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      @kylekehler @rejects gonna be a lot of people setting up vpn to appear as Canadians when Netflix Canada gets it in 2016.

      @swarajpb RT @kim_weatherall: interesting to hear via @mgeist complaints re VPN use & cross-border use of Netflix being agitated in Canada as well as…

      @hylui @acl_3009 fuck I love VPN

      @Michae1S TEST THE NEW VPN.

      @kobijv @nickjmb Access HD Movie content through Netflix, Hulu+ & moreˆ ^Requires US VPN and is subject to subscription terms and conditions

      @lukeofpreston @ow true.. If you have the $ get a vpn and use iPhone/iPad to get US etc Netflix, AirPlay to the AppleTV. Sounds hard but not really.

      @crimibility RT @Sydefs: VPN on, feelings off

      @LovelyCorrine That moment when you realise you are in a country not supported by Netflix and your ISP is blocking your VPN

      @ayyeeeitsjess @ReallyNinjers yes, you have to vpn to au netflix though

      @SnookerValerie @Deco800_ @MoniqueLimbos Agreed. Especially with all your travel, a good deal on a VPN is well worth it.

      @ukuIeIes @captianhansen use hola vpn its in latin americas netflix

      @iFoto2mas @proXPN if i have a 150/100mbit internetconection, what speed will i have with your VPN?
      On VPN my speed used to be around 2mbit..

      @SharonMichaelso Picked vpn bra considering thine age group wants: cKQyHS

      @lucygrie Every tweet that says COM London was beautiful infuriates me. It's BS buffering. It ain't Netflix qual cos they use VPN. Duh. YT is better

      @RedWhiteAndSail How do I connect my VPN software to Canada so I can watch Canadian Netflix?

      @DJ_GRAZIZZLE @mildmojo @troyhunt Facebook gives me chaptchas if I'm not logged in, and on a VPN. I use @VyprVPN and it happens all the time.

      @c0c0bird @dakoraa Access to studies via "Web VPN" at home is reason enough to join #Fernuni.

      @samaninatasha RT @aaliznat: Why are you happy about Netflix coming to India when you are going to use a proxy and not pay for subscriptions anyway?

      @ToOmM44 @CeliaatTiffanys *file changer le VPN pour regarder Netflix Canada*

      @weebawbaa @jemalexander you are using a VPN aren't ya Jem? It's been on Netflix Canada (or something) for ages...

      @IllMindOfChris_ @chelcking use a proxy website just google it :) each episode is 1 hour 10 minutes, its amazing

      @clockworkgaming 7:30p
      D&D Encounters

      Game Demo Night!

      MTG Proxy Modern

      @IsByTheSeashore RT @aJetOrange: The Office is now available for Canada?

      @darkpheonix_ @hidemyass still hasn't gotten through my request, time to find another VPN provider that doesn't block my payment for lel fraud precaution

      @pixiedustlwt_ @ruuella uh, basically yes

      @SharonMichaelso Best vpn bandage in place of yours beauty shop wants: pHPBkd

      @Jonesy220366 @Bla1ze Acidentally logged in with my VPN set to Romania earlier in the week, that was a first. Kinda like an emptier Netflix Canada.

      @m1ster_Sunky Everybody enjoying Netflix free 1month but not me..bcos vpn

      @AlmightyVictorP @OptiMISS_Prime same here, well Netflix America sucks. I usually use a vpn and watch Netflix Canada. I'll have to check that show out.

      @TomboiCanada @Exist_2_CorrecT I just checked Netflix Canada and S2 of #Unite9 is still there. VPN tunnel anyone?

      @hughjackedman_ @elskay_ Brazilian netflix has it if you have a proxy thing!

      @ShackleyMariss1 Whence be doing anima humana deal with an winning philologue navicert as proxy for canada?: WxaTe

      @AT_ebooks I just had to guide a client through using LogMeIn, which kills the VPN because it doesn't support PPTP.

      @BaileyShirley3 Kidzter straight a nonrealistic website as proxy for kid: HJAnp

      @DerekMacEwen RT @evilpez4: Netflix: *looks around*

      "So, all the video stores are pretty much dead?"

      *begins rate increases*
      *starts proxy block initia…

      @joel_llamas_ @HotspotShield @ZDNet @zackwhittaker netflix Canada claims they will shot down vpn users. is this true, will i loose mu vpn privileges?

      @PauletteNpink #Netflix in Canada plans on stopping subscribers from using a VPN to get the US version(which has tons!! more). So long #NetflixCanada #fold

      @ThatsAGudIdea Nothing ticks me off more than Netflix banning proxys/VPN so I am stuck with the poor selections on Netflix Canada> more stuff on the US one

      @johnnygoodface In Canada we have such a small selection!!! @Netflix closing VPN access = cancelling my subscription

      @faisbb Wasn't able to access Twitter as VPN was routing me thru Canada. Changed the server to Seattle so back on :-)

      @TrevorHeisler If @Netflix blocks VPN services completely, they may as well just stop serving Canada until they are able to win global rights for content.

      @Supermathie Another day of having to VPN into Canada, from Canada, to put on Canadian @netflix

      @EllingtonCheste Conversation where internet strasbourg as proxy for the website as for thine supposititious ensemble: Arod

      @masterRt1994 free IPVanish Premium VPN

      Expire : 15 or 28 Jan/2016

      inbox me for username + pass [ only for 1 person so come first get first ]

      @tikwanleep @StewGleadow Which VPN?

      @KrankyKanuck I went so far as to use a US proxy just so I could watch it in Canada. Worth the effort. @CordieMendoza

      @yaelwrites @danielnazer @onekade my friend was able to SSH into his VPS and set it as a proxy in Firefox or whatever

      @heavymetalsouI @contentgumball netflix pak sucks, i would pay to buy a vpn app but what if it doesn't work?

      @SunsetInMay @Netflix_CA If I turn the VPN off Netflix won't work. If I turn the VPN on and set it to Canada it does work. I'll be using a VPN.

      @patryric @thurrott Netflix is mostly TV series. And now is VPN blocked so will unsub prob soon. Canada catalog is poor...

      @Supermathie @samsaffron @netflix @Netflix_CA @Netflixhelps Oh, I already have the VPN. I just have to VPN into Canada… from Canada… to get it to work.

      @Chitalia RT @johnbellessa: @Ancap_greg @SwiftOnSecurity so the Chinese programmer you outsource your work assignments to can bypass your corporate V…

      @HolidayTaylor1 Hiring niggra wordpress framer as proxy for wordpress site vocational education: Hph

      @agunsux @Netflixhelps how about unsubscribe netflix and switch my subscription to hulu or amazon? they're allow me to use proxy.

      @AndrewKertesz @piacsm quick way to lose customers. That's gotta be half your client base. Other VPN companies actively marketing their attempts to bypass

      @KDBlits @BelgaSND is it not a vpn ?

      @babeburnham @toeburnham do you have American Netflix? Just use a VPN and change your location to Canada (tunnelbear, Hola better internet)

      @kchoudhu I've said this before, and I'll say it again: VPN and other security-related packages need to stop including "certificate management tools"

      @_LightCore So I tried using a Proxy Server so I could play showdown during my free block at school, but I got locked cause the proxy server has been1/2

      @Iossif i just saw that my vpn provider offers an australian server. this might come in handy… #xcom2

      @ColemanAlejandr Dig the prodigious proxy opportunities canada: MTs

      @JoeOlivia1 Elective iron gray background detail as proxy for site is obscured except basal: dFiqQfwly

      @Nikhil_savio #VPN is a great tool to protect privacy in this data mining a and tracking cookies era.

      @JudyHelvede @bethdearden1 pirate proxy keeps be ahead of the game

      @heartsnuance I thought it was like Idolish7 and I would need a proxy server or something to play it... #fail

      @greenphilart @traquir @DekyGHWF @Tartanfox00 A postal vote WAS a no vote (even if you selected 'Yes'). If you cant make it on the day; vote by proxy

      @travisparsons Geoblocked by @netflix_ca for using a VPN on my router. Yet I'm in Canada and VPN is set to Canada too.. How does this make sense?? @netflix

      @amazinarreckk @moviebox_app can’t watch anything without a VPN now.

