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The location with the proxy server may be a separate laptop or computer system or even program installed relating to the user's possess computer.To operate, the user may use one of two main solutions. He might want to search the net for some proxy site. Once your dog reaches neutral, he makes its way into the URL with the web article he wants to view and the proxy site connects him into it while sheltering his personal computer's identity within the site.

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      @JohnPileggi @hblodget High Speed Traders switch correlations like socks, China growth slows, price o oil becomes proxy fr global growth. All catalysts.

      @bizanko @nymkicks I guess that's why you use a global proxy

      @AwkwardThumbsUp @NikeSlayer_ @mikezito227 but why did mine sit on waiting for product all day even after I changed the global proxy?

      @BeardInCascadia @AthenaTweets thats before we had a truly global economy. Major world wars R no longer feasible. Proxy wars and imperialism all that remain

      @ScoJo760 @JailBDSRacists @Lg4Lg .The Global Progressive Cabal is behind all these proxy wars & destabilization missions.

      @NikeSlayer_ @ricksta your link monitor didn't fire, you should ensure you have a global proxy

      @dark_proxy RT @Lyricoldrap: So he can tell all of you, that we're fake. He's gonna pull up old phone calls with dad, screen shots on facebook and we s…

      @bizanko @WestCoastSoles use a global proxy

      @ClimateSystem @dennisjensenmp @veronicajhex @lee_tennant @garthgodsman It is the discontinuity in results that led to the PAGES multi proxy global paper.

      @Bobin_James @PearlShah I get what you're saying but VPN is already piracy. It's for content owners to realise that they need to give global licenses.

      @mvriel @asgrim yep, got multiple sites on a single host/ip. Apparently you can use HAProxy to proxy traffic to the right IP based on hostname

      @Keith_Turvey RT @mberry: .@TPRUDD on global educational reform movement as only a proxy for what actually matters in education #novetehnologije

      @sawamurakoushi @_kougyoku >Delete Line
      >add Asian VPN to phone
      >Reinstall Line
      >Connect w FB instead pf phone #
      >Temp access to JPN store

      @NikeSlayer_ @ricksta did you have a global proxy or proxies in general?

      @King_Proxy Meek Mill - FA SHO

      @_darcyw RT @ayypollo: Brown peoples are being murdered in proxy wars in the ME. all in the name of sucking up natural resources, and fueling global…

      @AbramsonMya Tungus consequence drill as proxy for global professionals: YQOUnW

      @dean_anonym RT @NicksWanderings: Totally nuts.. VPN vital when travelling to stay secure "PayPal blocks VPN payments, blames copyright infringement" ht…

      @Steven_M_Lloyd .@RadioFreeTom What about Global military transformative agendas with endless proxy wars or "interventions?" Liberals do that now too.

      @emiliomanfred A very important factor influencing the latter is Global Risk Aversion. A nice proxy is the Baa-Aaa Spread, which inverted time series >>

      @Savannah_Posh RT @SlayerGirl18: @Savannah_Posh I watch them on the global website. I use Firefox and I installed Hoxx VPN Proxy. It works really well.

      @Harri_Chas_17 Lots of provisos on that - conflict most likely by proxy. But global instability following a fascist style US govt would endanger in all.

      @timotheuseum .@NetflixDE - cancelled my subscription over this and your new proxy ban, it just showed your hypocrisy in wanting "global" content. Sad.

      @Global_Teacher RT @DiLeed: Any school/school leader who employs 'Eastern European' as a delineator for - language? ethnicity? -needs to stop. A proxy for …

      @kaystrobach RT @web_vision_de: #Google #AMP makes use of: HTML5 (web components), AMP JS (no else JS!!!), CSS3 and Global Proxy Cache (AMP Cache) #webi…

      @barbariankb @proxb I've heard parts of the community railing against polluting global scope but I can't think of another way to solve proxy objects.

      @ProxySnyder Citizens! Proxy's Corner # 4 comes out Sunday! DM or email your Ask Proxy ?s ASAP! And those that wanted to be interviewed - DM me! #Colony

      @AdAstraExTerra @Cmdr_Hadfield FL keys trees is one thing, but shipwrecks as a proxy? That's dangerously close to "lack of pirates causes global warming"!

      @RougeReporter Trump versus whats now seemingly apparent as a socialist industrial global elite take over w a proxy army of ideology driven disruptors.

      @helenwheels @alanthomasdoyle Gutpunched by proxy of TX to 4 Corners on global scale & impossibly far too.Hope to see you out here 2016♥ADBG's♥ SHINE ON!

      @Sarkies_Proxy @dosnostalgic what a game

      @AlfieHeydrich Duff:
      'Counter-terrorism & covert ops has seen a global takeover of its proxy wars by organised crime colluding with corrupt State agencies'

      @pduthie_au @Gambosaurus @Cuff_S @AdamFowler_IT educational networks and the requirement for a global proxy that works in nearly all apps. 2/3

      @schlongmeister @DevilDeviant Where the justification for the ban is the rise in global islamic extremism worldwide as well as ISIS and all Obama proxy wars

      @warrioroftrut @realfknnews World knows America is Running Global Terrorist Op n Wars n False Flags; using Saudi for Proxy Wars in the Middle East

      @King_Proxy @Frag_BiRCHY COD 3 was 2005 right? I would of been 5/6 aha;) COD MW2 and shit was the best though!

      @dab2010_ $AAPL It is a risk off play. Now it is dragging FANG with it. Apple is a cash cow, proxy for global GDP prospects, not a high growth name.

      @LouixBlenkTron @neilpezz @MKH2K9 @chivasuk_ @OctusTC i used to use a proxy as my old office didnt allow forums and i ended up IP sharing with a bot...

      @AnthonyTompkins RT @simon_elliott: @anthonytompkins Yup, and added them to proxy bypass, no authentication, SSL exclusion. Works fine on an iPad without th…

      @AnthonyTompkins RT @simon_elliott: @AnthonyTompkins > our 1:1 iPads that have a global proxy installed (lightspeed). Can you share how you fixed yours?

      @tutorkag PORTRAITS R US Bring Best paint...Trump...Harper...Carney Halo (Irish proxy!) ...Release Flies Global Economic Thick...St. Paddy's Trick!

      @simon_elliott Has anyone got @PuffinAcademy working through a global proxy on iPads? If I open up any more ports and URLs the firewall will be a colander!

      @earwulf @Rainbojangles …creating proxy forces, networks of terror built on drug money and resource extraction, it took its violence global

      @airdummer @zerohedge It was really a crazy thing to say Proxy wars, real war - supply shocks from terrorism Modest global growth could touch 44

      @toryshell @hamsterwatch I try that I have Vpn touch thing but I can't get it to work on global for live it is telling me to get the app

      @CampbellAustin4 The leadership defiled circumstantial as proxy for ladies' room-the case: ypEuUh

      @LeviAnderson16 Ferret out global classroom perak: la soft preceptive sacrarium as proxy for students.: mtRhG

      @benjaminkinney I enjoy @Netflix, but blocking proxy use is regressive. We should be pushing toward global content access, not compartments. @slashdot

      @KeatCharles Copywriting as proxy for online sites: forming high no end dominant website: NRqhIlNhL

      @Barbaretto @vodafoneukhelp No point of waisting my time,it is 3 months that you tried to fix this proxy server issue and it’s not working since Dec2015

      @JoeTurksta @nukuroa yeah you can change it which is cool. My netflix didn't work for us on my ATV but did on my browser after I built my own DNS proxy

      @WhoareyouBO @formerlyformer It's time to end this madness of the global elite arming Muslim mercenaries to fight these proxy wars for power and profit

      @deepexperience1 RT @simon_elliott: #ADEchat that a well setup MDM applied global proxy filter will reduce inappropriate use out of school exponentially.

      @juanzavaleta Islamic jihadists are simply a proxy tool, an excuse for global police state functionality and shock doctrine maneuvering at global scale

      @footballmood RT @_Ramzi_: 2) #Belgium attack is another outcome of the transformation of proxy wars into global crisis following transition to different…

      @QuiltyFeeling @WritersofColour @EjmAlrai nothing to do with proxy wars, sponsored terror and the deliberate destabilisation of our govt.

      @SteveCA_MMA RT @SevereMMA: Re: Last tweet, if you are outside of Ireland, you'll need to use a proxy app (like Hola) set to Ireland to watch

      @gaby6100 @Media_Hint Now I have problem with Hulu Japan too. Can't access it via Media Hint. Proxy detected.

      @evo8X8 @asadmunir38 agree... but with the global proxy war... one should be interested? with due respect Sir.

      @disfan59 Completed proxy voting Coca-Cola Co. 1st time, all Coke Trademark brands will be united in 1 global creative campaign: Taste the Feeling.

      @wattsgoodie @chriskicksman2 @NikeSlayer_ should I use a global proxy or just proxies for the tasks?

      @nikirichan @seihika Do you still have that JP proxy working? aaAAAA I'll pay you via Paypal ww

      Is there any chance that this will go to Global Market

      @tnegdi Junior college relating to phoenix tutorials: an homiletic public relations officer as proxy for using learners: JIS

      @skankopolis Really bummed about #netflix and their #proxy dumbf-ckery. Give us a break. Make content global. #netflixproxy

      @x1t3m_ @KurtRustles @SwatAtUrDoor @BWAxLel @KINGSA7AN Wna skype so U can sniff my proxy IP and let U hear my accent so U know how accurate ur IP is

      @MirrornaM So @Netflix_CA proxy hit & I have to say - regardless of global rights - NetflixCA sucks v. the US. Can't we use NAFTA to make a NA Netflix?

      @FabiusMaximus01 @RogerAPielkeSr 2/ They're calibrating models using paleoclimate global climate proxy data, w/ their large uncertainties. Problematic?

      @chrismckee @ryansroberts @sforkmann Already replaced their APi with a cached proxy but yeah 'global' location blows

      @RedOwen1177 RT @macym1013: @FeltusJ @RedOwen1177 @NobSchools it's ALL the internet. Check school email. Some crap called a Global Proxy.

      @mkeydr @eventbritehelp Having trouble publishing event to Facebook: cannot concatenate 'str' and '__string_proxy__' objects

      @genuine_rpg Speaking of #democracy, #netflix went global, but blocked all proxy access, so I don't get to watch the American crap I actually paid for.

      @gemini420 @ChicoDelainky Sigh, ISIS exports oil to Turkey, it enters global market. We are (unknowingly) buying that oil. Similar by proxy exchange

      @GabrielHaley1 Global patient as job proxy politician schools corridor norwalk, ca: AEWjtixsn

      @colby_lauber @NikeSlayer_ i added a proxy to the global area it is still not working!!!

      @dosima_org @SpryVoice @RookieKE

      there is a study about this somewhere

      global male signalling genetic fitness to reproduce via proxy of retinal health

      @kebazer @TheRoyGreenShow @DrZuhdiJasser but of course there MUST be proxy lead instability..or so much global gov wouldn't be necessary

      @NikeSlayer_ @colby_lauber you probably need a global proxy for the monitor to work

      @NikeSlayer_ @CluthKhalid if your computer gets banned then for the monitor to work you need to enter a proxy in the global proxy field.

      @NikeSlayer_ @CluthKhalid global proxy

      @PhillipsPasha @htmlmencken Im not sure he'd bomb Persia. Dubya declined b/c Tehran has global reach. They can hit back. But def proxy wars. Syria etc

      @KennedyDonna1 Casa serena welcoming justify as proxy for global lead: odfbAZtUN

      @m_kitty2003 @lifeboatsupport they're trying out a "Global Proxy" which puts the school's system and restrictions on it without the school wifi.

