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2015-12-14 15:56:41
canada vpn
Learn about canada vpn - Unblock Websites and Apps, Anonymous Surf, Secure and Free VPN.

VPN is surely an Ireland based company and possesses experience as well as technology to shield privacy as well as bypass censorship intended for netizens who would like to access indefinite Internet.

If you’ve arrived on this webpage it is pretty quite likely that you're searching information about canada vpn.

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You can unblock any websites and apps if blocked in your school, office or country. Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, also any games, chat and voip services, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, KakaoTalk at school or work with ZPN.

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If your country or office firewall blocked access to open internet and websites, you can unblock through change your location with our free vpn service.

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Hide and keep safe all your informations from trackers on the websites and applications with getting behind of our VPN servers.

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Our VPN tunnel has 256-bit encryption, which secures all your network connections and it's impossible to cracked from hackers.

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      @buggzero We're having so many technical issues today, it feels like our vpn and citrix servers were housed in the Starkiller base.

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      @PlayUsaGames VPN Holiday: Australia Ireland Russian Federation Brazil Latvia Singapore Canada Luxembourg…

      @yass_dah @purevpn i can't connect to Canada vpn. The app keep saying :

      @Darapladib @pele1888 @ohboywhatashot just vpn and torr

      @khalid_mihaina @DaliaOmer_ can't download apps without having an already working VPN so I need VPN settings and stuff not an app

      @303_Eben @cyberhoes VPN* CONFIRMED

      @TaydraAnnaToGo @jackbushjunior @SteveMartinToGo I suggest either changing your IP or using a VPN (Psiphon, etc) to lift the region barrier.

      @grimey_lu @Our_Mine Ayy what Vpn du u use m8

      @NaerThePriest @ZosynPriest Tunnel Bear is a VPN of sorts. It masks IP by allowing you to look like you came from somewhere else.

      @CaiooVMS @BatuqueGS VPN DETECTED

      @lmc @fsquared @CNNLADavid BBC blocking VPN connections

      @butqwer nice vpn! for Hong Kong people travel to china.................翻牆神器

      @arathorn_gondor I sometimes VPN onto indian servers to get slow desi browsing speeds! #DesiBoy

      @LegalBizzle VPN fail converts easy-work-at-home-then-early-beers day into battle-through-shopping-and-booze-crazed-hordes-to-the-office-and-back day.

      @ATcc_Stormz @TCG_oficial and yes they possibly could get tracked down but they would be on a vpn

      @TARGETIN1080P @AngelAngelnjudy no you only need a vpn if you are using p2p or uk restricts certain addons

      @M3atShi3ld You know I wonder if you were to vpn from some other ip and not use your normal gaming rig then by a bunch of game and the qq to steam :D

      @jonhoneyball @MarkDotPeters5 alongside time machine, lto6, vpn tunnels etc

      @DCArmoury @JustKeels That's uncanny. We need to set up a VPN connection for you so you're never away.

      @vpnunlimited @PizzWapizzz Did you try different servers? Please try to reinstall VPN Profile.

      @_anonsquadno035 #AnonSquad035 says only three things | 1.#TOR | 2.#HTTPS Everywhere | 3.#VPN Security &Privacy | KEEP CALM AND HACK THE WORLD | Expect us!

      @mynameshei @zucchinije @MissETM19 @pingdamz @ko_dub @JHonlineTV download betternet or vpn if restricted

      @MojaveWanderer @TheRokon I use US Netflix through a VPN plug-in for Chrome bc there's much more to watch :D

      @ulrikesteven1 @sanverde and all that while tweeting without the VPN!!

      @maxine_red @maxine_red Or DMZ with 50Mbitps, but no US VPN endpoint (no VPN at all)

      @pixeul thanks to all those who suggested the vpn apps because i downloaded all of them and they work hehe

      @BronxLaugher @Snowden Using Tor on top of VPN defeats the purpose of a VPN. VPN connection is always encrypted; Tor may have some unencrypted points.

      @Vintage_Sister Torn between getting a VPN subscription, and getting a new (pink) rosary.
      @PandaPhDminus suggested a pink VPN.

      @yanwenshi Still cannot connect to vpn

      @sair74 @virginmedia I downloaded a vpn app and it works when that is on..I don't understand why it's suddenly changed so any ideas what's happened

      @SimonSapin @rik24d Is it streamed in the UK? In case you're watching with someone who has access to the Moz London VPN :)

      @JaysTweety @MikeWardca use a VPN to mask your original I.P. and have one that shows from Canada.

      @ARTPOB Oh finally i arrive in Korea. No need to activate the fuckin VPN to access ih and twitter damn it shanghai

      @DirtyWenchBanks @ChouKage Threat is the Internet viewers that can't post, heard, track (proxy). I'm not the threat. #enlightenment no need to block me.

      @PrettyHatMech @ArsTechnicaUK yeah have checked. No other site having the issue? Does it struggle with VPN's?

      @radiatorhums Carmen San Diego is rerouting all her web traffic through a proxy server in Donetsk.

      @joshandrews On PBS website to stream Sherlock and they say I have to wait for repeat broadcast next week. That's hilarious! (turns on VPN....) #pubmedia

      @allaboutdann RT HenryGracie1 Come to hand supplementary online kudos consecutive marketing facebook fans as proxy for thy problem convene: n...

      @Dashnir @RikkiTheFox Game never made it to Canada unless I seriously overlooked something. I usted to play on a VPN in Vietnam

      @ZenxXen @norbouyakoub change your VPN to Canada then you can watch it

      @itsgeorgie1 @Caylinlive @Rossimanu46 you can use a vpn to bypass the block

      @SportsTrader_AU @jmasterx No it is countries like France and Spain blocking them. But you can use a VPN from Canada and still bet no problem.


      @AbdullahAzad6 Arey yaar ye proxy war kya hoti hai
      What is meant by proxy #War
      #Proxy server to suna hai but proxy war??? @Shahidmasooddr @_Mansoor_Ali

      @KMShrma #LodhaCommittee : One state- One Vote-One Cricket and One India. No proxy game.

      @S0LV0 Right apparently in Japanese "warui" means "evil" therefore making Waluigi the best Japanese character name by proxy

      @TzviZucker @LahavHarkov for example "Community" was available in Canada after it was removed in the US.

      Depends on licensing and such. Keep the VPN :)

      @bryandmlee @frhn I should think so. I’ve been using US account, but sometimes switch to Canada VPN and get the latter’s content.

      @dinoboinextdoor Netflix Canada still beats Netflix PH and SG with the latest movies, I'm keeping my VPN subscription for this #netflixph #netflixphshows

      @SynvexFPS @ContagioIN use the hola vpn chrome add on and make a new account from canada and just do that

      @Hot3Laps I did it in Canada and throughout my West Coast road trip and I did the same here through VPN. Netflix is a black hole. Be warned.

      @ClarenceRuth As proxy for the nonpareil underfed pap test opt an ottawa chiropractor: kFMZGkEgA

      @lintilla @raydongchong Very true. I've used VPN to watch American Netflix in Canada, and the Canadian broadcast of Olympic hockey in America.

      @daltonwest1013 The school will never outsmart us insanley smart highschool students. #VPN

      @_OriginalJes @weskos nope, I have a VPN subscription so I can access the US Netflix. I guess i won't cancel the subscription just yet.

      @Pauly35or00 @OffTheCrosseBar anyway to get fox sports go in Canada? VPN?

      @JasonRTBond Though I assume it's blocked outside Canada without a VPN...?

      @cjr0 @MammothLax Well, I finally connected my VPN to Canada, fired up the Canada-specific stream, and it (mostly) works. So, that makes no sense.

      @khalids077 Enemies of Pakistan r playing proxy games to defame Pakistan & ISLAM.

      Do more to learn proxy games.

      Cold & PROXY VS PROXY is best answer.

      @MayaCarlos1 Outlandish provide for as proxy for subjugated computers: CnAgM

      @whmullally @BaselAnabtawi throw on a VPN to Mexico, Canada, the UK or the US

      @IanJay @WhatATinyBug it's a good thing canada's history wasn't a litany of colonialism, proxy conflicts, and grand-scale marginalization OH WAIT

      @raganwald Surprise benefit of using a VPN like @getcloak:

      By routing from London through Canada, I avoid the “We use cookies” popups on the web.

      @meggieprice @hamsterwatch Is it a VPN you use? Which is the best one? I see CBB and BOTS but I'm pining for the live hour :-)

      @IamJonCo @UoYITServices Is there a problem with using the VPN on Windows? I've failed to connect/secure a connection for the past week

      @midriftLoL @MonteCristo @AlphaDraft I'd love that, but they made it only legal in parts of the US and Canada... I'm not gonna proxy gamble...Halp! :D

      @ashughes @bhearsum @EnglishMossop I guess I'm an outlier, never felt the need to VPN Netflix in Canada. I'm honestly happy with their offering.

      @BarryWheeler @G_O_R_D I've gotten zero; Canada has a 12 month retention period on our internet activities; My VPN provider has zero retention requirement

      @The_Vandersteen Almost everyone I know in Canada that has a Netflix subscription also uses a VPN or IP scrambler to access US content.

      @SATANNED @OfMousesAndMans something about VPNs! You have to change your vpn to US or Canada! I'm not really sure how this works )-:

      @Iosfusion RT @BlueLeafHosting: We are also adding two new locations to our VPN service: France and Canada!

      @mrrogerss60 using a VPN routed thru Canada so you can watch fresh prince of bel air on Netflix > lol

      @joel_llamas_ @RokuPlayer @CBSSports in Canada only with vpn service

      @nileshgr @nixcraft buy a server in canada and tunnel through ;-)
      publicly known vpn is a problem

      @uzunehiqysxyac Unblock Websites - free web proxy

      @olsonpearle VIDEO: What is a VPN?

      @Crashing_Cows RT @KeeganMottau: You can watch season 2 of the 100 if you use a VPN and set your area to Canada... You are welcome

      @GlobalGazette @IamSandyCoffee awesome! US Netflix is great. I just hope they improve the UAE offerings before making it difficult to access others via VPN

      @jenn I was like “Hey Moments are in Canada now!” and then I remembered I was using my VPN

      @martinisuperdry @Mikdyer252 VPN for Canada, but I have a friend in the UK that lets me access their media centre, so I'm fine

      @itsmecko0531 Im trying to tricked my account using VPN but still they find my location even though my ip address is in United States.

      @king_of_bob @VRodriguezIII @CW_CrazyXGF unless you live in Canada. In which case you're still stuck pirating or using a VPN. Stupid regional licensing!

      @Netzblockierer @BeauMorin @Unblock_Us well, somebody at @netflix did collective publishment against your ISP for running a VPN or Proxy exit node ;/)

      @toonhead @brucecola If you can't get some American stations in Canada, a vpn just might do the trick.

      @Carl_Trenfield Pondering whether in the event of listing artworks, & presumably their associated boundaries,means protection of buildings thereon by proxy?

      @davidjakeson @BarnabyNygren Aw man... another great reason to stay! Canada has better Netflix & no VPN necessary for watching CX races!

      @Hooberbloob @thejimpster @Unblock_Us There are a number of support tickets wherein people are receiving "you appear to be using a proxy" errors

      @TChanaH @TheSauceCode Heh yah! Tweet and delete :P

      There was a free VPN! I don' remember!

      @jack_daniel Pandora still isn't available in Canada? It would be wrong to VPN around this problem. My friend Bob might not agree.

      @cbcdocs @Erin_Dej Are you in Canada? If you are, are you using a VPN or does your ISP route thru the US? Our system may be geo-blocking you.

      @mikegraham6 RT @ChrisCrash00: At first I felt bad about using a VPN to get around region locking, but then I remembered that everyone in Canada does it…

      @washedupjustin @Conack @_Matt_1 @KimDotcom @realDonaldTrump Even in canada they email me whenever i pirate (Only movies) but i just hop on a vpn

      @goldzuka @VideoGamesPlus_ @Kuroko_sama I had this issue during my first order last year, I had to use a VPN to think I was in Canada and it worked.

      @W0Wee @slinganswers that would be great! Definite interest from Canada. Otherwise We have to resort to vpn.

      @LV66491486 @TheFienPrint I just tried but I'm in Canada. Much sad, very not vpn.

      @artisticzayn @fxckzarry download "betternet" from the App Store..the simplest one step VPN..& then logout and login to Spotify again and start streaming

      @vpn_router RT @anonyproz: Anonyproz is a leader in OpenVPN based VPN services and provider. Our servers are located in the UK,US, Malaysia, France, Ca…

      @meinkampfgeist fuck it, making a discord
      ill be using a vpn so none of you get my ip from this

      @noesviernes @purevpn hey guys! Obviously I am connecting from my office VPN, but my personal PureVPN account seems dead in China, both mobile and PC

      @RaYz_HD @FGunner2001 yeah probably, I live in Canada and need to use a US VPN to watch it

      @fienen @farktal @LoriPA @dbkahn This is why I VPN through Canada.

      @jaxjacobsen @MarkFHand Still haven't been able to. Paywalls/VPN blockings in Canada and all that. Working on it though!

      @dsf82corot @nolarobert @thewaitsover @ColonyUSA @ProxySnyder Proxy pls give him something, I hate to see anyone begging for things

      @JohnGibbs2112 @MaxPointy Oh I heard many people say they've had problems as soon as they announced they were cracking down on VPN's. Are you in Canada?