      @cellmembrane416 @Reds_Logic i'm using vpn since I live in HK but wanna watch the netflix in us or canada, cuz HK one sucks


      @nmategyero Is there a VPN app we can use to get into MobileMoney? Just askin' #UGDecides16

      @SaavaDean Okay i have discovered a way how we can reopen our whats app and Facebook go to play store look for super VPN and install it on your phone

      @hakun20 Any VPN,APN or some f**kin app one knows that cn rectify this mobile money en ATM issue!!!!! Bloody hell
      anti#Uganda decides

      @LukeLindsay @Netflix_CA i use a VPN for privacy and protection and i'm a little frustrated i cannot use Netflix anymore because i have a VPN (Cont)

      @AnnieLiv891030 @ellasayshiya Hey!! I am from Taiwan and I'm a part of Chinese too. You can find "HOLA VPN" at the app store, it works in Taiwan.

      @BrandonHuang5 @SwooshAura is the proxy speed matter too or just server ping and server speed?

      @mtanner613 Frustrating that I have to choose between the #privacy of a #VPN or #Netflix - especially when it’s hosted in Canada.

      @boltpn_vpn Test the BoltPN network with a free account. Yes, we said free!

      @Hxlcyoniss Seriously friends should be streaming on the app ! Especially when they did tge VPN banner!!! @Netflix_ME

      @mia_Trikru @clementine_ford @becksandthecity U mean DNS? Cos VPN will slow down loading speed. If outside US, can use Netflix Canada for latest Season

      @CH0C0HANBIN @HTTPHANB1N they just dont provide the services here you cant find it on the app store here ;__; so to use spotify u need to use vpn

      @maggot_sec @HezykiahLucid @ioerror If Cloudflare enabled "block all proxies, vpn, tor", 100% of their customers will enable it.


      @scaresothers Unimpressed that @netflix has blocked my access to Canadian content, from Canada, because I choose to use a VPN for security reasons #VPN

      @shauntaylors @Netflix_CA I'm a Netflix subscriber, living in Canada, trying to access the Netflix Canada content via a VPN. Why can't I do that?

      @WyseNynja Netflix is blocking my home network's VPN :(

      @BendaGeek @Netflix_CA is blocking my VPN that is connecting on a server in Canada even though I am in Canada. Thank you for lowering my security...

      @Bunny_Godfather It seems that only 4 regions fall under the #Netflix block. Those are US, UK, Canada and strangely Belgium. Most are still accessible. #VPN

      @buttsec21 @YudahsC Hey simp. you really don't wanna use your own pic on any social site.
      use a vpn.
      and some sort of gorilla mail. you dumb fuck.

      @Cambo_sal Netflix Canada sucks without a DSN proxy or VPN

      @JonoNewton @Yakcall I just tried here with no problems. Netflix USA & Canada both ran through the DNS. Couldn't connect to the VPN (Cause my WiFi)

      @MrChom While I'm technically back at work the lack of password for the work laptop, and the VPN site not working is somewhat of a hinderance.

      @MaxPointy @netflix How does limiting myself to titles (very limited) available in my region (Canada) benefit me, the consumer? #geoblocking #DNS #VPN

      @Zekah @Netflixhelps @NetflixFR Hey! Since your proxy blocking, i cant access netflix anymore, whatever device i use, but i dont use any proxy! 1/2

      @wiredferret Bugger this for a game of soldiers. I have installed and uninstalled DNE, SonicWall, and Cisco VPN multiple times.

      @IsItUpOrDown @Pineapple1306 Last years BBViewer(v4.2) File > Videos > Choose BBViewer by Liquid8d > BB Canada > Live > Global TV (seems to work w/o vpn)

      @xbl_wall @HotspotShield forget vpn block. just explain me why i keep gettin german content on netflix when i select us,canada,germany ?

      @Maxime_Terree @ZenMate Hi guys. It seems like Netflix blocked your #VPN (Canada one). Anyway to solve this issue ?

      @issue_september Without VPN access I no longer see value @netflix

      @puppy_barnes @ZenMate Hi, your VPN is working with Netflix US but not with Netflix Canada, is there a way to fix it?

      @AradiedHesker @JulienNirvFail 1 Go de free data sur le VPN gratuit :(

      @mishaIeckiss @deanncvak youknow those 'apps' for Google chrome? You download the one named 'unlimited free VPN - hola' or just search American Netflix +

      @70sologist @illmatix aye. I used a VPN up until last month but it stopped working. Netflix Canada sucks and just lacks so much content.

      @ChBeckstrom Did Netflix finally ban VPN connections in the US? I can't stream Netflix Canada or Mexico any more. :-(

      @_DIESKI @Boldasbronze How about using vpn app? I often use 'tunnel bear' or 'hola vpn'.

      @blackie101 @shwood is Hack available on Netflix in Canada? Cause can't VPN anymore

      @ncallegari @Media_Hint Netflix telling me it's detecting proxy (using the iPad app). You seem to have been blocked. What now? (@Zombie_Phil @Regardt)

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz website the choice minutes as proxy for sport indifferently overflow how wisdom: foxrsEcxl

      @YouSeeBunny @ditech Mac/Firefox. I'm trying to access from abroad. Site works when I go through a US based proxy

      @903581187 @kevinrbarker VPN can help you solve the problem, you can gain access to oversea network like Taipei, even the US.

      @croutonic_ebook @TayandYou App Store link if you have the VPN

      @marivicaguilera RT @spamgoddess: smh at Netflix trying to crack down on VPN and proxys. How rude. It's not my fault Netflix UK/Canada has more interesting …

      @AndreaGertrude Staircase as proxy for supple high customized site in respect to thy assent grudgingly: uhcuAKxH

      @RidleymScott @Netflixhelps my netflix isn't working in canada and i don't have a vpn on my laptop... help

      @MisterVoss @Unblock_Us Any news regarding the netflix proxy/vpn error message? Will there be a solution?

      @johnwlast RT @teddybearproxy: If Hillary doesn't want to debate, I can stand in for her. I've got tons of experience as a debate proxy in Canada. #T…

      @jasonleefirth @reedhastings block VPN I block credit card 'don't think we'll see any impact' / we'll see / you only exist because of your subscribers.

      @_jennymccarthy RT @ericabaguma: Netflix Canada is utterly worthless without a VPN. SO upset about this recent crackdown. I'm just supposed to watch Adam S…

      @noelle_wenn @netflix you guys wouldn't have a vpn problem in canada if you gave us reAL CONTENT TO WATCH

      @BlackGirlNerds RT @a_guerramarin: @BlackGirlNerds Netflix blocked my vpn so I have to see if it's available here in Canada, if so, I'm in!!!

      @BrightsideAli Lol Netflix is cracking down on VPN users. But what option do we have in Canada. The selection is not even worth the time wasted browsing

      @BrightsideAli @Netflixhelps without VPN I will have to unsubscribe. Do you know how crappy Netflix Canada is??

      @NapoPeb @thatsnogreg The Xbox app uses only some DNS lookups; majority of streaming done via hardcoded IPs. Hence, a proxy wont work either.

      @Gooner_Faduma Damn it Netflix! I'm just trying to watch PowerPuff Girls....let me into US Netflix. Canada blows! #VPN

      @robbat2 @mjingle vpn into canada for Netflix?

      @realdeezyblaze need VPN access to Netflix Canada so i can binge watch Are You Afraid of the Dark later

      @SpaceMutiny TL;DR TV in Canada sucks ass and now with Netflix getting wise to VPN/DNS since this month just get a Kodi box system if you can work one.

      @malloryne_ they just added the new season of bobs burgers to Netflix. but now you can't use a vpn anymore :-)))))) I'm moving fuck Canada

      @damnedbridge @Netflix just killed my US proxy. Lost my favourite flicks. Cancelling @netflix. Hello @HBO !

      @wildsunshinesky I have to wait to watch the last season of oitnb because Netflix figured out my proxy site wtf

      @RealRedRut If $NFLX blocks it's international subscriber base from using VPN to access US content, who was surprised about the guidance?

      @O2 @poxo01 That would depend on your employer Paul. A VPN is a private network which gives you access to, for example your work's intranet.

      @petrakramer Opera offers 3 VPN-locatiations. America, Canada and Germany. Netflix blocks the first two but not the latter.

      @ShraddhaSaraf21 @Netflix_CA Netflix you suck here in Canada. Doing away with the VPN was a huuuuge mistake. Same money, diff content. Shame on u netflix

      @TricklerHQ @mark_riedl Takeshi Kovacs FTW! Too bad Netflix in Canada is effing useless and they've effectively killed the VPN market.

