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Betternet free VPN provides you with a better internet on all devices to unblock any websites.

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Unblock Websites and Apps

You can unblock any websites and apps if blocked in your school, office or country. Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, also any games, chat and voip services, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, KakaoTalk at school or work with ZPN.

Bypass Internet Censorship

If your country or office firewall blocked access to open internet and websites, you can unblock through change your location with our free vpn service.

Protect Your Privacy

Hide and keep safe all your informations from trackers on the websites and applications with getting behind of our VPN servers.

Secure Your Connection

Our VPN tunnel has 256-bit encryption, which secures all your network connections and it's impossible to cracked from hackers.

Hide Your IP Address

Your public IP addresses

    Your local IP addresses

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      @michaeld021 @betternet_co I'm confused I'm on my school wifi but vpn won't connect why

      @betternet_co RT @wbortolotti: Vpn Action #Whatsapp #betternet

      @TADUFINHA @betternet_co Can I access Whatsapp through betternet? do I need VPN to work on betternet?

      @brooklynboy1 @betternet_co high what does connect through my Verizon if so does it use my minutes follow me back so we can DT

      @haaakimmmm Hi, does @betternet_co give unlimited fast internet access? It seems not much changes after using it. -malaysia

      @Kyky20024 @betternet_co Does betternet work in China?

      @nima6270 @betternet_co
      I win 1year premium but didnot resive me.I use free yet!please help.

      @betternet_co @haaakimmmm No. It lets you open any blocked websites you want in your country.

      @betternet_co Merry #Christmas everyone! Betternet loves you!

      @kuzagar @DrZiaud @betternet_co important thing is,if u cannt trust the install how could u trust that they ain't doing anything to ur data traffic

      @kuzagar @DrZiaud @betternet_co the malware appear as 'Malware Protection Live' at the notification area and doesn't appear in the installed programs

      @kuzagar @DrZiaud @betternet_co no it's the new version, now the app sites are hosting & packing it w/ malware,

      @DrZiaud @kuzagar @betternet_co I had downloaded it months ago, does it effect old versions as well?

      @kuzagar @betternet_co yeah we know, cnet always distributes malwares through app packages

      @betternet_co The Giveaway is finally over!
      Our lucky Kindle Fire winner is Mike Trasatti
      All winners are contacted by email.
      Thanks and Happy Holidays!

      @TurtleTyler @betternet_co 6 lucky winners, lmao lies

      @Achrillex @betternet_co can we purchase premium on iOS now?

      @teaspoonofmikey @betternet_co the new face is so cute

      @ExtinctZach @betternet_co Love the new update!

      @JKerby_88 @betternet_co Can't use YouTube, Instagram, SiriusXM, TuneIn Radio, Cineplex, so these are just a few of the iOS apps that I can't use why

      @JKerby_88 @betternet_co can't use YouTube

      @JKerby_88 @betternet_co will your service work when I'm not connected to WiFi & I'm in a car or on the Subway

      @DiamondModz2 @betternet_co is the best

      @chriswazen Hello @betternet_co. I haven't been able to connect for 3 days now on my iPhone. Same problem with 2 other friends. I'm using latest on ios9

      @kvnsanjuan @chriswazen @betternet_co same what happened with mine also. What seems to be the problem then?

      @krishmannem @betternet_co when is the Mac app coming, need that asap !

      @Poney_mumu @betternet_co And thanks for créateur this app so cool

      @betternet_co @kvnsanjuan @chriswazen Hi. What countries are you from? Thanks.

      @betternet_co @Poney_mumu Hi. When you are connected, the logo changes to smiling mode :) that's the sign of being connected.

      @hrbrt @betternet_co Was the new premium option not part of the newest iOS update from Dec 27th? Have you released pricing for Premium yet?

      @gladel @betternet_co For the Chrome extension, Betternet is disabled when launching Chrome in incognito mode.

      @kvnsanjuan @chriswazen @betternet_co same here!!

      @chriswazen @betternet_co @kvnsanjuan worked back for me just now.

      @Poney_mumu @betternet_co yes I know ;) but I want see video(pub) to help the app:D

      @chriswazen @betternet_co @kvnsanjuan I was in Iran and now Dubai. It worked in Iran on the 26 evening for a few minutes then on the 27th then nothing

      @headrush202 @betternet_co Hey i use betternet to stay protected. How come sometimes it does not connect? it will say its connected but still use my ip!?

      @Wize_Graphics @betternet_co Ive contacted you guys about an issue . You guys haven't replied yet . It's been 3 days :/

      @hydenbruce @betternet_co why isn't my location changing once I'm connected?

      @hydenbruce Thanks @betternet_co. You've made my dreams come true :)

      @AsmaNsr @betternet_co Im using your iphone app and it won't connect

      @marioumarios400 @betternet_co still 31 lol

      @gladel @betternet_co Thanks, but I did that already. However, it does not show the happy face when Chrome starts in incognito, just a blank shield.

      @betternet_co Happy New Year's Eve Everyone! Betternet Team wishes you a wonderful year!

      @Afrizx @betternet_co windows version not working for me

      @betternet_co @gladel Go to Settings on your Browser > Extensions > and enable "Allow Incognito" and it should work :)

      @dchou1107 @betternet_co what a great app. Downloaded it right now in #yvr with the family.

      @eriq_spin @betternet_co can I have the link for the desktop version for Windows? Thanks!

      @Skulldozer144 @betternet_co I've always supported you by watching adverts and I get thanked by being ripped off with a premium service! Too expensive!

      @szad717 @Dayweekaa Proxy war is played by India In 1971 with Pakistan USA played with Russia in 1990 that's proxy war my dear

      @betternet_co @victoriagorena_ Why? any problems with the app? Maybe we can help :)

      @Wize_Graphics @betternet_co Done, waiting for your reply.

      @LeDoctorWho @betternet_co love the new design, hate how the betternet window disappears when you click away after you connect.

      @betternet_co @Wize_Graphics Sorry, we have been busy lately. What was the problem? pleae direct message it.

      @betternet_co @Skulldozer144 Hi. But the free version is always available for all and Premium offers new locations. check out our last blog for more info.

      @HashtagmanFooie @betternet_co yes In Oman too

      @dyaningMR Service was good for a week then it wont connected at all. I use betternet for android. Any idea how to fix this? Thx @betternet_co

      @THEBIGBEN2012 @betternet_co Hello when is Betternet app coming to Windows 10 for PC/Phone/Tablets as an UWP app? since the OS supports VPN heavily!!! :D

      @dark_proxy RT @TheSnuffBomb: hangover game is strong

      @Honda007 @betternet_co hello. My country doesn't change when I connect the program. I live in Qatar and shows the same after connection. Please help

      @Aditya_sirohi @betternet_co It seems that my ISP(Comcast) is blocking your services. Any workarounds?

      @betternet_co @Aditya_sirohi in Emirates?

      @justinjoboyle .@betternet_co How's the OS X release looking? Love your service, but I can only fully install it on my Windows machines :(

      @Aditya_sirohi @betternet_co United States.

      @JesusFane1 Website logo setting as proxy for bringing correspondence: aXEWyEbu

      @FrederickCheern @betternet_co thankyou for your concern. wait for the fix.. :)

      @nbanyots_ @betternet_co why does my Vpn turn off all the time now

      @ramsey_sayres @betternet_co can u stay connected for more than 5 minutes u dirtballs

      @nblr @zecke42 well... unless someone ports OpenWRT to the IPMI/ILO platforms, every location has to get its own VPN box. sad,but that's how it is

      @mhenneton @olesovhcom once that said, does it make sense to put 2 (or more) dedicated ha-proxy backend directly behind the IP LB service [1/2]

      @scisus RT @Graham_Coop: Annoyed that even when Uni. has access to #closedaccess papers I waste a lot of time w. proxy server issues when I work fr…

      @Micah_Leee @madisonrogers06 people are dumb and don't even know what a VPN is hahahah it's another server shit is sent through, you can't block it

      @TodayAtSch00L RT @iKilledAppl3: @paytno I use @betternet_co to browse reddit at my school maybe you could to that's up to you though

      @michaelmaged10 @betternet_co also in egypt

      @dannysheep7 @betternet_co will this work with kodi?

      @Putzaroni @betternet_co Can you not shut off every 10 seconds?

      @GrodyGROSS RT @BrennenSmith98: The new VPN is trash @betternet_co

      @BrennenSmith98 The new VPN is trash @betternet_co

      @lionstonefield @betternet_co--BTW - Betternet is a piece of freeware crap and a scam.

      @Ruthie300 @danbourke89 you need a vpn. Type vpn into App Store - there's tons. I use @betternet_co

      @scottmallinson There are the issues of censorship to contend with, but with a capable VPN the 'wall' is vaulted.

      @FrederickCheern @betternet_co still not working.. :(

      @mindyonrye @mikepriceinla sean penn by proxy?

      @dua_saurabh @betternet_co Hello There! Do we still need Browser Extensions such as "Adblock" & "Disconnect" upon installing your one?Please suggest!

      @Briggz5d @betternet_co nice and simple- works too but just one country?

      @dua_saurabh @betternet_co & how about d comparison with an another extension--'Disconnect'?Will I be able to reap its Advantages while using Betternet?

      @betternet_co @Fasah0v Well, check out our latest blog post , just posted now :)

      @strxwbxrrynarry @betternet_co when will betternet be available for mac? It's available for every other laptop but mine :(

      @chaitanyamurali @betternet_co YAY BOOOOOOOOO

      @wundrweapon @betternet_co I tried to update to v4.4, but I got a duplicate provider authority error. Uninstall didn't help. Please fix! D:

      @betternet_co @wundrweapon Hi, please contact our support team :) and thanks for your feedback

      @RedouaneMnider @betternet_co You guys are the best, you deserve a ticket to heaven

      @aesmith712 RT @AcademicsSay: PowerPoint Karaoke. [noun]

      1. Reading directly from one's slides as a proxy for effective instruction or research dissem…

      @shirohige4 @betternet_co hi, I liked your app coz it's simple. But lately you're adding so many things + annoying ads. Pleas keep it simple

      @mrcameronbailey @betternet_co any eta on when your client is coming to OS X??

      @betternet_co @shirohige4 Check out our latest blog post, it explains it all there :)

      @betternet_co @RedouaneMnider Thanks!

      @jonnyboyhere @betternet_co love betternet but why does it keep disconnecting every time my phone locks on the new upgrade??

      @malinarrb RT @atdylann: fix ur shit @betternet_co

      @tempormary @betternet_co why every time i lock iphone and then unlock it i have to reconnect????

      @dacheezypuffs @betternet_co hey, any eta on the OS X client? Very interested!

      @atdylann @mannyhanny28 @betternet_co I just wanna see how they respond lol I'm not that mad

      @Wize_Graphics I love how @betternet_co (VPN) is free. No sign up, no nothing . Just one button and done. Literally .

      @mannyhanny28 @atdylann @betternet_co damn calm down lol

      @atdylann ever since ur shitty ass update it dis-fucking-connects every 2 goddamn seconds and I'm annoyed as shit @betternet_co @mannyhanny28

      @jonnyboyhere @betternet_co iPhone

      @HassanKOnline @MoeedNj @dawn_com where is Youtube block? We're using for over a month without any proxy..

      @betternet_co @atdylann @mannyhanny28 Well , our response to such tone would be blocking such comments :)

      @TARGAYRNS @ruthlessroot not using vpn?

      @mannyhanny28 @atdylann @betternet_co good job

      @GucciGoku Shout out to @betternet_co for letting me get on Instagram and Twitter at school

      @MathewsDonald1 * neoteric*la unreasonable encore website as proxy for she so that parallel the prices with respect to yours su...

      @Jezica258 @betternet_co Will what netflix is doing effect you guys?

      @betternet_co @atdylann @mannyhanny28 releasing an update to fix the issue. Some updates take long since they need approval. Thanks for your feedback.