      @hamsterwatch @AyshaBBSuperfan sorry, you're asking about Canada - same, will need vpn, but links to watch aren't available yet.. I'll post when they are

      @lizzhatesme I would pay decent money to watch #6Nations online in Canada, but it appears no one is taking. To the VPN I go!

      @mackserve If America was originally indian land how is Canada an english commonwealth unless comparing America to England by proxy? #national_debt...

      @juskasim @lewlpants BRUH tell me you are kidding. I fucking VPN so hard all the time haha. Currently watching Hannibal over in Canada ;)

      @Graves440 @F0URS_ josh has a VPN he can just put it to Canada I just watched him do it

      @ViperioHybrid @ETM298 Unfortunately they block VPN's and DNS codes

      @MichaelCavoto @ConradKaz @bcinterruption @Salzano14 you have to do it illegally or VPN into Canada

      @jamesonmcbride Canada Goose Jackets as a Proxy for Wealth Inequality at Elite Colleges: A Study of College Walk @Columbia

      @boobiestrap @LilyMarieMFC It's why I don't have a VPN, I use my own US server as proxy, but don'tr have enough data transfer to stream video over it.

      @roshennn @sodiumfine_ alright, go to playstore and download a VPN, the one i use is called hideman, then once you're done, connect to Canada :)

      @prisongarde Hey @netflix : instead of shutting down people for VPN, you go against rich old assholes and give us better programming in Canada?

      @gysahl @Mondegreened hey... hey... do you have hulu... i found a proxy that lets me watch it in canada you should let me use your account

      @patrickhwillems Just re-watched THE HUDSUCKED PROXY, which I love as much as ever. I really wish we had more Coens/Raimi collaborations.

      @iJoe345 Netflix on my dick these days tho. Them bitches blocked my vpn from using Canada store

      @securiteIT FSecure: RT FreedomeVPN: Best Buy Canada picked up our humble VPN and made this superawesome video explaining what it does! …

      @iamTheStigg @MeganAmeliaa Thought about just doing a VPN, but it'd be annoying do do every week. It'll air in Canada I'm sure

      @abbasmamu Can v find out who was handling d fake twitter ac if they were using proxy/vpn in another country?? Most probably dead end if this happened

      @craiglyns RT @SoDebSaid: @BigBrotherGame You can get a VPN and put Canada as your location & you can watch this and live feeds..

      @thewaitsover @ProxySnyder you're the best damn #Proxy there is.

      @_jared @doeg have access to a VPN? I know mine has a few Canada end points.

      @RancidSassy @nitecrawler1867 again, you are assuming Canada is an actor for goos in the world. It is not. It is a US proxy for rapacious extraction.

      @kiannaf @icewireless can't talk to my friend in northern Canada because you're blocking VPN and VOIP connections. Even skype sounds like shit. wth?

      @The5thorseman @theTunnelBear Been trying to VPN into canada, but everytime I do nothing loads. Halp

      @leshiaaimee @SoNotaShiksa rofl I'd probably have to go through a VPN because Canada, but....... maybe >_>

      @brianlundy my vpn says im in canada

      @markfay @Unblock_Us grrrr Netflix still complaining I'm using a proxy despite following your support instructions to update DNS. Next suggestion?

      @berilakman @filiz_gunduz @pierocastellano i can’t access twitter or Facebook without VPN

      @Ryan_Pohl Archer season six is on Netflix Canada, thank god I can change my Vpn

      @pip256 Facebook, What's App, Twitter blocked in #Uganda on Election Day . Download Telegram or use a proxy server #UgandaDecides

      @marc1705 RT @brunojim: Thanks to VPN I don't need a visa to tweet from Canada #UgandaDecides

      @lenphil29 @leantothewind get a vpn that points to canada mr homeless

      @MFSM_89 @COLIVER_htgawm I have tried it in several time but my proxy does not work...

      @OpenMediaOrg @gareth__ hey, it's not spam. We're just reaching out to different VPN providers to support our pro-privacy campaign.

      @fahad_shauston Cloud VPN is the best
      Let them also block it

      @YursNani @imsambi torrents bro or download vpn and change country to canada

      @MarKasule If u know I gave u a VPN,kindly buy me airtime bse I have no MMVPN(mobile money Virtual Private Network) 2 access my mobile money account.

      @MerlinYYC @CBC @cbcdocs @hs88_hs88 @carolymoore @NaomiAKlein all those around the world you might try using a VPN such as Hola to change to Canada

      @wayner226 Netflix Canada's movie and TV show selection is probably 1 of the worsts out there. Thank God for VPN

      @Twesije Thanks to VPN I'm currently in France. Next stop Canada.

      @JayStephens Using a VPN teaches valuable life lessons. For example I now know hot chicks are dying to meet me in some place called anonymous proxy.

      @LewisTux Currently based in Canada; oh VPN!

      @tagabm Atlist iv traveled.. Turkey, canada,Denmark, vpn oyeeeer

      @IamRiTcHa @KristenFitzpat1 @FailedProtostar @22_Minutes use psiphon VPN to Canada then watch on CBC.CA

      @ianthetechie @saramree @nhl @fsmidwest broadcasting is a giant money grab. I paid for NHL Game Center one year. Had to VPN to Canada to watch anything.

      @tenochtlista #latinx is a term of assimilation, erasure, its a term thats been politically charged to have someone else in the white proxy speak for u.

      @AmyEric1 Why in substitution jump up as proxy for yokel take note of.: XrEjvQGfj

      @iluyimbazi RT @DashAbbey: Eno cloud Vpn nka, who knew i'd tweet 4rm Russia, and then Canada on the same day!

      @PraiseMariah RT @Fatie256: I've been to Canada, USA, Australia, Sweden, Iceland and Italy. So much to tell from such a world tour. Thank you VPN #Uganda…

      @gerogeleo making the hostel in Canada feel like home blasting @RadioX through a vpn

      @TUMUSIIMEJOHN I have enjoyed moving from #usa #canada to #frace with @UCC_Official ban I hope the #VPN keeps me more a global tourist than being #Ugandan

      @ronator36 @netflix succumbs to #Hollywood's pressure. Now they block IP-spoofers, proxy-users and VPN-users. What a brave, new world we live in!

      @Tv_reality93 do you know a good vpn for bb canada @Mikdyer252 dont suppose there are any free been told hola is dodgy much appreciated :)

      @CrackaCat Ugh I hate that I have to use a VPN to watch any big brother Canada stuffs

      @MichuNako @MelooPabloo instala el vpn hola para chrome y pone netflix canada. You're welcome

      @JRossNicoll @cammipham You can use a VPN provider such as @LiquidVPN , who have Canada-based endpoints.

      @HillKajira @BBGossip I have VPN but when set to CA. & I go to, I'm told I must view from Canada! I used this VPN for #bbuk. help!

      @XanzerXIII Hahaha that website blocked me, butthurt because you make mistakes? I can always use VPN lalalala

      @acciobooty @NamasteRead im in canada! but maybe try using a vpn??


      @mbjet @webfarmer @bufordtown and in Canada I watch all international Netflix content from iPad using VPN

      @xsmashx88x @IvanaSantini @Otownproducer hell no lol dont need a vpn only do if you do torrents :) and even then we are allowed to download in canada

      @TheBBInsider @mickey8187 Unfortunately it's difficult to watch outside of Canada. I would suggest getting a VPN or finding a trusty Live Stream.

      @My_Maddie_Kitty BB Canada starts soon lol VPN lol

      @JesusFane1 Website logo lay out as proxy for bringing intimacy: frhmXUcX

      @SadBadWezzy But the fucking VPN doesn't wanna work .

      @HooliganBMars @5estbelle try using a vpn (try cloud VPN or Hola) and select Canada as the country, that's what I use when I need UK netflix

      @londradoee damn netflix upped their game smh my vpn ain't working anymore so bye Canada netflix..

      @Karmerruk @Netflixhelps I live in the US, but my spouse is in Canada. We use a VPN so we can watch Netflix. Now you have blocked our account?!

      @twincanaries @5HonTour alas if you want you can use a vpn to change your id address to a uk ip

      @pinkdynamite @condamns it's on Netflix Canada if your watching Netflix through a VPN

      @Sentinel202 @fodfran im not sure tbh. i vote from canada, i dont think I'm using a korean VPN

      @SamDGrover @steviedunn VPN to either Canada or USA

      @Bloodsinister @itsedgo @ClashRoyale set a vpn on your phone to canada to get the new update if you in the states

      @EdNapITSupport Essential maintenance starting at 1700. Expect service disruption & intermittent outages, to internet, VPN & other on-site network access.

      @TPANick @audibleuk I own those 2. Maybe if I threaten to VPN into Canada to buy their copies it'll get the Americans to shake a leg @HarperAudioUK

      @jkiss @xlown Ta. Is strangely geo blocked in NZ, so had to VPN. But then went straight for the episode on drinks. I think Canada won. #Bacon

      @Feelin_The_Bern @blathnaidhealy Here in Canada Paypal has blocked bunch of legal VPN services over it. WTF kind of bank tells you what you can buy?

      @shaunck @monochromegod @Netflix_CA Curious, is your VPN region set to Canada, or are you accessing Netflix Canada "from" the US or another country?

      @Red_Chameleon @BenjaminM1019 No, Hulu isn't available in Canada and it's figured out how to thwart our VPN. Also not terribly interested, to be honest.

      @KraziliaLove @My_BB_Acct you watch right from the site. you just gotta get a vpn added on to your web browser if u are not in canada.

      @teaneedz Netflix says, “Turn off your VPN!”

      I’m like, “Yeah, right! I’ll turn you off first rather than weaken my security.”

      Does @Netflix care?

      @OneLuckyGay So how should I watch big brother Canada live tonight? I have a VPN to watch the feeds, but will that work to watch the show?

      @clockity @Unblock_Us Hi, having trouble with Canada proxy message. Any idea when access will be back?

      @SuzeeQmc @hamsterwatch I just bought hidemyass Vpn, set location to Canada...bbcan live feeds say I'm geo restricted, why?

      @Tharin_P @Charcoxl_ if u've got android:
      -download a vpn (tunnel bear) & enable it
      -download/install a spotify premium apk (from web)
      -make account

      @CouIeurs @ColinMeows the French catalogue sucks so I use a VPN to get the US/UK/Canada one because they're the best and now I'm fucked

      @teamclayshelli @Kenzieeee36 Yeah I got that pulled up but it keeps saying that my location is not right but I put Canada on my vpn. It was almost working

      @ilovebrowngirl1 @Unblock_Us when I try to view Canada Netflix it picks up I'm using a proxy and won't play anything???

      @BMXTVnet @BB_Prncss @hamsterwatch @liquid8d Remove it then Reinstall it :) turn on your vpn go to Videos > Bbviewer > Big Brother Canada > Live Feeds

      @DarraghMcCashin @JamesCantorPhD @bermudianbrit @TorontoStar use of vpn set to Canada might allow real-time viewing if CBC have such a function?

      @BigBro411 HOLA has been the only free VPN to actually work. I've tried four others that either didn't have Canada as a source or slowed my net down.

      @IFilter_Proxy If any of you plan on fleeing to Canada, they only accept the best refugees.....

      @Sailor_Moon_CA Just to clarify, using a VPN is not illegal. But attempting to use Hulu from within #Canada IS.

      @kaworunag1sa I emailed a proxy service about getting a ton of shit from the evangelion store site because that kaworu merch is screaming my name lmaoo

      @tvxtra @ElainePinkdolly they're region locked to canada, i'm using a vpn to access them.

      @ChrisTaylor8859 @WEAVERBRAND91 did you change your vpn settings to Canada

      @amedgamer02 @MinecraftLeaks The accounts don't work?!
      How do I change my IP address by using proxy or VPN?

      @xoxofeedsters @BBCANNetwork @morbeen4444 @arisacox @insightprod you're welcome Canada. My VPN has been burning you up

      @portlandpadre @JeffreyPBradley you need to subscribe temporarily to a dns hider. the vpn will allow you to log into you cable script from canada

      @PeterVogel Some popular unblocking (VPN) services facing customer ire in Canada after Netflix action: unoTelly, TunnelBear, Unblock Us, others ...

      @DonaldTheSecond If the latest Civil War trailer has you stoked & wanting to catch up on Marvel movies, Netflix Canada has Ant Man & Age Of Ultron. Use a VPN

      @andy_s_64 @Dany_k @jonrussell get thee behind a VPN. I’m watching it via Canada with Freedome *smug face*

      @emilyjanekawaii I was just like "Why am I getting American sounding adverts on Spotify??" and then I remembered that the VPN says I'm in Canada

      @solinus For those not in Canada but with VPN for 50 streamed playlists 24-7, check out Recorded music from 1928 to today. Log in Canada.

      @Luana52F What's the point of paying as much as US/Canada users only to get half the content OR LESS? #netflixvpn #netflix #geoblocking #VPN

      @matt_presson RT @simonroses: Keep in mind: AV, VPN, Firewalls, IDS, WAF, etc. Security Product != Secure Product #cybersecurity SDLC is your friend

      @bigbrothernyc Oh cool my vpn doesn't work @Canada why are u like this?

