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Whatsapp announced earlier that it turned out adding a totally free voice getting in touch with feature that will allow it's users produce free cell phone calls but however, people inside United Arab Emirates (UAE) are unable to access this specific service because there exists a long standing-ban on the use of Whatsapp in the united kingdom.

Although this Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has placed a ban upon Whatsapp, it actually doesn't signify residents in the united kingdom won't be capable of access and makes use of the wonderful features offered by Whatsapp. Below is really a guide on how to effectively install as well as unlock the applying.

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      @crlambe i used vpn like once and now i get jpn yt ads

      @t0mat0 @danceadvantage if you have an iPhone/iPad - try cloak app for day/week VPN and set VPN to UK. Also good for unsecured wifi :)

      @PunkleJones @BambiInDistress @AngryJoeShow VPN or Proxy, point it to UK and you're good to go.

      @investNOstress Protect yourself while using public Wifi hotspots with #VPN.

      @sonofgabba @SkyUK most under 18 know about the sorcery of VPN. I understand if you don't trust UK parents to parent their children. #cheers

      @ItsAzul_ @mido_vodella @D1amond_Labs @devoptin he might be using a VPN.

      @iMahyar77 @TheFrostbitePro using Vpn is the only way rn

      @poutyprinsus whyyy isn't my vpn connection working

      @bwestcineaste @Amiresque if you have a vpn you can rent it from Volta

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      i cry errytime
      I just want to enjoy reading and possibly jerking off, not play a fucking RPG,

      @ChristoHaunted @G__Gaviria @markroberts66 @BBCNews many do know how to use a Proxy and a VPN

      @Grilo2899 @Unyshek are you guys going to open servers again? i cant find arena games, and i dont want to pay for vpn

      @praxis22 That will get rid of all ads, including in app ads and YouTube ads, etc. You can also go the proxy route at the risk of connectivity probs

      @olarsiyo @MineHQNetwork YES EU PROXY !!!!!!!

      @AliBassam94 @NuggetsExpert I thought I was the only one. Why can't they just introduce Netflix to Kuwait? Everyone seems to be using a VPN to bypass.

      @aellopous @IZANAKUNAGIRl oh yeah it is! i've got vpn! i've been in china for five months and i've never ha a problem (except when it wouldnny connect)

      @tmvogel @jtkeys I can access on my phone (at home, no VPN)

      @drs_Andor @FreedomeVPN well I meant setting up server parameters myself in the Mac its VPN settings but the other titbit of info is also interesting

      @JonoH @mpesce depends. VPN will still be king for the connections to access the better catalogues in US/MEX/UK/BRA

      @hime_seiun @Moosephu Ye def. and yep I want it to get here so I can make a good decision on using this proxy again :3c

      @jeffreyheleen @thetunnelbear your vpn is the best

      @Luisa_1ok @UsFsog last chance1st.your phone should b off the location&download an app "surfeasy vpn" change the location to UK,delete history and vote

      @WalterJocelyn1 In particular so vpn cheeks panacea problems: JYTfKjw

      @AliAppleseed Netflix To Block VPN And Proxy Services Used To Access Foreign Content.

      @PhilsStalkers @AndyMedcalf Run it through a UK proxy server

      @brianjamesyoga Anyone know what countries aren't blacked out for the UFC fight card today? How can I watch on Fight Pass via VPN? Jeff Vermeersch

      @chris24901 @NetflixUK proxy crackdown? should it happen guess my netflix subscription will be cancelled UK netlfix is crap!

      @keepinupwjonesy @trust_the_k I know, like I shoulda kept my VPN subscription lol. I'm wasting precious 4g

      @paulvt @sherylwillwrite Lots of good stuff on US and UK Netflix. They won't be able to close down VPN access.
      @AmandaStratton @Canucklehead_ca

      @ralph_brooker @theTunnelBear France -> UK connection not working. I'm in credit and VPN appears good. REALLY frustrating.

      @CanGal_39 @Zoodlemouse13 @TheOneCalledEli I can't find any that include UK with their free option, so you'd either have to pay for the VPN or use Hola

      @dark_proxy RT @Lyricoldrap: In my defense, those urinals have NO privacy. But just in case it seemed I was a touch too close to... It, it was my bag. …

      @Tengushee Was kinda expecting Netflix UK to release something new and or good this weekend to make up for VPN-aggeddon... But no. Opportunity missed.

      @GergoSram @IMSA All good now, it's working with a UK VPN address.

      @JagexHelpSamo @Dudemanstuff @JagexSupport Tell your friend to submit enough correct info from the pc used to log in to the acc, don't use a VPN/proxy

      @AKhogeer @SecularHejaz use vpn you can download an app for that

      @Humane19 @MiddleEastEye If UK/EU/US are terrorizing Syria using its Wahhabi #ISIS proxy army, of course it will be unsafe to deliver aid there....

      @seonaideh Netflix is getting a bit big for its boots with these proxy messages. I'll just cancel my subscription bc the UK Netflix selection is pish.

      @RileyReynolds14 3 conditions so sharp eye unearthly as proxy for minute free choice la guiding principle energizer: fGx

      @kodiTVGuy @minsky58 get yourself a VPN, that will hide your IP address

      @Broonland just switched to the most secure VPN browser recommended by @wikileaks
      well, lets see how it goes.

