drive-in all the time #GreaseLive

      @TrapGod6_ RT @__gabaye: Lemme see ya make it disappear, baby hide me.

      @DevonDude_ RT @p0pson: My girlfriend came up to me crying saying she miscarried our baby. I had to hide my excitement.

      @swgsne You're stuck on me and my laughing eyes
      I can't pretend though I try to hide I like you
      I like you~

      @Chass_P Trying to blackmail me is pointless. What do I have to hide? Who do I care to find out?

      @hide_is_life D.O.D. Call me stupid,

      @wtvrj You make me run and hide, hide, hide...

      @ZG_Saulo I sleep in a big room, alone, and left with nothing but my thoughts. Keeping me awake, good thing there's songs to hide behind.

      @SladeOne Plus yall can run into me anytime so when that happens what you gonna do? Run?hide?not speak to me? Lol my number didn't change

      @ZoeElizaSera "Hair will never define me and I will never hide behind it"

      @Conortroversial I used to listen to Imogen Heap's Hide & Seek when I broke up with said boyfriend after he cheated on me.

      @DaveOFlanagan @Unblock_Us 'unblocker or proxy' error yeah. Hope you guys can figure it out.

      @maddroy RT @HarryGoaz: One night while sitting very still, Jesus told me to just hide the evidence and get my story straight.
      @HarryGoaz #AngelLair…

      @MattMcCoun_pa Me: *Laughs* Parents: What's so funny what's going on who are u talking to can I see what's the joke what are you trying to hide from…

      @_Tempo11 RT @T_Bonezzz: if Godzilla was chasing me i would just hide in Legoland

      @MelanieBIeber30 My brothers friend got me dead

      @BraLuvo With Xhosas,I know that I gotta hide my Will and Insurance policies..that way she isn't tempted to kill me because of money.

      @jennbuug Thinking about Wednesday makes me nervous af ! I just wanna hide and run

      @paRadoxGIYONG @taehyuniesm vpn required only for dl v app and after that u can use it without vpn, I did that.

      @kenzieswk @BeasleyDrake she doesn't hide from me she just likes to take naps in secret places

      @_haligh Why do I invite people at my place it forces me to hide all my weird stuff and there is a lot.

      @not_neville @DarienFaust I'd go if there were games.. group playing some sport or hide and seek outside? count me in!

      @AGreaterMonster RT @jergarl: Dude. It's pretty funny that you think you can hide shit from me.

      -White Underwear

      @cristinabwood RT @JaedenL: Why do people listen to rumors like if you want to know the truth just ask me i got nothing to hide

      @SwaggedOutNeeb RT @TheTrueLakey: Can't hide anything from me

      @debbywithaWHY @WalkingDead_AMC @TWDFamilyy Love that show so much, but watching it alone gets me scared of my own shadow, wishing I had somewhere to hide!

      @wordsofcolby RT @favekayokay: I PEEP EVERY FUCKING THING , DONT TRY TO HIDE SHIT FROM ME

      @grousebeater1 @thisisheart @CapitalOfficial
      Fourth time for Jess Glynne since 7.30am
      Please kill me!! I know hide in the loo until it's finished.

      @Hide_on_Tower Dear me these internet work people outside who ever is working on it keep disconnecting the same plug over and over again. zzz

      @jaaasminnne If something mattered this much you wouldn't be able to hide it. Trust me I know

      @ShadowZek @_LightCore Your account will stay locked until you log out and back in. When you log back in on a non-proxy ip, it'll remove your lock.

      @therapy0h eating disorders might be 'cute and all' but you haven't seen me hide food under my fingernails

      @Christo92205991 @cgillly do not hide from me Christopher, your camo doesn't make you invisible you know.

      @Son_of_Sekhmet @Abhainn_blog Okay than who is judging who? I don't see myself as the "masculine" gay guy and do "str8-acting". I don't hide being "me".


      @MikeIrvo @TimGNorman @manfightdragon @Jamwa Ah, yeah I'd be down with that. Or at least hide my "Balance" and just show me "Available funds."

      @Hide_on_Tower @LA_Noire_me WUTTTTT!!! Does your Cat usually do this? D:

      @SplatZ_ Just edited a CS compilation from playing hide & seek with Rhino, sLK, Koala, and me. Also some "Battle Robots" video will be up tomorrow :)

      @njaunewton RT @BishopKiuna: #ThanksgivingThursday "For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion:
      in the secret of his tabernacle shall …

      @RaihanSalihah I'm not hide anything unless u actually hide something from me. 3 hari beturut2 mimpi je ni.

      @anniecross1 RT @patmcburt: @jamesdoleman @anniecross1 @Southsidegrrrl Reminds me of saying to Northern Irish lad
      "Your parents anxious to hide your rel…

      @ColeyCinnirella Tell me what's your favorite game. I wanna play hide and freak.#SOMO #INLOVE @OfficialSoMo

      @ItsKennedyJo Fight the feelings fight them feelings yeah yeah.. Just hide it all beneath me yeah yeah..

      @ImMsMystique RT @Hector_Srsly: #MyFavoriteThingAboutYouIs you don't hide your broken parts from me, and they are beautiful

      @izabellaruiz2 RT @ashtyn_macias: hide something from me PLEASE, i'll find it out in .2 seconds.

      @JayReaser @lcbaleme @cristinalaila1 YES but he's never tried to hide it. It bugs me how many ppl like him.

      @_marisamariee If you have to avoid talking to me to hide the fact you're at a bar then just skip talking to me lol I'm straight

      @pagesoflyric "It's the hurt I hide that fuels the fire inside me." -Ray Lamontagne 'Empty'

      @Kenambi Do anyone else's cats hate the flea spot on? Mine run away and hide from me and get really upset!

      @xchaeeunx //let me hide here and forget about the world

      @roaritsjessicaa Trying to avoid and hide nearly two years worth of memories with you is killing me

      @nzpnkrckrgrl @ImaneImaneI ik what u mean. tried my usual vpn on my browser and it doesnt work lol

      @BubGourmand So, @TheRealTriscuit regarding the Smoked Gouda flavor. I've had to ask @MollyNotestine to hide from me so I don't eat the whole box.

      @_angelscars it's getting harder to hide pain from everybody around me

      @willieb223 Come to me
      Feel free
      to be
      the you inside
      No need to hide
      Show wild side
      So lusty
      Desire for ecstasy

      @MyCh3micalVeil Baby you showed me what livin' is for
      I don't wanna hide anymore

      @jfrance_ I want a job that lets me look like the freak of nature I want to be but also lets people take me seriously. So hide my face & hear my voice

      @BaculiRona Hands, put your empty hands in mine
      And scars, show me all the scars you hide
      #VoteJamesFPP #KCA

      @AidenSherlock1 Bluehost fiber hosting reviews hit i the best will power as proxy for firms: WdSnK

      @FUZZYWOOZI i assumed it was them so i tried to hide but they were already looking at me and we rushed into each other and they hugged me fkalbciajcnuai

      @hangovermcvey I just had to run into the kitchen and hide from my sister so she didn't see me cutting up some cake coz that'd mean I'd have to share

      @kid_v_money Coz I don't hide, no, that's me, out on road, Anywhere

      @LykJuguilon_ "When I look into your eyes,
      Everytime you smile at me,
      Oh I go weak inside,
      Baby I just can't hide my love" - @OfficialSteps :)

      @nick_klaus House hunting to figure out which houses I can best hide in without the new owners finding me, in a Bad Ronald-type situation

      @0g_bracefac3 RT @curlyheaadbissh: It'll never bother / hurt u . But I can't hide how much it hurts me

      @zedrick786 I hide money under my pillow and forget about it so that I can make future me happy when he cleans.

      @jfcmccahan everyone: lets hide once eric is on the tl

      @_wintergirl93 @ChrisSa72911087
      What happened to #equality? For God sake. You'd probably hide behind me in a dark parking ramp, wouldn't you?

      @RdrJay47 RT @elynnbarlow: Level of obsession:
      He could tell me he's a serial killer & I'd help hide bodies, provide alibis & tell him he's way hotte…

      @Miranda_Quick When I try to play hide-n-seek with my niece and nephew and my dog finds me the best

      @_sorryimemily_ micah just told me "every man for himself" & we're playing hide & seek ..,,

      @SatoBebe RT @fordonutcare: Close your eyes, you can't hide
      Try to forget me, but I'm everywhere
      #VoteKathrynFPP #KCA

      @_tbagnation Why I got to hide shit from me ... ?

      @marroquinlucas RT @JOEL9ONE: If you are wearing a flat brimmed hat sideways and two foot locker tees layered to hide your soft torso don't disrespect me o…

      @madwanm1 RT @Kennedyraynee: Wanna play hide and freak , come and play with me

      @SteeloGetsUWet He keeps me from the valley ,hide me from the rain .

      @callmeLROC And 2. People who ignore me can no longer hide from that fact and people can no longer say I'm just ignoring them.

      @emmielouli Turns out they were asking if we watch it, and there was no need for me to be frantically trying to use a Chinese VPN to access CNTV.

      @savannahdanielx RT @princessniickii: I don't wanna hide my feelings anymore. I don't know why I care about someone who doesn't care about me

      @alunaticmind - why would that scare me?
      - bc then u wouldn't be able to hide behind your books or your fricking telescope or your faith.

      @itsmaiseeee I know how to read the people I love emotions, yalls can't hide shiet from me.

      @vondahl88 A smile can hide so much but deep inside I'm lost and broken!
      Hold me tight, tell me that it gonna be okay, please take me away

      @ofstellardust RT @sosadtoday: when i'm simultaneously trying to get attention and hide from the world that's the real me

      @emad_dab @emad_dab 1114: I think that you should not hide facts about who you're, as a matter of fact it made me like you more that you told me

      @Cliffordfringex RT @YXUNGGODS: I've been waiting for 19 years for my dad to come back and tell me that we can finish our game of hide and seek

      @KeijiAkaashiVC @fvllmetul [Sighs and gives his neck another kiss] If you choose to hide from me, how will I continue to kiss you?

      @CharlyyBitMe RT @domosexuaI: I fucking hate girls who hide what makeup they use, like wtf who cares? I want alla my girls 2 slay the makeup game w me wh…

      @MuraHorobot Dear Diary, remind me to find better places to hide my lollipops...

      @mvcmtuts u got me there but bich can't say that im affected coz when if i do better hide on that filthy back of that boyfriend of yours

      @_belleXoxo13 Tell me , where do you exactly hide the thoughts you're too frightened to say out loud ?

      @ZakGreyhound @RappaConcorde @Grandma_Bobbins me an yous have to hide outside Rappa while Ben goes to the bar ;)

      @sonnymoovastar Right from the start, you've always made me feel a fool. The guilt you hide will come between us after all.

      @Amadeus4446 @furiousrockets your suicide by proxy has failed when you forgot I turn into a blubbering ball of goo when Jam is involved

      @FuturisticThugg RT @halei101: I'm such an open book, like ask me anything and I'll give you an answer, i have nothing to hide

      @RivailleAckerma @HopeOfHumanity_ "You can close your eyes sometimes. Just don't turn away and hide from me." His strokes were long and drawn out.

      @aisrr233 RT @SamantaSalah: I see you,
      Even when you hide from the rest of the world.
      I hear you,
      Even when you’re silent.
      As long as you love me

      @ahccapella RT @kinghoying: @scotthoying take me with you to the formation world tour i won't cost u anything i'll just hide in ur pocket i swear i can…

      @swiftiestevie13 "Hands, put your empty hands in mine
      And scars, show me all the scars you hide"
      These lyrics are my fav they mean so much @RachelPlatten

      @_R92_ Im not trying to hide it ! I want u to know it’s ME

      @smfhdanielle RT @lauxxg: love when people hide things from me and lie to me

      @darthlaser93 Gonna hide myself under me futon.... NOT SAD OR ANYTHING....

      @alegnarose Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
      Let me hide myself in Thee

      @MyricalArtriel RT @AnnaCleveland12: I know EVERYTHING. Like you can't hide shit from me.

      @Gorath44000 It appears you are using a VPN. Would you like to return to a life of cybercrime Y/N?

      @chnyllo Look into your heart u will find there's nothin' there to hide take me as I am take my life i would give it all, I would sacrifice @yujuern

      @sgoplit So me and my phone are playing hide and seek. This bitch is good.

      @periwinklewidow If you're going to call my home to encourage me to read the bible, don't hide behind a private number bitch.

      @FootballPlay6 @BullionsFilm @GiveawayMASTERR Bro I know you blocked me so dont try to hide it

      @tobe_zientek22 @Lesli_K_10 yeah me hooples like the Feds so you gotta watch out and hide them.

      @OhSoJosie If you hide me. You a hoe. And I'm glad my other boo's got me. Lol

      @WestermannNina @UKISSMe_Gumi @BTS_twt but the rabbit...I'll just hide behind GD and Rapmon. A dragon and a monster they can protect me from a rabbit right?

      @nickbutcher_ meet me at the southside
      baby we can go hide
      knowin that mah boys goin have my back

      @slayinhusbands_ @MatthewDaddario Tbh me af. I would find a big long stick and hide then go around banging on them.....

      @Hide_N_Zeke RT @heyelenalopez: im in tears... @corymccabefilms just surprised me w this. i literally don't even know how to express how happy i am. htt…

      @ValentinaCPL We'll play hide-and-seek to turn this around ...All I want is the taste that your lips allow...My, my, my, oh give me love!#love #flight

      @FLORYANIELAU I just want to show you,
      How I had changed.
      I Will hide the old me,
      So what you can see is the new me.

      @shwnnn97 I tried to run from your side but each place I hide it only reminds me of you

      @cfilipzz @SeungRuni i know you love me,stop hide

      @sydneyschneid RT @reillledupp: You know when you hear a rly good song & you're not sure if u should tell every person you know or hide it & keep it for y…

      @cslaaaay If hide something from me an I find out from someone else you lost my trust

      @Sqee_ RT @Ahamed167: @teamdesss ...yeap..u on point... Bt hoes naw adays hide under queens shoes... Y d queens act lyk hoes... So tell me wats da…

      @SwiftKeyblader ||I.. can't fix all those lies.. Oh baby baby why am I running to you? You won't see me cry! I’ll hide it inside! [@UnverseSpectrum] #VenBot

      @sunshineabcgdr Unless you show me how
      When you feel my heat
      Look into my eyes
      It's where my demons hide
      It's where my demons hide
      Don't get too close

      @auddrry RT @raaethegr8_: Please don't hide stuff from me. I will find out one way or another.

      @coolboytroye @emeraldsivann i am sitting in the middle of a classroom how do you expect me to get up and go to a corner and hide

      @ashilini_macc When you move to San Diego your taking ME with you. Idgaf

      @__QuiteHeavenly @InCAWeTrust i can most definitely hide from you b/c what you not bout to do is that shit to me lmao.

      @9to5survivalist Interviewer: It says here you’re a world champion at hide & seek? Hey where’d he go?
      Me: *from inside cupboard* Boo!
      Interviewer: Holy shit!