      @DennisOleksin @CraveTVHelp if I was holidaying in Mexico and I used VPN software to make it look like I was in Canada,would I be able to stream cravetv?

      @sawatarisylvio @azujero NVM MY VPN WAS ACCESSING IT FROM CANADA

      @AdamCSmith @DrySiders VPN to another state or Canada. MLS supporters, esp Season ticket holders should be able to see these. // #MyOpinion @SoundersFC

      @omgbandz v angry @Netflix_CA because they are stopping proxy's. I know, you don't like them, but instead of having to block them, MAKE MOVIES AVAIBLE

      @SharonMichaelso Unmatched vpn reassure since thy workbench wants: rpwVyM

      @Penn_Zero @RogersBuzz The self-centered, lazy Torontocentric world of broadcasting in Canada is what makes me use want to cut my cable & get a VPN.

      @williampli despite deep cultural/economic integration, the Internet via US VPN is quite different than Canada's -- marketplaces, products, videos, ads

      @RGrumpy @theribman dude. Get the tunnel bear and vpn the matches from Canada.

      @cellmembrane416 @LeeAlex9 idk try checking it lol :D i know they have it in Canada cuz when i used to use VPN i was able to view it.

      @bbreviate I was at like 2 hours in on a VPN tunnel from Canada too fml wow

      @AquaVerr @HacklionYT What will my ping be if I have 25ms in Canada? how many canadian vpn's

      @OliverAndrea1 The matchless agency institutes to wangle out of motor proxy modern canada: yTguEFWcd

      @TerryMcAusland @misscherryjones Oh! He.s on radio in NC, but my IP address in Canada gets blocked & my VPN doesn't like to stream media. NZ> Long boat ride

      @BHRZ945 @theTunnelBear Tunnelbear is my favourite VPN on mac. It works very well. Typically I connect to Canada or US.

      @halfafeeling Netflix blocked vpn.. Cancelling my subscription since UK doesn't get half as much content as USA/ Canada, while we pay significantly more

      @Y2Jin99 @paulgees81 @EvelDick Can also download Hola or a free vpn then switch country flag to Canada and can watch on the bbcanada website

      @teamclayshelli @bluejoni I've done it like a million times and have used like 3 different VPN apps. I've changed my location to Canada and it won't work.

      @n4hd4h was using a proxy to block my location so I can watch friends now netflix has done smth so people can't use proxies

      @witzseeker @MeryCormier dotvpn stopped working for me for Canada specifically, so i use touch vpn to watch XCo, that one works.

      @brittaml16 @ghostisbehere you’ve gotta use a vpn then, they show them all on tv in usa/canada, so they block them, but everywhere else it works

      @hollytheresee @apenacar I'm using a vpn to make it look like I'm in Canada

      @Kittenhiccups Netflix won't let me use a VPN & Spotify won't work until I change my country from Canada to UK/US and lose my 2 year subscription. Sad day.

      @notmiguelveloso dear @busted,
      please have the debutalbum available on spotify in canada. or maybe the entire world. i dont know, i dont have a vpn.

      @YourMumRugby @streamtvbox Hi guys. Will your subscription work from Spain and from Canada? Or will I need a VPN?

      @HighClassTopHat Higher up is doubting if we should even bother with this private testing server when the only issue is one dude's vpn client is being silly

      @michaelkarenski @DivisionPost I believe it's blocked in Canada - used to be anyway - and I haven't got a VPN at the moment.

      @AnonCyberGh0st @Sm3gal @Primit1v3 I change my MAC all the time but of course you need to have a VPN not US or Canada that has dedicated DNS servers no logs

      @nugget_kun_ @_Amzsie_ @hiiragayshinya idk if us/canada is able to watch it, i read that vpn might work?

      @softhb @emohongbin yeah 8tracks basically blocks the service for all countries except the us and canada,,, i tried using vpn once but it didnt work

      @LiamBaldwin6 Yours truly permit denver: as proxy for equal to maintenance: RYUSxyTs

      @JenetAllDay @iamlaurenp @indoob I got vpn yesterday just so I could get at that Canada Netflix. I fell asleep last night filling up the queue.

      @BrianLittleMLS @robbiemcnicks 48 hours usually. Unless if you know how to use an VPN that can make it look like you are in Canada.

      @hyzaidi @zunguzungu Yup, able to access via proxy. Thanks!

      @Phevnil @boanus Urgh, turns out, rather than just a poor selection like Canadian Netflix, Hulu isn't even IN Canada. Gonna need to set up a new VPN

      @TynanV @ShackTS Oh, that could be. I'm in Canada, but using a VPN..

      @ebla614 @snarkNbb @roxashiru nice! I was doing the VPN thing for Canada lol

      @runtme_error @darvin111 really, all you can do from Canada, is try to remote session using VPN or Teamviewer. So, yay

      @rlschina @jes_chastain How long are in our fair city for? Dont forget a VPN or you can't use twitter, facebook or google.

      @DavidsonGoodma1 Improve on html5 frameworks as proxy for permutable app evolution: SIzw

      @andrewkarre @ek_johnston Self, would it be worth the effort to create a VPN while editing VICTORIANS so I can fool Google into thinking I’m in Canada?

      @davescarborough Cancelled my VPN subscription, but does entering codes for other regions manually still work with Netflix on console? Also need Canada DNS..

      @HuskerFox I've got a VPN for Canada. It's making my phone do some crazy stuff :p

      @kpopanimefan @vicxtnss @LostAndFound People in Canada that have watched it on Netflix have used VPN's to do so.

      @_SeanMcKinnon_ @sgtmariop Yes, there are VPN options, but we shouldn't have to deal with that when we have a broadcaster in Canada that owns the rights...

      @vpnunlimited Have you just visited #Tiffany&Co? Don't let #marketing #spies learn about your browsing habits. Enable #VPN & protect your traffic.

      @aznlilraymond @bystevendinh @BetterNikeBot @njsneaks what server and proxy

      @1llum4 @GGEldred @Marco_YS35 @karonmoser works fine for me in Canada even with adblock but no vpn

      @twbird18 @menault20 If you have Google chrome, go to the store & add the hotspot VPN extension. Set it to Canada. Watch on the Canada soccer site.

      @NATSUHl @hentailuvr69 can she use a vpn like hola unblocker? it's on canada's netlifx i think

      @Penn_Zero @StreamingItAll @CBCNews Unless you offer built in VPN, forget it. Streaming boxes (Roku) are crippled in Canada. Junk! #Cancon

      @paulmuhlive Hey @Netflix_CA! We'd like to stream Animaniacs in Canada too. Should I be setting up a VPN?

      @ReVampWorld @krazilialove @jennellensbb Blocked internationally. Like we need a VPN to watch from the states because Canada blocks other countries

      @melissadags RT @mattcampagna: Will @CraveTVCanada have @GameOfThrones #Season6 online, day-and-date, or will this be another year of @HBOnow+VPN? cc: @…

      @Penn_Zero @RokuPlayer Why the F. do you even bother to sell Roku in Canada. 0% available here. I regret buying my crippled Roku. VPN for US =

      @CarBilbao @frostyon420 @NoBuffZone need VPN for these for those living out of Canada?

      @BetterPlumstead RT @GreenwichLibDem: @Sarkies_Proxy @BetterPlumstead @5tewartChristie They weigh Lab votes in Glendon. But even a slashed maj will make the…

      @EducatedVillan @foreverjahti its on canada netflix, if you use a dns/vpn code

      @leanney44 @ShayOfficial I'm in Canada. Manitoba . No idea what a VPN is. I want to use my iPhone and it won't play the feed,it doesn't load

      @shanmustafa_yo @Freecastin it says there's tv restrictions in Canada so it's not working, if i change my vpn, you think it'll work? I can pay you for that

      @ShayOfficial @leanney44 Are you in Canada? Cause they definitely work. If you're using a VPN, then I'm not sure.

      @xxUtdGirl127xx @kickass_koala no vpn needed. It's just an app. A fan made it and it streams us and Canada feeds. It's addictive so you are best without ha!

      @rich_sherri @yarnguy1971 @michellebb10 You need a VPN (I recommend @Zenmate) and set your location to Canada

      @Ciocia @michaelcoren Not available in Canada. :( You on a VPN?

      @munin @cynicalsecurity @Viss @hdmoore Well, yeah, but I'd want yet another someone else's proxy to access that one.

      @mrpaulharding Cord Cutters in Canada - give me your best options that don't involve VPN.

      @TotallyFutile @TRAX22 @GooglePlay Only the US & Canada to start with. I'll see if I can add a podcast to it but I might need a VPN and that might be bad.

      @3numba3 @netflix blocks VPN services in Canada. Should be pretty clear they offer poor choices for @Netflix_CA, need to put in work to keep subers.

      @VersaceInferno So Netflix really banning VPN in Canada.... How am I supposed to watch Xena now @Netflix_CA

      @PaigeBella1 Marine insurance conversion. social security proxy services: process so behalf antecedent: Sqs

      @MotoWilliams I hope the exchange rate between US & Canada VPN traffic improves in the next couple of days.

      @fabiohaenel1 @theTunnelBear Even VPN from Canada to Germany works great
      This Service is just awesome !!!

      @noFelld how is Life today @reneritchie now that @NetFlix has blocked #VPN access from #Canada

      @Libby_Martinez @Baylee_Jae @girlwithhat would using a Vpn saying your in the U.S bypass the not working in Canada thing?

      @ACIFIC @Almightyvonzuss it has both and more. you just have to bypass region restrictions with vpn

      @lyndondueck @shadesofkiara add the hola VPN extension to chrome and change your location to Canada, watch the 100, profit.

      @MuhammadGadafi Open vpn dah connected muehehe server dah okay

      @Chicago_1034 @CarmeloNYC @topaholik @NationOfSoles could u use vpn to make it seem like u r in canada?

      @DondonLansang Protect your privacy with #Betternet unlimited free VPN @betternet_co

      @Aniion @BladeAndSoulOps Jiwan, from Ontario, Canada. No VPN, no altered files. Saw a thread on reddit and 3 other ppl with exact same issue.

      @K_Gagnon3 RT @grescoe: Btw, #Netflix, thnx for killing off all Canada's DVD stores, then blocking VPN, so cinephiles are left w/ only yr crap selecti…

      @Groodch @hamsterwatch I hate to pester you but haven't watched bb for a few seasons. Can I still use a vpn in Canada to watch the feeds via cbs axs?

      @Penn_Zero @RokuPlayer @CordCuttersNews Canada's Roku-- it's like having not even basic cable. Sigh. Seriously. Unless you live in USA/UK, need VPN.

      @FAMILYDOCTOR15 #American #Netflix anywhere in the world. No VPN. Works in Canada, Australia and UK. Check YouTube video or ask if you're a follower

      @ninevoltbattery @oobaazea this isn't related to security though, I'm trying to set up ADFS and a web proxy

      @agbfby Why did the vpn block my wifi

      @Langworthy_47 When I visit my son in Canada @robsutmat I use his or public wifi and vpn online phone services.
      #littleeu behind the game

      @SharonMichaelso Far out vpn notarize to thy bring wants: ELXTyh

      @ProtectYourNet @_NotChadwick I don't use a VPN. I spoof my location. Always works, except Unimas. Didn't try anywhere else in Canada, tho

      @TWSheppard @TekSavvyCSR I used a VPN into the Netherlands and the Canada Post site works fine.

      @TWSheppard There seems to be periodic routing issues. I’ve had problems with Twitter earlier, and Canada Post today. VPN into the U.S., it works.

      @lietux fucking twitch, why do you suck so hard? even tried to VPN to canada, still get 60Mbit from speedtest, but can't watch a fucking stream

      @siropierini @Davidethebrain @heywoodu @OlympicStatman

      I'm pretty sure @AthleticsCanada will stream #Rome2016 (Canada IP only, you'll need a VPN)

      @LightheartedDan RT @1exi: @Asher_Wolf just in case it wasn't already known, it is happening globally. just VPN'ed into Canada, US, etc and same problem.

      @ChandterBaldwin The comme il faut admission upon sustain as proxy for yours childrens self-teaching gangplank canada: Rsi

      @brianlynn @jeansnow How do you watch Hulu JP in Canada? Do you have a VPN or a dedicated proxy?

      @mmadamimadamm @EvaQueenBert @TALCvids US and Canada only... unless you have a VPN that can make you 'appear' to be in either, you can't vote.

      @closetgeekshow @markblevis it's not so much censorship as reneging on statements netflix made a years ago about vpn when they weren't huge in canada yet

      @Langworthy_47 Son resident in Canada has registered and left his proxy to #VoteLeave @GdnPolitics so he has the choice to return once rid of EU nonsense.

      @sgrif @applerebel No, this is an "I'm on a VPN because I'm in Canada and literally nothing works" statement.

      @imRebell RT @Konverted: @SHaMRecKs they encrypted the shitty vpn i was using and saw that i was living in canada

      @KiberuPtr I don't think my WhatsApp works without vpn but everything else does.

      @George_Barrett @AndyHerren - I voted Tim. I used a VPN thinking I needed to be inside Canada.

      @Penn_Zero @66Betty I would like a VPN to get DirecTV from Canada.

