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      @ralphholz Ha. IPv4 shortage is biting me, it seems. KabelBW supports only DS Lite, and I can't VPN to some outside servers any more...

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      @name_complex @yokotaruru animate japan or usa? I think in both cases you'll need to proxy it cause neither one ships to canada T_T

      @KingZurk Proxy talked so much shit towards me faced me in finals on aw for 23 dollars and blocked my whole team he must not win anything

      @lockubus @fnnmnsn aku guna betternet. vpn. sama je function dia. unblock all blocked websites, including pornhub. hehe.

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      @RaynerSoftware @Tomb85 Hello- we are not aware of any specific recent issues Was it one VPN server in particular or all of them?

      @unfortunatalie @isynge I've seen films via a proxy SERVER.

      @LanaMichael @BawangByte yela penat la people get around to read it too. yg malas macam I je malas pakai proxy server. lol

      @marshallmarvin1 @CajunKangaroo Hard for me to forgive him for the birther nonsense too.Heused it as a proxy for bigots.For me that's despicable. Deal brkr

      @King_Proxy @Bean97HD Yeah i'll invite you to my lobby now bro xD

      @ginomartignetti RT @IBMInterConnect: Got #VPN pain? @SohaSystems Enterprise Secure Access reinvented. #MFA, full audit, no open #firewall ports. @ibminterc…

      @chainbermail Friend of mine just taught me how to use VPN for Netflix.

      This is it. This is what Eve felt.

      @proxy_matter RT @AboutVirgos: #Virgos are very much aware of their faults and get annoyed when reminded of such.

      @moxie_proxy Work, then cooked up a batch of chili and chicken soup (aka caldo de pollo) so we good for a couple months. Now some cold chelas n da game

      @mitler someone get my VPN to stop being a dick so my osomatsu tower game will update

      @Youngyukari If you use a dedicated server for vpn over UDP @ovh, you can trigger the DDoS equipment. Syndrome : huge packet loss on vpn link.

      @gomezbenavente @weebly Hello! I'm having a 404 trying to login. My ISP is @movistar_es. I am able to enter with an iPad with VPN. Any idea? Thank you!

      @shetha Baaaaaahahaha my VPN logged me off at 5:01! #butiwaseditingcode!!! Quit or login? QUIT OR LOGIN?!???

      @HildBedeSRC Victoria is running for the position of International Officer & is husting by proxy. She's from Canada & knows was int'l students go through

      @jasonmulligan 6.0 is out with a revised core & router, removed built in proxy #nodejs #javascript #web #server

      @AbdlKhabir Note: If you uninstall and reinstall the twitter app, remember to reconfigure TOR/Proxy settings

      @mualoysius @idringp surprisingly @Odrek_Rwabwogo is running on a VPN platform to bypass @UCC_Official

      @GreenWall99 @ChelsOnly I have a VPN they can't ip ban me

      @LostSoulLA @kaspersky I just received a key in the mail. Trying to activate it but your website gives me a proxy error. Is your website down?

      @BessieJeremiah Seniors Glebe Abroad - 3 Top Tips As proxy for Living Comfortable Outside Of The United States zNvtX

      @CFSummers About ready to drop @StartPageSearch - they claim to promote privacy, then routinely block access from VPN outputs. @duckduckgo doesn't.

      @NatalieDickins2 As much as forge no other come to a on velvet schoolman testimonial as proxy for canada?: yqjpH

      @0x41p1 RT @P2PBotnet: Fuck Sake Someone hook me up with a vpn account pls... #RETWEET

      @Canuckruck @risingaction @johnpothier @raysrugby @WorldRugby7s @RugbyCanada I have it through VPN but not though Canada ip

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      @mlpzcuba @Unblock_Us I am very frustrated by the service lately, as Netflix continues giving me proxy errors. Please, solve this asap or contact me

      @DeceiT_TasKy @ATVIAssist my team just told me to ask you for the proxy server so I don't lose as many gunfights. Even if it doesn't change anything lol

      @_Murali Just realised that I have lost my VPN, will companies issue duplicate VPN for free or will they fine me?