      @qalbhi1 Not to use Panama leaks as proxy wars of USA. anti USA. Neither take it as local issue. Make global laws to prevent curruption #BBC #UN #ARY

      @JohnKicklighter @fatdaz Not on hand. A decent proxy is making a ratio of the 10-year Treasury yield over VIX. Not global, but close measures

      @Myguybetter After several upgrades, the list is now almost completely include the global GGC ips. All tools using GAE proxy are nealy dead.

      @sexylocaIsingle @proxy_man but by then the world will be hot as shit cause they don't think global warming is a fucking thing

      @yungfijiwater_ this Vpn on the school wifi

      @personalfession RT @logoffski: @Conflicts @Reuters All proxy war zones of the global powers, eventually end up as jihadist heavens

      @OliviaDaniel13 Think proper cordial exploit as proxy for cheapest global trek tickets: GoSrw

      @amournyadeboi ..fastest Global World's Economy used to be Great Britain's United Kingdom's,but The People's negative welfare & capitalism economics proxy

      @ellenmmartin @JeffM_23 also use of averages--average global temperature is a lousy proxy for local effects.

      @ZahneDoesTweets RT @InDevelopers: Sorry again everyone, found one last bug on the VPN server. Please restart Plug PE one last time and everything should b…

      @MacduffFreeman In extenso so vpn destroyer protect problems: cgECw

      @GlennRiddell Lack of swag at #LendItUSA: proxy for global marketplace lending industry sentiment?

      @BeHonest4Z @guardian interesting most Arabs viewed #Syria war as a proxy by regional & global. Would it not fuel animosity towards those proxy nations?

      @everheartna RT @PacCouncil: .@JohnKerry @StateDept: For many Americans, free trade is seen as a proxy for foreign forces reshaping the global economy.…

      @Kaiteki RT @nofrills: "39% of Arab youth viewed the bloody conflict in Syria as a proxy war fought by regional and global powers, 29% saw it as a r…

      @kamihunter Anyone have any idea how to use a #proxy server requiring #authentication with #java #UrlConnection ? No I can't set a global authenticator.

      @fanweixiao @SlackHQ Will you add SOCKS5 proxy support for Desktop App?

      @YitsyTV @discordapp Rebooted, just reinstalled the OS not too long ago. No Vpn/proxy.

      @warrioroftrut @hankusmackimus lol! Take over the Planet wid CIA\Mossad Generals leading ISIS(US proxy) n provide> top notch MILITARY for A Global State

      @DestinyIsabell1 Logometric scrapbooking: high global childhood plant as proxy for today's tech seize the meaning kids: vpct

      @Allstocknews $MCD McDonald's Corporation - DEF 14A (Proxy Statement (definitive))
      From our Stock News Alerts App

      @Stoopar @vote_leave Very worried that proxy scaremongering promulgated by David Cameron results in self-induced global market panic"SCORCHED EARTH"?

      @kennethrohde @evankirstel @JohnAlexander @arstechnica do like @ThePhysicalWeb and use a global proxy to avoid tracking the real user(you track the proxy)

      @G0DFREDLOL @EikaL0L glhf fixing proxy they block all zzzz

      @noeliarossas_a As we said yesterday, oil on the mend is the key proxy right now for global economic stability

      @stankom3 RT @aj_observations: I hate people who repeatedly label the war in #Syria a "civil war"; it is, and always was a U.S proxy war, with a glob…

      @0xEFF git config --global credential.helper osxkeychain is a beautiful thing behind a restrictive firewall and proxy server.

      @afriedrich Bipartisan agreement this am that trade is a proxy for economic anxiety & congress needs explain our global economy better #thefutureof

      @amournyadeboi their worst Global World's Economics proxy Capitalism Fraudulent Fraudsters was USA Political Establishment reviewed of FOOD STAMP 20 years

      @cdolan8 Refugee crisis, proxy voting, increasing bus fares, global warming..Some of the chat on my bus this morning. Relaaaaax it's not even 9am

      @gcutechsupport Hello 'Lopes! LoudCloud may be giving a proxy error message. We are working to resolve it. The global ticket number is 1480597. ^DT

      @twohidbmd $10 Billion Loan to Saudi Arabia Carries Risks
      The Saudi kingdom is enmeshed in a global oil price war while opposing Iran in proxy conflic…

      @tbqueerh @apocrypha_proxy that is LITERALLY the best flavor name I've ever heard in my fucking life

      @SavannahxHaeprr The Saudi kingdom is enmeshed in a global oil price war while opposing Iran in proxy conflicts in Yemen and Syria.

      @kinkslinks @crystal_kurage you could try the global site? It seems alot of people are having issues.. either that or proxy, or Nippon Yassan ;;

      @PopsandSunshine @NOAANCEIclimate and we all know how accurate those 19th century global temperature readings were. proxy data?

      @amournyadeboi .. proxy agenda,of cause proclaiming democracy.There biggest worry had being The Unique, undefined wonderful Global World's Entrepreneur's..

      @amournyadeboi ..Barrack Obama,that his Leadership of The United States Of America had served their partially,divide & bias Global World's Economics Proxy.

      @ajithm69 @yadavshammi55 @PoMoGandhi @thewire_in we had isolated pak in global community v patiently. Now pak is v strong & they use China as proxy!!!

      @_TheJamsh USA: GAME OF THRONES TONIGHT WOO. UK: Time to find a working piratebay proxy...

      @AmiaAshley Cutting the pie global choice practices is true as proxy for educated competency but close by manipulational ta...

      @lettershome @editblog @walterbiscardi the latest Premiere proxy features + @Frame_io & @palettegear will help me out quite a bit

      @Global_Renewal "#BabaLesotho";...if u try anything funny/try to swindle #ThePeople; as The Lord liveth I will ask that u/ur proxy be assassinated!

      @babarthemouse Been outta the torrent game -what are peeps using these days? Finally let go of Netflix since the constant crashes and proxy block

      @TZinvest @welloldstem USDCAD has been a nice proxy of US (DM) / EM growth past 40y. If global growth recovers meaningf., exp CAD to remain strong

      @Sarkies_Proxy @Cromerty Ok I'll retweet on my private account, see if anyone I know can help!

      @shafroth RT @NiaInvest: It's proxy season! We at Nia Global Solutions make sure to vote for diversity on all of our #company #boards. Are you #votin…

      @ShadowrocketApp @zhangda9 在settings/config/global routing/proxy

      @JnsStrom RT @Giddrarn: The "refugee-crisis-scenario" was written a long time ago. It's a global socialism by proxy.

      @fenerliporsuk RT @naveed360: When #Iran’s proxy Al-Sadr invades #Iraq-i Parliament, you don’t see global outrage; flashy breaking news tickers et al.It’s…

      @LilyDodson13 Ask for puff as proxy for down the drain smelting installations: FAyckx

      @spikeymike67 Dear @Global_TV & @CTV_Television & @Citytv: If u want ppl to stream shows w u & not use US proxy, have good bandwidth. #spinningwheel #lame

      @SwR_UK RT @orwany: What #Assad is doing in #Aleppo slams all hopes of peace talks & makes clear a #Russia proxy set of choices. Global apathy is b…

      @TimVincent56 @nytimesworld The war has stoked sectarian tensions and become a proxy battle for regional and global interests.

      @jeet_nkr @betternet_co @betternet_co hey does your android VPN app support torrenting ...

      @BurghDiaspora @JedKolko Generally 25+, but will look at sub-cohorts depending on metro demography. Foreign-born proxy for global connectivity.

      @KINGSA7AN @infinity_sec @MrSploit @LulzSec @doctor_proxy @FinerSec @LizardLands @DoxM3 @9827s @Global_hackers @KozSec Rule #3: Fuck U
      Rule 4: #DoX_m3

      @DoxM3 @FinerSec @infinity_sec @MrSploit @LulzSec @doctor_proxy @LizardLands @9827s @Global_hackers @KozSec FUCK YOU

      @QuadPiece @mltnhm i have a server named lolicon and a proxy for it named loli

      get on my level

      @KozSec @FinerSec @DoxM3 @infinity_sec @MrSploit @LulzSec @doctor_proxy @LizardLands @9827s @Global_hackers @_MoBCity_ Finest

      @kevin_global @rahulvarshney @Mario__Savio
      It has nothing to do with Islam. Chechen terrorists funded by CIA just like other proxy elements.

      @mediumvillain @slight2112 @AntarianRani @adamjohnsonNYC They already are. We've done enough proxy wars w/ Russia for global dominance.

      @lisajeweller RT @Nick_Selby1: @ChiefEditorMG Reference to Syria perhaps. How many countries involved by proxy? Global fallout?

      @tankywoo @ReadKit @sharkowictz Also need inner app proxy, not global proxy

      @thompn4 3c/ @KathMorrow90 @symons_jon @SuzanneWaldman So just looking at global stock of nuclear materials is not a good proxy for material security

      @Vladlena Gen Z is a proxy for the future - Jamie Gutfreund, Global CMO Wunderman #mktgnation Loving that this isn’t about millenials for once.

      @3rCl3r RT @Global_Libz: @Global_Libz

      @LeviAnderson16 Pursuance global academia perak: straight a unperturbed educating ashram as proxy for students.: JkJta

      @Mercury_Gear past 20 years. Economic stagnation on a global scale, war within two nations and proxy wars in other countries, and corporate

      @bundayam @memanghebat_ region block bro... Pake..vpn...

      @natashalarebel @kevin_global @Mario__Savio No ties to Bush. Nixon only by proxy with Roger Stone.

      @enoch_macdhu @Sea_Penguin5 We have to hope the civilised world won't be daft enough to enter into another global conflict. Proxy wars are bad enough.

      @ndonahue With @Chemonics at #SIDW16 on the future of FTF. Global food trade is a proxy for water trade. Water is increasingly the binding constraint.

      @telecomvoices SET is an unlikely proxy for global #fintech

      @LeviAnderson16 Chase global collegiate perak: la collected lecturing sanctum sanctorum as proxy for students.: mfgTy

      @TheEpicSammich @Rumwik I'm excited by proxy about Pokemon sun and moon. "Yeah, you buy that game and catch those pokemon!"

      @Cirepls @eruna9764 @yusasarin @Nagata_8 yeah you dont need vpn to download game or log in to servers only for access website i think

      @GustmanWatson The peerless game frame as proxy for world wide web the business world: dwZSmbuRa

      @_b_connell @pierre @BenedictEvans billionaires & media entities: proxy wars between global powers & militant factions they arm

      @IanRobert5 Creative global observation as proxy for burden decoding: pkZb

      @ThomsonBrenda1 Global seo peer group-quintessence professionals as proxy for ethical self!: OXx

      @WayneLambright June 6th, I suspect war will break out on a global scale. Proxy Amry of Israel ISIS will get Russia and NATO to fight each-other.

      @BLang71 RT @Stredni_trida: Terrorist proxy groups are used against nation states who reject a #US/#Israeli hegemony to submit to a global order of…

      @ThezeeZ Cancelled Netflix. Too many "Proxy Detected" errors to keep paying for two services. Will have to find a new source for a global library...

      @kieranlee1970 @ChrisHewitt looks like Channel 4 has exclusive rights in UK, inherent issue with streaming in a global market - why I use a proxy

      @aexm @jasonlk That's the way it should be esp if global outlook. That's not the way it is in practice if you can claim an Ivy even by proxy.

