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Learn about good openvpn - Unblock Websites and Apps, Anonymous Surf, Secure and Free VPN.

With a VPN, you can choose the IP location of your choice which helps to help boycott the area ban in the united kingdom.

Once you could have downloaded as well as installed this VPN, the rest becomes effortless, as setting up the VPN as well as changing your own IP location is simple. At this aspect, the TRA lacks the jurisdiction to pub or limit the use of your WhatsApp request.

With a running VPN, every feature of your Whatsapp will probably run as well as work correctly. Now people call get pleasure from all some great benefits of this amazing service. This guide probably will not be complete in case a few tried and trustworthy VPN are not suggested to help readers. The best VPN that people recommend to help users usually are; HideMyAss VPN as well as PureVPN. That they attract tiny subscription charges, but their own services are top flight.

If you’ve arrived on this webpage it is pretty quite likely that you're searching information about good openvpn.

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Unblock Websites and Apps

You can unblock any websites and apps if blocked in your school, office or country. Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, also any games, chat and voip services, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, KakaoTalk at school or work with ZPN.

Bypass Internet Censorship

If your country or office firewall blocked access to open internet and websites, you can unblock through change your location with our free vpn service.

Protect Your Privacy

Hide and keep safe all your informations from trackers on the websites and applications with getting behind of our VPN servers.

Secure Your Connection

Our VPN tunnel has 256-bit encryption, which secures all your network connections and it's impossible to cracked from hackers.

Hide Your IP Address

Your public IP addresses

    Your local IP addresses

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      @JoshuaLongUK "Router with good OpenVPN support?" via #homelab

      @QN OpenVPN is much faster than OpenWeb here. Good to know.

      @netregex RT @ashumeow: "A very good explanation on Virtual Private Networks (VPN)"

      #networking #openvpn #encryption #crypto…

      @yokomitsu2 #ipinator VPN is not good, DO NOT PURCHASE IT. i bought the lifetime subscription its scam

      @xcompr @darkmorpher Ooo, OpenVPN looks quite good. Used to use SSH Tunnel + Root and it'll modify iptable rules to auto tunnel all traffic.

      @arch_update_bot openvpn 2.3.9-1 (x86_64/Core)
      "An easy-to-use, robust, and highly configurable VPN (Virtual Private Network)"

      @kevintyk OpenVPN udp mode really way faster than tcp mode. If not my firewall is too restrictive, I will switch t for good.

      @ferrari1335191 @Snowden pia(private internet acess) vpn is good?

      @CipherBuff @Snowden How small of an adversary can know what you do behind @OpenVPN server(dedicated) in good jurisdiction with rude admin? Cost/user?

      @NickOfLondon1 @Snowden Tor is good but painfully slow due to multi hops, is OpenVPN with no kept logs really so bad?

      @Ahmed_Zainal @TheMehyawa I'll be using VPNSecure's app since I'm already subscribed to them. OpenVPN is pretty good too.

      @AaliyahYoung13 Very good ideas as proxy for firing private hospital stunt: ODSCFVH

      @ShorterJanice Looking as proxy for go after arc-jet engine matter providers in consideration of thine another time unveiled site: iklWxYwuj

      @cloudgryphon @Fylwind I mean, don't get me wrong, open source is the way to go, but I've never had a good experience with OpenVPN, OpenGL, etc. x3

      @endlessvoidfan4 how do you access happiness? do i need to switch my proxy to the USA or

      @just_a_fg @banillajoko i used vpn too when i stream badminton hahaha yeaaah most of them are not free but you can find the free vpn too lol

      @Su_Man10 RT @11iez: In google chrome, download ZenMate. It's completely free. It's a proxy which tricks your browser to think it's in another country

      @CadenMolly Hide suvs as proxy for bounteous, influential families: BIUh

      @CipherBuff @4n0ny5n4k3 @OpenVPN Ok, @cryptostorm_is is no doubt a good provider but the problem is their instability in nodes, they drop too many of em

      @NZITArchitect Loving @Cloud9IDE being able to add local proxy tunnels and use Lamp and node.js at the same time is impressive for a free Dev platform

      @kid_pat According to me, a good way to enjoy Netflix is by using its service from a Linux distro & using a VPN software such as OpenVPN or PPTP VPN

      @reality_786 @AibakUmar Use other methods proxy,VPN to open

      @CharlieCrist4NJ Following the Crystal Palace game through completely legit means and totally not using a VPN to unlawfully listen to the BBC radio broadcast

      @optilude Anyone good with openvpn (Linux)? Comes up, creates /dev/dun0. Want all web traffic thru VPN, but isn't happening. :(

      @MolliganJasmine How many jiva location could balm self: the manifold uses as proxy for subconscious self crate on good terms ma...

      @Legion303 I hate @msonenote with a burning passion. Buggy sync over VPN, broken notebooks with information-free error messages.

      @Joffer77 @tigerVPN Looks like it works nice on Android OpenVPN and Windows 10.. Good to have if I need to "get out of a filtered guest connection"

      @chrisjrn @bryceroney @VirginAustralia well that's a good sign that you should get a personal vpn

      @gpeters #dataviz #yvrtech Number of hits does not always reflect understanding. It's not a very good proxy for engagement.

      @Alexand54794943 In ecstasies causes as proxy for having high mlm publicity ground plan means of access airspace: XZwWL

      @houserabbits Using a vpn to get past the nfl game pass blackout of playoff games in the UK. Technology rocks!

      @guptadrak @LambaAlka @AAPKaMannu Is she also proxy RSS member?

      @steve74it @jimmees Really? I read that review and others before subscribing & it's not that bad imo. Their OpenVPN support is pretty good @purevpn

      @StringsOfLife_ @Twitching_Proxy Mari giggled at the sight and instantly the boys started to wrestle with Toby to get Chica free. Gold sitting off to the-

      @Sarkies_Proxy @Brodinho Firminio on the wing. Sahko on the bench. He lost his way. He might turn good.

      @gbooker @thestarsatnight For Prime: different countries, different licensing. You could try a VPN. Note: Netflix is starting to block VPN IPs.

      @dark_proxy RT @lorenzabraham12: Just finished watching the movie, "The Martian." It was a very good movie! I would give it 8.5 coronas!

      @stevejackncoke .@espn I don't want to hear Mark Jackson proxy-complain about being fired anymore. Call the game. Fuck.

      @PinakaTT @elrob @tech_tt once u have good VPN you're good. w/o VPN Netflix TT is good on Chromecast, Appletv. Roku not so much. Then YuppTv 4 tantee!

      @calvinsdad And what's more, it's not filtered! I can access social media without a proxy! It's amazing.

      @Sir_Coops Install Cloak VPN @getcloak & keep all your Apple devices safe & secure

      @barry_coggins @GlassWireLabs openvpn-install-2.3.10-I601-x86_64; Win7sp1 w/TAP Adapter v9; Buffalo DD-WRT v24sp2 build 25179... good luck. Great product!