      @ELaw31 @Rockstarzee haha I heard. I tried to VPN so Fight Pass thought I was in Canada, but it didnt work hahaha

      @societefair @HenryNguyen94 yeah worked on my vpn browser but not same as app. this is lame

      @aurtheil Sucks we cant watch the Eurovision live stream in Canada without a VPN.

      @Campaphobic @NerdyFTW vpn to Canada and watch

      @dbx10 also I can't download some torrents from Canada but they work through a VPN

      @DanCartaginese having to use a VPN to use Pandora.... pls come to canada alreay

      @FrootVPN Let’s always educate ourselves on how cyber criminals can attack us. Outsmart them by using security tools and secure VPN service @FrootVPN

      @seattIehoran @AppleSupport hi again, my iphone 6S battery drains really quickly and idk if it's because I downloaded a VPN app or not help please

      @jesuiscanard If you use a vpn to Canada as an example, is the print still in the UK, or Canada?

      @StevenEllisNHL @DevlishDekes It's on here in Canada, but not the US. I recommend using a VPN with the official IIHF stream.

      @thebigloc @tomburkelove not S3 on #Netflix UK&Irl or on Netflix USA or Canada I can see by using a VPN :(

      @RobertStock6 Eat my VPN, HBOGo. Can't stop me #Canada

      @barcaraiders @a_pateras @andrew_hick @Optus Yeah you'd need to use a vpn or go through a DNS service. It's from Canada so the dollar is like only $5 diff

      @April_Storm @BigBrotherLeak how do we get them in Canada? I've tried a VPN but get stuck at the payment screen :(

      @bringeannahome SURFEASY VPN
      Address: 488 Wellington St W #304, Toronto, ON M5V 1E9, Canada
      Part of OPERA software company are bandits demanding money

      @bob_abooee @KatieLo17 @TVtater I live in Canada. I can get them. You just have to use a VPN

      @cartoonfan02 @Clankity You could find them on YouTube in Canada or with VPN services

      @sabrinarises @hopelessabrina r u from canada? or did u use vpn?

      @augustsmaturo @authenticmeyer IM on a Canada Vpn but I can't find girl meets high school

      @augustsmaturo @AwardsForGrande I connected to a Canada Vpn omg

      @GtaMaster1409 @KEEMSTAR Hey, Small channel but I was IP Banned on Skype. @Skype @SkypeSupport Why exactly cause I have to use my VPN to talk to friends

      @PentaFish39 @astraldactyl just use a vpn or if u dont want ur speeds to lower im pretty sure theres chrome extensions to use pandora in canada

      @SaxtonAdam @xunitytalk yeh works fine through vpn and as soon as I turn wifi off ur back in the game not ideal though

      @R8T3D @sourcekicks Ahaha I'm fine, was a VPN IP.

      @koolkatkya Some Conan videos are not available in Canada so I must resort to vpn

      @le_canuck @Aqvd94 @gameNL @philosorafter @glidebyknight @golf4miami @Thegetawayplan9 NBC doesn't work in Canada without a VPN

      @XBLTides @zRoyaltyy_ next time u freeze everyone in the game have a vpn so ur hoster doesnt get booted again lmao

      @AdamCSmith I can’t believe I VPN’d from Canada to watch this match.

      @sosyourfacee so close to canada that my VPN puts me in canada

      @Mikerhinos @robdougan lol. And the vid is not available for Germans...Works fine with Canada (and France but I always use a VPN). I can have my violins

      @catsfive OMG, @HBO, you guys RULE. Grandmother just asked, "What's is VPN?" #Canada #UnprecedentedBELL #GameOfThrone #GrannyPirates

      @therealmattwolf @Spenceafied I got that McDonald's in France internet proxy game on lock #college #435lake #ItsNotHowFastYouMow #ItsHowWellYouMowFast

      @khanhoangx I really used a VPN and changed my country to Canada so I can watch past challenge seasons

      @toolsforbalance @TeriPolo1 looking forward to seeing your gorgeous work someday. Unfortunately I can't see it in Canada even with a VPN to get HULU..

      @FlyoutChase .I'm in america but I programmed my phone to VPN to my tl is nothing but Canadian ads smh

      @xJakeyJay I still find it odd that my VPN service still links US servers as the fastest ones

      You'd think it'd be the Canada ones

      @N13KKF @solelinksWW if they come live and im in the uk but have a canada address and i use vpn would it work

      @Steven_Savona Tried watching WILD on Netflix Canada but my VPN is blocked, so I rented it for $6 from Dendy Direct but my crappy laptop can barely cope.

      @Brennangardner @VenomZerker @SOLELINKS im from Canada too. Gotta get a VPN

      @bye4now #BB18 help! Still locked out from Canada, VPN turned on, CBS all access purchased.
      Now what..

      @Yankee_n_Canada @MrsPamilaKew oh, I thought you were having some kind of vpn issues, and wanted to pick your brain, thanks!

      @Yankee_n_Canada @MrsPamilaKew are you using a vpn or unblockus?

      @BedduaKinYalcin @opera Hi, Turkey in country Istanbuk bomb ka bum and ethernet 1 mbps OperaDevoloper canada vpn stabilization 16 mbps thank you :)

      @Craighton I guess I need to move my VPN away from Canada, I keep getting locked in sites for CA instead of the US versions.

      @moeby_ Switched my VPN to Canada and quickly learned being Canadian and on the internet must suck.

      @BillStewart415 @RonWyden @CPJTechnology The VPN software that's enables many people's telecommuting is based on work mostly done in Canada, some EU or AUS.

      @kishichu @PiyoPiyoPotato ohh I see o; for future reference maybe a VPN can help you access region locked stuff!

      @SaTanaR RT @RimiaLu: in addition to ur tweets, u can vote thru site (u.s & non u.s by installing a vpn blocker add-on to ur browser) & Fox now app…

      @kamimi84961634 RT @Miramyaaa: From Canada✌✌

      @malak0123456789 I am in Canada

      @amisse93 @lovelyti Tried to view the video but it says it is blocked in my country (Canada). Switched to the US with VPN, video still blocked.

      @ZachJoseh @a11013cpbackup1 @JMoses4PMH @SSundee @VIDOapp nah it's becuase I was in Canada and VPN doesn't work since it asks for a Zip Code

      @presjpolk Zuckerberg was shown using a VPN. Does Facebook take action against VPN users?

      @CFSummers @MelissaStull5 On Global in Canada. One can "be" Canadian with a VPN, Global streams each ep 4a week open. @CindyMSampson @Jason_Priestley

      @_EllieNuck_ @liquid8d p,s, asking you .. because we cant talk abt vpn's and canada feedsters on Jokers LOLOL

      @zoli_kovacs @bigbrothernet any way Canada can get feeds yet with out using VPN

      @humantorch @michaelhugs do you need to be geographically inside Canada? That’s not a deal-breaker #vpn I’m just curious.

      @Punsgalore @liquid8d I'm in Canada and I have a vpn. It says it is connected but still nothing.

      @FauxMole @ab_silvera @wendylyon @CanadianUK
      @airtransat discriminated by proxy?
      Thought Canada might discriminate, so moved to save money

      @Sameerhira @OhhhWesley @RomanAtwood get a free Vpn and switch country to United States. Its avaliable in Canada

      @capitalismwitch @JustinShindelar It might not be on American Netflix! I'm in Canada; but if you use a VPN you can get it.

      @embracingsivan why is it when I try to go on Canada Netflix/US Netflix on betternet or touch vpn it's detected??

      @mayujinyoo @miakwan12 this happened to me 2! I Just downloaded a vpn and set it to canada and im using it fine now!

      @WhipSawww @Wild im able to play even though im located in Canada, not the states.

      I have no VPN's active or anything. please advise

      @Aryugaetu Are all #UK #VPN blocked? I travel between UK, Canada and US often and prefer UK news. @UKVPN @topukvpn #bestuukvpn

      @RachelM64384164 As up gape as proxy for gangway la smartphone app deviser: owtyNkoQf

      @jamMills13 @Catvanzyl how do I get the big brother 18 feeds in Canada? Apparently your the expert to ask :) I got a VPN but I'm new at this pls help

      @AMohammad93 @Sailor_Moon_CA well of course but some do use VPN for other reasons & Canada don't have what the US has & the US is more update then here

      @RachelM64384164 Technique on route to wot of if thy grinding poverty high site as proxy for yours plus specialty: xawgSAd

      @RueMuchie @Kuda_Chizura @Faffy_111094 works like a VPN is based in Canada

      @combat_boot @WiTopia 2 UK hotel chains block #VPN. 1 blocks your web site support pages. Took 5mins to bypass

      @missingno15 @justjuliah its not that, when I set the VPN location to japan, i try confirming if its actually japan and like 80% of the time its canada

      @BazTheBarbarian @ejames500 The crystal ball is getting a bit stroppy and refusing to answer!

      @WeiWang8964 RT @joannachiu: Anyone else's #Twitter suddenly working in China without #VPN? First I come back from Canada and the sky is blue. Now Twitt…

      @InnerGeek302 @ColinMorgan_ORG @snowangel415 I must have gotten lucky. I'm in Canada & just went to the link & it played for me, no vpn or anything

      @abbandunne @nellucnhoj if you're on Android you can VPN to the US and get it. Suprised it's not in Ireland as its out in the rest of Europe I think

      @Rati12 @tigerVPN Netflix belgium from canada work fine with tigervppn but netflix Canada from belgium dont work, is this a vpn issue or my setup ?

      @JeremiahMegel @corbindavenport My VPN is IN Canada.

      @AaronFlynn @bryant_rf VPN online. I'm "in" Canada

      @alexdewey VPN to Canada of u wanna play Pokemon go right now lol, wish I was joking

      @cllees @billmaher Geoblocked in Canada. Had to use a VPN. Great show. Why Geoblock YouTube? This isn’t Turkey.

      @Nooooobo @WWFShow I think you do, and you'd need a US VPN to watch too. The CBC stream for the Canada game is free, but you'd need a VPN for that too

      @rowast @2_Ring_Circus right now my location is listed as Canada and I'm using a VPN

      @JackieHern81 @sjh_canada @ianlemmon @blueoptix @biocow @brycas Hey guys! Thanks much for the VPN advice-got old one VyprVpn workin but will check all out

      @KatlandKat @zoli_kovacs @EvelDick Didn't hear that but probably only US Netflix & vpn is getting hard with Netflix if in Canada

      @MrsBieber61994 @JustinCrew if you download VPN u can vote cuz I'm from Canada & it didn't work for me until I downloaded it! SPREAD THE WORD

      @Ice_mocha420 RT @peternowak: Canada desperately needs VPN developers to create software that can't be blocked or detected

      @lostsoundtapes Just turned my VPN on specifically to stream the Skankin' Pickle album "Sing Along With" on YouTube from Canada. Thought I'd share.

      @PANJANG__ Hey @sarawak_report , you can ask your reader to install Browsec VPN, ZenMate VPN, or DotVPN Chrome Extension to bypass the block.

      @SizzleMcGizzle @FJGFandom @frankiejrousso Huh. I can't watch from their website, but I can watch the YouTube videos w/no vpn. Maybe it's bc I'm in Canada?

      @simeonfc Using a Canadian VPN to make Spotify work. They have lit adverts. Wanna move to Canada now.

      @katecaldwell @octothorpe Now you know how it feels to live in Canada without a vpn!

      @discordapp @Kayapo1 Can you double check and make sure you're not accidentally using a VPN or proxy to connect?

      @WhySoTqze @Biggums4Biggums no vpn. I just set my location to Canada on lounge settings

      @LeaMitchem In Canada now. I don't have to have a VPN every time I want to go on the Internet

      @colinbendell @DeltaHotelsLtd all 3 Delta's in atlantic canada have had poor wifi - the HP captive portal keeps hijacking non-TLS requests; breaks my VPN.

      @orrlidsky @laura_kleinman there is live streams from the BBC and CBC (Canada), you just need a VPN to make those work

      @AlbertarocksTA @KimFCoates @saskatoonGord Have you tried a VPN? If you have firefox get Zenmate. Zenmate will show you as being in Canada if you want.

      @SeanTheDestroyr @Deadspin it's gross. They aren't even showing it anyway. Just commercials. Time to VPN into Canada for coverage.

      @PTPetra @ScottMonty I'm sure they'll try to ban VPN connections between the US, UK, and Canada next... smh

      @therealshipman Using a Vpn for the first time to watch Canada's coverage of the Olympics. Complete coverage of every event.

      @colemanranahan @_jennielee_ you couldn't VPN in Canada?

      @DARKENERGlES im literally about to go find a canada or uk vpn and just start livestreaming everything on cbc or bbc from now on

      @SMLois @BatfishLD I know we can in Canada via cbc so vpn?

      @rog3r_d Ugh...I need a VPN that actually works so I can get the NBC feed of #Rio2016 in Canada

      @mischa_steiner @Stphn_Lacey get VPN tunnel. Stream from in Canada.

      @ultramegaman @DonAndrewBailey VPN to Canada, stream CBC.

      @juscamarena @shaig use a VPN set to Canada to watch live... I wish I didn't have to do this. :(

      @fleurchild @__biancat @worldwise001 VPN into Canada and watch on CBC

      @carolynduthie @kmtwhelan wait, me vpn-ing into this from a Scottish hotel is working but you in Canada isn't?