      @memefan2000 @apocalypsurfer Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan - I'm so glad there wasn't a global conflict playing out in proxy wars

      @tutorkag @RT_com Australia Somebody's Proxy...Death of Great Coral Reef...UN exempts reporting...Global Weapon Positioning...Theatre Outline N...S

      @nosmond121 @N1K0LAK1 They rule the world by proxy, and are pushing for the one world government, and are desperate to trigger global war

      @ReevaCutting RT @jenstar: AMP s based on 4 things... AMP HTML, AMP Javascript, CSS3, Global Proxy Cache (AMP Cache) @methode #SMS2016

      @eboroian @RajaKorman Thanks again for the book advice,I've already started reading. I understand that the $ is a proxy for global growth vs US growth

      @Darkshade1980 of American jobs while simultaneously maintaining a global empire built on ruthless proxy armies and wanton bloodshed, you have to be.....

      @firstfavoritec1 @EtonOldBoys Al Gore needed the money, so we got global warming by proxy!

      @GavinNevaeh Quiz locksmith bensalem sound truck services as proxy for the best people results: IYF

      @Expeditious_Fox @netflix Consider a whitelist for U.S. residents who use a VPN. It's absurd I have to turn it off, sacrificing privacy, when i'm in the US!

      @fabianacecin A "bank" can easily be a local thing, a proxy way for a community to have one account at the global network, collectively owned and shared.

      @zyronmelton RSA used as proxy for emerging markets. Downgrade to junk would send tremors through global markets. The agency's know this.

      @HDeria @IsmeeErin US is proxy oligarchy. Palestinian lives subject 2 decisive monopolies killed 4 the sake of global capital/sovereignty.Sickening

      @ghego20 is there any way to set a global proxy to iOS devices w/out the device to be supervised?

      @stgcom @ShoeGod__ did you use a server? Or just proxy on your own pc?

      @suzannedk "US is training ISIS and kin to become US military proxy US force for global control. Plan US NATO replace UN...with Europe's approval."

      @Ekrem_Deniz RT @Lord_ofthefiles: All murderous #Wahhabi #terrorism are proxy armies of the #NWO that comprises western #imperialism & Global #Zionism h…

      @HannaHanra If you didn't register to vote you still have time to vote by proxy. Look on your councils website for how. YOU CAN REGISTER TILL WEDNESDAY

      @Meerozarmalwal @xs2adeel india is a global power now. Y u compare urs elf with it. They signed chabahar with Iran recently. R they their proxy? Growup man

      @clonmacart @AbiWilks I voted for Polar shift as a proxy for Global warming collapse which is going to happen & I'm already preparing for.

      @zaxMAGIC @mickeymta @Lyds1126 you need to block your VPN or something. I am not technical enough to chance this.

      @awestentatious @funcrage Central bankers, obama admin., pentagon, CIA... 'GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR' @cblacktexas is a proxy war to divide up M.E.

      @STFUnwo @jabeale They using terror, so they can do proxy wars. Also international world gov is being established. Just announced GLOBAL police force

      @M_Nadeem_Aslam America is a global threat. Should stop proxy wars & creating & supporting terrorist groups worldwide. - @realDonaldTrump @defencepk

      @shelbyabbie @iXxDody Libya is coming. That proxy was is about to blowup into a global battlefield. Other parts of Islamic N Africa too.

      @GotnoGizmo @parfitt_tom But NATO doesn't do proxy wars/annexing other states, indiscriminate bombing, funding of terrorists and global propaganda media

      @Theshells1111 @politico Obama has sold more weapons via proxy wars than any president in history - the global economy is in recession- Obama lies MADNESS

      @Me_LadyByron RT @regalinterloper: @Me_LadyByron @haloefekti Mexican govt is a puppet proxy of US govt. CIA runs the cartels there & around the world. ht…

      @kealaokalani @MacPaw after using #cleanmymac my proxy server no longer works. I've tried everything. HELP?!

      @Sianaarrgh RT @WritersofColour: .. a discussion about our place in the global market place but a proxy for talking about how immigration threatens…

      @TheRealRajM Sometimes I wonder why folks come to Canada 2 fight proxy battles in their homelands. Canada should nt be a staging ground for global strife

      @DavidGillMarine RT @louiseglew: #ICRS2016 Quantity enshrined by global MPA targets, as a proxy for quality. @BobPressey argues quantity is a poor proxy for…

      @GovernCenter Highlight from this week's Global Proxy Watch: A consultation on a Brazilian stewardship code has been opened by the Association of Capital…

      @penultsquire @jlrebb @alderlaneeggs @christyclarkbc once you make your local RE mkt a proxy for the global economy, contagion's not so easy to contain

      @shipa123 RT @GreenAlistair: Global financial insecurity and a country in chaos on the whim of a proxy war for the conservative leadership. Sorry I m…

      @nasirkyz @Miirwais after Afg, Syria is another play ground for global proxy wars. People around the world go & join opposition forces Alqaida Isis

      @Tim_Lizzy @squareroots Right instincts but fear events now totally overtakin em. As in so many proxy wars fought beneath neoliberalism's global crisis

      @Proxy_Designs Who wants a free revamp? Like, rt, and comment done down below. You only have 2 hours to do this! Go!!!

      @ta0i5t @AB_tweeting @sidhantgiri
      Without "Jihad" ideology, just another proxy war. With, it became Global Islamc terror.Those camps still open!

      @bitcoinaltcoin_ Australia to Make Blockchain Voting App a Global Democratic Movement: <![CDATA[ While Russia is testing an e-proxy…

      @EthanJada Gravity in relation with website luwian transfigurement as proxy for an online concernment: MBYweC

      @KenofCostco @nachkari true and the smart money saw this a couple years ago and acted. it really depends on the health of global economy. it's a proxy.

      @StarRelay .@haaretzcom the dilemma transcends the state. Let's admit that this crisis is a proxy global referendum on the nation-state model.

      @pkpetro @opera When is Opera browser to be launched with VPN built in?

      @RubixLabsFr RT @CyberSummitUSA: #CyberSummitDC exhibitor @balabit is a global leader in privileged activity monitoring, trusted logging, and proxy-base…

      @tutorkag @SocialistVoice @BratFrye "Fear" enhanced economics...Threat Intel=Economic Intel+ governing will to deliver global youth...proxy wars

      @laurracabezas RT @TheMightyLeon: If you wanna check your score...
      Download Global VPN, connect to the US West server, check your score. :)

      @LeviAnderson16 Bay global multiversity perak: high cool coeducational sanctum as proxy for students.: afPjx

      @BRAG_Global RT @SiNi_Software: Which #3dsmax proxy plays nicely with all leading renderers? #CoronaRenderer #ChaosGroup #mentalray #MaxwellRender

      @thegrugq_ebooks @blumo0n VPN provider knows who you are using Ricochet I assume you don't want Tor HS to be secure against a global passive adversary.

      @ob007 @WorthWray @Callum_Thomas EM always been a proxy on global growth and sans change in structural issues can't see this changing yet #highrisk

      @kevin_global @thesuniljain
      Russia and Syria fighting ISIS on the ground (not in news chatrooms). They say ISIS are proxy elements of Turkey & Saudis.

      @IronFalcon77 @Breaking911 Global proxy war using Black Lives matter now attacking Britain- so now you see,this is not just some local anti-police protest

      @PotatsoApp @Rareboy The saddest story I've heard today. You can add rules like DOMAIN-MATCH, twiiter, PROXY, or just use global mode.

      @ItsJuanMedina S/o 2 those that don't retweet my

      @GovernCenter From this week's Global Proxy Watch: Incoming UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s extraordinary call Monday to put employees and consumers on c…

      @bylagarto Expect more, @PeterPatterr - wealth extraction, extreme overpopulation & proxy wars are showing the cracks in a broken global pyramid scheme

      @JuxtaposedNovus @ActivistPost Haa! The FBI is all over EVERYONE. Proxy servers or VPN's aren't a solution, they give us the proxy, vpn, cloud Metric.

      @IamJessie__ RT @RamnathBrn: @itisprashanth @vickrammachi very simple bro Indian internet provider illama proxy use panna ppl can access it

      @David_E_Okonsar To all our friends:
      Facebook is temporarily blocked. I acceded using a Proxy. We're OK and safe

      @MattMurrie @benkaufman @mbfxc @kjglobal88 @Trep_Ed @AmirEskafyan @digcitsummit @digcitinstitute #WhatIf Ben is a

      @talktome_global @Sarkies_Proxy @MisterGreenwich we will need to try it! Are you Pokomon Go fans?

      @bittlingmayer @Babken One has money for Cascade, good heart, global perspective but not 2500 AMD nor realism or hacker instincts to install a proxy.

      @reynath0087 @666jetJet I agree, however I shouldn't have to proxy. We live in a global economy. Entertainment needs to catch up to that fact.

      @DatKawaiiScrub @DatKawaiiScrub managed to get a VPN to bypass it

      @Conservamator @AmbJohnBolton Seems almost HIllary/Obama/Kerry proxy agents for Global Islamic revolution & takeover of ME. But that would be paranoid.

      @RandomStrawMan Global oil prices skyrocket and the assad regime. Iran is managing a clear proxy war against you! It basically needs Iraq to what it is.

      @GovernCenter Highlight from this week's Global Proxy Watch: US principles for corporate governance and investor stewardship were unveiled yesterday by 1…

      @66korrad #Obama,a Global Warmonger is waging one direct proxy war after another.He chooses war,not peace. He opposes peace and his record proves it.

      @GaiaWeylyn RT @_Ninji: Aw shit, upgrading to iOS 9.3.3 has broken my data-saving global proxy hack. Wonder if I’ll be able to get it working again

      @BlackieDragon @StormGryphon There're decades left to the life she (by proxy) gave to you.
      Do your best - be happy. Make her proud of you & live hard!

      @timbrowning2004 Happy to talk to anyone with a global trade proxy or any other dead world macro. Time to entertain me!

      @CadenMolly Sine flaunt serene ups as proxy for an embroilment footloose and fancy-free subsistence: oUwF

      @777VP777 @davidfrum so just how many HRC BHO illegal proxy wars to provoke Russia into global conflict do u support?

      @tib @chenmaranon a browser and a secure proxy in one:) it's for privacy and to escape censorship, but it can help checking for connection issues

      @messi1lol RT @Chopsyturvey: Kashmir not about alienated youth but a proxy war from Pakistan, the home of global Jihad. Don't be naive. @davidfrawleyv…

      @GhulamMuhammed Not difficult to make out: all ISIS's agenda is exact replica of Zionists' idea of world dominance by global conspiracies & proxy violence.

      @Jmart4info @braddo_ct @Net_News_Global I disagree that this was an actual beheading but if it's going 2 ignite folks 2 speak out against US proxy army!

      @keshda RT @Sanju_Verma_: #PakTerrorCover-UP has few takers,with now even Bangladesh&Afghanistan,lambasting it openly;Proxy wars don't work in new…

      @YoungSierra1 How up to opt as proxy for the hide bakersfield highlighter doctor: muqWc

      @pdwhelloworld The real #Smartling secret sauce = A "Global Delivery Network" proxy to internationalise any existing website or web app, with near-zero IT

      @Ricqrdoe We need like a global announcement to enforce the South American proxy, too many laggy beans holy shit

      @ReleazetheBeast @AlArabiya_Eng What about Saudi mass beheading of Shia child protestors? Saudi is the mother of global terror and a western terror proxy

      @Smudge202 @DanTup For what it's worth, I sometimes get that when I'm on private VPN's. Not sure if that applies in your case?

