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Along with WhatsApp not online, Brazilians are taking Telegram inside huge quantities. According towards the company's Twitter account, a lot more than 1. 5 mil new end users have signed up today.

The influx is great which SMS gateways can't deliver all of the confirmation limitations. There might be fewer people relying upon WhatApp when it comes back online a few weeks at this rate. Several might contact this proper rights for WhatsApp censoring Telegram links recently.

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      @pauliegwalnuts @DaraghM89 If you're in Canada you can watch everything except PPV's on fight pass. Just need a proxy, or preferably a VPN.

      @realaqv @FazonHD Keine Vpn ?

      @ValeTu_1988 @UpworkHelp @skasriel maybe you will ask why you changed VPN often. You can't believe that. It's because when I connect network by tw, jp

      @Ganesh09663754 i'm followed your instructions plz activate my vpn account

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      @OfficialSpursNZ @VodkaSrups Only available in NZ, but if you have a VPN or some means of getting an NZ IP.... endless perfect streaming possibilities! #COYS

      @InsigIntelMach The #Internet on my #laptop and the #VPN isn't working correctly... #soannoyed

      @hnguyen1981 @j4retros @JeremyLawrencee vpn or uk proxy

      @AndKinsey Argh! I shouldn't have to turn on VPN to watch videos from American sites while in Canada — feeling annoyed

      @ZarrarKhuhro Phone savvy tweeps what's a decent proxy app for #iphone 5

      @WorknOnIt101 @Snowden Best VPN for anonymity & privacy?

      @Nina_7x07 @PrimeMinisutaa Given how is region locked, I fear you need a Jp account (proxy/vpn + monthly fee) Used to have an account -

      @AnnaLivingsto19 Loop seasoning an operative stapler as proxy for online free trade: pXLzo

      @jaderetic_ while we were gone on break they figured out how to block vpn. we screwed

      @CallMeSpits @KeefJudge I use a ip proxy plugin to switch between netflix of different countries as the content is sometimes drastically different.

      @Sm3gal @Bubblegum_Barbz @samsonite4321 @DaraMichele_ now you can mask/change your ip with tor/proxys/i2p/vpn ect.... but still

      @kktotlani Best way to teach them a lesson is to start a proxy war in their two troubled states then they will realise their folly.#NervousPak

      @thejunkmanadv @mxmasta Hola! is a VPN to mask your IP

      @Ragin_Cajun2 @shawnsig You enter contests impersonating me with fake Twiter and Facebook accounts using an anonymous proxy to look like I'm cheating.

      @Lylanthia @TheProxyGuy so am I going to get in trouble for streaming proxy magic? I would think wotc would want me to generate demand for their game..

      @PhilthePill I am not big on Snapchat, which indicated that I was becoming uncool. But I followed people who LOVE Snapchat. So I was cool by proxy.

      @GardnerWayne1 Lend-lease experts as proxy for site captivate nonbook: PGF

      @AubreyFane2 Cat5e string as proxy for a harrow world wide web respond to stimuli: blwvGmL

      @Tommo_1984 @richotelli just use a VPN app and watch it on the US Netflix. No borders on the Internet dude.

      @bevanpfc @Netflixhelps Netflix Canada is terrible for French content for quebecers,proxy to Netflix France is the only solution for these people.....

      @Senor_Goat @sortius a VPN like unblock us, Netflix, adfreetime etc cover torrent tracks also? For some reason I thought it only worked for Netflix etc

      @kyvandoan #Netflix, don't touch my VPN. The world will be better if you have access to different contents. Open-minded.

      @lmNigger so vpn ip: ips connected :/ Imagine there was away.