      @Jezica258 @betternet_co so despite their efforts I will be able to access the US Netflix. YAY you guys are awesom

      @faizanusuf @betternet_co what? I don't use VPNs, it's against the law in my country to bypass restrictions on Youtube + blanket ban on 100s of others

      @betternet_co @Jezica258 Not significantly , no.

      @ray_ki @betternet_co I live at UAE and used your services to call my family in brazil. Now you are blocked

      @lindajohn121 @betternet_co why is my location still uk

      @TheCindyJackson @betternet_co i can no longer stay connected via your iPhone app. Just keeps disconnecting over and over.

      @betternet_co @ray_ki We will come back! don't worry :)

      @Wize_Graphics @betternet_co When is premium coming to ios ?

      @betternet_co @lindajohn121 you were probably connected to our UK server which was the closest server to you. Try reconnecting a few times to get another.

      @betternet_co RT @CaliJClark: Thanks to @betternet_co for making my schoolday 100%

      @betternet_co "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." Martin Luther King.
      Happy #MLKday! #Betternet #VPN

      @WonderModsPSN Thanks to @betternet_co I can finally get free VPN

      @Khalil_Nokhatha @betternet_co Netflix now detects your VPN, is there an update to overcome this problem? I'm unable to watch geo-restricted shows.

      @haileAlyssaa I miss @betternet_co

      @sillettbang @kn1ghtyz hi did you manage to get the VPN to work? I thought I cracked it but checked and had same IP address

      @DaBiggestGun @Braivoman You're on a dead run just to stay on the treadmill. Money as a proxy for irreplaceable time gushing out of your life.

      @JessMMMcG @betternet_co gets me through my workday with a breeze

      @lindajohn121 @betternet_co hi can you tell me if betternet can be installed on a android tv box

      @MagpiePants @synesiz ohhh is that what that means. Yeah it wasn't through tor or a VPN or anything. An actual website. They mostly sell games I think

      @delybalta @betternet_co hey betternet why don't you give me stable connection?

      @GeekAndDad @notjosh yep! In my case work laptop has to be corpified (bunch of malware^h^h^h^h^h^h^h security stuff on it) to access VPN etc so <shrug>

      @betternet_co RT @JessMMMcG: @betternet_co gets me through my workday with a breeze

      @betternet_co @lindajohn121 As far as I know android TV supports certain types of apps, not sure about Betternet. Have your given it a try yet?

      @betternet_co @delybalta We are doing our best to keep our servers connection stable. During peak hours you might sometimes experience some instability.

      @RValdelamar @betternet_co

      @TheRealDeeKay86 I am also testing @betternet_co and comparing it to @theTunnelBear with speed tests! May do a video on this soon! #FeelingCreative #UK

      @LamMelovesgrey @betternet_co hey betternet, I got blocked by Netflix while using you! Any solutions ?

      @singhak RT @SalafiHeadHunte: "most powerful nation on earth" turned into a proxy force of Russia + Iran

      @HaydenFaber1 Kidz site the settle matter as proxy for sexual pleasure since easy indifferently acquisitions: TaZFndhlx

      @tahazaffar @betternet_co Hello, guys!
      I just downloaded the program for Windows, and it doesn't seem to work.
      The app works fine, and is a life saver.

      @KradolferPeter @betternet_co oh, and my ipadress is also still the same

      @KradolferPeter @betternet_co if I connect with Betternet on my pc and I check my iplocation, it's still the same location... That's not really what I want.

      @jekodama @betternet_co I hit the connect button on Betternet App for Windows 7, but it does not, in fact, connect. I'm in Venezuela. What to do?

      @Ethanla106 @betternet_co thank god for betternet, without you i wouldn't be able to surf on the block apps/websites on at school using their wifi

      @OrangeSec3 @betternet_co can't connect to your server, is it down?

      @orvetko . @betternet_co hey, how can I choose UK ip at PC version?

      @imThunderrr THIS APP IS AWSOEME!! @betternet_co

      @manlavs @betternet_co i can't connect here in jin jiang china

      @betternet_co @jekodama trying to fix the windows version's problem. thanks for the feedback Jessica

      @betternet_co @orvetko most of our PC servers are located in the US. But if you reconnect a few times you might get UK

      @pradeepboy97 @betternet_co thnxx betternet now i can surf porn site from my college's wifi server ......
      nice app

      @betternet_co @OrangeSec3 No all our servers are working fine.

      @SirGwalchmai @betternet_co When OSX client? “Soon” was in May.

      @GardnerWayne1 Job experts as proxy for site approving holograph: fdT

      @OrangeSec3 @betternet_co after I posted this is corrected itself so yeah

      @OrangeSec3 @betternet_co problem: whenever I try to connect on ANY VPNS, all it does is disconnect me or not change my ip.


      @RiotPunchBeats Also use #HTTPS wherever possible and use a VPN or Tor to mask Internet traffic

      @manlavs @JetsetTimes @betternet_co hi, i cannot connect. i am in jin jiang china

      @yarsunny @betternet_co simple and awesome

      @betternet_co @cerby87 It seems Netflix has started seriously preventing users with VPN to watch some shows. It applies to all VPN services not only us :)

      @betternet_co @HalkaNaLo Sure. And can you also tell me where are you getting online from so we can help you? thanks

      @VG_JUNKY Like that you have a vancouver server! @FreedomeVPN hardly any vpn provider actually has western canadian servers

      @NischalKanth @betternet_co app stopped working in dubai

      @Leemo_Sex @betternet_co how i can manually chose the location ???

      @DoloresCharle10 Which rest room disciples c ip addresses give occasion to as proxy for alter?: hbSMTNg

      @HalkaNaLo @betternet_co working now. Thanks

      @thekarthikiyer @betternet_co When is the Mac OS version releasing?

      @PolderSpeed Love that you favourited my tweet requesting help @betternet_co, but had hoped for some sort of answer. It's a free app, but still...

      @betternet_co @PolderSpeed Please contact our support team, they can help you with this issue. Thanks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      @vj_time @betternet_co why not betternet version for linux?

      @betternet_co @HalkaNaLo Sure. trying to fix the problem.

      @betternet_co @Carell_ Yes, absolutely.

      @betternet_co @NischalKanth It's blocked by your ISP. We are working on an update to solve it.

      @betternet_co @Leemo_Sex That's only possible when you get the Premium version.

      @johnyah112 @betternet_co again it's not working in Dubai .. I've done a several complains to u if it's working on 3G it's not working through WIFI

      @ahmed_ashraf__ @betternet_co How do I connect to another country?

      @custard_py @betternet_co Unable to connect to Netflix anymore. It's this permanent or you're planning a solution to resolve the issue?

      @dishtray @betternet_co My download speed is about 40 Mbps,however the speed is reduced to about 4 Mbps when connecting thro betternet UAE? Pls fix it

      @betternet_co Happy Black History Month!

      @zhenkit @betternet_co in layman terms?

      @IamSammyuel @betternet_co you guys rock!! Thanks for a power free VPN.

      @zhenkit @betternet_co do you ever update your windows app?

      @betternet_co @zhenkit This one has a unique protocol!

      @zhenkit @betternet_co @QunYaoo betternet backup lol.

      @likeanonion @betternet_co cant get betternet to work on windows 8.1 properly can you help

      @zhenkit @betternet_co difference between both?

      @Milig_n00b @betternet_co what is the difference in lay mans terms between this and betternet

      @Milig_n00b @betternet_co in lay mans terms what is the difference between hextech and betternet.

      @betternet_co @HalkaNaLo You're most welcome

      @Kailey_Small Expensive site as proxy for finest discounts-methods en route to run to catercorner the nether spend: VMYSY

      @horiz0ns__ @_sexpist0ls @betternet_co okayy I will do! Thanks Allan

      @betternet_co @likeanonion We'll release a new update soon

      @johnmaxwell1001 @betternet_co # i love betternet #

      @zhenkit @betternet_co how do i update it? since there's no update button in the app

      @alissondsg @betternet_co @Milig_n00b So you would recommend everyone to use Hexatech instead of Betternet?

      @thanhtudao @betternet_co Could you fix it to support lower iOS please?

      @likeanonion @betternet_co a link to the upgrade for windows 8.1

      @betternet_co @likeanonion What link?

      @likeanonion @betternet_co will you post a link here

      @johnmaxwell1001 @betternet_co # the best server #

      @ROMANRElGNS @Strikerslash fox website. use a proxy

      @betternet_co @zhenkit you get update notifications when there are new ones.

      @zhenkit @betternet_co ps sometimes it crashes just after connecting. resulting in me already connected but unable to disconnect

      @patrejustica @fixitspain you should try @betternet_co

      @custard_py @betternet_co any estimates on Netflix access?

      @garyslatter45 @betternet_co for windows starts perfectly for some minutes then just STOPS. Poor even for a free product.

      @AlexHayden7 Border reasons puzzle chain of evidence slump in preference to mac is senior as proxy for la stock company: kzfJW

      @pcmanchas @betternet_co why is the app only 10mb i have gigabyte

      @jiajianng The two best VPNs:

      @_A_DR_I_A_N @betternet_co so do you recommend hexatech over betternet?

      @stelma09 fix your shit @betternet_co

      @aliborhani1 @betternet_co Which protocol? Could you please explain it in more details? Is it secure?

      @SNReloaded @betternet_co Can I have some support with a problem in the android version of betternet?

      @JohnsonBenson6 Make a date yours designs as proxy for fundraising calendars: cYCurHX

      @betternet_co @alissonlimarosa @Milig_n00b No, Hexatech is just another new product with a different protocol. Both Betternet and Hexa are great to use :)

      @jiajianng @betternet_co use all 3 at once, neat! (2)

      @SNReloaded @betternet_co no I have not. Where do I do that?

      @im_donger I love you @betternet_co

      @flanaalhosani @betternet_co its blocked

      @henrydaasian @betternet_co so worth it

      @O_Brassard @betternet_co Is the OSX version soon available??

      @bradley_leasure @betternet_co thanks

      @hllywluis @betternet_co we need hexa for Windows! :D


      @betternet_co @freedomlarrie Try our other VPN product as an alternative ;) Hexatech :)

      @betternet_co RT @TomaszWodzynski: Wake up
      Hit the Betternet
      Go to class
      Come back
      Hit the Betternet
      Wake up
      Hit the Betternet

      @lnvien How can I set Twitter proxy server to connect to twitter app in Android and iOS and start using app? #Twitter

      @Syed86538696 @betternet_co can't open

      @yacob001 @betternet_co It's not working for Windows 7!

      @WonderModsPSN @betternet_co why does it take so long to connect to the Vpn on computer, I'm running Windows 7

      @xDarth_Merc420 shoutout to @betternet_co for letting me go on pornhub

      @johnyah112 @betternet_co is the #hexatech working without installing the betternet VPN ?? Cause the VPN profile in common hexatech+betternet

      @Emu4iOS @betternet_co hey, sent a DM. Got a couple questions about one of your products. :)

      @GiannaIrea Site improvise gratuity as proxy for untrimmed champion platen pages: spHdq

      @Sc_0629 @betternet_co Hexatech doesn't allow me to use Snapchat though oddly.

      @Sc_0629 @betternet_co disappointedly, I'm getting tons of popup ads from betternet. Thankfully, Hexatech doesn't have ads and seems to work the same

      @SharonMichaelso Optimum vpn carry remedial of thy combine wants: EUAMwS

      @c_hong_ screw @betternet_co

      @Iron_Myke @betternet_co any ETA for the Mac App?

      @don_ejeh Following application surf free with 0.0naria on mtn Netify Vpn, Simple Server, Psiphon and Syphon Shield ....

      @BrodysBoy @betternet_co app doesn't work

      @Al________ex @vpn_router thanks, do you provide instruction of how to set up PIA for example on the router or would i need to check the pia site?

      @betternet_co @BrodysBoy Can you explain a bit more? : on which platform and from which location?

      @betternet_co @Sc_0629 Hi. Take a look at "how we make money" page and it explains the reason behind Betternet ads.

