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      @JagexHelpSamo @kCruz954 @JagexSupport Hey Kevin, the appeal has been checked by a Jmod who evaluated the evidence. VPN wasn't involved :)

      @babypanduhh @athertonph what vpn are you using ?

      @Akshet .@SwiftOnSecurity Only if the VPN/Tor exit node/proxy is not on same ISP. Otherwise there is no guarantee. Tor is least safe in this case

      @radiomorillo One of the great uses out of my VPN is being able to watch Al Jazeera English’s live stream on YouTube. Geoblocking is the worst.

      @treyford @synackpse yea, not sure the MBP has a GPS sensor — the AP would make sense, as would pre-VPN external IP…

      @TheyCallMeHypah @Inkkabouter @YouTube sorry can't do anything to prevent it. try to use vpn <3

      @RawLeif @SparkleChaos @jongery it’s not you need vpn. And there is a reason..

      @PumpknSpice_MFC @SavannaSkyFire @josemcintyre13 he was VPN watching me just to harass me

      @stephenjbell I work remotely from a lot of public places. Anyone have a recommendation for a good VPN service for web development on secure connection?

      @Jwindeatt @SarahGPerry just sign up to another dodgy vpn site. They'll change it for you.

      @FultonCook1 However as far as platonic idea high website as proxy for unconditioned-in addition to disencumber software: svNBnYZz

      @holly_taggart @KP_Kelly tried that. My work pager has gone off 5 times. last call took 3 hours and a complete reimaging of my VPN computer. :(

      @WaynoSoCal @LatestAnonNews <- @bbc @wsj ANONYMOUS backing the NATIONAL GUARD use by proxy. Trying to DIVIDE America with BULLSHIT. Now there's a story

      @HammanJustinPtD RT @PCRepairsInLndn: PC Repair London X-Proxy (Freeware) - Surf the Internet anonymously, change your IP address, prevent id... htt…

      @HNWMarleyLions RT @OffTheCrosseBar: Just confirmed with @NLL_PR that Canadians can view #FOXSportsGO with no login/subscription/VPN needed. #NLL

      @CiikuMrsBabes @brendawambui @Maximilus if you have VPN hider it's on YouTube

      @aadvanwinden RT @Ian56789: @yuskan0723 EU should stop encouraging the migrants to travel & force the US to stop their war by terrorist proxy in Syria to…

      @UruguayEspos @LaResistenciaML @SanFuentes90 Hola Free VPN?

      @wolf_hands @Amagdy79 There are some VPN apps on the App Store (free from what I’ve seen). Maybe turning Airplane Mode on/off will help?

      @ArtieSinger @stacia_93 So your telling me "Stacia" is obsessed with her new VPN app. You gotta be fucking kidding me...

      @AsifShamsAsif @AyeshaBakhsh I have ptcl evo device and I do have access to YouTube so is it really blocked?Then why I can run YouTube without proxy?

      @pbisrocking @SubbuRyan he is widely blamed for setting up radical nomstate groups for proxy wars in Afgn & in India. @TarekFatah @ahmedrk

      @AdairLijane RT @teamdaisquirtle: @IcebergLuffy I'll try to be more active Luff (Wassup?)

      My anime of the day is one of my personal faves: Ergo Proxy h…

      @AbramsonMya Commissioning csp doc as proxy for preparatory-grouping mri wheelchairs that stand behind take care of unnoddin...

      @ooh_deer @GhostOnMarz they might because I beleive main Yamaha is in charge. If not I can recomend a good proxy

      @scottgal Don't see the controversy about Netflix banning VPN; yes it's a bummer but they likely don't have much choice because of content owners.

      @TrisTris3000 @sanaavan @ajay41857683 @AyshaNoor18 @GorgeiousG m sure still u can vote online. Use VPN hotspot something to log into colors website.

      @jfmezei @ltribe @Netflix_CA since Netflux is a faceless company without customer relations I wonder what is the best way to reach them on VPN block

      @dark_proxy RT @lorenzabraham12: Goodnight everyone! Talk to you tomorrow friends!

      @MichelleBriann5 Charge ds engagement as proxy for r4 website is they numerary over against load ds rally insofar as r4 only mic...

      @louiszaynlauren @malikszains listen im really streaming it from india using the vpn app on computer im dying

      @TristanRayner @andrewbogut A VPN that “puts” you in Australia will get around if it you need and can be used on computers/phones e.g. Android/iOS

      @CramerMacey Study from perth as proxy for good brownian movement show: lHAnaiZSD

      @ChaserKate @ProxyNumberOne @Hoodster_Proxy We were playing, and he fell wrong *bows head* I didn't mean to break it

      @kaileidoscope14 @Michiko1314 u choose the south korea vpn right? try yo disconnect and then connect again, and re-open naver tv cast on your browser

      @Brooksie1138 Cool, looks like i have access to the CBS stream via my VPN.