      @BiggBosssZayy Folks tried taking the vpn outta school

      @Elasto_Proxy @Phil_Radford Appreciate the follow, Phil. We are a #manufacturer in #canada that makes #gaskets for #greentech projects like #windmills

      @plaindude @TheProxyGuy proxy tokens are illegal to sell too right? I see someone in a Facebook group offering to sell proxy tokens

      @FoolishProxy RT @allaboutgoodmus: Happy Sunday here is a cool hiphop song from #Canada #Rap #Indie #HipHop #ActionBronson #Freestyle #NFL #Soundcloud ht…

      @Feeyanaa @itzmeeeeh @bloopersfriends why does ur rp vpn always not work

      @jimmylfcc Greece deal = proxy war to ensure Germany has veto when French economy turns to shit

      @Avxntum @TBEChriss buy a vpn/proxy also update your skype

      @BeastSec @Dxcieval @Saho7a you just tried to dox me and realised this isn't my IP and assumed i have a VPN. never put a dime into this.

      @kodi_mad @Aleighty80 yes mate you need a VPN I always use one I use ipvanish

      @Pokemondude185 @aldrinfaustinoo isn't that the game you had to use a vpn or mess with your browser cache to play

      @psailoveu Feeling liberated to be on home soil VPN free...not quite home, but getting closer. Now to triumph over jet lag.

      @HardmanAdrian Ritual site solutions as proxy for joint-stock association websites: lIKScslL

      @diskincluded Ok, I tried using a proxy to pretend I'm in Sydney. I can now access those sites. What.

      @MaryNyman Be conversant with the flower astroturf mower as proxy for thy curriculum save best greensward double-prop revi...

      @AmandaBrianna1 Jill differently denims options as proxy for the maw chirrup guise: nsbqS

      @CasualJJ @CptTwiz Apparently google translate can act as a proxy if you paste the link in their, but idk

      @King_Proxy Nice cheeky game today bro ;) @ColmCNor

      @Hoodster_Proxy @TheLoyalProxy ok i am calm. H

      @pcA7m @durov Telegram is blocked in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain. Can u add built-in VPN feature? those bricks block it to save SMS groups.

      @aavaas_412 @c3e8mpsIP Address/ Proxy IP
      Port 9201 (For WAP1)/ 8080 (For HTTP or WAP2)

      @Mattjarvis2182 @KodiTips is there an alternative or a proxy site that you know of? Cheers

      @bodhibrian @AdnanSadiq01 hmm who are russias proxy forces? syria legit govt?
      reality:'US military actions have undermined regional security'

      @Not_Karlee_Fan @gomamon Not a big deal could still always get around it with VPN

      @eikka27 My guess would be network trafic rerouting through proxy server that manipulates shit based on keywords

      @PMbobbo RT @TheLoveDre: Good morning to my new #VPN family... Also, a very gd mng to @UCC_Official and @UgandaEc. LIVE frm my phone #UgandaDecides …

      @NatalieDickins2 Process be present at them attain high flushed with success man of letters signet as proxy for canada?: yimkV

      @tagabm RT @WylieRaga: @tagabm @missnantongo a VPN is a virtual private network which provide security and encryption for packets transported over …

      @dreamwell_ali I really had the best intentions of working today since I'm so far behind. But the VPN is down and there are so many books to read.

      @Simplifiedrule @skrill @Ask_Skrill having trouble again accessing the web! Even with IP proxy, please resolve

      @OverChilled @wardJimy i use vpn to block pop ups and ads, it doesn't unblock blocked sites tho

      @pinefire7 go for the proxy server if you find that your target site is overloaded with the visitors . #tricks

      @lanietreen My friend is live msg-ing me her 1st listen-thru of #Hamilton. Obsessed again by proxy. 'Thoughts of you subside, then I get another letter'

      @tamcheehong @wordsmanifest

      @mmakaruk @ProxyNVpn Thanks for following Proxy-N-Vpn!

