Watching US Netflix from outside of US with VPN

April 26, 2015

Watching US Netflix from outside of US and other regional online services may be unavailable for users that are out of the country’s boundaries. Why? Because when you access a website, your IP address is visible, so the administrator or the site can see your real access, not allowing access to that particular site. You might think this is not a fair action, and while Internet is something everyone can enjoy all over the world, so should be the services existent on it. But website administrators and owners have the freedom in setting their own set of rules, regarding access, so there isn’t much you can do about it.

The truth is that you can do something about it and not suffer from the restrictions Netflix is using. By using a VPN service, your access to the website will not be denied anymore. How can that be possible? Well, a VPN will not allow your true IP to be visible to the website, giving another IP address that will be more suitable and pass the restrictions. So you can easily enjoy all of the features given by the website. Don’t worry that your identity will be discovered, because with a VPN service covering our back they will never really know who accessed their page. You are in a complete anonymity, doing what you please online without any risks of revealing your true identity.

What the VPN does is that it makes Netflix see you as a US user, even if you are living in the opposite corner of the world. So it doesn’t even what country they decide to block because you will be able to access their website whenever you would like. It is time to see the latest movies and videos, without mattering where you live and what you do. A VPN network will ensure that there are no restrictions on what you choose to do over the Internet and that your personal identity and data are entirely secured.

For now, the only way to pass Netflix’s blocking system is VPN. They use a geo-blocking method, which means they can choose with countries can pass and which are forbidden. And since a VPN can trick this method is the only one viable to grant to access anywhere, not only on Netflix, but also on other websites that use the same user blocking techniques. If you believe the Internet should be a free place, then VPN will help you get that, together with improving your security at the same time. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you need unrestricted access, or a reliable identity protection because VPNs can give you both.


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