      @carrie_sexy RT @FrootVPN: Hi again @HardWired, regarding our OpenVPN, we have a batch of 3 new US servers on the way including OpenVPN servers :) Good …

      @KeatCharles Copywriting as proxy for online sites: dymaxion house la plenty in the money site: LzCvgEYAV

      @8YearOlds @ThicknessModel @Desify desi im coming for you ima root your router admin port connected to my elite vpn called ip hider mad? i think so

      @waltscrate RT @mrgoldfink: @hadi_elis Turkey is simply a proxy for US interests so they protect him till he's been used enough

      @SETH_HIKARU @PoofTiger Good luck though. A tab in the OpenVPN page will show the names of them IIRC.

      @Cursed_Crew @TNP_Sheepdog @Cursed_Light is it a vpn where u run it all yourself or one that's preloaded to the hardwares OS?

      @FR33_W0RLD @PrivateTunnel @OpenVPN

      Number 1 concern: How to be 100% sure a VPN is not a government honey pot..? That everything isnt being logged

      @RockLeeSmile @NathanR38 @AlpacaPatrol they recently doubled down on DNS and proxy browser plug-ins saying they were illegal and would be stopped.

      @spec4dawson Testing web servers is much easier with vpn access.

      @Elasto_Proxy @cpyne Keep up the good work with promoting #innovation - Thanks for the follow

      @zbyszek @thibaut_barrere @airmailer this is widely ignored problem, apps use proxy to deliver push thus 3rd party have full access to account

      @DaniBriggs12 @NetflixUK Any chance I can use my netflix account with my VPN on? Annoyed that I need to turn off my security when want to watch a movie.

      @KaylaLayla5 Whichsoever fair in respect to watches are with good will rosary as proxy for gang: jNvRdiRI

      @prasys Thanks all , my VPS from singapore is serving sites from my home network - got reverse proxy to work via openVPN - complex network

      @foalpapers Listening to The Offspring and tweaking my router’s OpenVPN settings.

      I’m a massive dork.

      ♫ With a thousand lies and a good disguise… ♫

      @KayleeIrene1 Air as far as claw good enough erection sheds as proxy for thine needs: iKGYKUEV

      @Proxy_rynn Can I be blessed with a free gaming computer please

      @STONY_110 @MissCleoBB even with a VPN, you can't access the On Demand as it has to be linked to your provider, no one outside of CAN can do that.

      @MyRainbowNinja @MyPimpnCow @ToastedTot @DericLostutter yeah I like them, then there is OpenVPN and such...lots of good free places.

      @DuncNisbet RT @FriendlyTester: Acting as a proxy. Anyone recommend some good resources for learning Python? Books, blogs or online courses. Thanks.

      @pcyrlz RT BestVPNForYou: Present a SOCKS5 proxy interface to cross my raspberry pi openvpn tunnel?: Hi guys I have openvpn... …

      @h_burguesa @rootworx increase mtu, use udp. Google gigabit openvpn and there's a pretty good article on tuning. I can hit 200 Mb/s on a gig pipe.

      @didifalldown Chief: Turn in your proxy and weapon

      Technoghost: If I have to do things on my own IP, then so be it.

      @snowbaekho RT @myeontague: good thing i can change proxy

      @mkoerbi @sparklabs please bring viscosity to blackberry and iPhone :) there is no good working openvpn solution for this devices

      @SensitiveSam @Sarauniya73 @cremechic11 @nigeriasbest their grip on TrollCabal and continue the ruling by proxy. How do you expect us to support such? 5/

      @25z2 @cleavin You’re then putting faith in the NAS having a good implementation & no other issues. OpenVPN is much better known, tested & trusted

      @nohoesmaya RT @Say_Wallah_Bro1: @nohoesmaya Go get " Openvpn connect " it looks so old but it works so good

      @Shaluvvy RT @madradavid: #UgandaDecides OpenVpn, Tor, Proxy are words which a lot of Ugandans now know thanks to @UCC_Official
      Mbu blocking Twitter…

      @MadelynHazel Dogs as proxy for consignation site-the adapted scheme of arrangement as far as lucky strike panjandrum kids co...

      @schakalsynthetc @The_Lagrangian @GabrielDuquette income is probably acting as a proxy for economic security

      @jack_daniel @MikeTalonNYC IPSec an option? Painful to configure, but maybe? Otherwise an OpenVPN pivot/proxy box?

      @groditi @PolemicTMM it's probably the 50dma breach on 50d upward slope for more tactical players but for long trend followers 200 is a good proxy

      @cristianrasch OpenVPN is still a perfectly good way of bypassing their geolocation restrictions, in addition to HTTP proxies run on your cloud server

      @pprussel14 @IraqiSecurity that could be rather good for the economy. ... if it weren't for the proxy war with west ... and language from US pres race..

      @JaydenLongman Beneficial in being as proxy for kids privy be extant worlds apart and play on words: vdDAJHyl

      @BuddRenaud @Unblock_Us Netflix is currently throwing an error message saying I'm using a proxy or unblock service. Keep fighting the good fight!

      @MadelynHazel Dogs as proxy for cession website-the infernal standing custom so point to nabob establish as to dogs: xEK

      @Ohtatyare Good bless cloud VPN

      @canvasandstones RT @FrootVPN: Good News! OpenVPN for USA will be available next Monday! Be sure to check it out soon! :) PLEASE RT. Highly Appreciated :) #…

      @tfs872jal How to setup proxy?

      @LeMarcusCuevas RT @FrootVPN: GOOD NEWS! FrootVPN's US OpenVPN is now launched and available!

      Never hesitate to try it out :)
      Thanks everyone!


      @VirtualOfficesU RT @JamLMUFC: @KayBurley @wobblybollocks unless they use OpenVPN services to create profiles & publish materials, which case good luck crac…

      @badjin_rank @fraizer_m @cryptostorm_is the good ones typically use OpenVPN as a base and build from there. Don't rely on closed software.

      @tipsforchina86 @MarkusLindner1 Everything seems to be back to normal today. I'm getting good speeds with AC, Vypr, and Express on PPTP and OpenVPN.

      @trustzoneapp @cryptofrauds we use several technologies. One of them - openVPN. Every paid good VPN use several technologies. Not just OpenVPN

      @PreetamJinka Anyone have a good tutorial for setting up OpenVPN with an AWS VPC? My database traffic is getting rejected for some reason...

      @uItsjungkook why did my school have to block vpn curse you

      @ThatPrivacyGuy @PrivateTunnel @OpenVPN Doing well on this would be a good start ttp://

      @ProfessorKrunch @DrPaJi @littlechief1982 good job I'm on a VPN at work...


      @KuriigambaSteve @pvl0101 VPN. Anonymous. Walking without clutter. etc...

      @Pale_Primate RT @christopherburd: @ArtirKel @hbdchick This is a real measure of authoritarianism,not the supposed proxy Qs abt child-rearing, which meas…

      @MathewsDonald1 * added*a harebrained topical site as proxy for her into associate the prices with regard to thine succeeding l...

      @javascriptisez Virtual reality adopts proxy access #fakeheadlinebot #learntocode #makeatwitterbot #javascript

      @toxin1981 @uFlixDNS @Halonens I have installed the uFlix OpenVPN configuration file on our ASUS RT-AC87U and so far all working. Good work @uFlixDNS

      @AHMADALSHAMMAR8 @AlanaBowker @bbclysedoucet war is not a game and north thunder was military drills there is already proxy war in Yemen so not a good time

      @masoud_nt Finally got openvpn working on my vps.
      Fells good to have real internet on your smartphone

      @biosshadow @wimremes the built in one work good for me. Just need to install the openvpn app.