      @hunterofbots css hustle content porn app automation sofa vacations vpn #earn return bacon

      @OFFICALKYUNGSOO im meant to be writing an essay but i unblocked the schools proxy so i could use twt

      @garyleff @istrakhov @OneMileataTime @arstechnica @thepacketrat you should use a vpn for anything needing security when logged into open wifi

      @tmjackson @skipchris @pez_sez I can see that. Still feels like a huge value drop though. Plus, kills access to 'legit' vpn users (privacy reasons etc)

      @DonnaTrinity How many on route to the likes of denudation save and except as proxy for a hgv business?: DBzNd

      @garethwatts73 @Unblock_Us on Canada region and pop up saying using using proxy vpn etc. Will this be an ongoing issue. .happening a few times now

      @Graveling Accessing a certain university's astrophysics server through a vpn should not be a day long task. I see children are still in control.

      @Rat11j @emptysthemepark Probably, or if you have any sort of proxy since it's only available for Canada

      @jonniespence Bugger, so establishing UK VPN from abroad on my phone doesn't let Wi-Fi calling work. EE clearly being a little cleverer than IP address

      @ChangeForAllAge @Steam_Support Hi I have a simple question so here it goes:Will I get banned if I buy game from g2a or use VPN to activate reg. locked game?

      @SykesFred Site vignette providers-extract as proxy for the with regard to-number surface appearance: xLiqPXzh

      @netflixgripe After 4 years I had to #cancelnetflix. For 4 years they ignored my proxy and took my money. Now they block it. Illegal streaming is easy#duh

      @janicelara RT @DisgruntledBlkF: So, apparently @ScottBaio can't be #racist because his WIFE's best friend is 'black'. So he's not racist by proxy? htt…

      @senior @rickfillion are you using a vpn or DNS service like unblock-us?

      @discordapp @iriston_dk Ahh, it's a sanction. You'll need to use a VPN or proxy to bypass it.

      @bahamutrule @utamy8 but IDGAF, I use proxy, I can bypass it lol

      @Larryputt @InfidelScotsman @twitter @Support @safety @servoan85 using Proxy & hack, I think i got him, few more block to Suspend will not hurt !

      @hamlinmolina best proxy website share iT

      @Ciga_FF @SteveWyremski @PseudoFootball bans/restrictions based on IP locations could be huge. Not an IT guy, but maybe use proxy server as a fix.

      @mufaaf Canceled my @Netflix_ME subscription after the DNS/VPN block. The local catalog is just not upto snuff with the international regions.

      @AtMadao @StandUser00 but it's only available in Japan. You'll have to find a work around. I suggest you proxy your IP.

      @marvelapp @hypnotiza Is it working for you now? Do you have any browser extensions like Hola/Adblock or a VPN/Firewall?

      @AmiaAshley Concordance common for the best practices is sync as proxy for worse competency else peculiar at work virtuous ...

      @IronSocket @juanblancom @pabischoff The DNS proxy seems to be working best on devices not using any app, as they can have hard coded IP addresses.

      @_A_MSG @GetflixAU just tried to go on Netflix Japan from Canada and got the proxy error. Is there any fix for this?

      @metalgearsortof RT @Noctra_Corvus: @FusionPop @TheMercedesXXX You mean Mercedes was harassed by a #BlueHairedMethWhale by proxy. Who cried over criticism u…

      @quinndupont @ideas_idees Never mind! Just being blocked from the east coast of Canada! #thanksEastlink VPN access worked

      @absolutelyallan @Unblock_Us can I get a definitive answer on whether you intended to keep supporting ungeoblocking Netflix in Australia. Sick of proxy error

      @Basit147 @adeel786 @siasatpk it is opening with vpn i am using sco dsl in ajk not opening without vpn

      @DannyHills4 RT @untypicalboro: Alex Baptiste. Luke Williams (2) ... proxy goals flying in all over the shop in the league's nether regions #borolive

      @reirirei Super proxy duties.

      @JeromeWalkman 5 Benefits of Anonymous Proxy And As Headstream As Anonymous Surfboarding to Face mask Your Personal Spac...McJn

      @darrylj1974 #Netflix vpn blocking = cancelled subscription. If we all had the same content we wouldn't need vpn's. This'll just increase piracy #idiocy

      @StephenHeaps It’s also not region locked to Canada without the need of a VPN/proxy

      @SirThawkz @OKitsNMS @xXxCOBRA Wonder if it'll work if you go via a proxy server outside of the UK?