      @InYourNitemares @ImAllYoursFR2 Lol that's what's it's called

      @ColemanAlejandr Dig into the extraordinary proxy opportunities canada: ksb

      @HoggarthJocelyn Form niceness leads as proxy for bold stroke upon facebook ads: AhrxUAnWu

      @gegtik netflix and chill... not in canada, where they block vpn us access. theres no netflix and chill here anymore.. no sex

      @FlyingButts @RockLeeSmile I'm considering cancelling my Netflix here in Canada due to the fact it has blocked me from using VPN. :/

      @XTheLastGaspX RT @aj_observations: Block by block, beautiful #Aleppo has been destroyed, it's inhabitants slaughtered, all at the hands of the West's pro…

      @novasobebe Imagine there's no censorship

      Imagine all the people using VPN

      @taasup Is it possible too allow vpn service on my country? (indonesia). Because its the only way i can access netflix :( @Netflixhelps

      @TylerMadelyn There is sharp make a plea means of access australia as proxy for every extract cut for shameful waking dream ...

      @justinph Sunday fun: Adding a git repo to a windows server over VPN’d SMB so I can write a script that has to parse fucking xml. It’s 2003 again!

      @darrenmillar @Unblock_Us Netflix no longer supported? I keep hitting the "Whoops, something went wrong... Proxy Detected"

      @marcvanderwoude @jurjendevries @OpenMediaOrg Netflix’s VPN block isn’t consequent. USA, Canada and UK banned, but Iceland, Portugal and Romania not.

      @camfess I do feel like Netflix Canada is making some better movies. I wonder if the VPN block had them losing lots of customers

      @AlbertarocksTA @AuthorErinChase Probably. I see a lot of videos from USA that won't play in Canada. So I go through a VPN & they play fine. Pain in butt

      @NormanMwafreek @AIRTEL_KE should be serious. I can't access Fb or whatsapp unless I use a proxy, called them but they don't understand

      @ChristianArth13 That put up subsist quantitive techniques as proxy for unweaving many-sidedness part abysm through one inwrought?: toUBbB

      @ajhauk @Gizmodo Can't access you from Canada unless I use a proxy in the states. Something new?

      @jok2000ca Cancelled Capital One, Rogers Cable (still on cell), VPN, US Netflix Acct. & 4K Canada Plan + more, wow; what a nuisance.

      @nelson_sng @xGoomiho
      SofM: Food here is too spicy...
      Can't access Facebook without VPN either

      The reality of playing in the LPL

      @Juice2k__ RT @Shaimarion: @2Girls1Richard @Juice2k__ just google vpn codes for netflix canada

      @sajal Since yesterday Netflix has been blocking my ec2 proxy limited to thai catalog.

      @Proxy_Boom I'm (Lyanna) in Canada but Samantha is back home trying to finish editing so hopefully the video will be up tonight!


      Rt dis so they can notice

      @itsmr0 @Gripper2502 get a free VPN in chrome. Zen mate whatever. Set location to poland. Google Spotify. Use translation bar to English

      @UlaAE Left Sudan thinking I wouldn't need vpn again and then Virgin media decides to block the best websites for shows fml

      @wooh_tw OpenVPN isn't working quite well on Chromebook so a workaround: use your secure server, setup a secure squid and use squid proxy. Profit.

      @Distinctly_You @PutLockerTV @MovieTV4u Y R U making us go 2 another site when (until this morning) u were great VPN w/no adblock - seriously?

      @indianscrewup Can I access US Netflix through proxy?

      @Pazafpd RT @keefe_kuan: Please tell me any cheats for backyard monsters on Facebook. Please do not ask me to use any cheats with cheat engine, Char…

      @DeRazendeGamers @DGamingPlaza @theTunnelBear VPN of MC server?

      @Dxnnii_bbyOX RT @Falastfeenin: @Dxnnii_bbyOX I can keep going, but if you add a VPN & choose a different location you can get Canada's Netflix and they…

      @kurac511 RT @j0hnlam: Personal VPN and seedbox finally setup. Time to torrent and play games at school :)

      @ChazConklin007 @Ricky_Lumpkin @TWC if you use a VPN ISP's can't throttle your bandwidth. I use Private Internet Access for $3/month

      @Laurenrelich @JessKuks if you use google chrome, download the "hola" VPN extension. I've learned that Canada has the best Netflix

      @GThorston @firebox Oh, and for the record, I got around your VPN block! So, ask yourselves, why bother? Let users have their own privacy. #facepalm

      @theblindstagger @GetflixAU I've set the Netflix region to "Off" and restarted router. Still getting the proxy error. Any ideas?

      @BrandenMTC @Axmainian @NetflixUK @NetflixES download betternet vpn canada netflix sucks too

      @CamCrothers @GetflixAU Canada has proxy error again

      @flmboy @HyasBorderless Alos getting the proxy error on US Netflix from South Africa but strangely only on our Samsung Smart TV. PC seems fine

      @rasmusb43 RT @SarahLister: We high-key hate these mean noise machines but also WE WON SOMETHING BY PROXY lmao. #Classic #Canada

      @merrrygrace WELL, Netflix, if you just made better movies available in my country, maybe I wouldn't HAVE to use a proxy server, jeez

      @BouncePassFTW god @MLB @MLBTV suck sooooo bad, every game is on a major delay, and you gotta use a VPN or else half the games are out of market #sucks

      @waylon_ebooks can you still VPN/proxy Netflix my sister wants to date?!

      @zapdawn omg this is so funny i just checked that stalker proxy sorts shit website to see who stalks you and

      @RimiaLu for non u.s fans, u can vote via site, by installing a vpn blocker add on on whatever browser u use, it works. if u have any probs. Ask me!

      @FaberLayla Best alone shot auction as proxy for the amusement in relation to squared off auction and wonting into tentative: HrMWNRH

      @SharonMichaelso Tip-top vpn see after in preference to thine platoon wants: PiVWcT

      @TBP_ebooks yeah when you hope to write music for games, don't put yourself as the VPN IP on my phone - can ping from my phone being silent

      @TOLLABEA @Unlocator got fed up with proxy problems, canceled my subscription and @netflix too. Pls let me know when you have it bug free!

      @ellieakey The best thing about VPN? I can work from my couch and binge watch #Chopped on @Netflix.

      @travestyalpha Sure China has the Great Firewall, but Canada hat the Great Video Wall, Is it any different? #firewall #netflix #vpn

      @BahtiarOthman qew vpn servis

      @CantonGmetal RT @MGTCI: Our team is working around the clock on our new website and proxy release for next week. Wishing a happy Sunday to all! - Team M…

      @whitestardrop arghhhhhhh nothing is working to get past US netflix error msg 'u r using a proxy server'

      @welshjl @netflix yes Netflix I am using a proxy server. Now I've cancelled membership. Why can't we see all content anyway????

      @MortenDyrkilde @expressvpn So does your vpn work for netflix in the US, UK and potentially canada?

      @C_Hornblower RT @nine11inreverse: "protect US interests"

      US is Israel's proxy military; fighting Israel's wars; balkanizing MENA for Greater Israel.


      @OSRSMegaSlowbro @StorgieRS I had the same problem yesterday trying to watch Canadian netflix in Canada but my VPN was off. Maybe it detects it, even if off

      @FreedomeVPN @okko From States? Switch between locations, try Canada as well. Netflix is manually (slowly but surely) blocking all VPN addresses.

      @CdnHeyYou @NordVPN can i use your VPN to watch Netflix USA in Canada?

      @FergusonEugene1 Tangible use blockade-requisite investing as proxy for private school tenement district acres: RSTKSZeS

      @AlexandraBessie Seo india: get one up on traffic as proxy for your site: wbL

      @jordannwelch @EnocGuerrero_ Canadian Netflix has them. use google chrome and download a vpn extension, switch your country to Canada and profit.

      @lisalovesbacon Biggest troll is using my VPN, logging into Netflix and seeing the awesome content for USA, Canada etc and not being able to play it lol

      @krissy_siegner @TekSavvyCSR that kind of worked, sites like Facebook and YouTube work but Netflix and CNN are saying something is wrong with the proxy serv

      @apoorvva @ewurama_llama yo how do you watch it???? It's not on Netflix, can't VPN Canada's Netflix anymore and Hulu doesn't work

      @RowenaMonde @sparrowpost I tried to access it and it says I need a proxy. I guess YVR isn't part of Canada then

      @ktdenise Gunna admit it...was trying to download illegally. Every site though warns of not having a VPN

      Stop scaring the shit outta me

      @Step3Repeat @Netflix_CA Maybe if we had a better selection of shows in Canada I wouldn't need to use a VPN

      @kevinmenzel So like, I know Canadians VPN to America to watch Netflix, do Americans VPN to Canada to watch the olympics?

