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Along with WhatsApp offline, Brazilians are signing up for Telegram in huge amounts. According towards company's Twitting account, more than 1. 5 zillion new end users have listed today.

The influx is indeed great of which SMS gateways can't seem to deliver each of the confirmation requirements. There might be fewer people depending on WhatApp in regards back online in a few days at this particular rate. A few might telephone this rights for WhatsApp censoring Telegram back links recently.

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      @heybunchies @AcidMirage @_chefbrando Yeah I can probably use a proxy and get it off the JP store on my phone.. But do I really want another app

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      @JagexHelpSamo @nickrosati1 @JagexSupport Hey Nick, VPN's do not cause bans :) If anything your account can get a security lock because of the dodgy 1/2

      @fiqus Crappy @vodafoneNZ blocking outbound to VPN:1701 "We don't block any ports" Yeah right. telnet 1701vpn connects on 3G & via a remote box.

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      @natv @InfoSecSherpa cookies are saved in the browser, so wouldn't be affected by a VPN


      @sodaphish @FOXSportsGOHelp not for everything, but apparently the interesting traffic ACL on the VPN was catching some or all of the browser's traffic

      @stmanfr @TheHackersNews As for TOR, TAILS, VPN's, I2P, that kind of solution will only work if running on a computer made 100% out of Free

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      @NUFC_OurClub @micknufc @eddygraham39 You could use Tor. I use VPN. Does that one for your android not work on PC?

      @mukevak That moment when you manage to make whatsapp, facebook and utorrent work even tho school has them blocked with proxy and shit

      @ALEX24297298 @ZenMate What happened with Ukraine VPN server? When I choose Ukraine, all websites detects me as from Russian Federation. Can you fix it?

      @wavebeem @Znarky even a phone proxy is fine by me... just want to be able to use my computer to chat. and whatsapp does SMS too right?

      @gilesgoatboy @thenodester ya, I think an app called RescueTime includes a timer+proxy setup, or timer+hosts-ban. actually cron job + hosts-ban might work

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      @czechrover Anyone know a free VPN for android with a Czech server? Can't stream on WiFi and wanna watch Baník.Sparta game cost me 2gb of data yesterday

      @BenRCongdon OAuth implicit grant flow feels pretty sketchy... But then again, it prevents me from having to proxy API requests through a server, so

      @TheTopCobber imagine thinking a vpn is "total anonymity"
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      @Insane_Proxy_ @BusterBeam @shazari @botwzelink why'd you censor the best part? :C

      @TheZigZagLine @FreedomeVPN How does using Freedome VPN protect from email tracking?

      @LifeWithUsama @apiaintsorry Use VPN and you can use skype/whatsapp.

      @BucketheadCase RT @AroonDeep: Let's not pretend that Kashmiris are all communicating over IRC chats over Tor behind a VPN to avoid identification.

      Most K…

      @amvlad RT @CyberGhost_EN: Ghosties, it seems both our website and apps have been blocked in Turkey. Until we work on a fix (no ETA yet), you can u…

      @bornagain_biker @GossiTheDog Browser based VPN and its broken. I suspect it’ll find a way to be indefinitely suspended

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