      @maddy_moisio RT @MG_Satch: Mr. Simms yelled "Go away vampire chick" at me while violently trying to hide his face in the hallway today & I've never been…

      @King_Proxy @skitzosir @SayerMowat @NemRaps Free is FIRE.

      @Jasminekohwx RT @fayeeflyy: why ppl like to hide me lol am I that embarrassing

      @SkyRiderTK @Gamingin8Bit How can i use virtual ip to play clash of kings on proxy?

      Who sharpen their tongue like a sword, and bend their bows to shoot their arrows--bitter words. #Psalm 64:3

      @kelbymeyers85 those were the ones that checked on daily, talked to me. Not hide out until positive feed hit my media then come in and give me your blessin

      @ascarybug I'm about to make a set of spare keys to my apartment for everyone I've ever met who lives anywhere near me and also like hide 3 in pockets

      @vic_vic_marie Low waist jeans give me fear, like where do I hide my love handles????

      @NotSoDarthVader For the record, my "birth story" was a lie.
      My second dad confirmed that for me three years ago...
      So yeah.
      WHAT are you trying to hide?

      @Hilariouswar make me and my whole family worried, they want to take me to places, places i dont kno, i start to hide from them, one of them desist

      @shaiikhaz RT @hvvessa: I'll call you my secret and hide you safely inside me.

      @nickyoliverx My spending has got the point where my mom has to hide my money from me

      @kuroshi_bot Nee, where have you gone~? Are you playing Hide and Seek with me? I guess I am ›it‹ … I’m totally going to find you!

      @tymajestic You can't hide from the truth, ,,Many tried to hold lightwerkerz back, ,I SAY ALL THE TIME...IF I'M INSANE SANE ME, ,, the offer stands

      @MacduffFreeman To be specific way vpn strip preventive problems: lrmiu

      @krystal__ital RT @ygscape: Hide carefully, I can see you, how dare you underestimate me

      @md_says RT @bhawnakat: The smile i hide from you, within me, keeps me going..

      @ActuallyJCH @HoodHerrera hide me in your pocket like a cartoon mouse

      @peardoo I'm babysitting and were playing hide and seek. The 5yr old said were on a date. Good date if you ask me

      @_ellyseee @KrisOKeefe_ I am babe. Hide me from ur burd xxxxx

      @davidoakes1984 Keep her outta my sight hide her from me seeing me or make it that way block blueberryx

      @NatalieHall24 @Lmao @__Kaylee12__ quit cussing. You can't hide from me on Twitter

      @ShadowNightclaw @GreenRodan Aww, can always hide behind me or something~ ^..^

      @MaddisonMwah1 my sister is coming here to spend the day tomorrow so remind me to hide my dildos and take down the hearts

      @vousble RT @aestheticrpw: Me: *laughs*
      Whats so funny?
      Whats going on?
      Who are u talking to?
      Can I see what's the joke?
      What are you tryi…

      @dohaekang Hols ovr for me,nid 2 stop playing wif u. I hv a life 2 get bck 2 while u hv to hide in a rented room to make up n enlighten ur twitter fans

      @shadow_hunt You're running out of places to hide from me

      @LeanneK18 Put your empty hands in mine. Show me all the scars you hide. if your wings are broken please take mine so yours can open, too

      @Damlgcow @datini1608 Lol are you retarded i bet you used a pub ip and not a vpn xD

      @6waysofeverly Excuse me while I go hide so I don't have to see a dead pig

      @beckwatney this is so lame but this new gen of Disney channel (gmw/descendants) is making me feel less like I have to hide myself and that I can be

      @DevilryFun RT @samiam604: Her: What are you doing?
      Me: Oh, not much. Just trying to find the perfect place to hide a dead body & create a flawless ali…

      @shytowny0 *cousin tells little cousins to go hide Bc they wanna play hide and go seek* me: are you going to find them? Him: no

      @DazzlingMystery @DeanRossW *When I hear the growl, I look back to see you chase after me. I let out a playful scream, running to hide under the covers.*

      @paysturg RT @haleymcobb: I think it's so cute how boys think they can sneak around on me w another girl & get away w it lolz I have eyes everywhere …

      @paradisecross I hide myself well. He will never think of looking for me in my local Jewish Centre. Great meal there yesterday.

      @a_maciel11 RT @melgozab_07: Don't hide anything from me cuz I'll find out sooner or later

      @SamoyAlma1 Hide me now under your wings

      CardoCarmen GustoNgMasa

      @UniverseofColor Akward silence, someone hide me.

      @nellyhendriiix Grip made me this way. He told me one time, "Don't EVER hide your greatness Vett!" I never hid it again after that day!

      @Vincentkappa @Dizzy_VM @KrilgorDB @Zarellaa_ i remember in invasion I think there was that really old school sniping spot I hide there but rip UAV got me

      @Petterroea It is those little things, like remembering to hide mentions from a secret repo to an open one, that makes me trust @github

      @Kokoyaa_ you make me shy shy shy , make me run & hide hide hide ~

      @Knight_PS RT @Simply_Smithy: Hello @kanyewest I am a Nigerian Prince and I am willing to help your project as I need to hide my money. Please DM me y…

      @BpBp85285286 @Imsuspendable1 @NotFlimsy EE is my vpn

      @facerjen000 *When people hide from me at there own house, "Ok I guess I'll just eat all your food".

      @sheepsexual @ColdJackky Sanae is just as fucked up as me. He just tends to hide it better.

      @brookepatton17 So my phone and me are playing hide and seek. She is good.

      @wth_dani Sadest part is that is gayer than me and is trying to hide by saying that kind of shit!

      @FoxyBoySS @FormidableBeaut I also like how I can get away with a few thing with you guys heh. Like paddy lets me hide in his hair and Derek well--

      @MsDylangirl RT @ro_bot_dylan: The man in me will hide sometimes to keep from bein' seen, But that's just because he doesn't want to turn into some mach…

      @ShelbJK @savsteckler Pull a me and just get one and hide it in your bathroom till she finds it

      @Billbobagons Psalm 119:19 I am a stranger on earth; do not hide your commands from me.

      @jammatcar At least being coach has given me a legit reason to message people repeatedly and hide any embarrassing drunk messages from view

      @DailyDoseOfOJ Whenever I have a candle lit in my room my dad says "trying to hide some weed in here?"

      Yes dad you caught me

      @apaffy i mean i could vpn but


      @44crosses Cruelty ..I cannot controle ... lust ...I cannot hide .... I am my own demon ... I cant hide that ..no one was ever close to me .....

      @_bbiru *wears sweatshirt + a cap to hide that one forehead pimple and cuz I slept at 5am w/ hair tied cuz I'm a mess today*
      Me: moonbyul aesthetic

      @SEGAIsLife RT @CirnoHacker: Launching first ever raid on ISIS on Telegram the jihadis can't hide they often lead me to their channels

      @jendaverlyn16 Tbh I'm not okay today. I just hide my real emotions behind those laughter coz I don't want to see people around me getting the same feeling

      @Bugglepuffbooks Had to hide yesterday when I had an #authors 'lightbulb' moment

      @r_iamarunkumar RT @tyrantasorus: Having sex with me is like playing Hide-and-seek.
      After the first 30 seconds, I'm yelling "Ready or not, here I come!"

      @minjipreme @darapreme UNNI I SAW YOU ON MY MENTAB YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME

      @1Password @erase_me Yep. We hide the stuff you no longer need to manage yourself. :)

      @DeeNardone Owning dogs has taught me a lot about men. Always praise them for the good, lock them outside for the bad &amp hide all the pills in cheese.

      @itzmemylene I've got nowhere left to hide, it looks like love has finally found me

      @silentuan I am rlly shy like just the thought of my tweets bein viewed on 1k accs makes me wanna hide

      @sashakosarac i don't care how bad you think it is don't hide things from me that just makes me angrier in the end

      @SprinkledYesi RT @EliRamos_08: @SprinkledYesi Wow...it's a song. I legit thought your mom told you this... Let me just hide my shame real quick.


      @pewowdiepie RT @TheAnimeBibIe: Teacher : Where's your homework?

      Me : Where's Hide?

      *both cries together*

      @ElgiarSera RT @lovelucyford: I just want someone that's crazy about me and can't even hide it

      @IsaiahTruthful For in the time of trouble HE shall hide me in HIS Pavilion: in the secret of HIS Tabernacle shall HE hide me;HE shall set me up upon a rock

      @CookieSuggs It'd just a copy of me provided to try and hide my true self from everyone scared That no one's gonna like who I really am

      @melaninaino RT @Adamant_Yves: Let me tell you a little about why "You can hide being Gay, but you can't hide being Black" is not only BULLSHIT but is a…

      @XpozedNewton Am the only Ugandan who is accessing facebook,twitter and whatsapp without using #VPN.TRUE STORY!

      @CUPIDlTY you just want to hide from me.

      @ThickAssBacon RT @emiilyyoungg: I would rather someone be brutally honest with me about their feelings toward me then sit & hide it, if u don't want me d…

      @BashGreater RT @yuxxki_18: Just let me gues??
      trying to hide..
      @itsShowtimena @ShowtimeTNT #ShowtimeBiyerNice NewGen PTA

      @Vlad_T_Hells @NinevaCezeaux "iv:exactly and you think you know everything unlike me i don't hide fear madness or anything..that why I'm insane" grins

      @gifted_athlete @torinicole__

      @thevicjones RT @aknotg21: Show me all the scars you hide

      @KageruRaito_bot AKI-CHAN SAW ME TAKE HIS BOOKS RUN AND HIDE - =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ

      @PutThatOnMyName RT @Eric_Ayala: Out in front, sin is all I do; Lord let me hide myself in you; Veil my person so all may see; Only you instead of me. #Twit…

      @inazumaniac Plus, like an idiot, I deleted the app before thinking of downloading a proxy and NOW I CAN'T DL IT BACK UGH

      @Totally_craxy RT @Barkatswat: Let me paint our moon black,
      Hide the stars seek each other in the dark
      Where I don’t know who I am
      And you don’t know w…

      @jerrysaul51 @JessicaCourten2 they are so beasutiful, why do you hide them...feed me.

      @sophcorriganx first proper night out since like september or somethin, watch me become an embarrassing riot again n hide for another cuttla month

      @anna_holleman yes plzzz hide stuff from me I love that !!

      @_awesomeLee RT @ozzylugo88: If you're gonna hide shit from me then don't even bother fucking with me

      @cutiepiekai_ @lauryn_elliott @Hide_N_Zeke oh cool! I'll talk to him then!! Unless @Gadge_27 tells me otherwise

      @Vicky_LLoyd1 As much as I want to hide away from the world, social media is really helping me right now. Never be ashamed to speak out for yourself xx

      @ay_tory RT @momo30xx: If you want to say shit about me say it to my face. No need to hide behind a computer screen and a fake account. Low life bit…

      @jungsismtv RT @MAMAMOOTEXTS: hwasa: hide me
      solar: what
      solar: why
      wheein: where did you put my SIPPY CUP

      @Neekiann13 Yall don't want me exposing all your dead bodies, evidence of kidnappings, rapes, murders and horrific crimes that you try to hide.

      @BronWYNWonnaco1 Dad this is not a game. Don't hide my fucking meds on me, I need them in order to survive. Disgusted and livid by your actions

      @Hide_N_GOsika Somebody give me some plans I couldn't be any more bored n nothing on tv

      @kleapsyah @shanempls not my fault you hide from me and the kids when we are grocery shopping.

      @MansfieldMegan1 Crucial catch in order to admission fee false fixing bath as proxy for valid website rising action: MkWYid

      @yakuwuza me n kat in as a movie where they gotta hide their relationship in school bc social status then fuck behind the bleachers in the end

      @Michael_KBJ RT @_Akotowaa: I want to hide out for a month or two in a faraway place with people who will teach me piano and guitar and violin and poetr…

      @fifachazali RT @kikinurutami: @adon_by_arie mr @yohan_sky83 u cant hide a thing from me! Aplg nyimpen bangke ky gini. Im way too smart, im a hacker, im…

      @LunaGamingYT @OVOPhantuums what about Android do I just use a vpn? Lol

      @HenkPoley @8EJ3 "Hide-and-seek has never been this easy for me"

      @HarrhyStyles Is what if when she sees me, what if she doesn't like it? What if she runs the other way and I can't hide from it?

      @Dnayew @WWE turning off the crowd mics to hide Roman's boos isn't going to stop me from cancelling #WWENetwork. Nice ME spoiler tho. #WWEFastlane

      @Leyva15valerie Tell me where the good boys go to hide away.

      @trumpbus I hear the Rickets family, who own the Chicago Cubs, are secretly spending $'s against me. They better be careful, they have a lot to hide!

      @heichdouche I just want to hide forever. I'm scared of what they think of me.

      @Sarkies_Proxy @deni_k @evie_adams @MamaLans @YauatchaSoho @OpiumChinatown @LovingHutHQ @pingpongdimsum @MetroUK oh dear God that looks amazing

      @ah__Mazin Can't Hide The Way I Feel When You're Next To Me!!!

      @b3n__d0v3r @Kennypowers___ @_philloop

      @tiffani_baergen So done with everyone and everything. Just gonna hide in my room if anyone needs me

      @HasyimahTeo Why am I afraid of bumping into him? LOL! It's even weirder how fear could lead me thinking of ways to hide myself even in the dark..

      @liberty_writer How am I supposed to feel ok when I can't go out in public without imagining beating the shit out of the guy next to me/wanting to hide?

      @babypeanutbutte RT @perdantes: Me: *raises hand*
      Anakin: *stumbling to hide his margaritas*

      @lindseyyy23 I'm the queen of taking screenshots, don't think you can hide anything from me bc I always find proof

      @Fritz_100 Kahneman: If we don't know the answer to a question, we replace it with a proxy. Obv antidote formulating very precise questions in our mind

      @MarineSkyfire ‡Don't mind me, I'm bored in class and this is an account I can hide on.‡

      @daLoved1 Me: *tries on sunglasses*. My daughter: waterbugs. Where are your eyebrows though? Me: they're so on fleek they have to hide.

      @_INGINE RT @baytothelynn: I need to hire someone who will hide my Oreos from me and my car keys so I can't drive to Cook Out.

      @DisSchoolGirl Oh God an actual horse saw that Yoko as the animal breeding slut debate

      @Raurie_ Apologies to @Sam_OzoneO3 for accusing him of unfollowing me when he didn't follow in the first place. I'm now going to hide under my pillow

      @reshmaa_s RT @Voxest: When i sit alone thinking about you, i try to hide the pain that you caused me but never cared about.

      @Angginiars Got a feeling that you're trying to hide from me muehehe

      @HectorGuillen98 RT @ckgs_0520: I'm just going to hide my feelings for now because I haven't thought that when we stopped seeing each other, it punched me &…

      @hichaheee @NIC3YJ oops, hi unnie, let me hide from you ㅋㅋ

      @puRdie_RHo & anyone who gets mad at that, makes me feel like they're trying to either play me or hide something. Either or won't fly

      @inactive_gal RT @YIXlNG: [PH Tlist] Checking if someone wants to swap photocards with me? I got DK and Jun for my Boys Be Hide and Seek album versions. …

      @nandaku85123168 @SearchQuotes u don't call u r afraid and known for passing blames like telling me I made mistakes when I didn't so to hide u r hiding call

      @annetterusling RT @manwhohasitall: RISE & SHINE BUSY DADS! Now is a good time to bake a bird seed cake, hide a multitude of sins and find your ideal body …

      @kristenhofstra Nice to see hide so much from me

      @hide_N_go_Sika #Blackish got me so in my feelings right now

      @BrianRbrian04 @BetterNikeBot @njsneaks What you mean IP/PROXY in the right location?? you mean just to make sure USA right?