      @ToneSova CBC Canada site has live stream of ALL sports in progress & ones that i can rewatch. Bless VPN no more NBC suckage #nbcfail

      @xteban @santanderchile Gateway Timeou
      tThe proxy server did not receive a timely response...
      Reference #1.64a0dbe.1470666502.ce902cf


      @nathanbarry Couldn't figure out why all the netflix shows were different. My VPN was still set to Canada from watching the olympics.

      @91clee @checkthpavement I got a VPN app for my iPad and stream straight off the official website.

      @m4nzi @LeaWinc @Lou_Bennet se avete Netflix ed una vpn funzionante andate su Netflix Canada

      @madisonnnwatts Everyone be sure to download their vpn app! they think they can stop us

      @EL0UI5EH @emmalucywalker_ Buy a VPN from app store x

      @hannahpartrid10 Unblock censored torrent sites: Kickass Proxy, Pirate Bay Proxy, EZTV, Torrentz and Extratorrent Proxies. Kickass Torrents alternative site

      @mydeadchem weibo always runs so slow for me and chinese bands never post to facebook/twitter (probably because proxy? idk)

      @stmanfr @yashalevine consequences of hiding IP addresses the way TOR does it, and the way simple VPN's do it. And here things @TimothyS @Cryptomeorg

      @Anand_drk @windscribecom #privacy #tweet4data is awesome and the best amongst the available VPN's.

      @mobile_reach @profcarroll @mathewi if you're rerouting & intercepting traffic via Proxy, DNS, applies to All inbound traffic

      Regardless of app

      @drvirajpradhan @ghacks Thanks again,Also,can you compare free Hoxx Proxy VPN for Firefox and Avira Phantom VPN?Hoxx offers many proxies.Do both watch me?

      @kenziikai fyi: Get a vpn and use various locations like Canada / UK you will discover a number of quality documentaries on Netflix ;). You're welcome.

      @ClancyKolzig Definitely going to have to figure out how to Vpn so I can watch Netflix Canada

      @BruntForceT @CorridorDigital Battlefield series is only available in the states! I guess I'll be using a VPN to get it.. even though.. it's free..anyway

      @SindyMaraj @nasa check wspk vpn thru netflix rogers cable bell canada xbox /ps and cable company in dallas thru borden ( generator) @usarmy

      @joerybicki @emmatonkin You know the best part? The most common solution I’ve found: use a proxy. (Just one Netflix hasn’t flagged yet.) Absurd.

      @KalebMcKelvey @netflix if I'm visiting Canada from the US, how can I watch Netflix? Opera VPN is not letting me. I need blacklist in my life

      @zwa5971 RT @TimothyTurner13: Anyone knows a free #vpn that still works with #netflix? Otherwise its back to #popcorntime and #torrents, RIP netflix…

      @independentprep @thewifeblabs @bookwormbeautyy Yeah the only one that isn't in USA Netflix is Curious George so I change my VPN to Canada to watch it

      @juanduplessis @Unblock_Us Hi guys - I can't seem to watch Netflix via your VPN solution. Can you please help me here?

      @L__700 @mshermusic @dontknowdes I think you can...just don't know a vpn that forests you to the UK..

      @mykieboyblue @HyperopticCS Hey, port forwarding down for past few days. Can't VPN in from outside. Still waiting on Static IP too

      @stevegoodman The most worrying thing (for them, and by proxy, us) is that it brings the day all communications are secure by default closer.

      @ok_ish RT @Spinchange: In this brave, new, "AI-first" world, an app you don't even open is having conversations on your behalf with other autonomo…

      @varun18vijay RT @prasannavishy: Surgical Strikes-Its no longer business as usual for Pakistan's military-jihadi complex and its affiliates in India. htt…

      @th0mdunn_ebooks @wisegirlsrule The answer is VPN'd to Canada for Netflix I mean HELLO NSA HOW ARE YOU TODAY THAT'S A LOVELY BLAZER ON YOU

      @abby745 @Chambraye Hrm I'm honestly not sure. Do you have a friend in Canada? If not, maybe a proxy?

      @McKneeZee Proxies will be delivered on Wednesday. $2 per proxy. Dedicated, IP authorized. not shared. PLEASE RT

      @wynnthehuman I can't use Netflix because my school blocks it, but I can't get around it with a VPN app because Netflix doesn't like proxy servers

      @iblametom Anyone know why I can now watch @netflix with VPN on, as long as proxy is in my own country, i.e. the UK? Did they make a change?

      @yaworsk @phwd @pr0zac I haven't tried but netflix went hardcore trying to stop VPN usage a while back - at least connecting from canada

      @3STRIIIPEZ RT @IamMizzyRaw: Had @proxy_matter slumped in VIP throwing his guts up lol

      @Ryan_LR If Netflix saw I was on a VPN but in Canada and only gave me Canadian content instead of nothing, I'd be fine with that.

      @tsobolevsky @jonrussell been using since June after Netflix has banned Hola app. This VPN also faced some troubles with access but managed to fix it.

      @TheFirstHavoc Dude Netflix is so annoying. Just tryna watch criminal minds but we don't have it on Canada and it refuses my VPN

      @UltraVeloce @sahraobsessed I know. That's why I have to use VPN(virtual private network). So many people in Korea watch Hulu, Netflix using VPN.

      @ArrianneGavagan Anyone know any free VPN's that still work with Netflix?

      @PeterVogel Having discussion with students about Netflix and geo-blocking from Canada. Anyone care to name a VPN service not presently blocked?

      @Kelly62u Biggest Twitter censorship when you need a vpn to tweet from Dallas TX!

      @Vangelus @GeneralTekno @TDG3RD @Mumps no I just watch canada netflix, haha

      after that last vpn turned out to be a bitcoin miner I gave up

      @KianoushFT @netflix you really need Spanish subs on your shows and movies in Canada, especially since you stopped the VPN services

      @_AlexDeacon @ipjustice Don’t privacy & proxy services give registrants privacy and anonymity?

      @WalterCarolyn1 The necessaries upon vpn convenience among the conditions in relation to direction unessential bettering.: Eczi

      @rankled2 @DaniNovus @NewBloodyDuck @twitter But if they want to block proxy IPs, they can. They absolutely know who is using them.

      @VPN_Montpellier @LuckyStrikerPS4 thank you guys same for us quality game !

      @Le_MovieFanatic @prrrince Use any VPN to access the site on desktop. Or I'll send you the APK file for mobile.

      @TwarkMain_1 .@buyvpnservice I use PIA. But some sites don't play well w VPN...Netflix being one example. So not secure when using those sites! WWWTP?

      @SUGARDADDYSTAN i hate that netflix won't let u use vpn anymore because that's where i would watch tws bc of canada

      @Kakauphony @YedIin @netflix VPN bro, everything is then available in Canada

      @KingMyro @netflix blocking VPN's is heavy handed and anti security. Kind of a disservice to customers. Come up with a better way guys

      @hollowman777 @Cuckerella I use this all the time to test out censorship in other countries. Use vpn to set IP to a specific global region then google

      @jeIlicoeroads friendship ended with netflix usa (via vpn changer) now netflix canada (via vpn changer) is my best friend

      @Horseontheshore @AKolodziejFRS VPN to Canada and watch them on Canadian Netflix

      @__Stiglitz__ @SkipLicker @dastardlydanny @YouTube Always good quality. Need a proxy server to bypass the bullshit filters mind.

      @OneAndOnlyAkash Used a VPN to see what Canada has on their netflix and it shits on Americas....They have Fresh Prince,Dead Pool, and others

      @Comedy_robot RT @kingdazy: Any Canadians out there that use a VPN app for watching Netflix? Asking for a friend. (no joke). Apparently Canada has sucky…

      @uttammohanta #wine club seattle best vpn download

      @iVictoriaC What, I have to wait until I get back to Canada to watch 24 on Netflix...Netflix killed the VPN I was using too. Smart.

      @erica_sz1 The schools wifi works with facebook ,without any vpn?

      @vronique3 @NakusetGould I know it sucks, it's because of the Family channel in Canada but with a VPN you can have access to Netflix USA.

      @gortok I'm doing Role based access control for Microservices using Endpoints/HTTP Verbs (behind the scenes) w/ proxy access. Anyone doing this?

      @N51_rob_OS If you have a VPN that works, Season 7 of Archer is streaming on Netflix Canada.

      @collinquinlivan Soo, any single Canadian chicks out there? I'll give you access to my VPN and US Netflix account. #Inauguration #notjoking #marryme @Canada

      @AndyApple999 @Matt__J @EuroBriefing Absolutely, EU is second on my proxy list of trade offenders (after China). Unlike Canada which is way down the list.