      @betternet_co @Sc_0629 Try Betternet until we fix the problem

      @rowai7y @betternet_co not work ..!

      @eatlikechampion @betternet_co I love Betternet! I can watch porn in Muslim countries because of you! #thankyou #grateful

      @Riza_y @betternet_co in both platform betternet and hexatech :(

      @BrodysBoy @betternet_co it still shows my real physical location?

      @Riza_y @betternet_co cannot watch netflix US from turkiye. I think its blacklisted? Is there any solution you advice?

      @terrri_merle @realDonaldTrump @betternet_co @fight the enemies not the Moran Competors @MichaelCohen212 @DavidLimbaugh @IvankaTrump

      @coolface62 @betternet_co I love betternet and appreciate you guys for doing this great job

      @prashant_cs2009 @betternet_co thanks for the service

      @betternet_co @jota_eh Problem fixed. Please try again

      @gyxrhy @betternet_co what is difference between u and hexatech?

      @betternet_co @BrodysBoy No, not after connecting to betternet.

      @ShahdIsShahd mac version? @betternet_co

      @BelabedAmine @betternet_co why betternet in some countries are working on smartphones, & on latoptops are not ?

      @gavinmit @PCPartPicker @ManaChampGaming I'm getting the same on my home IP address. No spamming here. Ironically, I can only access it via VPN.

      @peterdi_adam @betternet_co Thank you for the unlimited VPN. :D

      @abbottmitchell @betternet_co let's be honest, if the FBI is openly requesting it, China has what we don't

      @gady90 @avyleg @betternet_co Can we use your VPN with chromecast? If yes, how?

      @BelabedAmine @betternet_co ???, So solution...

      @betternet_co @BelabedAmine because they have different protocols and sometimes different problems occur for each due to various reasons.

      @PatriciaRaleig1 Help continuity but occult offices therein makati-suttee organization owners more selections as proxy for their...

      @NateSirrah @DreamHostCare Ok, thanks! for an optimized magazine-style site that sees between 10-20k/day, is "Start Here ($15) VPN sufficient?

      @Strikerclaw @betternet_co is awsome

      @24HSERIES @Exv0s So the website won't work with a connection in the US? Is that a regular or a VPN connection? Glad you got it to work for you!

      @RosemaryOMall33 @Lafiestamugs lol no problem! My proxy server wasn't connecting last night or this morning, so my frustration wasn't aimed at you. :-*

      @manfredell @betternet_co how do I uninstall the vpn profile on iOS?

      @betternet_co @ShahdIsShahd hmmm, not yet :)

      @BelabedAmine @betternet_co Thx guys 4 ur answers. Im in Dubai, i can use betternet in mobile, but on laptops no i can't. What's solution for this issue ?

      @iklash @betternet_co your service has degraded and I guess more focused on Premium Users only.

      @betternet_co @BelabedAmine You asked a general question. What is your specific problem, so I can offer you a solution : where can't you access from, etc?

      @kathlynguinto Hola VPN app works on my phone! But the video loads too slow.

      @BrodysBoy @betternet_co your app never connects on my wifi!

      @betternet_co @manfredell please contact customer support, thanks.

      @Sc_0629 @betternet_co seemed to happen only once though and an uninstall and reinstall fixed it

      @Sc_0629 @betternet_co yes i understand it and i do watch the videos but i was getting popups every other second to the point my device was unusable

      @betternet_co @iklash Please bear in mind that such a service is financially very demanding for the server costs. If I can help you please let me know :)

      @BrodysBoy @betternet_co does your new vpn block syncing of photos between iDevices?

      @betternet_co @iklash We are always doing our best to provide both free and premium users with the best possible quality.

      @betternet_co @BelabedAmine We are working on the windows version's problem, might take a while. thanks for your feedback and patience.

      @jota_eh @betternet_co thanks, it worked this time

      @betternet_co @manfredell To uninstall The VPN profile on iOS 9 and later, you need to delete the app once and reinstall it. Sorry for the delay.

      @betternet_co @BrodysBoy No it does not block anything.

      @HipsterNeku @betternet_co No, I can log in fine. If that were the case, it'd lock me out. It occurs at random times, when I'm not even connected.

      @MikeScottX @betternet_co can't seem to find "Go Premium" button in iOS app. How can iOS users upgrade to premium?

      @JamesSierra4 Leisurely accede to befuddlement proxy insofar as yours ip cctv: YUAdAM

      @BrodysBoy @betternet_co you said your app does NOT block syncing of photos between iDevices. But it does. I have iPhone and iPad.

      @Bruhck_ @betternet_co saved my life

      @mushaww i'm using vpn by pass so this old wank defector museveni can't block me from using internet #goforward

      @kibirango1 RT @Ronahkk: @kibirango1

      @pintofeggs Hey @proXPN (@proxpnsupport), are you guys any closer to sorting the VPN not working in iOS9? Other apps work, @betternet_co for example. Tx

      @michaelmelone @theTunnelBear is the coolest app I've seen in a long time. Awesome bear themed super cute VPN appppp woooo!! I'm getting a free GB.

      @BrodysBoy @betternet_co I know you did. I was just saying!

      @betternet_co @BrodysBoy I already replied to your previous tweet Ted, will get back to you about that.

      @BrodysBoy @betternet_co hope I'm not being a pest. I like your new VPN but I also want my photos to sync between iDevices.

      @ValeyAnt @betternet_co <<< because I don't agree with it

      @ValeyAnt @betternet_co Hola claim to "use users idle resources " which I think means it's users become the servers is this something you do?

      @BrodysBoy @betternet_co ugh sigh ok thanks :(

      @betternet_co @BrodysBoy Will get back to you about this. I reported the problem to our developers team.

      @_braxtone What DLP solution accounts for someone giving a presentation at a security conf VPN'd to corp, querying the company domain? #bsidesseattle

      @smilingnath Thank you @betternet_co

      @ben_jones1977 @betternet_co am getting "your connection is not private" page load via google chrome when connected to betternet. Advice please?

      @betternet_co @ben_jones1977 Hi Ben. Our domain is secure. But to clarify the problem, could you please send me a screenshot? Thanks

      @0fficialHawk @betternet_co @firefox extension dosnt have the new UI

      @jtkchris @betternet_co does your pc app have a dedicated button where I can choose to voluntarily watch a short video? ty and good work

      @ElChapoBraden @betternet_co I keep disconnecting when I connect, what's the reason for this maybe?

      @CrazyTYChina @betternet_co China can‘t use the app in Windows10

      @betternet_co @ElChapoBraden Maybe there was a heavy load on the server you were connected to in that time, it happens sometimes.

      @betternet_co @jtkchris Dear Chris, there are no ads on the windows version, but watching videos on Android or iOS will help us :)

      @betternet_co @AliAlbayome We will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for your feedback :)

      @NotFrostt Love @betternet_co

      @Fred2woh @betternet_co When the Mac OS app will be available? :(

      @RichaSarkis @betternet_co How can i watch netflix using betternet! it used to work well but now it simply says to turn my proxy off! m in KSA any help?

      @al_robertson RT @LloydDavis: FB: people talking about journalists and what they've written and who hates who as a proxy for thinking and acting in the w…

      @betternet_co @CDNgaycommunist True and the same story for all other VPNs. Trying to figure it out..

      @grahamecritcher @CDNgaycommunist @betternet_co I’m having the same issue. Anyone help?

      @acar321 lol @betternet_co I hope u don't crash

      @RyStride @betternet_co What if this whole Apple vs the Government is just a big cover up? What if Apple is already giving away private info?

      @CDNgaycommunist @betternet_co Netflix now seems to be able to see when I'm using betternet and blocks me from streaming, any work arounds?

      @Bit_Abuelrish @chronophobic97 i would but im having vpn problems and skype wont download

      @b1blazin @betternet_co i cant seem t get help on an issue. i updated now cant connect with betternet. a window opens when 1st instaled makes no sense

      @perryxpetrie @betternet_co this is great news! Thanks!

      @Vigram @betternet_co Nope, reinstalled a few times and no success :(

      @Amjadshashai @betternet_co @RichaSarkis i love #betternet . but it seems that uflix and getflix solved it. please do solve this as soon as possible :)

      @betternet_co @Vigram This is our windows version's fault. We are working on it to fix it. Maybe trying to re-install the app might help for now.

      @betternet_co @ValeyAnt No we don't do that at all. Take a look at our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages for detailed info.

      @betternet_co @b1blazin Hi. Can you please contact our support team?

      @betternet_co @perryxpetrie Hi. A little more patience and it will be finally released :)

      @xViniDP @BlizzardCS Yeah, ive tested my connecting with "tracert" and stuff I have no problem if i connect to a VPN Proxy...

      @zhenkit @betternet_co can betternet and hexatech work in china?

      @LordCynico @MissBee73 Use anonymous proxy server? Hence disguise your Internet tracks and spoof that you're in America?

      @ImAkaWolfy @betternet_co Perhaps watch like 5 ads or download a couple apps and get a premium trial. Would be great. :)

      @vicanon2 @betternet_co @Vigram Exact same problem here for last 3 days. Re-installing didn't fix problem for me either. Any progress?

      @julito71 @AriShaffir @betternet_co @Wentzthatway CC really need to get there shit together for overseas viewers Ari, have a word will ya?

      @Nirjhor @betternet_co I can't access netflix anymore using betternet , VPN detected. Hola works fine, any workaround?

      @AriShaffir @betternet_co @Wentzthatway Thank you. A lot of people have watched stories and been exposed to comedians that they otherwise wouldn't have.

      @SG_Isile88 @betternet_co Chinese Gov. blocked the Betternet page so I can't download the app in my pc. Can you send me a pc version through my e-mail?

      @homemade_keks @betternet_co Thank you, guys! It still works with Hola btw but I don't want to use Hola for obvious reasons. Have a great Sunday!

      @vicanon2 @betternet_co @Vigram So how long is this going to take to sort out? Are we talking days, weeks, months?

      @betternet_co @homemade_keks Thanks for your patience. Have a nice Sunday.

      @betternet_co @ImAkaWolfy We already have : try Betternet Premium :)

      @AriShaffir @betternet_co Does your guys' app work on computers or just phones? Could you send me a message to explain how it works so I can tell fans?

      @PesoPlaticas @betternet_co is your service being blocked by netflix?? how can I watch the netflix US gallery again??

      @SteelAssassin5 @betternet_co nice

      @tacomanzz @betternet_co im having trouble with the desktop app. When i trouble shoot it the result is that it's incompatible but its worked beforeHelp

      @KallumButcher @DinoD7 @End3rSn0w hey I switched to the vpn but it's still the wallpapers do I have to re download the app or something?

      @betternet_co @AriShaffir Yes, for both :)

      @hup333 @betternet_co @homemade_keks Where?

      @AriShaffir @betternet_co Thank you. I'll promote you guys. If there's any tricks for getting it to work, especially in Canada or Australia, let me know

      @ThirdBornEnt @betternet_co @AriShaffir does the ip change each time I connect?

      @betternet_co @AriShaffir We appreciate it. Sure.

      @ThirdBornEnt @betternet_co will my ip be different each time I sign in?

      @elementalbreak1 @betternet_co working once again on the school WiFi! My data is saved!

      @NateShow100 @AriShaffir @betternet_co my hero

      @ModernEra94 @betternet_co like it says that you can stream things that aren't available in your country, but nothing has changed! Same for Hexatech :(

      @betternet_co @amino15 You're most welcome Doc :) cheers!

      @Liberal_Cancer @betternet_co there is better services then #Netflix old & outdated movies that nobody wants to watch. Had it for like 2 months. Dropped it

      @BadReligionFan @Unblock_Us Will Netflix's proxy crackdown affect your service? It happened once to me, but was fine once I reset.

      @betternet_co @JohnFTW_ Well that's very possible. Try our app Hexatech if there's no way to get Betternet work :)

      @JohnFTW_ @betternet_co I think my school blocked betternet. Is that possible? And is there any way to get around this?