      @tehnakki NBC is a shitshow when it comes to the Olympics. Last winter I used VPN to watch via Canada olympic site.

      @BigDanInTX @kristenrapp Chrome + Hola VPN and set to Canada. Then go to CBC and watch events you want. Only way to watch the Olympics w/o frustration.

      @Logiic_14 @ItzzzzDeziire if it's any kind of ip ban then it can't be taken off unless you put a Vpn on but sometimes it doesn't work with some things

      @swartable @posco in 2010 I tried a VPN to Canada but they seem designed for traffic going the other way. This year I just set up an antenna. $12.99

      @FightingCrohns @jodiestimpson There is an amazing app called TunnelBear VPN which let us watch BBC when abroad - should work in US...

      @Jess_Clarke @girlgerms I googled, sing it on is right. I saw it via vpn - Canada Netflix. But I think it's on Aus now.

      @Avedaggio @hankgreen download a VPN like tunnelbear, set to Canada, watch the excellent on demand CBC broadcasts.

      @alxdsilva @hankgreen VPN + UK, Canada, Brazil, etc. all of those play live events and very few commercials #noNBC.

      @forbiddenkitten @seriouslyhallie use a vpn... thats how ive watcged the olympics... tricking my computer im in canada

      @_Raizeq_ got forfeited vs dog shit ghosters in finals sick man @GameBattles go fuck yourselves you didn't pull my ip i have a vpn

      @edotdoubleu Finally got VPN working to watch @vankayak race. Congrats on a great career & for repping Canada so well. Best wishes for whatever is next!

      @kirkschmidt @PattyMC22 @oberhoffner @CBCOlympics need a vpn server in Canada ;)

      @49NorthWrest @JaroslavWrestle @sonsofMMA Will need to change your VPN to Canada for CBC to work

      @mathewsheffield @RoadtripC @emirates Just remember not to use a VPN, expect to use WhatsApp bring codeine or expect human rights.

      @OutaouaisOttawa Re: @CBCOlympics

      From iPad (w/VPN) Safari browser: To view video, open Twitter app.

      From Twitter app: Content unavailable in your country.

      @orrlidsky @ReginaKSeabrun hi, you need to try again with a vpn and change the location to Canada for

      @kkkryptkeeper @jennajameson keep your Facebook on you and use VPN to prevent hacking along with PMP on Xposed Installer and deny everything!!!!!

      @DerickjThompson Tonight I will use a vpn in Canada,to use a Japanese service to watch both an American & a Mexican wrestling shows ..what a time to be alive

      @King_Proxy Hull City won 2-0 too, that's impressive. Didn't watch the game but at least we have won! @HullCity <3

      @BradyStrachan @trex13 I'm curious as to why its happening. Sounds like your computer is being recognized as outside Canada. Are you running a VPN?

      @freevpn_ninja @nikhak use our Canada VPN servers to watch CBC streams of the #Olympics ;)

      @egofinder_____ @Jxshypoo @TMTenacity if you want when I leave Canada we should get a 8s lobby going and I should make a ego finder psn and log on a vpn

      @SyriusCSGO @LiviaDobrev_ Unlimited Free VPN - Hola extansion to chrome (y) Its Working for me.

      @barrysaunders @zeynep nah, it'll use VPN to pull location if you're not logged in. So a VPN ending in Canada gives $14, signed in it's set to USA so $10

      @mlg_bill @YDCBgames if you really think com2us is banning your IP from getting good stuff than use a VPN I recommend Betternet for IOS

      @XDeathbySRIHCX Canada Netflix has all the marvel movies wtf and the force awakens I'm getting a vpn

      @cyberprima @SemenDemons use a vpn n to look at it from like usa or smth on a in browser not app

      @sjh_canada @steveaustin1971 @CTVNews @CTVMercedes Well, then they should focus on VPN and TOR and stop making sweeping statements about encryption.

      @FrothyOmen Why does my VPN always insist on placing me on French servers?? What's wrong with your US and Canada ones that I actually ping acceptably :(

      @vorakgames @YourPalRags Why is it restricted to Canada? Seriously I used my VPN and could only watch it if I was in Canada.

      @2Dlizardgirl RT @OJLover184: @haayesy @2Dlizardgirl that wasn't her actual IP that was my vpn retard

      @Unepical @CashForApps My friend from Canada just signed out of my account so he could create his own so don't think I used a VPN referal code 1f9caec

      @IM_CANADIAN_EH_ @aleahjasmine Wont matter. It's IP based. Netflix blocked all VPN's or Ip changers far as I know. US N.f in Canada is dead pretty much :(

      @romeozor @adamkovic try vpn'ing through Canada. They nice people. They're probably not blocked in EA firewalls

      @MariusHollenga @greg_jenner The best thing is, I'm using a VPN from abroad, and it never asks me this. <3.

      @sarah_eyebrows What about people who watch BBC iPlayer overseas via VPN? Asking for a friend who lives in, er, Canada. Or somewhere.

      @BBJayhawk Thanks to CBS All Access and my VPN, I'll be able to watch the eviction show live tonight w/o going to some 3rd party bootleg site. #BB18

      @KatieLo17 @AustinAshburn4 I live in Canada and can't afford a VPN.

      @EvaVavoom @UnSlutProject @_GirlsAction Unplayable for me here, on web and in Youtube App. VPN location in Canada. Looking forward to the video.

      @HXRLEEN @BlueBeastGUY @BLAneki wasn't available in Canada but man did this Vpn come in clutch

      @6ixLucifer @GOATunes best vpn in canada weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      @bob_abooee @crr373 Just use a VPN. I live in Canada and have to use one

      @ExpletiveBMP In Trudeau's Canada, i'd have to use tor or some kind of vpn or something because /pol/ and my tweets could get me arrested. Fascism is lame

      @DesmondTam @atwleung can you get Pandora in HK? I still can't get it in Canada without using VPN tunnel.

      @Jessiica15 @putUincespence I'm in Canada and I've used VPN for over 2-3 seasons lol it's nothing new

      @MadelynHazel Dogs as proxy for exchange website-the helpful forethought up come in weighty mount referring to dogs: RYB

      @schomj @adr Alas, no. But maybe I could vpn into Canada and get another netflix subscription?

      @Bakxr @goatJT i figured it out, i had to use a vpn because canada is shit... thanks

      @ladyonyxlp @benfiorucci12 haha i forgot i had my vpn on, and it had me like i was in canada.

      -_- i really need to sleep now.

      @TokyoSexPolice @InnawoodsNow if I use an VPN and change my IP to someplace like Canada my thing will show I'm in Canada

      @raviprakasharo2 The best method to counter proxy war of Pakistan is via proxy war in Balochistan,Sindh and Pak occupied Kashmir by India.

      @tarasis @PeteWhiz indeed. Though with alpha initially starting as US & Canada only its pretty much dead to me from day one unless I VPN in.

      @maxwalker RT @natehowe: I set my VPN to a node in Canada
      so people on the internet would think
      I'm nicer than I really am.

      Now I'm saying "Zed" inst…

      @ReasonOnFaith @Mengalingam: I can access it from Canada. Perhaps you need a VPN from where you are? @tufailelif

      @JamesStarritt I'm switching to MLS Live to see if that is better, I have a VPN that will let me pretend I'm in Canada

      @coolsilver Talk to me about your cyber security.... How hot is your VPN tunnel #HillaryLaughTrack

      @Inkypinkypunky @A_LooseEnd @itsmr0 @JojoFucksticks I really want live US/Canada TV and sports. VPN’s scare me so haven’t gone down that way yet

      @tutorkag CSE Canada "talk'n out both sides of mouth!" Pinkertons TV...Internet millions mouths pacman roiding VPN toll only security 0 Electric grid

      @goinvestboston RT @jonathanblaine: In Atlanta. Watching Canada lead Europe 2-0 on the #WCH2016 @CBC broadcast via a VPN & @BlueJays beating Baltimore via…

      @IbnSalami @RaymondIbrahim5 Using VPN with a Canada IP, the story at the original link shows up fine, so it's apparently blocked for US readers.

      @akiltedscott @System30Drew @KodiTV @BBCWorld Here in Canada 0 hassle, don't need VPN. If ISPs forced to block this type of streming then need VPN, etc.

      @Little_Stacy Missed Canada winning the #WorldCupofHockey because I moved to Aus and couldn't get a VPN going in time. #thanksObama

      @CliffordMyers @Mxhdi I tried watching with a VPN blocker thingy but it's been hard to catch from Canada. Some interesting characters but nothing flashy.

      @NUTS4BB @HajiGlamNation @hidemyass No I'm in Jersey so I need the vpn to watch feeds in Canada

      @iamwickid @TPCns @KodiCommunity what addons specifically ? I'm in Canada all my addons work without vpn

      @poucecoupeborn @BBGossip I'm in Canada with no vpn

      @disruptivedean Next #TTCongress is @deutschetelekom #ngena IP-VPN telco consortium. Aiming for enterprise cloud / conxns biz. No mention of #SDWAN I bet

      @jphilippeproulx @Desert_3agle @VICELAND_ca @Sling I wish. But it's not available in Canada. And apparently, they detect VPN from Canada and delete accounts.

      @penquinbum @SubwayCanadaFR Je sais la response: Ontario!! Why am I getting Subway ads in French from Canada

      @carlosthedwarf_ @Cormacaroni not sure if you've signed up for League Pass yet, but VPN through Canada is nearly $200 cheaper for me

      @phirephoenix @mathowie I’m just streaming from stream2watch dot cc from Canada. No VPN or anything

      @__iamsimo @LordArjan97 @AneesM__ this guy once did a periscope from Bradford, it could be that he's masking his IP or using some next up VPN

      @BagmarAnand RT @testingGarage: Day-2: Use Proxy tool. Learn traffic between app & the backend
      @ministryoftest #30daysofmobiletesting

      user name & passw…

      @Anthony_86G @BlizzardCS can't go on @Twitch with @comcast. Connected to a VPN in Canada and now everything works fine.

      @cbarnard_IDC RT @SteffWatson: Fixed line important part of @VodafoneVGE strategy, IP VPN covers 72 countries, 270 POPs around world #VodafoneIAR

      @eyewasbored @RatherBeGulfing so they aired 2 last night? i found 1 so far. that link wont work for me, unless i find a canada vpn maybe.

      @FilmBeatsDaze RT @angryasianman: Just watched the first two episodes of @KimsConvenience. Love the Kim family. Nice work, Canada. VPN MAGIC.

      @RunMikeRun3 @ShackTS any VPN, any location not US or Canada the NHL package price changes.
      For payment, PayPal.

      @BrunosThumb @MissChris416 didnt c the Jeff interviews bah... cuz Canada and didnt wanna do the whole VPN thing

      @emptypossum @ivyaura_ use the opera vpn app to get round stuff like that

      @rx @esten I have a VPS with 128mb of memory for $12/yr that runs a VPN server. Works great since it's not a commercial/"vpn service" ip

      @yaworsk Went to watch NFL on twitter and can't in Canada b/c of licensing... disappointing until I remembered my VPN. Hello NFL on Twitter.

      @iYantho @acampbell99 @Zakk_Greco yah VPN seems like the logical choice to me. Avoids worrying about IP spoofing.

      @BleedsBlueNGold @VegaJason use Opera browser its has built in VPN & you can choose USA fool website's that block Canada

      @adonismuir @AdamWesterhout

      1. Get a VPN or get a nerd friend who uses one.
      2. Tell VPN you are in Canada
      3. Sign up to International LPass for 1/2

      @frankie_1987 If anyone out there wants to buy NBA full season pass - it's $150 if you buy via Canada. Use a vpn (hola). Fuck the Australia Tax

      @reidhcooper There's a bunch of TV shows in Canada, AU and UK I wanna watch that are region locked but not enough to invest in a VPN #1stworldproblems

      @pintsandscrums RT @housewifeabroad: @pintsandscrums @TheRugbyChannel It is very hard to view rugby in Canada. I definitely get my money's worth from my VP…

      @scottedgar @isabelleofume Yes! I'm also looking for a VPN that will let me see Hulu and Youtube clips that are blocked in Canada.

      @CherylM21 @neilp316 Maybe that's it, but am using a VPN to be able to watch it at all, so it should think I'm somewhere in Canada.

      @yams_888 @parasiticanemia All US ISP are under heavy DDOs attack and no one can get in. I had to set a VPN/GPN to Canada just to get it working.

      @junkyphilosophr @madhxllander download a vpn and change your location to Canada!

      @StanaKaticES @marcilisa4 yeah, i don't know why it's blocked in Canada... Sorry!

      @smart_filtro RT @RustyG: any users of @expressvpn out there with comments? #VPN #VPNsecurity #Security

      @HammanJustinPtD RT @CannibalHoliday: .@netflix If I'm on a VPN whose IP address is in Canada, and my billing is Canadian, and my home is in Canada, stop fu…

      @Sprunt87 @bryanalvarez works perfectly on Xbox One here. Mind you I'm in Canada and using a VPN to get the US network sub

      @sebstane @NEWGHOULS im in canada it doesnt work here :( but i have a vpn so i used that

      @actually_payton I have a VPN portal through Canada but honestly politicians

      Get with the times

      @Danny_Cavender @WeldPond try BTguard VPN to Europe and Canada, and as far as one click no such thing

      @terryssicntired @AJEnglish Have used VPN due to security state issues in Canada.CSIS and NSA,one big family.

