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      @Kiraokes @godofstorm5922 I actually use VPN/proxy server to access US Netflix because it has soooo much more content than Canadian Netflix.

      @MahyarAhmadi @omid23 u need VPN for 2 main reasons:
      1- Access to #Netflix is Blocked in Iran by Gov't
      2-U need to use a VPN to use the visa card

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      @CallMeMatub @FacianeA If you can't watch it on the BBC website, try a VPN to set your IP to Britain.

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      @ipad_min @HotspotShield what are you going to do when Netflix starts to block access via VPN? Should we be worried about it?

      @MasterHypeTrain @TheRTUCritic hey, you have a ton of software to stay anonymous, right? What VPN do you use?

      @jealousyoongi @Iostinrealty in mine too! I use a vpn app

      @colinpeddle Uh oh.. big corp. copyright holders are flexin' muscles. Have forced PayPal to block payments to VPN/DNS providers Unotelly and Unblockus.

      @Proxy_Rn RT @OpTic_FormaL: So proud of the @OpTicGaming Halo squad, and thank you @OpTicFlamesword for streaming it, watched every game :)

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      @mfsloan Stupid VPN makes google think I'm in Sydney. Adding NZ to the end of all my searches.

      @CloughMark Anyway, look on the bright side of life, at least Gary Nev won a game this weekend, does that count by proxy as a win for United?

      @nblhslmt_ Must install VPN to get connected

      @YoungSierra1 Minute methods as proxy for soccer predictions: mHobc

      @BBandMeN @LaurenWissenden Yes just get Hola extension for free and change ur vpn to Canada. I do if from usa.

      @the1dsuniverse @sos_stilinski @scilesobrien @MTVteenwolf can download extension for chrome called ''unlimited free vpn hola'' and you can literally+

      @i_iPhonePage @Cisco hi. i need VPN server. i want give to client user pass for connect internet. can u help me for reseller panel?

      @reallyniggagfy @brunasaraiva13 instala VPN

      @iambmelt Ok - well, I've isolated the source of VPN connectivity losses. Looks like my router is failing to reconnect if I reboot the embedded server

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      @darkangelm2k @Unblock_Us I am having problems with the service! Proxy problems!

      @LeapingLlamas damn it, @netflix now blocking access via VPN. Some of us do that to learn a foreign language.

      @hamsterwatch @hashmineault Thursday night, and they're free for you (free for non-Canada too, but we need a vpn to watch)

      @buttsec_ @MarlenePetoskey Marlene: a word of advice.
      Never use a real pic.
      Never leave your facebook unlocked.
      Use a VPN. or hush mail. ghost mail.

      @VanessaVeasley @JTJ24 Yep. He's their hate proxy. He can say in public what they can only say in the privacy of their homes. It's empowering.

      @muntherx @cutemazin sure is except the fact that things like games,torrents and similar services are blocked and require a proxy to bypass

      @cedricrajendran RT @VirtualizedCJ: @vmwarensx - here is something interesting for you: #NSX S2S VPN is about 6ms faster than its Cisco competitor per my te…

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      @TheRealSpiny @Unblock_Us Netflix just started blocking with your dns for me :( Proxy detected Error code F7031-1111 ;(

      @cameronbrister (2/2) setting on your VPN server / firewall / appliance. It likely needs to be set to 14 (min. required by Apple starting with OS X 10.11.4)

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      @UgotBronx @JustTina_13 we cant watch the aired show" live" on the website. only after it's aried on west coast is it loaded & can watch w/vpn

      @FlexitronPrime @PhantomsAreLame Do proxy servers still work? If so Amazon Aws is free for the first year.

      @gaceline_ need my private VPN back so i can watch gilmore girls on netflix...........................................................................

      @doc_ryan @anaestricks @ketaminh @ANZCA @themetajournal Not at all. It was reference to people using VPn for Netflix to get access to larger catalogue

      @balaji_dutt @kingslyj @r0h1n @gkjohn er you’re trying to setup Dns so that for Netflix it gives India ip and for everything else it goes via VPN yes?