      @boobks @janeglorianas @infjliesel i downloaded opera vpn on my phone but i still couldnt watch netflix us/canada :(

      @AquaticTortoise @CoolJ3mes @IAAways lol they can just use vpn to change ip

      @1989_polaroids changing your VPN so you can access other countries netflix is the shit, canada and the uk have way better movies

      @srbknits @courtenlow In my defence, Netflix got wise to VPN thing is and now it knows I'm in Canada.


      @queenkalantars @ikawongbb Well I'm using a vpn and watching it from the big brother Canada website

      @Lord_Garret don't tell jarrett but I'm using a vpn so if his netflix thinks he's in canada it's so I can watch community

      @RavingAnarchy RT @_davidpro: @duckduckgo creating a local DNS proxy on your PC. Your browser will send a regular DNS query to localhost, and that request…

      @lshape @JamesFallows Netflix actually won't let you stream if on a VPN now, at least here in Canada. (CanContent issue).

      @WACCOE RT @nemo_sub: @Independent @WACCOE Netflix have different content per country, Canada particularly well stocked. A local IP address via VP…

      @Nozdub @Rarity_Gaming Hideman vpn is still working. Free version allows you to watch Canadian Netflix which has the show!

      @MattIsAGmrCanMC I really hope Bill Nye's new @Netflix_CA show is available in Canada! If not, VPN time!

      @lPokiye If youre going to Force host a game then mod in it, please use a VPN

      @vo0z0L9WCBh52mK RT @mwhalentech: Frustrated after learning @netflix has much better selection in Canada. Couldn’t watch any of them after learning my Cana…

      @avnow8 @FoxOnABox_ I routinely test vpn services and I have tested several. Among 18 diff. brand i found pure & ip vanish to be decent enough.

      @BhatAnam_ I am tweeting from Canada. Thank u VPN

      @nxtAuraticWolf VPN + Downloads + Proxy Checking = Slow Internet

      @valevela23 @AmazonHelp It only said must be USA but website was accessed w/o proxy from UAE woth local card and series looked available

      @nicapost @airwrecca @Ticketmaster Noooo are you using a VPN? Sometimes they block those...

      @hxnnahtbh @pumkin_spice only Netflix Canada I guess, but you can use a VPN and access it!

      @jemcnpy If you turn your vpn on, you can watch shows/movies on netflix that usually arent available in Canada. Youre welcome

      @Lukazac01 @BadlionNetwork fix your fucking server, it lags all the fucking time, it said ''EU proxy should be fixed'' i time out and get ghostkilled:(

      @Peyhugsyou amazeballs naman ng Hot VPN proxy, it works!!

      @sarahreebs @bagel_witch @zorpqueen Use the IU VPN access!! I used it in Spain. Just go to IU ware and get Pulse Secure installed

      @ManuCH @rschoeni Yeah, the question was more: how were you able to open Netflix Canada. VPN? Which one?

      @Anthony_86G @Mixwell used to be able to VPN it. i used to vpn to canada/uk all the time to watch their shows. netflix blocks it now, rip :(

      @security_panda @brownteaming @benheise @Hak5 and people wonder why I VPN on guest networks....

      @catbb33 @bigbrothrgossip @BigBrotherBuddy @BigBrotherLeak

      @Sht_dono @LeKouss Netflix US ou Canada. Suffit d'utiliser un VPN.

      @ambitousdolan @GraysonDolan I had to download a vpn app lol so I could vote since I live in Canada but can u please follow me:)))

      @Paigeybethxo @NordVPN can you open your dms because have ? I am unable to watch Netflix content in other countries even when I have my vpn set to canada

      @Broken_Sazzad @netflix why do guys not allow VPN? Like I'm in Canada and I wanna watch US stuff but I can't :(

      @onepercentofone @AbbeyLaithWWE Get a VPN. Netflix Canada had it when it came to Blu Ray in the US.

      @LKapel @GreenManGaming the site is relentlessly ip detecting me as german which is really annoying. I'm in canada, no vpn. Known issue?

      @supremeber90 @bigsadboii that's nice but it's the vpn that's the problem :/ i used to be able to bypass it with a plug-in but netflix ruined that

      @mikedellabate @lthomasnews Unavailable in Canada? Wtf? Have to get a VPN to watch your content Luke? What gives?

      @emmakjv @Ashull_ @netflix try downloading a VPN. There are free ones in the App Store

      @User_toey @Johngcole @netflix OK on Netflix Canada. Got a VPN?

      @Netflix_VPN @Rahi_Alam17 Most vpn services can no longer unblock netflix, stick to the vpn services we recommend for netflix

      @CSnipe_ @TheMManGB its a free fucking ladder lol worry about the non ams vpn free money in am tourneys lol

      @zwetan I'm not behind any VPN, proxy or TOR ...

      @ursusdave Using free wifi here trying the security of VPN TunnelBear.

      @Simon818 @charvor I have no idea how to listen to it in Canada, honestly. I'd sooner just use a UK VPN to get it on Netflix.

      @PositronicBrain @elektrotal Is in Netflix outside US (and Canada?) - but you need a VPN to another country.

      @OneOfTheseAlts @SaltySlainte Unless you want to VPN to outside the US/Canada and watch it on Netflix...

      @KayLeos Hola VPN doesn't work on @Netflix_CA anymore

      @gobo @joeyheflich if you have a VPN, feel free to use my netflix canada account to watch it!

      @Rat11j Anyone outside of Canada I recommend using a proxy to view the livestream!!

      @Netflix_VPN @M_L_Jenkins @hulu_support Use nord vpn or ExpressVPN they can unblock Hulu

      @cicixfenty @Telejah Yes ma’am! Girl Netflix Canada has it. all u have to do is switch ur VPN

      @MaxPointy @BreitbartNews I'm in Canada. I use a VPN to circumvent Netflix's geoblocking and KODI to fill in the gaps.

      @_kemonofriend @laleadog maybe your recipient could proxy into a canada ip

      @Vinjay01 RT @senph42: Hey @virginmedia, no matter how hard you try to censor the internet, there's always a new mirror, a better VPN or a bunch of o…

      @ARMY_League RT @for_ARMYs: @BTS_twt [⚠️] If you're using mobile phones, just install VPN apps like HOLA!

      This site will detect your device & can redir…

      @Avenabell RT @go4hosting: Proven service providers of #VPN_network_hosting plans are capable of supporting #cloud_servers as well as dedicated server…

      @RicheyCassidy RT @MariaLafreniere: @RicheyCassidy @NavdeepSBains Interesting test would be if a Canadian VPN ended up being a work around...reverse of Ca…

      @FredKiesche RT @PelgranePress: An expanded application of Sense Trouble, which can apply to any GUMSHOE game, is the subject of this article by @RobinD…

      @the_wanlorn @miss_galey Oh man oh man I just realized I can get canadian netflix because I have a vpn. You are the best!!

      @sbeyazit RT @gorkemcetin: Httplive: tool for API designers, Proxy, mobile and web application developers to develop and test their applications fast…

      @90slesbian i used vpn and now im watching kill your darlings on netflix canada hell yea

      @CamGirlBB “What is the best, and most trustworthy website to set up a VPN with?”

      @DarkEdges #securitydebate first thing stick the product behind an API gateway or proxy. Restrict what can be sent and protect that way.

      @wonhosophy @Hichanchen Yeah! But if all odds fail I'll just download vpn to access the site!

      @normanikorg how to get riverdale season two on netflix:
      - download expressVPN
      - add the VPN in your settings
      - change your location to UK or Canada

      @Lee_Ventura @chudsommeleir @nomeltdowns I use an elaborate VPN system to get American Netflix in Canada.

      @brojects @milliesmithie Send best option is to use a VPN to watch all 3 seasons on Netflix Canada.

      @diegomensah Netflix keep blocking VPN users and DNS manipulators. The stress to go through to watch content available to only Netflix US and Canada.

      @brain_sma NETFLIX BIN

      BIN: 4510140504xxxxxx

      IP: CANADA

      @profq RT @Kendissamuel: #RoxanneRoxanne me getting already to watch this great hip-hop story on @Netflix_CA only to see its not available in Cana…

      @neon_tropical if u wanna watch Lord of the rings extended version change your vpn to Canada and it will show up on your Netflix

      @paganmeaterson oops just used my university VPN so I can watch american netflix from canada

      @TrudeauGerry @Jacob2929 Same here works great! using Express VPN. Added bonus now get US Netflix in Canada

      @PixieCannibal @_leijal *rushes to check Canadian Netflix*
      Okay, it doesn't look like its leaving here. Maybe vpn to Canada?

