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August 31, 2015

vpn for dubaiWhile many countries use VPN services as a mean of protecting personal data and privacy, while using the Internet, you will be surprised to find out that VPN Dubai is illegal in the United Arab Emirates. In the attempt to minimize cyber-crimes, authorities believe that perpetrators may use a VPN connection to pass unnoticed through their filters and undertake illegal activities. Thus, they formulated a particular law, going by the name Law Number 9, which gives police the right to act in a legal manner against VPN users that are suspected of doing illegal thing over the Internet.

The local authorities have established two national ISPs, made to keep under close observation all Internet cafés, with the purpose of seeing if there are any attempts of forced bypassing of the previously mentioned filters. This is not a recent measure, as it is in place even since March 2009. Online blackmailing and other crimes done over the Internet are done with the help of VPNs. Also, some individuals will use the networks to gain access to some forbidden websites. But, even if VPNs are not seen with good eyes in Dubai, the authorities will not arrest anyone using them, just the persons that are suspected of doing something illegal while using a Free VPN.

For instance, if they suspect a person of a cyber-crime, and they find his or her identity, then these persons will be put under close monitoring. The monitoring process can last three or even four years in a row, digging up any evidence that they might use to put that person under prosecution. Authorities will wait for that person to fail just once, as it is enough to have a reason to arrest him or her. The simple manipulation of the local network is considered to be a crime, under the laws existing in the United Arab Emirates. You will be surprised to know that in this country, there is a particular article that regulates this aspect solely. This is why they do not need to analyze an event too much, as they have a favorable legal background to take action whenever they consider appropriate.

Also, UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority started to monitor all the social networks used within the county. Web sites of this kind and all the profiles within are followed to track any social media offenses, which may take place here. And if we are to think about the fact that the entire Internet content available in Dubai is either banned or filtered, it is understandable why people turn to VPN Dubai. Authorities try to keep the population away from websites with obscene content, some websites with political content, with reference to Nazism, Holocaust, and websites that belong to Israel. The last aspect shows more a disagreement with the country of Israel, then to the web sites coming from there. If, in the past, there were some “free zones” within the perimeter of Dubai, which enjoyed unlimited Internet access, now these areas are controlled as well.


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