How to watch the Brazil World Cup 2014

June 29, 2014

Brasil World Cup 2014

How to watch the Brazil World Cup 2014

There are a few TV networks around the world who are showing all the Brazil World Cup 2014 games live online without the need for any type of subscription. However they restrict viewing to peoples of that country only. For example the BBC in the UK only allows residents in the UK to view the games.

No need to worry because ZPN will allow you to bypass those regional restrictions and view the matches live no matter where you live. Of course we could not tell you to break the law.

The BBC and ITV are showing them in the UK, to access these change your vpn location to United Kingdom and head over to BBC iPlayer or ITV Player. Depending on which is showing the match, you can watch from them. (UK PostCode: SL6 1JF)

You can also watch the matches live on the Canadian network CBC, change your location to Canada and visit the CBC Player by following the link.

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