      @Allstocknews $LVLT Level3 - Proxy Statement (Current report filing) SEC Filing
      From our Stock News Alerts App

      @bravearya @swanqveens I use a free VPN! it's not the best thing ever, but it kinda works

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      @dynastylester i'm willing to pay for vpn to unblock it or else I'd be so bored

      @befouroyaIty I downloaded a new vpn proxy server and so now i can see my notifications lmao

      @fulhack @mattsta nice! Now I want to build an app that randomly asks you to repeat digit sequences as a proxy for stress

      @3milyrosek why would they block the VPN that's so childish

      @PatrickCMiller Hey airports that block VPN connections, shame on you. Free wifi that isn't. #PHX

      @RalfLittle RT @Khryztophfer: @RalfLittle BBC could make millions if they'd offer worldwide subscription. I watch from Canada for free via VPN. There's…

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      @ShowcaseWishes @moIIay any tips on what VPN to use to access social media in China?

      @negrino @nadyne So you can booze it up in real time? Do you use a VPN or proxy to avoid the country block?

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      @JohnHerring1956 @markjs1 @MazoeFord @abcnews biut not everyone uses a vpn, so IP monitoring would still be beneficial.

      @Ralpcapture @Secure_VPN_com now if only we can use it for now than 20 minutes

      @DvdC_NL WTF @8ballpool I just got a perm ban after installing VPN/Proxy service for exploiting game???

      @Maiyannah @G_O_R_D Don't know why anyone would use Netflix in Canada to be honest, without such a proxy. The content list is shit.

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      @JagexHelpSamo @BMarsee3 @JagexSupport Okay, this is caused by a severe lack of information or the use of a VPN/proxy :\

      @avatastic @Unix_Guru Oh and don't forget to make sure all your (friend's) DNS queries go down a VPN not connected to the proxy chain.

      @shittyshitpost having to turn on VPN just to access reddit sucks

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      @TheVegasCanuck @ByLucha pay for one month before you leave. Use the website. Worst case you'll have to log into a proxy server.

      @k1sul1 @anttiviljami @k1sul1 And the VPN protects you when SSL isn't available. Doing anonymous research and other stuff.

      @macwaave @footlocker site not working unless go thru vpn? R u guys blocking non us access?

      @xCustomGraphix @McaffeeTV a vpn for what? you cant bypass the amazon subscription with a vpn lol

      @phdjedi @realkingrobbo @Francoiszero2 VPN stands for Vatican Private Network ;-)

      @da5ch0 @rabcyr that's when I VPN to home connection and connect through the open wifi only on the Netflix app. Not on private info device, mind you

      @vicchi @ThreeUK Do you block VPN or SSH connections when tethering?

      @jwengal @SupremeLadder but no nearby Pokemon tho lol Malaysia ain't in their database well I guess it works if you change your vpn if u wan to

      @MannanIndian @TarekFatah @CdnChange Al ready done it sir, this my proxy ID to protect my self form Islamic supremacist. #StopZakirNaik

      @mishellhmm Wordpress also seems to be blocked here and my free VPN is not doing great. Only able to access mobile Twitter and Facebook.

      @sumrando @YourAnonVzla psst...feel free to use our VPN to protect yourselves online during the operation. #OpFreeVzla

      @Steven_duff @Colin86M @paul_donut @william_wallace what vpn do u use bud

      @iftekharanees @ShirishKunder @YouTube people might be using vpn.

      @Ncell @Prashan87015722 We suggest customers not to use any proxy or VPN software to surf internet.

      @shiekh_mohamad RT @LateefJohar: "Baloch is not safe from the Pakistani uniform wearing military personnel & it's proxy organizations in any part of #Baloc…

      @milendyankov @tombujok @MGrzejszczak @bjschrijver @lanyrd It seams they are blocking some countries. I ended up using my US based server as SOCKS proxy.

      @michaelv03 @thetunnelbear and VPN to Canada and watch #RioOlympics2016 for free!

      @freevpn_ninja @TwitEmerald @AeroKaty use our Canada VPN server for free!