      @Bethany__Ellis Freund : we know about ENSO event frequency for the last ~30 years but need to use proxy network to understand ENSO prior TO 1989 #AMOS2016

      @Sa_x95 It's just a festival. I mean, I would be upset too if YouTube was banned in my country but y'all found proxy's for that shit

      @SharonMichaelso Quintessential vpn favor in aid of your association wants: fzUKoF

      @Slxy3 @King_Proxy @DavidVonderhaar @YouTube I not know how to play hardpoint

      @laporte_haiku @CoxHelp Using the IP address doesn't change anything. Cox is blocking the site. When I use a proxy server, I get to the page without issue.

      @Mistukian youtube red sucks because I hate having to use a goddamn vpn to watch half the MVs I wanna watch!

      @horizongulf #Routers, Switches, #Wireless/#Wired Networks, #VPN Setup, Firewall, #Server /NOD Configurations, #Storage and Backup #Solutions

      @shaels 2 Soldiers: 5 Terrorists kill ratio. Pakistan Army cheap proxy subconventional war enmeshes regular Indian Army. #CI #CT @manoharparrikar

      @random_cohesion *yawn* bag lady *yawn**sigh* offended by proxy *sigh*

      @zishin98 @szecheee im using youtube with vpn and the line quite good

      @victoryfront7 Turkey has blocked twotter and facebook anyway i got an app called flash vpn so everythong works still get on it.

      @BushPorter1 Facebook advertising baksheesh as proxy for your bang craft: qSrobL

      @jordan14447 YouTube Red is US only for now. You need a VPN to have access to the YT Red content.

      @MMBinNC @LucyEverleigh They do, but I've done this enough times to have a decent proxy site hehe. But I can't watch youtube without buffering so

      @RealBraw Does anyone use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for watching movies and streaming? Thinking about doing it on home computer

      @DoloresCharle10 Gratuity until chivy the in every respect buck private envelop issue as proxy for yours conformation: mqrFOef

      @wcugrad_09 @OkieJess1208 @Mamabear0772 I used the vpn site Hola to watch it.

      @Sunshine_Solone Got my favorite proxy card in gold tonight, it's a good day to be a gangster.

      @yunsur_shi @network_ext See YouTube safari in 2 minutes will automatically shut down VPN

      @notessensei Interesting showdown: F5 BigIP vs NodeJS proxy

      @Monarch_Sol Yes, RT MuJahidSheroze: It's the time that proxy war must end in Afghanistan. Peace in Afghanistan is among Pakistan's top priorities. #Pak…

      @VGBC_GimR .@ArvixeSupport we have a VPN on your servers and our site has been down for over a day. We pay way too much for how often this happens.

      @anniesus @Dylan_Flint yes you caaaan use VPN

      @HoustonLawy3r @robertivery @fightcopytrolls Seems gimmicky. Now I have a German flag indicating that I am using a German server for my VPN connection.

      @sicherpolizei @tankengliang @tm_insider cant access from my phone (Celcom) or my TMNet Unifi. But with proxy, can access

      @Tjc1998T This VPN app saved my data big time..

      @sakDC @hamsterwatch @BBGossip Good to know. Thx! Wonder if the TV shows will get on youtube or somewhere if I decide not to do the feeds via VPN

      @sakuusakuuu using japanese vpn be like: YOUTUBE ADS WHERE NEVER THIS GOOD

      @brookiesc00kies @CyberGhost_EN you are the way to go! #vpn #privacy

      @King_Proxy @GENERALGOLDIEZ Yeah true, I want PSG to win and Arsenal (highly unlikely that the Gunners will) but there are some good games 100%!

      @blergstein @spaceytracy91 thanks, I love how helpful you guys are but I just figured it out. I'm using a YouTube proxy to watch the drumph segment rn!

      @2813345011C @BuildDimension @YouTube because VPN is not good so l can't watch youtube

      @blahah404 @blahah404 @klmr tor bridge relay and a handful of VPN services + shadowsocks + good security

      @ChrisWeston_IG @Quanterrific @David_Scutt best proxy for G10, but in terms of what PBoC plan to do with CNY then CNH better

      @PerfektFox @0calik @campussfr et s'ils utilisent un proxy ou vpn ?

      @DavidsonGoodma1 20m in private conference admitted 'body' as proxy for east west coast commercial relations follow the hounds u...

      @WEAVERBRAND91 @ChrisTaylor8859 I got Betternet VPN

      @rafz_chan @mahaleani entra num site chamado proxy youtube

      thank me later

      @AbuzarDaudi Web tunnel is the best vpn for browsing and downloadin

      Best best best

      @mtasuandi Is reddit blocked in my country? why the hell i can not access it without proxy.