      @HancockMichaels Unsecured private loans-high secured loan as proxy for population: HJZRpVIF

      @DozePlatinum is OpenVPN a good choice?

      @private_proxy @SneakerRemedy
      now it's hard to find proxies for nike, you can use AIO bot for other site.

      @rgriff @fracai Amazingly, I got that part working well, too! Phone, iPad, and laptop all VPN'd and working great. Nice software, that OpenVPN.

      @BelfastMurphy RT @AtheistEngineer: There's no such thing as proxy atonement. You won't live forever by believing the right things. Live your one life! ht…

      @XavierBrian1 Be agreeable unblock as proxy for your comfortable right with these upland coin tips: mQAaUz

      @canvasandstones RT @FrootVPN: GOOD NEWS : UK Servers available in OpenVPN, PPTP & L2TP will start beta this April and production by Mid-April! :)

      Check ou…

      @ThatPrivacyGuy @overplaydns Usually OpenVPN and PPTP, it depends on what it advertised. A good indicator, but not perfect are the offered protocol columns.

      @consultor_linux @opnsense Thanks, I'm surprised how good it is #opnsense a soluion for network control,#WebFiltering,#SPAM,#OpenVPN,#Spamhaus and more... :)

      @ZeroTheEmperor @Robocraftgame @Alienware Can't even open arena site from Poland, with proxy can't log in. Good job!

      @Twitching_Proxy @tantrumgirl2 - started to cry again. "Sh-She's my only f-friend! My b-best friend!"

      @dgosset Very good point for #Toronto Intl Airport: unlimited free WiFi (and fast!). Next step: allow L2TP and/or OpenVPN…

      @anandindia86 @sindhutalks since jaya failed on her promises, she is trying her best thru proxy team. Good strategy. Lets see #JayaBteam

      @BushPorter1 Facebook promotional tip as proxy for yours in good case corporation: BexbHi

      @bcdonadio Unsure if I should use #IPSec for my next project or should I stick with #OpenVPN. I mean, OpenVPN is good, but IPSec is a standard...

      @doritosyndrome The anime choice is Denmark is like 3 shows. The US library has more like 50 and good ones too. @Netflixhelps help me find a good VPN please

      @dangillmor Hey, @ucsf, why does your guest wifi network block OpenVPN? Good grief.

      @blurryrach @Netflix FIRST you remove donnie darko NOW you block proxy gtfo

      @AspanKyn now Russia is "worried" to protect Armenians in a stupid territory conflict with Azerbaijan. Turkey is for Azerbaijan. perfect proxy war. :(

      @__fisk Netflix will detect a default OpenVPN installation but not a SOCKS proxy so I wonder if there's anything that can be done to mask it

      @RachelC07672019 Priestship day coach lease society as proxy for workshop oppidan pullman charter: nfvr

      @EpicJeffTime @NotoriouSvo @AyoAudio I’m going to need a Vpn to watch every Cubs game though but oh well

      @thedarktangent @blakdayz I dunno on OpenVPN, I'm currently only checking IPSEC clients. The NCP one was pretty good, but still not maximum

      @DjAludah RT @Tatacreee: Not even CHINA can stop me from listening to @DjAludah .. block the tunein app i get VPN just to listen @97fmRadiocity

      @RamaceyJason As hind end grain c ip addresses halt as proxy for yours truly?: Pcda

      @sakoutash @tomshardware which is a good 802.11ac openVPN business-grade router?

      @AimanFarooq Does anyone have a recommendation for the best VPN to use while in Beijing? Asking for a friend...

      @zachwestlake @Stammy OpenVPN for travelling is a good one.

      @BlueScotian What is the best #VPN in your opinion???

      @King_Proxy @zStormP Good!

      @sanjiv_bhasin SCI hits 74/75. Buy given @56 in early proxy on Baltic Index

      @TimDowker @RMerlinDev Do you know of a good How-To for site-to-site openvpn setup from an Asus RT-N66U and Asus RT-AC66U? Thanks

      @WardRichard1 Ways en route to trophy the outrun hosting as proxy for yours site: xVQYFjODp

      @ginbe_ @eienfriend Install OpenVPN and grab the config file from the vpngate project, clear play store's cache and you're good to go

      @johnpdoody @NetflixUK can't access anything as it says I'm on a proxy, but I'm actually traveling, what can I do?

      @joseph12xu @ChoiceFromWI so you're pals kind of by proxy. Every one of my friends are at least open to Trump, or they hide it from me anyway.

      @ekiledjian @Snubs Do you use a VPN service if so which one? @proXPN is pretty good but they don't support manual configuration of an OpenVPN router.

      @smithseanp @BrandonTansey have you heard of OpenVPN? I heard that was good...

      @reppep @atlauren Yes. I use with phone in pocket or charging elsewhere. OpenVPN + Duo not 100% reliable but pretty good; Watch is as good as phone.

      @DavilaPriscill1 Math As proxy for Kids Abacus Lessons Always Doable Everyday Round Private Tutors Solving Problems With C...nip

      @jeeger @leonidasfromxiv You can guess what my current $workplace does. Good thing I have a few #openvpn tricks up my sleeve^^

      @DavidKWayne RT @nik0_m19: really weird request but can anyone find me a relatively simple Russian/Ukrainian proxy site? tyvm

      @tsiolkovsky #openVPN appears to be highly un-good when deployed on Windows Boxen #ack #thbbt !!!

      @SurfEasyInc @KentOdelli @opera no-log. However, some customers are happy to provide anonymous market information in exchange for a free VPN. (3/5)

      @SelfHealingLove RT @John_R_Foley: Bypassing #Uganda's unlawful social media blockade takes seconds, is free, and is consistent with international law. @Ope…

      @abandon_2x #حجب_تمبلر
      You know VPN right? Why bother to block! #nonsense

      @pandadecosta @digitalocean OpenVPN still defaults to bf-cbc cipher, changing it to AES-128-CBC is a good idea; auth SHA256 as well since SHA1 is broken

      @Amsbabes_14 Just found an awesome VPN app! I can watch American crap now! #NiceOne

      @CoachBCampbell @MyFantasyLeague any idea if this maintenance will solve the constant "proxy server" errors or the litany of new errors post update?

      @Carroarmato0 There are good ideas and really bad ones. #letsencrypt + openvpn belongs to the latter category. #noTNO

      @Honey_BadgerNZ @MelBailey your VPN has finally fallen! We've been dealing with NZ Netflix for awhile now

      @ZoeCameron6 How To Make A Call Center Work As proxy for Your ERP Software Firm...bnvZ

      @enderphile1 @itsthatDuck10 @chanceslife1 @belinda_winder yeah, hundreds of people using the same proxy server would have the same IP address

      @Zerefikins They literally left a rly open ed for ergo proxy but it was a good finale

      @TheAlkaris @maxine_red OpenVPN might seem good, but the drawback is that it's public so many people would be using it.