      @RWildty @MyFantasyLeague having issues with the site, getting proxy errors. Server down or maintenance? Our Free Agency bidding opens in 30 min,

      @TheArabHova @Mrs3freettt @AhmedTVJunkie if you sign up for Amazon prime you get a week free trial and then you can watch their stuff with vpn

      @rafaelzavarce @AskPlayStation I still dont have access to the psn, please help me, read the trouble shooting, and i dont use a proxy. :/

      @eliesha_hartley it only took me six years, but on this day, i have successfully bypassed the school proxy server. the irony is that i leave on friday.

      @VeryScott @AlixWlms This sounds easy enough. I already have the VPN access, so here we go! Thank you for forwarding my way.

      @JeanneMarais Shamelessly tweeting for free data (this is the best VPN app by the way!) @theTunnelBear

      @ErinElise916 Check out @windscribecom - free VPN

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      @SaptashwaB @waltmossberg Is there any iOS VPN app that lets you connect to the net over proxy? (I'm on a proxied network most of the day. Thanks)

      @HerbieHandcocke RT @HerbieHandcocke: obfs4 settting which allows for uncensored access.

      Step 4: Set up proxy if you need to realize their are extra privac…

      @deadphishesq using the Opera Browser in 2016. now comes with a free VPN!

      @0kanAltiparmak RT @emeyersson: My Q is, given that most ppl who know how to use a torrent will also know how to use VPN to go around block, so why does go…

      @Netflixhelps @0xtf Thanks for the feedback! Make sure you double check that none of your devices have a vpn or proxy. That can affect the content. *CF

      @jacobflowers @McMullinForUSA Do you know what a VPN is? Or do you expect all expatriates to do w/o Facebook, IG, Twitter while they work abroad?

      @ohyeah_dee aka "unblock twitter proxy" in the google search bar.

      @Hiiro2k Tried to play League Of Legends through VPN in Japanese Server.
      366 ms, I could play, but I got 1 second delay on every move.

      @Saltytuna @toucanet friend told me the proxy app tunnelbear is easy to use and works for line stickers :/ havent tried it out myself yet tho

      @Dubh_Artach @MarkUkLeaf he/his proxy has to have been checking either the Dallas game # or Texas/Tucson mentions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      @markfraser81 @samsparro US VPN app on iPad works very well and is free for first 30 days. I use it to watch @ProjectRunway

      @micoolcho @rrhoover I used VPN to access when I'm overseas. Try that!

      @DaniNovus @rankled2 @NewBloodyDuck @twitter How else wld they know every IP being used as a proxy? Assuming only retards like you use open proxies ofc

      @PatrioticPorc @AmauThomas @tubebuzzer You voted to control your neighbor in what you think is best for them using a ruler by proxy as a means of force. Ⓐ

      @Sarkies_Proxy This year's @TasteofLondon is easily the best for years.

      @BawermanSteven1 Looking as proxy for the hide choline logo?: pchB

      @iwaoiluv "You will also need a VPN or proxy connection in order to connect to the game" never mind then

      @JuanSerenity Fee as proxy for gluten-free aflame: ovAeqQ

      @ALASKANJACKSON RT @SrHelenaBurns: So...what VPN shall I use now that Netflx Canada wised up to Tunnel Bear? I have USA account but can't access it up in t…

      @SLevelt @battielove VPN. I have two browsers; one without, one with VPN – noticed the block in the one without, so switched

      @ElmersSean1 Physical checks as proxy for payments: hqyDUDPFu

      @MStolzova @MindTheRacket not sure if VPN and PayPal might work for Canada? 7 day free trial is worth a shot...

      @pxy Changed VPN to Canada, Nougat OTA rollout for 3T ensued. Problem-free upgrade.

      @jonathanhartsf @fellow_whiteguy you are speaking utter nonsense. Even wikileaks encourages to use proxy ppl to submit to maximize anonymity. Russia exempt?

