Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

April 10, 2015

Internet censorship is not a new matter in Pakistan, as the authorities started to block a high-interest website, like Facebook, since 2010. All of this because they considered the content unsuitable. In 2012, it came the turn of YouTube, which was banned from the public use of the Internet connections in Pakistan. Protests were made by the unhappy citizens, especially in Hyderabad, in an attempt to restore their rights to free information and content. Because of a movie, considered by the Pakistani government a blasphemy, the entire YouTube channel was blocked.

People thought they still had an alternative, in the form of Vimeo, another video sharing website. But they received another blow when this one was found to be inaccessible as well, one day, due to a song that become popular on the network. The next step of the authorities is to install a filtering system so that they can watch and block any content that may come into the country via Internet. But Internet privacy and surveillance issues were not the sole problems of this country. The problem had even deeper roots, showed by the attacks of religious extremists groups on internet cafes and mobile stores, under the pretext of moral problems. It shows that not everyone was willing enough to embrace the freedom of information Internet was giving.

There was a case that shocked the world, when a young boy was accused of blasphemy in Pakistan. Why? Because he used Facebook to show what was actually happening in the country, by sharing objectionable content. The youth wanted to have access to any news and information, just like the civilized countries have. But until then, no one has the courage to display it publicly in this manner. But how are the authorities responding to the reactions it receives from the majority of its citizens? Well, instead of restoring connectivity to YouTube, the government is in discussions with Google. Their purpose is to make YouTube local. Thus, they will have even a better control than before, of whatever circulates in the network.

How to Unblock Youtube in Pakistan?

An alternative to all these matters is the VPN services. They ensure the access to whatever websites a user will wish to enter, protecting personal data and identity of whoever uses this type of service. By encrypting everything that goes out of the personal computer, the ones that survey the Internet traffic will not know where the signal is going or from who it is coming. Thus, you can quickly navigate everywhere, have access to everything you need, safe and secure. But it the VPN service offers more than personal privacy, it provides protection from any unauthorized access on your personal device, putting your data in a safe corner.


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