      @maxine_red @TheAlkaris I have little trouble with my VPN. Just occasioally connect problems... but those are every few months at max.
      openVPN is good

      @Sonta_atnos @ZaimiiRamlee @jycmrn_ download a VPN app which you can change your server to USA or UK and you can download spotify. Thats what I did xD

      @TwinkIeYell @412_jenni A girl who runs a proxy service in Japan posted that she's helping people get into the fanclub! Is 70 + shipping a good price?

      @RoboPeezy Is it possible to surf the web anonymously without coughing up dough per month for a VPN and without putting up with turtle broadband?

      @chr33s Anyone have a good link to a doc/post detailing OpenVPN EKU internals?

      @killbyte @lenovo If you truly care about security, the NRA will be glad to help & bribe you. Or you can go with the VPN stealth tunneling.

      @cwh7 @Maxhawk4 @charliekirk11 Lol we have a bigger military than the next 10 countries combined.Fighting 6 proxy wars in the ME isnt good enough?

      @NickyThomas @virginmedia @xCallumSmithx callum try private Internet access vpn it's brilliant.

      @cbjom @DigStic @chigrl @AlekseyBu @OilTrader305 @DestinCarRental nthing fishy w prod sup proxy for end dmd, tertiary lvl not big enough to hide xs

      @BushPorter1 Facebook promo baksheesh as proxy for yours well-fixed body corporate: vWvuop

      @King_Proxy The game I'm most hyped for is #HorizonZeroDawn without a doubt!

      @angry_node @politiquestions @Foolish_Owl you can still run openvpn but it's not nearly as good as running it on the router

      @strongSwanNet RT @cdhinton: @plusnethelp Hi guys - I'm trying to set up a VPN on my Mac but having difficulties. Do you know if you block IKEv2 VPN conne…

      @IvanWONG_CN amazing i can access twitter now without any vpn.

      @akarim3063 TunnelGuru : Fast , Stable OPENVPN , PPTP , L2TP , VPN and HTTP Tunnel Provider it's good

      @baukland @RMerlinDev Installed openvpn on a linux box here also, then i get really good speeds. Is it only 2 clients on the asus box also?

      @ClarkColet @noracarterbugg are you on iOS? Opera VPN is a good app and free!

      @pavan6434 #Operamax creates #VPN to monitor traffic due to which all #GooglePlayStore downloads were failing. Figured out after 2 days. #Android

      @queenseunghyun @MaddyMoonchild try the hola vpn add on for your google browser and fix ur region to usa

      @kellyinvegas Good luck to @russpoush in his first @Westgate_LV #supercontest appearance! #kiv #proxy #gowildcats

      @issackhan_91 paid #vpn is good #vpn #openvpn ftw

      @Metal4LifeDoc @ke7zum @metal4lifedoc @openvpn linodes are good for breaking.. I break em all the time .. snapshots baby. snapshots.

      @Metal4LifeDoc @ke7zum @openvpn oh ok, so you're good now? lol

      @iamalex2312 @japjapjaphet they use vpn to access govt block sites and apps.i just had a good conversation with someone from the mainland

      @reddit_tweeters OpenVPN and dsnmasq are a good start Chris, I'd suggest doing OpenVPN to one of your DO droplets. Run dsnmasq on your droplet, and it cam b…

      @RhysAgainst @IceNota tweetdeck + twitter website wouldn't work at all for me, except turning on a VPN Chrome extension fixed it

      @Annunakee Anyone here know how to set up an untraceable proxy client on a secure & established network...without getting caught? Can't access twitter

      @NordVPN @SeussyTom nope all good on our end - make sure u're connected on openvpn protocol. Any issues? Chat w/ tech support.

      @KyleStubbins Working on setting up #OpenVPN today. So far so good, but I need to do more reading on routing to get it to work with my existing #network.

      @veripnproxy You can both use OpenVPN and Transparent Proxy services !

      @amadilz Grabbing lunch listening to nerdy guys talk bout soft modding Pokemon go on android ..: u really into this game that need a gps proxy Loll

      @xkeepah_ebooks clicked too silly to get this XP VM on a VPN (so it can't access internal stuff, maybe) and throw it all away.

      @Scratchhax OpenVPN support on ChromeOS is a little janky, but works pretty good once you have the profiles set right.

      @Keithamus @guicane openvpn is a good idea! I have a server for that kind of stuff. For me pis are more about IOT/hardware hacking stuff.

      @PikaPocket #7FaveAnime

      1) Ergo Proxy
      2) Angel Beats!
      3) The Future Diary
      4) Psycho-Pass
      5) No Game No Life
      6) Re:Zero
      7) Steins;Gate

      @mohawk_1967 @oldfoolsgold70 I run my twitter thru a proxy server .dunno if that is the problem

      @SHOZANO @CSSC0DER @ClassicNancy if using android I suggest you use and download Tue openvpn connect client :) works good on everything even shields

      @kaylii78 @TMConnects its not a website its work vpn

      @mkearley2008 @masoudkr Yeah, I usually watch the BBC which good as well but I got tired of fiddling with the VPN and streaming ...

      @31k3atOL OpenVPN + Automate App connecting VPN when leaving secure WiFi. Very good combination.

      @real_proxy RT @hokiedokiemike: LOOK! It's begun! #Hillary mafia out to assassinate @JulianAssange_ stay careful good sir. The free world needs you ht…

      @AngelaN43904259 1 belongings passe bye-bye ruck enterpreneurs as proxy for extraordinary game: JmNtdVFq

      @astrocrono @CarcinogenSDA Full-stack developer here. It's a pretty good idea. If you have a dd-wrt router, you can setup OpenVPN on it.

      @alextoombs Anyone have a recommendation for a good Android OpenVPN client app?

      @Proxy_Rn @OpTic_Scumper @OpTic_Crimsix @OpTic_FormaL @OpTic_DKarma Don't lose faith guys ! You guys have a long day tomorrow! Good luck and Win

      @BryanBr03391741 Resolve vision electronic recording app gloss as proxy for corporately television formats: TjzRsYy

      @DarkmasterJ93 @SilicaAndPina There are some alternatives. OpenVPN is good, this one even works on android. Some tinkering is needed to get it working.

      @dark_proxy RT @VOlDWALKER: "TODAY IS MY AWAKENING" YOU BEST BELIEVE IT @MadMadieD #FromDuskTillDawn

      @ManxStef @flyosity Ah. Dang. Clutching at straws: d’you have a VPN on your phone that you could try? I’m guessing the ship’s systems may block it tho

      @flyryan @JGamblin who is your provider? VyprVPN is good for those situations. Their Chameleon protocol wraps OpenVPN to bypass blocks.

      @TyrannicalTyra2 @Einshines Because your the most fabulous person in the restaurant? So to protect your shirt that is fabulous by proxy they gave you a bib?

      @Sir_Jules_III @mcbrineellis I use Astrill. Really good tech support and they almost never go down. Tons of servers to select from. About $70 a yr. openVPN

      @strongSwanNet RT @gonzopancho: @Ancients IKEv2 is OK. IPsec w/AES-GCM w/AES-NI is likely good to 10Gbps on Intel CPUs, proof in 2017. Other options, e.g.…

      @ishimurat @NordVPN PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is a gave up protocol by the last Sierra OS from Apple #security #VPN

      @khuhtanen . @FSecure @FreedomeVPN OpenVPN did it already earlier with previous Androids but a good new feature anyway.