      @FlemingNyman Retrogradation hydrophone description protect broadening spare: comport high proxy run through corpuscle cellp...

      @flarebooks Did Profar try to beat the OOT Water Temple without using a proxy or VPN or move out of the US & Canada

      @nils_gate @AchalK @muglikar_ also accountants provide address service and act as proxy, so people can even hide their real addresses.

      @sundarnepal9 how to unblock all websites and all applications vpn बंद किया हुवा वेबसाइट और

      @honeybeehime_ @mmairo1 They only sell them at certain times on their own website so you'd need a forwarding service/proxy but they are huge and nice

      @BldrR2 @farrightgregy @GGDOVE It's odd that there is no news about a VPN connection to her server and where the thread leads to.

      @kmmbd @Nirjhor Maxthon is cross platform in a way (got a droid app too). Proxy is basically an intermediary server between client and host.

      @My_BB_Acct @snarkNbb @liquid8d My PC died & the tablet VPN app kept crashing. Downloaded the #BBViewer to sis laptop immediately worked! #grateful

      @RachelM64384164 That over against stare hard as proxy for fellow feeling a smartphone app strategist: fOXMyQyTt

      @Viseleaux @Tainokan //I know I had to change the VPN before being able to at least access on Chrome what I believe was the 'server selection page'.--

      @PrivacyCamp RT @matthysdt: Clearly #VPN-for-#privacy is a BIG thing! It also seems most paid VPN services relentlessly promote themselves with 'unbiase…

      @dotLoux @Netflix_CA Pretty annoyed with the periodic proxy/vpn errors when not using either. Get it together or stop blocking them altogether

      @mrdopenss23 @Kaseyj112 @TeamKanyeDaily @thegame @KimKanyeKimYeFC @kanyewest @TheLifeOfVince ask the game to proxy lmfao

      @ChaserKate @Twitching_Proxy have your best friends too" Her head nodded towards the hatchets on the floor "they always have and will protect you"

      @the_plane_man @buyvpnservice your Vpn is quick for first two minutes on a server then intolerably slow... Am I doing something wrong or need a refund?

      @histanton Holy mackerel. So much to learn when publishing a simple #JavaScript app that queries a #SOAP service. Hello, proxy!

      @ProxyforLife @ChaserKate page* "Kate Milens, proxy. Resides in Oakside Park. Known as 'The Chaser'. Extremely dangerous, cunning and surprisingly -

      @AnthonyLouis8 Brilliant bunghole as proxy for stratified promotion means of access amar ujala: vZqW

      @ColinJCarlson @quominus @diabola yes! this, instead, was using it as a proxy for behavior/cultural practices influencing zoonotic spillover

      @SetDraconi So, uh, just got booted offline. I've already downloaded one, but if anyone else knows about a great free Vpn, lemme know

      @magickalfantasy install Hola on your web browser and make sure you choose US as your vpn country. Use IDM to DL the video (with output .ts video file)

      @Seageart @LexAlley I can't watch it. It's on Netflix over there only. Not Canada. I wanted to proxy, but they block that now. Fuckers

      @codebamboo @jianyis I KNOW I WAS TRULY BLESSED THAT DAY WWW if you want to order directly from wego's site, there's a proxy service called tenso that-

      @Texiwill @Tabor_Mike @jfrappier use Synology internally only, expose access through some form of firewall via VPN and proxy in DMZ.

      @varundikar @AzureSupport @Davewarrington r u using proxy servers with SSL inspection? If so plz add exception for the server.


      @SheAintMeTrey @CanadianneQueen lucky Netflix blocked my proxy I can't access it anymore

      @Zenanonymous1 Friends in #Turkey, Get a VPN, download tor browser, stay indoors, switch DNSs on routers, keep calm, don't add up to panic level.

      @Adhiarta @netflix please don't block VPN we can't access right now

      @halftheclothes A2: @SST3D @travel_sisters - when needing a VPN, I use Private Internet Access (@buyvpnservice) - $6.95 a month.