      @RealMoo_ RT @HalfCombo: @RealMoo_ like lol ban me im on the server right now on a vpn and alt glhf

      @MultiGamerClub @netflix trying to block me via proxy, some few refreshes and its working :D!

      @ProxySnyder RT @TalkColonyTV: Still time to vote for best #Snowman (Snyder/Bowman) moment! CLOSE race b/w breakfast scene & Will rescuing Proxy at The …

      @17Insignia Then people don't know what a VPN is in the first place. There isn't a free VPN that is secure out there.

      @kazzar31 @Unblock_Us I tried to contact you by email but no reply. Netflix keeps gives me a you are using a proxy or unblocker message.

      @netflixgripe RT @Hooray4Movies: I see @netflix have started blocking proxy servers today. Time to cancel my subscription until their UK library matches …

      @cl_unko @starfruitpunch there are vpn apps but those don't work that reliably for me, so far just entering a free vpn server has been more stable

      @Hareuz Whatsapp and twitter working just on vpn what is this

      @HammanJustinPtD RT @kenil_: @BrushUrTeeth_03 it acts as a VPN which will give you a US IP address

      @real_ljq Found a free vpn that somehow works well in the night

      @TehDeminz I have no idea if using a VPN right now will get me access to Dark Souls III, but goddammit I'm going to try.

      @CincinnatusJoe 2 sad things: Trump & Netflix's block of VPN's. I need me some foreign Netflix!#MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

      @PaulyNicolaou @KodiCommunity Hey Guys. are there any good VPN app's for an Android MX Pro box? IPVanish app isn't suitable for the boxes apparently.

      @Krokodilers Vpn's are for privacy not anonymity.

      @ReallyCleverSol We offer a range of internet connectivity and services from Broadband connectivity Fibre Connectivity, Multi-site VPN solutions Leased lines

      @kxngREL @prblmylastlogin they don’t restrict vpn players since the ip leads to data centers?

      @useyaglutes @tylwho we don't have those on the dutch netflix and netflix won't let me use a proxy to get the US site anymore :(

      @zwitterion_work The Only Site in the #UK, #giving away, #free #Ipv6 #email #guaranteed privacy, #VPN thru the #USA! why are you waiting?

      @DeeMoney316 You know the end of the school year is real when you can finally delete the VPN app

      @MBOX_HD_IPTV @CherryBen @Usmantanveer786 cyberghost is best free vpn.

      @patriciasrooney i literally never use the internet without a proxy because i am THAT paranoid that somebody is going to stalk me using my ip address

      @nabohs @lexi_timari @Noir_Proxy @Xcalante @FunnyVines Spiderman trying to show LeBron why he should be in Space Jam 2 LOL

      @Yutopian_Man @real_1channel Primewire down in Australia for TPG users. Trying to block us from your site. Just google primewire proxy folks.

      @alsaddawi VPN app was listed as 4th in Playstore. During Ramadan listed as 8th. #PremierLeague #انتكاسه

      @xadaura The best VPN #SaferVPN

      @NanamisEgg I tried to use a VPN to watch on crunchyroll but I couldn't find a free one that let me connect to the UK

      @NuclearGtx690 I use a vpn to Login.why can't i use The same way to check my Facebook?Who can help me?

      @kingsalemno VyperVPN does packet inspection despite what they tell you.

      #vypervpn #vpn #privacy

      @uhmaximoffs uhm i subscribed to a VPN security thing to hide my location so i could get my AP scores Today & its not working ,

      @AndersonAudrey2 Superlative internet market research defensive strategy as proxy for website congress: gvaT

      @tanz522 @CHRISmelmIrish I downloaded an app that gives me a VPN on my phone so I can watch on watchespn outside the US... No excuses chris

      @PaulNangle @erinyyyyy Download a VPN for Google Chrome, activate it and away you go again.