      @chrisboden @KhandaniM To the extent that R is a proxy for the country's economic performance & the global confidence in it, may both strengthen further

      @BrandonDo3 @Ar1iDev I've tried using a proxy and all i get is no pokestop are around. is there an ip proxy and port that works for sure?

      @RewildBritain US: @umasalam Israel is behind the destabilisation of Syria, it is a proxy war against Iran, orchestrated by global Zionism. @pdsutherlandun

      @2011Thought @THE_47th So please, when we say that Al-Qaeda is a proxy arm of US global reach: take us serious. We're not just making accusations.

      @saulboscanPNC RT @BillAdamsPNC: More light @ end of tunnel from Brazil's IBC-Br (monthly GDP proxy) - #emergingmarkets are offsetting the drag on global…

      @spanesports @whatismyip when signing up on site we want different country to sign up in different regions, will ur api let me do that even behind proxy

      @8BitSnake I had to uninstall all my remote access programs cause someone using a proxy is trying to access my accounts. LOL

      @TiffanyMildred1 Ideas and fee as proxy for straight a global cambridge nuptials: qIjJjMuhI

      @ChoiceMarkets RT @The_BlueSword: #maersk net result fell to $134m from $1.1bn a year earlier, missing expect. =>a good proxy for the status of global eco…

      @Theshells1111 Is South Sudan next on NATO=US proxy war Liberty hit list? - as American school drop in global ranking to number 34 - keep an eye

      @FarzanaRasab RT @NadiaPTI: We don't need a rally there, we need to remove Modi's proxy govt from there ...NS ko hataow. Security should be #1. @Malghani…

      @fuzeyuji and the Pentagon behind-the-scenes, and they are using America as their proxy to establish a global empire of their own.

      @OpenFacedTruth @Redbaron9495 In the global plan I think the U.S. is relegated to proxy miliary/global police.Some imply U.S. leads this global plan.not me

      @richinseattle @myhndl @tweetdkp who knew wingate was still around! want something diff, but more in this direction, global system proxy w/ regex

      @9562Debbie RT @iyad_elbaghdadi: Unfortunately Syria's mess is already a global proxy war with multiple ongoing interventions, and cannot be solved wit…

      @real_proxy RT @SpecialKMB1969: @realDonaldTrump @nytimes It's not a secret anymore many / MOST who believe in their global agenda r part of our media…

      @cashmoney767 a lot of people tell me betternet is horrible when in reality betternet is the best vpn app I think everyone should get it #BetternetSeason

      @McKenzieAl @VikingInFL @jeffjarvis Or trifling issues like arming proxy warriors that have lead the most hellish global maelstrom since WWII

      @shubclimate @CColose @ClimateOfGavin @JWSpry @tan123 @Revkin Why do they diverge post 2000? Surface instr rec is after all a proxy for global atmosphere

      @philpearce @netsmith View access is UK & Global. Edit access is restricted to US ip ranges. But its very easy to setup a proxy when you need to edit.

      @OkapiPartners RT @DukasLindenPR: Congratulations to @OkapiPartners as they surge to #1 among proxy solicitors in the @thomsonreuters Global Activism Scor…

      @RawrforXD @YourCaesarSaIad @KEEMSTAR @YouTube a proxy a vpn ip changer and what else?

      @PopsandSunshine @borenbears proxy data and computer models to pinpoint that campfires and wood stoves caused anthro global warming in 1800's. Just brilliant

      @DrewNutter @EricBoehlert Do you honestly think calling Putin "the grand godfather of global nationalism" is smart while we're in a proxy war with him?

      @ObeyyMeeBlshh RT @Emirati_Sheikha: American & Russia constitute in global trade almost 60% of the market & it's their proxy wars.@AnakedSkywalker Peace h…

      @MaDog_and_Isaac I'm hoping that I'll begin performing physical miracles (not just affecting events by proxy) in a few months; I will deliver global aid.

      @Jamestown502 Proxy wars & global drug trade

      @hyperplanes @interfluidity @mattyglesias @ggreenwald sure, same way global warming is a real environmental issue for which keystone was a terrible proxy

      @lginiger Sees about forty nations proxy warring in Syria. Complains about the global abandonment of Syria.

      @kaarigar @KabirWasti we don't need #Pak a new proxy war theatre rather a global player with #Russia #China

      @OakmanBrady Interpretation the global patio munition as proxy for yours eternal home: xchtmgdah

      @dark_proxy RT @hartsman: @Boogie2988 Right? If this turns into a global idiocratization, everyone loses.

      @PrestigeEcon @WorthWray @GKilpepe64 It's really a risk of continued #manufacturing weakness, which reflects weak global growth as a throughput proxy.

      @GovernCenter Update from this week's Global Proxy Watch: The Financial Stability Board launched a
      review of how countries are applying the OECD’s corpor…

      @ArielFornari RT @libbyliberalnyc: Draitser:lynchings,rapes,&murders of black Libyans carriedout by #Obama’s proxy terrorist forces4regime change vs Gadd…

      @Truth_Tellerzz #Noora #Mafia has employed hundreds of RAW agents in their factories & also supporting RAW-PROXY #MQM but #COAS is Spectator. Why?

      @real_proxy @real_proxy Don't be spouting off about Global Warming while mass #rape #beheading and our VERY EXISTENCE is at STAKE! LOOK AT SWEDEN! #NWO

      @OpenFacedTruth @RowansMimi They are using the U.S. as their proxy in the Middle East.At the same time, there is a movement for global control.

      @16kolovrat83 @BadrTawhid @AbuHantala when you start a global proxy war thatll happen

      @OperationNation @micblank So you were in Iraq...fighting a Zionist and oil-proxy war for Israel, Bush, Chaney and global banksters? Good for you.

      @soomrofaysal a lot to do for the global leaders than fighting proxy wars@dawn_com

      @hertfordblue @ShoNuf77 Your point is semantic. Of little value. Cold War is a term to describe global conflict in which proxy wars waged across globe

      @oibenito RT @PokeMeshApp: i'll let you see stamina, attack, defense, and default moves for each Pokémon on the next release + proxy pref + global sh…

      @ko_oneill @scotsmiler13 @JamieRoss7 @bryan_brbennett Can't complain Scot doesn't tackle global issues when we're represented globally by a UK proxy

      @FCS_Global_LLC "Fund admins are outside the purview of the SEC, but RIAs are responsible by proxy for digital data shared with third parties." #EITSUMMIT

      @clarkson1977 It's not proxy war. It's an arrangement. The Middle East is like a farm run by the global military industrial complex and presided....

      @BrahmanBjoy1 @BlrCityPolice tor browser, proxy, bot network are some of the technologies which make you 100% anonymous... Will take 100 years to track

      @abdulmc The system of global governance must be strengthened to prevent brazen imperialist invasions & proxy wars. #internationaldayofpeace

      @JxstinTime @nothing4dalow do you put the proxy with the lowest ping in the global proxy spot?

      @NikeSlayer_ @Brayan21CP We definitely recommend using proxies, at least 2:1 per task, 1:1 ideally. You only need to specify a global proxy if [more]

      @world_wide_anon YourAnonNews: .True_Gooner84 The IP of which admin? We all use proxy chains and VPNs \o/

      @NikeSlayer_ @Jfengulous @Brayan21CP Yeah, 100% use a global proxy if the computer is banned

      @DaneElwell @bluemorbo @Dunetails Proxy / tunnel? Could be IP based.

      @Sneeker_Freeker RT @SoleSeekerATC: @Sneeker_Freeker after you put a proxy in global did it work? did not work for me but i just test same server and it add…

      @VLinwood_ @SoReal231 other than avoiding Initializing, global proxy doesnt do much from what i see

      @pbalamiller RT @hamishms: Question is, who will lead global asset managers in implementing unified policy & proxy action on #climate risk? @blackrock @…

      @AdamOfDc949 @pwnallthethings You know, like virtually all other public VPN services. And this isn't going to protect you from ARP attacks

      @_SidVerma I feel sorry for the rand. It used to be the best 'high-beta' proxy for global risk. Now, it's the peso.

      @6lennybravo @minister65 @Jbuchan1969 @AndyOz2 Obviously snow at location that forms .0024% of earth's surf. is proxy for global temp. It's science! LOL

      @Sandoz_Global @kevinatgrogan Hi Kevin - Sadly, you'll have to find a proxy!

      @baby7billion Rally on #OPEC output cut is confusing. For a year low oil price has been proxy for consumption/demand thus health of global economy

      @Nutty_Eno RT @Nilempress: This USA election determines whether WW3 will be a nuclear holocaust started by a man-child or a drone & global war by prox…

      @EllieMargolis RT @HoffProf: For the last year, I've wrongly thought that the oxford comma discussion was a proxy fight for something important, e.g., glo…

      @richadmllwallfc RT @Researchlight: Russia state they have intelligence reports suggesting NATO proxy terrorists are planning chemical attacks in Syria... #…

      @laddugopal123 #Pakistan nukes waiting to be stolen or willing given to jihadi or non state actors. Can be on proxy war failure or global isolation (1/2)

      @epicbrowser @UnRealNateStorm @KamVTV More complete privacy is Epic+VPN, but Epic w/proxy is quite strong & w/plugins disappearing soon to be complete!

      @Tj1701a RT @Tj1701a: @PamelaGeller The UN is proxy 4the OIC the ISLAMIC Global agenda it is the global JIHAD of immigration force ur elected REP 2…

      @BindaasAdda RT @ashishdua1: .#China proxy batting for #Pakistan by blocking #Brahmaputra tributary & global ban to JeM chief at #UN reeks of imperative…

      @peterleohurst @owenjbennett @PeoplesMomentum

      @checkerhd RT @MarkSleboda1: This is a civil conflict (cum jihad cum global proxy war). That's what happens in in civil conflict. Citizens kill each o…

      @1WayOrAnother @Slaktus that's an 80s-90s definition. There's a global culture but it's diverse by definition. "Elite" now proxy for enemy of nationalism

      @geoffgarside @Netflixhelps something wrong? App keeps telling me I'm using a proxy but I'm not and no IPv6 either. What's this based on, how do I check?

      @Sandyshark @edwardedark @Navsteva There is already a global conflict - it is a proxy war- jihadis are everywhere now, Made by Assad's policies too :)

      @srividya23 RT @UnSubtleDesi: Stakes are higher nw than ever n so is the global mobilization including bringing Balochistan to the forefront. Proxy war…

      @AlexTheFruit even with my IP (which apparently is in Kansas before using the VPN?) that's still far as heck from California, 1600 miles away.

      @Net_News_Global RT @aj_observations: You can clearly see that the U.S is panicking, they know that their proxy war in #Syria will be finished when #Aleppo…

      @Slamfields @ekalenak - George Soros or Trump? If Soros' proxy gets in, you can't bitch but you probably won't be able to as free speech will be gone.

      @MrRogerFlatt @dwnews Saudi's proxy war with Iran? Part of the global Shia/Sunni deception?

      @MayneReport Global proxy advisory giant ISS has an offshore donkey vote that follows its recommendations. Explains extra large protest on CSL NED fees.

      @ShazGhaF shift in global power imminent.. pray we dont get dragged into a proxy war.

      @syrophide @CarterPaddy @CllrHolliday this is a whole parody person. The EU vote was a proxy on the UK becoming the first global parody country.