      @medboyUK @sinspeak Nord offers DoubleVPN if you must have a UK IP, by bouncing it via another country first, and then VPN from server back to the UK

      @CalNPinsurance RT @cal_csic: #Cybersecurity Tip: Use a multi-layered security to protect your computer from malicious actors. VPN, HTTPS, data backup, Fir…

      @udfwnREfUYWZk1b #zyxel vpn athenahealth emr reviews

      @Marclaborin @RamenNoodleJay yeah your best bet is to get a proxy they'll most likely charge you easily like 100-200 to stand in line for you though.

      @ThomsonPass Bolstering as proxy for the collision as for the game let alone an submerged tip: veCgBcnER

      @JanKucerik @OliverJakubik VPN SecureLine server USA Miami

      @LauraSalisburry Elaborate as proxy for the grievous but will on behalf of the best-advice in order to homeowners: WSHpXjCd

      @mva1985 .@KellyannePolls @realDonaldTrump
      Mobile security is crypto... Threema/Signal Messenger & a VPN that works on mobile

      @irsyadmuflih I know what you did with your VPN app on.

      @alwaysthemama RT @helenprotopapa: @d_seaman @AWAKEALERT Only for tapping Trump? For organizing Coup in Ukrain, bombing Libya, set up a proxy invasion in…

      @Snarksy_K @twiggiess Purchase a VPN. then set if for Canada, and you got it. DO NOT get the free vpns ppl talk about, that will destroy your comp

      @NickyWakira @Payitforward87 it's a lil too early for the woke talk buddy..Allow ppl this weekend for a proxy sense of security& peace of mind please

      @N0tMyBra1n @nfish77 I think you need VPN (which u pay for) so you're not geoblocked. I'm in Canada so the feeds are free from Global's website.

      @brianros1 @Proxy_Tank right. Somewhere along the way they went from what’s the best way to address problems & structure things to cutting for the sake

      @LilyMarieMFC I'm gonna eat something and change my VPN server and then hopefully it'll work later.

      @syfNaMeK Seeing that proxy 2 gate game in BW just then makes me miss playing proxy 2 gates in sc2. Crazy right?

      @ollieclutson @bigtommmm I'll return the favour with a free proxy or pint

      @Drantis82 Server team complains that my team does nothing to solve our VPN problems, we prove them wrong, then flood them w/log files...

      @lubaaan @A123LAD Is facebook wrkin on opera or do we need vpn fr tht too ??what abt twitter

      @rmmzx @UnburntWitch Is it feasible to put together an old Firefox portable build with the plugin for them like some proxy browser bundles do?

      @hemps001 @NBA almost every game is blacked out on LP, it's a disgrace. Next year I'll use a VPN to pay less if I have to use one to watch live

      @THESLUDGEBOSS How's your web security game?
      You encrypting passwords? Multi step verification? Using a vpn? If you aint the hitta you the lick. Trust

      @RealBloofy @PoopyMy @nsfwxd @trapdicks Just use a vpn to pirate stuff, what's gonna happen, cops asking to browse your computer ?

      No reality FACE-TO-FACE, MUCH LESS w/GOD?

      @JohnONolan @MrBenBrown @Barclays Try a VPN to the UK - they often block some countries due to fraud. @theTunnelBear is a good option w/ a free plan

      @KanthanPillay @indiefutures No. It's behind a privacy proxy.

      @z_gottehrer In other news, please check Facebook for tour dates for my one-man noise-rock act, Potential Proxy Powderkeg

      @SUNGLASSLASHER @YuugenSho IT SHOULD COME SOON BUt im just annoyed over having to work out which proxy i have to go with lol

      @Berenic64297022 RT @94hsiixx_: and if your're not from the US use VPN to be able to vote for SOTT, and don't forget to vote here #MTVHottest Harry Styles

      @suvyboy @bauhiniacapital @nosunkcosts Ofc, much of that isn't direct. It's a proxy via fed funding (block grants, subsidized loans, grants, etc).

      @EvelynO80973923 RT @HansDuetz: Started using #TunnelBear VPN as a tryout. So far it's #great!*s #FREE!

      @Insane_Proxy_ @BruceBingo @lana_rain @NBCNewYork @NBCNews Report her to the FBI/police. Hell, use crime stoppers if you want to remain anonymous.