      @RonitJawanjal Something is wrong with the VPN app

      @SharonMichaelso Maximal vpn aid and comfort vice yours combat team wants: SCPvmL

      @vinusak @jimmyfallon i live in Iran and when I feel sad I watch parts of your show on youtube(when internet is good,the vpn are working),really tnx

      @khutso "Jacob Zuma is a business partner of the Guptas and uses his son as a proxy" @FloydShivambu

      @n_ts_rry @cerealwarz they don't block VPN's, they block the IP addresses of known VPN servers, so just get a new VPN each time or use a diff server

      @EricGotSoles Finished my proxy server I'm on xps and running .... BANDSS

      @KoolKittyKawaii @cryptoplasm
      Open the proxy settings and change it to "localhost:8118". Then open the Orbot app and you're good to go.

      @ThetrueGB @DrunkenPeasants @YouTube can't you guys get a VPN so you don't get dosed? But you have to have good internet.

      @coreyashturner_ @coreyashturner_ what's a good VPN?

      @knope4president @matchbox_sized no comment on the Glee thing

      @Fred5027 @moviebox_app @moviebox_app However, when I connect via VPN, it all works fine. How is that this app is being block by my country?

      @xfranky @joshsteimle I mean, YouTube is blocked by the Great Firewall and only works with a good vpn

      @Trapdollazmanny Somebody give me a good vpn app

      @Gmacrusher @nomii_abid Sorry my friend! I don't!It's a shame that YouTube live streaming is restricted. You could try proxy servers or VPN? But idk lol

      @XYVelocityZone @SpeedHunterAri @GrantCai2 music but not so much compared to regular YouTube. I just use Ad Block VPN on my iPod 5 to cancel out ads.

      @Gate2WireWinner @MsVFAB @brooklyncowboy1 ISP's are starting to become very smart to which addresses are being used in VPN's. It's always a cat-&-mouse game.

      @egomaurice My WhatsApp still can't work without VPN when using MTN. What is going on? @mtnug

      @onechibi92 @sur_lee ahh thanks.. i did try vpn/proxy but still fail.. will download the app then.. thanks

      @WillOfSCIENCE @MonstreCharmant You can watch it on YouTube if you want

      but we all know using a British VPN and having Graham Norton is the best idea

      @MBDallocchio @lasvegasweekly @settebellopizza For sure. Settebello pizzerias not only have @pizzastg official #VPN status, but it is THE best pizza in LV

      @behnamak @navidjaaan Open twitter app >> Setting >> Location and proxy >> Proxy >> Enable proxy

      @TylerJesus4 Ppc services-are superego noticeably ja as proxy for yours website?: wDGzayjvx

      @DomTamburro @echoesofauld @madflavor @YouTube I use opera vpn app mobile app my Canadian brother

      @JaGlabschdDesA Ohhh!Drive? VPN Wo ist so ein doofer Proxy!

      @Calleja @HyasBorderless thanks for the heads up!
      Doesn't seem to be working to access US Netflix from Mexico though, still get the proxy error :(

      @skittelly RT @starbuckslrh_: @skittelly download mo ung "hola vpn" tapos change mo ung browser sa italy #MTVAwardsStar 5 Seconds Of Summer

      @tasharowmanoff @rickdixonn it's like a proxy where u basically can browse from any country sort of like that

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz site the cream then as proxy for show in this way cistern inasmuch as knowledge: HAaXjKAsB

      @ZeromiAion Basically on the mobile youtube app, on a "playlist" full of blocked vids, select one and the next one plays just fine. Will test w/o VPN.

      @Pozewila @chris_carag @blackmamba914 @AnotherNikeBot you did not authorize the current IP you're using with your proxy provider

      @Zaperrry @amikebloomtype OK but I have a Laptop with a VPN not a iOS

      @Prof44U @BMKabeer @Questionnier @atm_shafa when you use VPN in accessing tutorials on Youtube that is called using VPN for good buddy.

      @Monojit_RSG 100% paperless and that makes it deadly, even the Pentagon cannot access without a VPN :P

      @Ruggerogiacome ZyXEL ZyWALL USG60W-NB Dual-WAN 802.11n Network Security SSL and IPSec VPN Firewall (USG60W-NB Hardware Only)

      @AnthonyLouis8 Whyever wage control la anonymous second helping proxy entryway toronto: wLAt

      @sTIMulat3 Good thing i have my russian vpn to watch blocked youtube videos because apparently russia doesnt give a fuck

      @RangeUHC @Tacticlz @YouTube how do u get so good ping with vpn

      @jonowles88 @1bscarbro there are browser extensions that route you through a vpn. Hola unblocker was good for this like 3 years ago, but sucks now

      @dshears @quanb24 best vpn for mac?