      @Biberbande_I The moment, your IT-dep says: To get a "secure" VPN connection, you need Windows, install the browser plugins Java and Citrix Netscaler, ...

      @quatoria @doIIjoints blargh. that's going to fuck over our use of a london geolocated proxy to access it, if so.

      @Reactively #IronMaiden motivated me to try a different browser with a different proxy. Working well now. Attn #Wacken viewers.

      @vanesch @clearwriter Easy way: get VPN, connect to a proxy in Canada, go to Done.

      @DonnaIsaiah Gic canada - straight a unfrequent factors on route to suppose as proxy for overlying prurient interest echelon means merit: ncybwT

      @inventian @MundyMorn On Windows phone there's a proxy app for Insta called 6tag. It lets you save photos. If you're an iPhoner, I'm no help at all.

      @scribofelidae @FondaJLee @nicofeld @outseide CBC is offering sport-dedicated streams on their website. Is NBC not doing the same? O_o Maybe try VPN spoof?

      @furhyun @chelsmels19 have u tried using the site that hide your ip address or proxy or smth? It prob works

      @WatsonGarrison2 An man of learning app as proxy for iphone en route to do service to category thine studies: EqR

      @RBBloodweaver Using a VPN to access Twitter would not keep someone making threats anonymous. It will stop nosy, bigoted fascists harassing you!

      @ShinMegamiHiro @LewdLyrica You need to use a proxy and a VPN, which is a whole other process.

      @anthonyqld Census website blocked people from outside Australia accessing. Was getting connection errors until I disabled VPN

      @darrenhopehing @Unblock_Us any workaround for Xbox one and apple TV Netflix using a proxy issue? i have two days left on your trial and want to choose

      @gopikrishna54 @narendramodi enough means enough Isolate proxy war Protect Jawans at any cost. We don't want to lose Jawans anymore @HMOIndia @rajnathsingh

      @KAMPYOF300 @jhausss @TANKOF300 tell Hillary that lolol. She used a private server with no vpn lolol

      @jajjajatt1 RT @AQpk: Victim of a proxy war much bigger than him. Sad death. Under his govt a wave of Soviet-Afg bombings in #Pakistan cities. #Remembe…

      @NinjaGymnast150 Wondering if Shen is gonna block VPN apps...

      @randalltrandall RT @AdaptToReality: Q: What is the next step in Proxy War, Cyber War, and Political Instability PsyOp War in the US vs Russia game?

      @hvn42 Geeks of Twitter, how come I can't access a site unless I use mobile data or a VPN (Hola) + my wifi network? I'm lost

      @ManCityPoznan RT @MyLibertyShield: Great reason to get yourself FOX Soccer and a USA

      @jimbobbennett @IrisClasson but they block the website out in NZ, have to use VPN's to order them

      @cobillard For Mom's Friend, romance was for the daytime: "Witnessing and Sharing" as proxy for Jesus, so privacy, shame, modesty, chastity were sins.

      @Sarkies_Proxy @robmanuel that's what type account used to be. I typed "pb" before a tweet from my private account and it'd tweet from my proxy account.

      @skyknyt It's also very cheap to get a clean proxy IP to any location in the world you want for very low prices now

      @trufae RT @NowSecureMobile: [PRODUCT UPDATE] Lab Workstation, our on-premises mobile app pen testing kit, now features Interactive Proxy & more: h…

      @momatose @metswee if u have the cash you could probably snag singles using a proxy on an auction site after the release for much less

      @JoeScordato RT @brianbeutler: One reason there's insufficient skepticism about anonymous leaks is that this proxy fight played out fairly publicly duri…

      @canik78 #vpn web proxy baby boy clothing online shopping

      @asa138 @VootSupport Do you have any dates yet? Really frustrating to use VPN and all to access Voot. @rajcheerfull

      @ispardesi @74m7Nvfou8TiPRe Heard even VPN Access is blocked

      @Sarkies_Proxy Woke up this morning to one of the cats on me.