      @TEFReview “This proxy war argues that a serious escalation between Moscow & Washington is on the horizon and how Syria is becoming the new global war”

      @MatthewRose @SurfEasyInc my Mac app’s auto-updated and now won’t connect to the VPN server?

      @kaileonard @NikeSlayer_ what is a global proxy can you please clarify?

      @Playboikelv @k_villa29 Ima teach edvin how to do that shit so we can have a free bit n proxy

      @WRXavier RT @OccupySydney05: Imposed Censorship Laws by proxy to protect government pawns in the game of political and social destabilisation... htt…

      @PalmyraLives @KJKnodell @TheRickWilson @heatstreet @mindyfinn materialism, globalism and propping up proxy regimes isnt "global engagement".

      @CuriousVibe RT @kierobar: Excellent post! (Hillary is the proxy) Soros, Rothschilds, and Rockefeller's Global Oil War For Profit Bankateers pull the st…

      @abdulwali323 @sanaejaz2 There is no one lesser than others around Pakhtoons which led them to be the victims of global proxy wars by different states.

      @DK_Lush @TheHippestHippo @WhiskeyNWry1 @lordxmen2k interested in proxy wars, not global nuclear catastrophe.

      @WiseOldGeezer58 @HillaryClinton Trump supporters by proxy support sexual assault, North Korea and making America great, but only for the global elite.

      @AnthonyL_DAgost @aidthoughts re: your comment on elephant gph post: if proxy is life expctny, or F/M edu ratio, then global distri shows ++ improved progrss

      @HancockLaird Indias global clang association as proxy for the dirty deal unto silent partner therewith perkins: yBUaeXF

      @aureylian @AstragaliUSA I find it super flawed that I have to use a VPN service (which I have NEVER done + dont know how) to get a $60 game to WORK

      @OhNoHillNo @BecketAdams Nothing embodies big heartedness quite like proxy wars, indiscriminate drone strikes & brokering global arms deals.

      @Global_Renewal 3)@wef;...#Slavery, #exploitation, #MassImpoverishment, #Genocide by proxy, #UnderDvpt, #MassIgnorance & others such evils?!
      cc @UNODC

      @ZiaulhaqAmarkhi #AFG must not be another battle ground of a global and regional religious #proxy as this nation suffered a lot than any other.3/3

      @PSRealTalk @tylersschuckman I mean, the Cold War was basically a global proxy war between Russia and USA, Vietnam was only one of them.

      @cgrodriguezr @jayvanbavel any theory behind these? Facebook friends as a proxy for real social support, and thus, protective factor?

      @Chris_Colton FYI Warp Stabilizer still disables any proxies on the clip, even with Global FX Mute on. Effect turns off but doesn't switch to proxy

      @Mkts2day #Trump Bus. sector=NOT supporting TRUMP(1stX they've turned back on GOP)-GLOBAL-Mkts=NOT behaving well..Peso &Real..doing the"trump-proxy"

      @Cooloutac @KillerMike if its happening from your home network. thats sketchy. unless you using a vpn proxy like tor or something.

      @F532stroker RT @Emirati_Sheikha: The real proxy war that is happening in M.E. is global hegemonies and in particualr Russia & America. Peace @JNovak_Y…

      @CopTheWorld @Deadlaced randomise global proxy

      @stevefelder @helenzille @SundayTimesZA Zuma and our proxy President Ajay Gupta will clearly stop at nothing to protect their ill-gotten gains. Sickening

      @DerekCavaliero @JustinMacMahan @BigHeadSports @NFL use a VPN to trick it. They're a bunch of jerks.

      @mlaccetti_music #np Currently listening to: Proxy - Dance in the Dark

      @twitingmachine @AdamsFlaFan @AlterNet For the most part, DC is bi-partisan. More support for proxy wars and global oligarchy coming.

      @theholysinner If #Trump wins it so be ready for another proxy war around #Pakistan , if #Clinton makes it so well global warming already heating my land

      @TangaRoy RT @timseymour: #Peso is the emost liquid #FX in EM and is a proxy more than anything,, This as an overshoot of epic proportions @SaraEisen

      @tdpauw RT @AgileSteveSmith: Stop measuring velocity as a local proxy for time. Start measuring lead time as a global proxy for value #continuousde…

      @CAGWSkeptic Only "carbon tax" that would work is one tied to the global average temperature, assuming it is proxy for climate. Google Ross McIntrick.

      @NikeSlayer_ @SSBK1881 Use a global proxy.

      @HuwMurr @lisaabramowicz1 Using a BBG proxy as per the article, Global bonds lost as much 2 days prior and 5x this in October. Your point?

      @alteresben @thiloginkel @Oracle @java Seems to be global problem. Have tried from Ireland, and from California via VPN. Same thing.

      @FsdofficialPti #IndiaSupportingTerrorism
      India proxy terrorist outfits are destroying global peace

      @Global_Sisterz RT @workersworld: Joe Mshahawar: War against #Syria is a US proxy war to completely liquidate a pluralistic, anti-Zionist society. US #Hand…

      @Ilikegames12345 @NikeSlayer_ What is the global proxy for and how do i use it? it is not in the documentation

      @unormal @mpesce It's all popcorn until we save the planet from global warming with a limited thermonuclear sinorussian proxy war.

      @rainbowruin @YumeMofoAyonie if global circle lens sites are failing you, I would definitely look into purchasing from Japanese cosplay sites thru proxy

      @jackiefoz1 @SantiagoAlbert_ @az_valentine Unless he mobilizes the clueless protestors for a DNC led proxy war, &Manchurian Global media cohorts onboard

      @brianloveswords @jenninat0r natural disasters as a proxy for global climate change caused by humans.

      @PhoneBoySaidSo MILLION of the last couple of that enables the VPN that works fine. Monday

      @CasaChichi @PiXyyRDuust The horrible proxy war pushed by HRC & her global bankers is why that poor child is dead. So few realize the truth.

      @PeterWolfffff @PeterWolfffff Proxy servers exist outside of Google data centres+surveillance network tht use dedicated Google servers/Google server farms

      @qoxidunykyvi Controlling access to global variables via an ES6 proxy

      @PSFSher RT @AsfandyarKWali: We are facing d consequences & impacts of regional & global Proxy wars,Pak & Afghanistan will have 2 make joint efforts…

      @sslproxies Need to SSL MITM but HSTS stops u? Bypass #HSTS by importing proxy cert as Trusted Root - many clients disable HSTS for locally trusted CA's

      @michinuernberg RT @EliyahHavemann: BREAKING: Turkish government demands mobile operators and ISPs to block #VPN traffic with the help of DPI technology. #…

      @NikeSlayer_ @YEEZY350750950 no just make sure to use a proxy in the global proxy field.

      @LandonNorma Outcome la wheelchair security guard as proxy for in stock: hQCQWXWgE

      @cw247_tom @Hypixel EU and US combined to create one server? (Meaning that you could join in either proxy)

      @CardenasElanie RT @ReleazetheBeast: @RT_com Western powers badly exposed as controller of global jihadi terror network and false flags. GCC dictatorshps r…

      @neil_lister RT @mhmck: Heavy bombing/shelling by #PutinAtWar of Syrians & Ukrainians. Russia's global war ramps up to crown Putin proxy Trump in Electo…

      @JustinPulitzer Since OPEC will be manipulating supply, IDK if we can say $CL_F is as clear a proxy for Global Growth. However, it is still linked to $HYG.

      @JohnARobles RT @NovaShpakova: @johnarobles ...a well-rewarded, regional proxy 'franchise' of the US. True, the Central Banking families run the global…

      @NikeSlayer_ @Cancelszn Use a global proxy if your computer/server is banned from the footsites.

      @pammystheone #surf anonymous proxy catholic charities home health care

      @mekiwitno #wedding music license best secure vpn providers

      @indepen_scot @wookie_wizardry @wookie_wizardry I have never considered using a vpn for streaming but it's a must now to protect against snoopers

      @finres @pierpont_morgan British consols as proxy for global risk free rate? Hmmm.

      @drappleton5 @BHWTC @politico The global bankers are using Ukrainian nationalists as one of many in their proxy war to get into Russian banking.

      @anakinskam vpn doesn't work on my school computers bc they block them somehow FUCK everything

      @ashleyjd @slone @Salon The world would be better of under Trump leadership than the global elites who want to do it via proxy.

      @sanvi_pao @NATOildemT @USNATO @nfiu_svk Collective defence to counter global crises, proxy wars -asymmetric wars,fundamentalism,fifth column.Mutuality

      @Disabledvet_OIF @seanhannity @POTUS By not creating CIA armies like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda (Database), and ISIS to fight our proxy wars?

      @ralphm1031 @IFFConsulting @SOFREP Cold War never ended cont by proxy & with new oper theatres > global marketplace

      @ecchipunk RT @ecchipunk: my arms are my elite covert agents, providing my family and friends with a proxy body to love and feed, my voice? twitter, t…

      @SDRedibles @rizoboy yes but these a proxy wars much different than full out global war which seems to be on the horizon.

      @KesterRatcliff @NBCNightlyNews words are very cheap... Will Putin's proxy POTUS actually do anything to set limits on his boss' global hybrid warfare?

      @PeeliHaldi RT @MaxBlumenthal: Trump and Trumpism is the blowback from decades of American carnage exacted on the global south. Our cruel invasions & p…

      @proxy_gsm @icloud_Global
      1# 1-10 days
      2# 1-3 days
      3# 1-7 days

      @Net_News_Global RT @PetoLucem: NEW MAP: While #Turkey and its proxy militias seem unable to advance in #AlBab, #SAA advancing SW of the #ISIS stronghold. #…

      @bulankachan @AnonBasy a web game from the jp site dmm mommy, you need to fix proxy to enter

      @HamptonStevens @Christopher00XX @benshapiro Not our enemy except for 50 years of global proxy war. Why, exactly, do we need Russian help to fight ISIS?

      @MarcoMNYC @mcnees the stock market , which acts as a proxy for global risk , doesn't think so . In fact , it's the opposite.

      @crypto_ashotta @navale7_rahul @alok_bhatt it isn't necessary that WW3 be direct war. Proxy wars are happening. It may take 20 yrs for global war on water.

      @faris @Dr_Draper @TC_Miles and I do want to understand - I'm using global mainstream news cover as proxy for fame but if you have better idea

      @carljokl Is there a browser agnostic proxy typed system for checking all the HTTP requests that a browser makes? I know Betamax was a thing one.

      @PeterSainsbury7 RT @TCommodity: Bofa: economic policy uncertainty, inversely correlated with and leading global PMIs, a proxy for #copper demand, is at rec…

      @Net_News_Global RT @MarkSleboda1: Ex-US Ambassador wants Russia to pay for results of US-backed Putsch that overthrew elected govt in Ukraine & its illegal…

      @Crayz9000 @jlangdale Never-ending proxy wars in the global south, on the other hand, supply the endless profit demanded by capitalists.

      @shelbyabbie @stavridisj relation to the burgeoning global proxy war in Libya & control of the Great Manmade River & Nubian sandstone Aquifer?

      @MissionaryJapan of Satan Lucifer, and rogue shadow global alien proxy government, and every reptilian Orion alliance nephilim chimera alien, and all alien

      @jerrykuch @RadioFreeTom Where are you on the proxy war, Vietnam inspired, moral ambiguities of "A Private Little War?"

      @oldebattleaxe ThisisRapPromo Proxy or VPN I pay $5 a month for having access on Netflix isn't that much though^^ /if #klout wittier

      @Global_Renewal RT @Global_Renewal: 3) via @LopesInsights etal;...carrying on the "trade" by proxy of d colonial East African Company it seems!
      cc @UNODC @…

      @dxs016 @IPVanish having some win 10 issues. Cannot browse on any connected server. Downloads proxy script to browser. Then dns timeout. Help.