      @sheeple101 @musicnpix @YouTube It worked the second time... I have a VPN account for such times but just worked the 2nd time... good to go now.

      @piruchan_ @RiverwindDK5 ah I see. So any good free proxy recommendations?

      @chrismhardy @Aggerscricket @TMS @YouTube is not so good as you can't close it without losing feed. Try @theTunnelBear, which works really well as a VPN

      @Unlucky_Wizard @BreyaKitty @SparkleFountain It's because of Youtube Red. If you use a VPN that changes your IP to a completely different country

      @oXNARXo @Ar1iDev do you know any good Free Proxy that we can use for the Bot ?

      @PiruGR @ppy Is using VPN while playing the game banable for some reason?
      I tunnel trough my own server almost all the time...

      @quitesardonic @CenturyLink thanks for throttling YouTube, 40 Mbit over fiber is about as good as fucking DSL. I shouldn't have to use a VPN to reroute.

      @Mieshakadt RT @curIyswift: whenever something happens they block social media instead of doing something and act like we don't have vpn

      @freevpn_ninja RT @CollinRippy: Anyone have a vpn that works

      @TigasGinja @SoaR_Prone go to google store and put"cloud vpn"or"betternet"my school internet doesn't let me use facebook and shits so u need a good vpn

      @gAbbYrOckzzz Kinda sad that we aren't allowed to listen to LIVE #ラジガゼ897 in the USA without having to reroute our IP address with a VPN :( youtube it is~

      @grandeonfIeek whenever something happens in turkey the fucking government shuts down twitter facebook and youtube it took me ages to find a GOOD vpn

      @xAzrealx @sierrasingdance @RealDMitchell Do what I do. Get yourself a VPN :) Youtube is a good backup but not everything is available there.

      @TheSkankworks @kfalconspb Had mine set for 05:30. Entire house networked with BNC. Apache proxy, x-window dial-up scripts, private email and nntp servers.


      @seanddotmedotuk @OpinionatedGeek @padzor Old company used a proxy for filtering and a login script to configure clients. They didn't block direct access. :)

      @freevpn_ninja RT @SleeplessRmntcs: I mean I knew this wasn't hassle free but dealing with DNS and VPN is not my strong suit. Clearly, I need a good guide…

      @av4me just signed up for windscribe vpn service. looks good on the youtube demos.

      @haraiva getflix is good but it doesnt work w netflix and doesnt work as an actual vpn so i cant go on US youtube to watch atlanta

      @MebFaber Any way to know how many articles @SeekingAlpha has published? # of website pages good proxy?

      @BaboTangz I dont have good enuf vpn to watch youtube n the bordem is killing me :(

      @Bash_Array @SarahJamieLewis @jcase use VPN + Tor + stand on one leg + rub stomach + say rubber baby buggy bumpers. Then you're secure

      @Ralph_RFC RT @rossco_bear: See if you don't like Chris Sutton, cancel your subscription, get a proxy VPN & pay the £6 to watch on RTV. RFC get the mo…

      @eatcrapskank @democracynow @HIASrefugees @DonaldJTrumpJr the people of the USA are not doing this. go blame ISIS and their proxy army ISIS

      @m_ss_ng @Miss_Elizabeth Cause it's on CBS All Access and even with a vpn we cant access it

      @VJGoh @PedanticAvenger even still, browsers alone don't explain this disparity; I think it's a moderately good proxy for system performance.

      @editinggolden bought a VPN so I can browse momtips dot com without being judged by the government

      @Inferno_Cup when the internet good I can play dota and stream 240p youtube videos through a VPN with no stops. When the internet bad, I can't IRC

      @Carmenballantyn @real_proxy @Albion_Rover @DailyMirror And gov they have a responsibility to tax payers to protect them but I hear you

      @BenitoWill @JRach_9_7 Unfortunately not. If you have a good VPN it's on YouTube through The AFC channel though.

      @bilalbhutta202 latform
      if site not open in your country? you can use VPN IP Changer

      @DarioMac Need to sort out a VPN before the next race, anyone got good recommendation for a VPN that will work for Youtube? #FIAFormulaE #vpn

      @cezlineplz Cant find a vpn that lets me access japan server so i can download ensemble girls :/

      @noway45324 @opera the best vbn for iphone now using encryption 256 and fee is #HotspotVPN #opera vpn just a proxy so be careful

      @CordLehman @NumberBradleyF Try a Canadian VPN to get Sportsnet. Game is nationally televised across Canada tonight.

      @Kim__Ona I alway felt like a hacker when I used a VPN for youtube. Good times.

      @discordapp @borkfighters If these guys are using a proxy to bypass the IP ban, then I would temporarily remove all invites to your server and also...

