Unblock Websites and Apps in Bangladesh

December 11, 2015

unblock websites and appsLike any other developing countries, Bangladesh is also doing its best to bring technology into the lives of more and more people in the country. The Internet is one of them, which has recorded a significant evolution in the past time. Back in the 1990s, the country had no more than 500 users of Internet on its entire territory. In 2013, 33 million users used the Internet, so the chance is considerable. Still, what is the connection between free VPNs and Internet connection in Bangladesh? Well, even if Bangladesh is not up with the last technologies concerning the use of Internet, it still had a certain degree of censorship. The authorities do not accept any content that may be found online, so they have established certain filters.

The Internet access is not blocked by a national system of filtering, but websites that are considered to be unfit are and will be blocked. For instance, sites with anti-Islamic content are not accepted and will be banned. Any other site that will have a subversive content will have the same faith. Among the most known websites around the world, Facebook is on the list of sites that are blocked in Bangladesh. This happened after the authorities considered that the content found there has “obnoxious images”, mocking the Prophet Mohammed and some of the country’s officials. Also, links to pornographic sites were another reason that got Facebook to be unavailable in the country.

So the people in Bangladesh have an Internet connection, but not everything can be accessed. If you are traveling to this country and wish to check on your Facebook profile, you won’t be able to do so. YouTube and other web pages might as well be blocked if the local authorities consider they have unwanted content. Thus, it is the situation in which a free VPN service might come in handy. Not only will it keep your Internet connection secured, but will also grant you the access to any site you prefer, with no restrictions. With the help of VPN, even if you are in Bangladesh, you will be able to enjoy the same websites you used to back home because a best VPN will not be affected by geographical filters. You will have access to sites that may be unavailable in Bangladesh and enjoy those that are made to function only for the people in a particular country. With other words, the access over the Internet will be without a limit.

How to Unblock Websites and Apps in Bangladesh?

If you are afraid that the authorities in Bangladesh will cause you trouble when you try to access an unwanted site, Facebook, Youtube, Tango, WhatsApp, Line or Viber you should know that such a thing is not possible. The free VPN will keep your location and identity hidden, anyone in charge with surveying the online activity in Bangladesh won’t even see where you are heading, yet alone from where you are coming. So you can do whatever you like, without your privacy being interrupted or identity made public. Outsiders will not see who you are, and intruders will not be able to access your personal computer or mobile device if you have a VPN installed.


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md zillur rahaan

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