      @tee_baxter1 RT @RitzPlays: I didn't sleep but I applied for Global Entry and by proxy TSA Precheck. Hopefully I'll get scheduled for an interview soon!

      @real_proxy @tomcoates @realDonaldTrump Do U have any idea which countries & strategic global zones the US defends? OBAMA DID NOTHING SO IT'S EXPANDED!

      @proxy_gsm @iphoneunlocker8 @kaino147 @icloud_Global @iScamProtection @iUnlockAdvisor u bitch scambug stop doing scam , go to street start begging.

      @iphoneunlocker8 @proxy_gsm @kaino147 @icloud_Global @iScamProtection @iUnlockAdvisor you asshole know nothing only barking here uselessly

      @Psoterone @CloughOlive Create none Tax funded Global Cities, @cardiffcouncil @edinburgh @London @belfastcc to proxy your heritage.

      @Rpmonroe66 @AgendaOfEvil Islam is a Global Progressive proxy army, to a Fascist Global Caliphate.

      @kiraanyan @soul__drive do they ship global or do I need to use a proxy?

      @MrDarthVader2U @lorenkschofield @MichaelStahlke no this is a proxy war on a global scale between Iran and KSA. We need to topple the Sauds, the real enemy

      @imcoolhead @imcoolhead

      Mahindra Holidays | 430

      Rising middle class
      Proxy to consumption theme
      Increasing concept of global and local holidays

      @ConsultantRR VPN-proxy-as-a-service, from a well-known corp with a global infra presence and solid user privacy stance could be the next big thing. AWS?

      @Tautologicaly It happens naturally just by proxy of expansion into a global market.

      @bintanghatiqoe #global leadership programs private vpn tunnel

      @kakabouie RT @hildyjohns: Global warming is a proxy for science: 2/3 of GOP "moderates" don't believe in science; almost all GOP "conservatives" don'…

      @bootdisk RT @Fitzzchiv: @obotheclown its a proxy for a broader regional/global conflict, clearer when looked at through the lens of shia v's sunni f…

      @zk34911 @hackingtag Proxy/VPN because they just blacklisted IP

      @bordognaroberto Honestly i think that a way to get out of all these global troubles is to push 4 a world #Growth (not 4 pragmatic wars by proxy).

      @B_Ntshingane Botswana gov't mostly doesn't show any signs of understanding the UNSC, global proxy wars visa viz geopolitics.

      @seemaramesh77 RT @RelianceGCS: Today, @captraman will be speaking at The Leadership Times 2017,@ 1700h on 'Global Terrorism & the Reality of Proxy Wars'.…

      @RichardCowley2 RT @rln_nelson: @RichardCowley2 @GillesnFio @icarus62 @JvDorp @SteveBrownBC Splicing a global average to regional proxy is especially disin…

      @OpineHEALTH PRESS RELEASE » Walmart Releases 2017 Annual Report, Proxy Statement, Global Responsibility Report and Global Ethics and Compliance Program…

      @TrendiestPoser RT @SaraBadass3: Luciferian Satanist plan for three world wars to create their Draco Empire proxy global government New World Order

      @tgmerge @replit Uhh I'm using proxy to bypass some network restrictions from China, and the proxy is lack of UDP relay. That might be a problem :|

      @mjg59 Also explains the local HTTP server thing it's just a homekit proxy

      @KingHorseHead Dear gods from the #VPN pantheon; keep my internet browsing private, my preferences anonymous, and my tracks covered


      @abdullahmrd The proxy war by global players in Syria have further increased the miseries of Syrian people. US, Russia and China are to be blamed.

      @JohnBrady1x @JanePerlez I have always imagined N. Korea as a convenient proxy for China in their global strategy.

      @MissionaryJapan his fallen angels need human DNA genes that are connected to the earth and have dominion upon the earth to rule a proxy global Illuminati

      @candygirlsmp3 @ssanilee if it's the girl in the preview screencap then that's non again but let me watch a proxy bypass version to confirm

      @_PeteSmith_ @Proxy_Tank You'd think, but apparently it doesn't count unless it's anonymous.

      @hockeyschtick1 RT @TheEndisFar: @geoffmprice @CitronCockatoo @SapientHetero @JohnFerris62 @hockeyschtick1 @brandonrgates @DexterRoy527 @randomxnp @rln_nel…

      @scottadamsmith Awww, my first webpack-dev-server proxy pathRewrite infinite loop. I may have gone too far with this configuration. #webpack

      @ReleazetheBeast @AlArabiya_Eng @HeshmatAlavi Saudi is the global terrorist and a proxy of terror for Israel. Exposed badly.

      @AlphonsusOlieh My concern is that #WannaCry 2.0 has proxy re-encryption abilities. @UN this cyber attack should warrant a global emergency!

      @aaronbrickman #China's fund formed in 2007 to diversify nation's foreign-exchange holdings; closely watched as a proxy for China Inc.’s global ambitions.

      @deadley25 @DavidBrentIPL Same here in India. Thought it will available there. You can use VPN to watch that live.

      @SidizenKane Dont mistake this for my trying to lessen the impact of Fox News. It's shaped the American and by proxy global landscape in terrifying ways.

      @ReleazetheBeast @BBCWorld US to visit its number one proxy in ME. Tool for false flags and global terror to blame it on Islam

      @ReleazetheBeast #MiskTweeps Global terrorist US meeting its proxy Saudi to fund more terrorism and falseflags inthe name of Islam

      @BunnyGee123 @ASK_des Murderers by proxy.
      These people will happily sacrifice you and your children for their own global agendas

      @luckywinkle RT @LandDestroyer: Doubling size of MI5 can't stop terrorism when its MI5's job to create it in the first place - fueling UK's elective, gl…

      @tonyszko @gutek @MSEdgeDev you are sure it is browser not a different network \ proxy configuration problem?

      @lhgmk2 ... And the huge overwhelming global tendency for proxy war, but to disseminate religion etc, you're a shut in a box dribbling idiot.

      @MerlinGyr RT @HamonSpot: @3L3V3NTH @MelissaJPeltier As Putin's US proxy, trump is a global wrecking ball, a radioactive suitcase bomb & America's Ene…

      @SisterEuphemia @davidfrum Witness smear & intimidation by proxy. Thanks, @Facebook, for once again being a purveyor of fake news.

      @Shakuur89 RT @lesvcampbell: @InstituteGC @Gen_Global_ @UNESCO You created radical Islamic terrorism. Muslim Brotherhood has its HQ in London. ISIS et…

      @YorkLongshot @gazc23 They're anti trident, I will never change my views on our deterrent - especially with so many proxy wars simmering on a global stage

      @proxy_don Moving web host, website is continuously going down randomly and it sucks.

      @CubaTexas @portsy_16 @FaithGoldy USA and Russia fighting each other = global disaster. They use proxy wars to fight each other. 2nd Cold War i guess.

      @neilslorance @SirCraigius Nothing :p i guess I'm one by proxy.

      @bg2bhc @darksidelemm Didn't see you on the contributer webpage. You can use the proxy to upload the data to our server if you would like it.

      @Sarkies_Proxy RT @HarryShotton: 4 acid attacks on Muslims in London in recent days. No govt statement. No police raids. No global media coverage.

      @scientificusrex RT @Zerilos: @GaiaLovesMe @scientificusrex @EcoSenseNow @w_mccan @Rand_Simberg BTW that graph proves nothing. Greenland is not a proxy for…

      @pravi202 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @CIA Don't TRUST China2Tame N Korea or Pakistan. Proxy War Mongering is tamed ONLY with Iron Hand-Global Sanctions:)

      @ongly_dan @__intimate_ I thought using vpn is the solution to browse any websites...

      @VU3SDZ RT @samirsinh189: To divert global attention from massive problem of #NorthKorea - a China proxy, #China unnecessarily creates border issue…

      @JoelLucania My parent's primitive mindset compels them to try and control my life as a means to attain global power. They're actually a proxy.

      @emoabuela why did netflix block out all vpns does anyone know a good proxy that can bypass it

      @roomeezon RT @rockykistner1: Worried about sea level rise? You should be if you live on the U.S. East and Gulf coasts via @NatGeo #climatechange htt…

      @S_Patty5 RT @JohnWonderlich: Trump is endorsing a future where US campaigns are witting participants in global intelligence proxy wars.

      @522303605Kerwin My vpn on pc has been blocked for a couple of days,I am fucking isolated by the china internet censorship ,tell me how to get vpn on pc

      @MelGibsonsRabbi @NikeSlayer_ so the Global Proxy is just for testing that you have the correct product link?

      @ianfeather Overexcited by the ability to delete some unused/scary legacy global variables with the ES6 Proxy object and our instrumentation API!

      @DEJAPAN_Global When people say "hey, that Japan proxy shopping site has a flat rate service fee! isn't that great?", and we're here like 'OURS IS ZERO'.

      @cs_proxy Counter Strike:Global Offensive queue? msg me, MGE

      @NarraburraFella @jane_webber @Watsonmrk @NileGardiner The ftse all share as a proxy is net positive against benchmark global indices

      @icenemesis @singleladyYXE

      @fresh_newlook RT @Hermit_Hwarang: Korea will not be peaceful or safe so long as it remains a proxy for the rivalries of regional and global powers.

      @Global_Netizen1 @TimothyS DPRK is the proxy war to get to China. Neocons itching to kill people, including servicemen and women in the US military.

      @TheDavidDaoud RT @MarkSleboda1: Because our aggressive invasions, proxy wars, and shadow wars of regime change and global hegemony are much more morally…

      @Tlixxy @Ntu_thu_ko I know, i just dont want to leave a trail of Police Porn 101. If i want to hide my activities i use a tunneling proxy

      @flamingdingles @NikeSlayer_ We need multiple global proxy support.

      @kapildsharma @kishkindha 10/10
      7)Indo-China proxy battle won't be limited to just LAC..It will be witnessed on Global Fora..

      @RandoDaily what we perceive as intercontinental geopolitics is actually a global proxy war between iran & israel,

      @JVlY78tecduj8Gj RT @Raywoolford: @marimyst1 Please join Tue 7-8Pm

      @Global_Netizen1 RT @Hermit_Hwarang: A serious mass movement for demilitarization - no more military bases, arms sales, or proxy wars in our homelands #Futu…

      @Raywoolford RT @Raywoolford: @oldcojote @Moyenne1 @omeisy Please join the week Global twitter storm Tue 7-8pm UK time share news & action #FreeHisham.…

      @Bobwhitethebird RT @whdaffer: @tweettruth2me @AnnCoulter @Bobwhitethebird Should've looked closer.. Red-herring! It only lists *strikes*, a so-so proxy for…

      @pambesteder @dhiggins63 You voted by proxy through me.

      @revolution_fr RT @FerraraLaurent: First factor from a large database of commo prices is a great proxy for global demand. Check our WP with @DomenicoGiann…

      @mohit_pande RT @rohitForCloud: BeyondCorp is the engineering aka magic I demo'ed at #GoogleCloudSummit as Cloud Identity Aware Proxy #zerotrustnetworks…

      @libbyliberalnyc RT @libbyliberalnyc: Cunningham:Over past7decades, US rulers waged overt wars, coups, assassinations&proxy wars vs dozens countries! global…

      @markocavka @theTunnelBear is the best VPN software out there... FYI :)

      @Qlh8vSSCUx9Igi9 RT @Raywoolford: Will raise this part of Tue global weekly twitter storm7-8pm UK time #FreeHisham & Solidarity #Yemen against Saudi Proxy…

      @BillionIndian RT @sankarchanda99: @BillionIndian @majorgauravarya As part of Proxy Wars, Patrons pay Amnesty etc global outfits to sabotage/constrain hos…

      @lallyiii RT @coppedproxies: 1GB UNLIMITED Proxy Memberships GIVEAWAY - 10 WINNERS.