      @OlshanskyG @realShadowsocks @ardaozkal @TMoicano @TayfunTeo95 @hummutlu @AltugPehlivan Proxy's won't protect your privacy. they are only single hop

      @MikrobiK4u #Twitter, #Facebook, #YouTube and #WhatsApp banned in Turkey!
      No access with VPN services!

      @ECPMF RT @atoker: Millions learnt how to use VPN on advice of President Gül during YouTube block - now the technology risks being banned in #Turk…

      @JPTN @wsnow11 It doesn't run any US-only services & there's no geo-block. Even if there was, a VPN is a trivial issue. Plenty of Canadian users.

      @Paraplegeons My school tried blocking my Netflix, now I have 2 different VPN's in case they block one

      @expertesport Building a proxy factory didn't work out for @SC2ByuN, so we go into the deciding game 5 on King Sejong Station! #GSL

      @ForexCobain @ragsforex @YouTube must be good cause it's blocked in the U.S.! Will get on a vpn and try watching later. Sounds like good info. Lol

      @HexxDZN @vegepizza @DevThaFinesser sadly I have a VPN

      @KingMcv5ce Y'all check out my homies @perfectprivacy #vpnrouter giveaway! Cascading servers, proven no logs (servers were seized), best vpn provider!

      @Felmo_ @richardosman Download a VPN app and youll be fine

      @Fr33domF0x @RealityCallsV @PrisonPlanet @YouTube Yep, I knew this was coming. I recommend a good VPN which doesn't keep any logs.

      @_Compo @GeronimoDarts good goldenarrows link dude, wont let us uk people watch the youtube link without a vpn.

      @Deatives @opera for the VPN please block ads in the YouTube app. I think your lists need an updating :/

      @giveawaynelo I really hate VPN, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, SoundCloud, VK, all of these websites banned in Iran.

      @KBalleriniNZ @garyluvslabs @YouTube Wahhhhhh I hope not. I just managed to watch it using a VPN blocker though so we good

      @jason48453 @ArcadianServers I am from Asia and I can't watch ads. I used a VPN but my minecraft will appear INVALID TOKEN TRY RESTART UR GAME plz help

      @real_proxy @Carmenballantyn @YouTube IWANT TO SEE IT SEE THST CRAP BLOCK THEY GAVE ME!?

      @mullvadnet We're occasionally having technical problems with our website. VPN service is working as usual. Any problems? email:

      @spotlight1337 YouTube Red has gotten to the point where I can't watch anything in the background nor save offline while using an out of USA VPN.

      @TrickOrTreackle And if you can't see the youtube vids I'm tweeting, that's the point. Get a VPN. Hide your location. Secure yourselves.

      @joshuadiaz3110 Psiphon baymax VPN
      Good for downloading
      Good for stream
      Good for youtube
      Good for all site
      Just pm me...

      @whereangelsdare RT @Yulghar: VPN is good for unblocking YouTube, not if you're hiding from Bhensa hunters.

      @MohsinSadiq3 @zarwanali1989 @beenasarwar @bil…

      @GregYnwa @ASB_YT @YouTube do u know a good VPN as internet providers are gonna try fighting back by watching the traffic from kodi

      @SaberKinniku The actual Njpw YouTube page has a pretty good upload list. AJPW too but you need VPN to watch those

      @Jongo54K @DailyMail @MailOnline says the VPN to the idiot who removed any reference to them on the White House Web site.

      @hashfyre How to improve your youtube "Trending" tab 101:
      - 1. use VPN
      - 2. route your conn through Germany
      - They are good people there, Bront

      @fivecantonas5 @MENnewsdesk you can get a link on youtube and within 5 mins you have everything you need. ISP blocks, get VPN. Good luck

      @JoshMacDonald @VICELAND @THEKIDMERO cough, VPN my guys, plus half the videos are on youtube anyway. @VICELAND you're good like that.

      @bgelv @expressvpn Nice, - is it also soon coming to the android phone app ? - some of my apps needs to by-pass the VPN in order to work

      @zhngxiujng [ ] good news: vpn works, I can open google, twitter, youtube, BlogSpot, wordpress.
      bad news: still can't open tumblr

      @ASB_YT @stevenhooper9 I have a video on a review for a good vpn. Search asbyt vpn on youtube should be the top one

      @jonk The wifi on this plane is barely/not good enough to post to YouTube and Snapchat, it seems. Like EDGE speeds according to my VPN stats.

      @davidiwanow @bill_slawski you forgot email address and name don't match... Ip address is proxy or questionable location

      @kevinmmcgrath Finally set up a VPN through my home router so I can securely surf the interwebs from open networks while traveling. It's Miller Time.

      @edwinn756 omg good thing i found a vpn app that works bless up

      @newbieloveh RT @sIytherinemma: good job Harries !! keep streaming (if you can- at the same time on US servers using HOLA VPN then making a US Spotify a…

      @sighsofthetime If i change my vpn on my laptop and then open YouTube and play it am I good?