      @mandysachsy @i_siegz @Slutzlo_1484 by proxy you also gave me free beer

      @iitehepicguy Unblock any website from anywhere in the world with #VPN. download it free from@thevpncompany

      @pts I am looking for VPN provider recommendations.

      @GR_Reinhart When your VPN runs though a Canada server. The Google results can be quite funny.

      @Chrstinealforte Happy birthday to one of the best people I know (tinuod jud) I miss you bigtime!! *bacolod pls love you! Ps sorry proxy bawi me @Eymiiiyel

      @notcuban @bgreese , if you watch mlb on your pc, use hola vpn proxy on the Chrome browser, FREE routing as if you are in great Britain. No blackouts!

      @Wigetta_proxy @all1dcrew follow me for free follows

      @lnxdork Clickbait got me, now they now my VPN exit IP.

      @thingsiknow @Moultgard I haven't checked yet, but I have considered buying a VPN to watch CBC coverage!!

      @selenay RT @moonklutz: VPN has a free level. Tunnelbear is $8/mo and you can cancel it right after the Olympics. Boom. Benefit from Canada'…

      @SusanHa09276492 As much as not so as to serve however they comes for facebook ad images, by iii: VPN

      @quisnisinos @HackAttackHQ @imDunked__party u need to secure your mobile to a VPN as well, keep list in notes and change every so often

      @davwain RT @miketymo: @globeandmail @globebusiness Heck at the End of the Day Canada by proxy is the 53 State or Territory or what ever they want t…

      @AddisonBrickman Select the Best Loan as proxy for Assembly-line housing...ULC

      @JamesMontour @JeffTabb okay then yeah, definitely go with either a proxy service or a VPN service. You'll need one that doesn't log traffic.

      @Unspoken_Proxy RT @whatatroy: You best watch your step around me. *cracks knuckles*
      Because I spilled some of my apple juice here and the floor might be s…

      @idkevencarewhat @2pixelwide @IEhrgeizI sorry to tell you this but im on my old iPhone on a proxy server... They can block and ban all three accounts and Ips

      @Mont3000_ @BertWolters I was reading your article on site to site VPN, lets pretend like I knew nothing at all what all I need to learn to do this?


      @andrewwhiteau G'day @ABSCensus, any reason why the website won't let me complete my census while my VPN is turned on?

      @BayAreaBombShel @BlizzardCS I was having this issue before and it was an IP issue from either my router or the ISP. After using a VPN I had no problems.

      @ImChrisAF RT @ImChrisAF: MISD stop dickin and unblock Twitter and Snap. Do you know how much longer it takes me to connect to the VPN and wait for th…

      @SHRlEKER This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewal

      @dark_proxy RT @MikeMartin1982: How many times is some random going to kill me in DayZ people like that just ruin the game

      @essonreap @digital_adhd could you tell me what server/proxy are you using?

      @ohmymorrisons @JmofAgron @Jeff_Soph i have a vpn on & on this website it asked to open in netflix so i clicked it & my netflix app opened, now greys is on

      @DavidOsagiede @windscribecom windscribe vpn is the best

      @irollmaddeepyo My cousin forgot to pay the internet bill.. Although my VPN gives me powers.. so I still have access to the web while he suffers

      @dark_proxy RT @PoisonedAl: I also love how those said spastics have to voice their oh so important option on every fucking site and comments section o…

      @hamzausman2009 @Amelia_Turner25 it does... We use proxy location n get access to websites

      @SteveMolk @zoenl Do you have access to a VPN? Independent of this there is a *dodgy* site that's streaming CNN if you're really interested...

      @taylrn @haley yeah you are screwed if you want to watch hbo in Canada without cable, they block VPN, and no iTunes to purchase :(

      @skrappjaw @sialusa @nytimes anyone can pay bitcoin for a server in Siberia, access it via hacked IoT / VPN / tor network and never leave a trace.

