Download ZPN Software for Windows

ZPN Windows Client Software is free vpn software. Software clients downloaded from other websites may harm your computer and privacy.

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    Works with XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

    Features of ZPN Free VPN Software for Windows

    Killswitch , DNS Leak Protection , IPv6 Leak Protection

    When kill-switch is enabled , if the connection drops, client will automatically disables all network activities. Better than, ZPN kill-switch will not allow you to pass another network source than its, like secondary dns queries. See it on Webrtc Leak Test


    Triple Layer Security for more secure connection with unblocking features of TLS.


    Avoid detection of OpenVPN from Deep Packet Inspection Firewalls (in China, Iran).

    Load Balanced Dynamic Server

    All Servers has Health Checks with Auto User Distributions. Our SLA rate is nearly %99.99.

    Auto Reconnect

    If the connection dropped in any reason, the client reconnects automatically. Auto reconnection helps on flawless working for daily usages.

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