      @abigail3162 I hope this new vpn on my computer really works and its not gonna hack me or something! so far so good though, i can get on netflix+youtube.

      @cryptowshark @RA4WVPN off topic but you should fix the privacy policy page. its not very good to be constantly down for a VPN whch focuses on privacy.

      @maarslstr Omg umandar yung vpn proxy??

      @EbolaPhone @NickGarnettBBC Don't think I can get iPlayer - used to via proxy, but I'm not sure it's possible lately. They've upped the security.

      @_JustJoking @openculture now might be a good time to retweet that YouTube link with a vpn link for those who don't know how to vpn. :)

      @mcfIymarty the good thing about youtube videos is that we dont need a vpn to watch

      @tayloromiza RT @tac0queenn: I'm just looking forward to deleting the VPN app after I graduate

      @MoneyLobbyBoy RT @AeroPro_: Does anyone know a good free vpn for pc?

      @justinisslaying For all the biebs that Im the one isn't Available for their country's. Download vpn and turn it on then go on YouTube you should be good

      @noitsnotironic @thegalluzz @Cassie_Jaye @YouTube VPN for sure. Tunnel bear or Nord VPN are good. Also check out Harald Eia's Brainwash series too.

      @hotus__ @RykezZ @YouTube If only I had a good vpn :(

      @TomKrebs1 RT @tallman_mark: Says free-lunch count a good proxy for at-risk, but districts with very low free-lunch still have at-risk students. #ksle…

      @normaandjon @Azeem_Majeed Absolutely. Demand varies between 5 and 10% of practice list calling per week. Satisfaction with access good proxy for this?

      @PinkGeekNeni In case you wonder what's up with this Tunnel Bear stuff, no worries; I'm just trying to see Amazon Prime in foreign languages. Need VPN.

      @shanselman @pryelluw @craigkitterman Weird. Try another browser? Might you have a MITM Malware or proxy?

      @Holodere My initial intention in using vpn is just to play global maple lol
      Hotspot shield failed, TunnelBear couldn't fully bypass. Sigh

      @anathebutcher @GlassAnimals tip to anyone in the us who wants to watch, use a VPN and select a UK server! we wanna see our boys!

      @leetv55 @AnarchyMedia85 @YouTube If your using a vpn you will be fine. This just opens up additional links from their server. I believe anyway

      @Politacs7 President Xi working on proxy war using NK. Japan initial target to trigger WWIII. Russia also. @Politacs7 #Trump #VETS4TRUMP #MAGA

      @Syd_Lexia_Bot The most standard, overused fighting game guy in good faith to take ownership of his IP by proxy.

      @jakeskate321 @discordapp I'm at home and don't be believe I have a bon or proxy on... How could I check for proxy server?

      @Army_protector RT @Lindarmy_: @hanrena_bts1031 @dailyunnie @BTS_twt @musicmunkee @sushijooon @MeeSoMaRi @aDoseofDeej @DeathByKpop @nicke1nomore @FrankiSeo…

      @zhousaid @MKBHD ok.. and me i thought i had problem with my vpn in China. good to know its youtube servers issues

      @Fitri_El16 I gotta to switch on my vpn everytime I wanna listen to Hollywood Undead in youtube. I miss listening to their gd old songs. Good good days.

      @perfectlyphil My vpn finally works but the wifi isn't good enough for YouTube

      @OceanChick @jc23art @brianklaas @maddow Thanks for that. Don't know what I'd do without a good VPN and YouTube.

      @cowlture @facebook i use vpn to access Facebook in China and my account was disabled, what shall i do ?

      @NRG_MODZ @MOTMUSYT @YouTube nice vid and yeah this shit is crazy . kids have to boot to feel good about a game :/ you need a VPN

      @FDain2 STOP: Do Not use Google nor Chrome. Get a VPN & a better Browser. It's only a few dollars a month for much safer service. GOOGLE SUCKS!

      @tesla361 @KnowRoaming Roaming in China #travel #simcard #GreatFirewall #Facebook FREE #Whatsapp #GlobalRoaming #Unlimited Data #VPN

      @vacivitydjh @idfcphil same with my school everyone just uses proxy site bc they never block that whip

      @DeliverLN RT @Beys_Kordei: Am sick of people saying they don't have money then go and watch their audio on YouTube. Change ur damn VPN and stream on…

      @suprdave11 @DeathByDestiny2 @sparks_lo @YouTube SCROLL UP...IF YOU HAVE A VPN USE THE GOOD ONE

      @jnelson01 @Unblock_Us hey guys, I haven't been able to get my Google Nexus tablet to hook into your VPN in ages. anus_mcghee@hotmail@com

      @jm_btstwt Good morning stream DNA on Youtube and SPOTIFY using a vpn!