      @EreBear26 #hide my vpn free download 3d printing clear plastic

      @seoloslay @philoseopher I tried using it for melon along with the Fake GPS app but I think melon caught me. Cant log in on melon while VPN app is on

      @tp_caillou RT @BleachyBoi: How CPS block the VPN? That should be illegal or sumn

      @dakikubi @dylanxo it is a fishy link give me a sec i am opening in a tor browser with a VPN on

      @HeyYouMeatBag @CyborgN8VMari same, for future reference for any WH staff reading that wants to leak, use a proxy or VPN. It hides IP addresses.

      @radioweapon RT @buyvpnservice: Today is a great day to be #PrivacyAware. Private Internet Access #VPN is a proud supporter of #Data #Privacy Day!

      @Swiss_Rolls @OldSchoolRS IamA WestCoast United States player who has had severe difficulties with the game. Using a VPN allows me to play, is this ok?

      @jeremyhofman @FrenchFuel @CrossFitGames @packetologist VPN won't matter. Games site uses AWS. If AWS is down, then the site is down (very rare).

      @real_proxy @Carmenballantyn @latimes The LA Times is just attacking #Trump45! Trump is the one that said we'd buy from Canada if we had to! 1/2

      @Proxy_Tank RT @realDonaldTrump: I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.…

      @DJMurdaMusic RT @NYCembit_10: Netflix proxy block is killing me

      @MallowyGoodness But for social sim stuff and proxy game

      I just wanna learn how to outdo the social manipulation game with the bad queer rep :3c

      @burtonblack923 #hotels near arc de triomphe surf safe vpn

      @krautlandnewsed Humans have been nice to me today,

      @Bts_Let_Me_Live RT @tastyjeon: .@BTS_Spotify CHANGING VPN (COUNTRY):
      I recommend these apps:
      Tutorials are in the following tweets. Do not worry, it is LEG…

      @1TH1NKW3R3AL0N3 sent to Proxy Performance Censorship Security Access-Control Proxy can control access to information about lite walchlisted individual in an

      @orkhanfarmanli @azizavidadi @cavidaga it's time to setup a vpn server

      @buttchimin @nijoonie i have never been grateful to proxy for blocking the site when i tried to open it

      @irene_purin Me: "some websites on my office's PC are blocked"
      Nel: "go google 'unblock website' or use VPN"

      As expected from our chaotic evil XDD

      @EceeR___ If you play me in the AM tonight, I will be booting, fake proofing and keyboarding. I'll also be playing with illey using a vpn. Thank you.

      @TrillestGirll @miIakinus omg girl just download a hide me vpn and then have free access forever

      @grimweasel47 @vrois_vpn Everyone should use a VPN to protect their data and privacy. The only issue comes when nefarious types use VPNs for comms #ISIS

      @disfela Facebook as a proxy :)

      @uklee Paula you idiot - I use VPN to secure the connection to work and when using a public wifi network to protect my information.

      @RoyNemer @ursus_arctos59 Thing with that is proxy restrictions, I'm in Canada!

      @HaydenLee37 @downwinddog My instinct is you can because the browser has no idea what's happening behind the proxy. Not 100% sure though.

      @Laurence2231 #BoozeUpAFilm The BubSucker Proxy

      @matomic707 Hey @theTunnelBear, you honey addict, Can i please have 1 GB of free data on your free VPN so i can browse privately? I promise to be kind!

      @ankira_washi im using a fucking proxy vpn thing to download million live these girls better love the shit out of me

      @CAndrewPenney @MrMaker14 @NBC_SPORTS_GOLD Yeah to both of them mate works a treat on android box. Just need a VPN.

      @scotharkins We use a transparent proxy at work. I am tired of @firefox telling me I have no connection after flashing an untrusted site warning.