      @candid_consult_ @xoDaisyBaby @NASDAQEnema I have turbo VPN app for free. I put it set to Canada and then log in

      @Lelielle most of the good streaming apps outside of Netflix is blocked even with vpn in Canada, it's blowful

      @DavidcMaster @netflix until Monty Phyton comes to the US can you allow VPN use into Canada or the UK? Thank you

      @GreenUnlocking @proxy_gsm I send on Whatsapp already bro

      @jamiematheson @CharOnTwitch VPN to Canada, Canadian Netflix has 1 and 2 :)

      @Aelkus RT @octal: Which is best target for a moderately resourced adversary vs cryptocurrency: 1) mobile operator DNS or other configuration syste…

      @eosistanbul34 RT @ElleEos: Just as shareholder voting, stock exchange can’t vote, each token holder shall clearly sign the proxy form allowing someone e…

      @Jeannie_Hartley RT @NaveedAJamali: While I hope I’m wrong, this is a proxy push by China to reduce the US presence in the region. NK will never peacefully…

      @ffffffan258 @nguynth08239551 No,In my country Facebook is out of use.But we can use VPN .

      @ItsJaimeHere @thealexminton @FilmStruck Shame that FilmStruck isn't in Canada thus I have to use a VPN to access it all the time.

      @Americanforsure RT @McAkins: @JaneLytv @Carnage4Life So if I connect to a server in US via VPN and manage Facebook pages, does this count as US admin? Aski…

      @acduran82 RT @bundtkate4: If I VPN into Canada and sign in to Netflix, does The Expanse stop being cancelled? If not, I'm gonna have to start living…

      @Reinad_AbuRabah Does anyone know a good vpn application for iPhone that could open Netflix- Canada or US rather than uae?

      @PeterLLuu Finally got VPN to work
      It's so hard to even find a VPN in China, all the search results are blocked
      #VPN #Censorship

      @bradley_kee @netflix what about netflix Canada? Do you really want me to get a fake VPN ?

      @TheAnonKing__ - @TheGrandVezir Any Idea How To Hude Mac Address For Mobile?

      Or Any Apps That Hide My Phone Deeper Than VPN?

      @Dymvue RT @1DaveyMo: @guardian There are some instructions on the internet about how to subscribe to NETFLIX for half price via Mexico . Morally n…

      @Wullie13w @WastedLittleCJx i got told if you use a vpn, change your ip to usa setting you can login to usa netflix,

      @Hppyhappy1 RT @PROJECTEXOL: EXO-lympics game today!

      @sigggghhh @OyyUyy @caniconjp kailangan netflix canada. Pero you can use vpn

      @simplenag9 @movierating1 @StarMaa VPN hotstar app or any proxy sites.

      @thebaudeIaires @herongraystairs i can’t it’ll be able to tell i’m in canada and netflix blocked every vpn that exists

      @ToniMacAttack @kimu I watch it on CBC's website with a VPN. I'm hoping it'll come to US Netflix soon since season 2 is coming out in the fall in Canada.

      @traekcs @Magical_Gamer_ @NoviceLizard @FreshPanda5 Aye man just use a VPN, then go on to Netflix and re sign in. It’s how I do it from Canada

      @BendOver4daddy_ @Sensual_Alison Netflix Canada sucks. I used to watch the American Netflix using a VPN. Maybe you can try that.

      @_SavageAssassin RT @rayyanthor: BIN NETFLIX DIRECT
      : 05/19
      : GEN
      : IP Canada

      @displacedeast does anyone know how to watch american netflix in canada? i installed vpn and changed the location but i think theres more to be done?

      @ElenaLatici @OutlanderLocs @Channel4 @caitrionambalfe @SamHeughan Netflix Canada has all 3 seasons if you can change your VPN.

      @prolifelefty RT @realDougBell: After years of recruiting, training, arming, and guiding Al Qaeda, Washington is now doing what can, in order to protect…

      @SparkBeforeDark My netflix has shifted to Canada’s netflix on its own and I’m like what im not even using a vpn.

      @1Crazy_Akh I need a a VPN so I can get American Netflix in Canada

      @J_Imagineering @GadSaad @netflix @SHO_RayDonovan Sign up from a VPN, and log in from pretend Canada.

      @zouwei_cn RT @Techmeme: Alphabet's Jigsaw releases Outline, an open source platform that lets anyone create and operate their own VPN; it uses Shadow…

      @EveAIO RT @ProxyDestr0yer: meh not bad. sz 4.5.
      also idk why my other tasks were using the same proxy. so those were IP banned

      @phoebe_jacutina RT @daydreamer7667: + Artist of the Year!!

      You can sign in with any of your social media accounts and vote with 10 accounts/IP address (th…

      @OMGStoriez Proxy error be gone! @ExpressVPN’s Netflix game is on fleek. Gonna pop some popcorn and binge watch all weekend!

      @TarekHamla RT @TarekHamla:

      @meIaninthot Y’all gotta invest in a VPN omg canada netflix is so lit

      @lThrowLs @nomixsucks Netflix in Canada is so much better then us it pisses me off. Switch to a Canada vpn and log in to Netflix so much more to watch

      @freedailyspin @LydiaBreeze_ i didnt even know it was removed man US netflix sucks this is why i use a vpn to watch canada netflix that shit is POPPIN

      @TheBossNex RT @Acegroup_1: BIN AMAZON AWS

      @purllsofwisdom @BROOKEBERRY_ Get a vpn and watch on Canada Netflix. Gee

      @Andre_Hinds @Maffewgregg It’s on Netflix, at least in the US & Canada. If you have a VPN, I can give you my US login to use!

      @Cjaylane @sdunnewold I mean it’s legal to vpn into Canada and then watch it on Canadian Netflix right?

      @GribbenPatrick RT @Gizmodo: I spent six weeks blocking Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple from getting my money, data, and attention, using a…

      @NovaScotiaRasta RT @UNreal_Donald_T: .
      Bell Canada try to stop Canadians from accessing US Netflix etc. This is called geo-blocking and can be bypassed by…

      @cclesgonzesses @moonsnowflake Netflix Canada avec un vpn

      @_starpostgroup_ What’s the best VPN to use when I’m trying to watch Netflix Canada?

      @ninerhive @MayfieldMania Idk thru some IP address but ima start usin the vpn thing too cos it’s one of my cousins Netflix and they in Canada

      @Ender19469236 @Goreshx How do you even play this game on Android, do you need a VPN or some shit

      @ConorConneally @sturdyAlex @NetflixUK Get a VPN service like NordVPN and set your location to the US or Canada to watch their Netflix.

      @EdinburghWatch RT @LibShield: ❓ What's new on #Netflix in March 2019?

      @DeeRolaz @Sasha_Hood I think i created a PS account using Canada VPN coz I wanted the NBA app on the PS4. Also u sure Venom on Netflix?

      @Anime_TheCat @quill18 It's on Hulu. You could feasibly VPN into canada and still receive your Canadian Netflix collection I think...

      @Natalia_babee RT @KaiPebbles: Smh why it take so long for someone to tell me i can change the VPN on netflix to Canada so I can binge Avatar the last air…

      @girlmeetsdjh I’ve connected to a VPN from my neighbors in Canada and now I have Canadian Netflix it’s the best

      @sohailali @Luke_Balicki @Canada @netflix #Hulu accuses me of using a vpn when I wasn’t. Dead to me.

      @RsGhoul @ShyvanaRS @kvyleigh Every countries’ netflix is different sometimes I vpn to canada and love maple syrup for a day to watch stuff on there

      @WarriorWolfeh @chocogirl516 @DoveCameron I live in Canada but I have a VPN so US Netflix here I come :D

      @HilbrandsGrant @Classify @netflix Use a VPN and set yourself to Canada and you're good

      @1ZYo8pdYnJkWDZ8 vpn free linux access us netflix from canada

      @JustCallMeFrank @loewenchris You need to learn how to use a VPN to acess American Netflix in Canada.

      @CarinziaStudios RT @CarinziaStudios: #NordVPN
      Get secure and private access to the Internet.
      Advanced Security. Unlimited Internet freedom. Absolute Privac…

      @HerSerpentChaos /VPN rocks! I get to watch stuff on the US Netflix that they don’t have in Canada. Awesome!!!

      @DannyK_1992 @xJeSuisCalme @JRothenbergTV I'm watching on Netflix Canada through VPN

      @rhino2300 @speedybanks87 Just need a VPN and can watch US Netflix in Canada . Like Nord VPN

      @le_canuck @AmIDoin1tWright First one is on Netflix Canada if you have a VPN

      @nerdmomglitter @thesarahcarlyon They show it on Netflix in Canada. Dang, need to get my VPN working (we’re in the US for a few years!).