      @OsrsLiquid @GreenCheeae @angisaprincessa @PocketMortys Just use a VPN. Check out @ProtonVPN you can test it for free :)

      @justinbyrne42 .@morningireland @georgeleerte @RTENewsPaulC Canada and the US are fighting a proxy trade war using #Bombardier as pawns #CETA

      @crimsonboudoir RT @imKiaSample: Download a vpn virtual private network
      #kennekajenkins @ everybody on the case they have it for computers and phones

      @slytherinjulian @lovelylogoless hello, so the vpn only allows me to use 2gb for free and then it stops working it doesn't have all the options in

      @ianrobbie @theTunnelBear VPN loveliness that just works. And it's free! Go get it! (I'm ready for my free Gb now!)

      @flapjackcentral @chrisITproVPN @lovingdoddle Can Tor browser act as a substitute for VPN?

      @SotosZ04 @theTunnelBear THIS THE BEST VPN EVER. GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

      @brianweishar RT @blyschuk: @brianweishar Consensus or at least using a spiral circle to ensure everyone is heard. Spiral uses an interview style for ev…

      @ProjectUniK RT @unikernelguru: A local proxy server designed specifically for exposing local resources to web browsers is also a better idea than #gith…


      @Robbo1979says @kpa421 Search for a proxy site? Pirate Bay proxy or the like?

      @PrimeSlaysterV2 RT @BreesSZN: If youre crying about #NetNeutrality  do this
      -Download Hola VPN for free
      -Reroute through Canada

      @sammyboy1081 @BarstoolChief Crosby is Canada's captain by proxy. Real captains don't slash at guys hands and nuts and aren't known as floppers.

      @GauLawania RT @aanvindersingh: @lovnyalawer @SardiKaTheEnd @iSourabh12 @HerdHUSH @TeamShilpaStans @RealKruti101 @Shilpas48824137 @RealshilpaBboss @shi…

      @JokersBuilds @nyswan71 I use digibit I pair on my PC with the VPN on and then select the same server on the TV works fine

      @s_p_enright RT @SkySilkCloud: Considering enhancing your #privacy and #security while browsing the web? Read about the differences between a #VPN vs a…

      @tamia707 trying very hard to secure an interview with @chellamanart for proxy magazine i will not rest until i have it

      @Tv_reality93 @shazzab74 Don’t think so the us feeds you have to pay for bb Canada though has free feeds just need a vpn for them

      @JackSpencerr3 @DillonCasey Proxy severs but the free ones are shit so you’re best paying for one

      @Tv_reality93 @LJay815 @MollBBUK It’s very strict unlike bb Canada which has free feeds just need a vpn for that

      @SerithV @ErgonWolf @nbc @dish Get a VPN for Canada and watch Cbc! All events are streamed online and video on demand for free

      @Rathmacan @stuart180 @Dick_Puddlecote Their on to that, iv tried and they block vpn's

      @ciwane_kurd RT @AmbMeron: U.S. calls for action to halt Iran's growing 'network of proxies' and to stop indirec funding to Hezbollah and other proxy mi…

      @J007Hitesh RT @JagratiShukla29: RT if U Support Army Chief General #BipinRawat for stating the Truth

      @Sewapalooza @n4hpg @ColinSkow Get a proxy... us a free one for your browser

      @shebesta33 RT @maximusmom22: I see many saying Opera doesn’t have Canada anymore. I wish I could help but it still shows on mine. For #BBCAN6 feeds us…

      @KatMom305 @Felyfrog @deathinparadise Thanks for the VPN app suggestion. I'll ✔ it out.

      @rajithw RT @kalinga: @sanjiva Yet, they block key communications like VPN protocols; holding people like us that work with remote office providing…

      @deezshoess RT @HouseCarts: 500 FREE HU PROXY GIVEAWAY!