      @SquidwardRS @R00nScapee @FakeTom_rs @Jebrim so ur using a relay server or vpn when tweeting from ur phone and or house? YEAH RIGHT LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

      @AdultNewsVideo RT @SexyGadgetTech: Pure VPN Smart Software Technology
      Security, encrypted Privacy, and fast streaming Hide Your Activities From Your ISP.…

      @sajjubabar Govt: hamary pass Facebook haii twitter haii YouTube haii tmharay pass kia haii?

      Me: mere pass vpn haii

      @Chi_Egbo RT @RyersonFEAS: A team of #engineering students from RyersonFEAS placed third ($5K) at the @thalesgroup Student Innovation Championship th…

      @mYiSmiile any bit of passion i have for the game disapears when ever i lose to proxy sg that build is straight up unfair.

      @Llama_Strudel RT @Cajsa: @AlGiordano Some people like to keep the trolls engaged thinking sunlight is disinfectant, but if you have followers, do you wan…

      @alec_bradbury @ssd_jared Tor browser isn’t your friend without VPN I know that know

      @Nvikasroy @RamzzPalla @gowrav_pk @pavanztweet Hide me VPN app install chesi location Canada maarchi enable Chey play avvuthai

      @M_Fall_ RT @NattySeydi: @M_Fall_ @Eleejah3 A vpn is a virtual private network who allow to yuh to have ip adress localised in Canada or in another…

      @vavroom @David_J_Eddy Same location as mine - Montreal, Canada. I use the VPN not to hide my location, but to give me a bit of added protection.

      @caplady1225 let me check techtwitter bc uh... | Security giant McAfee is acquiring Canadian VPN provider TunnelBear

      @Black_Kassandra Hi @CyberGhost_EN can my internet provider block my access to your VPN?

      @eastend_olympic @buffu007 @joglasg Yeah my phone has a "spill correctio"
      There is a free VPN "hide my IP"

      @hamsterwatch @VelvetZills @zingbotfanatic HMA = Hide My Ass vpn, yep.. links with info are there on the site, and thanks <3

      @T4Aphenux RT @MGTCAPITAL4LIFE: $HMNY - This stock will be hit $20 by July because of a massive short squeeze once proxy and financing's are settled.…

      @Romka_Mental PROXY GANG AND VPN SQUAD

      @tadams0620 @x0rz Read the fine print. Maybe their “VPN” means Virtual Proxy Network. SOCKS5 != privacy. :(

      @pradeep1s RT @TataTeleBiz: With Secure Connect, your business can establish secure connectivity with public cloud service providers, ensuring your co…

      @pfWrite I just saw an ad on TV for a VPN provider. Are they really becoming that “mainstream”?

      @laowhining @NewBooksNetwork your website seems to be perpetually down for me. I live in Beijing, but even with VPN on it gives me an error every time

      @TheeKevinHarris @OculusProxies Just purchased on website.. It said payment processed but proxy config failed??

      @chris_rib @buyvpnservice Or school WiFi: blocked WhatsApp -> vpn: no longer WhatsApp blockage :)

      @natehiggins @Derek_Florey @thomasparker75 Can you email me on and I’ll do my best to get you a proxy vote for this motion.

      @bunpIush by the way i found the toradora items and i asked for a price quota on a proxy website BUT THEYRE CHARGING ME NOW AND IM BROKE?? pls

      @ddbb_ccaa RT @harleyquinn0888: I'm still in the office. Have to use proxy ip just to listen to full version. I can kiss my job goodbye because of thi…

      @DavidPetts1 RT @girlwithtrowel: Today's first session on site with @DavidPetts1 and our second year Advanced Skills students was brill. They did give m…

      @Proxy_21 @katiesgamecrner Move to Canada we are in dire need of a 4th COIN player!

      @ssptruthseeker @BlueEyedTweetie That why I have a iPhone very secure phone and I have the vpn on my iPhone

      @kyh3259 RT @freekorea_us: I've been called a free speech "absolutist" & I embrace the label. But no society can remain free if it allows some peopl…