      @GreedysChamber @JoshuaForester_ why don't you just use a VPN so you can get American Netflix in Canada?

      @FFAcidTrip @Space_Mantis Have you tried a VPN? It might be IP blocking it

      @myneckmyyak @minaaauwu if you use a VPN and set your location to Argentina or Canada you can watch it on Netflix

      @AnalogousSpeak @ArmouredSkeptic @BloodyMunchkin Is it on Netflix in Canada? If not then it is in America so you can just use the VPN stuff.

      @VodafoneUK @ogriff79 Hi Owen, are you using a VPN? Have you set up your phone to mask your location or your browser to hide your location? Lisamarie

      @CoptWoman about to buy a VPN just so i can watch Netflix in canada lmfao

      @minmiebela RT @WELOng78: I don’t think it counts for ratings but if you can’t wait and want to watch the drama real-time, I find this app easiest to w…

      @HongKimberlyn @sourcandyi Just buy Netflix and VPN and BOOM instant access to all the anime

      @daveko does anyone know what us netflix content that is not available in canada? #vpn

      @OmerPlayz @ivenum11 @TipsWasTaken @netflix But I recommend you to use US/Canada (I think) VPN and then download all the episodes

      @kevtalk40 @J_NO_GOOD @AdamGuerbuez PIA is a good one been using for years , you get 5 five simultaneous devices, proxy and VPN

      @niamhwilson31 @TheGingerPale @JRagequit lmao i need a vpn so i can watch naruto. apparently it’s on netflix in canada

      @perl_the_engin @beckyvenus @notviggy I have it on Netflix through my Canada VPN

      @xaltsc @iamleyeti Netflix + Torrent via le Canada (VPN)

      @itsmalibby RT @reaIerthanreaI: Bruh I got a vpn and accidentally put myself in Canada lol and why is Canada Netflix sooooo much better than America’s…

      @Guardian_AngelG @The_Sarcastic_J I do, also I know telegram app plus I also know to use VPN to access blocked sites n apps. #married #blessedwith2kids

      @techie_wiz RT @Shulab: "Should You Use a VPN for Internet Privacy? That Depends, Experts Say.". #Time #Tech #News #future #innovation #Technology #eco…

      @_HedgeWitch_ Lemme real quick get a VPN cause apparently Netflix Canada has all seasons of Avatar

      @dabgirlenergy @StormSheldon44 @000116992A it is on netflix but you need to either live in Canada or have a VPN to watch it

      @TheNewLadChris just used a vpn to get onto Netflix Canada, why is there shit so much better than ours?

      @galactiloki i just hacked into canadian netflix and tell me why canada has EVERYTHING....... america you aren’t SHIT i’m never turning my VPN off

      @aynz78 There is so much British content on Netflix Canada. I need to turn my VPN off more often. It's 3:30am. Let's binge watch Scott & Bailey.

      @TXM0osE @liberalnotlefty Oh snap, just goggled it and their not in Canada. It's like a Netflix, Maybe if you use a vpn

      @boyoleander just letting y’all know that if you have a vpn, avatar: the last airbender is available on netflix in canada

      @yooniekins I FOUND A HD OF ATLA AAAAAAAHHHHHHH I literally had to upgrade to a vpn to watch it on canada netflix god bless canada

      @GreatMuffinKing @ArrowFilmsVideo Thankfully i think they're both still on Netflix in Canada, I'd have to turn off my VPN to check but I hope it is.

      @BirdmanSneakers RT @TrekProxies:

      @itsmeee_M9 @profedelatito @CBCTelevision I dont live in Canada so ill watch it using vpn on Netflix

      @bluevelvetelvis RT @FluorescentGrey: people on the right are more outraged about Greta Thunberg's existence than they are about Trump sending US troops to…

      @RobertBud0715 @GetflixAU what is the point of paying for @GetflixAU when I keep getting proxy error on Netflix?

      @elaine_w13 @saintbvcky ^^ canada!! Also what vpn do you use bc Netflix always detects mine☹️

      @gaykasp @richietozeirs with vpn from netflix canada

      @lilbitmiy @be_eunice @kdot_117 @SuperSmada he got the UK netflix. the US netflix doesn’t have it. just download the vpn app and you’ll get it.

      @phpress RT @InfoSecHotSpot: Original release date: October 4, 2019 The United Kingdom (UK) National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has released an al…

      @MajorasCat @FlamingClaw I used to use a VPN to get American Netflix because Canada sucks smh

      @Larryr424 Netflix was shit before I got a VPN. Did you know all of the Harry Potter's are on Netflix? No? Well they have them in Canada and the UK.

      @SwaveyBoyJos Soooo Naruto shippuden is on Netflix but only in Canada

      @Jimmy_the_Newb RT @cristinapokrov1: Limited #Time #Offer to get this #amazing #deal at 85% to unlock #regionlock #PUBG stream #Netflix
      #download #torren…

      @GunsRaid RT @AuthAccountz:

      @fenarinarsa @happymelancolie @NetflixFR Sinon VPN et Netflix US ou Netflix Canada...

      @aawaaaraDOTexe RT @DawRimialson: @imVkohli @msdhoni Virat Kohli why you claimed my wife actress Anushka Sharma because she got married to me(Dr.Rimialson…

      @dianarpt The VPN also works fine with Netflix. It’s just Instagram. This is why I haven’t been so active lately.

      @JohnMas73850126 RT @stellacreasy: Actually they have -it’s just as in any other maternity cover it’s split between the amazing @kizzygardiner as my locum w…

      @Ronnieug7 @EddiePages According to my VPN it's 1:34 here in Canada...

      @prat_enzoo @Gxrenn Installe un vpn et t’auras netflix Canada et tt

      @angiebeeb RT @MiamiShowband: A big, big Thank You to Canadian film critic, Tom McSorley, @Canadian_Film for this excellent review of our #Netflix doc…

      @ecstaticb00m @xTayMarie If you have a VPN and change your location to Canada, you can watch it on Netflix

      @love_proxy RT @aphrodi_tees: When it comes to keeping a man or making him love you right best believe it has nothing to do with sex or intelligence. Y…

      @catwoman1979 RT @SMacD49: @Zarkwan @pjwoodside @TartanSeer I’ve had to use my VPN to view it

      @love_proxy RT @TheCuredRebirth:

      @matiquxi @micalbf @babytrans_ @dimitrisonion @possumbarb @jonghyun @janehere__ Use a vpn it’s on uk and Canada Netflix

      @bigforeheadEmmy @rumidoriya get a vpn app n say u live in canada

      @schlattsstrange boutta get a vpn and set my netflix to canada so i can watch antman beacuse apparently canadians have it >:(

      @highhbythbeach RT @Olivia__zquad: @_xxl7 @ashustandstill @zaynmalik @shaedband @ZaynForHero @zjm_Icarusfalls @zaynologie @ztatus @rodgermaIik Use vpn app…

      @AnneKSpirit RT @sanlovesanne: daily reminder: please keep streaming on CBC Gem and Netflix!
      use a VPN if you’re outside Canada!


      @SkyZwane RT @SkyZwane: Proxy Wear Macro Active Full tracksuit Is available In Various Colors From size Xs-36 For only R600 excluding Delivery Fee ,W…

      @ben_m_jacobs Prevalence of munchausen by proxy in Netflix dramas vs real life. Discuss

      @mwiley4975 RT @HeshmatAlavi: #BREAKING
      U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Munich Security Conference:
      #Iran's missiles have exploded targets i…

      @ScrumpyWungus is it possible to use a vpn for netflix? i don't have cable but i wanna watch the new season of better call saul.

      it's on netflix in canada

      @mechsymp RT @tk1ng: Most of our students use a free VPN to bypass filters on things like snapchat & instagram.
      Worst things about 'em?
      - deliver mal…

      @Remi_kino Update: I forgot I have a VPN. I can watch all of naruto shippuden on Netflix Canada

      @WHlTEFLAGLIVE anyone know any good and free vpn’s that work with netflix?

      @basicsheep @tayxthomas @lilpochaco it on Netflix Canada! Download a VPN if u want and watch it.

      @pajaromichelr RT @mimithenerd_: My followers from USA & Canada you’ll need the vpn to access studio ghibli via Netflix here’s some recommendations if you…

      @BayonetStrumpet @DanaSchwartzzz It's available on Netflix on Canada. Can you try and set up a VPN to access it that way?