      Tried my best to slowly move and not wake it.

      Finally open my eyes.

      Was a pillow.

      @KristofLgLyon hey @Unblock_Us ! Is there anything new/bad with the nflx region picker?could use it 2 days ago without problems but tonight: proxy message

      @Yoshitomo_Imura @Radomysisky
      I use a proxy server for communication
      High anonymity is necessary for the exercise of justice

      @manalo_p #large tree transplant vpn without static ip

      @StuRobson @arranrp yeah, you're probably right, it being a Presto-based proxy browser. Ah well, who uses it anyway? :-P


      @d1fFRTO7l9MrcI8 #where to start investing money vpn unblock youtube free download

      @WearingWelcome @davidfolkenflik @txalt @twpolk considering Wikileaks a "source" meant allowing others to grant anonymity by proxy.

      @NsanityHacking Best vpn I've used for my phone!

      @imaguid @gattaca junk food by proxy, i guess

      @dakami @darkuncle @skryking @da_667 @highmeh no, the bastion is just a TCP proxy for another encrypted session

      @LordFXP @theTunnelBear Looks like your CANADA VPN detected as USA , tested on many shops, like microsoft store and Proxy testers, both see it as USA

      @beastieaw RT @Melli306: @beastieaw Changing the VPN/Proxy 2 canada then U can

      @anjumifaridi @CelestineBee aren't stooges controlling people-herds and K9s fighting proxy wars to protect their

      @pjaspers_ebooks If you have access to a VPN, now I have a sorted list on my phone.

      @JosephQuarkera Wondering why my VPN was providing oddly slow connection speeds. Turns out it was routing my traffic through a server in Vietnam.

      @learnpricing RT @privatePLUG: We are $30 an invite. Each invite includes all our bots with free updates, exclusive proxy pricing, and support in our Dis…

      @proxy_gsm @ScamHunter23 @realunlocks if never hear story from mom in childhood then do pay after. from today who say pay after = direct block.

      @djmyboo RT @whotutorial: NETFLIX DIRETO

      BIN : 489138xxxxxxxxxx


      IP: US



      @TaintlessRed @sithjediani ah ok maybe best skip then as strong periods were years ago, judging by success in Europe as proxy Feynoord won Uefa in 2002 ->

      @MetaBoy @Proxy_Tank @mattyglesias - Ooh, what's in them? Open trade/borders for US energy with Mexico/Canada? Pressuring

      @chomper_ebooks @douradobot @stuff_ebooks @ifarmlife @One80Skincare @therightblue @OrganicPassion3 Proxy or VPN I pay the govt.

      @tiph6reth I

      @cliomae #mens designer watch brands free proxy server streaming video

      @dawgfansteve64 RT @epicbrowser: @JCTheResistance @GOP To protect your browsing history, use the Epic Privacy Browser with our encrypted proxy on. It's fr…

      @echosa Windows Store won't install things when I'm connected to a VPN, even if the server is in the USA. :-/

      @Gagawesomee RT @Jogagajoanne: After 1.5H if 7000 Monsters will do it it will gain 1Million Streams+ PUt you VPN on and Change your IP adress on spotify…

      @SZNServers The speed for the proxy might be low, as it is located in Canada. With a server it is much better.

      @zevahcnerak RT @bailey_jones18: Just when I thought this school couldn't get any worse y'all had to go and block my VPN

      @krptiq_hex I have a premium vpn method but it needs to be renewed every 3 days

      @Captain__Amber Now a proxy citadel, it's a really interesting build for this specific map... this game tho...

      @KevinCarson1 Jumping into my mentions to defend racists who hide behind "Islam is not a race" is a pretty good proxy for being a blockworthy shitlord.

      @subsurface_life @TrevGould it is! But timezone, wifi - no idea if person in charge of signing has any access. UGH I would appoint a proxy to sign.

      @smockled What’s the best way to cache @ElectronJS <webview> contents for offline availability? Proxy requests through a server running locally?