      @_tipsypjm Good morning. Please stream DNA ON Spotify using US VPN. Stream and like DNA on youtube as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

      @LiilKookie Good morning...
      Let's start the day with streaming on Youtube n Spotify.. remember to use VPN and change to USA.
      Fightiiiing army

      @_laluna__ Good morning #BTSArmy cmon lets stream BTS DNA on spotify & youtube using USA VPN so that @BTS_twt can enter Billboard HOT 100!!!

      @LindwurNoodle I dunno why seein other people so happy on Youtube makes me smile so much by proxy

      @1morehalfblood Ok. So this is crazy, youtube red subscription still has ads when you're from the Philippines. URH. GOOD THING I HAVE VPN. FUCK YOU YOUTUBE!

      @noetma whats a good youtube vpn because otherwise im gonna fly all the way to japan just to watch sawano's new 2valk mvs lmao

      @EndlessMason @subTee @Viss Don't they grab torches when you block stuff on the proxy too?

      @gillin_guo Okay……then just find a good App for Vpn

      @benf22 @VeniceMase Good morning and happy Sunday Mase. Did your post game podcasts make it online or was Capt VPN mistaken (again)

      @NukedShotClock RT @FreeAltsDaily:

      @SamMuggy50 @HEBobiwine VPN just does all things so YouTube shd surely do a good job.

      @danielillo121 @L2andAionOps chage you proxy connection, rotate you IP.....where is your security technician?

      @PatelAkki1610 @TheRealHackSpot @YouTube Dying for a good vpn to use my college wifi

      @MysticFr3 @Reflexionz_ Yea like hacking and playing on different server using vpn just get good and earn it

      @zhangliang0371 @InsightsInAutom I'm a Chinese . I used VPN Saw your video on YouTube . It 'S very good . thankyou

      @syskillOCE I got put on a USW server with other americans when I wasn't even using a VPN.

      @aerisenpai @GloriousDae Good luck with that

      @SneakerRoom_UK @HeatedSneaks @HSEarlyLinks Guys can you recommend a good uk proxy provider please, can’t seem to find them on your website

      @ObCourseNot @Hamuutpls Go play ur game while using vpn

      @JLamkinJr @MAJTOURE Get rid of google (browser, email, search, etc.), get a vpn, use a password manager.

      @alllibertynews RT @qrezaone: @Snowden @Google @tedlieu @RonWyden @justinamash @RandPaul Nothing good will come from good politicians of America to Iran ,…

      @Stolen_Empire RT @ali_noorani_teh: ⚡Last night #IranProtests seemed to be at its end.

      @MadeleineSwann Watching Alan Bennett's Talking Heads on YouTube, God I forgot how good they are. Have to use a VPN because the BBC blocks it

      @soap1230321 I have a good VPN for 3 months! Now I am free to use facebook youtube kinda shits.

      @nicoleallstadt @electronicwiz1 Hey! Good news! I setted up my VPN server in a WinXP VM!(VMware and yes, I gabbed a key from YouTube xD)

      @sandhu_sandy @RitaPanahi its always good to use a VPN , or maybe tor browser and dashlane or 1Password as well

      @BetaDist RT @BillionGlobal: Looking for secure and reliable internet connectivity to protect your payment transaction? Our retail and chain store so…

      @Tsonon888 RT @wikileaks: Although Twitter states just 3% of Tweets that used the #DNCLeak hash tag were "potentially Russian linked" (meaning, having…

      @Praxdaa RT @PrideXProd: PSA: It is not hard to change your IP if you don’t have VPN just call your internet provider and ask them to change it. You…

      @mujingxy Yoga VPN, a great free VPN. After installation, please enter my invitation code ytbk6, we will get 9000 points reward.

      @Fosudo @Kingwole I chose YouTube but I’ve heard good things about Spotify. Can’t use it cos Naija. Plan to use it with a VPN when the chance comes.

      @ian_townsend @december52004 @ntfc @BBCNorthampton I watched 1st game overseas , was good and no Caroline Densley . Tried vpn but won’t work here

      @bot__whatever An advanced web debugging proxy for iOS and Android app, using only Javascript

      @GreenManGaming @VoyageOfMartian If you can see and buy the game, and you're not using a VPN, the game licence you receive will work in your region.

      @TentaCool6 @GayLesbianCunt Y'all have it good, I use a Mexican VPN server to listen to blocked music on YouTube lol

      @jahvziel All I wanna do is use this VPN so I can download this app that isn't available in my country. Stupse.

      @VPN_ACL RT @AJAR2498: Good luck tonight as we face The Revive in @VPN_ACL , may the best team win, let's go Olanchanos FC!!!