      @ShirtlessCondum @ShawnMcHale1 @aleciaholdens If you're trying to watch from the BBCAN website, then you have to download a VPN

      @Kayliezy @yerboychad true. But I'm crazy gf so when you aren't snapchatting everything you doing I think you're being sneaky trying to hide from me

      @Intrepidity @ErikBooij A VPN is supposed to bridge 2 private networks over a public one, has nothing to do with security, even if being used as such.

      @emwinton There is logical reasoning as to why me - Emma Winton - owns plastic cups,if you like your fully functioning glasses hide them, quick!

      @billybadass_jas LRT Hide Emotions

      @AliSabbah01 #whichhillary is trending and that makes me happy. Just goes to show how hypocrisy can't hide forever.

      @jhassler22 Gave my mom 25 bucks to head to the store and get me soda and stuff since she's already out. Also asked her to grab a raw hide for Ellie

      @uhidfwu_ RT @ttaeyoncee: i don't let people see me cry. I'll really hide my face

      @amazingamber121 Any time I share something vegan related on Facebook I either want to hide or scream come at me meat eaters there's no in between

      @Cloudythoughtz RT @AphoticAbyss: Let me hide in your darkness, mine has turned against me.

      @kay_SOTK I don't know why you choose to hide your feelings. I don't know whether to go or come. Show me a sign. Please

      @caliiimtz I can't believe you looked me in the eye and said to me you had nothing to hide

      @cuhhreenahh RT @ohbbykat: i be finding out everything lmao don't even try to hide shit w/ me

      @Bakwas_baand RT @AmnahKamran332: Dear lyf,
      I knw I vz never fair vid u even thugh u were da only thng I had! But sori I can't hide it anymore 'I hat…

      @CharmedLassie I am going to hide in bed for the rest of the night. Disturb me only with chocolate or beer.

      @gord0nzola @SoundCloudDev let me hide reposts of accts I already follow so I don't get the same track 6 times in my feed

      @angeliner0per RT @briannaprather_: There is no reason to lie to me or hide shit from me... I'm way to understanding.

      @_princessrastaa RT @LUVLILSKYE: Swear it's so hard for me to hide my emotions no matter how hard I try cause I literally wear them on my face

      @XephyKun @SojiroUtaite @lulupantsu @inkvirus Soji, Soji listen. Get me a green wig to hide my hair with and I'll play in your place.

      @amROYB RT @DOlusegun: 4. I have no reason to hide from anyone. People like Deji thrive on violence and enjoy people being afraid of them but not me

      @AlbertAltman @OneMonthNetflix You will loose all of your american subscribers that use VPN to protect their privacy!!! Stop this vpn blocking nonsense !

      @JMontesInc Keep me as the apple of your eye O Lord; hide me in the shadow of your wings,
      Psalm 17:8

      @frozfrazier Hail, Cesar feels like a love child between The Hudsucker Proxy & Burn After Reading

      @_UrSoREPLACED My intuition is always right. Like you can't hide anything from me

      @brooke_soltys Will never understand why people think it's a good idea to hide shit from me when I'll just find out anyway

      @ItsJordanne I got my degree in Lurkology so don't try to hide anything from me.✋

      @IntentGent @okcupid what’s the point in removing the Hide button from the homepage? What profit in showing me people I don’t want to see, over & over?

      @briauuunna You:"Just got a fade hide yo hoes"
      Me:"just got my new bikini hide yo guy friends"

      @yssavaldez @jnblct this sounds juicy :) tell me where to hide the body, I gotchu covered

      @nnoicc RT @Johnprophet2: @nnoicc why do u hide yourself in your picture christ does not hide he loves u very much i know he loves me bro

      @ainnxbilxh_ RT @suicidalsmoker: Dear family members, please know that some of your jokes/statement offend me so bad that I just want to hide myself awa…

      @UTAU_Chatter @kitsuneartemis i saw the CAT that you HAVE that is like me and is me also. you cannot HIDE this fact

      @joyeeela I miss how you thought you were so stealth with your mood changes when you really can't hide them from me.

      @Paperpainter Send me to a place where all the bears are so I can hide from eternal suffering.

      @nuzzlingharry @Harry_Styles you see right through me and I can't hide

      @cendejasalyssa RT @FriendlyAssh0le: #IfWeDate dont assume shit because people say something, come up to me & ask me. i got nothing to hide

      @AMuhammadZaki RT @sarmadgardezi: He : I like how you don't hide your problems like everyone else does.

      @Ms_Nini_ Small talk makes me want to hide under a rock

      @SheriffSexySwan @SwanMillsGina @TamsinSwanMills place where I hide the m&ms and the other candy she don't like that I eat? Or did Cora rat me out?"

      @xciara5x Let's play hide & seek? Find me tonight in the club - I'll be waiting for you

      @BoyceKelsey Why, why are You still here with me
      Didn't You see what I've done?
      In my shame I want to run and hide myself

      @SweetSass__ Trust me, everyone can see through it.

      @MommysOnValium RT @FingerCuffRomeo: You gotta hide the slutty in nuance a bit better if you want me to retweet you.

      @xjihera RT @UNIVERSALERPE: #INTL when girls say alright it means they hide something. for me when I say it's okay. it literally mean okay

      @OhHeyItsShayla_ Theres no need for me to delete shit, cause there's nothing to hide.

      @alllibertynews RT @Barushka36: @GovJVentura He must have a fair trial, but from an safe location via a proxy server..He will be killed on #US soil

      @_August8thME I feel as tho if you can't show me watever I ask for you either got something to hide or you got something to hide like its no way around it

      @MaVill17 Red lips hide your teeth, OoOo baby keep biting me .... Cuz I'm sleeping with a siren

      @ChanceFrom107 If Loving Me In Public Ain't Safe U Can Take My Love And Hide It♥️.

      @SimplyyValeria RT @_robertosalas: i hate those type of people that try to hide that theyre hispanic because they're embarrassed or some

      @sandymark999 RT @NutterDiaries: Texted 'Keep me coming' instead of 'Keep 'em coming.' Can I hide somewhere and never return?

      @dirtyrush216 @rlpritchett72 @FoxNews you are really a clown. Me hide? NEVER! Preach hate NEVER! Expose you for your fear of who and what I am...

      @SophTaylorStone @JasontaylorRp1 I'm so mortified and relieved that he didn't do anything. I mean I know she is prettier than me but I . . .{I hide my face}


      @whoisdigo I think you hide.
      You don't have to tell me why.
      You cry a little, so do I.
      So do I ♪

      @ShyTallz I'd Rather Have Enemies Who Don't Hide Their Hatred Towards Me Than Friends Who Snitch Behind My Back......That's 100

      @mitsutadabot You got designer shades
      To hide your face and
      You wear them around like
      You're cooler than me

      @ToddAshley2 RT @DevAmbardekar: @netflix facing disappointed users because of their #VPN policy.
      How does #India feel about not having access to Americ…

      @FilmBuff96 @CMEcontent What annoys me most about Snow's character is that Harrington didn't even try to hide the fact that he would come back. gggrrrrr

      @justMaryrose_ RT @superjanella: The word "party" makes me want to hide under my blanky and hyperventilate #jk #ornot #antisocialfeels

      @Stackavellii_ It's almost like a childlike feeling. Takes me back to when I would be jumping off the porch playing hide and seek as a kid.

      @somarcsaid @_streetsofglory LogoTV website with a VPN.

      @eyre_shaneece @mattybuk1 well it does because he told me to stay out of it

      @cestuncarre 1. got a netflix account to watch a documentary
      2. it's only on USA netflix
      3. VPN doesn't bypass location anymore
      4. sad

      @0710ranz #Namie Amuro
      Neonlight lipstick
      Hands on me
      Let me let you go
      In the spotlight
      Go round
      Fast car

      @misskamaliaa "Show me all the scars you hide"

      @capen408 RT @cltobinstlfd: As a fire I love a transitional attack.You warn me before you enter so I can hide,then help me come out with a vengeance …

      @KimmberlyOrr RT @joejaegerguitar: Same thing Obama is not Eligible to be president There is NO reason to hide otherwise someone give me a legit reason h…

      @kyle_egbert_ @JacksonDiehl @AnshelPfeffer what's the end game? Endless proxy how does Putin benefit?

      @arlene_robynne RT @_sethishere: hide your good deeds as well as you hide your sins and watch your life become better. Trust. Me.

      @saysbukowski "I wanted someplace to hide out, someplace where one didn't have to do anything. The thought of being something ... sickened me." - Bukowski

      @SunnyG922 @BTS_National Only some of we college students know how to break that prohibition and use Twitter of Facebook.(by activating VPN

      @Mariela1D98 RT @handsomhes: @Harry_Styles never hide yourself, for your beauty is far too grand to be hidden. Thank you for being yourself. Mind follow…

      @amiwaajewina RT @Fearofgrowup: DON'T HIDE THINGS FROM ME BECAUSE I ALWAYS FIND OUT

      @RealRapRodney @FATMACOFTHESWAC lol man I'm just Tryna hide on the toilet in peace and 2 niggas on side of me lighting my shit up

      @PCROBV @BOMIOBV screeches. you don't have a flute. please hide me from them. they scare me.

      @wackhumanbot dear twitter, help me in this time of need as i try to write one i hide under the covers

      @MikeBurke72 @superdaz777 united fans blaming Fellani are you fucking kidding me he showed for the ball didn't hide like Mata

      @hormonxs @showtimc daddy? /chuckles/ we'll see what you will have to call me if we play hide and seek in my room. /focuses on my driving/

      @HomeSessionsJP Inside of this circle there are no corners to hide. Every line I follow leads me back inside. Gravity pulls me from my center every time. ❤️

      @StreetFoodUK @Dracaenawines @boozychef Here each website you visit you have to agree to the TOC for Cookies even. I have a VPN will check movie weekend

      @cerys_boardx RT @xcaitlindavey: I think my bobbles must grow legs and hide from me

      @AdamDBrooks RT @DragonflyJonez: Gonna get a 12 pk, a Popeye's 10pc & watch Daredevil. Dont call me for shit dont text me for shit I got dope in the hou…

      @emmaxgallagher RT @photogenicjay__: it's so hard for me to hide emotions, you can read my whole mood in my face and by my body language

      @Fan_of_DET_313 @HoneyNutChelios Let the hype to football season begin. Excuse me as I go hide.

      @Mokristinexo RT @jayecunt: You can't hide shit from me, I already know what's up LMAO

      @DaBraceFaceBull My gf said if she finds some shit out that I didn't tell her about she's breaking up with me. Lol funny cause I ain't got shit to hide.

      @Selenatorerica RT @ericaavarela: Every time I go into work my friend& I start singing hide away together it makes me happy @theofficialdaya #daya #thefres…

      @starrydeered @freckleferret I started before you got here, champ. You aren't the fastest at hide and seek. Gave me good time.

      @Chrispeare "What are you doing later?"
      Me: "I don't know. I have to check my colander."
      "You mean calendar?"
      "No. I hide my schedule in a colander."

      @GigiVitelli RT @SerrAlexis: @GigiVitelli you can't hide from me

      @Sally_toes24 RT @_blotty: This is v embarrassing for me. But seriously: dont drink coffee before a date, its better to be sleepy than to have to hide po…

      @Jauredramatic Whenever I tweet something that gets big outside the fandom I change my name to "not me" to hide suspicion

      @ZacTheEnchanter @lepetitc0ch0n hide words in it. Force them to slowly scroll.
      My friends don't text me back anyway. Lmao.

      @YZYCopR @proxy_connect did you get my DM?

      @MyAutoBlogging Take a look at our new post - Starboard to launch proxy fight to remove Yahoo's entire board: WSJ

      @Britzxiom13 Let me just go hide for the next month.

      @saarbear_ @Ruffdog93 you never know, she may like you. I had no idea Adrian liked me.. He called me "bro" to hide it

      @oopsxann2908 You know sometimes I hide it but I can't this time cause it's gonna defeat me

      @jazminjanae I hate having to hide my crazy like I be ready to say "text me back" after day 2 *if I'm interested*

      @GardnerWayne1 Entrance fee experts as proxy for website favorably inclined technical writing: yHc

      @DougieToal @mikeparry8 Hey Jude, Ticket To Ride, Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey, Revolution, here comes the sun

      @jayzedpc @PmsProxy @Pie_of_Saffy @SilverbladezEU @TehRedZone High praise coming from you Proxy! <3 I hope our paths cross on the server soon.

      @bunniee_23 My IP is routed through London thanks to VPN, and Twitter thinks I'm in the Netherlands. Stupid bird you know nothing.

      @kmmgreen5 RT @MomoTrollBot: suddenly it occurred to me the reason for the run and hide had totaled my existence

      @caitlynchar1313 Hide n seek got the best of me, gashed my calf, thigh, and boob open

      @katmandoi Hey @netflix, when are you going to add #TheBigBangTheory to the US catalog? Can we make that speedy or maybe you can unblock the proxy.

      @manejeplz RT @miliondollameat: do my memes make me look like im trying 2 hide the pain or something

      @sean_fitz82 My mom is making me hide Easter eggs.. Oh how the times have changed.

      @mastani_larki RT @OsamahAkram: Walk with me little, why are you looking afraid ?
      Come, let me hide you in my arms
      Come, let me decorate some dreams in yo…

      @Rush_Xp “And I would hide my face in you and you would hide your face in me, and nobody would ever see us any more.”

      @DemonicTwiter @Unblock_Us I see you say drop support a line if Netflix is blocking VPN. So who am I messaging and where?

      @dalebroder RT @ghostflowers_: I wish people were more up front with me why does everyone have to lie and hide things from me, I'm chill and I'll find…

      @_aaeiou RT @ThePhidelia_: Dear Oloni, my boyfriend surprised me with a proposal last night. Now I'm worried, if he could hide that from me, what el…

      @pokkadots12 Now that my opinion is out there im going to go hide under a rock and hope no one yells at me

      @KeatCharles Copywriting as proxy for online sites: assembly straight a remarkably in the money site: owKoLQzhB

      @xii_iii_xcvi Somethings in life could make me smile but I still hide cause I never may know what you bringing to the table

      @DontaeWilliams2 RT @DanceBotDes: I'm such a chill & happy person. But once you make me mad I can't hide that shit.

      @Baker_jordyn6 Take me back to a time where we knew we could hide away

      @jeremypain10292 U say how easy it would be to hide anything from me if u really wanted to and ur different lately i could only pray ur not doing that to me

      @axlrcks RT @deathrattIed: Axl: lol let me hide&cause no drama


      @cleverfactz "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey" is the longest title in The Beatles' catalogue.