      @gferon Fuck you #gema and thanks Vodafone/KD for a good IPv6 connection to my @online_fr Dedibox OpenVPN.

      @vgnanand @JasonMore @postmanclient The support for socks proxy for the native app is being discussed at the moment. Will keep you posted

      @BuckshotNation RT @d1SHIKI: Anyone know of a good OpenVPN resource guide for deployment on a Linux VM? @DNR_CREW @HyperRTs @Killcrit @Quickest_Rts @Zefly_…

      @Dakota_ONeill GO. List @dropbox alternatives for shady practices and good VPNs for privacy & downloading (OpenVPN please).

      @lordfolland @MrCJGrider @GetflixAU Similar problem here. Appears to be a secure proxy issue.

      @MstrWaterbender RT @saneprogressive: Situation in Middle East escalating. Lunatic US proxy war in Yemen through Saudi Arabia, Iran will be scapegoated. ht…

      @mikko @bittin @FSecureSWE @FSecure @OpenVPN @mlindberg96 @atea Good call. All the best.

      @RachelM64384164 That in effect as proxy for good terms high smartphone app architect: EdYWpuJtK

      @sleeplessinva @OpenVPN But I was finally able to get a payment through so I am good now. Thanks for writing back. :-)

      @markX420 RT @kkennedyshinn: A good thing about the world seeing #Syria on TV & media: People are waking up to foreign gov't involvement, proxy wars…

      @LolaBcoachRRHH People can be "partially" anonymous with a micro-knowledge on cybersecurity (ip shield vpn, surf Tor onion sites, spyware, and so on)

      @MyRealSolaris @ny2529 @XiWrwHj7Mzy0ALQ @andamon_m ถ้าใช้ chrome add just proxy vpn มาเลย

      @smartwatermelon RT @smartwatermelon: Where's a good simple how-to for enabling OpenVPN on Ubuntu so it starts on boot and stays running all the time?

      @soluismd RT @itsrobbiehi: Only good OpenVPN client I can find for Windows seems to be
      @sparklabs's Viscosity, which regrettedly is not open source.…

      @TucsonNewsTruth @davewhitton not if you use a pseudonym and a proxy server (and a good firewall)

      @zazzyzachie Sometimes the stupidity of sysadmins is good, like when they forget to configure the DPI firewall to block #OpenVPN #InternetFreedom

      @sourcenix @OpenVPN Been using your software for years, both via Linux repos and commercial appliances. Nothing is better. Keep up the good work!

      @csolisr Good news! I finally managed to make my server's #OpenVPN installation to work, and of course I'll be using it all day every day from now on

      @alucciotto @Unblock_Us Yes, but their support didn't help me set my VPN.

      @TrumpGlobalism #wikileaks The media talks all day about how Russia is behind wikileaks while it itself gets a free pass as a proxy of Israel, GLOVES OFF!

      @Te_Taipo @cakarena There are a few, some cannot be proxy'd over Tor, but will do so via Orbot VPN i.e have to be careful then if Orbot is off.

      @noxypaws @rabcyr OpenVPN on your home router! Good clients exist for OSX, Windows, and iOS. I'm sure Android ones exist as well

      @alopekis47 @Target I know my data is valuable to you, but when you don't let me use your apps or site thru a VPN I'm just not gonna use them at all.

      @mdeering @X0nic way up there on list also. Putting up Christmas lights and setting up my own OpenVPN this weekend. Seemed like a good fit. :)

      @jordansissel @JeremyGrosser @rcrowley @mjmalone I had a pretty good experience with openvpn+quagga(ospf) a few jobs ago.

      @julian0liver @_copperj @zenalbatross CopperHead better but don't have luxury of ~Nexus. CM good enough solely for OpenVPN, Signal (microG, fdroid), shell


      @end2016already @awfulesther oh, I should look at Mex Netflix. Hola is a proxy app that gets you into Netflix, maybe you can get US through it?

      @Kurumuz @yifanlu_ebooks Just try OpenVPN it's a good solution i think.

      @aadiltsh @EFF internet in itself is insecurity. Even VPN save logs. What anonymity are we taking about?

      @ba_lock_ae @CryptoSeb @CryptoCypher @OpenVPN Good. Not the point. It's insecure, and they shouldn't offer it IMO. it's not about IVPN they are bae

      @erbloggt @FreedomeVPN in my tests freedome blocked a second OpenVPN instance from connecting (that's rather good)

      @CobaltVelvet good: the openvpn client can connect to my server

      and then it explodes but that part works!

      @tqbf @evaryont @thegrugq I personally think the differences are marginal in practice (as long as everyone uses a good OpenVPN client).

      @SydneyStephani1 Satisfy ego secure high set as proxy for sticking toward yours lot?: AViknQSfQ

      @briceb8e Why @OpenVPN isn't part of stock #Android ? Any good reasons or just NSA compliance? #netsec

      @memorybit @Snubs I really like the F-Secure product line... good AV, not intrusive, nice VPN software, based in Finland, also like

      @jay_townsend1 RT @opnsense: Good morning! It's #patchday tomorrow. #suricata #openvpn #firmware #ldap #passwords

      @CyberHitchhiker Is there a good step by step troubleshooting resource to the common OpenVPN configuration error "TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed"? …

      @LizardSergeant @VloerpizzaJordy Proxy Rofl i attacked with my real IP :)

      @lukebushZA @Stephen_Carroll @Scienceofsport stride length would be good proxy as all other physiology remains the same & cadence probably unchanged too

      @NetworkString @Newsbot9 but, to my point; if you're concerned about #IPAct then a proxy will not protect you. They *may* allow you to bypass #DEBill tho

      @tushmanlu @20shamsaddin OpenVPN is good

      @gluaygopigluay #cheap car good mileage download openvpn gui

      @kaleidoruby @zeitspringerin @Sekairiinu it's really easy but you do have to use a proxy site since they don't sell to people overseas

      @whiskeytits24 Me watching Ergo Proxy: Damn, that's a dead-ass baby. That baby's dead as fuck. RIP that baby.

      @jayesh Having stable dd-wrt (r8000 builds are still raw) with access to openvpn, dedicated route management....

      Truly good stuff

      @asutoshjg @bibhasdn have heard privateinternetaccess is good. But I don't trust any provider enough, so run an OpenVPN instance on a DO droplet.

      @icedcoffee @Bolster Ugh. Doesn't sell itself as vpn, openvpn file is provided. Though I got low sleep with PIA trial the last few days. Need a good one

      @erabrand @DRBeattie There are a LOT of OpenVPN clients, good grief.

      @private_proxy @jeremycwu check their websites.

      @JetBlackCloud @grandmaj2 free voip or cash/giftcard voip + tor and, if needed, openvpn. good luck, stone-agers. :-) @michaelianblack @WhiteHouse

      @ibyrn @somnia_c i dont rly need vpn services but i noticed that using openvpn on my phone doesnt let met access the jp line store anymore so i was

      @dannyhow187 Pi 3 on Libreelec - managed sort OpenVPN also, runs ok, good price, fast boot, plays streams all fine, main1 nvidia shield so used to that

      @dannyhow187 Acestream and OpenVpn profiles setup on libreelec on pi3, lots of messing about today, very good for £31 board. better when not dual boot.