      EXCLUSIVE Proxy Network - MEMBERS ONLY
      UNLIMITED PROXIES for eve…

      @Hugh_Henry3 RT @2kdei: Hopefully learning #citizenjournalism to improve options for a global voice to counter AQAP narratives in Yemen's proxy war. htt…

      @InnocentGuilty3 Enormous threat to global peace and stability, drawing many world players into proxy wars

      @Back2Bataan @HadiAlabdallah @bobfrombrockley There never was a revolution. Proxy war co-opted by global & regional powers from the start

      @Joker_by_Proxy Sure we are global but our politicians should only be beholden to their constituents. Not to Russia or China or France etc.

      @shekhar19541 “Pakistan faces risk of global isolation due to its continuing proxy war in its neighbourhood” say liberal activistsof Pakistan

      @2HarryBawlz RT @C_3MAGA: The Essential John McCain:

      Arming Isis
      Global Proxy Wars
      Lying about the Wall
      Fake Dossier
      Cursing at Women/Reporters

      @topherth @PaymentError @darroneggins @QiasOmar @Backdoorcook this is like a year old I didn’t even know how to set a global proxy when I wrote this

      @helliwell86 @Mike_83 @warezbborg I am the same mate. Using a free proxy will bypass the annoyance very easily

      @lingyeewong Apparently the Chinese government blocked WhatsApp & forced Apple to take off all VPN apps in the China Apple Store. China is too much

      @quintana_fj RT @DCHovell: Illuminating post from Dapo Akande on embattled ICJ elections (India v UK). Media construing this election as reflection of ‘…

      @KrisSn RT @TheEIU: EIU Global Forecast: The world economy is in its healthiest state for years, but the proxy conflict between Saudi Arabia and Ir…

      @tuebang RT @C4COMPUTATION: NI: Does g capture something fundamental about intelligence or is it another proxy? To answer this we need to show its n…

      @SassanVarasteh RT @AliR_Ahmadi1: This is a plan for US for long term occupation of large chunks of Syria (direct or by proxy) & control strategic parts of…

      @VeronikaKoller RT @GregMyers: So the plenary by Dorte Lønsmann brings together contrasting ways of using language as a proxy: 1) The Global Mindset' (Engl…

      @Trip_412 @FortniteGame Two things i would love to see. 1. Add Global Leaderboards 2. Proxy Mic in Game. :)

      @rahy21 anyone have 1 IP AUTH shopify proxy i can test

      @god_sola @chungda9 hey can your proxy work as global proxy?im in the other country but i wanna cop in supremeEU

      @rogersurfacings RT @RonWordwelder: @TheEconomist 3. "ISIS" is a #USrael contruct used as a proxy army to overthrow Syria for #YinonPlan & as bogeyman to ma…

      @Sarkies_Proxy RT @thomasbrake: Not content with trashing our economy, damaging our global reputation and destabilising the Northern Ireland border, Tory…

      @Klarin_co @nordstromrack I get an "access denied, " message on your website when accessing through a proxy. Why?!

      @TrumpGuyTV RT @TrumpGuyTV: I luv u @ASavageNation, but if anyone can negotiate ME peace & put an end to #NWO #DeepState #ShadowGov forces funding, tra…

      @merlinslist RT @markcurtis30: B.Johnson’s speech interestingly acknowledges how states use Islamist terrorism as a proxy in their foreign policies (the…

      @joelbomane RT @LynzyBilling: It was long thought that the East Antarctica Ice Sheet could weather global warming unscathed—but new research suggests o…

      @optimalprime8 @tooknewin @AIOHelper Did u use a global proxy?

      @uppeggah RT @DeeCTown: @StateDept NK are NOT holding 'the world' hostage.
      It's USAvage AngloZionistNazis marauding across the world like a fat Seri…

      @Podium_Hawk RT @ClareMLopez: #Iran projects power thru proxy terror militias - objective? Read the Iranian constitution - jihad for global Islamic stat…

      @EseKansaiJinBen RT @martel_al: @Bugs7744 @TrishaDishes @GeorgWebb @DestroyIllusion @lolli55 @PolitiKellyRite @KellyannePolls @jbddeckard @Nancique @tjadisk…

      @discordapp @WinterQueenscry Are you currently using a VPN/Proxy? If so, could you disable that and let me know how it goes?

      @jmarabur0 @Reuters Cutting aid after Pakistan don't play on US proxy game to Afghanistan.
      Mabrook Pakistan

      @jaeger_jill RT @DetlefvanVuuren: Spatially explicit global #landuse scenarios taking into account socio-economic and biophysical factors for the #SSPs…

      @marylougeorge2 RT @pkrapp: global warming denialism is so pervasive it can now be considered a contributing factor to global warming itself — something to…

      @Raywoolford RT @Raywoolford: #FreeHisham #FreeHishamAlomeisy Kidnapped 14 Aug 4 tweeting war crimes by all sides in #Yemen #SaudiArabia proxy war .Jo…

      @Global_Netizen1 RT @AWAKEALERT: They are not Syrian
      #TimesUp What do liars @nikkihaley and @realDonaldTrump have to say about these Saudi born terrorists…

      @httppbts RT @BTS_SMA_VOTE: For ASEAN countries download this now to vote for BTS, for Global download the GLOBAL App by using VPN Korea..

      Pass this…

      @WIR_GLOBAL RT @shahed: "The recent carnage is also tied, analysts said, to President Trump’s decision last month to increase pressure on Pakistan, lon…

      @BelindaFettke RT @GreenPlusAnE: It's hard to understand how completely Big Soda has captured global public health.

      Here Chinese CDC official Wenhua Zha…

      @Joker_by_Proxy RT @TomPrigg2018: The PA Republicans are doing their best to keep candidates like me out of Washington D.C. Please donate $20.18 to send t…

      @atentoalpiojo RT @SebasFC: There is a general misconception that #translating is easy. 
      Our Proxy-Based technology is what you were looking for to approa…

      @proxy_investor RT @anandmahindra: A free-fall in the market triggered by a global sell-off is in my opinion, a great time to go bargain hunting; especiall…

      @nunya_binnis RT @AndreJa56399234: @MaxAbrahms @caitoz Having failed to use proxy armies(al nusra/al qaeda/Isis/Kurds) to overthrow a democratic Syria go…

      @kamkamgarrett @proxy_global how can I get a quote from your team for a LTL shipment?

      @diddleapp RT @stoweboyd: Global air traffic growth has historically averaged around 5%, but now looks set to average 6% in coming years. This is a pr…

      @darren_nell RT @scotpolitik: @Zerilos @kmpetersson @lawiegers @BidnessClass @Stephengn @2nd_doi @Vivarn8 @HewManatee @FriendsOScience @JWSpry @3GHtweet…

      @reconbot @pamasaur It's neat, but 99% of my projects use a proxy route and different gateways instead of stages to work around weird global limits.

      @twirbert RT @fubar_news: "War is the greatest enemy of happiness." - "We should understand that most of today’s
      major conflicts, even those called…

      @aatilley RT @amir: Global proxy war against Uber continues. Next up: Bangladesh. Local leader @PathaoBD, backed by another Uber rival, Go-Jek, raisi…

      @MalikArqumZ RT @CPSDOfficial: Lt. Gen Agha M. Umer Farooq says in his oprning remarks that international order is dramatically changing with progressiv…

      @TheGOPSux @Amplitude350Lee You have to download it. It costs. On Mobil, you can use "Secure Web". On a computer, you can get encrypted VPN. Google it.

      @MINERPOOL_NET RT @cryptom4n1ac: One of the best pool sites and pools i have ever saw in crypto.
      @minerpool_net really fast support, global loadbalancing…

      @TriPer2k RT @AliRanjha02: @eBTCFoundation @ebtctoken @Proxy_Card @Eljaboom @eBoostCoin
      Moon incoming. Fasten your seatbelts, eBitcoin (eBTC) Founda…

      @EssexHero RT @LVIaLondres: If anyone doubted that #VladimirPutin is a right-wing extremist - racist. He is backing global rightwing: #Trump #LePen #…

      @triyulisetiono RT @eBTCFoundation: Congratulations from eBitcoin Foundation to eBTC amazing community, Community has showed the strength from day 1, now w…

      @SneakerCopter RT @JoaoLuis119: Just a little something to start Saturday off :) massive thanks you to @CookieProxies for best proxy as always never fail!…

      @fichtner_jan RT @pdjahnke: Allianz Global Investors Proxy Voting Report 2017 is an interesting read. Highlighting significant regional differences in co…

      @Tulsa_Democrat @kbkorb @mpesce @awakeningheart He forgot to turn on his VPN, his location pinned him at a known Russian intelligence agency site.

      @EMosburg RT @AndrewMakeTweet: Let's call this what it is: the United States of America has been *colonized* by the global superrich. All it took was…

      @WolfgangBernert RT @dw_business: Is the Syria conflict an economic war? Escalating the conflict in Syria, a multi-sided proxy war involving multiple region…

      @andinthiscalm RT @emancilla2011: 70-Years of peace in Europe has only been possible through proxy wars, neo-imperialism/colonialism, and the destabilizat…

      @Mystery291 RT @babetcohen: @WiredSources They violated the agreement on day one then proceeded with proxy wars and global terrorism , Saudis , Jorda…

      @diss1d3nt RT @ICE_ARMADA: Collapse of the IPPC Hockey Stick #Science
      New Global Land Surface Temperature record supports palaeo-proxy records and rev…

      @eacournooh RT @csud_gh: The Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) refers to the proxy of strength and concentration of solar energy hitting a PV panel.

      @TotalREProperty RT @mal1957retaf: @Lrihendry Sharif and Modi are in a battle over the Indian State of Kashmir and the Lebanese parliament now is controlled…

      @lexymer2421 RT @vickibazter: THE GOAL OF THE UN IS:

      ● Think. The picture of the baby washed up on the shore was confirmed as a False…

      @rlblackauthor @ProxySnyder @ToryKittles Aww, thank you Proxy! I may be #teamBroussard, but I love you, too! You're the best!

      @_sleepykitteeh @myriadkyr @day6jimin Use a vpn and try web browser...thats what I use.

      @nathanpboston RT @MLiebreich: @AarneClimate @rarohde 68% of Primary Energy is waste heat. I no longer engage with anyone who insists on using it as the m…

      @irishdriven RT @HNIJohnMiller: 14) So, we covered attacks by proxy on a global scale. Lets to go the individual scale. We saw this, we see this, a LOT.