      @colourofspring @NickFromFulham Thanks. If any North American is checking replies to you, Opera Developer Version's VPN (I used Canada) did the trick.

      @Sarahs_eyebrows @janesinsane @_Wendy_L_ @BigBroRadio Upside of living in Canada. I won't need a VPN anymore to watch the feeds! LOL

      @reflettage i just got three Spotify ads in french and i was like ??????
      then i remembered the VPN server i'm using is in canada

      @Eiithaar When you're trying to get vpn but you cant access the app store without vpn

      @4gotK RT @Tunnello_VPN: #Trump won the #election. For all Americans that #immigratetocanada you can use Tunnello VPN to #watch & #unlock US TV fr…

      @sanddrn @aemilius_heros Sorry to bother you – seems to be an issue that Germany isn't accepted by youcaring. Via VPN in Canada it works fine.

      @reachmaster500 @mrDnomaid @thegrandtour I'm gonna need a VPN or something. I'm in Canada.

      @mffl41_3 @opera hello! Why the ip your vpn provides sometime is said to be in Germany and other in Canada ? Testing in multiple website ip lookup

      @spanishcanadian @pintsandscrums @TheRugbyChannel did you need a VPN? Mine was Geo blocked here in Canada

      @margo94 @frodofied a USA VPN? I am searching for one now. But will not use a usa one. Any recommendations? Canada?

      @Modj0r If you are experiencing issues with @linkedin , try to connect using a vpn based in US or Canada. This seems to work well enough

      @Darcy_Lussier @dasme Do you have a laptop? Download the Opera browser, built in VPN - you can appear as if in Canada.

      @manukajoke @MichelleOwen7 use a vpn, that way your computer will think your in the US and default to a US website

      @RotemEren It is with a heavy heart and a defeated sense of patriotism that I have moved my VPN region to Canada. #JustinTrudeau #TheKingInTheNorth

      @jean_fabrice @UBNT_Brandon already have a vpn to access my lab. I just need the controller to work behind a reverse proxy.

      @SamSanttu @theintercept @Snowden using vpn thrue canada japan mexico there is fiber and splitter. At sweet spot near need gps is easy?

      @ricardoaperez Really wanna watch tonight's episode of Westworld but too lazy to buy a VPN subscription to stream HBO Go from Canada...

      @Meor_XCyberb @mustafa_adnan88 @saurav_rav @oneplus lol pls u guys, use the vpn. i get the ota when i connect to canada

      @TweetFromNimish Updated to 3.8.2 Oxygen OS through VPN. Location - Canada. #Oneplus3

      @3flip3loop @deathnormalcy you can try official stream with a VPN service and if you can’t find a country, set it to Canada and watch CBC stream

      @halfabeard @RyMacleod Just move to America or Canada and save £££s (or $$$s) on VPN fees.

      @ramesh_331 @Sathiyasabari @getpeid use canada sever in opera vpn

      @Chappiemon @realDonaldTrump Canada's CSIS and NATO members met at 8 Wing Trenton. They hacked email with VPN. Not Russia

      @HardieReg @northboymanc got kodi set up for Canada so I always have to go through hola to set up vpn right or can open kodi normal way ?

      @clgeric @Its_Spoty LOL yea its CANADA that ur shit got fucked i used a american VPN and i can watch LOOOOOOL

      @NekonekoServer main host
      - proxy 25565
      + vpn container 25501 <- alp
      - docker
      + vpn container
      + con host2

      @rowan007 @BuzzFeedOzNews Surely one could (in theory of course) bypass these measures using TOR and a VPN routed via say ... Canada or Japan #auspol

      @tallyhodebo #calgary canada hotels free vpn soft

      @Adamski @debesch Oh wow, didn't think that'd be an issue outside of Canada. Try using Opera, which has a VPN function you can turn on.

      @AdobeCare @ojjjjiiiijjjjo Hi, the subscriptions are available in your region. Are you using a proxy or VPN for a different country? ^SV

      @unhoeful RT @vibratorphil: woops i changed my vpn from germany to canada

      @Yennifa #vpn chromebook van houtte coffee services canada

      @Tim_Hurley_ @opera browser's built in, one click VPN is the best demonstration as to why banning a website in a certain country is such a pointless idea

      @DubCityDoesIt @kfc_canada spoke too soon, vpn didn't work either, figured it was a routing issue. just website problems. Can't place online orders period.

      @sujan0977 @SagarKhatuja @getpeid 3.5.6 is out. Use opera vpn from playstore ▶ and set to canada or Germany for update.

      @agarwalanky @schmmuck @ePandu Canada on Opera VPN worked in a jiffy.

      @VenomSarad @nnindersaini @OnePlus_Support Yep, if you don't want to wait for update , download opera VPN and set location to Canada.

      @AakashNaresh @srivastavashash @getpeid use Canada vpn bro. And please stop thinking is it safe or not. It's the same ROM and build throughout the world

      @nchowdary999 RT @KodelaDeepak: Updated #OnePlus3T to 7.0 based Oxygen 4.0.1 with Official OTA Update using VPN (Germany/Canada and check system updates)…

      @akhiladhithyan #askgeekyranjit Is it safe to update phone by using vpn? I have updated my Oneplus 3 to nougat by using vpn connected to canada server.

      @michaelklishin Cannot connect to our London VPN endpoint but Toronto works. Even infrastructure is friendly and nice in Canada.

      @DriblenCom @LizMcIntyre the biggest part of operations is Chinese conglomerate but Browser (Norwegian) & VPN (Canada) are independents legally/privacy

      @Syber_Cecurity RT @ccollegehelpers: Are you protecting your information online? Here is how you can #security #hacker #cybersecurity #VPN #cyber #notw ht…

      @user3477 @ajeyjustin @OnePlus_Support Go to play store & download 'Opera VPN' & set region to Canada, check for update. You will get it.

      @t308zNYntJ4kxJn #vpn canada server create a mailing list

      @np3tersen Is everyone else's feed sucking as bad as mine? VPN through Canada, Ned, and Germany all sucking

      @theaashish @HoeZaay use a VPN, set country to Canada & then check of it shows manual updates.

      @RbertGriffin RT @jack_daniel: Oh yeah, no Pandora or YouTube Red in Canada. If only I had some VPN endpoints in the US. But that would be wrong, so I'd…

      @vasundh80 RT @IshaBansalBM: @SonaliFan thank you so much rhea for asking all about voot and vpn and now it works for me too in Canada!!!! Thanks a to…

      @PezRadar @brandonworley VPN. Also hopefully a good city in Canada :P

      @ThatKidWesst @HeisenbergHeat could you recommend a good proxy provider for Canada?

      @alexbungle35 @emmanuelcote not sure ... last year I used VPN services to watch from Brazil and blacked out in Canada. Some worked some didn't...

      @vinuchandran009 New Update VPN Canada #Oneplus3T #Uk #Oxygen4.0.3

      @bornik269 @GISSupport @OnePlus_Support @OnePlus_IN Used VPN? Germany or Canada?

      @kadicelago ?????? Why my IP still in Korea when i disconnected my VPN ㅇㅁㅇ???? Am I a real Korean now? WTH

      @Erlika @bramastaredy vpn ke canada. noted

      @mariomenjr @oneplus I live in California... It is a shame that I have been using VPN (to be in Canada) to gain access to 4.0.1, 4.0.2, & 4.0.3 updates.

      @cheryIsIut @ultrarover i used a canada vpn

      @kruddykidz @strongvpn I cant access netflix using your Canada vpn

      @HarryLime39 @V5M1000 just about to watch it via a VPN and BBC iPlayer from a very snowy Canada. Shami is on there unfortunately

      @WHOIS_NEXTWIN @springevansce I change my VPN to Canada now it works what in the world

      @bao_zhuang @postmanclient postman app-4.10.2 can not connect to proxy on my windows7, but works fine with app-4.9.3

      @sangoku116 @SLAP_Train use a vpn and deliver it in us then to canada

      @TheAaronMoreno @Betamax_ftw if your on an apple, download Opera VPN from App Store. Set it you are in Canada. That's what I did and can now watch!

      @sjh_canada @shanselman Next time set up a raspberry pi VPN at your house and go through that.

      @LarkinsLewin1 Anonymity diversified corporation ideas as proxy for the thrilled encompass: mYc

      @cstiles1982 @LIRIK set vpn to Canada, got it

      @SattelizerGames @Sononoldschool @OldSchoolRS I used a vpn into Canada

      @la_palacios @macworld Check out Windscribe #VPN which gives you 15GB of free data every month @windscribecom

      @literateowl sad @KCTS9 @PBS that regardless if donations I can't stream programs in Canada w/o VPN &... I can only buy DVD elsewhere? Huh? #victoria

      @thompsonpaul @dan_shure Can test too if you're still needing (from western Canada). Have a couple CDN VPN nodes as well.

      @nanajan007 @queendanibbott you have to download an international VPN LIKE THE HMA VPN. Then download the channel 5 app for Canada. You have get VPN

      @KatlandKat @NikiandBB oh I am in Canada but use vpn for the US BB and I use Hide My Ass for it. I have two paying vpn providers to cover anything lol

      @hamsterwatch @PattyCakes_65 pretty sure you need Canada cable log-in to watch live on BB site but I don't know, try it.. VPN will get their archive shows

      @thedarkrebel @AndroidPolice I can download update by connecting to Canada region with Opera VPN app!

      @viktr_ebooks back to using myself as Trump does things he so we're stoked to set up a VPN are able to set up a piano tiles speedrunner.

      @jattasur @im_randhirsingh @OnePlus_Support Download Opera VPN, set country to Canada and get the OTA right away.

      @dwinsmith @drumawayeman @joshuatopolsky We tried that with export rules. Doesn't work with internet, anyone can bypass with VPN or Proxy.

      @RasberryCPI @Toms_130 @VindoreCP use a VPN and connect to Canada and you can play it

      @sjh_canada @SwiftOnSecurity How about getting a Linode or Digital Ocean VPS for $5 to $10 per month and setting up a VPN on that?

      @sjh_canada @meganmorrone A VPN on a RasPI (or anything) will not stop your ISP from seeing what you browse - only helps for being online outside home.

      @Danbo @troyhunt Surely *any* traffic you want to keep private should be routed through a legally tried-and-tested VPN like PIA - @buyvpnservice.

      @Trendnet18 @rinku3009 @oneplus VPN to Canada then update

      @HaydenKolek #copy machine stands how to hide proxy ip address

      @jitenpalkumar @souvikd17nov @geekyranjit Try opera vpn and select region canada u will get 7.1.1 immediately

      @jennifercarolyn @jessadg It's on the CBC website. If you use a VPN like Hola you can pretend you're in Canada and watch! :)

      @taylrn i want to watch Girls in canada HELP. i usually just buy shows but you cant buy on itunes here and hbo go wont let you VPN. where to stream?

      @kool_duderex @shawnapandya I got tis error message :( We're sorry, this content is not available outside of Canada. Trying to install vpn to watch it

      @wildsweethes @happyvaltersen I still have vpn installed so idk that's weird they said they had removed the geo block for all the nordic countries??

      @vonSanneck @ShortFatOtaku You know what, I'll just use Opera's VPN function and watch it from Canada. Fuck this silencing.

      @discordapp @Lukewalkerfilmz May be a ISP issue. Did this happen suddenly and would you happen to be on a vpn, proxy, or school network?

      @lexie_swanson @momrails ya download the "turbo VPN" app and run it on the wifi. It let's you bypass the blocks

      @krisgest RT @MrSimonTaylor: Hey Australia, Happy National VPN day from Canada. No wait, Sweden.

      @rihweready @trixieszamo Download the vpn app and change your location to Canada on the app

      @StammaTime @AMANDAZUCKERMAN You can watch it on the official site if you use a VPN to Canada

      @CalebAlwardt @WinnDicksy @netflix download a VPN app and set your location as Canada. you're welcome.

      @Alana_Morin @PCPartPicker @XavGarnet Pricing works for US but not Canada. Not on any VPN or proxy. Just started happening couple hours ago.

      @RachelAnda @jkosnaskie1 @lorenzabraham12 Use a VPN like CyberGhost. That's what I did when it first came out and I live in Canada as well. :)

      @On_Sides_ @Hal_Kaiser @go90 Stream from NWSL website (I'm in Canada) has been fantastic for all the games today. Maybe worth using a

      @dkaszor @mattbraga Do you need to use a VPN to make it work in Canada?

      @almi0003 @OperaVPN When will be available more locations than US, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands and Singapore? Using Opera VPN on Android 5.0.2

      @QZK786 Let me tell you there are already 30 nations just in Afghanistan with their proxy terror groups trying to secure opium,trade routes etc

      @King_aliRs @JagexSupport Hi, my account (King Ali) has been locked because I used a VPN from Canada and it registered as being a login from far away.