      @JohnFTW_ @betternet_co alright. I'll try that. I'm praying that it works. I'll let ya guys know if it does. And if it doesn't am I SOL?

      @wrightsnake @Shasamuels @Unblock_Us They've cracked down on proxy/DNS usage. The massive bastards.

      @GerzerSoftware @betternet_co Any news on Mac compatibility?

      @SupremeGREAM Time to up the ante! No browser specific VPN.

      @Hunter_Hayes_2 @vicanon2 @betternet_co Still has the error message for me. Is there a different download I should try?

      @betternet_co @ModernEra94 Can you give me more details ? And have you tried our other VPN app Hexatech?it should work for now until we resolve the issue

      @grahamecritcher @betternet_co any update on the Netflix issue with betternet? Seems to no longer work for everyone but no statement from you guys

      @_Jamie_Hardie_ Support Question: @betternet_co will using your app use my mobile data?

      @vicanon2 @betternet_co @Hunter_Hayes_2 Working fine now

      @foxberryblue @hajimetxt but a handful of universities have their own proxy shortcuts to access journals for free. They usually have licences for it

      @Cal12349 @betternet_co no one at my school can use it anymore was it blocked or a glitch?

      @Capitalies @betternet_co Is there a specific reason why you can't make betternet work on OSX?

      @Diavolettobeats @elfassijawad but vpn is not a provider channel bro its only for change your location and secure your life

      @betternet_co @Cal12349 most probably blocked. You can try our other app Hexatech VPN, as an alternative.

      @betternet_co @ApoIIoh we will fix the problem, thanks for your feedback.

      @betternet_co @Amagikc The US, The UK, Germany, France, Canada, Singapore, and so on..

      @samuelf_me @betternet_co Hey, I found HexaTech faster to load sites especially compared with Betternet. Is there anyway for me to use it on PC?

      @rosic100 @betternet_co cool

      @betternet_co @samuelf_me unfortunately there is not a PC version of Hexatech yet

      @SamuelPatt @openbazaarmod @openbazaar Assuming you trust your VPN provider, then yes, using a VPN with OpenBazaar would be more private.

      @anfalrizvi @betternet_co Just wondering if your free version works in China too ? Planning to visit so just curious to know

      @iamkushal @betternet_co when will there be one for Mac.

      @Cal12349 @betternet_co hexatech didn't work

      @GarganConor @betternet_co how do you chose a country I live in the uk but I always get put on a US server help please

      @betternet_co @GarganConor you can try connecting and reconnecting until you find UK. The easy (and the best) solution would be buying Betternet Premium.

      @gxyaf This is the single WORST day of my fucking life, my Netflix vpn is now blocked and I no longer have access to US Netflix :-) :-)

      @MCCshreyas @betternet_co Do you have any plans to release #BetterNet app for #Windows10Mobile?

      @tayleeguff @marriiaahhh_ they have an app called VPN that lets you still use wifi at school & get on it our school found out bout that tho & blocked it

      @FavoredLil @betternet_co Thank you @betternet_co hope i won't get hacked :-)

      @rids12041981 @infiltrateproxy Do you have facebook's page dear Proxy?

      @DJPh03NiX @Unblock_Us UK region. Canada region. Both giving me proxy errors for almost a month.

      @muttmutt I'd like to thank the fine folks at VPN Gate for making it possible for me to watch the T20 Cricket World Cup with an IP address from Swede…

      @PlumberDeno Tell the podcast fans outside of the U.S. To use @betternet_co app to watch your online media that's not available to them like the Ari skit

      @sosarahsays @nbarron you need a VPN. I am using @betternet_co.

      @TheRandomTim @betternet_co I LOVE YOU YOUR VPN IS AMAZING

      @MCCshreyas @betternet_co But build for #MicrosoftEdge. I love your extension. Please...
      Please... Please...

      @Lizaneye @SirDoomz t'installes un VPN tout marche, twitter facebook tout

      @plluen @betternet_co I am flying to China tomorrow, your Vpn works there ?

      @plxndr @betternet_co extension. is there is a fix, or do i just need to wait until the mac version is released?

      @steven_tsuji @Change We also need to get @netflix to stop blocking VPN/DNS services! #security #privacymatters

      @jaredaversano Security plus has got me using a vpn to connect to keeslers wifi via my phone. @RJEmerson1 @Caratello_

      @Jean_Paul_Vella Downloading Tunnel Bear Free VPN to surf the web anonymously.

      @junkpublicidad @betternet_co Hey something happened that I can't watch food network from chrome extension I could before

      @sbj175 @betternet_co @brycejohnson_2 hope it doesn't spread to the network admin

      @JonathanBrwo09n Picked vpn bide so as to thy company wants: yNKxgl

      @davidfry77 @DannyCorreia72 @Aleighty80 @kodi_mad we should do a top 5 for tv/movie add-ons and see if they match. With my vpn on probably be similar

      @steveendow The wifi on my flight is blocking my VPN and RDP. Oh, the injustice of Internet access at 30,000 feet! ;-)

      @parvezicrimes RT @AlamrikiOmar: 2/ East for combat missions by proxy war, the best example is “Islamic military alliance“(IMAFT) of 34 countries in the M…

      @DoloresCatherin Security guard renting graduation exercises-facilitating as proxy for peregrine profound sense: lOz

      @FredWandaka @betternet_co NYC APPLICATION CAN I USE IT IN KENYA?

      @LindsyCecilia Currently watching my first episode of #Chopped in over a month @betternet_co #MVP

      @betternet_co @drzumeta Netflix has started blocking many VPN services recently.

      @betternet_co @chrisvanhorn Well, as soon as we release the Premium for iOS you can select location. Now you can try connect and disconnecting a few times

      @BaileyShirley3 How many incision shake is laggard as proxy for beginners? which makes she glib?: kuOUft

      @AlexJapanKid @betternet_co Want me to show the amount of downtime I have had with your VPN? And your strategy of profiting from that?

      @betternet_co @AlexJapanKid That is not true.

      @betternet_co @RebornChieko during peak server times this happens. So, reconnecting will help.

      @UTTurfPath @BillKeene5 @spartangrass @turfnet @VTTurfweeds @BayerGolf so proxy app FB proxy/primo at the GDD trigger?

      @namandistro @katch2sid @betternet_co iz best all time. They perfectly suit everyone. Their support iz the best part.

      @katch2sid @namandistro @betternet_co indeed

      @Gabriel_Dorcino @betternet_co Hi, I'm Brazilian fã.. please, when the application for Mac OS (Safari) will be released?

      @DeykwanRay @betternet_co Thanks for fueling my YouTube Red Addiction as it's not available here!!! You're awesome!

      @DeykwanRay @betternet_co sadly

      @minecaftman055 @betternet_co i heard they had to use a 3rd party to help.

      @Etech_Etech Hey @betternet_co mind dropping a DM? I'd like to work on a video for you guys

      @Etech_Etech Hey @betternet_co you guys have a pretty cool service and I'd like to work on a video for you guys. Mind if we DM to talk details?

      @betternet_co @colepegula Thanks. sure.

      @PointedLogic @betternet_co What would you recommend I use for my mac while I'm waiting?

      @grahamecritcher @betternet_co you mention Netflix many times in the blog for this new app. You’ve been rather misleading. I already had betternet

      @farzmomin @betternet_co Google chrome extension is not letting me connect to a lot of US based websites like google, mlb, investing, cnet etc on Mac

      @0fficialHawk @betternet_co , contact button broken on #Hexane #Pro for #iPad . Using iPad mini (1st gen) running on iOS 9.2.1

      @UKiTunes666 @betternet_co I thought it's a once time $0.99. So it's gonna be monthly subscription also. Same as with the other ones

      @ben_jones1977 @betternet_co I am using Windows 10, when VPN connected Google Chrome stops working, all other applications run fine. Any solution?

      @UberQuasar @betternet_co
      something is wrong with the link. it has to be pasted directly to the address bar to reach the article in question.

      @l0k157 @betternet_co what is the encryption level?

      @thelydia @betternet_co I can't find any help re: BBC iplayer access on your faqs. Any suggestions where I can look?

      @yboctor @betternet_co is Hexatech working behind China's great firewall??

      @ThePapaPatty RT @jaaaaymes: NETFLIX WOULD YOU:

      @kaitlyn201420 Wish LC didn't block ALL my vpn's

      @betternet_co @catesbIanchtt @shaysparrilla You can alternatively use Hexatech (our other VPN product) which is very flexible with all networks.

      @trifonovg1 @betternet_co Do premium betternet users get hexatech?

      @SamuelGEllis @betternet_co what's the timeline for actually supporting OS X?

      @trifonovg1 @betternet_co Betternet pro is 4.99/mo, Hexatech is 99c/mo. What’s the difference? If Hexa is better, why cheaper? Don’t get it

      @betternet_co @Britaskii22 Hi. You can try Hexatech, our other VPN app .It's fast, and difficult to block. If you liked it, tell your friends abt it too

      @Moretonious @betternet_co hey!

      @Andreicedegrave @betternet_co i can't connect with addon firefox, it's not working for addon?

      @PL_Jeux @betternet_co hey Netflix use to work whilst using better net but now it doesn't, any fix?

      @cocainemom RT @best_of_season: private VPN network

      @gonzalvesmru @betternet_co windows and

      @betternet_co @PCMag We recommend Betternet #VPN to solve the issue :)

      @gonzalvesmru @betternet_co how is possible that betternet connects to the same localition where i live if i try to connect to one blocked website. shame.

      @G0DFREDLOL I need a proxy for Netflix, which one is the best? Hola doesnt work anymore

      @RazerKage @betternet_co I love you so much

      @belloadbellum Your favorite url to excluding simple hostnames and bypass proxy address server host and domain names

      @NiteBone @betternet_co VPN keeps freezing after a few minutes of use, but doesn't disconnect. Known issue? Both while using Win 8.1 & 10.

      @NiteBone @betternet_co when will Hexatech be available for Windows?

      @stephsaravia01 @eeemmmmmzzzzzzz get the vpn app so your schools wifi doesn't block ig

      @betternet_co @terrytravels1 Thank you! and yes!

      @betternet_co @arrizky92 please contact

      @Orangesec333 so you shut down the vpn server... try shutting down the 88 others LOL

      @beef_stick_69 does anyone know of a fast vpn. @betternet_co slow AF

      @jimebonesmn Someone decided to reboot the server we use for VPN connectivity to our customers for Windows updates mid-day... we're down for hours now.

      @trifonovg1 @betternet_co how do I use premium in iOS and chrome if I have it on android?

      @najmifirdaus_ *download @betternet_co*

      @liquidsalvatore @betternet_co hello could you please tell me when you do VPN for MAC

      @kanterburian @adam_turner please review Epic Privacy browser. Perfectly working built in VPN with privacy and anonymity. I also tested it for data leak

      @rudapu92 RT @EnnaTheGreat: VPN extensions to access USHbonow:
      - TunnelBear
      - MyIPHide

      As a last resort:
      -Hola! It's kinda sketchy but it works

      @bradnietfeldt Just found @betternet_co and am better off for having found it. #awesomevpn

      @NZSimonM @CyrisXD @betternet_co works like a charm

      @betternet_co @trifonovg1 Soon that feature will be available.

      @hollytheresee @betternet_co Hey will you guys be adding any countries besides the US to choose a VPN from any time soon? Love your program!

      @VeganWheekers .@getcompanion and @betternet_co have similar cute app icons.

      @betternet_co @hollytheresee We already have added several locations. Have you tried Betternet Premium? or Hexa Pro?

      @MrYobe Now listening to The Breakfast Club. Thank you @betternet_co

      @spazef0rze #Opera says they have device id since v12. For the "#VPN" they use a new server-generated id, likely not covered by current privacy policy.

      @martade___ @betternet_co netflix proxy shit is going on... Are you tryinf to solve the problem?