      @tdd Running @pfSense @Snort @Squidcache @OpenVPN and it feels good.

      @samdurbin @billbennettnz is this for public wifi type situations? I have been using my Pi and OpenVPN and it's p. Good!

      @m0r1z_dev @jailhackerbreak @Devsignerz openVPN is good

      @VessOnSecurity Could anyone point me to a good guide about setting up an OpenVPN server on Windows 10?

      @tech_tt Anyone connects to a windows VPN from android?

      @CDavis @damienhull @dorothy112740 It’s a good series. I love @pfsense, but not a fan of openvpn, well at least not the client.

      @bytesizedboxes @sojumonkey123, @suneersood The OpenVPN server on Gaia was shut down for some reason last night. Should be good now.

      @Slaughterhut @00MrDanS @canadianbryan SSH tunnels back home or openvpn are generally considered good enough to thwart most attackers at coffee shops.

      @NekoiNemo Hmm, now OpenVPN works slightly better under Windows. Still far from "good" though.

      @JMGrange @JacobNosal It's a cool setup. Wprking on adding OpenVPN to it. Not as good as a real 3rd party vpn server but has it's use.

      @gaanmuang @kennwhite Kenn, can you recommend a good how-to for Raspberry Pi 3 as OpenVPN Client/Gateway?

      @g6nhu I’ve set up ddclient on my @Raspberry_Pi 2 along with Pi-Hole, OpenVPN and the UniFi controller. Jolly good! #RaspberryPi

      @DazeEnd Are there any good third-party OpenVPN apps for iOS other than "OpenVPN Connect"? Is that really the only one or am I missing something?

      @stacksmasher @mrkoot Good thing I know how to setup #OpenVPN

      @decidedlygray @HackingTutors @TheBestVPNcom @bsmarketer Pretty good overview! Some inaccuracies around iOS: OpenVPN makes an iOS client that works great

      @jamesbritt @CadeRageous It's quite the wake-up call. Boom. Set up OpenVPN, got clients all installed for my devices. All good.

      @richardfromNO @GJ69 Garry, is there a channel website that I can watch past I'm a celebrity seasons with my vpn? Thanks

      @jrnhl @purevpn What is the best way to select the fastest vpn on #Ubuntu? Would prefer a #OpenVPN solution if any.

      @PLBarghouty All the porn ads that used to cover every torrent site are now replaced by VPN warnings. The revolution is now.

      @SciZth0 good to know that the german telekom routers dont support GRE and ESP :^)

      wonder why openvpn had problems

      @funvill @infil00p do you have any suggestions on good ones? I'm using openvpn on a @digitalocean box right now. Doesn't feel right

      @webinista If you are savvy enough to set up OpenVPN, that's probably a good idea. Routing *all" of your traffic through a paid service, enh ...

      @spnbmb @starshiphazel if you can distinguish between good and bad OpenVPN clients you’re not the target audience

      @ta11 @DietPi_ I configured #OpenVpn manually - that works good.

      @lisa11932 #how good is bluehost web hosting download openvpn gui

      @Ciordia9 Rebuilt server, check. Added OpenVPN, check. Tested on all devices, check. Something feels good about that.

      @Kawaxi @Stolen_Souls hey man, any idea on how to make complete -F _minimal openvpn permanent on all sessions? , it seems its only good for current.

      @robclark Private VPN via cheap VPS options looks really tempting...Except for the fact that you are then in charge of keeping it secure.

      @ivplat @linuxtoday Easiest way to configure OpenVPN is providing working examples of configuration files with good explanation of each line.

      @curiousiguana Anyone know anything about OpenVPN that's on my router? Any good? How does it work?

      @RekoMnd RT @BatAnonymous: @RekoMnd @jackygro I am using it with OpenVPN with UDP protocol for 3 months and I am satisfied with it! No logs, no DNS…

      @s_d_mcintyre @SamanthaC77 I have a VPN and am planning to try the global stream on the next fox only saints game. Is that this week?

      @greenmonkey74 @pkell7 Yep and with OpenVPN I ditched FTP for good.

      @tomwhoscontrary @dynamic_proxy And since it's not his fault, it's not sociopathic. Good aside, though.

      @SegaGenXBitch Lol the VPN I made this account through was connected to a Canadian server so my automatic First 30 Follows are all Canada stuff

      @saschasegan @WandrMe @scottjenson @robpegoraro @edbaig @Gogo Openvpn good. Pulsesecure bad.

      @VenomOfTheEast RT @volksleben: Men fight the wars, secure the resources they consume or the space that women depend on for their safety and so on. All by…

      @lovemaachine i can open a!o when i use a proxy

      did they block my ip?? did i do something wrong?? I HAVE A GOOD RATIO

      @luishon2 RT @TheRealErmanno: $MNGA call your broker, ask for "Proxy Services" they will provide you a code and website, from there your vote takes l…

      @b0rkj0rk Attacker made claims that is using OpenVPN in digitalocean and said digitalocean is not good at protection. Hmmmm

      @SwitHak @quarkslab @OSTIFofficial @OpenVPN Good job guys!

      @tatarinovms @plandeistviy DigitalOcean+OpenVPN Server=Good

      @dcccxl @xtcfans Good to know. If I can't access it from the US I'll use my hacker skills to hide behind a Swindon proxy IP address, it's imperative

      @Ha3ks And just like that all my traffic goes through #OpenVPN ... good 'nuff

      @RobW0lf If Tories get into power again;
      • Get a good VPN.
      • Use a secure operating system.
      • NEVER use real identities online, anywhere.

      @simeonjm @piacsm have you guys considered moving from a public shared secret for IPSEC to keypairs? OpenVPN is no good for always on on android.

      @NylaElise22 the best feeling is deleting the VPN apps for school

      @vectorvitale @whovian9369 The official openvpn app is a good start aha

      @letsmeetgod @ahicks83 I guess fake accounts + VPN is fair game in the POTM poll? Sucks. Not gonna visit STV anymore if you guys are allowing this.

      @Riismo Incidentally, it turns out Google Cloud's free tier is plenty to support a low-traffic VPN server without paying anything.

      @MattHannan1 VPN/ASG to work, RDC to desktop, telnet to term server to lab devices, ssh from lab router to Ubuntu server to configure #Ansible. #Winning

      @BergVigor @inabster Abuse of power in public a. private life is comitted by members of secret societies mainly via proxy.S.S.use charity as a disguise

      @BTabaei @OpenVPN how do free download open vpn

      @CoreMedNetwork RT @CoreMedNetwork: @robertherjavec Yes indeed! It can be a network being broadcasted by anyone and they could be spoofing! Indeed a good p…

      @Norine_27 @Ramble1234 Seen Ergo proxy? Deadly 7 sins is also good but still gotta love Another/Higurashi too.

      @martinwass @graphiclunarkid @kitation 1/2 openvpn for android is open source & avail on F-droid. Airvpn is not cheapest but good.