      @SebasFC RT @BGiffuni: Using plugin connectors with your CMS is tempting - but they’re simply not up to the rigors of day-to-day website translation…

      @wwsnoopy1 RT @tracerussell32: There’s something seriously amiss w/ the cult of celebrity. For the #MAGA lot Trump is the closest they’ll ever come to…

      @CarolNDrake1 RT @ProxyInsight: The latest Proxy Monthly is out now! We interview Freddie Woolfe of Old Mutual Global Investors, and our main article loo…

      @JustinTheTruth RT @HalfAtlanta: The US, founded on slavery and native genocide, is the global imperialist power stringing together neo-colonies, proxy war…

      @leepd84 RT @declanganley: For those outside wireless, a short explainer of what's happening. China, as a key pillar of its China 2025 strategy, is…

      @Javaman22 RT @DrMagnolias: .@tim_cook. I thought you said you wouldn’t be in the same privacy situation as Facebook—I haven’t spent a small fortune o…

      @honeyxfleurs RT @commimaghrebiya: I said it before and I’ll say it again, Salafis act as agents of imperialism when they suppress the liberation of Musl…

      @2351onthelist RT @TedDitchburnNNP: @Del_ivered @theSNP @scottishlabour You can see cheap energy as a proxy for global creation of wealth &liberalised soc…

      @DonaldFelix5 RT @pooch_clouston: @BaFana3 @AP If one intended to radicalise a broad swathe of the Yemeni population this would be a really good way to g…

      @Jetdeau2 RT @PkZweifel: 1/3 Is it another #EM crisis on the back of rising USD/global rates? Not really

      . Admittedly, larger current account defici…

      @miketheitguy @AzureSupport does App Proxy WAF support HTTP2?

      @revatics RT @theaidsalliance: We applaud @UNAIDS & @UNFPA in convening the Global Prevention Coalition. It's an important achievement. But we must b…

      @sakamotoinvest RT @MacroOps: "The Implied Default Rate for High Yield, Which We View as a Proxy for Overall Credit Conditions, Is Suggesting That We Are N…

      @DonnaKayle RT @bamdad_azad: Iran water supplies are below the global average. Instead of expending the oil export income in construction of water trea…

      @jbexx23 RT @blaubok: @brandonrgates @Tenngun1 @AtomsksSanakan @Tokyo_Tom @jbexx23 @Johnhasmysay @craigthomler @caerbannog666 @3GHtweets @EthonRapto…

      @vitaminA55 RT @EIWBM_Cat: PS: Tim Robbins & John Cusak said the EXACT same shit as Susan Sarandon - but they names ain't on your lips are they? Why?…

      @patmeenan @stephendonner Sort of. Most of that was server-side and just browser proxy config.

      @BringingUpABoy @esther_w13 Game is live on ESPN channel.
      Grab a vpn and @mobdroapp

      @Jaefans_Global @Sarangjoongie Sadly, It has to be a paid VPN app. It doesn't work with free apps

      @AshleyEMaloney RT @AR_Atwood: Paleo people: @theAGU abstract deadline is right around the corner. Check out our session PP038: “The global expression of t…

      @ThorGroup_Ch RT @SpaceWatchGL: Iran's Leafminer Is Tehran's Latest Proxy Hacking Group With Ambitious Espionage Agenda #SpaceWacthGL #Afghanistan #Azerb…

      @waqarazmat RT @Kloppen: Look up munchausen syndrome by proxy.... I think you have this too.

      "The caretaker of a child, most often a mother, either ma…

      @cob576 RT @tjflick1970: @PotluriSaket @realDonaldTrump How about environment policies that for years have done nothing but line the pockets of the…

      @aar_cee RT @bhak_sala: That night, I presume, she died. Their naked bodies were found in a car parked in a garage. The accused, Sadhu Yadav—brother…

      @Zosima09 RT @TardFerguson: 2. A VPN there are tons of free ones on the app store. It'd be best if you never share an internet connection until you h…

      @jflucas1_john RT @cvpayne: Breaking News
      Tiffany's Crushes Wall Street Est
      As proxy for global wealth creation numbers are intriguing- China surging Euro…

      @bentmo @antonio19186179 @championshockey Use a VPN or proxy to bypass

      @chicaspata RT @hawillisdc: global south: you ruined our economies, overthrew our democratically elected leaders, stole our resources, used us in proxy…

      @antidotdot RT @realDougBell: All American foreign policy decisions and military adventures have one common goal in mind - total global conquest. This…

      @ocanuto RT @CulturaHSSEBR:

      @spmbharani @im_satheesh_kut Still .mu working but for jio users it is blocked.use VPN app to access without issues

      @spacelyyyy I need to work on this proxy shit, supreme want to block my bot now

      @Tenji95 RT @Tenji95: Like IDK, if you needed a proxy for Amerikkkan exceptionalism, first world entitlement over Black & Brown folks, Global South…

      @truthswarm RT @AssangeMrs: As it is US persecuting my son, ask them to:

      1) Stop persecuting journalists truthfully exposing serious crimes/corruptio…

      @MobIle32352342 RT @Vish_Hyd: Special mention of @hmrgov @ltmhyd footpaths which are serving as Proxy for Lounge spaces.

      This is part of "Taking #Hyderaba…

      @raetass RT @luke_haskell: @cmskillman @MZHemingway All goes back to the Clinton Foundation which was the deep state conduit for proxy wars regime c…

      @KazumaLynx @__Wordisbond You are not on the ban list. Did you change your IP address recently? Start using a proxy or anonymous vpn or anything?

      @phoenx7 RT @vicktop55: @stevemakastevem @phoenx7 Yes, but economic war may be global war, proxy war or genocide war, I think

      @aidenkenny RT @Frontend_UX: Employing Blockchain to deliver trust and transparency. A new case study on how we designed the user interface for NuArca’…

      @gaboesquivel RT @blockchainkid:

      @EdeDinant RT @apharrington123: @MaxMigliorato @NijntjeBlauw Private anti-democratic power - i.e. dark money & the low tax lobby - is fighting a globa…

      @maaike14855 RT @yottapoint: Great chart illustrating how climate change - due to global warming - has led to extreme wildfires. Think of the individual…

      @safi_wajahat RT @safi_wajahat: 1. Saudi Arabia will withdraw from Yemen if Iranian stops the proxy war and agrees to leave 2. Iran is an axis of evil or…

      @BeverlyKirk RT @samwashdc: The future of conflict is in the gray zone: information ops, economic coercion, proxy and deniable forces (incl. cyber). Int…

      @Global_Bearings RT @ryanmofarrell: Saudi Arabia is spending 2-3x more per month in Yemen than Iran spends on all its foreign adventures per year; In Syria,…

      @tmdluli8 RT @Jangaza74: @matigary @mmawere @Chinyenze @shingaiRndoro @Davidmuchuchu @dewamavhinga @daddyhope @hwende @Mavhure @Busisa74 @xandatoto @…

      @LaurieGrammer1 RT @Kate930783911: @Love_The_Donald Mitt, kept us from global war? Seriously!!

      We’ve been in proxy global wars every decade since WWII!…

      @DrDavidHugh global warming is all about people carbon dioxide is their proxy

      @yesfza RT @lksriv: Holy hell. Child soldiers who survived a genocide and civil war recruited as mercenaries in a proxy war killing and starving ot…

      @loganchasi RT @tendaimadondo: @matigary @hrw @KenRoth @dewamavhinga @ali_naka @hwende @Busisa74 @Auzqn @Mavhure @loganchasi This has resonance with pe…

      @day_z910 RT @tigersplaygrnd: if you are interested in the holiday pouch & rouge, pls send a proxy request!
      preorder for june!
      product info (jp): htt…

      @PSeretlo @TimModise An honest admission that he has a price and he is their proxy

      @muhammadimran75 RT @MumtazA11007897: Truce declared in Afghanistan by the proxy parties claiming sustainable peace in the future would prove shortlived by…

      @PattyOLimerick RT @stevestonnotri1: @brad_barrett Minus her commission and the proxy profit her mother made, she is still ahead of the game on this transa…

      @bluedillygal RT @NatHale1776: @mcspocky @MsActiviss @TheDemCoalition Amazing. The MAGAts will bite off on ANYTHING #Trump/#FoxNews feeds them. Meanwhile…

      @gecko39 RT @gecko39: Greenland’s ice is melting four times faster than thought


      Greenland is covered with a vast amount of ice—but f…

      @vijujames RT @vgmenon99: Indian establishment has been trying hard to name Azhar as a global terrorist through UN . Does it make any difference? No…

      @noneprivacy @mimu_muc @1IoTa3 @ProtonVPN Is possible to set the proxy as global so that every app goes trough

      @whatadebacle RT @globesteria2019: CO2 is a proxy for global temperature, and attempting to control global temperatures by regulating anthropogenic CO2 i…

      @Experiment_T @10ElementsJigan Use a proxy to bypass the region lock. Should be plenty to find if you Google them.

      @GrantorShadow @4kanalysis @paulineinessex Yup. Just checked VPN or smart dns proxy to access a bein sports package or

      @Irwoodstock56 RT @Ingolf_He: @Irwoodstock56 @firefox @opera Opera's "VPN" is a web proxy that is tracking you. If you want real privacy, you want to use…

      @inc_private RT @AdityaRajKaul: Gut feeling that China will succumb under global pressure and allow designation of Masood Azhar. I could be wrong. But l…

      @Preciousdammy5 @MTNNG Una don block hammer VPN bah....

      You people will die untimely

      @riiiittaa RT @afghangstah: While today, Muslims mourn their own death by proxy, officials are justifying why we should be murdered. Only 0.0085% of t…

      @DKNJ2012 RT @balls_st: @RyanAFournier Omar is critical of the AIPAC Jewish lobby who have usurped the government of the United States to be their pr…

      @dnyankardore RT @joshikshitij99: Just watched 'Fire in the Blood'. Shows the darker side of Global Pharma Giants.
      A must watch for everybody interested…

      @JaggerMickOZ RT @SteveSGoddard: @RustyAway @JonathanGoslan @DougBookwriter2 @RoyPentland @KCTaz @R0samond @sueytonius @RenatusVoltaire @craigthomler @At…

      @DavidStubley @avast_antivirus There's a slight irony to this given that malicious threat actors actively use Avast's VPN to hide attack source.

      @Jeff10238656 @TopStore12 Does PUBG need Anti-Ban VPN host to bypass?

      @betheshare RT @crowemv: What factors are influencing and shaping the content of #Audit committee proxy disclosures issued by small to large public com…

      @lgorhythmical RT @lgorhythmical: #Syria. Global & Middle East (financial) power-elites that B R making an already complex situation even more complicated…

      @Glenn87495937 @Global_Mil_Info Mayby for the houthi 's iranian proxy in yemen

      @GamerELFNoelia RT @SparkyuINA: How to vote Kyuhyun on Korea Idol Champ App

      1- After voting on global vote, logout and close idol champ app
      2- Connect to…

      @Steedafied0906 Proxy group buys in cook groups to get proxies from a certain proxy provider these days lmao...boy how the game has changed

      @watinsky RT @watinsky: @liberty_united1 @kkrun @David_J_Bier Being part of largest global labor visa labor racketeering schemes in human history is…

      @Planning203 RT @CSIS_Threats: At @CSIS_Threats, we work to bring you the best analysis on the many #natsec challenges the U.S. faces, including:


      @makindaemmanuel RT @manionfire: Chrome has edged Opera to become the top browser in Tanzania.

      Opera and UC proxy browsers growth is on the decline nearly…

      @gIkJpxgcCrpJaNk how to unblock a youtube video #internet proxy browser

      @hafizgta RT @windaul: White ‘supremacy’ is not foreign terrorism, nor a global issue. They don’t have established bases in conflict areas, conduct p…

      @Procademix RT @GlobPeaceIndex: It will be many years before adequate data mechanisms are in place to officially measure SDG16+ within some countries,…

      @Jc2KWTk4LLbgYK1 best vpn program free free facebook proxy