      @sheeransclouds pls forgive me i been missing ed a lot and idk why i just feel like i need to hide under my pillows forever

      @StephenBKeith Jeremiah 16:17-18 I see everything they do. They cannot hide from me the things they do; their sin is not hidden from my eyes

      @oliviaa_life I hate when people hide things from me and lie. When I find out, I react first and listen later.

      @arabianstains RT @Outhoeme: @arabianstains playing hide and seek with me even though hes tired

      @rowan1dgirl Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes
      Hold back the river, so I
      Can stop for a minute and see where you hide
      Hold back the river

      @dxddybrooks RT @BrooksBeau: All the feels you feel hide away from me

      @SharonMichaelso Prime vpn underwrite in order to yours worktable wants: AqukXV

      @TrayTheTruth3 I keep my dirt on the surface so you don't have to dig, the people that make me nervous try to hide all their sins...

      @ughalayna RT @LARRAYOX: my grandma just told me i cant get my eyebrows done because ima 'boy'??

      since shes want to be ignorant ima hide her life ale…

      @TigerLily_Spots RT @subvsn: Me being goofy is just a way to hide my feelings

      @Descifrandolo There’s not much to examine, there’s nothing left to hide
      You really can’t be serious if you have to ask me why I say good-bye...

      @_Nicki_xox I like to sneak into the bathroom at work and hide when it gets really busy so no one bothers me

      @Xavierhellsing6 @AMunknown21 "It was still wrong of me." He keeps hiding his face as his sleeves become bigger to help hide it

      @Pactiv8 Welcome #FF Friends @printchampion @industrialpkg @crossxcolorinc @elasto_proxy @kb_electronics @kookee_ireland @allmetals_forge @sealfresh

      @HayleyOliver1 @kellieallcock @betholiverr it's cute that he blocks you two and me on Lauren's Facebook... It's as if he has something to hide from her

      @Manda_A_Maniac Bout to go get me a drink & then hide in the house until tomorrow

      @muggarachi da type bitch das gon hide a gun for me

      @Mani_dash I hate when people hide stuff just talk to me baby I'm there for everybody who need me

      @Thee_Pacifist @lulumokotedi nna i have nothing to hide.my girl follows me even

      @_theRealha RT @neasy_: I find out everything. So lying & trying to hide stuff from me is just a waste of time.

      @Paredeszxc RT @NioClmnte: "where do the good boys go to hide away?" ask me where

      @beclaireful_ RT @louissefacundo: That's what makes me reckless —I don't hide my emotions.

      @P8N_B RT @TylerHuffaker: I accidentally took 7 plates when I got a bagel at work and @ColinHanson2 wouldn't help me hide my mistake. RT to spread…

      @SSkotadi Callin all of u nd not knowing u still keep hiddin from me.Then lest hide Nade.lets keep loosin us into the unknown.I never lived w/u though

      @muzameerashraff It is better for me to just hide my feelings...

      @1337ings @ripsinister but my hide.me subscription ran out so i had to use my boys cyber ghost account, even though i could just run on a proxy ;3

      @brandalasf RT @LurganShmith: "This is not just an attack on me, it's an attack on president Obama" How many times can we hide behind Obama in one nigh…

      @premiumizeme We just lost our Italy VPN location due to problems with this server. Please remove the affected config files from your computer.

      @Cryshell360Shit My grandma say freckles are angel kiss on me so hide Starr map okay

      @Sawamss RT @misstashamillz: I can actually fall down and die if you tell me food has finished. I don't even hide my tears

      @Thxrttrvp Can't no snake hide from me

      @Mauro_Maggot Ooh baby when you cry
      your face is momentary
      you hide your looks behind these scars
      In hybrid moments
      give me a moment

      @wakelmj RT @normanithequeen: i'm imagining the girls seeing each other at coachella and ducking behind their friends like "omg i know that girl, hi…

      @StephElzein15 I was taken on a ride thru bell & to see all "arab houses"

      @JBrohamLincoln So I had this dream last night that @KassondraEve broke into my house and told me to hide her from the cops she was running from

      @_ChillOutAllie if you question me when I ask to see your phone or when I grab it, you beat me up to get it back, then you have something to hide.period

      @luvnole If u wanna see me rage just come over after my parents eat my food i purposely hide from them. I LOVE IT

      @ALIcanFOOD RT @spyrohh: anyway to get around the netflix proxy block?

      @Dipaolasofia You can't hide ANYTHINGGGGG from me I literally find out everything

      @_youngmelanin_ RT @TiaraMonee_: I hate when people try to hide stuff from me.

      @Ichisuke_K @ixxrlp Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

      @mueslimate RT @RealCarrotFacts: you can pay a small indian man to sneak into your room every nigt and hide a carrot under your pellow but it get expen…

      @ForbeR_ @FFrantec yea because you can't trace an email YOURE FUCKING RETARDED a fucking web VPN isn't gonna protect u

      @hanuuhj i can find out anything i really can so idk why people even try to hide things from me at this point

      @Proxy_Rn RT @OpTic_Scumper: Going to get my stuff xrayed. Hoping for the best

      @MadisynRough lol @Brookieee_06 is trying to hide something from me

      @LindaGomes11 RT @FangirlForAri: Also (don't shoot me) LOL , bonenzo is nice
      bk still my ship tho , but I am always real , if I like something , I don't…

      @mary_shark @NotGivingOneFuq it's ok babe I know u want me no need to hide it xxxx

      @crottedecheval RT @laurenzuke: it makes me very uncomfortable to be analyzed for information to find out ships I like or as if I'd hide show spoilers in p…

      @MoonWolf95 @SadieSynn same way on patrol I managed to hide stood against a brick wall right under a lamp post and people still didn't see me?

      @HoggarthJocelyn Think out delicacy leads as proxy for achievement toward facebook ads: QMpmxZzUL

      @drisis @CyrilPedia @StrangeSource Try hide.me proxy server to get beyond your 9 views/mo

      @FULLBOONTA This dumb BITCH submitted a 550 word essay to make up 1/3 of a 1000 word essay and HAS THE HIDE TO GET MAD AT ME FOR CUTTING HER PART

      @closetedlady I hate it when I try to hide my feelings because it always ends up eating me alive. So awkward how it shows. Urgh

      @Kayboy_007 RT @sahon_A: Hide that body, make me anticipate what's in those clothes

      @Ekko_Fetish @IonianBaker I saw your messup you can’t hide from me.

      @M_Ashraf_ohamed Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place
      Where as a child I'd hide
      And pray for the thunder and the rain
      To quietly pass me by

      @died__ She got twitter now someone hide me

      @LdnMich @guyberrymen Really, it was behind a pay wall? I could just read it, I guess cos my IP location is UK? Try a proxy (or ask me) next time :)

      @ruinedmascaraa @xpavithrax don't do shit and hide from me, I got eyes everywhere

      @NaturalHighSoul I had to come & hide out cause I need me some alone time.

      @seccco_bot "Are you kidding me!? He used a zipper... to copy me.... and hide underground...."

      @Jikkal Lol I'm a bigot but I hide behind a different sexuality so you can't attack me

      @Jestes09 I can never hide how I feel, people can read me like a book.

      @OneKneeMedia RT @Twisted_Science: what up lil brah? I sniffle rocks ‘n’ spit Glocks at flocks of ignorant ninjaz with true Hip Hop by proxy, put up... h…

      @jessicamayax I'm an open book honestly..Ask me anything I highly doubt I'll hide the answer from you

      @InGameHasebeBot Please don't hide the window between our worlds. Even if you're not paying attention to me, I'd…like to see you. I want to know you're here…

      @DabosssMoniica RT @lilcoco_: don't hide anything from me.

      @mrs_Larry1D @danielerochali @whindersson App VPN

      @JocelynJada1 Advices as proxy for where till put faith in networking products only the wherefore ace will buyonme site?: Yfxnrtg

      @BaldEagle140 As US voter, I have right to know if Cruz meets quals. If he will hide facts RE citizenship, what else will he hide from me?

      @Danny_McMoomins "I hate Star Wars, me. Need to hide-out somewhere that it's highly unlikely anyone will be into that sort of thing. Got it! The Internet!"

      @Its_Alyssiaaa RT @SayNoMisha: Side niggahs too much for me. Who got time to hide a whole niggah. I barely can hide snacks from my siblings.

      @lzsrvnz The rough edges of your face, your messy hair, eyes that could undress me in seconds, those are just things that hide your huge heart, boy.

      @Kodas_X Since im not allowed to make another youtube channel because ive been suspended, can i just make the new channel on a vpn so they get my IP?

      @JUSTINTEAMO100 RT @MatthewLush: That reminds me! I use to hide in the dryer hoping someone would turn it on so I could go for a ride #hideandseek

      @tommo_adidas RT @OnceInALouTime: *harry cuts his hair*

      *harry doesn't show his new haircut*

      Me: are we playing hide and seek cause ya better come out

      @AngelDevil1166 RT @Swoozie123: This boy's death makes me sick. A white girl lures him and two white brothers beat him to death & hide the body #KendrickJo…

      @alicaitrin @littleworldbeka I lose it more than I would like to admit

      @TheMig29 @andymanhands @a_man_in_yellow them know once it was secure again by proxy.

      @KushMack Me talkin about you don't mean ion like you, jus don't try to hide behind bullshit and don't wanna face what's real

      @Adam_Hosker @scampimancha Its an honor your helping @BlandUnsignt & @NeverwhereHPC look me up, whilst you hide behind a pseudonym. #Stalkers

      @yamalisa Y'all don't share music with us

      @MarleyLSD RT @kfluentt: don't lie or hide shit from me fam. the truth will always surface. be straight up with me or don't fwm at all. it's that easy.

      @fizaasiff RT @rxiamah: Never hide shit from me. I'll find out sooner or later.

      @LethalDirewolf @UndauntedWolf — neck, adjusting it while placing the hat on top to hide those curls. "Because you were there and you made me feel better —

      @blackychan_36 RT @skaijackson: @AZEALIABANKS now that was corny !

      @LisaAndrew13 Summon up telly/pea-soup fog mere chance jobs as proxy for an understudy access: Vwv

      @SuchAMisfit So I clicked their pics as they were trying to hide their faces from me.

      @jennamarino @BlackButton85 how much to hide one for me til I get there?!

      @elena_sanjuan RT @aaroncarter: Don't hide me

      @Donidjanuar Wanna play hide and hug with me?

      @Donald_Trash Thet's #inough #about #yo'! Fry mah #hide! #Less talk #about me #fo' a #change. Russell Knox

      @LoveAKRH RT @JABALIBARRETT: I'm so big on honesty. Nothing else hurts me more than when people hide things from me or lie to me. It tears me to piec…

      @xXGold_CuffsXx RT @gentleful: Can she just hide me in her clitoral hood

      @jxstinvalle #ThingsIYellWhenICum now that was corny !

      @jayy_giselle I done fucking told someone my anxiety levels are fucking high today and they want to fuck around and hide my phone from me

      @jortiz_eimer @mia79gbr ah. They just hide things to me. Not the first time. I know when they do that. Just feel it is position getting upset with them

      @makennaleew my guilt eats me alive 24/7 idk how people hide things and keep secrets

      @ProGamerzFTW @BlackLightInt Heh, an hour of no disconnections with a VPN. Disabled VPN, restarted game. Disconnected seconds after the game started.

      @summerteeeth @bluejeanbaby01 vpn jiggery pokery and iplayer access is yours (possibly)?

      @ProXY_GEEE We already deleting my comments on Facebook threads, off to a bad start already lol

      @LeboMogashane RT @HypeSir7: Hear me, never hide your passion and love for Jesus, the day is coming when you'll meet someone who'll think that's the most…

      @natashalipman My parents literally had to hide the challah in the car to stop me eating it.

      @bubblesluvsu310 I Swear If I Could Get Rid Of Feelings & Love As Fast As People Get Rid Of Me I Would But I Love Too Hard & Hide My Feelings To Avoid Hurt

      @simpliciitea Don't hide something from me to spare my feelings, because in the end I'll be more upset when I find out you kept it from me.

      @deamdeamy Always hide under the blanket during prayer before I sleep bc I pretend it's Jesus hugging me goodnight

      @_bmaxo RT @My_my1o1: Brooke: I'm gonna hide my purse I don't want them stealing it.
      me: yeah okay. do you think they will steal my platinum pass?…

      @maryamtbh what if they ask me about shit idk about and they're managers I'm just
      let me hide under my table ok

      @HollyAbrams9 every single guy that I ever invest my time into always just wants to hide me from the world

      @vasey_francis If you want to be with me you'll do whatever it takes to be with me. If not, you'll hide behind excuses and hollow justifications.

      @baby_simbaa RT @lilbabysi: nah lol, if I'm fwy, you let everybody know. We can stay low, but you are not about to hide me.. I'm cute be proud of me tf

      @sleepylemur @EV_Referee @torproject OK, now it's working. Blocking may be erratic as proxy routes change.

      Anyway, looks interesting! Low-tech #privacy

      @biancalove217 RT @NaylaMaleny: Fun fact about me; I don't know how to hide my emotions much. If I'm pissed, you'll know I'm pissed, if I'm happy, you'll…

      @ReaperKaneki #DadAdviceIn3Words fuck me hide

      @pandapolitic RT @trutherbotprple: Girls live longer than boys & have superior language skills. Call me sexist, but I think we should celebrate our diffe…

      @SwervinWhteGrls I was so happy and have been but I had my days. I just don't know why you hide your phone and cut me off for a while. I'm not dumb

      @16c10l @oIiversykez i guess You have to be inside the uk or you need to use a proxy/Vpn to watch

      @guppies_luv_ya4 You think I don't care. You pick on me because I can hide it. But in reality I cry myself to sleep because of how insecure I am.

      @AtillaTheHun03 The website I watch shit on has been blocked by my ISP for copyright. Never even watched #arrowseasonfinale yet :( guess I need a VPN :D

      @sloamo @GeeDeeEx cunts have the hide to call themselves "natural confectionary company" when they got boiled animal in their shit fucks me up

      @GreyJoanna @vltp221 @joanastasiaaa She has IG. I absolutely ignore her as I saw she hide behind new acc showed her I know it's her. She blocked me now!

      @ChaserKate @Twitching_Proxy Kate pulled a cute smile as she leaned down and kissed the top of his head "you can't hide from me"

      @TomiColors RT @MizTosin: If you're my friend and you tell me something's wrong with you or I just notice, I get really worried. I don't even know how…

      @yooitspaulaaa I literally find out everything lmao so u cant really hide shit from me

      @SierraLouise2 Discourage allowable venue as proxy for engage means of access brisbane: dwADknX

      @timrox77 so anyone wanna tell me how to stream the game online without a vpn

      @frodofied RT @MrDane1982: Sad people had to hide their support for Hillary Clinton out of fear of Berniebots acting them like thugs but not me Proud…

      @HaileySebastia1 Where in contemplation of rumble experts so game thy sick person as proxy for ppi claims: nDXdiGES

      @MrsMabberley @Ed_Tmprince me too!! I'm starting to hide things from my other half now ha ha

      @BorisMellor RT @afcufcfan: Why do some Arsenal fans always try to hide Arsenal's failures behind other Club's failures pisses me off


      @xMegan_Taylorx @tashapeach2 You can't hide the fact that you like watching @GradeAUnderA on YouTube from me...