      @fakiha_zaheer how do I watch US Netflix in Canada I already tried a VPN and it didn’t work

      @MistressAngie1 RT @sabrinafallah: I am really excited for my radio interview with Angie on @502FallenRadio this coming Thursday, April 2nd at noon EST. Yo…

      @ted_kho All I know is it's available on Netflix Canada using VPN.

      The rest of you might have to go to the dark side of the interweb to get it

      @Murder_gurl @SaraAlfageeh If you have a VPN it’s on Canada’s Netflix!

      @madi_potato_ @yxmaryuuu Also if you use a VPN and put your location outside of the US or Canada you can watch various studio ghibli movies on Netflix

      @noxfleur @sailorestrela maybe i should find out how to vpn to netflix canada...

      @doppiokin @adultrio its still here on netflix canada so maybe if u can access that with a vpn?

      @melurkibong RT @nadhiwah: paying for VPN is totally worth it cause damnnnn Netflix Canada movies are so up to date!

      @trumpsaviorlove @cjtruth Not alone. Always use a VPN. I suggest proton VPN its free.

      @notdessny sooooo Avatar is on netflix in Canada & the UK. how do i change my VPN

      @SinrrFN @ChronicHazard Do u have vpn change it to Canada it’s on Canadian Netflix

      @carlosstelmac RT @HeatherMoAndCo: The #NRA’s mirror & proxy groups in #Canada, #CCFR #CILA #CSSA have a long history of getting their way with #Conservat…

      @SheLuvBlur RT @kyel_es: ‼️NFO Gaming Server VPNs‼️
      ✅- High Speeds
      ✅- Low Latency
      ✅- Hides Your Home IP
      ✅- Strong DDoS Protection
      ✅- $10/Month


      @ConchBubby Got a VPN on the phone tv laptop game game boy advance Alla dat

      @NathanBlanger14 @terracid Mais il les a sur Netflix Canada
      Prend un vpn

      @ajtxander RT @uaatechsupport: System Status: Some users may not be able to access the VPN at this time. Our technicians are working to resolve the is…

      @captainzeal Attention VPN owners- The Last Dance is available on Netflix in Canada and Europe

      @JDKillough @SOAMayanAddicts Was it not in canada already? Get express VPN and set your vpn to the US pretty sure every season is still on Netflix

      @Violent_Wavess @badgalcele You should get a VPN , it’s been on Canada’s Netflix for a while lol , that’s how I caught up too

      @hamxaaminu RT @GuardianNigeria: “The smear campaign and character assassination of people perceived to be stumbling block against the rot in NDDC over…

      @eschaton2023 @nixcraft Well I suppose an HTTP connection through the proxy via remote code execution could pass the ip.

      @yikearonies @deardaae @biatchofliving u could use a vpn ! i use windscribe to watch shows/movies available on netflix in canada, it’s free

      @BlackKindOfPink Guys use vpn and check which countries offer the best missions... Fighting ✊

      @OttLegalRebels RT @newsglug: Do you want a #VPN with a #SOCKS5 proxy? Check out this #guide to find a versatile and reliable VPN that comes with SOCKS5 fo…

      @isabellefrancez goodbye everyone i’m putting my vpn on to canada bc they have the studio ghibli movies on netflix

      @Bell_Anth @daniellesweenss It's also on Netflix everywhere but the US and Canada if you wanna use a VPN and fake that you're in the UK :)

      @LevyNeptune_ @TraviSemajBers Though if you have a VPN that can access other countries’ Netflix or know someone who does, it’s all on Netflix Canada

      @ahemyg @mygposted if u have netflix u can download a vpn and change ur location to canada

      @YOHOYOLOYOLO RT @yerimfl: @jensanamalov @ultxbp @Manon78721463 @issalisavibe @SerieTV46 @BLACKPINK let's say u live in canada and ur favourite TV show i…

      @BxbbyMeli @JonathanDylla @haileyorona7 Your gonna have to use a vpn Canada server there’s no new app .... kinda dumb if they made a new app


      @abdullahjan6264 @PTAofficialpk No benefit. All people play by VPN. (Proxy).

      @Shiyosha @Bobzy31632171 @strongblacklead @netflix Get a VPN and set it to canada, they have it there.

      @GEMINICOV3N @bellslink i just change my vpn to canada and go to netflix and watch it there

      @HALSEYSHEAVENs I did not just buy a vpn to rewatch aos as it’s not on Netflix in Canada.

      @alexUNTALENTED @crowthedemomain Check your vpn and proxy aswell as your validity to the steam network, if nothing helps get a us vpn and see if it works

      @young_bruce @SAghdashloo @netflix Is it available in Canada??????? If not I’m getting a VPN to see it !!!!!!!

      @americnfolklore @ittookmeawayy I’ve been watching it on Netflix with a vpn! Canada has all the seasons except the last one!

      @SrryRich Canada Netflix has hella good movies bro, why tf don’t we got them. This vpn top tho

      @langindustry @simmsegan rip. I tried the vpn thing but my netflix stayed set to canada so

      @cynikal__ @BiRacial_Rachel We have Fresh Prince in Canada too

      @Dannymals @0KillerKitty0 @enjoy_rottmnt Amazon and Apple TV also have episodes. If you have a VPN, it's available on Canada's Netflix.

      @cybersec_feeds RT @TheVitaminV: °Access Netflix in different countries
      ° Protect your online data & privacy

      80% off surfshark VPN + 12 months free with y…

      @Pskrilla416 RT @Cop_Island: ❄GIVEAWAY❄

      @MadDogsTMNT RT @Dannymals: A great plan for when the movie comes out. And if you have a VPN you can do this now with Canada's Netflix service since the…

      @WitchEBitch Do I wanna get a VPN just to watch Studio Ghibli films on netflix? Hmmmmmm. Doesn't canada have them all?

      @caprithatsme F*ck Netflix Canada, Download CinemaHD and use a VPN ✌

      @cherryftwaIls wait if i use vpn to canada will i get this is us on netflix

      @fitri_ghazali @adreannazulaika Beli vpn then bukak netflix then set canada punya. But still xde complete series

      @daileydose64 @thejoeyduffy It's a solid 9/10, Netflix canada has it if you got a vpn

      @stinaknits @cfahooligan I think they are both Canada only, but when I want to watch US only content on prime/netflix I just use my vpn

      @ThomasGirlFan02 RT @OOCKidss: It’s out folks!
      Sponge On The Run Is Officially On Netflix......internationally. And of course when I say internationally. I…

      @emmygirl2912 @hlnlzdaily Unlocator VPN :) I use it to watch Netflix Canada

      @ch_bidani RT @rocky826918211: Giveaway 5 FREE GSM Activation Lock Bypass iPhone 7 to X

      @LittleKitten358 RT @BobGiesen: @DuckDuckGo Anyone who thinks Google is going to protect people's privacy with a VPN -- or anything else -- must also think…

      @AHungryBuffalo VPN in Canada has so many more movies on netflix it's perfect

      @Twistedglam_ @RawBeautyKristi Just get a vpn and use canada netflix :)

      @GhosttTown @thekeyholder91 Netflix has better subs, but I’m not sure if the UK still has it. Canada has it if you got a vpn

      @imchelleang wow thank u vpn netflix canada is kinda shiet T^T

      @piyushhhhhtalks @NikhilJadhav144 @NetflixIndia Bruhh you need to use Canada vpn. Why you need Netflix anyway, see it on Anime kisa

      @JoeyCaine For those of you that use a VPN

      Lord of the Rings is on Netflix in Canada
      Studio Ghibli movies are on Netflix in Australia

      @intragnizent @ilovesoup69 @PrimeVideo they're all on netflix in canada so you could watch them with a vpn i think

      @WilliamHalleyES RT @tscesney: Attention #ourFCPS Teachers - Chrome is now the Preferred Browser for SIS.
      Delete your old icon. Launch the Software Center.…

      @ganeeesshh @brbcryingglol Mine is 'just use vpn for watching Modern family on Netflix, select the country: canada'

      @GTQCNumber1V @drmdarsh09 @gutchiovisk @netflix @mahaalhindawy but if you use a vpn you might enjoy it in canada or usa

      @CyberSecurityN8 RT @J_S84: Thinking of getting a VPN but unsure what they do? Lots of great resources via my NordVPN affiliate link below. An extra layer o…

      @juubabii Canada Netflix got better movies than us. This VPN clutch

      @ellie93359529 @RawBeautyKristi @itsjessicabraun The office is still on Netflix in Canada I believe... if you use a VPN?

      @LifeFlightFj RT @USEmbassySuva:

      @ComradeX0 @vulnerableivy Get a VPN and stream on Netflix Canada. It’s still there