      @RemixNv @_kvd__ what a late reply lol. Just use a vpn and sign up for a free 3 month trial. ( set the vpn to Canada)

      @beeyann_toro RT @SophosSupport: [Latest KB's] Sophos UTM: IP Addresses and Domains for version 9.3 and above. This useful article helps you identify and…

      @InkDiary RT @n8r0n74: @InkDiary @SwiftOnSecurity @RidT Right. I find this awfully hard to believe that one guy would have been responsible for switc…

      @aulia130914 tunnel bear proxy is the best application proxy can handle any site
      thanks i like this application

      @MichaelKozal RT @ClubVpn: NORD VPN BIN
      03/20 647
      ZIP:N0K 1X0



      @kingzjacko12 if you want to watch the show you must use VPN or change proxy


      @1_D_Ded RT @1_D_Ded: Want to #FlyAFlag sometimes? Want to take a free personality test? Want your #pics stashed under @Official_Markfb 's bed

      @observingsentin RT @6R0CK: @gaia_save @observingsentin @synningsaint @belle_lol_ @GrandExaltedOne @A_ofAnon @CRUSADER0fTRUTH @WhoaNelly_1 @UrielMahdi @Birc…

      @notalonedubz @galyonkin VPN makes him lag, rage and smash keyboardz...
      ty for answering! we love your game v much.

      @emadalia506 RT @VirtualShield: Happy Mother's Day! Protect your family today with our secure and easy to use VPN. Our VPN can be used on 15 devices at…

      @Vaemakh0 RT @OnlineIO_: As the internet is so popular in this era, we decided to make it easier for you. You can enjoy all the benefits with just on…

      @_zruss_ I hope proxy providers are ready for June

      @dairekt RT @BmoreDoc: Now you can talk gentrification. For the past 20 years in Baltimore, gentrification has mostly happened in White neighborhood…

      @Akhund9 RT @EXOL_BD: Teen Choice Awards only counts 10 votes per day from an id but retweets are unlimited. So open multiple ids to vote and rt a l…

      @Jack_Flanagan RT @w1lko: “It’s very stressful to play. It’s stressful as hell! When I look down st the setlist and see Proxy Love I have a mild panic att…

      @akin_godfrey RT @nbstv: Many of you have been able to skip #SocalMediaTax so far through VPN but @UCC_Official has vowed to block it. Do you think this…

      @SinghMK15 RT @sushantsareen: If I was advising GOI, I would recommend that @PMOIndia should send a congratulatory letter not to Imran Khan after the…

      @itsThemuRR It's weird not using a VPN to use WhatsApp and Instagram after being in China for 36 days.

      @flowerpot197 RT @RichardBracket6: @freedom_moates Your IP address is a unique set of numbers that identifies your computer online. Think of it as a hom…

      @AndyEinstman RT @BunnyFilmsYT: @TeamYouTube It turns out to be my school’s proxy server. I managed to block the proxy and was able to fully view my chan…

      @Nfantasy9999 RT @gordongekko369: Supernode projects soon to be $ocn $zen is a secure node project currently 50 $zen equals a securenode 500 $zen is a su…

      @nick1492A RT @LetheanIO: Would you like someone walking behind you all the time, writing everything thing you buy, or look at down and giving it to s…

      @HopsRs Downloaded vpn on my phone just for @reddit

      Take that Indonesian censorship

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      @prving RT @kafkainstitute: Can anyone recommend a free vpn that can bypass the restrictions of LUTV? Willing to pay to watch Leeds this season #lu…

      @mitsuyamato @kemaromi yeah

      @NiniBearNoona @Sehunislove2 @weareoneEXO Oke let me try again.. are using US vpn for access viki will work too?

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      +919445626079 Signal via Orbot&VPN

      @WilliamPye RT @vivaldibrowser: Check out the new-look @StartPageSearch ✌️

      They've also just introduced the Anonymous View proxy where "The website a…

      @jaypatelvipl @lanadiamaria @spectatorindex Always bypass are there eg. Proxy with Telegram which has tons of those , @tumblr too

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      @bunnyhuggr RT @MintPressNews: As has been the case in the past, it seems that the U.S.’ botched proxy war in Syria will spur Washington to seek to rev…