      @AlexJapanKid LOL @Betternet_co intentionally drops connections in order to bring more profit and make people start paying so they don't lose connection.

      @zhenkit @betternet_co and hexatech works in China. But on some Internet providers it disconnects and connects.

      @betternet_co RT @CraigCC8: Can't recommend @betternet_co enough. Able to watch Sky Go while sitting on a beach in Mexico

      @invisible_am_I @betternet_co Can your VPN platform be configured for an Ethernet connection?

      @Lirikker @betternet_co Looks like Netflix has blocked your services again!

      @acidic_aliens @betternet_co 2 Qs:
      When will the OS X version come out?
      Your hexatech app doesn't work for American Netflix in Australia, any way to fix?

      @Da_Mexicant @jordan_riser91 I feel Netflix loses more with the Proxy/VPN ban than it gains.

      @jeet_nkr @betternet_co ... Hey does ur Windows 10 VPN application supports torrent downloading ....

      @betternet_co @iamonlybrandon he just got a bit tired ;) 1.5 million new users connecting altogether is a huge load.

      @jeet_nkr @betternet_co ,,,does ur android app support torrenting

      @duhlaymos RT @cfarivar: Brazilians! Are you able to use @WhatsApp on your phones over a VPN?

      @betternet_co @LittlePeekaboo We can say we will try, when not sure about a solution. So we will do our best Aurelie :)

      @SammNeiland @admung But they have a free VPN

      @LittlePeekaboo @betternet_co Thanks, I hope you'll find a solution someday :)

      @sallycat_33 @betternet_co Wondering why, for the past 3 days, I get a "connected" verification but my "what's my IP" continues to show the actual one?

      @dwivedi_ji12 RT @desimojito: @dwivedi_ji12 these proxy-morons are going on celebs TL, block the accounts of bhakts n report them to get their account su…

      @wheelz14 @betternet_co I am trying to cancel my subscription have sent you two emails with no response cannot cancel from my iPhone but no option

      @FMisplon @AlexJapanKid @betternet_co what is Your alternative Then for watching Netflix us outsider the Us

      @JeffKenneth3 Parent outmoded as things go a particular proxy - relate pneuma starvation unto enrol friendly relations two-year college canton d: TCDcEtk

      @ZAIDIMABBAS @betternet_co Dear betternet social media team, I've ask a question before 4 days and no answer! Are you welling to answer me?

      @leodecruz3 @betternet_co is there betternet for Windows phone?

      @betternet_co @wheelz14 I asked our customer service to get back to you.

      @rlindley70 Going to take a look at @betternet_co tonight for my devices. Disappointing it doesn’t exist for Macs yet… #VPN

      @AustinOwens1997 @betternet_co betternet is installed on Windows 7 but not unblocking websites what's going on I want to be free !!

      @celiaclover @betternet_co tried installing on android.received an adware warning?

      @DFinname Hey Guys @betternet_co I was wondering if you could use better net with AT&T and have no service at you're location!!


      @tonytellez @betternet_co how can I help beta test the forthcoming Mac version??

      @KatesPablo @betternet_co your VPN isn't working in Canada to stream US Netflix! Help!

      @suzannedk @suzannedk US Pentagon orders Special Forces train, equip and protect all Saudi ISIS, (100% not moderate),to create US Proxy global warriors

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      @KatesPablo @betternet_co Your VPN won't let me watch American Netflix anymore! Help!

      @betternet_co @natchukim You can also try Betternet Free #VPN to access Facebook in Vietnam. Please #retweet

      @attique0367 @betternet_co help me to find the the wifi password plz

      @passup @cristinalaila1 Cristina get Express VPN.. twitter can't block you.. worth a thought

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      @jcaddi_caddell Shoutout to @betternet_co

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      @agbfby @dangerousbaee vpn is an app or something that changes(?) your IP address to an IP address to a certain place enabling you to open +

      @Connor_LynkOrme @andrewschulz @Serial__Tweets VPN will work every time Hola is a free one for chrome it's what I use

      @Aminerman @betternet_co The windows desktop app is not working anymore since few weeks and it seems many people complain about it in your help center.

      @endru009 @KiranaCV Pake proxy server dong =D

      @betternet_co @LittlePeekaboo Hi! Glad to hear!

      @LittlePeekaboo @betternet_co Hey guys it works just fine today, watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix US right now ! Thank you !

      @michaelbtice @PaloAltoNtwks How do you turn off your Global Protect VPN client on Mac? When I kill it in Activity Monitor, it comes back, and is invasive

      @eragonridercz @betternet_co does betternet or hexatech work in China? And is Gmail blocked there?

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      @pastelkat124 @betternet_co Does Betternet allow me to use YouTube & social media in China? (I'm going there for summer), pls reply asap

      @AbdulRe98 @betternet_co in china will fb work ? We have to buy premium locations ??

      @leepeidi @betternet_co I’m in China, and have been using betternet for some time. It stopped working today, Let me know what’s up, thanks!

      @MrStevenJacobs @betternet_co VPN software still not working properly. Just downloaded/installed it; same nasty error message upon completion.

      @lovinsassytommo @betternet_co My VPN is frozen on a white screen and it won't let me press the "on" button
      (Please help)

      @thebigloc @MusketeersUK I'm peeved can't watch until 10.40pm. Lucky have paid for @betternet_co so can use BBC iplayer from Irl excited #TheMusketeers

      @betternet_co @JamesRivett77 In near future you will. Take a look at Betterspot, our future device that will literally allow you using it on all platforms

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      @oakinger @betternet_co as a premium customer shouldn’t I expect faster response from your support? waiting for 5 days now!

      @betternet_co @CiaraRositas You can keep Betternet until you go back to school. We got some exciting upcoming news for students during summer holidays :)

      @betternet_co @thebigloc Currently the Premium (paid version) is only available on iOS and Android.

      @GmaeConde @betternet_co yey! Working now!! ❤️❤️❤️ Xie xie!

      @GmaeConde @betternet_co great! Give me a second and I'll let you know!

      @HonNgugi @Safaricom_Care The proxy server could not handle the request GET /FrontEnd/RecoverUsername.action.

      @ellajones__ @betternet_co thanks for saving my data, you will be missed

      @lukeyboy56 @betternet_co I live in the UK. Is it possible for me to connect to UK servers without upgrading to premium?

      @gaythanan i remember this one time this kid was using a proxy in our ICT class and started watching hardcore porn

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      @betternet_co @oakinger Our apologies for delay Erich. I forwarded this to the Support team again. I'll make sure they get back to you ASAP.

      @thebigloc @royalhistories @NetflixUK used to use @betternet_co VPN to see new #Reign episode each Sat but now #Netflix found a way of blocking vpn's.

      @betternet_co @ameer_mousavi cheers!

      @sujaik @gedankenstuecke @blahah404 Hmm. Just tried a USA VPN to access a fake Wiley URL. Then reset browser (safari) and couldn't access OA url.

      @heartofcards @betternet_co betternet doesn't seem to be working on my Mac atm? Using google Chrome extension says it's connected but it's not?

      @betternet_co @Inheinsight Thanks! Glad to hear this. There's no estimated time for it but definitely part of our future plan. Thanks for your patience.

      @boohou @reema_sathe why not try @betternet_co !

      @betternet_co @gnomeuser There's already some info about Hexatech on our website. We are launching a new one pretty soon, with detailed info about it.

      @billchase2 @betternet_co Do you plan to offer beta testing for your Mac version? If so, I am quite interested.

      @slflits @zoetiches i have a vpn app tho lol

      @betternet_co @iloveanchet If you use the free version, we highly recommend the Premium version. Connecting to dedicated server guarantees your connection

      @ashtonoster RT @MikeTehEpic: Now that school is over I can delete @betternet_co

      @betternet_co @domalunni Cheers. Thanks in advance for not uninstalling the app during the summer ;)

      @heartofcards @betternet_co Netflix has caught on, betternet isn't working in Canada for US Netflix

      @lifeofsterek @betternet_co Hi! Betternet doesn't work on Netflix anymore :(

      @LeaMitchem @betternet_co I was wondering how well the app will work in China. Do you know if it works well there?

      @thedexterouz @betternet_co Amazing app and extension. Hopefully, will see it soon for macOS too

      @tomleo @doctorow Comcast does this to with their "free" WiFi hotspots... It seems like the only safe way to browse the web in public, is via a vpn

      @poehlerjcap @betternet_co I use it on chrome

      @taasup @betternet_co nvm. i upgrade to premium and it work like a magic. lol

      @freevpn_ninja RT @office2hoffice: Have #VPN setup 4 ur #remotework staff devices with access 2 ur server & ensure work devices have security updates #tec…

      @taasup @betternet_co from 7 location, only united states i can use for netflix. the other 6(best performance too) still detected. pls fix :(

      @taasup @betternet_co i got same problem too. i use android device

      @caseypicker @betternet_co I'm also looking to purchase a plan for multiple devices for our family. Is that possible?

      @betternet_co @caseypicker We got something even better than that on the way. Stay tuned for the good news Casey!

      @caseypicker @betternet_co When is an official OS X app coming out? I'd love to use Betternet with all of my apps, not just chrome.

      @Nourez @Unblock_Us getting proxy errors when netflix region is set to US again. Any help? Fix ETA? Fix possible?

      @embracingsivan @betternet_co and says im using a unblocker/proxy and it was fine like 2 weeks ago or so and now it wont work:(

      @SabonRex @betternet_co is it fixed?

      @Andrian_Chu @betternet_co Thanks you so much for the great platform, but I am wondering when will the Mac version be released?

      @King_Proxy If you haven't watched #RayDonovan you should definitely watch it!

      @fifaalex123 @betternet_co I will be visiting China soon. Does betternet work with snapchat and instagram in China?

      @niksmac_ .@betternet_co what are the differences between Betternet and Hexatech apps?

      @niksmac_ .@betternet_co wow so quick and highly informative. Kudos.

      @velhaquacker @betternet_co no longer working for @netflix

      @livehappy8 So @betternet_co is saving me at this hotel!!!!

      @betternet_co @caseypicker stay tuned and we will announce the good news about it soon!

      @embracingsivan @betternet_co please explain why I can't connect to American Netflix on iOS, it worked fine before and now it detects me

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      @betternet_co @nthnu yes , if you are a premium user you can do that on Android and iOS

      @leothelion96 @betternet_co @Betterspot_co Oh wow! Just the router I need

      @bradnietfeldt @betternet_co @Betterspot_co would like to beat test and review this for you!

      @xia3839 @betternet_co Oh, i see.That's great !

      @iamerrol_n @betternet_co when can we expect one for the MacOS?

      @betternet_co @xia3839 a VPN router. After connecting to it, all your devices will be secured with VPN.

      @rjcdube @Zimindependent installed the @betternet_co VPN.
      Its a lifesaver

      @TdartJ >> And now they've gone and unceremoniously blocked whatsapp throughout the country, lol.. #WhoDoesThat #SMH

      #tip ---> @betternet_co

      @Etoribio_ @WildCSHelp @betternet_co That sucks :/ Well, I'll try and update !

      @betternet_co @yamilethra for premium users though

      @betternet_co @lukeyboy56 hi Luke. Yes

      @PUNKPlXIE @bravehrx on the logo website!! Its us only so if ur not there u need a proxy :/

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      @eva3si0n @betternet_co hi, when will be released OSX version Betternet?

      @Ahmetexx @Omar__Atif @HussyinM turns out my account was made from uk (vpn) but when I change it I can't find the game in the store

      @betternet_co Check out the latest added locations on Betternet Premium!

      @KGOrphanides @betternet_co Do you have a press contact? Been commissioned to write a piece about you!

      @betternet_co @leothelion96 Early birds (subscribers get 20 $ discount for the device compared to its retail price). more info will be available soon

      @betternet_co @KGOrphanides Hi. Sent you a DM on Twitter.

