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eduardo cunha whatsapp
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      @Legoaraujo How can work in a country that WhatsApp and Uber are prohibited and Eduardo Cunha and Dilma, not ?!

      #GodHelpUs #SaveUs

      @Louis_Smith_Br RT @AngelaMilanese: 26 Soon, A joke started to go around #Brazil: "Even WhatsApp went down before Eduardo Cunha."

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      @edwarddonatell0 Media page @quebrandootabu spoofs and compares fall of WhatsApp in Brazil with the continuation of Eduardo Cunha (President of CoD)

      @adeline_hav RT @AngelaMilanese: Joke in #Brazil right now: "Even WhatsApp is going down before Eduardo Cunha." #ForaCunha #EsseImpeachmentÉGolpe

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      @dscottwarren @netflix As a US customer using a VPN for privacy/security, the first time this prevents from using my acc, I will be cancelling my service.

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      @globalyAccepted I wonder if I can route the fire tv IP address to a proxy so I won't have blackout restrictions

      @pnyr_ Paid for VPN and now Netflix's being a bitch for not allowing me full US access what the fak

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      @HeatherEbert @DavidSandum watch online: You need a VPN and log into a U.S. server. :)

      @CirnoHacker The reason why Cortex's site isn't down because Cortex is using an proxy service called cloudproxy that gives proxies like an web VPN.

      @TrueAmB_TraMa RT @E6Hudsonz: @Jus_Genesis I got flooded like an hour before our match lol had to change ip and turn vpn on

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      @KawumaMirundi I have installed clobus vpn but it has failed to work! Did the leopard upload junk vpns? #UgandaDecides

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      @falenciay @angeperalta since i'm in Asia i got to get a new VPN omg

      @david_osborn Will governments ban WhatsApp & how/ at what risk given ubiquitousness in many nations that ban encryption? If not, can you unblock VPN too?

      @Jobbe03 Hey @netflix wanna know how to get me to unsubscribe 4 different accounts? Block VPN use.

      Well done, hope you lose your business

      @beniciodeItoro Has anyone found a way around the proxy block that isn't smartflix yet?

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      @cattlesnake @r0h1n Looks like you're using Firefox behind a VPN/proxy server. Chrome should work just fine.

      @JustAnotherNode @BannedOffline it'll be online in 5 mins. Did they block your entire VPN IP range

      @PrivilegeHealth Someome is using the iAmSam app @SamuelLJackson to respond as their proxy persona in our conversation. Is this going to become a thing?

      @rodrigorozelli RT @LatuffCartoons: Brazilian Justice on @WhatsApp and Eduardo Cunha, speaker of the lower house, facing corruption charges @jornalSul21 ht…

      @Namecheap @AmbyR00 @jeffcliff1 Thanks! Anyways, we don't allow hosting of traffic relay software or any kind of proxy server.

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      @emad_alghamdi @i__emoo @e3aziz opera just released 2 great vpns - a browser with built in vpn or a seperate vpn.

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      @Sintorra @ChiefAJ1980uk @TwitchSupport yep, it's usually in this case only a VPN or Proxy.

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      @colemickens @errordeveloper it's difficult for me to use because I can't use it with the api service proxy.(everything except browser is on a remote VM)

      @ogboko440 @zedomax Will do. Next thing is the vpn. That app in your vid needs a premium to use? Do you know of any others?

      @alasdairt RT @sherlockcomms: WhatsApp service again suspended in Brazil and the fall out from Eduardo Cunha's suspension #brazilbusiness round-up htt…

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      I recommend using a VPN next time you join.

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      @halloweendown #AskSnowden What is the single greatest way we can protect ourselves from publicly unknown governmental directives, aside from vpn & proxy?

      @FreedomeVPN @FSecure @GeorgeOu @KeithRParsons They usually block any VPN that limits their control over what content people access

      @beerswater @ScottBarrettDFB using TE as a proxy for slot could maybe be helpful for folks who dont have access to slot-specific data like you

      @fugueish @geoffwking @bronwyn Please no to the VPN thing. A single-hop proxy is strictly worse than Tor for privacy.

      @arrystark @barthollen @stardustshea maybe u can use VPN and watch it on their website or smth

      @Skarric If you need a solid VPN, check out @windscribecom ! Windscribe is pretty dope & free

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      @MadMarski Scary that #America in 2017 is like #SouthAfrica in 1985... State of Emergency, a proxy-war vs Cuba, press censorship, propaganda on TV etc

      @Meophist @Xepheerr I don't know about the specifics for this, but the Opera web browser has a built-in VPN that could possibly be used for this.

      @LavaJatoNews RT @Gubblecock: Whatsapp
      eduardo cunha é inocente

      @Gubblecock Whatsapp
      eduardo cunha é inocente

      @Info_Aus RT @stainedface: @AndrejPanjkov @Wyndhamville @OzEquitist @Olfella @Info_Aus @MinhKular @CharlizeTheroff @Poddumpuddytat @iMusing Choosing…

      @eduardo__209 no matter how many times I hear his name, I'll always think HR McMaster is the guy who dies at the beginning of Hudsucker Proxy.

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      @kookietaesss For international ARMYs can't use VPN for voting on BBMAs site right ??
      #BBMAs #BTS

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      @DrRobert2 I am requesting the free Tunnel Bear VPN.

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      @kate_el_loco RT @BLPinNYC: @TeaPainUSA Some info about DailyStormer's web registration: It's a private registration (no surprise) by GoDaddy's subsidiar…

      @George92_ The match is also live on MLS Live for free tonight. Just use a proxy app or website if you're in the UK!

      @the_eli_porter The only VPN that I got towork @Android 8 is @betternet_co free.

      @Ajohms1956 Has anyone noticed anything weird with Facebook today? Tried both w/wo VPN and site always shows up as a blank screen.

      @JIN_SUGA_SIN @agustaemin Try voting in Qoo10 not mama website and use vpn when voting from other acc it’s rigged and we will suffer

      @mew1033 Any chance we'll see the IPSec VPN Server on the 68U? I'd love to switch to it over OpenVPN.

      @bradthecoder Had a #flashback to using #wingate personal #proxy server for #windows95 lol

      @KoryTakenouchi I alays browse this section of the proxy bc idk if ppl put this stuff up with the intention ofnactually selling or just showing off lmao

      @laura_friberg RT @davidathmsa: @washingtonpost Hey, guys! I tried to visit your article above and my employer's web proxy blocked it as a "Compromised we…

      @SCMarshall130 @Simon_Breheny Get a VPN service. (Although some networks block VPN connections). Then they can't block specific URLs

      @A7d8i6l RT @stellacreasy: This was just terrible and really hope didn’t undermine @NazShahBfd treatment- several MPs who should have been able to h…

      @Eduardo_santts @_sscrf Brt WhatsApp cunha

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      @Rory_Tealeaf watched fri game. Missed last night game as VPN refused to work. Watching tonight's game. I should just turn it off right? #redsox #curse

      @JustAFeverDream RT @penellohpee: I had to download the friggin Facebook app to participate today. Thank you proxy!!! May this be the last so I can delete t…