      @BagsTena @Winnie_Byanyima @kizzabesigye1 @FDCOfficial1 ..Police trying to disconnect VPN as we TOR browser laptop or phone

      @AidenIsaiah Identifying the order the citizenry as proxy for actions special article uk grease: NrlBU

      @FreeVPNThatWork Paid uninterrupted #VPN Access in #UK , #USA and #Canada - Monthly renewal. #chirp

      @AnnieHe22249115 Opt as proxy for receptor counselor rentals therein the uk in pay the best ever supremacy lcd screens insomuch ...

      @khjg2321 @hieule279 what site proxy use??

      @escXtra RT @TweetMeRyan: @escXtra Seems like brits abroad can't vote, even with a proxy. I'm putting all my trust in the rest of the UK

      @Fydsy @anLFCfan Yes mate - I still do work over here for a UK Uni - so I have a VPN via them - very good it is too!

      @Brazzmatic Learned the basics of VPN & Proxy using/hosting today. This is how the internet should be in the first place. ISP's force us underground.

      @seanbo_uk It was a good run @NetflixUK, but blocking VPN access is blocking two thirds of your service. So long.

      @MayaRoberts5 The idea we ought wish very much parlor car madison burnt offering personal choice as proxy for good old summertime?: dpi

      @JohanStindt @briberry55 just block your creditcard as they block your vpn, there are other ways to c content :-)

      @carrigman @Jaffol @spillaneda Not in my neck of the woods ("available to play in UK only") and have not found a good free VPN service.

      @iyay2020 @LOCKDOWNRSVP almost $7 each private proxy?

      @add267gaming @NikeSlayer_ What proxy site do you recommend? I use ghost proxies and it's 200 ping when I use your bot.

      @JoeBDesign @AwesomEmergency People in the UK can watch on the CW website, just have to use a proxy which you can find easy on google

      @Number20six Awesome episode of Better Call Saul dodginess to the max via @netflix UK. Thanks my VPN friends. Good luck Netflix

      @Proxmate @spider623 Do you have another proxy plugin installed in your browser? If yes, please uninstall it (not disable).

      @LindaCastaned17 As proxy for the good footprints record for your consolidating company: Glory management by best SEO Comp uorh

      @LukeelkinsTV @zenny_ann im from the UK and will watch by youtube or download a vpn like hola so i can watch the feeds 24/7 on their official website

      @rayheffer @adudeonthenet Good to know. Tried Pandora from the UK (over VPN) last year, liked it but did prefer Spotify!

      @electronite01 You can do your own stuff but it'll lack security especially with today's advanced SQL techniques. Mess around configuring open VPN instead

      @_aarava @Dcvrijsen loool, idk how good your connection is, but you could try VPN your location to UK and then buy & use it :P

      @Dero_69 @YourAnonNews buy a paycard with cash,purchase a VPN with it free VPN logs for sure

      @RobmDyson Curses! Looks like Netflix has caught up with @Unblock_Us :( Notification refusing me use of a proxy server. No @Netflix_CA for me tonight.

      @II_l_ll @KSharif5 google "netflix proxy ps4" maybe you will find something. remember that free proxies are not good tho

      @AnnieHe22249115 Opt as proxy for analog computer source rentals gangplank the uk toward take-home power elite savor lcd screens...

      @rtraditionalism @elizabethforma Being from Boston that's poor understanding.It was more a proxy war between the UK and France.90%of weapons used are French

      @discordapp @mayuulin It's a sanction that we don't have control over. You can use a VPN or proxy to bypass it.

      @Jtcobb75 @GeekCorner_uk u know of any good vpn for use with atv for kodi and new url fix for primewire

      @DanJMcauliffe @NetflixUK you're assholes for blocking VPN's I'll cancel my subscription until you get some good shit in the UK I suppose

      @Jtcobb75 @GeekCorner_uk could be my ISp Virgin thou never had probs before works on my vpn but no good for AirPlay , suggestions

      @Sterojo @Gappcenter but I'm not - I'm in the uk and am not using a proxy server or any such like...

      @jonrussell So I can VPN into Netflix UK successfully, but trying to access Netflix US gets blocked -- same VPN, same machine, same Wifi connection

      @rwal2222 After several wierd experiences lately I have decided to go private VPN to protect my computers.
      #TrumpTrain should consider

      @Hoodster_Proxy @ChaserKate Yeaaah ^^

      @mehgcap Plus this thing has DLNA, internet access to NAS, VPN options, and more. Very cool.

      @Jim_Philpot Proxy auto-correct. Can it be turned off or better still, given a good kicking? #autocorrupt

      @redrockettri @purplepatch we're all using vpn connections to grab US Netflix shows while on the trainer - no fear, Cdns love Purplepatch!

      @Mauraapje @StMartenPhoto Covet Fashion. I used a VPN app couple times to do offers from the USA. I think that's the problem, but they won't tell me

      @0ddish Why have I been kicked out of @NetflixUK for using a proxy, when I'm in the UK? Give me Pretty Little Liars back!!

      @HottShottScott What do my fellow streamers use as a VPN to protect your server IPs?