      @MCulverMIA @EastAlahna Get a private VPN account in the US, so all of your Internet traffic appears to come from here. When you connect, they think...

      @KM4JOJ I can get to reddit through my VPN...but not over my LTE directly.

      #censorship has started.

      @NorelliNancy RT @stmanfr: ► Crypto-Anarchism :

      Using TOR/VPN with protocols that are not "Hidden Channel Safe" allow identification through fingerprint…

      @ShortChangeH3ro @RichNeedsRez @WWE talented and will secure the future of the company just by proxy. Has Lesnar ever beaten Balor? No. But we will never

      @dorkdrums the freeform website knows i'm not american so i presume there's a way around that?? I've tried vpn apps but none of them work

      @Mehzifyy @OMGitsAliA please get your server to make an EU Proxy I'm ruby donor and always lag this isn't fair

      @tTIcU7rtbgxPmZc RT @FastestVPNGuide: For complete online #anonymity, use a #vpn which doesn't require your personal details to sign up, has a #tor portal a…

      @claco RT @palendae: @claco May even load up my little core i3 server with it so I can have a unified env, and make a package proxy here

      @Sid_Ballot The England band use a vpn to surf the web

      @man0fbass @Instinct_Rush Have you tried using a VPN? You might be able to access the game that way.

      KI is doing their best. Try some workarounds.

      @straitarrow10 RT @JackieBlue4u: @Unpersuaded112 @AUkeibro We use Opera browser. It has a built in VPN (Virtual Private Network) but u have to turn it on…

      @OhGodItsAli RT @AneelGrewal: There is no proxy that can hide you and your location from Allah.

      So Stay away from sins.


      @ai_chan49 @shizuoya How much fees that FJ and Goody japan charged ? Im sorry Im asking you a lottt Im kinda paranoid when it comes to website proxy

      @Wordsmithgetxo @redtache Not using a VPN. Problem is with iPhone. Haven't tried with Android on tablet. Can't find anything on phone that would change it.

      @S_T_E_W_A_R_T_ @GhirlsInGreen you’ll have to use a VPN to hide your IP Address.

      @julian_wavvy School really had to block all the vpn’s i be in class staring at the wall till the bell ring so i can get some signal

      @foofighterslive @roxengli Be careful though, don't do anything secure whilst using the proxy and remember to remove the details when finished.

      @marlyn_reza RT @OFCHANANDBAEK: IP PROBLEMS?

      FOR PC, Download Free Lifetime VPN / Windscribe VPN to Chrome

      RT TO SAVE A…

      @Smectator I Use VPN now I can use twitter and Facebook and google! Because I live in CHINA.Can't use Twitter So I can't see the world…

      @Mushtarak RT @RamyRaoof: are you in Beirut 27 November? join us Tea & Tor evening in @SMEX space. I will facilitate a discussion/q&a how our data mov…

      @fatiha_rais14 RT @sanna_60_: Legends whi hain jo vpn proxy uz kr ry

      @RadicalGoats @Bigkid68 @NBCNews I'm hoping my VPN that lets me proxy into Canada will protect me from some of this if it goes through.

      @pomsmama RT @DisguiseDevilin: @pomsmama The Minister stated that #Canada will keep #NetNeutrality and has already built a strong structure.

      @BekkaLeygh @EAHelp I’m currently in South Korea, but I don’t have a VPN or Proxy to change the location back to Canada.

      @GunnyWrx @l3ignosebro There are blacklists of VPN providers. Combine that with latency requirements. Right now the game is a mess.

      @Husnain_Tw33ts @isoft_isoft Agr ab block hon to use VPN.

      @webjedi ...then again, I'm coming in from a VPN proxy, because... well, maybe they don't like it endpointing in Canada #NAFTAVPN

      @livinduhdream @OgtheDim @MLS_Canada @TaylorTwellman @MLS @mlse @TSN Would a VPN or proxy server provide a solution to this issue?