      @jemccarron @Wolfram1045 @JoeKnow_ every world power does. They're called proxy wars. And it was prob the best times Irans ever had. Woman's rights

      @NinaDepoy RT @hayleeBeerwaltz: I hate when people hide shit from me

      @Habsi0007 @bayrenmunichfan but if you say shit like that it's bad and you get things like "why you trynna hide me"

      @ASBWTH ok jk. i love dean too. hiya. let me hide.

      @BessieMadeline Engraving newsworthiness as proxy for yours sequent bed site: NXo

      @MattyWowie RT @paneng_mercado: I keep silent even when I'm screaming inside because the things that drive me crazy, I have no choice but to hide.

      @Yaznaa RT @mynameisntdave: If my child ever asks me to cut the crusts off their sandwich, yeah I'll cut em off, but then imma hide em right in the…

      @kmcquage RT @HillaryMonahan: Dunno why this never occurred to me, but Hillary's "frumpy" jackets are to hide bulletproof vests that aren't shaped fo…

      @grandeterritory @KAYLUUUGH hide that tweet omg don't expose me!

      @Spott999 @RockstarSupport so I tried to fix it, one of the things I did was to turn on a VPN then worked the game but if I ornaments of I got connect

      @rapture_hk #geoblocking #netflix Providing inferior content outside the US is the reason why users are trying to bypass geoblocking using VPN's.

      @BlackIceSheep The 2016 presidential election feels like a proxy war between Saudi Arabia (Hillary Clinton) and Israel (Donald Trump.)

      @japanmentalist Up at 4am for the England game. Anyone abroad streaming it, if you have a UK proxy get on the ITV player, perfect quality

      @baodueze RT @FamousChampp: If you crushin on me, let me know

      @Lizzzzzzgrace Really mad you didn't hide me in your suitcase and take me on the cruise with ya'll @isarahabernathy @garrettmhelms22

      @Chanyy17 Neighbours have seen me naked so many times now that I don't even bother to hide it anymore

      @lovehailey18 this is my first time watching The Visit...once she started playing hide and go seek with them..I'd be done momma come get me granny trippen

      @r_benoon Samsung or IP PROXY. Fancy meeting you doubt how regards Actually understand That age group, both myself and beautiful show how dare.

      @fukawatoukobot There's no way Byakuya-sama would hide something from me...!

      @actual_tsukki "Please don't hide. At least let me (attempt) make a cake for you (it's going to burn)."

      @Britt339220 Is it me or does anyone else hide almost completely under the covers when it thunderstorms.....?

      @Treyonce_ @chrisyduhblack omg, why'd you hide this from me?

      @TettehTobias Run go Hide
      Away Baby
      No matter what you Do
      You still a drive me Crazy

      @akosipink312 -Sometimes I feel like I hide everything I have to offer, because I'm scared of someone falling in love with me again coz of being too close

      @sebarnestan RT @jonnysun: now you see me (2013)
      now you see me 2 (2016)
      i guess im just really bad at hide and seek (2018)

      @UglyBettyT RT @damnkeera: Don't hide shit from me, we grown ass people.

      @YourselfSuit @AlienParagon @YouTube It is, absolutely. And they'll flag it for violence and hate just to hide the truth. It shit me to tears.

      @boenbr @no_onehasthis @MrsFisher135 and I hide behind nothing, I'm not even from the US 2nd amendment doesn't apply to me

      @ashleyb2121 @IsabellaOrtiz40 @Allyson_Stew22 you can't hide from crazy, there's no protection out there for me

      @Jackaceofhearts @_Genuine_Facts @Jonstradamus can some one track this guys ip is he using proxy I bet he is a government agent for sure.

      @MikaylaSchmitz Playing hide and seek with a three-year-old:

      Me:"Charlie where'd you go?"

      Charlie:"I'm not in the toy room!!!"

      @bby_beast Earlier at the mall today this lady who helped me out told me that I shouldn't get anything baggy bc it would hide my curves and I felt

      @BlairedLines RT @bigsmith_35: 18 years me and my dad been playing hide n' seek, I still haven't found that nigga... he's too good #HappyFathersDay

      @Meechelle_Z My boss just made me ask the truck drivers if they hide weed in his trucks

      @TolsonRiley You can't hide that hidden valley ranch from me

      @xoxo_felishha Wanna hide shit from me ? Judy watch bitch .

      @_aanissaa @alisssah great now let me hide in ur suit case

      @laurxduh @yougojenncoco7 they could also be using a proxy that hides their real IP address

      @Zyora *People ask me question about my life*
      Hmm to lie or not to lie?
      Not cause i have anything to hide, but malas cerita panjang2

      @HChSz I thought the free version of #TotalVPN would be more horrible. Cheers to #surveiilance #Poland! #VPN #privacy #internet

      @watchingfreedom RT @rkf1215: is it me or do the GOP really feel like the true enemy here. Trump destroys Hillary today like no GOP has ever seen. & they hi…

      @squishyharrie also my parents bought my birthday presents and thought they could hide from me but I walked right into them lmao

      @nikogeyer @SmaiART I didn't like the buns originally (used to hide them under caps and hats), but the design really grew on me!

      @shentalks @SukaynaJasmine me everyday at work, these times their mans watching me and im tryna hide

      @WytchyD @JadedLadie (I'm also signed in on cbs.) I'm running a vpn on my browser. I see nowhere to enter that info on viewer iteself.

      @SuzanneKnights Everybody's got something to hide, 'cept for me and my monkey...er...acutally..me and my cat.. but hey...xxx

      @Kneevyl RT @MouthyMess: I just want a man who I'd let hide my sex toys from me.

      @LeslyyMae RT @spicysoya: tbh when someone asks me about my future I just wanna curl up in a ball and hide

      @countupmana If loving me in public ain't safe, you can take my love and hide. Don't give up on me today, hold on to me like a true love.

      @Lyndzzz @ModernMoron0228 guessing u don't have a VPN either? Haha. That way u could just watch on the Canadian website. I could find a link for u..

      @CaitlinSnark @bwestcineaste or at least a life-long exception from the 'no-proxy/vpn' rule would be nice

      @AttilaThahon How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord? For ever? How long wilt thou hide thy face from me? Psalm 13 vs 1

      @trumpthechump RT @mean_spice: Torturer: I will break you
      Me: Do you wear that hood to hide your sadness?
      Torturer: *broken* ah hell man I just wanted to…

      @nicoblue182 When my mom catches me singing when I think I'm home alone I never know if I should play it off and keep singing or just stop singing & hide

      @lennox_annox "I can't hide what I've done, scars remind me of just how far that I've come."

      TOMIHO NBTNBK TapingDay1

      @stripcamgirls FoxySmile

      Big personality, sweet and warm when you spoiling me,very bad when you are rude with me!Foxy smile that hide allot, can u disco…

      @JamesSierra4 Reluctantly dispirit a mass of proxy pro thy ip cctv: uUfhUa

      @_lllerena It bothers me when girls do a full face of make up but they can't figure out how to hide their dark ass circles like cmon gurl

      @tweetsemuaa You can't hide your sadness from me. Remember, I'll always be there for you

      @vlera_dauti Christina asked me where she should hide her bag bc it has alcohol in it and I ask her what she brought and she says "a beer" alright see ya

      @ChemicalSmilexo Lol kay then, ima just hide in my room and let depression reconsume me.
      Positivity is not okay around my mom apparently.

      @brokendevilx RT @blxcknicotine: I know you well enough to know that if you really felt anything for me, you wouldn’t hide it. You would call. You’d apol…

      @JTriumf @StellaFleure @ThisIsSetalia It's both useful for hide & seek and it's a power I've always wanted, so double win for me

      @ramalan08 RT @TheFunnycator: I grabbed the next person to me. Baba dey hide my phone for inside newspaper. I didn't even say a word. I just snatched…

      @jakkubot_en wth (what the hide)
      omh (oh my hide)
      hmu (hide me up)
      th (thank hide)

      @Jack_Generic how much do i have to pay twitch to not only hide chat for me, but also prevent other people from using it ever

      @Darayy__ don't hide nothing from me cause i will find out

      @kim_regs "Close your eyes, you can't hide
      Try to forget me, But I'm everywhere"

      @Shristiprasad14 RT @shreyaghoshal: @TheSoothsayer_ ya. But u know him. He will hide behind me when in trouble. Fattu dog:/

      @ShawnFinchum @TheMiddayShowNO Ryan you hide behind your show twitter account to attack me personally. But keep acting like the Real Jackass.

      @foglinebandit1 @wemetintheair ya I read that part. I'm sure those cowards ran in there to hide. Everyone else jumps to conclusions. Why not me.

      @AllthewayCollin RT @TreWhiteside: You really can't hide anything from me it's pointless to try

      @392551a121fa430 @greta But what about me?Related to Jimmy Dorsey, Rockefellers,Vanderbilts.My great grandmother married Joseph Kennedy? Hide?

      @borussiando hold back the river let me look in your eyes, hold back the river let me see what you hide

      @althaf41955820 this vpn app amzing im so happy to use this app

      @jaymeboo1230 RT @courtneesway: Don't hide stuff from me

      @httpghosts RT @stackizshort: In the 10 short minutes I've been awake, he's shown me krokodil gore, tried to hide my remote, and simulated the noise I…

      @caitlinp32 My family: OMG, Pokemon Go is SO lame! Everyone looks like nerds playing that!
      Me: *hangs my head in shame as I continue to hide my habit*

      @truegritrumble RT @truegritrumble: ME: Will you- *gets down on one knee*
      ME: *pulls out prized Pog from sock* hide this from my wife.

      @atl_hustler43 Can't hide it anymore, you're still everything I want.. but you don't deserve me.

      @kfctwixsqueals @bumsense like shut up you're anti black and trying to hide behind fake homophobia to gas light me

      @judithallysca RT @darlmai: you don't know how much damage you've done to me, you don't how much pain i hide from you yet you only see my mistakes.

      @patriciaraldine now tell me father, how am i gonna hide my phone for 2 weeks?

      @ken_marie girl @ work: what do we do if there's a tornado
      gay guy @ work: hide in the closet it worked for me for years


      @LoveCallsYou RT @notyet100: Sleep Sometimes
      Plays hide & seek
      With me..
      Ï need to empty
      My pen My Own
      Words calm me..✨


      @215_juann I hate u to the point where u dnt even touch my soft spot nomore . You just bring the demons out me that i hide from everyone

      @iZeldian i accidentally hide the chat window seen from the right side of the fb ui screen... but somehow comfortable as for me

      @AceWFX @NatarshaAU try using a VPN it's a ip that's over your main ip, which makes it harder for the attacker to find and send packets

      @fatescritbot "You can't hide from me." -Niles

      @danayasworld RT @R_cammron: Please, never act dumb with me. Don't hide the truth. Own up to your wrongs. Be an adult about your actions.

      @iammariaotome Hear me Jesus, hide me in thy wounds that I may never leave thy side forever.

      @DNaiyahYaishiae Shit so funny to me mane. I can't help that's how I hide my hurt

      @tuckertonRR RT @newtgingrich: Scheduling 2 out of 3 presidential debates opposite NFLGames makes me think the commission is rigged to help hide Hillary…

      @BasedCarp @MlKEYager boy my VPN game is crazy

      @LewdPromoter @Niennavie let me kiss it better :hide

      @SreyHots @Parkzer @BlizzHeroes You can't hide Chromie from me! I recognize those feet!

      @TooFried_Geez RT @cammugga: Wish A nigga would touch me or anybody I care about must gone hide your whole family

      @sucez_tush RT @ALEX_SMARTT: Grandpa: Ben See ur teacher; go&hide. U knw u missd skul 2day

      Ben: grndPa, Relax.I tld him u died, he then gve me permis…

      @KhalynaB Niggas be like "ima always keep it real with you I don't got nothing to hide" ard well let me see ya phone

      @Bryan_Bamm @SeQuanFisher LMFAO

      @SABRINANTW RT @Tinashe: I could never hide how I feel, my face always gives me away.

      @clifba Push me aside, but I will come back. Hide me, but I will always emerge. I AM POWER. I AM RESILIENCE. I AM A BRA STRAP.

      @SignoraLuciana Flattering child, you shall know me,see why in shadow I hide. Look at your face in the mirror, I am there inside!

      @lydlvnn RT @nrlatiqahhh: Know tht ure important to me when i put aside my ego for u . Hide my tears infront of u and put aside MY happiness just to…

      @frankiegomez14 @Alexandria1333 now you don't have to hide me

      @suhoilah RT @yiyieeen: I fake a smile, hide my problems & pretend to be mentally stable for you to avoid you getting stressed, so you don't have to…

      @whispersbabe me: jokes about it to hide the fact that I can understand the lyrics more than I'd like to and it hurts a lot HahHa

      @_GetYaMindRite I'm not a ring person but he got me two rings. An engagement ring and wedding ring and band. He hide that over his granny's. She won't tell.

      @7639235149 #America "Would you line me to hide the facts from you?"
      @763james "it's a simple reason to #vote me as your president, but someone has to

      @jocyxx RT @RFekki: take me to bed. for today, i want to hide in our love poem & fall asleep in your moon of heart. for always.

      @edenlastname I have a secret that I can no longer hide, and I hope people don't treat me differently because of it: I love hummus

      @Hope2Pete @DRUDGE_REPORT get back to business and & like me don't worry about being hacked nothing 2 hide Hillary targets on ure back

      @ignarteaga @ArmadaUGS use the hoxx vpn and access the cbc site from a canada ip or the bbc site from a uk ip

      @KidFromMercury RT @VsopVic: I want a girl who treats me so well that I have no choice but to hide my hoes from her to protect her

      @JesusFane1 Website logo coin as proxy for bringing answer: wktzXJFe

      @taterofdefiance The nurse has offered to let me curl up in her bathroom and hide if needed and people have offered bottles of booze. :( :(

      @ty2x_ RT @notcodyengland: i usually hide the things that bother me by being a sarcastic asshole..

      @nigelfranz VPN Tunneling is DEFINITELY not worth the hype. #Tedious. #Unreliable. #Slow. #FRUSTRATING!

      @ChikaNnachi RT @Lionezz__: If you want to hide something from me, put it in a whatsapp broadcast message

      @_chinnnita RT @withlovegab: Don't lie to me, hide things from me, or twist the truth. I am too understanding for you to do that to me

      @Vives_98 I literally find out everything without even trying so good luck trying to hide something from me

      @Marinaabunader RT @EliassWakim: And I'm ringing to say
      That I'm leaving and maybe
      You'd like to fly with me
      And hide with me, baby

      @craftyprincessa My gut never let me trust you because you can't hide the fake in you! But you played yourself... #catfish #lastplace #stayloosing

      @WanderlustByJen @ChrisCrocker @britneyspears I realize sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, but all I really want is my hubby to hold me tight

      @Darren_Davey @Unblock_Us how can I get past Netflix telling me I'm using a proxy ?