      @vpnspace Without a #VPN, you have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl. #privacy #surveillance

      @xoware @superwuster Yes, that's why the #XOnet VPN gateway not only provides encrypted access to Internet & home net, but also blocks ads & malware

      @WarbsIsMagic @Gar840M @RFC_Rab @RangersTV Subscribe and then use a VPN mate tell Rangers server watching from outside UK

      @b0rg6of66 @UK_Gr8ness 4 anyone who doesnt support trump they have been trying to target me but im on a vpn so good luck to that one #nevertrump

      @SharonMichaelso Unmatched vpn block as representing yours flock wants: mqGCgj

      @TurkReno @pbanj_ Besides. Revealing a public IP address in the UK is hardly a violation of confidentiality. Use a VPN imho...

      @7YearOlds im so glad im not a blackhat hacker anymore that shit was so stressful like what if my cyberghost vpn got hit and my ip leaked

      @takjames3 @WeblockApp question,Y not working with VPN like hotshield?It's just from a different location but still have access to the link itself r9?

      @JinMaoHao777 @ohnoitsreality good ole tunnelbear, my free vpn from China


      @JohnLit04105406 :blue manolo blahnik footwear buying,pumps,sandals this is not good as proxy for your notoriety nor is him uni...

      @SloopSB @Jasonle55130786 @Optus setting up a VPN to bypass Optus extorting business practice

      @semran15youtube @ShahRukhxKajol @iamjasmineaa had the same problem. I used a Youtube Proxy Website.

      @Abo_Said7 Facebook messenger is closed in KSA despite using proxy & vpn app.

      @SimonB79 @Unblock_Us have you guys sorted the proxy Netflix blocked errors yet cause you'll loose customers to @Unlocator if it ain't sorted!

      @WilbroadMuhang Am not Using VPN.....please UCC block me too. I want to join the VPN Bandwagon

      @SpivR @DazeEnd Try using VPN. Opera has new free VPN service - built into their browser and as a standalone iOS app. IDN if it works with HBO

      @evkland i read somewhere that not even with a vpn works???? tho i'll still try

      @gibbonset John Howe says renewable portfolio standards have been great success bringing renewables online. "Next best proxy to CO2 pricing." #RaabRT

      @Reioumu @Eggpire ok I have a proxy deck ready.

      @junglebrownsays RT @boycalledric: Love from the UK @StretchandBob I had to use a VPN just to get access to your documentary on Vimeo. Money well spent, epi…

      @JonesBella2 Derive call loan prefabrication is sake as proxy for paltry security agreement companies: ZTGXFur

      @AntonSuli RT @wolfalicemusic: Under a week left to register to vote in the eu referendum! #glastonbury goers can apply for a proxy or postal vote htt…

      @SynthesizedKeys @Unlocator I can't watch the dodger game in Hawaii on mlb at bat premium on my iPhone even tho I'm using smart vpn. What gives??????????

      @SICKDRIFTSBROOO RT @FailGear: I use Zenmate Firefox and Chrome add on. It's a good VPN. If you're outside UK you can use it to watch our tv. It's free

      @startcodon @NTI_WMD ours was the most secure thing I've ever seen. 2x24hr vid feeds to DHS, proxy/print access, secret silent alarm pressure switches..

      @JayJayerJayest good proxy for quality of life is how many emails you get from the bank. Today I got 4, which is solidly in "maybe kill yourself" territory

      @hamsterwatch @Jpokes1 it's super easy (one reason I recommend that vpn) - just set it to a UK server, hit connect, and you're good to go

      @ratisbonejr @PecosRoyBean If what you're suggesting is true then there's really no need for Proxy Servers or Spoofing IP's. Which is done to hide IP's.

      @Asmall92 @GeekCorner_uk @moviebox_app do you know a good vpn for mobile. I'm sure sky have stopped showbox working it works when I connect to virgin

      @andyjmac88 @jordan_giles download a vpn and set it to uk. Tunnel bear is a good 1

      @petereates757 @GeekCorner_uk @moviebox_app thank you my Good man I'll be sure to activate the VPN and commenced downloading haha shhhhh. It's a secret

      @Priceeqn RT @TheAntlady: Anyone know of a good reference for using the ratio of pupae:ants as a proxy for colony growth?

      @InsanedProxy The Proxy tilted His head slowly, yet quietly.
      [@SexyYuri_13 ]

      @RVAwonk @DanBeThyName They have been harassing one of my friends on here all day... Apparently they've decided that I make a good proxy for her

      @justkeepswiimmi Man me and @RetroHax will kick some ass when sa proxy comes out im so excited for it ;)

      @mixedbredie @bcsweb @CartoSoc ah, appears to be our overly zealous firewall and militant proxy that is denying me access - it works on public wifi...

      @ILikeBigBrother @parvshallows download zenmate on google chrome and make sure the vpn is on before you go on the site/login! i just tried it and mine works

      @lesliewattsart @Crap_Portraits No, but I use a proxy server to access BBC iPlayer.

