Working in an IT company doesn’t mean you are safe

May 20, 2015

Having an IT business or working as an IT specialist does not mean you are safe from being attacked by hackers. Actually, IT companies might be the most appealing targets for hackers since they will want to see if they are up to compromising the security and find precious information. A study made this year, regarding the security measures taken by IT employees concerning the use of computers and mobile devices at their workplace showed that they were too relaxed. Meaning they either disregarded the safety or were negligent about it. And considering the high incidence of cyber-attacks, they put their security and the company’s safety at risk.

What poses the greatest risk is that employees in the IT business either use their mobile devices on the company’s network or decide to work from home or remote location, by accessing the servers and network of the enterprise they work for. Thus, they can create a vulnerable gate for anyone willing to make some damage, by exposing who they are and what they do on the Internet. If these employees used the safety of a VPN service while doing all of these activities, this threat would have not existed. The VPN hides the identity of the user, the IP address of his device and the final destination. So it is impossible for hackers to know who you are and where and what you work. And this protection is guaranteed regardless from where you wish to work and the device you choose for working.
How many of us like working in cafes? Yes, it may be a pleasant place to work, regarding the fact that you can always have a hot cup of coffee, soda, or even a sandwich and the Wi-Fi network is always available. But the free networks offered by places like this are insecure since the password is displayed for everybody to see. So you are walking on thin ice when you work using such networks since your work, and data, may be compromised, together with your personal info. Also, the study showed that there are some tools and applications that represent the highest risk when it comes to security. Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player and Java are the most likely to compromise the security. So if you use one of these, you should know that you can be compromised while working.

How to protect your company from hackers?

If every IT employee used a VPN service, which is not expensive at all, they would have the freedom or work anywhere they please, without any risks of security implied. The company’s info and data present on the employee’s device will be secured, and whatever equipment he will choose to use will not become an open window through where hackers might break in. A VPN is a reliable security service, for both professional and personal purposes. It just makes the Internet a safer place.


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