      @asghar_amin RT @ZaidZamanHamid: Jindals are not just tycoons, they are also the RAW front men, economic hitmen to demolish Pak through NS, their best f…

      @rikkacummies oh yeah use vpn for this since it's blocked in the us

      do Canada

      @younustraluk RT @payami_: Resisting from Japan, Germany and Canada. VPN ! #Kashmir

      @JagexHelpSamo @Washamashenn @JagexSupport Hey Alastor, are you using a VPN, proxy, public pc, phone or tablet when recovering?

      @RA_Dall @BikeMarino OK thanks. Is there a VPN provider you recommend, like Express VPN or? It should be cheaper than FUBAR Canada at $27+tax...

      @Akinyique RT @rngala: Free VPN server! Hide your browsing activities or switch your IP address to Singapore / Germany / Canada; using preinstalled Op…

      @AlanArenivar RT @glotywoo: i did not know when you put your vpn on Canada that Netflix will have more shows and movies

      @JonesOnTheNBA What's a good VPN so that I can watch Billions in Canada?

      @MaksimCFans RT @dwtsvalentin: @DesXXIX You can vote even if you don't live in the US, just use a VPN app/extension like Hola or TunnelBear to change yo…

      @zariamccarter_ RT @imjust_tameka: If you use a VPN and change the location as Canada, you have a lot more Netflix movies to choose from. RT to save a life…

      @bellablue1060 RT @TrickFreee: @hardhouz13 @counterchekist @3L3V3NTH Yeah... fancy bear has hackers in canada... they use the Russian vpn at Mir Telematik…

      @YamirtBB @HarveyDiMera @casperprincess9 You can use a vpn, I'm using hotspot shield and connect it to Canada.

      @MPSF_VB_BARTON @offtheblock11 I guess it's only available in Canada. Time for the VPN I guess that will put me in Toronto.

      @blisterguy @illex some people over there use a vpn! but yes, it isn't the best idea to encourage them to break local laws or anything, good point

      @JohnEdginton Not yet registered 2 vote? Deadline today. Check your local council website's electoral services section. Advice/options on postal/proxy etc

      @jeanne_dore @lizerelym Okay or you could just use a vpn. I've been watching Canada Netflix for years

      @Bucky_Katt @SaphireNiight You totally need to watch it. So funny. Just have to get a VPN so crave thinks youre in canada. Lol

      @hcsvd @isaacccccccccc @ainslieann @ThroughBalls @JackBell Smh y'all don't just vpn to Canada and watch on MLS live like the rest of us?

      @theKELword The small joy of setting my VPN to Germany or Canada and pretending Merkel or Trudeau are in charge... or Netherlands and that I'm stoned.

      @roughmila @CamilaStats can we try clearing cache and browser data change proxy everytime we watch use vpn or proxy server/

      @NKryptiD @midnight not in Canada. #VPN #AllDataIsEqual #NetNeutrality

      @memeyoingi @MochiManggae a vpn change is needed last year I tried to help EXO-L's but it blocked me in Canada out

      @incognitofmanny @ItsElanip but I would Highly Suggest that you get a VPN or Proxy Before someone Finds it where I found it

      @AdrianaHoop Now where would one in the US find a place to watch the Canada and Costa Rica game?

      @songliketori @torraays download vpn master and change the server to canada

      @AnonBounty @dizzy_rebornX2 So I set up vpn to show my ip is in Canada

      @rajeevmalik1960 RT @mallikarjun456: We can secure Peace only by preparing for War.Y can't Salman advise ur friend Pak4peace with India,which has proxy war…

      @SuranaMohit @harsh_sinh @OnePlus_Support Download opera VPN change your region to Canada and now go to settings. Enjoy your updated bro

      @th0mdunn_ebooks @ParentSpot Netflix that on my network is VPN'd to Canada for Netflix I promised the girl I'd watch it with her.

      @Thebubblegumbae we in canada wit dis vpn

      @Niki8954 @REGllONAL yeah. was testing my vpn trying to find something not available in canada and that came up

      @MusicBot_Speak RT @agentlotto1_com: We recommend you install the Opera browser with integrated VPN to circumvent the blocking of state structures.
      Info: h…

      @BobJP77 @katelynnshafer @gerrydee I live in Canada. We can't get Hulu here without a vpn

      @broadwaysoo my vpn has my location set as montreal so i get the weirdest canada news on my moments page

      @whalwill7332 @hamsterwatch Hey,Does anyone know how someone from Canada can watch live feeds??? I assume a VPN?

      @jourdanok I wish that there was a way to put a vpn on my roku so I can access Canada's netflix

      @rainingPP In china, watching the ceremony on TV, meanwhile having to use vpn to read news about the revolts. Feeling censorship first hand. #hksar20

      @cardamother maybe if canada protected a child caught in conflict, didn't engage in torture by proxy & outsource legal proceedings, adhered to charter

      @guyvansanden And I've hit the wall with @brave browser, no proxy switcher (yet). Very promising though

      @M1CH1GANUHC @SlashGayUHC @_MercuryParadox @Sirjdubs Boy ultra can't catch this vpn then a reddit server won't XD

      @justinyourmind @PhillyGinger Hulu has most. If you VPN, netflix may have more from Canada or UK.

      @khtrammell @Yudit1999 Your character is looking really good! Doesn't look like your struggled at all with female form. A sculpted hair proxy would be

      @DanBeaumarchais @beatonna After watching, either set VPN back to Canada or turn it off, since it may slow your speed. Enjoy!

      @Cosmic_Paladin @Chiragkapuriya VPN + Canada as the location ;)

      Used Opera VPN

      @Barca_Raiders @danieljcarrr Around $150 if you pay via Canada vpn style

      @dsperdana RT @november_ra1n_: Microsoft Online *RETAIL* Key Activation Via Mobile Web
      People outside USA/Canada/EU may need to use VPN or Proxies

      @bander3li @ChromiumDev Chrome is the best browsers and I love it. Is there any chance you'll develop a VPN builtin browser like Opera in the future?

      @Gardrobe10 @LuckRuste @ShadowFight_3 Use VPN and set that to Canada and it will stop asking for email.

      @cardidi2 @SamsungDotnae @Xyfuu @nazitora SSR can protect us~~
      SSR is a kind of(?) VPN.

      @ehurtley @rdpollard @nomadpdx @24thminute Or just the Opera web browser with built in VPN, you can choose country-of-origin, Canada is an option.

      @ChrisKerr1690 @AB_1872 @Laing1974 Deluded man... The truth will out cos the polis will get involved ip addresses n vpn numbers will get traced...

      @NickyCottee So when I'm in Canada, my VPN never fails at tricking US sites but in the US, TSN saw through it, so no TFC for me

      @overheatedoven @anjanaprabhu @getpeid Opera VPN location Canada or Germany

      @chaoticmusic10 @crazy4fawad @imeandmyzelf Yes no more hotstar for us. Earlier vpn saying I'm in Canada used to do the trick, but not anymore.

      @yeahrightpeter I forgot my VPN was set to Toronto, Canada and was like, why does YouTube say “CA” next to it? Then I remembered.

      @soupkitchen If I use Facebook in private browsing mode behind a vpn, can they still track the shit out of everything I do?

      @kidsoko @islahgod you do realize you triggered there user security the minute you logged off another location, just hop on a SOCK5 Proxy

      @brandondeluxe @Exhality Well it's out in Canada. I just used a VPN to get it

      @RJD_1988 @Showboxtv What server will be the best to connect to on vpn to watch this?

      @Jerry_Bo_Berry @forestbonnie_ @kdubbinz i use to set VPN to Canada server and watch online as soon as it came out.

      @rebeccaa_emilyy @MendesCrewInfo It's not in Canada, I had to use a vpn to see it

      @24HourProxy Supreme Week 2 proxy order form coming tonight!

      24 Hour Residential Proxies
      IP Auth
      Fast and Secure

      @ManjiraHaldar RT @DHSpeedwagon: @NoQuittersPod MTV Canada online had them starting from Duel if you got a VPN.

      @codenrhoden @jcsp_tweets I've had a lot of hotels block VPN entirely. That one is always extremely frustrating. :(

      @fldp11 @JagexInfinity Moved to China from Canada to work for one year. I am using VPN here, and upon Log in my account was locked. name: DPOC

      @iris_silver @ActualEPAFacts Firefox, AdBlock Plus, Privacy Badger, VPN, NoScript (don't give permission to FB). Google, however, is insidious.

      @Juan_M_Medrano RT @AbbeyA: Ok, folks in the US cannot watch this....

      Without a VPN like Windscribe. Download it, say you're from Canada East, and enjoy.…

      @istrain71 @DAZN_CA has NFL Game Pass rights in Canada. Save your $. Get a VPN & sign up at NFL. They couldn't handle 1 game last night wait til Sun.

      @ZiaddGamal32 VPN offers free trials

      @besweeet Does anyone have a CTV account I can use to watch tonight's finale of The Amazing Race Canada? I have a CAN VPN ready to go.

      @AngelaH84753980 @mhjd_85 @icenetwork CBC streams pretty much everything live online in HD. When you're not in Canada you can use a VPN and still stream

      @MadmanForbes RT @cdncyclist: It appears Canada (Rogers, Bell, CBC, Shaw etc) has NOT bought the rights to broadcast the Road World Champs. Only way to v…

      @RomyBum @Canada_BTS Should we try to help US armys by using VPN and stream to help get BTS on hot 100 billboard? #ReallyWantThemToGetTheirGoal

      @realkare @BBdwagon I canceled my vpn about a month ago (I'm in Canada). Oh well I'll hopefully be able to watch them. Thx

      @feellikethesun @logainne I'm going to send a proxy to the wedding and watch the game.

      @gshny PayTM is in Canada too?? I was connected to office VPN and when I visited PayTM website, it redirected me to

      @BrestyanLegs @GymCoaching Unless you're in Canada - but you can use a VPN (im told) to stream it

      @djzeus @AusCelticsFan You can VPN to somewhere like Canada or Zimbabwe I think. Ozbargain sometimes have info on where the cheapest deals are.

      @aishiterutokyo @HilRoo317 sometimes AFC streams in Canada (I use either CA or US VPN servers), sometimes it doesn't. @danpordes, don't suppose you know?

      @fotoboi5 @StackSocial just curious can people from Canada buy the VPN SERVICE on the website.

      @lighto_1989 @humblesupport @ahmad_kb Only way I can open your site is by using VPN.

      @mrbrookman @Twitter Luckily a VPN in Canada enables me the new feature

      @naykarime10 @honestlypjm Download Turbo Vpn

      @raphaelxpalacio If you have a One plus 5 and want the new OTA update use a VPN connection to canada, it really works

      @Sihem_Chtioui RT @ja3far2012: VPN configured...and works on a Raspberry Pi! Check! :-) cc @thevpncompany

      @MMSOP2 @MarchesaSharice I don't even think I could get Hulu in Canada? Unless I do some VPN shit

      @Raghave77093130 @StarDustFarmPG Ya with Canada vpn

      @jinawasseo @lynnneposts I’m using cbc and a vpn to pretend I’m in Canada lol I think there’s Russian streams too

      @Lifeson90 Love it when my VPN says 'you are now CONNECTED TO CANADA'

      @OwstinFPS Wait Canada got it's on Amateur league? Booting up the VPN...

      @handmcsakura @skatingfanny -click VPN beside the search bar > Virtual location >Canada

      All Done

      @kajoyy_ @pvckingpizza google play - Flash Vpn
      ios - Secure Vpn

      @njiska Having a serious debate over setting up a US based VPN so I can watch Filmstruck, because streaming films in Canada is harder than the DPRK

      @_kdye RT @MaggieMorgan8: @tinamichelle23 @DerrickMTV @_kdye @CamilaMTV Nooo go onto you have to have a VPN to watch and browse from Canada…

      @FINEASSLAWLEY RT @JiansAlien: @FINEASSLAWLEY Hmm :/ I’m sure there’s other VPN pages you can use I’m from Canada so I have to find something as well sinc…

      @clapbackanna @cicixfenty Nvm so u switch ur VPN to Canada?

      @sjh_canada @ischafer @geteero How many GB per month is their VPN limited to?

      @tyeishashaw @britt_nich_star @kendralawson_ But for us Canadian Kendra, we have to download a VPN in order to view from Canada.

      @mykilikya RT @yiwenchan: @Citi is transforming proxy voting with the launch of #Proxymity a new digital platform conceived and developed thru our int…

      @claralynne_ turn hotspot vpn on & gossip girl becomes available for you on netflix !! ur welcome

      @HowIyPosey RT @raventrades: only 4 people had access to my acc. they’re from italy, brasil, taiwan and canada so none of the people I gave access to a…

      @DJLoveHz @pilotvlogs @garyvee @KSWISS I VPN'd that site 30 mins before they launched only to find they don't ship to canada...

      @BabyEmi2 RT @iayongwa: Vital tips for those in West #Cameroon where #internet access to #SocialMedia platforms like #Facebook is still restricted. W…

      @Apinkgybm RT @rongtler: If ur wondering why they haven't catch the guy yet: The guy lives in Canada and he changes his VPN very frequently. It is qui…

      @jlizakowski If net neutrality ends, one idea: VPN to a server in Canada. They have more rights :(. Only works if both sides can connect to Canada.

      @MrRaiderAKARumn @GuudeLP Guude - same shit happened to me here in Canada. Minute I fired up a VPN - issue gone.. just saying try it.