      *Whispers, "Sorry, UK licence payers"*

      @StLionHeart @TonyIronStark No i agree, at least restrict it to UK IPs and block VPN/Proxies. Its a good idea, better then current solution. :)

      @s8_linda @zXzSWITCHzXz @TelePolitics not that I don't like a good conspiracy theory... I use VPN & am in the UK. Plus who "leaks" gov data?

      @CT_DUVAL @kemangz hola! Vpn. It's an extension on chrome. Masks your IP so HBO go will think you're in US

      @KhademiSadegh Topics Were Added To #ccna :
      -RIPv2 for IPv4
      -Multilink PPP (MLPPP)
      -Internet VPN ,Dynamic Multipoint VPN(DMVPN),site-to-site VPN,client VPN

      @Coffee_Break777 @SurfEasyInc Is there a problem with your network? It is super slow with the SurfEasy USB Browser
      My non-VPN browser shows 22MBps download

      @DinoFancellu @SP_Security @Holbornlolz @ThisWasEngland Could be anyone. Would be using a UK IP address, or proxy, so they show as UK votes.

      @KimFoxWOSU @alliwsj I will try to VPN, but it's a bit of a hassle. I'd love to talk to you more abt the reasoning behind the 'US only' decision.

      @chmarrwalcott @tvlicensingblog irony, having to use an usa vpn and proxy ip address to watch Russell howards good news in the uk on bbcs youtube channel

      @jaxsamzie @thekatiehobson is it free? I used a VPN in China but I couldn't choose my locations

      @Azmiroz009 RT @lukmankhiruddin: Once you have done with the installation, jangan buka lagi. Proceed to Setting - General - Device Management (bawah VP…

      @stefan74uk @natwest_help you should advise people that it’s a BT/UK DNS issue. I can access online banking via VPN from other countries

      @bethanymayhall why cant netlifx just put all the good shit on the UK version and we wouldnt try to use a VPN?! the uk shows are so zzzzzzzz

      @Mamanaja2000 Review: Private Internet Access: Some VPN companies ask you to choose from only five or 10 servers, but Private Internet Access offer...

      @Scratchy_UK @draaxlp You could go for a VPN to mask your home IP

      @ultimateboy @technosophos Use a VPN to connect through the UK. Then you'll be good to go :)

      @AZBA1988 @Pickme2be @Navsteva The country is being bleed in an unbeliavable way. Its the ultimate proxy war, a chess game. 1/2

      @iwhitney Seems like a good time to see if my UK VPN is still working. ⛹

      @FaneDanielle On good terms skirmish as proxy for the lambaste centenary ecard: IYwNQutd

      @OpheliaInWaders @Rabengekraechze good call! Last time I had access to a UK VPN and watched online, this time I'm stuck!

      @AmandaDominic2 Handiwork self patented as proxy for thine girlhood on yours shop: XvgRV

      @aedison @jessecarp @GriffLightning Hola! VPN in Chrome worked for me (I'm in the UK, but I think you should be good!)

      @Alex_Taylor87 RT @laurennmoberly: I hope that wonderful people around the world make VPN's this year that fcps won't block

      @sheltonbiz85 @UN @UNReliefChief you know very well that Security Council can never put differences aside,using serious issues for petty proxy wars

      @smethwickmon @peargrin Get SmartDNS proxy. $30 per year, gives u a UK IP address. Then watch on iPlayer. Simples.

      @deaddandeIions @deathbydrag @sexualpearl i live in the uk but I can use vpn so it should be good

      @Ned_Stevens @RobLewisGordon think you need to use a VPN that masks your IP address to make it look like your outside UK

      @Psymonkee @Takhisis_uk I was mid way through S2 I think it was when the Netflix proxy block came into force...gonna have to find it elsewhere...

      @Gingerika2 @HELLANDSlLENCE @HELLANDSlLENCE but you need a VPN to let the BBC Site think you're from the UK

      @sue_swinburne @GriffithParking Thanks, I used VPN - all good :-)

      @EwoutMoesker RT @RolfHut: does anyone know a good UK based VPN? Am travelling and would hate to mis #gbbo breadweek... #dtv

      @cpaschali @CaldoHendo use a vpn like 'hola' and select the UK and then enter iPlayer (primarily good on Chrome)

      @faby1717 @Lannatexasgal @NatashaS428 @DWTSGossip vpn will hide your ip address so if there is any place that is streaming show live(?) u could prob

      @SalmanZaka These mosquitos are pretty good at proxy war. Hit and hide -.-

      @CinestirGaming @ParkerSchall thanks, but you can't access Pandora from Canada without a VPN.

      @lennartique @BetVictor i bet on ur site 3 weeks, and i have all EU countrys in VPN. I can use all functions, but when try to login site died

      @tfoil2 Clearly Ad Blocking *in browser* is popular.

      But I’d really like to see stats on system-wide tracker blocking: e.g. router, DNS, VPN -based

      @saul42 @Look_See_Think If you are using a proxy, please try a new one. Totalvpn is free and good. Our host blocks certain proxies

      @JoseAle10405520 Rationale tsukigi automobile racing exhausts secure vagary do in as proxy for your tricycle: asc

      @SSSharma11111 RT @TahaSSiddiqui: More evidence tht good, bad #Taliban policy of #pindiboys still being practiced. @mehreenzahra reports. #Proxy_istan

      @GG_Dust @ChefSandy they better hope their proxy game strong. Also that's really scummy

      @mart_brooks @girlonthenet If you need interactive access then you'd need a VPN client or the ability to set a proxy in your mobile browser.

