ZPN Connect for Windows – Kill Switch Feature

July 8, 2014

New version of ZPN Connect for Windows 1.0.5 has been released. New feature called kill switch added in this version.


What is kill switch?

Vpn secures your internet connection. But if your vpn connection fails suddenly your all network data will be unhidden and your ip appears.

Kill switch is an additional option of ZPN Connect that allow you to disable your unsafe network after vpn connection established.

Without killswitch when your vpn connection drops or your network connection changed wireless to lan your internet connection will not be safe  and you are not hidden anymore.

With kill switch if you disconnected from vpn , your internet access also will stop working.



How to use?


Open system tray menu with right click on ZPN Connect logo. Before connecting to ZPN  click “Open KillSwitch” menu option.

VPN KillSwitch


Connect ZPN to normal way with clicking “Connect” and done. Your ip will not shown if your connection drops.

VPN KillSwitch


When your need of kill switch ends or wanting disable to kill switch Click “Close KillSwitch” menu option.

VPN KillSwitch


If you manually disconnect from ZPN , kill switch automatically closed. Does not need to close it either.

VPN KillSwitch

With kill switch option auto reconnection will not work together. You need to reconnect manually if your connection drops.

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