      @betternet_co @Andrian_Chu The Kickstarter site is not launched yet. We will announce it in a few weeks, and Yes it includes the premium servers.

      @Andrian_Chu @betternet_co I cannot seem to find the Kickstarter website though. Plus does this price include premium servers already?

      @betternet_co @sora2love did you clean your cache on googleplay before downloading Betternet, Connecting and downloading Pokemon Go ?

      @sora2love @betternet_co @GooglePlay didn't work

      @TheVFL_ @LilmkFifa Only accounts we reject are those using proxy IP addresses and banned players use those to sneak back on.

      @b11onite @betternet_co your app downloads background data. Wasting away my data plan :( :(

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      @dhruvnyayadhish @betternet_co Am on Ios using a 5s with a wifi and it keeps retrying and it ssays contact services. What to do?

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      @Blue_Revolt1986 @betternet_co Your firefox version don't work anymore? Did a trial run on work pc but says file corrupt. Chrome works fine btw.

      @betternet_co @01SQW Sure!

      @betternet_co @LittlePeekaboo Hi. We will do our best Aurelie :)

      @SabonRex @betternet_co I haven't been able to use it for over 2 weeks now

      @simonpenny408 @betternet_co Punching out of China. Works fine on iPad. Useless on Windows laptop

      @LittlePeekaboo @betternet_co Hi guys, do you think you'll be able to make a working Netflix proxy again someday ? Seems harder and harder everytime :(

      @writermichellek @brad_studio @343max it depends on what VPN you are using and how.

      @betternet_co @RussellRedwood It can't be blocked!

      @betternet_co @GeekSputnikTV Thanks for the Tweet Pasha!

      @betternet_co @GeekSputnikTV cool. It's late August or early September. Will contact you.

      @betternet_co @KaitlinKimont You wrote in your article: “Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no simple and free way to stream the opening ceremony.”...

      @GeekSputnikTV @betternet_co sure thing. :) when is the estimated release date? I would love to review it.

      @betternet_co RT @patbits: Guys, it's really important to tell someone when they're doing a good job. It really helps and makes them feel good and do eve…

      @betternet_co @alphacolin Betternet is a free #VPN.Users can watch their #Rio2016 2016 games.It would be appreciated if you could introduce it.

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      @Ashanti_TN Don't forget to reinstall @betternet_co

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      @StimulEyeArt @betternet_co Does not seem to protect my identity online at all, with firefox extension OR windows desktop app; location and ISP NOT hidden

      @liquidsalvatore @betternet_co could you please tell us when we can use betternet on mac ??
      Every time I visit your site i see soon on mac icon .

      @jmclanee @TeamUSA @USASwimming IF YOURE ON THE WEST COAST

      @godfrey_alfred @betternet_co @Setimerenptah me too i want the prototype to review it!

      @betternet_co @Setimerenptah Thank you, We have our prototypes ready.

      @Setimerenptah @betternet_co I'd love to check it out, maybe review it when it's ready?

      @Setimerenptah @betternet_co looks like a great idea

      @NTXBamaParents RT @UofARegistrar: Want to share your fall schedule or other info with your parents? Use proxy access on the student tab in myBama!

      @vleesevlons @DavidGoldmanCNN @betternet_co I can't wait for the future.

      @chl0rinate @RWSbleeter @ADiesko @BundleStars Use a free vpn and uninstall it after you got the game.

      @zibusisoe Got dat vpn jus to protect my soccer tweets from dis fools...

      @DanielJaiy @betternet_co your UK servers aren't working

      @betternet_co @Bry_Campbell Hi Bryan, the link is broken.

      @ShariffBristol @betternet_co seems like the servers are down this evening. Can't connect

      @zafrialimi @shikinhash haha mmg most of the sites byk dh diblocked. ni pun aku access guna different proxy.

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      @patelharsh1 @SirJadejaaaa idiots block torrent websites, but allow to be accessed by proxy servers.. One word - Haha

      @alisonborealis Why, why is my home computer denying me access to the (connected & functioning) internet b/c of a proxy server? What would I have activated?

      @ttoblat_cj #BetternetSeason @betternet_co apple watch pls

      @FtwHaleb @betternet_co I just subscribed but I don't know how to do anything? There are no instructions ?

      @iKilledAppl3 @betternet_co #BetternetSeason one of the best VPNs out there

      @bitxbitxbitcoin RT @muhalif_ruh: Once again #twitterisblockedinturkey

      Only those using VPN are able to access Twitter, FB, and YouTube. No one knows why.…

      @GR_DES_ #graphicdesign #graphic #design

      #Graphicdesign #webdesign RT TechCrunch : Opera brings its free VPN service to Android …

      @RustyRootbeer @derektmead @betternet_co @samgustin Fuck YOU @facebook

      @Snchz_Sam #BetternetSeason means I'll enjoy all @realmadriden #LaLiga matches @betternet_co

      @sololoso08 @quanb24 best proxy service?

      @betternet_co @ValeyAnt we don't block access to any websites. Main purpose of using VPN is accessing "all" websites.

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      @Gedatrain @betternet_co hey, im kinda new to twitter but i saw the apple watch thing and wondered to myself "do i need to give u my adress and stuff?"

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      @PLY_Wally @bullbusbutt @FearTWD @betternet_co No problem. Glad I could help.

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      @sxcurity @betternet_co is clutch

      @jeet_nkr @betternet_co ...hey ur vpn service is matchless... But pls update ur windows application it is quite slow to connect.

      @riceandstirfry @betternet_co no, not interested in anything being crowd funded.

      @betternet_co @JakeTheSnakeJL compared to Betternet free VPN users it's much faster and gives you access to multiple premium servers around the world.

      @betternet_co @project_yoo Thanks for the tweet!

      @FeedbackSOLARIS @akula_51 @NuckChorris16 Go to proxy server and just monitor your tweets to verifty if posting Titter SUCKS

      @zhenkit @betternet_co would consider but I don't have money for monthly subscription.

      @wumingzhang best thing i did today, was a proxy between two companies almost missed opportunities to each other. keep message straight!

      @JakeTheSnakeJL @betternet_co anytime! Just wish I could have donated if money wasn't so tight around here!

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      @betternet_co @bentossell Sorry for the inconvenience again, Ben.

      (Benjamin, Social media manager @betternet_co )

      @bentossell @betternet_co doesnt matter if individual if all the same and sent without our consent.

      @john_seto proxy at a friend's workplace bans almost all websites except Amazon and Facebook LOL

      @Ifollownike @proxy_connect got any more footsite proxies?

      @AMAZHELBIG @betternet_co please could help me and tell me why my betternet app always turns red when it was working fine a few days ago?

      @MattSimonmat000 #BetternetSeason @betternet_co thanks for giving the chance to win an apple watch! Its an awesome thing all of your fans can win someting!

      @Theman2011 @betternet_co what is the difference between best performance and United States optimal?

      @betternet_co @Theman2011 best performance is the best server in all locations for user. US optimal is the best server among States of America.

      @Theman2011 @betternet_co just subscribed to your premium service on iOS 10

      @betternet_co @backercamp cheers!

      @betternet_co @mjazz2000 sure! thanks for the feedback Jawad.

      @jonesbrent570 @TightOff Must use the same Proxy Filters 90% of our countries schools use.

      @betternet_co @HT_Supporter @headtalker thank you for your amazing support and backing our project.

      @HeatedSneaks @skjy20008 your private proxy

      @keefrto @dalmiller remember I told u about vpn? Guess who is watching the game now? #sweeteddies

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      Betterment is an awesome VPN service!! Check them out for a chance to win an Apple watch.

      @SGRamadurai Bcoz of proxy war our internal security should be strengthed. All stupid debates should be banned. Will @HMOIndia do it? @MVenkaiahNaidu 2/2

      @Aygo162 RT @nickyosick: You guys should check out this VPN router by @betternet_co. Kickstarter happening now. They have a huge reputation for thei…

      @incey842 RT @ske2_tattoo: I love @betternet_co. Use it every day at work.

      @MacaroyJohn @betternet_co Can you please polish up the app icon for iPhone? It looks rushed and a little blurry... Thanks!!

      @backercamp Thanks for your support @betternet_co

      @ElectricElm .@betternet_co is a good VPN you can easily use.

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      @GrayWolf_Bury @danielcormier @Kujman5000 @Malwarebytes @betternet_co is better then nothing.
      True. @VyprVPN is good, read there ToS

      @Best_Yasuo_NA RT @Kraut_and_Tea: Oh @NichtEgal_yt if you try to find me through my IP, I use a VPN, have luck finding me in Algeria, tomorrow it will tel…

      @betternet_co @attique0367 What is your Operator/ ISP in Dubai?

      @doonnnx @betternet_co @Betterspot_co Thank. I'll try.

      @snoopj123 @Josh_Atwell Everything went well. Just need to upgrade a VPN app I knew was going to need upgrading.

      @betternet_co @russellnohelty Always a pleasure. Will check it out, thanks.

      @betternet_co @ClarissaRedwine @BackerKit @kickstarter awesome project!

      @SteMangini @betternet_co don't know what's going on with Betternet iOS App in UK. It connects but then all Internet traffic ceases. Have to disconnect!

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      @brigadierliane Just a thought: #VPN apps such as @betternet_co may affect interaction with #Siri. It will recognize your voice but not respond properly

      @MarcR_77 Wow - impressively easy to get US Netflix on Iphone with VPN!! Big up @betternet_co

      @Viss @thegrugq it's amusing to see another security shop offer a 'secure vpn' so many years after zipline has been around ;b

      @Tunnello_ @yasu820 try tunnello free and ultra fast VPN

      @chkefa @amiddleton84 @Scarletr0seTV It's not uncommon to blacklist known VPN IP ranges so you don't deal with banned people hiding behind them.

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      @djneuman @betternet_co

      I have an iOS 10, iPhone 6. Could you tell me the difference between the $29.99/yr version and the $34.99 version?

      @iDreamGamesV2 @Bo0M_H4CKZ @War_God420 @betternet_co is there a difference in VPN service?

      @AlfredRQZ @betternet_co won't you ever release a MacOS app?

      @betternet_co @iamgregsandoval Hi, using torrent itself is legal, however, using it for downloading stuff with copyright is prohibited.

      @Zenfald @windscribecom Check out this great VPN website!

      @WRpharmacy RT @SmallBusinessBC: Do you know how to safeguard your data? Learn how a VPN can protect your #BCbiz from IT expert Kelly Ben @purevpn htt…

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      @jasminemz17 #BetternetSeason I hope I win an apple watch

      @njdevilsfan3 @JamesJaffaDoc @JohnMichaelG5 This is why some complain of slower speeds through VPN. You're reliant on the speed from the VPN to surf net

      @noway45324 @betternet_co i test it with another vpn service i found nothing good result sam thing without using any vpn

      @betternet_co @azarc3 @Betterspot_co Yup, that's how it works. You can plug your existing router into it via LAN port.

      @theinfinitemuse #betternetseason @betternet_co I love this app! Perfect way to be secure on public wifi!

      @kbdesignz_ @betternet_co Your @firefox app seems to be messed up... Weird interface and not working. Mhh

      @Virl_S @betternet_co seems like it's working for me again

      @8minutestorm @betternet_co the Chrome extension stopped working since about two days now, hopefully it gets fixed, by the way love the app!

      @booyouwhorelol @betternet_co when I connect it on Chrome, it says there isn't an Internet Connection??

      @muhsinulusoy @betternet_co stay still for turkey:)

      @LidiaToledo14 @voteforsf9 @betternet_co We can change our IP on Opera too!! It's really easy

      @danish9833000 @betternet_co by using vpn tht means u r going against d law of tht country.blockin means might b harmful for that country

      @ElenaKixx17 @bighit_boys @certifiedyoongi tht aint cheating

      @dialmformovies @dangolding but nothing wrong with that:) a legal vpn and legal subscription to site

      @NotCody00 @betternet_co thanks for coming in clutch with these school servers

      @betternet_co @NotCody00 cheers!