      @FaberLayla Plain infrequent give an order auction as proxy for the sensuous pleasure in re rear auction yet free hand in order to entreaty: vShTHfH

      @earlofbelmont @theTunnelBear is terrific: can watch British telly live or iPlayer with a good wifi connection abroad. Broadcasters think you're in UK #VPN

      @siva17594 RT @udaya_Jisnu: ஜியோ மக்கா கவலை வேண்டம் : Jio users use opera vpn for change location to access Twitter. . I try it now working good. .

      @martijn_grooten @AlecMuffett Ah, good find. Bugger.
      Good news for VPN and DNSSEC usage in the UK, I guess.

      @ltsjussmhyylife RT @ahmetasabanci: Some VPN services govt listed on the order are: Hotspot Shield, Psiphon, Zenmate, TunnelBear, Zero VPN, VyprVPN, Private…

      @jamise5609 is a good vpn and i love to use it well,i will just be useing dis vpn

      @vaidymohan Would you like to know how messed up #Windows10 is? Try to connect to a #VPN. Good luck with the navigations.

      @wokedame @Texenox_ @lRLasshole a FREE vpn

      @RETechGuru I'd add more to the list (especially with all the negativity online) but it's a good start #Facebook #Malware #VPN

      @scwirel @purevpn Why doesn't your #VPN allow you to use #bbciplayer from outside the UK? Not good

      @gill_harveer What's the best proxy place

      @ChristoHaunted RT @systemshock333: To all those in the UK, invest in a good VPN or ISP and support anti #IPBill movements.

      @LewisDorigo Now that the UK has passed the #IPBill, I’m looking for a good VPN.

      Any recommendations?

      @d6a9943a0035461 @thegrandtour down load a VPN tell it to register as Uk. Jobs a good un

      @Jksblkt @woaisunshine @danpalmer Varying. I get around 36mbps without VPN, around 4mbps with my nearest server, and 35mbps from UK to Netherlands.

      @vickyjo @switchplus OK, thanks. Looking for good VPN services due to the recent UK #IPBill. (plus need to move all my domains, emaill & webhosting)

      @steamyhams given that the UK now has terrifyingly invasive online privacy laws, can anyone recommend a good VPN provider based outside UK or US?

      @ARTANLDN @JmeBBK Could you recommend a good VPN to use that is actually secure + not too costly?

      @Snootts @originalmomtauk I had to watch it on a canadian site. I have a vpn that tricks the site so I can watch the show.

      @freshonlybakery when me being in the actual uk isn't good enough for bbc iplayer but a uk vpn does the trick..

      @OsiaaH @_Zuurstok @LushKitchen @Laura_Marrianne you can watch it on ITV website but you have to use a VPN cause only UK residents can watch it

      @CraigHawker @pedrolamas @oneplus @OnePlus_UK aha. Can you recommend any good VPN service?

      @DubsMachine @TheParadoxKodi you're right.. I'm in Moscow on vacation.. used vpn to change to UK and everything works. Cheers. Appreciate the good work.

      @NiallDonnelly5 @PhelanNick Good sir:
      - Go to your app store
      - Search for 'Hola Free VPN'
      - Open Hola, go to iplayer icon
      - Select 'Acess from UK'
      - Bingo

      @CxstomKKK well then lol anyone who decides its a good idea to tweet me my ip ye good luck i use a vpn u absolute dooshbag

      @GeekCorner_uk @Mfy_Gamer14 @LoftyNine7 let's hope you vpn is a good one because most band over all their users information

      @Bliss_Ville @asknbid @cabe_bedlam @RoguePOTUSStaff not a good idea bkoz of NSA maybe UK. Also Use VPN outside of WH.

      @ShroudedSpace @HackRead No love for @cryptostorm_is? What good is a VPN that keeps personal information such as email? That's not very private.

      @Drake_Ukkonen @JonTronShow Can you use a proxy or VPN to watch it?

      @timothy_kendall @frostyon420 check this guys accounts out.. seriously good and cheap too.. UK will need a vpn

      @ursusocculta currently got my vpn set to albania, what's some good albania only content for me to access

      @SteamedSams @NetflixUK Will UK netflix ever be as good as other countries? I miss US netflix with a VPN, it's so poor here.

      #WhatsApp: +233570837006

      @shobz This is really strange. I can't access the DT website on @StormFiber. It works if I use a VPN.

      @paul5876 @uk_turk hey mate any suggestions on a good vpn

      @paul5876 @uk_turk looking for a good vpn any recommendations

      @ammflyer @flowvpn good morning. How do I use vpn in Spain ? Will I be able to watch any UK channel ?

      @Shoogle .@ACLU Sounds like a good time to start using an anonymous VPN for *everything*, not just to avoid Trump's prying eyes.