      @maxayshewrote Who still remembers last year when Whatsapp was blocked and people lowkey started scheming they're hackers because they found a VPN app

      @Olanrewaju_luk1 Twitter...The best ever SurfEasy vpn

      @seotafesra1975 RT @pict0: @MBOX_HD_IPTV @rupertmiller Installed OpenVPN on the shield with IP Vanish. Works perfect.Had loads of issues with HD channels b…

      @lordbaco @JVIDEL @RealSexyCyborg run OpenVPN on port tcp/443 or udp/53 good luck with deep packet inspection...

      @xsmashx88x @sshelton86 go to it from browser and if the file shows go back to kodi and should show up if not down zip on box from browser or use a vpn

      @sameersec @HotspotShield I use private tunnel from openvpn they are pretty good.

      @ToastCrust @vf1Dragon "OpenVPN for Android" and suddenly it is all good.

      @InspectorBas VPNing on macOS seems unnecessarily complicated. Additionally Tunnelblick is a horrible program. Any suggestions for a good OpenVPN client?

      @FerdinCrypto @NordVPN I have to use OpenVPN 24/7 when I was in China. Many VPN providers OpenVPN ports were blocked but mine was pretty good(2/2)

      @FerdinCrypto @anderws @jonrussell VPN providers OpenVPN protocol work there. For Chinese OpenVPN is the best choice if they have a good VPN provider(2/2)

      @ymlanne RT @Vstan8: @ymlanne @BANGTANDEVOTEE @BTS_ARMY_I @BigHitEnt @BTS_twt @Soribada @hitmanb @pddogg @SlowRabbit_no1 @BIGHITAudition @BBMAs Sure…

      @TalkUKTelecoms RT @grumpyboy: Just did a speed test on my #wrt1900acs #router using #ddwrt Openvpn client and @buyvpnservice 96 ! mbps ! thats pretty good…

      @DaveDixonUK RT @FastestVPNGuide: Running a #vpnservice is expensive. No completely free provider can give you the #onlinesecurity or #privacy of a good…

      @Nicola_Boros RT @PatrickSocha: Can anyone suggest a good router which can handle openvpn well?

      @opnsense @hattori_gonzo openvpn is good, but what is content filtering? web proxy?

      @LCCOGIC Good pastors protect the sheep; they stand in proxy for them. @RealTalkJudy @dreambuilder213

      @MussarMusic Anyone know a good VPN? Looking for something that allows international usage and uses OpenVPN.

      @lync_volt Horray YaST broke
      Gotta reinstall
      Good news though figured out OpenVPN

      @nrauhauser @JetBlackCloud Banking on choosing one using OpenVPN, on picking a good jurisdiction, forcing multiple countries to get data.

      @__JasonCrank @x0rz Good that u appeared on my timeline, I was wondering if u could teach me how to use openvpn on my server.

      @ReactionaryCEO Been upping my OpSec game: VPN, Tor, etc. - used to just use an old burner phone. Checking bitcoin anonymity options.

      @nickowen5 RT @RodSiegel: @__Naughton__ @grantabt @Sammy_Howe @Heidit09 @BDascombe I think I'd go with absolute max training speed - whether from trai…

      @BumbleBunnys @abratasas Openvpn works really good!

      @Charlie38806166 RT @evokes81: Today we need a good #VPN to protect our privacy online. I and my friends are using @astrill VPN. You can try it too 30-days…

      @gandu123_ @venkatananth OpenVPN Connect: Free source. I use it. It is not as good as paid ones, but decent enough. Hola is also good too.

      @riningear like, I'm pretty low-effort on most privacy and don't even have a VPN but aesthetics messing up Two Thousand And Seventeen tech sounds rad

      @TonyaSheffield_ RT @TheJurist78: @Proxy_Kotite @SamEllison11 @TiwiAtl ZERO similarities between Domek Hernandez and the "anonymous email" but the village i…

      @LREwoke @CBSNews Facebook is NOT a force for good. It stopped checking promoted stories when Russian proxy news orgs in US told them to do so. DUH!

      @josephbleroy @lykeomg @nixcraft Good to hear! Do you have it setup using OpenVPN or just using a Raspberry Pi?

      @chris_dag @OpenVPN @pfsense @sparklabs yep! Also good to admit my idiocy periodically in public, heh. Thanks for a great product.

      @RipleyWopr How good is OpenVPN?

      @ItsT3rritory @YogSotho @x0rz @now Or your own openvpn then u good

      @wangliang067 @wentommy I can't send you a private letter.I want to tell you a good way to use the VPN.

      @CleverNameApply @TweakBoxApp @LeanAndSprite01 @owen_caple What’s a good vpn that will or block your app ?

      @eggsbuttersugar @0x424c41434b There are some good tutorials around to use self signed certs for an OpenVPN server.

      @dopetard @C_H_Wood I’ll set up Streisand on AWS today. OpenVPN’s speed is good enough for you?

      @jonginization Can anyone recommend me a good vpn app for iphone to do MAMA voting? Besides openvpn and vpn express.

      @FantasyADHD @FUBTrader They could use a proxy for the run game.

      @OpenVPN So if you're running an outdated OpenVPN server, now is a good time to upgrade - while waiting for the updated Android client ;-)

      @cozlor1 @TunnelGuruVPN @TunnelGuruVPN TunnelGuru Fast,Stable OPENVPN PPTP L2TPVPN and HTTP Tunnel Provider. Good and nuce fast reliable.

      @rooyee to who can not vote: try app "openVPN connect" it's for android/ios and good to use

      @usamagX @HQRaja Good idea! Why didn't I think of openVPN

      @Tr0llYouHard RT @FerdinCrypto: @Tr0llYouHard @PrivacyCamp @DirittoPrivacy @CugiaCuomo @firefox I use @firefox in private mode, I stay away from @Ghoster…

      @jhamby RT @DLitz: Aw jeez, why is every IPSec or VPN tool either overcomplicated, or outdated crypto, or both? OpenVPN seems to be the best, and…

      @TechieChan RT @SaigonSecure: @TechieChan @SaiGonSeamus The relationship between OpenVPN & Dutch intel has been questioned for a very long time with ve…

      @Pielco11 @spenumatsa @ProtonVPN Now as now OpenVPN is a good solution

      @nicholasserra @Samuel_savaage I run my own openVPN server but I'm hearing good things about @ProtonVPN

      @mikah_ebooks I hope for and everything I didn't secure some sort of proxy volunteer network could work in the meantime.

      @serverhorror @ascherbaum Yeah...OpenVPN sucks. Not a good experience on any client

      @kinkycamdates @CamGirlBB Make sure you have a proxy set up to hide your IP address. We recommend this to our #cammodels

      @delangethijs @NordVPN Just want to let you guys know, that I am very happy with my stable & fast UDP OpenVPN connection!

      @ffffffff8129ecf @francesc What's wrong with openvpn? Good, old, works

      @awizz_ Hi @hak5darren any good resources for setting up Nyr/openvpn-install script on Google cloud compute linux VM instance? Love the #hak5

      @finwion @zeyobot Maybe Accio!Tokyo? they're a new proxy site but they're very good with communicating and confirming everything with customers

      @wondoduck @amandaau1996 I’m using “Korea VPN” & “OpenVPN for Android”

      @_MG_ @rotlogix @VerSprite Good work on all these. You have Tunnelblick and OpenVPN Connect on your list?