      @sebagomez @betternet_co installed the latest betternet for windows and can't connect anymore :( previous version (3.5.1) was working fine

      @rkamranb @betternet_co thats what its says on the website for a long time :) so how soon?

      @sGeekBlog @betternet_co I’ll do a review of Betternet for Mac & Hexatech for iOS/Android, because Betternet doesn’t work correctly on my mob. devices.

      @gosbatar @betternet_co hello betternet I heard you are blocked in Turkey. What do you think? Is true?

      @jmitra95 @betternet_co mac Version soon?

      @brendan_____d @SwiftCop that's what happened to me when j wanted to open up my proxy site

      @jmitra95 @betternet_co awesome

      @AppleDevelops The ip in my dox he leaked was all from my VPN set up towards my Mom's, I never join Alpha without a VPN

      @YesWestLothian @MrMalky @johnnypict Anonymous proxy (if she's got any sense).

      @bw31018 RT @Deir_in_DC: @joshfoxfilm This says that someone using IP address in Russia (doesn't mean it was the govt or even a Russian person) was…

      @natasha_vorob Thank you @betternet_co for #vpn to reach #LinkedIn in Russia. Very nice #app. So easy!

      @sanjiv123 @betternet_co is there a way to specify location when connecting to betternet?

      @sanjiv123 @betternet_co is there a way to select the location of the server when I connect to betternet vpn? Is there a paid version for this?

      @awildj4ck @torres126CP I'm not using a VPN. I entered the NZ play store on Android and browser and it's not there.

      @snookerking451 @betternet_co
      With the Betternet 4.1.3 update for Chrome extension,the service has stopped working.Please Fix the issue ASAP!

      @r3garciaz @betternet_co @jmitra95 do you have a@specific day for the release OS X version?

      @Hershal_P Vox funded a large private militia group to go around saying "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." it's a proxy war on Christmas.

      @wwwCJ2011 @betternet_co Excuse me,why the VPN for chrome extension is not work?We can not use it to access blocked websites.

      @kmonsalve_ Pleaseeee, we need betternet for OS X

      @nellsxbells My VPN best not give me probs watching BBC or ima be pissed...

      @raphifix @mtompy if you're on chrome I've used the @betternet_co extension. It allows you to switch between US/UK.

      @ParkourKing01 @EnderKenjii @betternet_co Umm.. What Is That ? :P

      Sorry 4 Not Knowing :D

      @YohBrian @w3c VPN, VPS, VPW Virtual Private Website *sigh

      @throbbjon @dansaery @gwendolaj well if u have an iphone download a vpn then activate it from the settings then u can use any banned site u want lmao

      @SageboyO @betternet_co I meant to say program for desktop... THANKS! c:

      @pinportal @betternet_co I trusted you. We trusted you. You lied.

      @frank_meehan RT @locknload: @frank_meehan @virginmedia @AustralianOpen if u have a DNS or VPN service watch it via the 7tennis site ;)

      @fireboy012678 @SneakerMiyagi @SaboIsland best servers and proxy providers?

      @_tweetch_ @Khabaristan Something is wrong with your website. It is inaccessible even on any VPN.

      @kmonsalve_ Really, I need Betternet for OSX @betternet_co

      @alexheeton @alexheeton @betternet_co Haha, found it! The classname (which is a hash generated by Webpack) ends in "Ad"... That seems a bit broad? :)

      @lama_almatrafi @betternet_co Hello I have an issue with your app I downloaded it for free and it charged me without me knowing!!!

      @OfficialEthan19 @betternet_co It's been almost 2 mac version :(

      @android1014 @betternet_co Hi, i installed the app on my lap. I tried to loacte it in UK. It located to Switzer so i couldnt change the location.

      @eitellu @eitellu let me interduce you to @betternet_co

      @curgoth That's a new one. Today's proxy block message tells me I cannot access something because it is categorized as "Allowed Sites".

      @lama_almatrafi @betternet_co worst customer service!!! The please respond

      @RSC_leinaDz RT @ycopp_com: 450 pairs carted so far. If you got "Splash not live" error message your proxy servers are banned! Enter "local" as ip to tr…

      @HallelujahON @betternet_co it's already February, where is Mac OS version ?(

      @TheWebhobo @betternet_co Any word on encryption on hexatech?

      @louiedog @rogXue No, but I subscribe to a VPN service that has a server there.

      @MrRickRey @betternet_co please make an Apple TV 4 version of the better net VPN we desperately need it!

      @Sarkies_Proxy @the_lordclyde knifes?

      @Capitalies @betternet_co @sGeekBlog December as in the month prior to January or the one following November ?

      @current_month @Viking_Mana @ItMeIRL Most communists label themselves as socialists. Like in the USSR and their eastern block proxy gov'ts.

      @NuttyRS @MrPlie I'm from Aus and myself along with many others are having to run UK VPN's to play the game. It's how close you are to the servers

      @chancemoore98 @betternet_co yeah hey your vpn is fucking trash

      @savpbot proxy password authentication requirement obtain sensitive information cfnetwork proxies apple #mac os x CVE-2016-7579 #patch #security

      @ryanjkingme @CapricornKing_ @betternet_co Amazon just stopped working for me yesterday. Disappointing

      @AliG4343 #netgear vpn server encino flowers

      @g8124u RT @owentomthomas: @123MoviesUK All current 123movies sites have the Court order block. The proxy site does not work either

      @iBeckTech Disappointed to see that @betternet_co for #iOS is charging people to use its app. At least I can still use it for free in @googlechrome!

      @fullaccess_exe What's the status of betternet? I want to trust. What's their logging policy? Data they have, etc? Anyone @betternet_co

      @mochachick8 @Marcos_El_Malo @zeynep @jonrog1 @betternet_co Thanks!

      @BigHeadTales @JoyAnnReid You would need an encrypted VPN, anonymous proxies, no cookies, random account names and emails.

      @lollster @betternet_co i want to request a refund but cannot get in contact as your email address is invalid!!!!

      @rabbetton RT @MichaelSalamone: Old piece, but especially relevant after yesterday's Congressional sell-out. Seek anonymous VPNs who don't keep logs h…

      @NoahVlncrt Dipping my toes in VPN’s with @betternet_co absolutely impressed with the free service.

      @beauty_dirim @XLNB @betternet_co Thank you

      @_z336 @Target Don't block my account from using your website just because I'm on a VPN. Lame.

      @BeerNutter @vodafoneNZ "Proxy server unable to fulfill my request" Usage meter will not load I can log in as far as that and access everything else.

      @Dhekelia355 @betternet_co Do you have any plans to make your VPN browser addon available to Linux users? It may stop us switching to Flashpeak Slimjet

      @KhalilBinAhmad @betternet_co is there a problem with betternet i cant seem to connect

      @big_griffsfunny @betternet_co You bastards installed a bunch of other crap on my computer I didn't ask for. Not cool.

      @ateta @Culb_P download vpn master. Allows site you are using to think your in uk so let you use it. I used it at euros for BBC and Sky

      @seansposito @betternet_co what data do you consider PII in your privacy policy?

      @silner @danoreowong Value = @buyvpnservice Features = @expressvpn Simplicity = @Avira Phantom, Anonymity = @airvpn Free = @betternet_co

      @lukepuplett @VisualStudio I've set the proxy in devenv.exe.config but the login UI challenge is a browser UI control and doesn't honor that config

      @Toomzie @betternet_co hello! I'm trying to cancel my subscription but im abit lost. Could you help?

      @HelenRappaport @silner @betternet_co Yes I found an article on the web saying BBC had tightened up in anticipation of launching a US IPlayer

      @TodayAtSch00L RT @ryanabyt: I can now use twitter at school again! @betternet_co

      @__Qureshi Guys Shootout to @betternet_co @HotspotShield for helping us in this internet blocade by Indian Govt. May be in future we can pay you back.

      @bogo_lode @Lee_Ars no vpn or proxy stuff?

      @xZ69x @theTiser Then you get the free @betternet_co app

      @niksmac_ Had to tweet form @facebook, thanks to @betternet_co

      @justiinhaus Shoutout to @betternet_co for never working

      @ibrahimsfindine @betternet_co is your betternet service available in India

      @PointedLogic @betternet_co Thank you for making a Mac version!!! I'm so excited!

      @j931436 @betternet_co I have found the free service has to be launched start it. Is there a way it can be started in the background by default?

      @6maherm @betternet_co

      @hillbillybard @betternet_co I often get placed in different countries other than America while I'm on Facebook, too. Why might this be?

      @Alimcelroy @betternet_co your service is not FREE! Fraudulently charged, refund my money! #betternetscam

      @AlexisGentry Wow! The @betternet_co app was somehow taking up 16GB of space on my phone! No wonder it's off the App Store now. #betternet

      @ceoDISRUPT @betternet_co where's my router ? #vpn #betternet

      @dougiefresh1218 @betternet_co you guys need to improve your windows app. I pay for the service in iOS and would like to change locations in windows.

      @AlexiaAdana If you're in any place providing free wifi, I really hope for your sake you have a VPN. @betternet_co is a great option for mobile devices.

      @fanfare100 @mexicanjunkman @bcrypt Use the free @betternet_co proxy

      @fanfare100 @psenough @bcrypt Use the @betternet_co proxy

      @tahmue @betternet_co I am hurt and broke and lonely

      @tahmue I accidentally subscribed to a full year $70 @betternet_co membership and now I'm ready to cry and repent for all of sins

      @KevinMatton @betternet_co is the real MVP from high school tbh

      @dorienbaker @betternet_co, love you all but I started getting a redirect link to a phishing site & ads on new tab page on Beta Chrome 4 Mac Sierra

      @infamousTrans @DavidJEWood never come across it before - not changed my habits. Subterfuge methinks, censorship by proxy.

      @luca_de_angelis @betternet_co Can you please provide a statement re the javascript adware/malware found in your @googlechrome extension? #security #privacy

      @PhileasFoggs @betternet_co trying to make sure I've cancelled unwanted subscription - only tried it on MacBook Air

      @MINMINHYUK__ RT @SonShowQ: @MINMINHYUK__ I'm using this app called betternet to change my IP so that I could vote more than 10x using different accounts…

      @namu_ori And she said that I had to buy a VPN so that I can use Facebook, IG, Twitter & Co etc in China

      @samarslanian1 @HotspotShield Yeah, hotspot didn't work so I used @betternet_co

      @shanghaijohnny @betternet_co How to you disable automatic renewal? Cannot find in any settings??

      @Alistairwm @betternet_co did you here about the bad news for vpns in China

      @LuzudMosigil @betternet_co, you're a lifesaver. if you were a person I'd have......hugged you!

      @marky1423 @betternet_co After I press on the button to connect, a window opens asks me to confirm. When I can cancel but it doesnt le me click "ok"?

      @quiheltada1987 RT @Dupeux_Johann: @betternet_co hi, i just got charged $16 for not using your app, please get in touch asap to discuss the matter

      @CptVegasTF2 @betternet_co I'm having an issue with betternet

      @appleeater01 @wundrweapon @theTunnelBear @betternet_co I'll take a look thanks, sorry I was just shilling out for some data.

      @ArcaneApex @betternet_co WTF's THE POINT OF A #VPN WHEN IT CONSTANTLY DISCONNECTS?! "HERE HE IS GUYS! DLING TORRENTS!!" fuck you and your adware SHIT!!

      @ArcaneApex I don't recommend #free #vpn @betternet_co because it keeps disconnecting during crucial times and AFNCAinc. tries to devour my info

      @yulianawidjaja @betternet_co Can I use your service in China? Thanks!

      @sebphwong @SouthamptonFC Why even using VPN still couldn't see any bloody live video on Facebook WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???

