Unblock websites at school or work with VPN

November 6, 2015

Perhaps you heard some voices telling that VPNs should be banned, because they dont want you to unblock websites at school or work with VPN, as they might hide persons that do not have the best intentions. But, if VPNs are banned, what will happen to our privacy and intimacy over the Internet. There was always a belief that such affirmations have a more hidden purpose, other than the so-called unrevealing of cyber-criminals. Many public and famous persons in the world use VPNs to protect their data and navigation over the Internet, together with their communications and information transfers. If Free VPNs would be banned, these persons, and their data, of course, might get exposed more quickly, which may be very convenient for others.

Still, there is one public person that considers VPN a crucial key in today’s technology. The Minister for Intellectual Property defends VPNs, stating on numerous occasions that they shouldn’t be banned or outlawed. This happened at a meeting in Singapore, where Britain’s Intellectual Property Office agreed to protect the IP addresses of the Singaporean users, and the Intellectual Property Office in Singapore will do the same thing for Britain. Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe, the representative of Britain’s Intellectual Property Office, stated that it is not wise to outlaw such a crucial part of modern technology, like the VPN, even if it is used for accessing geo-blocked web content. These affirmations come in a time when banning VPNs in the USA, and even in Australia, are something very common. It is a known fact that people all over the world use the Free VPN to access US websites, such as Netflix.

In contradiction to all that, an ISP provider in Singapore even released a new set of service, having a VPN included, so that is customers can have access to foreign information, including streaming services. Also, Netflix is expected to be launched in Singapore in the coming year, although many people are afraid that the quality will not match the one already existing in the US. At one point, a Singaporean user of VPN services stated that he spends about $50 every year to enjoy a VPN service, together with unlimited access to the American version of Netflix. He said that we wouldn’t like to miss his favorite shows, by switching to Singapore’s version of Netflix, if this one will not provide the same quality and will ban certain shows. Thus, he is considering of keeping his best free VPN service, which in his opinion is very cheap considering the excellent access he has over any online information and streaming services.

So if VPNs will ever be banned or outlawed, very many consumers of information will be highly disappointed. After all, information should be free for all and access to it should not be something forbidden. It may be understandable the need to filter pornographic or violent content, but enjoying streaming services just to see a good TV show or movie is not a good reason to ban good VPNs. Let’s hope nothing will change about this, and that others will hear what the British Intellectual Property Office has to say about this.


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Melvin Leon Bell

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I like it


i am getting error 868 once trying to connect to the zpn vpn from control panel, how to get connected???