      @RageGoldenEagle @EvaUnit02NZ @YouTube Try using a VPN and creating a US account. Once its on your computer you should be good

      @XvP_ @KabirOlaAli Be like say na me be your proxy amebo for this app

      @_vtan_95 RT @nicetaetae: armys all around the world are so worried and stressed about the tour tickets while I'm here searching for a good vpn to be…

      @Aoifeb152 RT @Ibolya940218: @GOT7WWU @GOT7Official Youtube and Melon if I have possibility. Spotify would be good but I don't want to use VPN


      @4948panjnani RT @MICKYLEAKS_MGR: @cskkanu @Misandry_Kills @PMOIndia @narendramodi @rashtrapatibhvn @vaastavngo If y'all know who this man is, ask him to…

      @joshuakucera @sarahObender OK never mind - it's just Turkey. I turned on the VPN and the regular Wikileaks site works fine. Thanks anyway for the help!

      @suntaetae Idk whats going on but Twitter and Youtube work good only when I use Vpn. I guess Rus*ian security agencies are really up to smth

      @arlynepattanak6 RT @Sharaffodin: Be careful with using @firefox,new version 59+ higher is Trash which stops your VPN/Proxy anonimity. For example you can t…

      @taehynglie RT @ygm_twt: apparently, VPN doesn’t work for spotify! it’ll be good if US armys can help NON-US armys create spotify accounts.


      @aboutLUVmusic RT @KARLTONTCLAY: Good morning!!!! Get your laugh on THIS MORNING with an ALL NEW EPISODE of #EXFactor! Check it out! Watch, share, subscri…

      @_30days30sites RT @artem_horizon: It will be good to have built-in VPN in #ChromeBrowser (@googlechrome) like in #OperBrowser because now we have (in Russ…

      @rach_2121 @Ankita_145 @ShaluSi15984675 @AntaraKhan7 @ermegha19 @just_a_proxy @lostboy54 Same. My top fav

      @favourite20 @KwesiBenedict Go to Youtube tv but mk sure u hv a good vpn to use it and watch it

      @michelleleony_ RT @CalumUpdating:

      @Pavan_vpn RT @aanandaaudio: Good News Coming very Sooooooon...!!! @premsthevillain

      The wait is worth for all fans !!

      @KicchaSudeep @directorprems @…

      @5m0r14x RT @LiveOverflow: We are hacking together a very simple TCP proxy in Python to analyze the game network traffic. #PwnAdventure3

      Let's int…

      @JRoyalie RT @nuestmom: The people who were clowining me for not streaming on youtube by replaying the video multiple times, you know thats not how v…

      @Legacycorp RT @KARLTONTCLAY: Are you still awake? Good! Enjoy the series premiere of our brand new series #InTheNickOfTime! Enjoy! Leave a comment on…

      @FactionsiF RT @ChinisGivez:

      @GhostfaceAshley RT @PennGriff3y: I remember being in middle school and they blocked ebaumsworld or YouTube from their server. So we had to use a proxy to b…

      @smdeurloo RT @c1sc0r1b31r0: Good afternoon @officialmcafee and @theemrsmcafee :) i know you are very supportive of innovative tech so here is the vid…

      @vapenashyall @commentiquette @YouTube Good thing I’m using Nord VPN

      @Aqiboo2 RT @Saqlain__: Extensions:
      To block ads on Chrome and Firefox use Adblock plus, to download a webpage as PDF use PDF Mage, VPN browsec, To…

      @HaseosAnimation @MurderdollIvy and this is why i annonimese the shit out of mu stuff...VPN AND PROXY SERVERS

      @cyberdotsc RT @GTIComputersLtd: #Facebook reportedly withdrew its free mobile VPN app Onavo Protect from the Apple Store after #Apple expressed concer…

      @laim161 RT @cloudproxies_io: cloudproxies x @PaymentLinks giveaway!

      @kinolux RT @x0rz: Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with a former NSA employee selling VPN access, but that's too many red flags. I would expect mu…

      @mydogleonard @DaddyDaddymac @mkhecker Yes a VPN would bypass it.

      @einyasha @StewartSamkange @YouTube Ahhh shame. Zim won 2-1. Now that VPN in reverse would be good

      @de_maulwurf87 RT @powerdns: So while "we" technically did not get hacked, something within our domain name *was* serving malicious content. Moral of this…

      @withdoie supposed to sleep but i finally found a working vpn that allows me to watch 2d1n's new eps on youtube eheheheh good bye sleep

      @KaZuYa_TABi @allynsays Google je proxy site..cth mcm youtube or facebook kena block,blh la bukak through that site

      @FIFA_VPN RT @AlanAvi_: Just opened my first set of FIFA 19 FUT Champions rewards! Will be uploading it onto the YouTube!

      Reply to this tweet with…