      @destineyvee RT @_Love_Lupe: don't ever try to hide shit from a girl, trust me when I say we find out everythingggg :))

      @CUM4RENA i'm gonna go hide at sav's house for a bit, if you need me— don't.

      @Sarkies_Proxy @Donna_Gallers @PastelPouts @FoxSaidWhat time to WhatsApp Paul pictures of my cat.

      @AWESUMEZ @Mizuuko "grr! You no this date is making it harder for me to come and fuck you ya know!"
      He looks away to hide his blushing face but-

      @sxnshinelester I just downloaded a proxy app to watch the great British bake-off this better be worth it

      @instameat I love how some pages I go to have ads that warn me I should use a VPN and try to show my IP but they can't. No java or cookies for them.

      @iellerodriguez If you have nothing to fucking hide then why won't you let me check ur account right? I got trust issues with you

      @jacmacandsneeze y'all i know we don't like trump but when you flip around his books and hide them you aren't punishing him, you're punishing me w/ more work

      @explicitdvsn never hide from me

      @iain_mk2 @_meanwhile What does interest me about you, is why hide your identity if you're saying nothing interesting or subversive?

      @psomerville22 Let me hide myself in Thee. #rockofages

      @freedomUSA48 RT @d_seaman: To hide for 268 days from ANY press conferences & do deplorable things to people like me, @HillaryClinton. VERY UNFIT for off…

      @kristinegilsrud hypothetical scenario: if you were my mom, where would you hide bread from me?

      @ohelluhhh when im mad or sad and i try my best to hide it for some reasons my friends can sense it so they just follow me around and stare at me

      @FuckOzpin @DeviousFall "Oh?" She smirks, no longer able to hide her amusement. "And what would it take for little old me to earn the respect of the--

      @penayolisma RT @sarahbgilman: teacher: what do u all do when ur down?
      me: sweatpants and ben&jerry's
      teacher: that's so cliche sarah
      me: *searches for…

      @nataziabrelle RT @SteeloBrim: I know I'm not always the best Christian but yet the Lord shows me mercy and favor. That's why I can NEVER hide my faith! G…

      @RendyMayAD Yeah no wonder I always need to hide behind. If I talk people will be angry at me for some reason instead of guiding my words :v

      @Ohsoscaredofyou I was in a great mood until my mom made me feel like shit
      Now I wanna hide under a blanket and don't talk to people ever again

      @powerhawk5000 @paulhadsley Won't happen as the eps have been picked up by UK broadcaster; but you can access from proxy (search Google for one).Goodluck!

      @alissa_aviles I seriously hate when people lie to me or try and hide things from me. Just be straight up with me.

      @SoSallieCanWait RT @mseric: #YouKnowYoureUnhealthyWhen you are me. I am.
      But I don't say so from my fake account. I don't have fake accounts. I don't hi…

      @ElenonJahlyn RT @junasacares: #5DaysLeftForPushAwards
      I don't wanna hide the way I feel when you're next to me (hey) tt

      @AshwiN_D_KoraK Best vpn of 2016 is here #Windscribe. Tweet gets 5GB extra usage #rocking

      @OfficialDOGNews RT @ja_richey: @DaKineDogHouse @DogBountyHunter I read You can run but you can't hide and I couldn't put the book down! Made me a even bigg…

      @mikeytroyzz1738 @savannahmts1 I could be ur father so could Ryah seam age as me but u suckd him big nd dumb ur garbech go hide from the world alittle bit


      @PatC63316307 RT @says_it_now: @IamJohnnyRed I want Corbyn as leader of course, I'm just not going to not be me, through fear! I like what I tweet, I hav…

      @bepravinmakwana All know that a failed state, an ally from hell, The epicenter of terror is Pakistan by run proxy war against India. #UriAttack

      @josie_raines RT @Coach_Five: Can't hide from me

      @theylovetrin__ @Kxnnxdy__ hell yeah .. Mfers can't hide shit from me

      @MsManifikio I have nothing to hide. I'm tired of being robbed. I'm not a person involved in crime. You judged me wrongly. I don't care what you

      @King_Peasantly They’re not even trying to hide the fact that they’re fleecing me anymore

      @japas_bot Is there somethin' you're trying to hide from me?

      @gillen_8 RT @paullarkin74: Amazing the amount of folk who hide behind anonymity to have a go at me. Pushed better people out the road to get into a…

      @juliexalas RT @salmajaraaaaa: all i do is hide how i truly feel and it ruins shit for me

      @ripsmoke_ Gucci shades but they still cant hide me

      @Ruwilliams101 One thing about me ... I never hide what I'm truly feeling at any point and time ....

      @TrueMakerGamer @VGFGamers Of course I know. I will hide behind the explosive truck! NPCs taught me very well.

      @thejeankow ..hide me now, under Your wings; cover me, within Your Mighty Hand

      @sarah_melnick44 Literally laying in bed listening to music makes me realize how numb I've been. It's crazy how you you can hide your feelings from yourself.

      @OoOoO_Tayee Everytime I go in the restroom to hide somebody get right on the side of me and shit

      @bayhouseworth *My mom finds a plant she likes at the springs today*

      Mom: Bay, help me hide my weed from Blake

      @antihero_cara First day of school holidays has left me with the blahs.

      I think I will go hide in the bath.

      @Campbell3Jordan RT @DaltonEarich: Trying to hide how much this is destroying me

      @ameliasantss RT @Preciousruth_: I would hate for my children to be battling something and hide it from me. I want to have the best relationship with my…

      @_jma_xo RT @_Demii_N: @_jma_xo

      @triSARAtops____ There are two types of girls: the girls who are running in heels to hide from the rain and me, the kid skipping and jumping into puddles

      @cynthiajones11 RT @skickwriter: Treat me like shit, we'll have issues. Treat my loved ones like shit, there's no corner of Hell deep enough where you can…

      @s4m_me RT @ThePowerfulPics: Smiling is the best way to face every problem, to crush every fear, to hide every pain.

      @TwistedEcclesia Forgetting all the hurt inside
      Youve learned to hide so well
      Pretending someone else can come
      And save me from myself I can't be who you are

      @vishalrsharma_ RT @shekharkapur: like a cat
      and mouse game
      I chase u
      and u hide away
      from me

      finally I give up
      and there u are
      holding me

      @Bold_Hitman RT @faujitweets: No matter how far or fast you run, the world isn't big enough to hide you from me.

      @ohgisel_ This nigga is legit starring sooo hard at me like he's not even trying to hide it

      @NiamhCrayford RT @Chloe_GShore: A have nothing to hide on me phone but when me pals are on it longer then a few seconds it makes is pure skitzyyyyyy

      @TheBestDinoGirl @Lost_Pause_ oh god being social that will kill me that is why I hide in my house while watching anime

      @IamDreal_TIG RT @TreySongz: Aye...Don't send me dog filter pics tryn hide ya nose, or the hazy pretty snap filter that take away all ya face problems. D…

      @uncleturos @fenrisistrans I thought my friend's cat was going to eat me so I climbed on top of the fridge to hide. My logic was flawed in many places

      @freakdujour RT @TheToyInsider: Kids can play in the @PacPlayTents Hide Me Tent & Tunnel Combo indoors & outdoors! RT to enter to #win one! #tweets4toys…

      @estafaqueens RT @sexylhez: I Smile To Make People Happy, But In My Head It's Just To Hide The Pain So That People Don't Ask Me What's Wrong.

      @msbhaven81 RT @ScottwB42: She's home from preschool somebody please hide me

      @drewwhatitdoo If you're gay, you can DM me and tell me! Don't hide it, or feel pinned in.

      @joegaff_yt @AcydDosk @WinxGamingYT @Miniclip @TYT__clan @are_you_sirius @N0psaClash is it just a VPN or IP change?

      @PiniponSelvagem @abut3wd @coolstarorg you know... last time some one told me that, he "turned" gay... dont need to hide your identity from others that way

      @MforMerriah RT @raeforshort__: I find out EVERYTHING!!! DONT EVER LIE TO ME OR TRY TO HIDE SHIT FROM ME.

      @GGoldie_lockkss RT @haleerenea: I should be a detective, can't hide shit from me

      @Ashtykurd1 this random # sends me a pic saying "bae I'm ready" I was like bitch u better be ready to go hide bc ain't nobody wanna see that

      @Vipitoge Wtf private internet access is actually slower than hotspot shield, on multiple servers
      This sucks
      Need me a good vpn that supports torrent

      @holaimlizzy RT @pussyroses: I feel like I have to hide so much of me

      @wavsd talk to me don't hide your feelings

      @KelelaFonua Let me jus go hide in my room all day...

      @angelinemaxsynd @SofiyaNikolet find me i will hide

      @_kadiejas Lmaoo why me & my Bf just played hide and go seek/call of duty in this big ass crib throwing coasters at each other


      @lusardi_nicole RT @isabelaseraffim: Idk why people try to hide shit from me like????? You tryna die???? You tied of living???? Wtf lmao

      @jordyPx @_jayrobbo trust me i hide in the toilet for 5 of em

      @mdfaizalf Its been so long since someone made me this speechless. Haha. Need a paperbag to hide my face ready

      @hide_tomy @MarCoronel3 every morning for you and every night for me x) ~ I like it that the other day, I had a terrible day and then I saw his entry~

      @ikirat_ Don't ever try to hide something from me , cause I will find out

      @LuxFoxxie @Taur_Nation Oh you can't hide your lusting for me forever

      @Brittany_W0209 I hate people who hide their true feelings, just come out and say your in love with me!

      @Alli_Bomaye My mom just threatened to hide my birth certificate from me

      @alingedith1207 RT @Francen09: And scars, show me all the scars you hide

      VIVOREE ForWishFM

      @SofiiaChristo RT @chloehook_: @SofiiaChristo LOOOOOOOL, the one next to me had to hide his face

      @nathaly_ochoa RT @lovvvero: I'm way too understanding for people to hide things from me.

      @1stIovee Look at me through my eyes and feel the pain I hide inside.

      @SingleRose09 HIDE ME @VAHPrv

      @leahnikolle it was so easy to hide my pain behind drugs and guys but now that i'm alone and will be for 6 months , the loss is really hitting me.

      @the_bibleradio #NP Hide Me In Your Holiness - Instrumental by Maranatha! Music

      @kellythe_writer Just finished Oculus. Excuse me whilst I go hide in a cupboard.

      @DAS_HYENA @RoadBible Tip #3: For maximum browsing anonymity, use the TOR browser in combination with a good, paid VPN as well.Thats all for now Val

      @harshv1411 Okay, I'll run to you...but will you hide me away like old times?

      @TheShaylaEm @fashbeautylife Blogging forces me 2 be honest with myself bc I must be honest with my readers. Can't hide #anxiety #insecurity. #fblchat

      @kel_hughess Those videos where parents hide their kids' Halloween candy are my favorite ever. Me as a parent 200%

      @ola_stepien sleeps tryna hide from me and I have a 10am lecture

      @ardaozkal @LeahHardingAJE @TayfunTeo95 @TurkeyBlocks while you aren't specifically asking me, I'll still answer: I do. I set up a vpn in case of block

      @triplehfan200 If I meet my favorite wwe star before the fakes started in on me i hide like I did when I meet @thekidheat now I pay a fan 20 bucks to give

      @NautiSwati @MalavikaM_ Wer r u? Long time. M waiting. Waitin to cut ur long hair wich I'll du 4 sure no matter how mch u block me. U cnt hide frm me.

      @MaskedSpooky RT @obstructables: unblock proxy or swat @Fakie

      @sarahkylar who knows everyone can see me through this BS, i dont even need to tell, they know something i hide from everyone

      @raquelinsalinas So who Finna hide me when these homosexual camps come into play? #RockyFrank

      @ShelleycHennig @wiIdnothings Come to me, I'll hide you.

      @Jsalaheddine RT @NothingsSweet13: This isn't hide and seek. Search for me and I will be waiting in plain sight

      @AalexusMueller RT @AalexusMueller: i am in all honestly probably the most understanding & forgiving person ever like idk why people feel the need to hide…

      @jackievergara14 Leave it to me to miss the bus and have to hide around the neighborhood so my parents won't notice

      @Pietrina5 Me saying "folks" on facebook is actually too real for me...

      Quick, hide me before family/friends/old teachers discover I'm a meme lord.

      @NajlaaNadeera RT @vincenttjhia_05: You can hide your feelings from me but you can't lie to me from your eyes.

      @NutKingKid @clackrbarrelboy @jo2uskes @Illusosmirror ... holy shit hes huge josuke hide me

      @nadiaanuwar RT @hayatiyasmeen: Don't hide things from me. Let me tell you that. Things wouldn't go really nice if I find out myself.

      @Aleeyu_Girei RT @dawisu: The day you make a name for yourself & not hide behind your father's name is the day I will have time for you. For now let me f…

      @baadermienhoff1 ...East -West Cold War. Russia vs the free states and all others possible realms of proxy war. They have played the long game. Trumps win a

      @opencasketman Imagine my joy when me Spider-Man no longer had to hide my identity to my love.

      @hoebynature TB to the time me and my mom found lube in my dad’s things and she pretended to calmly hide it away, thinking I had no idea what it was

      @LeighSeritt Hide me. Until morning time.

      @MdrnLifeIsWar RT @Jasminearmanii: U hate me bc I'm not scared to say how I feel without looking crazy and ur scary ass wanna hide behind a "image/brand"

      @GeePawHill so. the app is basically a fancy transforming reverse proxy. requests come in, get tweaked, are sent out....

      @lukestrong2 Had to hide in a chip shop to eat my scones because the seagulls are gonna attack me

      @danielbetty9 Still waiting on the day @anamorano_ decides to either fight me or say sorry in person , can't hide forever puss

      @micoo177 I can't hide my joy over Man United's nemesis.

      Haha does that make me a bad person?

      @AlienDenzil85 @JessaSweetCam Joking aside, surely anybody using a VPN or proxy would be able to get around the censorship by being "outside" the UK?

      @DoveRadio Amy Savin - Hide Me

      @lawrxn i lol @ my young cousins who block me on social media bc they tryna hide the "bad" things they do, lmao i've done worse my fetus children

      @YemisiSL @BLacC__ This game is also not available in your country. No way to hide your VPN either unfortunately

      @cafemocha1027 Guy at work said I looked great today, completely caught me off guard. Thanks, it was nice, he doesn't hide that crush at all lol seems nice

      @silviabour Luckily I was raised to accept confrontation and not hide behind a screen, or else I would get my ass handed to me #thanksdad

      @donatellibr I'll wait here by your side
      'till you fall asleep
      I'll wait until you cry
      All over me the tears you hide inside...

      @jprestoy After the 6th Christmas mug bombed me from the cabinet, I said "I'm gonna hide these" and dad said "Good luck. I've tried for 30 years."

      @skpaopao 66:225 I'll run from thee, and hide me in the brakes,
      And leave thee to the mercy of wild beasts.

      @kookie626 RT @adorkableBTS: me: bts is the same on and off cam. There's nothing to be hide anyway.
      me again: what a big fat liar you are.

      this -----…

      @Reedulio_ Don't ever try too hide shit from me.