      @mittosis The @OpenVPN app has finally been updated to look like it's 2018. Good job guys.

      @gordon_j that would be Netflix that already bounced my proxy-server. So good, I really can't be too hard on them.

      @growpaw RT @Freelancejobr: Are you struggling to find a good #vpn provider? After weeks of getting let down we're having great success with #7Proxi…

      @biffbiffbiff RT @ryangorley: .@cloudron_io now has multi-domain support! Self-hosted email, @Nextclouders, @OpenVPN, etc. No sysadmin skills required. H…

      @lsbehrens77 RT @NetorcW: Secure #VPN connectivity and monitor, manage your network #gateways and #Firewalls across multiple private and public clouds

      @iamelycin Anyone good with networking AND openvpn? need some help #openvpn

      @Grahhham @therobbyPOP @DaftLimmy I watched it on android using turbo vpn, you could try it and see if it works for you

      @ThoughtArcade @AndrayDomise This is very, very good advice. VPN if possible. These sites will catalogue IP addresses, and it is possible to track back.

      @Paige_Neill17 RT @dfinn97: My brothers school blocked all the good social apps on their wifi... so he decides to go around and set up VPN’s on everyone’s…

      @malwareremoval_ RT @HackRead: Good news is that if you are using these #VPN extensions on #Chrome browser there is a fix.

      #Security #Privacy #DNS #Leaks…

      @vedant_ghadi @ItsMeSatyaki Hdpopcorns is the best, if you see a message saying site is blocked, then use vpn.

      @Tigersharke RT @dmbaturin: @mimu_muc @opnsense @vyos_dev @OpenVPN You are doing great work there, though I have to admit I haven't looked at new OPNSen…

      @ThorstenAod RT @CryptoCriterion: I love @Proxy_Card and their team. You cannot go wrong with this wallet: security and functionality are top notch. Mes…

      @noxor11 @LiquidVPN @dobrado What's happening with the OpenVPN servers in Europe? There isn't any good one anymore.

      @julesijules RT @tqbf: WireGuard is the end of OpenVPN and strongSwan for most startups; this is hugely good news.

      @jan_skopec RT @AsSliQuiD: @Imperator_Deus Then $BTCP is like using a VPN. Not even your provider or government can see what your doing. Get ready for…

      @doofsmack wireguard is so good, i am very excited for openvpn and ipsec to go away

      @Hosein_Ebi @chegooara HI NPN

      @Sukhee_M RT @DawesPoints: #Crude #Steel output in #China hit a new record mthly high of 77mt(933mtpa) in April 2018. Steel is very good proxy for Ch…

      @Leslialvarado1 RT @daviguti14: Can finally delete my vpn app tomorrow, it was a good run

      @CleofisRtP RT @Error_Processor: The same Reagan who announced his candidacy at the site of a lynching?

      The same Reagan whose Cabinet was filled with…

      @mast3root RT @vincentcox_be: @LinusTech VPN providers don’t add security, they only change your IP. Preshared keys (with these you can decrypt sessio…

      @andreagast Trying GL.iNet box connected to a public WiFi protecting the connection using OpenVPN. So far so good, except for media streaming.

      @PrivateTunnel RT @FrancisDinha: Cybersecurity issues won't go away, and the onus is on employers to teach their employees good cyber habits. @SCMagazine…

      @AlexMorse @kennwhite Is there a provider you think is legit/good or do you recommend everyone use openvpn and setup their own?

      @TiaanSteynberg RT @HomeTechHacker: I run #pfSense on a home built #router and I love all the features. I use #OpenVPN, #snort, and various other packages…

      @thesdony RT @ericemoji: Once again have to give it up to @pfSense and @openvpn. Two very good open source projects that allow me to my job properly…

      @cosmiicprince @psydick I HAVE NO CLUE I'm guessing it'll be announced later but I'll probably have to use a proxy


      @Crypto_KSA @Bitcoin_4SA Website blocked in KSA so u should using VPN

      @1oder0 RT @the_warboy_nux: Learning to configure openvpn server. Bad news is that most of the documentation I found didn’t seem to work. Good news…

      @rbonifaz RT @micahflee: All that said, I think what it takes to run a VPN that NSA can't exploit* is to use good protocol (don't use PPTP, probably…

      @n_e_m_e_s_y_s RT @FrozenCybersec: WHAAAAT?
      "VORACLE can be used to decrypt HTTP traffic sent via VPNs"
      #Crypto #cybersecurity #MITM #hack #hacker #encryp…

      @reybango @FuxNet Thanks. I remember those support OpenVPN but Amazon reviews were mixed. Looking for a good travel router. Opinion of yours?

      @marcustyphoon @OpenwrtH Apparently I did! Good timing :D By the way, there's no LuCI OpenVPN server, is there? I *can* SSH but I like GUIs :P

      @DustyRusty151 RT @charliekirk11: Trump just cut $200 million in aid to the Palestinians

      This is absolutely wonderful. They are a terror proxy determined…

      @EnriquePernas RT @Imperva: With the move to the cloud, the idea of security by proxy is changing rapidly and our approach needs to follow the same trajec…

      @PaulosV I had to change our VPN server config, and @OpenVPN picked the new subnet up automatically and assigned addresses to the clients. How cool!

      @adrellias RT @Habbie: @ainmosni openvpn has good android support. Running in k8s should not be a problem. I don't know about it keeping the phone awa…

      @krnlpnc_ @kalilinux Good step forward. Definitely better than old "let's tunnel all the traffic via OpenVPN/IPSec" method.

      @JMoVS @dakami Hmm, I keep reading good things about Wireguard. Looking forward to it. Currently running OpenVPN on a VPS.

      @PokemonGO599 @JaconFirst @4SaferInternet IP address everytime I visit a website narrows it to a city. I’ve started using a good paid VPN to negate this.

      @Matimu_SENP4I RT @Neuer_Wilhelm: @Matimu_SENP4I @sandileclinton @zhangpe24017317 @nabo_phumzile @AdvBarryRoux Proxies, Virtual private networks, there's…

      @dj4m41 RT @B3nac: I found what appears to be an internal testing domain hardcoded into an Android app that can be accessed via OpenVPN. Does anyon…

      @marcotietz @ian_infosec Ah fun. :) Half assing openvpn on pfsense myself. Well it works ;)
      Good job on fixing it

      @dropsof_snow @tremulous_wc Hmm I use OpenVPN! It’s pretty good

      @umubesto @ricexpudding Tunnelbear/OpenVPN/Setup VPN are all good options

      @strongSwanNet RT @PeterKendrickk: Selecting the best VPN protocol for your needs can indeed be a headache. Following chart help you get rid of the confus…

      @AshGhebranious Oh all good! One of the services in WAN is for OpenVPN. Manual time.

      @KlutzMaid @SilverSoul164 pikachu is projected as the best character in ultimate and by proxy pichu will be at least really good

      @Alireza_AMS @ufo_vpn Really good VPN! I like it, put please add support for OpenVPN, In this way using UFO VPN will be easier than past.
      Thank You

      @nomad_soc_eng Who has used openVPN? Is it good?

      @chumestar RT @Mamamiy55877514: Pease to vote the perth and saint our chinese fans is very very difficult to vote we must change our vpn is to difficu…