      @invermilarne @Bundesliga_UK @jonathanwalsh_ good call actually. For Monday games I now use VPN to get Sport 1 for 2.Liga

      @barryinibiza SkySat-Ibiza: Free UK VPN Router for all clients with SkyHD+ Boxes, open Catch Up TV, Sky Box Sets and more for only €15.00 per month Fee

      @Tv_reality93 @TrillaryBlinton im from the uk and im using the app opera vpn and watching on the global website works great

      @BR3NN88 @opera Well Thumbs up here for UK VPN, :) .. Apart from that Perfect User experience with Opera :) keep up the good work

      @Cutoutbull @FIATUSA @FIAT_UK @Fiat_IT Be warned, Fiat 500's really do have the proxy alignment fault & Fiat really do ignore this! Best avoid Fiats!

      @carbonxr Can anyone recomend a good #VPN for #torrent here in the #UK ?

      @JoshDSkolnick @ProfJeffJarviss Any movie where the protagonist accesses a network without a private VPN or proxy server.

      @pete7769 @KodiTips can you recommend a good iptv add on for UK tv, all the ones I try don't work! I'm using a Vpn

      @kyahgs half way through watching bring it on, on the american netflix and proxy decides they want to play that 'unavailable in your country' game

      @badbrainAJ Cycling friends good news. Mr Hatch will be on comms for Giro,and parts of TDF. So i come home to @Eurosport_UK from RAI (via vpn)

      @ALYCIAMARIESNOW RT @MrChrisEllis: Try using Facebook with adblocker+VPN and see if it recognises your email

      @MickeyJShort RT @EmlynBegley: Wow. If I lived outside UK or Ireland, I wouldn’t be able to give them my £110 quickly enough. Now - anyone know a good VP…

      @BikeMarino @RA_Dall I pay about $5/mo for VPN to UK (lots of good ones) and then another $10 or so for Eurosport.

      @berserkdiesel @uk_turk good evening sir,if a friend was after a vpn for no reason whatsoever. Wondered if you have any recommendations,from friends ? Ty

      @booknerdships i can't find a good vpn blocker to get uk netflix,,, I Just Want To Watch Doctor Who In Peace

      @peaderdoyle @uk_turk can u recommend a good vpn?

      @Darylmatla RT @anonzeus3: @frances_van @wilsuk @tiziana_tynihal @junona2 @tilopez11 @_Ingenio @MontanaS20 @stardustbabe001 @RSulley323350 @cheripye1 @…

      @twentytwo_d VPN YOU DA BEST

      @SSGDude @sonjinam1018 Whattt

      @Nicola_Boros RT @MyLibertyShield:

      @hsiF_cisneroF Anybody recommend a good #VPN provider in UK? Would like to choose IP for a specific country. Running a Windows system. Thanks

      @Kodi_Mixdoctor @techtimeruuu Sports devil not much good if you in the uk

      @Busta2810 @NadalUK @VamosRafaCat You can get a VPN & select a UK server. Failing that someone is bound to share other stream links. Good luck!

      @TheBBPresident @FANATICalways The official site with a vpn. =)

      @Haggis_UK @purevpn long time customer...connecting vpn to UK website then resolves to .com instead of ideas how to sort this?

      @nickdwe @Dominos_UK Apologies, was connected to a VPN, can the good people of Sweden not order Dominos!

      @NLGxHawk @theyeezymafia Any good vpn's that will access from the UK?

      @EkolydE So I need to use a VPN to get the good games I guess

      @BrandonfrmNJ RT @SevereMMA: Unfortunately UK fans need to use a proxy or VPN set to Ireland or wait for Spike TV UK's tape delay airing next Saturday ht…

      @GrindGBs @Hulted_ Funny thing is your static ip from NY ain't a proxy you should learn some shit first u sound stupid

      @sallyswan7 @sharean_xo @ErinMcAt @OneillioLani try getting a vpn app on ur phone and change ur location to UK?? X

      @Proxy_Tank @georgeythegreek He would be a good player 20 years ago

      @jackieneegu @PalakPaneeeer Use opera browser,
      To surf internet anonymously with there

      @APKDroidCA @itz_ali1234 make sure you have a good vpn, the Uk has some strict laws on torrenting

      @touchitnkh @Chan_YuC @chchuc @PDChina Do you know a good free VPN that works in China? I am going on Saturday to China from the UK and need a VPN x

      @normanisfr @Biebahslayings @5HVotingStats @lemonadevalmani yes! Download a VPN app and change your IP adress ! (tunnelbear is a good one)

      @Orpheus79 @clockendsniper How do I do that mate? Not so good at that stuff. Can I get the UK vpn set up whilst here?

      @VicPetit Is there any way to get the video stream in the UK. I have VPN options but doesn't seem to make any diff. Good to have audio but hey. #lufc

      @NottJonathan @StreamCenterr FYI all good on all channels with vpn outside of uk

      @splke @Thomkirwin @2takeyourtime As out of UK! Tries vpn tunnel still no good

      @NMmanwu Each time I play through VPN I get paired with very good players. I changed from UK to Germany and now it's worse.

      @WayneIK72 @uk_turk @JokersBuilds Good job ive got a vpn router i can switch to!

      @Ace_IPTV RT @liamcoulborn: @Ace_IPTV All good with VPN even using UK and location for me

      @rickyjoneshere @davidflatman You might need a good VPN to route your internet connection through UK so Sky Box Office allows viewing.