      @avian1233 RT @Kawaii_OtakuFan: "If you be my star, I'll be your sky, you can hide underneath me and come out at night, when I turn jet black you can…

      @Wooly_Mayne Everyone has their read receipts on, making me feel like I'm the one with something to hide.

      @Darrell_Bowen @conarprice virtual proxy network, alters your geo location, so allows access to blocked sites ! Cyber ghost 6 is free, have a google bud

      @GregSmallz I accidentally drunk a Guinness at 9 y/o when my mom left us with the babysitter and they had to hide me from her until I sobered up

      @ms1972_1961hs RT @YoshikiOfficial: Hide.. Call me...

      @emmebrock_ People really think they can hide shit from me. Tragic

      @CreatureOfMagic @SecretDottir
      "Wait but dad... me.. why would he care he didn't hide dad so why do it with you?"

      @Its_JustDro RT @LovesKicks: My Pride Don't Cause Me To Hide My True Feelings 'Cause I Can Only Be Real

      @Goffeman RT @SugaBabe_14: Can't hide the Jamaican in me. Just pronounced it: POM-grah-NAT vs Puh-ma-grah-nit. Lady asks: what? So me just point wid…

      @bguaps RT @bguaps: don't ever hide your feelings because trust me you're slowly fucking yourself up

      @luvlyTaekookie RT @jintherapper: bts have so many inner struggles and they hide 99% of it but even the 1% they do share makes me wonder how they can do it…

      @MsCampbeII RT @bigshitxtalker: I'm just glad everybody is being their true selves in the year of 2017. Don't hide ya hatred. Show me so I can beat ya…

      @marissasbitch1 RT @MarissaLove_x: Oh & he continues to impress me!! Welcome to financial domination. A addiction u can run from but can't hide!

      @DrunkkLawyer RT @paperphotoyo: You can't be mad that I ate a candy bar you hid for yourself but knew it was my favorite kind.

      Also, WHY DID YOU HIDE SO…

      @Bliadhnaichean RT @Ruthanasia: @free_democrat NATO's proxy ISIS were doing a great job of that on their own but for the Coup agenda @Balesir @thehistorygu…

      @sadayaj RT @fabrayist: There's things about me you just have to know
      Sometimes I run (sometimes)
      Sometimes I hide
      Sometimes I'm scared of you


      @kayten_moore RT @Shanuel23: I'm Single until I find someone who doesn't want to hide our relationship and give me the same love and respect I give him!…

      @Ilovemissbooty You can't hide anything from me! You're a lying piece of shit!

      @TheNutZach Since I'm bringing my Laptop to school now I set up a VPN to bypass the firewall.

      @admiringme @HomeCentreIndia i am #HomeCentric person because I don't need to hide my emotions at my home. I am REAL ME at my home.

      @Oakman55 @_gabriel_s20 I'm not trying to have people fear me dumb fuck. I'm trying to put little bitches in their place. You'd probably hide behind

      @LyallCampbell If ye feel daft, I was planning on using a VPN tomorrow to unlock Resident Evil 7 early.

      Aye. The game with same unlock time for everyone.

      @xandrasaturday Q: What do you do to stay fit?

      Me: Sometimes I run... Sometimes I hide...Sometimes I'm scared of youuu

      @Chaunice_Japan I can't help how ambiguous I am. I expect people to be straight forward with me while I hide behind my pride

      @mxxgs_ If ya gonna prank call me at least hide ya number and say something funny rather than "you've run out of mobile data" ??

      @mariekeyn RT @ctorm: School outreach today
      Me: "what can you get at the library!?"
      First grader:"HOPE!"
      Me: *frantically holds up book to hide the t…

      @Niicole_calhoun She fell in love with me and so I literally had to play hide and seek the rest of the time

      @spxcebunz we're never too old for some hide n go seek in the dark, don't @ me.

      @BobDylansArt If I didn't have to guess
      I'd gladly confess
      To anything I might have tried
      I wish she'd tell me what it is I'd run and hide

      @Sari37694845 hide.me #VPN is free! you

      @jeanoski_ RT @brittanyfjs: When I have children, I wouldn't want them to fear me, to hide anything from me even if I'll get upset & when I am upset,…

      @juliooleoon RT @EarnestChiodorZ: u ever hide ur money from urself so u dont spend it & come back to find it after u COMPLETELY forgot about it? ITS LIK…

      @TheRealThorinK Ask me to hide.

      @Emma_dal @emmadalton__

      @_CoolJ23 They tryna count me out...had to hide my pride

      @Nawalsu RT @MrInteriority: Some words I'll hide away until you ask me.

      @Ravengilbert111 RT @ColleenB123: So many hateful people online. Cowards who hide behind a keyboard. Makes me sad. GO BAKE A CAKE! It's much more fun than b…

      @zingmeng RT @halieboyce: I HATE WHEN PEOPLE HIDE THINGS FROM ME

      @shaniv101 RT @murderized: stella is so cute lol if i start running away from her she starts SPRINTING and crying and if i hide from her she cries unt…

      @lew2696 Why does my boss hide behind the register and jump out and scare me when I come in. He's 54....

      @Gigi_seyer RT @mariahahaha: Really irks my soul when people hide shit from me and I end up finding about it later

      @kerbymartin_ My brother is 18 and still tries to hide food from me

      @sathyaandrea RT @vivianstamos: somebody hide me in their suitcase to NCA :((

      @Starrys_Studio RT @shelbygraces: I need stop telling people to fight me. What if they do? I'm smol what am I gonna do? Hide in a vent?

      @racheldavis167 RT @TheGabbieShow: even when i hide away where no one else can see me,
      Lonely is my bestest friend 'cause Lonely never leaves me.

      @PapiStvn Pick a side for me and never hide from me what's going on

      @TotallyNotHoody #agilent oscilliscope vpn china server

      @ParaphiliaToys RT @joshgondelman: TRUMP: "Barack Obama trained a wolf to hide in the White House. No one can see it but me."
      JASON CHAFFETZ: "Invisible wo…

      @IdamJR RT @blakkoffee: Someone owes me N2m-since Aug-and is playing hide/seek with payment. I'll give you N400k if you can get me my money.
      DM. I'…

      @Marcus_W_34 RT @johnfkennedyx: How women share ulterior opinions of everyone amongst each other and hide it when those certain people are around fascin…

      @Schylermccall RT @maree_meana: who wants to play hide and seek with me, @SydneyCreighto2 @loganmenefee @Schylermccall at walmart

      @giveawayvoxer the thing about living in a small town i cant hide at like wendys or whatever because theres few enough places that he could easily find me

      @xorennaT_ My pride dont cause me to hide my true feelings! Cause I can only be real....

      @STFUNee RT @cosmicsticks: J: I'm someone who is a little gloomy. I'm someone who shows that side of me rather than hide it, and I think that's oka…

      @poto_lyrics_bot Flattering child, you shall know me, See why in shadow I hide! #Phantom

      @shaibuddah My boobs are finally big enough for me to hide things in my bra

      @Hopefourusall @realDonaldTrump Trump makes me so suspicious of him when he tweets things about others. What is HE trying to hide?

      @granisnark12 RT @20committee: Gotta say that Team Trump is pretty awful at the whole try-to-hide-the-conspiracy thing.

      "Meet me on the WH lawn after d…

      @JoJo33182498 RT @Grunts4Guns: @marcorubio you are so full of sh*t. We know the Russians didn't hack squat. I can VPN off a server in Russia & I'll have…

      @DaveNethaway VPN industry is not regulated/monitored. A lot of shady stuff out there. You are trusting randos on the internet with your privacy.

      @mikewachira RT @Vicmwachia: @mikewachira @ItsKwambox @MrKerryMartin am still in the hide out.but guys you know wea to find me haha love u big #Ignitio…

      @HuffTheTalbot23 #HorseyDukebox Everybody's Got Something to Hide 'Cept For Me and My Horsey.

      @markinmywrist RT @depressionarmy: Person: well, you don't SEEM depressed.
      Me: don't I know it. I bust my ass everyday trying to hide my symptoms.

      @amtsan1qwns RT @Darth_Texas: Approved message from Me....Now go make your new clan so you can try to hide like all Closet modders do Once busted

      @nataaliee_13 RT @aliahmartinez: If I don't like you trust me you'll know it, I can't ever hide my facial expressions

      @ScottDriscoll Just bought #VPN from hide.me ( @thevpncompany ), with btc of course. So far no noticeable latency! Your ads worked @epicenterbtc :)

      @Andreiitha_7 Someone new. Cause baby you look happier, you do. My friends told me one day I'll feel it too, and until then I'll smile to hide the truth.

      @CassidyJackso16 RT @superduperpham: UPDATE: jk y'all, turns out she was just another female that couldn't get over her ex and tried to lie and hide things…

      @bTBIYW6SUCcqFTd RT @poetryinsunsets: Can you feel me
      the real me
      the one I hide
      the one that
      silently roars inside
      the one I don't speak of
      the one I can't…

      @knoodlez I'll never be able to hide being pregnant when it happens because people will continue to try to give me alcohol and I'll decline.

      @EZoeckler RT @patrickcazer: u can't lie to me and u can't hide things from me, i see everything im just quiet

      @louisaeze21 RT @kylemontana___: Don't FaceTime me and hide your face... it's not hide and seek

      @aqavenue247 RT @stilgherrian: Use a VPN. Use Signal. Use Tor. Use gluten-free toilet paper. Paint a pentagram on your scrotum. Huff paint. #journalisto…

      @Harriprashanth RT @jeremycorbyn: .@Theresa_May wants to hide in #GE2017. Refusing to speak to voters or debate me is a sign of weakness from a PM who can'…

      @THIAGOVSK_83 Usando o WhatsApp via VPN. Sucesso!!!

      @ltynsw let me just reply to mentions then hide in dms-

      @Derriyell I'm not letting no nigga hide me

      @estellevw @maribezler I use Opera as my default browser for VPN'ing in europe. Their in-browser VPN puts me in the netherlands

      @DaddyAntichrist I always do this thing where i seem like an open book but in reality i hide everything and only a few know the real me

      @EzraTero RT @colesprouse: Looking for someone to play hide and seek with me and my feelings.

      @ChristaCaulk RT @brunelldonald: For he will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble; he will conceal me under the cover of his tent. Psalm 27:5 @re…

      @butDAYknew RT @__21reasons__: so much pain in me but i hide tht shit so well

      @foreign__char RT @MikeGomesMusic: I lowkey notice everything so don’t try to hide shit from me

      @satanslash @TheKohai if you use a vpn you can probably bypass the region-lock

      @ElviraCoronad14 RT @stephruvalcaba: I can finally delete whatsapp, google classroom, and VPN hotspot.

      @GIAKAZE RT @ProphetUgo: One thing I learned early on was to disconnect myself from people who's friendship forced me to hide what God has placed in…

      @SlkLouis RT @Brendalishus: If the pikin no be your own, hide your face, you can call me small doctor. Omo iya dna.

      @akiriannn I hate being lied to. Like don't hide nothing from me

      @GoddessAlora RT @EmeryDalliance: you can't hide from me,

      and neither can your money

      @freaklinski RT @stelovesrdj: Deadpool:
      -flirty af
      -sarcastic asshole
      -makes jokes to hide his pain
      -always makes me laugh
      -my pansexual son deserves a…

      @Awesomesauce_Me RT @SethAbramson: (42) FBI investigators now know Trump's transition was engaged in ongoing sanctions negotiation w/ Russia and committed f…

      @AarthsSoulx It's so funny like I have to give explanation for everything I do but when people hide stuff from me it's ok ? Like wtf do U think I am ?

      @ninaquiara RT @carlojardeleza: HM - How much

      HMU - Hit me up

      Hide me in thy wounds
      That I may never leave thy si…

      @IamJessah Coz baby u look happier u do. My friends told me 1 day I'd feel it too & until then I smile to hide d truth, but I know I was happier w u.

      @satanwtf @yungladdie Not my ip nor my vpn ip keep trying bud

      @thepjH2o @anthonymsngcy No you don't have to. Cause I don't have to hide anything like those secrets you mean of. You know me beks.

      @breaknecknebula @Megamanfan9 @mcalel964 Don't call me out and then fuckin hide

      @Grace_Batesx RT @chrisbrown: If u can't look me in my eyes when u talk to me, you scared or have something to hide.

      @ChronicalPrince RT @FamilyMediaTV: Have you ever seen your dad crying? When a man gets wounded, he tries his best to hide the wounds. What does that... htt…

      @poKevSim @MOMO_ID_ Lol dude... splatoon is a drug to me. I had to hide my current copy a while ago

      @fangirl__143 RT @DOPEDAEGU: the whole "if u translate beyond the scene on naver" thing creeps me out because what other hints does bts hide that we have…

      @johnnyhoel Gonna make an internet startup for acquiring nautical prostitutes--it will require a VPN to access content. "thepiratebae"

      @the_bungafac RT @elinacantiks: #RekomenFilem Hide and Seek (2013) you are one smart cookie if you can guess the real culprit dari awal cerita. rating; i…

      @theNamesWHARLEY RT @koye10: "Where have you been hiding?" Nigga I been trying to figure my shit out. Let me hide pls.

      @bontax_19 RT @ACatholicPrayer: Sweetest Jesus, hide me in Your Sacred Heart. Do not permit me to be separated from You. Defend me from the evil foe.…

      @yeoluckyone RT @waTAOwat: I'm going to tweet this because it angers me so MUCH how ENTITLED some people are and yet they hide in PRIVATE accounts.

      @TheToy_Maker "You can't hide from me, smol boy."

      @KkAfridi786 RT @ImranKhanPTI: In fact I have provided financial details far beyond that asked for in the petition filed against me by PMLN because I ha…

      @NaniiDazo0 Don't tell me I've handled it well cause I'm really just plotting where I'm gonna hide your body

      @notheowner @discordapp Just switched to a US vpn server, everything is loading perfectly, EU server problem?

      @worrier RT @dismiss: there was no one to tell and nowhere to hide.

      i kept the pain to myself while a part of me died.

      @CyberTaters girlfriend's potato security: tape over her webcam, shoulder shrug when we find out she has accepted a research/tracking VPN on her iPhone

      @hypestatusatx RT @hypestatusatx: If you haven't followed our new page already you are behind.

      Fastest proxy speeds / automated deliveries / client Ip po…

      @_MiMiOh RT @aral: When opt-out isn’t opt-out. When “delete” means “hide from me”. Unless we resist, consent & privacy will become footnotes in hist…

      @Adeleneii RT @JaimNacuha: I'd rather hide my feelings and act like I don't care then let someone know they hurt me.

      @Newport100_ RT @yungsulia: If you know me, I don't hide shit. I am who I am n you can hate it or love it. My real ones know my heart

      @Double__dreams RT @iamblackbear: theres no reason for me to hide it
      im gonna love u until we die

      @OfficialYayah RT @_Spesh_: I can't love my man in secret. I cannot hide how happy he makes me. And most importantly, my happiness is not about making you…

      @withmywoess RT @lunadivinr: when you walk away:

      ⚪you run
      ⚪you hide

      @ABHlNANDAN *Proxy server in real life*

      share cab co-passenger, seated next to me, asks driver: sir, inka drop kidhar hai?