      @BbyBoomer4HS RT @missyouintheam: @Sarah_Luvs_Lou @stylezpromo Great!

      @Deb_Libby RT @skyfishgoo: why in the world would anyone pay for a VPN from facebook?

      or google for that matter.

      these are notorious personal inform…

      @Nemachocolat368 @Jason_R_T thank you Jason. The link is block in Canada tho :( Ill try with a proxy VPN when ill get home

      @alterlove133 RT @BTSHyperSquad: @bangtanUAE My dads in Etisalat, he said that since Skype got banned and whatsapp calling, they use IP to trace VPN user…

      @hoooly_shiiiit RT @BTSmal_twt: ℹ INFO: Use VPN to access YouTube Red

      ▫️Download Turbo VPN or any other VPN app
      ▫️Choose Korea or US as your servers loca…

      @CassandraHelmke RT @NewfieAngel2018: Anybody clicking on the link that AV just put in Trisha’s chat, it’s a grabify link to which gains the info of whoever…

      @hatelefties @Alichat66 @stinkypete5656 I use epic browser, it comes with a VPN and you just need to give a UK postcode to register.

      @Ensiform RT @MelindaMadison: @LiaraRoux hey @iamjohnoliver Censorship insanity here! of mass proportions that the vanilla world will not realize u…

      @iCobraKhan NADRA's website can only be opened using VPN... WTF?

      @AnonymousCronic RT @ProtonVPN: We're working hard to keep our #VPN servers lighting fast. Please welcome our newest servers in #Canada and #Singapore, avai…

      @babolly22H RT @vpnunlimited: Some Chrome VPN extensions may be leaking your web habits.Take 4 steps to test if yours is not one of them:
      1. Open Chrom…

      @T_Lee2323 RT @soychicka: @AmDigitalNews @SaysDana @ArleBear @textifire @GalenCollege But, and perhaps more importantly, given the recent uptick in pr…

      @enabin @chovare Vpn bypass may be

      @jikisekka @best_busingye Then that's a good VPN you are using right there

      @Sarkies_Proxy RT @garius: So either May or Grayling have somehow managed to hide under a rock and avoid learning that, or they're utterly bullshitting pa…

      @WASBAPPIN RT @manaralkhalidi: @Hamzoz @Brothersirq @facebook @YouTube @instagram @Twitter @Snapchat @WhatsApp We can access social media sites only v…

      @Pawxeric @discordapp @kokiriemeralds @kokiriremeralds, IP Bans can easily be bypassed with a Proxy or VPN. But they're possible.

      @Jorge_Delrio RT @RSAsecurity: Looking to increase #security to cloud, VPN and other digital workplace tools? Don't rely on the #password. See 5 ways mul…

      @sehunoir RT @Nai_Orbit: UPDATE!!⚠️ we are climbing rather fast!!! I think people are starting to realize we gotta vote using Korean VPN as well and…

      @KikkouFucker @mutsuns OH OK

      @OneStateD_503 RT @AnandWrites: U.S. tech magnates’ interest in space as wages stagnate, inequality yawns and democracy trembles here on earth reminds me…

      @plaidgrayman @ChocoAzelle Yja stands for yahoo japan. It’s an auction site! I mainly use my proxy fromjapan to search through and place bids

      @1CarlosCisneros @JennyBlighe No kidding there wonder if it has something to do with being owned an basically ran as a proxy for Facebook

      @FatimaMed10 RT @liliorum: my recommendation for a vpn is hotspot shield - it doesn't offer that many countries, but it does have canada for free and it…

      @DavidVestenskov RT @stenrynning: Are #NATO training Iranian proxy forces in Iraq? Should NATO plan next to train security forces in Libya? -- see NATO trai…

      @LetheanIO RT @Lan2050: VPN is becoming more and more important. Check out @LetheanIO @LetheanMovement #Lethean decentralized VPN. They released a…

      @nerdneck20 @joedefloor @the_secondhell @jaxdotcom he was probably using a proxy server or a vpn