      @navarrolecki @moosebxy do u have VPN?? every website is blocked in the UK but betternet is really good

      @het_haasje_ Hey Netflix, not only did you render my VPN sub worthless, blocking the GOOD content you offer the UK, you also took my EN subtitles.

      @JokersBuilds If people ask me to recommend a VPN I will recommend Digibit UK. I'm using it now and it's fucking good. I wouldn't say it if it wasn't

      @KarlSvenssonson PURE VPN No good to anyone for UK TV. It has only 1 isp which is 172.111. That isn't a UK IP address recognised by BBC ITV Sky etc.

      @EaterofSoles RT @pwnallthethings: Unpopular view: controversy over 3rd party doctrine is really just a proxy for the private-sector's abusive attitude t…

      @stephenbeard66 @DigibitUK I’ve messaged a few times.The VPN is the best I’ve used however I want to use this on my mac and potentially my iPhone-plz help?

      @MattHaley1 @dwh43 @MotoGPJules Get a good VPN and set it to the UK. Is what I do when abroad

      @marktaylor85 @Premium__UK I am good without Vpn

      @Neverfadingwood @acockroft Yeah. I miss all sorts of good stuff. If I used a VPN I could pretend to be in the UK, but as I don't....

      @barrysshitpeas @Wetherspoon_UK @SpoonsTom You do use a proxy server so you can't be traced right

      @cicixfenty @Telejah the new song that I’m listening to on SoundCloud with this UK VPN lol. it’s a duet. it’s hella good.

      @burgers_conny RT @uVeloce: FYI, this video is on Berlin Station official Facebook page but people outside the US can't find it without VPN because both B…

      @GooCraft RT @technohexen: Good date idea: order your significant other a pizza via VPN because you can't access Domino's UK from a US internet conne…

      @sowrabhsudhir @SwiggyCares No I am not connected to any VPN or anything of the sort and the app is also not working which is why i tried the website!

      @andreagrandi @m_a_upson @leahryder @elmoonio @trello I can't open/download the PDF because they block my VPN -.-

      @outofdarkness11 @asarobinson207 @SportsTweets69 I watched wolves tv in the uk for the Norwich game. Just need a decent vpn

      @max_holben_uk RT @agytduh: Small Giveaway !
      x1000 Spotify Premium Accounts
      x1000 Hulu Premium Accounts
      x 15 Netflix Accounts
      x 2 Private Spotfiy Account…

      @penuel_nestro RT @Mimimefo237: I was not able to tweet, access my facebook or wasap for 5hrs because i journeyed to MutengeneSWR
      No VPN no internet in an…

      @RoryLOV3 @DozeySmoot @HBO If you live in the UK or have a good VPN ypu can watch it on the channel 4 website.

      @JeroneHJFC @ItsYourDadAherr @Supes18 Is it any good? Also can you watch the match over here in the uk thru some dodgy site/vpn

      @myboocat @theTunnelBear -- no US to UK connection that is not identified as a VPN.
      This is no good, if VPN cannot get thru the barriers!!

      @alexboots_ The newest episode of SVU is about munchausen by proxy and it's so good. It amazes me that they still write new episodes 19 years later

      @mamafeefee RT @Mekatrig: There is no such thing as online privacy.
      Understand this before you go online.
      If you do value Privacy, go online as little…

      @oxford_dr RT @Oneiorosgrip: In other words, historically, female rulers demonstrated that women use violence & proxy violence to get and keep control…

      @janereid73 RT @bernardtyers: @bitfield @DEdward5 if you mean the age of the VPN is over for enterprise, sure maybe.

      If you mean for the public, absol…

      @jJT_MCAcesubs RT @jJT_MCAcesubs: 1/3/6/12 Month Subs Available. Also limited Free Trials! Android, Mag, Firestick and More!!! PM me for details or Follo…

      @Delmol_ Remember when UK internet wasnt censored to hell and you didnt need a VPN? Good times.

      @masterkingfifa @ltsPrime I used a vpn for UK Netflix they got some pretty good stuff on there too

      @ramah_adawi RT @bakri_3wad: @ramah_adawi Settings - General - VPN - Add VPN Configuration

      1- Type : L2TP
      2- Description : us-miami
      3- Server : 69.60…

      @NickShredScott RT @ShreddedProxies: HEADS UP:

      Don't use the AIO bot proxy tester -- it is NOT reliable and will not give you accurate results. For best r…

      @UKTodayTopNews RT @FireIceSolution: From blocking UK cyber attacks hidden through VPN's and spoofed IP's to building servers, it feels good to be back doi…

      @DaveJacko60 @dublinhatter Any other links for today’s game,got vpn prob and can’t watch on sky #ta

      @kate_sand @BarrettBrown_ You can watch season 3 on Netflix UK with a good VPN

      @xtrabiggg RT @JSOC_DF: @Spurs_Skins_UK @msnightwriter @LilyNCali @cactusflower81 @ComradeSpam @silentrunning12 @2AFan @dart4605 @Krissy_Caster @Kicki…

      @dad_craft RT @DocSquiffy: Couple of videos for you today , one 11:30 and one 21:30 UK time, one #tech and one #streaming ,

      Have a good weekend and…

      @elspeth54 RT @realquell: @elspeth54 @StarSparkle_UK @DogWaggedByTail @bezz100 Use as much open source as possible, VPN & proxies,
      Probably won't stop…

      @CitizenoftheWo4 RT @0x3curity: 1. Always use TOR/VPN/PROXY.
      2. Don't operate soley from your phone. (Logs people, logs.)
      3. Don't tie your personal info to…

      @Grabaka_Hitman @MMAInvestments yes there's a good chance. Google 5Spike and you'll see streams. Just may need a UK proxy or VPN.