      @prime666 @betternet_co my chrome extension is no longer working

      @kang_danielpd96 RT @WannaDebut_twt: WHY I ASKED YOU TO USE TOR OR VPN?
      Cause YT may not count views coming from the same IP so each time u watch u might ne…

      @JBravo_123 @KittenKarlyle Can you VPN back to a US server? (Assuming that HBO Now is blocking you because you're in the UK)

      @Neil6242 @betternet_co Only see solutions for iOS and Android, but I activated on my computer

      @carloandresdg @betternet_co You are the very best guys! Thanks for the app

      @DrMadson @betternet_co Hello, yesterday the VPN was fine, but today I keep getting the "Can't Connect" error message. I'm on a public hostpot.

      @hup333 @betternet_co Does it matter what server i use?
      Privacy, security, speed, uptime?

      @AliRazaSKT Advanced Caching for Squid Proxy Cache (to force youtube videos to download instead of playing on browser)
      #squid #YouTuber #cache #Download

      @Ke81n045KMjKL9O @betternet_co its bad and very slow ..

      @iNJBL @betternet_co y'all making us pay now??? ive used your VPN for 4 years. Adios.

      @yogbottle What's a good Japanese proxy site ...?

      @MicrowavedBread @Vinylcchi look up VPN proxy master on the app store

      @mohdSayed_ @Logo_Geek i open it with proxy .. it seems that the Medium site
      blocked in my country

      @quinnnoir @JoseJBABY @xsAlisxs Do you have to keep refreshing despite the proxy VPN thing or can you just keep replaying the video?

      @DCTTECH00 @dankphalanges Well maybe if vpns where still decent and free *cough* @betternet_co *cough*

      @SoSKhwaildy @betternet_co how can I cancel my premium subscription?
      I want to stop it. How it's going to be
      Thank you

      @t0m4r53 @Clantastic @iamjohnoliver The Opera browser has a built in VPN, which allows you to geo-locate to US, which will allow you to view this.

      @itsmejay_S @betternet_co any danish servers?

      @JalenTheDev @DavidSmithZe @betternet_co What ones would u suggest?

      @killerfigures @larianstudios is there ever gonna be a actual fix for the SupportTool proxy error? My friend just bought the game and can't play on Steam..

      @zvchbird @betternet_co your support team is dreadful

      @MARCIANOPHONE @kmonsalve_ @betternet_co funciona con Netflix ?

      @PictureWrighty Got @betternet_co premium. Worked for a while. Now doesn’t. Asks me to “install profile” then asks for “Touch ID” which I don’t use. #crap

      @cheoIsa kpop stans would like to thank @betternet_co, the real mvp of this year’s mama voting

      @SouzerSagara77 @betternet_co My savior for Megadownloader limit!!!

      @beingwonwoo @adorbsinb @sowonclit theres a thing called proxy website. u should try ;)

      @NotKnown001 @betternet_co , Hey, If your God Damn service Disconnects there needs to be a fucking Alert, Notification or Warning of some sort .

      @realSaturn15 @betternet_co What happened to the iOS app?

      @thezhanly @betternet_co Certainly it wasn't clear and the apps frequently struggled to recognize I had signed up for Premium

      @jamesmayer1 @Merc_Official_ Private internet access vpn great for me

      @GoogCraft @betternet_co Free forever, but when you install it say try 7 free days...


      @tyenxoprox @betternet_co fuck betternet

      @mxcaltrz @nadiajqureshi Try @betternet_co - Its the best.

      @Mohamma06246074 @betternet_co PAKISTAN IS ON FIRE

      @hup333 @betternet_co Are the service getting better?
      Last time i tried, i had a lot of connection freeze
      Chrome extension

      @keehn_matt @betternet_co how do I cancel a subscription I've literally spent an hour trying

      @savpbot browser environment variable conduct argument-injection attacks -- proxy-pac-file argument validate strings CVE-2017-17523 #cybersecurity

      @daily_keys Kapsersky Internet security 183 days proxy brazil:

      @TheKatsViews RT @LetLoveRule333: @AuntieAlias1 @AnmolAlphonso @elle101 @TheKatsViews @burberryant @Kelleyswords @knowsackpodcast @MarioDNews @ihcahff145…

      @lucy210249 RT @questions4free: I see Trump is trying to start a full on proxy #war with #Russia, another really stupid idea: Russia issues stern warni…

      @thewad25 RT @lunadyana: @TheKatsViews @ihcahff1456 @knowsackpodcast @AnmolAlphonso @AuntieAlias1 @elle101 @burberryant @Kelleyswords @MarioDNews @al…

      @grunners85 @betternet_co why the hell have you taken money out of my account? I have never evenheard of you, and have never signed up to your services

      @ACEChoiceLife Finally a confirm answer haha, yes you still need to also change your VPN after approval too!!

      @jordanisafraud RT @burberryant: @AnmolAlphonso @elle101 @LetLoveRule333 @TheKatsViews @Kelleyswords @knowsackpodcast @MarioDNews @ihcahff1456 @lunadyana @…

      @SupraLP_ @betternet_co just installed it, is not free, just a 7 day trial, like other services, why u pretend to be free?

      @ChristapherEd @OrchlonN @betternet_co Apparently they are located at 1 Menlo park.

      @prime666 What's happened to your chrome extension @betternet_co ?? Your update has made it unusable.

      @burberryant RT @GeeSungee: @burberryant @NACDL @schneierblog @inartic @PattiKimble @PattiTweeting Oh @betternet_co is based in British Columbia Canada,…

      @ElvoKibet RT @ElvoKibet: @uplusion23 me i thought @betternet_co allows me to browse for free even if i got 0.00MBs data bundles

      @Trayceechad RT @Official_SQP: As more people get online, the protection of your information is more important than ever. Do not allow your private info…

      @mdaponk16980302 @betternet_co md apon

      @rebellionvirtue @betternet_co Hey. I did a 7 day trial with a credit card and I don't see any option to cancel the subscription?

      @twapehs @betternet_co Betternet asking me to sign up for premium but am premium already

      @burberryant @Iron_Spike Always use a VPN! @betternet_co

      @FizzyGingerAle @betternet_co Thanks! I will check it out. I wasn’t given the option to try the free version.

      @SGuergachi @betternet_co Where is the firefox extension?

      @juhilly @betternet_co what is your customer service I’m about to fuck y’all up

      @forsaken_realm @betternet_co I still believe in you Betternet! You still have my business. ❤️

      @betternet_co @Herocleasin Yup! Go to setting of app > tap on the top-right side of the app page of Betternet

      @Herocleasin @betternet_co Can you find those settings in the app?

      @betternet_co We want to know! Tell us why you like using #VPN? Is it for #privacy, #security, #videogaming, or #torrent? #ThursdayThoughts

      @as169m @betternet_co Privacy

      @hup333 RT @hup333: @betternet_co Delete your facebook account, if you don't trust facebook

      @betternet_co @kaikalanz @iCloneOS @iishaylynneii Thanks for the mention! Glad to help!

      @funandmisery Might have just sold out my twitter account for 1 GB of VPN data so that I can stream an anime that's only on my Subscription's EU site

      @betternet_co @lunacodess Hi there, we are sorry to hear that! Please email our support team directly so they can fix this for you:

      @Tralalao2 @betternet_co How I cancel my subscription so it won’t renew again? Also can I get a refund?

      @DrREpstein @nano_cosmic @betternet_co It just means to get rid of Android.

      @nano_cosmic @DrREpstein @betternet_co @TheKidJayT Do Apple really not collecting user data? Remember, Apple do have Safari, iTunes, Apple TV.

      @BeckeFranzPR RT @OlympusLA: Olympus FC Match Day!

      @Phoenix_AI_235 @betternet_co is cool and good

      @A1kals @betternet_co how do I cancel my subscription through windows 10?

      @mescaline99 @betternet_co YOU YOU YOU w

      @apnapoura1977 RT @OrchlonN: @betternet_co Where are you located? I will also file complaint with government authorities!

      @elitelanguage @betternet_co Thank you for your swift answer. I'll do that tomorrow.

      @lust4mani RT @peytonxdior: i want my money byke i was scammed i was told it was a free trial but my card was charged i don’t like when my money get p…

      @peytonxdior @betternet_co GIVE ME MY COINTS

      @makeitra1n @chronic I'll continue using @betternet_co then

      @SpaceDaji @betternet_co So, I'm not even using you guys, and I could have sworn I got off any service I asked of you. But I was charged 11.99$ So WTF?

      @brew_lad RT @Jackamner: New batch of verified UK Nike Accounts made!

      - New proxy + session used on creation
      - Three sims thrown after use will neve…

      @AliRaahat @betternet_co this vpn is very useful add Ireland country

      @TwoGears45 @betternet_co @TheNextWeb @naterez94 Thanks because when it comes to vpns that is what you want

      @UniverseLives @DrSprankle @NelsonMaatman Use a #VPN. @betternet_co is a free one. And use proxy’s

      @betternet_co @brotheryellow Yup! Not only that, you'll also be able to enjoy more choices of server locations and faster speed.

      @Lysomany @betternet_co hi I can’t seem to connect to the uk, I’m a premium user

      @JMWForecast @betternet_co I have sent an email.

      @chippy071 I AM ANNOYED !!!! @betternet_co IS A SCAM AND @AppleSupport is USELESS!!!!

      @betternet_co @zixingjie How can we help you?

      @_Sykho @betternet_co how do i cancel my premium membership

      @zixingjie @betternet_co thanks for making my life a mess

      @catcees @Elishabenett yes, VPN is also one option for them to protect their accs, it gives fake ip addresses

      @fahim_haris @betternet_co asks to check FAQ section which itself didn't work #joke #refund #horrible #notrecommended #pathetic

      @Ebox_Support RT @Ebox_Support: Best Android TV Box 2018 Android 7.1 AndroidTVOS and 2 GB RAM - 16 GB ROM. #NvidiaShield Experience in cheaper range, Ava…

      @fahim_haris @betternet_co #thieves #pathetic #needrefund #Worstidea I NEED MY MONEY BACK FOR YOUR NON CONNECTING VPN

      @Samleegh @betternet_co good

      @betternet_co @krackenyessir @ConsumerReports Hi there! How can we help you?

      @kcwilsen @betternet_co just give me my money back

      @JD01013 @betternet_co Help

      @SethSutanu @betternet_co After update vpn to 4.4.1, youtube fails to load videos. I use chrome 69.0.3497.81 browser. Any fix?

      @Roxiepurgatory RT @4FreedomOSpeech: @ScottPresler @NHogg111 @usminority People keep saying, “well, private companies...” NO.

      In hearings Kamala Harris, W…

      @_H3ntaiS3npai_ @betternet_co i need help with my account


      There is no doubt about it: The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is the future of Cis…

      @AniekwePatrick RT @nwachukwum: What did you do fo Kwara in 8 years of your direct charge, 8 years of your proxy Ahmad, 3+ years of your senate presidency?…

      @dumbo1510 @betternet_co can i use betternet in shanghai/china?

      @SnakeCactus @betternet_co Already did, still getting charged... I canceled like last month.

      @betternet_co @shiny_mofo Hey there, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us a message, so we can take care of this issue. Thank you!

      @Frankiej714 @betternet_co is there a way to get a dns server address for Apple TV?

      @betternet_co @Frankiej714 Hey there, we currently are not available for Apple TV. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

      @Engr_YAlzahrani RT @farjad99: @PostOpinions Calling #Houthi militia a grandiose sounding “Supreme Revolutionary Committee”doesn’t hide what it actually is…

      @betternet_co @ChanglinLiu1 Please send us a DM because we need to ask you some questions to issue your refund. Thank you.

      @gameproxygames Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet

      @halukny @Macys - Thank you for your assistance. I've turned off my VPN service and now I can visit the site.

      @theluckyman @betternet_co Do u guys happen to have DNS/proxy servers too? If not consider this as requesting post

      @DaxHyena @betternet_co @betternet_co you should make a vpn app for @Xbox

      @iarijitbiswas @betternet_co Sent.

      @feliccine I am loving @betternet_co

      @conor314 @betternet_co please cancel my subscription.
      Email: Order ID:sub_EMQ7eWgFnYS58J