      @qanzay RT @HiFarihaha: VPN Users Rite Now :
      Canada , America , UK or south Africa k junglon se b live tweet kr rahay hain..!!

      @ShiakaNatasha @Kuqa_ These IP addresses are caught on when bombarded without using a VPN to hide them. Then it's ruined for the rest of us

      @Educationgirlsf @perfectprivacy #vpnrouter I like Perfect Privacy VPN

      @kappatushen wow shameless s7 was available on Netflix when I was in the US now I’m back in Toronto and my vpn is blocked fucking Canada

      @Boingphoto RT @Magoo: More details released on the Nicehash breach. It sounds like an endpoint compromise allowed the theft of engineer credentials, t…

      @lesbianlawyers i had to download a vpn for you and set it to canada. i hope you're pleased

      @YodaOneIAm RT @avast_antivirus: Starbucks cafe's #WiFi secretly hijacked connected computers to mine cryptocurrency.

      @a_alesy @mshengoodman Eh my vpn is in Canada I guess

      @quarktheawesome @whovian9369 @CreeperMario258 @hedgeberg uploaded it to pastebin via my Chinese VPN, so don't worry. v. secure.

      @Alikhani_Ali_ @LispyLeaf Your viewers use vpn with us server

      @SentinelAgent RT @reason42: This is one hell of a bug! Access any Exchange 2010 mailbox via a 2016 front end proxy without permissions. What a clanger!…

      @Adam2050_ @ThatGerard Download opera browser, use the built in VPN on the incognito tabs and freely surf the interwebs

      @Gonzoisfun @ColinWigle @BloodyElbow It may be region locked if ur not in the USA or Canada. You may want to try a VPN

      @5TACharm RT @LexisBrock00: imagine me getting a VPN, changing my location to canada, then downloading my favorite isaac lahey videos to my phone bec…

      @vanbrando81 @RollingStone Blocked in Canada... damn entertainment biz bureaucratic baloney :(
      Thank you VPN services!

      @pegora_rose @theTunnelBear great VPN app - hoping for free 1GB

      @ProblematicPleb @uberfeminist Get a VPN with endpoints In Canada

      @rebelrouser29 @oneplus Updated mine through VPN Canada and works like clockwork here in the UK.

      @SaiSourapu @chaituthegeek @getpeid Can u say how set VPN to canada

      @jiminscamera RT @1BTSnamjoon: @insanidipity @btsanalytics @BTS_twt If u don't live in the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand & use a VPN instead, then…

      @itsmeryanarnold @RobertYoushock well you gotta keep the vpn on do it thinks you're in Canada

      @ForceSpeed_ @Zorrahhh I still have the old one but I’m using a vpn in school set in Canada that actives it when on

      @expressvpn @mito88 That's correct, as long as the VPN tunnel exits outside of Canada.

      @iceprinceyuzuru @vanxtae @hanyuyuzurufeed @BTS_twt this requires Canada VPN though!

      @FatafatiBiskoot @chelsailama Eek. Are you logged into FSU’s library site or VPN?

      @benarmishaw @georgiemorvis MSNBCUniversal stuff is blocked in Canada. I need a browser with a VPN to access it :(

      @kimmygast Changed my vpn ip address to Canada
      Im not in Singapore anymore

      @Pettea101 RT @Clio_the_Leo: How to watch #BBCAN6 outside of Canada on the BBViewer app..
      1. enable your VPN
      2. Go to File —> Videos
      3. Select “Big Br…

      @Beast2Klutch @MVPeterson03 Download a VPN set it to canada cause it only available in canada atm

      @wystaeria do i have to change my VPN or can i just pay for it in canada?

      @SkinnyJason @MovieBox_HD If you are in Canada, you need a VPN from app store in order for this to stream without having to dl from torrent...

      @ffscaits i’m using a vpn in canada! hi sebastian!

      @StevenCneely RT @techmenttech: 5 Cyber Security Tips to Protect Your Digital Privacy in 2018
      #Digital #privacy #data #VPN #cybersecurity #Onlineprivacy…

      @gaia_save RT @synningsaint: @gaia_save @belle_lol_ @GrandExaltedOne @A_ofAnon @CRUSADER0fTRUTH @WhoaNelly_1 @UrielMahdi @BirchFlame @__Road_runner__…

      @itzbasito RT @OnimoleOfLagos: If you think that because you have traveled to Canada, your village people can't catch you, you're just deceiving yours…

      @BelleReaver RT @6R0CK: @gaia_save @Sweet010000 @belle_lol_ @BelleReaver <4> You all then insisted @BelleReaver had clicked on a link and posted an IP t…

      @I_GAAN @TheHeteroGamer Having a bad feeling about my asian gamergirl online gf from anonymous proxy now

      @diane380 @borisgast @35Minouche Download un VPN (le mien est Opra VPN) sur ton cell et logue toi au Canada

      @BushidoEve does anyone have a guide on how to bypass shiny colors with vpn

      @draymal382 @explicitlyksj @agirlinthepark @BTS_twt I'm in Canada and to see it I need to use a US VPN.

      @getradified @cyborg_twombly I still can’t believe their web interface is (or was before they stopped letting me access from Canada via VPN) Flash based

      @M7amd_bafadhl RT @JOKERKILL3R: Hotspot Shield Elite One Year 
      03 / 2019 
      IP : Europe 

      Dot vpn via paypal 

      @Bobbobpvp RT @syedrayyansajid: DOT VPN via paypal
      paypal ip: canada
      Direccion: 2733 Reserve St
      Estado: Bobcaygeon
      CP: K0M 1A0…

      @thephoneladyca RT @NSRasta: @thephoneladyca @DaleneAllen @LLMMHalifax @VOToDoList @livelyfriends @LinosVersion @pearceauto @Eraserheader @AztekSolarltd @i…

      @vlodimort @beeeeyangka VPN!!! Tapos location U.S./Canada.

      @a11laura @abbygriffiin It's because of location restrictions. I just had to change my VPN from Spain to somewhere in Canada to be able to watch it.

      @Bitchka @canuck_787 @killnickelback @KodiTips I'm in Canada as well & I just make sure I'm using a great VPN. #TorrentMyselfSilly

      @triptirawat_ RT @EXOonYOUTUBE: Current views :196,934,506

      @drizzt_71 RT @drizzt_71: @NYPDnews @houstonpolice @NewYorkFBI @FBIHouston So my VPN is in canada yet it is showing up in arabic? Thats quite interes…

      @hodl__ RT @fioreyasu: If you’re not an E.U. Citizen i.e America North or south, Canada, Switzerland Asia or Australasia) then I suggest disabling…

      @gwenceratops @rican_lyfe I'm currently watching on MTV Canada using my vpn lol

      @rtwaak @BTSUKStreaming @BTS_twt I've already watched it in ctv. Com
      Since I don't live in canada I used a vpn :)

      @shanedingman RT @tamir_i: Interesting stats in the ISED survey of copyright infringement in Canada. Majority of VPN users do it for security reasons (57…

      @Artistic_Anaya @nicksmutual Download a VPN and change your location to the US. That’s what I’m doing and I’m in Canada

      @dumbooo360 @GCTigerTracker How can I watch in Canada? CBSonline stream doesn't work.
      Would a VPN work?

      @jad5789 RT @SviY13: Xbox & psn card
      Each card $50 USD
      Vpn Canada

      @thejamesdixon I’m in Canada I want to watch game 3 but where I’m staying doesn’t have cable. Do I have to get a VPN for BT Sport or is there another way?

      @STARZHelp @champvisions It looks like you are connected to a proxy. STARZ does not allow access to our services from behind a proxy or VPN.

      @7BangtanOutsold RT @tastyjeon: Yeah y’all seriously pay for a good VPN and change to Canada or smth If you can‘t afford to pay 30$+ monthly to get access t…

      @RhysIsPiecess ... I'm in Canada so i can't download anything with YouTube red for the flight. Fuck. Where's my VPN

      @Savoirfaire22 @TinyWhitey @SNMEradio @TSN1150 I Google free VPN and found one. So switch my region to Canada. Can listen live now

      @tnttaolin2 @rdh0 @notIaurdev Hide ip (vpn) and different browser, it should 100% work

      @styles_txmmo RT @CalPalBabylon: I’m using hola VPN to listen from the US but it still says Canada over here. Someone help! #YoungbloodStreamingParty htt…

      @SparxNet RT @pxy: The market is flooded with VPN snake-oil apps these days. If you are tempted, remember, it always comes down to understanding your…

      @Dirty_Harry89 @CountDankulaTV Lol. Back rooms of Internet cafes set up with computers that are protected by a VPN based in Canada.

      @hiiulii @KingCammyG @TSN_Sports I had to turn on my vpn just to be able to watch this. Funny thing is, Im using Canada as the location, Canada!!

      @Gerhardschiefe1 RT @whoozlmusic: Want to stream whoozl but you aren't in Canada US or UK?? Download a VPN and select Canada US or UK as your server #indiea…

      @jmcest one vpn to route them all,
      one vpn to find them,
      one vpn to bring them all
      and in the darkness hide them


      @_DeanMugisha_ @kyedza If China with the world's greatest internet firewall has failed to block VPN who is Uganda?

      @socalsweetsarah @ProtonMail @VIPCOLLEENROSE VPN Various locations U.S and Canada


      @Bilalbl3 RT @Injec41: Bin Skype

      No vpn or Canada ip (test no vpn)

      Data Billing®
      Country : Canada
      Street : 16xx Acton Avenue

      @mamamooyt RT @Nellian52: @mamamooyt @RBW_MAMAMOO once you reach the limit on your ip you have to wait 24 hours i think (it may reset at 12pm kst but…

      @Goobinator02 RT @angelijka8: I have to admit I have a lot of fun messing with Google. I make vid requests on YouTube in Russian, Spanish and English. I…

      @NicoleQuas @rachwallbridge @EvelDick All of twitter is going to be a spoiler! And you can watch feeds in Canada. Many do. Just download a VPN :)

      @msprotagitron @KateARH I'm in Canada but I'll see if I can get that (maybe using a VPN?)

      @danxingking This vpn works with Canada netflixvbbb heol?

      @Zwanguy @jmichele1012 @SarMontini Hulu doesn't work in Canada, without a VPN...

      @aforgrave @acampbell99 Do you use a VPN when in Canada? That might be messing with your Google, given that you are out of the country.

      @xvarin_kx @Zelkyys Time to get a U.S./Canada set VPN XD

      @r_ebrahim12 RT @SviY13: AMAZON dicen que este jala por 2000$

      Bin : 48938218xxxxxxxx
      Date : RND
      CCV : RND
      IP : CANADA

      @hds_to @zafz07 tryna use a vpn on canada server

      @Roseberry1 RT @torproject: The NSA successfully broke the encryption of VPNs run by Al Jazeera, the Iraqi military, and airline reservation systems.…

      @golden_heart0 RT @elsaid322: NORD VPN BIN
      03/20 647
      ZIP:N0K 1X0


      @253cris RT @ApkCA: VRV
      07/19 511
      Vpn Canada

      Vpn China/South Korea
      Value per card is $190 USD


      @itwitmypants @CraveTVHelp I am unable to see crave app on my new fire stick. I'm in Canada and not using a VPN. Any ideas?

      @ifnt_cherries uh im about to vpn over to canada to see if there's better missions on this ******* app

      @MatthewTwihard RT @QuestionAnders: Firstly I have to be here because of tax breaks for our production but then have to hire a lawyer to recoup 20% of what…

      @Kev_Running @Colin__Woods CBC Canada

      @Birdie_DuMonde @smoozic @SylvanEsso I watch them on Dailymotion with a vpn that says I'm in Canada

      @BirchandMaple @apihtawikosisan Damnit. That's one thing that sucks about Canada is that often one needs a VPN to access shows readily available in the US.

      @atmosphericsun @PremiumUKIPTV @MFCPayback Nothing working here mate, even with VPN up. Is it me or ?

      @IraJacobs Looks like SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy skits are online but region-locked outside of Canada. Anyone have a free VPN that works for YouTube?

      @Ig1oo @scumfwee Aware, if you have a vpn that connects to canada you can watch it

      @jplovlin @JayzTwoCents Does you’re VPN have you in Canada for the flag?

      @mokee_nassar @Preston_KTF @YouTube it is working in canada just use VPN to canada❤️

      @Bushidont RT @rinsenpai: WAO~! @zenmarket_en helped me get this Mari cosplay from their website, a Japanese Marketplace and Proxy Service!
      Check them…

      @aeternityIL RT @HouseBlockchain: Basic #Encryption Cheat Sheet

      @redcrew @abrightclearweb Done. Listening to Harry Potter with you now. (VPN was in Canada, now in UK)

      @Moonstar_122292 RT @DigitalKimchi: DKR is limited to U.S. and Canada audiences but that wont stop you from using a VPN to listen from another location

      @bootyshortskeef @sakuskates @letsgocrazysp are you in Canada? Or if you have a VPN, CBC is streaming it

      @Easily_Ethan Fun fact if you get a VPN for Canada you can watch all of RPDR and you can watch great Canadian baking show.

      @Maso_Meese @ThorHighHeels Worst case scenario, you could "move" to Canada and upload via VPN (Nord or summat)

      It's free real-estate

      @youleesah nvm my vpn was just postioned to canada