      @swiftiesretweet RT @StevenHolbrook: For all my NON UK #Swifties i found a good VPN 4 tomorrow, i don't what it public so DM me if you want it it's for chr…

      @Conna_Walker @Leomie_Anderson Get a viper vpn (you have to pay a little bit per month but when you travel a lot it’s good to watch Uk tv lol) xx

      @escapedcat RT @jonrussell: If you didn’t already get a VPN, the World Cup is a pretty good reason to invest in one — all the games are on BBC/ITV in t…

      @AbbodAzzoz @theTunnelBear in fact I need uk VPN for watch world cup !

      If not work good u provide guarantee back money !?

      @cmmlow @gavinnightmair Good man. Which VPN do you use btw? I've found 0 reliable ones for my UK accounts.

      @bukelwa_m RT @ANC_newsbrief: @jenjharvey @IOL @khayakoko88 Not possible to trace if the service is run using a Tor-over-VPN configuration (TunnelBear…

      @AdAstraEU @Chahuapa @blondenfun1 @BBCiPlayer Still worth a watch if you can play it. You will need a good vpn if you're not in UK though.

      @Nls_live RT @IcedOutProxies: Supreme Week 19 US/UK Proxies Are Now Available On Our Site⚡️

      85 Cents Per Proxy!

      Once droplist is confirmed we will…

      @mayamba_douglas RT @SoftPowerNews: Is #socialmediatax an opportunity for sharp #Uganda-ns to invest in Virtual Private Networks (#VPN) to bypass the tax? #…

      @SARANALUNGA RT @Rwanzikana: Block VPN but I can still assure you, I will defiantly bypass VPN blocks. Mr. M7 and your crooks try it and I show that I…

      @UK_Daniel_Card RT @RawInfoSec: @troyhunt @pluralsight Here's a Quadruple play:

      Firewall stops bad guys from getting in. (90s)

      Firewall stops good data g…

      @RosscoGardiner @Bekks_Grandison Get a vpn

      @kmkz_security Any feedbacks about PoshC2 in real #redteam #pentest conditions w/ auth. Proxy, AV, IDS etc.. ? (No labs) Need to know if it's usable/FUD

      @thepeoplehub RT @BeamingNews: Sweaty tube? Stuffy office? Broken aircon? All great names for a band, and also good reasons to work remotely. Read our te…

      @ilhaan Location based alerts will be tricky for streaming services and may not be as reliable due to use of VPN/Proxy servers etc.

      @Spookew @RectumRugby @MiniMatt_ Ah IP bans:
      >Set free and easy-to-obtain proxy to new IP
      >Make new account
      >Enter server

      @UKPanth @HearthlessV6 I turned proxy and incognito browser on before clicking it XD

      @sweetlikebea @GRANDESYUH @luvinsweetener VPN is changing ur location - put u in the us and u will be on her site and than put ur UK address

      @damian99uk @Dean1182 Get a vpn loads of good free ones and pick any country except the uk. Have done it loads works great

      @pocketpauling imagine going to the trouble of getting a vpn just to send anonymous hateful messages to a person on the internet

      @aprilglick @Colinshow Sometimes a VPN is a good option if they have UK servers

      @latentexistence @Jules_Clarke It wasn’t a report, my PIA VPN app told me it had stopped.

      @850Heat @crackedbackdoor Guess it’s going on a server :). Better have them proxies and VPN

      @darkblackone @Qfuqua90 Yep. Whatever you're trying to hide, they know about. Unless you have a VPN connection

      @EPfromthe501 RT @EPfromthe501: TCP Proxy Load Balancing allows you to use a single IP address for all users around the world. TCP proxy load balancing a…

      @ratmarshh Hey Netflix, if you want me to stop using a vpn then put some good fucking content up on the UK one.

      @bethmjames Also why is the good place s3 not visible on my app.... do I need to reinstall a vpn to pretend I'm still in the UK??

      @macklynne_ i forgot i had my uk vpn on and started getting youtube ads for uk versions of sites and was so genuinely confused for a good while

      @MyTeaGotCold @Marwaari @19romi Install vpn, don't let WhatsApp use internet, enjoy

      @Dylan_Taylr "And anyone want his number and email to fuck him up he probably got my phones IP but I have a VPN so good luck in UK or something lol"

      @YehoKoff RT @LetheanVPN: @Nakameowdough @YehoKoff @PLethean @TheHuntersCC Hello!
      For now our browser extension proxy is protecting only web traffic…

      @willow_waffle RT @sublimesupport: £30 for a year of the best #iptv out there. Just check our timeline for reviews.

      This offer won't last long and as par…