      @pharohscat 2)hide my identity & appearance online. come and find me! better yet send me a post card. i've worked at not being found.

      @Slippery_Jack @blazingmagnums @street_trash2 I actually come to Manchester, but you hide from me...

      @thePoeticRobot identify; and hide me. - @thePoeticRobot

      @saturnvpn A #VPN is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet.

      @nattyhead_kami RT @mikey_esquire: Ladies...yuh see dah wavy eyebrow suppm deh? Low it, please. Maw go laugh u to scorn if me see it inna real life. Nah hi…

      @Casey_Bratti Casey she's making fun of me can I hide behind you cause you big and I feel safe.

      @dylanpaultrue Even I question my own reasons for what seems to be hiding, only to find out everything can see me. Love is not something to hide.

      @NetCastLtd Psalms 119:19 I am a stranger in the earth: hide not thy commandments from me.

      @cdaniellebrooks I need you to love me for me and not the mask I hide behind

      @drshivramsinwar RT @RenukaJain6: I have nothing to hide ms Rathore and no political ambitions but I will surely expose you. Come on file FIR against me. Un…

      @im_sofancy_xo RT @TrapHaze: Whatsapp need to let me hide that "online" thing gassa

      @quinniferrr this school loves to hide staircases in their buildings, so I end up taking the elevator to the second floor and everyone hates me

      @careal_deal Foolish pride
      That's all that I have left
      So let me hide
      The tears and the sadness you gave me
      When you said goodbye

      @FTSImKMSing RT @muffinsplanned: @ashleyslzr I struggle with anxiety and depression since I was 10 (15yrs). My MIs makes me want to hide myself, but I k…

      @____houston RT @passport_cutty: It's very hard for me to hide if I don't like you. And I don't dislike many people. I have a blank stare the entire tim…

      @tokwakath Where do the good boys go to hide away? I'm a good girl who needs a little company Looking high and low, someone let me know

      @theimmortal29 @Falkvinge Are the UK servers for PIA still secure ? My concern is growing that VPN server farms will be shut down under PM May.

      @KingMattii RT @erninemlyrics: When Eminem said "When it comes to having the balls to go against me, you hide em. Cause you dont got the fucking nuts l…

      @HollowOO12 I am really enjoying @AydinPaladin's content. Wish @YouTube didn't hide it from me for so long.

      @paininmahballs2 RT @Justinhope16: @00Himesaurus00 @Insane_Proxy_ @BeyondPhere @queen_of_novels Your free to leave the discussion,this is an open platform…

      @KClevenger24 RT @MrOH1O: I was a JT doubter, I won't hide or lie about it, but he has shut me up. What he has done over the last 4 weeks has been amazin…

      @datwerg What is the best proxy shipping service?

      Asking for myself.

      @esy4h RT @azruldasilva: Im honest. I got nothin to hide. You did me dirty. You played me. You lied. you act like youre e victim. You act like u d…

      @Tipsy_Avocado Mom- Well she’ll see you tomorrow. Her hide may be missing some skin, but she’ll be at school.
      Me- Well y’all have a blessed night.

      @AstridVNevel 4 year old telling me a secret: "I wanted to hide a marble from my brother so I put it in my butt and it got stuck....and it's still stuck"

      @Elenamary2004 RT @BillOReilly: I'm not going to run and hide because I didn't do anything wrong. NYT wants to take me out of the marketplace, second time…

      @AJsxrvin RT @Genius: hide my face, hide my face, can't let 'em see me crying

      @LittleViv__ Life so much better when Yeen got nothing to hide. I take deep breaths now, you feel me. Life is good

      @zakiasworld So y'all know don't hide that, divide that is the song to put on to get me dancing

      @ShyaraDivyesh #DearMoney stop playing game of hide Nd seek, lets be with me

      @XonerateAssange RT @Nicknackwalker: Yes, I know, I have a Muslim family & have had to study Islam 4 yrs! Now, I urge you 2b honest: why don't you try celeb…

      @FenixJourdan RT @walkerk23: @TheKitchenista when my daughter was 3, she was playing hide & seek with my pops. He stopped playing & she got upset...with…

      @SurreyFIOs RT @ElecSafetyFirst: If you're thinking about buying an illegal streaming device as a Christmas present, think again - 100% of the boxes we…

      @starfirebg1 Friend: So what are your hobbies?
      Me: Trying to hide from reality.

      @SpookiestThings At least I have this to protect me

      @chianne_britt RT @lorforeign: Don't lie to me.. don't hide shit from me.. come onnn... U not interested no more? Tell me, don't hide it. U don't wanna ta…

      @NadineRAli RT @HebaMh_: come and hide me from this terrible reality

      @cookiebitz5 Now, I just gotta teach him not to cut up his clothes and not to hide stuff from me.

      @mrcrayseler You said that we would always be
      Without you I feel lost at sea
      Through the darkness you’d hide with me
      Like the wind we’d be wild and free

      @IAmMatticus RT @saladinahmed: normal writer reading positive reviews: hey that’s great that feels good

      me reading positive reviews: whew fooled them…

      @VincentBoyer21 RT @meechonmars: i think i care like too much for my friends and it scares them? or maybe im just scared it does…. but either way im gonna…

      @earthygirl01 RT @yorkierosie: It always amazes me that Government Ministers, whenever things in their departments go haywire, are allowed to hide to avo…

      @sapphicdocs RT @sarahmcgbeauty: People that wear false eyelashes every day terrify me. Anyone with that kind of discipline, precision, and skill could…

      @rossipedia @mweststrate isn't IE the only browser that doesn't have Proxy support currently?

      @orkeddx RT @NinieSyxzwxni: dont hide anything from me, my instincts are always true. i rather you told me everything than i find out myself

      @sephoru RT @BisiOlabode: Jesus hide me, hide me in your love
      Spirit clothe me, clothe me with your grace

      Jesus hide me, hide me in your love

      @BriLynH RT @TulsiGabbard: Over a million of Hawaii's people were faced with the immediate reality of having 15 minutes to find a place to "take she…

      @LowpeL RT @Relatestagram_: "you look sad today..."

      Me: yeah, i'm sad everyday, i just didn't have the energy to hide it today.

      @Caliangel55 RT @MrDane1982: My mom put her Diana Ross sunglasses to hide her black eyes to walk us to school, helping us with homework with a swollen f…

      @666_rolf RT @crystalartchen: I saw on the internet that China will block VPN in February 2018, and that the February Spring Festival is a New Year f…

      @jch_magdalena @realDonaldTrump Hide me first

      @rubyfaithflores Hide me in Thy wounds that I may never leave Thy side.

      @sbpdude Ion hide me

      @KlMSEOKJXN @bunniebonbun He laughs and gives his jaw a kiss.

      “Ya, you can’t hide me forever, baby!”

      @shelteredass i can feel myself slipping into subspace, hide me.

      @ZCarolipio RT @Jesus_YaHWeH_: Psalms 17
      8 Keep me as the apple of the eye; Hide me under the shadow of thy wings,
      9 From the wicked that oppress me, M…

      @dgreen1980 RT @CasperVPN: #IBM has finally released patches to mitigate the notorious #Spectre and #Meltdown vulnerabilities!
      #CasperVPN #VPN #cyberse…

      @K80theSHADE @i0n1c Hide me vpn

      @iAm_Ese RT @prayerbullets: Keep and guard me as the pupil of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings -Ps. 17:8 #Prayer

      @Bitch_DieSlow If u my bitch and try to hide me just know u my bitch im just not out here claiming u

      @DrawsWithFist @vaporwavewitch @Rosel__d @ZenoStrike Someone better hide me from subway

      @AndeMarie_ RT @KeepIniT_600: If u Gotta Hide Me , I Don’t Want u

      @Ds_Sneaks @SupremeHoward @crackedbackdoor Not recommended to use the same proxy for a different site when the proxy is in use.

      @ncdsahin RT @CryptoCred: Basic security checklist:

      - Unique passwords & e-mails per account/exchange
      - Complex passwords (pw managers are great)

      @sgurjeet @AndroidAuth They were fed up of multitudes of Indians using proxy to access spotify

      @AuraLuniper RT @_Younite: The first one involves them reporting your account in masses using groups of bots switching VPN, IP and Proxy to make more re…

      @Montaukoutloud RT @WoodyLuvsCoffee: VILLAIN: You can run but you can’t hide.

      ME: I can’t run either.

      @Sheri_Hischild RT @SevenShepherd: "Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity:" ~Psalms 64:2 #Bible

      @JoelSabu8 RT @iamSinghaniya: @PriyankFan2 @lostboy54 @i_aayushigupta @itsjasleenkaur @khanreshma13 @Parivesh95 @crazyassweird1 @ankita_proxy @ShineyA…

      @PillsBury101 @Mwiya312 Hide me in your suitcase when someone does

      @TheUnshyShy Scheduled work completed. And a number is calling from Washington, DC. Quick. Hide me.

      @SlickRule RT @RitaOnwurah: My God is awesome,
      He can move mountains.
      Keep me in the valley,
      Hide me from the rain.

      My God is awesome,
      Heals me when…

      @Leak_lawry If the feds lookin for me would you try to hide me baby ?

      @aafmuller RT @omriceren: Apple removed a bunch of privacy apps Chinese dissidents use to communicate safely. In response to concerns Apple chief Cook…

      @ruchigaurav RT @ruchigaurav: A complete feeling❤️

      In ur embrace u hide me
      And all I feel is each other's

      H e a r t b e a t s❤️

      @momo_mohsin @shivan…

      @LaFuego23 If you hide me from bitches than don’t expect shit from me keep on doing you

      @alz_iqbal @Usamiii99 Hahaha ab puri hi lagaun gi not going to hide me face this time

      @FayePiercy Dya know how hard it is to grow for a wax at this time of year, having to wear certain summer clothes to hide me pits man ahhahaha

      @WilsonThomas4 Psa 17:8  Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings,

      @dendroglyph @jjulius @timothyharfield What’s so proxy about access to data and lack of trust? Privacy is a right, not a privilege. #WCETSummit

      @yzgyyang Had to quickly deploy a VPN server because uOttawa's Wi-Fi blocks my CI and IRC instances. Ugh. #BSDCan

      @4nnubis RT @thesavemovement: "Hide me in the shadows, 
      Kill me in the darkness.
      And all will be forgotten. 
      But shine a light upon my death, 
      And I…

      @Kutloan07178972 RT @NtokozoMbambo: I know a place
      I can always run to
      In times of distress
      Confusion & fear
      When my enemies surround me
      Father, I know in y…

      @artxcore @AwesomestBen Hide me in your luggage, cheers

      @onlycatsandhats RT @renata_horus: hide me in your wounds
      hide me in your love

      @BuckyBa99882504 RT @incorrectstucky: steve: i know you want to keep me safe, but the only way to do that is to wrap me in bubble wrap and hide me in a cave…

      @mBibleVerses 2 Kings 6:17 inherit it? And thou shalt remember that thou wouldest hide me under the hand of my flesh: she shall not be a vow, and every

      @Helenwhitlove Take me to your heart, hide me inside......

      @jordylucero1 RT @baileyultd: hide me in a studio forever i don’t need friends

      @marizangelaaaaa hide me now, under Your wings

      @andre_terrell_ What’s gone be crazy is all y’all gone act like y’all been there for me once everyone else catch wind...Y’all can’t hide me forever

      @deesbarbara RT @rolltidebmz: “Conspirators used the same pool of bitcoin funds to purchase a VPN account and to lease a server in Malaysia”

      @Lindavid RT @GodsGrace57: Show me the wonders of your great love, you who save by your right hand those who take refuge in you…

      Keep me as the appl…

      @Obey13Omm RT @da13thsun: TMHs ELOHYIM protect TLC Cuzos from Agents
      Psalm 64:2-4
      Hide me from Th secret plots of Th wicked, from Th throng of evild…

      @TigeProcyshyn RT @LeahGAZ: As a proxy, I co-drafted an emergency resolution in December 2016 calling on #AFN leadership to protect land and water defende…

      @sleekyO_O RT @Zaynab71990: ~~~

      I think
      my words
      are not big enough to hide me..!!

      @hitsous RT @tvaddonsco: Sunday Giveaway: Retweet our previous two tweets for the chance to WIN a free year of Private Internet Access VPN service!…

      @even_dev @CoolApps45 u didnt need to hide me name

      @Jaxhammer13 @baileyhaworth7 You don’t have to hide me anymore


      ip: BRAZIL 

      CPF: 025.098.335-45

      STREET:Bom Sucesso

      STATE / PROVI…

      @husnimun Hi I just installed Nginx as a reverse proxy to a Node.js app! Can I call myself a sysadmin now?

      @adam_winnnnnn @lilykeddy @alex_t0dd of course u try n hide me on social media see how it is nothing changes !

      @ITheGreatPapyrs LC: Oh hey, dude!

      @entonfire @TychoBrahe Was gonna make it to the reading tonight but brunch continues and hostly commitments prevail. Sending a proxy to secure a copy!

      @Noahandpals RT @parsfarce: me: what’s the rawhide treat made out of

      pet store guy: hide

      me: mm I see. and how is it cooked

      pet store guy: it’s raw…

      @b0yblunder RT @Gooooats: My daughter saved a snake from our cat and then secretly kept it as a pet for two days, so if I ever need someone to hide me…

      @haziqqjamsari k I know u hide me from your story

      @iko_2015 @vanguardngrnews Is his uncle a proxy for him?

      @McLiberTea RT @carterwpage: Sent today, by a friend in the Midwest:

      Psalm 64:1-10
      Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked, from the plots of evildo…

      @UTAU_Finnian ..OH GOD NO. I heard C's voice. Please hide me I don't want to talk to him he's so annoying /hides in closet

      @DynamoCooligan RT @MixxedZone: If you're in Houston, watch the game with other #NWSL fans at @PhoenixBrewpub.

      Otherwise, watch live on ESPNnews, or strea…

      @_yuchihan_ RT @kimbaeum: even hanse tooks my phone like ?? victon really invented fanservice. i love them so much. (we can see me for like 1 second bu…

      @varinde56557722 RT @INDIANARMY7709: Now kashmiri understanding #pakistan proxy in #kashmir..
      Listen audio,you will understand..
      #south #…

      @LionalyB PureVPN’s iPhone VPN is the simplest and friendliest app for internet users.

      @AatTimothy RT @brunelldonald: For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall…

      @looseangelsus RT @milton_book9: To hide me, and the dark intent I bring.

      @Uber_SNaKe RT @buyvpnservice: What made YOU say, "I need #PIAforMe?"

      Tweet "I need #PIAforMe..." and tell us why you need online privacy protection f…

      @HannarBanannar I can always be my true self and you don't try to hide me from the world. But you walk with me proud that I've let the world see me as I am

      @Miss_Angela_123 hide me under your bed, I promise to sneak up to your bed quietly as a mouse, in the middle of the night

      @AnneBantang RT @incorrectaqours: Yoshiko: Oh, it's Riko.

      You: What?! Hurry and hide me, I can't let her see me like this!

      Yoshiko: Like what? You loo…