Unblock YouTube at school with VPN

April 28, 2015

YouTube sits on the third place on the list of the world’s most accessed websites. It is filled with a large number of videos, both funny and education, but the truth is that you can also find useless videos as well. Still, it is a good source of information, in all activity fields. Still, school management thinks, in most cases, that YouTube is a waste of time, not allowing students to focus and pay attention to their class and studies. Thus, they chose to forbid access on YouTube. So, if you are a student, you might not be able to access YouTube if using the Internet connection in the campus, school’s library or other Internet sources within the school perimeter. Unblock YouTube at school with VPN is one way to overcome this issue.

Still, YouTube is filled with tutorials, how-to videos, documentaries and more, that might come to the aid of the learning process. So it is easy to understand why some people would like to unblock this website in school. And there is a safe way to gaining access on YouTube, without compromising your identity. The solution being by using a VPN connection. VPNs use private networks, which are connected with each other over the entire Internet. When using a VPN, your computer uses these private networks for data transfer. So if the school’s network is restricted, it will be impossible to restrict these private networks. Also, the VPN will not reveal your IP address, so you will be able to access YouTube, within the perimeters of your school, without the fear that the network administrator or Internet service provider will see you trespassing their restrictions.

How to Unblock Youtube at School?

And the best part of using a VPN service to unblock YouTube in schools is that ZPN offers free 10GB VPN service and cheap premium subscription. So any student can afford to use it. Besides the fact that YouTube will be finally unblocked, with a VPN you will have access to any other blocked websites as well. Thus, the method does not apply only in the case of YouTube. Another advantage is that your security and privacy will be completely protected by the VPN network, not allowing your personal identity and data to be discovered, protecting you at the same time from any cyber-attacks. So getting YouTube is school is a real price, but there are many other great things to get when choosing to use a VPN. Security is probably one of the biggest advantages there is.


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